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ABBOTS & KINNEY Studio-Gram ADAM&CO. Tank AMPERE B-bis architecten BAR BOTANIQUE Studio Modijefsky BAR ZENTRAL Hidden Fortress BEAM Pentagram BOND Hachem BOTANIST Alberto Caiola CANADA OLYMPIC HOUSE Yabu Pushelberg CASINO DU LAC-LEAMY Sid Lee Architecture EMOTIVE CARTOGRAPHY BAR Estudio Guto Requena FLASK AND THE PRESS Alberto Caiola FOXGLOVE NC Design & Architecture FRUDISIAC JUICE BAR Not a Number Architects FUMI Alberto Caiola HERZOG BAR Build_Inc HIMITSU Tom Dixon’s DRS HOLBURN GRIND Biasol: Design Studio KONTENERART Adam Wiercinski Architekt LE BAR DU PLAZA ATHÉNÉE Jouin Manku LE BARON SHANGHAI Storeage


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LEXY Dyer-Smith Frey MAD GIANT Haldane Martin MATISSE BEACH CLUB Oldfield Knott Architects NJORD GIN CLUB Krads ODETTE TEA ROOM UGO Architecture OLD TOM & ENGLISH Lee Broom SCIENCE CAFE LIBRARY Anna Wigandt SENSITIVE STAR Estudio Guto Requena SEVEN SWANS & THE TINY CUP Hidden Fortress SUMMIT BAR Snøhetta THECOVEN Thilo Reich THE MILTON Biasol: Design Studio THE YEAR Estudio Guto Requena VOYAGER ESPRESSO Only If WILD CLOVER BREWERIES Inhouse Brand Architects ZRODLO.BAR Adam Wiercinski Architekt

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ANTICA Genesin Studio AOI NAPOLI IN THE PARK brownbag lab. ASIA DE CUBA Rafael de Cárdenas/Architecture at Large BAO Yod Design Studio BEEF & LIBERTY Aim Architecture BIRD ISLINGTON Brinkworth and Michael Marriott CAFE KI id inc. CINGEL COLLEGE CANTEEN studiomfd FOGO El Equipo Creativo GAGA CAFE Coordination Asia GRAND CAFE DU NORD Beers|Brickworks HAM ON WHEELS External Reference Architects HELLO KITTY DINER Luchetti Krelle ISONO & THE DRAWING ROOM Joyce Wang JIN HOT POT & BAR Kinney Chan & Associates JI-SHI DISNEY Atelier I-N-D-J KITTY BURNS Biasol: Design Studio LAEMCHAROEN Onion LINGENHEL destilat MADAM Tank MOTEL ONE CAMPUS RESTAURANT Ippolito Fleitz Group NOODLE DINER SANLITUN Lukstudio ONEOCEAN CLUB El Equipo Creativo PANO BROT & KAFFEE Dittel Architecten SALTZ Rolf Sachs SHADE BURGER Yod Design Studio SHOT Wilson Holloway

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SHUGAA party/space/design SOCIAL 1 PickTwo Studio SON OF A CROQUE Zware Jongens SUPANNIGA EATING ROOM Onion T.A. SAISON brownbag lab. THE DUCHESS Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architects THE GALLERY AT SKETCH India Mahdavi USINE Studio Richard Lindvall VOODOO RAY’S Brinkworth VYTA SANTA MARGHERITA Collidanielarchitetto WATERREUS Barzileye Concept & Design YUE Panorama

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Sleep APFELHOTEL noa* BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO UDS COO Ministry of Design GENERATOR DesignAgency HAYMARKET BY SCANDIC Koncept Stockholm HOTEL ADRIATIC Studio 3LHD INK HOTEL concrete LIBERTINE LINDENBERG Franken Architekten M SOCIAL Philippe Starck MOLITOR Jean-Philippe Nuel MONDRIAN HOTEL Tom Dixon’s DRS ODDSSON HO(S)TEL Dodlur OVOLO Hassell ROOM MATE GIULIA Patricia Urquiola SALU AYUTTHAYA Onion THE BORO Grzywinski + Pons THE DUTCH Ontwerpbureau Reiters THE LOFT Tank THE MIAMI EDITION Yabu Pushelberg THE STUDENT HOTEL …,staat TUVE HOTEL Design Systems URBAN VILLA HOTEL Grzywinski + Pons VALENCIA LOUNGE HOSTEL Masquespacio VINERO WINERY & HOTEL CM Mimarlik W HOTEL Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architects YIM HUAI KHWANG Supermachine Studio YUP HOTEL Creneau International

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a T . o C S & ue m iq ta a d n n e A ta P p o m a r B am lym r G a Be O ite o n B ss a ch h i d d r e e T u a r t A t t an e d a c S r e n t o e i y i C s a F L e h n la d k di n c n ar de aio Si las ru r i K bis id C y F F Ba e & m S H o r g a t a s l B u o r t n n e t z a e e o g e L c r h r i r b u b t t s e e l c e t b q i n a p A e A m Ze st L R ch la H : De za A r A ar ni du to Ar aio sol la h F B ota no Gu & C Bia u P it rc B asi dio ign rto d r d -Sm t A C stu es lbe rin Ba yer ot ure E C D i A n G Le D Kn ect a N um ur kt exy eld hit nn F olb ite e L ldfi rc A Sw H rch ag O O A ary en S A re ub G br ev r

s t e y e f c b ji e ach hel ph lov ite d a xg ch S s r o H u og o r R k M P d F n D A t h a io on bu ar la er ’s ski i c d B Ya C io b on in ha ea m u St am se ive Ca um Dix erc ng e B oo r ou ot rto N i ha iss R g a H m e t a om W S at ea fe b E l a T T n o c m M i C o p ure ss A r N tsu da ar in tte ce ena t re a i t A B rt de n u it c e P e B im ar Le a O cie eq m M H s R c r e S i e u d h Ju nc n k ne ra m to Sum I te an da K o Gu s c _ a ild on M al b Bro o res ton o i u l t H u t K l i n d r e u i B io u nt C e tu o M G F L n o s d d a e i J l o i E u e G G sh r en h di i t S né d rd gli ta d T tu f W d h é a i o S c n h M Nj E e H ei r Es ly I nd v a R n p i y a & s r t re ect m si Cu ilo Ye o O e B am t To en ny Th he ss s Ad i ch ld dt S Ti en T pre hou ar o t s e i v n O n B k I e iga Th eCo tud r E es lo. ite e i d S & h g r o W s T n a e r rch y g n a i o a ett es V rew ts Z ki A w h D a B ec ns n t r : ø i i l e e c n S aso qu lov rch ier i e


Ampere B-bis architecten Everyone loves a good rave under the train tracks, and B-bis architecten has given Antwerp a permanent place for that concept by converting a large area beneath a railway viaduct into a creative event venue – which has already hosted techno luminaries such as Marcel Dettmann and Nina Kraviz. With a commitment to ‘responsible and educative going out’, Ampere promotes a safe and sustainable space for nightlife in addition to serving as a cultural centre during the daytime. The design is distinguished primarily by a striking, orthogonal pattern along the walls and floors, comprising strong yellow, intersecting lines that enclose solid black and raw concrete panels with mirrors and windows to create a complex and phantasmal social theatre. Everywhere it appears, this zigzagging play of triangles, parallelograms and rectangles is oriented along the diagonals of the existing framework. The plan is centred around a 700 m2 multipurpose room, with two flanking upper galleries that house a cloak room and smokers’ lounge and frees the dance floor of obstructions, thus creating a flexible layout. A cafe, workshop area and moveable walls for the grand room are still forthcoming. The ground floor level largely utilises the existing concrete core, while all new floors consist of wood recovered from truck flooring.



Industrial metallic beams and steel supports have been painted in coordinating colours. Graphic designer Tom Tosseyn conceptualised the orthogonal pattern for the walls. OPPOSITE

WHERE Antwerp, Belgium OPENING 2015 CLIENT Ampere and Joachim Marynen DESIGNER B-bis architecten (p.480) FLOOR AREA: 955 m2 CAPACITY 1000 guests SIGNATURE DRINK Pink Limoncello Cooler

Night Fever 5


B-bis architecten


Bar Botanique Studio Modijefsky A walk through the ever-developing east side of Amsterdam has gotten a little bit greener thanks to a lush design by Studio Modijefsky. Commissioned by the team behind popular nearby hangouts Bar Bukowski and Bar Basquait, the studio was presented with a corner site with structural features including high ceiling, double-height windows and a split-level floor plan. Responding to its ample volume and light, the design team developed a concept to transform the space into a lush, plant filled, Art Deco era haven. Generous helpings of palms, philodendron, ferns and monestra decorate a vivid interior of mint green and apricot. Strategically-placed lamps allow light to shine through the foliage, casting an exotic motif on surfaces. As the sun goes down, the shadows become more defined – the foliage giving life to the space in more ways than one. Completing the design, a custom typeface was developed and applied to menus and the bar’s identity, spelling out the venue’s name on the facade with letters arranged in each window with striking effect. The strong, rounded forms are reflected in the painted metalwork of the interior, with geometric forms creating bespoke mirror fixtures, hanging planters and arched storage racks rising over the bar.

WHERE Amsterdam, the Netherlands OPENING 2016

DESIGNER Studio Modijefsky (p.488) FLOOR AREA 350 m2 CAPACITY 118 guests SIGNATURE DRINK Paloma (tequila-based cocktail)




CLIENT De Drie Wijzen uit Oost and Willem Klinkenberg

Night Fever 5

A haven of greenery both in foliage and colour palette, Bar Botanique occupies a corner site with high ceilings and abundant natural light.

Bar Botanique

Studio Modijefsky


Bar Botanique Cafe Tropique's green and ochre colour pallet was selected to create a peaceful ambience. FAR LEFT

LEFT Custom

light fittings fashioned from simple glass discs with engraved circles reflect spherical patterns on to walls. Stepping down to the lower level at the back of the venue, guests encounter a cosy enclave enveloped in a warmhued glow. OPPOSITE

Modijefsky developed a concept to transform the space into a lush, plant filled, Art Deco era haven

The dandelion-tiles on the bar front are by Marrakech Design from Sweden.



Night Fever 5

Bar Botanique

Studio Modijefsky


Light, muted shades of blue and pink create a calm yet sophisticated colour scheme.



Night Fever 5

Beam Pentagram Bangkok’s upscale, open-plan mall 72 Courtyard may have already possessed a hectic, urban flux but nowhere could this energy be released in dance until the arrival of Beam. Distinguishing itself as a nightclub proper from the ‘discos’ that dominate Thailand’s nightlife, Pentagram has designed a venue that takes after London’s legendary Fabric, collaborating with local firms VaSLab Architecture, MostTechnical (for sound and lighting) and Immersive (for projection and AV). The club comprises two levels, a lounge bar and a dance floor, both accessed by enclosed stairwells that lend the entrance a sense of sudden, revelatory immersion. Seamlessly integrating an aesthetic that matches the locality, the interior envelope employs raw, shuttered concrete offset by wooden floors and seating, as well as refined hints of marble and bronze. The lower lounge area is a relaxed space, offering a tranquil retreat from both the pulsating music upstairs and the crowds outside. Sumptuous, tufted leather seating faces a steel-framed grid of backlit, frosted glass to create a subdued, sensual ambience. On the upper level, a double-height volume elicits the dramatic scale of a cathedral. The concrete shell here protrudes outward, fluidly forming the bar and seating alcoves that support futuristic hanging tables. Stretching above these elements, the flat upper portions of the walls become a singular, enfolding projection screen.

WHERE Bangkok, Thailand OPENING 2016




DESIGNER Pentagram (p.486) FLOOR AREA 600 m2 CAPACITY 1000 guests SIGNATURE DRINK Minor Swing (vodka-based cocktail)



Behind the lower-level bar, a large mosaic mural by German artist Benedikt Rugar adds dreamlike imagery to the space. ABOVE

Asia’s first ‘body kinetic’ dance floor includes a surface acoustically designed to vibrate to the beat of the music. LEFT



Night Fever 5


The interior envelope employs raw concrete, offset by refined hints of marble and bronze DANCE FLOOR SKETCH





The modular furniture is sourced from the Canadian Tire Canvas Collection, interspersed with custom-made tables by Saint-Damase.



Night Fever 5

Canada Olympic House Yabu Pushelberg For the design of Canada Olympic House at the 2016 Rio Games, Yabu Pushelberg was assigned 2 weeks to set-up in an aquatic centre on a very limited budget. The end result conveys a vibrant and distinctly Canadian identity through the innovative use of humble materials. A tall, red hoarding gate spelling out the country’s name in white recedes back from the street to the entrance, ushering guests inside to the bar area and various lounges. The interior continues this colour scheme, with white vinyl floors and a red spiral staircase. A mobile by Moss & Lam Art Studios consisting of plain wood canoe paddles painted in a chromatic gradient is suspended from the ceiling of the welcome hall, while the iconic stripes of Canadian retail giant Hudson’s Bay Company line the walls. The Celebration Lounge is the next area to catch the eye, with its own ceiling installation – a deconstructed Canadian flag made of canvas drop cloths. Rearrangeable modular furniture fosters interaction conducive to camaraderie, and a simple plywood bar serves the country’s staple Molson beer. The Deloitte Athletes Lounge, on the other hand, allows the VIPs a quiet hideaway from the revelry, sporting a bold dado line that splits the room into its more monochromatic colour scheme.

WHERE Rio de Janeiro, Brazil OPENING 2016 CLIENT Canada Olympic Committee


DESIGNER Yabu Pushelberg (p.489)

Canada Olympic House

FLOOR AREA 1394 m2 CAPACITY 150 guests SIGNATURE DRINK Molson beer

Yabu Pushelberg


A concept that conveys a distinct identity through the innovative use of humble materials

Two rooms, including the Petro Canada Pantry pictured, expand on the rustic material vocabulary with custom, white-washed peg walls.



Night Fever 5

RIGHT Emblematic

symbols are incorporated into the furnishings in the eye-catching red-and-white colour scheme. BELOW RIGHT A

simple, central bar area alongside one of the lounges is clad in pale plywood.

Canada Olympic House

Yabu Pushelberg


Sensitive Star Estudio Guto Requena In the Brazilian summer of 2016, Heineken took over the rooftop Sao Paulo’s tallest building, Mirante do Vale, and commissioned Estudio Guto Requena to transform the site into a pop-up bar, open-air dance floor and interactive installation space. From the sky-high vantage point of this location, the illuminating project provided residents and visitors alike with a new perspective of the city, as well as its vibrancy and vastness. On an entire upper-level of the tower block, the designers carved out a bar that was deckedout with studio’s own Mirante furniture collection. The MDF panels were used to shape the furnishings with a Brutalist aesthetic to fit in with the raw concrete lines of the space. At night the green strip-lighting bathes the bar area in a distinctive green glow, completing the brand’s manifestation into the physical world. The crowning glory of this project was Sensitive Star, a parametric design installation set-up on the helipad on the 170-m-tall building. Through the use of sensors, the interactive starshaped structure emitted light and sounds in reaction to the movement of people through the space. For its soundscapes, Requena recorded sounds of the city such as street markets, traffic and a nearby monastery.

WHERE Sao Paulo, Brazil OPENING 2016 CLIENT Heineken Brazil DESIGNER Estudio Guto Requena (p.482) PHOTOS: PEDRO KOK

FLOOR AREA: 1455 m2 CAPACITY 250 guests SIGNATURE DRINK Heineken beer



Night Fever 5

A club atmosphere within the bare bones of the building was instilled, with green LED strips positioned at key points on the concrete columns.

Sensitive Star

Estudio Guto Requena


Estudio Guto Requena’s concept illuminated Sao Paulo’s tallest building

Topped-off with a star-shaped attraction on the helipad, each visitor interacts with the sound and light installation in a new sensorial way. ABOVE

Behind the bar, a wall display of backlit bottles and a neon star evokes the client’s signature label design. LEFT

Custom collection of furnishings for the project reference from the concrete lines of space itself. OPPOSITE



Night Fever 5

Sensitive Star

Estudio Guto Requena


k r a n P e e d r h t Cรก f & n e ee i i i B l d o M l n e p fa ig d e a s an eg a N e l R i l D h o A uba od ort l Co Coo o C Y w e e i d e ao nk ng af m u St ia d e B Bri . Ci a C Ha ll n e s c s i g g r d k s n r a r A r i K e a i . n o G i n i L B d t b i e t a e G g l e a ur Ki tivo ickw het r K o a s a c a r a t r c a e u i nb tu tec af re s|B L B Bi k t & c n C i r y C e w e t h A ro it c n po e itt o rns Tan b rch Ar cte ui d B K t P Bu m Sa A im ite l Eq or ello Ho ty da er e A rch E u N H in it Ma in aff A ogo D cts g J -J Klat e D K SH F afe ite an -D sti odl ot & gn u C rch e W I-N de No Br esi St A yc ier hel p no D wo m Jo tel en rou Pa od kT oo A ing z G o er Y Pic g R ow L leit tiv rg l 1 tin ran e F a u a a a

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c d f n t m y t e e y r o d t i n / m o e r r s n i s f o n e i r a e a d o o b a n Li M tu Gr l R R i D ni olito o s p a i h g l a p O & ae en si rn in -S n Ip qu g e i e e i e h A J E t t ic ant on Ex rawtes aro an El had des / i r a D a s S t C b h e i l u g e ina ee he oc mc ta lu hs ac ni C p s s c h e n d T s s s e a r / a a s n S o W & A L s R ea lf rty up he on ono n & dio pu Oc Ro pa s S uc m Is ha Stu am ne ltz aa en e D at a le y C n C o O Sa ug ng Th ry dv e e g o n i e h e i l . J i n n l s d n S h n De l O stu cte ay are lab Ga d L rg e uk ite w w ag e ar a e : l t o o L ch llo Z nb Th ich M ey M n r o ue w ts R ta zil k tu l A H oq ro c io an ar i te on r b ite d S B a l n t i a D ils a C son rch Stu yta us ram e f i e e W V A r o e T n sa g in h er ano r t s t . P r o O e a a U H o S t. nb vi wo W ue e i n Y k a o n d t o u ni ro ahd rin tet ign O + K M ’s B hi es m tz ia ay larc D i nd R ie t & w I o n p o da ce h c d et oo lli on

SHOT Wilson Holloway For a cafe that injects vitality, there is not a straight-edge surface at SHOT. This eatery, designed by Wilson Holloway, instead offers customers curved contours to help them mellow whilst sipping their morning matcha. More than a just juice bar, the venue’s name literally defines its menu – simple, healthy, organic and tasty. To add a twist, the client called for an experimental approach to make a statement whilst defining the location’s small footprint. Enter the designers, with lab-coats donned, to conjure up a clinical disguise. ‘Our initial inspiration came from the idea of the laboratory as a place of learning, discovery and experimentation,’ comments Alex Holloway. The aim was to create an intricate interior that reflects the scientific approach the SHOT team puts into recipe development. The use of bespoke curved ceramics to create a continuous tiled space was as much functional as it was playful – with smooth surfaces and gentle curves morphing into integrated containers on the walls. Against the white backdrop, brand colours are picked out in the furnishings to add a bright edge. There’s also the glow from the eye-catching neon sign, akin to the healthy radiance that customers may leave with after having their fill.

WHERE London, United Kingdom OPENING 2016 CLIENT Rahil Malik and Asad Naqvi


DESIGNER Wilson Holloway (p.488) FLOOR AREA 70 m2 CAPACITY 20 seats TYPE OF KITCHEN Organic, superfoods and fresh juices



Night Fever 5

The design takes a playful and experimental approach, whilst the fair on offer gives customers a healthy shot of vitality.


Wilson Holloway


Bespoke curved ceramic tiles adorn most surfaces, for which the designers were inspired by Victorian medical laboratories.



Night Fever 5

Initial inspiration came from the idea of the laboratory as a place of discovery and experimentation

Wilson Holloway worked with Dutch tile manufacturer D-Tile to design all aspects in 3D software.


Wilson Holloway




Night Fever 5

Geometric figures in pastel shades bring a playful atmosphere to the interior. ABOVE

Different shapes and textures of wood and acryclic have been applied across the interior. TOP

Pops of pastel colours can be seen across both levels of the cafe. LEFT




India Mahdavi’s own Charlotte chairs teamed with wraparound booths create a labyrinthine, yet cosy, floor plan.



Night Fever 5

The Gallery at Sketch India Mahdavi The Gallery at London’s Sketch cultural institute first opened in 2002 as an artist-conceived restaurant to showcase the works of British artists. Over a decade later, the owners of the Michelinstarred venue commissioned India Mahdavi for an update to showcase works of David Shrigley. Taking one look at Shrigley’s drawings and the interior – a ballroom in a converted eighteenthcentury building – she apparently said, ‘The space shall be pink.’ The overwhelming presence of the lush, effulgent hue makes a humourous contrast to the abrasive, irreverent sketches on display. Copper finishes serve as the other principal element, gracing frames and supports for furniture, as well as lamps on each table and the surfaces of the bar, and culminating in a veneer over the panels of the dome window. Along with the existing crown moulding and a zig-zag marble floor from Martin Creed’s previous installation, these features exude a garish and excessive decadence, yet in which one cannot help but indulge. At the same time, against this elegant material palette, the designer’s puffy chairs and geometric serving carts add a playful surrealism to the space. Coupled with vintage-looking lamps mounted on the walls and interspersed throughout the room, they make the venue an uncanny hybrid between a traditional brasserie and a fantastical candy land.

WHERE London, United Kingdom OPENING 2014 CLIENT Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire


DESIGNER India Mahdavi (p.484)

The Gallery at Sketch

FLOOR AREA 175 m2 CAPACITY 110 seats TYPE OF KITCHEN European gastro brasserie

India Mahdavi


The sumptuous, dreamlike setting is filled with pink velvet furnishings and copper detailing. Diners are offered unbridled views of David Shrigley's artworks, with illumination at the corners of the banquettes courtesy of Mahdavi's own Casanova lamps. OPPOSITE



Night Fever 5

The presence of pink offers a playful surrealism to the space The Gallery at Sketch

India Mahdavi


p e e l S

U o y k el o t T s l o o e t t H S s r pt L o o H at ce te a er n re k o P n n c K e l u n a G ic co ci e B * ign nd el So ot a o t a s o H n l c e e M l S H D n s e s t y n a f k a i e o b e o t r n h H t h I k d l y e r e e T o n t f t k D l i o vo on T s ar H h p i A in m 3L rc l M O ni rs M ay io n A ue ur O ite nt H tud ke e N odl ya Re ude z S ran ipp D tha au St Gr F hil )tel yut ure he tel r P o(s A rpb g T Ho ine H alu e er la o V ro S ntw elb Vil aci + K in O ush n sp itz ach P rba que ow rm U as an pe M ar u

i a y r l c n d o o i a n g A Co Age tel ber r Je on rqu ch S t o s U n o n t u s u D e i g U esi H nd ol dd icia e D Yab ms i M O tr h n ste m l D L l kho ne rck RS Pa s T tio Sy el t i i a s a D c n t n o er St ’s uli Po Ed sig Ho tel b pe on Gi + i e e o i L lip ix te ki am l D ng H i g D s l i e u a W t a n n Ph om M wi e MHo Lo lik wa ion h r a t T y m h e i a a z T l e oo Gr k uv enc im i K rn ll R ro Tan at T al M ua Inte V o a H t M t u B s f s a C , e Lo … on el im ne P Y l t e e r e o s + h T Hot ki H ect l C s & it te n t n wi ery rch Ho zy in g A UP r Y W e ro nb dio e u n o St ne

Generator DesignAgency Boutique hostel group Generator comes to Amsterdam with its most ambitious location yet: a converted, century-old health sciences and zoological complex next to Oosterpark. Headed by Toronto-based DesignAgency in partnership with numerous Dutch artists and designers, the intervention creates a contemporary dialogue with many of the building’s existing features to offer a unique hospitality experience that encourages both social interaction and cultural reflection. Interior elements such as the brickwork, stained glass windows, marble staircases and terrazzo floors have been restored in collaboration with local architecture firm Idea Ontwerp. A distinctive feature comprises hundreds of light fixtures salvaged by Blom & Blom from abandoned factories in Eastern Europe. Surreal, carnival-esque murals have been added to the walls as a bold assertion of visual identity – the collective effort of a team coordinated by Amsterdam’s The Bright Side Gallery, in addition to others. One of the most striking aspects of the renovation is the repurposing of a lecture hall as a bar. Drinks are now served from the lectern, with the menu gracing the chalkboard behind. The original raked seating – together with three lounges extending from a galvanised, multi-tiered steel frame – form a kind of grand social theatre, a place equally conducive to movement and observation.

WHERE Amsterdam, the Netherlands OPENING 2016 CLIENT Generator DESIGNER DesignAgency (p.482) PHOTOS: NIKOLAS KOENIG

FLOOR AREA 6995 m2 CAPACITY 168 rooms FACILITIES Bars, cafe, travel shop, chill out areas, bike hire, laundry



Night Fever 5

References to Dutch imagery include frames alluding to canal row housing and colourful, herringbone tile floors inspired by aerial views of tulip fields.




The old lecture theatre is a stage for social interaction following its transformation into a bar and chill-out area.



Night Fever 5

A phonograph horn lighting fixture embodies the intersection of the 1920s (iconography) with contemporary furniture design (found object).



Night Fever 5

Bathrooms feature custom rose gold faucets, as well as a tile graphic of migratory birds, ‘the most seasoned of travellers’. LEFT

Patterns prevail in the Grand Terrace Suite, which are a mix of modern design and Art Deco detailing. BELOW

A ubiquitously rich design conveys a timeless and decadent escape

Haymarket by Scandic

Koncept Stockholm


Hotel Adriatic Studio 3LHD First constructed in 1913, the structure housing the latest incarnation of the Hotel Adriatic stands as the last remaining hospitality venue in the historic urban centre of Rovinj, perched on a corner looking out onto a marina. While the exterior has been reconstructed in its original, rhythmic classical form, Zagreb’s Studio 3LHD – collaborating with Franjic Sekoranja – had a far more unconventional vision for its interior, emphasising relevance to its present context while still reminiscing on its heritage. The hotel hosts an extensive collection of site-specific art from local and international creatives, curated by Vanja Zanko and drawing on both the history of the building and its surroundings. Predominantly black surfaces form a backdrop for dynamic light installations in the hallways. Most notably, a piece by Austrian artist Valentin Ruhry stretches up the main staircase, the only existing element preserved in the interior. The bar area features a serene, Mediterranean chromatic and textural palette, with white marble countertops and deep teal and myrtle accents. The light tones and generous floor plans of the guest rooms create a refreshing sense of emergence from the dark corridors. Herringbone parquet flooring and wood panelling on the walls suggest an artist’s studio, while the extensive use of mirrors enhances the complexity of the space.

WHERE Rovinj, Croatia OPENING 2015 CLIENT Maistra DESIGNER Studio 3LHD (p.487) FLOOR AREA 1911 m2 NUMBER OF ROOMS 18 FACILITIES Restaurant, bar, terrace


A restrained palette of black and white forms a flexible base for the interior’s eclectic visual identity.



Night Fever 5

The seating units in lounge area – dubbed The Hangout – are designed by Chantal Cornelussen, with pink RO chairs by Fritz Hansen.

The design capitalises on millennials’ ironic and revisionist fixation with the 1980s



Night Fever 5

LEFT Pastel

pink and seafoam green furnishings are mixed with a darker colour on the walls, under the sparkle of a glitter ball. Even the ceramic crocodile that can be found in the courtyard has a pastel pink coating. BELOW

The Dutch

Ontwerpbureau Reiters




Night Fever 5

The Loft Tank

Fluorescent tubes on the wall link materially with the chandelier, while adding a burst of colour to otherwise neutral tones.

The Loft is a multipurpose venue occupying two upper floors of Amsterdam’s recently-completed A’dam Tower along the northern bank of the IJ. Billed as ‘a party pad where you could sleep over’, the interior – designed by Tank – can be rented for an hour or for an overnight stay, and offers luxurious hospitality services while accommodating a variety of social functions. Guests enter into a double-height lobby/ living room enclosed by rich, herringbone parquet flooring and contrasting, exposed concrete walls and ceilings. Predominant glazing along the south wall offers sublime views of the cityscape. A bespoke chandelier made of suspended fluorescent tubes enhances the verticality of the volume. Antique shutters lead guests through the remaining rooms of the main floor, which include a large kitchen, smoking room and record library. Ascending one of Tank’s two custom-designed staircases, an upper floor offers master and guest bedrooms, as well as a Press Room. The master suite features a playful reference to The Loft’s unusual meshing of functions, where a portion of the ceiling can be lowered onto the bathtub to become a marble tabletop, adding to the adaptability of the space. Next door, the Press Room also doubles-up as a cocktail bar.

WHERE Amsterdam, the Netherlands OPENING 2016 CLIENT Six Senses


DESIGNER Tank (p.488)

The Loft

FLOOR AREA 725 m2 CAPACITY 2 bedrooms FACILITIES Library, bar, kitchen, games room, lounge, meeting rooms



Visual stimulation and colour explosions are the concept’s universal language

The stairwells have a vibrancy and injection of colour that will jolt any world-weary traveller out of their stupor.



Night Fever 5

The venue’s name is Thai for ‘smile’ and the striking corridors will make you do just that.

Yim Huai Khwang

Supermachine Studio


s ti d e r C Night Fever 5 Hospitality Design Publisher Frame Publishers

Production Carmel McNamara

Authors Evan Jehl, Angel Trinidad and Matthew Hurst Graphic Design Zoe Bar-Pereg Prepress Edward de Nijs

Cover Photography Patrick Armbruster

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Night Fever 5

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PREVIEW Night Fever 5 – Hospitality Design  

Unveiling show-stopping hospitality interiors from across the globe, as an overview of design trends for bars, restaurants and hotels. As mu...

PREVIEW Night Fever 5 – Hospitality Design  

Unveiling show-stopping hospitality interiors from across the globe, as an overview of design trends for bars, restaurants and hotels. As mu...