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On the Cover Evan Burokas G'14, Michelle Barbeau G'13, and Anthony Chighisola G'14, all M.B.A. students, were graduate assistants in the Office of Institutional Advancement.

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President's Message Board of Trustees Leslye A. Arsht

o paraphrase the Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, the only permanence in life is change. And so it is that change comes to Franklin Pierce University in the form of Ahmad Boura's resignation. Ahmad, who has served the University for nearly 14 years, most recently as the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, has accepted an offer to continue his career at Morningside College in Iowa. I join many of you who consider Ahmad our friend, and I will miss him. But this is a good move for Ahmad, and I am happy Franklin Pierce has helped him to achieve another goal in his life. Ahmad's departure presents a new opportunity for Franklin Pierce to find someone to lead us into our next 50 years. A search is underway for the next Vice President, and I am encouraged by the quality of resumes I have already received. I expect to fill the vacancy in early fall and will share more information then. As we close out our year-long celebration of our 50th Anniversary, I hope you have had an opportunity to join us at one or more Franklin Pierce events. If not, there are still many activities in which you can participate, from Red Sox games, to alumni receptions, to campus events, to the Alumni and Reunion Weekend October 4-6. Please check the website,, to see the list of activities planned. I hope to see you in the near future. Ex Umbris Ad Lucem,

Lloyd Astmann '69 Chairman

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James F. Birge, Ph.D. President

Clerk of the Corporation

Victoria A. Rank G'12 & '05 Assistant Clerk of the Corporation


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Community Service Alternative Spring Break hen most people think of Spring Break, they do not necessarily think of sleeping on hard floors and spending hours in the heat doing manual labor. But that's just what communityservice minded Franklin Pierce students and staff do every year during Alternative Spring Break. Last April, 13 Franklin Pierce University students and two staff advisors – Assistant Dean of Student Involvement Scott Ansevin-Allen and Director of Judicial Affairs Bill Sweet – teamed up with Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge to work on building homes in Wilmington, Del. The students and advisors drove down together in three vans, offering their time and energy to paint and do interior and outdoor project work on the newly built or rehabbed homes. "I established the Franklin Pierce Alternative Break Program in 1999, leading each trip with the support of dedicated students since that time," says Scott Ansevin-Allen. "It all started when I saw an opportunity to mix my love for experiential travel with my commitment to service. Growing up, I had the opportunity to experience our country and the world; the ASB Program allows me to pass on a taste of what I experienced to our students. There are so many regions and cultures within this nation to be explored and understood. I have always framed the experience to incorporate both a service component and an opportunity to experience the local culture. I think it's a great program because students become well-rounded citizens – I enjoy watching them grow. The best thing about it from my perspective is that our students have the opportunity to live out their commitment to the greater good." During Alternative Spring Break, all of the students slept on the floor of one of the Habitat for Humanity houses and took turns cooking in teams. Shortly after the students' arrival, they were given the opportunity to meet with a family that would be

Franklin Pierce University student volunteers during Alternative Spring Break.

moving into one of the Habitat for Humanity homes. The couple explained to them how they would be able to give their children a better home and described the positive changes that Habitat for Humanity had made in the neighborhood by rehabilitating homes there. "I love helping others and trying to make a difference," said Amelia Walters '13, one of the student team leaders of the 2013 Alternative Spring Break. "That's what I want to do with a career. It's hard work, but it's rewarding – especially when you get to meet the family. You know you're changing lives." Amelia was part of the Alternative Spring Break program for three years while at Franklin Pierce and plans to volunteer with AmeriCorps before ultimately becoming a doctor of physical therapy. "This trip really inspired me to continue to do volunteer work. I know I can be involved in something that can make a great change – and it's really fun!" The other team leaders for the 2013 break were Miranda Mantello '13, Kathryn Bernier '13, and Brad Arena '14, who all helped plan the week. The 2014 Alternative Spring Break team leaders are Brad Arena and Dave Schwartz '14. Students who are interested in Alternative Spring Break generally complete applications for the program by November; Scott and the team leaders meet with them weekly in order to prepare for the annual March trip. "I look forward to the upcoming Alternative Spring Break 2014," says Scott. "It's always a highlight of the academic year."


Arts & Culture Creating Theater he Theater Department is a robust center of creativity where students from many disciplines throughout the University find a welcome home for artistic expression. Last spring, Vanishing Point, an original musical by Prof. Bob Lawson, was performed by 17 students. Another two dozen were involved in producing the show (working on sets, lighting, costumes, etc.), and 11 students assisted in the initial development of the project as part of their course work. Most of the students were not theater majors and represented many fields of study throughout the University. Lead actor Kyle Mulcahy '13 was a Business major, and Carl Hovagimian '14 is a Music major who produced all the music for the show; there were majors from Anthropology to Health Sciences and everything in between. But every student had one thing in common: a love of theater.

Left to right: Andrea Feder '16, Kyle Mulcahy '13, John McPhee '16, Grace Warwick '14 All photos by: Aras Banevicius '15

Lawson has been writing new scripts for students to perform throughout the 20 years he has been teaching at Franklin Pierce. He describes the theatrical creative process that typically enfolds: "We often start with just an idea. I cast an ensemble of diverse students, take the core idea, and as a collective, we start to see what it is in a theatrical context. My particular skill is to take all of what emerges and fashion it into a cohesive piece of theater. The students learn how to impose a structure on the process – how to bring theater out of chaos. Students and faculty must also be resourceful with respect to utilizing the Warehouse Theater facility to its best. In this untraditional space," Lawson says, "we have to constantly find creative solutions." Apparently they did a good job at accomplishing all that, because Vanishing Point was "held" for the Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival – a national organization which promotes excellence in theater. Being "held" means that in December, the Theater Department will find out if Vanishing Point is one of six New England plays to get invited to perform at the regional festival. Out of those chosen to participate in a regional festival nationwide, six are then chosen to remount their productions at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in April. Franklin Pierce was invited to at least a dozen regional festivals in the past and was selected to perform its production of . . . but the rain is full of ghosts at the Kennedy Center ten years ago. "Every year kids come out for theater, and the Theater Department acts as a crossroads for this passion," Prof. Lawson says. "The students believe that art, and the process of making art, is incredibly important. Culturally, I think society thinks art is frivolous. But take a mental walk through a typical day, and see how many times you encounter music, visual art, TV, or film. If you removed all of that from our lives, we would live a barren existence. And live performance adds one last layer that a lot of art doesn't have; theater is about humans observing other humans engaged in the process of using art and imagination to find greater truths. This process speaks to Einstein's, 'Imagination is


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Left to right: Kyle Fletcher '16, Grace Warwick '14, Kyle Mulcahy '13, John McPhee '16

more important than knowledge,' and I think the development of that part of the mind is enormously valuable and applicable to all human endeavors. This is the work that the best theater sets out to do."

Left to right: Kelsey Devlin '15, Kaitlin Mosher '16, Alyssa Segui '16, Kyle Fletcher '16, Kyle Mulcahy '13

Most of the students involved in Vanishing Point worked on the show for 2½-3 months of rehearsals, four rehearsals/week, 3-4 hours for each rehearsal; the level of commitment required clearly demonstrates the high value placed on the experience. Franklin Pierce students from a wide array of disciplines are fortunate to be able to be part of this highly creative process of performing and producing new plays, as well as works already in the theater repertoire. At many schools, being in a play is largely available only to theater majors, but at Franklin Pierce, with its relatively small number of theater majors, there is ample opportunity for the Franklin Pierce community to participate in the best of what a Liberal Arts education has to offer. And that deserves a standing ovation!


Getting Down to Business By Dr. Edward French and Dr. Maria Garcia


hree components make up the business program at Franklin Pierce University: the traditional undergraduate program offered by the College at Rindge, as well as the adult undergraduate and the graduate business programs, both offered by the College of Graduate & Professional Studies (CGPS). The business program began in 1972 when the Department of Economics and Business was introduced on the Rindge campus. Since then, the program has grown to include five undergraduate business degrees (expanding to six), as well as an M.B.A. program with six concentration tracks. Based on our fall 2012 headcount data, the business programs represent an impressive 20 percent of the student population. The business programs have a common goal, but there are differences, including reporting structures, delivery methods, and student profiles. Despite these differences, we are one University and take great pride in our ability to work together in a collaborative fashion, with the ultimate goal of meeting the mission of the University and the needs of the student.

This collaborative spirit has existed for a number of years but is now developing in more robust ways. Three specific areas of collaboration include the research, development, and launch of the Business Plus


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

program in 2011 and first offered to students in 2012-13; program accreditation efforts which commenced in 2011 and are expected to conclude with business program accreditation in 2014; and a new and more formal cooperation and collaboration with the first joint appointment of a faculty member to both Rindge and CGPS.

Business Plus The Business Plus programs are Franklin Pierce’s answer to students looking for pathways to navigate college and to earn their degree in less time. These programs provide

Business majors the opportunity to complete a business degree in as little as three years, and the completion of a master’s degree in as little as one additional year. Benefits of becoming a Business Plus student are numerous. The program comes in many flavors: accelerated 3, 3+1, 4+1, and +1. An important aspect that differentiates our program is the ability of students to switch programs or return to a traditional model at any point in time. Moreover, students in the program are assigned a Plus advisor in addition to their regular advisor. The Plus advisors work with the

students to help them navigate the program and to stay on track. Students in the accelerated undergraduate program may save as much as $34,000 (based on current rates) in tuition and room and board. Seniors may transfer up to six graduate-level undergraduate credits into their graduate program, resulting in a tuition savings of as much as 15 percent (or $3,400 at current rates). Advisors work closely with students to develop personalized schedules to fit their needs. This is especially important to those students playing collegiate sports, working, or volunteering. Sixteen students joined the program in 2012-13, and 17 more are expected to join this fall. One Business Plus student, Susannah Batchelder '13, who is already pursuing her M.B.A., shared, “The ability to start my graduate work as an undergraduate student opened up a world of opportunities for me. The program has pushed me to explore my potential, while expanding my learning and contributing to my professional experience.”

Accreditation The Franklin Pierce University Business programs took a gigantic step forward in 2011 by moving ahead with a decision to seek program accreditation. After a review of the possible accrediting bodies, the business faculty chose to pursue accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), a business program accreditor located in Lenexa, Kan., recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Consistent with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges standards, IACBE is an accreditor that is mission focused and outcomes based. Franklin Pierce joined IACBE as an Educational Member in September 2011. After completion of Outcome Assessment plans for the graduate and undergraduate business programs and the submission of a comprehensive package supporting the school’s request for accreditation candidacy, a representative from the IACBE conducted a candidacy site visit in September 2012. In November 2012, the IACBE Board of Commissioners approved

Small Business Advisory Group The Small Business Advisory Group (SBA) is a great opportunity for undergraduate business students on the Rindge campus to develop direct experience in the business world. The SBA consulting group consists of a problem-solving student team and a faculty advisor that assist New Hampshire small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and special projects for Franklin Pierce University. Throughout the semester, the consulting group develops business plans, marketing plans, eCommerce strategies, advertising/public relations campaigns, marketing research, and other strategic deliverables that aid in the success and growth of the organization. The SBA experience allows team members to learn how to work directly with a client and develop communication, team, and leadership skills. Students are highly motivated when they are engaged with hands-on business problems. Students apply what they have learned in their coursework, but also crystallize their career paths due to the insights they gain as practical consultants. During the 2012-2013 academic year, the SBA completed work for Sedona Pump Stations, LLC, which specializes in solar hot water pumps for home owners. The SBA created a complete portfolio of marketing deliverables to attract both consumers and distributors to Sedona’s products, including a brochure, professional page, fact sheet, and direct mail piece, all designed and executed based on research and market analysis. A second project completed by the SBA included a research project related to the sale and distribution of community works of art on the Franklin Pierce University campus. ~ By Jason Little, Professor of Marketing


need improvement. One of the early observations made during the selfstudy process is the need for the business programs to work together more closely.

Joint Faculty Appointment

Dr. Maria Garcia Associate Dean of CGPS, Academic Program Director for Undergraduate Arts & Sciences/CGPS

the University’s application for accreditation candidacy. We are in the midst of completing a comprehensive self-study document that addresses nine IACBE accreditation standards: Outcomes Assessment, Strategic Planning, Curriculum, Faculty, Scholarly and Professional Activities, Resources, Internal and External Relationships, International Business Education, and Educational Innovation. A site visit is scheduled for March 2014, and the IACBE Board of Commissioner’s decision on our accreditation application is expected in June 2014. Countless hours have been spent gathering the self-study data, and then analyzing and assessing this data, and reflecting on areas of success as well as those that may


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Another highlight of the closer working relationship between Rindge and CGPS is the first joint faculty appointment. Dr. Andrea McGill-O’Rourke will start in the fall 2013 as an assistant professor and program coordinator for the new Rindge Healthcare Administration undergraduate business degree, where she will spend threequarters of her time. The other quarter of her time will be spent with CGPS, supporting the adult undergraduate and the M.B.A. in Health Administration programs. Her responsibilities will include curriculum development, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and the development of pathway programs to create a seamless transition for students to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Healthcare Administration.

the healthcare administration field as we speak.“

Mission Ready These are just a few of the exciting things going on within the business programs. These ongoing efforts are creating greater and stronger links between the programs, consistent with the goal of “One University” and a desire to provide real and concrete opportunities for our students. As we move forward, we are focused on looking at business programming from the macro perspective. Our efforts and activities will address what is needed for the business programs to deliver on the mission of the University by preparing “students to become confident, knowledgeable individuals and leaders of conscience.”

To ensure relevancy of curriculum and development of internship and networking opportunities, Dr. McGillO’Rourke will develop outreach opportunities with industry leaders in the health field. Dean Kerry McKeever observes, “Not only does Dr. McGill-O’Rourke bring 20 years of experience to her position, but she is conversant in the contemporary shifts taking place in

Dr. Edward French '10 Academic Program Director - Business Division, CGPS Assistant Professor

Sustainability Community "Seeds" Planted

Left to right: Jennifer Grota, Doria Brown, and Eileen Kelly testing dissolved nutrient levels in campus streams.

By Jess Gerrior, Sustainability Coordinator

ommunity building has been a theme in this year's sustainability efforts at Franklin Pierce. Members of the Sustainability Council, along with students and Residential Life, Facilities, and Library staff, have been creating a stronger, more resilient community as a result of several Sustainability Center projects. A new campus garden was built during Earth Week 2013. Located on the south side of the Campus Center facing Pearly Pond, the campus garden is to be an outdoor classroom, gathering place, and resource for learning and events (in addition to food). It is a "seed" with potential for future growth, open to – and relying on – every community member. Faculty and staff donated animal manure, plants, and expertise, and over 100 Freshman Composition and Sustainability Certificate students participated in the digging, construction, and planting of the garden. The hands-on work accompanied a semester-long exploration of food and sustainability called "Digging In," in which students engaged in deliberative dialogue, hosted a panel of local farmers and sustainability leaders, and conducted a public forum. Lacey Allain, a Class of 2016 Senator and one of the students who participated

in the project, will attend the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education 2013 Conference in Nashville this fall to co-present the "Digging In" project with me. The presentation will focus on how various community members came together to create a shared learning experience and built a resource for food and sustainable leadership on the Rindge campus. Community-based approaches to protecting water resources were the focus of "Creating Sustainable Communities," taught by Environmental Science Professor Catherine Koning. Students conducted interviews, surveys and research, created educational posters and web content, and wrote recommendations for campus leaders to consider. To reduce water use and waste from disposable water bottles, students recommended educating community members about the safety of Franklin Pierce tap water and the drastic negative impact that disposable water bottles have on the environment. Students also recommended joining the growing number of universities and towns that have banned the sale of disposable water bottles, and providing all guest speakers, particularly at Commencement, with reusable water bottles. Other solutions included creating a field guide to Pearly Pond aquatic life, holding

regular lakeshore clean-ups, mapping drainage paths to the lake, and educating Franklin Pierce lifeguards and others about lake issues so they may educate others. The Sustainability Council will use the recommendations in its work, and Sustainability Certificate students will have the opportunity to implement them through sustainability projects. Community members interested in keeping natural and human communities thriving on campus are welcome to participate. The Sustainability Council meets monthly and is open to new members. Call (603) 899-4175 or send an email to: sustainabilitycoordinator@ for information.

Ben Dilauro '13 and Rebakka Milles '11 are helping weed the strawberry beds in the campus garden.


Being Abroad Pierce on the Camino By Prof. Douglas Challenger

artin Buber said, "All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." This beautifully describes the many profound and unanticipated lessons students learn from travel and studying abroad. At Franklin Pierce, students have available an even more transformative study abroad experience in the Camino program that began in 2011. That is when my partner Laurie Stamell and I led the first group of students on a semester-long 800-mile walk on the ancient European pilgrimage trail known as the Camino de Santiago. The program now runs every other year; we will lead a second trip during the fall semester of 2013. Before the walking part of the program begins, students study Spanish and French intensively and take a seminar on the history of the Camino, the anthropology of pilgrimage, and the sociological reasons


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

for its modern renaissance. This year, these courses will take place in August in the heart of the Basque country of Spain in the city of San Sebastian. Then, for two and half months we become pilgrims, walking from Cahors, France, through some of the most beautiful medieval villages of France, over the Pyrenees Mountains into Spain, and across the entire northern part of the Iberian Peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean, ending at an outcropping that ancient people thought was "the end of the earth" – today's seaport town of Finisterre. When students return home, they write an extensive essay on their travels and the pilgrimage experience. They receive a semester's worth of credit toward their Franklin Pierce degree for their successful participation in the program. Semester-long walks in Europe have been a part of Franklin Pierce since 1969, two of which I helped lead in 2005 and 2006. Inspired by the transformative experiences

of these walks, I found the Camino and walked it myself in 2007. Based on that experience, I began to create a new walk/ study abroad program for Franklin Pierce. Only two years old, the Camino program is unique in the study abroad landscape of higher education in America and has already attracted external funding. Inspired by the depth and ambition of this innovative curricular offering, FairPoint Communications has provided a significant financial gift to help support Camino student scholarships and faculty development in 2013. In this short, award-winning video, Franklin Pierce students describe the unexpected "secret destinations" that the Camino journey provided them in 2011: watch?v=NVsvdtxsj2A.

Speaking of the Web From Art to 'Net Management

By Richard Berube '98, Website Manager

an easy one. The bottom line is that I love creating things, thinking critically, solving problems, and creating something that has a purpose – from communicating the correct message in a promotional poster to creating a Web page that can tell a story, sell a product, or simply send an inquiry form.

s the Web manager at Franklin Pierce, I take care of everything on our website and on our Intranet site (eRaven). I attended Franklin Pierce from 1994-98 and loved my college experiences and academic career. I wasn't always a computer geek; I was an art geek, majoring in Graphic Communications. After graduation, I worked as a graphic artist, producing marketing print materials for a parent company that launched several dot-com companies in the greater Boston area. My print design skills were stronger than my Web design skills, but I learned new software, picked up more Web markup experience, and even did troubleshooting on my work computer when it was not running right since the small company did not have their own "computer fix-it people." The business potential that the Web offered altered my career direction from print design to Web design. My major in Graphic Communications bridged the gap between art and technology, which made my transition

I enjoy learning new software, working on computers, and learning about new Web technologies. With ever-expanding Internet capabilities, the Web and wireless connectivity has changed how we interact with the Web. Whether you are using Windows, Apple OS, a computer running Linux, a tablet, or a smartphone, we all eventually connect to the Web, and because of that, the Web is quickly getting bigger and more complex. I do a variety of things to help keep up with all the technology changes. Freelancing, volunteering, and just "geeking" on my own time helps me practice new tricks and new technologies. What I do for work is also my hobby; I geek-out, trying out new Web frameworks on a virtual server, writing code, playing around in graphics programs, or installing more RAM in my home computer. I do save time to play with my dog, ride my bike, or hang with friends and family – from whom I still get calls for free computer and Web technical support.

projects and campaigns, there are also Federal, State, and accreditation requirements that the website must have or do. In addition to basic maintenance of the site that needs to be done regularly, there are general requests for changes that come in on a daily basis. Requests for changes vary drastically; some changes can take two minutes, while more intricate changes or bigger projects may take three months or longer. Requests include everything from changing a phone number to adding a new multi-page project, adding a photo gallery, building a marketing campaign landing page, building a database-driven page or sub-site, or migrating a site to a new server. All requests are approved on a project basis and are tracked and archived. Sound like fun? I love this stuff! I plan on pursuing an M.B.A. in Information Technology at Franklin Pierce so that I can manage better and smarter, and be an even bigger geek. I have fond memories of my college years at Franklin Pierce and am excited that I am working for my alma mater, doing something I love, and also have the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree. Stop in and say hello when you're on the Rindge campus; I'll be at my computer!

The Franklin Pierce website consists of over 26,000 files, which include images, videos, PDF and Word documents, and CSS and javascript files, as well as PHP and HTML pages. Along with keeping content updated, building new pages, and working with departments on special Web 11

Shaun Hoffman with Glasvegas on U2's 360 world tour stage at London's Wembley Stadium. 12

Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

The Chance Worth Taking! By Christina Young, Director of Alumni Relations

nspirational speaker Harvey Mackay once said, “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.” This alumni’s story speaks volumes about what taking one chance did for his life – he is living proof as to why it was worth it. Introducing Shaun Hoffman ’02.

The Franklin Pierce Days Shaun grew up in Canton, Mass., and attended Canton High School (CHS). His connection to Franklin Pierce started while working in the CHS Theater Department in lighting, where he met Bryan Perrault ’95 who worked on sound. When discussing Shaun’s options after graduating from high school, Bryan encouraged Shaun to apply to Franklin Pierce. A week after sending in his application, a postcard arrived asking Shaun to take his SATs. “The rest rolled like clockwork,” he says. Shaun reflected on his first days on the Rindge campus. “All I knew of college life was what I had seen in the movies – which wasn’t much. I think what made me most nervous was that I didn’t know what it was going to be like or where I would end up – where I would fit.” But find his fit he did – in the Theater Department and with the Basketball Team. Thanks to his favorite professors, Bob Lawson, Nancy Stone, Lee Dunholter, and Rich Silvestro in the Theater Department, Shaun’s love of behind the scenes work was put to good use at Franklin Pierce. Shaun came to theater as a “techie, not a performer,” says Prof. Lawson, “and that’s definitely on the rare side, because at that age, most come to the theater as performers. And Shaun wasn’t just a techie by default, but someone with a real passion for the tech side, from lighting to stage management. Shaun arrived here at the early stages, when we were getting really adventurous in the work we were making. I believe the first show he was involved with was Poison Heart, a very complex piece of theater in all ways, which he was involved with in multiple aspects.” Poison Heart went on to a regional festival of the Kennedy Center/ American College Theater Festival (ACTF). “It was very much like taking a show on the road, necessitating alterations in the set, staging, lights – all of it – to accommodate a very different theater than the Warehouse,” Prof. Lawson said. Shaun was so successful with his work in the Theater 13

Department that they sent him to one of the ACTF regional festivals to stage manage 10-minute play projects “which, again, demanded a lot of creative thinking on your feet in a tight time frame,” according to Prof. Lawson. Professor Nancy Stone remembers Shaun being a student with many interests, and as one of the students who liked to stop in during office hours just to talk. “Most students come to office hours when they have a problem, and while Shaun did that too, mainly he just wanted to talk about the current production we were working on, or current events, his beloved grandmother, or shows he might have seen in New York,” she says fondly. But theater was not the only love Shaun had while at Franklin Pierce. Shaun roomed with several basketball players over the years, including Donald Edge ’00, Donald Johnson ’01, the late Kevin Scott ’02, Voir-Yulo “VJ” Kwity ’03, Mike Fortier ’04, and Alfonzo Payne ’02. Alfonzo’s first introduction to Shaun was as “Pizza Man” at the Franklin Pierce home games. “While I didn’t know him personally during the first few months, I was amazed at how full of energy and spirited this young man was,” Alfonzo said. “I mean, for anyone to run around the Fieldhouse in a full costume where there didn’t appear to be a thermostat in the building was pretty amazing. After meeting him personally and later becoming roommates, I found Shaun to be very much like a brother, companion, and someone I could confide in and lean on at any time.” His second family quickly made the court Shaun’s second home. Coach David Chadbourne said the infamous Pizza Man title started off as a kind of manager/circus attraction. “He would dress up in a mask and cape and run around at halftime giving away pieces of pizza. The crowd loved Pizza Man. Then he grew into a more serious manager who did a ton of things behind the scenes to help the team.” Shaun was the go-to guy for anything from arranging meals, setting up hotels for film sessions, running the video, or handling the book.

Shaun made such a significant impression on Bruce Kirsh ’71 that he said he was the best manager the program had ever seen. In 1999, and again in 2000, Shaun was awarded the Fred Berger Scholarship, which is given to a student who manages an intercollegiate team and is in good academic standing. Shaun also helped out with Spring Weekend each year, loading bands in and out and helping with band selection. “Shaun was fully committed to bringing great live music to campus,” said Scott Ansevin-Allen, assistant dean of Student Involvement. “He was consistently involved from promotion to set-up to event support to breakdown.” Shaun’s time at Franklin Pierce was preparing him for what his future would hold, but he had no idea of this at the time.

The Chance Taken After graduation, Shaun moved to Boston and worked as a waiter at Whiskey’s and was then promoted to a manager, managing 45-50 people at a time. During that same period of time, he began to work with a New York City rock band called Semi Precious Weapons (SPW), booking their shows for them every two months. Shaun traveled back and forth from Boston to New York just to be a part of it all. “I knew it was worth it because I believed in them, and honestly, I had more fun doing that than anything else,” Shaun says. After two months, Shaun decided to move to New York for SPW and began waiting tables at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. SPW – comprised of Berklee College of Music graduates Justin Tranter, Cole Whittle, Dan Crean, and Aaron Lee Tasjan – was signed in 2008 by Razor & Tie, who re-released their album “We Love You.” The band became increasingly successful and was eventually asked to go on tour with Lady Gaga. At that point, Shaun began working with a band called Glasvegas, a Scottish indie rock band from Glasgow, which had received critical acclaim for their platinum selling debut album. Shaun drum teched and assisted them for only $50 a day. “I can remember back in school when there were days the phone would get shut off because I couldn’t pay my bill, so any money was good money,” Shaun confesses. Little did he know what his future had in store for him! In June 2012, Glasvegas was planning to go on tour at the Glastonbury Festival in England. Shaun knew he wanted to go, but the band did not have the budget to cover him. It was then that he decided to “just do it.” Shaun booked a ticket and told the band he would work for free if they could find him a floor to sleep on. At the end of the first week of the tour, Shaun was having breakfast with the lead singer of Glasvegas, James Allan. Shaun explained how much he enjoyed the tour and that he was working


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Bruno Mars concert, June 2013. (Photos by Prof. Bob Lawson.)

for free because he believed in the band. James wound up hiring him for the whole summer.

his tour manager, he jokes, "There are two types of men in the world, and Shaun Hoffman is neither one!"

When Shaun returned home from the summer tour, he went back to waiting tables at Planet Hollywood for eight months. Things were starting to look like they would never turn around again, when Shaun took a weekend off to celebrate his birthday. He and Jimmie Hunt ’04 were watching the U.S. World Cup, when SPW – who had since signed a major record deal with Interscope Records with Lady Gaga – texted Shaun to ask him to go with them on tour with Lady Gaga. “I can remember it like it was yesterday,” Shaun says. “I looked at Jimmie and asked him what I should do.” Jimmie said, “Shaun, you need to do this. You aren’t happy doing anything else.” Four hours later, Shaun called to accept the offer.

A Life Changed

Shaun spent six months on the Monsterball Tour when he was approached by Lady Gaga’s tour manager. She knew of someone whose management team had an opening; that opening was for Bruno Mars. “I thought she was crazy,” Shaun confesses. “I had very little experience. I mean, I had just been waiting tables at Planet Hollywood!” But Shaun applied and had a ten-minute conversation with the manager, Brandon Creed, and Bruno’s tour manager at the time, Derek Brenner. And that’s when Shaun’s life changed – when all the pieces fell into the puzzle. Shaun was hired as Bruno Mars’ tour manager. He started in January 2011, and it was anything but a slow start. Shaun’s first experience with television was for an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show that was quickly followed by the Grammy’s. “Bruno was just taking off at that point,” Shaun says. “We went from a travel crew of 12 people to 50 people, one bus to five trucks, and a six-piece band to a nine-piece band – in what felt like overnight.” Bruno’s career soared, with sales of 8 million albums and 58 million singles worldwide, and awards including a Grammy, an American Music Award, a Billboard Music Award, and a BRIT Award. As for Bruno's feelings about

In a typical day, Shaun wakes up to a multitude of emails and confirms rooms for whatever hotel they will be in for the week. He checks on flights, ensures that everyone is awake, works on the sound check parties, sets up any ‘meet and greets,’ caters to the label people, secures any guest passes, and attends to all the other details for Bruno and his band. Then the show goes on, and Shaun arranges for the after party, club, or dinner for the group. “That’s your typical show day,” Shaun laughs. What Shaun loves most about his job is that no two days are ever the same. “Whether it’s a private party, a new TV show, or a video shooting, you are always around new people,” Shaun says. Many days Shaun cannot believe that this is his life now. “How did this happen?” he asks himself. “So many times I could have made a slightly different decision – and my life would have been completely different.” His advice to the students at Franklin Pierce, both past and current, is to “always know that anything’s possible, and it’s what you make of it.” Prof. Lawson summed up Franklin Pierce’s pride for Shaun’s success: “A lot of kids get involved in theater in high school – the number of people who go into it professionally is a scant percentage of those high schoolers. It takes a massive amount of passion, acquired and applied skill, a collaborative brain and personality, and the good luck that all of that can magnetize – all of which Shaun has, or he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing today. I’m happy to have been there when he was starting out and to have been one of his mentors in that phase. He deserves an enormous round of applause.” Agreed! The Alumni Association at Franklin Pierce University is so proud to call Shaun part of the alumni family, and looks forward to following his amazing career. 15

The Institutes

The Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication Looking Back with Pride s the University celebrated its 50th Anniversary over the past year, many alumni have shared fond memories of spinning vinyl over WFPC from the porch of the Manor, filming in the basement of the Library (while trying to avoid capturing the flushing toilet on the audio track), or laying out the Pierce Arrow. And, as they finished their stories, they inevitably looked around the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication and marveled at the opportunities it represented. At the Fitzwater Center Honors in April, Dr. James Birge draped inaugural Pierce Media Group Leadership Cords over the shoulders of seven graduating seniors who had seized those opportunities. Valerie Armstrong, Patrick Ballantyne, Zachary BylaskaDavies, Jennifer Connors, Samantha Deabay, Morgan Miller, and Amelia Walters wore their cords – earned over six semesters with the Pierce Media Group (PMG), two of them in leadership positions – with pride at the 2013 Commencement. Established in recognition of the 10th Anniversary of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication, the cords acknowledge the vital contributions these students made to the success of the PMG and the Center.


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

By Dr. Kristen Nevious, Director

The student media – led by PMG Fellows who work with executive boards – has expanded over the years to include Raven Sports Network, Four Corners Marketing, PMG Social Media, and PoliticsFitzU. Collectively, the PMG has the potential to reach every member of the Franklin Pierce University community 24/7. More than 100 students work in PMG every year, donating a self-reported average of seven hours per week, for 13 weeks per semester, for a total of more than 18,000 hours each year. Marlin Fitzwater was on campus several times during the year and remarked, "There is no journalism substitute for the rigors of writing, reporting, and thinking about the issues of the day. The Fitzwater Center is hands on. If bricks and mortar can stimulate this process, all the better." As we look forward to our next 50 years, we are confident that the Fitzwater Center will continue to be a cornerstone for stellar media opportunities for Franklin Pierce students. It will also continue to be a valued source for varied forms of communications and information for the entire Franklin Pierce community.

Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place & Culture Flood Waters on the Nubanusit & Place Scholarship 2013 he Monadnock Institute, in partnership with the Monadnock Center for History and Culture in Peterborough, has applied for funds to undertake a documentary film project focused on the Nubanusit Brook in southwest New Hampshire. Entitled Flood Waters on the Nubanusit, the documentary will tell the story of the devastating Flood of 1936 and Hurricane of 1938 – the region’s two most significant natural disasters – that wreaked havoc along the Nubanusit and Contoocook Rivers. Townspeople in Antrim, Bennington, Harrisville, Hancock, and Peterborough over the age of 80 have vivid memories of automobiles washed downstream, flooded homes, toppled trees, and fires raging in downtown Peterborough streets. Flood Waters on the Nubanusit will be modeled on the popular Reflections

film series produced by the Keene Public Library and its partners in 2010. During September 2013, the 75th anniversary of the Hurricane, I will facilitate a stories circle designed to introduce the Nubanusit project and gather initial recollections. I will also conduct follow-up interviews with selected individuals and will supervise the writing of a script for this new documentary. History professor Dr. Melinda Jetté, who supervised student research on film topics and provided expertise to ensure historical accuracy and adherence to best practices in oral history procedures throughout the Reflections series, will serve as internship coordinator and historian on the Nubanusit project. The critical role of film producer will be filled by Dr. Douglas Challenger, the producer of the recent 60-minute documentary film focused on the history of Franklin Pierce University. In order to

New England Center for Civic Life

By Dr. John Harris, Director

ensure broad community participation and historical accuracy, a rough-cut version of Flood Waters on the Nubanusit will be screened in local venues in 2014, several months before a final film is produced. ****** The 2013 Monadnock Institute Peter Sauer Place Scholarship has been awarded to Jennifer Grota, a Franklin Pierce sophomore majoring in environmental science and the 2013-14 president of the EcoClub on campus. Jennifer is interested in exploring the work that Institute advisory board member Peter Sauer submitted to Orion Magazine between 1996 and 2004. She plans to summarize a number of the essays Peter wrote, and then to write her own tribute honoring Peter's commitment to Orion and to the environmental movement before he passed away in 2010.

By Joni Doherty, Director

The Walter Peterson Forum for Civil Discourse: An Exercise in Deliberative Democracy here was no one who epitomized the spirit of civil discourse more than the late Walter Peterson. He served as governor of New Hampshire from 1969-1973. In 1975 he became President of Franklin Pierce University, a position he held for 20 years. After his retirement, he continued to be involved in public affairs and was widely respected for his efforts to bridge across partisan divides. Quite simply, he was a voice of reason.

dialogue among individuals and groups with diverse perspectives, the New England Center for Civic Life, and the Monadnock Center for History and Culture in Peterborough, have created The Walter Peterson Forum for Civil Discourse. The forum is designed to give the Franklin Pierce community and residents of the Monadnock region opportunities to engage in civil, honest, and thoughtful conversations about the pressing issues of our time.

Today, more than ever it seems, we need to reaffirm our commitment to civil and respectful public discourse. To honor Walter Peterson and foster open and honest

The theme for the inaugural year is the United States Constitution. The fall and spring sessions will each open with a keynote address, followed several weeks

later by deliberative forums. Deliberative dialogues are not debates, nor are they casual or superficial conversations. They involve reasoning together and working through possibly conflicting choices in an effort to reach some common understandings. Because it is important for all participants to have the opportunity to actively engage in deliberation, each forum is limited to 20 participants. In the fall, the focus will be on better understanding the Constitution's historic context. During the spring session, our attention will turn to the Bill of Rights and its role in contemporary America.

To learn more about The Walter Peterson Forum for Civil Discourse, please contact Joni Doherty at or (603) 899-1025. 17

University Roundup Around the Rindge campus . . . Bianca Acebron Peco '14, a Political Science major with a minor in Intelligence & Security Studies, is the new Student Government Association executive president for the 2013-14 academic year. She is also Franklin Pierce University's College Democrat Club president. This highly motivated student is the first in her family born in the U.S. and the first to go to college. A dual citizen of Spain and the United States, Bianca is fluent in Spanish and aspires to work for Homeland Security someday. A Senior Class Toast celebration was enjoyed by the Class of 2013 during Commencement week. Commemorative champagne flutes were given to each student. CrossFit has come to Franklin Pierce, thanks to Associate Professor and Coordinator of Health Sciences, Dr. Andy Hatchett, who is committed to bringing a greater level of fitness to the Rindge campus! Read more about the fitness program here: CrossFit_Program_Begins.htm

The 2013 Commencement took place on May 18 on a beautiful spring morning. Meg and Gary Hirshberg, Penny Pitou, and Lloyd Astmann '69 all received Honorary Degrees. Paul Holloway received the Honorable Walter R. Peterson Citizen Leader Award.

Photos by Diana Lavoie Photography.

Read more about these inspiring individuals and their Commencement remarks here: about/news/Commencement_2013_Speakers.htm

Videos of the speeches may also be viewed on Franklin Pierce's YouTube channel. The Northfields Activity Center, commonly referred to as the Bubble, collapsed in a violent storm last February. Insurance covered the cost of replacing the shell of the Bubble with a new shell, as well as a complete replacement of the damaged flooring. The College Reading and Learning Association granted Franklin Pierce University's Peer Tutoring Program Level 1 certification, giving the program recognition as an internationally certified program. Franklin Pierce has been developing and refining its Peer Tutoring program for years and was honored to be counted among the colleges and


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

universities that met the rigorous requirements necessary for receipt of this prestigious certification. The Peer Tutor program is run by Maureen Baptiste and Patti Vorfeld through the Center for Academic Excellence.

The Rindge campus experienced its first Raven Run last April, complete with lots of powdered colors that brightened all of the runners! After the Run, a beach party and barbecue were enjoyed by all of the participants.

Professor Donna Decker and students Timothy Armstrong and Kelsey Senior will present at the New England Popular Culture Association Conference in October at St. Michael's College in Winooski, Vt. Their 90-minute session is called "Intentional Venom: Making Meaning of School Shootings!" Read about the class Professor Decker teaches on this subject on p. 31. A new feature of the 2013 Academic Showcase was a Faculty Poster Session. Fifteen posters, videos, or creative work portfolios on topics ranging from local and global environmental concerns, to the importance of physical activity for cancer survivors, to the art of photographing flowers were shared.

Theater in the news . . . Chrissy Hogue '00 brings her comedic and dramatic tour de force to stages all over the country in Robert Lynn's The Stupid Economy. Chrissy takes the audience on a dizzying ride through her roles as seven women struggling with their personal finances since the economic crisis of 2008 into the present. The show has been performed in bars, cinemas, and gorgeous theatres like Metropolis Theatre in Chicago. It was accepted into the United Solo Festival and will perform on October 4 at Theatre Row in midtown Manhattan. For more info visit:

Judy Jerome '99 stars in the indie film Cost of a Soul, available on Showtime, Netflix streaming, ITunes, Apple TV, and most of the On Demand channels, as well as on DVD. Judy also completed filming another indie, Turnabout, which is now in post production, and two more films are slated for Spring 2014. She teaches dance and is a certified personal trainer for her "day job" – and loves those too! Jill Astmann '95 was a stage manager at different theaters around the country for a few years after graduation and then decided to start doing makeup. She worked on Rent and other Broadway shows doing makeup and wigs for about six years and then moved into film and television. In the past year, she has worked on The Wolf of Wall Street, The Americans, Blue Bloods, various commercials, and the upcoming Noah and the Ninja Turtles movie. Jill enjoys work that takes her to different places each day, and says, "Like Franklin Pierce, the film world is truly a family. It's rarely glamorous, but always interesting and mostly a lot of fun." 19

Alumni in the news . . . Randell Kennedy '85 was presented with the Fitzwater Center Medallion for Leadership in Public Communication last spring. Kennedy is president of a national mediaconsulting agency, Academy Communications, based in the Boston area. The company specializes in higher education. Kennedy is a 25-year veteran in the field of educational media relations and journalism, and has provided extensive media relations, editorial services, and crisis communications, for more than 100 colleges, universities, law schools, and educational foundations, including Franklin Pierce University. Tyler English '04 was featured in the June issue of Men's Health and has authored The Men's Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible (Rodale). Tyler owns two Connecticut-based personal training facilities (Tyler English Fitness) that have been featured in Men's Health, SHAPE, and Entrepreneur as well as on CBS, FOX and NBC. For more information about Tyler's book, go to:

Tanesha Cason '05 is featured in the cover article of Dance Spirit magazine. Tanesha, an Arts Management major who minored in Dance, was one of 100 women dancers chosen from a pool of 800 who auditioned to be in BeyoncĂŠ's Super Bowl halftime show performance. To top it off, Tanesha was then chosen to be one of eight dancers selected to be part of the nearly 50-city "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" with BeyoncĂŠ. Go here to read the article: www.dancespirit. com/2013/04/who-run-the-world-beyonces-girls

Tony Chavira '04 has co-authored the new paperback Beat L.A.: Patrolling the Underside of Gentrification, published by Four Story in conjunction with Down & Out Books (2013).


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Kurt Stuke G'12, a recent graduate of the Doctor of Arts in Leadership program, spoke at the Annual Gathering of the Thoreau Society. He and Dr. Allan DiBiase offered a presentation entitled "Philosophical Sketches from Thoreau's A Week on the Concord and Merrimack River." Stuke also published two articles in July: "Understanding Leadership through Leadership Understandings" in the Journal of Leadership Studies, and "Moving Quality: Towards the Aesthetic" in the Journal for Quality and Participation. Tyler Bishop '08, G'10 was named the head coach of both the Franklin Pierce men's and women's golf programs in early June. Bishop has an extensive history with the game of golf and the Franklin Pierce Department of Athletics. He starred on the baseball team as a relief pitcher from 2006-08 and helped guide the program to three straight NCAA East Regional Championships and a trip to the 2006 national semifinals. Bishop comes from a golfing family, including his father and brother, who serve as PGA professionals at various golf courses throughout the state. He had a distinguished high school golf career at Milford High School, where he earned all-state honors all four years, including first-team honors from his sophomore to senior seasons. Sean Frost-Brown '13 had two video pieces featured in a NH Creative Club exhibition last June. A CIT major whose concentration was multimedia applications, Sean uses his creativity in myriad ways to produce his videos. He describes his "Surely Mine" short clay animation video as inspired from claiming what is yours, featuring a feel good, upbeat snake who wants to sit high above his world; he embraces life and wants everything out of it that he puts in. View the video here:

Faculty in the news . . .

and chorus were composed of performers from throughout New England.

Melinda Marie Jetté, Ph.D, associate professor of History, has co-authored a chapter in the newly published book, Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia River, published by the University of Washington Press. Jetté and her co-author, Andrew Fisher, an associate professor of history at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, wrote "Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Chinook Tribal Affairs and the Struggle for Federal Recognition, 1851–2005." Jetté is also under contract with Oregon State University Press to write At the Hearth of the Crossed Races: A French-Indian Community in Nineteenth-Century Oregon, 1812-1859, which is scheduled for a late 2014 publication date.

Mark O'Maley, an assistant professor of Theater Arts and Dance, will be working on the lighting of the Pennsylvania Railroad World War II Memorial (Angel of the Resurrection) in Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. The sculpture is an icon in Philadelphia well known from the opening scene of the movie Witness. O'Maley originally lit the sculpture, created by Walker Hancock, in 2001.

New England Notebook: One Reporter, Six States, Uncommon Stories (Globe Pequot Press, 2013) by Ted Reinstein contains a chapter on New England pastimes; included is a photo and caption about Franklin Pierce University's Atlatl Team, headed by team coach Professor Robert Goodby. Professor Ed French, D.A., director of CGPS M.B.A. programs, was elected as the New England Regional Assembly Director of the Board of Directors for the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The IACBE is the leader in mission-driven and outcomes-based programmatic accreditation in business and management education for student-centered colleges and universities throughout the world. David E. Brandes, professor of Music, conducted the Appalachian Mountain Club Music Festival chorus and orchestra last April. A weekend of rehearsals culminated in a performance that included the Franz Schubert Magnificat and the Giovanni Pergolesi Magnificat, both works written for chorus, soloists, and orchestra. The orchestra

Mary C. Kelly, Ph.D., professor of History, will publish a new book this fall. Long Threatening Comes at Last: Making Meaning of Ireland's Great Famine in IrishAmerican History is scheduled for publication by Rowman & Littlefield. The book is the culmination of several years of research on Famine memory in the United States, and reflects Dr. Kelly's area of scholarly interest in Irish-American history. She has presented on this material at history conferences in recent years, and looks forward to continued engagement with the topic as the publication date approaches. She is currently working on Irish immigrant settlement in Boston in the mid-19th century. Bob Lawson, associate professor of Theatre Arts, had his play, co-written with Marlin Fitzwater, read at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas last March. Empires Fall investigates the years 1989-1991, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and examines the relationship between General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and President George H.W. Bush. The reading was done by Texas A&M's Performance Studies Department. Frank Hubacz, Ph.D., an Environmental Chemistry professor, was selected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Teacher at Sea program to go on a 12-day joint fisheries and oceanographic research cruise in the Gulf of Alaska. Dr. Hubacz boarded the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson to assist scientists as they participated in the ongoing Fisheries-Oceanographic Coordinated Investigation project. 21

College of Graduate & Professional Studies news . . . Sandy Filiault G'13, asked her fellow bachelor of science nursing students to join her in giving to the first Nursing "class gift" to go toward a need-based scholarship for an incoming nursing student in Lebanon. Every student gave a donation, making them the first class to ever enjoy 100 percent participation. "I am happy to give back to Franklin Pierce because my educational experience here was so fantastic," Sandy says. "I was encouraged to question, to listen, to open my mind, and develop skills I never had before."

Brian Boudreau G'12, B.S. in Management, was featured in the Washington Post's StudentAdvisor blog in an interview about his decision to return to school to get his degree later in life, in conjunction with enjoying a productive career. Congratulations to Brian for being, as StudentAdvisor wrote, a student who has "done things a little differently, and had massive success."

Sherry Anderson, a student in the Doctor of Arts in Leadership studies program, attended the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition in Washington, D. C., which took place June 24-26.

Doctor of Physical Therapy students got together to organize a carwash last April to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. What a great way to demonstrate Franklin Pierce spirit and community service!

Sherry Anderson (in black suit) with Senator Collins, the Maine State Representatives, and Meghan Simonds.

Congratulations to Loren Hudson G'12, M.B.A. program, for receiving the Dartmouth College/Tuck School Innovation award! Bernie Sparks, B.S. '85, D.A. '11, adjunct professor CGPS, is the founder and executive director of Sparks Employment Group which was recognized in the June 2013 issue of Business NH Magazine as one of the 20 fastest growing family businesses in New Hampshire. John Kane G'14 is a doctoral student who has been working for two years on a documentary and a dissertation on Hanley Sound, founded by Medford brothers Bill and Terry Hanley over 50 years ago. John is working to build a monument to the Hanley brothers, who revolutionized the sound reinforcement industry from a former Haines Square shop in Medford, Mass. PA student, Joy Tesei, was interviewed by CATV about her volunteer work. Joy contributes her time to playing the harp at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for their cancer treatment program patients. The interview can be viewed at:


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Worth Repeating …

“It’s surprising how many people tell me ‘Everyone is so genuine here,’” said Alex, a sophomore on the Rindge campus. Alex works in the Admissions office, interacting daily with prospective students. “I grew up here, in Manchester, so I guess I don’t really notice it, but yeah, it’s true,” he continued. “I spoke with an accepted student last night on the phone, and she came to campus today for a tour. I just happened to be her tour guide. She deposited before she left and said I really helped her make her decision,” he says with a small smile. “That really made me feel good.” Alex is a pre-DPT major; he plans to enter Franklin Pierce’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program when he graduates. “My roommate and I are both pre-DPT. If we maintain a 3.7 grade point average, we automatically get accepted into the DPT program. I have a 3.6 now, so I just have to up my game a little.”

50th Anniversary news . . . Last spring, a special reception was held for Professor James Maybury in celebration of his many years of service to the Franklin Pierce community as a beloved faculty member. Dr. Maybury retired after more than 42 years of educating students on the Rindge campus.

This stunning ceramic mural was designed and constructed by Professor Susan Silverman and installed at Franklin Pierce during the summer and fall of 2012 in honor of the University's 50th Anniversary.

The documentary about Franklin Pierce's history, An Education that Matters: The First Fifty Years of Franklin Pierce University by Professor Doug Challenger and Laurie Stamell enjoyed several screenings on New Hampshire Public Television. The film was also screened to a full room of enthusiastic viewers at Rindge's Ingalls Memorial Public Library in the spring, followed by a talk by former faculty member, Don Burness, and a tour of the Rindge Historical Society's exhibit on Franklin Pierce memorabilia. In celebration of the University’s year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration, Franklin Pierce Athletics held its annual Year-in-Review/Hall-of-Fame Banquet on Sunday, May 5, at the Fieldhouse in Rindge. As part of this banquet, the Department of Athletics honored the "50 Most Prominent Figures in Athletic History," which was a list that was released throughout the past year honoring coaches, student-athletes, donors, and administrators who had a tremendous impact on Franklin Pierce's history. Former women's soccer coach Mark Krikorian, who led the program to a pair of NCAA national titles in 1994 and 1995 before leaving for the same position at Florida State, spoke on behalf of the Top 50 and delivered the message that no matter where Franklin Pierce people are throughout the world, we are "All Ravens!"

Small portion of completed mural.

Three students also worked on the mural: Peter Ward '13, Kendra Watenpaugh '13, and Pamela AndrewsCarter '13. This permanent piece of artwork will enhance the lobby of Petrocelli Hall for generations to come, and is a reflection of the beauty of Franklin Pierce's rural campus. The design features apple trees that were part of the original farm and were cut to build Petrocelli Hall; wood ash from these trees was used in one of the glazes for the mural. When you are on campus, please come to the lobby of Petrocelli Hall and take some time to enjoy this beautiful work of art. 50 years of honoring the past . . . piercing the future 23

Athletics Men's Ice Hockey's Jaymie Harrington The Road to Becoming a Leader n the waning seconds of the Franklin Pierce men's ice hockey Northeast-10 Conference semifinal victory over Southern New Hampshire last winter, Athletics Director Bruce Kirsh '71 made his way around the rink toward the team's locker room to congratulate Head Coach Jaymie Harrington. When any of the teams on the Rindge campus had a monumental win, Kirsh made it a habit of personally congratulating the respective head coach with a handshake and a pat on the back. As Kirsh inched his way closer to the locker room, Harrington saw him coming and sprinted over to meet him. This time, however, no handshakes were given. The two men reached out and gave each other giant bear hugs with several hard pats on the back. Yes, it was a huge win for Harrington and the men's ice hockey program; the Ravens were tasting post-season success for the first time in history. But it was much more than that. The victory and the resulting trip to the conference championship game was the culmination of four years of hard work by both men to put the date of Jan. 13, 2009, behind them. It was four years of the athletics director never giving up on the head coach


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

By Doug DeBiase, Director of Athletic Communications

and providing valuable guidance and leadership. And four years of the head coach taking a professionally low moment, looking deep into himself, listening intently to the advice offered, and making the necessary adjustments to become the well-rounded leader he has proven to be today. "I can't say for sure, but things could have been different if there was another athletics director in that chair," said Harrington. "Bruce Kirsh didn't cast me aside. He took the time to work with me, not just on a coaching level, but on a personal level as well. He's been like a father to me."

January 13, 2009 Jaymie Harrington's intensity and passion for the sport of ice hockey is evident anytime someone speaks with him. Those traits served Harrington well as a player; he played in more than 100 games in the United States Hockey League (the top junior hockey league in the U.S.) before going on to play collegiately at the Division I level for Iona. When the school dropped the program in 2003, he played the remainder of his career at Canisius. Harrington landed the assistant coach's job at Franklin Pierce in 2007 following his graduation from Canisius. After just one

year on the job, Harrington was elevated to the position of head coach. Bruce Kirsh saw in Harrington a young man driven to become a successful head coach in his chosen sport. In fact, Harrington was no different from Kirsh when he was handed the reigns of the men's basketball program in 1977, just six years after he had graduated from Franklin Pierce. "His passion, not just for the sport of ice hockey, but to be a good coach was evident right from day one," Kirsh said. "He was fiery and had a vision for the program, but at the same time we both knew he needed to control his intensity and funnel it down the right avenues." Kirsh knew those same traits could come back to haunt Harrington as a coach if not channeled properly. Sadly for both men, that is exactly what happened in a 4-1 home loss to Saint Michael's on Jan. 13, 2009. The game that night featured a lot of aggressive play by both sides. Harrington felt that player safety was being jeopardized by the lack of calls from the referees, especially in the way his goalie was taking several charges from the opposition. The rough play continued, and Harrington had had enough and began arguing with the referees. He was quickly ejected from the game, but he did

not stop yelling. The arguing continued and grew in intensity as he left the bench area. Before Harrington knew it, security was escorting him from the arena.

What to Do? Bruce Kirsh was not in attendance for the St. Mike's game, so when he got a call informing him of what had happened, myriad thoughts and emotions ran through his mind. He was on his way to the NCAA Convention when the news broke to him, so his conversations with Harrington were over the phone. Kirsh, as anyone close to him can attest, does not mince words and is straight to the point. He spoke to Harrington about his disappointment in his actions and stressed

that the coach understand the gravity of the issue. Harrington was allowed to speak as well, to give his side of the story. "We talked – mostly him – but I still didn't know what the final outcome was going to be," Harrington said. "Bruce was brutally honest, and some of things he said were tough to hear, but I knew he had to say them, and I knew I had to listen, even though the conversation was a tough one to have." The conversation ended and the outcome was clear. Harrington would not be relieved of his duties, but he was suspended for a week. The assistant coaches would run the practices and coach the team during games, while a senior staff member from the athletics department would oversee their handling

of the squad. The two men would revisit the situation when Kirsh returned from the convention and Harrington returned from his suspension. After Harrington returned to the school, Kirsh laid out a course of action; he would serve as a mentor to the young coach to avoid a repeat of the situation in the future. "My job as an athletic director is not to just cast people aside who make a mistake," said Kirsh, who held roles as an assistant coach, head coach, athletics director, and Vice President for a combined total of 40 years at Franklin Pierce. "My job is to also provide guidance and leadership and to help my coaches grow and evolve, not just in the profession, but as people. I was given the chance to be a head coach at a 25

young age, and I was fortunate to receive a lot of guidance from then (Franklin Pierce) President Walter Peterson. He was invaluable in helping me to grow as a leader and that's the approach I've taken with any of my coaches."

Success: Coaching & Life The two men agreed to a weekly meeting on Tuesday afternoons. There would not be much hockey talk, but rather coaching lessons on dealing with stress, players, referees, growth, and maturity. The meetings not only covered athletics, but also life. Harrington's longtime girlfriend (now wife), Emilie, was working and living in Canada, which was stressful for him. "It was rough at that particular time, and it still is today, not having her around all the time," Harrington said. "I typically keep stuff to myself, but she seems to have a way of knowing what I'm thinking and ultimately getting it out of me. She is my best friend and biggest supporter, so naturally I missed not having her there. We would talk on the phone, but it's different when the person isn't there next to you." That's where the life conversations came in during those Tuesday meetings. When Bruce Kirsh was that young coach building the men's basketball program in the 70s and 80s, he too, was pulled away from his family at times. The two men understood where the other was coming from. "Bruce really became a father figure to me," Harrington said. "Sometimes the meetings wouldn't be long, but he would always ask how I was doing. Those little things are actually big things." Harrington took the talks to heart, and as the two men continued to meet, the coach was growing and the ice hockey program was growing with him. "Harry worked his butt


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

off through those years," said a modest Kirsh. "He did all the work. I just talked with him." Franklin Pierce hosted the first Northeast-10 playoff game in program history at the end of the 2008-09 season, and then posted a school-record for wins in a single season in 2009-10, while also hosting a second consecutive playoff game. The Ravens continued to set records in 2010-11; they produced a new program mark for single-season wins, finished third in the conference regular season standings (the highest finish in program history), and once again hosted a playoff game. Harrington was not just growing as a bench boss, but also as a leader off the ice. He handled player discipline problems with swift, decisive action. Players that did not want to conform to his vision for the program, both on and off the ice, were dismissed and replaced with ones that wanted to take the program to the next threshold, which was post-season success. Players that had made mistakes but were working to get back into good standing were ones that he personally met with to serve as a mentor. Harrington keeps a copy of the box score from that Saint Michael's game in his office and will show it to players he works with. It is to serve not merely as a reminder of that night, but as a visual aid into how someone can go from making a mistake to fixing it through hard work. "The box score illustrates that mistakes can be made," Harrington said. "But more importantly, the success this program has had since shows that through hard work you can rise above them. The players, current and past, have made this program

grow throughout the last several years. I've learned a lot from them, and hopefully they've taken a lot away from me. That's why I will defend my players when needed. As I said before, I will always defend my players until the day I'm done coaching." Mark Gibbons, a former player in the Ravens men's ice hockey program, never played for Harrington. But now, Mark is a high school coach, and has worked closely with his alma mater, sending several of his players on to play in Rindge. "What Jaymie has done with the Franklin Pierce program is amazing," Gibbons said. "It's a recognized program in New England, and a lot of people in the hockey community are impressed with what he has done. I've sent several players to play for him, and I stay in contact with each guy and they rave about how the program is a real positive in their college experience. Jaymie is an honest guy who doesn't pull any punches, and the players respect that." As the program continued to rise in stature, and Harrington continued progressing into a strong leader, the Tuesday afternoon meetings became less frequent and ceased altogether in the fall of 2011. "Jaymie had grown and it was remarkable to see," Kirsh said. "I always let him know my door was open, but he didn't need to hear from me weekly." In fact, Kirsh was so proud of Harrington's transformation that when the Athletic Department decided to form a leadership committee of student-athletes in the summer of 2012, Harrington was one of two head coaches selected to lead the panel. "I was very honored to be a part of the program," Harrington said. "It meant a lot to me that Bruce put that much trust in me to lead a very important initiative."

"How About that Win?" As Jaymie Harrington and Bruce Kirsh finished their bear hug following the playoff win over Southern New Hampshire, Harrington gave a fist pump and shouted out, "How about that win?" Kirsh congratulated him once again and made his way back out to the entrance of the rink so Harrington could be alone to celebrate the victory with his players and family. Harrington spoke to his team in the locker room after the game and congratulated them on all they had accomplished. He told the players to enjoy it, and then they would get back to work on focusing for the next NE-10 championship matchup at Saint Anselm. "The instant the final horn sounded I said to myself, 'All right, it's time to get ready for Saint Anselm,'" Harrington said.

While the players whooped and yelled in the locker room, Harrington went out to offer thanks to family and friends for coming to the game and offering support. He left the rink and got in his car to drive home. He allowed himself to stop thinking about Saint Anselm for a moment, and started to focus on all the players who had come through the program during his watch who had helped the program reach this point, through all the highs and lows they had gone through together. "Anyone who has ever played for me in this program has a right to share a piece of this win," Harrington said. "Like myself, all of those players have gone through their own ups and downs, but they never quit and kept fighting back. We had lost home playoff games for three straight years. A lot of the seniors on this year's team were a part of those losses and they

could have packed it in, but they didn't. That's what this program has been built upon. I hope everyone is enjoying this win as much as I am." Kirsh, too, was driving home from the rink and allowed himself to drift off into thought. He was happy for the program, the student-athletes, and the school. But what made the win even more special was that it was Harrington who guided the team to it. "He deserved that win more than anyone," Kirsh said. "I've been fortunate to work with a lot of great coaches, and Jaymie has the makings of being one. His experiences and his hard work have made him not just a better coach, but a better person. He has a great support system in place with his wife and family. I can't stress how proud I am of him."

Athletics Announces New Additions to Women's Sports Women's Bowling, Women's Golf, and the Enhancement of Women's Rowing By Doug DeBiase, Director of Athletic Communications

ranklin Pierce University President Dr. James F. Birge and Director of Athletics Bruce Kirsh '71 announced in early May that the institution will add the sports of women's golf and women's bowling to its varsity athletics lineup beginning in the 2014-15 school year. In addition to those new offerings, the University will also enhance the sport of women's rowing beginning in that same year. With the addition of the two sports and the enhancement of women's rowing, the University plans to create participation opportunities for approximately 40 new female student-athletes. Franklin Pierce will now feature 13 varsity athletic programs for female student-athletes; in addition to the new golf and bowling programs, there are basketball, cross country, field hockey, ice

hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, and volleyball.

Women’s Golf Franklin Pierce is reinstituting women's golf, after sponsoring the sport 13 years ago. In the past 10 years, however, more than 80 other Division II institutions have added the sport of women's golf to their programs, raising the total to more than 170 competing schools. Franklin Pierce becomes the fourth school in the Northeast-10 Conference to sponsor the sport, joining Le Moyne College, Merrimack College, and Southern New Hampshire University, which announced its sponsorship of the sport last March. 27

The NE-10 does not currently offer a women's golf championship, because conference bylaws mandate that a minimum of six schools sponsor the sport. However, the Eastern College Athletic Conference offers a Division II/III championship tournament during the spring season. Eleven other Division II and Division III schools in the New England region offer women's golf at the varsity level. Franklin Pierce joins Southern New Hampshire and Dartmouth as the three colleges in the state of New Hampshire to offer the sport at varsity status.

Women's Bowling Since the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) officially offered a championship opportunity in the sport of women's bowling in 2004, the sport has grown at a rapid rate with 63 schools across all levels (Divisions I, II, and III) sponsoring the sport. The NCAA conducts a National Collegiate Championship in the sport, which means that Franklin Pierce would compete against schools from all three NCAA classifications if it were to advance to the national finals. A significant number of the schools that sponsor women's bowling are located in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast corridor of the country, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Just as it does with women's golf, the ECAC offers a championship opportunity in bowling during the winter season for the Northeast schools. The sport has seen interest and growth at the high school level, especially in New England where a pair of states, New Hampshire


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

and Connecticut, have created high school state championships. The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association introduced a co-ed bowling championship in 2012, and currently 12 high schools throughout the state compete in the sport.

Women's Rowing Franklin Pierce currently sponsors the sport of women's rowing. The program competes in several prestigious races throughout the Northeast, including the New England Rowing Championships and the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. By enhancing the program, Franklin Pierce will increase its roster size, thus providing more opportunities for female student-athletes. Head Coach Jeff Allen will continue to lead the rowing program through its enhancement. Allen, who also serves as a professor of criminal justice at the school, guided the Ravens to an NCAA regional ranking in the spring of 2012.

Historical Highlights Franklin Pierce Athletics boasts a rich history of women's intercollegiate varsity sports. Some of the highlights of women's sports at the school include five NCAA Division II women's soccer national championships, three other NCAA title game appearances, three NCAA East Regional titles won by women's basketball from 2008-10, 31 all-time NCAA Division II Tournament appearances (including volleyball and women's basketball in the 2012-13 season), 22 conference titles, and six female student-athletes who have earned national player-of-theyear recognition in their respective sport.


[fi-lan-thruh-pee] the desire to promote the welfare of others, usually manifested by the generous donation of money to institutions of learning, good causes, hospitals, and other socially useful purposes.

A l l Yo u Ne e d Is . . .

By Christina Young, Director of Alumni Relations

arle Nightingale once said, "All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination." He may have left out one thing – the right passengers to make it an interesting ride! It's true that putting the right plan in place, designing the perfect road map to navigate your way there, and having the courage to forge ahead are all key elements to a successful journey, but if Scott Martin '15 knows one thing, it's that you cannot do it alone. Not only can the right passengers on any journey through life make it more enjoyable, but they can also help with the road blocks and unmarked forks that can throw any journey off course. Scott's higher education journey began when he joined the Class of 2015. He became a residence hall Community Assistant (CA) in his sophomore year. CAs engage students into the University community and serve as mentors and a support network for their residents. Life was good until last December, when Scott hit a serious bump in the road; a very difficult family situation took him by surprise and meant that continuing his college education might have to come to an abrupt stop. But Scott found a second job in the Student Financial

Services office and applied for as many scholarships as possible. "At one point, an amount of just over $2,000 was going to determine if I could stay or not," Scott said. "But with the help of the scholarship funding, I was able to continue at Franklin Pierce." Scott's natural ability to stay solution-oriented during times of turmoil steadied his course, and his willingness to ask for help when needed displayed an understanding of the importance of how a true community works. In the fall, Scott will move to Lakeview to serve as a CA in an upperclassman wing. He is enrolled in the Business Plus Program, in which motivated students have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate business degree in three years, and a graduate degree one year later. In May 2015, Scott will complete his Bachelor's degree, followed by his M.B.A. in 2016. Scott has learned how important it is not to let the road blocks dishearten him, how to examine each new route with optimism and courage, and how to remember that it is not just the final destination, but the journey and the people you meet along the way that matter. It is imperative that alumni of the University who have journeyed on the same road that current

students now travel consider supporting their alma mater philanthropically. Every dollar makes a difference and can mean that another student is able to remain until degree completion. Scott understands how important it is to be able to navigate life when thrown off course. And with the help of those who supported scholarships last year, Scott's journey at Franklin Pierce is back on track. 29

Academics New Maymester Program ast spring, Franklin Pierce University introduced the Maymester program to students interested in studying abroad for a short period of time, either because their schedules prohibit an entire semester of study abroad, or because they prefer a shorter period of time abroad for personal reasons. Two different Maymester program courses and accompanying trips which took place May 20 through June 7, offered students unique opportunities for brief but fascinating journeys of discovery to either England or Ireland. Prof. Mary Ann Gaal taught an "International Management" class which culminated with a trip to London to observe and understand the complexities of tying cultures together through business. "The students had a great experience observing the similarities and differences between London and the United States," says Prof. Gaal. "They were excited and impressed with the two businesses we visited and were able to talk with two multinational companies, one which was started by an American that has expanded overseas. Everyone remarked that they enjoyed the trip, found it to be a great learning experience, and would recommend it to others."


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

"The Role & Influence of Leisure on the Culture & Commerce of Ireland" was taught online by Prof. Rodney Blackman, followed by a trip to Ireland. Visits were made to the Cliffs of Moher, Kilmainham Goal, Giant's Causeway, Guinness Storehouse, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. Prof. Blackman gave an enthusiastic report of the class trip upon their return. He and six students visited the four largest cities in Ireland – Dublin, Cork, Belfast, and Limerick – and spent several days in the countryside visiting castles, tracing the tales of the history of Ireland (as well as chasing leprechauns), tasting delicious Irish traditional food, and touring the bold and beautiful sights of the island. "We forged what is expected to be an enduring relationship with University College Dublin," says Prof. Blackman, "our fine academic counterpart in Dublin, where the student experience is the focus, not unlike our approach here at Franklin Pierce." By all counts, Maymester was a success and will be built on each spring.

Not Everyone’s First Year Seminar Intentional Venom: Making Meaning of School Shootings By Dr. Donna Decker, Prof. of English, Honors Director

n an odd synchronicity, the very last class meeting of our fall 2012 First Year Seminar, “Intentional Venom: Making Meaning of School Shootings,” took place while the Newtown, Conn., school shooting was happening– December 14, 2012. What had been theoretical and historical and contained to our classroom became all too real. Days later, during our final exam – a fish-bowl dialogue format – we had the gruesome opportunity to bring our analytical skills to bear on a still-raw school massacre. Within days of the killings, we opened up our formerly private course website to the press in order that a USA Today reporter might write about our work (an article that quickly became syndicated). Just days later, I was interviewed on NHPR’s “The Exchange” about the killings and the course. Having taught the seminar twice has proved to be a protean endeavor. We Skype with Dave Cullen, author of Columbine, and Jackson Katz, creator of the film Tough Guise. We investigate our own campus security to better understand our institution’s disaster plan. We interview the local police to learn about their protocol regarding school shootings. One student traveled to Colorado over her winter break and returned with a PowerPoint presentation of photos and music, offering it to me after the course was over – not for a grade, but because the Columbine story changed her in significant ways. Primarily, our class plunges into the details of four massacres: Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Montreal Massacre, and the Amish Schoolhouse shooting. We deconstruct the scholarship, the literature, and the media reportage. We ask questions. We seek answers. We conclude that there are more questions than answers regarding school shootings. There is, for example, no profile of a school shooter. The one characteristic they have in common is that virtually all are male. We ask why this is so.

The foremost learning outcomes of the course are inquiry and analysis, and information literacy. The content area of the course lends itself to easy buy-in; students always want to know more, and they want to know what is accurate. They wrestle with the scholarship. They rage against the paucity of resolutions offered by the government, academics, and experts. They encounter – often for the first time – scholars who disagree and lay down the gauntlet of contending data. They move from media myths about school shootings (shooters are bullied, bullies, Goths, mentally ill, etc.) to an ability – and a willingness – to scrutinize the media they so uncritically swallowed wholesale upon entering the classroom on the first day. The following scenario illustrates what was one of many memorable teachable occasions. Emerson graduate Danny Ledonne created the video game Super Columbine Rampage RPG, a role playing game in which players act as the two Columbine shooters and mount points by shooting classmates. Ledone had agreed to Skype with our class, but my students voted to decline the offer after intense class discussion and reading about the game and its controversies. The decision was not frivolous, but rather mindful – and morally potent. I was inspired to create this course after spending the last five years writing a book on the 1989 Montreal Massacre. The book is nearing completion. The course is in its infancy. Together, my students and I have discovered that a topic that engenders horror, fear, and media frenzy (and sadly, irresponsibility), not only motivates inquiry and analysis, critical thinking, and information literacy, but fosters empathy for a world in which humans – too often – catapult the human out of humanity.

The USA Today article and NHPR’s “The Exchange” show referenced in this article may be found on Franklin Pierce's "In the Press" website page: 31

Alumni Calling all alumni! y name is Christina Young, and I am the Alumni Relations Director at Franklin Pierce University. I joined the Institutional Advancement team in October 2012, and it has been an amazing ride celebrating the 50th Anniversary. This momentous year has allowed me to meet so many of you in person, others on the phone, and many by email. (I hope that at the very least you receive our monthly newsletter. If not, make sure to email me so we can update your contact information.) But as we begin to wrap up the 50th Celebration, I decided it was time we get out on the road and meet more of you in your home towns! The goal of the Pierce Proud Tour is to focus the efforts of our External Relations Committee on planning events that are regionally targeted where many alumni are living. This does not mean to say we will not try to get to areas where there are fewer alumni – but to start, we will aim for where we are heavily saturated. This tour is special, as my goal is to get out and find out why our alumni are "Pierce Proud." As Franklin Pierce continues to grow, it is imperative that we dig down to our roots and stay true to who we are. As Franklin Pierce alumni, I hope you will take a moment to tell us why you are Pierce Proud on our website at:, and check out the tour dates in your area! If you do not see an event near you, but would like to work with our office on scheduling one, send me an email or give me a call. I hope to see many of you at the Alumni Reunion Weekend on October 4-6. The 50th Anniversary Committee has done an amazing job over the last year and will be wrapping up many festivities during the weekend in partnership with the Alumni Reunion Weekend Committee. Our bags are packed and we're ready to go, so we'll see you soon!

Christina Young

Christina Young Director of Alumni Relations Franklin Pierce University 40 University Drive Rindge, NH 03461 (603) 899-1131


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Pierce Proud Tour Coming soon to a town near you!

The Alumni Office is hitting the road in search of why Franklin Pierce Alumni are Pierce Proud! Visit the website at for tour dates.


Putting Learning into Practice By Lisa Murray, Editor

Meeting Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty of Connecticut.

eghan Porcelli ’14 knows the value of internships and how to make the most of them. This Management major, with a double minor in Marketing and Public History and a certificate in Women in Leadership, had her first internship while still in high school as a marketing service assistant at State Farm. One of the outcomes of that experience, Meghan says, is that she “gained perspective on the workforce, communication, and how to be resourceful in a dynamic environment” – qualities that have undoubtedly served her in good stead at Franklin Pierce, where she has had the opportunity to experience various other internships. A Public History requirement at Franklin Pierce is to do an internship,


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

so once again, Meghan found herself with another interesting experience as an Educations and Programs intern at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Conn., during her 2012 spring semester. Meghan designed an exhibit featuring the work and businesses of the first generation of Jewish immigrants in Waterbury – pillars in the community at the time. She extracted, summarized, and organized oral histories for the Jewish Oral History Exhibit and located archival photographs. The exhibit was displayed in the main entrance at the Walzer Family Jewish Community Campus for the Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut, which houses the Federation, B'nai Israel

(a reform synagogue), and Beth El (a conservative synagogue). During her 2013 spring semester, Meghan interned for the U.S. Marshals Service in the Human Resources Department in the Operations Staffing Department in Washington, D.C. She simultaneously studied through the Washington Center; her “International Business and Global Trade” class was completed at the Washington Center, and “Business in Society” was done online through Franklin Pierce with Prof. Mary Ann Gaal. Meghan worked five days per week, full time at her internship (for which she received 15 credits for the semester). She cites

the New Hampshire State Society of DC as instrumental in enabling the internship; they awarded Meghan an academic stipend of $1,500, which helped her to participate in many programs and activities. Much of Meghan’s responsibilities at her U.S. Marshals Service internship revolved around processing applications for a Deputy position that they had opened; approximately 34,000 applicants applied in the first 24 hours for 48 Class seats. Meghan helped organize incoming application information, including medical, physical fitness, service, and educational records to determine who was eligible to be considered for a class. She also helped coordinate the intern program, including scheduling speakers from the FBI, State Department, Secret Service, Capitol Police, National Institute of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, U.S. Parole Commission, Environment and Natural Resource Division, Airforce JAG, Institute of Peace, and many others. Program trips were arranged by Meghan to the Pentagon, CIA Headquarters, Fort Myer's Military Police, Arlington Cemetery, and more. She spoke with pride about playing a role with

the U.S. Marshals Service because they “protect our judicial system, which means they’re protecting our freedoms.” But Meghan did not stop there! When her spring internship was over, she leapt right into another one for the summer at the Smithsonian Institute for their Office of Human Resources: Compensation and Benefits. Meghan created FAQs for their Intranet and reformatted and updated content for outreach presentations to all of the Smithsonian Institution's units. She attended many informative meetings, such as the Department of Labor Interagency Meeting, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, and Worker's Compensation Training for Smithsonian Employees. A perk of the internship was having the opportunity to attend several intern events, including visits to museums before they opened and special intern tours and talks by Smithsonian professionals.

First day with the U.S. Marshals Service.

Meghan reflected on the importance of doing internships and says, “A lot of people don’t transition well from college life into a career. With interning, you get exposed to careers you may have never even

We think this Franklin Pierce student will fare very well at whatever career she chooses. We look forward to hearing about her successes in the years to come!

heard of before. You may learn the ‘thinking’ behind a subject in class, but don’t fully understand it until you put it into practice. I’m more hands on, so internships are really good for me.” She cites the tremendous networking opportunities in doing an internship and feels confident that these experiences will help her get a job when she graduates.

If you would like to explore how your company might offer internships to Franklin Pierce students, please contact Rosemary Nichols at (603) 899-4045 or

First day at the Smithsonian. 35


College of Graduate & Professional Studies

New Things Happening at CGPS! oug Southard, PhD, MPH, PA-C, who has been guiding the CGPS Physician Assistant program since 2012, took on the responsibilities of Dean of the College of Graduate & Professional Studies on July 1, 2013. Dr. Southard is excited about his new role and how he can help Franklin Pierce in its mission. "The most important outcome of our work,” says Dr. Southard, "is to help students enhance their knowledge and skills in ways that make a difference." In reflecting on the educational offerings of CGPS, his vision is to create learning opportunities that recognize: • the globalization of the human community and its consequent opportunities for advancement, as well as its increased competition for jobs and resources, • that collaboration and teamwork are key to success in a competitive world, • the diversity of perspectives is highly valued, but there must also be a search for common ground, • that there must be a focus on solving problems, not merely making the symptoms go away. "I look forward to working with Dean Kerry McKeever and others to find ways to further integrate the activities of CGPS


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

and the College at Rindge," says Dr. Southard. "One example of this is the further development of pre-professional programs in the health sciences. In addition, there is opportunity to offer professional programs in creative ways to meet a market need, such as our recent success in offering the RN-BSN program onsite to practicing nurses at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. This is a program we have the expertise to provide and the creativity to offer in a way that meets the needs of both the learner and the employer." Coincident with Dr. Southard taking on his new role as Dean was the move to newly configured space in the historic Jefferson Mill building in Manchester to better accommodate the needs of the CGPS programs. The new space has been strategically designed for CGPS and is customized with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for the Doctor of Physical Therapy students, as well as new classroom, office, and study space. The flexibility of break-out space in the new facility allows for greater engagement of the community because forums and seminars can now be hosted there. The new Manchester facility has also become the new home to classes and offices previously held in Concord. Several institutions of higher education are clustered near the new Franklin Pierce at Manchester center, where opportunities for recreation and socialization as part of a higher education community can now be enjoyed.

Franklin Pierce University Sponsors for supporting our 50th Anniversary celebrations and events! thanks the following

President’s Level: $10,000

Atlas PyroVision Productions Sodexo

Mr. Attilio & Mrs. Beverly Petrocelli Mr. Michael Weinbaum ’89 & Mrs. Melissa (Petrocelli) Weinbaum ’89 Mr. Michael Lamoretti ’90 & Mrs. Jill (Petrocelli) Lamoretti ’91

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Class Notes 1969

Sarah J. B. (Banta) Frederickson shared that she is impressed with Franklin Pierce University's growth and progress. “How Wonderful! Always enjoy being kept up-to-date." Earle L. Heckeroth, Jr. was a features editor and columnist for the Bloomfield College Minuteman and the Franklin Pierce College Pierce-Arrow. He was also on the Franklin Pierce Social Committee while at Pierce. He has a background in retail management, resort hotel management, and education. Earle is the former owner and general manager of eight cinemas (Arcadia Theatre Co.) and is now retired. Philip Beckerman is still working with no desire to retire. His company is the U.S. sales office for a Russian petrochemical manufacturer. Philip has been married for 42 years, has two married sons and two 5-year-old grandchildren.


Randy and Judy Hendler happily greeted their first grandchild, Winter Ann Hendler, daughter of son, Scott, and his wife, Sonia, of Miami, Fla., on January 29, 2013. Winter has already expressed her interest in being a member of Franklin Pierce's class of 2034. Andrew W. Campbell, M.D. is now the editor-inchief of two medical journals and founding member of Clinica del Barrio (, helping Hispanics in the United States with healthcare, provided in Spanish. He and his wife, Marina, live in Tampa, Fla. They have four children: Denia, teaches at the University in Panama City, Panama; Michelle, a property manager in Austin, Texas; Colin, who works in IT for HP in Houston; and Ian, who is in law school at Baylor University.


Dan Kaplowitz greatly enjoys retirement. Dan likes flying his airplane throughout the West and hopes to fly into the Jaffrey airport sometime soon. Vincent Lucrezi is in his sixth year of retirement and is loving every moment. Having worked with adolescents with behavioral problems since graduation, he says retirement is a welcomed relief; he is living at the Jersey Shore with his wife and helping his son with his home repair business. Vincent wants to say hello to all the kubaba's, Bruce Kirsh, and Paul Cavazoni. “God bless FPU. Hey Mark remember working at the FPC food service on Friday nights and all those keg parties?”


Cheryl Nicholson’s sixth novel, Airtight, was recently published by Thomas & Mercer, along with paperback, Kindle, and audio versions of her earlier titles.


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013


Elsabet Legesse retired in March 2013; she worked as a social worker for the Department of Social & Health Services for the State of Washington.


Howard "Howdy" Conaway is a commercial real estate broker in the Baltimore, Md., suburbs. He also raises and shows pedigreed Bullmastiffs; he has been to Westminster twice. No children, married twice, and now single, he is looking forward to his 40th anniversary get-together next year! And he welcomes any Franklin Pierce alumni whom he can help to contact him.


David Zeidman had a great time at Commencement '13 – quite different from the 1975 Commencement 38 years ago. From his new home in bucolic Sharon, Mass., David is, in retirement, faced with the daunting task of caring from his 92-year-old mother with Alzheimers. He has learned to expect the unexpected in life and to move ahead, one day at a time. Kindest regards to all.


Anthony Dickinson is working at the U.S. Department of Labor as an IT Specialist. He has pitter-patter at home, but his two "children" each have four legs ... hence the canine pitter-patter. He recently spent some wonderful time with two alumni from FPU (FPC then). “Hope you all have a wonderful fall!” (He still wishes he was back up in Rindge!) Steven and Helene (Greenewald) Just are back in their home after six months of Hurricane Sandy's devastation – a life-altering experience.


Frank Slockbower is a senior principal engineer for Orbital Sciences Corporation's Launch Systems Group. His responsibilities include rocket motors for the U.S. missile defense system, commercial/military satellite launches, missions to the International Space Station, and the upcoming LADEE moon launch. Frequently he travels to propulsion suppliers and launch sites across the United States and former Soviet Union. Frank lives in Mesa, Ariz., with his wife, Connie. They have three daughters ages 24, 23, and 19.

Olga Kim and Barry Hodgkins ’90 on their wedding day, Jan. 19, 2013.

ready to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary. Steve is also keeping up with his old buddies from the New Hampshire 3rd floor crossover. Find him on Facebook! Peter McGrath was recently voted Capital Area People’s Preference for “Best Law Firm.”


Janet (George) Fell shares that after 20+ years in the mortgage banking industry, she is following her passion for technology first kindled at FPU. On June 3 she began work as a Senior Solutions Consultant for Ellie Mae®, an industry leading provider of enterprise-level residential mortgage lending software.



Jeff Woodburn, of Dalton, is serving his first term in the New Hampshire Senate. He represents the state's rural North Country, which includes 27 percent of the state's landmass.

Frank V. Prestigiacomo retired June 1 from fulltime pastoral ministry. However, he will remain very involved as a volunteer chaplain for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office in Brooksville, Fla. He is also looking forward to spending quality time with children and grandchildren and traveling more often to his hometown of Jaffrey.


Penny (Joyner) Shimchick reports that she has two teenage sons ... “but it seems like only a couple of years ago when we were teenagers.”


Kyle Jacque is married with one son. A former basketball coach (23 years) at various schools in Rochester, N.Y., area, Kyle is still working for the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper (26 years). Stephen Parker is the operations manager for Tetra Tech in Wilmington, Mass., and manages environmental cleanup programs for the Navy. Steve's two kids are attending college, and he is

Ronald E. Biron, D.A., (class of 2012), and B.S in Mgmt/Mktng from CGPS-Concord, was previous 1989 Class Agent, served on the Franklin Pierce College Alumni Board of Directors, and was named president of Lebanon College in Lebanon, N.H. Ron will also become a grandfather for the second time. He has a wonderful 3-year-old grandson, Jackson, who lives in Arizona.


Barry Hodgkins and Olga Kim were married on January 19, 2013. The couple is living in Gloucester, Mass. Lee Ann (Scyoc) Jenner and Paul Jenner '91 recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. Lee Ann is working for Community Care Services

Thank you for your submissions. Let us know about your achievements, adventures, and what you have been doing since graduation! Please limit your submission to 50 words. Submit your class notes for the next issue by Jan. 1, 2014, at: and click on "Update Your Information." in their contracts department, and Paul is working for South Shore Collaborative with children on the autism spectrum. They are looking forward to a Disney trip in August with their soon-to-be 8-yearold son, Patrick. Mary Tipnok and her partner, Michael, are raising two energetic little boys, Noah (7) and Jacob (3) in rural Vermont. Their days are full of home schooling, cultivating a u-pick blueberry and flower farm, and a little bit of "real" work (Michael is a tax preparer). They hope that their boys will one day want to work the land and keep it local. She still thinks fondly of her years at Franklin Pierce.


Valerie Kennedy was named managing director to launch a European partnership company, Medina Partnership Americas, in August 2012. She was elected president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors in June of 2013. Valerie also got engaged to Philip Hesketh, Architect, RA, NCARB, on December 12, 2012; the wedding date was July 10, 2013.


Kim (Brouillette) Kendle is living in Mystic, Conn., with husband Dave; they will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on September 20; they have a 5-year-old daughter Ashley. Kim is employed at The Ledges Apartments in Groton, Conn., as the property manager of a 339-unit apartment community. Kim is also a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge, which provided training for planning Disney vacations in her spare time.


Mandy Mills ran in the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Fla., on January 13, 2013, with a time of 6 hours and 36 minutes. It was her first marathon, and

she is planning on running "Goofy" in 2015. “Please come join me!”


Erin (Haney) De Vries graduated from the Environmental Sciences program. Erin had a baby boy, Wade Harris De Vries, in December 2012. “He is very chill and super smiley and we love him lots!” Erin is also working for Lake Champlain Sea Grant in Burlington, Vt., as the Outreach & Education Coordinator for the University of Vermont Watershed Alliance Program. “Any Walk Across Europe folks, give a shout if you are in Burlington!”


Daniel Lee White and Kerri Kanelos ’02 married in Laconia, N.H., on December 15, 2012, ten years after their engagement during the 2002 graduation ceremony. Many Franklin Pierce alumni, faculty, and staff were in attendance. Daniel and Kerri visited the U.K. for their honeymoon and currently reside in Cranston, R.I. Christine (Ayala) Witham and Brian Witham will be celebrating nine years of marriage in August. For the past seven years, they have made their home in Jaffrey, N.H., where Brian works as a graphic designer for Savron Graphics. Christine, along with her brothers, recently purchased La Mia Casa, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Peterborough, N.H. They would love to see FPC friends if they are in the area!


Kathryn (Nickerson) McKay married James McKay Jr., C.E.O. of an online sales company in Oneida, N.Y., on May 11, 2013. Christopher LeMar '02 stood as Kate's Man of Honor and Mary Kate Sheridan '02 as a bridesmaid. Also in attendance were Amanda Hakala Schuster '02, Carolyn Jepsen '01, and Sarah Gabbey ‘03.


Jolene (Kalinowski) Mazzeo married Raymond Mazzeo on December 8, 2012. Hanna Harbour ’04 and Sandi (Carballeira) Ward ’04 served as

Ramond Mazzeo and Jolene (Kalinowski) Mazzeo ’04 on their wedding day, Dec. 8, 2012.

bridesmaids. Also in attendance from FPC were: Alyson Agri ’04, Jessica (Kearney) Stone ’04, Veron Browne ’04, and James Ward, Jr. ’04. The couple resides in Stamford, Conn. Domenico Roma has been married to Lila for 5 years; they have a daughter, Emma Guilia Roma. Domenico is a CPA working as a senior manager at Wolinski and Company CPA PC. He would love to hear from old and new alumni:


Kyle Covino is a PC support technician for Gifford Medical Center in Randolph, Vt.

James McKay Jr. and Kathryn (Nickerson) McKay '02 were married on May 22, 2013. 39

In Memoriam . . .

Glennarose Mann Dykes '97, CGPS Alumni, Jan. 16, 2013 | Jamie D. Mayer '16, Current Student, Apr. 21, 2013 Elaine Mercier '96, Rindge Alumni, Feb. 4, 2013 | Kristen Rose Meznick '09, Rindge Alumni, June 3, 2013 Cynthia Morgan '84, CGPS Alumni, Feb. 4, 2013 | Tanya Shersnow '99, Rindge Alumni, Mar. 18, 2013 | Luke J. Smith '78, CGPS Alumni, Jan. 22, 2013

Dan Gouthro and his wife, Laura, welcomed Zachary Perry Gouthro on January 22.; Dan joined the award-winning public relations agency, Matter Communications, as senior account executive. Michael Bagtaz and Rebecca (Robitaille) Bagtaz celebrated their fifth anniversary on January 26. On May 27, their first child, Joshua David, was born. Joshua was 9 lbs., 6 oz., and 21.5" long; everyone is happy and healthy – 2013 promises to be an amazing year for them!


Carlotta (Lilback) Pini graduated from the M.B.A. program and then became the town administrator for the Town of Rindge about six years ago. She works closely with selectmen, Town department heads, and others to maintain the level of services that residents expect, despite tightening budgets and the downshifting of costs from the State. Through it all, the Town's relationship with Franklin Pierce has grown stronger. The two entities have become partners in addressing issues of mutual importance, such as economic development, public safety, and the preservation of Rindge's natural environment. “It's been a joy to work in this community with Dr. Birge and the other talented faculty and staff at the University!” She enjoys free time taking walks with her husband, Charlie, and their vivacious 10-year-old daughter, Carmen. After almost 10 years of dating, Owen Fitzpatrick and Maribeth (Foley) Fitzpatrick were married on April 7, 2013, in a private ceremony in Newburyport, Mass. Their relationship began sophomore year at Franklin Pierce. Owen is a police officer in Andover, Mass., and Maribeth is a graphic/web designer. Tracy (Goguen) Johnson and her husband, Marc Johnson, recently welcomed their first child together. Harper Michelle Johnson was born April 4, 2013, at 7lbs., 3oz. Jeff Bushey bought a property in Sunapee, N.H., and opened a restaurant called the Double Diamond Café in Sunapee in 2007. He managed it for over four successful years, then sold it in 2011. Shortly after, he obtained the general manager position for the KFC/ Taco Bell in West Lebanon. With 18 years of previous experience as a financial advisor, Jeff recently decided to go back to his roots and has joined Nationwide Financial Services as a financial advisor.


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013


Kori Bainton graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Biology and in '13 with an MPAS. She is now Board certified and is working in Mashpee, Mass., as a fulltime physician assistant in a family practice, and per diem in emergency medicine and loves working as a PA-C! Justin Watson began a new position at Apple Retail in January. He continues to work as a recording engineer at Trod Nossel Studios in Wallingford, Conn., as well as a freelance rowing coach and teacher. In August 2012, he got engaged to fellow 2007 alum Maegan Gross. Sarah (Blake) Ward got married and gave birth to son, Brearley, in 2012. She has been accepted into graduate school at UMass Amherst as part of the class of 2014 for a Master’s in Education, and will begin teaching ninth grade history in Western Massachusetts this fall.


Nicole Kedaroe is now living in Atlanta, Ga. She is putting her Arts Management degree to use with her new position as community programs and adult division manager with the renowned Atlanta Ballet. She is currently performing with the Atlanta based dance company, T. Lang Dance. She is looking forward to reuniting with the Class of 2008 this October for Alumni Weekend!


Christopher Lawton graduated with an M.S. in Library & Information Science from Syracuse University in May 2013, where he focused in information design, data visualization, and outreach librarianship. He anticipates earning a certificate of advanced study in data science in May 2014.

Owen Fitzpatrick '06 and Maribeth (Foley) Fitzpatrick '06 were married on April 7, 2013.

William Andrew Grimes, on May 9, 2012. They are forever grateful to the staff and faculty at FPU for making their experience so wonderful!


Cheryl Botelho is employed in Mountainside, N.J., as a sports medicine physical therapist at Americare Physical Therapy.


Joseph Landini started up and is continuing to build a new cause called “Grindd And Shine.” The cause promotes self positivity and improvement while helping others who are in need. Check it out on Facebook and on Twitter. Michelle Barbeau was working as the graduate assistant for the Development Office while working on her M.B.A. in Leadership. She graduated in May 2013 and assumed the role of assistant director of enrollment management for Franklin Pierce’s College of Graduate & Professional Studies programs.


Andrew Grimes and Wilka Murphy Grimes met in 2009 during their sophomore year and got married on August 1, 2010. They welcomed their first child,

Wilka Murphy Grimes and Andrew Grimes with their son, William Andrew Grimes.

Honor Roll of Giving Thank you to all of the individuals, corporations, and foundations that helped support Franklin Pierce University. President's Council Benefactor Level 4 ($100,000+) Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation The Attilio & Beverly Petrocelli Foundation Mr. Michael Lamoretti ’90 and

Nationwide Foundation Rindge Pizza Haven, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Panopoulos Tony and Lisa Saltzman Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. Mr. David '69 and Mrs. Donna Shooster Mr. Blaine E. Thompson '69 The Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Pappas

President's Council Patron ($2,500 - $4,999)

Mrs. Jill (Petrocelli) Lamoretti ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Attilio Petrocelli Mr. Michael Weinbaum ’89 and Mrs. Melissa (Petrocelli) Weinbaum ’89

President's Council Benefactor Level 3 ($50,000 - $99,999) State of New Hampshire

President's Council Benefactor Level 2 ($25,000 - $49,999) Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 Mr. Stephen A. Davis Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. Estate of Frances W. George Mr. Harry '68 and Mrs. Linda Meyer

President's Council Benefactor Level 1 ($10,000 - $24,999) Mr. John T. Burke, Jr. '66 Mr. Jonathan R. Burke '73 and Mrs. Judith M. Burke FairPoint Communications Mr. David W. McGraw '79 and Mrs. Melissa McGraw Pepsi Bottling Group

President's Council Founder ($5,000 - $9,999) Amco Property Management Mr. Alfred N. Marulli, Jr. '69 and Mrs. Barbara Marulli Atlas Advanced Pyrotechnics Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Pelkey Dr. James and Mrs. Lisa Birge Mr. Glenorchy P. Campbell '79 and Mr. Gino Benza Mr. Andrew Cohen '73 and Mrs. Jane Cohen The Community Foundation of Dutchess County Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bisaccia Mr. Gregory M. Doody '92 Mr. Jim Egan '72 and Mrs. Millie (Kafka) Egan '72 Dr. James L. Greve and Dr. Cynthia Christoph Lockheed Martin

Ms. Leslye A. Arsht Belletetes Incorporated Can-Am Machinery, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Nigrosh Mr. Daniel Farrell and Mrs. Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell '71 Mr. James E. Fitz-Simon, Sr. '78 and Mrs. Arlene Fitz-Simon Dr. and Mrs. Marlin Fitzwater Mr. Michael Gasper '01 and Dr. Jill Gasper Paul M. Goyette, CFS Mr. Paul Goyette '94 and Mrs. Suzanne Goyette Mrs. Nancy E. Hadley The Charles and Mabel P. Jost Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Nestor Mr. Harold M. Levy '70 and Mrs. Anne Levy Dr. Kim M. Mooney '83 and Mr. Greg Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Sean O'Kane Steve '69 and Judith Sabatino Service First, Inc. Sodexo, Inc. and Affiliates Spectrum Creative Solutions Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mallen Mr. Kerry D. Stein '80 and Mrs. Jean Marie Stein

President's Council Fellow ($1,000 - $2,500) American Legal Investigative Services Mr. John T. Burke, Jr. '66 Mr. Dennis F. Aylward The Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation Dr. Catherine Baratta '83 Mr. William P. Baumer '87 Mr. Frederick C. Berger '76 Boeing Gift Matching Program Dr. and Mrs. Marlin Fitzwater Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Mrs. Therese Ledwith Fay '82 Mr. Jed Brummer The Bunders Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles "Mike" Callahan '80

Attorney Steven V. Camerino Mr. Richard E. Care '90 Mr. B. Jay Cooper and Ms. Christine M. Black Mr. Bruce S. Crockett '71 Mr. Philip '71 and Mrs. Maureen Curry Mr. Robert E. Diercks and Ms. Sidne Lewis Dr. Frank S. DiPietro, Trustee Emeritus and Mrs. Theresa DiPietro East Bay Insurance Agency, Inc. The Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg Foundation Mr. Martin "Marty" Eisenberg '76 Mr. Richard "Rick" Falconi '69 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C.J. Fallon Mr. Thomas V. Farrell '83 and Mrs. Ann Marie Farrell Mrs. Janet (George) Fell '85 Follett Higher Education Group The Jonathan A. French Charitable Trust Mr. Stuart Fried '69 Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Fuchs Mrs. Karen (Fletcher) Galletly '77 Grandin Livestock Handling Systems, Inc. Dr. Temple Grandin '70 Mr. Richard Green '69 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Hammond Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Gregory M. Doody '92 Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kahn Mr. Randell "Randy" J. Kennedy '85 Mr. Bruce Kirsh '71 and Mrs. Patricia (Brown) Kirsh '70 Dr. Paul M. Kotila Mr. and Mrs. Kim Leedham Marian Craig Leers Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Shadek Mac-Gray Co., Inc. Mac-Gray Services, Inc. Mr. Dennis '70 and Mrs. Cecelia Maliangos Mr. Richard Marshall and Dr. Ann McEntee Dr. and Mrs. James F. Maybury Mr. Harry F. McMahon '67 New York Life Mr. Timothy "TG" Nawn '86 and Mrs. Melinda Nawn Mr. G. William Pattison '69 The Penates Foundation Mrs. Dorothy Peterson Ms. Susan Pimentel Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network, LLC Mr. Alex G. Randow '90 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rivers Mr. Charles T. Rubin '70 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Saab Mr. Sunil G. Samanta Secure Energy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sheils Ms. Toni Silegy Dr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Sintetos Mr. Jonathan L. Slavin '92 and Mrs. Lori (Weinstein) Slavin Mr. Jeffrey K. Smith '81 and Mr. Roger Egli Mr. Daniel T. Snell '67 Mrs. Patricia A. Spagnuolo Mr. Michael J. Stockdale Prof. Nancy R. Stone Dr. Helen J. Streubert and Mr. David Scotch Mrs. Lorna (Haas) Tebow '69 Dr. Jules Tetreault '95 and Mrs. Heather Knox-Tetreault W. R. Painting, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy J. Walker Mrs. Stella Walling Mr. John Washington '83 and Mrs. Kathleen (Brown) Washington '84 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zorena

Hampshire Society ($500 - $999) ABC Disposal and Recycling, Inc. Mrs. Charlene (Linzer) Hulten '69 Action Copy, Inc. Ms. Tonya Albee Mr. Joseph C. Alessi '69 Mrs. Ami S. (Miesner) Anderson '89 ATA Construction, LLC Mr. Andre T. Aho '96 Mr. William C. Bailey '68 Bay State Envelope Dr. Robert W. Bernstein '71 Mr. Todd D. Bernstein '91 BerryDunn Boston Color Graphics Mr. Ahmad Boura G'02 and Mrs. Jennifer Boura Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brock Mr. Francis "Joe" Buchanan '07 and Mrs. Evelyn Buchanan Bucknall Family Foundation Mr. William H. Bucknall '74 Mr. Timothy F. Burns '74 Mr. Joseph A. Coderre '80 Prof. Harry Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean Delta Dental Plan of New Hampshire Drs. David and Carla Desilets Dr. Jean D'Meza Leuner Ms. Marie L. Douglas '92 Ms. Kristen Faia Mr. Arthur Fink '72 and Mrs. Marcy (Pollock) Fink '73 41

Mr. James C. Fitzsimmons '87 Gavin Associates Genesco Mr. and Mrs. David Girardo Mr. and Mrs. Rob Hamblen Mr. Michael J. Hanley '97 Honeywell, Inc. Mrs. Charlene (Linzer) Hulten '69 Mr. Reid C. Jeffery, Sr. '71 and Mrs. Christine Jeffery Keene Gas Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Kickham Mr. Robert Kinlin Mr. Robbie J. Kirsh Ms. Graceann LaForgia Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaForgia Ms. Kelly S. LaPrade '06, G'08 Lebranti Tile and Stone Honorable Samuel K. Lessey, Jr. Mr. Harry S. Mann '75 Mr. Eric S. Marcus '80 MB Sports Camps Mr. Mehdi Belhassan '94 Dr. Kerry E. McKeever Mr. Michael "Mick" Melvin '88 and Mrs. Amy (Brigham) Melvin '88 Monadnock Community Hospital Ms. Lisa Murray NAHGA, Inc. New England Employee Benefits Co., Inc. Ms. Virginia A. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Herron Dr. Catherine R. Owen Koning Mrs. Diane "Dinny" (Najarian) Parvin '69 Protector Group Insurance, Inc. R. Landry & Sons, Inc. Ms. Vicky Rank '02, '05, G'12 and Ms. Madison Rank '14 Mr. Paul M. Read '94 Mr. Kevin M. Rivers '11 Mr. Jeffrey A. Rouleau '94 Simplex Grinnell-Tyco Southeast Junior Hockey League Mrs. Jo-Ann Souza Mr. Trent E. Spiner '07 Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Stuckey Mrs. Laura J. (Mortensen) Sullivan '85 Mr. William B. Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tapparo UBS Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Terry Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zorena W. B. Mason Company, Inc. Ms. Amy E. (Fales) Walsh '90 Ms. Sandra L. Winchester

Monadnock Society ($250 - $499) A.N.T. Vending, Inc.


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Abaris Financial Group LLC Aetna Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allen Allston Supply American International Group, Inc. Mr. Aaron A. Arden '13 Ms. Alicia S. Baldino '12 Mr. Michael L. Barr '77 Mr. John Barry and Mrs. Patricia Lang Barry Mr. Frank J. Batchelor '69 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Batis Mr. and Mrs. James Bean Mr. Danny L. Becker '70 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Berry Mrs. Patricia A. Beyland '82 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bishop Mr. Tyler T. Bishop '08, G'10 and Ms. Gina A. Lanni '10 Ms. Cheryl A. (Hilchey) Blackwood '02 Mr. Daniel Blair G'11 Mr. and Mrs. John Borino '69 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Bourque Colonel Michael T. Braman '81 David and Kathy Brandes Ms. Lauren E. Brewer '13 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Busto Mr. J. David Butner '70 Ms. Kathryn Buttrick Cable Comm, LLC. Mr. Christopher A. Catan '13 Chubb & Son Mr. James F. Clouse, Jr. '81 Coastal Window & Door Mr. and Mrs. George Coderre Coderre Dry Wall Co. Inc Mr. and Mrs. Paul Covelle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Dadds Mr. Steven Dasaro '72 and Mrs. Sharyn (Tanzer) Dasaro '72 Ms. Tara S. Demeyer '03 Mr. John M. DePledge '82 DeWal Industries, Inc. Mr. Gregory F. DeYoe '78 Diligence, Inc. Mr. David W. Dingman '78 Mr. John M. Dodge '72 Ms. Jane Dojutrek Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn Ms. Brittany L. Durant '13 Dr. and Mrs. James P. Earle Mr. Joshua M. Edson '13 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Emanuelson Ms. Dana E. Emerson '13 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of Boston, Inc. Mr. John S. Flood '68 Mr. Frederick C. Forsgard II '85 Dr. Maria R. Garcia Mr. John F. Gordon '89 Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Gregg

Mr. Adam N. Grill '89 Mr. David B. Groder '66 President Emeritus George J. Hagerty Mr. Steven Hayes '85 Mr. David N. Hilton, Jr. '87 Mr. Shaun L. Hoffman '02 Dr. and Mrs. Owen R. Houghton Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hulme, Jr Mr. Richard J. Husband '77 Ms. Kristen R. Jaccodine '97 Ms. Evelyn Jankousky Mr. Alex and Mrs. Dorothy Kalivas Mr. and Mrs. Charles Katis Kelly, Inc. Mr. Michael Kicinski '82 Mr. Voir-Yulo J. Kwity '03 Laurel Beach Consultants, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Leach Mrs. Adrienne M. Leibfried-Cirone '91 Mr. James Little '87 and Mrs. Janet (DeQuattro) Little '87 Lou's Bakery Mr. Stephen B. MacCrea '81 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Martelle Ms. Brittany A. Mather '13 Mr. James F. McDonald, III '75 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. McDonald Mr. Daniel P. Merrifield '12 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Norton Ms. Kathleen E. O'Connell '12 Mr. and Mrs. David Ofcarcik Mrs. Muriel F. O'Neil '66 Outer Limits Hair Salon Mr. Christopher M. Owen '70 Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Dr. Craig W. Platt Play The Game, LLC Mr. John Plonski '69 Quincy Youth Hockey Association, Inc. Mr. Christian W. Rakshys '99 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rogers Ms. Alyssa D. Rouleau '13 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell J. Sadoski Ms. Catherine S. (Melisi) Schirmer '00 Ms. Margaret M. Serra Mr. Randall F. Shaw '83 Mr. Kevin J. Shirvell '01 Smith, Sullivan and Company, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spicer Mr. Michael Stein '69 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Terry Mr. Seth Toll '78 Mr. and Mrs. Dean Turcotte Petra M. Vega Mr. Royce Vehslage '78 and Ms. Karen Mortensen '78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Warwick Mr. John C. Weber, Jr. '71 Mr. Leslie B. Weitzman '69

Wells Fargo Advisors Mr. Jonathan G. White '03 Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Wiener Worldwide Sourcing Advisors, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wozmak Mr. Joseph Wzorek '70 and Mrs. Arlene (Moskowitz) Wzorek '73 Ms. Dori Zaleznik Mr. David R. Zeidman '75 Mr. William J. Zeoli Mr. David Zononi '99 and Mrs. Meghann (Long) Zononi '00

Granite Society ($100 - $249) Anonymous Anthony "Tony" Abatino '69 Mr. Kenneth S. Abramczyk '69 Mr. Michael J. Abruzzese Mr. Scott A. Addison '88 Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Allain Ms. Susanne A. (Henk) Alyce '68 American Energy Care, Inc. Ameriprise Financial Matching Gift Program Mr. Donald H. Ames,III Mr. Matthew O. Anderson '09 Scott and Andrea Ansevin-Allen Mr. Gary R. Appleton '69 Mrs. Prudence (Barry) Ardito '84 Argo Advisors International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ian Arnold Mr. Richard M. Arnold Mr. John A. Arruda Mr. and Mrs. John M. Arruda Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ashkins Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Astmann Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood P. Atkins Atlantic Baseball Club, LLC Ms. Lory Attalla '84 Mr. and Mrs. George Aubin Mr. Jeffrey C. Austin Mrs. Frances (Mosher) Babb '77 Mrs. Susan (Coffin) Babb '77 Mr. Scott Babitts '73 and Mrs. Katie Babitts Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bachelder Mr. Salvatore J. Baglieri '69 Mr. Gary L. Baker '69 Ms. Mary Balboni Mr. Richard M. Baldelli Mr. and Mrs. Linas M. Banevicius Mr. John Bannen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barbieri Ms. Nanci D. Bell '75 Ms. Laurette Bellefontaine Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bennett Ms. Lorrie A. Berger '92 Ms. Tracey Bergstrand '89 Bernstein Shur Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Betterman

Mr. Joseph M. Bevilacqua '13 Mr. Tanner Bird '16 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bird Mr. Frank Blais '05, G'08 Ms. Barbara Blanc Mr. John C. Blaney and Mrs. Kathleen Lynch Mr. Michael G. Blood G'98 Ms. Carly C. Boerrigter '13 Ms. Elizabeth Bolger Mr. and Mrs. Luca Bonetti Mr. Peter Boswell Mr. Mark Bova Mr. Gerald F. Boyle '96 Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Bradley Ms. Sharon Bragg Branford River Resort & Spa, LLC Brattleboro Subaru Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brigman Mr. and Mrs. Philip Brodziak Mrs. Patricia A. Brown BRS Racing Rudolph H. Bruer, IV Enterprises Ltd. Mr. G. Andrew Bucci '04 Ms. Cindy Buck Mr. Charles Bucklin Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Bujak Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Bulseco Mr. Robert Bunk Dr. Gerald T. Burns Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Burns Ms. Jennifer Burrows Mr. Paul D. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Butler Mr. Neil J. Cacciola '07 Mr. Joseph J. Cafaro '70 Mr. Henry A. Caldwell and Ms. Katrina Van Dyck Dr. James Calvet '68 and Mrs. Susan (Staples) Calvet '68 Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Cambio Mr. Daniel T. Campbell '87 and Mrs. Melissa (Szeliga) Campbell '86 Ms. Jennifer S. Carp '92 Mr. Stephen M. Carr '09 Ms. Derica L. Carty '99 Central Mass Baseball Club Mr. and Mrs. John W. Champagne Mr. Christopher Chase '94 and Mrs. Colleen (Evans) Chase '96 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chavira Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Chooljian Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chooljian Ms. Terry L. A. Chouinard '76 Mr. Jacob S. Christman '07, G'11 Mr. Jonathan A. Cipollina '98 Citizens Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Clapp Mr. Benjamin M. Clemons '04 Cocoplum Appliances, Inc. Mr. Andrew J. Coe '80 Mr. Stephen D. Coe '71 Mr. Tod A. Colby '92 Mr. Frederick J. Cole '09 Mr. John P. Collias Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins Conanicut Marine Services, Inc.

Mr. Philip J. Condon '78 Ms. Susan L. Conroy '13 Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Copatch Copeland Toyota, Inc. Ms. Alicia K. Corcoran '97 Mr. Thomas W. Cote '10, G'12 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cotnoir Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Coulombe Covino Environmental Associates, Inc. Mr. Kevin Coyle '85 and Mrs. Karen (Gregory) Coyle '84 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Craig Mr. Brenton E. Creelman '80 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cronin, III, Esq. '73 Mr. David Cunningham, Jr. '75 Mr. Peter R. Cunningham '74 Mr. William Currier '96, '97 and Mrs. Lynne Currier '99 The Cutting Edge Dr. and Mrs. Mark N. Dailey Mr. Scott Dale Mrs. Janice L. Dallaire Mr. Douglas G. D'Angelo '85 Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Daniels Ms. Sara L. Davis '13 Mr. Richard G. De Heer '73 Ms. Samantha L. Deabay '13 Mr. Doug DeBiase Deep Blue, Inc. DBA Toad's Place Mr. and Mrs. George Deligiannides Mr. Peter Demakis Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dembishack, III Mr. Clifton Dennis Mrs. Nancy D. (Gottlieb) Depoy '72 Mr. John Desmond '66 and Mrs. Genevieve Desmond '66 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dilena Luciano DiNardo Mr. Fred J. Dioguardi '69 Mr. Normand and Mrs. Joan Dion Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Dolan, Jr. Jed Donelan Mr. and Mrs. John M. Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Richard Donovan Mr. Benjamin E. Doskocil '07 Mr. William Doubleday Mr. Don Doucette Ms. Stacy Dow Mr. Shawn M. Drawec '96 Dream of Hopes Ranch, Inc. DTSV, Inc. Ms. Lauren E. Duffy Ms. Maryellen C. Dufresne '97 Pat Duncan, Inc. Mr. Justin W. Dunham '13 Mr. Martin A. Dunlap '16 Mr. Matt Eaton Ed's Crossroads Pizza and Subs, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Don Edson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Ellery Mr. Eric Ellis '06 and Mrs. Gerene (Selmer) Ellis '06 Dr. Sudarshan Erramilli

Mr. Ken Ervin '96, G'03 and Mrs. Elizabeth (Nelson) Ervin '98 Mr. John Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Estis Ms. Jennifer L. Facey '02 Ms. Kathleen Fahey Mr. Michael W. Farrell '07 Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Federico Ms. Caryl Felicetta and Mr. John Ringwood Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Felix Fenton Family Dealerships Mr. Charles J. Fertitta '91 Dr. David A. Fine '91 Mr. William G. Finley '75 Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Fitzpatrick FM Global Foundation Fontaine Enterprises Mr. Alan Fortgang Ms. Julie A. Foster '13 Mr. Adam J. Fournier '16 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fournier Mr. Michael J. Frappier Mrs. Linnea M. Fraser G'03 Mr. Hunter S. Frederickson '13 Mrs. Sarah Jo (Banta) Fredrickson '69 Mr. Clark D. French '89 Dr. Edward F. French G'11 Mr. Alan Friedfel '71 Mr. Walter E. Friesendorf '92 Mr. Gregory K. Fuchs '93 Ms. Katherine A. Gagnon '80 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gallagher Rainer G. Galls and Christine J. Galls Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Gamache Ms. Sheila Gardella Mechthild and Dieter Gawlick General Auto Supply Company Ms. Lois A. Gesner Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ghegan Mr. Carmine C. Giangreco '66 Mr. Charles A. Gildea '72 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Gilhuly

C. Gillentine, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gillies Mr. Keith Glaccum '68 Global Pallet & Packaging Ms. Eileen Goldblatt Dr. Mark D. Goodman '71 Ms. Terry A. Gorzelany Mr. Peter Graffam '87 Mr. Trevor A. Graham '16 Grandpa's Cleaners, Inc. Dr. Martin S. Green Mr. Brandon A. Greene '96 Mr. Michael Greene Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Greggerson Mr. Gage R. Griffin '16 Mr. Ronald C. Grondin '88 Dr. Barbara Gruen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Guignard Mr. Robert Guimond Mr. and Mrs. John Haffty F. H. Hamblet, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hanchuruck Mr. Charles Hand '87 Harmonic Drive, LLC Mr. John R. Harper '93 Mr. Louis A. Harris '73 Ms. Karen L. Harriss Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harron Mr. Richard F. Haskell '75 and Mrs. Noreen Haskell Mr. Richard F. Haskell '11 Hathaway Tree & Landscaping Mr. Shawn W. Hayes '11 Mrs. Kristin (Lapane) Hayes-Leite '86 Mr. Ralph E. Heald '82 Mr. Earle L. Heckeroth '69 Mr. Arthur A. Hembrough G'05 Mr. James M. Hendsey '70 Mr. Robert R. Henssler '73 Mr. Sean R. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Guild Hill Mr. Peter D. Hipson 43

Mr. James Hoag '69 Mrs. Joanne (Guillford) Hoban '94 Mr. Douglas C. Holcomb '85 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horan Mrs. Diana (Holmgren) Horsman '86 Mr. Kevin M. Houghton-Smith '89 Mr. Brian R. Hovendon '79 Law Office of Steven J. Howard Ms. Kathleen Hughes-Morris Ms. Rebecca C. Hulme Ms. Melissa Stearns Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Hyslip Mr. Stephen Iglehart '73 J. B. Liquors, Inc. J. D. Willey Building, Co. Ms. Jennifer Jacobus '86 Ms. Marlene A. Jaffie '72 Mr. and Mrs. David Jennings Mr. John Jepsen and Mrs. Joann Bottoni-Jepsen Mr. Allen M. Johnson '80 Mr. Richard J. Johnstone Law Office of Joel Jolles Mr. and Mrs. Jim Joseph Judy Dicey Property Management Mr. Steven Just '75 and Mrs. Helene (Greenewald) Just '76 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Juszczyk Mr. Daniel Kaplowitz '71 Mrs. Regina (Matos) Katz '83 Mr. Glenn J. Kaufman '77 Keith's II Sporting Goods Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly Mr. Larry King Mr. and Mrs. Greg Koproski Mr. William D. Kovacs '92 Ms. Kari Kristensen Mr. David J. Kronoff '83 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Kruszka, Sr. Mr. Kenneth Lacoste '78 and Mrs. Marlee (Transue) Lacoste '78 Mr. and Mrs. Louis LaCroix


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Mr. Paul LaFontaine Ms. Susan LaFrance '83 Mr. Harvey R. Lambert Ms. Shari A. LaPierre '04 Mr. Roger L. LaPointe G'00 Mr. Cliff Lattin '69 Mr. and Mrs. Randall B. Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Lavoie Mrs. Michelle M. (St. Jean) Lawson '87 Ms. Beth Lawton Mr. and Mrs. Brian LeBlanc Ms. Lenore A. LeBlanc Mr. Stephen M. LeBow Mr. Roger Leclair Mr. Todd A. Lee '89 Ms. Daphne Leon '86 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lepore Mr. Lawrence F. Letarte Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Lettre Dr. Jerry D. Levine Ms. Robin M. (Beaumont) L'Homme '91 Mr. and Mrs. Brett C. Libby Ms. Pamela M. Lincoln '90 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Liseno Mr. and Mrs. Charlie W. Long Mr. Matthew J. Lopes '13 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Loughlin Mr. Christopher R. Lucas '98, G'01 Mr. Leonard Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Luginsland Ms. Wanda Lukehart '87 Mr. and Mrs. John Madrid Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Maloney Ms. Sheila Malynowski '91 Mr. Robert M. Mancini '07, G'10 and Ms. Amy LaSalle '08, G'10 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mancuso Law Office of John C. Manni Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manning Mr. Bryan Marshall Ms. Caryn A. (Robotti) Marshall '80 Mr. Scott R. Marshall '07 Ms. Abby C. Martin '13 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Gilles Martin Ms. Meredith M. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mattiello Ms. Amy E. Maybury Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mazukina Mr. James A. Mazzarelli '91 Mr. James C. McAuliffe '03 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McAuliffe Mr. Timothy McCarron and Mrs. Kathleen Finn Mr. Christopher McCarthy Ms. Nancy McComish Mr. Peter McDonough Mr. Evan P. McGee '03 Ms. Genevieve M. McGillicuddy '94 Ms. Kathy McGloughlin Mr. Donald M. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McGowan, Sr. Mr. Michael P. McKenna Michael McKenna Electric, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David L. McKenzie

Ms. Mary McNally Mr. Michael J. Mead Mr. and Mrs. David Melbourne Mr. Russ Memhard Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Menza Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Mercadante Mrs. Sandra D.W. (Wohr) Messina '88 Mr. Robert K. Michaelson '10 Microsoft Corporation Mr. Robert F. Miller '81 Mr. and Mrs. Warner Miller Mr. Carlton P. Miner '86 Monadnock Disposal Service Monadnock Inn Mr. John L. Moody '80 Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mooiman Mr. Brendan A. Moore Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moran Ms. Laurie Morgan Mr. Francis J. Moriarty, Professor Emeritus Mr. Thomas P. Mudrick Mr. Steven K. Muller '75 Mr. Richard D. Myette '09, G'11 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nardone Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Gus Neos New Hampshire Ball Bearings Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nickerson Mr. Gerald F. Nisbett Northbridge Insurance Agency, Inc. Northrop Grummam Corporation Mr. Robert J. Nosenchuk '81 Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Club Mrs. Mary E. (Stoops-Buch) Ober '77 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. O'Brien Mr. Paul F. O'Connell '99 Mr. and Mrs. Willard W. Oja Mrs. Deirdre (Catalano) Olsen '91 Mr. and Mrs. David Olson Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Brian O'Rourke Mr. and Mrs. John Panza Mr. Hercules J. Pappachristos '81 Ms. Elaine M. Paradiso Ms. Karen E. Parker '86 Mr. William Paskowski '84 and Mrs. Debra (Ormezzano) Paskowski '84 The Patrizio Family Mr. and Mrs. James T. Patulak Mr. John S. Pavao '93 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Payette Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pehrson Mr. Vincent C. Pennell '07, G'10 Mrs. Jane (Czachorowski) Perry '71 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Phelps, Sr. Mr. Joseph A. Piccardi '79 Stanley E. Piecuch, D.M.D. Mrs. Sheila D. Pierson-Roy '92, G'97 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Pieschel Pinney Plumbing Mr. Phil Plotas Mr. and Mrs. Jim E. Plunkett Mr. Carmen M. Ponzio '69 Ponzio's Florist Ms. Cecilia Portera Mrs. Katrina L. (Meyers) Posner '93

Ms. Crystal J. Pratt '13 Promotional Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Provencher Ms. Deborah (Clemens) PuntĂŠ '90 Mr. Noel P. Purcell Mr. and Mrs. John Purney,III Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Quade Mr. Richard R. Quinn '69 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ramage Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Al Ranger Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Reardon III Ms. Mary S. Rebar Mr. Vincent E. Rebar Ms. Louise J. Redmon Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Edward Regin Mr. Michael E. Rego '16 Mr. Matthew F. Renaghan '92 Ms. Patti Rentschler Ms. Marjorie M. Repta Mr. Richard L. Rettig '71 and Mr. Kerry Whitworth Revitalize, Inc. Ms. Christine Riccio Ms. Melissa N. Richtel '13 Mr. Robert Riley '82 and Mrs. Kimberley (Lewis) Riley '83 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. David J. Robitaille Dr. Frederick S. Rogers Mr. John A. Romagnoli '73 Mr. Louis N. Roten Mr. J. Brian Russell '70 and Mrs. Lynn (Schwenk) Russell '69 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Russell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell Mr. William R. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Sanders Mr. Daniel F. Sansevieri '69 Mr. Frank T. Sansom '80 Mr. Scott A. Savastano '09 Savenor Properties, LLC Mr. Derek M. Scalia '05 Mr. Raymond G. Schank '69 Mr. Nicholas C. Schibly '13 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Schneider Mr. Brian J. Schulz '94 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scotman Mr. Gerald W. Scott '71 Mr. Stephen H. Segal '71 Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Selling Mrs. Debra Shampine Sheared Maddness Mr. Dennis J. Sheils Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sheils Ms. Mary Jane Sheldon-McKenzie '69 Mr. Barnard C. Sherwin '88 Mr. John B. Shinn Mrs. Tara K. (Pietraszuk) Shollenberger '04 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shunamon Ms. Tara Silva Mr. Jordan S. Silverman '07 Ms. Lynne Simon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Smiley, Jr.

Mr. Christopher O. Sonnie '91 Mr. Joshua E. Sophos '13 Mrs. Valerie (Dietz) Spar '70 Mr. Benjamin D. Spencer '89 Mr. Douglas C. Steimle '75 Mr. Stan Stein and Dr. Sharon L. (Bornstein) Stein '71 Mrs. Roni (Lowenthal) Stein '77 Mr. Thomas P. Stewart '74 Ms. Julie Stone Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Stough Mr. Stephen J. Sugar, Jr. '78 Mr. Mark W. Sullivan '13 Mr. Richard M. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sweet Mr. William E. Synan Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tallo Ms. Sharon L. Tavilla Mr. and Mrs. Edward Taylor Ms. Kaitlyn M. Taylor '12 Team Spirit Fabrics, Inc. Ms. Jennifer Terzi Thomas Charters, LLC Mr. D. Russell Thompson G'05 Mr. Ryan B. J. Thompson '13 Mr. Steven A. Thurber Mr. Marc P. Tieger '69 Tieger Realty Company Ms. Lori Tilton Mr. Jeffrey W. Titus '83 Mr. and Ms. Daniel T. Tonelli Attorney David M. Tower Ms. Pamela Trainor Ms. Carol L. Trudelle Heather and Tom Tullio Ms. Marie A. Twomey United Way of Rhode Island Mr. Gary Usseglio Ms. Michelle Usseglio Mr. John A. Valente Valley Podiatry Associates Mr. Everett Vallorano '70 and Mrs. Maryanne (Ryder) Vallorano '71 Ms. Andrea Van Beuren Mr. Robert Van Dyke '72 and Mrs. Kathleen (Foley) Van Dyke Vanity, A Salon and Spa Mr. Tyler J. Visgilio '12 Mr. Michael R. Vose Mr. Jared Waitt Ms. Angela Waldron '69 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Walsh Walsh Steel and Iron Works, Inc. Mr. Brian F. Ward '93 Mr. Jake Wazorko Mr. Peter W. Weber '77 Mr. Kenneth Wells G'08 West of the Border

Mr. Benjamin J. Wheeler ReneĂŠ and Dale Wheeler When Pigs Fly Ms. Barbara J. Whidden Mr. Willard H. Whitcomb '79 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Whyte Ms. Tara M. Wilkinson '97 Mr. Charles T. Wilson Wilson Bus Lines, Inc. Wing It, Inc. Mr. Justin R. Wingate '01 Dr. Howard M. Wolhandler '69 Ms. Nancy C. Wollenberg Mr. Patrick S. Wollenberg Mr. Paul A. Wollenberg Mr. Gregg Woolston '78 Ms. Nancy J. (Atkins) Wray '85 Mr. John A. Yeamen '71 Ms. Joanne Yeary Mrs. Christina Young Ms. Arlene J. Zolondick Phyllis and Helfried Zrzavy

Contributors (Less than $100) Ms. Debra A. (Hamlin) Aberizk '89 Mr. and Mrs. Marcelino G. Acebron Mr. Robert J. Ackerman '68 Mr. Bruce W. Adams, Jr. '95 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Adee Ms. Anita F. Adshead '84 Mr. John S. Aimes '84 Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios T. Akrivlellis Mr. Lee R. Albertson '69 Ms. Jaclyn E. Alessio '09 Ms. Patricia-Laurie Allen Ms. Rachel K. Allen '13 Ms. Sydney L. Allen Mrs. Susan (Ruickoldt) Andersen '71 Ms. Elaine V. (Martino) Anderson '89 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Anderson Ms. Rita A. Anderson Ms. Sandra G. Anderson Ms. Maureen Andrikanich Mr. Joshua T. Antebi-Eager '13 Mrs. Anna (Lysecka) Apkin '78 Mr. and Mrs. John Apostolopoulos Mr. Gary P. Arceci G'09 Ms. Jessica L. Arena Ms. Cynthia A. Arman Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Arrigo Ms. Mary Jane Asack Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Aubertine Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Aubertine Austin Automotive Ms. Elizabeth A. Avicolli Mr. Jeffrey M. Babitts '09

Ms. Karen A. Bachelder Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bachman Mr. Ali R. Bagheri '82 Mrs. Judy A. Bailey '92 Mr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Baker Mr. William M. Baldwin '10 Ms. Mary R. Ballard '09 Danguole Banevicius Ms. Michelle A. Barbeau '11, G'13 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barbeau Ms. Caitlin D. Barker '06 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barker, Sr. Ms. Sheryl A. Barlow Mr. Robert J. Barnard Ms. Suzanne M. (Trachier) Barnett '93, G'10 Mr. Michael J. Barrasso '11 Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Barrasso Ms. Deanna B. Barreiro Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bartek Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Bartini Mr. David R. Bartlett Ms. Linda E. Barton '85 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Barton Ms. Kerri Barton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barton Ms. Karlyn I. Bastian Ms. Anne Batty Mr. Ford Beattie '91 Mr. Scott W. Beausoleil '90, G'98 Ms. Deborah S. Beck '11 Mr. Philip S. Beckerman '69 Mr. William A. Beckerman '71 Mr. Roger Behrens and Ms. Barbara A. McQueen Mrs. Tuesday A. (Ordway) Belanger '06, G'11 Ms. Betty F. Belding Mr. David P. Bellinghiri Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bellinghiri Mr. Jeffrey O. Benner '05 Mr. Robert A. Bennett '90 Mr. Michael E. Benson '99 Ms. Holly A. Beretto '93 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bergeron Mrs. Sheila (Speeney) Bergeron '67 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Bernard The Bernardin Law Firm PC Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bernier Mr. Charles D. Berry '66 Mr. Charles W. Berry Mr. and Mrs. David P. Berthiaume Ms. Patricia Bertrend Ms. Sara C. Bethke G'11 Mr. Mario Q. Bettencourt '85 Ms. Avril Beveridge '84 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bevilacqua Ms. Maren M. Bicknell G'06 Mr. and Mrs. James Bilancieri Mr. and Mrs. John Bivona Ms. Patricia B. Blackburn

Mr. Randolph Blakeman '81 and Mrs. Virginia (Hardy) Blakeman '83 Mr. Tony Blasi Ms. Tara M. Bligh '04 Mrs. Annette (Hurwitz) Blumenthal '71 Mr. Christopher J. Blunt G'02 and Ms. Debora J. Blunt Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Bobillo Mr. Brian Bodnar '97 and Mrs. Christina (Santiago) Bodnar '99 Ms. Jeannine M. Bohi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Bohi Ms. Dianne Bonaventura J.F. and M.A. Bonugli Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Boratis Mr. and Mrs. Primo Borelli, III Ms. Leslie A. Boswak '11 Mrs. Rachel D. (Tucker) Boudrow '91 Ms. Ann M. Bou-Fakhreddine Mrs. Gina Boulay Ms. Lauren E. Boulton Mr. Thomas Bowman '69 Mr. J. Kevin Boylan '66 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bradley Mrs. Pamela (Slingerland) Bradstreet '86 Mr. Howard M. Brady Ms. Mary Jane Brady-DeMille Mr. Marc W. Bragin '91 Mr. John J. Brannigan Mr. Carl E. Brassell '89 Ms. Mandi S. Brava '12 Mr. James T. Breen '86 Dr. Shale A. Breite G'12 Mrs. Ellen Bresky-Prulletti '77 Mr. Benjamin M. Brewer '12 Mr. Richard A. Brezinski '67 Ms. Sue E. Briggs Ms. Susan A. Briggs Dr. William Britt '72 Ms. Jill Brock Mr. Alexander B. Bronner '10 Mr. Bruce Bronner and Mrs. Patricia Sorento Mr. Peter M. Brooks '73 Ms. Velmer Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Brosnan Mr. and Mrs. David Brough Ms. Claire H. Brown Dr. Davina Brown Mr. Kenneth Brown Ms. Priscilla E. Brown '91 Ms. Rebecca L. Brown '10 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Brown Ms. Tammy R. Brown Mr. Horace Brummitt '91 Mr. Joseph E. Bruno '68 Mr. J. Stuart D. Bryan '06 Mr. William J. Bryant Ms. Amy E. Buck '11 Ms. Diane S. Bullens G'01 45

Ms. Beth Burke Ms. Brenda A. Burke Mrs. Donna (Enos) Burke '90 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Burke Mr. Thomas Burlew '82 and Mrs. Jessica (Andrew) Burlew '82 Kathleen J. Burns Mr. and Esq. Daniel F. Burns Ms. Claire L. Burridge '97 Mr. Jared Butcher Ms. Blair Butler Mr. and Mrs. John W. Butler Mr. Zachary T. Bylaska-Davies '13 Mr. Bryan Cahoon Mrs. Nancy (Sheppard) Cail '88 Mr. Geoffrey A. Caldwell '04 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caleca Mr. and Mrs. Steve Calzolano Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cameron Mr. Robert B. Camp G'00 Ms. Danielle M. Caputo '90, G'98 Ms. Nicole D. Cardinal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carlomusto Ms. Kimberly A. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Carlson and Scott Cifelli Ms. Wendy Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Keith Caron Mr. David G. Carr '92 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carreau Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Carroll Mrs. Susan A. Casey '05, '08 Ms. Patricia A. Cash '01 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Cassidy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Cassillo Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Catinella Ms. Laura (Henry) Cavallo '73 Mr. Joseph P. Cavazzoni '72 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cavic Mr. Mark Q. Centola '98 Ms. Anne M. Cerami '93 Mr. and Mrs. Dickens G. Chakuroff Ms. Nicole L. Chalifoux '12 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Champigny Mr. William N. Chappell '76 Ms. Martha L. Chase '95 Ms. Ann-Marie Chiasson Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chicoine Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Chieppor Mr. and Mrs. William Christofori Ms. Jennifer M. Christy '13 Mr. Charles W. Church, Jr. '86 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Church Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clark Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Clark Mrs. Lucy H. (Flinkstrom) Clark '83 Mr. Timothy Clayton '92 and Mrs. Lisa (LaCoste) Clayton '92 Mr. Robert A. Clegg '12 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Clementi


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Mr. Andrew K. Clevenger '93 Mr. Donn Clifford Ms. Linda Clum Mr. and Mrs. Bart A. Coakley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cochrane Mr. John H. Cogswell Ms. Melissa R. Cohen '13 Mr. Robert Cohn Mr. Steven Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Colby Mr. and Mrs. Milan Cole Ms. Brittany N. Collard '12 Mr. Richard W. Collins '73 Mr. David J. Collum G'97 and Mrs. Peggy Collum Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colwell Mr. Howard H. Conaway, Jr. '74 Ms. Kim Connell Mr. Michael P. Connor Mr. Robert F. Connor Mr. Richard Conrad '80 and Mrs. Elizabeth (Piper) Conrad '80 Mr. and Mrs. Aldo B. Consigli Mr. David M. Constant G'04 Mr. James A. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Cook Ms. Noreen Cooke Mr. Lawrence S. Cooper '84 Mr. Charles Coran '75 and Mrs. Caryn (Margulis) Coran '77 Mr. and Mrs. James Cordell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Costin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cote Ms. Michele R. Coughlin Ms. Sonya L. Coulstring Ms. Carol L. Coverdale Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cowhig Mr. and Mrs. John Craig Ms. Kristina Craig Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Terry Cramer Mr. Douglas J. Craw '93 Mr. John P. Crean '93 Ms. Laura J. (Taylor) Creech '82 Ms. Jennifer M. Croce '09 Ms. Loretta Croken Mr. Phillip A. Croteau '84 Ms. Sharon K. Crowley '95 Mr. Danny Cuesta Mr. Raul Cuesta Mr. Douglas A. Cumings '82 Mr. David S. Curran '06 Mrs. Joanna J. (Peptis) Curran '98 Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Curtis Mr. Ralph Cutting '82 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dahlman Mrs. Carolee (Randall) Dalton '84 Ms. Gayle M. Dalton

Dr. Sarah Dangelantonio Ms. Linda M. Daniel '04, '11 Mr. Kevin Darkow and Mrs. Debra Hoffman Darkow Mr. Richard J. Dastous '87 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davies Ms. Annemarie K. Davis '13 Mrs. Donna Deabay Mr. Martin B. Decatur '95 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Decelle Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Decrisantis Ms. Rita DeDona Mr. Dennis J. Deer '90 Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. DeFemia Ms. Maria I. DeFrancesco Ms. Roberta N. DeGrandis '94 Ms. Brittany A. DeGuisto '13 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Deignan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Delieto Mr. J. Robert Dell' Anno '70 Mr. Peter V. DeMinico G'01 Ms. Vandy Densmore Mr. and Mrs. David DePamphilis Mr. and Mrs. James DePaolo Mr. and Mrs. James DePaul Ms. Brittany DeRoche Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Desaulniers Ms. Kathleen A. Deschamps Mr. and Mrs. Brian Desforges Mr. Arthur L. Despins '88 Ms. Marcia Desrosiers Ms. Dara L. Devereaux Mr. and Mrs. John J. Devlin Mr. Andrew E. Dexter '02 Mr. Ahmos Diaz '13 Mr. Frederick A. Dietrich '68 Ms. Diane DiGiantommaso Ms. Stephanie J. Dilena Mrs. Debra L. (Bergeron) Dill '91 Dr. Stephen D. Dillon G'10 Mr. Timothy J. Dineen '13 Mr. Joseph DiNome Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dionne Mr. Jeffrey S. DiPrima Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. DiPrima Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiSanzo Mr. and Mrs. Leo DiSanzo Mr. Frank DiTondo Mr. Christopher E. Dittrich '86 Ms. Christine A. Donahue '08 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Donahue Ms. Dawn D. Doucet Mr. Scott Douglas '87 Ms. Margaret Dower Mr. John A. Downing '88 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Doyle Mr. Timothy J. Doyle '90 Ms. Vicki Doyle '12 Ms. Constance S. Drakeobrien '82

Mr. and Mrs. John Driscoll Mr. Bernard L. Dudley '98 Mrs. Mary E. (Holmes) Dumas '90 Mrs. Mary Ellen (Cochrane) Dumont '80 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dunham Ms. Michelle Dunne Mr. Benjamin Dunning '94 and Mrs. Donna (Bartkus) Dunning '93 Mr. John Durning Ms. Marcia Dwelly Prof. Wendy Dwyer East Providence FOP #1 Dr. Derek C. Eastman G'00, G'06 Ms. Jane W. Eaton Mr. William R. Elliott '91 Ms. Gloria Emanuelson Mr. Eric A. Enders '83 Veijo Epailys Ms. Nancy R. Erb '81 Ms. Amy L. (Renczkowski) Erhart '04 Mr. Gregory Esehak Mr. and Mrs. John Esposito, Jr. Mr. Jordan Evans '67 Ms. Elizabeth A. Evans '75 Mr. Stephan Faccidomo '69 Ms. Eileen M. Fahey Mr. Paul Fahey Ms. Traci L. (Boemig) Fairbanks '93 Mr. Roger W. Falk, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fambro Family Wellness Center, LLC Mr. Joseph S. Faraca '94 Ms. Martha Farnsworth Mr. Burkett J. Farquhar '07 Mrs. Kimberly A. (Muller) Farrington '83 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Fawcett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fay Mr. Nicholas A. Felix '13 Mr. Alexander P. Felson '80 Mrs. Victoria Felson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Fennell Mr. Daniel Fennell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fernandes, Sr. Mr. Stephen Ferrara Ms. Florence Ferreira Mr. Paul Ferreira Ms. Susan R. Ferri Mr. and Mrs. Luis Fialho, Jr. Mr. Jack Fields Ms. Alana V. Figurido '13 Ms. Sandra Filiault Mr. Frank G. Finch, Jr. '92 Mr. Wayne N. Finkelstein '73 Mr. Matthew F. Fischer '06 and Mrs. Jennifer (DeSantis) Fischer '06 Mr. Timothy E. Fisher '87 Ms. Jeanette M. Fister '02 Mr. James A. Flattery Ms. Michele Fleckenstein

Ms. Deborah L. (Arrigo) Fleming '90 Ms. Jennifer (Lotane) Flemming '93 Mr. Sebastian Flint '00 Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Cheryl Flood Mrs. Phyllis A. (Kurtenbach) Florian '91 Ms. Danielle Floyd Ms. Barbara Flynn Ms. Bridget A. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. John B. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Flynn Mr. Scott T. Forbes '70 Ms. Anita Forcier Mr. Richard J. Formalarie '97 Mrs. Mary C. Forrest '72 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Forrest Ms. Theresa M. Forrest Mrs. Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry '04 Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Fortin Ms. Cathy Foti Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fournier Mr. Ronald A. Fox '95, G'98 Mr. Remi M. Francoeur '04 Mr. John Franke '78 and Mrs. Cynthia (Danboise) Franke '79 Ms. Jennifer L. Franklin '09 Mr. and Mrs. John Franzek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Frappier Ms. Taylor A. Frazao '08 Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Freid Mr. and Mrs. John Frizado, Jr. Mr. Gordon E. Frohloff '85 Ms. Gweneth H. Frost '92 Mr. Petr J. Fryklund '08, G'12 Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Fuller Mr. Ryan J. Furbush '13 Dr. Mary A. Gaal Mr. and Mrs. Massimiliano Gabriello Mr. Ralph M. Gaedeke Ms. Sandra Gagliarde Mr. Bruce Gagliardi '83 and Mrs. Karen (Albert) Gagliardi '83 Mr. and Mrs. David P. Gagnon Ms. Rose Galeota Ms. Elizabeth Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ganem Ms. Brittany Ganer Ms. Theresa A. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Garland Ms. Maria E. Garlick Mr. Richard J. Gaskin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gauger Mr. Gordon Gauthier and Mrs. Karen Gauthier '01, '07 Ms. Deborah M. Gay Mr. Fraser G. Geiwitz '92 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Geller Mr. and Mrs. James R. Generelli Mr. and Mrs. Alton Germain Jr. Ms. Patrice L. Gesner Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gibbons Mr. Gregory J. Giguere '13 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilfus Ms. Mary E. Gill Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Gill Mr. Robert Giove Mr. David J. Girouard '93

GlaxoSmithKline Ms. Doris Glendinning Ms. Catherine L. Glines '06 Mr. Jeffrey B. Gloshinski '13 Ms. Marybeth Glover Ms. Stephanie M. Gonsalves Mr. John E. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Graham Mr. LeRoy P. Graham G'07 Mr. Herbert F. Gramm Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grant Mr. and Mrs. William Grant Mrs. Carol Gravel Mr. Henry D. Graves, Jr. '69 Ms. Patricia C. Graves Mr. Christopher B. Gray Mr. John B. Gray Mr. Richard J. Gray '12 Mr. Leo K. Greeley '13 Mrs. Carole (Langer) Greenfield '71 Mr. Adam W. Griffin G'11 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Griswold Mr. and Mrs. Perry Grosser Mr. and Mrs. Robert Groundwater Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Grusz Ms. Joanne Guild Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Guilmartin Ms. Cecile Guimond Mr. and Mrs. Roy Habeeb Mr. Christopher L. Haddad '05 Mrs. Dawna C. (Bonneau) Hall '93 Mr. Steven M. Ham'12 Hamilton Wenham Baseball Boosters Hamilton/Wenham/Ipswich Youth Baseball Hamilton-Wenham Little League, Inc. Mrs. Tina L. Hamolsky Mr. Mark A. Haney Mr. Rob Hannings Mr. George Hansen '78 Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Haraghey Ms. Elizabeth C. Hardy '74 Ms. Ann M. Harrington '84 Mr. Daniel T. Harris '91 Ms. Debora E. (Vallery) Harris G'10 Mrs. Colleen M. Hart Ms. Kristin J. Hartness '93 Mr. and Mrs. Deanne C. Hasselbrack Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hassin Ms. Wendy W. Hathaway Mr. Michael J. Hayden '11 Ms. Jennifer M. Hayes Mr. Charles Healy '95 and Mrs. Judith (Flannery) Healy '95 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Heavey Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hebert Ms. Andrea Heller Mr. and Mrs. Scott Henry Mr. Aaron A. Herbick Mr. Jacob Herbstman Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Herman Mr. Bradley C. Herrick '11 Mrs. Danielle M. (Rivard) Hilstro G'02 Mr. William A. Hochstin G'01 Mr. William C. Holroyd '75 Ms. Jean L. Horan-Cuff

Mr. Martin Horechny '72 and Mrs. Jennifer (Merkouris) Horechny '72 Ms. Frances A. (Reid) Houlihan '91 Mr. Christopher P. Howard '92 Ms. Marianne L. Howe Dr. Frank Hubacz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hudson Mr. Ernest R. Hudziec '93 Ms. Kristina M. Huntoon Mr. William Hurley '97 and Mrs. Heather (March) Hurley '97 Ms. Joella M. Hutchinson '98 Ms. Elizabeth M. Iannuccillo '12 Mr. and Mrs. David Immen Mr. Lawrence Immerman Ms. Darlene K. Ingamell '10 Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Isaacs Mr. Christopher G. Jablonski '13 Ms. Claudia Jacobs '90 Mr. Aaron Jacobs '10, G'13 and Mrs. Ashley (Simone) Jacobs '10 Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. Jacobson Ms. Henriette I. Jager '79 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jaksina Mrs. Mildred B. Jansky Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jarmulowicz Ms. Marisa A. Jarvis '09 Mr. Douglas R. Jaureguy '83 JBJC Shipping Corp. Mr. Steven Jeune '12 Mr. Ronald C. Jobel '82 Mr. Andrew J. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Johnson Ms. Janet L. Johnson Ms. Laureen M. Johnson Ms. Lee Ann Johnson Ms. Tiffany M. Johnson '13 Ms. Victoria L. Johnson Ms. Ann C. Johnston '91 Mr. Eric T. Johnstone '06 Mr. Richard A. Jones '11, '12 Ms. Bonnie Jones Mrs. Deborah (Delponte) Journalist '75 JP Morgan Chase Foundation Mr. John Kaczanowicz and Mrs. Amy Thomas Ms. Helaine (Rosenberg) Kanegsberg '87 Ms. Jenni L. Kapanen '99 Mr. William H. Karkheck '85 Ms. Dolores Karwaski Ms. Karen (Lennon) Keefe '83 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kelly Mr. James J. Kelley '89 Mary C. Kelly Mr. Robert F. Kelly Mrs. Armiranda E. Kemp Mrs. Kim (Brouillette) Kendle '92 Ms. Katherine L. (Manton) Kennedy '94, G'11 Mr. Robert Kimball Mr. Edward R. King '87 Ms. Jean J. Kingsbury Ms. Lydia C. Kingsbury '10 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kirn Mrs. Kimberley A. (Calef ) Klapes '90 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Kleinman Mr. Valerie Kloberdanz Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kohlmorgen Mr. and Mrs. David D. Konzel Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Walter A. Kostich Mr. Sean P. Kotary G'11 Ms. Laura E. Kotusky '12 Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Koutalakis Mr. Philip Krajewski '88 Sigita Krakauskas Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Krall Mr. Kyle F. Kruse '09 Mr. Glen Kudlicki Mr. Robert H. Kuhsel '79 Mr. James F. Kulacz '92 Ms. Maria Y. Kunze Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kunze Mr. Edward J. Kus, Jr. '08 Mr. Paul J. LaBarge '85 Ms. Louise F. Lafreniere '95 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lajoie Ms. Ashley N. Lamagdeleine '13 Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Lamarche Mr. Joseph A. Landini '11 Mr. and Mrs. William Lang Mr. Justin T. Langhill '13 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lanni Lanni Enterprises, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Serge Laprise Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaRochelle Mr. Don Larson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lasorsa, Jr. Ms. Maureen E. Lastih Ms. Donna Latsko Ms. Amy L. LaTulippe '91 Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. LaVigne Mrs. Heidi (Schmidt) Law '87 Mr. and Mrs. David M. Leach Mr. Douglas Lear Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Leblanc Mr. Barry R. LeClair '93 Ms. Kirby E. Lecy '06 Mr. Talmadge C. Ledford '89 47

Mr. Michael S. Ledoux '05 Mr. Judson S. Lee '79 Ms. Nicole Lee Ms. Elsabet Legesse '73 Ms. Eva Leichinger Mr. Keith P. Lemire Ms. Megan E. Lemire '13 Mr. and Mrs. William F. LeNoir The Jeffrey Lensbower Family Mr. and Mrs. William J. Leombruno, Sr. Ms. Erica K. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Peter Leone Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lepper Mr. Raymond A. Lescatre Ms. Karen Levy Mr. Thomas E. Lewis '97 Mr. Craig A. Lewis '10 Lewis Engineering, PLLC Lightning Electric, Inc. Mr. Richard A. Lindholm, Jr. Ms. Kathleen M. Linskey '77 Ms. Emily J. Liskow '02 Mr. Tanner H. Littlefield '13 Mr. Kevin S. Liu '05 Ms. Kaitlyn T. Llewellyn '06 Ms. Lindsay A. Loerch '13 Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Lofaro Ms. Kristina Lohman Mr. and Mrs. Roland A. Loisel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Lonergan Mr. and Mrs. James Lorusso, Jr. Ms. Lynda E. Lowney '89 Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Lozier Mr. and Mrs. David Lozier Ms. Nancy K. Lubin Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lucas Ms. Susan E. (Dussol) Luhrs '87 Mr. Tyler J. Lussier '13 Mr. Tyler Luszeck Mr. Joseph J. Maccarone G'00 Mr. Scott M. MacDonald '13 Mr. and Mrs. Donald MacGee


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Mr. Peter MacHugh and Ms. Wendy Wajda Mr. Joseph D. Magee '82 Mr. James J. Maher Ms. Donna S. Mailhot '87 Mr. and Mrs. W. David Malcolm Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Malley Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Manders Ms. Doreen Mangee Mr. Keith E. Manheck '98 Mrs. Nancy S. (Freedman) Manning '90 Mr. and Mrs. James Maragnano Mr. and Mrs. James A. Marchio Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marella Mrs. Betty (Ceteur) Markiewicz '71 Ms. Beverly A. Marnane Ms. Keri A. Marnane '13 Mr. Joseph G. Marra, Jr. Mr. William Marshall Mr. Ronald Martel '79 Mr. Paul A. Martel '83 Mrs. Barbara L. (Melchin) Martin '00 Mr. Peter Martinez Ms. Judith A. Martone Mascoma Savings Bank Mr. Samuel J. Mastovich Ms. Juliette Mathieu Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mattavi Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mattiello, Jr. Mr. Daniel May '07 and Mrs. Abigail (Nichols) May '06 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. McAleavey Mr. Bernard McCann Mr. and Mrs. Eoin McCann Ms. Ann B. McCarthy Ms. Nan McCarthy '88 Mr. Joseph M. McCoy, Esq. Mr. Kevin J. McCoy Mr. Henry J. McDermott '99 Ms. Joan (Rinker) McDonald '86 Dr. Marilyn McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. McDunnah Mr. Thomas A. McGahan '78

Ms. Kelsie McGladrey Ms. Erika M. McGowan '09 Ms. Carol D. McGuire Ms. Virginia M. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Robert McHugh Ms. Sandra McIntire '88 Mr. Mark McIntosh Ms. Madonna J. McKenzie G'02 Ms. Betty McKiever-Lowell '93 Mr. Justin McKinney '08 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McKinnon Mrs. Marie C. McKinnon Mr. Eugene McLaurin Mr. and Mrs. Joe McNanna Mr. Neal P. McNanna Ms. Mary E. McNaught Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Meaney Ms. Julia M. Medina Mr. and Mrs. Victor Melanson Mr. Charles R. Mellen Ms. Jennifer E. Mellish Mr. and Mrs. Albert Merkt Ms. Wendy L. Merrihew Mr. Tyler S. Merrill '13 Mr. Scott Meyer '77 and Mrs. Alison (Silkworth) Meyer '82 Ms. Adriana R. Meza Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Meza Mr. Martin A. Michaud '01 Ms. Jennifer D. Miller '97 Mr. Stephan Miller Mr. Frederic Mills Jr. Ms. Marie Mirsky Ms. Amy L. Mitson G'06 Mr. Ryo Miyazaki '13 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Molloy Mrs. Sarah M. (Ronayne) Molnoski '00 Ms. April Monastrial Mr. Joseph A. Monfette '98 Mr. David Moon Mrs. Laurie A. Moore Mr. Stephen C. Moore '78 Mr. Thomas Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Moriarty Ms. Paula J. Morris Mr. Jack D Morrison '88 Mr. and Mrs. A. Glenn Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Morrow Mr. Douglas R. Morton '90 Ms. Ann Louise Moser '11 Mr. Scott D. Moulton '97, '03 Ms. Marian A. Mucci '95 Ms. Joan P. Mudrak Mr. Kyle E. Mulcahy '13 Ms. Linda Mullaney Ms. Lindsay E. Mullen '13 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mullen Mr. Charles J. Murphy Mr. Ian K. Murphy '13 Mr. James B. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John M. Murphy Mrs. Pamela Murphy '84 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy Mr. Kevin Murray

Ms. Inessa S. Muse '12 Ms. Jeanne L. (Frost) Myers '95 Ms. Collette M. Nadeau '07 Mr. William G. Naser '89 Ms. Ivy M. Negron Mrs. Kimberly (Cook) Neher '89 Ms. Nancy Neilan Ms. Valerie I. (Pappageorge) Neill G'00 Ms. Janet M. Nelson Mr. Thomas J. Nelson Ms. Denise M. Neos Mr. Skyler D. Nerdin Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Neveu Mr. Victor M. Ng '96 Mr. Phuong Nguyen '78 and Mrs. Thuy (Bui) Nguyen '78 Ms. Rosemary Nichols Mr. James M. Nicholson G'00 Mr. Joseph M. Nicholson '12 Dr. Paul R. Niemi Ms. Catherine C. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O. Nordquist Mr. Yosuke Noritake '13 Mrs. Nancy (Coles) Nye '82 Ms. Nicole Oberdorf Mr. and Mrs. John F. O'Brien Ms. Teri O'Brien Mr. William O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Randall V. Oftedahl Mr. Michael O'Leary G'07 Mr. Shayne T. Olmsted Mr. Eric Olsen Ms. Jennifer Olsen Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neil Ms. Joyce M. O'Reilly G'12 Dr. Katherine M. O'Reilly '08, G'11 Mr. Dominic J. Ortolano '89 Ms. Penny A. Osgood Ms. Tracy L. Ostler '08 Ms. Alexis Ozimek '06 P.M. Brooks Associates, P.C. Dr. Gregory V. Page Mr. Peter R. Palermo Mr. and Mrs. John L. Palma Mr. and Mrs. Dominick N. Palumbo Mr. and Mrs. John Panagopoulos Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Panella Harry Panopoulos, M. Ed. Mr. Michael Papageorgiou Ms. Amy L. Paradee-Jewell '92 Ms. Lynda H. Paradis '93 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parks Mrs. Cheri A. (DiNardo) Parr '94 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parr Mr. Carl W. Parr Mr. David L. Parr Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pasterczyk Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pastor Mr. and Mrs. Ed Paulovitch Mrs. Charmaine D. (Lambert) Peard '04 Mr. Seamus Pender Ms. Michele R. Penna '95, G'98 Mr. and Mrs. David Perkins Mr. Tom Perkins and Mrs. Mary Black-Perkins Mrs. Janet K. Perrin '98

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Perry Mr. Ronald J. Pervere '91 Mrs. Susan A. Peterson '90 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Petrides Mr. Alexander P. Phillips '13 Mr. Noah G. Phillips '13 Mr. David J. Pierce '12 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pierson Mr. Ron Pieschel Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pietrowski Charles Pillar, D.D.S. Mr. Roman M. Pinsky '84 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Pisarra Mrs. Roberta (Coolidge) Platz '81 Mr. John Popp '68 and Mrs. Ellen (Ahern) Popp '69 Ms. Tammy Porter Ms. Palma Potter Ms. Connie A. Powell '11 Ms. Heather M. Powell '12 Ms. Karen Power '06 Mrs. Kerri A. (Jendras-Burstein) Pritchet '95 Cecile T. Proulx Mr. and Mrs. Emile Proulx Ms. Jean T. Proulx '85 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Proulx Mr. and Mrs. Ron Proulx Mr. Michael W. Provencher Mr. James Provensal '71 Ms. Jaclyn T. Prybella '09 Mr. Paul C. Pullar '90 Ms. Linda Purcell Mr. and Mrs. John Purdy Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pustaver Mr. Shane Quackenbush Ms. Joanne Quarltere Mr. Michael G. Quinlan G'04 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quinn Mr. Alex D. Rabasco Ms. Celine Rainville '09 Ms. Debra J. Ralls '92, G'97 Mr. Jamie J. Rankin '98 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rankin Mr. Franklin D. Raposa Mr. Jeffrey D. Rapson G'00 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Raske Ms. Patricia A. Raynes G'98 Raynor & Cano, LLC Raytheon Company Ms. Kathleen M. Reardon Ms. Pearl Record '91 Ms. Mary-Ellen Reed '92 Mrs. Leah I. Reese-Ustaszewski '06 Ms. Edwina L. Rego Mr. Matthew S. Reiss '82 Mr. Brian G. Rekos '02 Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Remsen Ms. Virginia Restivo Mr. Maurice A. Richard, Jr. '94

Ms. Libby M. Richardson '98 Prof. Scott Richardson Mr. Jeffrey R. Richer '13 Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Rieder Mr. James M. Riley, Jr. '72 Ms. Patricia Riley '91 Ms. Ruth J. Ring Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ripley Mr. Marc A. Ristow Ms. Amanda Rivas Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Rivera Dr. Teri Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Derek T. Robillard Mr. Grover M. Robinson '85 Mr. Keith Robinson '00 and Mrs. Sonja (Hutchings) Robinson '00 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rocheleau Mr. Alan M. Rock and Mrs. Jane Nowak Ms. Judith Rogers Mrs. Karen L. Rokes '00 Mr. Matthew J. Rollberg, Jr. '88 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Romano Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Rosa Mr. George A. Rose, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Rotondo Mr. John R. Roy '83 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Roy Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rubenstein Mr. Jonathan W. Rudzinski '11 Mr. John Runco JoAnn and Hannah Runge Ms. Ashley K. Russell '13 Ms. Tricia L. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sabourin Mr. Kyle R. Sabourin '12 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Sackett Ms. Jacquelyn R. Salas Mrs. Gabrielle (Osmun) Salter '69 Mr. David G. Salvas '89 Ms. Melissa M. (Zangari) Sampson '95 Mr. and Mrs. Leon P. Samuelian Ms. Pamela A. Sanderson '98, G'08 Ms. Catherine E. Sansone Ms. Gladys Santana Ms. Joan L. Savasta Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Savenor Ms. Jacqueline Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schweighoffer Mr. Hilary J. Scruggs Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scully Mr. Joseph T. Scungio, Jr. '87 Mr. Thomas F. Sedore Ms. Janice M. Segall Mrs. Nicole J. (Bilyak) Seguljic '91 Mrs. Heidi (Traudt) Serra '84 Ms. Karen Shaw Ms. Amanda M. Sheehan '07 Ms. Cathe Sheehan '80 Ms. Patricia Sheils Goodstein

Mr. and Mrs. William Sheils Ms. Elizabeth A. Sheridan '11 Ms. Patricia Sherman Mr. Richard J. Shields Mr. Timothy R. Shields Ms. Helen I. Sibley Ms. Jade A. Silva '13 Mr. David R. Silverstein '75 Mrs. Ruth M. (Sheran) Simard '82 Ms. Suzanne M. Simone Mr. Eliakim Simpson Ms. Beverly Sinclair Mr. Dennis Sinibaldi Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sinibaldi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Skarbinski Ms. Anna Slade Mr. Rodger R. Slarve '08 Mr. Frank C. Slockbower, Jr. '77 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Slotnick Mr. and Mrs. George Small Dr. Richard A. Smiley and Ms. Barbara A. Thornton Mr. Jeffrey E. Smith '95 Ms. Lisa M. Smith G'04 Mr. Ronald W. Smith G'11 Ms. Amy Softic Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Sousa Jr Ms. Rebecca L. Souza '12 Mrs. Eleanor (Verner) Sparling '78 Mr. and Mrs. William D. Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. Barry Spencer Bob and Jill St. Jean Mr. Barry J. St. Onge '08 Mr. Dennis R. St. Pierre '93 Mr. Roland N. St. Pierre Mr. Adam E. Stahl '11 Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Staniewicz Mr. Steven M. Stanley '06 Mr. Sabato Stanzione Mr. Stewart Stanzione Mr. Jordan Star '77 The Stark Family Ms. Alyssa L. Stearns '13 Ms. Teresa A. Stearns '10, G'12 Mr. Charles W. Steele '78 Mr. Karl H. Steffen Ms. Nancy K. Steger Mrs. Jana L. Stein '77 Mr. Adam Steinberg '03 and Mrs. Karrie (Stone) Steinberg '03 Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Stilphen Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stimson Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Stimson Mr. Stephen C. Stimson Mrs. Marietta (Albonizio) Stone Anastas '75 Mr. Theodore A. Story '82 Ms. Rhonda Strack Mr. Ted V. Stramecki '89 Ms. Karen M. Streeter G'04

Ms. Sheryl Strother Marion Sudgen Lill Mr. Michael K. Sullivan '90 Ms. Margaret M. Sullivan '13 Mr. Justin B. Sultzbach '10 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sussman Ms. Susan Svoboda Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sweet Ms. Eileen M. Swett Mr. and Mrs. Walter Szulga Mr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Szymcik Joseph Taddei Mrs. Cheryl M. (Lapham) Tapply '91 Ms. Debra B. Tarpey Mr. Dennis N. Tavares Ms. RenĂŠe Taveniere Mr. Matthew K. Taylor '12 Mr. Robert R. Taylor '86 Ms. Irene Terra Mr. and Mrs. Steven Terrio Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Tessier Mr. Robert C. Thieme '69 Mr. George W. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thor Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Tiddia Mr. Robert D. Tocher '94 Mr. and Mrs. William Todd Ms. Patricia M. Tolios Ms. Barbara A. Toomire '00 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tousignant Mr. Jeffrey Traill '99 Ms. Mary Trainor Mr. Blake Trammell Mr. and Mrs. John Trigg Ms. Jaclyn Troy Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Tucci, Jr. Ms. Claudia L. (Cole) Tufo '81 Mrs. Michelle R. (Detlor) Tuttle '96, G'04 Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Tyler Mrs. Sharon G. Tyler '75 Mr. Joseph M. Tyman '08 Mori Tzelnic Mr. Thomas M. Valentine, Jr. '01 Ms. Elizabeth Valoret Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Valovich Ms. Jacqulyn M. Van Note Mr. and Mrs. Craig VanDussen Ms. Tammy Jo (Nichols) VanEngen '97 Mrs. Donna A. Vanness Mr. Nathan P. Vassill '08 Mr. and Mrs. Dominick C. Vecchio Ms. Tara J. Vece '06 Mr. Richard M. Vermeiren '95 Ms. Jaclyn Vesey Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Viaes Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Vieira Mrs. Jayne M. Vogler '82 Ms. Erica J. (Foisy) Vosburgh '99 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Waddicor 49

Mr. Stuart H. Wahl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Waitt Ms. Jennifer L. Walker Mr. Elliot H. Wallin '66 Mrs. Michelle L. (Drottar) Walsh '92 Ms. Joan M. Walsh Mr. William J. Warren '89 Ms. Karen A. Wassil '73 Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Watenpaugh Ms. Kendra Watenpaugh '13 Ms. Sarah Waterson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Watson Mr. Justin A. Watson '07 Mr. Mark Wattendorf Wayside Restaurant, Inc. Dr. Douglas C. Weaver G'12 Ms. Lindsay M. Webb '01 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weber Mr. David B. Weber Ms. Hope J. (Gaumond) Welch '92 Ms. Dorothy L. Weldon Mr. Robert Weldon Mrs. Patricia Halsey Wellen '76 Wellington Supply, Inc. Ms. Lisa J. Wesinger Ms. Geneva S. West '94 Ms. Lynne A. Westaway '96 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weygand Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Whipple Mrs. Joy K. (Palmer) Whitaker '95 Ms. Kathleen K. Whitcomb '99 Mr. Adam J. White '10 Mr. Bruce H. White Mrs. Michelle A. (Ducharme) White '92 Mr. Russell E. White and Mrs. Deloris (Short) White '90 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Whitmore Mr. Derek C. Wilcox '13 Mr. Harold Wiley Mr. James L. Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Willbee Ms. Kathleen A. Donegan-Willette '95 Ms. Cheryl L. Willnus Mr. Robert J. Winner '67 Ms. Megan M. Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wise Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Witherbee Ms. Audrey L. Witkowski '13 Mr. Shawn Wolff '91 and Mrs. Janis (Hagan) Wolff '91 Mr. William L. Wollenberg, III Ms. Yvonne Wollenberg Mr. Jeffrey Woodburn '87 Ms. Patricia J. Woodcome '92 Ms. Lindsey A. Wright Mr. Richard L. Wright '91 Mrs. Rebecca V. (Ogonoski) Yacovino '95 Mr. Jonathan Yaden


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Mr. Ara L. Yardum Ms. Beth Young Mr. Craig Young Mr. David Yutzler '02 Mr. Jeffrey A. Zagoren '84 Mr. Ira H. Zaleznik Mr. Joseph A. Zampino Jr. '71 Ms. Betty J. Zaniewski Ms. Kristine C. Zavorotny '86 Ms. Deana Zekraus Mr. Lonnie Zimmerman '68 Mrs. Elizabeth D. Zinn '83 Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Zlydak Mr. Michael Zurcher '90 and Mrs. Karen (Kreusch) Zurcher '91

Gifts Received in Honor or Memory of

In Honor of Ms. Cynthia A. Arman Ms. Jenni L. Kapanen '99 In Honor of Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 Mr. Joseph C. Alessi '69 Mr. Frank J. Batchelor '69 Dr. and Mrs. James F. Birge Mr. Fred J. Dioguardi '69 Mrs. Sarah Jo (Banta) Fredrickson '69 Mr. Richard Green '69 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Herman Mr. Carmen M. Ponzio '69 Mr. Richard R. Quinn '69 Mr. Robert C. Thieme '69 In Honor of Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 Mr. Alex and Mrs. Dorothy Kalivas In Honor of Dr. James F. Birge Dr. Helen J. Streubert and Mr. David Scotch In Memory of Ms. Linda Bruno '71 Mr. Daniel Farrell and Mrs. Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell '71 In Honor of Mr. John T. Burke, Jr. '66 Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 In Memory of Mr. James F. Clouse, Sr. Mr. James F. Clouse, Jr. '81 In Memory of Dr. Clifford Coles Anthony "Tony" Abatino '69 ABC Disposal & Recycling, Inc. Mrs. Charlene (Linzer) Hulten '69 Ms. Susanne A. (Henk) Alyce '68 Mr. Gary R. Appleton '69 Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69

Mr. Danny L. Becker '70 Mr. and Mrs. John Borino '69 Mr. John T. Burke, Jr. '66 Dr. James Calvet '68 and Mrs. Susan (Staples) Calvet '68 Mr. Stephan Faccidomo '69 Mr. Richard "Rick" Falconi '69 Mr. Arthur Fink '72 and Mrs. Marcy (Pollock) Fink '73 Mr. John S. Flood '68 Grandin Livestock Handling Systems, Inc. Dr. Temple Grandin '70 Mr. Richard Green '69 Mr. David B. Groder '66 Mr. James Hoag '69 Mr. Harold M. Levy '70 and Mrs. Anne Levy Mr. Dennis '70 and Mrs. Cecelia Maliangos Mrs. Diane "Dinny" (Najarian) Parvin '69 Mr. John Popp '68 and Mrs. Ellen (Ahern) Popp '69 Mr. Daniel F. Sansevieri '69 Mr. Raymond G. Schank '69 Mr. Stan Stein and Dr. Sharon L. (Bornstein) Stein '71 Tieger Realty Company Mr. Marc P. Tieger '69 Ms. Angela Waldron '69 In Memory of Mr. Philip J. Dolan, III '83 Mr. Eric A. Enders '83 In Honor of Mr. Kenneth Ervin '96, G'03 Mrs. Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry '04 In Honor of Mr. Richard "Rick" Falconi '69 Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 In Honor of Dr. Marlin Fitzwater Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 In Memory of Mrs. Frances George Mr. Michael Greene Ms. Joanne Yeary In Memory of Mr. James B. Hayden '73 Mr. Francis J. Moriarty, Professor Emeritus In Honor of Mr. Christopher D. Johnson Mrs. Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry '04 In Memory of Ms. Lenore E. Lam '70 Mrs. Susan (Ruickoldt) Andersen '71

Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 Mr. Daniel Farrell and Mrs. Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell '71 Dr. Barbara Gruen Ms. Lynne Simon Mrs. Valerie (Dietz) Spar '70 Mr. Michael Stein '69 Mrs. Lorna (Haas) Tebow '69 Mr. Everett Vallorano '70 and Mrs. Maryanne (Ryder) Vallorano '71 Mr. Charles T. Wilson In Memory of Mr. Charles B. "Chuck" Maxwell '70 Mr. Daniel Farrell and Mrs. Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell '71 In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. McGowan

Ms. Erika M. McGowan '09 In Memory of President Walter Peterson Mrs. Susan A. Peterson '90 Mr. Jeffrey E. Smith '95 In Memory of Mrs. Emily Schank Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 In Memory of Mrs. Dorothy Silegy Ms. Toni Silegy In Memory of Dr. Stephen "Hurricane" Smith Dr. Martin S. Green In Memory of Mr. Anthony J. Spagnuolo Mrs. Patricia A. Spagnuolo In Honor of Mr. Robert D. Valente '13 Ms. Elizabeth Bolger In Memory of Mr. Robert L. Vaughn, Jr. '86 Mr. Michael "Mick" Melvin '88 and Mrs. Amy (Brigham) Melvin '88

Gifts In Kind Jaboc M. Appel Dan Blair Brandon Inn Mr. James F. Clouse, Jr. '81 Comfort Inn Gail Creager Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride Mr. Robert Derrick Rob Diercks Bill Flynn Follett Book Store

Four Points By Sheraton High Mowing Organic Seeds Jay Hill Hillyard, Inc. Mr. Christopher J. Holman '99 JP Stevens Restaurant & Tavern Christopher Jagiello Melinda Jetté Keene Country Club, Inc. Catherine Koning Doug Ley Manchester Monarchs McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Dr. Kerry E. McKeever Tracy Mendham Jen Mire Monadnock Disposal Services New York Jets Pats Peak Pepsi Bottling Group Peterborough Players Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Peterson Posterity Press Ragged Mountain Resort Thomas Rhoads RiverMead LifeCare Retirement Community Andrew Roble Paul Scharfenberger Rhine Singleton Zachary Skinner Southern New Hampshire University Melissa Stearns SymQuest Terrapin Glassblowing Studio Mr. and Mrs. Dean Turcotte Wachusett Mountain Jill Wixon

Matching Gift Companies American International Group, Inc. Ms. Graceann LaForgia BAE Systems Mr. Brandon Greene '96 Boeing Gift Matching Program Dr. Marlin and Mrs. Melinda Fitzwater Chubb & Son Mr. James Fitzsimmons '87 Citizens Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Grant FM Global Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sweet

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Gregory M. Doody '92 Lockheed Martin Mr. Jonathan R. Burke '73 and Mrs. Judith M. Burke Mascoma Savings Bank Mr. Kenneth Wells G'08 Microsoft Corporation Mr. Douglas G. D'Angelo '85

The Burns-Dion-Preston Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Burns Dr. Catherine R. Owen Koning

Nationwide Foundation Mr. Harry '68 andMrs. Linda Meyer

The Dennise Messier Memorial Scholarship Anonymous

New York Life Mr. Timothy "TG" Nawn '86 and Mrs. Melinda Nawn

The Financial Aid Scholarship Fund Scott and Andrea Ansevin-Allen Mr. John Bannen Mrs. Tuesday A. (Ordway) Belanger '06, G'11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bevilacqua Mrs. Susan A. Casey '05, '08 Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Catinella Mr. and Mrs. Paul Champigny Citizens Charitable Foundation Mr. James F. Clouse, Jr. '81 Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Copatch Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dembishack,III Ms. Kathleen A. Donegan-Willette '95 Mrs. Phyllis A. (Kurtenbach) Florian '91 Mr. Alan Fortgang Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Fuchs Ms. Eileen Goldblatt Mrs. Nancy E. Hadley Mrs. Tina L. Hamolsky Mr. Richard F. Haskell '75 and Mrs. Noreen Haskell Mrs. Danielle M. (Rivard) Hilstro G'02 Mr. Peter D. Hipson Ms. Marlene A. Jaffie '72 Dr. Paul M. Kotila Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Lettre Ms. Genevieve M. McGillicuddy '94 Mr. Mark McIntosh Ms. Madonna J. McKenzie G'02 Mr. David Moon Mr. and Mrs. Willard W. Oja Pepsi Bottling Group Ms. Ruth J. Ring Mr. Grover M. Robinson '85 Mr. Louis N. Roten Ms. Catherine S. (Melisi) Schirmer '00 Ms. Helen I. Sibley Ms. Amy Softic Prof. Nancy R. Stone Mr. George W. Thompson Mr. Steven A. Thurber Ms. Tammy Jo (Nichols) VanEngen '97 Mrs. Jayne M. Vogler '82

Northrop Grummam Corporation Ms. Deborah (Clemens) Punté '90 Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. Paul M. Read '94 Philips North America Mr. and Mrs. Sean O'Kane Raytheon Company Mr. Arthur A. Hembrough G'05 UBS Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Terry Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zorena Wells Fargo Advisors Mr. Todd Bernstein '91

Scholarship Donors The Alumni Scholarship Fund Aetna Foundation, Inc. Ms. Danielle M. Caputo '90, G'98 Ms. Marie L. Douglas '92 Mrs. Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry '04 Ms. Shari A. LaPierre '04 Mr. James Little '87 and Mrs. Janet (DeQuattro) Little '87 The Astmann Family Scholarship Mr. Lloyd Astmann '69 and Mrs. Helen (Ament) Astmann '69 Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Astmann

Glaxo Smith Kline Ms. Elizabeth "Betsy" Valoret

The Betsy George Memorial Scholarship Mrs. Janet (George) Fell '85 Estate of Frances W. George Mr. Michael Greene The Jeffrey Lensbower Family Mr. and Ms. Daniel T. Tonelli Ms. Joanne Yeary

IBM International Foundation Mr. Gary L. Baker '69

The Biology Student Internship Scholarship Prof. Harry Davis

General Mills Foundation Ms. Ami (Miesner) Anderson '89

The Bruce Kirsh Scholarship Mr. Gregory M. Doody '92 Mr. Ken Ervin '96, G'03 and Mrs. Elizabeth (Nelson) Ervin '98 Mr. Bruce Kirsh '71 and Mrs. Patricia (Brown) Kirsh '70 Mrs. Patricia A. Spagnuolo Bob and Jill St. Jean

The Fred Berger Scholarship Mr. Frederick C. Berger '76 The Frueauff Scholars Program Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.

The Lisa Weidner Aylward Scholarship Mr. Dennis F. Aylward The Mary G. Maybury Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gillies Ms. Melissa Stearns Hyde Dr. and Mrs. James F. Maybury Mr. and Mrs. William D. Spaulding The Melissa D. Bisaccia Scholarship The Community Foundation of Dutchess County Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bisaccia The Paul M. Kotila Endowed Scholarship Dr. Paul M. Kotila The Peterson Fellows Scholarship The Penates Foundation The Pierce Partner's Scholarship Mr. Jim Egan '72 and Mrs. Millie (Kafka) Egan '72 Mr. David W. McGraw '79 and Mrs. Melissa McGraw Mr. Harry '68 and Mrs. Linda Meyer The Study Abroad Scholarship Ms. Tara S. Demeyer '03 Mrs. Stella Walling The Tod Silegy Scholarship Mr. Paul M. Read Ms. Toni Silegy

HonorofRoll Giving 51

rest stop

Season after season young dreams stream up and down this mountain Fluid and free like tadpoles in your lake beside the road Excerpt from the poem Franklin Pierce University* by Nuyi Osundare, poet

*Entire poem may be found in City Without People: The Katrina Poems


Franklin Pierce University fall 2013

Photo by Ann Lafond

“I’m proud to be Pierce because

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Pierce Radius - Fall 2013  

Pierce Radius is the bi-annual magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin Pierce University. Each issue of the magazine aims to reflect the...

Pierce Radius - Fall 2013  

Pierce Radius is the bi-annual magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin Pierce University. Each issue of the magazine aims to reflect the...