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July 2022



BANDELLA – A BAND OF ASTRONAUTS Saturday, August 6, 2022 | 8 PM

Get ready for a performance that’s truly out of this world! What happens when three musicians and former NASA Astronauts team up with a keyboardist and a vocalist? You get Bandella! This unique musical group blends acoustic guitar, flute, stand-up bass and airy vocals for a folksy sound with hints of bluegrass and jazz. Bandella will take you on a musical journey you won’t soon forget!


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JULY 2022

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Happy July, Wavers!

ith these hot temperatures, summer has definitely arrived. What else is hot is all of the wonderful entertainment choices here on the island taking place this month. Don’t miss our Waves Events Calendar on page 50 for some great entertainment information. Our outstanding writers and contributors have hit the ball out of the park once again. Our Waves July publication is packed with outstanding articles that will both entertain and inform you. Check out our website We are very proud of this site, and we urge you to check it regularly as we are constantly updating it throughout the month. I constantly urge everyone each month to BUY LOCAL and support our local businesses. This is not something I just say, it is something that I definitely always do.

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Mike Burke | Publisher

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ET Corner

Don’t Let Your Cool Pup Become a Hot Dog


still get hot around the collar seeing pet owners

walking their dogs on the hot pavement in the middle of the day. I am personally afflicted with “Canine on Pavement Paranoia.” Every time I see a dog out walking around town duri ng daytime hours this time of year, I’m wondering, “How hot i s the pavement? How long has that guy been out?” I watch as their tongues (the pet’s) hang hal fway to the ground. Poor dog doesn’t look like he is having much fun. I feel l ike pul ling ov er to give the owner some pet medi cal advi ce, but unsolicited advice is usually not well received. I s houl d ask the owner to take a barefoot challenge and walk a hundred yards on the same bl isteri ng pavement. An interesting con vers ation I often have at the v et office is whether lon g-haired dogs should be shaved for the summer. A fair number of owners have been told that the long hair insulates their dog from t he heat and that shav ing may be harmful. Having shaved my own dogs each s ummer for years and persona lly seei ng the immediate comfort they get, I am convinced that a buzz cut is a gift for them. Shaving also makes bathing a breeze, cuts down on shedding and mak es fl ea control a bit easi er. A shaved dog will enjoy his late evening walks more and when finished a wet sponge can be used t o wipe down for a little radiational cool ing (artificial sweat). Your dog’s eyes are just as sensitive to bright light

1 0 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2



4. as ours. When w e need sunglasses to protect our eyes, I of ten wonder how the dog feels in bright light without protectio n. Another reason to avoid the sunnies t parts of the day with our pooches. Even in the cool er parts of our summer season it is not a good i dea to run the dog while you are riding a bi ke. Stil l, I see this happening often. The pe rson is comfortably riding along with a smile on their f ace while their dog is panting heavi ly and buil ding up body heat. In the high Galveston humidity, a dog’s primary cooling mechanism, panting, becomes very inefficient. A heat s troke can develop quickly and at any ti me of the day during our hotter months. Save the bike rides until November.


salt in the water c an trigger explosive diarrhea on y our ride back to Houston. Dead fish are not good p lay toys or snacks. If you let him roll in a dead fish, you will have a smelly trip back to Houston. Swimming in 85-degree beach water is not enough to c ool him off. Set out a pop-up sun tent for so me shade, provide fresh, cool drinking water or better yet let your dog stay home i n the AC until fall. There are real rattlesnakes in the beach dunes. These spac es mu st be off limits for pets and people. It is dangerous and illegal to let your dog ride around in the back of the truck.

Dogs are so loyal they will fol low their humans to the end of the earth and into harm’s way. Even when they are miserable, they will follow us and appe ar to be having fun until sometimes it is too late. Most fol ks that bring their pets to the coast in summer have good intentions and feel their dogs are going to have a wonderful time. It is too hot t o spend more than thirty minutes around the water and unaccept able to be up on the seawall at all when the sun i s shining. It is our responsi bi lity to reali ze their potential dangers and s top and think what could happen. The risks are greater than the rewards. Remember to think about “walking in their paws” before you head outside with them.

While At The Beach I Offer A Few Observations: 1. Drinking beach water will increase the chances of dehyd ration on a hot day. The

Richard D. Henderson, DVM Galveston Veterinary Clinic 2108 61st Street Galveston, TX 77551

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• Affordable tuition and a quality education

• Knowledgeable instructors and support staff

• Eligible local high school graduates who attend GC can receive Universal Access tuition assistance of up to $5,476

• Financial aid and scholarships are also available



It is the policy of Galveston College to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, genetic information or veteran status.

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Explore Historic Galveston • Rent a stylish replica Model-T • Drive back to a much simpler place in time • Rental for a special occasion or wedding • Romantic date night • Carts for sale

Step back in time and jaunt around town in a stylish replica Model-T electric cart. Visit our home location! 2127 Broadway, Galveston


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Bunny’s C ’C ookin


a waves magazine exclusive


i folks. Well, this months topic is what to do about

Joanie’s Easy Freeze Tomatoes

tomatoes. Who planted tomatoes back in March, and


now you have a zillion tomatoes? What do you do? Well,

When ripe, pick your tomatoes, put in a Ziplock, and freeze.

three things:

Take out as many as you want for what you are making. Let thaw. Then run very hot water over the tomatoes till the skin

1) give them to neighbors and friends.

is coming off. Discard the peel and drop these tomatoes

2) make tomato sauce.

in your stew, soup, chili, and let them work their magic. So

3) freeze for later.

much better than canned whole tomatoes.

Bunny will get into numbers 2 and 3, because it’s a no

So, there you have it. Tomatoes aren’t just for sandwiches,

brainer for number 1.

burgers, and salads. Don’t let these rot and throw away!!!

Bunny’s Tomato Sauce Ingredients

Hope you have a great July. I’m going to go hop on down my Happy Trails.

• Use as many tomatoes as you need, depending on the amount of sauce you want. • Chop up some green bell peppers and onion. • Now I use a tad bit of jalapeno chopped just to give it a zing. • Add any herbs that you like and a dash of sugar. I love the contrast between the jalapeno and sugar. • Add salt and pepper to taste Directions Drop your tomatoes in boiling water, just enough so the skin is peeling off. Drain and peel. Place all the above ingredients in your food processor and blend until smooth. Put this into a sauce pan and simmer until all the ingredients blend together, (about an hour). Store in the refrigerator or freeze for later. Bunny just loves meatballs with this recipe.

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Happy Tr a i l s ,

B unn y


R 409.789.1672

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rivia hallenge

Answer Reveal on Page 61

B r e w m a s t e r Tr iv i a

1. This beer was once advertised as being ‘From the Land of Sky Blue Waters’. A. Lucky Lager B. Hamm’s C. Knickerbocker D. Buckhorn 2. This famous European brand uses a red star as part of its logo. A. Heineken B. Grolsch C. Becks D. Spaten 3. This brand uses the slogan ‘It’s The Water’. A. Tuborg Gold B. Burgermeister C. Olympia D. Ballentine’s

12. What is the first “foreign” beer to be sold in Germany? A. Heineken B. Sam Adams C. Budweiser D. Molson E. Coors 13. What is the science of brewing beer called? A. Zemurgy B. Zymurgy C. Zumology D. Zemology E. Brewology 14. In what year was the first brewery built in America? A. 1666 B. 1712 C. 1544 D. 1834 E. 1642

4. This beer was named after an American President’s brother. A. Uncle Ted’s Red B. Roger’s Arkansas Bitters C. Billy Beer

15. What is the largest brewery in the US? A. High Falls Brewery B. Coors C. Anheuser-Busch D. Pepsi E. Molson

5. This brewer once had an ad campaign that proclaimed that their beer was ‘Good For You’. A. Bass B. Newcastle C. Smithwick’s D. Guinness

16. Beer is the second most popular beverage in the world. What is the first? A. Tea B. Milk C. Water D. Soda

6. This is the ingredient in beer that causes fermentation to take place. A. Water B. Malted Barley C. Hops D. Yeast

17. What do you call a collector of beer cans? A. Drunk B. Alcoholic C. Labeorphilist D. Beercollectorphilist

7. This is the national beer of Jamaica. A. Red Stripe B. Dread Lock Bock C. Rastafarian D. Trench Town

18. What city in the United States has had the most breweries? A. New York City B. Milwaukee C. Philadelphia D. Pittsburgh

8. This product was touted as ‘The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous’ A. Pabst Blue Ribbon B. Schlitz C. Heilmann’s Olde Style D. Coors 9. Which city hosts the outrageous festival of beer drinking known as Oktoberfest? A. Munich B. Warsaw C. Amsterdam D. Vienna 10. This brewery is owned by Fritz Maytag, scion of the famous washing machine family. A. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company B. Pearl Brewing Company C. Boston Brewing Company D. Anchor Brewing Company 11. This person is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as the patron saint of brewers. A. Saint Blaise B. Saint Arnulf of Metz C. Saint Christopher D. Saint Anthony of Padua

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By: Thomas Waggoner

ello, Wavers! July is here and that means celebrations are in full swing on the island! It got me thinking, what other celebrations do people observe on the island?

First settled in the 16th century, Galveston’s citizens have weathered civil war, survived monumental storms, and created celebrations that spread to the nation. Before the 1900 storm, Galveston was the second richest city per capita in the United States and was even dubbed the “Wall Street of the South” due to its flourishing banking industry and the retail success of The Strand. Fun Fact: During World War II, the island had an air base where B-17s received their final briefing before leaving for the Pacific. Ashton Villa

Not only was it the first house to ever be built on Broadway Boulevard, but it was also the first mansion to be built on the island and one of the first private brick residences in Galveston. In the front yard of the home, you can find a statue of U.S. Major General Gordon Granger. It is believed that the General read aloud the proclamation, General Order No. 3, at Ashton Villa. It is also the site of a historic 9-foot bronze statue of state lawmaker Al Edwards holding the state law that made Juneteenth a national holiday. “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.” ……Ashton Villa on June 19, 1865. Fun Fact: There is a Juneteenth Historical marker on the property. Cotton Club


The 1916 Cotton Carnival and Exposition was held July 4-16, 1916. The program reflected in part the First World War, which had embroiled European nations since August 1914. Fun Fact: The celebration offered education and merriment through exhibits, demonstrations, dancers, vaudeville, and band

Port of Galveston The Port of Galveston was established in 1825 by the Congress of Mexico following its independence from Spain. The city was 2 4 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

the main port for the Texas Navy during the Texas Revolution of 1836. Fun Fact: During this time Galveston served as the new national capital of the Republic of Texas. Galveston Pleasure P ier One of our readers asked about the history of the Pleasure Pier. Fun Fact: The pier was originally built as a recreational facility for the United States military during World War II. In the 1940s it was transformed into the Galveston Pleasure Pier and quickly became king as the largest of its kind in the country. America’s top dance bands routinely filled the mammoth Marine ballroom, while outside, in an open-air stadium, patrons watched movies under a star-lit sky. Fishing facilities, a full carnival midway, and an aquarium exceeded expectations. Galveston’s Pleasure Pier served as an iconic family destination through the ensuing decades, exponentially stimulating the island’s tourism, commerce, and pride. The Galveston Pleasure Pier operated as a tourist destination until 1961 when Hurricane Carla severely damaged the property. The hurricane struck the Texas coast as a Category 4 hurricane, becoming one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the United States. Fun Fact: In May 2012 the pier celebrated its reopening with all-new attractions.

The Queen of the south, the Hotel Galvez has celebrated with great honor these fun facts. Fun Fact: The U.S. Coast Guard commandeered the Hotel Galvez for use as its wartime headquarters from 1942 until the building was “honorably discharged” in 1944. With the hotel closed to guests, even the finest suites were converted into barracks and military situation rooms. Drill practices were held on the front lawn, where a boxing ring was also erected for sparring, and taps were played each day. Another Fun Fact: The Hotel Galvez also once served as a temporary White House. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt embarked on a 10-day offshore fishing trip in May 1937, the White House staff maintained their headquarters at the Galvez. Beach Hotel Galveston celebrates many of its beautiful grand hotels. Today the Hotel Galvez and the San Louis hotel are favorite destinations for visitors coming to the island. But before these,

ous fire in 1898.

there was the Beach Hotel. The 4 1/2-story hotel was built atop 300 cedar piles driven into the sand. The roof had an octagonal dome, which housed the water tanks, and was painted in large red and white stripes, and the eaves were trimmed in golden green. Fun Fact: The hotel opened on July 4, 1883, and was destroyed by a mysteri-

The festivities resumed in 1949 for four years before dying out again. Fun Fact: the modern tradition of Mardi Gras began in 1985 with a revived parade and ball to celebrate the opening of the Tremont House by George and Cynthia Mitchell. Waver’s, enjoy celebrating on the island safely! I look forward to next month and discovering new Fun facts for everyone!

Thomas Waggoner

Mardi Gras

Galveston’s long heritage of celebrating Mardi Gras dates back to 1867 when a 350-pound justice of the peace presided over dramatic entertainment and a masked ball. By 1871, it had grown to a citywide carnival, with day and night parades, lavish costumes, and an annual theme. The elite attended exclusive masked balls while gambling houses, restaurants, and saloons stayed open all night for the rest of the community. As a victim of rising costs and the devastating 1900 Storm, Mardi Gras was suspended until 1910, when a group called the Kotton Karnival Kids revived it. Their efforts proved successful, and the celebrations continued until they were halted by World War II.


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What Is Exfoliation And Why Bother?


et’s cut to the chase. Would you rather run your fingers over a smooth silk pillow or across a burlap sack?

Exfoliate! Exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s outer layers and is performed to promote healthy skin and to prevent breakouts. New skin cells are formed in the deeper layers, pushing the dead cells to the surface. If these dead cells are not removed, they can build up causing a dull appearance and rough texture. (Remember the burlap?) Adding exfoliation to your routine will not only brighten your face but will also improve tone and texture allowing products and makeup to go on “as smooth as silk”.

effective. A more aggressive product that is great for a weekly buff is the ZO® Exfoliating Polish with its abrasive magnesium crystals. Chemical exfoliators usually involve gentle acids and enzymes that dissolve the protein bonds that exist between dead skin cells allowing for cell removal. Mechanical exfoliation employs a product or tool that rubs, scrubs or vacuums. This includes brushes, loofahs, abrasive tips and others. Can I Use More Than One Of The Different Exfoliating Techniques?

What Are The Different Types Of Exfoliators? It can be fun to find an exfoliation process that you enjoy and that works for you and your skin type. Some can be done at home, and some require specialized equipment like the HydraFacial© . Physical exfoliation often involves the use of a granular scrub that abrades or buffs the skin’s surface removing dead cells. Common granules include salt, sugar, magnesium crystals, grains, jojoba beads and even ground nuts. For daily use, the ZO® Exfoliating Cleanser with jojoba beads is gentle and 2 6 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Combining various options can be fun and can lead to healthy, vibrant looking skin as long as you are careful not to over-exfoliate. Treat yourself to a monthly facial with the patented HydraFacial© machine! It provides a gentle chemical exfoliation (with glycolic acid and salicylic acid) and physical exfoliation with its specifically designed HydraFacial tip and fluid enhanced suction. Your skin will glow! In between facials, enjoy your home skincare regime. If you are not already exfoliating, try adding it to your skin care regime and say good-bye to rough uneven skin and hello to smooth silky skin you will love!

Refresh Medispa

Have a great day, and I hope you continue to

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By: Bob Rohan

ob Rohan, or as he is known in Texas “Bad Bob”, has been playing the fiddle and singing in various groups for over 30 years in Texas, and has opened for Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Carlene Carter and John Conley to name a few. Bob has played in bands that have backed up country legends like Hank Thompson, Ray Price, Jack Greene, Pam Tillis, and Dale Watson. Along with songwriting, Bob is also a talented cartoonist and has a self syndicated comic strip titled “Buffalo Gals”. The

2 8 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

comic feature is about two cowgirls “Bess Winchester” and “Connie Cheyenne”. The comic strip was inspired after playing with “The Hays County Gals and Pals” a cowgirl western group that toured through Texas, Oklahoma and as far west as Elko, Nevada. Bob has won The Wisconsin State Fiddle Championship and has been nominated several times from The Academy of Western Artists for Best Cowboy Cartoonist. You can find Mr. Rohan online at :

to read more and collect his original works!

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28 | Waves Magazine | December 2018 Issue

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 2 9

Organic Pest Control


Diatomaceous Ear th

egardless of what type

garden stores or feed stores. It is common in feed stores

of gardening you are

because it is also used to treat parasitic worms in the in-

engaged in or what you

testinal tract of animals. I sprinkle this on my chicken and

grow, there is a pest out there

rabbit’s feed weekly.

just waiting to undo all of your good work. The funny thing Kale with Bug Damage

about insects is that

As stated above, it is a fine powder. I like to use a flour sifter to sprinkle it over my flowers and veggie

they can adapt

plants. As long as it stays dry, it is effective.

to chemicals just like we can. Therefore,

Therefore, it will have to be reapplied after

it behooves us to find ways to keep

a rain or very heavy dew.

the bad guys away without creating superbugs.

Organic controls do require more frequent applications, but the results are

One way to do this is to use DE (Di-

far better. Not to mention, better for

atomaceous earth) in the garden. DE

the environment.

is not a poison, it works differently. PF Harris said it best on their website: “Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of a type of algae known as a diatom. The shells of these dia-

~Holly Ross

For more great information, go to:

toms are made mostly of silica, and when crushed up, they form a soft, white powder. Diatomaceous earth has microscopic, razor-sharp edges that are harmless to humans and other animals, but deadly to insects.” This is fantastic because there is no way to develop an immunity to razorblades! This also means that you can control cabbage loopers and stink bugs with the same application. Also, it is harmless to you or your pets which is far different from the poisons that are commonly used. DE comes in various sized bags and is available in most 3 0 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

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• Appliances & some furnishings, in-house washer & dryer included. • Gated entry, 100’ swimming pool, fitness center, BBQ area, pet area, lake, and more!

G A LV E S T O N A d ve rtis e w ith U S in VIBRANT colors. PUBLISHER & EDITOR Mike Burke 409-789-1160

SALES & MARKETING Tiffany Bergeron 409-978-0136

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 3 1

Comedy star! BILL ENGVALL


Sat, July 9, 2022 | 4 PM & 8 PM

Grammy-winning star! AN EVENING WITH


Sat, Jul 30, 2022 | 8 PM *Limited Tickets Remain




W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

BANDELLA – A BAND OF ASTRONAUTS Saturday, August 6, 2022 | 8 PM

Get ready for a performance that’s truly out of this world! What happens when three musicians and former NASA Astronauts team up with a keyboardist and a vocalist? You get Bandella! This unique musical group blends acoustic guitar, flute, stand-up bass and airy vocals for a folksy sound with hints of bluegrass and jazz. Bandella will take you on a musical journey you won’t soon forget!


409. 76 5. 1 89 4 | T HEGRAND.COM

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2



Your time is valuable. Trust Waves Dining


Section to be your personal concierge on the Galveston Dining Circuit. With tips, amenities, features like outdoor seating, pet friendliest places and price points, let us test the WAVES at various Island Restaurants for you!

See you at the table! CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Tom Valliere Charlie Bresenhan

3 4 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Advertise Your Restaurant with Waves Magazine in V I B R A N T colors. Mike Burke | Publisher & Editor Ph: 409-789-1160


Caribbean Trinidad Cuisine!

O w n e r s O n S i t e ! Come See Us!


Curry Chicken - $12.50

Marinated with Caribbean green seasoning, slow cooked in Trinidad curry with diced aloo (potatoes) and pigeon peas. Served on a bed of rice with bhaji (spinach) and sada roti.

Stew Beef - $13.00

Marinated with Mike’s own green seasoning, slow cooked beef slightly sweet. Includes diced aloo (potatoes) and kidney beans. Served on a bed of rice with bhaji (spinach) and sada roti.

Dhal- $8.00

This complex seasoned dish is a thick yellow split pea soup enjoyed in a variety of ways, including as a soup, over curry dishes, or a mug of “coffee” on a cold day. Served with a Texas twist with sada roti for dipping. Think of it as “salsa and chips”!

Curry Chicken | Stew Beef | Dhal | Doubles | Jerk Chicken | Caribbean Rum Cake | Street Tacos | and more!

Located in the Nolan’s Downtown Food Truck Park 2424 Post Office, Galveston Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 11a - 7p, Sundays 11a - 2p Find us on Facebook and Instagram - Mention this ad and get 10% off

Doubles - $8.00

Created in Princes Town, Trinidad, this vegan dish is the staple street food of Trinidad. The channa is cooked with Trinidad curry, onions, and garlic and is served with bara. We added a Texas twist and serve like a taco. Enjoy with any combination of our sauces: pepper, tamarind, chadon beni, or garlic lime. Quantity of 3.

The Tour Of Trinidad - $15.00

It’s a little bit of everything! Slightly smaller portions of the curry chicken, stew beef, a doubles, and dhal with bhaji (spinach) and sada roti.

Jerk Chicken - $10.00

This gyro style dish is Trini Mike’s own creation, covering influences from three countries. Starting with fried bake of Trinidad (the wrap), filled with seasoned sliced Jamaican jerk chicken, and topped with spinach, Trini Mike’s island aioli, pico, and locally made BBQ sauce.

Trini Mike’s Street Tacos - $10.00

A Trini Mike creation on traditional dishes with a Tex-Mex flair. Choice of curry chicken or stew beef, wrapped in bara, served with a side of dahl covered rice. Quantity of 2 tacos, any combination.

Aloo Pie - $5.00 ea.

Fried pastry bread filled with savory, seasoned mash potatoes, and served with a small cup of dhal for dipping.

Chow - $5.00 ea.

Common street fruit snack consists of green mango and pineapple mixed with chadon beni (cilantro), salt, garlic, black pepper, and spiced with Trinidad Scorpion Pepper. 8 oz. bowl

Rum Cake - $4.00

This rich, moist Caribbean dessert, made with aged Cruzan Rum, is a perfect completion to your meal. Personal size portion.

Trini Mike’s Island Drinks $3.50 Rum Punch, Island Time Lemonade


We Cater!!


Follow us on Hours Of Operation: Facebook Tuesday Thru Saturday - 11a-3p for daily menus Closed Sundays and Mondays

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 3 5

O n t h e B ea ch 3 6 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

36th & Seawall


Enjoy one of our specialty drinks!


Cherry Limeade Ocean Water



Galveston Location

Lamarque Location

6612 Seawall - Galveston Ph:409-744-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 8:00PM

Follow Us

2216 Gulf Freeway - LaMarque Ph: 409-935-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM


2019 Del Pappa Award For BEST CRAWFISH in Galveston County!

HA P P Y HO U R MON-FRI 3 P- 7 P LIVE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY. KARAOKE - THURSDAY’S - 7-11 and SUNDAY’S - 4-8 H u l i H u l i H u t | 3 1 2 1 9 t h S t r e e t | G a l v e s t o n , Te x a s 7 7 5 5 0 | 4 0 9 - 4 4 3 - 5 5 2 5 3 8 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Take-Out | Curbside Dine-In | Outdoor Dining 409-763-1010 409-763-6060

c at e r i n g s e r v i c e ava i l a b l e Full service | limited service | beverage service | bar service | elegant to casual we can do it all! Contact:

Mosquito Cafe | 628 14th Street | Galveston, Texas 77550

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 3 9


ESTAURANT EVIEW by: Tom Valliere & Charlie Bresenhan


Highlighting Galveston’s Best of the Best Dining Experiences ong lines formed outside the stat e ly building at the intersection of 45th Street and Broad -

way on a hot summer day June 18t h, 2022. The occasion was the grand opening of Koops BBQ Kitchen & Cateri ng i n their new hom e. Loyal customers patiently stood through the ribbon cutting to show their support for this re markable fa mily-owned restaurant and to enjoy a lavish buffet a nd entertainment. However, as ni ce as that event may have been, the story of how it hap pened is even more remarkable. It was in our Apri l 2020 magazine more than two years ago that I first reported on Koop’s barbec ue and their owners PJ and Tara Head. They had recentl y l ost t heir midtown lease on Avenue S and were forced to find a new location for their food truck operation on short notice.

Fortunately, they were able to strike a deal with the owner of th e former Charlie Burger on 23rd Street. Finally able to move from a mobile food truck to a permanent f acil ity with i nd oor dining, disaster struck again. This time it came in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic and orders shuttering most dine-in res tau rants. Undaunted, they reverted to their food truck carryout model and thr iv ed as other restaurants strug gled to adapt their menus and procedures to support carryout. For more than two years their business and reputation grew at the 23rd Street location. They built a solid following of devot ed fans as they further developed their menu and added creat ive sandwiches and sides that were w idel y touted on social media. Things were real ly looking up when sud denly tragedy hit again. On short notice they had to vacate 23rd Street location and find a new home. Here again their food truc k background saved the day. They were able to purchas e a historic building in a high visibility location on Broadway Boulevard, one of Galveston’s main arteries and a gateway to the city’s attractions. Struggling to main tain their food truck business in a new location, sa ti sfying c ust omers, and maintain ing a cash flow whi le re novating an old building and navigating a bureaucratic nightmare of permits and inspections was formidabl e. Working with a limited budget and doing most of the work thems el ves , i t took

4 0 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

VOTED BEST BBQ IN GALVESTON 2020-2021. KOOPS IS AVAILABLE FOR CATERING! seven months as they transformed the circa 1925 b uil d ing into a roomy and bright modern restaurant. Colorful mu rals and a pleasant garden patio spac e add to the charm . It is i mpossible mpossibl e to overstate the energy and dedication they have put into this effort. Their loyal cus tomer base fo ll owed their progress and offered support and encouragement throughout th e process that culminat ed in the June grand opening. Today you can enjoy their fine barbecue, sandwiches, and side dishes at t heir new location. Weekends are for barbecue, a nd they often run out, so s o you need to go early or reserve ahead. Weekday specials vary but there are always a wide variety of sandwiches and hot entrees to choose from. Portions are llarge arge and sandwiches are overstuffed and huge. The side dis hes are creative and uniformly deli cious. There are many reasons this restaurant is popular, and customers are fiercely loyal. Make sure you tak e a moment while there to say hel lo to the owners. They are wonderful peopl e and represent the tenacity that has seen Galveston survive and thrive through the many storms and disasters. Street parking only. Handicap accessibility is limited by the street parki ng. Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Closed Sundays & Mondays

Koops BBQ Kitchen & Catering

4501 Broadway Galveston, Texas 77550 409-539-0059 facebook@koopsbbq

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 4 1

Pennie’s Take Out Menu Smoked Brisket Quality brisket covered with our original rub, slow smoked and ready to be sliced when you order. Pork Ribs Pork ribs cooked with our original rub till almost done then basted with our honey sweetened sauce.


1713 37th Street Galveston, TX 77550

Grilled Chicken Chicken spiced with our rub cooked over wood. Unlike any chicken you have ever eaten. Link Sausage Pork and Beef link sausage smoked over oak ready and waiting for you to order. Sandwiches Chopped Beef | Sliced Beef | Sausage |Comes with a complimentary 4 oz side

Texas Sized Tamales Available Now!

Stuffed Baked Potato Huge baked potato filled with butter, cheese, sour cream, chives and best of all chopped brisket! Texas Sized Tamales Everything is bigger in Texas. Three times larger than our



4 2 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

regular tamales with the same great taste. Barbacoa (Sat. and Sun. Only) Pennie Ochoa’s delicious recipe. Tender, moist shredded beef is the result. Menudo (Seasonal) Honey comb tripe in a spicy Mexican soup Sides and Dessert All sides are made fresh at Pennie’s Potato Salad Dill based cool refreshing chopped potatoes mixed with dressings. Pinto Beans My own recipe made fresh daily. Lots of love goes into the beans. Green Beans Banana Pudding Trifle

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 4 3

RED SNAPPER INN Seafood • Steaks • Gourmet Items

Voted #1 Seafood Restaurant Brazosport Facts Readers’ Choice Awards 2021/2022

Private Party Room & Banquet Facilities Available.

F i s h Spent Last “OurNfish spent last night in the Gulf.” ight In T h e G u l f Our

402 Blue Water Hwy Surfside Beach, Texas

(979)239-3226 Credit Cards Accepted 4 4 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

2107 Postoffice Street

2101 postoffice street



Highlighting Galveston’s Best of the Best Dining Experiences.


ast month we talked about the large number of family-owned Mexican and Central American restaurants scattered throughout Galveston. Mostly in the neighborhoods and away from the tourist areas, these restaurants offer outstanding food and value to knowledgeable customers. This month we will explore another one of these restaurants.

Aceituno’s Mexican Restaurant offers high-quality Mexican and Latin American food seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. Family-owned and operated, this spotlessly clean restaurant has top-quality food and service. Offering a well-balanced menu and great value, it is well worth the effort to seek it out.

The lunch menu is large and includes rarities like Chile Rellenos and Mole’. The Chile Rellenos are absolutely delicious. A large poblano pepper stuffed with your choice of meat and fried in a light egg batter and served under melted cheese. It is one of the best i have had. The mole’ can be had over chicken or enchiladas and is deep, rich, earthy, and ultimately satisfying. There are many other menu items that i continue to explore. They have only been open a few months but have attracted a large following and many positive reviews on social media. I urge you to give them a try. Plenty of off-street parking and good handicap accessibility. Hours Of Operation: 6:00 am to 2:30 pm - 7 days per week.

Located in a small strip center and sharing space with a convenience store it offers plenty of off-street parking along busy broadway boulevard. The restaurant is not fancy but has a friendly and cheery vibe. Service is fast and pleasant. Upon entering you seat yourself and are quickly brought a basket of chips and a red salsa. The chips are fresh, non-greasy, and have a pronounced corn flavor. The salsa is mild and flavorful. Green salsa is available upon request and is excellent, but flame thrower hot! This is a breakfast and lunch place only. All menu items are available during operating hours. The extensive breakfast menu offers dishes that are not regularly found in this area. For example, Edna’s special breakfast comes with eggs, a sauce-covered fajita steak with fried sweet plantains, a portion of queso blanco, Mexican crema, and refried black beans. The black beans are delicious and a welcome change from the usual pinto beans. All the traditional Mexican plates are offered as are a wide variety of overstuffed burritos. The flour tortillas are obviously homemade and are large and thick and very hot! 4 6 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Aceituno’s Mexican Restaurant 2709 Broadway Boulevard Galveston, Texas 77550 409-753-7866


Horn Blasting The Split Second The Traffic Light Turns Green our windshield, check our tire pressure, and feed the birds for a few minutes. We may even eat a sandwich. Get a grip, folks. Be courteous. We are all in this together. Do we like it when some road rage whack job blasts their horn at us the split second the traffic light turns


green? e get it. Driving our vehicles these days can be downright aggravating. There are


road construction issues that seem never-

ending. Orange traffic cones and barrels seem to be everywhere and the norm. Then there is our personal favorite, the road detours.

Driving can be a real headache these days. Let’s not make it worse by being the “blasting my horn guy.” A

Add all of this together and trying to drive anywhere can be a true nightmare. That being said, it doesn’t

little courtesy goes a long way. Try it. You just may like it.

mean one should blast their horn at the car in front of them the split second the traffic light turns green. Now, if someone is ignoring the green light entirely and playing with their phone or texting, then, by all means, let them have it. We are talking about the rude kind of people that get pure enjoyment out of honking and blasting their horns at someone the split second the traffic light turns green. The next time someone blasts their horn at us in this situation, we are going to put our vehicle in park, clean Have a Pet Peeve ? Contact us at and tell us about it. We just may use yours next month!

W aWv ae vs e Ms aMg aa gz ai nz ei n |e |J uJ luyl y2 02 20 22 2




Fitness Fun: Not an Oxymoron!

ccording to President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, less than 5 percent of adults actually participate in 30 minutes of physical activity daily. We may start with motivation and stick with the positive fitness goals we have set for ourselves. However, we often find our well-intentioned plans unraveling after just a few weeks. The problem is, for many of us, exercise can be tedious and repetitive. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to make fitness fun, whether you have five minutes or five hours to spare. To help, here are some suggestions to put the fun back into your exercise routine:

Exercise With A Friend

Find a workout buddy if you struggle to get out of bed in the morning for a prework gym session or come up with every excuse possible to avoid exercise after work. By exercising with a friend, you can have more motivation and can even laugh in the process.

Get New Gear!

Believe it or not, what you wear during your exercises can also lead to having a fun workout. Wearing clothing that is designed for working out can make you feel more comfortable since they are often made of fabric that is sweat-resist-

4 8 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

ant and made for movement. A new pair of shoes can put a new spring in your step. Investing in a fitness tracker can motivate you to track your progress and keep your enthusiasm up as you reach your goals. New headphones can help you fully enjoy your HIIT routine.

Join A Class

Break away from the gym and try something new. Join a class in your local area, such as group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, dancing, spinning, kickboxing, or Zumba. Not only could you have fun, but you will make new friends in the process.

Choose The Right Time To Work Out

Another part of your workout that could be affecting your enjoyment is the time during which you do it each day. Moving your workouts to the early mornings or right after work can change your tune about your workouts in several ways. If you decide to change your workout time to the mornings, you might start enjoying them more because they can give you a much-needed energy boost to start your day. However, moving to late afternoon workouts right after you get off work might be better for you since it can relieve some stress and allow you to move around after a long day of sitting in a chair.

Download Some Apps

Browse the thousands of fitness apps available to help you stay on track. Not only can you monitor your workouts, what you eat, and how much you drink, but you can also get tips, advice, and most importantly, reminders. Some fun apps to look at include Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Water Your Body, Headspace and Calorie Counter.

Pump Up The Volume

Instead of exercising in silence, load your phone with upbeat songs that will help get you moving. Music makes life merrier. If you don’t already, add your own music from your smartphone and listen with a pair of wireless headphones during your workout. In fact, studies show that adding music to your workout not only increases stamina and puts you in a better mood, but music that moves to your beat increases motivation and enhances exercise performance! If you already listen to music during your workout, change it up with a playlist you can exercise to, and add a playlist for the cool down and stretching, too.

Watch Your Favorite Tv Show

Instead of heading back from work and flopping onto the sofa to watch your favorite TV show, head to the

gym and catch up on a treadmill or cycle machine. This way, you can enjoy watching your program but get fit simultaneously.

Get Outside

If a gym isn’t for you, get outside and take in some vitamin D. Find somewhere new to go for a walk, enjoy a long cycle ride, take a frisbee to the beach, or find a swimming pool near you.

Jump For A Change

Remember when you were a kid and jumping on a trampoline or bouncy house was so much fun? Rebounders are small trampolines made for exercise, bringing the joy back into fitness. They use different materials and springs, so jumping is easier on your joints. And you can strengthen your entire body by jumping 10 minutes a day! But don’t forget to stretch to make it a complete exercise routine because jumping is an impact exercise.

Use A Fitness App

Fitness apps set goals, track your progress, keep an eye on your heart rate and even monitor your diet. Many fitness apps, like Yes.Fit, have social media pages where members meet and share stories. You can get free workout ideas and use the app to virtually travel and exercise in exciting locations. When using creative apps like this, your workout never gets old.

Geocache For Treasure

Geocaching has been around for years and still thrives because it’s fun. Start by registering for free with, type in your zip code, and find a location near you. Then use GPS coordinates to locate or plant treasures. Many people play this game while trail hiking or running, and you can even search for trail difficulty that works with your fitness level. And finding a treasure can be motivational and satisfactory!

protein can make you feel a lot better before, during, and after a workout. I hope this helps you find fun activities to add to your workout. Changing up your workout routine keeps you motivated longer and leads to a better chance for success because you will stick with it. Now, get out there and have fun!

Seasonal Sports Can Keep Your Workout Fresh

Many communities offer group sports like soccer, softball, or volleyball. If you have a partner, hit the local tennis court. Living near the ocean, as we do, can provide the opportunity to surf, paddle board, or kayak. Each of these uses a different set of muscles; mixing it up can help you stay fit from head to toe.

Take On A Healthy Diet

Besides setting new goals in the studio, you should also consider changing your eating habits. A primary reason you might lack the motivation and energy to work out is the food you eat. Consuming foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, sugar, and other ingredients can make your workouts tedious to get through since you just want to crash before you even begin. Making the switch and eating foods with healthy carbohydrates, fats, and

Shaye Henderson

Focus on Fitness | Shaye Henderson, BSN, M.Ed., M.S. | Owner, 640 Fit, 11 Evia Main, Galveston, TX 77554

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 4 9

July 2022

Waves Magazine Event Center

Email us at: to list your events!

JAZZ UNDER THE PALMS The Tremont House 2300 Ship Mechanic Row Every Thursday Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

9th Annual Albatross Old Smokey Throwdown 815 21st St. | (409)765-5778 Location: The Albatross From 10:00 Am To 6:00 Pm

Bill Engvall Johnny Mathis July 9th - 4pm and 8pm July 30th - 8pm Grand 1894 Opera House Grand 1894 Opera House

Robert Earl Keen Aug 19th - 8pm Grand 1894 Opera House

Every Friday & Saturday @ Bubba’s On The Strand


Music Every Weekend 5 0 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

2425 Strand Suite 100 Galveston

23rd Street Piano Bar

Moody Gardens

1706 23rd Street

1 Hope Blvd. facebook@moodygardens

Bubba’s On The Strand

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

2411 Strand facebook@bubbasonthestrand

413 20th Street

Sharky’s Tavern

Galveston Artwalk

504 25th Street facebook@sharkystavern 3

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market 28th & Market - 9am - 12pm 10

23rd Street Piano Bar Sing-Along-Sundays with Thomas Cokinos | 5pm **Lafftown Comedy Contest - 8pm**


23rd Street Piano Bar Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 7pm


23rd Street Piano Bar Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 7pm

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market 28th & Market - 9am - 12pm 17

23rd Street Piano Bar Sing-Along-Sundays with Thomas Cokinos | 5pm **Lafftown Comedy Contest - 8pm**


23rd Street Piano Bar Sing-Along-Sundays with Thomas Cokinos | 5pm **Lafftown Comedy Contest - 8pm** Bubba’s On The Strand Pizazz Band | 4pm

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 4pm Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm Moody Gardens Beats On The Beach - 6pm


Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 9pm

Sharky’s Tavern Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Guy Forsyth (Solo) | 8pm

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Rock Bottom String Band W / Special Guest Brook Blanche | 8pm

23rd Street Piano Bar Chris Bergeron - 7pm


Sharky’s Tavern Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Kevin Galloway W / Special Guest Doug Strahan & The Good Neighbors - Album Release Show!! - 8pm


23rd Street Piano Bar Ned Evett | 7pm Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 9pm Sharky’s Tavern Southern Ruckus Band - 9pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Madam Radar | 8pm



23rd Street Piano Bar Ned Evett - 7pm

23rd Street Piano Bar Thomas Cokinos | 7pm

Bubba’s On The Strand Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 9pm

Sharky’s Tavern Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 23rd Street Piano Bar Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers Songwriter Night Hosted By Tex Renner (Open Mic) - 7pm 7pm 27


23rd Street Piano Bar Clay Howell - 7pm

Bubba’s On The Strand Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm


Bubba’s On The Strand Pizazz Band | 4pm Galveston’s Own Farmers Market 28th & Market - 9am - 12pm

23rd Street Piano Bar Mike & Jamie | 7pm

Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm

23rd Street Piano Bar Ned Evett - 7pm

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Ray Wylie Hubbard - 8pm

23rd Street Piano Bar Sharky’s Tavern Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm 7pm

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market 28th & Market - 9am - 12pm

23rd Street Piano Bar Mike Sueiro - 7pm


Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 4pm Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Jana Pochop & Shawnee Kilgore - 8pm Moody Gardens Beats On The Beach - 6pm 23rd Street Piano Bar 16 Aassi Windom- 7pm Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 4pm Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm Moody Gardens Beats On The Beach - 6pm Galveston Artwalk 2127 Strand - 6pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Shake Russell | 8pm 23rd Street Piano Bar 23 Violin Lounge with Dave Thomas | 7pm Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 4pm Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Ray Wylie Hubbard - 8pm Moody Gardens Beats On The Beach - 6pm


23rd Street Piano Bar Chris Bergeron - 7pm Bubba’s On The Strand Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm


23rd Street Piano Bar That 70s Thing | 7pm

Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 9pm

Bubba’s On The Strand Open Mic Night - Starts at 8pm

Bubba’s On The Strand Pizazz Band | 4pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 413 20th St. Tremoloco | 2:30pm

28th and Market


2127 Strand

23rd Street Piano Bar Sing-Along-Sundays with Thomas Cokinos | 5pm Bubba’s On The Strand Pizazz Band | 4p-8p

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market


23rd Street Piano Bar Clay Howell - 7pm Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 9pm Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm


23rd Street Piano Bar Dr. B | 7pm Bubba’s On The Strand The Band Stranded | 4pm Sharky’s Tavern Live Band | 9pm Moody Gardens Beats On The Beach - 6pm

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2





er their webpage, Island ETC, Galveston’s only professional producing theatre has released details about their SEASON 20! Kudos to Artistic Director Kim Mytelka for selecting what promises to be an entertainingly diverse collection of productions, several for which I hope to audition!


B o o k b y Te r r e n c e M c N a l l y M u s i c b y D a v i d Ya z b e k July 15 - August 13 (2 Sunday matinees on July 24 &31) THE FULL MONTY is the Americanized musical stage version of the 1997 British film following six down-on-their-luck unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, N e w Yo r k . S e e i n g h o w m u c h their wives enjoy watching male strippers during their “Girls’ Night Out,” they come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. In the process renewed self-esteem, the importance of friendship, and the ability to have fun. *ETC does not recommend this production for children.

5 2 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2


By Leslie Kimball September 16 - October 8 (Sunday matinee on Sept. 18) Retired showgirl Beatrice is in desperate need of a vacation, and she’s convinced that a Sassy Seniors Cruise in the Caribbean is just the escape she needs from Magnolia Place Assisted Living. As she takes the warpath to convince her best friend Eaddy to stop praying just long enough t o g o w i t h h e r, t h e “ o l d b r o a d s ” o f Magnolia Place are soon caught u p i n a m y s t e r y. D u e t o s e v e r al mix-ups, a disturbing number of residents being moved to the nursing home ‘dark side.’ Will the ladies be able to solve the mystery and still make it to the cruise ship?


By Phil Olsen November 18 -December 10 (Sunday matinees on November 20 & 27 - No performance on Thanksgiving)

It’s Christmas Eve in a small west Te x a s t o w n . G r o u c h y b a r b e q u e joint owner Buford Johnson gets in an argument with his wife, Darla. He tells her he is skipping Christmas and storms out of the restaurant, goes four-wheeling in his pickup, gets hit by a twiste r, r o l l s h i s t r u c k , a n d g o e s i n t o a coma. He comes back in his dream where he is visited by his e x - b u s i n e s s p a r t n e r, H a n k . H a n k plays all three of the traditional ghosts and takes Buford on a journey like that is like that in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas C a r o l , ” o n l y Te x a s - s t y l e . “


By James McClure January 20 - January 28 (Sunday matinees on January 22) L O N E S TA R i s c o n s i d e r e d a ‘ Te x a s c l a s s i c . ’ L O N E S TA R t e l l s t h e s t o r y o f R o y, a b r a w n y m a c h o type who is back in town after a stint in Vietnam. Suffering from PTSD, his life is largely devoted to getting drunk. Along with his d e v o t e d b r o t h e r R a y, R o y s e t s about consuming a case of Lone Star beer and regales his brother with tales of his military and sexual exploits. But with the arrival of Cletis, a nerdy newlywed, the cornerstones of Roy’s world gradually begin to collapse.



ON THE BOARDS [Currently playing] ISLAND ETC [East-End Theatre Company] THE FULL MONTY Book by Terrence McNally Score by David Yazbek July 15 – August 13, 2022 Sunday matinees - July 24 & 31, 2022


Book by Harvey Fierstein M u s i c & Ly r i c s b y J e r r y H e r m a n Based on the play by Jean Poiret March 10 - April 8 (Sunday matinees on March 19 &26) LA CAGE AUX FOLLES is a celebration of life, love, and beating your own drum. Georges, the manager of a drag night club, and Albin, his romantic partner and star attraction, fall into a farcical adventure when Georges son, Jean-Michel, brings home his fiancée’s ultra-conservative parents to meet them. Georges reluctantly agrees to masquerade as ‘normal’ when he meets the family of the bride-to-be. But Albin has other plans. The results are a hilarious, heartwarming t a l e a b o u t t h e r e a l m e a n i n g o f f a m i l y, a n d t h e power of love and understanding to dissolve the walls between ‘us’ and ‘them.’

COM THEATRE [College of the Mainland Community Theatre] THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL Book by Kyle Jarrow Songs by various artists July 7 – 24, 2022 Sunday matinees - July 17 & 24, 2022



By Ken Ludwig May 12 - May 27 Sunday matinees on May 14 & May 21) Tw o S h a k e s p e a r i a n a c t o r s f i n d t h e m s e l v e s s o down on their luck that they are touring the Moose Lodge circuit with a condensed two-person mashup of Shakespeare’s plays. When they see an ad in a local paper seeking the long-lost relatives of an ailing heiress. The two plan to pose as her nephews – Max and Steve - to have a shot at being on the receiving end of the inheritance. The plot twists when it is revealed that the paper ’s names were shortened versions of Maxine and Stephanie, the heiress’ nieces. The fun really begins when they decide to become nieces rather than nephews.

PURPLE BOX THEATRE RIPCORD By David Lindsay-Abaire July 8 - 17, 2022

IN THE WINGS [Opening Soon] THE GRAND 1894 OPERA HOUSE BANDELLA — A BAND OF ASTRONAUTS August 6, 2022 - 8:00PM ROBERT EARL KEEN August 19, 2022 - 8:00PM

Pa ag ue lr H


W a vWeasv eMsa gMaazgi an ze i n| e J|u lJ yu l2y 0 2 02 2 2 5 3

T exas M usic P rofile

Fred Linton

Story and Photos by Zach Tate


f you watched television at all between 1976 and 1978, you probably caught a few episodes of an odd, yet very popular, low-budget talent show called, The Gong Show, hosted by the now-iconic Chuck Barris. Unlike the Ed Sullivan Show from a previous era that also featured talents of all kinds, many musicians old enough to have seen Sullivan proudly admit taking musical inspiration from some of the show’s guests like Elvis or The Beatles, The Gong Show did not carry quite the same prestige. For Texas City-born musician and bandleader, Fred Linton, however, watching The Gong Show, while not exactly a point of pride in his musical evolution, did play a key role in determining his musical fate, he humorously admits. “I remember the day in junior high we were supposed to decide which instrument we wanted to learn. I had watched The Gong Show the night before and there was a guy playing two saxophones at the same time. So, when they called my name I said ‘Saxophone!’ Chuck Barris showed me the light.” Linton went on to play in the school marching band at Blocker Junior High and Texas City High School, but it was involvement with yet another 1970s and 80s cultural institution that again guided Linton’s direction in entertainment: The Columbia House Record and Tape Club. For just about any music lover who read magazines during the last 30 years of the 20th century, Columbia’s full-page ads in everything from Rolling Stone to Cosmopolitan offering “11 Records or Tapes for Just One Penny!” was irresistible and millions joined (including this Fred Linton in 1978. writer). Among Linton’s 11 cassette tapes (to go with his Sony Walkman he listened to while mowing yards) was the soundtrack to the film, The Blues Brothers. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd from Saturday Night Live created the parody music group as a sketch for the popular TV show. The characters Jake and Elwood Blues were so well received, along with their top-notch musician band (actual members of Booker T. & The M.G.’s and the horn-driven band Blood, Sweat & Tears, among others) a film was made and released in 1980 catapulting them to almost immediate legendary status. Belushi to this day is the only artist to have had a number one album, film, and TV show at the same time.

ed (and the charts to give them), the path remained clear and solidly focused on developing an R&B, funk and soul group that played songs with strong horn section arrangements by artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower Of Power, and Chicago. After studying electrical engineering at the College of The Mainland in the 1980s (where he played in the school band under the direction of Sparky Koerner and once backed up Dizzy Gillespie at the Galveston Opera House) Linton, also an avid surfer, moved to Galveston. Linton began attending open jams in Galveston and surrounding areas and it was at the recently demolished Outpost in Webster (famous for its NASA clientele of astronauts) where he befriended several musicians including Buddy Manchac, guitarist and owner of Ronnie’s Ice House in Dickinson, and well-known regional songwriter, Benny Brasket. Linton credits Manchac and Brasket with helping him learn to improvise on saxophone and still occasionally attends the open Sunday afternoon jam at Ronnie’s. “We just worked with Fred to help him learn when to play and when not to play within the blues genre. He developed into a great player,” Manchac said. In 2001, Linton finally formed the band he had hoped to create in the mid-80s. Funksion, a nine-piece funk and soul band, has been going strong ever since and has become a

“I decided to put together a Blues Brothers band. We had one meeting and they said, ‘Where are the charts?’ That’s when I found out I could do something that most others couldn’t do; I could learn to play a song just by listening to it. That’s also when that band fell apart.” Although it would be years before Linton got the bandmates he need5 4 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Funksion at Scout Bar in Clear Lake, TX 2019 . Photo by Justin Dickenson.

Fred Linton with The Bayou Gipsies at Katies in Bacliff, TX.

Waves Magazine | October 2021


W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 5 5

Fred Linton

regular fixture at Galveston’s Mardi Gras Festival, playing every year for the last 10 years for the annual Krewe of Aquarius Barn Bash, among other venues around town. “The name came from a combination of the words funk and fusion and also a play on mathematical function - because besides myself, there were three other engineers in the group. They always knew their parts and showed up on time but couldn’t dance,” Linton said with a laugh. Although the pandemic slowed the band’s usual once-amonth performance schedule and caused some changes in personnel, four original members of the current nine (including Linton) still remain; lead female vocalist, Frankie Stevenson, Dave Watson on trumpet, and Matt Souder on drums. During the forced time off most musicians endured, Linton developed his keyboard playing and looked to other outlets to perform. A side project he was working on since 2018 with well-known local guitarist, Skip Devlin, recently evolved into a new four-piece group after Devlin moved to Arkansas in 2021. Together with drummer Ray Plummer, bassist Ken Harms, and recently added guitarist, Anthony Puskus, they formed the Bayou Gipsies. The Gipsies have played a half-dozen gigs and according to Linton are trying to do something different musically; playing songs less familiar than most bands cover and throwing in a few original works. A June gig at Katie’s Bar in Bacliff showcased Linton’s keyboard

and lead vocal ability in addition to his stellar sax playing (Puskus provides co-lead vocals). The quartet’s emphasis on sonic atmosphere and band tightness, while executing their sometimes obscure yet tasteful song selection, is refreshing for audiences looking for something different. Although his career as an engineer and musician in two bands takes much of his time, Linton recently added a position on the city council in Dickinson, his home for the last 15 years, to his busy schedule. Linton was elected to Position 6 in May of this year in the town of just over 20,000 people located in Galveston County about 30 miles north of Galveston Island. While he said he has no plans to give up music, Linton is taking his newfound political position very seriously. “I want to give back to the community and try and help. To solve problems and benefit the lives of the citizens of Dickinson, including myself. At the very least make educated, rational decisions with no drama,” Linton said. For more information on the Bayou Gipsies and Funksion, visit: facebook@funksionmusiccom



Waves Magazine | April 2022 55

Hook into a wide variety of species both INSHORE and OFFSHORE on one of our private Family Friendly fishing charters. Fishing is not just a Hobby for us BUT our Full Time Job. Trips available Year-Round.



A Guide To Galveston Fishing

alveston waters are home to a diversity of fish, from giant hard pulling monsters to sleek, sneaky predators that require skill to outsmart. From the inshore waters of Galveston Bay to the clear blue waters found offshore, when it comes to salt-water fish, Galveston, Texas stands out as one of the hottest spots in the world.

CALL TODAY FOR SUMMER SPECIALS! Crista Gonzales with an 80# Broadbill Swordfish. Hand cranked from 1,700 ft. down in the Gulf Of Mexico out of Galveston.

Join us in this section featuring advice, techniques and stories of the “big one” with local pro’s like Patrick Lemire and Max Conner. Find recommended bait and tackle shops as well as powerhouse charters to get you out on the water in search of the “catch of a lifetime”. Enjoy!

5 6 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Located on Galveston's West Bay at Beautiful Harborwalk Marina


Maxed Out Fishing

Shout-out to my sponsors – Hunter Welch – Fishstix Rods, Jason Paul – Stinky Pants Fishing, Michael Bosse – Down South Lures and Billy Ray Wagner – SaltWater Soul. Find Max Online @ | Instagram: maxconnerfishing 5 7 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 5 7



hile the term “Bottoms Up” might be associated with some

remember and think about. The hook point into the baitfish’s body works

form of drinking, it’s not in this case. It is hopefully associated

best with a “J” style hook; circle hooks will have a more difficult time of

with eating, though, especially if you’re a red snapper, ling,

hooking up when their hook point to shank gap is masked when buried in

dolphin, kingfish or grouper on the lookout for an easy meal.

the baitfish.

When a baitfish is hooked in this bottoms up configuration, the weight of

Remember that the purpose of any weight added is to get and keep your

the hook will bring it into the inverted position while on the sink. This is

bait presentation at the desired depth, where the fish are holding. If the

the look of an injured, vulnerable baitfish, especially with added twitches

combined weight of the bait, hook, leader, swivel, and line can get your

from your rod tip. Part of this look is the exposed white underbelly that

bait into the strike zone, no egg weight of any size is needed. Fished

gives that look of being in distress. It’s a look I’ve successfully used for

without an egg weight above the swivel, it’s ready to attract strikes from

well over fifteen years.

near-surface cruisers such as ling, dolphin or kingfish.

When rigging up, use 2 to 3 ft. of 40 to 80 lb. clear mono for the leader. I

To fish the “Bottoms Up Baitfish “rig, either slowly play your line out from

also recommend using my Poor Man’s Fluorocarbon dulling procedure as

close to the boat or gently cast with a slow, sweeping rod motion. When

described in the March issue. Use an 80 or 130 lb. Spro@ Power Swivel

casting, also gently thumb the reel spool to slow it down a bit just before

between your main line and the leader. This rig can also be fished with a

the bait enters the water. As I’ve said in past issues, this straightens out

wire leader, my choice is Malin@ #7, 80 lb. You have probably guessed

your presentation, making it instantly ready to nuke its own presentation,

my next suggestion. . .spray paint them with Rust-O-Leum@ 7727 Royal

starting just below the surface. It’s best to keep giving slack to your line

Blue for use in blue water, or 7435 Green (John Deere) in green water.

while on the sink to the strike zone to help avoid that bending of the bait

Both need a topcoat of Krylon@ 1311 Clear Matte to knock down their

mentioned earlier. Count down and remember the count that got you to

surface reflections. These stealth actions aid in generating and also dis-

the point in the water column where a pickup or strike occurred. Repeat

couraging strikes, depending on how you use them. I also use this camo

that sink count the next time you send your bait out and anticipate anoth-

paint treatment on my eggweights — those toothy guys will hit anything

er strike at that same general depth.

you put out there that’s shiny. A bright eggweight riding on your fragile main line shouldn’t be one of those strike triggers, either fish with old, dull

While the countdown method works well, another method for returning to

ones or camo paint them.

the relatively same level in the water column is available to super braid users fishing a reel without a level wind. On the retrieve, after a pickup

With the hook placed into the baitfish as shown in the illustration, the

or strike, initially don’t use a cris-cross motion to lay the line back on the

hookup potential is raised. So is the chance of the exposed hook point

spool. Build a small hump of line on the spool, then start your cris-cross

finding something besides your target. When fishing this “Bottoms Up

thumb motion to evenly lay the line back on the spool. On the next cast,

Baitfish” rig close to any structure, it would be best to turn the hook

let the-line out slowly while on the sink until the hump appears and then

around and embed it into the baitfish’s body. This works best with soft-

disappears. You will then be very close to the depth where you had your

er-bodied baits, such as sardines, vermilion snapper, sand trout, etc.

last success. This is very important at times, especially where red snapper fishing is concerned. Snapper, unless voraciously hungry, aren’t likely

The through-the-mouth, out-the-gill plate and then into the-body with the

to chase a bait like a ling or kingfish would. Stop the bait short, or let it

hook makes it necessary to twitch this bait gently; also, cast it gently.

go too deep, and they may not make a great depth change to eat it.

This is because any vigorous movement of the hook will cause the baitfish to curl or bend, causing a spinning motion of the baitfish. It’s

When using a “J” hook as shown in the illustration, I play the line out to

really not that difficult to do this gentle loading — it’s just something to

the desired depth. Give a little slack at the pickup, then put the reel into

5 8 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

that you didn’t see or otherwise know about? You can bet with confidence that it’s happened to all of us, numerous times. A another point I’d like to mention is that another baitfish could be added when the hook point is exposed in the primary baitfish. Hook the second baitfish in one eye and out the other. This larger profile, along with the added scent, raises ali of the strike generating features of this “Bottoms Up Baitfish” rig. Give a bit more time to allow the baits to be swallowed before attempting to set the hook, since the hook point is partially obscured. This added baitfish is especially effective when larger fish are in the area and are your target. Double-baiting doesn’t work nearly as well when using a circle hook and should be avoided. gear, and point the rod tip at the line’s entry point into the water, quickly

The “Bottoms Up Baitfish” rigging method gives another look that preda-

wind tight and vigorously set the hook. When using a circle hook, such as

tors readily home in on. The stealth measures taken in the leader, swivel

a Daiichi@ D84Z in size 5/0 or 7/0, the vigorous hookset isn’t necessary.

and egg weight areas help to hide what

When the line comes tight, with the reel in gear, firmly raise the rod, setting

they may be watching out for—some-

the hook. A hard hook setting motion will likely result in no hookup when

thing unnatural. Give these rigging and

using a circle hook; a steady loading will greatly increase your hookups.

hooking procedures a try, they could be the edge you’re looking for, and you may

Is the previously mentioned Poor Man’s Fluorocarbon procedure or the

also soon be saying “Bottoms Up”

camo painted wire a necessity? Obviously, the answer is no — sort of.

Patrick Lemire

Who knows how many “turn downs” you’ve had of your bait presentation

Pro Fishing Gear & Tackle

14065 Delany Rd. L a M a r q u e , Te x a s 7 7 5 6 8 (In the Gulfway Plaza)

• • • • • • • •

Baits/Lures Custom Rods In-House Rod/ Reel Repair Reel Parts Rod Components Inshore/Offshore Tackle Custom Rigging Custom Splicing

(409) 935-1126 59 Waves Magazine | August 2021

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 5 9

Recipe Of The Month

Wild Blackberry Crumble Cake Ingredients Cake

- butter – 1/4 cup - sugar - 1 1/4 cup (divided) - eggs - 2 - vanilla extract - 1 1/2 tsp - flour - 2 cups - baking powder - 2 tsp - salt – 1/2 tsp - cinnamon – 1/2 tsp - buttermilk - 1/2 cup - wild blackberries - 1 1/2 cups

Ingredients Topping

- sugar - 1 1/4 cup (divided) - flour – 3/4 cup - cinnamon – 1/2 tsp - nutmeg – 1/4 tsp ground - salt – 1/4 tsp - oats – 1/4 cup - brown sugar – 1/2 cup - butter – 1/2 cup chilled pats - walnuts - 1 cup fine chopped - wild blackberries – 1/2 cup

Directions Preheat oven to 375. Add ¼ cup sugar to berries and toss then set aside long enough for sugar to melt. Grease and flour up to a 9x12 baking pan (I used an 8x12 Staub cast iron oval pan). Blend sugar and butter together until creamy then add eggs and vanilla until smooth. In separate bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Stir flour mixture and buttermilk into the sugar mixture until it is well blended. Gently stir in berries and pour batter into pan. Bake 20 minutes at 375 then remove to add topping. Mix all topping ingredients except walnuts and berries in a bowl then use a pastry Wild Bill’s Store

cutter to blend until crumbly. Fold in berries then spread mixture over cake. Lastly sprinkle the chopped walnuts evenly and bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm with a side of vanilla ice cream and enjoy! -“Wild Bill” & BarbaraPowell

Follow Wild Bill at:

Instagram@TexasSelectSeasonings Facebook@TexasSelectSeasonings

5517 FM 2004 Suite 100 | Hitchcock, Texas, 77563 | Ph: (409) 392-8199 6 0 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2


W AV E S rivia hallenge

Answer Key From Page 16

B r e w m a s t e r Tr iv i a

WOODY’S Beach Bar

11149 Termini-San Luis Pass Rd Galveston, TX 77554 3.6 Miles West of 61st & Seawall 6 1 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

Model CJ Reese Instagram @modelcjreese83 Body by SDFIT6 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2


Pirates Plunder Found in Galveston


alveston’s history includes rich and varied tales of pirates, from Louis Michel Aury to Jean Lafitte, as the pirate colony of Galveston moved from Aury to the swashbuckler Lafitte in the 19th century. The pirates’ plunder from around the world can still be found here, but no longer sourced in the nefarious ways of those former pirate residents. Celebrating the first anniversary of opening “Pirates Life, Pirates Plunder at 2021 Strand Street, Mark Lacampo and Dawn Hammer live an exciting life, both at work and at home. “I heard the quote ‘Dress for the job you want and I figured I already dress like a pirate so this is the perfect job,” says Mark.

6 2 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

After years of historical study, competitive battling in actual European castles along with sailing on tall ships while engaging in mock cannonball fights, Mark’s passion for the pirate life is more than a brief viewing of a movie and fascination with the garb. Housed in the historical Trolley Station, built in 1894, the building is the ideal spot for a pirate ship full of booty. Upon entering, customers are met by dark wood interior beams, a staircase leading to what could be the poop deck of the ship, wood plank floors, and chandeliers from above, with all the structures being original to the historical building. “There’s always laughter in the shop and such an eclectic selection of items in just 1,200 square feet of space. Of the over 1,000 single items in the store, everything related to the pirate life can be found,” says Mark and Dawn. “We refuse to gouge prices, so if we find a good deal then we pass it on to our customers at reasonable prices.”

From the swords to the clothing and the treasures of all sizes, the items are brought in from Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, and other ports along the way. A pirate or a wench can be outfitted, except for the footwear. Even hard-to-find items such as a baldric, which is a belt-like item worn over the shoulder to hold a weapon such as a sword, can be found and it is specially made by Mark. Because of the lack of available baldrics and pirate breeches, which are the short pants, Mark and Dawn have secured a seamstress for the items they need and Mark hand creates the others. A new line of custom t-shirts is also available with infamous pirates and historically correct quotes along with the new shop shirt, now for sale. “We want the store to be more of an experience, not just a store,” says Mark and Dawn. Galveston already offers events that bring in the pirate groups from local areas, but with the authenticity of the store and the passion of the owners, Galveston will see

even more events sponsored by Pirates Plunder soon. The Facebook page for the store will always be up to date and ready for the next adventure. The experience and adventure is only heightened by spending time with Mark and Dawn. Whether fully dawning their pirate attire or just hanging out daily in the store, they offer a wealth of knowledge. Mark has lived a life of a pirate throughout his journeys in America, Germany, Japan, and sailing the seven seas, even spending time sailing on the Lady Washington before she was used as the HMS Interceptor in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Pirates and guests of all ages can visit the Pirates Plunder Tues - Thurs & Sun 11:30am to 6pm, Fridays & Saturdays from 11:30am to 6pm.

A Pirates Life - Pirates Plunder 2021 Strand, Suite 2, Galveston, TX 77550 Phone: 409-443-5169 facebook@ a-pirates-life-pirates-plunder

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2


Rela t ionship Adv i ce Ad

with Jan & D e a n Hey there Jan and Dean. I’m currently in what you would call

with each other, just not under the same roof. Plus, you both must

a long-distance relationship. I’ll give you the details...I went

be eager to see each other when you meet up each month. That

back to my high school reunion a few years ago and met up

makes it new and fresh each time! It’s not about who picks the kids

with a girl I really liked in high school. Her name is Betsy, and

up or doing a bunch of dirty laundry. Are your friends excited every

we didn’t date or go out back then because we were in other

time their mate comes home every night? I highly doubt that. You

relationships at that time. After our graduation, we went our

have a great thing going! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

different ways. Okay, now that we have met up again, we have really hit it off and are seeing each other. The problem is, as I said earlier, it’s a long-distance relationship. We talk to each other almost every night and text daily. We travel to each other’s city once a month. We now love each other very much. Why


i Walter. If there is one thing that I don’t like, it’s people that can’t seem to mind their own business. How you and Betsy decide to conduct

your relationship is totally up to you two. Don’t you just

we haven’t moved to one of the other’s cities is because I love

love how other people always want to butt in and offer advice when

my job and workplace and so does she. We don’t see a problem

their own personal relationships are often times a train wreck?

with that, but both sets of our friends and relatives think we are crazy. My guy friends think when the cat is away, the mouse

It sounds to me like you are both very happy with the way things

will play. I have no desire to fool around with anyone else and

are. That’s all that matters. There are no children involved so you

Betsy doesn’t either. Her friends say to settle down, get mar-

are both free to do things your own way. Congrats on finding your

ried, and start a family. We have no desire to do that now but

true love. I think you are both looking at making some wonderful

maybe we will in the future. We really are enjoying each other

memories together. Keep it going!

and loving the way things are now. What is your opinion Jan and Dean? - Walter is wondering


ello Walter. I really think you have a good thing going. I would forget what your friends and family say. It’s not their life, it’s yours. I kind of

think it’s exciting regarding your current arrangement.

You can both do what you want when you want. You share your day HAVE A QUESTION FOR JAN & DEAN? Go to & ask away. You just might have your question answered next month. 6 4 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2 6 5

T h e

Beach Bum


ello Wavers! Summer has arrived and it’s time to reflect on the eventful Summer of ‘69. To you young folks out there, that means the year 1969. What a year it was! Hard to believe that Woodstock was 53 years ago and that many of the musicians that performed there are still going strong today. Who was it that said Rock Music was just a fad? I had a random thought the other day while I was riding around in my ol’ scarab. It’s not like me to have many thoughts in a day but here is what had me thinking. Such great music going on in the Summer of ‘69. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana, Creedence Clearwater, Joe Cocker, The Who, The Band, Canned Heat, Grateful Dead, Sly & the Family Stone, Country Joe & The Fish, Jefferson Airplane, and so many more. Your Bum thinks that would have been a great era of which to have lived and grown up in. But, I was wondering, what did it cost to live in 1969? What did housing, cars, groceries, and staples like beer and cigarettes cost back then? Even though your Waves Bum is pretty lazy, I did do some research and here is what I came up with. Pretty amazing the cost of living back in 1969.

$8.00 - A Superbowl Ticket

.49 Cents - B ig Mac Hamburger

$1.10 - A Gal lon of Mil k 6 6 W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2

$ 1 . 92 6- P a c k o f B eer

$40K - A New House

$ 2 , 8 4 8 - ‘ 6 9 Fast b a c k Mustang

.35 Cents - A Gallon of Gas

. 0 6 Cent s - 1 s t Cl a s s Stamp

.37 Cents - A Pack Of Cigarettes

. 79 Ce n t s - 1 P ound o f Bacon

.62 Cents - A Dozen of Eggs Monthly Rent back in ‘69 would have ran you a whopping $135.00 per month. The average annual household income was $9,543.

.1 2 Ce n t s - 1 P ound o f Sugar

What your Bum found especially interesting was that the average Personal Savings Rate in 1969 was 12.9%.

Those REALLY were the good ol' days!

W av e s M a g a z i n e | J u ly 2 0 2 2



eflections By: John and Kathy Valastro

o my Island friends, it’s the Summer of 2022 and we are gearing up for another busy tourism season. Some of us have been around for a while and have seen many things come and go. We’ve seen old venues vanish, old venues restored, and new venues make their way to Galveston Island. For those islanders who have been here all these years, you can appreciate our island’s history and transformation. Let’s look at some of the old things that are new, businesses that have changed locations and what’s new for us all to enjoy. Where to start? Let’s look at Galveston Primetime Movie Theater at 8902 Seawall Blvd. I recently went to watch a movie, “Top Gun Maverick”, a really good movie, I recommend it! They serve alcoholic beverages, food and even Blue Bell ice cream! I was impressed with the electric plush recliners; wow, we are getting fancy! Within a year, you will notice a real transformation. They are adding a bowling alley that will connect to the movie theater which will give islanders and visitors alike a place to get out of inclement weather, especially during these extremely hot and humid days. Speaking of something old becoming something new. The Hotel Galvez is going to be brought back to its early 1900’s look and be called The Grand Galvez, its original claim of being called “The Queen of the Gulf”. Its new owners, Mark and Lorenza Wyant, are taking us back to its original grandeur, as much as they can. It is currently undergoing a $50 million restoration…. wholly-molly that’s a lot of restoration, but the new owners are committed to bringing it back to its original splendor! Another island favorite, The Tremont Hotel, is undergoing some of its own renovations. The martini bar will be transformed back to its original bar that focuses more on the whiskey and spirits that it was known for.

Bars/Restau rants : Does anyone remember Michael Burger on the West End just past the Seawall? It is now Cooper’s Landing serving a more upscale menu and a full bar with mixed drinks and a very nice wine list. It is located at 11150 Termini-San Luis Pass Rd. It’s a great addition for people who live on the west end of the Seawall. If you are passing through Evia on 99th street, you may notice a new food venue called the “Lil’ Buffalo Grill”. A Houston-based restaurant that serves a variety of dishes and an all-day breakfast menu. It’s small but quaint. The food is very good. They serve a variety of dishes to satisfy your cravings. They also serve alcoholic beverages including beer and wine. Looking for Mexican food with a seafood flare, try La Peska at 728 Seawall on the East End. I was impressed with the bar and the quality of the food. The owner’s name is Ernesto, and he has a long history on the island and is excited about the possibilities of making this a top spot for islanders and visitors alike. It has balcony seating with a view of the Gulf. My wife and I enjoyed a drink and the cool breeze on the outdoor patio. Check it out at

Galveston Bagel Company is the first bagel bakery shop ever to be tried on Galveston Island. It is located at 2424 Postoffice Street. The owners are Dylan and Shelby, you can check them out at: www.galvestonbagelcompany. com I haven’t been there, but several people have mentioned Bar43 at 4302 Avenue S. Islanders are always looking for another place to hang out and listen to music, I just might have to try it! Beach Bums at 1828 The Strand - It says they are an island-themed/beach vibe bar located on The Stand in Downtown Galveston, Tx (across the street from Coastal Grill) 21+ and over. Good island vibes only! Hey, it sounds like a fun place. Many of the islanders still like their BBQ. If you’re looking for quality BBQ, try Koop’s BBQ Kitchen and Catering. Its new location is at 1011 45th Street and the owners are Tara and PJ. It has regular BBQ, but on certain days of the week they have BBQ with a flare. You must try their Brisket Quesadillas. Everyone I’ve talked to raves about the food and the portions are sure to fill the heartiest of appetites. Word of caution, they are closed on Sunday and Monday. Some noteworthy tidbit information, Koop’s has a certified master chef, his name is Logan Tajchman and he splits his time between Koop’s and The Lasker Inn.

New Bed and Breakfasts *The 1847 - it’s coming. It is located on the corner of Church and 10th Street. The property has gone through a 6-year remodeling endeavor. The owners, Rick and Mary Louise Stonecipher, are excited to finish the project and offer another walk back in history that will share its Galveston historical flare. Virginia Point Inn: Not sure how new it is, but it caught my attention and when I looked it up, I was impressed. If you have guests or family coming and you don’t have room, this could be a good alternative. Call 409-4974944 or email to book. Located at 2327 Avenue K. My Island friends are always looking for new places to hang out and bands to listen to. “The Kaleidoscope Band” plays at 3-Doors Down. If you want a little more groove in your move, they play rock music. These are just a few places that caught my attention, the point of this reflection is to tell my island friends to keep their heads up and their eyes open. So much going on all around us. Let’s never take our island for granted. We have much to enjoy and share!!! Enjoy the Island Life!!!

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