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Victor The Collection of

Niederhoffer June 19, 2019

Victor N iederhoffer The Collection of

Auction Sale 1636 Wednesday, June 19 at 10am 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Victor Niederhoffer playing squash as depicted on plaque commemorating his induction into the United States Squash Hall of Fame

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Inside Front Cover: Lot 97 (detail), Inside Back Cover: Lot 148 (detail), Left: Select folk art on display in Victor Niederhoffer’s front foyer

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’ve tried to collect items that were representative of the keys to western civilization and happiness. In general, I’ve bought items that were the best examples of a person’s contribution to their field and society.”

Freeman’s is proud to offer the collection of Victor Niederhoffer – passionate collector, hedge fund manager, champion squash player, bestselling author, and statistician. Without focusing on one collecting area but rather on larger themes such as human accomplishment and heroic achievement, Mr. Niederhoffer amassed a diverse collection that spans disciplines and reflects his varied passions. Developed over many years, the collection is comprised of impressive American and European sterling silver trophies and other fine examples that celebrate the craftsmanship and technical prowess of the greatest silversmiths; patriotic and whimsical Americana; folk and illustration art in bold palettes with dynamic subjects and compelling narratives by artists such as Ralph Fasanella, Tom Lovell, and Mattie Lou O’Kelley; and a wide selection of books and autographs touching on the many themes of his personal library. Of all the works that Mr. Niederhoffer collected, books arguably hold the place dearest to him. Growing up, both he and his wife, Susan, loved reading and are still avid readers today. Thanks to his father, Mr. Niederhoffer’s home library was “filled with more books than most public libraries.” In addition to being offered in this sale, selections from Mr. Niederhoffer’s own library will also be offered in forthcoming single-owner sales this autumn and winter. As suggested by Victor’s wife Susan, many of their collections “reflect a vision of the uplifting and mutually beneficial nature of entrepreneurship.” The items in the present sale can be likened to Victor Niederhoffer’s notable contributions to the fields of economics and finance, as well as to society at large; they are innovative, unforgettable, and everlasting.


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

Victor Niederhoffer in his library, 2019



admired the craftsmanship of the great silver makers. When I discovered that [trophies for great events celebrating terrific achievements] were within reach, I decided to amass a collection. I had read that many of the great silver collections in the past were accumulated by very successful stock market and real estate operators. I never thought I would join such luminaries as Jay Gould, Diamond Jim Brady, Morgan, Rockefellers, and Hearst. In any case, I find myself among the ranks of these titans, who, due to changing circumstances, found it appropriate to pass their treasures on to the next collector.� - Victor Niederhoffer


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

A merican S ilver lots 1-28


1 Large sterling silver and bronze presentation inkwell centerpiece tiffany & co., new york, ny, 1913 Of oval form, with central globe rising from waves, surrounded by inkwells in the form of whirlpools, the base with reserve inscribed, “1863 Fiftieth Anniversary 1913/The Union Marine Insurance Co. Ltd. of Liverpool/ Presented by F. Herrmann & Co. New York/ManagersUnited States Branch”, marked to base. L: 29 in. W: 19 in. note: The wave-like design of this presentation inkwell centerpiece represents a major business activity of the F. Herrmann & Company as marine insurance underwriters. $10,000-15,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

2 Two sterling silver flasks r. wallace & co., wallingford, ct, and gorham mfg. co., new york, ny, circa 1910 and 1883, respectively The first depicting automobile and driver, by R. Wallace & Co., circa 1910, marked; the second depicting caught trout against a rocky shoreline, by Gorham Mfg. Co. and retailed by Howard & Co., New York, 1883, inscribed “Presented to Sir Charles Hall by T. R. H. the Prince and Princess of Wales, Xmas 1888”, marked. L: 6 3/4 in. (automobile) and 6 in. (trout) Total weight: 15.67 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1531. $800-1,200

3 Large sterling silver and parcel gilt fishing trophy j. e. caldwell & co., philadelphia, pa, dated 1908 The body and base with repoussé floral and leaf motifs, with floral-form handles; presented to the heads of the drug manufacturing company Fairchild Brothers & Foster, of New York City, Samuel W. and Benjamin T. Fairchild and Malcom G. Foster, June 17th, 1908, a portrait of each gentleman depicted in relief, below monograms “S.W.F”, “M.G.F”, and “B.T.F.”, inscribed “Fairchild Brothers & Foster/Presented June 17th 1908 by their traveling representatives in America/”Things are oftenist nothing in themselves; the thoughts we attach to them alone give them value”, with various names inscribed to base, marked to underside. H: 19 1/4 in. Weight: approx. 189.58 oz. t. $3,000-5,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

4 Sterling silver-gilt Native American-style presentation loving cup tiffany & co., new york, ny, circa 1905 Decorated with etched scenes depicting Native Americans in canoes, and tipis along the shoreline, with shield cartouche, inscribed “Kommerzienrath Carl Niedieck/And Niedieck & Co. Ltd./As a token of esteem and with hearty congratulations on their golden anniversary. From H. A. Caesar and E. A. Richard of H. A. Caesar & Co./New York May 1st 1905.”, with three handles, on three feet, marked to underside. H: 8 1/2 in. Weight: 79.055 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1700. $5,000-7,000

5 Sterling silver Egyptian-style three-handled presentation trophy from the Sphinx Club mauser mfg. co., new york, ny, circa 1904 The body with band of eyes of Horus, three patinated papyrus-form handles, on base composed of three patinated sphinxes, inscribed “Wrought to express to Waverley W. Hallock the gratitude of The Sphinx Club for the faithful and able conduct of his office and his loyalty to/the purpose and principles of the club November 8th, 1904.”, marked to underside. H: 15 1/2 in. Weight: 130.26 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, December 15, 1998, Symbols of Excellence: The Victor Niederhoffer Collection of Trophy and Presentation Silver, lot 21. note: The Sphinx Club was organized in 1896 by eight New Yorkers involved in advertising in order to meet on a regular basis for lunch and professional discussion. Waverley W. Halleck (1852-1943) of Brooklyn, served as Treasurer of the club. The presentation of this trophy is detailed in Printer’s Ink, 1904, Vols. 48-49, p. 16. The Sphinx Club became the Advertising Club of New York in 1915. $2,000-3,000


6 Sterling silver pitcher tiffany & co., new york, ny, 1892-1902 The body decorated with chased trees, acanthus and rosette border to neck, marked to underside. H: 8 1/4 in. Weight: 39.72 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, January 27, 1990, lot 840. $1,500-2,500

7 Sterling silver presentation tankard tiffany & co., new york, ny, 1873-1891 Inscribed, “Newport Citizens Regatta/1887/Won by third class sloop,/Cinderella”, marked to underside. H: 9 1/2 in. Weight: 59.49 oz. t. note: The sloop Cinderella was built for New York banker William Emil Iselin (1848-1937) in the shipyard of Henry Piepgras, City Island, New York in 1886 after a design by Archibald Cary Smith. $2,500-3,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

8 Sterling silver figural water pitcher gorham mfg. co., providence, ri, date mark for 1885 The body with repoussé and chased face and turtles, with branch-form handle, marked to underside. H: 9 1/4 in. Weight: 40.89 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1588. $3,000-5,000

9 Sterling silver and ivory presentation flagon whiting mfg. co., ny, dated “1886” The applied silver mounts modeled to depict Andromeda and undulating water serpent, the hinged lid etched with New York Yacht Club emblem and stylized inscription: “Won by ‘Fortuna’ Regatta N.Y.Y.C. 1886”, with glass base, marked to underside. H: 14 3/8 in. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, December 15, 1998, Symbols of Excellence: The Victor Niederhoffer Collection of Trophy and Presentation Silver, lot 75. note: On June 17, 1886, Fortuna, owned by H. S. Hovey of Boston, won in the class of Keel Schooners in the New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta. Fortuna won the New York Yacht Club’s and the Eastern Yacht Club’s coveted Goelet Cup the year before. $3,000-5,000


10 Impressive silver presentation punch bowl in the Japanese manner gorham mfg. co., providence, ri, date mark for 1884 The body with repoussé and chased dragons, waves, fish, and figure, the rim decorated with applied leaves and shells, with dragon-head handles and giltwashed interior, on coiled snake base, marked and inscribed to underside, “Won By/The Sloop Hera/In a Match Race With/The Sloop Lillie/1883”. H: 9 1/2 in. Dia: 18 in. Weight: 119.1 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1580. note: The sloop Hera was designed and built in Nahant, Massaschusetts by W. B. Smith, 1881 for N. Sumner Myrick (1852-1930) of Boston. Myrick was an attorney, railway company principal, and an expert on the Merchant Marine, serving for many years as the Vice-Chairman of the Shipping Committee, Chamber of Commerce of the United States. $15,000-25,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

11 Sterling silver Japanese-style bowl whiting mfg. co., new york, ny, retailed j.e. caldwell & co., philadelphia, pa, circa 1885 The body with applied shells, seaweed, crabs, and other marine life, chased spirals, on three feet with applied shells and seaweed, marked and engraved to underside, “K.C.F.-W.B.B./16 October 1940”. H: 4 in. Dia: 8 1/2 in. Weight: 28.88 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1552. $1,500-2,500

12 Sterling silver Japanese-style bowl whiting mfg. co., new york, ny, circa 1885 The body with applied turtle and etched thistles, scrolls, and aquatic foliage, with gilt-washed interior, engraved monogram, “JPD”, on four paw feet, marked to underside. H: 4 in. Dia: 9 3/4 in. Weight: 26.3 oz. t. $1,200-1,800


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

13 Small hammered sterling silver Japanese-style teapot tiffany & co., new york, ny, circa 1878 The body with applied turtles and insects, butterfly-form finial, marked to underside. H: 6 1/4 in. Weight: 14.58 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1681. $1,500-2,500

14 Hammered sterling silver Japanese-style covered water pitcher tiffany & co., new york, ny, 1873-1891 With seaweed motif and applied fish and frog, marked to underside. H: 8 in. Weight: 22.95 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, The Jerome Rapoport Collection of American Aesthetic Silver, June 20, 1996, lot 6. Hoffman & Gampetro, New York, April 19, 1988. Sotheby’s New York, November 21, 1981, lot 324. exhibited: New York Historical Society, “Tiffany Silver”, February-March 1980. $3,000-5,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

15 Large hammered sterling silver and parcel-gilt presentation punch bowl tiffany & co., new york, ny, dated “1883” The interior with sprays of seaweed heightened with gilt, the body with applied fish and seaweed, the side inscribed, “Gracie, Bedouin/Match race/Oct 18th 1883/Course 26 Miles to Windward and return/from Sandy Hook./Won by/ Bedouin, beating Gracie/some 15 minutes.”, marked to underside. H: 9 in. Dia: 15 1/4 in. Weight: 101.57 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 23, 1988, lot 197. Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, lot 1693. note: This punch bowl documents the publicized victory of the Cutter Bedouin over the sloop Gracie on October 18, 1883 for the Bennett Cup in a race organized by the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club of Oyster Bay, New York. Covered in The New York Times, October 19, 1883, with the headline, “The Cutter Bedouin’s Victory: The Gracie beaten nearly fifteen minutes in a forty-mile race,” the match is also detailed in Frederick Schiller Cozzens, Yachts and Yachting (1887) p. 98. $15,000-25,000


16 Sterling silver and mixed metal Japanese-style square bowl gorham mfg. co., providence, ri, date mark 1880 Gilt-washed interior with applied copper bird, crane, salamader, raspberries and bamboo, on bracket feet, marked to underside. H: 4 in. Weight: 26.2 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, January 28, 1988, lot 997. Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1573. $2,000-3,000

17 Rare hammered sterling silver and parcel-gilt Japanese-style chamberstick tiffany & co., new york, ny, 1873-1891 With applied gilt butterfly and maple leaf, and applied beetles, etched monogram “PES”, removable bobeche, marked to underside. H: 3 in. Weight: 9.9 oz. t. $1,000-2,000

18 Hammered sterling silver and mixed metal Japanese/Indian-style pitcher gorham mfg. co., providence, ri, date mark for 1880 The body with copper rose branch, peony, and insects, with elephant-form handle, marked to underside. H: 7 in. Weight: 19.9 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1582. $2,000-3,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

19 Sterling silver-gilt and enamel Turkish-style claret jug george w. shiebler & co., new york, circa 1885 Marked to underside. H: 12 in. Weight: 21.98 oz. t. $1,000-1,500

20 Hammered sterling silver Japanese-style hot water kettle-on-stand tiffany & co., new york, ny, 1881-1891 The kettle body with chased swirls and designs and applied maple leaf and frog, the lid with applied frog and willow branch, the stand with bamboo-form legs, monogram “F” to underside of kettle, marked to underside of kettle and burner. H: 13 in. Total weight: 48.2 oz. t. provenance: Christie’s New York, June 2, 1990, lot 46. Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1677. $2,000-3,000

21 Hammered sterling silver Japanese-style pitcher tiffany & co., new york, ny, circa 1878 With applied butterflies and maple leaves, marked to underside. H: 7 3/4 in. Weight: 30.95 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1679. $2,500-3,500


22 Classical silver and parcel-gilt punch bowl gorham mfg. co., providence, ri, circa 1870 Tripod base, with three Classical draped figural supports, each holding a horn cup, the body with bands of etched and cast Classical motifs, marked to underside. H: 10 in. L: 15 in. Dia: 12 in. Weight: 138.785 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1563. $4,000-6,000

23 Silver covered soup tureen tiffany & co., new york, ny, circa 1870 The body with engraved guilloche border at rim and base, with prominent bull head handles, the cover with engraved designs and monogram “DAT”, surmounted by sheep finial, marked to underside. H: 13 in. (overall) Weight: 87.695 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, June 15, 1998, Important American Silver, lot 1666. $3,000-5,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

24 Pair of sterling silver figural tazze “g. w...& co.,” circa 1875 The bowls and bases with repoussé floral and leaf motifs, the stems in the form of a hunter and harvester, marked “Sterling” to bases, maker’s mark indistinct. H: 9 3/4 in. Total weight: 88.03 oz. t. $1,500-2,500

25 Large Union Battery Target Shoot presentation covered pitcher dated 1863 The body decorated with evergreens in a winter landscape, with central cartouche below spout inscribed, “Awarded to Warren Emerson for making the best shot at Union Battery Target Shoot Springfield, Mass. Sept. 11th 1863”, handle terminating in masque, apparently unmarked. H: 13 1/4 in. $1,000-1,500

26 Classical silver covered urn william l. adams (1802-1861) active c. 1830-1850, new york, ny The body with repoussé floral swags and acanthus, the base and rim with anthemion bands, the handles with Bacchic figures, marked “W. Adams” “New. York” four times, mounted on a black marble base. H: 23 in. $2,500-4,000


27 Silver creamer john wood (active 1770-1792) and john bradt, new york, circa 1770 Marked to underside. H: 3 3/4 in. Weight: 4.48 oz. t. $1,000-2,000

28 Silver tankard mark attributed to johannes roseboom (d. 1805), new york, circa 1765 Marked twice to body, with inset coin to lid, engraved initials to underside, “I*CE”. H: 7 in. Weight: 30.48 oz. t. note: Pepper boxes by Roseboom are in the Collection of Yale University Art Gallery, 1930.1099, and The Clark Art Institute, 2003.4.182a-b. $6,000-10,000


E uropean & A sian S ilver lots 29-48

29 George III silver-gilt equestrian trophy, ‘Doncaster Cup’ daniel smith and robert sharp, london, 1767 Allover decorated with finely cast grape vine motifs and mounted with scrolling grape vine handles, engraved to lip: “DONCASTER CUP, 1770/RANDOLPH MARRIOTT & ANTHONY WHARTON, ESQes. STEWARDS;” marked to side and flange of cover. H: 18 in., W: 15 1/2 in. Weight: 128 oz. t. note: The Doncaster Cup was established in 1766, first at Cantley Common and, since 1776, at the Doncaster race course. The annual event is held in September of each year. At the time that this cup was won, in 1770, the race was four miles, though the distance today is just over two miles. Nevertheless, it is considered a long-distance course and is one of the three races that comprise the “Stayers’ Triple Crown,” a series of races for horses that excel at longer distances. $4,000-6,000

30 George III sterling silver ‘Duckworth’ covered trophy william pitts & joseph preedy, london, 1794 With gadrooned and acanthus-cast domed cover terminating in Poseidon finial, mounted to shoulders with sea serpent-form handles, the body decorated with a medallion of nautical motifs centering a reserve engraved with the arms of Duckworth; gilt-washed interior, stamped to flange of cover and edge of base. H: 18 in., W: 15 3/4 in. Weight: 128.3 oz. t. $4,000-6,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

31 Rare George III sterling silver globe on stand, ‘The Captain Cook Globe’ john robins, london, 1781 In commemoration of Captain Cook’s last voyage from 1776-1780, depicting Captain Cook’s southern route; marked on stand. H: 14 in., Dia: 9 1/2 in. Weight: 72 oz. t. provenance: Rare Art, London. note: Captain James Cook’s (English, 1728-1779) third and final voyage was an attempt to find the Northwest Passage from Europe to Asia over the Arctic. Embarking from Plymouth, England in the summer of 1776, the ships HMS Resolution and HMS Discovery sailed south to Capetown, then east to Polynesia, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and on to Alaska to attempt passage through the Bering Strait.


Though the voyage marked the discovery by Europeans of the Hawaiian Islands and the mapping of the Pacific Northwest coast and Alaska, it ultimately failed to find the mythic Northwest Passage. More tragically, Captain Cook, Britain’s most celebrated explorer of the 18th century, was killed in February 1779 in a dispute in Hawaii on the voyage back to England. Captain Charles Clerke (English, 1741-1779) took command of the voyage and made landfall in Northeast Russia in the summer of 1779. The ships’ logs were sent overland back to England, and reached London before Resolution and Discovery returned. Clerke himself died of tuberculosis shortly thereafter, in August of 1779, and Lieutenant John Gore (English/ American, 1730-1790) assumed command of the return voyage. When the crew finally reached Britain in October 1780, news of Captain Cook’s fate was well known. The present lot, produced in 1781, commemorates this final, fateful voyage. Its northern and southern poles reversed, the globe is etched with the southerly route first mapped by Captain Cook, whose accounts were published that same year. The scientific precision of the execution is entirely in keeping with Cook’s own meticulous cartography; indeed, Cook is credited with the European discovery and mapping of Australia and much of the Pacific Ocean. $4,000-6,000

32 George IV sterling silver urn philip rundell, london, 1823 Of campana form, repoussé decorated with scenes of grape harvesting; marked to side beneath lip. H: 9 1/4, Dia: 7 3/4 in. Weight: 52 oz. t. $1,000-1,500

33 French vermeil communion chalice and paten paris, 1819-1838 In the Renaissance Revival style, with 1st standard mark and large guarantee at rim and edge of base, apparently without maker’s mark. (2). H: 12 1/2 in., Dia: 6 1/4 in. Total weight: 37 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s, Sale 1637, lot 143. $800-1,200

34 George III sterling silver serving tray probably robert gainsford, sheffield, 1818–19 The shaped rim cast with sunflowers, roses, and foliate motifs, the tray centering a Montagu crest surrounded by engraved field of diapered cartouches, raised on paw feet. H: 3 1/4 in., W: 20 1/2 in., L: 32 in. Weight: 226 oz. t. $6,000-8,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

35 Impressive Victorian sterling silver presentation tray william wild & co., sheffield, 1844 Presented to Charles Powell Leslie III (Irish, 1821-1871) by his tenants on October 17, 1844, with shaped and scrolled foliate border centering an elaborate presentation inscription surrounded by five cartouches depicting seasonal agricultural scenes, engraved with the arms of the Leslie family of Monaghan, raised on gryphon feet; marked to front near rim. H: 3 3/4 in., W: 20 3/8 in., L: 31 in. Weight: 180 oz. t. note: Charles Powell Leslie III served as a Conservative member of parliament for the Irish county of Monaghan from 1843 to 1871, following his father and grandfather who each held the seat before him, and as Lord Lieutenant of Monaghan from 1858 to 1871. Unmarried and without an heir, upon his death in 1871 his younger brother, Sir John Leslie, 1st Baronet of Glaslough (Irish, 1822-1916), succeeded him in Parliament. Sir John is perhaps best known for his construction of Castle Leslie in Glaslough, Monaghan in 1870, which later served as the venue for Paul McCartney’s wedding to Heather Mills in 2002. The present lot bears an elaborate inscription dedicating the tray to Charles Powell Leslie in 1844 upon the occasion of his reduction in his tenants’ rents, evidently greatly appreciated by his tenants and which “pervades and gladdens every circle downwards to the most humble cottage on your property.” The inscription continues:

“This lasting testimony of kindness bestowed upon your People leads them to trespass further upon your Indulgence, and to claim one other boon; the acceptance of this Piece of Plate, not valuable by virtue of the metal alone, but rendered so by the blessings that accompany it! You have added lustre to the ‘Crest’ that supports it!” This inscription is surrounded by beautifully cast and chased reserves depicting idyllic scenes of agricultural work throughout the seasons, with each cartouche titled by lines from James Thomson’s 1730 poem, “The Seasons.” Beneath the central cartouche with plow and planted bed, an inscription reads: “Success to the Glasslough [sic] Farming Society.” The poignant nature of this generous gift from tenant farmers to their wealthy lord is rendered all the more heard-wrenching when considering it was presented in October 1844, only months before the failed potato harvests of 1845 that would lead to the widespread starvation and death among the Irish people. $5,000-7,000


36 Rare Victorian sterling silver equestrian sculpture of the Duke of Wellington robert garrard ii, london, 1839 Depicting Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, after the model designed for Garrard by Edmund Cotterill (English, 17951860); marked on sculpture and on base. H: 25 1/2 in., W: 15 3/4 in. (overall), Weight: 262 oz. t. note: This well known model of the Duke of Wellington by Edmund Cotterill is occasionally seen in bronze, but original silver models produced by Garrard, for whom this sculpture was first designed, are exceedingly rare. One such example was owned by the Duke of Wellington himself and prominently displayed in his London residence, Apsley House. Edmund Cotterill was a highly successful sculptor of the Royal Academy, and the early Victorian period in which the present lot was produced is considered the height of both Cotterill’s and Garrard’s prowess, largely due to the success Garrard experienced from the exceptional designs Cotterill executed for the firm at this time. $8,000-12,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

37 Victorian sterling silver and bronze figural group john samuel hunt, london, 1843 In the form of a medieval knight battling three savages, raised on rocky bronze base; each piece marked. H: 21 1/2 in., W: 23 in., Dia: 13 in. note: For important examples of similar form and subject, see Christie’s London, sale 5377, May 30-31, 2012, lot 390, and Christie’s London, sale 7880, November 16, 2010, lot 498. $7,000-9,000


38 Important Victorian sterling silver equestrian trophy, ‘Goodwood Cup’ r. s. garrard & co., london, 1876 In the form of two duelling medieval knights, raised on a silver-mounted ebonized wood base mounted in silver “GOODWOOD. 1879;” each piece marked. H: 30 1/4 in., W: 23 1/4 in., D: 19 in. Weighable silver: 306 oz. t. note: The Goodwood Cup, established in 1808, is run at the Goodwood Racecourse in West Sussex in late July or early August of each year. It is one of the three races that comprise the “Stayers’ Triple Crown,” along with the Gold Cup and the Doncaster Cup. This trophy was awarded to the bay thoroughbred Isonomy (1875-1891) for his victory in the Goodwood Cup in 1879. Though at one point in the race down by over 200 yards, Isonomy closed the gap in the final stages to win by three lengths. Ridden by jockey Tom Cannon, Sr. (English, 1846-1917) and trained by John Porter (English, 1838-1922)—among the most successful horse trainers of Victorian England—Isonomy was considered one of the century’s greatest racehorses. He won ten of his fourteen starts, many coming in his fourth year, 1879, when he won the Gold Vase, the Ascot Gold Cup, the Ebor Handicap, and the Doncaster Cup, along with the Goodwood Cup that same year. Isonomy placed third in a poll of the “best British racehorses of the 19th century” conducted by The Sporting Times in May 1886. The present lot was produced by Garrard likely after a design by Harrison Weir (English, 18241906). A celebrated naturalist and illustrator, Weir provided a number of elaborate trophy designs for Garrard from the 1860s through the 1880s. A related example depicting Robin Hood, designed by Weir and executed by Garrard for the 1865 Stewards’ Cup at Goodwood, was sold Christie’s New York, May 19, 2010, lot 94. $20,000-30,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer 39 Victorian sterling silver figural equestrian trophy, ‘Liverpool Autumn Cup’ charles reily & george storer, london, 1847 Realistically modeled in the form of three armoured medieval hunters, one with Douglas shield, felling a stag beneath an oak tree, each figure and element marked; raised on silver-mounted ebonized wood base, each silver plaque marked and one further engraved: “Won by/The/ Palmer.” H: 22 in., W: 18 3/4 in., D: 16 3/4 in. (overall), Weighable silver: 220 oz. t.(approx.) note: This spectacular trophy commemorates the victory of racehorse The Palmer at the Liverpool Autumn Cup in 1868. The Palmer (1864-1886) was a thoroughbred racehorse of note, a bay colt by Beadsman and Madame Elgantine by Cowl. Of the Darley Arabian Sire line, he enjoyed a successful racing career in England and Germany before retiring as an even more valuable sire. After middling success in his three-yearold year, The Palmer’s greatest victory came at the Liverpool Autumn Cup in November 1868, besting Knight of the Garter and fifteen other horses. He was later valued as the tenth leading sire in Great Britain in 1880, and was purchased for £7,000 by Georg von Lehndorff (German, 1833-1914), head of the Prussian state studs at Graditz. He thus became the most expensive stud bought in Germany at that time, and was the leading sire in Germany in 1882 and 1883. $15,000-25,000


40 Monumental cased Victorian sterling silver three-piece presentation garniture elkington & co., birmingham, 1898 Comprising two ewers and a two-handled rose bowl, each with cast frieze decorated in bacchic motifs and mounted with panther-form handles and raised on gadrooned socle; sold in original custom fitted mahogany case, each piece marked and case with original Elkington Regent Street label. (3). H: 17 1/4 in., L: 20 in., Dia: 15 1/4 in. Total weight: 305 oz. t. provenance: Sotheby’s New York, October 21, 1998, lot 186. note: For another bowl of the same form, without ewers or presentation case, see Sotheby’s New York, December 15, 1998, lot 116. A similar three-piece presentation garniture without case was sold Bonham’s London, November 25, 2004, lot 109. $10,000-15,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

41 Unusual Victorian sterling silver cooler in the form of a castle keep chawner & co., london, 1880 With flat lid surmounted by mortar-form knop, very finely cast with rusticated walls and crenellated moat and with applied gutters and downspouts; each piece marked. H: 7 1/2 in., Dia: 10 1/2 in. Weight: 101 oz. t. $3,000-5,000

42 Victorian silver figural equestrian trophy, ‘Essex County Hunt Races’ apparently unmarked, circa 1884 In the form of a horse and jockey in the course of a steeplechase, raised on shape black marble base mounted with silver plaque further engraved: “SPRING MEETING 1884/Won by J. P. Dawes, Esq.,/Ch. M. Rose. 163 lbs.;” unmarked. H: 11 1/4 in., W: 13 3/4 in., D: 7 1/4 in. $1,000-1,500


43 Exceptional Victorian sterling silver figural centerpiece george angell & co., london, 1870 In the form of three mermaids with tails intertwined holding aloft an overflowing shell from which a nymph gathers water; marked at base. H: 23 1/2 in., W: 15 in., D: 14 in. Weight: 291 oz. t.(approx.) provenance: Christie’s London, March 17, 1999, lot 16. $12,000-18,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

44 Victorian sterling silver decanter in the form of a donkey berthold muller, chester, 1900 Marked to body and flange of cover. H: 9 3/4 in., W: 12 3/4 in. Weight: 44 oz. t. $800-1,200

45 German silver figural centerpiece bowl m. h. wilkens & söhne, bremen-hemelingen, circa 1900 Marked at base. H: 9 1/2, W: 15 1/2, D: 9 in. Weight: 58.8 oz. t. $2,000-3,000


46 Large Chinese Export silver trophy cup and cover second half 19th century Urn-form, the sides decorated with repoussé military and civilian officials in a pavilion, the base decorated with peonies, irises, chrysanthemums, and bamboo, with two dragon-form handles and three dragon appliqués to foot, the cover decorated with repoussé bamboo motifs and surmounted by a horse-form finial, with gilt-washed interior; indistinctly marked to base. H: 22 in., W: 11 in. Weight: 150 oz. t. $7,000-9,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

47 Chinese silver bowl 19th/20th century Decorated with a seated figure among rockwork, with fan, geese, bird, banana palm, and blossoming prunus, apparently unmarked. H: 6 1/2 in. Dia: 10 in. Weight: 36.42 oz. t. $1,500-2,500

48 Pair of Chinese silver candlesticks with etched glass hurricane shades 19th/early 20th century Marked to undersides, partially indistinct. H: 22 1/2 in. Weighted. $1,500-2,500

49 Chinese carved hardwood recessed-waist painting table The rectangular top over floral and scroll carved apron, pierced drilled apron, the straight legs terminating in stylized paw feet. H: 30 in. L: 60 in. D: 25 in. $1,200-1,500


50 Chinese School 19th century view of the american, british and other foreign hongs at canton Oil on canvas, framed. 17 1/2 in. x 23 in. (sight) $4,000-6,000

51 Chinese School 19th century pair of battle scenes Reverse-painted on glass, in carved frame. 16 in. x 22 3/4 in. (sight) $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

52 Chinese School 19th century view of the hongs at canton Reverse-painted on glass, framed. 13 1/2 in. x 19 1/4 in. $600-800

53 Chinese School 19th century view of the hongs at canton Reverse-painted on glass, framed. 15 1/2 in. x 23 3/4 in. (sight) provenance: Sotheby’s New York, Lot 1039. $4,000-6,000



’ve collected in a wide range of fields rather than specializing in one or two areas - most notably in literature and letters, presidents, sports, finance, European history, the American Civil War, science, Americana, and medicine. I tried to buy the best examples I could afford at the time that were most representative of the individual’s legacy.” - Victor Niederhoffer


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

A merican F olk & D ecorative A rts lots 54-129

54 American School 19th century After John Trumbull (1756-1843) “declaration of independence, july 4th, 1776” Oil on canvas, framed. 41 in. x 55 1/2 in. (sight) $2,000-3,000

55 Carved and painted foot stool decorated with the American Flag early 20th century The top decorated with 12-star American Flag, above rail decorated with stars and shaped bracket feet decorated with striping and stars. H: 8 3/4 in. L: 18 3/8 in. D: 10 1/2 in. $1,500-2,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

56 Painted cast-iron stove figure of George Washington probably corona stove company, albany, new york, circa 1870 Base cast with “No. 80 “ and “Corona”, the back of stove marked, “King Stove & Range Co., Sheffield, Alabama.” H: 69 in. $3,000-5,000

57 Carved and painted figure of General George Washington early 20th century H: 37 in. $3,000-5,000


Top to bottom: 58 Engraved powder horn inscribed “john lakin” and “72,” 18th century Decorated with deer, turtle, fish, the head of an angel, spread wing eagle, sun, snakes and ornamental borders. L: 11 in. $1,500-2,500

59 French and Indian War engraved powder horn 18th century Decorated with the forts, rivers, and towns of the New York campaign of the British troops during the conflict with the French. L: 8 in. $1,000-2,000

60 Engraved powder horn initialed “I. B.” and dated “1782” Decorated with men in a boat, large potted flower, house, fish and other devices. L: 12 in. $800-1,200


61 Civil War engraved powder horn bearing name, “c. h. ginkinger” and dated “1865” Decorated with Civil War soldier, cannon, various accutrements, a hunting scene, rabbit, sun with stars, and a bird with date “1816” below. L: 13 in. $1,000-2,000

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

62 Sailor-made rolling pin, ladle and two turned salt cellars 19th century The rolling pin with turned walrus tusk handles, the ladle with coconut bowl and bone handle modeled as a dog’s head with baleen banding, and the cellars of turned whale ivory on tortoiseshell base, lucite mounting. L: 15 in. (rolling pin) provenance: Turned salt cellars: Sotheby’s, The Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection: Part III, April 29 & 30, 1983, Lot 322. $1,500-2,500

63 Three whale stamps Carved from whale’s teeth, one with wooden handle. H: 2 in. (with wooden handle) $200-300

64 Scrimshaw whale’s tooth 19th century One side with three-masted ship flying American Flag, the other side with elaborate building. L: 6 1/4 in. $1,500-2,500



The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

65 Carved and polychromed bone jewelry box russia, early 19th century With a stepped hinged lid and base with bracket feet, pierced throughout and heightened with incised vine and floral decoration. H: 4 1/2 in. L: 9 1/2 in. D: 6 in. $700-900

66 Three Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War bone game boxes circa 1800 The first of bench form with a hinged domed top above sliding cover and frame with cribbage board and turned base, pierced and polychrome decoration throughout; the second of bench form with sliding wood top, pierced and polychrome-decorated throughout; and the third, a box with sliding lid having a shell-form handle. H: 4 1/2 in. L: 9 in. D: 6 in. (largest) $1,000-2,000

67 Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War carved and polychromed bone model of a guillotine circa 1810 The two tiered structure with uniformed soldiers standing guard. H: 21 in. $3,000-5,000


68 Scottish School 19th century “arctic whaling scene,” dated 1884 Signed and dated, “Mr. Jas. Orchison Kirriemuir 1884,” oil on canvas, framed. 18 1/2 in. x 29 1/2 in. (sight) note: The painter of this work was probably James Orchison (1852-1943) who lived most of his life in Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland. $1,000-1,500

69 Large polychrome scrimshaw whale’s tooth 20th century Decorated with whaling scene on one side and ship in open waters with other ships and mountainous area beyond on the other side. L: 9 in. $1,500-3,000


70 Scrimshaw whale’s tooth dated “1845” Decorated on one side with ship flying the American Flag within a diamond reserve, the other side with petal device and the initials, “P M / B C,” the top and base of tooth with whale band border. L: 5 1/4 in. $800-1,200


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

71 Two polychrome scrimshaw whale’s teeth early 20th century Both depicting historical scenes, the first “Grant After the Battle of Belmont,” and the second, “Escape of Benedict Arnold.” L: 6 1/2 in. and 7 in. $1,000-1,500

72 Scrimshaw whale bone busk 19th century Decorated with crossed American Flags, potted plant, tree and ship. L: 12 3/4 in. provenance: Bears paper Christie’s label on verso. $1,000-1,500

73 Two scrimshaw whale’s teeth 19th century The first, worked with view of a harbor having numerous buildings and ships in the foreground, the second worked with a ship in open water, a building flying a flag beyond and a flag draped anchor in the foreground. L: 4 1/2 in. and 5 3/4 in. $800-1,200



74 Inuit carved and incised walrus tusk cribbage board late 19th/early 20th century Carved in the form of a fish, the top carved with fish in high relief, and verso engraved with man with sled and seal. L: 9 in. $1000-1,500

75 Carved and incised “dog head” walrus tusk ink well early 20th century Huskie head flanked by ink reserves on oblong body decorated with whale, ice floats, seals and portraits on ends, raised on three carved legs. H: 6 1/2 in. $500-800

76 Northwest Coast Haida argillite model totem pole circa 1900 With a hollowed out back. H: 17 1/4 in. $2,000-3,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

77 Large Inuit carved and incised walrus tusk cribbage board late 19th/early 20th century One side carved with polar bears, walrus, seals, fox and fish in high relief, the underside carved and incised with seals, fish and a fox. L: 27 1/2 in. $2,000-3,000


78 Engraved Inuit half walrus tusk late 19th century Note on verso, “Eskimo Spirit Helper engraved 1880,” decorated with wolves, snakes, human figure, fish and seal. L: 15 in. $1,000-1,500

79 Large Inuit carved and incised cribbage board Inscribed and dated, “joe kakavyook” and “1899” Incised with a seal and walrus, and reindeer, the cribbage board area decorated with incised flowers and leaves and inlaid with baleen. L: 25 1/2 in. provenance: A hand-written note of back of tusk records, “Cribbage Board made from tusk- Alaska Eskimo. Given to A.T.S by Eleanor Cushman Westcott. Belonged to her father Herbert T. Chushman of New Bedford, Mass.” $1,000-2,000


80 Carved and gold-painted eagle-form lectern possibly continental, 19th century H: 26 in. $500-800

81 Henry Merwin Shrady (1871-1922) bronze bust of ulysses s. grant Mounted on socle and base. H: 18 1/2 in. (overall) $800-1,200

82 Carved and painted figure of Jefferson Davis with cannon and eagle H: 36 in. $1,500-2,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

83 Patriotic marquetry center table made by charles c. simsalek (1884-1966), pittsburgh, pa The circular top inlaid with bone and contrasting woods with the inscription “E. Pluribus Unum” and “In God with Trust”, and decorated with eagles, the Statue of Liberty, flags and patriotic devices. A paper handwritten label on underside records, “Table made by Charles C. Simsalek. 12 Different kinds of wood containing 26, 446 pieces requiring 1,432 hours.” H: 28 in. Dia: 44 1/2 in. note: Born in Czechoslovakia, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Charles C. Simsalek and his wife Emelie arrived in New York in 1913 aboard the George Washington. They settled in Pittsburgh. $3,000-5,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

84 American School 20th century five patriotic works by j. richardson, jr., new bedford, ma, 1919 Each numbered, titled and signed, graphite, ink, crayon on paper. 22 in. x 29 3/4 in. (sight) $1,500-2,500


85 Carved and painted figure of a seated Abraham Lincoln with American flag painted wings 20th century H: 19 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500

86 Carved and painted elephant trade sign late 19th/early 20th century H: 35 in. W: 28 1/2 in. provenance: Sotheby’s, January 24, 1995, lot 1720. $3,000-5,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

87 Inlaid mahogany cribbage board in the form of a miniature pool table late 19th/early 20th century The top inlaid with pool cues and balls, dog’s head, bottles and playing cards. H: 4 1/2 in. L: 11 3/8 in. W: 6 in. $500-800

88 Carved, punch and paint-decorated bookcase/ cabinet “made by stanley slowik,” late 19th/early 20th century Two glazed doors centering panel carved with American eagle and shield, flanked by a variety of relief-carved painted animals. H: 39 1/2 in. W: 38 in. D: 9 1/2 in. $1,500-2,500


89 Continental School 19th/20th century pair of anthropomorphic scenes Oil on canvas, framed. 28 1/2 in. x 35 3/4 in. (sight) $1,500-2,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

90 British School 19th century cats in classoom, dated, “1889” Dated, l.r., “29/8/89”, oil on canvas, framed. 8 5/8 in. x 11 5/8 in. (sight) $300-500

91 Carved and gilded figure of an eagle in flight 19th century Mounted on a modern iron stand. H: 32 in (overall) $1,500-2,500

92 Pair of painted cast iron owl form architectural elements late 19th/early 20th century With modern pedestals. H: 19 in. (owls), H: 56 in. (overall) $1,000-1,500


93 American School 19th century revere beach/crescent beach, ma, dated, “1895” Signed and dated, l.l., “John Pearce/1895”, inscribed label to verso, “Revere Beach/1893/ Crescent Beach”, watercolor on paper, framed. 30 1/2 in. x 13 3/8 in. (sight) $500-700

94 Painted wood double-sided pocket watch trade sign late 19th/early 20th century H: 17 in. provenance: Bearing label: Sotheby’s, lot 600. $500-800

95 Cherrywood pie safe with punch-decorated tin panels 19th century Interior painted and embellished with Peter Hunt decals. H: 56 in. W: 41 in. D: 17 1/2 in. $300-500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

96 American School 20th century “design and construction of the holland tunnel”, circa 1930 Oil on canvas laid on panel, framed. 46 1/2 in. x 70 in. (sight) $1,000-1,500

97 American School 20th century “construction worker”, circa 1930 Oil on canvas, laid on panel, framed. 46 in. x 79 in. (sight) $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

98 Attributed to Charles C. Hoffman (1821–1882) view of the schuylkill country almshouse, dated, “1881” Inscribed, “View of the Schulykill County Almshouse Property, Pa 1881/ The Union forever and notice: Positively no admittance on Sunday. Vistoris to the almshouse will be admitted onlly on thursday’s of each weeks from 9 AM to 5 PM..” a list of the almshouse officials below, oil on canvas, tiger maple frame. 30 in. x 42 in. provenance: Christie’s, January 26, 1991, Lot 184. $15,000-25,000


99 Two gameboards late 19th/early 20th century The first composed of varying inlaid woods, bearing Masonic symbols and four stars to center, the second composed of painted composition board, depicting players at either end. 17 1/2 in. x 17 1/2 in. (inlaid), 22 in. x 16 in. (composition) $600-800

100 Hexagonal painted wood gameboard late 19th/early 20th century The top decorated with stars, the base with two swivel game piece drawers. Dia: 20 in., H: 3 1/2 in. $500-800

101 Painted and mixed media composition card gameboard inscribed, “j. j. shea”, frame inscribed, “fitz” and dated, “1887” The gameboard surrounded by theatre setting with ballet dancers and stage performers and orchestra below, the top center with eagle, shield, and American flags, and inscribed “J. J. Shea”, the details heightened by mica, with “Patent Composition Card Mounts...” label to verso, painted frame. 24 in. x 23 1/2 in. provenance: Bearing label: Sotheby’s, lot 948. $800-1,200


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

102 Two painted wood game boards late 19th/early 20th century The first double sided, with Parcheesi on one side and checkerboard to reverse, inscribed “C. E. Lavoie”, the other with checkerboard. 29 1/2 in. x 19 in. (one), 30 in. x 18 1/2 in. (other) $800-1,200


103 Double-sided painted wood game board late 19th century/early 20th century With Parcheesi to one side and checkerboard to reverse. 18 1/2 in. x 18 1/2 in. $500-800

104 Painted wood baseball game board 20th century 26 1/4 in. x 16 1/2 in. $500-800


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

105 Ralph Fasanella (1914-1997) night baseball - yankee stadium, dated, “1961” Signed and dated, l.l., “R. Fasanella 1961”, oil on canvas, framed. 28 in. x 36 in. (sight) provenance: Sotheby’s New York, January 24, 1995, lot 1900. $15,000-25,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

106 Ralph Fasanella (1914-1997) sand lot game Signed and illegibly dated, l.l., “R. Fasanella”, oil on canvas, framed. 39 1/2 in. x 49 3/8 in. (sight) provenance: Exhibited: The Gallery Association of New York State, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, NY, May 22-December 31,1998. $10,000-20,000

107 Ralph Fasanella (1914-1997) street corner at night, dated, “1965” Signed and dated, l.r., “R. Fasanella 1965,” oil on canvas, framed. 17 in. x 27 in. (sight) $1,500-2,500


108 Clementine Hunter (1886/87-1988) wash day, circa 1970 Signed monogram, l.r., oil on canvas, framed. 24 in. x 30 in. (sight) $3,000-5,000

109 Clementine Hunter (1886/87-1988) wake, circa 1975 Signed monogram, l.r., oil on canvasboard, framed. 17 1/2 in. x 23 1/2 in. (sight) $2,500-3,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

110 Mattie Lou O’Kelley (1908-1997) “damming up the branch”, dated, “1973” Signed and dated, l.r., “M. L. O’Kelley, Dec. 1973”, medium identified, signed and titled on verso, acrylic on paper, glazed and framed, further inscribed on verso: “Entered in Ladies’ Home Journal Contest Finalist 1973 Rec May 14 1974.” 21 1/2 in. x 31 1/4 in. (sight) note: The public acknowledgement of becoming a finalist in the 1973 Ladies’ Home Journal artist contest encouraged O’Kelley to continue her artistic pursuits. $4,000-6,000


111 Mattie Lou O’Kelley (1908-1997) “airing out the quilts on a cotton picking day”, dated, “1974” Signed and dated, l.r., “M. L. O’Kelley Dec. 1974”, medium identified, titled, signed, dated, and located on verso, oil on canvas panel, framed. 24 in. x 35 1/4 in. (sight) $6,000-10,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

112 Mattie Lou O’Kelley (1908-1997) winter scene, dated, “1980” Signed and dated, l.r., “M. L. O’Kelley Sept. 1980”, oil on canvas, framed. 23 3/4 in. x 35 3/8 in. note: Publication: Illustrated on the cover of Ruth Yafee Radin, A Winter Place (1982), illustrations by Mattie Lou O’Kelley. $8,000-12,000


113 Mattie Lou O’Kelley (1908-1997) “the cemetery”, dated “1985” Signed and dated, l.r., “M.L. O’Kelley/Feb. 1985”, and inscribed to canvas verso, “#13 The Cemetery/ Copyright 1985/Mattie Lou O’Kelley”, acrylic on canvas, framed. 23 1/2 in. x 18 in. (sight) $4,000-6,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

114 Mattie Lou O’Kelley (1908-1997) “cousin emmaline’s” dated, “1985” Signed and dated, “M.L.O’Kelley (copyright) 1985. Apr,” l.r., and titled, copyrighted and signed on verso, oil on canvas, framed. 18 in. x 24 in. (sight) $8,000-12,000


115 Vestie E. Davis (1903-1978) amusement park, dated, “1974” Signed and dated, l.r., “Vestie E. Davis 1974”, oil on canvas, framed. 30 in. x 24 in. $1,000-2,000

116 Vestie E. Davis (1903-1978) coney island, dated, “1973” Signed, “Vestie E. Davis, 1973,” l.r., oil on canvas, framed. 18 in. x 24 in. (sight) $1,000-2,000

118 Alexander Maldonado (1901-1989) boxers, dated, “1980” Signed and dated, l.r., “Alex A. Maldonado 4-20-80”, inscribed dedication along stretcher, “This painting is when I box under the name Frankie Baker you see me taking a rest. This is for Bob Bishop. Yours Alexander Arambaro Maldonado 10-6-84”, oil on canvas, framed. 12 in. x 16 in. (sight) $600-1,000


117 Vestie E. Davis (1903-1978) brooklyn bridge scene, dated, “1974” Signed and dated, l.r., “Vestie E. Davis 1974”, oil on canvas, framed. 23 1/2 in. x 17 5/8 in. (sight) $1,000-2,000

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

119 John Savitsky (1910-1991) two works: reading coal, dated, “1980” and hook & ladder fire co., dated, “1978” The first, signed and dated, l.r., “Savitsky...80...”, oil on canvasboard, framed; the second, signed and dated, l.r., “Savitsky...78”, oil on canvasboard, framed. 9 5/8 in. x 13 5/8 in. (sight) and 7 1/4 in. x 15 1/4 in. (sight) $1,000-2,000

120 John Savitsky (1910-1991) “the coal loaders” - silver creek coal Signed, l.r., “Savitsky”, titled, l.l., oil on board, framed. 14 5/8 in. x 21 1/4 in. (sight) provenance: Verso bearing stamp for Florida Folk Art Museum & Gallery. $600-1,000

121 John Savitsky (1910-1991) “breaker boys” Signed, l.l., “Savitsky”, inscribed title on verso, oil on miraboard, framed. 18 1/2 in. x 23 1/2 in. (sight) $600-800


122 Janet Munro (b. 1949) street view, dated, “1981” Signed and dated, l.l., “Mrs. Munro 1981”, oil on canvas, framed. 29 1/2 in. x 39 3/8 in. (sight) $1,500-2,500

123 Janet Munro (b. 1949) “fish factory”, dated, “1982” Signed, l.r., “Mrs. Munro,” titled and dated on verso, egg tempera on canvasboard, framed. 11 1/4 in. x 23 1/4 in. (sight) $500-700


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

124 Janet Munro (b. 1949) “antiquing”, dated, “1983” Signed, l.l., “Mrs. Munro”, and inscribed and dated, l.r., “Painted Especially for Jay and Rubens 1983”, description label on verso, with inscription, “America’s Folk Heritage Gallery/for Jay and Rubens 1983/love Janet & Family”, oil on board, framed. 35 in. x 15 3/4 in. (sight) $500-700

125 Martha Cahoon (1905-1999) paint-decorated secretary bookcase, circa 1965 In two parts. H: 73 1/2 in. W: 40 in. D: 18 in. provenance: Sotheby’s, Sale 6866, lot 516. $800-1,200


126 Martha Cahoon (1905-1999) “gentleman prefer blonds?” Signed, l.r., “Martha Cahoon”, titled bottom left, oil on artist’s board. 15 1/2 in. x 19 1/2 in. (sight) provenance: Retains label for Country Art Gallery, Locust Valley, Long Island. $1,000-2,000

127 Janet Munro (b. 1949) “view of saco, maine”, dated, “1985” Signed and dated, l.l., “Munro 1985”, inscribed to verso, “#381 ‘View of Saco, Maine’ 1985- J. Munro”, oil on board, framed. 17 1/4 in. x 23 1/4 in. (sight) $500-700


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

128 Janet Munro (b. 1949) twin lighthouse island, dated, “1985” Signed and dated, l.r., “J. Munro 1985”, oil on canvas, framed. 48 in. x 60 in. (sight) $2,500-3,500

129 Janet Munro (b. 1949) “summer days”, dated, “1986” Signed and dated, l.l., “J. Munro ‘86”, signed, titled and dated on verso, oil on board, framed. 12 7/8 in. x 15 1/8 in. (sight) $400-600



n the visual arts, I’ve collected pieces that are active, colorful and showing productive activity. In the illustrations, I’ve collected items that show humanity at its best and adjusting to the always changing dynamics of modern culture.” - Victor Niederhoffer


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

A merican P aintings lots 130-142

130 ALFRED THOMPSON BRICHER (american 1837-1908) “EAGLE CLIFF, FRANCONIA” Signed ‘A.T. BRICHER’ bottom right; also located in pencil on stretcher verso, oil on canvas 12 x 9 1/2 in. (30.5 x 24.1cm) $4,000-6,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

131 ANTONIO JACOBSEN (american/danish 1850–1921) “ARAPAHOE” Signed and dated ‘A. Jacobsen 1901’ bottom right; also located ‘31 PALISADES AV., WEST HOBOKEN, NJ’ bottom right, oil on canvas 18 x 28 in. (45.7 x 71.1cm) literature: Harold S. Sniffen, Antonio Jacobsen, The Checklist: Paintings and Sketches by Antonio N.G. Jacobsen 1850-1921, Sanford & Patricia Smith Galleries, New York, 1984, no. 21, p. 35. $2,000-3,000

132 EDMUND DARCH LEWIS (american 1835-1910) SAILBOATS Signed and dated ‘Edmund D Lewis/1909’ bottom right, watercolor and gouache on paper laid to card Sheet size: 20 x 30 in. (50.8 x 76.2cm) $800-1,200

133 EDMUND DARCH LEWIS (american 1835-1910) THE WINDMILL Signed and dated ‘Edmund D Lewis/1906’ bottom right, watercolor and gouache on card Sheet size: 21 7/8 x 33 7/8 in. (55.6 x 86cm) $800-1,200



The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

134 JOHN LA FARGE (american 1835-1910) “IN THE GARDEN OF THE GODS, PIKE’S PEAK, COLORADO” Signed and inscribed illegibly ‘La Farge, N***’ bottom right; also inscribed with artist and location verso, watercolor and charcoal on paper Sheet size: 10 7/8 x 15 3/8 in. (27.6 x 39.1cm) provenance: Collection of Mr. George A. Downer, Needham, Massachusetts (by 1985). Barridoff, Portland, sale of 31 May 1986, lot 97. Acquired directly from the above sale. note: The present lot will be accompanied by a copy of letter from Henry A. La Farge confirming its authenticity, dated April 15, 1985. $10,000-15,000


135 EDWIN WILLARD DEMING (american 1860-1942) INDIAN ENCAMPMENT AT DUSK Signed ‘E.W. Deming’ bottom left, oil on canvas laid down to board 20 1/8 x 31 in. (51.1 x 78.7cm) $1,500-2,500

136 EDWIN WILLARD DEMING (american 1860–1942) INDIANS IN A CANOE Signed ‘E.W. DEMING’ bottom right; also with the artist’s device bottom right, oil on canvas 20 x 28 in. (50.8 x 71.1cm) provenance: Graham Gallery, New York, New York. $2,000-3,000

137 EDWIN WILLARD DEMING (american 1860-1942) STAG IN A MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE Signed ‘E.W. DEMING’ bottom left; also with the artist’s device bottom left, oil on canvas 22 x 28 in. (55.9 x 71.1cm) $1,500-2,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

138 EDMUND DARCH LEWIS (american 1835-1910) THE OLD MILL Signed and dated ‘Edmund D. Lewis 1888’ bottom right, oil on canvas 30 x 25 1/4 in. (76.2 x 127.6cm) $3,000-5,000

139 EDMUND DARCH LEWIS (american 1835-1910) “DELAWARE WATER GAP” Signed and dated ‘Edmund D. Lewis 1873’ bottom right, oil on canvas 28 1/4 x 50 1/4 in. (71.8 x 127.6cm) $1,500-2,500

140 EDMUND DARCH LEWIS (american 1835-1910) COASTAL SCENE WITH FIGURES Signed and dated ‘Edmund D Lewis 1896’ bottom left, watercolor and gouache on paper laid down to card Sheet size: 12 7/8 x 26 3/8 in. (32.7 x 67cm) $300-500


141 JOHN KOCH (american 1909-1978) “CHILDREN AT PLAY” Signed ‘Koch’ bottom right, oil on canvas 18 x 18 in. (45.7 x 45.7cm) provenance: Christie’s, New York, sale of May 23, 1990, lot 256. Acquired directly from the above sale. $3,000-5,000

142 LOUIS ASTON KNIGHT (american 1873-1948) PARIS MARKET Signed and located ‘Aston Knight/Paris’ bottom right, watercolor on paper Sheet size: 12 5/8 x 16 1/2 in. (32.1 x 41.9cm) $300-500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

I llustration A rt lots 143-188

143 CLEMENT DONSHEA (american 1891-1970) “YOUNG GIRL DRAWING PICTURE” Signed ‘DONSHEA’ bottom right, oil on canvas laid down to board 28 7/8 x 24 in. (73.3 x 61cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 6, 2000, lot 151. Acquired directly from the above sale. $1,000-1,500

144 REVERE WISTEHUFF (american 1900-1971) VIOLIN STUDIES Signed ‘REVERE F./WISTEHUFF’ bottom right, oil on canvasboard 29 1/2 x 23 1/2 in. (74.9 x 59.7cm) $800-1,200

145 JOHN HOWITT (american 1885-1958) THE NEW HOUSE Signed ‘JOHN NEWTON HOWITT’ bottom left, oil on canvas 27 x 36 in. (68.6 x 91.4cm) $2,500-4,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

147 REVERE WISTEHUFF (american 1900-1971) “BOY AND DOG TRY TO SNEAK AWAY TO FISH” Signed ‘REVERE F./WISTEHUFF’ bottom left, oil on canvas 30 x 24 in. (76.2 x 61cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 10, 2003, lot 81. Acquired directly from the above sale. $800-1,200

146 HAROLD ANDERSON (american 1894-1973) MIDDAY REST Signed “HAROLD ANDERSON’ bottom left, oil on card 20 x 25 in. (50.8 x 63.5cm) $600-1,000

148 HENRY (HY) HINTERMEISTER (american 1869-1945) “THE PIONEERS” Signed ‘Hy Hintermeister’ bottom left, oil on canvas 36 x 29 in. (91.4 x 73.7cm) $2,500-4,000


149 HENRY (HY) HINTERMEISTER (american 1869-1945) “HOW TO LAND THEM” Signed ‘Hy Hintermeister’ bottom right, oil on canvas 28 x 21 in. (71.1 x 53.3cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, n.d. (per label verso). $2,000-3,000

150 LESLIE THRASHER (american 1889-1936) THE NEWBORN Signed ‘Leslie/Thrasher’ bottom left, oil on canvas 20 x 16 in. (50.8 x 40.6cm) $800-1,200

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

151 MORTON KUNSTLER (american b. 1931) “THE RACE” Copyrighted, signed with conjoined letters and dated ‘© MKunstler ‘84’ bottom right, oil on canvas 25 x 36 in. (63.5 x 91.4cm) exhibited: “The American Spirit: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler,” Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, New York, May 28-August 13, 2006. $5,000-8,000


152 GAYLE HOSKINS (american 1887-1962) “THE BANDIT AND THE COWBOY” Signed ‘Gayle Hoskins’ bottom left, oil on canvas 30 x 21 in. (76.2 x 53.3cm) provenance: Christie’s, New York, sale of February 1, 1989, lot 116. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000

153 STOCKTON MULFORD (american 1886-1960) “COWBOY FIRING PISTOL FROM OPENED DOOR OF STAGECOACH” Signed ‘MULFORD’ bottom left, oil on canvas 29 x 21 in. (73.7 x 53.3cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 6, 2000, lot 121. Acquired directly from the above sale. $1,000-1,500

154 TOM LOVELL (american 1909-1997) “COMANCHE MOON” Signed ‘TOM/LOVELL/NAWA’ bottom right; also titled in the margin bottom left, charcoal and white chalk on paper Sheet size: 22 x 36 in. (55.9 x 91.4cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of June 2, 2007, lot 7. Acquired directly from the above sale. $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

155 J. CLAYTON SHEPHERD (american 1888-1975) “BREAKING UP THE STAMPEDE” Signed ‘J. CLINTON SHEPHERD’ bottom right, oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6cm) provenance: Kennedy Galleries, New York, New York. $2,000-3,000

156 FERNAND LUNGREN (american 1857-1932) AT FULL GALLOP Signed ‘Lungren’ bottom right, oil on canvas 40 x 29 3/4 in. (101.6 x 75.6cm) $3,000-5,000

157 GAYLE HOSKINS (american 1887-1962) “BRINGING THE MAN IN” Signed ‘Gayle Hoskins’ bottom right, oil on canvas 24 x 21 3/4 in. (61 x 55.2cm) provenance: Illustration House, sale of May 6, 2000, lot 118. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000


158 ARTHUR ERNST BECHER (american 1877-1960) “DESCENDING THE WAGON TRAIN” Signed ‘ARTHUR BECHER’ bottom right, oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6cm) provenance: Kennedy Galleries, New York, New York. J.N. Bartfield Galleries, New York, New York. $3,000-5,000

159 ROBERT ELWELL (american 1874-1962) “JACK-KNIFING THE LEAD TEAM” Signed ‘R. Farrington Elwell’ bottom left, oil on board 26 x 20 1/2 in. (66 x 52.1cm) provenance: O’Brien’s Art Emporium, Scottsdale, Arizona. Illustration House, New York, sale of November 20, 2004, lot 62. Acquired directly from the above sale. $3,000-5,000

160 JAMES EDMUND ALLEN (american 1894-1964) “SETTLERS AND WAGON TRAIN” Signed and dated ‘J.E. ALLEN 33’ bottom right, oil on canvas 28 x 48 in. (71.1 x 121.9cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 4, 2000, lot 153. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

161 MORTON KUNSTLER (american b. 1931) COURT SCENE Signed and dated ‘M. Kunstler ‘75’ bottom right, watercolor over pencil on card Sheet size: 13 1/8 x 16 3/8 in. (33.3 x 41.6cm) $1,000-1,500

162 ROBERT ELMER LOUGHEED (american 1910-1982) “THE LAST JAGUAR” Signed ‘R.E. Lougheed’ bottom left; also titled and inscribed verso, oil on illustration board 22 x 29 7/8 in. (55.9 x 75.9cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 10, 2001, lot 52. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000

163 JOHN GANNAM (american 1907-1965) “HE WENT FORWARD AND KNOCKED DOWN THE RIFLE...” Watercolor en grisaille on card 17 x 21 1/4 in. (43.2 x 54cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, n.d. literature: Collier’s Magazine, n.d. $400-600


164 TOM LOVELL (american 1909-1997) “MAN CARRYING WOMAN THROUGH WOODS” Signed ‘TOM LOVELL’ bottom right, charcoal and colored chalks on paper Sheet size: 15 x 16 in. (38.1 x 40.6cm) $1,000-1,500

165 FREDERIC ANDREW ANDERSON (american 1894-1950) “MAN AND WOMAN SITTING ON MOONLIT BEACH” Signed ‘Frederic/Anderson’ bottom left, oil on canvas 25 x 37 in. (63.5 x 94cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 11, 2002, lot 76. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000

166 TOM LOVELL (american 1909-1997) “MAN WITH ARM IN SLING, BENDING TO KISS” Signed and dated ‘Tom Lovell/42’ center left, oil on canvas 21 x 29 in. (53.3 x 73.7cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 6, 2000, lot 102. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,500-4,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

167 MCCLELLAND BARCLAY (american 1891-1943) “‘DARLING, DARLING!’ CHERRY WAS THINKING AS SHE MOVED FORWARD...” Signed ‘McClelland Barclay’ bottom right; also dedicated ‘To ‘Shipwreck’/with my admiration/and best wishes’ bottom right, oil on canvas 36 x 36 in. (91.4 x 91.4cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 6, 1999, lot 190. Acquired directly from the above sale. literature: Faith Baldwin, “The Moon’s Our Home,” in Cosmopolitan, n.d. $2,000-3,000

168 ALPHONSE PALUMBO (american 1890-1947) “COUPLE DANCING AT MASQUERADE BALL” Signed ‘A. Palumbo’ bottom right, oil on canvas 31 x 30 in. (78.7 x 76.2cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 10, 2003, lot 96. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000

169 TOM LOVELL (american 1909-1997) THE TELEPHONE CALL Signed ‘TOM/LOVELL’ bottom left, oil on canvas 28 1/2 x 12 3/4 in. (72.4 x 32.4cm) $3,000-5,000


170 TOM LOVELL (american 1909-1997) “A COUPLE DISCOVER BODY” Signed and dated ‘TOM LOVELL 37’ upper right, oil on canvas 42 x 30 in. (106.7 x 76.2cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 21, 2005, lot 64. Acquired directly from the above sale. $5,000-8,000

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

Counterclockwise from top: 171 ROBERT MCGINNIS (american b. 1926) “JAMES BOND RESCUING SWOONING” (FROM THUNDERBALL) Gouache on illustration board 8 5/8 x 14 3/16 in. (21.9 x 36cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 6, 2000, lot 68. Acquired directly from the above sale. $2,000-3,000

172 LEWIS SHER (american 20th century) CLINT EASTWOOD IN THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Signed ‘SHER’ bottom right, oil on Masonite 24 x 18 in. (61 x 45.7cm) $1,000-1,500


173 RICHARD JAMES LILLIS (american 1899-1994) “COWBOY AT WATERING HOLE” Oil on canvas 30 x 20 3/4 in. (76.2 x 52.7cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 6, 1999, lot 133. Acquired directly from the above sale. literature: Exciting Western, December 1945. $2,000-3,000

174 NORMAN MILLS PRICE (american 1877-1951) “THE RAKE AND THE HUSSY” Signed ‘Norman Price’ bottom left, oil on board 13 x 21 in. (33 x 53.3cm) provenance: Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, California. Illustration House, New York, sale of May 10, 2003, lot 44. Acquired directly from the above sale. $800-1,200

175 FREDERICK BLAKESLEE (american 1898-1973) “TOLL OF THE ROCKS” Signed and dated ‘Frederick/ Blakeslee/43’ bottom left; also signed, inscribed and titled verso, oil on canvas 22 x 30 in. (55.9 x 76.2cm) $800-1,200

176 WILLIAM GORDON MULLER (american 20th century) “END OF A DREAM” (SINKING OF THE R.M.S. TITANIC) Signed and dated ‘W.G. Muller ‘81’ bottom left; also titled, inscribed, copyrighted and signed ‘SINKING OF THE R.M.S. “TITANIC” APRIL 14, 1912’ verso, oil on board 31 1/4 x 41 3/8 in. (79.4 x 105.1cm) $2,000-3,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

177 TOM LOVELL (american 1909-1997) “MEN ON SHIPBOARD, RAISED GOLD” Signed ‘TOM LOVELL’ bottom left, oil on board 20 x 21 in. (50.8 x 53.3cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 2, 1996, lot 159. Acquired directly from the above sale. $4,000-6,000

178 DEAN CORNWELL (american 1892-1960) “RIVER BOAT, THE NEW WORLD” Signed ‘Dean/Cornwell’ bottom left, oil on Masonite 18 3/4 x 38 1/2 in. (47.6 x 97.8cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, n.d. (per label verso). $2,500-4,000


179 ORSON LOWELL (american 1871-1956) CONSTRUCTION SCENE, FROM LESLIE’S Signed ‘ORSON LOWELL’ bottom center, oil on canvas 33 1/2 x 29 in. (85.1 x 73.7cm) literature: Leslie’s, n.d. $2,000-3,000

180 HARVEY WHITNEY KIDDER (american 1918-2001) “FURY AT FURNACE 4” Signed and dated ‘Harvey Kidder 54’ bottom right, oil on Masonite 20 x 22 in. (50.8 x 55.9cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, n.d. note: The present work appeared on the Saturday Evening Post of August 7, 1954. $400-600

181 THORNTON OAKLEY (american 1881-1953) “THE WONDERLAND OF OIL” Signed ‘T. Oakley’ bottom left, pastel and gouache on paper Sheet size: 29 3/4 x 40 in. (75.6 x 101.6cm) exhibited: “Fiftieth Annual Watercolor and Print Exhibition,” Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 19-November 23, 1952. $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

182 PETER HELCK (american 1893-1988) “TWO AGAINST THE SKY” Signed ‘HELCK’ bottom right; also signed and titled on stretcher and frame verso, oil on canvas 24 x 30 in. (61 x 76.2cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, n.d. (per label verso). exhibited: “Directions in American Painting,” Carnegie Institute (now Carnegie Museum of Art), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 23-December 14, 1941. $800-1,200

184 PETER HOPKINS (american 1911–1999) MARKET SCENE Signed and dated ‘Peter Hopkins/1949’ bottom right, oil on board 21 1/8 x 18 in. (53.7 x 45.7cm) $1,500-2,500

183 HADDON SUNNY HUBBARD SUNDBLOM (american 1899-1976) “CAREFUL WORKERS PROTECT THEIR EYES” Signed ‘SUNDBLOM’ upper left, oil on canvas 36 x 32 in. (91.4 x 81.3cm) $1,500-2,500


185 GEORGE GIGUERE (american 20th century) “CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS AT REST” Dedicated and signed ‘To the Bellows/from/George/ Giguere’ bottom right, oil on canvas 28 x 36 in. (71.1 x 91.4cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 2, 1996, lot 175. Acquired directly from the above sale. $1,000-1,500

186 WALTER HUMPHREY (american 1892-1966) “GEORGE WASHINGTON AND BEN FRANKLIN” Signed ‘WALTER BEACH HUMPHREY’ bottom left, oil on canvas 26 1/4 x 37 1/2 in. (66.7 x 95.3cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of May 11, 2002, lot 88. Acquired directly from the above sale. $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

188 GEORGE ROZEN (american 1895-1973) “FAINTED WOMAN, ARMED MAN” Signed ‘Geo./Rozen’ bottom left, oil on canvas 23 x 16 in. (58.4 x 40.6cm) provenance: Illustration House, New York, sale of November 6, 1993, lot 94. Acquired directly from the above sale. $1,500-2,500

187 HENRY PECK (american 1880-1964) “FIREMEN’S MUSTER” Signed and dated ‘Henry J. Peck/09’ bottom left; also titled verso, oil en grisaille on canvas 30 x 20 3/4 in. (76.2 x 52.7cm) $800-1,200



ooks are the distillation of an author’s entire knowledge and life experience. What better way is there to gain wisdom, insight, and courage than through someone else’s eyes?” - Susan Niederhoffer


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

B ooks & A utographs lots 189-240

189 [African-Americana] Washington, Booker T. The Future of the American Negro Boston: Small, Maynard & Company, 1899. First edition. 12mo. Inscribed by Washington on front paste-down. Illustrated with frontispiece portrait. Original burgundy cloth, stamped in gilt; top edge gilt, others edges untrimmed. Blockson 2901. Bright copy of the first edition of Washington‘s first major work. $800-1,200

190 [Americana] Bowditch, Nathaniel The New American Practical Navigator; Being an Epitome of Navigation… Newburyport, (Mass.): Edmund M. Blunt for Thomas & Andrews, Boston, 1802. First edition, later issue with p. 96 corrected: “earliest issue of the first edition has page ninety-six incorrectly numbered ninety-five” (Howes B 657). 8vo. (i)-xvi, 17-589, [xv] pp. (including errata, copyright, and ads). Illustrated with folding frontispiece map, seven engraved plates, figures and tables in text. Contemporary tree sheep with red morocco spine label, covers worn; worming beginning at top of gutter of title-page and extending to p. 25; in quarter brown goatskin over cloth slip case and chemise. [Karpinsky 142, variant 7]. “The first complete epitome of practical navigation for the common man, and was at once acclaimed by the maritime world...Often termed the greatest book in all the history of navigation, this intellectual achievement of our early culture was indispensable to the maritime and commercial expansion of the nineteenth century.” (Grolier Club, One Hundred Influential American Books Printed before 1900, 25) $1,200-1,800

191 [Americana] Charlevoix, Father (Pierre Francois Xavier de) A Voyage to North-America: Undertaken by Command of the Present King of France. Containing the Geographical Description and Natural History of Canada and Louisiana… Dublin: Printed for John Exshaw and James Potts, 1766. In two volumes. First Dublin edition. 8vo. Illustrated with two engraved frontispieces and eight folding engraved maps. Contemporary mottled brown calf, rebacked; map margins toned; armorial book-plate of Hon. William Forward on front paste-down in each volume. Sabin 12143; ESTC T73491; Howes C 308. The principal work of the great Jesuit explorer, which first appeared in French in 1744 and in English in 1761. Howes calls this first Dublin edition the best “English” edition. $800-1,200


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

192 [Americana] (Cox, James.) Historical and Biographical Record of the Cattle Industry and the Cattlemen of Texas and Adjacent Territory Saint Louis: Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co., 1895. First edition. 4to. Illustrated with color lithographic frontispiece, 16 plates, numerous full-page black and white and half-tone photo illustrations as well as illustrations in text. Sometime rebound in black goatskin, stamped in blind and in gilt, in imitation of original binding; marbled endpapers; all edges gilt; dampstaining to frontispiece edges, title-page, and several prelims; bottom corner of frontispiece creased; repairs to several leaves at front; pp. 537-538 repaired and partly supplied in facsimile. Portion of original binding laid in. Graff 891; Howes C-820. “One of the ‘big four’ cattle books. An important book on the history of the cattle industry...rarely found with the frontispiece... It is said that the scarcity of this book is due to the fact that nearly all the edition were lost in a warehouse fire.” (Adams, The Rampaging Herd, 593) $2,000-3,000

193 [Americana] [Crockett, Davy, etc.] Bound Collection of American Almanacs, 1837-1842 Davy Crockett‘s 1837 Almanack of Wild Sports in the West, Life in the Backwoods, & Sketches of Texas Nashville, (1836). Volume I, No. 3. 12mo. 24 leaves, including pictorial self-wrappers. Many wood engraved illustrations including Crockett with rifle and coonskin cap; bear and other hunting scenes; the fall of the Alamo, etc. Some spotting and dust-smudging; Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia ink stamp on front wrapper. The Girard Almanac, for the Year 1838 Philadelphia: Thomas L. Bonsal, (1837). 12mo. 18 leaves, including pictorial self-wrappers. With vignette-title; some spotting and dust-smudging. The American Anti-Slavery Almanac, for 1839 New York: American Anti-Slavery Society, (1838). Volume I., No. 4. 12mo. 25 leaves, including yellow pictorial self-wrappers. With vignette-titles; generally clean. Friends’ Almanac for the Year 1840 Philadelphia: Elijah Weaver, (1839). 12mo. 24 leaves, including printed self-wrappers; paper faults to last two leaves with some loss to text. Poor Wills Almanac, for the Year 1841 Philadelphia: Joseph M’Dowell, (1840). 12mo. 18 leaves, including printed self-wrappers; tears, dampstaining, and toning. Poor Wills Almanac, for the Year 1842 Philadelphia: Joseph M’Dowell, (1841). 12mo. 17 leaves, including printed self-wrappers (rear wrapper wanting); dampstaining. Bound in defective contemporary three-quarter morocco over linen-covered boards, covers detached, spine lacking. $500-700


194 [Americana] Lewis, Meriwether, and William Clark Travels to the Source of the Missouri River and Across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean. Performed by Order of the Government of the United States, in the Years 1804, 1805, and 1806 London: for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1814. First English edition. 4to. Illustrated with large folding map and five maps (on three sheets); lacking half-title. With 1 p. of ads on verso of last leaf of text. Sometime dark green three-quarter morocco over marbled green cloth-covered boards, rebacked; creasing, toning, small closed tears, and offsetting to prelims; scattered paper faults in bottom margins of text; maps slightly foxed and causing some offsetting to text; in green cloth slip case and different green cloth “dust-jacket.” Wagner-Camp 13:2; Howes L-317 (b); Sabin 40829. “First authorized and complete account of the most important western exploration and the first of many overland narratives to follow.” (Howes L 317) $8,000-12,000

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer



[Americana] Smith, William

[Americana] Webster, Noah

The History of the Province of New-York, from the First Discovery to the Year M.DCC.XXXII. To Which is Annexed, a Description of the Country, with a Short Account of the Inhabitants, their Trade, Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of the Courts of Justice in that Colony

An American Dictionary of the English Language…

London: Printed for Thomas Wilcox, 1757. First edition, ordinary paper issue. 4to (leaf size 10 x 7 1/4 in. 259 x 187mm). (i)-xii, (1)-255, (1) pp. Illustrated with folding plate view of Fort Oswego on Lake Oswego. Full modern three-quarter tan calf over brown cloth-covered boards, stamped in gilt, with brown morocco spine label; map evenly toned and with tape repairs on verso; repairs to title-page and last leaf; paper loss to top corner of pp. 71-72, with losses to a few words; lightly toned and foxed; some soiling to prelim edges; ownership signature on title-page; late 18th century manuscript poem from the New York Daily Gazetteer of November 16, 1790 on p. (vi); in brown cloth fall-down-back box. Howes S 703; Sabin 84566; Church 1023; ESTC T36514.

New York: S. Converse, 1828. In two volumes. 4to (leaf size 10 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches, 273 x 221mm). First volume Illustrated with frontispiece portrait; with two blank leaves at front and rear; separately issued “Advertisement” leaf tipped in preceding first leaf of Preface (distinct from “Advertisement” comprising leaves G3 and G4 also in first volume. One blank leaf at front and two blank leaves at rear in second volume. Contemporary sheep; black morocco spine labels; marbled endpapers. Moderately to heavily scuffed; joints and extremities rubbed; small blisters; spine ends and corners repaired. Light offsetting, darkened edges, creased bottom margins, bottom corner of title-page repaired in first volume, as well as scattered foxing, small ink stains, toning and foxing, small paper faults to upper margins, dampstaining to blanks at back to same; light foxing and creasing in second volume. 20th century library pocket mounted to verso of front free endpaper in both volumes. Sabin 102335.

The first edition of the first history of New York.

First edition of the first unabridged American dictionary of the English language.



197 [Americana] [Wilmer, John] The Case of John Wilmore Truly and Impartially Related: or, a LookingGlass for all Merchants and Planters That are Concerned in the American Plantations London: for Edw. Powell, 1682. First edition. Folio. [2], 1-17, [1] pp. 20th century quarter tan over blue paper-covered boards; text moderately toned and foxed, tiding to top of first two leaves. Sabin 104573; ESTC R12083; Wing W2883. Firsthand view of labor on American plantations in the 17th century, including the author’s observations of the advantages of black workers over white workers on American plantations. The author also defends himself against the imputation that he kidnapped a young boy to serve as an apprentice. $500-800


198 [Autographs & Manuscripts] Chrysler, Walter P. Life of an American Workman New York: Privately printed by William E. Rudge’s Sons, 1937. First and limited edition, #160/500 numbered copies. 8vo. Inscribed by Chrysler on front blank. Written in collaboration with Boyden Sparkes. Illustrated with photogravure frontispiece portrait of Chrysler and 22 photogravure plates. Decorations by Earle Winslow. Text printed in black and red. Original black leather binding, stamped in blind and in gilt; top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed. Minor wear to extremities, bottom corner of rear board chipped. $500-800

199 [Autographs & Manuscripts] Hoover, J. Edgar Archive of nearly 700 Typed Letters, Signed (and related material) to Walter Winchell. Primarily Washington, 1934-1969 Primarily on Hoover’s FBI letterhead. 4to and smaller; 1 p. and longer. All from Walter Winchell’s own files, retaining Winchell’s original folders (each folder usually holding two years of correspondence), which are marked “FBI” or “Hoover & FBI”. Most letters signed “John”, “J. Edgar Hoover”, “Jayee”, or “Edgar.” Winchell’s comments often present and entered in pencil on tops of many; a few signed “W.W.” Often copies of letters to Winchell from the general public are stapled to Hoover letters which address their concerns. The archive also includes 38 Hoover telegrams and a few postcards, as well as 43 typed letters from Clyde Tolson, the Assistant Director of the FBI, to Winchell. In four burgundy quarter goatskin over cloth fall-down-back boxes. The content of these letters include references to several major crime figures and criminal cases, such as the killing of John Dillinger, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and N.Y. mobster Lou Lepke. Other material includes lengthy descriptions of important or difficult cases; complaints about the rough treatment of his bureau by other government agencies, local law enforcement officials, and the press; exclusive stories given to Winchell to be used in his columns and broadcasts; letters indicating that Hoover and Winchell worked together on a number of cases; letters relating to “communist” influences, Nazi sympathizers and agents. J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), first director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), served under eight Presidents from Coolidge to Nixon, 1924-1972. Walter Winchell (1897-1972), American newspaper columnist and radio broadcaster, a powerfully influential figure in the worlds of American show business and politics, known for his rapid-fire delivery and innovative use of American vernacular language. Also known for his strong support of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and active criticism of the Nazi party. Winchell has also been characterized as the “mouthpiece” of Hoover. $8,000-12,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

200 [Autographs & Manuscripts] [Victoria, Queen] Macleay, Kenneth Highlanders of Scotland: Being a Series of Portrait... Illustrative of the Principal Clans…in the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria London: Mr. (John) Mitchell, Publisher to Her Majesty, (1874). Small 4to. Presentation copy from Queen Victoria to her son Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn. Illustrated with 32 mounted albumen photo prints. Publisher’s pebbled burgundy cloth, elaborately stamped in blind, black, and gilt, very slightly warped, bevelled edges; all edges gilt; light to moderate foxing; Arthur’s armorial book-plate on front paste-down. Inscription reads: “To/Dear Arthur/from/his devoted/ Momma/VR./Balmoral/Oct. 2. 1874.” $600-1,000

201 [Autographs & Manuscripts] (2 vols.) Liber Scriptorum: The First Book of The Authors Club New York: The Authors Club, 1893. First and only edition, #10/251 numbered copies. Folio. With literary pieces by 109 contributors, each signed by its author. Includes signed pieces by Mark Twain (“The Californian’s Tale”), Theodore Roosevelt (“A Shot at a Bull Elk”), Andrew Carnegie (“Genius Illustrated from Burns”). Illustrated with head- and tail-pieces. Title-page printed in red and black. Publisher’s binding of full brown straight grain morocco, stamped in blind and in gilt, rebacked (original spine laid down), decorated endpapers; top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed; by The De Vinne Press. Together with: Liber Scriptorum: The Second Book of the Authors Club New York: The Authors Club, 1921. First and only edition, #237/251 numbered copies. Folio. With literary pieces by 129 contributors, of which 120 are signed. Among the signed contributions are pieces by George Washington Cable, George Barr McCutcheon, and Albert Payson Terhune. Illustrated with head- and tail-pieces. Title-page printed in red and black. Publisher’s binding of full brown leather, stamped in blind and in gilt, rebacked (original spine laid down), decorated endpapers; top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed. $3,000-5,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

202 [Autographs & Manuscripts] Manuscript Sentiment & Autograph Album of Olga Roosevelt Compiled between 1903-1920. 12mo. Approximately 15 pages of manuscript sentiments and signatures, including many blank leaves. Original binding of hand-painted vellum over boards, joints starting to split, rear hinge separating; in red oil cloth dust-jacket. Autographs include: 1. Theodore Roosevelt, signed as president: “No one quality by/itself makes a good/man or woman; many/are essential; but/three especially—courage,/ straightforward honesty,/and common sense./Theodore Roosevelt/July 23rd 1903.” 2. William H. Taft, inscribed and signed as President: “For/Miss Olga Roosevelt/with best wishes of/Wm H Taft/May 23 1910—“ 3. John Burroughs: “The most precious things of/life are without money &/ without price/John Burroughs/Sept 8, 1903.” 4. Jacob Gould Schurman (American educator and diplomat): “Beauty, graceful manners,/good temper, common sense,/and a kind heart: these/ are the qualities that make/woman to be beloved/and powerful./J.G. Schurman/East Hampton/September 14th 1903.” 5. Frances Hodgson Burnett: “’Battles nor songs can/from oblivion save./But Fame upon a white/deed loves to build./From out the cup of/water Sidney gave:/Not one drop has been/Spilled.’/Frances Hodgson Burnett/1903” 6. John Drew (American actor): “John Drew./East Hampton 1903.” 7. Robert Underwood Johnson (American poet and editor): “’Be good, dear child, and let who/will be clever;/Do noble things, not dream them/all day long;/And so make Life, Death, and the/Vast Forever,/One Grand, sweet song.’/—From Charles Kingsley/Written for Olga February 27,/1905, by her friend,/Robert Underwood Johnson.” 8. John Muir: Autograph signature 9. Bernard Baruch: “BM Baruch/Jan 20th 1920—“ $1,200-1,800




[Aviation] Lindbergh, Charles E.

[Baseball] Spalding, Albert G.


America’s National Game: Historic Facts Concerning the Beginning, Evolution, Development and Popularity of Base Ball…

New York and London: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1927. Nineteenth impression. 12mo. Inscribed by Lindbergh and his wife Anne on recto of frontispiece. Illustrated with frontispiece portrait and photo-plates. Publisher’s blue cloth, stamped in gilt; printed endpapers; small tide mark to upper fore-edge of prelims, in worn, chipped, and unevenly faded dust-jacket; still a very good copy. $600-1,000

New York: American Sports Publishing Company, 1911. First edition. Thick 8vo. Presentation copy to Joe Vila. Illustrated with frontispiece, full-page illustrations, and folding plates, both with splits and losses. Publisher’s blue cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, rebacked, hinges strengthened; in blue cloth fall-down-back box. Howes S-804. Joe Vila (1866-1934), prominent and influential American sportswriter and editor, and one of 12 writers honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame on a Roll of Honor in its Class of 1946. $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

205 [Business & Industry] Great Exhibition, 1851. (5 vols.) Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Work of Industry of all Nations, 1851 London: Spicer Brothers, 1851. In five volumes. First edition. 4to. (i-viii), (1)-208 pp., 72 pp. ads; (209)-478, (2), 8 pp. ads; (iii), (479)-854 pp.; (iv), (857)-1354 pp.; (2), (i)-viii, (1355)-1469, (1), (ix)-cxcii, (8), (1)-5, (1), (2), 87-88, (1)-8. Profusely illustrated with maps, plates, and views, many folding, and illustrations in text. Armorial book-plate of J. Alexander Pierson on front paste-down of each volume. Original flexible blue cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, slight warping to some volumes, a few tears in cloth in spine of first volume, light edge wear overall; some creasing and scattered foxing to text. $800-1,200

206 [Business & Industry] Taylor, Frederick Winslow The Principles of Scientific Management New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1911. First edition. 8vo. (1)-77, (1) pp. Rare: “This special edition printed in February 1911 for confidential circulation among the members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers with the compliments of the author.” Publisher’s dark green cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, minor wear to corners and spine ends, glue residue on front paste-down; book-plate and ownership signature of R.L. Rowley on front endpapers. Bright copy of the first and most influential book on business and industrial management. “F.W. Taylor...was the originator of what he called ‘scientific management’, now known as ‘time and motion study’… The main lines of approach to increased efficiency were standardizing processes and machines…and payment by results...” PMM 403 $1,200-1,800


207 [Children’s & Illustrated] Baum, L. Frank The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chicago and New York: Geo. M. Hill, 1900. First edition, second state. 8vo. Illustrated by W.W. Denslow with 24 color plates, many illustrations in text, and on paste-downs (issued without endpapers). Original pictorial green cloth blocked in dark green and red, re-cased with some restoration to joints; corners bumped; spine ends frayed; light edge wear; minor chipping to fore-edge of front free endpaper; pp. 15-16 detached but present and with chipping to fore-edge; minor dampstaining in margins; owner’s pencil scrawl on front endpapers; small separation in gutter at bottom of title-page; in green quarter goatskin slip case and chemise. Hanff & Greene I, state 2 of text and plates, binding variant B with un-serifed red publisher’s imprint at foot of spine; Peter Parley to Penrod, state Z, title state C/D. Because, because, because, because, because. $800-1,200

208 [Children’s & Illustrated] Pyle, Howard Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates New York: Harper & Brothers, 1921. First and limited edition, #4/50 copies printed on vellum stock and signed by editor Merle Johnson. Folio. Illustrated in color and in black and white with 36 mounted plates and numerous line drawings. Publisher’s quarter cream cloth over tan boards, stamped in gilt, with pictorial label; edges untrimmed, partially unopened; remnants of dustjacket laid in; in green quarter goatskin over cloth slip case and chemise. $1,500-2,500

209 [Children’s & Illustrated] Rackham, Arthur The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table London: Macmillan and Co, Limited, 1917. Deluxe edition, #290/500 copies signed and numbered by Rackham. 4to. Illustrated with 16 mounted color plates with lettered tissue guards, 70 black and white drawings in text, and black and white head- and tail-pieces. Abridged from Malory’s Morte D’Arthur by Alfred W. Pollard. Bound in full crimson levant with multi-colored leather onlay of Sir Lancelot slaying the dragon at the center of the front cover; top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed; by Chris Lewis; in burgundy cloth and plush-lined fall-down-back box. A near-fine copy with negligible wear. Latimore and Haskell, p. 47; Riall, p. 130. Known for his onlay and gilt work, Chris Lewis began his career at the renowned Bayntun-Riviere Bindery in Bath then established his own bindery there in the 1970s. $2,500-4,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer 210


[Color Plates]

[Criminology] Thompson, Mr.

The Microcosm of London; or London in Miniature

The Female Amazon, or a Genuine Accgunt [sic] of the most Remarkable Adventures, and Complicated Intrigues, Displayed in the Life of the Celebrated and Notorious Miss Fanny Davies, the Borough Beauty Who Received Sentence of Death…

London, (1808-1810). In three volumes. First edition. 4to (leaf size: 12 15/16 x 10 7/16 in; 328 x 265mm) Illustrated with three engraved dedication leaves, three wood-engraved titles-pages, and 104 hand-colored aquatint plates. Complete with sub-titles, content leaves, and errata. Text leaves watermarked L&D, 1807 (prepublication date), plates watermarked Whatman, 1807 (or undated). Tooley points as follows: First state of Dedication and wood-engraved title leaves; first state of Contents leaf in first volume; second state of text, uncorrected, with the exception of p. 218, line 13, in first volume; most plates in state B; plate 91 in third volume in state A. Bound in full period diced Russia, elaborately gilt, by Baker Bindery. Some offsetting from plates; several text quires toned. Tooley 7; [Abbey Scenery 212]. $2,500-3,500

212 [Early Printing] Ege, Otto F. (editor)

London: Printed for T. Read, 1786. 8vo (with horizontal chain lines). (1)-32pp. Illustrated with engraved frontispiece. Book-plate of David Laing Philips on front paste-down. Sometime bound in three-quarter brown calf over marbled boards with burgundy morocco spine label; top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed. Frontispiece creased and worn at edges; paper loss to bottom corner of leaf A2 with some loss to catchword; creasing and small paper faults to last leaf including old repair to margin. ESTC T73613; OCLC 863304343 Bound with: The Secret History of Betty Ireland. Who was Trepann’d into Marriage at the Age of Fourteen, and Debauched by Beau M____te at Fifteen… London: T. Sabine, [1788]. Fourth edition. 8vo. (1)-39, (1) pp. ads. Illustrated with frontispiece (repaired and creased); scattered creasing; small wound at bottom of pp. 27-28, with loss of one word. ESTC T57455; OCLC 84803469. Unparalleled infamy. $500-800

Original Leaves from Famous Books: Eight Centuries 1240 A.D. - 1923 A.D. Cleveland, ca. 1950. First and only edition, #80/110 numbered sets. 27 mounted manuscript and letterpress leaves, each with a descriptive hinge-mounted letterpress label, enclosed in a foliosize portfolio of purple-brown cloth with black morocco cover label and silk ties. Contents: 1) Illuminated manuscript leaf on vellum with blue and rubricated initials: St. Jerome, Vulgate Bible, Dominican, France, ca. 1300. Some dampstaining. 2) Manuscript leaf: Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics, Erfurt, Germany, ca. 1365. Some dust smudging. 3) Manuscript leaf on vellum: Livy, History of Rome, Italy, ca. 1436. 4) Illuminated manuscript leaf on vellum: Writings of St. Jerome, France, ca. 1475. 5) Letterpress leaf with gilt Illuminated and hand-colored initials: Bible in Latin, Venice: Nicolai Jenson, 1476. (Hain 3061). 6) Letterpress leaf with hand rubrication: Voragine, The Golden Legend, Venice: Antonio de Strata, 1480. 7) Letterpress leaf: Dante, Divine Comedy, Venice: Petrus de Piasio, 1491. 8) Letterpress leaf with woodcut illustration: Schedel, Nuremberg Chronicle, Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1493. With woodcut view used to illustrate both Mainz and Naples. 9) Letterpress leaf in red and black: The Justinian Code, Paris: Thielman Kerver, 1512. With old ink shoulder annotations. 10) Letterpress leaf with historiated woodcut initial: Pliny, Natural History, edited by Erasmus, Basel: Johann Froben, 1525. 11) Letterpress leaf: Erasmus, Adages, Basel: Jerome Froben, 1528. 12) Letterpress leaf with decorated initial and woodcut illustration: Vesalius, Anatomy, Basel: Johannes Oporinus, 1555. 13) Letterpress leaf: Petrarch, Sonnets and Canzoni, Venice: Gabriel Giolito, 1559. 14) Letterpress leaf: Hippocrates, Writings, Venice: Lucantonio Giunta, 1585. 15) Letterpress leaf with handcolored woodcuts: Gerard, History of Plants, London: John Norton, 1597. 16) Letterpress leaf: Hakluyt, Voyages, London: Robert Barker, 1598-1600. 17) Letterpress leaf: Chaucer, The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, London: Adam Islip, 1602. 18) Letterpress leaf: Cervantes, Don Quixote, Madrid: Juan de la Cuesta, 1608, third Madrid edition. 19) Letterpress leaf: The Holy Bible, King James Version, London: Robert Barker, 1611. 20) Letterpress leaf: Bacon, Francis, The Advancement of Learning, etc., London: John Haviland, 1638. 21) Letterpress leaf: Shakespeare, Comedies, Histories, Tragedies, London: H. Herringman, E. Brewster, and R. Bentley, 1685, Fourth Folio. 22) Letterpress leaf: Johnson, Samuel, Noetica and Ethica, Philadelphia: B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1752. 23) Letterpress leaf: Virgil, Poems, Birmingham: John Baskerville, 1757. 24) Letterpress leaf: Montaigne, Essays, Cambridge [Mass.]: Designed by Bruce Rogers, 1902-1904. 25) Letterpress leaf: Milton, Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes, and other Poems, London: Doves Press, 1905. 26) Letterpress leaf: Boccaccio, The Decameron, Chelsea: The Ashendene Press, 1920. 27) Letterpress leaf: Homer, Iliad and Odyssey, Munich: Bremer Press, 1923. All on paper unless otherwise indicated; contents of above portfolio and contents of the Annotated Chronological Index do not entirely agree. $1,200-1,800




[Finance] (Anderson, Adam)

[Finance] (Bridges, Thomas)

An Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce, from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time. Containing, An History of the Great Commercial Interests of the British Empire…

The Adventures of a Bank-Note

London: for A. Millar, etc., 1764. In two volumes. First edition. Folio. Illustrated with three folding engraved maps, including a double hemisphere map by Eman Bowen. Contemporary brown speckled calf with burgundy morocco spine labels. With the armorial book-plate, presumably of Sir Henry Goodriche, 6th baronet of Ribstone, on front paste-down of each volume. Rebacked; corners and edges rubbed; light foxing; minor offsetting from maps; vertical creases to double hemisphere map. Sabin 1382. Includes material relating to America and the South Sea Bubble and the very extraordinary actions of the year 1720 leading to the South Sea Crash of the same year. The author was a clerk at South Sea House, London. [Kress 6154] $500-800

215 [Finance] (Defoe, Daniel) A Plan of English Commerce. Being a Compleat Prospect of the Trade of this Nation, as well the Home Trade as the Foreign… London: Printed for Charles Rivington, 1728. First edition. 8vo. (i)-xvi, (6), (2) ads, , (1)-368 pp. Illustrated with woodcut head and tail pieces. Bound in period-style polished tan calf, stamped in blind and in gilt; small worming and repairs to top corner of text in beginning of text and in bottom gutter in rear; tear repaired in fore-edge of Preface leaf; ownership signature on title-page; Ex-library with red and black stamp on title-page, recto and verso. ESTC T7083; Sabin 63293; [Goldsmith’s 63293]; [Kress 3744]; [Moore 499]. Regarded as chief among Defoe’s economic tracts. $1,000-1,500


London: Printed for T. Davis, 1770-1. In four volumes. First edition. Small 8vo. All half-titles present. From the library of Henry Charles Somerset, sixth Duke of Beaufort, and with his armorial bookplate on front paste-down of each volume and with his ownership signature on front free endpaper in first volume. Contemporary sprinkled brown calf, stamped in gilt, with red morocco spine labels. A complete set of the scarce “witness” novel. Bridges originally intended his story to be complete in two volumes, but success induced the extension of the work. $500-800

The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

216 [Finance] Lawson, Thomas W(illiam). Frenzied Finance New York: The Ridgway-Thayer Company, 1906. Autograph-Portrait Edition, #1/1,000 numbered copies: “No. 0.1. Reserved and Specifically Bound for the Author.” 8vo. Frontispiece portrait of Lawson and nine photogravure portrait plates. Inscribed by Lawson on limitation page; additional 13-line inscription by Lawson on half-title. Bound in full navy blue crushed levant, elaborately gilt, with multi-color leather onlay, rebacked with original spine laid down; marbled endpapers; all edges gilt; by Sangorski & Sutcliffe for C.E. Lauriat Co. Boston. Creasing and closed tear to last leaf of text. Lawson’s 13-line inscription reads: “Man is a queer-critter. From the/Beginning his wail has been ‘War/is Hell-lead me to it.’/All history’s pages open and close/with war, else their dullness/would be unreadable. /In all ages the dough brained/have murmured ‘some day the/world will birth peace and war/will be a memory.’/And red blooded man, hearing,/has winked to the moon and Amened/’War is Hell-lead me to it.’/Thomas W. Lawson/Rainbow Ranch/April 18th 1915.” Thomas W. Lawson (1857-1925), colorful and controversial American stockbroker and speculator. Associated with the Standard Oil interests, he eventually became an advocate for financial reform. $1,500-2,500

217 [Finance] Smollett, Tobias (editor) Select Essays on Commerce, Mines, Agriculture, Fisheries, and other Useful Subjects London: Printed for D. Wilson and T. Durham, 1754. First edition in English. 8vo. Translated by Tobias Smollett. Complete with 2 pp. of advertisements at rear. Armorial book-plate of Sr. Lucius O’Brien Bart. on front paste-down. Contemporary speckled brown calf, rebacked, with red morocco spine label. Some dampstaining; light foxing to title-page and prelims; small worming to bottom margins at rear. [Kress 5401]; [Goldsmiths’ 8885]; [Higgs 740] O’Brien (1731-1795) was an Irish baronet and member of the Irish House of Commons. “The first notice in English of the physiocratic doctrine” (Higgs) and the first work to introduce the publication most associated with the physiocratic movement, Journal Œconomique, to English readers. The physiocratic doctrine proposes that the wealth of nations is developed solely from the value of agriculture or land-development. The Journal Œconomique was the first review of French political economy, which supported free trade in grain and other laissez-faire policies. This volume comprises Smollett’s translations of a selection of articles published in the Journal from its inception in 1751. $500-800


218 [Fine Bindings] [Cosway] Gribble, Francis The Love Affairs of Lord Byron London: Eveleigh Nash, 1910. 8vo. Illustrated with frontispiece portrait and five plates; extra illustrated with 30 plates (mostly engraved, 10 colored). Cosway-style binding. Contemporary full green crushed levant, elaborately gilt, rebacked with original spine laid down, with hand-painted portrait miniature on ivory of Byron set in front cover; moirĂŠ silk endleaves and doublures; all edges gilt; by Bayntun; in green cloth slip case. Cosway bindings are named for English miniaturist Richard Cosway (ca.1742-1821). $1,000-1,500

219 [Fine Bindings] [Cosway] Guedalla, Philip Independence Day: A Sketchbook London: John Murray, 1926. 8vo. Cosway binding #851, signed by artist Miss Currie and Cosway inventor J.H. Stonehouse on printed leaf bound in before half-title. Contemporary full crushed navy blue levant, stamped in gilt; top edge gilt, other edges trimmed; red moirĂŠ silk endleaves; with hand-painted portrait miniature on ivory of George Washington set in center of both boards; by Riviere & Son for bookseller Henry Sotheran. Front board detached; small abrasion to top of same; book-plate of Russell G. Colt on front blank. $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

220 [Law] Blackstone, William Commentaries on the Laws of England Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1766-1769. In four volumes. Mixed set: third edition of the first volume, first editions of the second through fourth volumes. 4to (sheet size 10 13/16 x 8 1/8 in., 275 x 205mm). [4], (i)-iv, [4], (2)-485, (1); (viii), (1)-520, xix, (1); (vii), (1), (1)-455, xxvii, (1); (vii), (1), (1)-436, vii, (20) index leaves. Presentation copy, inscribed on front paste-down of first volume, “From Sir William Blackstone/to his Brother/Henry Blackstone M.D./1768.” Engraved portrait of Blackstone mounted opposite title-page in first volume. With the engraved Table of Consanguinity and engraved folding Table of Descents in second volume. First state of signature G in fourth volume. Contemporary tan calf with red and olive-green morocco spine labels, small blisters to covers, spine ends rubbed, joints cracked, front board detached from first volume; text lightly foxed; small abrasions at bottom lines of type on pp. 288-299 in second volume; light creasing to last few leaves of text in second volume. Rothschild 407; PMM 212; Grolier English 52. Rare presentation copy to Blackstone’s elder brother Henry, prominent London surgeon, who raised him after the death of their mother when William was 12 years old. Arguably the single most important work in Anglo-American law. $8,000-12,000


221 [Literature] Dickens, Charles Our Mutual Friend London: Chapman and Hall, 1865. In two volumes. First edition in book form. 8vo. 320 pp.; 309 pp., [4] pp. ads. Illustrated with two frontispieces and 38 wood engraved plates after Marcus Stone. Three-line slip concerning title of novel tipped in before first chapter in first volume. Publisher’s dark red cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, spines rubbed, corners bumped, joints lightly rubbed to first volume; scattered foxing to prelims and text; ownership signature on front free endpaper in each volume; binder’s ticket on rear paste-down in each volume; in three-quarter red morocco fall-down-back box. Smith 15. Dickens’ last completed novel. $500-800

222 [Literature] Flaubert, Gustave Madame Bovary Paris: Michel Levy Freres, 1857. In two volumes. First edition in book form. 12mo (leaf size 176 x 109mm). (viii), (5)-232; (iv), (233)-490 pp. Contemporary brown quarter calf over pebbled purple-brown cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, brown morocco spine labels; marbled endpapers; ownership signature of Mme Faye at head of half-title in first volume and first free leaf in second; in brown quarter goatskin over cloth fall-down-back box. [Carteret I, p. 265]. Now recognized not only as a masterpiece of French and world literature, but also as the novel most associated with the birth of modernism. $1,000-1,500

223 [Literature] Hemingway, Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1940. First edition, later printing. 8vo. Signed by Hemingway on first free leaf. Publisher’s oatmeal cloth; front hinge split; in unclipped dust-jacket, lightly worn and with a few tiny chips and closed tears, possibly married; in black quarter goatskin over oatmeal cloth fall-downback box. $1,000-1,500


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

224 [Literature] James, Henry Transatlantic Sketches Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1875. First edition. 12mo. Presentation copy from James to his younger brother Garth Wilkinson James. Publisher’s terra-cotta cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt; wormhole in bottom of spine, not affecting text; foxing to rear blanks; in blue quarter morocco over cloth slip case and chemise. BAL 10530. Garth Wilkinson James (1845-1883), one of Henry’s two younger brothers, served as an officer in the African American 54th Massachusetts regiment during the Civil War and later established a plantation in Florida. $800-1,200

225 [Literature] Poe, Edgar A(llan). Mesmerism “In Articulo Mortis.”… London: Short & Co., 1846. First edition. 8vo (leaf size 8 x 6 in.; 203 x 136mm). (1)-16 pp. Original sewn self-wrappers, moderately foxed, offsetting at center of front wrapper from book-plate, slight chipping in top edge; in early 20th century black quarter morocco over blue cloth slip case and chemise. With black morocco book-plate of John Stuart Groves on chemise flap. BAL 16151. Later collected in first volume of Poe’s Works, 1850, as “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.” As the 19th century Virginia poet Philip Pendleton Cooke wrote to Poe, “the most damnable, vraisemblable [sic], horrible, hair-lifting, shocking, ingenious chapter of fiction any brain ever conceived or hand traced.” $1,200-1,800

226 [Literature] Rostand, Edmond Cyrano de Bergerac Paris: Librairie Charpentier, 1898. #50/50 copies printed on Japon paper. 8vo. Etched portrait of Rostand by Desmoulin tipped in at front. Morocco book-plates of Robert Hoe and Mortimer L. Schiff on front paste-down. Contemporary full limp red levant, stamped in gilt, rebacked, very lightly worn; marbled endpapers; top edge gilt, others edges untrimmed; original green wrappers bound in; in red quarter goatskin fall-downback box. Robert Hoe III (1839-1909), noted American book collector and businessman; first president of the Grolier Club; producer of printing press equipment. His collection sold at auction in 1911- 12. Mortimer L. Schiff (1877-1931), American book collector; banker; notable leader of the Boy Scouts of America. $2,500-4,000


227 [Literature] (Scott, Sir Walter) Waverley or, ‘Tis Sixty Years Since Edinburgh: James Ballantyne and Co. for Archibald Constable and Co., etc., 1814. In three volumes. First edition (meets all points in pp. 16-17 in Worthington). 12mo (leaf size 6 3/4 x 4 in., 170 x 103mm). From the library of MP Thomas Peers Williams and with his book-plate on front pastedown of each volume. Contemporary brown calf, stamped in gilt, lightly worn, joints rubbed, rebacked; marbled endpapers. [Todd & Bowden 77Aa]. “The first of the forty or so ‘Waverley Novels’ was the progenitor and has become the archetype of the historical novel throughout the world. At one blow Scott had established a new literary form...” (PMM 273). $1,500-2,500

228 [Literature] Thoreau, Henry David The Writings of Henry David Thoreau Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1906. In 20 volumes. Manuscript Edition, #321/600 numbered sets. 8vo. Window-mounted leaf of manuscript in the first volume. Illustrated with folding map, 103 photogravure plates, and lettered tissue guards. Original green buckram, spines fading to brown; paper spine labels; fore- and bottom edges untrimmed, largely unopened; small white paint stains to spines of the first and twentieth volumes. BAL 20145. Holograph manuscript leaf comprising a working draft from Thoreau’s essay, “Walking” from his collection Excursions, “...we live a sort of border life-on the confines of a world into which we make occasional and transient forays only…” See page 242 of fifth volume of set for full and final text. $5,000-8,000


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

229 [Literature] Twain, Mark (Samuel L. Clemens) Adventures of Huckleberry Finn New York: Charles L. Webster and Company, 1885. First American edition, mixed issue. 8vo. Profusely illustrated by E.W. Kemble. Numerous early state points, including: frontispiece portrait first state; title-leaf presumed second state; page 13 first state; page 57 first state; page 283 presumed third state; page 155 first state; signature 23/8 presumed excised; fly leaves present. Publisher’s pictorial green cloth, stamped in black and in gilt; very occasional and very light foxing to text. An unusually bright copy. BAL 3415. $1,200-1,800

230 [Literature] Twain, Mark (Samuel L. Clemens) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Hartford, Conn.: The American Publishing Company, 1876. First American edition, third printing. 8vo. (i-xii [but numbered xvi]), 17-(275), (4) pp. ads dated December 1st, 1876 in rear. Profusely illustrated in black and white. Publisher’s brown half morocco over purple-brown cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, wear to extremities; all edges gilt; scattered foxing to text; small tidemark in top edge throughout text; scattered light soiling to text and endpapers; ownership label mounted to front paste-down. BAL 3369, mixed issue/printing with most—but not all—third printing points present: printed on laid paper; folio XVI only one present; pp. (I-II) not used as front paste-down although called for in third printing. Half morocco binding is described as one of only 200 copies bound thus from a total of 9,879 copies. Copies of all three printings—and variants of same— all recorded as being issued in the half morocco binding. The apotheosis of American boyhood. $500-800

231 [Literature] Whitman, Walt Drum-Taps New York, 1865. First edition, second issue. 12mo. Publisher’s brown cloth, stamped in blind and in gilt, lightly soiled, corners bumped; edges sprinkled brown; wrinkling to paste-downs and free endpapers; repair to rear free endpaper; fly leaves present as well as blank binder’s sheet before Sequel; ownership signature of soldier from the 22nd Regiment on front paste-down. BAL 21398. This volume contains the first appearance of Sequel to Drum-Taps (Washington, 1865-6. 24 pp.). Upon the death of Lincoln, Whitman added “When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom’d. And Other Pieces,” with separate pagination, table of contents, and title-page: Sequel to Drum-Taps. (Since the Preceding Came from the Press.) $2,500-4,000




[Military History] Churchill, Winston

[Philosophy] G.L.B.O.C. (George Berkeley)

A Speech by the Prime Minister the Right Honourable Winston Churchill in the House of Commons August 20th, 1940

Siris: A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries concerning the Virtues of Tar Water… Dublin: Margt. Rhames for R. Gunne, 1744. First edition. 8vo. (1)261, [1] pp., plus Corrigenda et Addenda leaf. Presentation copy, inscribed “From the Author” on front free endpaper. From the library of Lytton Strachey, founding member of the Bloomsbury Group, and with his book-plate on front paste-down. Contemporary brown polished calf; rebacked with original spine laid down; paper loss to bottom corner of front free endpaper; minor dampstaining at top edge of title-page and first few leaves; 19th century ownership signatures on front paste-down and top of leaf A2; in green cloth fall-down-back box. Keynes 63; Rothschild 381; OCLC 557771549

(London: The Baynard Press, 1940). First edition. 8vo. 16 pp. Bound in burgundy quarter niger over cloth-covered boards, stamped in blind and in gilt, by sewing the stapled pamphlet in place without harming it. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” $500-700

Berkeley’s last major work; described by Sir Geoffrey Keynes as “one of the most beautifully composed treatises on metaphysical philosophy ever written.”. $1,000-1,500

234 [Philosophy] Hayek, F.A. The Road to Serfdom London: George Routledge & Sons Ltd., (1944). First edition. 8vo. Original black cloth, stamped in gilt, affected by damp at fore-edge; in original dust-jacket, also similarly affected by damp, internally fine. Widely regarded as one of the most important non-fiction books of the 20th century which advanced the notion of the necessary relationship between economic and personal freedoms. $800-1,200


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

235 [Prints] Audubon, John J. Stanley Hawk, Falco Stanleii. Aud, Young Male, 1. Female, 2. (London): Engraved, Printed & Coloured by R. Havell, (1828 -1831). Plate XXXVI from the first folio of Audubon’s The Birds of America, (London, 1826-1838), variant 2, hand-colored engraving with aquatint and etching. 38 x 25 1/2 in. (965 x 648mm). Trimmed at plate mark; repair at verso of bottom left with small area filled in with later paper; minor discoloration at edges of sheet; printed on J. Whatman-watermarked paper dated 1831. Framed. $3,000-5,000



[Psychology & Psychiatry] [Freud, Sigmund] Grote, L.R.

[Science, Medicine & Mathematics] Oldenburg, Henry (editor)

Die medizin der gegenwart in selbstdarstellungen

Philosophical Transactions

Leipzig: Felix Meiner, [1925]. First offprint edition. 8vo. 1-52pp. Offprint from fourth volume of Die Medizin der Gegenwart in Selbstdarstellungen. Presentation copy inscribed by Freud to his niece Lucy Wiener at top of front wrapper and signed “onkel Sigm.” Illustrated with half-tone photo frontispiece portrait of Freud. Original sewn blue-green wrappers with small paper losses to front and rear and with reinforcements to verso; in tan quarter goatskin over black cloth slip case and chemise.

(London: Printed by John Martyn and James Allestry), Issue Number 1, Munday (sic), March 6. 1664/5. Edited by Henry Oldenburg, first secretary of the Royal Society. 16 pp. 8vo (leaf size 8 3/4 x 6 1/4 in.; 222 x 159mm). Original self-wrappers, disbound, threads lacking; early manuscript notations on front wrapper; text lightly toned, with scattered light soiling and foxing; in brick red quarter goatskin over cloth solander box, by Sangorski & Sutcliffe.


Contents include: “An Accompt (sic) of the improvement of Optick Glasses”; “A Spot in one of the Belts of Jupiter”; “The Motion of the late Comet prædicted”; “Of a peculiar Lead-Ore in Germany, and the Use thereof”; “Of the New American Whale-fishing about the Bermudas”; “A Narrative concerning the success of Pendulum-Watches at Sea for the Longitudes.” The first issue of the “first, still surviving, purely scientific periodical.” (Gjertsen, The Newton Handbook). $500-800

238 [Science, Medicine & Mathematics] Pettus, John, and Lazarus Erckern (sic) Fleta Minor. The Laws of Art and Metals… London: for the Author, by Thomas Dawks, 1683. Two parts in one volume. First English edition. Folio. (xliv), 1 p. Errata, 1-345, (1); (8), (1)-80, numbers in MS., 81-133 printed, (1) pp. Illustrated with frontispiece portrait and 43 copper engravings. Second part, Fleta Minor, Spagyrick Laws…, with separate title-page and pagination. Contemporary mottled brown calf, rebacked; new endpapers; scattered light foxing, 12 leaves with dampstaining to margins, vertical tear in upper margin of pp. 317-318 repaired; contemporary ownership signature on titlepage. Wing P-1906; ESTC R5570; Ferguson, Bibliotheca Chemica, p. 245 (“The English edition is sumptuously printed...”). Lazarus Ercker (ca. 1530- ca. 1594), published the first manual of analytical and metallurgical chemistry in Prague in 1574; Pettus, deputy governor of the royal mines under Cromwell, made the above translation while in Fleet prison, on which the beginning of the title is a pun. $1,200-1,800


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

239 [Science, Medicine & Mathematics] Record (sic), Robert The Ground of Arts: Teaching the Perfect worke and practise of Arithmeticke... London: John Beale for Roger Jackson, 1623. 8vo. [26], (1)-579, 583-613, [1] pp. With divisional title for “The third Part…set forth by John Mellis Schoole-master,” continuous pagination and register, and an advertisement for “Robert Hartwell, Practitioner in the Mathematickes” on verso of last text leaf. Illustrated with decorated initials, figures and tables in text. Contemporary limp vellum, casing starting; ownership signature at top of title-page; scattered dampstaining; free endpapers and blanks defective; edge wear to last text leaf. STC 20808; ESTC S115718. Recorde was the first writer in English on arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy, and introduced algebra into England. The excellence of the first English school of mathematical practitioners has been attributed to the high quality of the vernacular movement in applied science begun by him. Recorde’s The Ground of Arts was first published in 1543, and, as the standard text on mathematics in English, was reprinted through the end of the 17th century. Due to heavy and ardent use, few copies survive intact. $1,000-1,500

240 [Travel & Exploration] Stanley, Henry M. In Darkest Africa or the Quest, Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1890. In two volumes. First and limited edition, #53/250 copies of the Demy Quarto Edition de Luxe, signed by Stanley. Large 4to. Profusely illustrated and with frontispiece portrait in each volume plus four maps (two large folding and linen-backed). Publisher’s three-quarter black morocco, scuffed, over vellum, worn and soiled, stamped in gilt; top edges gilt, other edges untrimmed; dampstaining to rear cover of second volume and bottom of terminal blank of same. In 1886 Stanley led the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition to rescue Emin Pasha, the governor of Equatoria in southern Sudan. After immense hardship and great loss of life, Stanley met Emin in 1886, discovered the Ruwenzori Range and Lake Edward, then emerged from the interior at the end of 1889. Despite the adulation of world figures ranging from Mark Twain to Anton Chekhov, Stanley said of himself, “I lay no claim to any exceptional nature; but I say, beginning life as a rough, illeducated, impatient man, I have found my schooling in these very African experiences which are said by some to be in themselves detrimental to European character.” This would be his last expedition. $2,000-3,000


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The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer


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in the original purchase price and will also be responsible for all costs, including warehousing, the expense of the ultimate sale, and Freeman’s commission at its regular rates together with all related and incidental charges, including legal fees. Payment is a precondition to removal. Payment shall be by cash, certified check or similar bank draft, or any other method approved by Freeman’s. Checks will not be deemed to constitute payment until cleared. Any exceptions must be made upon Freeman’s written approval of credit prior to sale. In addition, a defaulting buyer will be deemed to have granted and assigned to Freeman’s, a continuing security interest of first priority in any property or money of, or owing to such buyer in Freeman’s possession, and Freeman’s may retain and apply such property or money as collateral security for the obligations due to Freeman’s. Freeman’s shall have all of the rights accorded a secured party under the Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code. 10 Unless the sale is advertised and announced as “without reserve”, each lot is offered subject to a reserve and Freeman’s may implement such reserves by bidding through its representatives on behalf of the Consignors. In certain instances, the Consignor may pay less than the standard commission rate where Freeman’s or its representative is a successful bidder on behalf of the Consignor. Where the Consignor is indebted to Freeman’s, Freeman’s may have an interest in the offered lots and the proceeds therefrom, other than the broker’s Commissions, and all sales are subject to any such interest. 11 No “buy” bids shall be accepted at any time for any purpose. 12 Any pre-sale bids must be submitted in writing to Freeman’s prior to commencement of the offer of the first lot of any sale. Freeman’s copy of any such bid shall conclusively be deemed to be the sole evidence of same, and while Freeman’s accepts these bids for the convenience of bidders not present at the auction, Freeman’s shall not be responsible for the failure to execute, or, to execute properly, any pre-sale bid.


13 A Buyer’s Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyer’s Premium shall be: 25% on the first $200,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on the portion from $200,001 through $3,000,000, and 12% thereafter. 14 Unless exempted by law from the payment thereof, the buyer will be required to pay any and all federal excise tax and any state and/or local sales taxes, including where deliveries are to be made outside the state where a sale is conducted, which may be subject to a corresponding or compensating tax in another state. 15 Freeman’s may, as a service to buyer, arrange to have purchased property posted and shipped at the buyer’s expense. Freeman’s is not responsible for any acts or omissions in packing or shipping of purchased lots whether or not such carrier is recommended by Freeman’s. Packing and handling of purchased lots is at the responsibility of the buyer and is at the entire risk of the buyer. 16 In no event shall any liability of Freeman’s to the buyer exceed the purchase price actually paid. 17 No claimed modification or amendment of this Agreement on the part of any party shall be deemed extant, enforceable or provable unless it is in writing that has been signed by the parties to this Agreement. No course of dealing and no delay or omission on the part of Freeman’s in exercising any right under this Agreement shall operate as a waiver of such right or any other right and waiver on any one or more occasions shall not be construed as a bar to or waiver of any right or remedy of Freeman’s on any future occasion. 18 These Conditions of Sale and the buyer’s, the Consignor’s and Freeman’s rights under these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Consignor and Buyer agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


PURCHASE REMOVAL, SHIPPING AND OFFSITE STORAGE INFORMATION To ensure the safety of your property Freeman’s requests removal within 10 business days of the sale date. Collection hours are Monday–Friday, 9:30am–4:30pm. For larger items, please email Jake Gravelding at to schedule a loading dock appointment. For purchase release to persons not listed on your contract or invoice, 3rd party authorization is required. Please mail or fax, 215.599.2240, a signed letter stating receipt/item(s) or sale/lot(s) and name of third party collecting property. Freeman’s does not handle packing or shipping. The shippers listed have worked with Freeman’s clients in the past and will be happy to provide you with quotes for the packing and shipping of your property. Annie Hauls Michael Topley Lambertville, NJ 08530 609.577.5133 *East Coast deliveries only

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The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUYERS Registration All potential buyers must register for the sale prior to placing a bid. Registration information may be submitted in person at our reception desk, by fax or through our website at We will require proof of identification and residence and may require a credit card and/or a bank reference. By registering for the sale, the buyer acknowledges that he or she has read, understood and accepted Freeman’s Terms and Conditions of Sale. Buyer’s Premium A Buyer’s Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyer’s Premium shall be: 25% on the first $200,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on the portion from $200,001 through $3,000,000, and 12% thereafter. Sales Tax All items in the catalogue are subject to the 8% Pennsylvania and Philadelphia sales tax. Dealers purchasing for resale must register their tax numbers on current PA forms. Forms should be submitted to our Client Services office on the second floor. Catalogue Descriptions All item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidance only. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect all lots prior to bidding to ensure that the condition is to their satisfaction. If potential buyers are unable to inspect lots in person, our specialists will be happy to prepare detailed Condition Reports on individual lots as quickly as possible. These are for guidance only, and all lots will be sold “as is” as per our Terms and Conditions of Sale. Bidding At the sale Registered bidders will be assigned a bidder number and given a paddle for use at the sale. Once the first bid has been placed, the auctioneer asks for higher bids in increments determined by the auctioneer. To place your bid, simply raise your paddle until the auctioneer acknowledges you. The auctioneer will not mistake a random gesture for a bid. By phone A limited number of telephone lines are available for bidding by phone through a Freeman’s representative. Phone lines must be reserved in advance. Requests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the sale. In writing Bid forms are available in the sale room and at the back of the catalogue. These should be submitted in person, by mail or by fax no later than one hour prior to the scheduled start of the sale. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to the limit. On the internet A fully-illustrated catalogue is available on-line at Registered bidders may leave absentee bids through the website and will receive email confirmation of their bid. Freeman’s is not responsible for errors or failure to execute bids. Payment Payment is due within ten (10) working days of the sale. Lots purchased will not be released until we have received full payment. Payment may be made in cash, by check, money order, or debit card. Payments by check must clear the bank before goods will be released. Removal of Purchases Deliveries will not be made during the time of the sale unless otherwise indicated by the auctioneer. All items must be paid for and removed within ten (10) working days of the sale. Purchases not so removed may be turned over to a licensed warehouse at the expense and risk of the purchaser. Shipping and Packing Responsibility for packing, shipping and insurance shall be exclusively that of the purchaser. Upon request, Freeman’s will provide the purchaser with names of professional packers and shippers known to us. Endangered Species Lots marked * are manufactured in whole or in part of restricted materials that may include tortoiseshell, ivory, mother-of-pearl, coral, rhinoceros horn, whalebone or marine ivory. Such materials may require specific licenses, certificates, or CITES documentation for import, export, moving between states in the U.S., or resale. Obtaining these documents may require scientific, laboratory or other expert analysis, in order to establish which species or genus the material came from. Freeman’s is unable to provide this information, and the obligation is on the purchaser of a lot containing any of these materials to ensure that they are able to obtain all the necessary or required documents should they need to, prior to bidding on the lot. If proper documentation or licenses etc. cannot be obtained for a purchased lot, the purchaser will still be required to make an on time payment for the lot as per our standard terms and conditions. Freeman’s cataloguing of the lots marked with this symbol * represents the best of our opinion, and the absence of this symbol from any lot description does not form a warranty that the lot will be free from any licensing or certification restrictions.



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