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BLINK a composite of thoughts and pictures

By Ariel Ross

salad tongs and dirty prongs caked with dirt and dust but in this place of mindless waste rhyming is a must

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l l i W Cul e e pab r F ility Vs.

For the sake of free will I shall do as I please. Although moral culpability may affect these decisions it brings me peace knowing that I, and only I, can force myself to do something. I’ve come to learn that no matter how hard people work to push their beliefs or opinions on us, our choices are ours alone. We choose to take in what we will and in the end we owe these people nothing...













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And with a leap of faith she spread her wings and began to soar


SUBLIME perfection beyond words beauty without bounds admire with awe speechless inspiring superb

In conclusion...

This was probably the most interesting and helpful unit in which I was able to learn the most about myself in such little time. I was amazed at how my thought process evolved throughout the different assignments and how quickly ideas came to me at the beginning of each prompt. I think my favorite prompt was about the meaning of sublime and trying to illustrate that. It was shocking how it all seemed to pour from brain to paper and still turned out so neat and clean. My favorite materials to use were most definately the paint and canvas. I was bummed we had such a short ammount of time to play with the supplies but it was quite enjoyable while it lasted. I actually discovered my newfound love for painting through this assignment. I think that I took the most risk in the prompt about regret. For me it can be a really touchy subject that often leaves me feeling exposed and vulnerable which can feel uncomfortable. I found it hardest to write on this assignment knowing someone else would eventually read it. Fortunately I decided to take the personal risk and write a letter to a former friend that I’m now considering actually sending to them. As far as consistency, the only trend among my work i’ve noticed thus far is the arrangement of my art and writing in this book. I tend to flip the layout of the previous page to create a look of symmetry between my pages. I also stuck mostly to solid colored backgrounds. I’m not much of a fan of gradients but I used one anyways. I suppose you could consider that a risk as well.

Possible Themes: - Sublime (can it be created artificially? what does it really feel like?) - The state of feeling carefree (liberation) - Weightlessness - Being someone else (actually putting yourself in their shoes) - It’s a small world

Ariel Ross  

By Ariel Ross a composite of thoughts and pictures but in this place of mindless waste rhyming is a must salad tongs and dirty prongs caked...