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DOWNTOWN LACONIA In The Spring... I wanted to share a bit of my home. A piece of this world I am overwhelmingly proud of, even though I had nothing to do with it- other than to be so in love that I desire to respect and preserve it as it is. I can only hope this desire of mine has and will continue to be an influence for good; and in this particular case...not one for change! This is my version of AMERICANA. Welcome. Enjoy this little photographic taste. So much beauty and wonder and exciting transformations exist in this area that there is not enough time nor space on a disc or a page of any kind! This is my humble and meager offering... Peggy Sue

THIS SMALL TOWN I'm walking along in solitude yet no one is alone here... here is a man his name is jimmy they all know him we are his friends and there are others we know reflected in this small town there is history here where past and present meet my family and yours like land touching sea the fish and the air the child and the marketer they all belong here revealed in this small town


Main Street, USA. An average day... ...for as long as it lasts, I will enjoy. How many in this world get to, and really do appreciate the words "My Hometown"?

Our history is remembered. Our heroes revered. Their legacy of freedom is manifest throughout all these pictures.

BRICKS... a staple of the New England city indeed.

In every city and town around here you will find a Gazebo. A place for summer bands to gather for the Old Home Days... our town common- the center of every village. Baseball and soccer nearby. A place for people to share the town news and share good company with the serenity we've come to know and take for granted.

You will be fed...

You shall be groomed...

Even the dog has somewhere to go!

Everywhere is a church; here is the steeple... ( if you open a door you will find lovely people )

あとがき  僕が彼女と知り合ったのは、インターネットのとあるサイ トだった。そのサイトの彼女のページには美しい街の写真が 何枚もアップロードされていた。アメリカのニューイングラ ンド地方にある「ラコニア」という街の美しさにすっかり魅 了された僕は「あなたと一緒にラコニアの写真集を作りたい!」 と彼女にメールを送った。唐突な申し出にもかかわらず彼女 はそれを快諾してくれた。  彼女の本業は文筆家だ。僕は写真に彼女の文章を添える事 を提案した。単なる写真集ではなく、何か特別な物にしたかっ たのだ。こうして僕らのメールは幾度となく海を超えて行き 来した。彼女は僕のつたない英語に根気よく付き合ってくれ たし、時には「諦めないで! やり遂げましょう」と励まして もくれた。生まれた国も育った環境も人種も違い、そのうえ 一度も会った事のない僕らの共同作業はとても刺激的で、そ して楽しいものだった。ぺギー、あなたの素晴らしい仕事と 素敵な人柄に感謝します。ThankyouverymuchPeggy! 2008年6月 Fredio

Laconia P E G G Y


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