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Happy Valentine’s and Mardi Gras, Wavers!

February has arrived and that means alentine s ay, Mardi ras, and party time. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take your sweetheart out for a dining experience at our fantastic Galveston area restaurants. he out our restaurant se tion on pages 34-4 to dis over so e in redi le dining options

A special outfit and some new accessories are a must to celebrate Valentine’s and Mardi Gras. Read through our pages and find some terrific retail stores with great local ownership. lease support our island usinesses and B L L

Waves is your Mardi Gras information source for schedules, parade routes, parking areas, and other information that helps you get the best experience possible.

he it out on pages 0, 1, 66, and 6 There are also ell phone- riendly digital versions availa le at www wavesgalveston o or you to view or download print

Stay tuned for information regarding another aves Maga ine So ial arty This event is extremely popular, and you won’t want to miss out. More information will become available as soon as we lock down the date and time.

Let s all Laisse Le Bon Te ps Rouler ave a sa e and un Fe ruary

See ya around the sland

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PET Corner

Exotic P ets;

Should They Be Pets?

Facebook, TikTok and YouTube are full of videos with people posing with their exotic pets. The images have cute, cuddly, and often breathtaking animals that make the viewers want one of their own. The internet not only provides temptation to have an exotic animal but provides links to the people that sell them. Many species of exotic animals are difficult to care for, can grow up to harm the owner, or may be downright illegal to possess.

There are many reasons exotic pet ownership may be ill advised. The decision by most is often impulsive without consideration of the time and resources required to properly care for a particular species for its entire lifetime. Some are so difficult to care for that captivity is cruel and unfair to the animal. Some, like monkeys and exotic cats, are the cutest little babies, only to become dangerous adults. It seems insane to me that someone would buy a baby tiger or bear not realizing it may grow up and kill you.

One upside however, this may be Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection thinning the human herd. Exotic pets purchased from less than reputable suppliers have been known to transmit zoonotic diseases to the

Care Advice From Richard D. Henderson,

owner or the other animals in the household. There have been many occasions that unsuspecting customers have purchased animals that are illegal to own where they live or are a protected species. Suppliers will rarely admit many of these animals have been taken from the wild but instead claim they were born in captivity. Animals removed from the wild are much more likely to carry disease or die shortly after purchase.

In the past year there have been frequent news stories about human trafficking operations around the world. This is a disgusting and sad reality that is beyond comprehension. Sadly, animals are also taken advantage of by wildlife trafficking. Between 2014 and 2019, almost 50,000 live animal specimens were either confiscated or refused entry by the United States Fish and Wildlife authorities. It was a wide list of species including tigers, reptiles, parrots, tropical fish, and small mammals. Some of the lucky ones are placed in zoos and sanctuaries. Sadly, many die from the stress of capture and shipment. If there was no demand from the public to own these animals, the suppliers would have no market or ability to make money. Ultimately, lack of demand and stiff laws

Waves Magazine | February 2023

against ownership are the best way to make this repulsive business disappear.

I have treated exotic animals in my veterinary practice for many decades. I estimate that seventy-five percent of them either die early deaths or the owners get tired of caring for them. I am often asked if I can help place the animal in new homes. The smaller percentage of owners are devoted and ready to care for their pet for the long haul.

With so many exotics not having the life all animals deserve, is it reasonable to propose we morally should not be allowed to keep any wild animal in captivity? If that animal had a choice, would he choose captivity over freedom? What right as humans do we have to confine an animal to a small enclosure their whole life? Is owning an exotic pet just another way to entertain ourselves or get attention from others? What does the animal get out of this relationship?

us over living on their own. As much as I have enjoyed being around exotic animals in my veterinary career, I’m beginning to wonder if a real animal lover should ever own one.

Our dogs and cats enjoy the lives we give them. Otherwise, they would flee the first time we take them off the leash or let them out. I think they would choose living with

Waves Magazine | February 2023 11 www.wavesgalveston.com
Ri hard enderson, M Galveston Veterinary Clinic 2108 61st Street Galveston, TX 77551 409.356.9000

Re l ati o nshipAd v ic e with Jan & Dean

i there an and ean don t now i should e writing this to Ms Manners e ause it has to do with e a tly that, anners But you two are very lunt so igured ll just as anyway My pro le is with one o y hus and s est riends well, really his ids u y s riend has two daughters, oth o who have gotten arried within the last two years ourse, we were invited to oth weddings a h ti e we gave gi ts one ro a registry, and the last one a ew onths ago whi h was just oney

ell, we didn t get a than you ro either one ot one written ard, not an e ail, not even a te t or phone all ay, now here is the pro le etween hu y and e want to on ront his riend a out this First, didn t need to spend ti e and oney on the irst one Se ond, we ould have used that ash ourselves instead o just giving it away to so eone that doesn t have the de en y to a nowledge our gi t u y says , leave it alone hat s done is done hat are your opinions - anda is wor ed up

Wanda, I would be upset too! I think over the generations, a lot of basic etiquettes has gone down the drain. (Fortunately, a few people still have them). These two daughters skipped those classes. People seem to send out an invitation assuming that they will score a gift. I would personally ask him, (I said ask him, not confront him), and say you didn’t get a response from “Sally” about your gift. Since it was money, you were hoping that someone else didn’t help themselves to your envelope at the reception. If hubby still wants to be mad, so be it. It will pass. But I bet secretly he will be glad you did.

Hi Wanda, I don’t blame you for being upset. I agree with Jan when she states that current-day etiquette has virtually disappeared. It’s a real shame that this has happened. There is nothing you can do to change this situation. People are who they are. I strongly believe that they both should have sent you a thank you in some fashion. The problem I see is that the two women you sent the gifts to are your husband’s best friend’s daughters. If they were the daughters of your best friend, I would say fire away. I would not confront the father of the women if your husband doesn’t want you to since it is his best friend.

I would tell your husband one thing though. Since he doesn’t want you getting involved and asking any questions, then he needs to be the one that puts in the effort regarding the gifts, not you! He needs to do all of the gift-giving and put in all of the efforts in doing so if he doesn’t want you involved in asking any questions. If he is the one putting in the time, energy, and money in sending the gifts, then maybe he will start to feel differently about things.

12 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
S L , T S S B M B T S T T S T S RS
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hallenge T rivia

Small Towns Of Texas

How Well Do You Know The Small Towns Of Texas?

Marfa isn’t much more than a a dot. W at as o s oc ing here for over a century?

A. Aliens . ig ts

C. Gold mines

D. Caves

What Texas town is home to the Texas White House, and also happens to be the hometown of the 36th U.S. President?

A. Johnson City

B. Lincoln City

C. Kennedy City

D. Ford City

no n as t e in a o s g ost to n near ig end. nce a ic si er ining b no hosts an annual chili cookoff?

A. Silver Dollar City

. Ter ing a

. i ington

D. Bodie

13-mile loop draws visitors to this Gillespie County town in Te as i o ntry to see fie ds o b ebonnets eac s ring.

A. Wichita Falls

B. Willow City

C. McAllen

D. Rockport

For more than a century, Dublin, Texas was known as one of the few U.S. sources for this product. What is it?

A. Pumpkin beer

B. Potato donuts

C. Electric cars

D. Dr. e er it rea s gar

Consider yourself a shopaholic? Don’t miss this Texas town, which is known for its ega-si ed anti es air.

A. Tyler

B. Round Top

C. San Marcos

D. Galveston

Want to see the roadside stop known as Cadillac Ranch? It’s located just to the west of this town in the Texas panhandle.

A. Austin

B. Lubbock

C. Gruene

D. Amarillo

If you want to buy these, head for Archer City which is famous for a Main Street store started by screenwriter Larry McMurty.

A. Diamonds

B.Used books

C. Records

D. Watches

Tell us the main export of Shiner down in the southeastern part of the state.

A. Beer

B. Pineapples

C. Chickens

D. Computer chips

Charro Days is a major festival down in southern Texas. Which town plays host to the crowds for this event?

A. Brownsville

B. Galveston

C. Amarillo

D. Lubbock

Which town should you visit to tube on the Medina River or tour the Frontier Times Museum?

A. Bandera . rederic sb rg

. r strong

D. San Marcos

n enced by t e c t re o its German founders, which Texas town is also the birthplace of a y egend ester i it . rederic sb rg

B. Marfa

C. Canyon

D. Ervine

Can you name the Texas town that shot to fame thanks to a Way on ennings song

A. Canyon

B. Port Isabel

C. Luckenbach

D. Kemah

Do you know which of these to ns sits a ong ig ay between Houston and Austin?

A. Brownsville

B. Laredo

C. Archer City

D. Chappell Hill

W ic o t ese ran s a ong the not-to-be-missed attractions on a isit to c enb rg do n in Texas Hill Country?

. assi e anti e esti a

B. Corn palace

C. Painted churches

D. Wild horse preserve

This town calls itself “The Gateway City” because of its o r a or bridges to e ico. Can you name it?

A. Abilene . dessa

C. Laredo

D. Katy

Just north of Abilene near the a o a border yo find t e town of Seymour, Texas. Which of these is its claim to fame?

A. Gold mines

B. Craft beer

C. Dinosaurs

D. reat s o ing

The town of New Braunfels near San Antonio is known as home to Schlitterbahn, which is a ...

A. Buffet restaurant

B. Federal prison

C. Racetrack

D. Water park

Across the border from Shreveort o isiana yo find t e only natural lake in Texas in this small town.

A. Lewisville

B. Jefferson

C. San Marcos

D. Round Rock

o nded in t e s iberty Texas has its own replica of a U.S. landmark. Can you name it?

A. Statue of Liberty

B. Liberty Bell

C. White House

D. entagon

16 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Answer Reveal on Page 65
Your Answers On Page 65
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Hello everyone. Well, it’s still cold outside, (by Texas standards anyway) , and nothing makes me happier than a nice creamy, tasty casserole. This one melts in your mouth, and it’s EASY. Take off your jacket, boots, and cozy up to the stove.

unt Mary llen s rea y heesy asserole


1 12-ounce package of medium or wide egg noodles (I usually don’t use all the noodles).

2 cups chicken (now I use two boneless chicken breasts, but if you are lazier than Bunny, buy a rotisserie chicken and shred it).

2 cans or one large family size cream of chicken soup. 1 1/2 cup sour cream.

2 cups frozen mixed vegetables, thawed (I cook mine and drain)

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste.

1 cup cheddar cheese.

Clip & Save

Aunt Mary Ellen’s Creamy Cheesy Casserole



•1 12-ounce package of medium or wide egg noodles (I usually don’t use all the noodles).

•2 cups chicken (now I use two boneless chicken breasts, but if you are lazier than Bunny, buy a rotisserie chicken and shred it).

•2 cans or one large family size cream of chicken soup.

•1 1/2 cup sour cream.

•2 cups frozen mixed vegetables, thawed (I cook mine and drain)

•Salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste.

•1 cup cheddar cheese.

•Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Spray down a 3-quart casserole dish.

•Boil noodles til done and drain.

•Boil your chicken breasts, cool, and then shred.

•Cook your mixed vegetables, drain, and cool.

•(I know, a lot of prep work, but it is worth it. Do the pots and pans while waiting for the casserole to bake).

•In a large bowl, mix all the above except the cheese. Pour into the casserole. Sprinkle the cheese over the top.

•Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Easy Recipes by Bunny Waves Magazine


Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Spray down a 3-quart casserole dish.

Boil noodles til done and drain.

Boil your chicken breasts, cool, and then shred. Cook your mixed vegetables, drain, and cool.

(I know, a lot of prep work, but it is worth it. Do the pots and pans while waiting for the casserole to bake).

In a large bowl, mix all the above except the cheese. Pour into the casserole. Sprinkle the cheese over the top. Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Now see, when you pull this out of the oven, all the prep work is done, and you just scoop it up in a bowl or plate. asy and deli ious

Hope you have been having a great New Year so far.

o H
y ls
20 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | February 2023 21 www.wavesgalveston.com THE ARTWIN GROUP IN GALVESTON Speedy’s Printing ADS Custom Signs 6614 Stewart Road Galveston, TX 77551 409.763.1666 or 409.763.4909 Print Services Graphic Design Services Advertising Services & more! www.speedysprinting.com 2111 STRAND ST GALVESTON, TX 77550 2111STRANDST.GALVESTON,TX77550 WWW.PATCHCOGALVESTON.COM WWW.PATCHCOGALVESTON.COM @PATCHCOGALVESTON @PATCHCOGALVESTON


Peace, Love, and Naps

My first child never missed a nap. My second child never took too kindly to slowing down to sleep, day or night. And as parents know, sometimes the only sleep we can sneak in is while our babies nap. Napping is a global phenomenon that begins as infants and continues through adulthood. It’s one thing parents and teachers look forward to while kids dread.

Before we dive into the anatomy of the perfect nap, let’s talk about what makes us sleepy in the first place. When awake, a neurotransmitter called adenosine accumulates in our brain as a by-product of brain cells firing. Adenosine molecules bind to receptors, slowing the brain cells down and making us feel sleepy. Imagine this process as an hourglass that fills up during the day, increasing our drive to sleep, then flips over and empties overnight. In contrast, our body clock, which completes a cycle once every twenty-four hours, influences our drive to stay awake. Our sensations of sleepiness or alertness result from the interaction between our sleep drive and wake drive.

Our greatest urge to sleep occurs when our sleep drive approaches its maximum, and our wake drive is at its weakest. Ideally, this urge should coincide with the late evening. However, if we haven’t slept enough, we can begin the day without completely emptying our ‘sleep timer.’ Consequently, by the time we hit the afternoon, the gradual drop in wake drive interacts with our higher-than-normal sleep drive and makes us crave a nap to recharge. Taking a nap is like flipping over the hourglass. As you sleep, the sand runs in the opposite direction, and sleep pressure reduces. This mechanism can boost alertness even if we don’t feel sleepy.

20- inute naps can improve physical endurance by increasing time to exhaustion and reducing perceived exertion (but only if you slept less than seven hours the night before).

26- inute naps may improve task performance by 34% and alertness by 50% for several hours after the nap.

30- inute naps, taken after lunch, are associated with improved cognitive flexibility.

The ownside o apping

Unfortunately, napping also has its downsides. When it comes to naps, timing is everything. Naps longer than 30 minutes increase ‘sleep inertia,’ the tired feeling after you wake up. Also, taking a nap later in the day can interfere with that night’s sleep, so try to nap by the early afternoon.

10- inute naps can result in immediate improvements in cognitive performance and reduced sensations of fatigue, with the benefits lasting for over two hours.

If you’re thinking you can snooze for an hour on the couch and still wake up refreshed and ready to go, think again. According to a NASA study, the ideal nap is only about 26 minutes. The problem with a nap longer than 30 minutes is the risk of waking up while you’re in the deeper stages of sleep. You need to spend some quality time in deep sleep at night. During a nap, it’s the opposite. Sleeping for 20 30 minutes allows the napper to get a bit of light sleep to boost alertness without entering deep sleep. Waking up from deep sleep can cause grogginess and actually worsen sleepiness. And, if you find yourself dreaming while you are napping during the day, this may mean you are sleep deprived and will need to readjust your sleep schedule to get adequate rest at night.

22 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
id you now that napping an provide any health ene its and are ti e-dependent up
HEA H & NE and

It’s also important to consider the time of day for napping. Experts typically recommend that adults take naps eight or more hours before bedtime. For most people, that means napping before 3 p.m. Napping too late in the day may contribute to nighttime sleep problems.

For some people, naps may feel natural or even necessary after lunchtime. This is sometimes known as the post-lunch dip. While eating lunch may play a role in afternoon sleepiness, the post-lunch dip is linked to circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the body’s internal clock that follows a 24-hour cycle. Within this cycle are two peak periods for sleepiness. The most significant peak is during the night, and the second one falls in the early afternoon.

significant peak is during the night, and the second one falls in the early ollow these

you re loo ing to ta e power-napping to the ne t level, oll tips:

1 on t let your nap run long Set an alarm to ensure you’re not snoozing longer than 30 minutes.

distracting noises by listening to white noise.

3 ap in the early a ternoon Think of a nap as a dose of caffeine. If it seems too late in the afternoon for a cup of coffee, it’s probably also too late for a nap.

Sleep experts say naps make for a better, more functional worker. This sounds like something we all should be doing, right? Well, one survey found that only one-third of respondents actually took naps. Ideally, we would all get enough sleep to stay alert throughout the day, but an occasional nap is a healthy and efficient way to boost your well-being and performance. So go ahead. Get your Rip Van Winkle on a few times a week and reap the benefits of a nap.

2 hoose the right napping spot be taken in a dark and quiet space. Consider wearing a sleep mask if you can’t find a dark room. And if you can’t find somewhere quiet, drown out

Just like regular sleep, naps should

Waves Magazine | February 2023 23 www.wavesgalveston.com
y H so
Shaye enderson, BS , M d , M S , wner, 640 Fit, 11 via Main, alveston
24 Waves Magazine | October 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com In the heart of Galveston's Downtown Cultural Arts District THEGRAND.COM 409.765.1894 THE GRAND 1894 OPERA HOUSE 2022–23 PERFORMING ARTS SEASON
The Drummers of Japan Renée Elise Goldsberry
Fiddler on the Roof
Welcoming Artists • Engaging Audiences • Celebrating History
Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett And His Acoustic Group

Wed, Feb 15, 2023 | 7:30 PM

Thu, Feb 16, 2023 | 7:30 PM

A singer, composer and actor, Lyle Lovett has broadened the definition of American music in a career that spans 14 albums. Coupled with his gift for storytelling, the Texas-based musician fuses elements of country, swing, jazz, folk, gospel and blues in a convention defying manner that breaks down barriers.

The Kingdom Choir

Fri, Feb 24, 2023 | 8 PM

London’s The Kingdom Choir first attracted the world’s attention when they performed their show-stopping performance of “Stand By Me” at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018. Featuring vibrant vocals and stunning harmonies, this concert will include soulful renditions of traditional gospel classics and popular contemporary music!

Waves Magazine | October 2022 25 www.wavesgalveston.com

Collagen and Your Skin

The Role Collagen Plays

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the main component in our skin, bones, and muscles. It provides the structure and support that holds the body together. When we are young, our bodies produce all the collagen we need but as we age, collagen production slows down by 1% per year which can be accelerated even more by exposure to uv light and various toxins like tobacco. A reduction in the collagen content of skin leads to loss of elasticity and firmness which creates fine lines, wrinkles and a sagging appearance. So, what can be done?

Collagen Stimulation

Collagen production is also increased with injury or perceived injury. Both Sublative Radiofrequency and Microneedling are perceived as injuries by the body and can stimulate the body to increase not only the rate of collagen production but improve the quality of the collagen made. This increased production can continue for weeks to months after a single treatment leading to firmer, more youthful looking skin.

Replacing Collagen

One strategy for improving wrinkles and producing a more youthful look is to supplement your body’s collagen either topically in creams and serums applied to the skin or orally by maintaining a diet rich in amino acids or by adding peptide supplements. Peptides applied to the skin actually stimulate collagen production.

Two peptide containing products you may already be familiar with are ZO® Daily Power Defense and Recovery Cream. In addition, two procedures that can improve absorption of these collagen building blocks are a Hydrafacial which exfoliates the skin and Microneedling which allows for direct penetration of the peptides into the deeper layers of the skin.

Secondly, a diet rich in animal and plant proteins can provide the raw materials necessary for collagen production. If collagen supplements are desired, these should be in the form of peptides which are smaller than collagen and more easily absorbed.


Collagen is the protein that provides structure to your skin creating a smooth, youthful look. Applying peptides, the building block of collagen, to the skin’s surface increases collagen production and improves texture and tone. Both ZO® Daily Power Defense and Recovery Cream contain peptides. In addition, a balanced diet rich in peptides or the use of peptide supplements can be another source of collagen building blocks. And if you want “a little help from your friends,” a Hydrafacial, Sublative RF, or Microneedling can give your fibroblasts a little nudge to step-up collagen production in your skin and turn back the clock, just a little bit!

Have a great day, and hope you continue to “Look Fresh and Feel Confident”.

Dr. Tara Wegryn is a board-certified Neurologist and Electrophysiologist and a member in good standing with the IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine). Dr. Wegryn received her MD from the University of Florida and residency in Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic. In 1996, Dr. Wegryn founded Houston Neuromonitoring, a successful intraoperative monitoring company that served the surgical community at the TMC (Texas Medical Center) for over 17 years.

Dr. Tara Wegryn is currently the director/ owner of Refresh Medispa in Galveston, Texas.

If you have any questions about aesthetic medicine or Refresh Medispa, please send them to Drtara@refreshmedidayspa.com and she will try to answer them in future articles!

Refresh Medispa

2424 Mechanic Street

Galveston, Texas, 77550


26 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | February 2023 27 www.wavesgalveston.com HydraFacial Botox & Fillers Microneedling Skin Resurfacing PRP Hair Kybella Colorescience ZO Skin Health 409.443.5633 Tara Wegryn MD 2319 A Strand, Galveston, TX 77550 928.301.3412 https://www.aholisticsolution.com/ FREE PAIN PATCH lean nd Friendly Fitness 24 ode ess ariety ew igh uality or ut Ma hines ersonal Trainer vaila le est nd y 13680 FM 3005, Galveston,TX 77554 Ph: (409) 737-3400 2424 Mechanic Street Galveston, TX www.refreshmedidayspa.com the gym that is The right atmosphere for your excercise “stress free” west-end-gym-galveston Mention this ad to get a 20 dis ount H yMardi ras HydraFacial

Bob Rohan, or as he is no n in e as “Bad Bob”, has been playing the fiddle and singing in arious groups or o er years in e as, and has opened or Mer-

le aggard, illie elson, harlie aniels, arlene arter and ohn onley to na e a e . Bob has played in bands that ha e bac ed up country legends li e an ho pson, Ray rice, ac reene, a illis, and ale atson.

long ith song riting, Bob is also a talented cartoonist and has a sel syndicated co ic strip titled ffalo als . he

co ic eature is about t o co girls “Bess inchester” and “ onnie heyenne”. he co ic strip as inspired a ter playing ith “ he ays ounty als and als” a co girl estern group that toured through e as, laho a and as ar est as l o, e ada. Bob has on he isconsin tate iddle ha pionship and has been no inated se eral ti es ro he cade y o estern rtists or Best o boy artoonist.

You can find Mr. Rohan online at : www. ad o rohan.com to read ore and collect his original or s

28 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | February 2023 29 www.wavesgalveston.com WEST ISLAND PROFESSIONAL CENTER O C A D R TA L S AC A orda le uality O ices ear Criminal ustice Center ear oody Gardens ear Air ort uality Brick Construction Am le ad acent arking Office space priced from $475.00 & up per month West Island Professional Center 6511 Stewart Rd. Galveston, Texas 77551 kaydavis9@gmail.com Administrative Offices Kay Davis - Owner-Administrator 56 Le Brun Ct. | Galveston, Texas (409) 771-0675 | (409) 744-5884 Call Now! (409) 744-5884 or (409) 771-0675


“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.”

Ihave always loved dandelions. Blowing the seeds was a wonderful pastime when I was a child. Little did I know that I was spreading the love- dandelion love.

Now I love dandelions for a whole different reason. It is such a joy to see their little sunny faces shining in the sun. This always signals that the deep of winter is over. But the real beauty of the dandelion is in the healing properties that the plant possesses. Even without reported healing properties, the dandelion has a high number of vitamins and minerals.

The niversity o Maryland Medi al enter has this to say:

“While many people think of the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) as a pesky weed, it is chock full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals, such as iron, potassium, and zinc. Dandelion leaves are used to add flavor to salads, sandwiches, and teas. The roots are used in some coffee substitutes, and the flowers are used to make wines.”

Herbalists recommend dandelion for liver cleansing and ridding the body of toxins. You can drink tea made from dandelion leaves and blossoms, take a tincture made from the plant and roots, or you can

take supplements found in your local health food store. If you’re looking for dandelions in your own gardens, look for the yellow blossoms suspended on a single stem, the yellow blossoms on branching stems are not true dandelions. They are actually called “false dandelions”- how creative.

Even if you don’t choose dandelions for your own benefit, leave them for the bees. The bees benefit from the nectar and pollen.


30 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
~Holly Ross
more great information, go to:
Waves Magazine | February 2023 31 www.wavesgalveston.com 409.877.6162 all For FREE Estimate T R R T R R o er ial - Residential - onesty - uality er ing he al eston o ston rea ri lee63 i loud o Ri Morrison Locally owned and operated for 5 years Managing Your VACATION RENTAL ………. Just Got Easier Krystal Real Estate markets your property, Books up your calendar, and provides your guest with 24/7 support. The result: You earn more and stress less. 409.240.9900 Krystal@KrystalBradford.com = www.GalvestonByTheBay.com “Creating Memorable Vacations for your Guest”

Fun Facts Historical Galveston

Love On The Island

Happy February Wavers! It’s Valentine’s season! Love is in the air, Cupid has his arrow pointed, and romance fills the island.

First, a little history: Saint Valentine was a real person. He was ordered beheaded by the Roman Emperor Claudius II on February 14th. He was performing marriages against the Emperor’s orders.

The day became associated with romantic love in the 14th and 15th centuries. In 18th-century England, it grew into an occasion on which couples expressed their love for each other by giving flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards (known as “valentines”).

I thought this month we would take a look at places and things on the Island that has the word love in their title. So, let’s get started with those annoying little pests, LoveBugs!


Lovebugs were first reported in Galveston, Texas in the 1940s. Since that time, they have spread throughout other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and even some states along the Atlantic coast. They are native to South America and over the past few decades, Lovebugs have migrated north. The lovebug is a species of the March fly. During and after mating, matured pairs remain together, even in flight, for several days. Fun Fact: After mating, the male dies and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs.

Lovejewel Treasure Treats - 6341 Stewart Rd

Nothing says Love better than sweets! Here is a home-based thriving business on the beautiful island of Galveston. Fun Fact: They only take to go orders. They dream of someday opening a storefront for the community.

Must Love Treats - 218 Ferry Road

If you need a date, here’s your answer! All of the ingredients are 100% plant-based and natural. Sweetened with actual dates! Fun Fact: You might have seen the owners, Hannah and Mollie on shark tank.

True Love Missionary Baptist - 1408 34th

As an offshoot of the Chapel Hill Baptist Church, a small mission began in 1942 in the residence of Rev. Moses Small, 5218 Roosevelt Street. At the suggestion of Clara Miller, the church was named True Love Missionary Baptist Church.

Because of such rapid growth, True Love moved to its new home at 3987 Maybury Grand.

Fun Fact: True Love remained at its Maybury Grand address for 11 years until city progress mandated that the congrega tion move to another facility to make way for the Fisher and Jeffries Freeways.

32 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com y o s o

Love lo s

Starting in 2013, a group of friends got together to start this tradition on Galveston Island. Simply put, you buy a padlock, engrave or paint you and your loved one’s name on them, attach the lock to a fence and throw away the key. You’ll have to do some searching to find exactly where the fence and the locks are located. The owner of the property where the fence is located was contacted and says that they have no problem supporting this expression of Love! Fun Fact: This unique expression of love can be found in many different places throughout our world.

Love s The a e alveston Founder

“A veteran of the War of 1812, a lawyer named James Love, came to Texas in 1837 with his wife Lucy (Ballinger). He helped found Galveston. Love served as a delegate to the 1845 Annexation Convention, judge of the district court, and clerk of the United States District Court. Fun Fact: During the Civil War (1861-1865) he enlisted in Terry’s Texas Rangers. Afterward, he served as the first judge of the Harris and Galveston County Criminal Court.”

Love eddings

For the Love o air - 101 26th Street

Everyone loves a good haircut! Whether it’s for the bride, a party updo, or a special event, such as Valentine’s Day, beautiful hair is the name of the game. Fun Fact: The average head contains over 100,000 hair follicles.

Must Love Treats - 218 Ferry Road

Wow! Talk about Love! These treats would convince any pooch to love their owner. These look good enough for humans to eat! Must Love Treats was created out of a desire to provide all-natural, healthy dog treats for our pet companions. Fun Fact: A dog’s sense of smell is at least 40x better than ours.

Love and weddings go hand in hand. The backdrop of Galveston offers many people a beautiful picture for their wedding. Be sure to book your Island wedding in advance. The total number of weddings in Galveston each year approaches over 1,100. Wow, that’s a lot! Fun Fact: Galveston County ranks 221 out of 3109 counties in the number of weddings. Another Fun Fact: The average wedding cost is $25,795.

All you Wavers have a Love filled month. I hope Cupid finds all the love birds on the island and love and romance abound! See ya next month!

Waves Magazine | February 2023 33 www.wavesgalveston.com o s o
34 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com February 2023
Your time is valuable. Trust Waves Dining Section to be your personal concierge on the Galveston Dining Circuit. With tips, amenities, features like outdoor seating, pet friendliest places and price points, let us test the WAVES at various Island Restaurants for you! See you at the table! CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Tom Valliere Charlie Bresenhan Follow Us Galveston Location 6612 Seawall - Galveston Ph:409-744-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 8:00PM Lamarque Location 2216 Gulf Freeway - LaMarque Ph: 409-935-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Dining Section
Waves Magazine | February 2023 35 www.wavesgalveston.com LIVE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY. KARAOKE - THURSDAY’S - 7-11 and SUNDAY’S - 4-8 HOUR S OF OPERATION Sunday - Wednesday -11:AM to 10:PM Thursday -11:AM to 11:PM Friday & Saturday - 11:AM to Midnight HAPPY HOUR MON-FRI 3P-7P WINNER 2019 Del Pappa Award For BEST CRAWFISH in Galveston County! Huli Huli Hut | 312 19th Street | Galveston, Texas 77550 | 409-443-5525 facebook.com/hulihulihut We Cater!! Follow us on Facebook for daily menus NOW OPEN IN NEW LOCATION 4 01 Broadway ours peration: Tuesday Thru Saturday - 11a-3p losed Sundays and Mondays 409-539-0059 from Team Koop’s! Thank y'all so much to those who voted for us! We appreciate you!
36 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com 2107 Postoffice • 409.744.8626 littledaddysgumbobar.com 2017 Postoffice • 409.744.FISH saltwatergrill.com 2105 Postoffice • 409.621.4759 skybargalveston.com 2101 Postoffice • 409.497.4279 taquilos.com Postoffice Street Dining Enjoy Delicious Food. Galveston Restaurant Group | Catering for all occasions | 409.750.8888 Visit www.LOVEOURLOCALS.com for our Happy Hour specials!


Galveston Island has many attractions both natural and man-made. One of the finest is our preserved and restored downtown Strand Street. Perhaps the largest collection of 19th-century Victorian cast iron storefronts, it is a special and favorite place for me. Lovingly restored, these commercial buildings date back to Galveston’s “Golden Era” when she reigned as the largest and richest city in Texas.

Today the Strand is a thriving commercial and entertainment district and a major tourist draw. Directly adjacent to our waterfront and the cruise ship terminals, literally thousands of travelers visit each week as they embark or disembark on their cruise adventures.

Special zoning allowing for open containers of alcoholic beverages and a wide variety of eating, drinking, and shopping venues keeps things lively. A great variety of sidewalk seating is available and on sunny days I have spent many hours with a cold beer enjoying conversations with friends and just “people watching” into the late afternoon and evening hours.

Among the many venues for food and drink, Brews Brothers stands alone as a unique and eccentric purveyor of food and beverages.

Wedged into the center of a block of restaurants and bars, it appears modest and unassuming from the street. Upon entering, you are transported to a long ago time of old craftsman shops and merchants. Unrestored with cracked plaster walls, concrete floors, and exposed beams, it is the perfect setting for what it is - a charming but deadly serious venue for craft beers and creative food.

The interior is dominated by a long bar and a wall of beer taps so you know immediately this is someplace special. A large blackboard alerts you to the daily and often rotating selections of beer and food specials. An array of tables and seating allows groups to chat and be comfortable.

Big BITES and

Justin Strait was always interested in brewing craft beers and moved to Galveston for a job opportunity that was interrupted by Hurricane Ike. Unfazed, he continued to brew beer and bartend while he saved money to open his dream of bringing craft beer to our island. Teaming up with James Cunningham, a sales representative for Texas craft beer pioneer St. Arnolds, their dream came true with the opening of Brews Brothers in late 2012.

One of their first challenges was bringing food to their brewpub. Not just any food, it had to be special and complement their beer offerings and the cozy pub environment they were cultivating. They found what they were looking for in Troy Weatherspoon, the chef from the Petrol Station in Houston. Troy opened the kitchen and put together the eclectic menu you see today.

Arguably the best hamburger in Galveston, their focus on quality combined with unique seasonings and toppings creates artisanal burgers that are mouthwatering masterpieces. Combined with their house-made chips, you are assured a memorable meal. Creative burger concoctions include their “Mission from God” burger. With goat cheese, slabs of bacon, and beer-sauteed onions and mushrooms, it takes your flavor expectations to a new level. Their “Islander by Choice” variant brings home tropical and Oriental flavors of pineapple and teriyaki with a slice of Spam. It is different and delicious. It is not all burgers however and there are many choices, most of which have beer in their recipe.

38 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com
February 2023

Beer of course is what Brews Brothers is all about. Their selection of craft beers is large and thoughtfully selected to appeal to everyone. Hoppy IPAs share space with bold stouts and light pilsners. Both bottled beer and frothy drafts are available naturally carbonated or served with nitrogen. All are delicious and knowledgeable bartenders can guide you to the right choice. They are generous with their tasting samples, or you can order a flight of several beers to try. Beer offerings rotate constantly bringing seasonal specialties or limited craft batches.

Evening entertainment is provided and on a recent evening, we enjoyed an “open mic” experience with several outstanding local musicians providing a wide range of music. Most nights there is some sort of special running with discounts, upsizing 20oz for 16oz price, or “keep the glass” souvenirs.

If you find yourself on the Strand, drop by this unique place for a refreshing drink and some noteworthy food. You will be pleased with your food and drink and will likely leave with fond memories and a few new friends - and the start of a new Galveston tradition.

Street par ing an e di i ult in the rowded Strand area

There is a ulti-story paid par ing garage in the sa e lo

andi apped a ess is air as there is li ited handi apped par ing and high ur s

ours o peration:

Sunday - Thursday 12: Noon to 10:00 PM

Friday Saturday 12: Noon to Midnight

Waves Magazine | February 2023 39 www.wavesgalveston.com
Brews Brothers 2404 Strand Galveston, Texas 77550 (409) 763-2739

Pennie’s Take Out Menu

Smoked Brisket

Quality brisket covered with our original rub, slow smoked and ready to be sliced when you order.

Pork Ribs

Pork ribs cooked with our original rub till almost done then basted with our honey sweetened sauce.

Grilled Chicken

Chicken spiced with our rub cooked over wood. Unlike any chicken you have ever eaten.

Link Sausage

Pork and Beef link sausage smoked over oak ready and waiting for you to order.


Chopped Beef | Sliced Beef | Sausage |Comes with a complimentary 4 oz side

Stuffed Baked Potato

Huge baked potato filled with butter, cheese, sour cream, chives and best of all chopped brisket!

Texas Sized Tamales

Everything is bigger in Texas. Three times larger than our

regular tamales with the same great taste.


(Sat. and Sun. Only)

Pennie Ochoa’s delicious recipe. Tender, moist shredded beef is the result.

Menudo (Seasonal)

Honey comb tripe in a spicy Mexican soup

Sides and Dessert

All sides are made fresh at Pennie’s

Potato Salad

Dill based cool refreshing chopped potatoes mixed with dressings.

Pinto Beans

My own recipe made fresh daily. Lots of love goes into the beans. Green Beans Banana Pudding Trifle

40 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com February 2023 Texas Sized Tamales Available!
37th Street, Galveston, TX 77550
Waves Magazine | February 2023 41 www.wavesgalveston.com Mosquito Cafe 628 14th Street Galveston, Texas 77550 www.mosquitocafe.com 0 7 3 1010 Ta e O t | el ve | ne n | O t oo n n catering service available Hours Of Operation Tue. - Sat. | 8am to 8:30pm Sun. | 8am - 3pm Monday | Closed 628 14th Street Delivery Available Full service | limited service | beverage service | bar service | elegant to casual we can do it all! Contact: james@mosquitocafe.com


The u o iner Revisited

This month we will revisit the recently remodeled Gumbo Diner on the Seawall. I originally reviewed this restaurant in May 2019. Having just completed an extensive remodel, I felt it timely to revisit this incredibly popular restaurant.

There are surprisingly few restaurants in Galveston that offer a full-service American-style breakfast. While Mexican restaurants abound and delicious breakfast burritos and Huevos Rancheros are seemingly everywhere, a sit-down plate of eggs, hash browns, sausage, and pancakes is in seemingly short supply.

When I get a craving for a hearty breakfast or a late-night egg snack, the Gumbo Diner is my go-to choice.

A part of the Galveston Restaurant Group’s family of excellent locally-owned restaurants, the Gumbo Diner is often confused with its larger sibling Little Daddies Gumbo Bar on Postoffice street in downtown Galveston. While there is certainly a common familial DNA, the places are actually very different.

The Gumbo Diner is the only restaurant in the group that opens early and serves a complete breakfast. Conveniently located in the heart of the seawall hotels area, it is extremely popular for breakfast but also offers lunch and dinner options from its succinct but relatively complete menu.

Having just completed the fastest remodel in my memory (things don’t usually happen quickly in Galveston) I knew I had to check out the new space.

From the street, the new signage and facade are bright and welcoming. Upon entering you notice the brightly reupholstered booths and the new tables/chairs. Gone is the dark and uneven slate flooring replaced by a new wood-patterned fashionable tile. The wobbly tables are mercifully gone along with their cold stainless steel tops. The entire ambiance is modern and bright. No square footage was added but the place seems more open and uncrowded.

The menu seems smaller but is in every way complete. They offer complete breakfasts until noon and a smaller all-day breakfast menu after noon. The breakfast menu offers all the traditional items including pancakes and chicken and waffles. Of course, there are omelets and eggs along with potatoes, ham, bacon, and sausage. The ham is a very generous portion, and they have a local source for their delicious sausage links. Grits and biscuits and gravy are always hot and ready to serve. In many ways, this is an old-fashioned diner-style environment, and the wait staff is friendly and efficient.

Afternoons and evenings see the menu shifting towards more Cajun and seafood offerings. Their dark rich gumbo is available in sea -

42 Waves Magazine | February 2023

food and chicken and sausage versions and is available in two sizes: enormous and super enormous! I am not kidding. Get the little daddy unless you are extremely hungry. Their fried shrimp, fish, and oysters are delicately breaded and fried to perfection as are their Po’boys. Their Chicken Fried Steak is large and served with delicious cream gravy and mashed potatoes. Their shrimp and grits are delicious as is their etouffee.

They offer an array of burgers in all sizes to fit every appetite including an aptly named hangover burger served topped with a fried egg. Some darn good New Orleans-style beignets for dessert will coat you with sugar powder and leave you with fond memories.

There is a ple o -street par ing and handi apped a essi ility is very good

ours o peration:

Sunday - Thursday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Friday Saturday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Waves Magazine | February 2023 43 www.wavesgalveston.com
The u o iner 3602 Seawall Boulevard Galveston, Texas 77550 409-762-3232 www.thegumbodiner.com
44 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com February 2023
rom Team Koops!
Waves Magazine | February 2023 45 www.wavesgalveston.com 402 Blue Water Hwy Surfside Beach, Texas (979)239-3226 Private Party Room & Banquet Facilities Available. Credit Cards Accepted RED SNAPPER INN Seafood • Steaks • Gourmet Items “Our fish spent last night in the Gulf.” RED SNAPPER INN Voted 1 Seafood Restaurant Bra osport Facts Readers Choice Awards 2021/2022 Our Fish N T with a ily and riends at your avorite resh sh destination Fresh sour ed over 3 years oin us or alentine s ee

The Beach Bum

Happy February, Wavers!

n January 1st, 2023, Rolling Stone Magazine presented a list of its picks for their 200 Greatest Singers of All Time. Your Bum found it a little strange that Rolling Stone tells its readers to remember that their list is for the 200 best singers and not the best vocalists. Huh? Don’t they kind of go together?

There are some singers on their ranking list that your Bum agrees on, but many rankings I simply don’t agree with. Hard to disagree with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, being listed as #1 and with Whitney Houston being their pick for #2. However, ranking Bob Dylan higher than Elvis Presley is a joke. Bob Dylan can’t sing better than anyone. Great songwriter, but certainly not a great singer. Your Bum is not a fan of the type of music that Celine Dion performs, but she was left off the list and deserves to be included. Fortunately, and correctly, Billy Ray Cyrus and Justin Bieber are nowhere to be found.

Here are a few highlights and your Bum’s opinion on the rankings…

Mariah arey - Ran

NOOOOOOOO! Does anyone truly believe that Mariah Carey is the 5th best singer of all time? If I have to listen to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” one more time I will skip Christmas and go straight to New Year’s Eve.

Little Ri hard - Ran 11 ladys night Ran - 101

Your Bum loves Little Richard. A terrific performer, but can he sing better than the great Gladys Knight? The answer is NO. Rankings like these make me want to leave on that Midnight Train To Georgia.

Steve erry - Ran 82

The former lead singer of Journey is one of your Bum’s favorite singers. What a voice this man has. There is no way in the world that there are 81 better singers than Steve Perry. Definitely not Ariana Grande or Louis Armstrong. Both are ranked higher than Perry.

olly arton - Ran 2

This is difficult for your Bum to say. I love Dolly Parton as a person and performer. That being said, she is not a better singer than Linda Ronstadt #47 or Tina Turner #55, but “I Will Always Love You,” Dolly.

46 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

Bo ylan Ran - 1 lvis resley - Ran 1

Are you kidding me? Bob Dylan is a better singer than Elvis Presley??? They must be smoking something really strong at Rolling Stone Magazine to believe that. No way! No How!

Sa oo e - Ran 3

I know, I know. When we all mentally make out a list of our top favorite singers of all time, Sam Cooke’s name comes immediately to mind. Sam was an accomplished singer with a great legacy. My taste doesn’t put him as 3rd best of all time though. Just not my cup of tea.

y s ourne - Ran 112

Are you kidding me? One of your Bum’s favorite performers ranked at a lowly #112. Ozzy is no Pavarotti, but he sings some of my favorite songs of all time. Paranoid, Mama, I’m coming home, Shot in the Dark, and Road To Nowhere.

Now we are rocking! Turn up the volume, please.


Ray yrus - ot Ran ed

How could this musical genius not be ranked? Could it be that he has very little talent? Billy Ray not being ranked just breaks my “Achy Breaky Heart.” Rolling Stone finally got it right.

n no parti ular order:

Waves Magazine | February 2023 47 www.wavesgalveston.com
Van MorrisonStevie WonderBonnie RaittRobert PlantMick Jagger
ere are a ew ore a ross various genres that ound interesting
48 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | February 2023 49 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine Event Center Email us at: mburke@wavesgalveston.com to list your events! Feb. 15th & 16th - 7:30pm February 2023 Ride the waves with us at any of these great February Events In the heart of Galveston's Downtown Cultural Arts District THEGRAND.COM 409.765.1894 THE GRAND 1894 OPERA HOUSE 2022–23 PERFORMING ARTS SEASON Yamato — The Drummers of Japan Renée Elise Goldsberry Fiddler on the Roof Lyle Lovett Welcoming Artists • Engaging Audiences • Celebrating History Friday 9pm - Saturday 4pM - Sunday 4pm Mardi Gras Schedule on page 66 Chris Janson Friday, February 17th 10:30pm Corona Stage | 23rd Strand, Saengerfest Park 4:00 pm Friday, February 10th 7:30pm 23rd Strand, Saengerfest Park Page 66

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 7p-10p

23rd Street Station Piano Bar Wild Texas Thurs w/Davey Wild 7p-10p

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Betty Soo, Pat Byrne 8p

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Sing-a-long Sunday w/ Thomas Cokinos - 5p-9p

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers

Special guest Christopher Bergeron on Piano

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Sing-a-long Sunday w/Davey Wild - 5p-9p

23rd Street Station Piano Bar Wild Texas Thurs w/Davey Wild 7p-10p

Bubba’s On The Strand Burlesque Show 8p

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Songwriter Night Hosted By Tex Renner (Open Mic) - 7pm

23rd Street Station Piano Bar Wild Texas Thurs w/Davey Wild 7p-10p

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Keith Neubauer - 7p - 11p

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded 9p-1a

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band 9p - 1a

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Chris Gantry - 8p

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band 9p - 1a

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Shake Russell - 8p

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Sing-a-long Sunday w/Davey Wild - 5p-8p - Island Idol - 8pm

23rd Street Station Piano Bar

Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 7p-10p


23rd Street Station Piano Bar Wild Texas Thurs w/Christopher Bergeron - 7p-10p

Bubba’s On The Strand Comedy Night 8p

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Kevin Galloway - 8p

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded 9p-1a

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band 9p - 1a

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded 9p-1a

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded 4p-8p

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band 9pm - 1a

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded 4p-8p

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St.

Kevin Anthony G-Town W/ Jm The Honeybadgerz - 8p

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Aaron Stephens Band 8:00p

The Band Stranded 9p-1a

Live Band 9p - 1a

Sunday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 17 18 19 22 23 24 25 26 1 4
Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 7p-10p
Sing-a-long Sunday w/Thomas Cokinos - 5p-9p
Aassi Windom 7p
Mike Sueiro
Mike McCulloch
Cool Water Band
23rd Street Station Piano Bar
23rd Street Station Piano Bar
23rd Street Station Piano Bar
23rd Street Station Piano Bar
- 7p-11p 23rd Street Station Piano Bar
- 7p-11p 23rd Street Station Piano Bar Clay Howell - 7p-11p 23rd Street Station Piano Bar Dr. B on Keys - 7p -
23rd Street Station Piano Bar Taylor
- 7p-11p 23rd Street Station Piano Bar
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w/ Laura Magers
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February 24

Trond Saeverud, violin

March 31

Anton Nel, piano

May 12

Andrew Staupe, piano Trond Saeverud, violin

Chamber music recitals in the intimate venue of the Grand Ballroom of Moody Mansion


$35 online - $40 at the door

Tickets online:

Internationally acclaimed opera star Ji-Young Jeon joins GSO for a concert of beautiful arias, and ending with Respighi’s Pines of Rome, birds and all!

Rossini: Overture to Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie)

Puccini: Quando me’en vo, Ji Young Jeon, soprano

Puccini: Crisantemi

Puccini: Vissi d’Arte, Ji Young Jeon, soprano

Wagner: Prelude to Lohengrin, Act I

Johann Strauss, Jr: Klange der Heimat Ji Young Jeon, soprano

Richard Strauss: Morgen, Ji Young Jeon, soprano

Respighi: Pines of Rome

Anton gorgeous by French posers concluding Ravel’s piece: Mel Bonis: Mozart: Anton Lili Boulanger: Ravel:

THE GRAND 1894 OPERA GalvestonSymphony.org
Office: 409-765-1894
52 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com






MAY 14



Anton Nel again joins GSO for Mozart’s gorgeous 24th piano concerto surrounded by French works of amazing women composers Mel Bonis and Lili Boulangerconcluding with the second suite from Ravel’s most magnificent orchestra piece: Daphnis and Chloe.

Mel Bonis: Ophelia

Mozart: Piano Concerto No.24

Anton Nel, piano

Lili Boulanger: D’un Soir Triste

Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe, Suite II

World Premiere of a new piano concerto by Norwegian composer Ketil Hvoslef with Andrew Staupe and Tchaikovsky’s Second Symphony, nicknamed “Little Russian”meaning Ukrainian, and serves as a very meaningful, beautiful - and intense! –season ending.

Glinka: Ruslan and Ludmila Overture

Hvoslef: Piano Concerto No.2

Andrew Staupe, piano

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2

Tickets: $40 Adults / $25 Students

Waves Magazine | February 2023 53 www.wavesgalveston.com SUNDAYS


ea e S pe i i

Theatre Folk are a superstitious lot and considering the number of things that can (and do) go wrong in a performance, it’s not surprising that folklore has popped up explaining these occurrences. This month, I want to revisit the world of theatre superstitions and try to provide the reasons for their existence. Some are well-known, some lesser-known, and a few even I hadn’t known until doing research for this article!


We begin with a brief mention of the origins of what we consider live theatre [Please try to stay awake; I know I had trouble doing so during History of the Theatre in college!]. Scholars tend to squabble over whether it was the Greeks or the Romans who initiated it as an art form, but do agree with Aristotle that Thespis - a priest of the god of fertility and wine Dionysus - was the first person ever to appear on stage as an actor playing a character in a play (instead of speaking as him or herself). In his honor, those involved in theatre - predominately actors and actresses - refer to themselves as Thespians.


There’s been a lot of bru-ha-ha written about “theater” and “theatre”—that one is for movies and the other is for plays; or that one refers to a building and the other to an art form; or that one spelling is lowbrow while the other is refined. But these are merely variant spellings of the same noun. “Theatre” is the only spelling now recognized in Britain. “Theater” is the traditional American spelling, but “theatre” is now equally acceptable in the US, according to standard dictionaries. We suspect that some Americans lean toward “theatre” because of its British associations (just as the spelling “colour” appeals to cosmetics manufacturers). In other words, it has snob appeal. One also supposes as usual there are class differences between those that use ‘re’ and those who pronounce it “thee-ay-ter”. You may say “toe-MAY-tow” whilst I say toe-MAH-tow - call me what you will; I’m an ‘re’ guy!


This is perhaps the superstition best known by you ‘civilians’ [non-Thespians] used when wishing us ‘good luck’ or ‘good show’ before a performance. Again, there are differing opinions as to its origin. It may come from the ancient Greek practice of stomping feet instead of applauding, the Elizabethan term for bowing (to break the leg), the Vaudevillian practice of keeping actors just barely offstage (to break the leg of the curtain was to enter the playing space, and thus, get paid), or from understudies (jokingly) wishing actors would “break a leg” so that their understudies could perform.


Whistling while anywhere backstage in a theatre has long been considered bad luck. This superstition stems from the time before mechanized sets and backdrops. Back then, all the rigging for the sets, lighting, etc., was operated by hand using ropes and sandbags. As such, the backstage crew was often filled with sailors on shore leave, as, since they were wellversed in maneuvering a ship’s rigging, they literally “knew the ropes.” Just like on a ship at the time, commands and signals were given with distinct whistles. Therefore, if an actor or someone else were to nonchalantly whistle, it could cause confusion or serious injury by a sandbag to the face and ruin the show.


Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is one of the most popular plays ever written. It’s also believed to be the most cursed — so much so that just saying the name of the play in a theatre is considered very bad luck. Most of us will only refer to it as “The Scottish Play”, “The Bard’s Play”, or even “Mac B”. Once again [surprise!], there are several possible origins for this superstition. According to one, Shakespeare himself got the words from a coven of real witches, who, after seeing the play weren’t impressed by their portrayal. As retaliation, they cursed the play for all eternity. This could seem silly and/or highly doubtful in the modern world, but it’s hard to deny that “Macbeth” has seen more than its fair share of unfortunate incidents. It’s believed the first occurrence of the “curse” actually happened during the first production of the play. It’s said that the young man playing Lady Macbeth (actors in Shakespeare’s time were, by law, all men) tragically died on opening night and Shakespeare himself had to step in. There have been numerous incidents of actors getting accidentally stabbed during fight scenes. In 1934, four actors had to step into the role of Macbeth due to illness or accidents in one week. It was also the show in which dueling

54 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

productions caused the great Astor Place Riot in 1849, leaving at least 25 dead and hundreds injured. The superstition is even parodied in an episode of The Simpsons. While visiting London, the Simpson family comes across Sir Ian McKellen outside a theater playing “Macbeth.” Every time “Macbeth” is said, something horrible happens to McKellen [Google this on YouTube - it is hilarious!].

B R SS and 2nd T

This dress does not mean the particular outfit that a leading lady is wearing, but the dress rehearsal, or the part of the rehearsal process when costumes are added. It is believed that a bad final dress rehearsal is a sign of a good opening performance. Maybe it’s the nerves of the cast and crew before the opening or maybe it’s a curse of every show, but everyone takes the lessons from this final rehearsal and works to fix them for their opening night. This superstition is akin to “2nd Night” or “Sophomore Slump.” There will always be an adrenaline-induced ‘high’ and energy for the performers on opening night that can’t be duplicated, but ‘2nd Night’ must be prevented at all costs doing so is oftentimes the result of a verbal cattle-prodding to the cast from the show’s director.

F T RS - R

Peacock Feathers should never be brought on stage, either as a costume element, prop or part of a set as chaos will ensue. Many veteran thespians tell stories of sets collapsing, curtains catching alight and other disastrous events during performances with peacock feathers. The feather is said to represent a malevolent ‘evil eye’, that bestows a curse on the show. The association between peacock feathers and the evil eye is best illustrated by the Greek myth of Argus, the monster whose body was covered with a hundred eyes, these eyes were transferred to the tail of the Peacock. Personal note - I once blatantly defied this edict by writing a musical called “Razzmatazz and All That Jazz” and set it in a 1920’s Chicago speak-easy called The Blue Peacock. It was a smash success!


T B R S urrently playing


ollege o the Mainland o unity Theatre



Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by Hugh Wheeler

February 2-19, 2023 7:00 PM (Sunday matinees February 5, 12 19)

T R 18 4 R S



By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. February 3, 2023 -10:00 AM


February 4, 2023 8:00 PM


February 15-16, 2023 7:30 pm


February 24, 2023 8:00 PM

L ST S M R STR : Masterwor s alentines on ert

February 26, 2023 4:00 PM


By Hans Christian Andersen

February 28, 2023 - 10:00 AM




By Robert Harling - February 17 - 26, 2023

R L B T TR http://www.thepurpleboxtheater.com/index.html


By Jason Robert Brown - February 10 12, 2023 7:30 2:30 PM


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Susan Cooper, Hume Cronyn, and Jonathan Brielle - February 17 26, 2023 7:30 2:30 PM

T S pening Soon

SL T ast- nd Theatre o pany


Music Lyrics by Jerry Herman Book by Harvey Fierstein

Based on the play by Jean Poiret - March 10 - April 8, 2023 8:00 PM (Sunday matinees March 19 26)





Waves Magazine | February 2023 55 www.wavesgalveston.com

T exas

M usic P rofile

The h O

Coolnames don’t always start out that way. Houston bluesrock artist, The Mighty Orq, acquired half his name (the Orq part) at 13 years of age, and the other half (Mighty), years later while playing with another well-known Houston blues act, the Tony Vega Band. Expectations with a name like his don’t appear to have phased Orq in the slightest as he continues on his successful journey as a working musician wowing audiences with his slide blues guitar playing and his unique storytelling songwriting.

Carving out one’s own sound is difficult in the often-imitated blues genre, but The Mighty Orq seems to be finding his place drawing from rock and even venturing into a more traditional singer-songwriter sound on his most recent release Solo at the Bugle Boy - 201 as well as his next album due out some time in 2023.

Traditional slide blues, however, and the sound of his trademark resonator guitar, in the spirit of the earliest recorded works in blues, still find their way into Orq’s sound.

“Robert Johnson is a big influence. Blind Willie McTell, Son House and Leo Kottke - who is not really a blues guy, but I heard a lot of his music as a kid, all seem to come through in my writing,” Orq said.

Venturing into new musical territory and straying away from blues on some songs, Orq said he and his bandmates (Mark Riddell on bass and Chris Ardoin on drums) are excited about the new project.

“There’s some rock roll. It’s more sort of rootsy, Americana-style stuff. To me, it feels like a Texas music or Gulf Coast album. There are blues music influences though, like there is in everything.”

With Crowdfunding, production, and distribution through Houston’s Edgewater Music Group, Orq said he will release the album on CD and possibly vinyl.

“It will be available on all digital platforms and CD. I want to do vinyl but there is such a long turn-around time, so we’ll see. I just want people to be able to have something in their hands. I like a vinyl album for the physicality of it and the art that goes into it. There’s just something special about those 60s and 70s records,” Orq said.

Born and raised mostly in Houston’s southwest neighborhood of Sharpstown in 1979, Orq grew up listening to all kinds of music but recalled two crucial moments that turned him toward the blues.

56 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Story and Photos by Zach Tate
The Bone”
at the Bugle Boy”

“I was watching a kid’s TV program on a Saturday morning when I was 12 and B.B. King was on the show. I thought, ‘I want to play THAT!’. By the time I was 14 or 15, I got to see Texas Johnny Brown and the Quality Blues Band (part of a Houston Community College concert series in the early 90s) and it was just a jaw-dropping experience.”

Songwriting is a process unique to each musician. Being recently asked to write songs for the podcast, Legends Of The Old West, Orq’s writing technique for the project was able to take a few refreshing new turns.

“I love the new songs written for the podcast. Sometimes it started with a riff or melody but, as a way of approaching songwriting, thinking about a phrase or expression and exploring that idea was very effective. A lot of times I get really involved in a song but with these, I was able to have a little more objectivity and not obsess over it endlessly. Having a deadline and it not necessarily being autobiographical helped. Just telling a story.”

Since releasing his first CD rayer Boo in 2003, The Mighty Orq has played consistently throughout the Houston/Galveston area at venues such as Katie’s Bar in Bacliff, The Big Easy in Houston, and Old Quarter Acoustic Café in Galveston. Eight albums released over the last 20 years are available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. In addition to being a finalist in the International Blues Challenge in 2011 and 2016, The Mighty Orq has won Houston Press “Best Blues” and “Best Guitarist” awards in 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2015.

During the pandemic, Orq stayed busy recording and producing a multitude of impressive live performances (The Stay At Home Sessions) and instructional guitar videos for his YouTube channel.

“I started doing live streams literally during the first week of the lockdown. It seems now that it’s such a valuable skill because so much music is found on YouTube, TikTok, and places like that. I had a loyal and devoted fan base that was tuning in every week for which I will always be grateful,” Orq said.

As is the case for many Houston families, Galveston and Surfside were common places to escape to in Orq’s youth and he has never let go of his appreciation for the island.

“Galveston is badass! You really get a sense of continuity between the past and the future. It has that old-world feel because of the preserved and celebrated history. There’s a sense of peace - and it’s not overrun by maniacal tourists! I love Galveston!” Orq said.

The Mighty r will e playing in alveston at The ld uarter ousti a on Saturday, pril 22nd at 8p

For ore show listings, usi , and videos visit www Mighty r o


Waves Magazine | February 2023 57 www.wavesgalveston.com
In Galveston, you really get a sense of continuity between the past and the future. It has that old-world feel because of the preserved and celebrated history. There’s a sense of peace on the Island”.
BB King circa 1992

A Guide To Galveston Fishing

58 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Crista Gonzales with an 80# Broadbill Swordfish. Hand cranked from 1,700 ft. down in the Gulf Of Mexico out of Galveston.
Waves Magazine | February 2023 59 www.wavesgalveston.com FISHI G AC LE A D MARI E S AP MEE SA URDA MA 20 H 2023 P S M G P L M . U SELL RADE . R R L M E . E D R SE UP 6 00AM 00AM E E IME 00AM 00PM CALL R EMAIL RESER E UR SP DA LIMI ED SPACE A AILA LE 0 3 26 EMAIL SALES SERI US AC LE.C M 06 DELA E R AD LA MAR UE E AS 6 SERI US AC LE H A UAL (409)698-7112 www.gethooked shingcharter.com Located on Galveston's West Bay at Beautiful Harborwalk Marina Hook into a wide variety of species both INSHORE and OFFSHORE on one of our private Family Friendly fishing charters. Fishing is not just a Hobby for us BUT our Full Time Job. Trips available YearRound. CALL DA F R I ER SPECIALS WAVES MAGAZINE OF PUBLISHER & EDITOR Mike Burke - mburke@wavesgalveston.com 409-789-1160 G A L V E S T O N

Experienced Fishing Advice To Make Fishing Great Again

Serious Tackle Box The

With Chris Gonzales

Kingfish Wahoo Nightmares

The term “Kingfish and Wahoo Nightmares” refers to a pair of lure families - bullets and Snapper Slappers. These lures are also nightmares for an assortment of other offshore species including ling, dolphin, amberjack, groupers, snappers and recently, yellowfin tuna.

Bullets, also known as wahoo bombs, have chrome plated lead heads of about 5 ounces, mylar plastic skirting, and a large “J” hook with a swivel attached willow blade. Not only do they attract strikes from kingfish and wahoo, several years ago, when casting a blue skirted model, Mr. Lo, Galveston restauranteur, landed a 68-pound ling off one of Galveston’s beachfront piers. The group of species taken on a Snapper Slapper lure was expanded recently with a 95lb. yellowfin tuna while on an overnight trip on one of the partyboats. Just before daybreak, a 5-ounce red/white threadfin herring tipped the Snapper Slapper. At about 15 ft, the Snapper Slapper was inhaled, and the fight was on.

“There’s always another way” is a phrase I’ve used many times over the years when talking with customers. This piece brings out the point again. The two lure types aren’t new; the Bullet, or Wahoo Bomb, has been around since about 1990 and was developed for wahoo fishing on San Diego’s long-range boats. The Snapper Slapper, a leadhead with a sort of squid-shaped head, nylon skirting, and a pair of free-swinging “J” hooks, has been on the market since 1998.

The “Another Way” aspect of both is their somewhat lack of use in a couple of fisheries. First is the Bullet or Bomb and casting them for kingfish or wahoo in the Gulf of Mexico. The pier casting and great ling catch by Mr. Lo also shows their versatility.

The Snapper Slapper, advertised as an “all-purpose” lure, certainly lives up to that reputation. The “Another Way” light shines brightest on the yellowfin tuna catch. Myself and hundreds of others I’ve fished with over the years haven’t done the obvious... cast a Snapper Slapper for yellow fin tuna. Did the red/white color

combination along with the baitfish look like a squid holding a prey item, occupied and vulnerable? Or did it mimic a diving baitfish?

Kingfish and wahoo call for all the retrievel speed you can generate; you can’t wind fast enough to outrun these speedsters. While the bullet type is primarily used as a sub-surface speedster, Mr. Lo and his slow to medium-speed retrieve ling hookup shows it has other uses too... such as casting for the numerous species previously mentioned.

The bullet or wahoo bomb and the snapper slapper lures are available at Serious Tackle in LaMarque, Texas. There are slight differences in each of these models. The Serious Tackle wahoo bomb has chrome plated lead heads with multicolor mylar skirting. Important design features of all of them is a “sliding head” and a stop bead and crimp on their 90# cable leader system. The sliding head has an advantage and a disadvantage - the advantage is the head shaking kingfish or wahoo can’t use the weight of the head to help dislodge the hook. The disadvantage is that, after the hookup, the head and its skirting could be slung up the cable to the swivel where it might generate a second strike from another kingfish or wahoo, resulting in

60 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Rigged Wahoo Bomb

a cutoff. The stop bead and crimp on the cable eliminates the problem. Hot color combinations for these sure-fire strike generators are black/purple, black/red, blue/white, and red/white.

When targeting toothy species with a Snapper Slapper, the addition of a 90# cable leader of 12 inches or so is a good move to make. The cable should be led by a black swivel, not a bright one that might generate a strike. While I have caught many kingfish with the supplied Kevlar cording on the two “J” hooks, for serious efforts I’ve replaced the Kevlar with cable. As I recall, the heaviest wahoo taken on a Snapper Slapper was a really nice 114 pounder which hit a purple/black fished out of Port Aransas.

When casting to wahoo in particular, and kingfish to some extent on the retrieve, point your rod tip at your line’s entry into the water - at the strike, continue to wind until the drag slips and then raise your rod to about a 45-degree angle. When using a bullet primarily, and a Snapper Slapper to a lesser extent, a wahoo may have it somewhat sideways in its mouth and not hooked. Their bite motion, with the jaws open a bit and then closing, will allow your tight line to make a bullet slip quickly through the jaws, resulting in a solid hookup. A quick hookset rod motion at the strike can

result in you allowing the lure to slip free when line tension is less at the rod drop... something to think about with wahoo.

“There’s always another way”, as in the use of a Snapper Slapper on the yellowfin tuna. There’s also no reason not to cast a bullet or wahoo bomb for yellowfin or blackfin tuna. Wind’em fast or slow it down, the flash and motion of the head, skirt, and willow blade should call in tuna just as the combination does with wahoo and kingfish. Both lure types can also be fished from the mid-depths to the bottom. Cast far and vary the sink depth and speed to find what the voters out there want.

Bullet/Bombs and Snapper Slappers... get’em, rig up, and be ready. Wahoo and tuna are in deep water now and always, with wahoo and kingfish in closer soon; perceived distant events have a way of becoming current very quickly. Get and use these great family of offshore casters and let the kingfish and wahoo nightmares movie begin with you as the director. Any questions or comments? Reach me at hris seriousta le o

Waves Magazine | February 2023 61 www.wavesgalveston.com ro Fishing ear Ta le • Baits Lures • usto Rods • n- ouse Rod Reel Repair • Reel arts • Rod o ponents • nshore shore Ta le • usto Rigging • usto Spli ing 1406 elany Rd LaMar ue, Te as 68 n the ul way la a
Chris Gonzales Owner - Serious Tackle Assorted Colors Available at Serious Tackle
62 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com Maxe O t Fishing Find Max Online www.facebook.com/max.conner.395 nstagra a connerfis ing Shout- ut To My Sponsors i y Burns aterloo Rods , ason aul Stin y ants Fishing, Mi hael Bosse own South Lures and Billy Ray agner Salt ater Soul

Recipe Of The Month


One of my favorite dishes growing up that Grandma Garcia made was Calabacita con Puerco (Mexican squash and pork) and I make it often, but this recipe adds more broth and corn on the cob pieces to make the perfect soup on a cool day or to just enjoy a bowl of comfort food. I like to soft fry corn tortillas and lightly salt as a side dish with fresh sliced avocado and my homemade Spanish rice.


Start by browning the wild game and lard on high until the blood and water cook out. Add the pequins and garlic and reduce to medium high while cooking the pork down and softening the vegetables. Use a fork to crush the pequins and grind mixed peppercorns and sea salt

during this process. Once the liquids have cooked down and meat is browned off nicely, add all other ingredients except cilantro, squash, corn, and water.

Cover and boil for one hour then reduce heat to medium and cook another hour or more until meat starts to separate. Add last ingredients, re-season with salt and pepper, cover, reduce heat to low and continue to cook until squash is tender and corn has soaked up some liquid (at least one hour).

Remove from heat and soft fry tortillas, make rice, and Enjoy!

Waves Magazine | February 2023 63 www.wavesgalveston.com
• • • • • • • • • T • • • • T T M • T T • • M • • M • W ar ara o e Wild Bill’s Store | 5517 FM 2004 Suite 100 | Hitchcock, Texas, 77563 | Ph: (409) 392-8199 www.texasselectseasonings.com Follow Wild Bill at: Instagram@TexasSelectSeasonings Facebook@TexasSelectSeasonings


Are You Tired Of It Being Dark Outside At 5:30PM Yet?

This is a subject that will be a Pet Peeve every year until this wretched situation changes. Daylight Savings Time will begin in Texas at 2:00 am on Sunday, March 12th.

Standard Time is just plain horrible. Studies have shown that longer daylight evenings motivate people to get out of the house. The extra hours of daylight can be used for outdoor recreation like golf, soccer, baseball, running, going to the beach, etc. Longer daylight counteracts the sedentary lifestyle of modern living.

Longer evenings benefit our Galveston tourism industry as well. It gives people more time to go shopping, dine at restaurants, and enjoy multiple entertainment events and venues. All of this provides a real boost to our local economy.

Extra daylight also provides more safety. Studies have shown that DST contributes to improved road safety, reducing pedestrian fatalities by 13%. Another study found a 7% decrease in robberies during DST.

o we li e it when it gets o pletely dar at :30 p o we li e not eing a le to enjoy so e o our avorite a tivities e ause it s too dar to do so

Several states have proposed changes in favor of permanent DST. However, they need congressional approval to abolish the time change altogether. Let’s band together and support a change to support Daylight Savings Time all year round. Longer daylight hours help keep us more active, healthy, happy, and safer. Together, we can make this happen!

64 Waves Magazine | February 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
! D !
O The on h
Waves Magazine | February 2023 65 www.wavesgalveston.com Happy Valentine’s Day Model CJ Reese Photographer Arnie Ortiz hallengeTrivia Answer Key From Page 16 Small Towns Of Texas WAVES How did you do? Let us know at www.wavesgalveston.com How Well Do You Know The Small Towns Of Texas? B Lights r epper ith Real Sugar B Round Top arillo B sed Boo s ohnson ity Beer Fredri s erg ainted hur hes ater ar B Terlingua Brownsville Lu en a h Larado B e erson B illow ity Bandera happell ill inosaurs B Li erty Bell 40 41- 38 1 1 3 th Street alveston, T 0 @razorsedgegalvestontx Full Service Barbershop

GALVESTON 2023 Schedule Of Events


Ghostland Observatory

Salute To Texas Stage


Friday, February 10th
Uptown Umbrella
Gras! Galveston Parade 10:00pm | Strand District
George P. Mitchell Mardi Gras Award
Parade 7pm | Strand District Funky
| Strand
Saturday, February 11th Mystic Krewe of Aquarius Parade 12pm | Seawall to The Strand District
Annual Zaniest Golf Cart 1pm | Strand
Krewe D’iHeart Media Parade 3pm | Strand District
of Gambrinus Parade 6pm | Seawall to Strand District
Sunday, February 12th Desfile Estrella con El Norte y La Raza
Gras Parade #1 1pm | Strand District Los Locos Vaqueros Parade 4pm | Strand District
Saturday, February 11th @ 6:00pm Corona Stage | 23rd & Strand, Saengerfest Park
David Lee Garza y Los Musicales Saturday, February 11th @ 2:30pm The Line Up 5:15 p.m. OGRE 7:30 p.m. Bare Necessity 10:00 p.m. Kazzabe Opening Act 12:00 p.m. Fiesta Gras! Headliner Secretto 2:30 p.m. Images, schedules & information compliments of Galveston.com. www.mardigrasgalveston.com Mid Life Crisis 12:30 p.m. The Slags 2:30 p.m. Sprung 10:00 p.m. Friday, February 10th Saturday, February 11th Sunday, February 12th FIRST WEEKEND PARADE SCHEDULE FIRST WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE | CORONA STAGE 23rd & Strand Parking lots are located at • 21st & Market • 20th & Market • 20th & Post Office Parking garages are located at • 25th & Harborside • 22nd & Market Gates are located at: • 25th & Mechanic • 23rd & Mechanic • 22nd & Mechanic • 21st & Harborside • 20th & Mechanic Stages are located at • 23rd & Strand • 21st & Mechanic A Taxi stand is located on 23rd & Market for pickup/drop off of guests to the entertainment district.
GATES AND STAGE LOCATIONS *There is also metered street parking DJ Nonstop Saturday, February 11th @ 9:00pm


Schedule Of Events

Friday, February 17th Danny Weber Memorial Fire Truck Parade – 7p | Strand District Krewe Babalu All Krewe Parade 8p | Strand District Krewe of 93Q Parade 9:30p | Strand District
February 18th
d’Esprit Rosaire Parade 11a | Seawall Blvd. | 2828 Seawall Z Krewe Z Processional 1p | Strand District Mix 96.5 Parade 2:30p | Strand District Ben E Keith Parade 4:00p | Strand District Jumpin’ Jays Bumpin’ Bus Parade – So Fly It’ll Make You Wanna Die 6pm | Strand District Knights of Momus Grand Night Parade 6:30p | 25th & Seawall to the Strand District
February 19th
for Children & Sunshine Kids Parade 12pm | Strand District Krewe of Barkus and Meoux Parade 1:30p | Strand District. Firefighter’s Children’s Parade 3pm | Strand District Tuesday, February 21st Mystic Krew of Aquarius 6:30pm | Strand District. Friday, February 17th Steph Cash Band 5:30 p.m. Friday, February 17th Brandon McDermott Band 8:30 p.m. Friday, February 17th Chris Janson 10:30 p.m. Sunday, February 19th Bilge Pumps 12:00 p.m. Sunday, February 19th Kevin Anthony & G-Town 3:00 p.m. Saturday, February 18th Everlong 10:30 p.m. Saturday, February 18th Cast Iron Cornbread 12:00 p.m. Saturday, February 18th Mambo Jazz Kings 2:30 p.m. Saturday, February 18th LVVRS 6:00 p.m. Friday, February 17th Saturday, February 18th Sunday, February 19th
Salute To Texas Stage Chris Janson Friday, February 17th @ 10:30pm Corona Stage | 23rd & Strand, Saengerfest Park
Gabriella Martinez Saturday, February 18th @ 2:30pm DJ Nonstop Saturday, February 18th @ 9:00pm

R eflections

Let’s Fight the Winter Time Blues

Most of my Island friends are getting a little tired of winter and are looking forward to springtime. Well, it is still several weeks away so let’s occupy that time with thinking silly thoughts to take our minds off the fog and gloominess of this time of year.

I subscribe to Inspiring Quotes (2022) and these recently came across just in time to share. You may laugh a little or roll your eyes, but it is sure to take your mind in another direction. After all, we need to be silly sometimes, or we might just go a little bonkers waiting for spring on the island.


hat did the o ean say to the ea h Nothing, it just waved.

worried a out the alendar ts days are nu ered hat ti e did the person go to the dentist Tooth hurty.

thought the dryer was shrin ing y lothes, ut it turns out it was the re rigerator all along

hat do you all a a tory that a es produ ts A satisfactory.

only now 2 letters o the alpha et don t now y hat do you all heese that isn t yours Nacho cheese.

don t now what the est thing a out Swit erland is, ut the lag is a ig plus

id you hear a out the laustropho i astronaut They just wanted a bit more space.

don t trust stairs they re always up to so ething

hat s Forrest u p s o puter password 1forrest1.

on a sea ood diet see ood, eat it

hy do elons have weddings

Because they cantaloupe.

hosts are ad liars e ause you an see right through the used to hate a ial hair, ut then it grew on e

Sundays are always a little sad, ut the day e ore is a sadder day

tell dad jo es ut don t have any ids a au pa

hy ouldn t the i y le stand up y itsel

It was two tired.

so good at sleeping that an do it with y eyes losed

hy do ees have sti y hair

Because they use a honeycomb.

I know some of my Island friends laughed, even if it was just a chuckle. It’s ok, maybe it gave you a little relief from this gloomy time of year.

I promise, it won’t be long till the sun comes out, spring days bring some beautiful blue skies and we get out and walk our beaches again.

ntil that ti e, hang in there y sland riends

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