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Sustainable Energies Solutions for Habitat, Transport, Industry, IT‌

The CEA/LITEN Institute

Liten, a CEA institute devoted to Renewables R&D nuclear energy Fundamental

Military Research


2010 Technological

800p. – 450 patents – 120M€



LITEN addresses Focused Research Electric Transports Batteries, Fuel cells

Solar Energy & Buildings

Smart management Hybridation & Integration

Solar PV, CPV, CSP Electrical systems

Portable Energy Systems Nanotechnologies

Energetic efficiency Micro-sources Energy recovery Printed technology

Biomass & Hydrogen Energy Storage &Value Biofuels, C-waste, CO2 value


Liten approach, based on Integrated Research


From solar technologies… Solar PV: low cost, high efficiency

Thermal Solar: solar vacuum


Low cost Si production

PV: HET efficiency>20%

700kg ingot achieved

Solar CSP: peak shaving, co-generation -> heat + electricity

Vacuum solar tube T=150°C

Solar bench at INES

Solar CPV: very low cost

Sun X 1000

Solar Tower

FRESNEL: in-house 5

‌to Energy management and valorization Electricity management and smart grid Simulate d productio n



PV inverters

Heat Valorization



Simulated loads

Real loads Cogeneration


Solar Integration and Energy Efficiency

Solar cooling Absorption chiller + innovative refrigerant

Thermal desalination Compact & low cost plate tech.

Solar Mobility


From Batteries & Fuel Cells for EV/HEV‌

Li-air battery 200 cycles achieved

LiFePO4: Full stack system incl. thermal & electrical management

Battery Prototyping Line with RENAULT/NISSAN

80kWe Fuel Cell stack with PSA Compact: 40l Low Pt content: 0,3g/kW 7

To EV/HEV integration, monitoring & testing

FC for UAV

250kW EV test bench

BMS, smart & fast charging, Battery monitoring

Hybrid FC + Battery system 8

Biomass (2



Thermal Conversion Main Skills Full system approach

 From biomass (solid, liquid) to biofuel

Bio-resource vs process

 Optimization resource composition and process (project with Brazil)

Thermochemical processes

 non-catalytic, fluidized or entrained  ashes management

Biogas purification

 inorganic, organic, control


CO2 & C waste recycling Chemicals production CO2 + 3H2  CH3OH + H2O

Co-electrolysis CO2 + H2O  CO + H2 (syngas) Biofuels


Precursors Polymers


ex : dry reforming of methane

Plasma-catalytic process -Activation of CO2, CH4,… - Lower temp., lower energy consumption

-500°C -20% energy

Thermal process

Plasma-catalytic 10

Hydrogen Energy Vector Hydrogen production

- High temp. Electrolysis - Low temp. Electrolysis - Biomass, CH4 reforming - Bio-catalytic adv. process

High pressure tank

Ceramic cells and generators for HT Electrolysis -> improve performances & durability

Safe H2 storage under MgH2 Pipe for H2 Storage

Hydrogen storage

- solid hydride (MgH2) - pipeline (material) - high pressure tank (700b.) 11

CPV Project in Tunisia From cell to full system, incl. storage for production shaving CPV module

Cell integration Cell Box Fresnel Lens (x1000)

Passive Cooling Robust and simple technology

Electricity storage Flywheel (mns)

Batteries (hours)

e- to grid reverting Optimized matching

CPV plant few MW

CPV unit, 11kWp

27% efficiency (system)


Gilles LE MAROIS  
Gilles LE MAROIS  

renewable energy