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A different way. Highlights from our journey to date.

Our changing world demands a different way of doing things. In 2015 we created A Different Way, a whole new way of thinking and working that helps us boldly grow our business in ways that are good for our people, our customers and the environment.

Sustainability is ingrained at Frasers Property Australia—we’re consistently showing leadership in delivering game-changing value for customers. Rod Fehring CEO

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Diversity & Inclusion

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A Different Way is our strategy for sustainable business growth. It helps us deliver better outcomes, and achieve our goal of making a real difference when it comes to sustainability. It identifies the issues that affect us—both now and in the future—and outlines the steps we need to take to get great results. A Different Way enables us to create smarter and more innovative spaces and places. It is already leading to lower utilities bills for our clients, access to more affordable choices, and safer, healthier and more connected environments in which to live, work and play. For instance, by incorporating renewable energy sources— such as geothermal heating and cooling—into our developments, we can help cut emissions and ensure our customers enjoy lower energy costs all year round. We are consistently raising the benchmark, and exceeding it, with all of our new developments and properties achieving minimum 5 Star Green Star certification, representing Australian Excellence.

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By focusing on finding A Different Way, we are becoming a more resilient and responsible business, presenting our customers with far more opportunities, and creating better outcomes for people and the planet. It’s been the foundation for a whole suite of exciting changes that affect the way we work more broadly. These changes allow us to set ourselves apart from our competitors and show how Frasers Property is different—more innovative, greener and more peoplefocused—while being authentic and true to ourselves. We see A Different Way as more than a set of features, but a smart business approach that’s ingrained in everything we do, and that gives us the opportunity to lead our industry. It unites and connects our people and projects, and changes our business for the better. Most importantly, it helps us create game-changing value for our customers. Here are some of the highlights from our delivery of A Different Way. And we’ve only just begun.

People focused

Diversity & Inclusion

Progress on diversity Equal opportunities at work mean brighter ideas and diversity of thought. So, no matter what your gender, religion, culture or sexual orientation we’re committed to creating a workplace that’s flexible and inclusive. What we’ve done: We’ve expanded our Gender Equity Council to include broader diversity, as a platform for turning ideas about equity at Frasers Property into action. It’s led to real progress creating a culture where work is something you do, not just a place to go. Our ‘all roles flex’ approach is available for everyone, allowing flexibility in performance needs with the demands of your time. We’re also delivering a range of benefits to our people as working parents or carers, through our partnership with consulting firm Parents At Work. Where we’re going: In 2018, we launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), but this work is only the beginning. It’s an exciting step with meaningful outcomes and one that we’re proud to deliver, collaborating with Australia’s First Nation Peoples.

We’ve launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan at Innovate Level.

People, communities and places by Marcus Lee

Health & Wellbeing

A national wellbeing partnership Supporting mental health is an essential part of wellbeing. By partnering with education organisation, Smiling Mind, we’re bringing mindfulness to 90 Australian schools. Smiling Mind’s unique app-based meditation and schoolbased programs offer an innovative way to boost well-being for children. What we’re working on: When it comes to new developments we’re also improving the wellbeing of our communities, by rolling out programs with a focus on mental and physical health. An example of how our Community Development Managers are working within our communities is the ‘Green Shoots’ projects—a grass roots idea where existing residents welcome and connect with new residents with welcome messages, tips and advice.

Progressive thinking


Responsible Investment

Our outstanding performance in sustainability has led us to achieve 1st Global Residential Developer in 2018 in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Frasers Property Australia’s Investment Property portfolio was ranked in the top 9% globally and first in Health and Wellbeing and Resilience. Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust was ranked 1st Industrial fund in the world overall, and for Health and Wellbeing. GRESB is the global standard for environmental, social and governance benchmarking and reporting for listed property companies, private property funds, developers and investors. Responsible Investment

Living Buildings What we’re working on: At Burwood Brickworks we’re aiming to build the world’s most sustainable shopping centre complete with Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification. LBC-certified buildings have zero carbon footprint, zero waste and produce more electricity and water than they use. They are built using non-toxic and recycled materials and grow agriculture on 20% of the site. The Burwood Brickworks project aims to reconnect people with nature and the food they eat through an internationally recognised onsite agricultural project, promoting sustainability through fresh produce, education and events.

Central Park Mall, NSW

In 2018, we achieved a Health & Wellbeing score of 100% topping the category worldwide in the office/industrial sector.

Leadership in Green Buildings

Responsible Investment

When it comes to green buildings we’re making exciting progress as leaders in the field. What we’ve done: We’ve achieved the first 6 Star Green Star Design and As Built industrial buildings in Australia. We also have the highest rated Industrial Green Star Performance Portfolio with 64 Green Star rated industrial properties. We’re also walking the talk with our own head office, which was awarded a WELL Building Standard Gold rating, because we know healthier buildings create healthier and happier staff. What we’re working on: We’ve committed to all new projects and existing properties achieving Green Star certification. It’s an approach that demonstrates our leadership and adds significant value to our buildings and for our customers. This not only ensures operational savings through more efficient energy and water use, but also provides wellbeing for occupants—with low-toxic materials used in construction and more sunlight in their environment. Innovation

Innovation Initiative For us, innovation is change that adds value. In 2016 we started the Innovation Initiative, which enables a number of Strategic Missions and company-wide grass roots innovation, using a best-practice customer-driven innovation process. In 2018, we were ranked 83rd in the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies List. What we’re working on: We’ve established a partnership with the Faculty of Innovation and Creative Intelligence at the University of Technology, Sydney. For the past two years we have hosted final year students to help solve our challenges through innovation thinking.

We develop, own or manage over 2 million sqm of Green Star buildings and have over 10,000 residential Green Star lots under development.

Around 350 staff members (thats 43%) have received innovation training since May 2016. 42 employees trained to be Innovation Champions—participating in real innovation projects from start to finish.

Rhodes Corporate Park, NSW

In 2018, we were ranked 83rd in the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies List.

Restoring resources

Energy & Carbon

A cleaner energy future Solar helps us meet the energy challenges of today and deliver real value to our customers and tenants. We’re undertaking regular efficiency upgrades and trialling new technologies like geothermal heating and cooling, and battery storage solutions. What we’re working on: We’re passionate about positively contributing to society and we have set an ambitious target for our entire business, including our developments, to be carbon zero by 2028, to play our part in keeping global warming below a two-degree increase, in line with sciencebased targets.

We’ve installed 5.9 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells on our buildings’ rooftops with another 9.6 MW in the pipeline.

Our goal is to be 100% carbon zero by 2028.

Horsley Park, NSW

We created the energy retailer Real Utilities to provide a cheaper, greener and simpler source of energy to occupants of the buildings we develop.

We’re certified under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard as a carbon neutral organisation.

Materials & Supply Chain

National supply chain review We’ve undertaken a review of our supply chain to identify opportunities to reduce environmental and social risks. What we’re working on: We’re taking what we’ve learned during our supply chain review to establish a socially and environmentally responsible procurement policy. We’re also establishing a Red List product database, to increase transparency of the products that are going into our developments. We’re establishing a database of the embodied impacts of the products we use, in terms of chemicals and carbon, so that we may reduce the impact of these in material selection.

Truganina, VIC

Chullora, NSW

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A Different Way | Highlights from our journey to date | December 2018  

A Different Way | Highlights from our journey to date | December 2018