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Dear reader

With great pleasure we present to you our new autumn 2014 titles, together with recent highlights from Frame’s book publishing activities. This is the first catalogue through which our new international distributor Thames and Hudson is presenting our title list. Perhaps Frame Publishers will be a new name for some people, so let me make the introductions. Frame Publishers is an independent publishing house led by Robert Thiemann and Rudolf van Wezel and is based in Amsterdam (few people actually know where we are located). The last 15 years has seen our publishing house building a successful portfolio of English language publications, truly international magazines and books in the creative sector (many people do know this, given our almost 200,000 friends and followers on all forms of social media). We are best known for our flagship magazine Frame, one of the largest international magazines worldwide devoted to the design of interiors and products. In our portfolio we also have Mark magazine, our award-winning architecture bible, as well as Elephant focusing its keen eye on art and visual culture. These form a fantastic base for our publishing activities, complemented by our full range of books. We cater to a wide creative audience of architects, (interior) designers and artists, making Frame Publishers a one-stop-shop for everyone interested in these creative pursuits. Now onto the order of business – this catalogue presents to you our line of recent books. Over the years, ‘nice to know’ books have made way for ‘need to know’ publications. Our main titles are monumental, vibrant and luxurious volumes with hundreds of exciting projects that reflect the best practices selected by the editors of Frame in different fields of design. Our books are manuals for inspiration; ‘how-to’ titles where each venue’s design is laid bare, with details of how the design teams fulfilled their

clients’ wishes and took the venues from concept to completion. Amongst the new autumn titles, we have Night Fever 4. This book unveils the latest and greatest hospitality interiors from all over the world, with 600 pages illustrating 130 hotspots to drink, eat and sleep. It is just one of the titles in our regular book series, in which every 2 years we select the best and the next in spatial and product design, also including Powershop (retail design), Grand Stand (stand design), Goods (product design) and Bright (lighting design). Then there is our Masterclass series, the ultimate guide to helping students and young professionals choose a school for further education, making it a socially important title. In each book, we profile and review the leading master’s degree courses worldwide in different disciplines. The newest one for this autumn is Masterclass: Interior Design. We published our first art-related book in 2013 and have already more than quadrupled that number in 2014, commissioned by world famous artists. How art reflects on society is the basis of our third new autumn title, Re:Society – a celebration of ING’s artwork collection. Finally, we deliver probably the most hands-on book ever published on model making for architects, spatial designers and students, simply called Model Making. It is written by teachers who saw a gap in the market for a really practical how-to book in this field, so they decided to write that book themselves. Word is already getting around about this book and we hope it will find its way to many teachers and students across the globe. Publishers, distributors and book stores find themselves in interesting times. We still believe in the power of paper. We believe in the power of attractive physical objects. We believe in the power of information. We therefore continue to publish excellent, sought-after books. I wish you all happy reading and to the comrades in the book business: happy selling! Rudolf van Wezel, Publisher


Frame Publishers



Masterclass: Interior Design Guide to the World’s Leading Graduate Schools

Aimed at bachelor’s degree students, recent graduates and professionals looking for a specialisation, this book provides an overview of 30 leading design schools from all over the world that offer a master’s degree in interior design and interior architecture. The featured schools are selected based on a list of criteria including the quality of the graduation work, the employability and success of former students, the list of faculty, and their reputation in the design industry. Each school is featured extensively over 10 pages containing useful information for prospective students. The articles give a real insight into life at each of the schools – from the opening introduction by the dean, followed by examples of recent student work, an interview with a successful alumnus, information about the school’s location regarding housing, transportation and the cultural scene from a student’s perspective, and more.

The definite resource for prospective students applying to the leading graduate schools in interior design Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame 328 pages 170×230 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-9491727-25-2 English September 2014

Also available

A world map indicating the spread of schools, a summary table and a notebook section with space for the future students own research, complete this guide.



New Titles

New Titles


Night Fever 4 Hospitality Design

Night Fever 4 takes readers on a whirlwind, round-the-world tour of the best in hospitality design, and is an invaluable resource to keep up with the field’s latest trends. Presenting 130 interiors – restaurants, bars and clubs, and hotels – this luxurious volume looks in detail at the cutting-edge approach of their creators, from established designers to new studios. Presented over 600 pages are a variety of designs from subtle to stunning, monochromatic to vibrant and low-budget to exorbitant. Today, designers distil a venue’s essence – be it the flavours of its menu or the ambiance of its party scene – and incorporate it in the interior, often working with aspects of its setting to create a certain atmosphere. Night Fever 4 is divided into three sections: restaurants (EAT), bars and clubs (DRINK), and hotels (SLEEP). Each article, lavishly illustrated with outstanding photographs, explains how the design concept was developed and executed.

Unveiling the latest and greatest hospitality interiors from all over the world

Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame with Zoe Bar-Pereg

Also available

600 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-94-91727-16-0 English September 2014

Many articles also feature technical information, like floor plans, sections and sketches, which clarify the design process from concept to execution. Also included is an index of studio profiles and contact details of the featured architects, design studios and brand agencies, making this book an indispensable source of both information and inspiration.



New Titles

New Titles



40 Years of ING Engaging with the Arts

Art is an essential part of ING’s corporate identity. The ING Collection was founded in 1974 to create a stimulating working environment. Over the years, the collection has grown to become an extensive and internationally renowned collection of artworks, with a focus on contemporary art by professional artists. In 2014, to celebrate 40 years of the Art Collection, this milestone is marked with an exhibition and the publication of this book. Re:Society shows a selection of the artworks that ING has collected over the past 40 years, and what ING has meant for and will mean for society in the future. The book also explains how art reflects on society. There is an in-depth introduction by well-known author Alain de Botton and the 10 chapters of the book are introduced by Polish curator Konrad Miller.

Artworks covering 10 different themes that reflect on society

Authors Alain de Botton and Konrad Schiller Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame 208 pages 220×280 mm Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-94-91727-45-0 English September 2014

The book is richly illustrated, with outstanding graphic design, and features almost 200 artworks covering the following areas: Care for Nature, Global Mobility, Individual Growth, Feminine Empowerment, The Great Escape, Corporate World, Sports Unlimited, Remixing Tradition, Family Values, and Urban Culture.



New Titles

New Titles


Model Making

Conceive, Create and Convince

This book is a step-by-step guide about how to create convincing architectural models. Borne out of the authors’ experience and enjoyment in the use of models in education and in professional practice, it is an essential manual for students of spatial disciplines, such as urban planning, garden and landscape architecture, public space or interior design, and anyone with an interest in model making. Many people see a model as a finished product, but it can be much more than that. Models can be used in the study/research phases of a project and are essential as design/communication tools until the final presentation model is ready to be finalised. In this manual, each of these applications is explained in detail. Readers discover the most appropriate type of model to match the look and mode of work. Furthermore, the practical side of model construction is explained and illustrated.

A vital, step-by-step guide to creating convincing architectural models

Authors Arjan Karssen and Bernard Otte Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame 208 pages 245Ă—210 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-9491727-27-6 English May 2014

The three types of models that run parallel to each other include the research, communication and presentation models, and these are illustrated with real-life scenarios from architecture and design offices around the world, which is a unique and vital aspect to this book. The manual can be seen as a roadmap for the manufacture of models, and a detailed reference book for outlining the latest materials and techniques.



New Titles

New Titles


Authors Woes van Haaften and Lex Pott Editor Frame Graphic Design Mainstudio

Author Ryan McGinness Graphic Design Ryan McGinness 160 pages 216×279 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-9491727-26-9 English April 2014

88 pages 230×308 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-94-91727-90-0 English April 2014

£25.00 £12.00


New Window x Lex Pott Diptych features new work from designer Lex Pott. Eight new wooden products – which came about through a collaboration between the designer and New Window – are beautifully illustrated in this book. New Window is an online platform and design label that gives an insight into the making process of art and design products. The book captures the entire process of the collaboration, from the first moment of inspiration until the final outcome. For New Window, Pott drew inspiration from Dutch pine. While experimenting with this softwood, he discovered that the annual growth rings are separated from one another by a softer material. By sandblasting the timber and removing this material, he exposed the unique patterns that lie hidden in every tree. Only then did Pott begin to consider functionality. What can you make out of pieces of wood featuring whimsical, lattice-like patterns? Pott created eight products, among others a room divider, a set of combs and a cabinet. The series of products were given the name Diptych.



Ryan McGinness Everything is Everywhere

Everything Is Everywhere is Ryan McGinness’ latest art book featuring new paintings and sculptures from different bodies of work – Mindscapes, Blackholes and Women – as well as site-specific work made for the pages of this book. Reproductions of reproductions fold in on themselves as McGinness treats the metadata captions about the work with as much (or even more) importance as the reproduced works they describe. Adventurous typography is also employed with the incongruous phrases and texts culled from the artist’s sketchbooks. The stunning juxtapositions of all these elements create a textured and vividly explosive book that requires multiple visits. About Ryan McGinness is an American artist, living and working in New York. He grew up in the surf and skate culture of Virginia Beach and studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he interned at the Andy Warhol Museum. Known for his original extensive vocabulary of graphic drawings that use the visual language of public signage, corporate logos and contemporary iconography, McGinness creates paintings, sculptures, installations and books. Concerned with the perceived value of forms, McGinness is interested in assuming the power of this visual language in order to share personal expressions. Recent


Authors Ingeborg de Roode, Jennifer Hudson and Robert Thiemann Graphic Design Frame

Author Jane Szita Editor Frame Graphic Design Matte 512 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-94-91727-15-3 English February 2014

224 pages 220×270 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-9491727-28-3 English February 2014



Marcel Wanders The Designer Pinned Up

This book is a critical survey of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders covering 25 years of his work, from his early career to upcoming projects. It provides a framework for different aspects of Wanders’ designs. Stedelijk curator Ingeborg de Roode analyses Wanders’ three-dimensional product designs within an international context, along with an essay about this renowned designer’s career by Jennifer Hudson and an exclusive interview with Wanders himself, conducted by Robert Thiemann. Further essays and contributions richly illustrate and document over 50 outstanding design projects. In addition, an illustrated inventory of 500 projects, and a concise biography will round off the publication. The book’s release coincided with a major exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, as the largest-ever survey of one of the Netherlands’ most distinguished designers. About Marcel Wanders is a figurehead of Dutch design that put three-dimensional design from the Netherlands on the international map in the 1990s. An innovative approach to materials and technology, as well as the blending of handcraft and industrial technology, characterises Wanders’ work which also includes his successful label Moooi and his flamboyant designs for hotel interiors, as well as objects. 16


Powershop 4 New Retail Design

As its successful predecessors, Powershop 4 unveils the latest and greatest retail interiors from all over the world. Featuring 120 shop and showroom interiors, the book shows the current trends in this field. Included projects range from supermarkets to bakeries, from luxury fashion boutiques to sneaker shops and jewellers. Each design is featured on two to six pages that are filled with photos, drawings, sketches and of course a description of the design. The project text explains how the designers made the client’s store and products stand out, how they incorporated the client’s identity into an environment, how the concept developed, what materials were used and how the design was executed. The showcased work is created by world-famous designers as well as young design studios and is selected based on their original concept, creativity, innovative approach or the project’s unmistakable wow-factor. The shops featured have been realized by designers from around the world, including Architecture at Large, Jaklitsch/ Gardner Architects and Fabio Novembre, and feature retail spaces from Levi’s, Mykita and Mercedes-Benz.



Editors Annabelle Birnie and Edwin van Onna Graphic Design Hans van Wezel

Authors Dominic van den Boogerd and Tom Morton Editor Frame Graphic Design Sebastiaan Brandsen

128 pages 220×280 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-9491727-31-3 English, Dutch (bilingual) January 2014

214 pages 268×210 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-94-91727-29-0 English January 2014



Marjolijn Mandersloot Whodunit

With the sculptures of Dutch artist Marjolijn Mandersloot, we find ourselves in pleasant company. Recognisable human and animal shapes are an important source of inspiration in Mandersloot’s work, mainly serving as a metaphor. Rabbits, donkeys, dogs and bears are formed in a humorous response to the malleable world of this moment. Every sculpture seems to possess a fabulous acting talent – body poses and material expression are used to create unique characters which often elicit poignant emotions in onlookers. The omission of detail, expanding proportions or the focus on specific parts of the sculpture leads to a pleasant confusion and often even a smile. Ambiguity suppresses narrative recognition and invites a new interpretation, with the sculptures’ surprising tactility seducing viewers to explore the borders between imagination and reality. This new book of Mandersloot’s work presents her latest projects, including her recent collaborations with the luxury fashion house Hermès of Paris. About Marjolijn Mandersloot’s prevailing ideal of physical beauty inspires a constant examination of a world of cute creatures. By means of ambiguous material choices, she encourages us to think about our own identity through installations that have soft touches mingled with robust bronze or polished aluminium. 18


New Tribal Labyrinth Atelier Van Lieshout

New Tribal Labyrinth offers a survey of works from the epony­ mous on-going project by Atelier Van Lieshout – the internatio­ nally recognised studio of Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. This publication reflects on our extremely advanced and complex society, in which over-consumption and limited raw materials play a crucial role. In Atelier Van Lieshout’s vision, this will lead to conflict and the subsequent emergence of a new world order, with groups of people organising themselves in tribes instead of nation-states. This new tribal world will see a return to farming and industry and a re-establishment of our relationship with materials which now has been lost. About Joep van Lieshout lives and works in Rotterdam. Since the early 1980s, he has produce objects primarily in brightly coloured polyester, the material that would become his trademark in subsequent years. In 1995, he founded Atelier Van Lieshout, undermining the myth of the individual artistic genius and over the years gaining international recognition for objects that balance on the boundary between art, architecture and design. These works of art are practical, uncomplicated and substantial. Recurring themes in the work of AVL are autarky, power, politics and the more classical themes of life and death. Recent


Author Ana Martins Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame with Linda Beumer and Anna Hennerdal

Author Merel Kokhuis Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame with Adriaan Mellegers 320 pages 170×230 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-94-91727-01-6 English December 2013

320 pages 170×230 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-90-77174-98-2 English December 2013

£25.00 £25.00


Architecture Fashion&Textiles Graphic Design

Guide to the World’s Leading Graduate Schools Author Jane Szita Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame with Carlo Elias 312 pages 170×230 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-90-77174-99-9 English December 2013 £25.00



Frame’s Masterclass series selects up to 30 of the world’s leading graduate schools offering master’s degrees in various design-related fields. A trio of new books in the series feature courses in the fields of: architecture; fashion and textile design; and graphic design. Aimed at students seeking a master’s degree course in these subject areas, the books feature leading graduate schools from across the globe, selected based on a list of criteria including the quality of the graduation work, the employability of former students, and the reputation of lecturers in architecture/ design fields. Each school is featured extensively on 10 pages containing information for prospective students. The articles give a real insight into life at each of the schools and in the global locations – with an introduction by the dean, examples of student work, an interview with a successful alumnus, information about the school’s location from a student’s perspective, and more. A world map indicating the demographic spread of included schools, a summary table and a notebook section with space for research notes, complete this guide to help potential students choose the school that will suit them best. Recent


Fetishism in Fashion


Revised Edition The Creative Industry’s Guide To Materials And Technologies

Directed by matériO Editors Daniel Kula and Elodie Ternaux Graphic Design Général Design

A book intended for all creative professionals who rely on materials and technologies, including architects, designers, stylists and artists, from students to experienced practitioners. This edition holds 17 new material catalogue cards and new information about sustainability. The book’s comprehensive exploration of materials is divided into four sections: 1.  Categories of materials: various types of wood, plastic, glass, metal, lighting, etc. 2.  Catalogue of materials: catalogue cards that identify various materials, from the most basic substance to the latest cutting edge innovation. 3.  Processes: major methods of processing materials (e.g. injection moulding, extrusion) explained with instructive diagrams. 4.  Thinking out of the box: issue of relevance to any study of materials and technologies, such as ecology and virtual issues.

Revised Edition 380 pages 200×295 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-3-03821-254-6 English October 2013 £40.00

By Lidewij Edelkoort

248 pages 230×290 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-94-91727-13-9 English June 2013 £32.00


Grand Stand 4

Interior Products from Sketch to Use Goods takes 59 iconic design products and analyses them in detail; featured from conceptual design sketch to realisation, with international reference projects showing where these products have been used successfully. Goods focuses on all interior product ranges, from chairs to cabinets, from floor lamps to down lights, from kitchens to bathrooms. Each product is showcased on eight pages which include profiles of the producer and the designer, product photos, drawings, sketches, renderings, photos of the design and manufacturing process and photos of interior projects where the products are used. Dive in and follow the interior product on its journey, get insight into the way manufacturers cooperate with design studios, and find out about the endless production possibilities.

Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame with Zoe Bar-Pereg 500 pages 220×280 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-9077174-69-2 English September 2013 £50.00



Fetishism in Fashion by trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort explores the world of fashion through a fetishistic lens to reveal an instinctive future for style and culture. With visually-rich – and sometimes shocking – photography and essays by established authors discussing art, clothing, design, textiles, food and beauty, this in-depth publication sheds new light on the fetishism phenomenon. More than 50 fetishes are illustrated by inspiring visuals from the likes of Leigh Bowery and Erwin Olaf, boundarystretching works from designers such as Formafantasma and Alexander McQueen, and eye-opening essays by Susan Piët and Valerie Steele, amongst others. Bolder, crazier and more outlandish fashions are on the horizon, making this new book a key reference in a new era of experimentation.

Author Lidewij Edelkoort Editor Philip Fimmano Graphic Design Jeroen Jas

Design for Trade and Stands Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame

Following in the steps of the three previous books in the Grand Stand series, Grand Stand 4 brings readers up-to-date with current developments in the fast-paced world of stand design. The book encompasses 150 stunning projects representing a varied selection of remarkable trade fair environments from around the world, all of which have grabbed the attention of visitors to recent commercial events. Each stand is presented on two to six pages, with a description of both concept and design, project credits and outstanding photography. Challenges that designers must overcome are outlined, with technical information provided to help further explain the design process from concept to execution. An index of designer profiles and contact details of all stand constructors is included.

512 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-72-2 English April 2013 £60.00



Night Fever 3

My Secret Garden & Rock Strangers Artist Arne Quinze’s installation, My Secret Garden, encourages visitors to explore their own mental place – where they keep their most personal thoughts, memories, desires and secrets – and is complementary to his other work, Rock Strangers, on the coastline in Ostend, a public confrontation with alienation in the centre of the city. Quinze invited Belgian author Saskia de Coster to capture the alienation and intimacy the respective works in contemporary stories and distinctive film footage. The outcome is a quest for the traces of these works in each and every one of us. The complete box-set contains two book publications, two documentaries (DVDs) in four languages: Dutch, French, English and German.

Author Saskia de Coster Art Direction Arne Quinze, Dave Bruel, Denis Decaluwé 576 pages 240×20 mm two hardcover books in slipcase incl. two DVDs ISBN 978-9077174-84-5 English, Dutch, French, German (multilingual) January 2013 £40.00

Hospitality Design

600 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-63-0 English June 2012 £60.00

Masterclass: Product Design

Industry of Nature

Guide to the World’s Leading Graduate Schools Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame

This book provides an overview of 30 leading design schools from all over the world that offer a master’s degree in product design. The schools are listed based on the quality of graduation work, the success of former students, the list of faculty and their reputation in the design industry. Each school is featured over 10 pages containing information about the programme, student demographics, faculty lists, etc. The articles give a real insight into life at each of the schools – from the opening introduction by the dean, followed by examples of recent student work, alumnus and graduate interviews, information about life at the school/in the city from a student’s perspective. A world map indicating the spread of schools, a summary table and a notebook section complete the guidebook.

328 pages 170×230 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-9077174-71-5 English November 2012 £25.00



Night Fever 3 presents 129 interiors – restaurants, bars and clubs, and hotels – offering a detailed look at the cutting-edge approach of their creators. Today, designers distil a venue’s essence – be it the flavours of its menu or the ambiance of its party scene – and incorporate it in the interior, often working with aspects of its setting to create a certain atmosphere. A single volume is presented on 600 pages is a varied selection of successful designs, from subtle to stunning, monochromatic to vibrant, and budget to exorbitant. The selected venues, all opened in the past three years, were created by young studios and worldrenowned design firms, including Alfredo Häberli, Concrete Architectural Associates, Estudio Campana, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office and Wonderwall.

Editor Frame Contributing Author Sarah Martín Pearson Graphic Design Frame

Another Approach to Ecology

Beautifully illustrated, Industry of Nature describes 75 strategies that nature has developed in response to needs such as protection, strength, aerodynamics, camouflage and more. Nature has always been a source of inspiration and resources to mankind, with countless sustainable solutions to issues that also man faces daily. Some of these solutions have already been applied to designs which are therefore also featured in the book. For example, light honeycomb materials that take inspiration from the cellular structure built by bees, or supramolecular materials with properties of self-healing that are inspired by human skin. Interviews with architects, designers and scientists highlight the ecology issues from various angles. Other features are a chapter on the history of biomimicry, a graphical timeline showing the Earth’s developments, a bibliography andan extensive glossary.

Directed by Élodie Ternaux, matériO Graphic Design Atelier MAJi Illustrations Dépli Design Studio 288 pages 224×284 mm Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-90-77174-48-7 English December 2011 £40.00




Colour Hunting

Artworks of Karim Rashid Author Karim Rashid Graphic Design Stephen Schmidt

How Colour Influences What We Buy, Make and Feel In his global design practice, Karim Rashid’s sketches are the conceptual reference point for all project development work. His drawings all exhibit a visual consistency and confidence of line that is impressive in its visual form and its communicative power. Karim has produced thousands of sketches and hundreds of digital illustrations, 300 of which are shown in Sketch, offering a visual insight into his design process. Sketch will serve as a document of inspirational explorations to Karim fans as well as artists and designers.

280 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover in PVC slipcase ISBN 978-90-77174-61-6 English October 2011 £32.00

Compiled by Hanneke Kamphuis and Hedwig van Onna Author Jeanne Tan Graphic Design Frame

Colour plays a vital role in our visual experiences and affects senses such as feeling and taste, but it also shapes our actions subconsciously. In this book, many facets and functions of colour are considered, while questioning its influence on humans in general. In-depth articles and interviews examine the role of colour in commercial projects and artistic concepts set out in three chapters: ‘Commerce’ (buying/selling), casts a light on colour trends and branding messages; ‘Aesthetics’ (making), offers an insight into the conceptual use of colour; and ‘Wellbeing’ (feeling) focuses on the relationship between body, mind and colour forms. Additionally, intriguing colour facts are interspersed throughout. This book takes us on a colourful journey, hunting out and broadening our horizons into the immense potential of colour.

264 pages 200×265 mm Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-90-77174-27-2 English June 2011 £40.00

About Karim Rashid is an industrial designer and interior architect based in New York. His award-winning designs include objects such as the ubiquitous Garbo waste can and Oh Chair for Umbra, and interiors such as the Prizeotel in Bremen.

Where They Create


By Paul Barbera Photography Paul Barbera Author Alexandra Onderwater Graphic Design Frame

Paul Barbera is a documentary photographer on a mission: to visit and capture the essence of the studios of people whose work he loves and whose spaces he likes. Featured are 32 studios of media companies like the magazine Wallpaper* and fashion houses such as Acne, as well as artists, architects, illustrators and designers from all over the world. The images are as he finds the spaces, just the way they are, unstyled and raw. Barbera’s signature style is a mix of a bird’s-eye view with an exquisite eye for detail – personal narratives hidden in the nameplate at the doorbell, the way the papers are stacked on a desk or the paraphernalia we human beings tend to nest with. Alongside the photos are interviews with these creators revealing how their daily environment influences their output.

288 pages 240×300 mm Hardcover 32 different covers ISBN 978-90-77174-49-4 English June 2011 £30.00



Shaping Japan and Beyond Author Shuwa Tei Graphic Design Tycoon Graphics

Japanese firm Intentionallies is out to push the architectural envelope, to research the depth and range of architecture and design and to break boundaries. The portfolio of this contemporary design firm covers 15 years in which the outfit created remarkable environments at home and abroad. Featured projects include private residences, offices, restaurants, commercial buildings, shops, product designs and more. The explanatory texts, sketches and drawings by founder Shuwa Tei, the rich array of three-dimensional visuals and the wealth of photos, provide a comprehensive picture of a Japanese phenomenon. Contributing essays by Tyler Brûlé, the Editor in Chief of Monocle, Masamichi Katayama, principal of Wonderwall, Kengo Kuma and many more affirm this appraisal.

280 pages 239×319 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-34-0 May 2011 £40.00



Material World 3


Innovative Materials for Architecture and Design Following the smashing success of Material World 1 and Material World 2 , the third edition in this series offers over one hundred materials and semi-finished products carefully selected by matériO. This collection covers materials with a wide variety of properties and aesthetic qualities, like modular, undulating wall coverings, fish-skin leathers, photovoltaic textiles, and LED lighting systems powered by wafer-thin batteries. Material World 3 gives architects, designers, students and other creative professionals product information, technical specifications, and suggestions for ways in which to use the latest fascinating materials and finishes. Included are the names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites of suppliers – all the information needed to contact and purchase every item featured in the book.

Directed by Élodie Ternaux, matériO Graphic Design Atelier MAJi 232 pages 230×280 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-26-5 English May 2011 £40.00

Building on Water to Combat Urban Congestion and Climate Change Authors Koen Olthuis and David Keuning Graphic Design Frame 304 pages 170×240 mm Hardcover with dust jacket ISBN 978-90-77174-29-6 English September 2010 £40.00


Grand Stand 3

Transdisciplinary Approaches to Design

Design for Trade Fair Stands

Grand Stand 3 encompasses 145 remarkable trade-fair environments from around the world, ranging from small booths to multi-level structures. Featured stands include those by Atelier Markgraph, D’art Design, nendo, Patricia Urquiola, Stefan Zwicky and UNStudio, and presented brands like Audi, Diesel, HSBC, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Reebok, Samsung and Sony. Each stand is presented by a description of the design, project credits, photography and a designer profile. Floor plans, sections, sketches, detail drawings, renderings and construction photos explain the design processes from concept to execution. Completing the book is an index that provides contact details of architects, design studios, brand agencies and stand builders.

Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame 512 pages 240×320 mm Flexi cover with transparent PVC sleeve ISBN 978-90-77174-25-8 English March 2011 £60.00



The majority of world cities are situated on the water and have too little space where it’s most needed: in the city centre. Building on water allows inner-city areas to expand. Floating buildings have many advantages. They are both flexible and mobile. A buoyant structure can be moved to make space for a new building, decreasing the need for the demolition of development that still has a productive economic future. Floating buildings outwit changing water levels by rising and falling with the tide and, in doing so, promote a more responsible water management. They leave no scars on their sites, permitting planners to actively meet the demands of the moment. It’s up to the architects of the climate-change generation to respond to the world’s spatial needs with smart, sustainable proposals. Float! will help them do just that.

Author 3deluxe Graphic Design 3deluxe 368 pages 220×280 mm Hardcover with laser-cut dust jacket ISBN 978-3-89955-306-2 English October 2008 £40.00


3deluxe is a German interdisciplinary design collective of communications, interiors and product designers and architects. This book presents how the group skilfully interplays different disciplines to create powerful spatial situations. Their projects for fashion, music and sports, exhibitions and fair stands, spatial productions and architecture illustrate a sensitive intellectual balance and sensual receptive approach. The multi-media theme world Cyberhelvetia, the interior design and corporate design for the infamous CocoonClub in Frankfurt, events and exhibitions for the 2006 FIFA World Cup as well as the corporate architecture for the glass manufacturer Leonardo are only but a few of the multitude of projects featured in this luxurious volume. Essays by renowned authors complement the descriptions of projects, sparking lively debate on current trends in design and architecture. 29


Wonderwall 2

Interior Design and Architecture at the Seaside

Masamichi Katayama Projects No.2 Author Wonderwall Editor Satoko Suzuki Graphic Design Groovisions

Limited Stock

256 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-3-89955-304-8 English October 2008 £40.00

Spaces and objects created by Japanese design firm Wonderwall, led by Masamichi Katayama, surprise, delight and entertain, while also conveying one persuasive message after another. This publication introduces over 40 projects by Japan’s hottest retail designer with an extraordinary selection of interior designs for boutiques and retail outlets from high-end luxury spaces to mega stores in Japan, Great Britain, France, the United States and Hong Kong. More than an insight into the work of a talented designer, this monograph is sure to inspire future trends in design. The book vividly demonstrates why Katayama’s work has been considered groundbreaking for interior design since the founding of Wonderwall in 2000. Insightful texts by John C Jay, Tyler Brulé, Rei Kawakubo and many more affirm this appraisal.

Editor Frame Graphic Design Matte 280 pages 240×280 mm Hardcover with linen ISBN 978-3-89955-305-4 English June 2008 £35.00

Grand Stand 2


Design for Trade Fair Stands Editor Frame Contributing Authors Shonquis Moreno and Cathelijne Nuijsink Graphic Design Alvin Chan

Designers play an essential role in lending shape to brand identity through the creation of captivating presentations. Grand Stand 2 contains nearly 200 scores of strikingly successful results discovered worldwide. The stands are categorised according to theme – interior and architectural products, automotive, electronics, services, food, fashion and beauty, and retail – and are divided over two volumes: small-scale stands (below 500 m²) with examples of unusually atmospheric design solutions that transcend spatial limitations; and largescale stands (above 500 m²) featuring amazing temporary structures crafted to highlight the products and services of major international brands. Projects are accompanied by stunning images, in-depth descriptions, company profiles, and blocks of information that include names, locations, materials and other relevant details.

568 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover, two volumes in a slipcase ISBN 978-3-89955-302-5 English September 2008 £60.00



Oceans, seas, vast lakes and rivers are seemingly endless spaces that convey a sense of timelessness and generate universal feelings of freedom and adventure. The unique atmosphere of the seaside has been captured by designers, architects and artists worldwide. Compiled in this book are 115 creative concepts, from beach clubs, hotels and oceanfront homes to sea baths, urban beaches and art installations. Page after page, Beachlife offers examples of design, architecture and art that enhance the recreational and residential functions of waterfront sites across the globe. It touches on the subject of rising water levels and shows how architects, artists and designers are responding to climate change.

Architectural Illumination and Light Installations Bright details and explores 38 exterior lighting designs from top-level designers, manufacturers and artists around the world. Each project is shown on eight pages through photography, plans, lighting schemes and an explanatory text. Besides showing the glitter and glamour of a variety of cutting-edge ‘illuminating’ architecture, Bright attempts to capture the feeling of elevations which light and projections can bring to a building, a bridge or even a whole city. The book shows how lighting design invites passers-by to interact with architecture; how it triggers discussions, sets a mood or translates the values and data of a brand into sensitive and meaningful design. A separate chapter is dedicated to sharing basic knowledge on lighting design.

Editor Frame Graphic Design LAVA 352 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-3-89955-301-7 English May 2008 £40.00





The Shape of Things to Come Authors Hanneke Kamphuis, Miegiel Loeffen and Hedwig van Onna Graphic Design Roosje Klap

Interiors for Human Wellness The atmosphere is a useful and meaningful metaphor for the artistic climate that fills our lives and responds to our senses. Within this publication, seven atmospheric layers that not only exist simultaneously but – owing to their fleeting nature – merge to form new combinations, over and over again, are explored to provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Generating an atmosphere all of its own, each page of this beautifully crafted book is lavishly illustrated with the recent work of top designers, architects and artists. From handicrafts to biometrics, colour, form and eclectic assemblages, Atmosphere presents varied methods – from dealing with the chill perfection of computer-aided design to counter-balancing a period of baroque extravagance – and, as such, it is a forecast of things to come.

240 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-09-8 English November 2007 £40.00

256 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-10-4 English November 2007 £40.00


Behind Bars

Design for Events

Design for Cafes and Bars Editor Frame Contributing Authors Anneke Bokern, Joeri Bruyninckx, Andrea Eschbach, Martijn Goedegebuure, Tim Groen, Kanae Hasegawa, Clare Lowther, Cornelius Mangold, Tim McKeough, Sarah Martín Pearson, Chris Scott, David Sokol, Masaaki Takahashi, Jeanne Tan, Carolien van Tilburg, Andrew Yang and Monica Zerboni Graphic Design ...,staat

Shaken and then stirred, this book presents a cocktail of bars, cafés and clubs. Introduced by an accompanying text, each of the 40 featured projects is presented over seven pages illustrated with high quality photographs and floor plans, with an additional page dedicated to the designers. From on the rocks in Malta with Chris Briffa’s TwoTwentyTwo bar and restaurant; a boat-like structure marooned in Valetta’s St.Andrews Bastion, to Patrick Jouin’s Gilt bar; a multifaceted structure installed within New York’s Villard mansion, Behind Bars offers an intoxicating blend of stylish, atmospheric and technologically advanced interiors, bound to inspire even teetotallers!

344 pages 170×240 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-3-89955-300-0 English November 2007

Relax explores the holistic, sensorial interiors of wellness centres worldwide. Divided into three sections – spas, salons and gyms – this book offers its readers an escapism, albeit only temporary, to worlds where human wellbeing is paramount. A showcase of 32 projects each accompanied with photos, floor plans, project credits and a detailed essay, the book provides an in-depth insight into a sector of design that is evolving post-haste. Proof that the design of spaces for relaxation and fitness do not necessarily denote white walls and pan pipes, Relax presents designers that have gone beyond the ordinary to offer customers environments that are as innovative and therapeutic as the treatments on offer.

Editor Frame Contributing Authors Anneke Bokern, Joeri Bruyninckx, Tim Groen, Sarah Martín Pearson, Shonquis Moreno, Stephan Ott, Chris Scott and Masaaki Takahashi Graphic Design smel

Happening presents 29 happenings – in the broadest sense of the word. From car shows to fashion events, from exhibitions to festivals, from sparkling to robust. Instead of telling you how to organize an event, Happening focuses on the design, and shows you how the designers translated the brief into an experience. The extensive photography allows you to enjoy these innovative events to the fullest. With today’s communication overload, marketeers have to come up with new ways to get and keep people’s attention. In Happening designers explain how they translated the essence of a brand into an event, creating an experience that fascinates a global audience.

Editor Frame Contributing Authors Anneke Bokern, Joeri Bruyninckx, Andrea Eschbach, Tim Groen, Cornelius Mangold, Sarah Martín Pearson, Edwin van Onna, Stephan Ott, Chris Scott and Masaaki Takahashi Graphic Design The Stone Twins 240 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-22-7 English December 2006 £45.00






Bon Appétit

The Back Issue

The Essential Guide to Frame’s First 50 Issues

Restaurant Design

Bon Appétit presents 35 projects from around the globe: page after page of the very latest restaurant settings produced by the world’s most influential design firms – from Karim Rashid and Marcel Wanders to Stefan Zwicky and HawkinsBrown. The recipe for restaurant magic features a provocative mix of dining environments to satisfy every taste and mood. The list of ingredients swings from a dash of fast food (McDonald’s, Milan) to a spoonful of minimalism (Nuba, Barcelona). Each project is accompanied by a profusion of photographs and an essay that describes the work and reveals the thoughts of the designers. This book will satisfy your craving for fresh inspiration. Bon appétit!

Editor Frame Contributing Authors Shonquis Moreno, Anneke Bokern, Sarah Martín Pearson, Edwin van Onna, Chris Scott, Masaaki Takahashi, Carolien van Tilburg and Monica Zerboni Graphic Design Alvin Chan 374 pages 180×260 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-18-0 English October 2006 £40.00

Editor Frame Graphic Design Robin Uleman 592 pages 176×224 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-90-77174-50-0 English June 2006 £40.00


Dress Code

The Culture of Shop Window Design

Interior Design for Fashion Shops Editor Frame Contributing Authors Joeri Bruyninckx, Sarah Martín Pearson, Brigitte van Mechelen, Shonquis Moreno, Edwin van Onna, Chris Scott, Matthew Stewart and Masaaki Takahashi Graphic Design Lesley Moore

Limited Stock

320 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-07-4 English June 2006 £55.00



Fuelled by the success of Powershop: New Japanese Retail Design, this book is devoted to the design of exclusive clothing shops and boutiques. Dress Code presents a selection of 50 innovative and exciting retail interiors from the fashionable cities across the globe, from renowned hotbeds of design like Paris, Milan and New York to rising stars such as Tokyo and Antwerp. Between the covers of this book are cutting-edge shops, showrooms, boutiques and flagship stores crafted by the world’s most distinctive and influential designers. Each shop featured is accompanied by an in-depth commentary, a wealth of images and, in many cases, floor plans.

In a remarkable review of the first 50 issues of Frame, The Back Issue highlights the best article in each of the magazines. The pieces appear in chronological order, but an easy-reference index allows the reader to look them up by category as well. Designers comments on the publication of their work, the impact that publication has had on their lives, and news about their latest activities are included as well. Interspersed with these fifty features are interviews with Frame’s graphic designers and with the founders of Frame Publishers, a brief history of the magazine, and a sampling of reactions from readers.

Authors Remi Abbas, Kanae Hasegawa, David Littlefield, Sarah Martín Pearson, Shonquis Moreno, Chris Scott and Charlotte Vaudrey Graphic Design Thomas Buxó

A pane of glass, not more than 1.5-cm thick, divides the shop from the pavement. On one side, the climate-controlled interior welcomes those who can buy; on the other; the intemperate street is where those who cannot buy may look without paying. The editors of Frame magazine invited ten couturiers and shops to participate in Forefront, an overview of the shop window culture. Featured are more than 200 bold and lyrical window displays by the likes of Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols, Hermès Japan, Moschino, Selfridges and Louis Vuitton. Also included are interviews with the designers.

216 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-08-7 English 2005 £40.00



Sorry, Sold Out!

House of Concepts

Material World 2

Design Academy Eindhoven

Innovative Materials for Architecture and Design

Authors Louise Schouwenberg and Gert Staal Graphic Design Joost Grootens

Editor matériO Graphic Design Thomas Buxó with Sarah Infanger

320 pages 170×240 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-17-3 2008

400 pages 170×230 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-90-77174-00-5 2006

Keisuke Fujiwara

Powershop 3

Night Fever

Interior Elements for Space and Product Design

New Retail Design

Interior Design for Bars and Clubs

Author Keisuke Fujiwara Editors Frame with Tomohiko Ono Graphic Design Frame 256 pages 230×289 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-94-91727-02-3 English 2013

Engaging Spaces Exhibition Design Explored

Editor Matthew Stewart Graphic Design …,staat

Author Matthew Stewart Graphic design The Stone Twins

696 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-46-3 2012

312 pages 235×300 mm Hardcover ISBN 90-77174-04-4 2005

240 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-02-9 2004

Grand Stand

Material World Editor Matthew Stewart Graphic Design Lava

Publishers Boekschap and Frame Publishers Editors Marlies Hummelen, Conny Lanza, Rutger van Oldenbeek, Harm Tilman, Hans Maréchal

Editor Edwin van Onna Graphic Design De Designpolitie

528 pages 240×330 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-03-6 2003

544 pages 190×190 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-77174-44-9 2010

Night Fever 2

Powershop 2


Hospitality Design

New Retail Design

New Japanese Retail Design


Innovative Structures and Finishes for Interiors

Design for Trade Fair Stands and Exhibitions

Interior architecture

408 pages 240×320 mm Soft cover ISBN 978-90-77174-40-1 2010

Creative Workplace Design

Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame


Editor Kossmann.dejong Graphic Design Kossmann.dejong

The Other Office

272 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-806445-6-4 2003

Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects

Editor Frame Graphic Design Frame

Editor Frame Graphic Design Alvin Chan

Editor Carolien van Tilburg Graphic Design Roelof Mulder

Editor Shigekazu Ohno Graphic Design groovisions

608 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover, three volumes in a slipcase ISBN 978-90-77174-24-1 2010

640 pages 240×320 mm Hardcover Two volumes in slipcase ISBN 978-3-89955-307-9 2009

224 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-806445-3-3 2002

256 pages 230×297 mm Hardcover ISBN 978-90-806445-0-2 2002

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Best known for the production of Frame magazine, which has become an icon to interior designers worldwide, Frame Publishers is also responsible for the architecture magazine Mark and the arts and visual culture magazine Elephant. There is also the monthly Frame app – with additional content – shedding fresh light on interior design with interactive panoramas, slide shows and seamlessly embedded videos.

Magazines Print & Digital

Frame is a bimonthly design bible devoted to the design of interiors and products. Each tactile issue is visually focused and loaded with only the best in contemporary design. An indispensable reference for professional interior designers, as well as for those involved in other creative pursuits.

Elephant is a quarterly magazine about contemporary art and visual culture. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, it covers and uncovers new trends and talent. Direct, sincere and multi-disciplinary, Elephant aims to have more depth and breadth than any other visual art magazine.

Bimonthly Mark magazine takes a radical approach to showcasing exceptional projects and exploring the boundaries of architecture. It shines its spotlight on starchitects and anticipates what’s heating up around the next corner.

Available for the iPad, the monthly Frame app features highly selected content, delivering original studio profiles, engaging with exclusive clips that reveal fresh perspectives from the designers themselves and processing stories in a whole new way.

Interested in distributing the rest of the Frame family of publications? Frame Publishers is responsible for distributing the magazines Frame, Mark and Elephant worldwide. Contact: Benjamin Verheijden T: +31 (0)20 4233 717 E: W:



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Contacts & Credits

ISBN 978-9491727-00-9

Frame Publishers Book Catalogue Autumn 2014  
Frame Publishers Book Catalogue Autumn 2014