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reetings, especially to those making Fredericksburg their new home. Fredericksburg is proud of its charming appeal and wants to celebrate the people that have discovSchandua ered our great little town. My position as the Hospitality Hostess was started by Virginia Prehn in the early 1960s. When Mrs. Prehn moved away in 1971, she asked her friend, LaVerne Ottmers, to carry it on. Mrs. Ottmers welcomed newcomers to Fredericksburg for 40 years. I took over in October 2010 and it is a perfect fit. So what do I do? I get in touch with as many newcomers as I can and extend a hearty welcome. I also try to set up a brief appointment and present a complimentary goodie bag on behalf of many businesses in town. At the very least I will visit over the phone and make arrangements to get this “house warming” gift dropped off some other way. People are genuinely surprised with all it includes — maps, gift certificates, free products, discounts, information on health care, veterinarians, churches, local clubs and groups, financial information and a variety of other services.

I am happy to distribute this helpful information and it is my pleasure to answer any additional questions. The two questions I am most commonly asked is “Who are you with?” and “How did you get my information?” These are not surprising questions, since being personally welcomed to a new community is very uncommon. My answers are that I am the Hospitality Hostess and although I am not employed by the City of Fredericksburg or the Chamber of Commerce, I do have a business relationship with both and they help me tremendously to accomplish my job. Typically, a new utility hookup is how most of my contacts are generated, but if you have lived here three years or less and have not been officially welcomed — you still qualify. People say all the time that this must be so much fun. IT IS. I get to sit and visit with people, give things away, and talk about Fredericksburg. If you are either a newcomer that has not been visited or a business that would like to be a part of this unique Fredericksburg service, I would love to hear from you. Call me at 830-997-4597 or email me at jenniferschandua@gmail.com. Welcome home, Jennifer Schandua

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Hill Country Memorial ........................ 25-27 Public Schools ......................................... 28 Private Schools ........................................ 29 Higher education .............................. 30, 37 Community Education ............................ 31 Golden Hub ........................................ 32-33 Pioneer Memorial Library ................. 34, 38 Chamber, CVB, EDC .......................... 35,37 Local Realtors ......................................... 36

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A place for involvement   If you are a newcomer, welcome. Many people are finding Fredericksburg the perfect place to retire and maintain an active and involved lifestyle.   If you’ve been here a while, this guide is designed to keep handy with quick-dial information that we all need.   There is a lot going on for a small town, with all the music, art, wineries and more, yet the pace here is much more pleasant than that of a metropolitan area. Fredericksburg is nationally recognized for its charm, its robust small-town economy and quality of life for residents.   You’ll find our local governments run tight ships. Residents will rarely, if ever, find a road pothole that isn’t filled immedi-

ately. Our county fathers keep a close eye on spending and oversee a top-notch airport. Gillespie County school districts do a terrific job using resources while providing a forward-looking education.   There is a keen interest in preserving the unique history of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County. And our numerous churches strengthen the faith of those who worship.   One of the best things about Fredericksburg and Gillespie County is the volunteer spirit found guiding most of our local organizations which work to make this community stronger. All organizations welcome newcomers to roll up their sleeves and dive in.   Willkommen, and we look forward to seeing you around town.

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Gillespie Central Appraisal District The Gillespie Central Appraisal District (GCAD) determines values on every piece of real estate in Gillespie County. Each May, property owners will be mailed the appraised values of their properties. They then have 30 days to file a formal protest if they disagree with the numbers. The appraisal district office welcomes taxpayers to visit them for discussions about any property values they may find questionable. Oftentimes, having a quick visit offers both the appraisers and the property owners some insight into the situation. Because of that open line of communication, resolutions often occur at that point. In 2015, GCAD began collection of property taxes, taking over from the Gillespie County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office. The GCAD building is located at 1159 South Milam Street. Phone 997-9807 or visit online at www.gillespiecad.org.

Current Tax Rates (per $100 valuation) City of Fredericksburg: $0.2256 Gillespie County: $0.4081 HC Underground Water Cons. Dist.: $0.0067 Gillespie County Water Control and Improvement District: $0.0002 Stonewall Water Control and Improvement District (WDS): $0.3767 Fredericksburg ISD (SFB): $1.1462 Harper ISD (SHP): $1.0400 Doss CCSD (SD): $0.9267 Debt rates: • City of Fredericksburg: • County of Gillespie: • FISD:

$0.03762 $0.0286 $0.1062

Combination of rates, based on entities: • City, County, FISD, HUW, WCD: $1.7868 • County, FISD, HUW, WCD: $1.5612 • County, FISD, HUW, WCD, WDS: $1.9379 • County, HISD, HUW, WCD: $1.4550 • County, Doss CCSD, HUW, WCD: $1.3417

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830-997-2584 7

City Hall, located at 126 West Main Street, is open from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

City of Fredericksburg Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants in 1846. The city serves as the county seat for Gillespie County. Below is listed information about the government that runs the city. City Council Adopted by the citizens of Fredericksburg in 1991, the Home Rule Charter type of government is the legislative and governing body of the city, and consists of a mayor and four council members. They are elected from the city at-large. The term for the mayor and council mem-

Fredericksburg City Council

(term expiration in parentheses) Mayor Linda Langerhans (May 2020) Charlie Kiehne (May 2020) Gary Neffendorf (May 2019) Jerry Luckenbach (May 2019) Tom Musselman (May 2020)

bers is two years. No mayor or council member may serve more than four consecutive two-year terms in the same office. The terms of the council members are staggered so that two members are elected to a regular term each year. Generally, city council’s regular meetings


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City Staff City Manager: Kent Myers Asst. City Manager: Clinton Bailey Public Information Officer: Lea Feuge City Secretary: Shelley Goodwin Municipal Judge: Terry D. Langehennig Associate Judge: James Heupel Court Clerk: Ida Sotello City Attorney: Daniel Jones Dir. of Human Resources: Tammie Loth Dir. of Community Support: John Culpepper Fire Dept. Chief: Lynn Bizzell Fire Marshal: Dave Wisniewski Police Dept. Chief: Steve Wetz Dir. of Development Services: Brian Jordan Historic Preservation Officer: Anna Hudson

are held on the first and third Mondays of each month, beginning at 6 p.m., in the meeting room of the Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center, 1601 East Main Street. Fredericksburg’s City Hall building is located at 126 West Main Street. The phone number is 830-997-7521.

Building Official: David Millegan Building Inspector: Michael Erwin Building Inspector: Kyle Staudt Development Coordinator: Shelby Collier City Code Enforcement Officer: Ray Ortegon Dir. of Finance: Laura Hollenbeak Senior City Accountant: Dana Smith Accounting Administrative Asst.: Janelle Chapman Accounting Clerk: Mary Gonzalez Dir. of Public Works and Utilities: Clinton Bailey Asst. Dir. of Public Works: Kris Kneese Asst. City Engineer: Garret Bonn Staff Engineer: Evan Williamson Construction Inspector: Brian Peters

City Boards Zoning Board of Adjustment Appointed by the city council, the Zoning Board of Adjustment has the power to grant variances from zoning property development regulations and certain provisions of the sign ordinance. Cont. on page 10 ▶

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CITY The Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings are only scheduled when an application is submitted. Board Members (term expiration in parentheses) Robert Deming, chairman (July 2019) Jim McAfee (July 2019) Cynthia Scroggins (July 2019) Donnie Finn (July 2019) Jeff Lawrence (July 2020) John Smilijanic (July 2020)

Historic Review Board The Historic Review Board looks over all Parks and Recreation – 997-4202 Director: Andrea Warren Park Maintenance Superintendent: Trevor Dupuis Special Events Coordinator: Jennifer Krupa Recreation Superintendent: Justin Hagendorf Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course Pro Shop – 997-4010 Director: Chris Meade Superintendent: Dale Hough Street Department – 997-7521 Superintendent: Glen Koennecke

Cont. from page 9

applications proposing alterations, changes, construction, demolition or relocation within the Historic District and Historic Landmarks. Board Members (term expiration in parentheses) Sharon Joseph, chairman (July 2019) Larry Jackson, vice chairman (July 2020) David Bullion (July 2020) Mike Penick (July 2020) Eric Parker (July 2019) Karen Oestreich (July 2019) Alternates Jessica Davis (July 2019) Assistant Superintendent: Kelton Duecker Electric Department – 997-7521 Superintendent: Lee Stubblefield Line Foreman: Jeff Wanek Sanitation Department - 997-3459 Superintendent: Kerry Schmidt Assistant Superintendent: Josh Treiber Water Department – 997-7521 Superintendent: Jeff Rich Gillespie County Health Division- 997-7521 Sanitarian: Kelli Olfers, R.S.

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Richard Laughlin (July 2019) Bobby Watson (July 2020) 2019 Scheduled Meetings Feb. 12 June 11 Oct. 15 March 1 July 9 Nov. 12 April 9 Aug. 13 Dec. 10 May 14 Sept. 10

Planning and Zoning In its capacity as zoning commission, the Planning and Zoning Commission has the power and has as its duty to hold public hearings and make recommendations to the city council on all requests or proposals for amending, changing or adding to the zoning ordinance. P&Z Board Members (term expiration in parentheses) Janice Menking, chairman (July 2019) Brenda Segner, vice chair (July 2019) Chris Kaiser (July 2019)

Jim Jarreau (July 2020) Polly Rickert (July 2020) Daryl Whitworth (July 2019) Steve Thomas (July 2019) Tim Dooley (July 2020) Jim Warren (July 2019) 2019 Scheduled Meetings Feb. 6 June 5 Oct. 9 March 6 July 3 Nov. 6 April 3 Aug. 7 Dec. 4 May 8 Sept. 4

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Gillespie County Gillespie County’s 1,061 square miles lies at the heart of the Lone Star State’s 254-county body. Visible on a Texas map because of its straight lines and near-perfect rectangular shape, the county serves as home to just over 25,000 residents. County facilities County services are provided through the Gillespie County Courthouse in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg at 101 West Main Street. Situated on “Courthouse Square,” the courthouse is joined there by Pioneer Memorial Library, and the Gillespie County Annex 1 building (located in the former U.S. Post Office.) Annex 1 houses the driver’s license office, the justices of the peace offices, the county attorney’s office and the hot check department. Gillespie County Annex 2, another auxiliary building, is located across the street from the courthouse at 102 East San Antonio Street (the corner of South Adams and East San Antonio streets). Annex 2 houses the offices of the constables, community service department, juvenile probation and the Veterans Service Office.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office, are located in the Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center, 1601 East Main Street. And, three miles southwest of downtown Fredericksburg off Texas Highway 16, the county also operates the Gillespie County Airport, an around-the-clock general aviation facility with a 5,002-foot runway and full-length taxiway and fuel services. The County of Gillespie has over 190 budgeted staff positions who are led by 20 officials elected to four-year terms. Commissioners Court • County Judge Mark Stroeher; • Commissioner, Pct. 1 – Charles Olfers; • Commissioner, Pct. 2 – Keith Kramer;

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• Commissioner, Pct. 3 – Dennis Neffendorf; • Commissioner, Pct. 4 – Donald (Donnie) Schuch. The Commissioners Court conducts the general business of the county and consists of the county Judge and four commissioners. It holds meetings open to the public every second and fourth Monday of the month, at 9 a.m., in the county courtroom of the courthouse and discusses: - Adopts the county’s budget and ad valorem tax rate; - Fills vacancies in elective and appointive offices; - Sets staff salaries and benefits; - Has exclusive authority to authorize county contracts; - Provides and maintains all county buildings and facilities.

County Judge - Presiding officer of the Commissioners Court; - Represents the county in many administrative functions; - Serves as the budget officer; - Position includes broad judicial duties, such as presiding over misdemeanor criminal and small civil cases, probate matters, and appeals from the justice of the peace courts; - Serves as head of county emergency management. County Commissioners - Each commissioner, as a member of the Commissioners Court, exercises broad policy-making authority; - Represents one of the four precincts within the county; - Typically, responsible for building and Cont. on page 14 ▶

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COUNTY maintaining roads and bridges within their precinct. Contact a Commissioners Court member by phoning 830-997-7502 or faxing 830992-2608. County Attorney • Chris Nevins, County Attorney. • Robert “Hunter” Moose, Assistant County Attorney. • Sarah Duecker, Assistant County Attorney. • Meg Burdick, Victims Assistance Coordinator. • Maribell Neri, Hot Check Department, Case Intake; • Nick Krupa, Investigator; • Dale Heimann, Office Administrator. The county attorney is responsible for representing the State of Texas in all adult misdemeanor and juvenile felony criminal cases under examination or prosecution in Gillespie County. His office also attempts to collect restitution for merchants and persons who have received hot checks (at no cost to the recipients of hot checks). Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, with a closing for lunch from noon to 1 p.m. Contact Nevins’ office at 830-990-0675 or email countyattorney@gillespiecounty.org.

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Tax Assessor-Collector • County Tax Assessor-Collector Vicki Schmidt. Services provided: - Motor vehicle titles, registration and sales tax; - Boat titles, registration and sales tax; - Voter registration. Contact the TAC Office at 830-997-6519 or faxing 830-990-2756. • An Elections Administrator is expected to be hired in May 2019 and following appointment, will be in charge of conducting elections and voter registration needs. Justices of the Peace Gillespie has four justices of the peace. • Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 – J.D. Hickman. • Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 – Catherine Kuhlmann. • Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3 – Linda McCann. • Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4 – Carl Schoessow. They hear all Class C misdemeanors, handle civil disputes involving amounts in controversy up to $10,000 in value and do inquests, mental commitments and evictions. They also magistrate individuals who have

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been arrested, hear traffic cases, issue warrants and sometimes are asked to grant emergency protective orders. Contact a justice of the peace office at 830-307-3737 ext. 1 for JP No. 1, 830-3073737 ext. 2 for JP No. 2, 830-307-3737 ext. 3 for No. 3 and 830-307-3737 ext. 4 for JP No. 4. County Clerk • County Clerk Mary Lynn Rusche. She and her staff conduct elections (until the Elections Administrator is hired), record public land records, serve as clerk for county criminal, civil, juvenile and probate courts, record births, deaths and marriages and keep record on registered livestock marks and brands. Contact the county clerk’s office at 830997-6515 or by fax at 830-997-9958.

County Treasurer • County Treasurer Kelly Eckhardt. Eckhardt’s office invests available county funds, receives and accounts for all monies belonging to the county and pays, applies and disburses monies belonging to the county as per the Commissioners Court’s directions. The treasurer also serves as the county’s human resource and payroll department but a new department is being created in 2019. Collections office for the county’s Hotel Occupancy Tax is also located here. Contact the County Treasurer’s office at 830-997-6521 or email countytreasurer@ gillespiecounty.org. District Clerk • District Clerk Jan Davis. Her office handles all felony criminal Cont. on page 16 ▶

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the department headings. Cont. from page 15

cases, divorces and parent/child relationship matters, plus works with all civil cases over $10,000, processes passport applications and handles naturalization and citizenship records. Contact the District Clerk’s office at 830997-6517 or fax 830-992-2613. Sheriff • Gillespie County Sheriff Buddy Mills. • GCSO Chief Deputy James Segner. The deputies and lieutenants of the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office enforce the laws of the State of Texas and protect those who live and visit here. They provide security for the county and district courts, enforce traffic laws and other county ordinances and state laws, service of process, accept bail for prisoners in custody, conduct sales of seized and unclaimed properties and take charge of the county’s jail and prisoners. The chief deputy, who is the highest ranking appointed official in the department, supervises the division commanders as the operations manager for the agency. Information on the 10 Most Wanted, crime prevention, Crime Stoppers, emergency system notifications and more is available on online at www.gillespiecounty.org and on

County Constables Gillespie has four constables as of January 2019. • Constable, Pct. 1 – Ken Moore. • Constable, Pct. 2 – Kenny Bode. • Constable, Pct. 3 – Hilario Villa Sr. • Constable, Pct. 4 – Marshall Akin. They serve as bailiffs for justice of the peace courts, collect money owed on judgments, serve the civil process of all courts, enforce traffic laws and assist other law enforcement agencies at traffic accidents, among other duties. County Surveyor • County Surveyor Carey Bonn. Duties include verifying and clarifying property boundaries under original land grants. Other offices Residents are also served by a host of other county offices, among them the County Extension Office, the Veterans Service Office, County Auditor’s Office, Communications Center, and others.

Information on these individual departments is available on the county’s webpage at: www.gillespiecounty.org.

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Utilities, services The City of Fredericksburg provides utility services, including electricity, water, sewer and garbage collection. In addition, the city provides leaf and brush pick up service to its residential garbage customers. Electricity The city provides electrical service to most city residential and commercial customers. To establish service or to ask questions related to billing, contact the Utility Billing Department at 830-997-7521. Additional information is available online at www.fbgtx.org regarding establishing service and rates. For outages during normal business hours, or service issues, contact the Electric Department at 830-997-7521. Outside of normal business hours, call 830-997-8080. Residents should take note that if they live in a location that is not within the City of Fredericksburg Electric Territory, then they will obtain electricity from Central Texas Electric Cooperative. Water, sewer The city provides fresh water service and sewer/wastewater service to all city resi-

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dents and commercial customers. To establish service or to ask questions

Recycling Although there is not currently curbside recycling, the City of Fredericksburg operates a free recycling center at 302 East Ufer Street. Hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Mondays through Wednesdays, closed Thursdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Fridays, from 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays and closed Sundays. Accepted items include used newsprint, white ledger (bond) paper, office paper (all paper, including windowed envelopes, shredded paper, etc.), computer paper, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, corrugated cardboard, pressed chipboard (cereal boxes, legal pad backings, etc.); PETE (#1) Plastic (#1 and #2 plastic may be co-mingled), HDPE (#2) Plastic (#1 and #2 plastic may be co-mingled); aluminum cans and tin cans. Large containers are placed along the drive-through, clearly marked for each of the various items. The city requests items be sorted in advance to expedite the procedure. To contact the recycle center, call 830997-3459.

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related to billing, contact the Utility Billing Department at 830-997-7521. Additional information is available on the web site regarding establishing service and rates. To report a water main break, sewer backup, fire hydrant leak, or for other service issues during normal business hours, contact the Water Department at 830-997-7521. Outside of normal business hours, people may also report a water main break or fire hydrant issue by calling 997-8080. Telephone The primary local phone company in Fredericksburg for landline service is Frontier Communications. For service questions or information, call 1-800-921-8101. Garbage collection The City of Fredericksburg offers garbage collection for residential customers only. Commercial garbage collection is provided by private, for profit companies. Customers should have their can(s) at the curb, with the arrow pointing to the street (wheels to the curb), before 7 a.m. on their designated pick up day. No rocks, broken concrete or asphalt, earth, roofing materials or trash generated by contractors or private businesses on the premises should be placed in the city’s collection carts. In addition, Texas law prohibits the disposal of tires, batteries, used motor oil and oil filters, paint, antifreeze or coolants through household garbage. Syringes may be safely

Water restrictions Currently, the City of Fredericksburg is under Stage 3 restrictions, which regulates that outdoor irrigation, may occur by hose-end sprinklers, automatic sprinklers, soaker hoses or drip irrigation on designated days between 5-9 a.m. and between 7-11 p.m. Watering will be permitted on: • Monday for addresses ending in a 1 or 2,

• Tuesday for addresses ending in a 3 or 4,

The City S

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disposed if placed in a container with a lid taped shut. A map indicating the weekly trash pickup schedule is included in this source book. To contact the sanitation department, call 997-3459. Natural gas Natural gas service is available to all city residents through Atmos Energy. For new service or service changes, contact them at 1-888-286-6700. If a resident smells natural gas or suspects a gas leak, they are asked to call 9-1-1 and the Fredericksburg Fire Department will respond. The fire department will contact Atmos Energy as necessary for emergency repairs. Leaf collection The city conducts two leaf collection periods during the year — one in the fall and another during spring — at no additional cost to city residents. Notice of the specific dates of the collection periods will be published in advance in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post and aired on the local radio station. During those collection times, residents are asked to place leaves (free of limbs and debris) on the street in front of their homes, approximately one foot from the curb line. Collection crews, who regularly patrol all streets within the city limits, will remove the piles of leaves.

• Wednesday for addresses ending in a 5 or 6, • Thursday for addresses ending in a 7 or 8, and, • Friday for addresses ending in a 9 or 0.

No watering is allowed either on Saturdays or Sundays. Watering of plants with a bucket or other hand-held container, hand-held hose, or drip irrigation shall be permitted through Stage 4 of watering restrictions without limitation as to the day of the week; however, it can only be done from 5-9 a.m. and 7-11 p.m.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


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Emergency services When an emergency arises, the most important telephone number to call is 9-1-1. However, there are times when people just need information of a nonemergency nature from the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office, the Fredericksburg Police Department, other law enforcement agencies or any of the volunteer fire departments. Listed below are the non-emergency phone numbers for the various agencies in the county.

Volunteer Fire Departments/EMS • Doss — 830-669-2220 • Fredericksburg Fire/EMS — 830990-2050 • Harper Fire/EMS — 830-864-4253 • Stonewall — 830-644-5571 • Tierra Linda — 830-792-3533 • Willow City — 830-685-3376 or 817-395-3881 Law Enforcement Non-emergency numbers for the various departments include the following: • Fredericksburg Police Department — 830-997-7585 • Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office — 830-997-7585. • Gillespie County Constables — 830-997-7585 • Texas Cattle Rangers — 830-9977585 • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Wardens’ Office — 830997-7585 Hospital • Hill Country Memorial — 830-9974353. (Note: When requiring emergency ambulance service, dial 9-1-1 rather than the business number.)

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Whether it is the printed version, online edition or through social media, the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post is the No. 1 source of information about Gillespie County. To help keep readers informed between issues, a “Daily Update” is offered along with postings to Facebook and via Twitter. Who Editor/Publisher Ken Esten Cooke: ken@fredericksburgstandard.com. Managing Editor Yvonne Hartmann: yvonne@fredericksburgstandard.com. Sports Editor Joshua McKinney: josh@fredericksburgstandard.com. Staff writers McKenzie Moellering: mckenzie@freder-

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Contacts News: fbgnews@fredericksburgstandard. com. Advertising: fbgads@fredericksburgstandard.com. What The Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post offers both print and/or online editions. Subscriptions are available for three months, six months, one year and three years. Also offered is a free “Daily Update” via email, Monday through Friday mornings. Funeral notices are also available via email. To subscribe to the “Daily Updates” and/or funeral notices, send name and email address to fbgnews@fredericksburgstandard.com or visit the website at www.fredericksburgstandard.com and follow the links to register. Where • Newspaper offices are located are located at 712 West Main Street. • The Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post can be found online at www.fredericksburgstandard.com.

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• Facebook users can also “like” the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post’s page. • Follow the newspaper on Twitter @fbgstandard. When • The newspaper is published and distributed each week on Wednesday. Subscribers living inside the city limits have a choice of receiving their newspaper by home delivery on Wednesday afternoons or receiving it in the mail. Newspapers are also available at racks and newsstands located around the city. • Regular business hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. How • Don’t want to email or go through the website? Want to talk to someone? The telephone number is 830-997-2155. • Need to send a fax? That number is 830990-0036. • The mailing address is Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, P.O. Box 1639, Fredericksburg, TX 78624.


Parks, recreational facilities A total of nine parks encompass about 323 acres of greenspace that exist within the city limits of Fredericksburg. From the prominent Cross Mountain Park to Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, Fredericksburg features a variety of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the Texas weather. Cross Mountain Park • Community park • 16 acres • Located off of North Milam • Walking trails, scenic overlook and picnic tables Elementary School Park • Neighborhood park • 10 acres, located on North Adams Street • Baseball/soccer practice fields, basketball court, playground, picnic pavilion, restrooms and trail. Frantzen Park • Neighborhood park • 1.8 acres, located on South Orange Street • Picnic facilities, playground and trail Fort Martin Scott • Special use park • 10 acres, located on U.S. 290 East • Self-guided tour with interpretive signs • Living re-enactments during the year w • Trails Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park • Regional Park • 260 acres, located on Texas 16 South. • 18-hole golf course, baseball/softball fields, Olympic size swimming pool, pavilions,


picnic tables, tennis/volleyball/ basketball courts, fishing at Live Oak Creek, R.V. campground and nature trails Marktplatz • Special use park • 4.5 acres, located on Main Street • Pavilions/ picnic tables, playground, gardens and history walk Oak Crest Park • Community park • 10 acres, located on Texas 16 South. • Baseball/sof tball/soccer fields; covered playground Old Fair Park • Community park • 10 acres, located next to HE-B • Baseball fields, soccer fields, playground and skatepark Town Pool • Community park, • 1 acre, located on West Travis Street • Swimming pool


Fort Martin Scott Improvements/ Development Plan • Developing Master Plan • Fundraising for reconstruction of historical buildings Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park Infrastructure Upgrades • New lights on two baseball fields and fencing upgrades • 100 RV spaces • Full hook-ups • Electrical/water/sewer upgrades over next two to three years by city crews Proposed Sports Park • City looking for more sports facilities (550 kids in soccer association, 340 in baseball and 200 adult softball players) • Existing facilities are multipurpose and receive year round use • Ability to host local tournaments • Plans to be located next to Oak Crest Park, off of Texas 16 South. • The plan includes baseball, softball and soccer fields, pavilions and playgrounds

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Hill Country Memorial Hospital and Clinics Immediate Care Clinics Offer quick, convenient and high-quality care for non-emergent issues and illnesses. • Fredericksburg — 1031 South State Highway 16. 830-992-2820. Open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Llano — 1310 Ford Street. 325-247-WELL (9355). Open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. ER - 24/7 Emergency Care 830-997-4353

HCM Immediate Care Clinic Phone: 830-992-2820 1031 S. State Highway 16, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Open every day from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. 1020 South State Highway 16 in Fredericksburg. HCM Medical Group From primary care to specialty physicians, HCM Medical Group works together for the health care needs of the communities it serves.

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830-992-2900 COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Scorpions • Carpenter Ants Rodent Control • Spiders Termites • Fire Ants Fertilization • Disease/Insects Tree Spraying • Ball Moss

When it comes to pests, WE MEAN BUSINESS!!! The City S

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Hill Country Memorial Hospital, located at 1020 South State Highway 16, offers a variety of medical services and programs. — Submitted photo


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Medical offices in Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Johnson City, Llano and Boerne. 830-990-1404. Home Care Skilled nurses, home health aides, therapists and social service professionals provide the care individuals need wherever they call home. 830-997-1336. 808 Reuben Street, second floor, Fredericksburg. Hospice Provides safety and dignity for patients and comfort to families and caregivers during the most important time of life. 830-997-1335. 808 Reuben Street, second floor, Fredericksburg. Infusion A new dedicated suite with specially

trained infusion services staff. 830-997-1265. 1009 South Milam, Suite 2, Fredericksburg. Breast Center One of the best defenses against breast cancer is early detection, and the Hill Country Memorial Breast Center’s 3D digital mammography unit is an important first step in discovering a breast tumor early. 830-990-6181. 808 Reuben Street, Fredericksburg. Obstetrics Hill Country parents and babies have a special place for delivery. 830-997-1253. Women’s Pavilion, 1011 South Milam Street, Fredericksburg. Outpatient Rehab Provides physical, occupational and

Hill Country Bicycle Works www.hillcountrybicycle.com 702 East Main St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 tel 830-990-2609 141 West Water St. Kerrville, TX 78028 tel 830-896-6864

Sales • Service • Rentals Local Route Maps


ITZ ELECTRIC, INC. Serving the Hill Country Since 1969

•Electrical Contracting •Residential and Commercial •Central Heating and Air Conditioning TECL 17626 TACLB003802C

turn to the experts

804 E. Main • Fredericksburg • 830-997-4535


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speech therapies for adults and children, plus cardiac and pulmonary rehab. • 402 West Windcrest, Fredericksburg. 830-997-1357 or 830-997-1358 (cardiac and pulmonary). • 511 U.S. Highway 281, Marble Falls Physical Therapy. 830-992-2830. Orthopedics Total knee, shoulder and hip joint replacement surgery through the Restore program provides care for joint replacement surgery patients. 830-990-6134. 1020 South State Highway 16, Fredericksburg. Sleep Lab Sleep is as important to one’s health as diet and exercise. Ask the primary care provider for a sleep study referral. 830-992-2552.

• 2511 U.S. 281, Suite 800, Marble Falls. • 1002 North Llano Street, Fredericksburg. Wellness Center More than 20,000 square feet of fitness area devoted to strength training, cardiovascular fitness equipment, and two indoor pools, plus nutrition counseling and diabetic education. 830-997-1355. 1006 South State Highway 16, Fredericksburg. Wound Care Provides evaluation and treatment for complex and chronic wounds. 830-997-1265. 1009 South Milam, Suite 1, Fredericksburg. To find a doctor, visit hillcountrymemorial.org/doctor/find or call 800-578-0631 with questions about HCM’s services.


Bottle Filling Station • Lease Tanks • Sales Full Service Dealer

“Serving Gillespie & Surrounding Counties Since 1952” Commercial • Residential • Agricultural

830.997.2659 1.800.460.VAPO (8276) 1201 E. Main St. • Fredericksburg

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OPEN: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon SATURDAY EMAIl: vapopropane@austin.rr.com WEbSITE: www.vapo-propane.com


Public schools The largest school district — Fredericksburg Independent School District — has a current enrollment of 3,113 students attending its different campuses. Fredericksburg Primary School has 461 students in early childhood, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade. Fredericksburg Elementary School serves 857 students in second through fifth grades; Stonewall Elementary School has 93 students in eastern Gillespie County; Fredericksburg Middle School has 689 sixth- through eighth-grade students; Fredericksburg High School’s ninth through 12th grades have 990 students; Also, FISD’s Gillespie County High School, which serves the educational needs of young adults for whom the traditional setting is not appropriate, has an enrollment of 23 students. Its name was changed in 2016 from Gillespie County Learning Center. Harper Independent School District has 574 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade for the 2018-2019 school year. More information about Harper ISD is available by calling (830) 864-4044. Doss Consolidated Common School District had an enrollment of 20 students in grades kindergarten through sixth after the

MID-TEXAS HEALTH CARE FAMILY MEDICINE Yvonne Haug, M.D. David Cantu, M.D. • child & adult wellness • urgent sick visits • well child exams • adult physicals • immunizations • family planning & nursing home care • newborn care • hospital • immunizations • family planning

• newborn care • hospital care 1305 N. Milam St., Fredericksburg

830-997-7626 1305 N. Milam St

Serving the Hill Country since 1986


Serving the Hillinsurances Country since 1986 Accepting most including: Accepting most insurances Medicare/Superior Medicaid & Chips including Medicare www.midtexashealthcare.com


first week of school. Doss CCSD can be reached by calling 830669-2411. Contact information FISD Central Office: 997-9551 High School: 997-7551 Middle School: 997-7657 Elementary School: 997-9595 Stonewall: 990-4599 Primary School: 997-7421 FISD staff Superintendent: Dr. Jeffrey L. Brasher Asst. Superintendent-Business and Finance: Deborah Ottmers Asst. Superintendent-Curriculum and Instruction: Dr. Delesa Styles Asst. Superintendent-Operations and Personnel: Donnie Finn School board members: Kelly DiCuffa, Kerinne Herber, Natalie Bowman, Judge Edwards, Mark Cornett, Brian Lehne and C. Lance Love FHS Principal: Joe Gonzalez FMS Principal: Sheryl Wallace FES Principal: Monica Ward FPS Principal: Wendy Dietrich Stonewall Elementary Principal: Lori Maxcey Gillespie County High School Principal: Dalen Kirchner


Residential, Commercial, Farm, Ranch

Custom Homes

New Construction • Remodeling • Service

Plumbing & Supply


Carpet • Quality Hardwoods • Ceramic Tile • Laminate

Metal Buildings BOLT-UP • WELD-UP • STEEL UP

LONE STAR PUMP SERVICE 739 S. Washington • Fredericksburg, TX 78624

830-997-5036 The City S

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Private Schools St. Mary’s Catholic School • This private parochial school is also open to nonCatholics. Classes are offered for 3-K to eighth grade. St. Mary’s has 280 students enrolled. • The school is at 202 South Orange St., and the number is 997-3914.

grades ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade. • For more information, call 990-9059 or go online to www.amblesidefredericksburg. com.

Ambleside School • A non-denominational Christian school, Ambleside opened in September 2000. Grades K through 12 study at the new campus, located at 406 Post Oak Road. • Ambleside has 110 students enrolled in

Heritage School • Heritage School, grades K-12, has been offering a Christcentered education for the past 25 years. • The school boasts an enrollment of 158 students, with class sizes ranging from 12-18 students. • The school is at 310 Smokehouse Rd. For more information, call 997-6597 or go to www.heritage-school.net.

High Speed Wireless Internet UNLIMITED DATA! Fredericksburg, Boerne, Fair Oaks, Comfort, Kerrville, Sisterdale, Bergheim, Stonewall, Willow City and Harper Call Today for Free Site Survey!

Toll Free 866-990-1258 Email: sales@beecreek.net www.beecreek.net The City S

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Hill Country University Center The Hill Country University Center (HCUC) offers higher education to Fredericksburg locals and over 200,000 residents from surrounding counties. The center has partnered with Texas Tech University and Central Texas College to provide master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, as well as specialized certificates, in a wide range of disciplines. The facility, built in 2010 and located on a 68-acre site on the east side of Fredericksburg, offers classes for students of all ages and interests. Texas Tech University The Texas Tech University Regional Teaching Site at Fredericksburg offers upper-level courses toward bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Texas Tech partners with Central Texas College to offer a unique 2+2 program, where students take the first two years of core coursework with CTC, and then transfer to Texas Tech to complete coursework. Students can choose from several academic degree programs, including an interdisciplinary degree that allows students flexibility to design a course plan. Texas Tech offers a Local Food and Wine Production program focused on the science and technology of grape and wine production and urban farming. TechTeach is a 2+1 program is a one-year, clinically intensive program, where students complete a Bachelor’s degreee and earn a variety of teaching certifications. See www.hillcountry.ttu.edu for more information or connect via Facebook. Central Texas College (CTC) Central Texas College is a two-year, open admissions institution that offers a wide range of associate’s degrees and certificates


Executive Director: Mary Little 2818 U.S. 290 East, Suite 6 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Phone: 830-990-2717 Email: mary.little@hcucenter.org Website: www.hcucenter.org Texas Tech University Director: Kelly Fox, Ph.D. Phone: 830-990-2717 Email: k.fox@ttu.edu Central Texas College Director: Kristy Kothe Phone: 254-616-3401 Email: fredericksburg@ctcd.edu.

through both online and face-to-face day and evening classes. In addition, it offers dual credit courses through its partnership with Fredericksburg High School. To learn more about CTC in Fredericksburg, go to www.ctcd.edu/hillcountry and stay connected through Facebook. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) OLLI is designed for adults age 50+ who are still working, semi-retired or fully retired. Administered by Texas Tech University, the program offers non-credit courses taught by current and retired faculty and local professionals during convenient afterCont. on page 37▶

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Community Education

Classes for children, teens, young adults and retirees are offered year-round by the Fredericksburg Independent School District’s Community Education program. Want to learn more about computers, real estate, fly fishing, or first aid/CPR? What about joining an exercise or dance class? How about an organized trip? There are also camps, workshops and sporting activities for children; special interest classes, as well as sessions focusing on sewing, music, dog obedience, drones, karate and much more. Class times and locations of classes vary, and registration fees are kept as low as possible. Joanie Kramer serves as Director of Community Education. The Community Ed office is at 234 Friendship Lane in the FISD Administration Building. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Kramer can be reached at 830-997-7182 or via email at joaniek@fisd.org. Free brochures are printed and mailed out three times a year, in the fall, spring and summer, to everyone in Fredericksburg, Harper, Stonewall and Doss. Copies are also distributed in Mason, Llano, Kerrville and Johnson City. Extra copies may be picked up at the Fred-

A variety of camps and classes for youth are offered by the Fredericksburg Independent School District’s Community Education program. — Submitted photo

ericksburg Chamber of Commerce, Pioneer Memorial Library, local banks, restaurants, visitor centers, RV parks, clinics and Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Hill Country Lawn & Landscaping Kevin MacWithey, Professional Horticulturist

ISA Certified Arborist TX-4037A •Landscape Design •Seasonal Color •Landscape Construction Installation •Landscape Maintenance •Landscape Consultant

•Construction Site •Tree Management

830-997-6160 kevin@hillcountrylandscapes.com • hillcountrylandscapes.com The City S

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Stay golden at the Hub For seniors, it’s all “golden” at the Golden Hub. A variety of activities from dominoes to dancing, exercise to health screenings, a nutritious meal and fellowship are offered each week at the Golden Hub to residents and visitors, alike. Copies of the lunch menus and activity calendars are available at the Hub and online. The basics: The Golden Hub is located at 1009 North Lincoln Street and is open to the public five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Seniors of any age are invited and are welcome to bring their friends, family and neighbors. The telephone number is 997-7131 and

Good food and good fellowship are on the menu Monday through Friday when the Golden Hub serves a healthy and nutritious meal. Along with serving food in the dining room, the center also offers a Meals-on-Wheels lunch program. — Submitted photo


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S t B a a • Fredericksburg r r 254 E. Main 830-990-9100 32

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the website is www.goldenhub.org. Let’s eat: A healthy and nutritious meal is served at noon, Monday through Friday, in the dining room at the Golden Hub. Diners are welcome to come early to enjoy other activities and fellowship. Those wishing to dine at the center are asked to make reservations by no later than 9 a.m. that morning. A donation of $5 is requested per meal for those 60 years old and older while for those under 60, the charge is $6. The Hub also offers a Meals-on-Wheels lunch program Monday through Friday that delivers meals to seniors who are homebound or disabled. For more information on the Meals-onWheels program or to make reservations, call 997-7131.

Welcome Fredericksburg Visitors

Fun and fellowship: A variety of activities, services, information and health screenings are offered to seniors and visitors. Weekly activities include exercise, line dancing, Tai Chi, Pilates, Canasta, bridge, dominoes, Mah-Jongg, needlework, dancing, quilting, music (a dulcimer group meets every week), painting classes, language classes and bingo. There are also monthly nutrition education programs, blood pressure clinics and every other month, defensive driving classes. And: Transportation programs are also available through the Hub. A variety of community groups hold regular meetings at the facility which features a large assembly room that can be rented for meetings, receptions and parties.

Proclaiming God Proclaiming God’s Word

Proclaiming God’s W Proclaiming God’s Word Proclaiming God’s Word

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From our wooden floors to our pressed metal ceilings, we’re truly an old-fashioned variety store, offering service, hospitality and atmosphere just like when Grandma and Grandpa were kids.

Sunday School................. Sunday Worship .............. Family Fellowship Meal We Wednesdays ...................

Sunday School..........................................9:45AM Sunday Worship ..................................... 10:55AM Family Fellowship Meal Wednesday............5:30PM Wednesdays ............................................6:30PM 3022 N. State Hwy. 16 (Llano Hwy) • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • 830-997-9836 • www.faithbcfbg.com 3022 N. State Hwy. 16 (Llano Hwy) • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • 830-997-9836 • Sunday School..........................................9:45AM Sunday Worship ..................................... 10:55AM Family Fellowship Meal Wednesday............5:30PM Wednesdays ............................................6:30PM

Established 1923

Conveniently Located In Downtown Fredericksburg

131-133 East3022 Main • 830-997-3458 N. State Hwy. 16 (Llano Hwy) • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • 830-997-9836 • www.faithbcfbg.com


Check out local businesses on our App! On your mark, Get Set, The City S

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Sunday School................................. Sunday Worship .............................. Family Fellowship Meal Wednesday... Wednesdays ...................................


3022 N. State Hwy. 16 (Llano Hwy) • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • 830-997-9836 • www.fai


Sunday School..........................................9:45AM Sunday Worship ..................................... 10:55AM Family Fellowship Meal Wednesday............5:30PM Wednesdays ............................................6:30PM

Pioneer Memorial Library Anyone can continue their education by grabbing a book at Pioneer Memorial Library. The library is located at 115 West Main Street in a restored building that is also known as the McDermott Building. Hours: Pioneer Memorial Library is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, the library is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is closed on Sundays. Library cards: Borrowers’ cards are issued free of charge to residents of Gillespie County who can provide proof of residency (usually with a driver’s license, lease agreement or printed checks with local address). Children six years of age and older will be issued a card when their applications are

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Pioneer Memorial Library has non-fiction, fiction and kids’ selections for the entire family to enjoy. — Standard-Radio Post

signed by a parent or guardian. All non-residents of Gillespie County are charged a $5 per-year fee for a family Cont. on page 38 ▶

1324 S. State Hwy. 16 • Fredericksburg, TX 830.997.8413 • www.theinsidestorytx.com The City S

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A trio of services Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau The Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau hosts the town’s official visitor website, giving potential tourists a peek at the best attractions of this historic and activity-filled town. Housed at the Visitor Information Center at 302 E. Austin St., the organization posts information on upcoming events and highlights for a trip to Gillespie County wineries, art galleries, museums, shops and more. They can help groups with retreats. Ernie Loeffler is executive director of the organization which markets the town through many avenues. The CVB staff of 15 answers questions about local attractions and its travel counselors can help plan events.

Gillespie County Economic Development Commission Director Tim Lehmberg keeps track of business development. He is led by a board of directors which help usher new and expanding business projects into Gillespie County. Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce The Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce serves as a member resource for activities, business development and networking entity. President Penny McBride leads a team which keeps a high profile in town and looks after quality-of-life issues. The Chamber is located at 306 E. Austin Street. The Chamber boasts over 900 members. Contact information on page 37 ▶

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7. Your Family Has Skin Issues Soap left behind from hard water causes irritation, as well as the mineral depsits drying out skin. 8. Appliances Wear Out Quickly Possibly the most expensive hard water problem. Scale deposits wreak havok on many appliances.

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Real estate listings Gillespie County real estate agents reflect the region’s uniqueness. From old-school farmers, gray-haired hippies to 21st Century techies, agents in the area can help visitors Absolute Charm Real Estate, LLC 709 W. Main St. 830-990-0079 www.absolutecharmrealestate.com CC Herber Real Estate Company 145 E. Main St. 830-997-4323 www.ccherber.com Century 21 Sunset Realtors 408 W. Main St. 830-997-9591 www.C21fredericksburg. com CC Herber Real Estate Company 145 E. Main St. 830-997-4323 www.ccherber.com Durham Land Co. 830-992-9923 E.M. Stahl-Keller Williams 1303 E. Main Street Ste. A 830-383-1096

Fathom Realty 830-992-9446 Farm and Home Realty 830-456-3400 Fiedler Home & Ranch 1209 E. Main St. 830-992-9550 www.FiedlerHomeandRanch.com Fredericksburg Realty 112 E. Austin St. 830-997-6531 www.FredericksburgRealty.com Gillespie Realty Group 136 E. Main St. 830-534-5445 www.gillespierealtygroup.com Holland Real Estate 830-456-3967 JMM Real Estate and Commercial 471 E. Main Street 512-906-9317 jmmfredericksburgtxrealestate.com


Fredericksburg Titles Complete abstracts, title insurance, escrow & closing services for Gillespie County. Member of Texas Land Title Association

203 W. Austin St. • Fredericksburg, TX 830.997.3852 • www.fredericksburgtitles.com


make the Hill Country their home. Below are the companies and agencies that advertise their listings in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post: Jones Ranch Realty 501 N. Milam St. 830-997-3677 www.jonesranches.com Keller Williams 1303 E. Main St., Suite A 830-997-1120 www.kellerwilliams-fbg. com Kowert Real Estate 830-997-3311 www.kowertrealestate. com Nixon Real Estate 1325 E. Main St. 830-997-2187 www.nixonrealestate. com Padgett Real Estate 830-889-5263 www.padgettrealestate. com Penick Real Estate 240 W. Main St. 830-997-5684 Portfolio Real EstateKeller Williams 404 N. Llano Street 830-998-0988 Property Management Services 408 W. Main St. 830-997-7564 Real Estate Advisory Team 734 S. Washington St. 830-997-3400 www.readvisoryteam. com

Reata Ranch Realty 408 N. Llano St. 830-992-3045 www.ReataRanchRealty. com RE/MAX Town & Country 116 E. Austin St. 830-990-8708 www.remax-fred.com Sage Premium Real Estate 405 N. Llano St. 830-997-1035 www.sagetexasrealestate.com Simplicity Real Estate 830-456-1948 www.simplicityrealestatetexas.com Southwest Partners 2211 W. Live Oak St. 830-998-5677 www.swpre.com Sterling Real EstateKeller Williams 102 N. Cherry St. 830-992-3552 www.sterlingfbg.com Texas Hills Realty 502 E. Main St. 830-997-6123 www.TexasHillsRealty. com Whitworth Team 830-456-1710

The City S

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Fredericksburg CVB 302 E. Austin St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830-997-6523 or 800-997-3600 www.visitfredericksburgtx.com Gillespie EDC Tim Lehmberg 302 E. Austin St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830-997-6523 or 800-997-3600 www.gillespiecountyedc.com Chamber of Commerce 306 E. Austin St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830-997-5000 www.fredericksburg-texas.com


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ternoon or evening hours. With no tests, no grades and no papers, OLLI classes are focused on exploring exciting topics and pursuing new interests. For the latest catalog of OLLI classes in the Hill Country, see olli.ttu.edu. Community Events and Conferences HCUC offers meeting and function space for community events, club meetings, private social functions, and corporate conferences and workshops. Its 4,000-square-foot H-E-B Community Events Center includes a catering kitchen, accommodations for up to 200 guests, ample parking and stateof-the-art audio/visual system. Contact Lynn Meeks at info@hcucenter.org or phone him at 830-990-2717 for more information.

Hayden Knopp, Personal Trainer

Offering private or semi-private sessions - Call today! 847-431-5753 haydenknopp@icloud.com The City S

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1202 W. Austin, Ste. 200 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 37

LIBRARY library membership. However, only residents of immediately surrounding counties (Kimble, Mason, Llano, Blanco, Kendall and Kerr) are eligible. Books may be checked out for two weeks, and if not requested by another customer, they may be renewed for another two weeks. What’s available: Pioneer Memorial Library is home to adult fiction and non-fiction books, reference materials, the Texas collection and current newspapers and magazines. DVDs for adults and children are also available at the library. Just for kids: Along with a large selection of children’s books, the library also offers story times for pre-school and kindergarten children. Those interested may contact the library for more information.


Cont. from page 34

Children can also participate in the Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Texas State Library and the Friends of Pioneer Memorial Library. And more: Pioneer Memorial Library also offers information about the Texas State Library’s talking book players. Also offered is a collection of large-print books and e-books. The library also offers a copy machine, microfilm reader-printer and nine computers with Internet access for use by the public, along with free wireless access for visitors with their own computers. Also, the library offers downloadable audio books and e-books. For more information, call the library at 997-6513 or visit www.pmlfbg.com.

The City S

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905 E. Main St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830-992-3860 www.cowgirlkim.com

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Profile for Fredericksburg Publishing

City Source Book 2019  

An information source for newcomers and old-timers in Fredericksburg, Texas. The who, what, when and where of Fredericksburg and Gillespie C...

City Source Book 2019  

An information source for newcomers and old-timers in Fredericksburg, Texas. The who, what, when and where of Fredericksburg and Gillespie C...