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November | December 2016

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Fox Times | November/December 2016

2 Hmong Student Union 4 Phi Theta Kappa

Just Keeps Growing

6 Wearing Purple

8 We A.R.E Club Update


20 OTA

22 SNA 23 Addiction Awareness


10 Comics by Phil Hands

12 The Talent Show

26 Comics by Phil Hands

14 From the Depths of F144

Advisor Lori Bradish


24 Speaker Series

Fox Times Members Daniela Izaguirre

Victor Masombuka

Icha Khairunnisa Christiana Coakley | 1

HSU HSU stands for Hmong Student Union which is a student run organization that provides a social and academic support for students: to develop their leadership skills, community service, networking, and social activities. Every new academic year within HSU comes with new board members.

Hello to the many readers of Fox Times. This is Jack Thao. He attends Fox Valley Technical College. It’s his second semester at FVTC and he’ll be serving his first term as the Event Coordinator in Hmong Student Union. Don’t be shy, stop into the Diversity and Inclusion Services Office anytime. Let’s chat about NFL football or D.C. Comics.

Hi! This is Nikki Herr. She is the Treasurer of Hmong Student Union. Her major is accounting. Her goal this semester is to meet new people and do the best she can as the Treasurer. Her favorite hobbies are reading books and eating food.

2 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016


Hlee Lee

This is Hlee Lee.

Nyob Zoo! (Hello!)

She is in the Dental Hygiene Program. Last year, she was the Event Coordinator of Hmong Student Union. This school year, she is the President of the club. Her mission for Hmong Student Union is for the members to have an awesome year with the club. During her free time, she enjoys sing and watching Netflix.

This is Jannie Thao, and I am the Vice President of Hmong Student Union. She is currently enrolled in Early Childhood Education here at Fox Valley Technical College and halfway through her program. This Fall semester, she is also excited for Hmong Student Union’s upcoming events such as their Halloween Dance and Eggroll Fundraiser. She also works for the YMCA at Jefferson Elementary After School Program.

Hello, this Yammonah Xiong. She is the Secretary for Hmong Student Union. This is her third semester in the Management Development Program. She hopes to graduate next fall of 2017 and continue her education at Lakeland University. She is a people person who loves to meet new people and help others. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. She also has an 18-month daughter who always keeps her company. She hopes to meet and see everyone around campus.

This is Amenda Lor. She is the Social Media Representative of Hmong Student Union. This is her fourth semester at Fox Valley Technical College. She is majoring in the Early Childhood Education Program. During her free time, she enjoys going shopping and hangout with her friends. | 3

PHI THETA KAPPA Just Keeps Growing Melissa Groeschel Public Relations Officer Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Beta Epsilon Omicron

It sure has been a busy month for Phi Theta Kappa! We’ve had members taking advantage of the many activities this month and we still have more to come in November. Two of our officers attended the Fall Leadership Retreat put on by Student Life- and the members had great and memorable times to report. Then we had a blast during our annual Fall Leadership Conference, hosted by our chapter- Beta Epsilon Omicron. This conference went for two successful days- October 14 & 15th. Members of Phi Theta Kappa as well as faculty and staff shared a fantastic time sharing leadership, fellowship and knowledge. We also had induction where we welcomed over 100 new Phi Theta Kappa members to our family-and we were honored to make Jennifer McIntosh our Honorary Inductee. McIntosh is a PTK Advisor and Department

4 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

Chair for the Professional Communications Program at Fox Valley Technical College. So, welcome new members! We hope to see your face around campus, and hopefully at future events/functions. Do not forget Kappans- we have our Wednesday weekly meetings, as well as our attendance at the Student Government Association meetings every other Wednesdayso if you are ever interested please join us (you can find the dates and location’s listed in your blackboard). You can also sign up each month for our popcorn and bake salesnot only will you attain enhancement membership points, you will also get to meet and mingle with other Phi Theta Kappa members . We’ve also decided to keep giving back to our community. This last September we decided to donate half of our funds raised at our monthly bake sale to non-profit organization in need of donations- Walk to Cure Alzheimer’s. For the month of October, we chose to donate half our bake sale funds raised at our October 19th sale to Hope Cancer Connection of Appleton WI. So, from here on out, every month we will choose an organization to donate half of that current month’s bake sale funds to. We will also be bringing in new officers to our team by the end of the month, so as soon as they have been voted in, we will make sure to get an announcement out introducing our new officer members. We will also be announcing them in blackboard, so keep an eye out for it. November is going to be a bit slower for us as far as ongoing events, allowing us time to work on our Honors in Action, as well as our college project. Want to get involved? Get a hold of someone on the officer team or one of our two PTK advisors- our contact information again is available in your PTK blackboard. We would love to see some more new faces! | 5

6 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016 | 7

We A.R.E Club Update

Hey fellow students. It’s Heather Tebo from the We A.R.E. Club and I’m here to give you an update on our club. I hope that everyone had an excellent summer and are settling into the semester well. Speaking of summer; the We A.R.E. Club was busy over summer break making wreaths for our booth at the FVTC Seeds of Hope One Stop Shop. The event is open to the public and will take place on Saturday November 19th from 9 am to 3 pm at the Appleton Campus and admission is $3.00. Please stop by and show your support for FVTC Seeds of Hope and our club. You never know, you may find the perfect handcrafted gift for a coworker, friend or loved one! On Saturday, September 10th We A.R.E. club sold concessions during the Fox Valley Technical College Drive-In Movie. This year the movie was Finding Dory

followed by X-Men: Apocalypse. Several club members also assisted with directing traffic and parking during the event. This opportunity earned our club some much needed funding which we may put to good use helping our school and community. We A.R.E. Club has recently added an officer to our team. I am pleased to announce that Mr. Frank Flores has accepted the position of Networking & Funding Raising Officer. Frank has been on the leadership team and an instrumental member since the inception of our club, and his focus will be on networking with area businesses as well as other school clubs. He will also be in charge of funding raising events. Please give Frank a high-five if you see him in a class or around campus. We are proud to have him part of our diverse and creative team.

8 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

Since we are on the subject of members, We A.R.E. Club would like to extend an invitation to each of you! We A.R.E. membership is open to anyone who would like to join.

Come and check us out; meeting information is as follows: What: Weekly We A.R.E. Club meetings. When: Every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm. Where: In the Student Success Center Grey Cube

(G120 B)

Why: To discuss ways that our club may make an

impact on our school and our community by providing awareness for domestic abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and any other form of violence towards others.

COMING SOON: We ARE will be holding

monthly meetings in Oshkosh at the Riverside Campus.

Please take notice that the We A.R.E. Club will not meet on Thursday, November 10th, 2016. Our club President, Jen Garrison was asked to speak at a FVTC Foundation event. Also, many members will be representing Phi Theta Kappa at the event. For those of you who don’t know; the We A.R.E. Club was started by Phi Theta Kappa as part of their Honors in Action project for the 2015-2016 school year. This is just another way students at Fox Valley Technical College are applying their talents and acting socially responsible. The We A.R.E. Club would like to invite students and staff to wear purple each Thursday in October. This request is being made in honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Our club’s officer team recently posed for a picture with Dr. May in support of this very worthy cause. I’d like to leave you with the following statistics for the state of Wisconsin from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). This is why clubs such as ours are so vitally important and also why we need members like you.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN WISCONSIN • In 2012, 28,729 domestic violence incidents were referred to district attorneys. This statistic does not include unreported incidents, reported incidents that were not referred for prosecution, and dating abuse incidents. • An arrest was made in 71% of reported domestic violence incidents. The most common charge made in these cases was disorderly conduct. • In 2013, 55 people died in domestic violence-related homicides, including both victims and perpetrators. • Over half of domestic violence homicides in Wisconsin are committed with a gun. • In a single day in 2014, Wisconsin domestic violence programs provided services to 1,949 victims. On that same day, 367 requests for services went unmet due to lack of resources. • An estimated 12.7% of Wisconsin women will be stalked in their lifetimes. Resources cited: | 9


10 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016 | 11

“FVTC indeed, has talent!”


Talent Show Inter national E xchange Student Club (IEC)

12 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

The International Exchange Student Club (IEC) has successfully conducted an event named The Talent Show on November 3, 2016. This event took place at the FVTC Appleton campus. IEC collaborated with a local youth organization, RA youth, which aimed to raise funds to support a special course. This was also an amazing opportunity for FVTC students to showcase their talents. The event started with a musical performance by RA Youth and there were many FVTC students who performed their talents that toned up the event. There were poetry performances by Victor Masombuka, drum solo performances by Remy Dupont and Henry Hoffman, solo singing performances by Anastasiia Riabchukova, Jari, and Daniel, a standup comedy performance by Terence

Reagan,a rap solo performance by Shawn Fordham, a dance battle between Remy and Wataru, and a magic show by Daniel. They also had an International fashion show by Juliet Malambe (South Africa), Misbah (Pakistan), Caesar (Mexico), and Nadia Ali (Tunisia). At the closing, the committee conducted Award Ceremony for the performers who have actively participated. The show received delightful reaction and positive feedback from the audience. “Remember that you are talented, and that your talent has value.” – Jessica Hische. | 13

Electronics & Automation Club and International Club

Game Night 14 | FVTC Student Publication | October 2016


The Depths of F144

Joel Hovell | 15

On October 28th, the Electronics & Automation Club collaborated with the International Student Exchange Club to hold a wonderful night of video games, board games, and foods from around the world. From a personal standpoint, as I was in attendance that night, I saw several people dressed in Halloween costumes to compete in an informal competition. Countless video game tournaments were conducted and tickets sold for a huge raffle that concluded the night. But the most noticeable commotion came from the large crowd of students enrolled in a variety of Fox Valley Technical College programs laughing and smiling over a playful game of Cards Against Humanity; a game you must personally witness to understand why. When the evening wrapped up, everyone gathered in G229 (Four rooms

16 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

construction of a phone charging station that occurred earlier this year. However, the Electronics & Automation Club continues to seek new members, regardless of their chosen program (I happen to be an electrical engineering major who happened to switch their academic emphasis to phlebotomy, but I keep coming back anyway), who are willing to create new friendships with their classmates and enjoy their time at Fox Valley Technical College. After all, what is life without the initiation of new social connections and enjoying one’s career pursuits? It shouldn’t matter if you’re not a student enrolled in either electrical engineering or automation, just come on down to F130A and attend club meetings to find out more. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

in this portion of the Appleton FVTC campus were used for the event) to observe the awarding of prizes to fortunate attendees. There must have been nearly ten prizes, the most contested of which was a drone with an HD camera, and everyone congratulated the new owners of each prize with a round of applause. I managed to win a headset meant for use with the Playstation 4, but this was not the reason why I enjoyed myself. I had fun because this was a moment in time to sit back and relax from our busy schedules and temporarily forget the fact that 2016 is one of the most eventful years in recent history. Regardless, this night of video games and board games was just in the nick of time. Despite this relaxed evening of fun and food, the members of the Electronics & Automation Club are always hard at work to supplement their education at Fox Valley Technical College. Every other week, a meeting is held in F130A on Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. to publicize the progress and upcoming events of the club. Many activities are underway such as the rebuilding of a broken drone, not to mention the scheduling of field trips to local industries where many students can apply for internships and jobs. From an outsider’s perspective, one would believe the club has made considerable progress in outreach to the community and deeper connections with other FVTC clubs on the Appleton campus. Several members are always in attendance at SGA meetings, and looking for ways to carry out multi-club activities, such as the | 17

The 411 On

Criminal Justice Student Association

18 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

If you’re on campus then you’ve noticed us – we’re the ones wearing gray polos and black tactical pants. We’re not only students, but we are members of the Criminal Justice Student Association! This exciting club was designed to benefit both its members and the public in many ways: • Develops and enhances individual leadership skills • Participation in team building activities

• Volunteer Security for the Salvation Army at Fox Valley Christian Fellowship Church Here’s a look ahead at what CJSA has planned:

November 17th | 11am-1pm Bake Sale in the Commons

November 18th & 19th

• Creates mentoring and fellowship among new and current students in Public Safety

Volunteering for set up and assistance with Seeds of Hope

• Provides speakers from various Public Safety careers

Security for the Salvation Army Christmas Assistance

December 7th Upcoming Meetings

• Informs students of statewide job postings

Nov. 28th & Dec. 12th (C181 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:25 p.m.)

• Contribute services to our local communities through volunteering opportunities

If you would like to become involved in the CJSA, new members are always welcome! This is a great way to build your resume and improve your employment visibility! Take advantage of all that CJSA has to offer and join now by attending a meeting.

• Supports and assists with important events at FVTC CJSA has kicked off the semester with many great experiences and notable accomplishments: • Collected and donated much needed items to the FVTC Food Pantry

Contact Us Facebook | FVTC Criminal Justice Student Association Ryan Gilbert | Club Advisor

CJSA Officers President | Nick Weiss Vice President | Elijah Handy • Rappelling, Milo Shooting and Driving simulator experiences

Treasurer | Blayne Lanser

• Adopt-A-Highway clean-up

Recording Secretary | Michael Burr

• A successful Bake Sale and Vande Walle candy bar fundraiser

Public Relations | Dana Keas

• Guest speaker, Private Investigator Scott Hungerford | 19

OTA Occupational Therapy

For those unfamiliar, Occupational Therapy (OT) is a therapeutic field that promotes independence through a client centered approach. Each person has a unique need for success within their daily occupations. Services are commonly seen assisting children with differing abilities participate in school, helping the recovering individual regain functional skills, establishing healthy routines for those with mental illness, and/or providing needed supports for the geriatric population.

we saw an opportunity to incorporate Occupational Therapy at Rawhide and they are very excited about our ideas! Rawhide will be accepting students from the OTA program as a fieldwork 2 site starting Spring semester 2017 and will allow students to implement the ideas into a real program for the boys attending Rawhide. The OTA program is very excited about this new opportunity!

As third semester Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) students we were given the opportunity through our Community Practice class to collaborate with five wellrespected establishments, including; Rawhide, Peabody Manor, WisSibs, Willow Heart, and SOAR. The offsite class experiences allowed students to tour the grounds, meet with clients, interview professionals, and identify needs specific within the client population. Please continue to read about our amazing experiences below..


Rawhide is a community for males in need, ages 8-18, who have various factors affecting their ability to live productively within society. Rawhide currently does not have Occupational Therapy services, therefore, there is a great need to determine how OT services could benefit the community within Rawhide. Like Rawhide, OT focuses on mental health and improving skills that promote independence and success. As a team, we focused on sensory integration and different programs to help lessen negative behaviors and make transitions easier within school, home life, and community. We collaborated with staff at the school, the boys’ house parents, Rawhide administrators, and therapists. As a team,

Wis Sibs

WisSibs is a program that offers peer support, education, social activities and leadership opportunities to those who have siblings with special needs or long-term illnesses. The group that the students were assigned to is called the SibShop, a program offered through WisSibs and involves children ages 6-12. SibShop is a program that allows children who have siblings with a disability to learn how to play, communicate, and engage with each other. Team building games and leisure activities are used to facilitate sharing experiences with each other to show that they have support systems throughout the

20 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

community. The OTA students focused on activities through sensory techniques and emotional regulation. The children made stress balls and gave examples of how and when to use them with their sibling, then taught their sibling how to make their own stress ball. Leisure and team building skills were also applied through a musical chair activity. Each child guided their sibling through the activity and gave examples of emotional regulation for both the child and their sibling.

clients. After a Needs Assessment was completed with the staff at Willow Heart, students worked to create an inventory list of items for six bins that will be on the cart. They include visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, vestibular and proprioceptive items that can make it easier for clients to calm themselves. Since the cart is mobile, it can be transported to wherever the client is during their time of need in order to de-escalate behavior and redirect their attention. Examples of sensory bin items include liquid motion bottles, water pearls, essential oils, calming music, weighted blankets and air therapy cushions, just to name a few. The students are also creating a behavior log and a safety/instruction list for the staff to use with the sensory cart in order to track progress and keep a record of what is working with specific clients. Lastly, the OTA students will provide Willow Heart with an informational sheet promoting the new sensory cart to parents and caregivers of clients.


Peabody Manor

Peabody Manor is a senior living community that serves the varying needs of the geriatric Fox Valley population. The OTA group’s purpose was to construct a plan to help with de-escalating clients suffering from Dementia. The group constructed a staff hand-out that included tools for tips pertaining to the staff’s response, tips for the environment, tips regarding the client in general, and tips for decreasing arousal. The handout is a quick, easy-to-read reference tool to help avoid behaviors and escalation. The group also constructed two additional ideas to help decrease arousals by redirecting the resident’s focus. One of the ideas involves showing the resident a custom-made picture book attached to an O-ring that is individualized to a resident’s interests. The picture book would also have the option of incorporating family photos to personalize it further. The second idea is a sensory-based idea, which focuses on an item called a fidget mitt. A fidget mitt is made of yarn and tailored to the individual’s needs. Each picture book and fidget mitt is customized to the individual to offer effective redirection tactics and to prevent escalating behaviors as much as possible.

Willow Heart

Willow Heart Respite and Care Center is an organization devoted to empowering people with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families, to lead fuller lives. The OTA students have been collaborating with the staff at Willow Heart to create a mobile sensory cart full of sensory tools that promote self-calming and emotional regulation for

SOAR is a non-profit organization located in Appleton that provides comprehensive training, employment and community living services to assist people with disabilities in becoming more independent. The SOAR mission is that of promoting dignity, self-worth, and independence for individuals with varying disabilities and conditions. They help individuals by providing a full range of services, activities, and fulfilling youth transition activities. The student’s main goal was to market SOAR through the Fox Valley through social media advertisement and flyers offering volunteer opportunities. The students collaborated with the organization to advertise and promote SOAR through in service programs and speaking opportunities at various locations. SOAR would benefit consumers needing Occupational Therapy services by providing support, education, and everyday experiences to increase success with transitioning into adulthood. Similar to the establishments visited, we as OTA students are dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential and are hopeful that our learned skills may have a positive impact on those we serve. The five sites were very different from one another, therefore, each of the five groups experienced different populations and needs in regards to receiving OT services. Through this learning process, our class had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people as well as gaining hands on experience through our efforts. “You can’t help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself” is a proud statement spoken by Norman Schwarzkopf, former United States Army general. In many ways, these words correlate with our path as students in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. | 21

Pay it Forward,

Join SNA! The Fox Valley Technical College Student Nursing Association loves giving back to the community. Whether it’s volunteering in the medical tent at the Fox Valley Marathon, offering free blood pressure screenings at the college, or helping with Special Olympic’s flag football, SNA will be there. The Student Nursing Association offers many opportunities to nursing students at FVTC. In addition to networking with instructors and fellow future nurses, hosting events and volunteering offers real life experience before formally entering the field. Some of our exciting upcoming events include the Blood Drive on November 28th, the Bone Marrow Drive on December 6th, and the Polar Plunge on February 18th! We are also hosting a benefit supper for a fellow nursing student whose family has experienced many difficulties in the past month. That event is on December 11th at the Grand Meridian in Appleton. Come and enjoy good food and fun times while helping out! Any student with interest in the medical field, in pre classes or core, is welcome to join. No commitment required, you simply make the meetings you can. SNA meets the first Monday of the month at 2:30-3:30pm in HS310. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

First semester nursing students shoe their support by wearing purple in October. Students wore purple on Thursdays to raise awareness about domestic abuse.

22 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

The Addiction

Awareness and Prevention Student Club Sharon “Cricket” Kendrick Hello to everyone in the Fox Valley Technical College community! We would like you all to know about our club, who we are, and what we are about. Many of the members of the Addiction Awareness and Prevention club are AODA program students but anyone who is interested in helping people understand the problems related to alcohol and drug abuse is welcome to be part of our club. It’s our desire to raise public awareness of alcohol and drug related problems and to help educate people about the helping resources that are in the community, not just for those with substance use disorders but also their families and other loved ones. The media have brought information about new drugs, some of the issues, and helping resources to the public’s attention, and we want to do our part, too. Information is key, especially to prevent these kinds of problems: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

putting together holiday gifts for the residents of two treatment programs in Appleton. We want to let people out there know what we are doing to attract new members to help us educate and get the message out that alcohol and drug problems can be overcome! The Addiction Awareness and Prevention club meets every other Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:00 pm in the Health Simulation and Technology building on the northeast corner of the Appleton Campus, room HS 305. The next meeting is November 22, 2016, with two more this semester, December 6th and December 20th. If you have questions or interest, please contact our club president, Linda Klauck, at or our vicepresident, Michaela Chesnut, at michaelachesnut@gmail. com.

The club is currently in the process of planning some activities for the rest of fall semester and all of spring semester. We are also working on an annual project – | 23

Milwaukee Bucks

Sidney Moncrief

24 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

Former Milwaukee Bucks Professional Basketball Player | 25


26 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016


READY TO FINISH YOUR BACHELOR’S DEGREE? • Flexible Scheduling • Affordable Tuition • Classes Meet One Night A Week • Up to 90 Transfer Credits Accepted • Books Included In Tuition through Book Loan Program • Email your FVTC transcript to: for a transfer estimate

920.968.0933 CUW.EDU / APPLETON-CTR | 27

Now it’s Your Turn to...

Save Money! “

ce “With the baland over ve transfer we sa rest. $20,000 in inater and a That’s a new c gs!” huge saMveminber/Owner Kayla Chiolino,

Community First’s FVTC branch is here to help students, faculty and staff save more money by refinancing high rate credit cards, consolidating debt or moving loans from other financials to better loans with Community First. Bring your loans from other financials to Community First or talk to us before you borrow to save money from the start.

LET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR Mortgage • Vehicle • Credit Cards Home Equity • Lines of Credit

(920) 830-7200

VISIT OUR FULL SERVICE BRANCH ON FVTC APPLETON CAMPUS AT ENTRANCE 10 Convenient on-campus location open 48 hours every week. Mon-Thurs 8:00 am - 6:00 pm • Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Easy Ways To Get Started!

Visit our FVTC Branch or any of our 22 branches

28 | FVTC Student Publication | November/December 2016

Call Us

Log Online 24/7

“Such Love”

By Nkululeko Victor Masombuka I’ve never seen such love before for he who doesn’t love is not of God for God is Love Love is Love it comes from above Love is tough, it loves when its rough Love is Power, it loves every minute every second and every hour love is a flower, it forgives even when it grieves. love qualifies the unqualified love satisfies the dissatisfied love gives in order to live and love lives to those who believe Love is not a noun its a verb love is a gentleman, love is a dedicated lady love is in the eyes of an innocent baby love is what you give not what you find love suffers long yet it is kind and just because love is kind alot of people claim that love is blind No, love is not blind, love sees it just doesn’t mind.

Love will never stop loving, for He is love. If love would stop loving then that love is not love. love is omnipotent love is self sufficient love is self defined and love is not determined by what can be done for or to it. love is unshakable love is unchangable love is incrediable love is reliable

Love loves you in darkness for He is Light Love loves you by day and by night Love loves you when you wrong an when you right Love loves even right after the fight Love allows you to take advantage make it look foolish, worthless and bad but love loves even when its sad. Love is not something you can earsily break, in love there is no hate and if love is not fake then love allows you to make a mistake

for loves’ sake love loves and for God’s sake comes I’ve never seen such love before for he who doesn’t love is not of God for God is Love

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