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Country Club embershi

At Its


oin The irst P I ATE Country Club in the tate o Texas

Challen in Tennis

Hole Course

ars Dinin Pavilion


Galveston Country Club tewart oad Galveston T

w w w. ga l ve s t o n c o u n t r ycl u b . c o m www.wavesgalveston.com

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F am ily B each F u n! B ook N ow F or e entl e eas a e

S p r ing B r eak.

odeled ave

pansi e itchen and i ing area, all ood floors and Granite c ounters. This B eauty is loc ated step s to the B eac h and E xtra- L arg e p rivate b alc ony to relax the afternoon aw ay . D on’ t m iss out on this d eal and $ ave $ 100. Call d irec t to b ook it tod ay 409 - 740- 1245! Stay Dates March 17,18,19, 2022 total cost $1867.43.

eas a e st loor ie ave

it G l

P erfec t for a sm all fam ily of three or four. This one w as up d ated and is a very p op ular Cond o Suite. B ook now w hile y ou still Can. Stay D ates Marc h 14- 19 Save $ 204. 3 1 w ith the total c ost at $ 19 9 2. 44.

eas a e G l ie

e ond loor ave

Seasc ap e 2216 has a p erfec t view of the Gulf of Mexic o from the econd floor. ou are sure to lo e the ie as y ou p lan y our d aily ad ventures w hile w atc hing the B row n P elic an d ive for their m orning c atc h. This Gem w on’ t last long . B ook N ow b y c alling and Save $ 23 1. 47 from the B est F lex R ate of $ 273 6. 86.

C ondo’ s F illing F A S T!

40 9 - 3 9 2- 819 9 | 5 5 17


20 0 4 | Suite 10 0 | Hitchcock , T ex as 7 7 5 63 SALES, ASSEMBLY, DELIVERY AND A REPAIR SHOP IF NEEDED AS YOUR







ade In











$ 3 9 5

O 0 O





e s to n C o u n t



Te a s

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March 2022


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G alveston History |

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G alveston Symphony |

H a v e a s a f e s t. p at r i c k ’ s d ay !

Health &

C urtain G oing U p |


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Texas Music Profile |

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• Drive back to a much simpler place in time • Rental for a special occasion or wedding • Romantic date night

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IND US ON INE Saturday, March 19, 2022 | 3 PM & 8 PM 6 Waves Magazine | March 2022 AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN Saturday, March 19, 2022 | 3 PM & 8 PM

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W aves Mag az ine | Mik e B urk e P . O . B ox 3 3 43 | Galveston , TX 77552 P : 409 - 789 - 1160

w w w . w avesg alveston. c om

l s er d tor ales re tor Mik e B urk e m b urk e@ w avesg alveston. c om 409 - 789 - 1160 str

t on e aster ar et n Tiffany B erg eron


ur ke’s B r i efs

aves a a ne Is l s ed ont ly By

H ap p y M ar ch W av er s!


e t ve reat ve re tor Christop her B erg eron ontr tors R ic hard H end erson, D . V . M. J . A . B unny J an & D ean B illy P ow ell P atric k L em ire Max Conner Tom V alliere Charlie B resenhan P aul H ag er B ob R ohan J ohn V alastro K athy V alastro H olly R oss D r. Tara W eg ry n J . Chum ley P hotog rap hy Thom as W ag g oner Z ac h Tate L y nd a W atson Shay e H end erson J am es Clark A lia B enavid es

ar 2022

arc h c ontains one of m y favorite c eleb rations of the y ear. I thoroug hly enj oy the c eleb ration of St. P atric k ’ s D ay . . . the p arad es, g reen b eer, terrific I rish m usic , sing - along s w ith friend s and revelers. I love it all!

W ell, y ou ask ed for it, so y ou are g oing to g et it. Y es, y ou g uessed Mike Burke it, another W aves Soc ial P arty | Publisher is in the w ork s! Stay tuned for inform ation reg ard ing the d ate and loc ation. O nc e ag ain, there w ill b e p lenty of terrific food and live m usic p erform ed b y the g reat I sland b and Strand ed . My g reat- g rand p arents w ere I rish im m ig rants. My father w as p retty m uc h O ur last W aves Soc ial P arty w as a hug e a w ork aholic and rarely took any d ay s suc c ess and this one w ill b e too. Com e off from w ork . St. P atric k ’ s D ay w as m eet the W aves staff, eat, and d rink to som ething he loved to c eleb rate and y our heart’ s c ontent, and tak e in som e a d ay he ac tually d id tak e tim e off g reat live m usic . and enj oy ed him self. I t w as so nic e to see him relaxing and d oing som ething A g ain, p lease rem em b er to he totally enj oy ed and w itness the B Sup p ort our terrific loc al hap p iness St. P atric k ’ s D ay b roug ht to b usinesses. him .

O ur Marc h issue c ontains a ton of entertaining and inform ative c ontent. W e at W aves p rid e ourselves on b eing

W aves Mag az ine is p rod uc ed m onthly . A ll rig hts reserved . N o p art of this p ub lic ation m ay b e used or rep rod uc ed w ithout the w ritten c onsent of the p ub lisher.

8 Waves Magazine | March 2022

Mi ke Bu rke | P u b li she r

Explore Historic Galveston • Rent a stylish replica Model-T

n t e we W avesGalveston. c om F ac eb ook / W avesGalveston Sub sc rip tions A vailab le W aves Mag az ine P . O . B ox 3 3 43 | Galveston , TX 77552 P : 409 - 789 - 1160

100% orig inal. I truly b elieve w e have the b est w riters and m onthly c ontrib utors that c an b e found any w here in the area.

• Drive back to a much simpler place in time • Rental for a special occasion or wedding • Romantic date night • Carts for sale

Step back in time and jaunt around town in a stylish replica Model-T electric cart. Visit our home location! 2127 Broadway, Galveston




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ET Corner

Galveston’s Great Bird Migration


ost anim al lovers have w atc hed an A fric an nature d oc um entary ab out the Great Mig ration. H und red s of thousand s of z eb ras, w ild eb eests, and b uffalo m ak e

their annual trek ac ross the Sereng eti follow ing the g row th of new g rass. They m ust run the g auntlet of lions, hy enas, and c roc s look ing for an easy m eal. Galveston I sland is the ep ic enter of another g reat anim al m ig ration eac h sp ring w hen nearly a b illion sm all b ird s m ak e their j ourney ac ross the Gulf of Mexic o. O ur island is an im p ortant rest stop for m any of them . Many are stunning to

Scarlet Tanager

look at inc lud ing tanag ers, b unting s, and w arb lers.

Pine Grosbeak

Starting in late Marc h, a few hund red sp ec ies of b ird s leave their w inter hom e and travel to N orth A m eric a. They live in Central and South A m eric a from O c tob er throug h Marc h w here the tem p eratures are id eal and food is p lentiful. I n Marc h, they feed vorac iously , b uild ing up fat stores that w ill p rovid e energ y for their j ourney . Trig g ered b y the inc reasing sp ring d ay lig ht, their instinc ts tell them it is tim e to head north. They b eg in their j ourney ac ross the g ulf usually at d usk . These tiny b ird s c an fly from the Y uc atan P eninsula all the w ay to the Texas c oast in a sing le 20- to- 3 0- hour non- stop flig ht. Their six- hund red - m ile j ourney b ring s them to our island tired and hung ry . They seek the refug e of p atc hes of trees that sp ot the up p er Texas Coast. Many end up in the trees in our y ard s. They need a p lac e to rest, find freshw ater, and feed b efore head ing north to their sum m er b reed ing g round s.

10 Waves Magazine | March



Pine Warbler

stations to ac c um ulate d rop p ing s and m old y b ird food . I f a p erson d ec id es to p ut out a feed ing station w ith seed s and fruit, they m ust k eep it c lean. Slic ed orang es hung in the trees are p op ular w ith the b ird s. The fruit attrac ts insec ts that are then g ob b led up . I f there are roam ing c ats in y our neig hb orhood the feed station m ay p ut b ird s at risk

D uring the m ig ration season, there m ay b e an event c alled a “ fall out” . D uring storm y w eather m ig rating b ird s c an b ec om e exhausted on their flig ht ac ross the g ulf. A s soon as they see land , they literally p lung e out of the sk y from over 5,000 feet in m asses land ing in field s, p ark s, and our law ns. This is a g ood op p ortunity for us to see these b ird s in larg e num b ers and up c lose. Sad ly , w hen they first land the b ird s are also vulnerab le to p red ation b y haw k s, rac c oons, and housec ats. I t is estim ated that up to tw o m illion m ig rating b ird s are k illed eac h y ear b y d om estic c ats in the U nited States. K eep ing our p et c ats ind oors w ill p rotec t the b ird s b ut c an also p rotec t y our c at’ s life. Many c ats in rec ent y ears have b een k illed b y the c oy otes that roam our c ity streets. I feel strong ly that all c ats should b e ind oor p ets only , for their sak e and loc al w ild life.

so b etter not p ut one out. B ird w atc hers from all over the w orld c om e to Galveston and the up p er Texas c oast to enj oy the d iverse sp ec ies that are in our area from Marc h throug h A p ril. F eather F est is an annual event that c eleb rates b ird w atc hing and nature c onservation. R unning from A p ril 21- 24, this y ear’ s festival p rovid es b ird ing d ay trip s, w ild life p hotog rap hy c lasses, and ed uc ational sessions. I nform ation is availab le on the w eb . Starting in the m id d le of this m onth and all of A p ril w atc h the trees in y our y ard s and c ity p ark s for tiny flashes of c olor. Y ou m ay b e luc k y enoug h to see a sc arlet tanag er, ind ig o b unting , or B altim ore oriole. P urc hasing a b ird field g uid e w ill help y ou id entify one of the m any sp ec ies of b ird s that utiliz e Galveston as a w ay station for their am az ing j ourney . L afitte’ s Cove and K em p ner P ark are p op ular b ird ing sites on the island . E ven b etter, attend F eather F est’ s trip to H ig h I sland w here one of the g reatest m ig rating b ird hab itats w ill b e b ustling w ith b ird s of all c olors of the rainb ow . Galvestonians are fortunate to have this g reat b ird m ig ration rig ht on our d oorstep s… w ell, treetop s.

Indigo Bunting There is d eb ate w hether w e should feed the m ig rating b ird s in our y ard s. Som e say that d ue to d ec lining natural hab itat their food sourc es have b een im p ac ted and they need our help w ith nutrients after the long flig ht. O thers say that b y feed ing them w e c ause inc reased c ontac t w ith eac h other p otentially transm itting d iseases. This m ay esp ec ially b e true if w e allow our feed ing www.wavesgalveston.com



Galveston V eterinary Clinic 2108 61st Street Galveston, TX 77551 40 9 .3 5 6.9 0 0 0


Success Affordable tuition, knowledgeable instructors, and a supportive staff add up to a quality education - right next door at Galveston College. Eligible local high school graduates who attend GC can receive Universal Access tuition assistance of up to $5,476!


It is the policy of Galveston College to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, genetic information or veteran status.

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a r s


al o Waves Magazine | March



Bunny’s C ’C oo ki n


a waves magazine exclusive


J ac k ’ s O ld F ashion

ello p eop le. H ow have y ou b een? This m onth, sinc e it’ s St. P atric k ’ s m onth, B unny is g oing to g ive y ou tw o d rink rec ip es. W hat m ad e m e think of this is, w ell, St. P atric k ’ s is usually ab out b eer. W ell, I thoug ht of another, B ourb on. These are tw o c lassic d rink s that y ou c an m ak e if y ou d on’ t lik e b eer. O r even if y ou lik e b eer… … these are g reat. A nd p lease folk s, sp lurg e for the hig h- end b ourb on. I t m ak es a hug e d ifferenc e in the taste.

N u r se Co n n i e’ s Mi nt J ulep I ng red ients • ½ teasp oon sug ar • 3 d ashed A ng ostura b itters • 1 teasp oon w ater • 2 ounc es b ourb on • ice cube get an old fashion ice cube tray and fill ith d istilled w ater or c ooled b oiled w ater and freez e… . that m ak es the c ub e c lear) • O rang e p eel

I n g r e d ie n ts

D irec tions

• Mint. B uy a b unc h, b ut j ust use the leaves • 2 sug ar c ub es • 2 ½ ounc es B ourb on • I c e, c rushed

Mix the sug ar, b itters, and w ater tog ether until d issolved . A d d the b ourb on. P our the m ixture over a c lear ic e c ub e. P olish off w ith a slic e of orang e p eel. This is a lovely p resentation.

D ir e c tio n s Mud d le ( w hic h m eans c rush d elic ately ) the sug ar c ub es w ith a few m int leaves. Crush the ic e in a b lend er or use a tow el or g allon Z ip loc and b eat the ic e on the c ounter ( w ork s w ell for ang er m anag em ent too) . F ill a d oub le old fashion g lass w ith the m int and sug ar, b ourb on, and ad d the c rushed ic e. Stir.

14 Waves Magazine | March


O k ay , d rink up and b e m erry . O ther than St P atty ’ s, Sp ring is c om ing rig ht up .

H a p p y Tr a i l s ,


B unn y



www.gerriempey.com 409.789.1672

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Great Selec tion O f Mad d og Sc ooters U nb eatab le R ental P ric es H ourly / D aily R ates A vailab le Motorc y c le L ic ense N ot R equired *Regular Drivers License Required

6511 Stew art R oad Galveston, TX 77551 P : 409 - 750- 19 01 E : afreem anrentals409 @ g m ail. c om

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RE/MAX Leading Edge 3616 7 Mile Rd | Galveston, TX | 77554 Waves Magazine | March



Marfa isn’ t m uc h m ore than a map dot. hat has folks flocking here for over a c entury ? A . A liens B . L ig hts C. Gold m ines D . Caves

W hat Texas tow n is hom e to the Texas W hite H ouse, and also is the hom etow n of the 3 6th U . S. P resid ent? A . J ohnson City B . L inc oln City C. K enned y City D . F ord City

F or m ore than a c entury , D ub lin, Texas w as k now n as one of the few U . S. sourc es for this p rod uc t. W hat is it? A . P um p k in b eer B . P otato d onuts C. E lec tric c ars D . D r. P ep p er w ith real sug ar

Tell us the m ain exp ort of Shiner d ow n in the southeastern p art of the state. A . B eer B . P ineap p les C. Chic k ens D . Com p uter c hip s

K now n as the infam ous g host tow n near B ig B end . O nc e a quic k silver m ining hub , now hosts an annual c hili c ook off? A . Silver D ollar City B . Terling ua C. K illing ton D . B od ie

13 - m ile loop d raw s visitors to this Gillesp ie County tow n in Te as ill ountry to see fields of b lueb onnets eac h sp ring . A . W ic hita F alls B . W illow City C. Mc A llen D . R oc k p ort 16 Waves Magazine | March

Consid er y ourself a shop aholic ? D on’ t m iss this Texas tow n, w hic h is k now n for its m eg a- siz ed antiques fair. A . Ty ler B . R ound Top C. San Marc os D . Galveston

nfluenced by the culture of its Germ an found ers, w hic h Texas tow n is also the b irthp lac e of N avy leg end Chester N im itz ? A . F red eric k sb urg B . Marfa C. Cany on D . E rvine

W ant to see the road sid e stop k now n as Cad illac R anc h? I t’ s loc ated j ust to the w est of this tow n in the Texas p anhand le. A . A ustin B . L ub b oc k C. Gruene D . A m arillo

I f y ou w ant to b uy these, head for A rc her City w hic h is fam ous for a Main Street store started b y sc reenw riter L arry Mc Murty . A . D iam ond s B . U sed b ook s C. R ec ord s D . W atc hes

W hic h of these rank s am ong the not- to- b e- m issed attrac tions on a visit to Sc hulenb urg d ow n in Texas H ill Country ? A . Massive antique festival B . Corn p alac e C. P ainted c hurc hes D . W ild horse p reserve

The tow n of N ew B raunfels near San A ntonio is k now n as hom e to Sc hlitterb ahn, w hic h is a . . . A . B uffet restaurant B . F ed eral p rison C. R ac etrac k D . W ater p ark

Charro D ay s is a m aj or festival d ow n in southern Texas. W hic h tow n p lay s host to the c row d s for this event? A . B row nsville B . Galveston C. A m arillo D . L ub b oc k

Can y ou nam e the Texas tow n that shot to fam e thank s to a 19 77 W ay lon J enning s song ? A . Cany on B . P ort I sab el C. L uc k enb ac h D . K em ah

This tow n c alls itself “ The Gatew ay City ” b ec ause of its four m aj or b rid g es to Mexic o. Can y ou nam e it? A . A b ilene B . O d essa C. L ared o D . K aty

A c ross the b ord er from Shrevep ort, L ouisiana, y ou’ ll find the only natural lake in Texas in this sm all tow n. A . L ew isville B . J efferson C. San Marc os D . R ound R oc k

W hic h tow n should y ou visit to tub e on the Med ina R iver or tour the F rontier Tim es Museum ? A . B and era B . F red eric k sb urg C. A rm strong D . San Marc os

D o y ou k now w hic h of these tow ns sits along H ig hw ay 29 0 b etw een H ouston and A ustin? A . B row nsville B . L ared o C. A rc her City D . Chap p ell H ill

N orth of A b ilene near the O k lahom a b ord er, is the tow n of Sey m our, Texas. W hic h of these is its c laim to fam e? A . Gold m ines B . Craft b eer C. D inosaurs D . Great shop p ing

F ound ed in the 183 0s, L ib erty , Texas has its ow n rep lic a of a U . S. land m ark . Can y ou nam e it? A . Statue of L ib erty B . L ib erty B ell C. W hite H ouse D . P entag on



C e k ngine ig t C eating enera e airs uto Diagnosti s ube Oi Coo ing ste s rakes us ension e air Trans ission e tri a e airs uto aintenan e









Co ete Co uter as ing and e rogra ing 13

ost O


a eston Te as 77


LEADING EDGE J ohn Hosford

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Waves Magazine | March 2022 19

By: Thomas Waggoner


ello W avers! Marc h is here, and St. P atric k ’ s D ay is up on us. Snak es, Green B eer, four- leaf c lovers, L ep rec hauns, and p inc hing . L et’ s tak e a d eep er look into how this all b eg an. a nt atr s ay is a c ultural and relig ious c eleb ration held on Marc h 17th c eleb rating the d eath of Saint P atric k , the p atron saint of I reland .

St. P atric k ’ s efforts w ere eventually turned into an alleg ory in w hic h he d rove “ snak es” out of I reland . H e d ied on Marc h 17th and w as b uried at D ow np atric k . n a t I t’ s a little- k now n fac t that St. P atric k w as not ac tually I rish. H e w as from Great B ritain. not er n a t Snak es w ere not k now n to inhab it I reland . B t sna es do n a t t e sland o Galveston attlesna es love t e ea es and es e ally t e d nes Several sp ec ies of snak es are k now n to b e attrac ted to the w arm sand . The W estern or Texas d iam ond b ac k is native to m ost p arts of our state. The rattlers in Galveston are venom ous snakes and they call the dunes and flats home. Green lover n Galveston A fter a little investig ating I did find clo ers in al eston. ut it asn t the traditional sham roc k c lover. I found SMA L L B U R CL O V E R . I t is a c ool- season, b road leaf annual that g erm inates in the fall. I n Galveston, it c an g row throug hout the y ear. Sm all B ur Clover is an erec t, herb - lik e p lant and c an g row 6 to 22 inc hes hig h. I t has c reep ing stem s, w ith alternate c lover- lik e lea es and spikes of small yello pea-like flo ers. eaf stems are slightly hairy . The leaves are CL O V E R - L I K E w ith three inverted heart- shap ed leaflets. lo ering period in our region is ebruary to une. lo ers are born on short flo er stalks ith to small yello pea flo ers to inches long . ruits are coiled pods to inches in diameter. n a t inding a four- leaf c lover on St. P atric k ’ s D ay is sup p osed to b e g ood luc k . not er n a t O thers say that four- leaf c lovers g ranted the p ow er to see fairies on St. P atric k ’ s D ay . y o e ear Green on t atr s ay The reason g reen is the g o- to c olor of St. P ad d y ’ s c eleb rants c ertainly seem s ob vious. I t’ s an I rish holid ay ! hamrocks The rish flag eprechauns ut at the time of the holid ay ’ s b eg inning s, St. P atric k ’ s D ay w as a relig ious holid ay c eleb rated only in I reland — g reen w asn’ t even p art of the equation. O ne of the reasons g reen w as ad op ted w as b ec ause of I reland ’ s nic k nam e, The E m erald I sle. The green stripe in the rish flag also played a role. Traditionally, the green rep resents the Catholic s of I reland , the orang e rep resents the P rotestant p op ulation, and the w hite in the m id d le sy m b oliz es the p eac e b etw een the tw o relig ions.

n n A lthoug h I ’ m sure m ost every one on the island has at one tim e p inc hed som eone or has b een p inc hed , I could only find one related story. t seems that a man on the island had a troublesome co orker. e filed a la suit in Galveston ag ainst his form er em p loy er and form er c ow ork er say ing he w as sub j ec t to an esp ec ially vulg ar harassm ent c am p aig n of flatulence and pinching. n a t O n St. P atric k ’ s D ay p inc hing is used on p eop le w ho d o not w ear g reen. Ir s Islanders Y ou d on’ t have to b e I rish to c eleb rate St. P atric k ’ s D ay on the island . W e all seem to have fun w ith the g reen b eer, sham roc k s, and other folk lore that g oes along w ith St. P atric k ’ s D ay . So, it g ot m e to w ond ering , how m any I rish p eop le ac tually live on the island ? ccording to a recent census, . of the slanders are rish. That translates to , people. n a t O ne of the next larg est p op ulations is erman at . or about , people. y Green Beer Generally , the d rink is c red ited to P rofessor Thom as H Curtain, a p hy sic ian w ho m ad e g reen b eer for his c lub house in N ew Y ork . R eg ard less of w ho in ented it, the first people to make green beer probably m ad e it the sam e w ay it’ s m ad e tod ay : a m ixture of b eer and blue food coloring the blue mi es ith the natural yello of the beer to m ak e g reen) . L ots of p eop le, inc lud ing m y self, enj oy g reen b eer on St. P atric k ’ s D ay . That g ot m e think ing , d oes Galveston have a fam ous d rink ? Galveston a o s r n The Local Legend Goes Like This: The margarita as in ented in for sing er P eg g y L ee. L ee w as sing ing at the B alinese R oom . B artend er Santos Cruise m ad e the d rink for her w ith w hat w as then a new ty p e of liquor. I t w as c alled tequila. H er husb and , a g uitar p lay er in the b and , w as d rink ing a p op ular d rink at the tim e c alled a sid ec ar. A sid ec ar w as m ad e w ith B rand y trip le sec and lim e j uic e w ith sug ar around the rim . Santos sub stituted the tequila for the b rand y and the salt for the sug ar. W hen Mrs. L ee ask ed w hat they should c all it her husb and sug g ested m arg arita. O f c ourse, P eg g y is short for Marg aret. O n that d ay the m arg arita w as b orn at the B alinese R oom . Marc h is this investig ator’ s b irthd ay m onth. I also hap p en to b e I rish. So, I have the p erfec t reason to tak e St. P atric k ’ s D ay as a tim e to relax w ith friend s and c eleb rate. R em em b er, if y ou w ant to have y our fun fac t researc hed , p lease send y our uestion to o , Ne aney, T . See y a next m onth!

Thomas Waggoner

20 Waves Magazine | March 2022


A CLEAN Home is a SAFE Home

Residential Cleanings | Commercial Cleanings Vacation Rentals and Make Readys




Online: www.broad snbrooms.com

E mail: broad s_ n_ brooms@ yahoo.com


Waves Magazine | March 2022 21

Come and e Ins ired o visit to downtown a veston is omete wit o t a tri to e Kit en i As soon as yo ross t e t res o d yo e w is ed away into a e s aradise rom s e ia ty rands in din e re set wiss Diamond ason as oni and n yo wi ind everyt in yo need s some t in s yo didn t now yo needed

Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Bar!

et er yo re a oo in novi e or seasoned ro e Kit en i is ome to a o e tion o and-se e ted oo ware too s and rod ts - rands t at i t t eir re tation over de ades and are nown or t eir attention to detai a ity onstr tion and o tstandin er orman e e want yo to e erien e ersona i ed attention and en oy o r armin atmosere t most im ortant y we want yo to e ome ins ired y t e e e tiona rod ts inin o r s e ves and t e asses we o er in o r it en ey are t ere or yo to e e and yo r inary re ertoire to dis over yo r ne t tri m and or yo rin t e dinner e and at er yo r oved ones to t e ta e

22 Waves Magazine | March 2022



ur cooking classes are uniquely themed, including holiday favorites, southern specialties, seafood delicacies, and so much more! You can learn to make what you love! To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we keep our classes small so that our instructors get more one-on-one time with you. But this also means they fill up fast! So when you see a class that piques your interest and fits your schedule, contact us to reserve your spot.


Come Join The Fun!

To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we keep our classes small so that our instructors get more one-on-one time with you. This also means they fill up fast! So when you see a class that piques your interest and fits your schedule, contact us to reserve your spot. Cooking Class: Bottoms Up Boozy Holiday Cooking! Dec 6 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

See Our Current Class Schedule At:

Cooking Class: Macaron Magic! Dec 7 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Cooking Class: Texas Christmas Cookies with Royal Icing! Dec 9 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Cooking Class: Kids Gingerbread House Workshop at 11am! Dec 15 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Cooking Class: Ugly Sweater Cookies with Royal Icing! Dec 16 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm Cooking Class: Kids Holiday Bread Baking! Dec 21 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

2402 Market Street, Galveston Island, TX 77550 Phone (409) 497-2999 E: alicia@thekitchenchick.com


Areas Served

We serve the following cities and surrounding areas.

• Galveston • Clear Lake

• Bay Area • Houston

• Friendswood • League City www.wavesgalveston.com

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e a r




e love Galveston w ith all our hearts. There

L e t ’ s a l l h o l d o u r c i t y o ff i c i a l s a c c o u n t a b l e . L e t ’ s

is no p lac e b etter to live or to visit. W e

m a k e s u r e t h e y h e a r o u r v o i c e s l o u d a n d c l e a r. W e

have m illions of visitors c om e to our

w ant the c ountless p otholes and horrib le street

I sland every y ear b ec ause of the m any w ond erful

c ond itions fixed ! N ow !

t h i n g s t h e c i t y h a s t o o ff e r. I t’ s tim e w e p rovid ed c ity streets that are w ell surfac ed and m aintained . W e hear p olitic al c am p aig n p rom ises all the tim e ab out how

this m atter w ill b e

tak en c are of. W ell, so far it hasn’ t b een. A ny one tak en a trip d ow n H eard s L ane rec ently ? This is j ust one exam p le of the horrib le c ond ition that m any of our c ity streets are in. W e are tired of having to rep lac e our vehic les’ tires and rim s, not to m ention the realig nm ent of our tires and having to rep air our susp ension. Galveston is a g reat c ity , and w e should have the k ind of streets that are safe to d rive and that w e c an all b e p roud of. o we l

e t w en we are


deal w t

a ys al


onstant re a rs we are or ed to

e t e

o r ve


ty street

av n

e a se o t

ond t ons

s terr

to o we a e to

le s t at on

NO! WE D ON ’ T L IKE THAT! Have a Pet Peeve ? Contact us at www.WavesGalveston.com and tell us about it. We just may use yours next month! 24 Waves Magazine | March 2022



A TRADITIONAL SEASIDE VILLAGE THAT’S TRANSFORMING THE TEXAS COAST High architectural standards and a strong design code signal a new level of quality on the Texas Coast. The expansion, Cinnamon Shore South, gives buyers the opportunity to join the prettiest, beachside village in the Lone Star State.

Mark Schnell Urban Designer

When I first ventured to Mustang Island, located on the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas, I found a place that’s straight out of a Robert Earl Keen song. The iconic Texas musician sings that “the road goes on forever, and the party never ends.” But Mustang Island offered a twist on his lyrics: the road literally ends at the ship channel (and a ferry) in the old town area of Port Aransas. Even though the road does not go on forever, the party in Port Aransas never ends: lively beach bars, a robust restaurant scene, some of the best fishing around, and a funky beach town


vibe that comes in part from a location at the very end of the road. But I didn’t find the kind of walkable mixed-use communities that so many people – including many Texans – have come to love along Florida’s Highway 30A, a place that I call home. I met Jeff Lamkin in 2006 after he had purchased 60 acres on Mustang Island. He loved Port Aransas, but also saw potential in the wide open spaces just outside of old town to create a new community for beach-loving Texans. I designed the master plan and wrote the design code to generate a

walkable mixed-use community unlike anything constructed on the Texas coast. With a strong emphasis on design, we set out to create a new place to complement the old. In the 15 years that followed, the original 60-acre tract has been largely builtout. Hundreds of additional acres were purchased, and new phases are now under construction, with even more in the planning stages. Cinnamon Shore has grown to become the community that transformed the Texas coast.


CINNAMONSHORE.COM - 361.266.1373


Waves Magazine | March 2022 25


U nique U ses


otox® or X eom in® are c om m only inj ec ted into 3 m ain sites; the forehead to treat exp ressive lines, the outer sid es of the ey es to treat “ Crow ’ s F eet” , and b etw een the ey eb row s to elim inate frow n lines som etim es referred to as “ 11s” . B ut d id y ou k now that b otulinum c an also b e used to raise the ey eb row s, elim inate horiz ontal “ b unny ” lines on the nose, turn up the c orners of the m outh, red uc e lines ab ove the lip , g et rid of c hin d im p ling and sm ooth out nec k b and s? R ead the d etails b elow .

Eyebrow Lift

W hen an elevated b row is d esired , b otulinum inj ec ted into the up p er lateral asp ec t of the c irc ular ey e m usc le nam ed the orb ic ularis oc uli c an ac hieve this. B y slig htly w eak ening this p art of the m usc le, the op p osing m usc le of the forehead literally lifts the ey eb row up . Sim p le!

Bunny Lines

referred to as “ Sm ok er’ s L ines” , they c an d evelop in sm ok ers and non- sm ok ers alik e. W hen low d ose b otulinum is p lac ed ab ove the lip in the c irc ular m usc le that c reates p uc k ering , the m usc le relaxes, and the lines are red uc ed c reating a m ore y outhful look . Som e p eop le even g et the ad d ed effec t of a slig htly w id er up p er lip lead ing to its nickname, the “lip-flip” or the “lip-pop”.

Dimpled Chin

Chin d im p ling c an oc c ur w ith ag e if the m entalis m usc les b ec om e overac tive. B otulinum c an b e used to relax these m usc les thereb y red uc ing the d im p ling , g iving y ou a sm oother c hin.


Teeth c lenc hing and teeth g rind ing c an c ause enlarg em ent of the m asseter m usc le w hic h ad d s fullness to the fac e and ang ulates the j aw . B otulinum into this m usc le not only relieves the sy m p tom s of teeth g rind ing b ut c an have the added benefit of slimming the face.

Neck Bands

P eop le use their fac ial m usc les d ifferently . Som e p eop le d evelop vertic al “ 11” lines w hen they frow n w hile others also c ontrac t the m usc les on the sid e of the nose c reating a horiz ontal “ b unny ” line ac ross the b rid g e of their nose. This c an b e easily treated w ith a sing le inj ec tion of b otulinum to eac h sid e of the nose.

Mouth Frown

D o p eop le think y ou look sad w hen y ou are not? D roop y m outh c orners c an b e im p roved b y red uc ing the ac tivity of a m usc le that p ulls the c orners of the m outh d ow n, the d ep ressor ang uli oris. This allow s the sm ile m usc les that p ull up on the c orners of the m outh to func tion, unop p osed . E asy as that.

Lip Lines & “Lip Flip”

The platysma is a broad superficial muscle that sp ans the nec k from the top of the c hest to the j aw line. W ith ag e, it c an d evelop b and s and c ord s. B otulinum into these b and s relaxes them , m ak ing them less visib le. The result is a sm oother, m ore y outhful nec k . So next tim e y ou are in for y our B otox® or X eom in® ap p ointm ent, let m e k now if y ou are interested in treating one or m ore of these areas. I w ill evaluate y our unique, exp ressive fac e, and w e w ill d ec id e if ad d ing any of these sites w ould b e a g ood c hoic e for y ou.

2424 Mechanic Street Galveston, Texas, 77550


Nothing makes one feel older than the fine lines that d evelop ab ove the lip . O ften inc orrec tly

26 Waves Magazine | March 2022

Refresh Medispa


Hyd raF acial B otox & F illers M icroneed ling Sk in R esurfacing

P R P Hair K ybella C olorescience Z O Sk in Health

4 0 9 .4 4 3 .5 6 3 3 Tara Wegryn MD


2319 A Strand, Galveston, TX 77550 928.301.3412 https://www.aholisticsolution.com/

Clean and friendly fitness | 24/7 code access | variety of new high quality work out machines | personal trainer available

est nd Gy

13 680 F M 3 005, Galveston,TX 77554 P h: ( 409 ) 73 7- 3 400 fac eb ook @ w est- end - g y m - g alveston www.wavesgalveston.com

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By: Bob Rohan


o an or as e is nown in e as ad o as een ayin t e dd e and sin in in vario s ro s or over 0 years in e as and as o ened or er e a ard i ie e son ar ie Danie s ar ene arter and o n on ey to name a ew o as ayed in ands t at ave a ed o ntry e ends i e an om son ay ri e a reene am i is and Da e atson A on wit son writin o is a so a ta ented artoonist and as a se syndi ated omi stri tit ed u alo Gals e omi eat re is a o t two ow ir s ess in ester and

28 Waves Magazine | March 2022

onnie eyenne e omi stri was ins ired a ter ayin wit e ays o nty a s and a s a ow ir western ro t at to red t ro e as O a oma and as ar west as o evada o as won e is onsin tate idd e am ions i and as een nominated severa times rom e A ademy o estern Artists or est ow oy artoonist o

an nd


o an on ine at


to read more and o e t is ori ina wor s


West Island Professional Center Office and Retail Space • • • • • •

Affordable Quality Offices Near Criminal Justice Center Near Moody Gardens Near Airport Quality Brick Construction Ample adjacent Parking

Call Now! (409) 744-5884 or (409) 771-0675

Office space priced from $475.00 & up per month

West Island Professional Center 6511 Stewart Rd. Galveston, Texas 77551


Administrative Offices

Davis - Owner-Administrator Kay Kay & Ben Davis | Owners/Administrators 56 Le Brun Ct. | Galveston, Texas 77551 (409) 771-0675 | (409) 744-5884 | (409) 771-4055 409-771-0675 409-744-5884

28 | Waves Magazine | December 2018 Issue www.wavesgalveston.com

Waves Magazine | March 2022 29

Come Visit Our New Location!




40 9 .7 63 .1666 or 40 9 .7 63 .49 0 9

30 Waves Magazine | March 2022


Advertise with US in VIBRANT colors.

PUBLISHER & EDITOR Mike Burke mburke@wavesgalveston.com 409-789-1160

SALES & MARKETING Tiffany Bergeron tbergeron@wavesgalveston.com 409-978-0136


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THE QUEEN’S CARTOONISTS Sun, Mar 27, 2022 | 4 PM

LYLE LOVETT AND HIS ACOUSTIC GROUP Fri, Mar 25, 2022 | 8 PM Sat, Mar 26, 2022 | 8 PM




Sat, Jul 30, 2022 | 8 PM




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AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN Saturday, March 19, 2022 | 3 PM & 8 PM

A sweeping romance that lifts you “up where you belong!” Based on the Oscar-winning film, An Officer and a Gentleman is the timeless love story that celebrates triumph over adversity. The new musical features an iconic score including the Grammy and Oscar-winning #1 hit “Up Where We Belong” and your favorite 80s hits including: “Higher Love,” “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” “Love is a Battlefield,” “Invincible,” “Lost In Your Eyes,” “Right Here Waiting,” “Venus,” “I Can’t Hold Back,” “Never Surrender” and more! Sponsored in part by


4 0 9. 76 5. 1 89 4 | TH EG RA ND.COM www.wavesgalveston.com

Waves Magazine | March 2022


Di n i ng S ec t ion

4501 Broadway, Galveston 77550 Ph: (409) 539-0059

Your time is valuable. Trust Waves Dining Section to be your personal concierge on the Galveston Dining Circuit. With tips, amenities, features like outdoor seating, pet friendliest places and price points, let us test the WAVES at various Island Restaurants for you!

Delivery service available to serve our Customers.

Food Truck is open while the new building gets “Koop-sized”!

See you at the table! CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Tom Valliere Charlie Bresenhan Follow us on Facebook for updates and daily menus

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LIVE MUSIC Check our Facebook page for the Band and Jam Schedules!

ar y s avern

504 R osenb erg , Galveston, TX 77550

www s ar ystavern o

Galveston Location

Lamarque Location

6612 Seawall - Galveston Ph:409-744-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 8:00PM

F ollow

U s

2216 Gulf Freeway - LaMarque Ph: 409-935-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM


2019 Del Pappa Award For BEST CRAWFISH in Galveston County!

HA P P Y HOU R MON-FRI 3 P- 7 P LIVE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY. KARAOKE - THURSDAY’S - 7-11 and SUNDAY’S - 4-8 H u l i H u l i H u t | 3 1 2 1 9 t h S t r e e t | G a l v e s t o n , Te x a s 7 7 5 5 0 | 4 0 9 - 4 4 3 - 5 5 2 5 facebook.com/hulihulihut www.wavesgalveston.com

Waves Magazine | March 2022 35

Take-Out | Curbside Dine-In | Outdoor Dining 409-763-1010 409-763-6060

Delivery Available

628 14th Street

Online Grocery Store Available From Eggs, fruit & Veggies to Meats & DesSerts, make an order for pick-up!


james@mosquitocafe.com Galveston Island Brewery Beer

Comfort Food C ar e Pac k ag e: www.txres tau rant.o rg/CFCPpro gram

Hours Of Operation

Mosquito Cafe | 628 14th Street | Galveston, Texas 77550


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West End Marina & Restaurants run

starting er



ott es O C a


1 t

unda 10a-1 er ed

Chicken & Waffles

The Chef Stack

ar it

Orange ui e

The Southern Stampede • 5 R ES TAU RA N T V E N U ES • GIFT SHOP • BA I T S H O P

ar Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef 7:pm

• 4 5 0 S E AT S O N T H E WAT E R • C L AY WA L K E R SA N D BA R

rl t Galveston Famous The Line Up 7:pm

21706 B urnet D r, Galveston, T X 77554 (409) 497 - 4152

online @ www.westendmarina.com www.wavesgalveston.com

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Quality brisket covered with our original rub, slow smoked and ready to be sliced when you order. P R Pork ribs cooked with our original rub till almost done then basted with our honey sweetened sauce.


Chicken spiced with our rub cooked over wood. Unlike any chicken you have ever eaten. Pork and Beef link sausage smoked over oak ready and waiting for you to order. Chopped Beef | Sliced Beef | Sausage |Comes with a complimentary 4 oz side






P Huge baked potato filled with butter, cheese, sour cream, chives and best of all chopped brisket! T T Everything is bigger in Texas. Three times larger than our



38 Waves Magazine | March 2022


regular tamales with the same great taste. O Pennie Ochoa’s delicious recipe. Tender, moist shredded beef is the result. Honey comb tripe in a spicy Mexican soup All sides are made fresh at Pennie’s P Dill based cool refreshing chopped potatoes mixed with dressings. P My own recipe made fresh daily. Lots of love goes into the beans. Green Beans Banana Pudding Trifle


Waves Magazine | March 2022 39


ESTAURANT EVIEW by: Tom Valliere & Charlie Bresenhan

Highlighting Galveston’s best of the best dining experiences fruit and vegetable stalls so common in

requirements and must be connected to

that country. A steaming bowl of fresh

a fully licensed “commisary” in order to

pozole from an improvised shack along

operate. The result is they are likely the

some nameless road outside of Gua-

safest purveyors of food on the island.

dalajara is permanently etched in my memory as one of my best meals ever!

Transforming a formerly vacant downtown lot into a vibrant and festive

N olan’s D owntown F ood P ark


very culture has some form of street food. These casual food stalls and street carts are

some of my joys in traveling. So many

exotic aromas and exciting new spices and tastes I have enjoyed cannot be overstated. I don’t travel as much now, but I never miss an opportunity to hit the taco stands in Mexico or the fresh

40 Waves Magazine | March 2022

In this country, many of us remember

destination, Nolan’s Downtown Food

the excitement of a carnival or fair.

Park has brought us to a new level of

Aside from the rides and games, the

diversity in our food choices. Located at

food vendors were a big draw. Cotton

the corner of 25th Street and Postoffice,

candy, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and

they are now fully open and operational.

sausages added to the festive atmo-

Dog-friendly patio seating and off-street

sphere and excitement for the short

parking add to their appeal.

time they were in town. In this month’s issue, we will review Our modern-day version of this ancient

three of the food trucks currently oper-

street culture are the food trucks. Our

ating there. I think you will enjoy their

health laws are strict and do not allow

stories and appreciate their excellent

for what is common in many countries -


and rightfully so. Galveston was late to the party. As food trucks were exploding across the country, we were struggling with regulations. The bar for entry is high. Food trucks must conform to many


Galveston Bagel Company

Galveston Bagel Company


nce described by The New Y ork Times as “an unsweetened donut with rigor mortis” bagels have been a

favorite bread form for centuries. Origi-

nating in the J ewish communities of Poland, it was brought to the U SA by the

waves of Eastern European immigrants in the nineteenth century. Originally confined to the New Y ork City boroughs, the popularity of this quintessential treat has exploded across America. Long underserved, Galveston residents had to rely upon commercially produced packaged bagels from local supermarkets. Far from ideal, they had to suffice until a national chain, Einstein B agels, opened in a food court at U TMB . Although very popular, access was

difficult, and that location eventually

the position of executive chef at the

closed plunging Galveston into a bagel

sprawling U TMB complex, the family

drought. Not for long, however. R escue

happily relocated to Galveston.

soon came in the form of The Galveston B agel Company.

Always looking for an opportunity to start their own business, they pounced

Dillan and Shelby Mena were living

upon the vacuum left by the Einstein

in Amarillo Texas where Dillan was

closure. Operating out of their kitch-

employed as a professional chef. A

en baking small batches, they were

lifelong passion for cooking led to a

encouraged by the enthusiasm their

degree from the Colorado Mountain

bagels generated. Adroit users of social

College culinary program. Dillan worked

media, they placed notices on local

during high school at The B agel Place

Facebook groups and demand literally

in Amarillo where he mastered the art


and developed a love for this ancient bread form. Subsequent to graduation,

They were off and running and strug-

he and Mena settled in Amarillo where

gling to meet that demand. W hen Cindy

Dillan worked as executive chef for both

R oberts of W ay W est Pizzeria and Grill

sports bars and fine dining restaurants.

in J amaica B each offered her food truck and restaurant commissary services

Amarillo was never known for its

everything took off and they never

restaurant scene. Devastated by COV ID

looked back.

closures, the Mena family looked for opportunities in a warmer and more

Leaving his position at U TMB , Dillan

diverse area. W hen Dillan was offered

and Shelby now work full time at their


Waves Magazine | March 2022 41

and a

ed a


l ty s ood

b ag el b usiness. A long w ith Heather

and d elic atessen sand w ic hes for that

and S aul E strad a, their c o- ow ners, they

perfec t to- g o meal. W est end resid ents

have inc reased prod uc tion and d istrib u-

c an enj oy their b ag els at the rec ently

tion and set a new b ar for q uality.

opened S eaw all C offee C ompany or the

2 4 2 4 P ostoffic e S treet

K O A C ampg round .

Galveston Tex as 775 5 0

Galveston Ba el

A n early resid ent of the N olan P ark , They c ontinue to ex pand and may open

several flavors and seasoning s c oupled

a permanent loc ation in the near future.

c heese spread s. B ut it is more than j ust b ag els. They offer an array of b reak fast


( 4 0 9 ) 3 70 - 4 5 4 0

they offer freshly b ak ed b ag els d aily in w ith S helb y’s hand mad e flavored c ream


o rs

w w w . g a l v e s t o n b a g e l c o m p a n y. c o m

erat on

O pen d aily 5 :0 0 A M to 1 0 :0 0 P M .

Around the Corner (Um die ecke) Authentic German Food

Around the Corner (Um die ecke) Authentic German Food


erman food lovers have long lamented the limited options for that c uisine, not only in Galveston, b ut the Hous-

ton area in g eneral. M any A meric ans, inc lud ing myself, lac k k now led g e of the

Reg ional c ook ing varies from B avaria to

husb and , C harles, missed the food

Franc onia to Hamb urg and more. M any

of her home c ountry. S he found that

c ured sausag es and other meats pair

German food in the US A lac k ed authen-

w ith c heese and pic k led items along

tic ity and w hile it may b e g ood , it d id n’t

w ith root veg etab les prepared in many

meet her ex pec tations for the food of

d elic ious w ays.

her homeland . Determined to c hang e that and having raised her c hild ren,

S ome food s are familiar lik e w iener-

she emb ark ed upon her sec ond c areer.

snic hel, ak in to our ub iq uitous c hic k en

A id ed b y her supportive husb and , she

fried steak , others are not so familiar

launc hed a food truc k d etermined to

to N orth A meric an palates. A ll are

d eliver trad itional and authentic German

d elic ious and this c uisine should g arner

food .

more apprec iation and availab ility. C row d s of apprec iative c ustomers and

vast d iversity of German c uisine.

To that end , w e are fortunate to have

rave review s on soc ial med ia attest to

our A round the C orner food truc k in the

her suc c ess in d oing j ust that. N otw ithith

Having visited Germany on several

d ow ntow n N olan food park .

stand ing a lac k of formal c ulinary traintrain

oc c asions, I c ame to realize it is muc h more than sausag es and sauerk raut.

42 Waves Magazine | March 2022

ing , she instead relies upon old - w orld Jud ith S mith w as b orn and raised in

rec ipes and tec hniq ues she learned

B erlin, Germany. S he and her A meric an

from her mother, g rand mother, and even


great-grandmother. With four genera-

Around the Corner has a concise menu

the unfamiliar words, English is spoken

tions of knowledge and experience, you

that hits the high points and offers


know you are in for a treat.

something for every appetite. Her daily main dishes include the familiar

A special children’s menu keeps it

They decided upon Galveston as they

German schnitzel - a breaded pork loin

family-friendly and affordable.

wanted to be near the water and her

served with sauerkraut and butter spät-

husband has family in the Houston area.

zle, to the less familiar Bulloperation - a German meatball served with beer mus-

and a

ed a


o rs

l ty s ood

erat on

With our locally diverse food scene,

tard and fries. You can order bratwurst

they were a perfect fit. They opted to

sausages served several ways or try

start with a food truck to minimize their

the leberkase brotchen which is a

12:00PM to 6:00PM Thursday & Sunday

initial expense and overhead, but plan

German meatloaf on a pretzel bun with

12:00PM to 8:00PM Friday & Saturday

to expand as their business grows.

mustard and a fried egg.

Judith would like to open a small store

German cakes and candy are also of-

selling German meats, sausages, baked

fered including a delicious milchschnitte

goods, spices, and seasonings. That

kabob, which is German for sponge

(409) 241-5663

sounds good to me, and they can be

cake, with milk, honey, cream, and


assured I will be a customer.

fruits. Don’t worry about stumbling over


Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

ro nd t e


2424 Postoffice Street Galveston, Texas 77550


Fud Duds Mobile Kitchen

ithout a doubt, Fud Duds

as diverse as their Cajun specialties

is the most eclectic of

for Mardi Gras to the German menu

all the food trucks in the

offered during Octoberfest, their range

Nolan Food Park. Offer-

shows the capabilities of their chef and

ing menus tailored to special occasions www.wavesgalveston.com

mobile kitchen. Billing themselves as Waves Magazine | March 2022 43

a gourmet food truck, the breadth and

his mother Mary, and his girlfriend

sausage gravy. If you prefer, you can

quality of their food offerings supports

Carolina. All of the owners are involved

custom order from their “build your own”

that moniker.

in the day-to-day operations although


Dominique is the sole employee. They describe their basic menu as con-

Sweet lovers will delight in their “Apple

sisting of “walking tacos” and “sliders”.

B rent manages the business side while

Pie Delight” - A delicious concoction of

Originally only offering the walking

Logan manages the recipes and kitchen.

caramelized apples with cinnamon and

tacos, the sliders were added after a

Cody helps with the logistics and any

sugar tossed with wonton chips and

few months’ operation and have proven

mechanical or facility issues that arise.

topped with caramel sauce.

to be very popular.

Dominique is instrumental in developing new ideas, writing the menu, and setting

The slider menu offers sloppy J oe

The concept of walking tacos derives

up events. Carolina and B rent’s mother

sliders and B uffalo chicken. They are

from the owner’s experience living in

Mary work the events and take orders.

sold in sets of three and look delicious.

Minnesota where it is basically a bag of

There are usually off-menu specials

chips with meat sauce and toppings. A

They chose Galveston because of our

quick peek at their menu shows it is not

vibrant local food scene, the laid-back

quite that simple. Sliders are well known

nature of the island during the winter

and popular in Galveston and generi-

months coupled with the busy summer

cally apply to any small sandwich on a

tourist season. It was a perfect blend.

offered as well.

o rs

erat on

More than any of the other food trucks, their menu and hours change often. It is

bun with a meat filling and is seemingly derived from long-time slang for those

A peek at their regular menu shows the

always a good idea to check their Face-

small W hite Castle burgers.

breadth of their kitchen. Their walking

book page and/ or call for information.

tacos come in several combinations. and a

ed a


l ty s ood

B rent B arron and longtime friend Logan

“The Italian” is a delicious blend of

Stark had long dreamed of opening a

chicken thighs, pepperoncini’s, R oma

food truck. B oth friends have a long

tomatoes, and bacon smothered in

history in the food industry with Mr.

house-made garlic onion alfredo sauce

Stark being the more experienced chef.

served over corn chips. “The Traditional”

Their dream came to fruition last J une

is fresh ground beef with house-made

( 4 0 9 ) 29 2-56 9 4

when Logan and his partner Dominique

Pico, a three-cheese sauce, and fresh

facebook.com/ fudduds

Montez moved from Missouri to help get

cilantro-lime crema.

it started. Other combinations offer chili over V ery much a family affair, B rent and

crispy pasta wontons and a break-

Logan are joined by B rent’s father Cody,

fast item with bacon, fried eggs, and

44 Waves Magazine | March 2022




o le


24 24 Postoffice Street Galveston, Texas 7 7 550


RED SNAPPER INN Seafood • Steaks • Gourmet Items Our

Fish Spent as



The Private nParty nRoomr& Banquet e r Facilities r ng Available. rea

St. Patrick’s DayinParade “Our fish spent last night the Gulf.” March 12, 2022

402 Blue Water Hwy Surfside Beach, Texas

(979)239-3226 Credit Cards Accepted www.wavesgalveston.com

W a vWe as vMe as gMa az gi na ez i|n eO c|t oM ba errc h2 022012 2 4 45 5

Plant Division by Bulb Slicing


his tim e of y ear, w e b eg in to see the hap p y fac es of the narc issus fam ily . There are m any varieties in this g roup from the tiny y ellow j onquils to hug e d affod ils. P ap erw hites and snow d rop s are so b eautiful w ith the d ark g reen foliag e and the b rig ht w hite flow ers. P lants that are g row n from b ulb s are num erous, inc lud ing the A m ary llis frequently seen on the island . W hen it c om es to g etting m ore of these p lants, y ou have three op tions: 1. W ait on nature to m ultip ly the b ulb s 2. B uy m ore 3 . D ivid e the b ulb s b y slic ing

have slic ed the b ulb s into p iec es, j ust p lant those b ac k in the g round or in the p ot and m ore p lants w ill g row .

I t is p ossib le to d ivid e b ulb s b y c utting throug h the b ulb s. B efore the b ulb has sp routed , y ou c an c ut straig ht d ow n the b ulb c utting it in half. A s long as there is a p ortion of the b asal stem ( the b ottom p art of the b ulb from w hic h the roots sp rout, see d iag ram ) attac hed to the p iec e of the b ulb , a new flow er w ill g row .

Most of the b ulb s are sp routing now or still have foliag e. J ust w ait till the foliag e d ies b ac k naturally and then d ivid e!

B efore I learned of this ty p e of d ivision, I w as alw ay s so heartb rok en w hen m y sharp shooter shovel w ould c ut c lean throug h a b ulb . O nc e I und erstood this ty p e of d ivision, I w as g reatly relieved to k now that those b ulb halves I had left in the g round w ent on to m ak e a new p lant. I f y ou have never d one this b efore, I k now it sound s lik e y ou are m urd ering y our b ulb s! B ut y ou are not. O nc e y ou 46 Waves Magazine | March 2022


F or m ore inform ation visit

w w w . holly k ross. c om


Lisa Gregory (713) 252-3188

2217 STRAND STREET, Suite 106| GALVESTON, TX 77550 | OFFICE - 409-632-2198 Holly Wade (409) 996-9126

www.lisagregoryrealty.com www.wavesgalveston.com

Waves Magazine | March 2022 47






L T H E S & S

Shaye Hend erson, B SN , M .E d ., M .S., Owner, 640 F it, 11 E via M ain, G alveston


Our Brilliant, Breathtaking, Bodacious Body our body is amazing. No, really! The human body is a complex structure of interconnected systems and vital organs that works day in and day out to fulfill its functions. Our complex machines have millions of internal processes happening every second, all working together to keep us alive and well. I do something once a year that most would consider a very geeky pursuit. Once a year, I like to dive deep into the human body and find new, interesting, little-known tidbits about us as H omo sapiens. So, I thought I would share this year’s results with you!

tongue prints. Except if you took the “triple-dog-dare” at the frozen flagpole, then you probably don’t have tongue prints left. •

Goosebumps evolved to make our ancestors’ hair stand up, making them appear more threatening to predators.

H umans are the only animals with chins. Some of us even have been graced with a double!

An average-sized man eats about 3 3 tons of food in his lifetime, about the weight of six elephants. Of course, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Super B owl Sunday are heavy variables that must be included in this calculation.

Ready To Be Amazed By Your Body? •

If you smoothed out all the wrinkles in your brain, it would lay flat the size of a pillowcase. Now, are you a standard, queen, or king-sized pillow? ! An eyelash lives for about 1 50 days before it falls out. And then takes about six weeks to grow back in. H aving lost all my lashes to chemo last year, I’m keenly aware of this! It’s like watching grass grow. As well as having unique fingerprints, humans also have unique

48 Waves Magazine | March 2022

The average person produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill two swimming pools. Ewwww.

There are about ten thousand taste buds on the human tongue, and in general, girls have more taste buds than boys! Enough said.

On average, the human body contains enough iron to make a nail one inch long.

More than half of your 20 6 bones www.wavesgalveston.com

are in the hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. •

Every second, your body produces 25 million new cells. That means in 1 5 seconds, you will have produced more cells than there are people in the U nited States.

The acid in your stomach is so strong that it could dissolve metal. Luckily your stomach lining can tolerate it!

W omen are born better smellers than men and remain better smellers over life. And we have more taste buds! Y ay, Girl Power!

Monday is the day of the week when the risk of heart attack is greatest. R ainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Over 9 0 % of diseases are caused or complicated by stress. B reathe, sit, ommmm.

Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on the body. In fact, if the average man never shaved his beard, it would grow to over 3 0 feet during his lifetime, longer than a killer whale.

A new b orn c hild c an b reathe and sw allow at the same time for up to seven months.

W hile read ing this sentenc e, fifty thousand c ells in your b od y d ied and w ere replac ed b y new ones. 5 0 , 0 0 0 !

S tatistic ally, only one person out of tw o b illion reac hes the ag e of 1 1 6 years old .

A person w ould d ie q uic k er from a total lac k of sleep than from hung er. Death w ould oc c ur after ten d ays w ithout sleep, w hereas from hung er, it w ould tak e several w eek s. S ure felt lik e I w ent w ithout far more nig hts of sleep than ten w hen my b ab ies w ere little, b ut ob viously not sinc e I ’m still here!

There you g o! Y our b od y is a w ond erland . A w eird , mirac ulous, d isg usting w ond erland . The human b od y is one of the most c omplic ated and fasc inating living forms on E arth. How often d o w e stop to c onsid er how ex traord inary our b od ies are? W ell, at least onc e a year for me.

Shaye Henderson Foc us on Fitness | S haye Hend erson, B S N , M . E d . , M . S . | O w ner, 6 4 0 Fit, 1 1 E via M ain, Galveston, TX 775 5 4

Explore Historic Galveston • Rent a stylish replica Model-T • Drive back to a much simpler place in time • Rental for a special occasion or wedding • Romantic date night • Carts for sale

Step back in time and jaunt around town in a stylish replica Model-T electric cart. Visit our home location! 2127 Broadway, Galveston


CarriageHausRentals.com www.wavesgalveston.com

Waves Magazine | March 2022 49

Photo by Robert Mihovil, Mihovil Photography


A fun Pops Concert of lighthearted nostalgic works performed in the style of the famous Vienna Sommerfest concerts at Schönbrunn Palace. Enjoy lively audience favorites, Strauss waltzes, polkas and more, plus a moving piece composed by Galveston’s own Izola Collins, “Galveston Survives.”

Galveston Symphony Orchestra’s 41st

season of o tstanding concerts and activities is happening now he rchestra s 0 sicians create nforgettab e ive perfor ances fro baro e to conte porary asterwor s oncerts feat re internationa y acc ai ed so oists and Pops concerts are f of ive y a dience favorites rchestra concerts are S nday afternoons starting at 00 in he rand 1 pera o se 2020 Postoffice Street in the historic downtown district or a dress not re ired o see peop e in the a dience wearing everything fro eans to fancy dresses and everything in between S s co panion series oody ansion sic offers opport nities to e perience great ive sic perfor ed by wor d c ass so oists hese p c ose and inti ate recita s start at 00 p in the ba roo of a veston s bea tif historic oody ansion 2 1 roadway ven e

2022 MOODY MANSION MUSIC RECITALS 7:00 Fridays | 2618 Broadway, Galveston MARCH 11 Stella Chen, violin APRIL 22 William Hagen, violin

About Galveston Symphony Orchestra

o nded in 1 S is a co nity s pported 501(c)3 nonprofit organization bringing the very best c assica sic to a veston s and S co

is co itted to artistic e ce ence and nity invo ve ent and invites interested sicians to oin the rchestra

rond Saever d S cond ctor and sic director since 2013 has deep orchestra e perience fro cond cting professiona and co nity orchestras in en ar orway anada and the nited States rond is a so concert aster of the angor Sy phony and the fo nder and cond ctor of the Passa a oddy ay Sy phony in aine o earn ore visit

MAY 20 Rodolfo Leone, piano Experience an intimate chamber music concert performed by internationally renowned soloists in the elegant ballroom of Galveston’s historic Moody Mansion. Seating is limited, masks required. $35 online / $40 at the door

Tickets: GalvestonSymphony.org


GalvestonSymphony.org www.wavesgalveston.com

Waves Magazine | March



C U R TA I N G O I N G U P By: Paul Hager

es at


ed les as t e Golden Broadway

s al eo

ot much news to report on our

forms of entertainment of the late 19th

local live theatre scene except

and early 20th centuries. Show Boat

that ETC will be postponing their

broke the mold in 1927 when it introduced

production of THE FULL MONTY until

a more narrative style of storytelling,

this summer, replacing it with the musical

integrating its book with its musical ele-


ments. or the first time, song and dance


were weaved into the plot, furthering the

below] . I guess those of us anxiously

story or character development (instead

waiting to see men displaying varying

of just stopping the action for a musical

physiq ues in a semi-undraped state will


side of the Great Depression. This outlook

we shall turn our spotlight back to New

It took another decade for this ‘ book mu-

Age, which have become known for their lush

York City and the great white way to

sical’ revolution to fully catch on, ushering

answer that musical q uestion:

in the start of Broadway’s Golden Age.

shaped the style of musicals of the Golden

have to wait until then. L OL ! Therefore,

During this period, musical theatre took at as t e Golden e o Broadway Just last week, The Music Man marched

center stage in popular culture, rapidly gaining isibility orld ide and influence on tele ision, film, and popular music.

back to Broadway- the latest revival of a show from musical theatre’s most glorious time- the Golden Age. What was the Golden Age all about?

escapism and could finally afford it on the other

en was t e Golden e o Broadway odgers and ammerstein officially launched the Golden Age with their

Widely regarded as the greatest period of

trailblazing Oklahoma! in 1943. The

growth for musical theatre as an artform,

musical, which is considered Broadway’s

the artists of the Golden Age are to thank

first blockbuster, ran for an unprecedent-

for the creation and development of musi-

ed (at the time) 2212 performances and

cals as we know them today.

triggered a change in musicals that would

orchestrations, dreamy dance seq uences, and generally, happy endings. As attitudes changed in the 1960s, so did Broadway, ushering in the time of the ‘ concept musical’ (or one in which a concept or theme take precedence) and the end of the Golden Age. Fiddler on the R oof, which opened on Broadway in 1964, is widely considered the final musical of road ay s olden ge. s als were a art o t e Golden e o Broadway Just some of the many include: • Oklahoma! (1943) • On the Town (1944)

remain for decades to come.

• Carousel (1945)

Age, with operettas and vaudeville-style

Broadway boomed in post-World War II

• Brigadoon (1947)

shows being some of the most popular

America, as audiences were looking for

Musicals existed long before the Golden

52 Waves Magazine | March 2022


• Annie Get Your Gun (1946) • Finian’s R ainbow (1947)

• A Funny Thing Happened on

• K iss Me, K ate (1948)

• West Side Story (1957)

• Camelot (1960)

• The Music Man (1957)

• Bye Bye Birdie (1960)

• Guys and Dolls (1950)

• Flower Drum Song (1958)

• How to Succeed in Business

• Paint Your Wagon (1951)

• Gypsy (1959)

• The K ing and I (1951)

• The Sound of Music (1959)

outh acific

the Way to the Forum (1962) • She L oves Me (1963) • Hello, Dolly! (1964)

Without R eally Trying (1961)

• Funny Girl (1964)

• Oliver! (1962)

• Fiddler on the R oof (1964)

• Wonderful Town (1953)

[ source – Broadway World]

• K ismet (1953) • The Pajama Game (1954)

ow any

• My Fair L ady (1956)

ave yo seen

and or eard o and B

• Damn Yankees (1955) • Bells Are R inging (1956)

yo r avor tes

• Candide (1956)


• The Most Happy Fella (1956)

wrote Golden

o e

re osers

s als

and w at well nown son s are or t e

March 202 2 Theatr ic al L istings O N TH E BO ARD S [ C urren t l y p l ayi n g ] I ast nd

eatre o





I L OV E YOU , YOU ’R E PER FECT, NOW CHANGE Book & L yrics by Joe DiPietro Music by Jimmy R oberts March 18 – April 9, 2022 Sunday matinees - March 20 & 27, 2022 https://www.islandetc.org/

olle e o t e a nland o


L isted as Dark; No update as of February 25, 2022 https://harbourtheater.com/category/news/

n ty

I N TH E W I N G S [ O p en i n g S oon ] G A Bronx Tale: A One Man Show starring Chazz Palminteri April 1, 2022 - 8:00pm


GODSPEL L by Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak March 24 – April 10, 2022 https://www.com.edu/community-theatre/


THE GR EAT AMER ICAN SONGBOOK April 3,2022 - 4:00pm http://www.thegrand.com/



THE TEX AS TENOR S March 5, 2022 - 8:00pm March 6, 2022 - 3:00pm


AN OFFICER AND A GENTL EMAN-THE MU SICAL Book by Dick Scanlan Original Bok by Douglas Day Stewart and Sharleen Cohen March 19, 2022 - 3:00pm March 20, 2022 - 8:00pm

THE PINK PANTHER STR IK ES AGAIN illiam leason ased on film by lake d ards rank aldman April 22 – May 1, 2022 https://clearcreekcommunitytheatre.com/

B ON BR OADWAY CABAR ET March 25 – 27, 2022 – 8:00pm http://www.thepurpleboxtheater.com/index.html

L YL E L OV ETT AND HIS ACOU STIC GR OU P March 25 - 26, 2022 8:00pm THE Q U EEN’S CAR TOONISTS March 27, 2022 - 4:00pm http://www.thegrand.com/


T exas Pa u l M usic P rofile C h a p m a n I

Story by: Zach Tate | Photos by Zach Tate

t’s been said that the rhythm section of any band is its heart and soul. Y et the drummer and bass player in most music groups frequently get the least amount of recognition. B ass player Paul Chapman was never a guy looking for the spotlight but has shared it with many of H ouston and Galveston’s finest country, a , trop-rock, and talents. long ith his amiable personality, musical ersatility has pro en to be one of hapman s greatest gifts.

Paul is a phenomenal musician. He has the trifecta as a musician; he’s talented, he’s responsible, and he gets along with everyone in the band,” former Funksion band-mate Fred Linton said.

hapman performed ith inton s local nine-piece band for se eral years but has more recently been playing ith country guitar irtuoso, had W are (Ware recently joined Tracy Byrd’s band). W eekly gigs at Eddie V ’s eafood in ouston ith a pianist te e Ne son and occasional sho s ith ulf oast island-music eteran, elly c uire, round out hapman s ast talent for multi-genre performance. Paul Chapman was born in Pascagoula, ississippi in , the son of nn urdy and musician, obert a id “ happye” hapman. n the mids the elder Chapman was a respected trombonist in attiesburg, ississippi, and played several shows with the Chappye’s Music Store, 1955 internationally known W oody H erman and. erman led a hugely popular, rammy-nominated s ing a band in the s and s and toured the and orld until the s. sked to go on tour ith erman, hapman declined because of family obligations and soon after opened a music store in Pascagoula to provide his young family ith more stability. t as in happye s usic tore at or years of age that aul began to learn to repair musical instruments, but it as atching his dad s band play sho s that fueled his early lo e for a .

I was my dad’s roadie. There were 6 of us and we would take turns helping the band set up. They were awesome musicians and I said, ‘I want to be like that!” Chapman said.

Paul’s a great bass player. Everything he does is very tasty. He doesn’t overplay,” Ware said.

Paul Chapman n the orld of music publishing, a single riter may get credit for a group’s recording but he or she rarely creates that music entirely alone unless it s someone like aul c artney or rince ho occasionally made albums and literally played every instrument and rote e ery part. istorically, the orld s most popular recorded music has come from the musical “masala” created by a group of people orking together in song. ortunately for hapman, his ersatile playing affords him many opportunities to express his passion for the bass in many different genres. n addition to a busy performance schedule, hapman still teaches at The usic actory. e also repairs musical instruments and amplifiers - ust like he did in his dad s store in the s and s. or ore n or at on a o t a l a an er or an es s lessons or nstr ent re a rs essa e a l at a e oo o a yes

hapman mo ed to ouston in and began orking as a music teacher at The usic actory in earland here he met are. The t o musicians immediately formed a friendship and have been playing together off and on e er since. are s latest album, “ o n The oad m n” features hapman on bass.

lthough hapman doesn t think of himself as a riter, he contributes defining bass lines to the music he participates in performing and recording.

Chad Ware’s 2015 CD features Paul

Paul Chapman in Galveston

ober 2021 w w w . w a v e s g a l v e s t o n . c o m Chapman on bass W a v e s M a g a z i n e | Oinc t2014


T h e

B e a c h

B u m

H appy St. Patrick’s W avers! Y our B um is stocked up on green beer and ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. One of my favorite times of the year. I had an idea the other day while I was riding around in my ol’ scarab. It’s not like me to have many thoughts in a day, but here is what had me thinking... Many of you are aware that your B um is of Irish descent. It’s a heritage that I am proud of. I was wondering how many famous people were actually born in Ireland. It’s quite an impressive list. R ather than come out and just tell you who some of these people are, I decided to make a little quiz out of it. Y ou are regularly telling your B um how much you enjoy the “guess who I am” pictures. H ere are some early age pictures of some very famous Irish citizens.

Answers On P ag e 68

B orn in Cabra, Ireland

B orn in Dublin, Ireland

B orn in Limerick, Ireland

B orn in Castleknock, Ireland

B orn in B elfast, Northern Ireland

B orn in B allymena, Northern Ireland

B orn in Drogheda, Ireland

B orn in Crumlin, Ireland

B orn in R anelagh, Ireland

B orn in Dublin Ireland

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Waves Magazine | March 2022


Hook into a wide variety of species both INSHORE and OFFSHORE on one of our private Family Friendly fishing charters. Fishing is not just a Hobby for us BUT our Full Time Job. Trips available Year-Round.



A Gu ide To Galveston F ishing

alveston waters are home to a diversity of fish, from giant hard pulling monsters to sleek, sneaky predators that require skill to outsmart. From the inshore waters of Galveston B ay to the clear blue waters found offshore, when it comes to salt-water fish, Galveston, Texas stands out as one of the hottest spots in the world.

CALL TODAY FOR SPRING SPECIALS! rista on ales ith an roadbill ordfish. H and cranked from 1 ,7 0 0 ft. down in the Gulf Of Mexico out of Galveston.

J oin us in this section featuring advice, techniques and stories of the “big one” with local pro’s like Patrick Lemire and Max Conner. Find recommended bait and tackle shops as well as powerhouse charters to get you out on the water in search of the “catch of a lifetime”. Enjoy!

56 Waves Magazine | March 2022

Located on Galveston's West Bay at Beautiful Harborwalk Marina

(409)698-7112 www.gethookedfishingcharter.com




Out Fishing

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F ind Max O nline @ .facebook.com ma .conner. nstagram ma connerfishing 57 Waves Magazine | March 2022


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oo notted r le oo s, it’s a mono rigging method that’s new to me. W e have all heard of and are possibly using the benefits of a Non-Slip Mono Loop K not as a connection to our jigs, lures, etc. It’s a knot which allows greater swim motion/ natural movement wherever it’s used. Another obvious use of this high-range-of-motion connection has been simply overlooked. Such was the case for me. I recently saw remarks by Mark Sosin about his use of a loop knot to attach circle hooks to a mono leader, which significantly improved his hookup ratio. On my last three offshore fishing trips, where red snapper was the primary target, using this non-slip mono knot connection on my Carolina rigs, I seemed to miss fewer hookups. W hile that’s a variable from trip to trip at times, bottom line is that the connection didn’t affect the end results...or did it in a positive way? A loop connection gives that added range of motion and natural free-moving appearance to your bait presentation when activated by current movement or a simple rod twitch. It’s certainly an active part of my offshore rigging as are another pair of loop-to-hook options with a similar effect. Seeing the Sosin comment jogged my memory a couple of days later about the “sliding hook on a loop” used in W est Coast yellowtail fishing and its similarity to the loop knot and circle hook connection. This single dropper loop rig has the mono passing through the hook eye before an 8 to 1 0 surgeon’s loop is tied. The end result is the long tag end is the top vertical leader section with a swivel tied on it to connect to the main line off the reel, the shorter bottom vertical leg has a sinker attachment loop. The hook has freedom of movement on the “bait leg”, giving an advantage like the loop knot.

58 Waves Magazine | March 2022


This same arrangement could also be used when making up a Carolina rig, slide your egg weight of choice onto the mono, slip the mono thru the hook’s eye and carefully tie a 1 2 to 1 8 ” long surgeon’s loop. The finished product will be a Carolina rig with a “sliding hook” on the loop. A more standard Carolina or fish finder rig would be 1 2-1 8 ” mono leader with a swivel on one end and a non-slip loop connection to your circle hook on the other end. Slip an egg weight on your main line, tie the main to the swivel and you are good to go. This is the Carolina rig I use for most mono situations. The egg weight variation I use is a Q uick-Change Slip Lead, which is available on line at:

www.americanbandit.com This great piece of fishing tackle’s benefits is many, from their plastic bushing that snaps on above the swivel or surgeon’s loop knot of a Carolina rig. The slip lead has a hole and slot in it that lets it be installed on the plastic bushing where the bushing’s “lock ears” hold the weight in place. These slip weights come in sizes from 2 to 1 6 ounces; all use the same bushing. Other advantages: no weight- bang against your rod while underway, not having to cut your line, remove the egg weight, install replacement and re-tie...fishing time saved with the quick change. B ack to the Non-Slip Mono Loop K not, it’s easy to tie and has near 1 0 0 percent of line test strength in holding power. H ow to tie this connection is covered in an assortment of knot books, but the easiest source to find is on the internet. Go to Google and search for “Q uick Change Mono Loop K not for a clear view of its tie-up. W hen tying up the knot, use 4 turns for 3 0 / 4 0 , 3 turns


recently. I do believe it’s a step in the right direction, which might be a key element in your personal best hookset...think about it! The more natural feel this connection can give at the bite might just make a wary adult of any species hold on for a nano-second longer, resulting in an otherwise missed hookup. This close to the same hook/ bait motion also applies to those two-sliding hook on a loop options previously mentioned. with 50 / 6 0 and 2 turns when using 8 0 / 1 0 0 lb. mono. The advantage of using this knot at a circle hook in particular is the hook’s increased range of motion, which gives better penetration as the bait and hook motion wobbles it into alignment with the fish’s jaw or upper lip-mouth area at the bite. This is because of reduced influence of the mono’s stiffness. Any mono, tied tight at hook’s eye, will somewhat restrict hook movement at the time of attempted alignment for a positive hookset.

Give loop knotted circle hooks a try in any of your circle hook and natural bait use applications, also the “sliding hook on a loop”. K eep your eyes and ears open for techniques to possibly improve your fishing success. I believe this Loop K notted Circle H ook connection will do just that... “There’s always another way’’...again!

Is this loop to circle hook connection a magical technique? Don’t know about that, since I’ve caught hundred offish over the last 52 years offshore without it until

Patrick Lemire

Pro ishin Gear

Delany d. L a a r u e Te x a s In the Gul way Pla a

59 Waves Magazine | August 2021

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Waves Magazine | March 2022 59

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Wild Bill and Barbara Powell TSS Owners


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P lac e one quesad illa at a tim e on the hot p lanc ha and g rill until b oth sid es are b row ned then slic e into quarters and enj oy w ith y our favorite salsa.

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W arm up a p lanc ha or sk illet on m ed ium heat and sp ray a lig ht c oat of g hee or c ook ing sp ray . B reak up c ook ed c horiz o and eg g s then ad d to one flour tortilla, ad d g rated O axac a c heese and top w ith sec ond tortilla.

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c horiz o. O nc e eg g s start to c ook sp atula to sep arate p an into sec and turn them over, low er heat m ed ium and turn sec tions as ed until all eg g s are c ook ed rem ove p an from heat.

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D irec tions O n m ed ium hig h heat a sk illet then ad d oil, onions, j alap enos and c horiz o. Season w ith salt and p ep p er to taste and ad d c um in. B row n c horiz o and c ook d ow n until c ook ed throug h and onions are soft. O p en sm all area in c enter of p an to ad d b utter to m elt then ad d eg g s on top of c horiz o. Season eg g s w ith salt and p ep p er. U se ed g e of sp atula to b reak y olk s and allow eg g s to evenly sp read ac ross e as ele t eason n s

5517 F M 2004 R d . Suite 100 | H itc hc oc k , Texas, 77563 | P h: ( 409 ) 3 9 2- 819 9 w w w . texasselec tseasoning s. c om 60 Waves Magazine | March 2022



Waves Magazine | March



B y: Christy Monroe





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“J oy And Freedom In Every B ox!” T his is how the owners of R

everie Skate Shop describe their passion for equipping their customers with everything that is roller skating. Samantha Cherryhomes and Liz J ohnson opened in 20 1 9 , pre-pandemic, at 23 28 Strand Street, Suite 26 0 , with an already realized dream of forming and supporting a community of like-minded skaters. “We started on Facebook and other social media with a call for meetups to roller skate on the island,” said Liz and S amantha. From that call out, over 6 0 0 people have met and skated the Seawall, downtown areas, through neighborhoods, on tennis courts, and at the J ohnny R omano skate park. The Galveston Skaters still meet up and constantly enjoy welcoming new members to come out and experience that feeling of “R everie”. B eing in a state of joy, imagining pleasant things and just a general feeling of happiness is what reverie is by definition and what the skate shop helps to bring as newcomers and veterans to skating look for their next pair of skates, safety equipment, or just visiting to find out how they can get involved in the skating community. W hen the pandemic hit, the newly opened skate shop sold out of everything in stock. This was the beginning of even more people getting outside to enjoy the sport. That’s exactly what they sell, sports equip-

62 Waves Magazine | March 2022


ment for b eg inners to avid sk aters. From old , Reverie has safety eq uipment, tools, some c ustomer- d esig ned c lothing , and tw ate ab out anything and everything to d o w help everyone.

5 years old to 70 years ac c essories, shop c lothes, o ow ners that are passionith the sport, w aiting to

B eing on the sec ond floor of the b uild ing , it is somew hat of a hid d en g em, b ut w ell k now n to those w ho alread y enj oy roller sk ating . B etw een the tw o ow ners, there are d ec ad es of sk ating ex perienc e, w hether it’s hoc k ey, rollerb lad ing , or rec reational sk ating . They have b oth found their w ay b ac k to or c ontinued to love the 4 w heels on the g round j oy of a sk ate. “We have met many people who say they used to skate, loved it when they were young, and j ust want to try it again,” said S amantha and Liz . “We are here for every level of skater with the products they need, advice, and events.” The latest event w ould b e M ard i Gras, w here the Galveston S k aters w ere a hug e presenc e in the parad es w hile sk ating and spread ing the reverie ac ross the island . From pub c raw ls, to meet- ups, to more intense sk ating at the b ow ls, the sk ating c ommunity and Reverie S k ate S hop g o hand in hand to ensure safety and fun for all. W ith seasonal hours, it’s alw ays b est to c hec k the Reverie soc ial med ia on Fac eb ook and I nstag ram. A round - the- c loc k shopping c an also b e d one from these sites. The shop messag es are c hec k ed c onsistently, and they w elc ome all q uestions. A s the w eather starts shaping up and the b eac hes fill up, Reverie and the Galveston S k aters w ill b e read y to introd uc e more people to the sport of sk ating and the feeling that c an only b e d esc rib ed as living in the Reverie.

ever e



2 3 2 8 S trand S treet, S uite 2 6 0 Galveston, Tex as 775 5 0 ( 4 0 9 ) 5 0 0 - 1 6 72

www rever es ate o


Waves Magazine | March 2022 63

R e l at ionsh ip Adv i c e Ad with an & e a n

an and ean I ave read yo r ol n a lot over t e last ew years t I ave never seen yo ost a est on l e I a a o t to as I years old and t s s a o t y at er e ently I went over to y r end ev n to ve a r de to s ool I wa ted or a w le and e never a e o t so I went to t e door to et en e o ened t e ront door I saw y dad n ev n s o se at t e t en ta le wear n a at ro e v o sly e s arry n on an a a r w t ev n s ot er y dad d dn t see e t an oodness I went r nn n to y ar w t ev n r t e nd e I was so s o ed w t w at I ad st w tnessed t at I o ld ardly dr ve I sa d to y r end at was n o se wear n a at ro e s answer was ea so w at dn t yo now I sa d I always new y dad was a wo an er t to see t r t n ront o y a e was a d erent story alto et er I retty ad at ev n or not tell n e and I ro at y dad or do n so et n l e t s to y ot er ss a sweet ar n erson and does not deserve t y dad travels a lot or so I t o t ow I now t e tr a o t w at e s do n w le travel n o w at s o ld I do an and ean dad ell y ot er I a so set do arr n s devastated


s e s t

happy w hen they are tog ether? M ayb e your mother k now s ab out his fooling around and turns a b lind eye to k eep the family intac t. I w ould not tell her anything . A s for your d ad , hmmm, I personally w ould tell him off, then d rop it, and let them fig ure it out. Y ou w ill b e off to c olleg e soon and have other thing s on your mind .


i Darrin. I am very sorry you had to ex perienc e something lik e this. I t must have b een a real shoc k er for you. I d isag ree w ith Jan in that I w ould tell your mom ab out w hat you w itnessed . Y ou stated that you w ere furious that your friend had n’t told you ab out it, so think how your mom w ill feel if she learns ab out your d ad ’s affair and then find s out you k new ab out it and d id n’t tell her a thing . S he w ould prob ab ly b e furious too. This is a really messy situation and I d on’t k now if there is truly one rig ht answ er. That b eing said , I w ould d efinitely c onfront your d ad and tell him w hat you saw . He at least should c ome c lean and b e honest w ith you. E nj oy your c olleg e life and hopefully, this terrib le memory w ill fad e in time. B est of luc k to you.

o ld I on ront y lease tell e w at to

h, w hat a horrib le surprise. Y ou d id suspec t he lik ed the lad ies. W ell, now you k now . A s for c onfronting your d ad , I w ould c alm d ow n a b it b efore d oing anything . Think : is it any of your b usiness? I sn’t it b etw een your parents? Do they seem A





64 Waves Magazine | March 2022


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Waves Magazine | March 2022 65

Alia Benavides: How would you describe the art you create? Loida Wexler: I want my art to express joy, happiness, and positive vibes. I use vibrant colors and textures. I want the paintings to “breathe” life. I’m not into dull, dark art schemes - it does not fit my personality. I believe in enjoying life to the fullest and not being afraid to take chances. We only go round once, and I don’t want to have any regrets. No pale shades for me…sorry. AB: What inspires you to paint rock stars, how has music influenced your art?


LOIDA WEXLER By: Alia Benavides

LW: As a pianist, I truly “hear” the music and am amazed at how the musician crafts his sound artistry. There are some very profound rock artists that are truly unique in style. I usually zone out with my favorite music as I paint. I love being totally immersed in my creative ethereal world. I forget about the real world and laundry in the machine. AB: Which is your favorite rockstar that you have painted and why? LW: I love Freddie Mercury and John Lennon. These guys paid dearly being so different and profound. As children, they were so misunderstood, and they “stewed” in self-doubt until they found their success. I guess I identify with that. I just couldn’t find my place in the sun until I stopped trying and started celebrating me. Once I did “me” my world truly opened, and I was somebody unique and special. This brain of mine goes non-stop. I was happy it found an outlet.

AB: How do you decide when to use oils & when to use acrylic when starting a painting? Do you have a preference? LW: I trained in oils techniques but in my style of painting I needed several layers to build up richness (i.e., fur on animals). Oils took too long to dry so I had to switch to acrylics. It was my luck that acrylic paints improved and the richness in pigments became readily accessible. Plus, the ease in the cleanup. Water based paints are so much easier because I’m a messy painter. I prefer acrylics for the sheer ease of use. Clean up, layering, drying…it’s more practical. Under a deadline, I can complete pieces much faster.

AB: What do you enjoy doing when you are not painting? LW: Antiquing, that’s how my antique booth got started 7 years ago. Playing the piano, gardening, investments (I manage my own portfolio), travel, cooking, spending time with family and friends. AB: Are you currently working on any exciting new projects? LW: Yes, I’m slated to do 2 new murals at Sawyer Ice House. The weather has been too cold, so it’s delayed a bit. Bidding on other art projects there as well. I also have 2 commissioned wildlife paintings on the books. (Btw I have painted over 130 pet commissioned paintings in the Houston area). You can find her art locally at From the heart gallery & Affaire d’ Art located on Postoffice downtown Galveston. Website: www.loidawexlerart.com Email: Loida.wexler@gmail.com

Great B lue H eron I n F ull F lig ht


he Great B lue H eron is ab und ant, w ell k now n, and w id esp read throug hout the state of Texas. They are a y ear- round

resid ent and c an b e seen all over the I sland , esp ec ially in the 8 Mile R oad area. N esting season for these b eautiful b ird s runs

from F eb ruary throug h J uly . There are several exc ellent rook eries w ithin d riving d istanc e of the I sland . This p hoto w as tak en in Rodeo Ready Thanks Diana’s Bartique on the Strand Model CJ Reese IG modelcjreese83 Photographer Arnie Ortiz Saldana

the A nahuac N ational W ild life R efug e. I t w as tak en w ith a Sig m a 150- 600m m D G O S H SM lens m ounted to a Cannon 9 0D b od y set at a shutter sp eed of 1600, an f- stop of 6. 5, and I SO of 3 20. oto ra

er Br







Calling All Islanders!!!

y Island friends, Galveston needs us

in others and help. This is not who we are.

more than ever. This pandemic has tak-

Islanders have a spirit that transcends what

en a toll on our faith, our businesses, and our

affects the world around us. W e need each

livelihoods. Some of us have come through,

other to combat this fear. W e need to pray;

up to this point, fairly unscathed, but so many

we need to support each other, and we need

have been affected in many ways.

to start living again! Y es, we can do it more responsibly. If you are not feeling well, stay

ent out recently and sa all of this firsthand. eople listening to li e music, friends gathering for the first time in a long time. Some were masked and others socially distanced. I heard laughter and saw that unwavering Island spirit alive and well. W e need more of that, and I encourage you to come back, when you’re ready, to join

The toll has been devastating. W e have lost

away. If you have underlying conditions, wear

loved ones and friends to this disease. Many

a mask. If you feel uncomfortable in crowds,

have lost their jobs and their businesses.

social distance. All of us need to understand

Illnesses beyond COV ID1 9 are affecting so

and accept each other’s needs and concerns.

many, such as depression, drug/ alcohol use

W e can do this, we need to do this, not just for

and suicides are on the rise.

ourselves, but each other.

fear, loneliness, or loss of work, reach out to them. B e a

W e have become afraid!

Islanders are capable of adjusting to the “new

are always there for one another and don’t you forget it!

normal”, we have that Island Spirt that says W e ( Islanders) need to recognize this fear

“live, be cautious, but be not afraid”.

us and to help heal our island from this pandemic. f you recogni e someone ha ing difficulty because of this disease or one of the outcomes, such as depression, shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen, after all, islanders

John & Kathy Valastro

Michael Gambon

Oscar W ilde

R ichard H arris

Colin Farrell

V an Morrison

Liam Neeson

ierce rosnan

Conor McGregor

Maureen O’H ara

B ono

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Your Full Service Photographer www.wavesgalveston.com

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WOODY’S Beach Bar

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THE RICHARDS GROUP JOB #: SAL19_034940_National Christmas TRIM: 10.87" x 21" LIVE: Same as trim COLORS: SNAP/CMYK INSERTION: TBD - Full Page AD NAME: The World Doesn’t Care - Red BKGD

en a





sed Boo s

ater ar

CLIENT: Salvation Army BLEED: N/A QUESTIONS: Call Karen Newman 214-891-5875

nosa rs

B e erson


erty Bell

The world doesn’t care If there are more kids than coats. If there are more empty stomachs than full plates. If there are more people than beds. If there’s more hurt than healing, More despair than hope, or more bad than good.

But thankfully, you do. Every day, nearly 40 million hardworking Americans battle poverty. Help them win. A sustaining monthly gift of just $25 helps us double our ability to assist those in need throughout your community.

Termini an Luis Pass d Galveston T 6 i es est o 61st eawa www a e oo om woodys ea ar 70 Waves Magazine | March 2022

There are 3 ways to join the #FightForGood My gift

at SalvationArmyGalvestonCounty.org

at PO Box 990, Galveston, TX 77553

call us at (409) 763-1691

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