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Our future depends on how we live life together Frasers Property Australia’s new CEO, Anthony Boyd chats about leadership, social and global change and his vision for improving the way we live in Australian communities

On the rebound Property investor confidence returns

The search for slow 2020 forced a reappraisal of what’s important in our lives — from the busy and crowded, to places where the pace of life feels a little slower

Central Place Sydney A new $2.5 billion Central Place Sydney will be home to the country’s most innovative and entrepreneurial tech companies




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We’re better, together

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Our future depends on how we live life together

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Live and learn

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Introducing Five Farms, Clyde North

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Central Place Sydney

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Ed.Square comes to life

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Back home to Berwick Waters

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Port Coogee’s unique coastal characters

4–9 Our future depends on how we live life together

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A whole new way to rent

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2020: The Year of the First Home Buyer

Investing 40 – 43

10 – 13 Live and learn

18 – 21 Central Place Sydney

On the rebound

Lifestyle 44 – 48

The search for slow

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Things are heating up in Brisbane

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Beloved Brisbane

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2020 Milestones

26 – 29 Back home to Berwick Waters

40 – 43 On the rebound C  over Image The Paratore family, Port Coogee, WA


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

30 – 33 Port Coogee’s unique coastal characters

44 – 48 The search for slow

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Burwood Brickworks, VIC

We’re better, together Even as we head into the cooler months of 2021, the property market is heating up all over the country. It’s a testament to how well Australia has handled the pandemic and shielded itself from global headwinds that confidence is rebounding and people are out-and-about ready to invest in their future.

“Confidence is rebounding and people are out-and-about ready to invest in their future.” Whether you’re a first home buyer, an investor, a downsizer, or dreaming of that forever home, this edition of Live proud magazine offers something for everyone. From the best communities close to schools, the booming market of Brisbane, fresh lobsters on the weekend at Port Coogee in Western Australia, and the launch of a brand new kind of VIP-lifestyle for renters, these are the stories that remind us why choosing the right place to live is such a key part of our happiness and sense of belonging.

Speaking of belonging, Live proud magazine caught up with Frasers Property Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Anthony Boyd in a wideranging interview covering everything from the nature of belonging and social change to his vision for improving the way we live in Australian neighbourhoods. It’s a thought-provoking read, and one that emphasises our priority for being more than just a property company, but a creator of stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods that promise greater futures. Thanks for picking up our magazine. It’s a real labour of love to bring you these stories twice a year. I hope you enjoy them. And if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

Cameron Leggatt Executive General Manager, Development Frasers Property Australia

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Our future depends on how we live life together S

IX MONTHS INTO THE ROLE OF CEO, Frasers Property Australia’s Anthony Boyd is hardly new to the people he leads. Now in his sixteenth year at the company, he has come up through the business with a level of authenticity and integrity that’s made him the kind of man people want to follow.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

We caught up with him in a wideranging discussion covering everything from leadership, social and global change, and what energises him. Along the way we found a few unknown gems about his love of rom-coms and bin night at the Boyd household. But most of all, we found a man with a clear vision for improving the way we live in Australian communities.


Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Berwick Waters, VIC

Anthony Boyd


You began in October last year as the new CEO of an established business in the biggest social upheaval in our lifetime. Good timing? Absolutely! A lot of people have said you couldn’t have taken over at a worse time, but I guess I always look at these things through a more positive lens. It’s such an awesome opportunity. I’ve been connected with this business and the leaders in this business for so long, I had a big head start. So, when I took over the reins, we were able to get moving at speed.

What was your first priority? We’re living through a period of so much societal and technological change, and that has profoundly impacted the way cities function and people communicate with each other. For me, the first priority was clear: how do we, as a developer, ensure that our obligation to create opportunities for people to live happier, healthier, more connected lives comes to fruition? As a business, we’ve looked at that question as forensically and as honestly as we can, and for us, it means not being content with merely being a creator of ‘nice places’ to live, or work, or shop; we want to go further than that. I think our obligation is actually to use what we do — our unique and century-long experience — to create opportunities for people to feel they belong and unite them in a shared hope for a better future.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud


“We’re in the business of improving communities and cultures, and changing people’s lives for the better.”

That seems like a big, lofty goal for a developer to have. Why should people trust that a property company cares about such things? I understand that people would think that. If you look at the concept of ‘development’, it is by its very nature a kind of change that can be very confronting. You’re talking about densification of cities, about urbanisation, fluidity of space, and infrastructure. At Frasers Property, we live and breathe these issues all the time, but for the people who belong to these communities, it can be a source of real anxiety to see a developer move into their neighbourhood and start changing things. What we want to always be striving toward, is creating the kind of change that lifts people up. So, the biggest focus in our business is striving to understand how people’s lives are changing and adapt to serve their needs. More broadly as an industry, we must understand that we are, in fact, facilitators of change, and that it is our responsibility to make that change work for more people.

Berwick Waters, VIC

How so? Everyone is passionate about their way of life. Everyone has a view on what works well and what doesn’t in their neighbourhoods. And when there’s a third party coming in and developing places where people already feel settled, there are fears and frustrations. If we’re being honest, people have a fear that they have no control over what is being developed in their local area. They fear we could stuff it up. And you can’t expect that through simple words like, “just trust us”, those fears will magically go away. Taking the time to understand these emotive drivers — as well people’s desire for a better way of life — is so powerful when you realise, we’re all searching for a place to belong and a better future together.

Ed.Square, NSW

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Speaking of “better futures together” what do you think is the biggest challenge for us living as happy and cohesive communities? The real challenge, by far, is in the way people interact with each other these days. Take the mobile phone as an example. These days everyone’s got their heads down, looking at their phones. When you think about that more deeply you realise people are less aware of their surroundings, and as such people are less able to read body language. We are, in some ways, losing our skills to connect and develop social bonds. Then you think about what’s happening in your own street. Something as simple as bin night, for example. These days, you realise it’s bin night, pause Netflix, rush out then rush back in; no time to chat. No social interaction. I remember when I was a kid, my dad would often be gone for half an hour on bin night, talking to our neighbours and catching up. We’d have to go out and tell him dinner was ready and come back in. I think we’re missing too much of that these days and missing far too many moments because we’re engrossed in screens and not real life.

Can you give us an example of what we’re missing out on? The other day I was mowing the lawn, and because our house is on a corner, I can see the road go in both directions. I could see two young people coming from opposite directions. The girl is probably sixteen and she’s walking her dog. Coming the other way is a boy about the same age, also walking a dog. And maybe this is me having watched too many rom-coms, but I’m thinking this could be the start of a true romance, right here.

“Our job is to make it easier for people to find a sense of belonging, through the neighbourhoods we create.”


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

Two sixteen-year-old’s who don’t know each other, but they live in the same neighbourhood, both walking the dog at the same time, about to bump into each other. I’m hoping they’ll smile or say something and then in years to come they could well be getting married and telling the story of how they first met. How cool would that be? You know what actually happened? Both of them were looking at their phone and neither even saw the other person. I just thought it was a lost moment and a missed opportunity of connection — even if they never saw each other again.

The Waterfront, Shell Cove, NSW Baldivis Grove, WA


So, you believe we have fundamentally changed in the ways we connect these days? Don’t get me wrong — I’m not sitting here lamenting the good old days. I completely get that we’ve moved on and much of what we have now is so much better. People connect in different ways now. But what we have to think about is, how are people remaining properly connected? How are people feeling like they’re part of something and not isolated, or lonely, or left out?

And what’s the answer? It’s all in the ability to facilitate a connection. We do it all the time when we develop new neighbourhoods and communities in outer suburbs. But we also do it in what we call ‘infill’ development — where we are actually building within an existing community, either in an urban fringe or within a city. New residents are moving into an established area, which creates a different combination of people. So, you have this combination of history and pride and familiarity from the people who may have grown up there, mixed with newcomers who want to be a part of that history and culture too. Our job is to make it easier for those communities, helping people to find a sense of belonging together, through the neighbourhoods we create. We know people are excited to learn about each other and find new ways to enjoy life if the spaces are there to enable that.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021


Community LIVE AND LEARN Local school, Brookhaven, QLD

Live and learn Whether it’s a lavish millionaire neighbourhood or idyllic community in the suburbs, there’s a uniting factor that all but guarantees price growth: schools. And while ocean views and ample room will always be perennially desirable, the proximity of a school zone remains dux of the class.


ROM QUEENSLAND TO TASMANIA, cities and suburbs all across Australia have been seeing an insatiable demand for homes in close proximity to schools. According to the Domain 2020 Schools Catchment Report, in the last 12 months alone Melbourne saw house prices rise by double digits in more than 90 school catchments, while Sydney recorded increases of more than 30 per cent in several areas. It’s a similar story in less populated states too, with an astounding 72% of school zones experiencing a price rise in Brisbane, and demand for some public school catchments in Western Australia driving home values up by more than 35%. What’s behind these remarkable growth rates? First is population growth. Australia’s population is growing through migration and registered births. Second (and consequently), is the rising


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

number of new student enrolments every year. And last but not least, is the pace at which new schools can be created to cater for new students — currently lagging in many places as governments and private schools search for suitable land. Taken together, these conditions have made existing school zones a much sought-after commodity, elevating home values by virtue of nothing more than proximity. Aside from the obvious reason to buy property in a particular school zone, it also provides a great opportunity for homeowners and investors to improve their property equity. With demand for schools set to rise even more in the coming years, property values in popular school areas are set to follow suit. It’s why every Frasers Property community is designed to include new education facilitates as part of its masterplan, or is located in close proximity to existing schools and childcare.


Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Early learning Before school even enters the equation, the hunt is on for the perfect early learning centre that ticks all the boxes, while remaining close to home. One such place is Ignite Early Learning, coming soon to Ed.Square in Sydney’s Edmondson Park. The centre’s team have gone to great lengths and detail to ensure they deliver precisely what mums, dads, carers and kids need in a high-quality early learning centre. Visually, the stunning design and stateof-the-art fitout is sure to create an amazing environment for the kids, while childcare services are tailored to the individual child’s needs, encompassing elements such as their development ability, education, health, and wellbeing priorities such as allergies, religious beliefs and more. Also in Sydney is Midtown MacPark, a community that is starting to take shape in the heart of Macquarie Park. Here, there are two childcare centres and a school proposed to service future residents. Meanwhile, at Melbourne’s Burwood Brickworks, the Insight Early Learning Centre focuses its curriculum on sustainability and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, with children able to learn and immerse in the innovative rooftop farm located above the Burwood Brickworks shopping centre. Across the country at Baldivis Grove in Western Australia, the Busy Bees centre provides early learning for infants to preschool age. There’s a dance program to help build coordination and motor skills, a gardening program, and a school readiness program to help children create new friendships and prepare them for the transition to school.

The Bouquet family, Avondale, VIC

Quick stats Melbourne House prices rise by double digits in more than 90 school catchments

Sydney Increases of more than 30% in several school zones

Brisbane 72% of school zones experiencing a price rise

Western Australia Demand for public school catchments is driving home values up by more than 35%

Domain 2020 Schools Catchment Report


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

Primary school Starting school is a momentous occasion in any child’s life — and their parents, for that matter. Providing the foundation for years of learning to come, it’s important to be picky when choosing a primary school. At Frasers Landing, in Mandurah, Western Australia, you’re spoilt for choice with Dudley Park Primary and Mandurah Catholic College nearby. At Brookhaven in Queensland, a range of educational facilities from childcare all the way through to tertiary institutions all lie within a 10km radius. Tucked away in this suburban idyll, you’ll find the popular Edens Landing, Windaroo, and Beenleigh state schools. And for future residents of The Waterfront, Shell Cove on the NSW south coast, Shell Cove Primary offers education with a coastal flair.

Community LIVE AND LEARN Local school, Brookhaven, QLD

High school

Higher education

A time for making friendships and memories that can last a lifetime, high school looms large in every teenager’s life. Helping to get them to class on time, high schools are proposed within several Frasers Property communities, including Mambourin, The Grove, and Five Farms in Melbourne; while existing schools like Coodanup College in Mandurah, Baldivis College in Baldivis, Perth, and St Francis Xavier College in Berwick are all a quick bus trip away.

When it comes to tertiary education, location continues to be a big driver, especially for students who continue to live at home with mum and dad while they earn their degrees. At Fairwater in Blacktown, Australian Catholic University’s newest campus is bringing more choice to western Sydney students. In even closer proximity is Midtown MacPark to one of the country’s best-regarded universities, Macquarie University — a short stroll from Midtown’s village green. And from the elevated landscape of Keperra, a new community coming soon, you can see TAFE Queensland’s Grovely Campus below.

Local sporting club, Brookhaven, QLD

Lastly, in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Parkville, Parkside presents a rare opportunity for inner-city living with both Melbourne University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology just a quick tram ride away.

Schools rule If you’re planning a family, or already have one underway, living close to schools is a huge bonus when it comes to convenience. But it can also help drive your home’s long-term property value. When looking for your new home, it’s important to do your research and choose wisely.

For more information on early learning facilities, schools, and universities in and around Frasers Property’s communities around the country, give us a call at 13 38 38.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021




Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud



Five Farms, Clyde North

To live proud, first you must live well. Melbourne is on track to overtake Sydney as the country’s most populous city by mid-way through this decade. How is a city famed for being one of the world’s most livable going to stay livable with all those extra people? Jill Lim, Development Director at Frasers Property thinks new communities like Five Farms, with its focus on wellbeing, might just be the answer.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021




T SEEMS EVEN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC can’t put a dent in one the country’s most popular cities. Despite a protracted lockdown in the second half of 2020, Melbourne is still on track to become Australia’s most populous city by 2026-27, says the Australian Government’s Centre for Population. At 6.2 million people, that’s more people than live in all of Singapore and just shy of the population of Madrid.

Jill Lim says that crafting a community around the idea of wellbeing has been led by conversations with customers. “Our Berwick Waters community is probably one of the best known and wellregarded communities in the south-east, with an active and proud community that love their neighbourhood,” says Jill. “As a sister community, we wanted to make sure that Five Farms would be just as special. So, we asked our customers and residents what they thought people would need All that growth makes Melbourne a powerhouse in a new twenty-first community in the southeconomy and an attractive base for business east. Their answers overwhelmingly told us that a investment, but what’s it like to live there? How place to connect with nature, make lifelong friends is a city famed for being one of the world’s among their neighbours, help slow the pace of most livable going to stay livable with all those their busy lives, and enjoy the simple pleasures extra people? A new community in Clyde North of local life — like football designed around the games on the weekends principles of wellness and time spent outdoors — and sustainability might What 2020 showed us is that is what’s most important.” just be the answer. we need to create stronger and The masterplan for Five Dubbed ‘Five Farms’ Farms feels both selfmore resilient communities. in a nod to the site’s contained and accessible, dairy farming heritage, located just 11kms from the project vision the M1. With space for is a place where two proposed schools, Town Centre shops and health, happiness, prosperity, sustainability, and supermarket, parks, plus a proposed residents’ community combine to create a neighbourhood club, the design ensures a walkable community that feels like a traditional village but with all of amidst tranquil streets and open spaces combined life’s modern conveniences at your fingertips. with plenty of opportunity to socialise or relax Frasers Property Australia Development Director with friends and family.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

Berwick Waters, VIC


Five Farms Fast Facts The new community will also pay homage to the site’s rich farming history. The farming families that have owned this land for generations will be a part of the process, with the names of their farms to be immortalised in precinct naming. The project’s Development Manager, Sharon Coates, says that Five Farms is a perfect example of the Frasers Property Australia belief that stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods are the foundation for healthier lives and greater futures. “We’ve done a lot of work in this area over the years, and I think what 2020 showed us is that we need to create stronger and more resilient communities where people have what they need close to home,” explains Sharon. “By being more socially connected to their neighbours, residents can also rely on each other in ways we used to feel comfortable doing in years gone by. So, in some ways, Five Farms is a return to an old way of village life, but with the best of modern thinking applied.”

Location Hardy’s Road, Clyde North

Proposed masterplan - Town Centre, with neighbourhood shops and supermarket - Two proposed schools and a proposed childcare centre - Proposed residents’ club - Parklands and open space - Home for 1,600 families - A range of land lots, townhomes, and house & land

Development timeframe Approximately 10 years, launching later in 2021

More information fivefarms.com.au or 13 38 38 Berwick Waters, VIC

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021


Community CENTRAL PLACE SYDNEY Central Place Sydney, NSW

Central Place Sydney The heart of Australia’s Silicon Valley

Under the guiding vision of Frasers Property Australia and Dexus, the city’s new $2.5 billion Central Place Sydney development in Tech Central will be home to the country’s most innovative and entrepreneurial tech companies.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

Artist’s Impression


Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Artist’s Impression


HE LAST TWO DECADES of the twentieth century have been called the Computer Age, as rapid technological advancement brought us personal computers, the internet, smartphones, social media, driverless cars, online marketplaces, and AI—just to name a few. All of these inventions went on to profoundly reshape the world and the way we live, and all came from a part of the Bay Area in San Francisco dubbed Silicon Valley. Crunchbase estimates that more than one in every five dollars of available US venture capital flows to businesses based in Silicon Valley, and that the region has the third largest GDP per capita in the world. And that’s not to mention the hold that Silicon Valley has in the popular cultural imagination. But all that’s being challenged as a new generation of tech companies and entrepreneurs


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

spring up in cities around the world, including in Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Those startups, scaleups and tech behemoths may soon find a new home in Central Place Sydney, an ambitious renewal of the Railway Square precinct adjacent to Sydney’s Central Station by Frasers Property Australia in partnership with Dexus. The $2.5 billion project, with jaw-dropping architectural designs by international design team Fender Katsalidis and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is poised to transform and enliven the southern end of the Sydney CBD. Alongside neighbouring Central Park, Australia’s most awarded urban renewal project—also delivered by Frasers Property in partnership with Sekisui House— Central Place Sydney will form a new downtown precinct that will contribute to Sydney’s 24hour economy, while supporting 700 jobs in construction and over 10,000 jobs when complete.

Central Place Sydney, NSW


Artist’s Impression Central Place Sydney, NSW

The world-class tech precinct will rejuvenate Central as one of the key gateways to the CBD and underpin Tech Central as Sydney’s technology and innovation hub.

Tech Central Frasers Property Australia’s CEO, Anthony Boyd says the project is the kind of large-scale, skylinechanging development the company has become known for and trusted to deliver. “We obviously know this precinct very intimately, having delivered the Central Park precinct just a little further west on Broadway. That neighbourhood, much like Central Place Sydney to come, requires the ability to balance long-term vision, strong partnerships with government, business, and community stakeholders, and the ambition to create a place where people can connect and feel they belong.”

Central Place Sydney will reshape the daily experience for more than 20 million people who use Central each year. Alongside an upgraded train and metro system, Central Place Sydney will include two new office towers, retail at the street level, and a curving sculptural building that will doubtless become one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks. The buildings will run on 100% renewable energy and feature a range of healthy building initiatives including touchless entry points and solar glass. Says Anthony, “We couldn’t be more excited about the rejuvenation of this part of the city and the role we can play creating a world-renowned centre for technological innovation, economic potential, and human advancement. It’s everything we aspire to achieve when we say ‘stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods are the key to greater futures.’” Central Place Sydney is expected to commence construction in 2022. Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Ed.Square comes to life In the heart of Sydney’s booming south west, a diverse urban neighbourhood is coming to life. Bringing an inner-city edge to Edmondson Park, Ed.Square has been designed with convenience in mind, offering oh-so-much more than you’d expect. And 2021 is set to be its biggest year yet.


LOT GOES INTO CREATING A NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD, and with its incredible amount of offerings, Ed.Square is no exception. In fact, according to Frasers Property Australia Development Director Warwick Dowler, more thought has gone into it than most. Its five years in the making have ensured every decision and consideration has been thoroughly pondered over to not just get it right, but to make it exceptional.

“We ran some focus groups in the local community to find out just what they wanted from Ed, and what we discovered was a burning desire for great amenity right on their doorstep,” says Warwick.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

“This insight very much influenced what we’re doing at Ed now, which is all about building a neighbourhood that is a reflection of people’s desire to be connected.” At the heart of it all, Ed has been designed to elevate convenience and lifestyle in equal measure. Whether meeting up friends, shopping for essentials or catching a train to work (and everything else in between) Ed is the place for it all, and the best part is nothing is more than a few minutes’ walk away.


Images: Ed.Square, NSW

You’ll find something to pique every appetite in the different food and dining experiences.

Take a bite out of Eat Street

That’s entertainment

Eat Street is set to be Sydney’s newest foodie destination and is arriving soon at Ed.Square. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this mouth-watering culinary experience has been designed as a meeting place for residents, with a wide selection of local and international flavours on offer.

Ed.Square is not just a foodie’s heaven, it’s a place for those seeking to be entertained as well. From the six-screen Event Cinema to the amusement centre, iPlay, there’s a world of fun awaiting both the young and young at heart.

From the delicious (and somewhat unexpected) combination of Indian and gin at Masala Kitchen to a Filipino-inspired burger at Burger Point, you’ll find something to pique every appetite in the range of different food and dining experiences. “This curated mix of offerings has been hand-selected especially for the local area,” says Amanda Whittle, Senior Centre Manager at Frasers Property Australia. “A number of the retailers have local ties and a genuine connection to south west Sydney. This really sets them apart as they know what it means to be a part of this community.”

Event Cinemas will have movie-goers on the edge of their seats with a cinematic experience like no other. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, they’ll bring all the latest releases to life while patrons relax in their Gold-Class level seating, munching on popcorn from the food and candy bar. For those that feel a little more energetic (and competitive), iPlay’s eight-lane bowling alley, arcade games and bar is on hand to support a raucous night with friends. And for the little ones, the Water Play area will be the place to be in summer, evoking hours of enjoyment under the fountains and sprinklers.

Incorporating a mixture of alfresco and other dining options, “Eat Street won’t be dissimilar to the famous laneways of Melbourne,” adds Amanda, “with hustle and bustle, intimate design and building architecture, and lots of gems to discover.” Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



The precinct will host live performances from musicians on weekends and holidays, providing a local soundtrack to all the fun.

Ed.Square’s Town Centre Ed.Square’s Town Centre will be a magnet for the community and a go-to for the needs and conveniences of residents—no matter how big or small. “Ed.Square’s Town Centre will be a major focal point for the community,” according to Amanda. “It will be the place where people can gather and meet and will be the very heart of life at Ed.” A wide range of fresh food options, health, medical and wellbeing services will make Ed.Square’s Town Centre home. Already open and servicing the community is Coles and Liquorland, conveniently located to stop by on the way home from work to pick up dinner and a wine pairing. Coming soon is Myhealth Medical Centre offering a range of medical services to local residents and the broader region. Other health services will include Chemistworks, Ed.Square Dental and Back in Focus Physiotherapy. Also helping to promote a healthy lifestyle is Anytime Fitness. Perhaps most exciting for parents is the addition of Ignite Early Learning. This high-quality early learning centre not only looks impressive with its stunning design and state-of-the-art fit out, its childcare services are tailored specifically to meet each individual child’s needs.

Images: Ed.Square, NSW


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud


Close at heart Ed.Square is poised to be Edmondson Park’s new beating heart, and its wide range of offerings is only half of the reason why. Location is everything, and Ed has easy access to it all. Named by property consultancy Urbis as the most significant new community development in the south west growth corridor due to its integration with the train station and walkability, getting around the local and wider area from Ed.Square is a breeze. Trains from Edmondson Park open up the gateway to Liverpool, Parramatta, and the wider Sydney area. With regular city transits and morning express services, you can be in the Sydney CBD in under an hour. The future South West Rail Link plans will also provide residents of Ed with a direct connection to the new Western Sydney Airport.

Coming (very) soon For the last eighteen months Ed.Square’s Town Centre has been a hive of construction, with cranes, trucks, and hundreds of tradies bringing the new heart of Edmonson Park alive. The big day for the grand opening of Eat Street, the entertainment precinct and the full retail expansion of the Town Centre is due any day now. Warwick Dowler says that the opening of the Town Centre is the realisation of a grand vision to create a neighbourhood that feels both self-contained and thoroughly cutting-edge. “It’s been five years in the making, but Ed.Square now has the feel of a thriving neighbourhood, with retail, entertainment, and first-class café culture at its heart. It’s exciting to see it all take shape.”

Location is everything, and Ed has easy access to it all.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021




Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud


Back home to

Berwick Waters is a popular neighbourhood gem in Melbourne’s south east. Over the years it’s built a strong sense of character, identity, and local pride. In 2021, it’s all set to welcome a new wave of residents into the community.


ERWICK WATERS IS A UNIQUE NEIGHBOURHOOD combining the natural beauty of wetlands and ample parklands with the kind of community pride that usually only grows over decades, not the mere handful of years the project has been under development. One of the most popular of Frasers Property Australia’s Victorian communities, there’s a big groundswell of excitement as the new stages are set to be released later this year. In anticipation of that, we’re delving into just what makes Berwick Waters, Berwick Waters.

Where it’s at With almost 4,000 residents already calling this forward-thinking community home, Berwick Waters is no flash-in-the-pan. Rather, it has the feel of an established neighbourhood, but with the added extra of being able to build your dream home.

“The things for people to do is part of what makes Berwick Waters feel like an established neighbourhood,” observes Jill Lim, Development Director at Frasers Property Australia. “The other part of this is its community. Residents connect and look out for one another, especially when someone new moves into Berwick Waters.” The neighbourhood is by no means short of community pride either. “We love living in Berwick Waters because it feels close to nature with the natural wetlands and parks,” says Ludna Mohamed, a Berwick Waters resident. “The people and surroundings are so warm and welcoming that we feel like we have made the best decision of our lives moving to this community. My kids love it here, and we all enjoy the space and serenity of this wonderful neighbourhood.”

Berwick Waters, VIC

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Images: Berwick Waters, VIC

Established community spirit

“There is a real sense of pride in the Berwick Waters community,” says Frasers Property At the heart of Berwick Waters are the Marketing Manager Kelly Summers. “Pride in people. They make the community what it the community by keeping it looking beautiful is, coming together to create an and well maintained, as well as inclusive, welcoming and diverse pride in residents’ achievements in Life at Berwick Waters neighbourhood. This community building their forever homes and spirit is perhaps most evident in means an almost being able to call themselves part how the residents interact with one of the neighbourhood. ” unbeatable combination of another, whether that be with a accessibility and amenity. “They really love the environment smile as they go about their days or they’re in,” adds Jill Lim. “They via involvement and participation consider their neighbours friends and in resident Facebook groups are genuinely happy to be living there.” and initiatives. Fuelling this community pride is a range of resident initiatives and activities in place to further bring residents together. “The biggest thing happening at Berwick Waters at the moment is the Berwick Waters parkrun, which is organised and managed by the local community. Every week we see such a great turn out from local residents getting out and about enjoying what Berwick Waters has to offer,” says Kelly. Other community initiatives have included fitness programs such as Fitness for Blokes; local personal training programs and sponsorship of Berwick Waters Casey Stride Running Series, there’s also spring gardening, Christmas lights and photo competitions; pop up playgroups in the park; and many other community celebrations and activities.

Close to everything Life at Berwick Waters means an almost unbeatable combination of accessibility and amenity. Resident Gampalage Samarasekara comments that Berwick Waters is a “beautiful environment, within walking distance to shops and other amenities such as prestigious schools, parks, and public transport. It really is the best place to live in Melbourne.”  28

Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud


Currently within the community are a range of beautiful parks, wetlands and open green spaces, as well as numerous walking and cycling tracks to help residents stay active. A little further out is Casey Fields, with its regional athletics centre, sports ovals, tennis courts, playgrounds, netball courts and criterium cycling track. For life’s conveniences (and occasional bout of retail therapy), it’s a quick nip down to the shops with a variety of centres at your disposal, including Casey Central and Eden Rise Shopping Centres. Or head to High Street for a more intimate experience, taking your pick from its various cafes, restaurants and bakeries. When the time comes to head to work, Berwick Train Station is conveniently located close by for an easy and stress-free commute. Adding to this abundance of amenities is the large selection of schools in the area. “Berwick Waters benefits from proximity to some fantastic schools, including the newly opened Grayling Primary School and the well-known Hillcrest Christian College,” says Kelly. Resident Daphnie Cramer further adds that being close to many schools “provides such a warm and family-orientated feeling. Watching the little ones walking to school in the mornings creates a sense of happiness and brightens our day.”

More to come And that’s just the beginning of it. Alongside the newest stages being released, Frasers Property Australia and partner Mondous Property Australia are set to start construction to deliver key pieces of infrastructure and a new section of wetlands at Berwick Waters. “A proposed Town Centre is in the works, offering residents true convenience with a full-line supermarket and a range of specialty stores,” says Kelly. “Also to come as part of our wider estate works are significant new wetlands and surrounding parkland.” An additional three state school sites are also proposed in the area, which will make travelling to school in the mornings even easier once delivered.

Join the community With its engaged community and abundance of nature and amenities, Berwick Waters has all the elements needed to be a place you’ll be proud to come home to. With a range of new land lots of varying sizes soon to be released, there’s no better time to join this flourishing community. To make your enquiry, give us a call on 13 38 38.

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Port Coogee’s unique coastal characters Maybe it’s the sense of endless summer, the taste of salt on the skin, the crunch of sand between your toes. We may never know exactly why, but the pace of life definitely moves differently when you’re living in a coastal village like Port Coogee. There’s a unique character — comprising many colourful local characters — that make coastal places so special.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud



ORT COOGEE IS AN EXEMPLAR of something people the world over recognise as quintessentially Australian living — laid-back coastal lifestyle with a close-knit community feel. There’s something about the interplay of elements — sand, sea, salty air, and glorious sunsets — that makes seaside living a unique and highly sought-after experience. Frasers Property General Manager of Development WA, Tod O’Dwyer, says there’s a special alchemy in these natural elements that are irresistibly attractive to humans. “Australia’s an island nation, and the pull of water is something I think we all feel,” says Tod. “Whether it’s the annual beach holiday or a daily ocean swim, we are all drawn to the sea. And that’s at the heart of the enduring appeal of coastal communities; you just feel different when you’re there. More relaxed somehow.” With its thriving local community and busy marina, you could be forgiven for thinking that Port Coogee, located just 5kms from Fremantle, has been around forever. Into its fifteenth year of development, the project is about to address the most exciting part of its life cycle — the marina village precinct. Though still under design, Tod says the vision for the precinct is to create a hub for the community that’s activated night and day with bars, cafes, and restaurants. “We’ve reached a really pinnacle moment in the creation of Port

Coogee,” explains Tod. “The marina has been hugely popular for boat owners, and we’re excited to build on that to create a harbourside hub where you can come down and enjoy a sundowner cocktail with friends or some fresh seafood straight off the boat.” So, given the unique character of coastal places, is there additional pressure when designing beachside communities versus urban communities? “I think so, yes,” says Tod. “The central design focus has always got to be the water. So, you’re constantly thinking about how to address the water and the viewlines to the water in everything you do. That touches everything from the housing typologies to the choice of street trees. These kinds of sites don’t come along often — they’re unique and very rare. So, you really want to get it right. There’s a huge sense of privilege with not only providing a place for people to make their home but shaping their experience of coastal culture. Getting it right is something we don’t take lightly.” But careful and considerate design is only one of the ways that Port Coogee has come to life. The other is the people that live, work, play and celebrate life in this part of the world. We caught up with a few of the local characters of Port Coogee to understand what makes living in this part of the world so unique. Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021




Robert Cramp RETIRED


As proprietor and pharmacist of Blooms the Chemist Port Coogee, Andria is used to helping people with their health. As a keen open water swimmer and ocean-lover, she says it’s easy to enjoy an active, healthy life when you live somewhere as beautiful as Port Coogee.

History and legacy are just as important to Robert Cramp. A sprightly 83 years old and loving his Port Coogee retirement with wife Maureen, Robert’s connection to the place goes back a couple of generations.

Living and working in Port Coogee is a dream come true for Amber Vost and family. Running her thriving hairdressing business from home, Amber says they’ve found their little piece of paradise.

“The exact spot where I live today was where my grandfather’s business — Anchorage Butchers — was located,” explains Robert. “I worked there from the age of 14 as a stockman. My grandfather, George Atkinson, was well known in the racing industry and we used to swim the thoroughbreds here three times a week in those days. When Maureen and I saw the foundations going down for the units here, we asked about it and grabbed this apartment straight away, off-the-plan. That was seven years ago. Maureen and I love sitting out on the verandah and watching the sunset. It’s the atmosphere and quietness we love.”

“I have met so many friendly locals while living here with my husband and three beautiful boys — it’s just the best place for our children to grow up,” says Amber. “Every day has that quality of living like you’re on a holiday. The fresh air is amazing and makes you feel so relaxed.

“One thing that’s very striking here is that people seem to have a shared love of the ocean and the outdoors. Most days I have customers chatting about their morning catch, or whether they have been down for their morning dip, or a dive along the Coogee maritime trail. There seems to be a greater awareness and consideration for the ocean and the environment. “Blooms the Chemist Port Coogee is a proud sponsor of the Port Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim each year. Alongside family and friends, I’ve completed the swims, and I just think we’re so lucky to have this beautiful beach that’s perfect for open water swimming. We have a marquee on the day and my whole team gets involved. We have a lot of fun and see many of our regular customers at the event. Open water swimming is fun, healthy, and inclusive — much like the Port Coogee community.”


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The other thing is the community. Most people are quite friendly and stop for a chat. Everyone is always helping each other. We have a really friendly street too — we regularly catch up for dinner and drinks. Our kids have so many friends here. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.”


The Paratores A FISHING FAMILY Maria Paratore and her husband Joe both migrated to Western Australia from their Italian homeland as children in the 1960s. Meeting in Fremantle, they married, started a family and moved to Port Coogee. The family are locally famous for selling freshly caught lobster from their boat, much to the delight of other local residents. Says Maria, “Port Coogee, for us, is very unique, very special. It has provided us with the opportunity to replicate the things we miss so much about our homeland. Back in Italy, it was common during long, hot summer days and nights for half the village to congregate by the water to get cool. The children would all know each other and spend time playing on the beach. The parents would picnic and swim. At times when we have really missed Italy, we have found Port Coogee to be ideal in providing us with a beach to continue this tradition as a family. Many happy nights have been spent here with some of our Italian friends.”

Samantha Standish MARINA MANAGER

For Samantha Standish, the best part of her job is that her office is perched right over the water at Port Coogee Marina. In her eyes, the thing that makes this little coastal community so special is that the water offers both relaxation and recreation in equal measure. “Whether it’s a snorkel on the Omeo wreck, going out on a boat for fishing or pleasure sailing, paddling at Ngarkal Beach, or looking at the marine life from the boardwalk, Port Coogee offers a unique opportunity for all people to connect with the ocean in some way. You learn to read the elements too. Weather plans are a priority! Learning the best time of day to walk the dog, swim, boat, and fish, so as to beat the Freo Doctor becomes second nature. And of course, watching the sunset every single day; you can’t beat that.”

Tanya Cobban TAVERN OWNER Love bloomed at Port Coogee for Tanya Cobban, meeting her partner and Port Coogee resident Aaron around three years ago. Since then, Tanya has put down roots in the local community, opening the Australian Brewhouse bar and restaurant overlooking the marina. “The local community is the friendliest I’ve ever seen,” says Tanya. “I love the people, the coast, and the support I’ve received here. The Brewhouse has really grown and become the neighbourhood ‘local’ for residents. For me, the thing I associate most with this region is the fresh coastal air. Even when it’s blowing a gale it makes me feel refreshed and energised. When you’re out in the open air and outdoors you don’t feel claustrophobic, there’s no rush-rush. If you want to feel relaxed, be around friendly people with a carefree atmosphere, this is the place to be.”

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A whole new way to rent The folks at Frasers Property believe there’s a time in everyone’s life to really live. Which is why their new project in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is designed to treat renters like rock stars, in a location that’s all about living in the moment.


F THERE’S ONE WORD that sums up the experience of renting for many people, it’s ‘compromise’. Painting a feature wall (or any wall for that matter) is a no-no. Having a pet can lead to an instant rental application rejection. The indignity of putting up with disrepair because the owner is too cheap to fix it.

Frasers Property Australia is set to commence its first build-to-rent project in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley this year, right in the heart of the River City’s vibrant urban playground. Preliminary designs for the 366-apartment building at 210 Brunswick Street showcase a level of amenity that can only be described as more rock star than rental.

If ever there was a way of living ripe for disruption, it’s renting.

At ground level, the building will feature a hotellike lobby lounge, oversized mailroom, and bar/ cafe. Within the building there will be coworking spaces and meeting rooms; gym, treatment room and fitness studio; dog-washing area; bike storage; cinema room; private dining and kitchen; games room, scattered edible gardens and expansive outdoor terraces. Up on the roof, a proposed rooftop dog park, lawn, recreation and cabana deck, podium garden terrace, and a 20m pool with spectacular views to the Brisbane CBD, Story Bridge, and Victoria Park. All services—from grocery delivery and dog-walking to dry cleaning

Enter build-to-rent, a new approach to residential leasing that’s more akin to living in the world’s friendliest (and coolest) hotel than a traditional no-frills rental. With just one owner, ‘build-torent’ describes a new class of building where the apartments are built for renters exclusively. This means tenants have the confidence to rent for long periods of time while the building owners are motivated to ensure the experience of renting exceeds all expectations.


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Artist’s Impression

Community A WHOLE NEW WAY TO RENT Fortitude Valley, QLD

or upgrading into a different apartment—will be able to be accessed by a dedicated tenant app, maximising flexibility and resident personalisation as seamlessly as swiping right.

Reimagining renting Mark Gleeson, Executive General Manager of Investment & Capital Transactions at Frasers Property, says that the new project ushers in an exciting opportunity for people to live the way they want, with everything designed for their convenience and comfort. “Build-to-rent has been around for about a decade or so in the UK and for over 50 years in the US, so the model has had time to mature offshore before making its way to Australia,” says Mark. “What we’re seeing through our research and our conversations with potential tenants is that, off the back of 2020, people want to live in the moment with as much flexibility as possible. We think that starts with turning the experience of renting on its head.” In many ways, the build-to-rent model is a perfect match for the Frasers Property business, combining its experience with residential design, community development, and hospitality services through its sister company Frasers Hospitality. Mark points out that one of the big differences the Fortitude Valley project will have over other apartment buildings is its focus on belonging, security, and community. “Despite its density, a lot of apartment living can be a really lonely experience. Our approach is to reverse that and have the spaces, services, and

staff to create connections between residents. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday on the rooftop, a hosted movie-night in the cinema, or bringing in The Valley’s hottest new chef to give cooking lessons, you’ll have an opportunity to meet and get to know the people who share your building with you. Naturally, you can dip in and out of those kinds of activities as much as you want, but it’s actually easier to provide those social opportunities in a building that’s been designed for those moments to occur. So, yes, we think that will be attractive for future residents.” And who will live in these swishy new digs? Mark says the market for this kind of living transcends age barriers. “When you run this model through your mind for the first time, you tend to probably think of upwardly-mobile millennials or people who don’t want to be locked down with homeownership. And naturally, young urban professionals will be attracted to this kind of offer. But I think attraction to this kind of lifestyle is really more a mindset, and I expect that plenty of people in their forties or fifties, even sixties, want to be treated like a VIP too.” Construction on the Fortitude Valley project is expected to commence mid-2021 with a construction program of just over two years. Resident leasing opportunities will open up just prior to completion.

For more information call Frasers Property Australia on 13 38 38.

Build-to-rent Fast Facts • A new approach to residential leasing • More akin to living in the world’s friendliest hotel • Residents will be able to live the way they want, with everything designed for their convenience and comfort • Spaces, services, and staff to create connections between residents • All services will be accessible by a dedicated tenant app • The security that comes with opportunities for longer term leasing • The freedom to treat your rental like your own home Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



2020: The Year of the First Home Buyer When life gives you lemons, the saying goes, you make lemonade. With its lockdowns and lost opportunities, 2020 was undeniably a lemon — but for many first homebuyers, government stimulus and a short pause in a booming property market meant that first toehold on the home ownership ladder was made all the sweeter.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud


The Monger family, Brookhaven, QLD


ACK IN APRIL 2020 WHEN THE fast-moving panic caused by the first global pandemic in over a century caused the Australian economy to take a steep nose-dive, buying houses was probably the last thing on people’s minds. As a robustly growing property market skidded to a halt, state and federal governments took decisive measures. The $25,000 national HomeBuilder grant was ushered in to keep the construction sector moving, quickly followed by a succession of grants and incentive schemes at the state level. The result was that new homebuyers, especially first homebuyers, were suddenly awash with assistance.

A year on, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Treasury figures show that applications for HomeBuilder more than exceeded expectations with double the number of people applying than original forecasted. And while HomeBuilder was not limited to first homebuyers, the $25,000 federal grant along with existing state first homeowner grants, meant the ability to finance a new first home was up to $55,000 more attractive, depending on the state you were in. To find out exactly how much of a difference 2020 made to the plans of first homeowners, we caught up with some brand-new soon-to-be residents of Frasers Property communities around the country.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



Jessica Taylor, Baldivis Parks, WA Like many young Australians, Jessica Taylor had a long-term plan to save up, weigh her options, and strike when the moment was right to buy the perfect property. The combination of incentives available in 2020 meant that her plan was put into action several years ahead of schedule. “I always thought I’d wait until I got married to buy a place, but I realised in 2020 that I was actually in a position to do it on my own,” Jessica explained. “When it came to the extra grants available, I realised I’d be crazy not to take the plunge now. Even if I’d waited a few more years to save, I wouldn’t have actually been able to save up that extra $55,000 in any reasonable amount of time.”

Jessica started looking at potential new home sites in May last year, with Baldivis Parks in Western Australia a stand-out candidate as a place she could see herself putting down roots. “I knew Baldivis Parks from afar and I had friends that lived in the area. Every time I drove through the community, I got a really safe, familyfriendly feeling like I was at home. So, that’s how I decided it was the one for me.”

Baldivis Parks, WA Ed.Square, NSW

Erika Moncada, Ed.Square, NSW For first homebuyer and new Ed.Square resident Erika Moncada, 2020 was a lesson in what really matters most — a sense of community and connection with the people in her new neighbourhood. “COVID-19 has definitely changed the way I and many others view homeownership,” says Erika. “With restrictions and working from home, I personally felt a bit of a void with a lack of physical day-to-day interaction. But now, with Ed.Square building up and moving in here, I really feel excited for this community. You do want to have interactions and feel like you’re living normally with everything at your doorstep and neighbours you can rely on and talk to. I’ve met a few of my neighbours and they’re so lovely. It’s great to move in with a bunch of people who are friendly and always up for a chat, it keeps my spirit high.” 38

Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

Community 2020: THE YEAR OF THE FIRST HOME BUYER Brookhaven, QLD

Daniel Monger, Brookhaven, QLD When Daniel met Tamara, they each brought to their relationship two children and a desire to make a welcoming home for their blended family. Brookhaven’s location halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as located close to the kid’s schools, ticked all the boxes. “We knew a little bit about what Brookhaven had to offer,” says Daniel. “But the more we investigated and got to know the community, the more it really unfolded. From initially just being impressed with the natural surroundings and the fantastic parks, we then found out about the walking tracks and the free fitness classes. We realised how perfect for us Brookhaven actually is. Everyone is so friendly. It is really what a neighbourhood should be for kids — somewhere you know your neighbours and see them down at the park in the afternoon.”

“It has always been a long-term goal to own a house but the renting and saving game always seemed to be taking longer and longer,” says Daniel. “When Tamara and I met and decided it was time to join our families, we really focused on ramping up our savings. But it still seemed like it would take a long time to reach our goal. When the 2020 incentives were announced, it was the extra boost we needed to take the leap into buying land and building a home. Not having purchased previously, I was blessed to be able to qualify for the First Home Owners Grant and the Home Builder Grant. Honestly, if it was not for the incentives, I dare say we would still be renting for many more years. “As a first home buyer, the really exciting thing is that this is our first forever home — somewhere that we can grow as a family in the community.”

Daniel says the increase in grants available to new home buyers in 2020 was the difference between dreaming about life in Brookhaven and actually living it.

Jake Farrugia & Claudia Abela, The Grove, VIC It’s safe to say that the trials and tribulations of 2020 were never going to get in the way of Jake and Claudia’s plans. The couple not only got engaged, but they also wasted no time in the next step of building a life together — buying a home. The right place had to be both a great investment for their future and the kind of neighbourhood that would offer a great life right away. Their search soon led them to The Grove in Melbourne’s west. While COVID-19 restrictions on movement made house-hunting that much more complex, the couple found the online tools

The Grove, VIC

available at The Grove a huge help. “We did our research, weighed our options, and visited the project virtually so we knew it was high on the list. As soon as we were able to visit, we knew that the extra time we took was worth it, and that we’d found our perfect spot at The Grove,” says Jake. Adds Claudia: “We ended up taking the plunge in January this year because we knew we’d found a place we loved, and we wanted to get going while the HomeBuilder Grant still applied. We ended up saving $15,000, which is amazing for us.” Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021


On the rebound



Last year was a tough one for property investors with international migration halted, the economy in freefall, and general uncertainty. It was a perfect storm of bad news. But in 2021, there are signs that the weather is improving as investor confidence rebounds.

Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud



NVESTOR ACTIVITY SHRANK MARKEDLY IN 2020 off the back of a sharp economic contraction flowing from COVID-19 impacts. With government stimulus flowing freely for owner-occupiers and first home buyers, property investors found themselves taking a back seat for the first time in a long time.

After cratering in mid-2020, loan approvals to property investors have been steadily increasing month on month, indicating that investors are quietly returning to the market. With ultra-low interest rates on offer and the worst of the pandemic seemingly now behind us, Frasers Property Australia’s General Manager of Sales Programs, Kesree Jones, says that savvy investors are getting back in before the market takes off again. “Back in May last year, the sort of hard-stop in the economy due to COVID-19 had a lot of investors really shaken,” says Kesree. “International students went home, and this was felt heavily throughout the rental market, especially in locations close to universities. But late last year and early into 2021 we’ve seen confidence start to creep back as investors take advantage of the lull. When you have the head of the Commonwealth Bank come out recently and say that they expect to see an eight per cent rise in house prices this year, that’s very motivating to move quickly.”

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



With credit at its cheapest in sixty years, the price and availability of financing has been a big factor in improved investor confidence. The other has been the relative stability of property compared with the recent volatility of the stock market. “The current low interest rate environment and access to credit is continuing to make property ownership and investment very attractive,” says Frasers Property Executive General Manager Development, Cameron Leggatt. “And though I think we may experience some drop in volumes after JobKeeper ends, we’ll see demand for quality stock continue throughout the year because, on average, property remains a stable asset with long-term appreciation trend.” One of the unforeseen circumstances of last year’s lockdowns and travel restrictions was the increase in savings for many Australians. Figures revealed by the Federal Treasury earlier in the year showed that household savings grew by more than $100 billion in the 12 months to the end of November 2020. Driven by an inability to go on holiday, concerns over job security, an increase in ‘rainy day’ savings, and an almost complete stop in spending on restaurant visits, theatres, and sporting events, the unplanned savings boost has flowed on to the property market.


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“When you can’t get a reasonable return on your cash in the bank, that’s when investors look to property, and this is why we are now seeing increased activity,” says Kesree. “We have a lot of seasoned investors through our Frasers Property rewards program, but what’s been interesting to observe is the number of first-time investors coming to us with a desire to get their savings working for them either through rental yields or capital appreciation, or a combination of both. At projects like Burwood Brickworks in Melbourne, Midtown MacPark in Sydney, and Minnippi Quarter in Brisbane, investors are snapping up opportunities where quality rentals are in short supply.”

Investing ON THE REBOUND Ed.Square, NSW

Choosing the right investment property Kesree Jones has been in the property business for 25 years. She says there are five key things to consider when investing in property: 1.

Study up

Don’t let your heart get in the way of your head. Do your research: get to know the area, talk to the locals, browse recent property sales and listings, spend some time at the local shops. You’ll get a good idea of the character of a neighbourhood by spending some time there and simply observing.

2. Keep your eye on the P.I.E. Pay attention to the property fundamentals: Population; Infrastructure; Employment. Is the area on the up, with population and prices growing? Are there valued infrastructure projects planned or underway? Are there jobs available that make moving into the area attractive for renters?


Know your position

It’s critical to know your equity position, especially if it’s in an existing home. Contact a valuer or your bank to find out how to get an accurate view, so you know how much you can borrow against.


Think like a renter

You personally don’t need to imagine yourself living in the rental property you buy, but it sure helps if you imagine what a tenant would want. Chances are it’s the same stuff you’d need: a nice neighbourhood, amenities and services, good transport — and for young families, schools and childcare close by.


It’s easier to be green

The times, they have a-changed, with renters favouring properties that allow them to live with a light environmental footprint: public transport, energy and water efficient appliances, solar power, bike storage, electric car-charging stations, and neighbourhood walkability all make a location more desirable.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021





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Lifestyle THE SEARCH FOR SLOW Berwick Waters. VIC

As the COVID-19 restrictions of 2020 forced a reappraisal of what’s important in our lives, a noticeable migration began — from the busy and crowded inner suburbs to towns and neighbourhoods where the pace of life feels, well, a little slower.


O MUCH HAS CHANGED since the onset of COVID-19 that it’s become commonplace to hear people speak of life in three distinct epochs: prepandemic, pandemic, and post-pandemic.

Pre-pandemic life consisted largely of taking things for granted—including hugging our friends, moving unworriedly through crowded spaces, and total confidence in our toilet paper supplies. Then 2020 came along and everything changed, including our acceptance of things

that weren’t so great about pre-pandemic life. Mortgage stress. Long commutes. A lack of work-life balance. The realisation that many jobs could be done as effectively from home as in the office had many of us rethinking not just how we work, but where we live too. As 2020 forced a reappraisal of what’s important in our lives, a noticeable migration began—from the busy and crowded inner suburbs to towns and neighbourhoods where the pace of life feels, well, a little slower.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021


Lifestyle THE SEARCH FOR SLOW The Waterfront, Shell Cove, NSW

Life’s a beach Frasers Property Australia’s General Manager of Development in Western Australia, Tod O’Dwyer, says that a new surge of interest in the company’s idyllic coastal Port Coogee project, south of Fremantle, reflects people prioritising lifestyle over of inner-city living. “There’s been a marked uptick in enquiry as people look to reconfigure their lifestyles to the new ‘COVID-normal,’” says Tod. “The common refrain we’re hearing is ‘if I’m not going to have to be commuting as much to the office, then I may as well live where I want’. And the place most people seem to want to be is by the beach.” With its warm Indian Ocean waters, safe beaches, and world-class marina, Port Coogee has long been popular with retirees and those approaching retirement. But all that’s changing as young families from Perth and Fremantle discover the community. “There’s a very unique, very distinct character that you get with coastal communities,” says Tod. “Life is a bit more relaxed and there’s time to stop and have a yarn in the street with the shopkeepers or the neighbours you’ve run into. That social aspect is something life in the inner-city doesn’t always respect and can be quite detrimental to young families who want their kids to grow up with friends in the same street or have a neighbour that can babysit from time to time. Port Coogee might only be 40 minutes from the big smoke, but it feels like a world away in terms of pace of life.”

Take five Over on the other side of the country, Frasers Property’s new Five Farms project in Melbourne’s green and semi-rural south-east corridor is promising a new kind of life balance in a community purpose-built to the task. Designed to address five interconnected pillars of wellbeing, the project vision is a place where health, happiness, prosperity, sustainability and community combine to create a contemporary neighbourhood with the feel of a traditional village. Frasers Property General Manager of Development in Victoria, Sarah Bloom, says the launch of this new project couldn’t be more timely. “I think last year really highlighted for people that the kinds of things we had sort of come to accept as the costs of modern life were burdens we didn’t always have to bear,” explains Sarah, “and that we can find a better balance. The design of Five Farms really consciously taps into that concept of balance, presenting a way to get outdoors more, walk more, play more and immerse in your surroundings.” Port Coogee, WA


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud



On the waterfront At one of the company’s oldest running projects on the south coast of NSW, the search for slow has seen an exodus of Sydneysiders to The Waterfront, Shell Cove. Ben Morgan is the lead engineer for the boat harbour development at The Waterfront, spending more than a decade working on the monumental Shell Cove project. Having grown up on the south coast and studied civil engineering at the University of Wollongong before undertaking a Masters in Coastal Engineering at UNSW, Ben’s connection to this part of the world is deeply felt. “I just like the coast. Growing up there was always water around where I lived. That’s where my interests lie, and I wanted my career to be about something I love. So, I chose coastal engineering as my specialisation and work on marina projects,” Ben says. After living for many years in Sydney and commuting to Shell Cove, Ben bought a home in the community for his young and growing family, placing him in the “backyard of the project”. “I used to get up at 6am to beat the traffic if I was driving down to the site from Sydney for inspection. Now I can turn up any time I am needed to keep track on how construction is progressing,” Ben says. “I often even go for a morning surf before work. I used to surf twice a month when I was living in Sydney, but since moving here I have been surfing two to three times a week. The lifestyle is fantastic.”

The Waterfront, Shell Cove, NSW

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Lifestyle THE SEARCH FOR SLOW Hamilton Reach, QLD

Northern exposure A year of COVID-19 saw a lot of records tumble. One was the largest quarterly net loss of people migrating away from Australian capital cities since records began in 2001. Melbourne and Sydney were the biggest losers, with Brisbane gaining the most. Frasers Property Australia’s State Sales Manager for Queensland, Mary McCabe‑Gray, says that 2020 caused a lot of people to re-examine what was working (and not working) in their lives.

Baldivis Grove, WA

“I think COVID-19 has a lot of people rethinking what matters to them now,” explains Mary. “We’ve had a lot of conversations with people from Melbourne and Sydney, who are contemplating moving up here to Brisbane because of the climate and affordability. It’s that work-time commute as well. Inner city living is much more accessible here in Brisbane, with the median property prices in inner and middle-ring suburbs still within reach for homeowners Mary points to Frasers Property’s Brookhaven community, an idyllic little pocket of safe streets and lush parklands situated halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as a rare example of a treechange with incomparable accessibility.

Brookhaven, QLD

“Brookhaven is framed by a mountain range and these heavily wooded conservation areas, so it really feels like this protected little nook when you’re there, away from everything. The reality is that you’re actually only 20 minutes away from Logan City Centre, one of the fastest growing cities in the country. So, you can have this kind of ‘country appeal’ close everything you need.”

Brookhaven, QLD

Search for slow With vaccinations rolling out across the country and people navigating a return to office-based work, the question remains whether the ‘search for slow’ will eventually trickle to a stop or even reverse itself in a post-pandemic world. Sarah says that while cycles are a feature of the property market, the desire for work-life balance is perennial.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

“I think as life returns more or less to normal — and especially as international migration comes back — we’ll see big inflows back to Melbourne and Sydney. But equally, I think that the quest for places that offer more community, more time to be with your family, basically a more balanced life—those are the places that people are going to continue to flock to.”



BRISBANE Australia’s Sunshine State has always been famous for its warm climate, stunning beaches, and laid-back charm. A favourite destination for holiday-makers, these days it’s not just the getaway to Noosa or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef that’s got people from other states talking — it’s that Queensland is now one of the country’s hottest property markets too.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021




ACK IN SEPTEMBER 2020, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released data that showed Queensland dramatically eclipsed every other state when it came to internal migration. Year to date, the Sunshine State gained almost 20,000 people moving in from elsewhere in the country — mostly to Brisbane at the expense of the nation’s largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney.

Living on the sunny side of the street For those contemplating the move to sunnier climates, Frasers Property QLD Sales and Marketing Manager Mary McCabe gives us her inside track on what each Frasers Property community brings to the table:

The question is: what’s driving this boom in popularity for Queensland? Frasers Property Australia’s State Sales Manager for Queensland, Mary McCabe-Gray, says that some of the demand has been driven by people taking stock after the challenges of 2020 and deciding that lifestyle in the north trumps lockdown in the south. “I think COVID-19 did accelerate a lot of people’s thinking,” says Mary. “We’ve had lots of conversations with people from Melbourne and Sydney who just felt that if lockdowns and working from home was going to remain a part of their immediate future, then they wanted to be somewhere sunny and warm. They wanted to be able to still feel the freedom of being outdoors in a beautiful climate or go to the beach with the kids.” With that said, the attractiveness of Brisbane had been a talking point long before the pandemic hit. With massive infrastructure projects and exciting urban renewal, Brisbane feels like a city undergoing a stunning transformation from sleepy caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. “It’s an incredibly exciting time,” agrees Mary. “Brisbane’s got the $3.6 billion Queens Wharf redevelopment, the Cross River Rail, the Brisbane Metro, expansion of the Brisbane Airport — there’s a real sense of momentum in the city. Plus, the development that’s gone on in recent years around the Howard Smith Wharves and Southbank have really put Brisbane’s restaurant, theatre, and night-life scene on the map.” All that investment has had an appreciable impact on the economy of the state, with Queensland Treasury reporting that the state is forecast to grow by more than 3% next year. The flow-on effect to the property market is clear: Westpac and CoreLogic have tipped Brisbane prices to surge by 20% by 2023, far outstripping forecast gains in any other capital city.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud

Brookhaven BAHRS SCRUB

Mary: Brookhaven is one of those communities that really developed a life of its own. Because of its location — halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast — and its affordability, it really ticked all the boxes for first home buyers in those early years of the project. But these days, it’s got the feel of a much more mature suburb and has really evolved into this lovely close-knit community. So now what we’re seeing is that it’s attracting upgraders and downsizers — effectively the parents and the grandparent’s who want to live there as well. I think that diversity is what makes it an amazing community.



Mary: Cova has really been one of the jewels in the crown and just a great addition to the Gold Coast. We just sold out our final precinct here around the marina and overlooking the water, and we’re obviously really proud of the amenity we’ve created here with Club Cova and the Boathouse. It’s just a fantastic place to live with a tight-knit community that’s very proud of their neighbourhood. You can’t ask for more than that.


Hamilton Reach HAMILTON

Mary: I think part of the reason why Hamilton Reach is so special is the location. It’s very private; it’s very quiet. You drive down there, and you’re just struck by the sense of calm and tranquillity that comes from this part of the Brisbane River. We’ve taken great care to honour that with the design for the project and the diversity of architecture that’s there. Nothing is cookie-cutter and there’s a very distinct riverside identity that’s very purposeful and deliberate. Our final collection of freehold riverfront homes is now available, and they are simply stunning in the way they incorporate natural materials, lots of light, and beautiful viewlines to the water. There’s nothing else like this along the Brisbane River; it’s just that rare and special.

Minnippi Quarter CARINA

Mary: Oh, I wish we had ten more Minnippi Quarters! It’s easily been one of our most popular communities in many years. It sold out 12 months ahead of schedule. I think that’s a real testament to its location already being very established and right next to the Minnippi Parkland, which is like having this enormous play space as your backyard. With the residents recreation centre at the heart of the community, it’s going to be one of the best addresses in Carina.

New community coming soon KEPERRA

Mary: I am so excited to unveil this project to the market later this year. It’s totally unique and offers this really rare commodity: elevated homes a hundred plus metres above sea level that just don’t come along every day. The transformation plans for this site, which used to be a working quarry, are just breathtaking. Landscaping will be a key feature and will be used to soften all the hard edges and create this cool oasis built into the side of Enoggera Hill in Keperra. It’s going to be pretty iconic.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



BBeloved R I S B A N E We’ve paid a fair bit of attention to the sun-soaked city of Brisbane in this issue of the Live proud magazine, and deservedly so. From waterfront revelry to peaceful parks, and everything between, Brisbane is truly a city with something for everyone.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud



ET MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY SQUARE OFF in their perennial competition to be ‘the best’. Anybody who’s in-the-know, knows that Brisbane doesn’t need to brag. With a self-confidence that comes from natural beauty, innate friendliness, and a more relaxed pace of life, Queensland’s capital has something for everyone, from intrepid explorer to culture-vulture.

For the Socialite

For the Nighthawk

There’s nothing that makes you feel more like the city’s at your feet than when you’re sipping a cocktail by the water’s edge. From hip Howard Smith Wharves to bustling Southbank to New Farm’s Powerhouse, you can catch your reflection in the water as you enjoy the best of Brisbane’s cafes, bars, and restaurants along this lively river edge. It’s not all so serious though; the annual Brisbane Comedy Festival at the Powerhouse keeps everyone grounded.

There’s a reason Brisbane is lovingly referred to as BrisVegas, with a memorable night almost guaranteed if you know how to play your cards right. There’s the famed Treasury Casino, with 24-hour non-stop excitement, and set to transform the CBD and river’s edge in 2022 is Brisbane’s new entertainment and lifestyle precinct, Queens Warf. A little further afield, Fortitude Valley is undisputedly the home of the footloose and fancy-free. So head to Laruche, Cloudland, or X-Cargo if you’re one of those who prefer to try their luck on the dancefloor.

Capri by Fraser Hotel

For the Bohemian

For the Nature Lover

The colour, character, and vibrancy of Brisbane’s markets are sure to bring out the Bohemian in you, with everything from fresh produce to fashion, street eats and handicrafts on offer. Check out West End, Bakery Lane, or Boundary Street for a taste of local cuisine and culture, or go international with one of the many Parisian, Asian, or Africanthemed markets all over the city and suburbs. For more information on Brisbane’s flea markets, food trucks, and fashion pop-ups, head over to visitbrisbane.com.au.

Some days you just need to stand in nature and marvel at all the amazing wildlife that’s unique to Australia. A great place to visit while in Brisbane is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary located about 12kms south-west of the city. Here you can get up close and personal with koalas, wombats, dingoes, Tasmanian devils, crocodiles and cassowaries—to name just a few. Closer to town, a stroll through the lush and tropical City Botanical Gardens will replenish your soul amidst soaring palm trees and shady Moreton Bay Figs.

Explore it all from the Capri by Fraser Brisbane hotel. An effortlessly stylish and vibrant hotel residence designed by award-winning Ministry of Design, Capri by Fraser combines a touch of the rainforest with innercity chic—featuring lush vertical gardens, trendy art installations, and in-house restaurant focused on fresh and nutritious fare.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021



2020 Milestones WA Baldivis Parks

Sold-out Stage 4 and released and commenced construction of 29 new lots within Stage 6A. Structure Plan amendment for local centre approved by the City of Rockingham.

Baldivis Grove

Completion of landscaping works to the Central Park and civil works commenced on 32 new lots in Stage 2.

Port Coogee

The North Shore release is sold-out, 60% of the beach-fronting Marina Beach lots sold in first 3 weeks, and the Marina Edge sold their last apartment.

Queens Riverside

Sales commenced for Q1 apartment complex and the final apartment in the Q3 complex was sold.

Cockburn Living

Final apartment sells at Vicinity and commercial tenancies sell-out.

East Green

East Green achieved an impressive 7-month sell-out since re-launching the brand in July 2020.

Frasers Landing Stage 3 launch.

VIC Berwick Waters

Re-launching of the community and construction due to recommence.

Burwood Brickworks Frasers Landing, WA

Completion of the first four apartment buildings and welcoming of the first residents. The first two stages of townhouses are due to complete later in the year.

The Grove

The opening of Bethany Rd Bridge and the Davis Creek Footbridge providing an important link across Davis Creek between The Grove community and the other side of Tarneit. The Community Activity Centre is currently under construction. Stage 32 park has been completed and stage 37B park is under construction.


Autumn/Winter 2021 | Live proud


Construction of club Mambourin scheduled to be complete in July and the District Park to open in May.

Wallara Waters

Precinct 2 planning is well progressed as well as construction of the Tailors Creek drainage reserve and wetlands. Berwick Waters, VIC


Minnippi Quarter, QLD

QLD Brookhaven

Discovery Park wins at the Logan Urban Design Awards. Brookhaven welcomes new residents at settlement celebrations.


Now completely sold out, the final stage Cova Waterline will settle and welcome the last batch of Cova residents in May 2021.

Communities we’re creating

Hamilton Reach


Launched the final absolute riverfront homes at Rivers Reach, and completed Riverlight North which will settle in May 2021.


Community engagement commences and DA approved for first retail land sales ahead of launch in November 2021.

Minnippi Quarter

Now completely sold out, the MQ team are focusing on completing construction to the highest quality standards and are ready to welcome the first residents in 2021. Ed.Square, NSW

Ed.Square Town Centre opening 29th April 2021. Welcomed first apartment residents in second half of 2020, and the first townhome/ terrace residents will be joining the community from April 2021


Fairwater's central park officially opened December 2020. Construction of the Central Park Residences fronting the central park nearing completion in May 2021.

Midtown MacPark

Midtown launched publicly with the first building MAC Residences in October 2020


Berwick Waters Burwood Brickworks Encompass Carlton Five Farms Found Carlton Mambourin Parkside Parkville Wallara Waters QLD

Brookhaven Cova Hamilton Reach Keperra (coming soon) Minnippi Quarter

NSW Ed.Square

Ed.Square Fairwater Midtown MacPark The Waterfront, Shell Cove

Putney Hill


The Waterfront, Shell Cove

Baldivis Grove Baldivis Parks Frasers Landing East Green Port Coogee Queens Riverside

A project spanning over a decade came to an end with the completion of the final stage of homes, absolute with the final resident settling in March 2021. Putney Hill is now home to 791 dwellings and over 2,000 residents. December 2020 we reached the huge milestone of filling the harbour. Shell Cove is on track to come to life later this year with the opening of the world-class Marina, The Waterfront Tavern, Harbourside Dining Precinct, boardwalks and promenades, as well as the public boat ramp and car park. Nautilus Apartments sold out in March 2021.

Live proud | Autumn/Winter 2021


“I think our obligation is actually to use what we do — our unique and century-long experience — to create opportunities for people to feel they belong and unite them in a shared hope for a better future.”

Anthony Boyd

Chief Executive Officer, Frasers Property Australia

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Live proud Autumn/Winter 2021 edition  

A collection of stories from Frasers Property's communities around Australia.

Live proud Autumn/Winter 2021 edition  

A collection of stories from Frasers Property's communities around Australia.

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