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Working class Teens

Alex Stuwe 1

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Chapter 1: Sweet Shop Chapter 2: Ski Renter Chapter 3: Tennis



Growing up as a teenager, you’ll pressured into getting a job. Having a job myself, I wanted to find out what it was like to go through the lives of other such teenagers who have jobs. The process of making this book was tough but was a great learning experience! I hope you enjoy the contents within. 3

Sweet Shop The local non-profit candy shop, The Sweet Shop has made a name for itself in the small town of Los Altos. Local teenagers working at the Sweet Shop serving local kids at the elementary or junior schools. The atmosphere of the shop is very friendly co workers all get along and do what they can to make the customers feel comfortable and content. 4

As you walk up to the Sweet Shop, this will be the very first sign you see. Displayed across the window, a welcoming entry to this one of a kind shop. 5

The Sweet Shop has grown to be a local spot for kids to go buy some candy and hangout with friends.

Signs painted with vibrant colors remind you that your in a sort of “wonderland� with the huge selection of candy that overwhelms many.


Gumball machines and shelfs full of candy are picked and brought to the counter so that teenagers such as Will can seel the customers the candy they choose. Learning to deal with kids as well as fellow co-workers gives will a big step ahead for future jobs where he might have to tolerate less likeable co-workers. 7


Will works with teenagers around his age as well as a few other workers who are much older than him. He enjoys working with his co-workers in this friendly atmosphere. “All the people that work here are really nice and the boss is great and the owner is nice and everybody there is really nice.” Working with such welcoming people gives will the motivation to go back to work as well as the experiences that he will gain throughout his career at the sweet shop. “It’s also great work experience for the real world not a lot of high school students have jobs most people get their first job in college or after college so it’s good to get experience in before that.” 9

Different sorts of candy is scattered throughout the shop.


The Sweet Shop isn’t only focused on seeling candy, they also sell a nice variety of drinks to customers who are more parched than anything else!





One of t wo signs in front of the Ski Renter of Mountain View. Located next to a few other local shops the Ski Renter is a little tricky to find

The back of the ski shop is lined with ski's about to be waxed and edged for customers. 13


Inside the shop is the snowboard rack as well as the ski pole shelf where Nick will pull out appropriate snowboards according to what the customer requests. Nick isn't limited to only snowboards, he also rents out ski's, ski boots, snowboard boots, as well assnow clothing. "Well i work at the ski renter in mountain view its a ski rental shop and over there I basically help customers and rent them ski gear and I work on skis too when there arent customers to work with."


Hundreds of ski's wait to be inspected and functioned tested by Nick and his co-workers. Working at the shop is Nick's first job and working at the shop has given him many valuable life lessons, some lessons are new, some lessons are things he though he knew, but having a job really taught him that he didnt know as much as he thought.




"One valuable experience I think i've learned is how to manage finances now that I get a paycheck every t wo weeks i've learned how to like when I first got the job I had no bank accounts so now that I do I had to learn how to open a bank account I have checkings and savings and I learned how to deposit a check now that I have the income i'm learning how to spend it well and save and skills you think you know but it really helps to help build the basics."

-Nick Bousse 19


Instructor 20


Braden starts off his daily warm up with his students at Foothils Country Club.


‘‘I think its valuable because I think kids that are given things don’t appreciate much like even if your family is really well off I think that you should still work for things and earn it.’’ -Braden Holt



Working as a teenager has really benefited Braden. He feels that working as a teenager is extremely rewarding because you learn to really buckle down and focus on your work. ‘‘And some disadvantages and you want to hangout with your friends and you have to say no I can’t hangout I have work but you also are becoming more of an adult for learning to work and get used to it. So id really say that there a no real disadvantages.’’






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