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Introduction/Background Academics Sports Arts Leadership Discipline Health Ex-Jams

AFMS BOOK OF RECORDS – The early years. My scrap book is dated 04-2-83. An awful long time and one would never have imagined how auspicious it was to have kept a scrap book then. It brings back memories of those “good old days”- it never ceases to amaze me how we always refer to the good old days at the drop of a hat when the holy book says woe to they who say the old days were better than the present! We cannot but help to think of those days with nostalgia. Having an exact and accurate record of how AFMS started would be very difficult presently, as there were no official records kept. The records we would have had of those early days of AFMS unfortunately were lost in a fire incident in the Students Wing in the late early nineties. Fact is I did imagine what it would be like to not have some records of what was happening in those formative years of AFMS. The Guinness book of records was my inspiration as I read copies of it in the school library then. I intended for it to be a record keeping book and indeed it started as an AFMS sports history book but eventually other activities were added as history was being made right before our eyes. Some of the records border on the mundane, some just trivia but they did happen. This work chronicle major events in the first five years of the then young school.While every effort was made to produce accurate in this book I cannot guarantee that might not be some errors, mistakes and of course omissions for which I take responsibility and am open to receiving your corrections and comments. BACKGROUND The Air Force Military School Jos, started on the 19th of September 1980 with the main objectives of:1. To train and prepare students for the WASC/SSCE 2. To provide a broadly based academic, commercial and technical education as well as military training to serve as a good foundation for subsequent service in the Armed Forces of Nigeria. 3. To provide a forum for proper and mental development, the ingratiation of disciplined behavior, the acquisition of leadership ability and the inculcation of good citizenship. The aim of this write up is fashioned after the three main objectives of the school: to keep a record of the best, the good, the bad and the ugly in our march towards attaining those lofty goals of excellence in academics, military, sports, behavior and leadership qualities in those early years.

ACADEMICS Academic standard was high and remained so for a very longtime. At the beginning of a term results of the last terms exams were placed on notice boards of each classroom – with ones names, service numbers and position. Of course junior students sneaked into their seniors’ classrooms at night to spy on their results! Deserving Junior Air Men were rewarded at the end of each school session with prizes for the various academic and military subjects. There was a healthy competition amongst JAM in each set on who would be the best in a subject each year and who would be first each term. For the 80 set Ogunyeye was the shinning light, however he faced stiff opposition from Ugoji. The 81 set never really had a shinning star like the 80 or 82 set with one JAM carting most of the prizes. It was like no JAM came first in two or more successive terms in the 81 set. I stand to be corrected. Once a star rises he is knocked off the podium. Such was the competition! The 82 set had Oguledo who dominated both the academic and military subjects-carting away most of the available prizes. The first speech and prize giving day was held at the end of the 1982/83 session. Below is the list of first ever award winners in AFMS. General awards 1. Best JAM in Personal Drill 2. Best JAM in Athletics 3. Best JAM in Football 4.Most well behaved JAM 5.Smallest JAM with leadership qualities 6.Best J/Cpl 7.Best J/LCpl 8. Best JAM of the session 9. Best squadron in school debate 10. Best squadron in school quiz 11. Best Squadron in Drill (AOA’s Cup)

AFMS 80/071 AFMS 80/019 AFMS 80/067 AFMS 80/001 AFMS 82/288 AFMS 80/066 AFMS 80/060 AFMS 80/018

JACM Solomon Dauda J/LCpl Selfa Pyenap J/LCpl Oregbemeh Innocent J/LCpl Abbas Aliyu JACM Suleman .S J/Cpl Olugu .O J/LCpl Koiyan .L J/Sgt Ogunyeye .O Green Squadron Yellow Squadron Purple Squadron

The first squadron to win the inter-squadron drill competition was purple squadron. A cup was donated by the AOA NAF HQ, Air Commodore M. Mohammed on the 9th of July 1983. Purple squadron scored 23 points followed by green squadron with 22.4 points.

The first squadron to win the commandants prize was green squadron. This was for winning the inter-squadron hostel inspections for the 83/84 session. They were presented with a large screen Sanyo coloured television set at the beginning of the 84/85 session (22nd Sept 1984). This brings back memories of the then Sunday night soap opera that had a wide following amongst JAM “Mirror in the Sun”. The TV room in Green squadron was usually packed full for this programme.

The following anthem. 1. 80/011 2. 80/066 3. 80/035 4. 82/245 5. 80/118 6. 80/116 7. 81/137 8. 81/219 9. 81/149 10 80/101 . 11 80/066 .

JAM received awards for the effort they made to compose the school JACM J/Cpl JACM JACM J/Cpl JACM JACM JACM JACM J/LCpl

Igbineweka Harrison Olugu Ojo* Jebtoa Hassan* Adeyemi .D Sule .S Augustine Olalere Christopher Odigie Alao .O Augustine Francis Akor Basil Adokie

Blue Sqn Purple Sqn Green Sqn Blue Sqn Yellow Sqn Yellow Sqn Blue Sqn Yellow Sqn Green Sqn Yellow Sqn


Olugu Ojo

Purple Sqn

* combined effort Military subjects’ awards Best JAM in Map reading Air Force Law Weapon Training Drill Physical Education Internal Security Field Training Communication Field Hygiene OVERALL BEST

Class 1 82/304 JACM Egbuka 82/268 JACM Okosun

Class 2 81/125 JACM Buba 81/237 “ Sarki Z 81/149 “ Akor FA

Class 3 80/111 J/Cpl Egbujo U 80/057 JACM Gogo E 80/018 JSgt Ogunyeye

82/320 JACM Akpan 82/361 JACM Nwafor

81/190 “ Sani N 81/149 “ Akor FA

80/081 JCpl Arua M 80/018 JSgt Ogunyeye

82/333 JACM Oguledo 81/138 “ Okereke

80/018 JSgt Ogunyeye

82/333 JACM Oguledo 81/125 “ Buba J 82/333 JACM Oguledo 81/ Ogunseitan 82/279 JACM Mutajo 81/210 Okoro D

80/095 JACM Yakubu 80/006 JCpl Awucha 80/067JLCPl Oregbemeh

82/333 JACM Oguledo

80/111 J/Cpl Egbujo U

81/149 JACM Akor F

Academic subjects’ awards Best JAM in Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics Int. Science Agric. Science Health Science Eng. Language Eng. Literature French Government History Geography Social Studies Fine Arts Economics Accounts Technical Drawing Basic Technology OVERALL BEST

Class 1 JACM Mutajo JACM Kunle D JACM Adeyin B JACM Oguledo JACM Kunle D JACM Oguledo JACM Mutajo JACM Oguledo JACM Kunle D JACM Oguledo

Class 2 JACM Didigwu Igiehon/Ogunseitan JACM Igiehon JACM Didigwu JACM Yuntoe JACM Alabi JACM Enwere JACM Ogunseitan JACM Igiehon JACM Ezeilo Igiehon/Yuntoe/Agwu JACM Enwere

Class 3 JSgt.Ogunyeye/Ali I JSgt Ogunyeye JSgt Ogunyeye/Egbujo

JSgt Ogunyeye JCpl Arua JLCpl Omage JLCpl Oregbemeh JLCpl Nnakwu JSgt Ogunyeye JCpl Salihu JLCpl Ali JSgt Ogunyeye JLCpl Omage .L JLCpl Umoh JACM Ocheche JLCpl Ben JSgt Ogunyeye

Other firsts. • • •

The First ever annual bush camping exercise of AFMS was held at Kangimi in Kaduna State from the 19th November 1983. JSgt Olugu was adjudged the best marksman after the shooting range exercise. The first ever AFMS Passing Out Parade was held on the 27 th June 1985. The following awards were presented to deserving JAM:1. Prize for First in state mathematics quiz – Ogunyeye .O – Egbujo .U – Odeh .J 2. Best in Sports – JFS Olugu .O 3. Best in academics – JFS Egbujo .U 4. Best in Science – JWO Ogunyeye .O 5. Best in Military training – JFS Koinyan .L

The second POP in 1986 had two new awards given for:1. Commandants prize – JFS Sanda .D

2. Best in Arts – JCpl Bode Yussuf

SPORTS Sports were an integral part of AFMS life. It played a significant role in our day to day life. A sound body leads to a sound mind we were told and a sound body and mind allows for academic excellence. So, we woke up in the morning for morning PT (physical training) every weekday, every Monday was “tempo day” and every evening we had evening games. Most junior airmen participated in several sports and were or more than average in the performance of these sports. In fact the first inter-squadron games had every junior airman participate in high jump, short put and long jump to earn points for their squadron! When was the first competition held? • The first inter-squadron athletic competition was held between the 21 st to the 26th of February 1983. Only track and field events were competed for. • Blue squadron emerged winners with 257 points. Yellow squadron, were runners up with 227 points. • This was repeated again in 1984 with blue squadron garnering 117 points and yellow squadron had 113 points. The second inter-squadron sports competition has racquet and ball games being included. Position FIRST SECOND THIRD FOURTH FIFTH

1983 Blue Yellow Purple Green Red

1984 Blue Yellow Green Purple Red

1985 Blue Green Red Yellow Purple

1986 Blue Yellow Green Purple Red

Like Man U and Arsenal, blue and yellow squadrons dominated the inter- squadron competition in the first four editions. Who were the pacesetters in the first athletic competition? EVENT 100m 200m 400m 800m 1,500m C/ctry 110m Hurdles








11.8 secs 27.0 secs 61 secs 2min 13secs

Selfa Pyenap Ichibor Paul


13.0 secs 28 secs 75 secs 2min 45secs

Danladi Chwa Dickson Okoro Amana S Danladi Chwa

18secs(100 m Hurdles)


Shot-put Discuss Javelin H/jump


Mustapha Husseini

Yuntoe Fidelis Yuntoe Fidelis 18min 30sec Yuntoe Fidelis 18.2 secs Ibrahim Ali 9.70m 24.13m

Innocent Oregbeme Innocent Oregbeme


Harrison Ibgi. Lawrence Omage


Odigie Chris 35.8m 1.46m

Saniowo Ajiteru

L/jump 4x100m


Selfa Pyenap Blue Sqn

Ugoji E Green Sqn

NOVELTY RACES • Order ranks race – was won by L/Cpl Jonah • Instructors’ race – was won by WO Mohammed, the school RSM, for obvious reasons. • Officers’ race – was won by Sqn Ldr Ben Aigbomian the school commandant for obvious reasons again! • Parents race was won by Professor Ebie Selfa Pyenap (Blue squadron) aka MG1, was the victor laudorum for being the best all round and most competitive athlete. Fidelis Yuntoe dominated the middle and long distances in the next two inter squadron competitions. “Track tapper” – this award was given to JACM Mustapha Husseini (yellow squadron) for consistently stealing into opponents’ lane in the 200m, 400m and 4x100m relay. The 2nd inter-squadron competition in February 1984 now included racquet and ball games. The following are the winners of the newly introduced games:WINNER GAME Lawn Tennis Badminton Squash Basketball Volleyball Football

SINGLES Korokoro .E (Blue) Sanusi .I (Red) L. Koinyan (Purple) Yellow Red Green Squadron

DOUBLES Odeh / McQueen (Red) Alabi / Okpere (Purple)

Green Squadron was the first to win the football cup. They beat yellow squadron 4:2 (penalties). The members of the football winning team were – Lawrence Omage, Emmanuel John, Dike Chukwuka, Abubakar Logun, Namaka Ibrahim, Sanni S, Ibrahim Ali, Augustus Kubenjie, Kodili Ukuanu, Ibrahim Zego, Natiti Inua, Francis Akor and Ofo Ama. It is worthy of note that Green Squadron had earlier in March 1981, won the Inter squadron football competition but were not presented with a trophy. FOOTBALL Shortly after the success of the first inter-squadron athletics competition, a school football team was formed tinkered by a former national team player and later manager of Plateau United/Mighty Jets FC of Jos, Mr. Layiwola Olagbemiro. This was after two abortive attempts at forming a school football team by Flying Officer

Mallam and PT instructor Sgt. Selbol. The first official football match of the school team was on the 7th of June 1983 at the Gwosh College ground where the team captained by J/Cpl Oregbeme was thrashed 3:0. In its first season (1983), the school team lost five matches, drew two and only recorded her first win at the end of the year! This was the turning point for the school football team as it set the stage for the dominance of secondary school football by AFMS in the Plateau and nearby states. The football team took on all comers in the new-year 1984, reaching the finals of the Principals Cup competition (Jos Zone) only to loose to GSS Jos 2:1. The team had now become almost invincible! The members of this formidable team included – Lawrence Omage, Mohammed Abubakar, N’mada Murege, Tony Agwu, Innocent Oregbeme (captain), Mainasara Umay, Ibrahim Ali, McQueen Tunkarim, Olugu Ojo, Ona Alakpa, and Araki Paul. Other players like Augustus Kubenjie, Faniyi Abayomi and Korokoro made their mark in the team in the latter years.

1983 Date 7-6-83 11-6-83 14-6-83 30-6-83 22-10-83 29-10-83 Dec 83 Dec 83

Team Gwosh College vs AFMS Mangu Sec Sch vs AFMS Gwosh College vs AFMS GTC Jengre vs AFMS C/wealth College vs AFMS Govt College Mangu vs AFMS GTG Kaduna vs AFMS FGC Kaduna vs AFMS

3:0 2:0 2:2 2:1 0:0 1:0 1:0 2:3

Ground Gwosh Ground Mangu Field AFMS Ground AFMS Ground AFMS Ground Mangu Ground GTG Ground FGC field

1984 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

AFMS vs GSS Zagum AFMS vs GSS Laranto AFMS vs Naraguta Sec. Sch AFMS vs Upper Plateau Team AFMS vs GSS Jos AFMS vs Command Sec.Sch AFMS vs Black Stars (28/6/84) AFMS vs St. Johns College Jos AFMS vs Govt. College Makurdi AFMS vs NAF Babes Ikeja

2:1 2:1 2:0 6:0 1:2 1:1 1:0 3:0 3:1 2:1

College of Edu, Akwanga Ground St. Murumba Ground Hillcrest Field AFMS Ground Jos Township Stadium AFMS Ground AFMS Ground St. Johns Ground Govt. College Ground Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna

1985 ………. 26-4-85 17-5-85 20-5-85

AFMS vs Plateau Academicals AFMS vs NMS Zaria AFMS vs Midland College of Comm AFMS vs GSS Gangare AFMS vs St. Josephs, Vom

3: 3:1 4:2 7:2 3:1



AFMS ground Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna Hillcrest Ground Hillcrest Ground

Top scorers chart 1983 Olugu Yuntoe Korokoro

3 2 1

1984 Olugu 5 Yuntoe 4 Korokoro 3

1985 Olugu Agwu 5 Faniyi 3

ARTS/HUMANITIES SCHOOL BAND-Initially formed in 1983 as a club but later grounded. The band eventually got commissioned officially by the then Chief of Air Staff AVM Ibrahim Alfa on the 27th June 1985 during the first Passing Out Parade. JACM Umaru Aliyu was the drum major. There was the music club also which officially entertained the school on the 10 th of July 1986 at the 4th prize giving day. DRAMA CLUB – was formed in 1983 and the first official play was titled “The Incorruptible judge” .This was performed during activities marking the first speech and prize giving day of the school. Some of the cast include Abu Idakwo, Igiehon Osayande, Lawal Yusuf, Larry Koinyan, Dauda Solomon, Solomon Fyne-country, Sanda Musa and Hamza Datti. The club also performed Wole Soyinka’s “The trial of brother Jero” excellently. The Chief Instructor – Arts, Flt Lt. Kalu was instrumental to the formation of the drama club. SCHOOL MAGAZINE, “The Junior Leader” – was officially launched during the First speech and prize giving day – 9th of July 1983, by Air Commodore Muhtar Mohammed. The maiden issue was well produced and did go places, so it wasn’t a surprise when a donation of N250:00 was made by AI and CC Ohomele of Texaco Nigeria Limited, Lagos who were encouraged by the quality of the maiden issue. This amount was distributed as; 1. N50:00 Prize for the best fiction story to be published in the Junior Leader 2. N50:00 Prize for the best non-fiction article to be published in the Junior Leader 3. N150:00 Prize to cover part of cost of the publication of the next edition of the Junior Leader The following JAM won the awards in the second edition of the magazine in 1984; 1. J/Sgt Olugu Ojo won the prize for the best non-fiction article 2. JACM Leslie Ohomele won the prize for the best fiction article PRESS CLUB – was formed on the 11th Jan 1984 and was saddled with the publication of the “Monthly Bulletin”. The commandant Sqn Ldr Aigbomian muted the idea of the club whose aim was to educate, inform, and entertain the AFMS community monthly except during vacations. The editorial board was headed by JSgt Olugu with Flg Offr DanAbdu as patron. The first bulletin was published in February 1984.

LEADERSHIP Junior Air Craft Man Aliyu Abbass had the service number AFMS 80/001 making him the first JAM to be in AFMS and leader of the pack then. The following were the first to hold appointments and ranks as shown:First Commandant First RSM First JRSM

Sqn Leader MN Umaru 1980 - 1983 MWO Mohammed JWO Ogunyeye .O

1. Squadron Commanders Flying Officer Mallam Flying Officer MB Usman Flying Officer Kurfi Flying Officer Shehu Flying Officer Umar 2. Squadron Senior NCOs FS Raji FS Bulus FS Ogbu FS Shettima FS ….

Blue Squadron Green Squadron Purple Squadron Red Squadron Yellow Squadron

3. The first Squadron Junior NCOs JLCpl Selfa Pyenap JLCpl Isa Oluwole JLCpl Oregbemeh JLCpl Arua Matthew JLCpl Onah Alakpa 4. JLCpl JLCpl JLCpl JLCpl JLCpl JLCpl

Blue Sqn Green Sqn Purple Sqn Red Sqn Yellow Sqn

The first ranking appointments Nnaku Charles Curator Olugu O Class JNCO Saidu Sule Games JNCO Ogunyeye Library Otiotio Timekeeper Salihu Labour

Blue Squadron (1980 – 82) Green Squadron (1980 – 82) Purple Squadron (1980 – 82) Red Squadron (1980 – 82) Yellow Squadron (1980 – 82)

JLCpl Yaissa Kitchen JLCpl Simeon Ebosie Long before the national debate on rotational presidency in Nigeria’s body politick started, we in AFMS had started practicing rotational leadership without problems. In the early years, the overall leader of Junior Air Men was based on rotation between the squadron junior NCOs. There were five squadron junior NCOs representing the five squadrons and each week a new head boy (overall) took over leadership of the JAM for a period lasting one week before handing over the overall badge (shoulder flashes ) to the next in line. This was done usually in alphabetical order from blue squadron down to yellow squadron. • J/Lcpl Selfa Pyenap was reputed to be the first of such overalls to have dodged his own parade. • JAM Ogunyeye had the singular honor of being the first to wear the J/Sgt, J/FS and JWO rank badge and also being the first permanent overall. • The first JAM to be given a local rank was J/FS Sanda D .He was given the rank of JWO so he could stand in for and command the parade of the 2 nd POP (1985 July) in the absence the JRSM who had gone for NDA interview at Kaduna. • JCpl Koinyan First Provost Marshal (1984) . DISCIPLINE The third objective of setting up the military school was to provide a forum for proper and mental development, the ingratiation of disciplined behavior, the acquisition of leadership ability and the inculcation of good citizenship. Any JAM found to be lacking in discipline/good behaviour was summarily reprimanded. Discipline was taken seriously that offending JAM were tried using the Air Force Act. This was meant to shape us and it was either you shape up or you ship out. •

The first JAM to be expelled was JACM H Yussuf (Red Sqn) at the end of the 1980/81 session. • The first JAM to be suspended was JLCpl E Simeon. For maltreating a junior student was later expelled from the school by Sept 1981 • JAM with highest number of AWOLs – J Mohammed (3). Later broken by A Umaru (5), 11th June 1883 • For making a false document JACM Delia got two weeks in hard labour (IHL) • Four JAM were expelled for cheating in an examination During the first five years a few Junior Air Men voluntarily left the school mainly for personal reasons they include :- JACM Obaighagbon, U Udok, M Dikko, A Dikko, H Pam, D Suleiman, Tugar

First Mass demotion Some ranking Form IV students were demoted by the commandant on the 20 th of May 1984 for taking part in the 18th May mutiny. Blue Sqn J/LCpl Buba J J/LCpl Enwere JLCpl Odigie C J/LCpl Isah

Green Sqn JLCpl Abubakar J/LCpl Akor F J/LCpl Sambo P J/LCpl Orumbie

Purple Sqn J/LCpl Iyamu J/LCpl Hamza J/LCpl Odihi J/LCpl Bankole J/LCpl Abbas J/LCpl Inyang

Red Sqn J/LCpl Dickson J/LCpl Jamilu J/LCpl Vincent J/LCpl Abe JLCpl Solomon J/LCpl Igiehon J/ “ Ogunseitan

Yellow Sqn J/LCpl Chuwang J/LCpl Ezeilo J/LCpl Ali Baba J/LCpl Amana J/LCpl Ekpeyong J/LCpl Mustapha J/LCpl Banji

Majority had their ranks reinstated later. First Mass lock up The whole of passing out class of ’86 were locked up in the school library for 3 days by the then school Commandant Sqn Ldr Sapara Dec 1986 for gross indiscipline. They had turned up late for a guidance and counseling session organized for them. Majority were late or absent for the lecture because they were collecting their traveling allowance at the pay office.

HEALTH Health status of Junior Airmen was top priority in the school, which is why during the interview, physical fitness was considered very important. Candidates had a comprehensive medical examination with blood investigations. Considering the tough training to be undertaken by them in the school it was required that Junior Air Men were fit at all times. Initially there was a school sick bay at the school headquarters which has grown over the years to the present well organized NAF Hospital. Besides common illnesses like malaria which were treated at the school bay while major conditions were referred to the Jos University Teaching Hospital. • Longest duration for a contagious disease was 3 weeks, when there was chicken pox outbreak. Index case was Olumide Bamidele 26th May -7th June 1982 Ejike Agbatekwe 29th May -13th June 1982 Eyo Joseph 1st June – 14th June 1982 Jebtoa Hassan 6th June – 21st June 1982 Emmanuel John 9th June – 22nd June 1982 Emmanuel John Audu 12th June – 16th June 1982 They were confined in an isolation room until they improved and discharged subsequently. Appendicitis was particularly common and two of the remarkable cases were:• Longest duration of an illness was appendicitis. AFMS 81/130 JACM Sam Ibi had appendicitis in September 1982 and discharged in November but had to be

• •

• • •

readmitted in December and discharged on the 15 th of February 1983 following complications of surgery. Shortest duration was recorded by 80/045 L/LCpl Emmanuel Otiotio who had appendicitis in the last week of October1981. He attributed the appendicitis to the garri he soaked and drank the night before! The first and probably the only Junior Airman to be given the invalid badge was JACM Enyi, September 1983. He wore the badge indicating he had a medical condition and as a result could not take part in most of the schools’ activities throughout the first term. He did not return to the school after the Christmas holidays. The first Junior Airman to die in AFMS was AFMS 83/373 JACM Abu Jimeta of blue squadron on the 8th of June 1984 at about 8.30 am following a brief illness. The first Airman to die in AFMS was L/Cpl Goshi in 1984. He was the ADC to the commandant Sqn Ldr Ben Aigbomian. The first Officer to die in AFMS was Flying Officer N.Z Shamaki in August 1986. He was library officer and Red Squadron Commander.

EX – JAM After Passing Out from AFMS one becomes an ex-junior airman with the wider world before us to conquer. Most had the dream of pursuing a military career but our instructors always had a note of caution for us that not all of us will make it. On the other hand senior officers made it known to junior airmen that all they need do was pass the school certificate examinations and they were assured of direct entry into the Nigerian Defence Academy. There was even talk of the Junior Air Men with the best ten School Certificate Examination results getting admission into the USAir War College. It was easier said than done as the Ex-Junior air men were later to find out. They were practically on their own after passing out of AFMS. Credit must of course go to the Nigerian Air Force for the excellent training we received while in the school. Going to the USAWC for the best ten JAM in the first set was like the proverbial camel passing through the eye of the needle. Only one ex-JAM eventually made it to the famed college in the United States all be it after much dragging of feet and time wasting. He was JCpl Joseph Odeh (Red squadron). The promise of direct entry to NDA with a good School Cert of course never materialized as Ex-Jam were practically on their own and had to go through the normal exams and interview. The following were the first to pursue the military career route soon after graduation from AFMS in 1985:Ibrahim Ali NDA Basil Adokie “ Idi Gambo ‘’ Aminu “ Eze Hyacinth “ Iliyasu “ Usman Jibrin “ Adesina Foluso ‘’

Abdullahi Obinwane Egbuchilam Naval College

First Ex JAM to be commissioned an Officer

AFMS book of records- The early years.  

A historical documentation of the early years of the Air Force Military School, Jos -Plateau

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