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Special Promotion - 29 January 2019

Frankston’s all smiles citizens of the Brodie Cowburn their hard after being recognyear are brodie@bays Picture: work. See story ised for Supplied page 5. (“Rail resolu signalled”, tion betwee MORNINGTO n counci The Times, ls with mayor David N Penins Cr Gill ula Shire extensive has disput 15/1/19). ments, ter on Franks Gill has poured zoned specia ed those cluding saying it cold waport com“is not summary Hovenden’s ton Council and residen related and industl use in- years an accura CEO Denni of claims the tial land of “no proble rial Frankston te develo meeting s that the still availab land integri careful planning pment end point m” with Baxter shire has ton Penins City Council and between ty of to protec le for “At the . for the Franks t the being the ula Counc Morningthe charac the local planni sion. electri ington il in which ng ton line Mornington joint Frankston Penins insula, and ter of the Morni scheme, the fication of the exten- the MornCity Mr Hoven Peninsula train line ngton Penwish to ula Council expres Mornington mal Council and wedge.” the protection have the ington Peninsden said that sed sion meeting there Peninsula, towards tension of the green the Minist was some inforto at least electrification about there ula [Shire “the Mornto take er. “It is unfort lem with exHastin discus to “Morn ] has being less “Council the electri - CEO unate that ington Penins gs”. warrin andthe electrificatio no prob- not issues with fication the Franks felt in favour preciates fully understands ula n going to within the ton behalf of it necessary to at an inform Baxter” after to Lang- at Baxter of the extens Council is Langwarrin the and apdiscussions City municboundaries of the Shire Counc Mornington ion which Shire. He the Mornington speak on Mornington al dinner meetin Peninsula Frankston ipality and the Morni is in the greenstopping il’s view g betwee and Franks of trains “The Baxter .” City, not is the CEO of Peninsula wedge ngton Penins should not that the stablin ton counci n pality,” end of line Franks the Morni may he said. supports ula munic llors be at Baxter g Municipality ngton Penins ton alternative an i- terms have severe “Hastings and .” conseq the Morni alternative positio ula of large is the logica When asked ngton Penins n within scale infrast uences in will l extens to clarify ments, Mr “Council ructure that ula Shire. ion fied develop surrou maintains nding an end of line “Frankston Hovenden told his com- workin an electri g The excellent station, City Counc Times ington relationship and threate - Mornington with the il Penins n cil Peninsula has met with ing establi ula Shire Counc Mornto progre ss a joint Shire Counil, havshed the committee, position executive on the the next subbeing in joint meetin March.” g

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n Top citizens named

on Australia Day

n Big bikie gang rides through



Frankston Times

29 January 2019


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Tuesday 29 January 2019

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Frankston’s finest Frankston’s citizens of the year are all smiles after being recognised for their hard work. See story page 5. Picture: Supplied

Councils butt heads over Baxter line Brodie Cowburn MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire mayor David Gill has poured cold water on Frankston Council CEO Dennis Hovenden’s claims that the shire has “no problem” with Baxter being the end point for the Frankston line extension. Mr Hovenden said that “the Mornington Peninsula [Shire] has no problem with the electrification to Langwarrin and Baxter” after discussions at an informal dinner meeting between Mornington and Frankston councillors

(“Rail resolution between councils signalled”, The Times, 15/1/19). Cr Gill has disputed those comments, saying it “is not an accurate summary of the meeting between Frankston City Council and Mornington Peninsula Council in which Mornington Peninsula Council expressed the wish to have the electrification extension to at least Hastings”. “Mornington Peninsula Council is not in favour of the extension stopping at Baxter which is in the green wedge and the Mornington Peninsula municipality,” he said. “Hastings is the logical extension

with extensive zoned special use including port related and industrial land and residential land still available for development. “At the joint Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Council informal meeting there was some discussion about there being less issues with the electrification going to Langwarrin within the boundaries of the Frankston City municipality.” “The Baxter end of line alternative may have severe consequences in terms of large scale infrastructure that will develop surrounding an electrified end of line station, and threaten

years of careful planning to protect the integrity of the local planning scheme, the character of the Mornington Peninsula, and the protection of the green wedge.” “It is unfortunate that the Frankston CEO felt it necessary to speak on behalf of the Mornington Peninsula Shire. He is the CEO of Frankston City, not the Mornington Peninsula Municipality.” When asked to clarify his comments, Mr Hovenden told The Times “Frankston City Council has met with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to progress a joint position on the

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electrification of the train line towards the Mornington Peninsula, to take to the Minister. “Council fully understands and appreciates the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s view that the stabling of trains should not be at Baxter and supports an alternative position within the Mornington Peninsula Shire. “Council maintains an excellent working relationship with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, having established the executive subcommittee, the next joint meeting being in March.”

Cherry Lane

Children’s Centre

Community Market and Open Day Saturday 2nd February 2019 9am to 1pm 6-8 Andrew St, Seaford Trash and treasure stalls, market stalls, jumping castle, sausage sizzle and more! Are you looking for childcare in 2019? Please come down on the day and have a look around. The centre will be open and our teachers will be available to show you around and answer any questions.

There are stalls available for hire staring from $10. If you have any items you make yourself, trash and treasure or market items that you wish to sell, please ring 9786 2880 or email to book a site.


Frankston Times

29 January 2019


Charity clashes with council over dog Brodie Cowburn A CHARITY helping dogs who need life saving treatment has accused Frankston Council of cutting off communication with them after accepting their donation. Primrose was impounded by Frankston Council after being found with a huge growth next to her stomach, and council called charity service Rescued with Love to help pay for the necessary surgery. Rescued with Love founder Kae Norman said that Council cut off communication with the organisation once they accepted a $2000 donation for the dog’s surgery and had a written guarantee that the charity would cover further medical costs. “I received a call from Frankston Council, they said we’ve got this little dog at the lost dogs home, and it needs treatment. The problem was they thought it had pyometra, an infected uterus, and she had a massive hernia. If she cut that hernia where it was her intestines would have fallen out onto the ground. It contained her lower intestine, her spleen, her balder, and her uterus. Plus she had bladder stones, she was in a bad state. They believed we would be willing to take her on once the eight day impound time had finished.” Ms Norman agreed to help the dog and said a $2000 deposit was needed to pay for Primrose’s surgery. She said that she had been told by council that they “did not have access to that kind of money, it was ratepayers money.” “I told them I’ll pay for the deposit so she can get the treatment she needs. I rang the advanced vet clinic and paid them directly. “On Thursday [3 January] along with the $2000 deposit we had to send a legal agreement email saying we’d pay all costs for dogs and council wouldn’t have to foot the bill. In cases like that when there is a vet bill outstanding, the animal is normally euthanised. That’s what they were

Primrose’s pain: A hernia on Primrose has been operated on, and she is recovering well. Pictures: Supplied

going to have to do if we didn’t step forward. If Frankston Council didn’t pay for it the dog would be euthanised.” After the payment was made Ms Norman said council stopped communicating with her. “The following morning I rang the hospital to see how Primrose was and was told bluntly we’re not allowed to give you information. I was surprised about that, we deal with them and know them well, and when we have a dog go in there we can usually get updates,” she said. After ringing council for an update and to ask if further surgeries were needed, Ms Norman said “nothing was disclosed. We were told we were not allowed to visit the dog. Not allowed a photograph of the dog. I said we don’t work this way, we’ve

paid up front, we normally have access. I didn’t know if it needs immediate surgery. It might have needed more money, the surgeries were estimated up to $7000, which we would need to fund raise. You can’t fund raise without any information. “The weekend goes and I presumed the dog was alive. On the Monday [7 January] I was told by council that the dog was stable. I asked for legal reason why I couldn’t see her. The legal person at council said I would upset the dog. I laughed at him. “They said she might need CT scan, I asked what the $2000 had been used towards and they xrays and scans. I asked what have they shown, they said they couldn’t tell me. We weren’t consulted in

any of the decision made about scans, we were just told to front up for the money.” Primrose has now had her surgeries, which were successful. “She spent her impound time at the hospital, after then we signed the adoption agreement. She went back into the hospital on Wednesday [16 January] morning, and had surgery that afternoon. From that point on we had nothing to do with council. Surgery went very well, and she left hospital two days later. “I felt it was all poorly handled, no cooperation between charity and council. They were only interested in us paying for the dog.” Frankston mayor Michael O’Reilly said “we understand Primrose’s story has touched the hearts of many.” “Over the last three weeks council has worked with all involved towards resolving this complicated situation, always with the best interests of Primrose at the forefront. “While working towards a positive outcome, Council took the guidance and advice of her expert veterinary team, and during her stabilisation and initial recovery from surgery, continued to keep all parties informed of her progress. “Primrose is now doing well and in the care of Rescued with Love, which is the outcome we were always working towards.” Frankston Council extended Ms Norman an invitation to set up a Rescued with Love stall at the pet expo in October. It was declined. A Rescued With Love Facebook post criticising council racked up over 1000 likes and was shared over 300 times. Ms Norman said that Primrose is now happy and on the mend, and should get “adopted with no problems”. “I’ve been contacting her in foster care, she’s a lovely natured little soul and hasn’t complained. Next week she will have her stitches from her tummy removed. Then she’ll have to take it easy so it can heal.”

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Frankston Times

29 January 2019


Top citizens named on Australia Day

Best of the best: Lauren Hornby (right), Alicia Goldsworthy (below) and Dr John Dickman (above) are Frankston’s citizens of the year. Pictures: Supplied

AFTER over a decade of work helping the needy, Lauren Hornby has been recognised as the Citizen of the Year by Frankston Council. Ms Hornby has been leading the street outreach work at charity organisation Life-Gate since 2008. “It kind of hasn’t sunk in, it’s great,” Ms Hornby said. “I have the privilege of working with Life-Gate based in Frankston, we reach out to troubled individuals and families. I help head up street outreach services that we do, which provide programs for troubled people. “One of those programs is our Colour of Hope program, We started that eight years ago, it’s one of my babies. It’s an art program to re-engage disengaged youth from high school who might be at risk of dropping out. We have about fifteen to twenty people doing that a year.” The Colour of Hope program is run with students and ex-students of MccLelland College, and aims to help expelled students, those no longer in schooling, and those at risk of dropping out. Ms Hornby also helps with food distribution to



those in need. She has been fundraising for a food trailer to help with Life-Gate’s work, and fully funded the project in April. She thanked her mentors at Life-Gate for their support. “We’ve had a few awards at Life-Gate, this is just me getting honoured for the fact I’ve had incredible mentors with incredible patience here. I started volunteering here in 2006 with student placement while I was studying. “I would like to thank Angel and Ulli Roldan, the founders of Life-Gate. I was a disaster on legs when I started and they kept persevering. They saw something in me and kept at it and I feel like this award really is all thanks to my volunteers and mentors. “I moved to Frankston to work with them and work with Life-Gate.” The winner of the 2019 Senior Citizen of the Year award was Dr John Dickman. The Young Citizen of the Year was Alicia Goldsworthy. Mr Dickman, 76 years old, has worked as a medical practitioner helping veterans and locals for

the last 45 years. His work in the medical field, as well as his efforts working with the Menzies Home for Children, the Peninsula Grammar School Board, and his advocacy for construction the Towerhill Squash Court led to him being recognized as senior citizen of the year. 17-year-old Alicia Goldsworthy was School Captain at John Paul College, and runs the Knowledge is Power cyber safety program to educate students and parents. She is also a member of Frankston’s Youth Council. The citizens of the year were honored at an Australia Day ceremony at the Arts Centre, 26 January. Frankston mayor Michael O’Reilly said “Lauren, Alicia and John have given so much to the community and I’m proud to recognise their selfless achievements as we honour them as our 2019 Citizens of the Year.” “It’s great to see the amazing work these worthy recipients have each undertaken to improve the lives of others. Lauren has given so much to help our most vulnerable, John has dedicated himself to the welfare of veterans and the community as a medical professional and Alicia has shown exceptional strength, leadership and resilience,” he said. Council’s Australia Day event also saw 64 adults and 16 children from 28 different countries made citizens of Australia. The national Australia Day awards also saw Frankston South resident Ann Connan awarded an Order of Australia for her service to children as leader of the Kids of the Uniting Church in Australia program. Jeffrey Weir of Frankston was also awarded an OAM in the general division for his service to marine conservation through his work with the Dolphin Research Institute. An Australian Fire Services Medal was awarded to Gwynne Brennan of Frankston. Brodie Cowburn

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Frankston Times

29 January 2019



NEWS DESK Police patrol

Eel Race Road closure soon

with Brodie Cowburn

If at first you don’t succeed A MAN ejected from Sands Hotel in Carrum Downs has allegedly caused trouble for police after getting behind the wheel of his car unlicensed and with a blood alcohol reading of nearly six times the legal limit. The 46-year-old Frankston North man was ejected from the venue at around 9.30pm, Saturday 19 January. Police said the man then left the hotel in a car, crashing the Holden Commodore into the back of two stationary vehicles on the corner of Hall and Cadles Road. The man then allegedly drove off again, running over a nature strip and flattening a small tree. Police said the man then decided to abandon his car. They said his attempts to flee on foot were initially unsuccessful when he collapsed in the car park. Bystanders attempted to restrain the man, but he ran off again on foot down Currawong Drive. He was later found by police passed out in a front yard. He was arrested and taken to Frankston Police, returning a blood alcohol reading of 0.292. He was charged with multiple offences, including driving whilst disqualified, drink driving & leaving the scene of a collision. He was bailed to appear at Frankston Magistrates’ Court on 4 June. Nobody was injured in this collision.

Not so perfect cocktail A 44-YEAR-old Frankston man has been charged after allegedly committing a random

Made a mess: A car was left mangled after an alleged boozy incident last weekend. Picture: Supplied

attack armed with molotov cocktails in Seaford, 17 January. The man allegedly broke into a garage on Rosland Street at around 10am, and used items found inside to construct three molotov cocktails, which are as flammable projectiles. The man then allegedly tossed the cocktails over the fence onto another property. Some damage was caused to the car and driveway at the property which the cocktails were allegedly thrown onto. Police said they caught the man after he jumped the fence to the rear of the property, and was spotted watching the fire through a hole in the fence. Police said the fire was extinguished by the occupant of the house, a young mother. Police said residents were able to provide

high quality CCTV footage to assist with their investigation, which proved helpful. The man was charged and will appear at the Frankston Magistrates Court on 20 February.

Out of pocket A SEAFORD man has allegedly been robbed of $30,000. Frankston Police said a group of “Irish nationals” had been travelling across the area, looking to target elderly people. They said they offer to provide “cheap repairs to roofs” to gain access to homes. Frankston Police have advised relatives of elderly people to pay close attention and remain vigilant.

DIVISIVE level crossing removal works which will cut off access to Eel Race Road are expected to begin after the current batch of work at Carrum Station. Major works are now underway to remove the level crossing at Station Street, which will result in buildings such as Seacombe House, Beach Lane, and Face the Art being torn down. The $50 million “revitalisation” works in the area will add a new park and town square next to the station. Carrum MP Sonya Kilkenny said “access via Eel Race Road will remain until after the new McLeod Road extension and intersection has been constructed.” The closure of Eel Race Road has been protested by locals, who in 2017 handed a petition with over 500 signatures on it to the state government rallying against the closure of the road. (“Race on to save road”, The Times, 23/8/17) In May 2017, Frankston Council also flagged their opposition to the closure of Eel Race Road, voting unanimously to write to the LXRA and state Labor MPs to “formally oppose the closure of Eel Race Road on a number of grounds including the increase of congestion, particularly on Railway Parade (Seaford), Armstrongs Road (Seaford) and Station St (Seaford)”. The successful motion stated that “the process has once again failed Frankston residents in that no consultation and no justification was evident in arriving at this decision.” When asked how long the current batch of works would take, Ms Kilkenny said “2019 is going to be a big year in Carrum with major works to remove the level crossings already underway. A worksite along Eel Race Road has been established and safety barriers are up along Station Street as construction starts on the temporary rail track which will run from the Patterson River to Eel Race Road. ” “Trains are expected to be using the temporary track from mid 2019 while the existing train storage yard in Carrum is decommissioned before the Kananook train storage facility is operating in late 2020,” she said. Brodie Cowburn

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Big bikie gang rides through

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Penny Farthing thoughts: Penny Farthing cyclists, pictured riding through Aspendale, rode through town on Sunday Picture: Gary Sissons

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A BIKIE gang of an unusual description was seen going for a ride on Sunday, as a pack of nine Penny Farthing cyclists travelled from St Kilda to Frankston. The ride was organised by Penny Farthing bike expert Dan Bolwell, who said enthusiasts from around Australia tagged along. “I organised this ride, which was our first time doing the St Kilda through Frankston and back again circuit, which is around 80 kilometers. I think it is one of the most common cycling roads in Australia, it’s a good circuit,” he said. “There were nine of us this time from all over the place. We had a couple down from Sydney, and some from in and around Melbourne. Mr Bolwell, who constructs the unique bicycles and send them worldwide for a living, said he started the rides to “help and encourage cyclists and give customers a connection and place to use their bikes together.” He said his passion for Penny Farthing bicycles stems from their simplicity. “It is really the purest form of cycling, there is nothing in between you and the bicycle. There’s no gears, it is all pure human power, which translates into a simple, fast, and efficient form of transport,” he said. “When you’re on it you’re connected to the bike, it’s the next best thing to running. “In 1870 when they were invented, there was only walking, horse and carriage, and some train carts, so they were revolutionary.” Mr Bolwell runs his shop, Penny Farthing Dan, in Coburg. Brodie Cowburn

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Helping business take the ‘next step’ FRANKSTON Council has chosen eight businesses to share in $120,000 in funding to help “give local businesses an opportunity to take their next step towards success”. Among those successful in applying to the business grants program include a brewery, a town planning company, an archery range and a cafe. Frankston mayor Michael O’Reilly said “not only did we receive a number of high quality applications from across the city, but also from businesses looking to invest in Frankston.” “Council has recognised the previous success of the Frankston City business grants program in supporting the local business community and has doubled the funding available. We’re incredibly proud of the fact that all but two of the previously funded grant recipients [since 2012] continue to

thrive in Frankston City.” He said the funding would generate 35 new jobs. “It’s amazing to see the number of businesses we have in the area doing awesome things and being leaders in their industries.” The full list of recipients were: · $10,000 - Two Boys One Beagle and a Coffee Shop · $10,000 - Eliza Archery · $15,000 - Mr Banks Brewing Co · $15,000 - Frankston Bazaar · $30,000 - Hank Bos Glass & The Splashback Factory · $5000 - Town Planning & Company · $15,000 - The Outdoor Society · $20,000 - Frankston Foundry

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Frankston Times 29 January 2019





























Frankston Times

29 January 2019


























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Tuesday, 29 January 2019


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BITTERN 67 Beatty Avenue • • • • • • • •

Unpolished gem, just over 3 acres ( 1.28 Ha), located on the cusp of Bittern & Balnarring Three bedroom home, master with ensuite and walk-in robe Large kitchen with breakfast bar & meals area Living room with woodheater & floating floor boards Drive through double carport plus separate high-span single carport for the boat or caravan Two big water tanks Renovate or rebuild, bring the horses, build the stables and smell the fresh air This property has enormous potential and is the blank canvas to create your vision


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THE SUN, THE SEA AND THE SAND IN a location synonymous with the beach, the bay and good times, these dynamic brand new residences offer a lifestyle of privilege and exclusivity. Designed for those who demand the best, each single-level residence is individually finished and fitted with high end appointments from stunning stone benchtops to quality flooring, high ceilings, double garages and generous alfresco entertaining areas.The homes offer an exceptional sense of space which is enhanced by the excellent natural light to both living zones that extend to the alfresco decking which overlooks landscaped gardens for the much-desired indoor to outdoor lifestyle. An elegant formal living room features a Rinnai gas log fireplace floating on a stone hearth with clever streamlined storage and sliding doors to a sunny deck. Open-plan living and dining is generous in scale and beautifully appointed with direct access to an expansive covered entertaining deck and private landscaped garden. The accompanying stone kitchen is beautifully appointed with a freestanding Smeg stove, a butler’s pantry, breakfast bar and feature pendant lighting. The palatial master bedroom features a walk-in robe and elegant ensuite with feature tiling, while two more bedrooms share a stylish sky-lit main bathroom with separate toilet. Superbly appointed, the homes also feature split system air conditioning, LED energy efficient lighting, solar hot water with instantaneous back up, exposed aggregate driveway and garden landscaping. Created for lifestyle, these two cutting-edge residences reflect paramount class and style in a beachside location that puts considerable lifestyle attractions on your doorstep from nearby Fossil Beach and the Esplanade walking trails through to the vibrant cafes and shops of Main Street.n



ADDRESS: 6 George Street, MORNINGTON AUCTION: Saturday 23rd February at 11am DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 car INSPECT: By Appointment AGENT: Robert Bowman 0417 173 103, Bowman & Company, 168 Main Street, Mornington, 5975 6888

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/ Commercial


New listiNg

27 Main Street

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION This is your rare opportunity to take up position on the beach end of Main Street. Features include: 67m2 approximately with car parking at rear High level of foot traffic n Quality fit out available n Fit out sale only - $55,000 + GST n


FOR leAse $5,704.17 pcm + gst + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

New listiNg

Red Hill


Main Ridge


Approximately 37m2 n Great main road exposure n Kitchenette facilities


Brand new 1st floor office of 64m2 approx n Secure basement car parking with lift access n Kitchen facilities. Available now


Luxury office space for lease n Self contained with R/C heating/cooling n Generous storage areas


6/3056 Frankston-Flinders Road

81 Arthurs Seat Road n

FOR leAse $1,100 pcm + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

FOR leAse $1,500 pcm + gst + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

411 McClelland Drive

356 Shands Road

FOR leAse $6,250 pcm + gst + Ogs


Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

Architectural designed office building on main road Individual spaces avail from 17m2 to 52m2 approx

FOR leAse From $300 pcm + gst + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


Ground Floor 3/315 Main Street OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE Perfectly located on Main Street, in the heart of Mornington, this ground floor office of approx 128m2 is now for lease. n Secure basement parking, 4 car spaces n Courtyard, air con & swipe card entry n Estimated outgoings of $8,716 pa

FOR leAse $3,200 pcm + gst + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858




Mount eliza

Office 3A – 34m2 (approx) $920 pcm + GST n Office 3B - 34m2 (approx) $850 pcm + GST n Both offices have shared kitchen & toilet facilities


190m2 approx with designated car parking n Rear access to Dallas Brooks Park n Available Now


607m2 approx of prime commercial land n 100m2 approx of office or showroom n Corner position with exposure to Nepean Hwy


3/19 Bruce Street

1/3 Torca Terrace


FOR leAse (Rent inclusive of Ogs)

Mornington 5976 5900

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

FOR leAse $1,788.80 pcm + gst + Ogs

14-20 Mornington-Tyabb Road

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

FOR leAse $4,584 pcm + gst + Ogs

7 Village Lane

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

Located in the heart of Mt Eliza village Building: 120m2 approx + 9 car parks n 4 Cons rooms, waiting area, reception, storage n

FOR leAse $3,800 pcm + gst + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858 Tuesday, 29 January 2019


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Professor Stracey knocked unconscious after horse fall Compiled by Brodie Cowburn DURING the progress of the Gymkhana at Frankston on Monday. Professor Stracey, who was taking part in one of the jumping events received a nasty fall. The horse he was riding made a mistake at one of the hurdles and came down. Stracey, falling on his head, was rendered unconscious for some time. Captain Surgeon Martin and Dr Atkinson were fortunately at hand, after which the injured man was removed to St. Pancras Hospital. He made a good recovery and was able to leave the institution next day. *** CONTRIBUTORS to the “Standard” are requested to send in reports of meetings and other proceedings as early in the week as possible. Our experience is that correspondents all send in on the day prior to publication, when only a limited amount of space is available. *** THE Wattle Club held one of its popular dances in the Mechanics Hall on Saturday evening last. There was a large attendance and a most enjoyable time was spent. On Sunday afternoon next the Wattle Club will entertain a number of soldiers at afternoon tea on Sunday afternoon next in the Mechanics Hall. The president of the club, Miss D. Gregory, acknowledges with thanks, the receipt of 10s 6d kindly donated by B. M. and H. J. Garrood. *** THE monthly meeting of the Frankston and Hastings shire council will be held on Thursday next.

*** AT Frankston this week a large number of people were inoculated by Dr Griffeths, the local health officer as a precautionary measure against influenza. *** IT is notified in our advertising columns that Mr W. Clarke has taken over Mr Geo, W. Wells butchering business in Frankston. Mr Clarke intends stocking only the very best meat and solicits a continuance of public patronage. *** THE Hon A. Downward will unveil an Honor Board at the Moorooduc public hall on Saturday. 8th inst. An invitation is extended in our advertising columns to those intersted to attend. *** ON Saturday 8th inst, a social and presentation will be held in the Recreation Hall, Langwarrin to returned soldiers. Particulars appear in an advertisement. *** MR J Sheridan of Frankston notifies that he has 10 acres of splendid township property for sale on the Melbourne road, adjacent to the railway station. *** PRIVATE J . D. Thomson, of Frankston possesses an interesting Souvenior of his return to Australia in the shape of a minature magazine published on board the “Marathon” on the voyage out. We have had the pleasure of looking through the pages of the little paper and hope to give our readers extracts therefrom in a future issue of the “Standard.” *** ON Friday last the Shire Councillors made a tour of inspection of the works

in connection with the Peninsula Water Supply Scheme. Full details in connection with the trip will be published in next issue. *** THE reopening of state schools after the Christmas vacation will not take place on Monday next as originally intended. Present instructions are to keep the school closed for an additional week. *** ANOTHER FRANKSTON BOY WRITES HOME FROM FRANCE. Mrs. Twining, of Frankston, has received the following letter from to her soldier son: “Brond Breat,” Favril, 30/11/’18. As you will see by the above. I am again back in France, and as the censorship has been practically lifted, we are able to say exactly where we are. When I last wrote I was staying with Aunt Lux, and did not leave England until the 26th. On the last afternoon I went with Mary and several other girls to see the presents of Lady Victoria, only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Portland, who was married at 9.30 that morning to some Scotch notable. The presents were spread out on tables in the library at the castle, and were simply gorgeous. The King and Queen each gave her a pendant, on which were engraved their monograms. I left Whitwell by the 8.50pm train, and arrived in London at 6.10 the following morning. We had a fairly rough trip across the Channel, but I am a fairly good sailor, and quite enjoyed it. That night I spent at Boulogne, and entrained there at 8 o’clock Wednesday

morning. The train passed through Chenin, Peronne, Cambrai, St. Quentin, and dozens of other smaller stations, and arrived at Honnogue, a small, out-of-the-way place, at 5 o’clock on Thursday morning. I made inquiries, and was told that the battalion had marched through there on the previous day, so set out to try and find it. After walking about six kilos, (four miles), I caught them just as they were leaving for another stage of the journey, which turned out to be another 15 kilos. (10 miles), so by the time we were finished I was feeling pretty tired. Our destination turned out to be Favril, and we have now been back two days. According to the vets, we were to march to the Rhine, and occupy some of that territory, and I was rather looking forward to it, but I believe that has since been cancelled, and we are only to go as far as Belgium. The people here cannot do enough for us: they are so thankful to be out of German hands. This morning the French peasant opposite here, from whom we get our water, made a big boiler of coffee, and every time we went across for water he simply made us go in and have a drink of the coffee. At first they would not let us draw our water, but rushed out of the house to do it for us. They have been in German hands for four years, and during that time were not allowed out of their houses after 4pm. Most of the time they had no meat, and the whole time were without milk or sugar. All their horses, cows, and goats, etc., were taken from them, their carts

Plant Sale

burnt, and practically all their furniture, bed-clothes, and clothing confiscated. The people opposite were practically in rags, so we gave them any clothing we could spare in the way of shirts, etc. The kiddies are bonzer, and spend most of their time in our billet. Needless to say, they are being spoiled. But then, what else can you expect? On one occasion this particular peasant went just outside his door to the pump after 4 o’clock. A German military policeman saw him, and he was given ten days’ hard labour. On another occasion a German soldier left a bike outside his door. He was accused of stealing it, and was therefore given ten months’ imprisonment in Germany. The tales he tells of German cruelty are pitiful. However, they are now in our hands, and are being well clothed, well fed, and well treated, and are as happy as the day is long. Tomorrow the King is coming along this way, and I believe we have to turn out and line the road. I don’t know how long it will be before I get home again, but, according to all reports, I think it will be the best part of a year. However, the guerre is now over, so I must be patient. I am sending home one of our section Christmas cards with all the boys’ names in. Fondest love to all, and kind regards to all inquiring friends. Ever your loving son. SIGNLR. CYRIL TWINING. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 1 February 1919

! e g n a R e g Hu Only While Stocks Last!





from $7.95

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from $4.95

from $29.95


New season pots and ornaments NOW IN!

Wholesale potted plants from $3.95 Massive Range Screening plants like Conifers and Pittosporums $3.95 Lilly Pillies $4.95


427 Coolart Road, Somerville

Phone: 5977 8912 Frankston Times

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ACROSS 1. Squid 5. Chinese boat 7. Wharf 8. Spectacles supplier 9. Corroded 12. Peppermint essence 15. Foamed 19. Stopped

21. Mobile homes 22. Window ledge 23. Grain storage facility 24. Steams in the sun

DOWN 1. Truncheon 2. Invited 3. Dodge 4. Chant 5. Short coat 6. Dog shelter 10. Atop 11. Every single

12. BSE, ... cow disease 13. Facial feature 14. Witches 15. Garden barriers 16. Red salad fruit 17. School compositions 18. Grown-ups 19. Hindu social position 20. Valuable possession

Puzzles supplied by Lovatts Publications Pty Ltd See page 22 for solutions.

ELLA HOOPER ROCKS HASTINGS AUSTRALIAN singer – songwriter, Ella Hooper will lead known and loved acts during an afternoon of great music on Sunday Feb 3 at Musiqua, a new live music event kicking off for the first time at the Hastings Foreshore Reserve. Hooper is heralded for her impressive Aussie rock story from childhood to contemporary shows and gigs. Originally from Violet Town in country Victoria, she was the lead singer of Killing Heidi when they won triple J’s Unearthed competition in 1996 at the age of 13. The decade that followed saw the release of three studio albums, a handful of ARIAs and iconic Australian songs that remain popular to this day. In the ten years between the end and reunion of Killing Heidi, Hooper’s solo career took off, turning to radio, television and music once again. “I think that’s why I have been lucky to stay in the industry, making sure I branched out into fields like radio and television,” said Hooper, who always knew she wanted to be a performer. “It’s been a wild and I have been lucky as a musician to have stayed in the industry for so long. I always knew it was


Frankston Times

29 January 2019

going to be about music and my family were always so encouraging. Being able to diversify with tv and radio has given me an even richer experience.” As a performer, Hooper loves going to new venues and is excited to perform at the first Musiqua this year. “Growing up in a regional area, I know how great it is having live music come to you. These days I love getting out of the city myself and playing to locals all over Australia. I’m thrilled to be kicking off the first ever Musiqua with a view of Westernport and in some awesome company,” she said. “I will be performing some of my solo tunes and a range of covers as well. In fact, this will be my first solo gig of the year.” With more exciting news, Hooper has been chosen for Eurovision – Australia Decides, showcasing some of Australia’s biggest acts, singing original compositions, for their chance to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.The event is hosted on the Gold Coast and broadcast live and exclusively on SBS on Saturday 9 February. “It’s very exciting to be involved in anything that is the

first of its kind, and in recent years I have become more and more fascinated with Eurovision, so it’s perfect timing. I’m hoping to bring a bit of traditional rock ‘n’ roll energy to a bombastic performance of a meaningful pop song,” she said. Musiqua is part of the 3-day AGL Peninsula Film Festival program which entertains crowds on screen and stage from February 1 – 3 2019. Now in its eighth year, the festival has expanded to present Musiqua to showcase the cool vibes of emerging and established Australian musicians. Located on the Hastings Foreshore Reserve, concert goers get to soak in the seaside setting while enjoying the fantastic line-up. Musiqua showcases live music from respected artists Ella Hooper, Terry Serio and Charlie Owen, The Midwayers, Taylor Piggott and Matilda Pearl. To purchase Musiqua tickets check out http://www. or au

LIME CORDIALE HIT THE GRAND over Australia and now is aiming to stretch it even further. “We played a lot of shows on our last tour but you just can’t make it everywhere. Every show on the last tour went off, so now we have a plan to stretch it even further and play where we haven’t before.” Lime Cordiale reached over 11 million Spotify streams in 2018 and the single “Dirt Cheap” was

added to high rotation on Triple J. In addition to this latest tour announcement, the band teases plans for the UK, the second year of Lime Cordiale’s own “The Squeeze Festival” and album number 2. Lime Cordiale will be playing at The Grand Hotel, Mornington, 1 February at 8pm. Tickets at or






22 MAR



08 MAR






SYDNEY based brothers, Oliver and Louis Leimbach of Lime Cordiale are excited to announce their first headline shows of 2019. The MONEY TOUR comes from a huge demand for more live shows. Lime Cordiale will continue on from their sold out 27 date Aust and NZ ‘Dirt Cheap’ tour which closed out 2018 as the biggest year yet for the band. The band has been playing all

Frankston Times

29 January 2019



P: 0400 440 705

Wholesale Fishing gear Direct to public Mon-Fri 7.30am - 4.00pm 35 Hartnett Drive, Seaford,

03 9786 3222

DO YOU HAVE A WILL? If you do not have a Will or if your existing Will is outdated, let me make a new Will for you $125.00 + GST per Will Powers of Attorney $100.00 + GST each

1 Davies Avenue, Mt Eliza 12410342-CG06-19

9787 7222

Call Peter: 0414 528 720

DeckSeal specialize in the restoration & preservation of timber decks. Our services extend to timber screens, benches, boxes, cladding, doors, windows & also concrete cleaning & sealing.


120mm 50mm We do itwide all from x deck sanding, deep cleaning and sealing through to timber maintenance. Residential & Commercial. 4pt white border Continually delivering a beautiful & long-lasting deck surface.



Inside & Outside Home Maintenance 120mm wide x 50mm deep Painting, Garden Care, Window Cleaning, 4pt white border Gutter Cleaning & Deck Re-staining

Call, email or visit our website for more information. phone: 1800 DECKCLEAN (1800 332 525) email:

Crackerjack "%!#(&2/.4


120mm wide x 104mm deep 4pt white border

Under New Management Buy 1 coffee and receive a free regular coffee when mention this ad. Valid til 28th Feb 2019 WE OFFER ALL DAY BREAKFAST, 7 DAYS A WEEK AND HAVE A LUNCH MENU THAT CATERS FOR ALL APPETITES, 8AM-4PM. WE HAVE ACCESS TO A LARGE FUNCTION ROOM AND CAN CATER FOR GROUPS FROM 10 TO 100.



Family friendly, Wheelchair friendly by arrangement. Booking Essential Fishing gear and light refreshments included in your fare.

. .%0%!. ()'(7!9 s 3%!&/2$ 6)#

Mornington Peninsula Premier Markets!



Frankston Times

Every new student may have one free trial class Classes age range from Kinder to Adult Address: 31/700 Frankston Dandenong Rd Carrum Downs, 3201 Telephone: 0420 376 577 Email:



Zealous Arts Movement





Fishing Trips Depart From Rye Pier. Trip times are: AM PM s PM PM 6pm-9pm

29 January 2019

networkclassiďŹ Trades & Services Trades Business Profile


Grow your business with Trades and Services

Phone: 1300 666 808 (Open 8.30-5pm Mon-Fri) Email: sales@networkclassiďŹ


30% OFF

(include your name, address and phone number)

We accept payment by:

GREG: 0414 516 050


(1.5% credit card processing fee applies. Cheques and money orders can be posted in or hand delivered to our local ofďŹ ce)

Call 1300 666 808

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Free Quote Ph 1300 254 035


9998 3725



g All Pricin t Up-Fron


MATTHEW : 0419 304 294



w w w . S e r v i c e To d a y. c o m . a u


General ClassiďŹ eds

,IC .O

section of Network ClassiďŹ eds.

Scott 0432 270 904


Tree Lopping/Surgery


Close Lic. 23691

Overhanging Trees Pruning / Shaping Tree Removal Hedge Trimming


Concrete Products & Services

J.L. Hutt Electrical


General Notices

section of Network ClassiďŹ eds. Decks/Pergolas

JOHN’S HOME MAINTENANCE General Carpentry Work, Renovations, Locks and Doors Fitted, Pergolas and Decks. General Repairs. No job too small. Free Quote, prompt, reliable service. Discount for Pensioners.

24 HOUR SERVICE Rec: 17824


Ring Jim for a free quote 0417 054 198

• Entensions/Refurbishments • Switchboard Upgrades/Safety Switches Specialising in all Electrical Installations • House Rewires FREE QUOTES • Phone/Data/TV & CCTV No Job too big or small • Oven & Hot Plate Repairs • Hot Water Service Repairs • Security Alarms • AC Installations


ORBIT PLUMBING ** Emergency Plumbing Service **

0447 007 178

LIC: 109028






Phone 0419 549 296 GREG: 0414 516 050 DBU 17773

Window Cleaning



Mulch For Sale

Ph Graham 0407 357 927

Taps & Toilets, Hot Water, Burst Pipes Gas Fitting, Blocked Drains, Pumps Septic Systems, Maintenance Plumbing

Local & Friendly Plumber Daniel:

Jason 1300 644 698




Over 10 Years of Professional Window Cleaning Experience

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South Eastern Suburbs & Mornington Peninsula. š <h_[dZbo š H[b_WXb[ š <kbbo ?dikh[Z Free On-Site Quotes






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Footings, garages, v crossings, drives, paths & patios. In plain, colour, slate or stencil. Also drainage, saw cutting, 3T excavator, bobcat & tip trucks. NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL











r ne io nt! s n u Pe isco D


Lighting Power Points Phone & Data Hot Water And more...




Seaford Electricians



0420 102 762

section of Network ClassiďŹ eds.


w w w. S e r v i c e To d a y. c o m . a u

Lic. 104391

by Horizon Plumbing Pty Ltd.


Employment V


Andy 0414 477 121 V

•Small jobs •Discount for pensioners •Free quote for exterior and interior painting •Wall paper •All work guaranteed Ring Dave after 6pm P: 9787 8133 M: 0408 105 889 E:

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Air Conditioning V





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Seaford Air Conditioning





in ertise “I adv papers ws the ne ote my m to pro to local ss busine le who peop e local o us want t dies.� tra - Greg



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Fax: 03 5945 0667

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Seaford Plumbers

From plumbers to pest con trol, carpet cleaning to building services, dry cleaning to computer repa irs, lawn mowing and more, Net work ClassiďŹ eds has been connec ting local businesses with loca l community with our Trades and Services each week. Speak to our classiďŹ ed team and ďŹ nd out how easy it is to advertise.


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Trades & Services Windows


For Sale



For Sale


WINDOWS 1 9703 1530

CABINET BLACK wooden pigeon hole with drawers, In excellent condition. Measures approx 885 tall, 780 wide, 25 deep. $50.00 Phone: 0409 212 340 pick up Frankston South.

Trades & Services section of Network Classifieds. General Classifieds V

Adult Services

V G6781173AA-dc23Apr 12388965-SN23-18

Adult Services



Massage Therapists

ADVERTISERS, in this section are qualified practitioners and offer non-sexual services.



section of Network Classifieds.

Caravans & Trailers


Motor Vehicles

HOLDEN VE Berlina 150,000klms, service books, RWC, 6 mths REG: UUB930, maroon Tidy Car, inspection welcomed. $6800 ph: 0414 262 203 CAMPOMATIC 2007 off road trailer. Independent suspension, fuel rack, pull out kitchen, many accessories included, full annex including walls, huge storage, 3 new tyres, new tow hitch, new shockers & suspension bushes, needs a good wash and may need new batteries if so I will provide same. Electric brakes & override brakes, Waco fridge, reg (S88-176). Not used for past two years as I have bought a caravan. No reasonable offer refused. $14,750 neg. Phone: 0407 589 660. Sorrento Vic.

MAZDA 3 Maxx 2005 model Reg No TBY 249. Ex mech Con, spotless inside & out. Black Mica in colour. Near new tyres. Comes with RWC and Rego. A great first car or family runabout. Aircon, Cd, Auto, factory Alloys. Service history available. Nothing to spend. $5,250. Phone 0407 505 040.

General Notices Paradise

47 Glendale Ave, Hastings Prices Discounted

5979 3066 7 days till late



KATE 45y.o, size 10, busty brunette, warm and affectionate. 0499 784 471 SWA 3453XE

MOBILE CLOTHES Racks. Selling these 5 clothes racks , no longer needed, just assembled to show what they look like. $50. Ph: 0413 733 846. Pickup Botanic Ridge.

TELEVISION Teac 32" tv great for the bedroom. $60.00 Phone: 0411 067 524. Langwarrin.


Member HIA and MBA


PLACE YOUR 1238899-CG33-16

Window Replacement Service Timber or Aluminium Windows Free Measure and quote

Garage Sales

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section of Network Classifieds.

Lost & Found

STILL MISSING since 15/12/18 KIARA Reward given $$$, no questions asked. Frankston North area. She is a Chihuahua Cross Mini Fox Terrier (people think she looks like a Jack Russell) She is microchipped and has a red collar (doesn’t have the red ribbon). Food motivated. Please lure her into an area you can block off for e.g. yard or house/ room by using food. Please keep an eye out for her and contact me for any sightings on 0488 241 996 ASAP, even if a sighting was some time ago. Every so often please look under your houses or in gaps where a small dog could be. She is scared and will run the other way. There has been 1 sighting of Kiara. Please contact the council/pound or make contact with the owner if sighted or found on 0488 241 996. 12409403-HM04-19


Public Notices and Event JAYCO DISCOVERY Pop Top Caravan. Twin axle Pop Top with aluminium frame, electric brakes, double lift up bed, full gas oven & 4 hobbs, two 9kg gas bottles, three way refrigerator, microwave, 100h battery and 1000kw inverter, mains & tank water 12v pump, roll out awning with side & end shade screens, outside matting and step, new carpet tile flooring, near new tyres with two new spares, lots of extras. Great for towing with Tare of 1250 and Atm 1600. Reg (E80-110). $14,500 neg. Phone: 0408 073 669.

Solar farm to help power Eastern Treatment Plant Construction works February to April 2019 To prepare the site for the proposed farm, we will soon commence works, pending planning approval, to fill a soil pit in the area immediately south of Thompsons Road. The two main construction impacts will be: significantly increased truck movement on Thompsons Road; and increased dust onsite. Dust suppression will be underway for the duration of the works. This will involve water trucks wetting down the site compound and Rossiter Road. Traffic management will be in place throughout.



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Motoring Buy & Sell in the

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Motoring section of Network Classifieds.

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29 January 2019

First innings victory: Baxter secured a first innings win over Pearcedale after bowling them out for just 102. Picture: Andrew Hurst

Dream start puts Carrum in charge By Brodie Cowburn


CRICKETERS again donned the white uniforms as two day cricket returned this weekend. Carrum got off to a dream start against Seaford, putting together a brilliant first innings total of 5/259. Corey Hand scored 86 runs, while John Mitchell scored 99 not out, hitting 10 boundaries along the way. Seaford will have a big task ahead of them to catch up next week. The bowlers were in fine form at Delacombe Park on Saturday, as the home side battled Heatherhill in a low scoring clash. Heatherhill won the toss and chose to bat first, putting 112 runs on the board before being bowled out. All Delacombe Park bowlers impressed, but Nick Christides’ career best figured of 4/19 stood out. Delacombe Park’s run chase started on the wrong foot, as Christides opened the batting and did not live up to his bowling performance, being dismissed for just 4 runs, They finished the day at 3/32. Hastings struggled badly against Mt Martha, only putting 120 runs on the board in their first innings. Mt Martha lost their first batsmen in reply for just one run, but recovered

to finish at 1/25 at stumps, firmly in control of the contest. Olympic Park played host to Rosebud and Seaford Tigers, with the Tigers opening the batting. They started well with a 53 run opening stand, before a mini collapse was triggered. They finished all out for 124. Rosebud’s Richard Brown took 5/25. Rosebud played 22 overs before the close of play and finished at 3/49.


BADEN Powell have absolutely dominated day one of their match against Main Ridge, putting a whopping 336 runs on the board by stumps. Their middle order all performed brilliantly, but it was Rhys Elmi who performed best. His 122 not out, featuring 13 fours and 5 sixes, was the highlight of the day. Elmi is in red hot form, scoring at least a half century in three of his last four games. Crib Point were much less impressive as they took on Somerville, putting just 90 runs on the board. Jayde Herrick did they damage, taking stunning figures of 8/30, his career best. Opener Brenton Alp scored 55 runs for his side as they passed their target comfortably, and finished at 5/120 at

stumps off 29 overs. Long Island struggled against Pines at Ballam Park, being bowled out for 109 off 72 overs. The slow scoring Long Island were well restricted by good bowling. Liam Jackson’s 3/21 made him pick of the bowlers. Pines will restart day two at 1/12. Moorooduc played well as a team against Red Hill at Red Hill’s home ground. No batsman passed a half century, but all combined to put together a good total of 200. Red Hill came in for 15 overs at the end of the day and showed they were not to be easily pushed over. They will begin on day two from 0/43, in a good position to chase down their target.


BONEO have performed brilliantly as a side, putting together a total of 7/287 off their 80 overs on day one against Tootgarook. Just one of Boneo’s batsmen, their number seven, scored less than 25 runs. Cameron Williams came in late and put on a show, smacking 6 sixes on his way to a 60 run innings, Skye let a good start slip a little bit against Carrum Downs, going 68 runs before their first loss of a wicket to all

out for 152. Opener Michael Mandile scored 50 runs and was the best batsman for his side. Carrum Downs responded and put themselves in a good position, finishing at 0/29 at stumps. At Dromana Reserve, Dromana look to have set themselves up for a victory over Balnarring. Dromana batted first and put together a defendable but not spectacular total of 130 runs. Their bowlers needed to be on point as Balnarring came in to bat, and they were. Zacc Klan was in form, tearing through the top order to leave Balnarring struggling at 3/25 at stumps. He took 3/9 off 8 overs. None of Rye’s batsmen put their hands up and made a big score against Tyabb, as they finished all out for 134 off 67 overs. In response Tyabb lost an early wicket and will restart on day two from 1/16. Frankston YCW had a bye.


BAXTER have secured a first innings win over Pearcedale at Pearcedale Recreation Reserve. Sent into bat first, Pearcedale strug-

gled badly and were bowled out for 102 off just 44 overs. Dale Irving was brilliant with ball in hand, taking 5 wickets for 30 runs. Coming in for their innings, Baxter were ruthless. They put runs on the board with pace, and passed their target off just 17 overs with 9 wickets to spare. They immediately declared after passing 102. Pearcedale will start day two in a better position at 2/52. At Harry MacDonald Oval, Peninsula OB put Mt Eliza to the sword with an impressive batting performance. Wade Pelzer played a career best innings, scoring a stunning 182 not out not help his side to 8/267. Sorrento were also mightily impressive playing at home at David Macfarlane Reserve, setting Langwarrin a total of 255 to chase down. Robert Wilson played brilliant cricket, scoring 147 runs to be Sorrento’s best. Mornington have set Flinders a tricky total to chase down in their two day clash. They looked shaky at times and lost their first wicket for 0, but eventually finished all out for 166. Flinders were 0/3 at stumps on day one.

Frankston Times

29 January 2019



Jamieson, Peel plot new course SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie IT’S Mornington’s dream team and the one that the Seagulls hope will take them into the upper echelons of Victoria’s elite club competition. Senior coach Adam Jamieson calls himself “a winner” and assistant Nathan Peel calls himself “a builder”. They both have strong grounds to support their claims, Jamieson having won championships with Mornington and bringing a high expectation of success to the club while Peel has earned a reputation as one of the preeminent teachers and developers of young players in the local game. Peel’s CV says it all having played as a professional with Preston North End, Sheffield United and Burnley and coached at youth level with Burnley. He holds a UEFA B licence. While Jamieson tries to secure promotion Peel aims to put in place a sound player development pathway that leads to the senior squad and beyond. “You have to connect the club between juniors and seniors and I don’t think that connection has been strong enough in the past,” Peel said. “We don’t want visas coming over, we want our own kids coming through and not just into the senior team but we hope they go further and forge careers at a higher level.” Jamieson agrees. “We spent a lot of money last year and it didn’t work and we’ve got to focus on developing our own talent,” he said. The NPL underage leagues will be opened up next year to community clubs and already Mornington is planning to apply to enter teams. The club will field over 30 teams next season from subjunior level upwards and Jamieson was blown away by the talent on show during the grading of over 240 youngsters in the under-12 to under-16 age groups prior to Christmas. Jamieson and Michael Anderson will coach an under-12 side next season and star senior player Andre Bennett will coach at under-13 level. Just six players have been retained from last year’s senior squad but the club is nearing the end of an impressive recruiting campaign and hopes to sign two goalkeepers this week. Amir Osmancevic, Sam Catherine, Liam Baxter, Andy Mclean, Andy McIntyre, Ross Clark and Jerome Valadon have been brought to the club while Jack Heseltine, Lachlan

Seagulls swoop: English attacking midfielder Sammy Orritt has re-signed with Mornington. Picture: John Punshon

Thomas, Charlie O’Connell and Luke LoCasto have been promoted. However Heseltine will be out of action for some time after a freak accident at senior training on Saturday morning. He suffered a triple fracture above the elbow and a dislocated shoulder and had surgery at Frankston hospital on Sunday. There also is a train-on group of five to six youngsters who will be involved with the senior squad throughout the season. “As impressive as these kids are they aren’t going to be given a game just for the sake of it but we are going to give them the opportunity to train with us and show us what they can do,” Jamieson said. Two former players have caught the eye during pre-season training and one of them, Chris McKenna, has been so impressive that Jamieson has agreed terms with the 31-year-old defender. Another to impress has been veteran striker Nick Waite who has shed 12 kilograms over the break. Peel’s presence, the quality and commitment of the recruits and a change of direction have combined to re-energise Jamieson who walked

away from the game partway through last season. “I haven’t felt this good about what we are doing at this football club for the past six or seven years,” Jamieson said. Fears that Sammy Orritt would be lost to the NPL proved unfounded and the former Rotherham United and Cowdenbeath attacking midfielder has re-signed for the 2019 season. Orritt joined Mornington from NZ outfit Coastal Spirit midway through 2017. In State 2 South-East news Peninsula Strikers went down 5-0 to NPL giant Oakleigh Cannons at Centenary Park last week. The match consisted of three 30-minute periods and Oakleigh led 1-0 going into the last period of play. Key defender Michael Hoogendyk had work commitments so Oscar Marsden and Adam Crabb linked up in central defence for Strikers while Colin McCormack and Christian Morales shared goalkeeping duties. A feature of the match was a series of bizarre refereeing decision which left Strikers’ bench and most onlookers mystified. In State 3 South-East news Soccer Smart player agent Chris Anderson

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29 January 2019

has been busy trying to offload players on Frankston Pines and some other local clubs but so far has received a firm no thankyou. UK-based Anderson phoned Pines president Steve Spencer last week. Pines head coach Kevin “Squizzy” Taylor has also fielded calls from player agents but he’s close to finalising his squad and remains focussed on the local market. Taylor has agreed terms with former Dandenong City and Springvale White Eagles defender Connor McAndrews who impressed against Dingley Stars. McAndrews will line up alongside Cedric Benza when Pines take on Somerville Eagles at Monterey Reserve tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm and the reserves friendly between the two clubs is at the same venue on Thursday at 7pm. Pines’ State 3 rival Skye United also is looking to add to its senior squad. “I’m looking to bring in the right type of player who will hopefully stick around the club for a few years and be a part of what I’m trying to build,” Skye head coach Phil McGuinness said. His side beat Pakenham United 4-0 in a friendly at IYU Reserve last week. Skye missed a host of one-on-one chances in the first half but took control after the interval with all four goals coming in the second period. Mitch Blake (2), Kurt WagnerGoldsworthy and Jason Nowakowski were the scorers. In State 4 South Seaford United used a mixture of senior and reserves players in last week’s hitout against Mornington reserves at Dallas Brooks Park. Mornington won 7-3 in a contest played over four 20-minute periods.

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In NPLW news Aaron Myatt has resigned as under-19s coach at Southern United to take up a role as under-15 boys’ coach at Bulleen. He was appointed senior coach of Southern for the 2018 season but after an end-of-season internal review was replaced by Washington Castillo and appointed to the under-19 post. Myatt was one of Southern’s foundation coaches and although the club wished him well in his future endeavours it is understood that some Southern officials are seething over comments allegedly made by him to players and parents after training last week. While Myatt was conducting his final session Southern’s rescheduled AGM was taking place at which Shannon Palmer was re-elected unopposed as club president. The treasurer’s report highlighted the financial stability of the club after successfully dealing with a debt from a previous administration of close to $50,000, a remarkable turnaround in just 12 months. The big news in State 5 is that Football Victoria last week accepted Rosebud’s application to join the league. The club last played under the auspices of the state federation last century. It is yet to discover in which regionalised division it will compete. State 5 South club Aspendale Stingrays takes on Sandown Lions tomorrow (Wednesday) at Parkmore Soccer Club on Homeleigh Road, Keysborough. The match kicks off at 7.30pm and Aspendale was hoping that New Zealand international Luka Prelevic would be available. This weekend’s highlight is the seventh staging of the Wallace Cup at Baxter Park on Saturday with firstround matches starting at 11am. The competing teams are Baxter, Frankston Pines, Langwarrin, Moreland Zebras, Mornington, Peninsula Strikers, Seaford United and Skye United. Organ Donation Australia is supporting the event which is a fundraiser for the emergency department at Frankston Hospital and competing clubs pay a $100 team fee with spectators charged $5 entry. The draw for the groups and roundrobin stage is due to be held live on Langwarrin’s facebook page on Wednesday evening (tomorrow) at 7.30pm.


Rain, hail or shine: Mount Eliza Hot Shots kids enjoy a day out at the Australian Open despite the rainy weather. Next gen: Mount Eliza junior, Chloe Krings, gets the honours of tossing the coin for a round two women’s doubles match at the Australian Open. Pictures: Better Tennis

Tennis juniors enjoy ‘memorable day’ By Ben Triandafillou HOT Shots kids from the Mount Eliza Tennis Club had what can only be described as a “memorable day” at the Australian Open on Friday 18 January. As part of the Australian Open’s Kids on Court experience, 10 lucky juniors were given the opportunity to have a hit on show court seven prior

to the round two match-ups as well as gaining ground passes for the day. Unfortunately their on-court experience wasn’t to be with the courts getting hit with rain throughout the morning. But with their bad luck also came good luck as they unexpectedly got the chance to get their faces on live television. The juniors got the chance to be in the background of the ‘Today’ show

as they entered Melbourne Park as well as scoring some free ice creams to add to the occasion. One lucky and eager junior, Chloe Krings, also stayed around court seven for another three hours to get her chance to toss the coin for the women’s doubles match which had been delayed because of the downpour. Even with the weather raining on

their parade, Mount Eliza head coach Steve Foot said the juniors still had a brilliant day at Australian Open. “The kids actually took it pretty well,” Steve Foot said. “They went in there expecting to have a hit but they didn’t get that because it rained but they got the bonus of getting their face on TV which they really wouldn’t have expected heading in there.

“It sort of made it funny in a way but it was definitely an interesting day for everyone.” Along with Steve Foot, Mount Eliza Tennis Club coach Brad Grose helped guide the 10 junior players which included: Xavier Ries, Jaxon Robertson, Chloe Krings, Isabella Hudson, Cooper Hall, Oliver Mayhew-Sharp, Harvey Saville, Lenny Saville, Kasey Whitmore and Charlotte Spizzo.

Marshall tackles Road National Championships

Belwazi goes boom: Jamie Kah rides the Jerome Hunter-trained mare Belwazi to victory in the Listed Kensington Stakes (1000m) at Flemington. Picture: Supplied

Belwazi booms in listed company MORNINGTON-based racehorse trainer Jerome Hunter scored his third career stakes victory with speedy sprinter, Belwazi, at Flemington headquarters on Saturday 19 January. On her first attempt up the Flemington straight, the five-year-old mare put pay to her group performed rivals to score a half-length victory in the $140,000 Listed Kensington Stakes (1000m) over equal favourites, Glenall and Champagne Cuddles. Belwazi was a late-nomination for the race but it was a decision that has clearly paid off for trainer Jerome Hunter. “It had been three weeks between runs and I wanted her to go to something else but there just wasn’t anything really available,” Hunter said. “I never even really thought of the stakes races but the late nominations came out and I had a look through who was nominated and I thought that apart from the obvious two horses I didn’t think that the field was all that strong for a listed race. I thought that we can go around for fourth or fifth and I’d be rapt and it’d give her a nice hit out but away she went and that was a pleasant surprise.” Despite the victory coming as a surprise, Hunter has always believed she would eventually head towards this level of racing. “She goes good. I know she goes good, but

it’s just she hasn’t shown it as much as I’d like,” he said. “She’s only been running in restricted races but I’ve always thought she would eventually get pushed into this grade and I knew she’d be an open handicap horse before she retired.” “This prep she’s been a bit hot and cold with her form and she should have won at Moonee Valley two starts ago but I think we got her on the right day. “When she was on Regu-Mate (hormone control) she held her form more consistently but that’s the way it goes now, you deal with the punches and you’ve got to go with that.” The victory also marked the arrival of gun South Australian jockey, Jamie Kah, who made the move to Victoria on Wednesday 16 January. “You see her winning races in Adelaide and you think ‘wow, all these horses just seem to run for her’,” Hunter said. “I knew putting her on she’d be very hungry and trying her hardest to win the race for her to kick off her career in Victoria. “Just watching her replays you can just see how well balanced she is on a racehorse.” Hunter said that Belwazi will now either have a freshen up or head to Caulfield next week for the Listed W.J. Adams Stakes (1000m).

ners to almost immediately slow down as the rear of the bunch bottle-necked around the next corner. “After this I had no legs left and was dropped with a few other guys heading out of the uni back into town, and slowly our group got bigger as we picked up more and more people. “We all rolled good turns to try and hang in the race as long as possible but eventually we were pulled by the commissaire as we started our sixth lap of the course, when we were 10 Giving his all: Mornington Cycling Club member Jack Marshall takes on minutes behind the front of the under-23s Road National Championships. Picture: David Randall. the race.” Marshall said he was By Ben Triandafillou slightly disappointed with MORNINGTON Cycling Club member Jack the result but overall was really happy with the Marshall took on some of the country’s brightest experience that he had gained from competing talent in the 2019 Road National Championships in it. at Ballarat on Friday 5 January. His efforts in the race didn’t go without plenty The Joel Hawkins scholarship holder had been of preparation as Marshall spent several weeks dreaming of riding in the race for the past year getting ready for the nationals. and as a bottom aged under-23 rider, the experi“I was lucky enough to stay up in Bright for a ence of competing at such an elite level had week long training camp after the Tour of Bright always been the goal. with some other Mornington club members, and Marshall missed the cut for the under-19s by focus purely on training in the mountains with just a few months but held his own in the older mates, which I feel really helped me find some age group despite getting caught up in a crash good form at the start of the final training block along with most of the field. before the race,” he said. “My plan was to start at the front of the field “My program for the rest of December conand shuffle back up the climb if necessary, but to sisted of mainly high intensity efforts, and a lot my surprise I didn’t find the climb too crazy and of six minute VO2 efforts to simulate the nationfound myself enjoying the fact that I was fightals climb, which the race tackled 11 times. ing some of the best riders in the country, that I “The week before the race myself and Alex look up to, for wheels and better positioning in Holden, who is also from the club, went up and the bunch,” Jack Marshall said. rode the course in Buninyong for five hours too. “Around the back of the course there was “Being comfortable doing efforts in the same a crash in which most of the field got caught place that the race took place was a lot better up, including myself, and when the guys at the than trying to simulate the climb from home, front realized what had happened they strung and I was also pleased to be able to recon the it out before heading into the University, to try more technical section of the course through and drop as many people that got held up as Federation University.” possible. Now with a whole year ahead of him, Mar“From here the race was carnage and a mad shall said he was looking forward to putting in scramble for wheels which caused me to be too another “great year of training” before targetfar back in the bunch through the uni, meaning I ing the Road National Championships again in was wasting a lot of energy sprinting out of cor2020. Frankston Times

29 January 2019



Backmarkers fly in the Frankston Gift By Ben Triandafillou OVER 400 athletes headed down to the Frankston Football Oval for the second running of the annual Frankston Gift on Sunday 13 January. Being held on the same weekend as the Rye Gift, Frankston Athletics Club member Ebony Lane took the honours in the Women’s 70m Gift while backmarker Dhruv Rodrigues Chico claimed the Men’s 70m Gift. The handicapper seemed to be right on par with his handicaps with less than a quarter of a second splitting the men’s event (first: 7.817sec and eighth: 8.055sec) and a third of a second splitting the women’s race (first: 8.789sec and eighth: 9.173sec). Frankston Athletic Club president Andrew Wells said the handicapper nailed their estimates. “They were both very close finishes so the handicapper did a great job with their work there,” he said. For taking out the 2019 Frankston Gift’s, Dhruv Rodrigues Chico and Ebony Lane both took a chunk of the $2,000 prize pool on offer in both the Men’s and Women’s events. Wells said it was great to see one of their own members claim their hometown Gift. “We had a lot of club members there so it was great to see her run and win,” he said. “She was the second backmarker and the backmarker came at her really hard in the end so she just held on and it was a really good race. It got everyone excited watching it.” The Men’s Gift was just as excit-

ing with Dhruv Rodrigues Chico finishing fast over the top of his competitors. “It was quite good actually,” Wells said. “He was the backmarker and I think he’s going into Stawell this year as one of the favourites so it was good to have him running here as well.” “The commentator also had a ball with his name so that was great to listen to.” Overall, Wells said the Frankston Gift was a hit with improvements continually being made each year to better the event. “Everything ran a bit more smoothly this year as we looked at where we could improve on from last year and all the athletes were very happy with how it all went,” he said. “The improvements that we made made it a lot better as an all-round event and it was a lot smoother for us this year. “On the day everything ran really well and we are very happy with the result for the club.” Other winners from the day included: Christian Sapardanis in the under-18s Boys 100m; Fin Fawcett in the under-18s Girls 100m; Peter Biggs in the Masters (35+) 100m; Stephanie Jinks in the Women’s & Masters 300m; Jay Blake in the 300m Open; Mikayla Michels in the 800m Women’s; Jake Stevens in the 1000m Open; Glenn Sullivan in the 1600m Restricted; and Daniel Lawlor in the 3200m Open.

Lightning quick: Dhruv Rodrigues Chico came from the back to win the 2019 Men’s 70m Frankston Gift. Ready to rumble: Finalists for the 2019 Women’s 70m Frankston Gift get set to hit the track. Pictures: Supplied

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29 January 2019


Frankston Times

29 January 2019


AGLB 024 42 /VIC

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Frankston Times

29 January 2019

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