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Are you ready for extraordinary?something EDUCATING INNOVATORS — SHAPING THE FUTURE


Students do their best when they have the ability to explore their own interests and follow their own paths, so we’re enabling them to do just that. Our innovative hands-on curriculum empowers students to pursue their passions, develop real-world readiness, and have agency over their futures.

We take great pride in our Pastoral and Academic Care Programs, which provide students with mentoring, social and emotional support, and sustained academic skill development at every stage of their educational journey. We also offer robust athletic, club, and co-curricular programs, ensuring that all students can pursue their passions in state-of-the-art facilities.

Welcome to Franklin School, a visionary high school where students have the freedom to chart their own course.

I invite students to join us for an exciting new educational experience — their own.


William Campbell, Head of School

Franklin is designed to foster curiosity, cultivate a culture of learning, and encourage students to question and create. In addition to our rigorous core curriculum, we offer a plethora of electives and micro-courses taught by industry leaders. Our makerspace houses design and technology courses and serves as an inspiring hub where students can apply their learning and innovate. It’s also home to our incubator — Franklin Student Ventures — where students can bring their ideas for new businesses and nonprofits to fruition. Here, they gain entrepreneurial skills, which are invaluable, as technology and the working world continue to change at a furious pace. Indeed, it is imperative to prepare our students now for the jobs of the future. We need to develop their knowledge and the competencies, skills, and attitudes required to thrive in the most dynamic and flexible environments or on whatever path they choose.

From the very first day, Franklin students work with our team of expert educators and college guidance counselors to create a customized four-year plan to reach their goals, enabling them to attend top-tier colleges and follow their dreams.

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Building on a history of educational leadership, which dates back to when our forefather school was founded in Manhattan, Franklin is reimagining a private high school education for today’s learners — students who are laser-focused on the future and eager to make a difference in the world.


Our affiliation with Dwight’s global network offers Franklin students unique opportunities they wouldn’t have elsewhere, including crosscampus collaborations, exchanges, and top-notch online learning options, connecting them with peers around the world.

When one of our former headmasters Dr. M.C. Spahn took the helm of Franklin in 1950, he began a three-generation family legacy of educational leadership that continues today. His son, Chancellor Stephen Spahn; and grandson, Vice Chancellor Blake Spahn, founded Franklin, expanding innovative educational opportunities for students in Jersey City and the surrounding region.


Franklin extends a long tradition of excellence that began in New York City in 1872.

Chancellor Spahn, who has also spearheaded Franklin affiliate, Dwight School in New York since 1967, is distinguished as the longestserving head of an independent school in the U.S. He and the Vice Chancellor have expanded Dwight around the world with campuses in London, Seoul, Shanghai, Dubai, Hanoi, and into the cloud with Dwight Global Online School — ranked by Newsweek as the second-best online high school in the U.S.

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Our hands-on maker curriculum includes a wealth of design and tech courses, which span engineering, art, digital design and fabrication, programming, robotics, architecture, and more, placing a heavy emphasis on using technology as a tool for exploration and invention.

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Building on a foundation of core courses, students can choose from a wide range of AP and elective classes, as well as micro-courses, in our innovative curriculum where academic excellence meets realworld Franklinreadiness.emphasizes applied learning — learning by doing both within and beyond the classroom. Much of what students “do” will be driven by their own interests and where they want to go on their educational journey.

Every student will have the opportunity to develop their own passion project in our incubator and learn what it takes to bring their ideas to fruition. They’ll also gain entrepreneurial skills — brainstorming, design thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving — as well as adaptability, resourcefulness, and resilience needed to navigate whatever challenges may lie ahead in their careers and in life.

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Micro-courses students in knowledge and skill-developing environments, exposing them to real-world situations and then challenging them to apply their learning. They provide students with a glimpse into what different careers might Micro-coursesentail.include:



As every student is unique, no two Franklin student journeys will be the same. why we offer a wide range of choices for those seeking to build on their core studies.

These rigorous courses, offered in all subject areas, are designed for students focusing on deeper learning, college readiness, and earning college Additionally,credit.we provide SAT and ACT prep classes, helping students prepare for, and feel more comfortable with, these standardized tests.


These offerings enable students to go where their curiosity and interests take them. Taught by experts in their field, micro-courses and electives cultivate industry-specific skills that are essential to navigate, and succeed in, the most dynamic and competitive employment arenas.

• Introduction to Finance • Creative Writing • Engineering 101 • Sports Broadcasting • Psychology • U.S. Politics • Introduction to Architecture • MicroprocessorsAdvanced • TechnologyFinancial • FabricationFashion • Introduction to Legal Concepts • Culinary Arts • IncubationBusiness


We’re pleased to offer a four-year course of study in Spanish for all. Students learn to understand, speak, read, and write the language, and also receive a comprehensive introduction to the literature and culture of Spain and Latin America. We use an immersive approach to language learning; all classes are conducted entirely in Spanish. Students wishing to take French or Mandarin can do so virtually through our affiliate Dwight Global Online School.



We believe that all young people are artists and open doors, both literally and metaphorically, through which their artistic expression can emerge. Franklin’s visual arts program emphasizes creativity and encourages experimentation, nurturing students’ talents as they explore a range of styles and media and refine their techniques. In visual arts classrooms, we focus on the fundamentals first, followed by a deeper dive into the history and theory of different genres, analysis, and interpretation. Additionally, students can take their creative pursuits further through after-school art, music, and theater clubs, as well as Franklin’s partnerships with professionals in Jersey City’s vibrant arts scene.


We provide students with expert counseling and resources to guide them and their families through every step of the college admissions process. Together with Franklin faculty, college counselors help students with course selections that make the most of their high school experience, so they can transition seamlessly into top colleges and universities.



Our college counseling team begins working with students early in grade 9 and continues throughout high school to identify bestfit colleges based on a student’s academic profile, personal interests, and aspirations. We look forward to Franklin graduates attending the school of their dreams. TO COMMUNITY

Our priority is to foster a diverse, inclusive, equitable community that reflects our global society — where students celebrate each other’s differences and form friendships for life. We also believe in civic responsibility and in contributing to the communities we inhabit. Franklin students will participate in service-related programs they believe in — or develop their own in our incubator.

Franklin’s hands-on learning approach provides a particularly meaningful way for students to take action and become immersed in the city and the broader world around us. Another way is through internships with localarea professionals customized to students’ interests. Our home in the heart of Newport enables us to tap into the knowledge base, culture, and energy of our Jersey City community enriched by global perspectives.

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We provide all students with mentoring, social and emotional support, and sustained academic skill development through our Academic Care Program regardless of where they are along their own education continuum. This not only provides a personalized approach to all aspects of student life, but also ensures that parents are informed regularly about the holistic development of their children. The program and its principles are threaded throughout a student’s day. With academic checkin protocols, small mentoring teams, peer support groups, and regular feedback and data collection, students always feel highly supported.

Blending contemporary research in special education pedagogy with the creativity of design thinking, Endeavor provides students with a strength-based and innovative academic and executive functioning tutoring program. Our specialist teachers are experts in helping students with learning differences. Taking a holistic approach, they provide students with the strategies, learning support structures, and skill development to optimize their academic abilities and empower them to succeed. Students also learn how to articulate their needs and become self-advocates.

By promoting the development of students’ individual and critical thinking skills, our Skills Curriculum prepares them to be global citizens and agents of positive change. We utilize interactive teaching and learning strategies grounded in best practices and research to design classes with a focus on problemsolving and engaging projects, which students work on individually as well as collaboratively. The curriculum builds skill sets that are recognized universally as essential for our students to become well versed in: global citizenship, innovation and creativity, technology, and interpersonal relationships. Within each one of these categories, students gain knowledge and proficiency specific to that skill set.






The Capstone Project puts students in the driver’s seat on their educational journey.

Communication is a critical skill set required to thrive in all aspects of life, which is why we provide our students with a four-year public speaking and communication development program designed by experts in the field, GK Training, renowned for clients ranging from Presidential candidates to leaders of industry.

While the project itself is completed during senior year, the Capstone continuum spans four years. Beginning in ninth grade, students participate in a series of workshops, exposing them continually to increasing levels of research, self-management, critical writing, and presentation skills required not only to complete a project of their own choosing, but also to prepare for success in college and their careers.

In this special program, students focus on delivering messages with clarity and authenticity, and all forms of spoken communication. The training method uses embodied cognition to help create behavioral change and improve communication in any setting.

CAPSTONE PROJECT Designed to highlight the knowledge, skills, and personal interests that students develop throughout high school, the Capstone Project reflects — and is a culmination of — their learning.


• Soccer field and 3,000-seat grass stadium

• 2,000-seat basketball and volleyball arena

• Elevated track

• Fully equipped exercise and fitness center

• Soccer (boys and girls)

We offer the following teams for our student-athletes:

unparalleled for a high school:


• 25-yard swimming and diving pool

• Swimming (co-ed)

Learning doesn’t end at the bell.

After-school programs are an important extension of the day.


• Tennis (boys and girls)*

• Basketball (boys and girls)

Through our partnership with New Jersey City University, Franklin Tigers utilize state-of-the-art athletic facilities for training, practice, and home game competitions, which are simply

*beginning 2023-24


• Volleyball (boys and girls)

Students can pursue their passions and explore new interests and talents, extending the day through an array of clubs that provide enriching experiences and build skills, as well as friendships. These range from digital music production, robotics, and viral media, to drama, fashion, Model UN, yearbook, and much more. Students may also engage others interested in the same pursuit to form their own club with faculty sponsorship, further charting their course for learning after school.

• Track and field (co-ed)

We encourage students to excel equally in the classroom and on the playing field, pushing them to do their personal best and collaborate as members of a team. Our athletics program, designed by professional coaches, provides opportunities for students to develop and hone their skills — and build resilience and character — as they explore and pursue their passions for sports. The experience of playing on or leading a team will serve them well in school and all aspects of life.

• Golf (boys and girls)*

16 Preparing students for a future of inevitable change, Franklin is an ideal choice for students seeking an exhilarating take on their education. A Franklin four-year journey includes: • Innovative maker curriculum and a fully equipped makerspace for inventors, creators, and builders • Challenging honors and AP courses • Electives and micro-courses personalized to the interests and goals of each student • Franklin Student Ventures — an incubator, where students develop and launch their own passion projects • Built-in academic support, skills curriculum, and communication training • Built-in SAT/ACT prep • Expert college counseling • State-of-the-art athletic facilities • Internships for hands-on, real-world experiences • Community-based service programs within and around Jersey City • Global collaborations with peer schools Our forward-thinking curriculum sets Franklin apart from other high schools — and our graduates will venture into the world beyond high school ready to succeed as innovators and socially responsible global leaders. The Franklin Difference

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We’re excited to introduce you to Franklin School. We’re ready. Are you? Franklin School | 80 Town Square Place | Jersey City, NJ 07310 201-234-4781 | | franklinschooljc | to Newport