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Join The First PRIVATE Country Club in the State of Texas

Challenging 18 Hole Course Tennis | Bars | Dining | Pool Pavilion

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ww w. g a l ve s t o n c o u n t r ycl u b . c o m

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Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 5

CONT E N T S | F i n d y o u r g r e a t r e a d

In This Issue

CONTENTS | Find your great read

March 2020 LET’S M A K E WAV ES T O G ET H ER ! Pet Corner with Dr. Henderson


Restaurant Review | Willie G’s

3 4

Trivia | Test Your Knowledge

1 6

Small Bites | Kemp’s


Kitchen Chick | A Chefs Dream


Niblets| Island Restaurant News


Pet Peeves | Daylight Savings Time


Island Entertainment & Events | Plan Your Month


Comedy Corner | with Bob Rohan


The Beach Bum | Rock & Roll Band Names


Gardening With Holly Ross | Dandelions


Fishing Section | Tackle, Charters, Advice


Events | Galveston Symphony


Maxed Out Fishing | On The Water w/ Max Conner

5 3

Ridley Sea Turtle

Shedding a Light On Shedding Page 10

R EA D Y T O A D V ERT I S E W I TH U S ? 40 9- 7 8 9- 11 60 Close-Up | Pro ad advice | Patrick Lemire

5 4

Texas Select Seasonings | Recipe of the Month

5 7

Downtown Currents | Derek Anderson Studios


Featured Downtowner | Derek Anderson - Artist


Bunny’s Cookin’ Column | Easy Recipes from Bunny


Jan & Dean | Relationship Advice

6 4

Trivia Answers | Check your answers

6 6

Reflections | John & Kathy Valastro


eMatrix Radio Frequency Therapy PAGE 24

Pages 48-49


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Galveston Flooring & Furniture Family owned and operated since 1979 Bassett * Braxton Culler * Stanley Chair * Hunter Douglas

Islands largest supplier of 100% recycled plastic outdoor furniture 4214 Broadway, Galveston | galvestonfurniture.com | (409) 762-5244

BURKE ’ S B R I E F S | L e t t e r f r o m t h e P u b l i s h e r MARCH 2020

Waves Magazine Is Published Monthly By: Waves Magazine | Mike Burke P.O. Box 3343 | Galveston , TX 77552 P: 409-789-1160 www.wavesgalveston.com Publisher | Editor Sales Director Mike Burke mburke@wavesgalveston.com 409-789-1160

BURKE’S BRIEFS | Letter from the Publisher

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ke M ik e B ur | Pu bl is he r

MARCH 2020

Happy March, Wavers!

I hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled Mardi Gras. It just seems to get bigger and better each year. Thanks to everyone who complimented us on our terrific Mardi Gras February cover. You also commented on how much you enjoyed our Mardi Gras Schedule Of Events and Calendar Pages. First and foremost, Waves Magazine is for you, our loyal readers. Waves is an Entertainment Magazine. That has always been our focus and it will continue to be. We will always keep you informed as to where all the fun and entertaining happenings are. You will remember that in December I stressed the importance of buying local. This is extremely important every month of the year. Virtually anything you could ever want or need can be found right here in Galveston. I want to urge each and every one of you to purchase your vehicles from Classic Auto. No one gives back and supports our community more than Howie Bentley and his staff at Classic Auto does. Support this fantastic Galveston business! We know from experience that our readers are serious foodies. You love our Waves restaurant articles, reviews, and recipes. It’s a pleasure to

Subscriptions Available Waves Magazine P.O. Box 3343 | Galveston , TX 77552 P: 409-789-1160


announce that beginning with this March issue, our Waves Dining Section has expanded greatly. A special thank you goes to Tom Valliere, Charlie Bresenhan, Barbara & Wild Bill Powell, and Miss Bunny for making this possible. Speaking of Barbara and Wild Bill Powell, check out their March recipe in this issue. They were gracious enough to invite me to their beautiful store, Wild Bill’s, where I got to enjoy their wonderful recipe for lunch recently. Absolutely delicious. You will want to check out our March events calendar. So many fun and interesting things to see and do this month. Plus, with me and my family being of Irish descent, we can’t wait for all of the St. Patricks Day celebrations. Bring on the green beer. We are truly blessed to live and work in Galveston. Thanks again for voting Waves Magazine the Best Print Publication in Galveston for the second straight year. We will continue to strive to keep Waves Magazine the most informative and entertaining publication in Galveston. Have a wonderful March and a Happy St. Patricks Day!



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The Lasker Inn Galveston’s Premier

Voted #1 Wedding Venue on the Island - 2018 & 2019

Luxury Wedding & Event Venue

Your story begins here… Every bride deserves a spectacular wedding!

‘Experience The Lasker’ Featuring the all-inclusive wedding weekend package! This beautifully restored c.1870 estate with 9,000 sq. ft. includes stunning parlors, amazing bar, elegant chapel and gorgeous grounds! Absolute Elegance—Epic Memories!

You Deserve A Venue This Magnificent! Schedule Your Tour Today! ***** Five Star Rating—Wedding Wire & Trip Advisor ***** 1019 16th Street Galveston, Texas 77550 | 409-497-4318 | www.laskerinn.com Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 9


ET Corner

PET C O R N E R | D r. R i c h a r d H e n d e r s o n


Shedding Light on Shedding by: Richard Henderson, D.V.M

PET CORNER | Dr. Richard Henderson

’ve heard many times from owners, “ My pet is losing so much hair he should be bald by now! What do I need to do to make it stop?” Unfortunately shedding is a normal, healthy process and can’t be stopped. There are some dog breeds, like poodles, that shed very little and continue to grow their coats unless they are clipped.

It was not long ago that a large percentage of pet owners did not want their animals in the house. Spending so much time outside, dogs and cats were exposed to the seasonal changes that influenced their shedding patterns. More shedding and coat adaptation occurred in the spring and fall in preparation for the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Today most pets live comfortably indoors where the temperature, humidity and light cycles change very little during the year. The result is a fairly constant shedding pattern all year long. This is a natural process that cannot be altered by diet, supplements or expensive brushes. Frequent brushing is still a good idea in that it removes hair that was due to fall out that day or the next. Better on the brush than the couch. Natural supplements that claim to reduce shedding usually are a combination of fatty acids and vitamins. They have not been proven to work and are unnecessary if your pet is eating a quality diet. Shampoos and conditioners do not change the degree of shedding but will make the coat clean and wash out hair destined to be lost. A good brushing after the bath will remove some additional hair and make your little guy even more beautiful. Not all hair loss is normal. If bald spots, scratching and redness appear, a skin disorder is probably occurring, which means it’s time to visit the veterinarian. An old saying in the vet business is, “ When you hear hoof beats look for horses before zebras”. This means to look for more common things first. In Galveston fleas are the number one problem that causes skin disease in pets. Fleabite reactions and allergies most often occur on the rumps of dogs and around the necks of cats. Since fleas can sometimes be hard to find, your veterinarian will probably use a flea comb to look for evidence of these little pests on the patient. Flea combs can also be purchased at most pet stores to use at home for parasite 10 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

surveillance. They capture fleas and trap particles of flea feces between the teeth of the device. If fleas are the culprits there are excellent prescription flea medications available that work quickly and for weeks ahead. Some are given by mouth, others placed directly on the skin. Increased flea activity is expected, as the temperature warms in March, so now is a good time to start one of these products if your pet is not already protected. Besides fleas and ticks, some other common causes of hair loss that require veterinary care include environmental allergies, food allergy and hormonal diseases. I guess I’d be a pretty famous vet if I discovered a way to stop pets from shedding. But why would I want to stop a healthy and normal process? Don’t believe a person selling products claiming to stop shedding in it’s tracks. They may want to sell you some “valuable” swampland in Florida too. Part of owning a pet is to accept shedding and use what weapons we have to control where some of the hair ends up. So use the bathtub often, don’t be shy with the brush and have frequent dates with the vacuum cleaner.

Richard D. Henderson, DVM Galveston Veterinary Clinic 2108 61st Street Galveston, TX 77551 409.356.9000

Check Engine Light AC/Heating General Repairs Auto Diagnostics Lube & Oil Cooling Systems Brakes Suspension Repair Transmission Electrical Repairs Auto Maintenance



ALL MAKES AND MODELS (409) 763-1515 1328 Post Office | Galveston, Texas 77550


Building Relationships One Home At A Time

John Hosford

No-Nonsense Approach to Buying /Selling Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE)


(713) 907-3023

Cell: (713) 907-3023 Fax: (409) 744-2983 JohnHosford.Realtor@gmail.com http://www.har.com/JohnHosford Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue |11





Galveston College offers the education students are looking for, whether it’s a certificate, leisure learning or an associate degree that allows them to transfer to a four-year university or enter the workforce. It’s all right here in Galveston, affording students not only an economical approach to higher education, but an incomparable island lifestyle. Learn more at www.gc.edu. Life’s about to get real!

Beach 3 min. Strand 7 min. Moody Gardens 5 min.

S C H E D U L E A TO U R O N L IN E AT G C. ED U O R C A L L 4 0 9 - 9 4 4- G C GC

12 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e



2428 Mechanic St., Galveston, Texas, 77550 | Ph: (713) 582-0129

Classes Starting March 10th Tai Chi Easy / Qigong Series Tai Chi and Qigong is mind body medicine using the power of breath and movement to renew and energize the body. Easy to learn with extraordinary benefits. Manage Stress and Anxiety Improve Sleep Reduce Pain Increase Balance and Flexibility Restore and Rejuvenate Low Impact Exercise Improves Fitness and Wellness


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Contact: Sidney Tregre (409) 392-1013 Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue |13

Located in the Heart of Galveston’s Historic Downtown (409) 220- 3564

Fashion | Fashion Accessories | Home Interiors | Hats | Bags | Purses | Local Jewelry Artist

You'll Love This Store BluisisIsland IslandCouture Coutureatatits itsfinest. finest.Youll You’lllove lovethis thiscozy cozybeach beach boutique boutique with its unique unique and and eclectic eclectic selection Blu with its selectionof of clothing, fashion accessories, giftsand andso somuch muchmore. more. Clothing, fashion accessories,jewelry, jewelry,home homedecor, decor, housewares, housewares, gifts


LIVE ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE Come and Enjoy Our Fantastic Beer and Saturday 3-7 | Sunday 12-4 Wine Bar Located Right Inside Our In our Beer and Wine Bar Boutique. A.K.A. “Husband Lounge & A.K.A “Husband Lounge/ Pick Up Area" Sports Bar / Pick Up Area” Dec. 1 -Myke Miller 3-7

March James Sturrock | 1212-4 to 4 Dec. 1 2-|Catherine Stroud Dec. 7 8-|Lee Marshal 3-7| 3 to 7 March Keith Neubauer Dec. 9 TBD 12-4

Dec. 8 15MarinaStainton Rocks|3-7 March | Kenny 12 to 4

March 14 | Marina Rocks | 3 to 7

Dec.16- David Richardson 12-4 March | Bobby Territo Dec. 22-21Geoff Fish 3-7 | 3 to 7 Dec. 23-22Jypsy Rose March | Geoff Fish12-4 | 12 to 4 Dec. 29- TBD 3-7 Dec. 30-28Myke Miller 12-4| 3 to 7 March | Jason Crabtree

March 29 | Cheryl Cawood | 12 to 4

March 15 | Rodney Haines | 12 to 4

Read what people are saying about Blu

Read what people are saying about Blu


My favorite beach boutique by★★★★★ far! I highly recommend you stop by as you're walking the strand,you won't be disappointed! My favorite beach boutique by M. far! I highly recommend you Angel

stop by as youre walking the strand, you wont be disappointed! Angel M.


Loved everything about this ★★★★★ store!! Managed to find my sister the bestLoved birthday gift while also snagging cute stuff for me well. everything about this store!!some Managed to find my as sister Will definitely be going back again! the best birthday gift while alsoC. snagging some cute stuff for Demi

me as well. Will definitely be going back again! Demi C.


I love this store! The clothing is trendy and matches all styles. I ★★★★★ have even found some cute things being 5 months pregnant! The I love this fun store! clothing is put trendy and matches styles. I decor is andThe I can't wait to some"Blu" in myall baby's have even found some cute things being 5 months pregnant! Nursery! The decor is fun and I cantKelli waitJ.to put some "Blu" in my ba-

bys nursery! Kelli J.

BLU:AABoutique Boutique Beach BLU: byby thethe Beach 2425Strand StrandStreet Street 2425 Galveston, Galveston,TX TX77550 77550 Phone: (409) 220-3564 Phone: (409) 220-3564 Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation Mon - Thurs 10:30 - 7:00 Mon - Thurs 10:30 - 7:00 Fri. 10:30 - 8:00 Fri. Sat.10:30 10:30- -8:00 9:00 Sat. 10:30 Sun. 10:30- 9:00 - 6:00 Sun. 10:30 - 6:00

facebook.com / bluboutiquegalveston | ww.bluboutiquegalveston.com facebook.com / bluboutiquegalveston | ww.bluboutiquegalveston.com 14 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e






of Texas


www.gerriempey.com 409.789.1672 2.7 ACRES








Monday - Saturday 9am to 5:30pm Sunday 10 am to 4 pm 2014 - 45th Street 409.763.4713


RE/MAX Leading Edge 3616 7 Mile Rd | Galveston, TX | 77554 Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 15


TRIVIA | Test you knowledge

TRIVIA | Te s t y o u k n o w l e d g e

rivia hallenge




Answer Reveal on Page 66

Potatoes Trivia

C a n Yo u P a s s T h i s H e a r t y M e a l Q u i z ?

Which type of fish is this? A. Salmon B. Lobster C. Tuna D. Piranha

What type of potato is this? A. Russet potato B. Yukon Gold C. Purple Viking D. Sweet potato

What type of steak is this? A. Kobe steak B. Chuck steak C. Filet mignon D. Tartar steak

What cut of meat is used for making bacon? A. Pork Ribs B. Pork Belly C. Loin of Beef D. Leg of Lamb

What cut of beef is traditionally used to make corned beef? A. Brisket B. Short Ribs C. Skirt Steak D. New York Strip

What kind of round beef is in the song “On Top of Spaghetti”? A. Steak B. Corned Beef C. Meatball D. Roast

What kind of meat is used to make buffalo wings? A. Pork Loin B. Chicken Wings C. Beef Ribs D. Chicken Feet

Which animal’s meat is referred to as mutton, particularly when the animal is an adult? A. Moose B. Pig C. Sheep D. Rabbit

What kind of steak uses the 20th letter of the alphabet to start its name? A. New York Strip B. Porterhouse C. T-Bone D. Filet Mignon

What cut of beef is traditionally used when preparing Beef Wellington? A. Chuck B. Brisket C. Sirloin D. Tenderloin

What is the lower joint of the leg of a chicken called? A. Knob B. Thigh C. Winglet D. Drumstick

What part of the chicken is used to make “Chicken Parmigiana”? A. Breast B. Thigh C. Leg D. Wing

What is the cooking time for a nicely done “Steak Tartare”? A. Zero Minutes B. Twenty Minutes C. Seven Minutes D. Three Minutes

What is a twelve-month old turkey called? A. Tom B. Roaster C. Yearling D. Mature

Because it is lean, what do most people add to venison when making venison burgers? A. Ketchup B. Bacon Grease C. A Binding Ingredient D. Sugar

What is the name of the cut of beef that hangs between the rib and the loin? A. Filet B. Prime Rib C. Hanger Steak D. Tri Tip

Primary divisions of quarters, foresaddles, hindsaddles, and carcasses. A. Primal cuts B. Minimal cuts C. Butchered cuts D. Cured cuts

Which of these would you NOT find in a proper bratwurst? A. Fish B. Veal C. Beef D. Pork

This reptile is commonly raised for its skin and succulent meat in its native habitats, China and the United States. A. Alligator B. Hippopotamus C. Zebra D. Wildebeest

What is the correct term for a side of cured and salted pork? A. Half side B. Side belly C. Flitch D. Full quarter

C h e c k Yo u r A n s w e r s O n P a g e 6 6 16 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

Kitchen ■ Baths ■ Cabinets ■ Walk-In Showers ■ Painting ■ Doors ■ Windows ■ Decks Hardie Siding ■ Custom Lighting ■ Wood ■ Tile ■ Vinyl ■ Laminate ■ Carpet ■ Repairs Tile and Vinyl Plank Flooring in Coastal Colors

Largest selection of waterproof flooring in the latest styles & colors

Impact Doors/Windows Designed For Coastal Areas

WINDSTORM APPROVED! Going Coastal 2020 Upgrade Today!

1924 45th Street @ Avenue P1/2 | Ph: 409-762-2400 Schedule an online estimate 24/7 @ www.coastalservicestx.net 18 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e


15-Year No Peel or Blister Exterior Paint Warranty!

Beautify Your Home With The Latest Coastal Paint Colors

Stands Up To Harsh Weather

Resist Mold, Mildew & Moisture Damage

Resist Stains, Scratches, & Fading

Low-Maintenance & Worry-Free

Durable & Strong

Po l y m e r C o m p o s i t e D e c k i n g Wi t h 3 0 y r. Wa r r a n t y Specializing In Victorian Homes and Beach Houses 1924 45th Street @ Avenue P1/2 | Ph: 409-762-2400 Schedule an online estimate 24/7 @ www.coastalservicestx.net Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 19

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BES T

EVEN T S | I s l a n d e n t e r t a i n m e n t a t i t s B E S T

Come and Be Inspired No visit to downtown Galveston is complete without a trip to The Kitchen Chick. As soon as you cross the threshold, you’ll be whisked away into a chef’s paradise. From specialty brands including Le Creuset, Swiss Diamond, Mason Cash, Ruffoni and Shun, you will find everything you need plus some things you didn’t know you needed! Whether you’re a cooking novice or seasoned pro, The Kitchen Chick is home to a collection of hand-selected cookware, tools and products - brands that built their reputation over decades and are known for their attention to detail, quality construction and outstanding performance. We want you to experience personalized attention and enjoy our charming atmosphere, but most importantly, we want you to become inspired by the exceptional products lining our shelves and the classes we offer in our kitchen. They are there for you to help expand your culinary repertoire, to discover your next triumph, and for you ring the dinner bell and gather your loved ones to the table.

20 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST


Come Join The Fun!

To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we keep our classes Cooking small so that our Good instructors get Come more one-on-one time with you. Class: Things in Small Packages This also means they fill up fast! So when you see a class that piques Asian Dumplings! your interest and fits your schedule, contact us to reserve your spot.

Mar 5 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Cooking Class: Bottoms Up Boozy Holiday Cooking! Dec 6 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Cooking Class: Tasty Tex-Mex Trio!

Mar 6 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Cooking Class: Macaron Magic! Dec 7 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Cooking Class: Macaron Magic!

MarChristmas 7 @ 11:00Cookies am – 3:00 pm Icing! Cooking Class: Texas with Royal Dec 9 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Cooking Class: St. Patrick’s Day Cookies with Royal Icing!

Cooking Class: Kids Gingerbread Workshop Mar 8 @ 1:00House pm – 3:30 pm at 11am! Dec 15 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Class: Traditional Tamales! Cooking Class:Cooking Ugly Sweater Cookies with Royal Icing! @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Dec 16 @ 1:00 pm Mar – 3:3013 pm Cooking Class: Kids Holiday Bread Baking! Cooking Class: Sweet Spring Cookies with Royal Icing! Dec 21 @ 2:00 pm Mar – 5:0022pm @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

2402 Market Street, Galveston Island, TX 77550 Phone (409) 497-2999 E: alicia@thekitchenchick.com


Areas Served

We serve the following cities and surrounding areas.

• Galveston • Clear Lake

• Bay Area • Houston

• Friendswood • League City Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 21

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST


ur cooking classes are uniquely themed, including holiday favorites, southern specialties, seafood delicacies, and so much more! You can learn to make what you love! To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we keep our classes small so that our instructors get more one-on-one time with you. But this also means they fill up fast! So when you see a class that piques your interest and fits your schedule, contact us to reserve your spot.

PET P E E V E S | D a il y t ee t h g r i n d i n g l i f e si t u a t ions


Of The Month

PET PEEVES | Da il y teeth grinding life situations

Finally, Daylight Savings Time Is Here!


aylight Savings time will begin in Texas at 2:00 am on Sunday, March 8th. It is observed in all U.S. States except Arizona and Hawaii. It’s about time! No more getting off of work to the darkness outside. We can actually enjoy the beach after work again. The extra hour of daylight can be used for outdoor recreation like golf, soccer, baseball, softball, running, and enjoying walks along our Seawall.

Business profits increase from longer evenings as people have more daylight hours to go shopping and/or enjoy the view at one of the islands many great restaurants. More time to enjoy outdoor events also contributes positively to the local economy.

Do we like it when it is dark outside at 5:30 pm? Do we like feeling like it is midnight when it is actually 7:15 pm?

WE DON’T LIKE THAT! Let’s all ban together and support Daylight Savings Time all year round. More daylight helps keep us more active and healthy. We can make this happen! Have a Pet Peeve ? Contact us at www.WavesGalveston.com and tell us about it. We just may use yours next month! 22 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

E V E N TS | Isl and entertai nmen t at it s BEST

E V E N TS | Isl and entertai nment at i ts B E ST Waves Magazi ne | March 2020 I ssue | 23

HEALT H A ND B E A U TY | D r. Ta ra We g ry n




Want to look 5-10 years younger without surgery? eMatrix Radio Frequency therapy may be the answer for you.

What is eMatrix RF?

H EA LTH A N D B E A U TY | D r. Tara Wegryn

eMatrix skin resurfacing is an effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helping you look years younger. It is performed in the office in less than 30 minutes. You have minimal down-time and the procedure is safe for all skin types.

How Does eMatrix work?

RF energy is precisely directed into the skin via a grid. Healthy skin around the grid accelerates the healing process and produces smooth, brighter skin. eMatrix RF works by heating tissue to a depth of 2.5cm which causes collagen to denature. Perceived as an injury by the body, new collagen and elastin is deposited and remodeled. This causes the dermis to contract and skin to tighten giving you a fresher, more youthful look. RF continues to cause skin tightening for up to 6 weeks after a single treatment, although a series of 3-5 is usually recommended. These can be performed as frequently as every 3-6 weeks depending on the area treated.

skin resurfacing and scar revision and is effective in smoothing acne scars and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

What is the recovery time after eMatrix?

You can expect redness over the treated area for 1-2 days, although many clients tell me they went out the very same day, or the next! The “grid” pattern may be visible for 3-4 days but is easily covered with Colorescience®️ or make-up. eMatrix RF continues to work for weeks, energizing your own body to make new collagen and elastin leading to improvement in skin texture and tightness.

Dr. Tara Wegryn is a board-certified Neurologist and Electrophysiologist and a member in good standing with the IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine). Dr. Wegryn received her MD from the University of Florida and residency in Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic. In 1996, Dr. Wegryn founded Houston Neuromonitoring, a successful intraoperative monitoring company that served the surgical community at the TMC (Texas Medical Center) for over 17 years. Dr. Tara Wegryn is currently the director/owner of Refresh Medispa in Galveston, Texas.

What does eMatrix treat?

eMartrix RF can be safely used on the face to improve texture and reduce pore size, under the chin to tighten loose skin and on the neck to eliminate crepeyness. Around the eyes, it can reduce lines and puffiness and can tighten lax skin over the eyelids. eMatrix RF is also an effective treatment for scars by promoting

GRID DELIVERING RF Clients often tell me that they do not want to look fake or like they are trying to be something they are not. With eMatrix RF skin resurfacing, you can look your personal best with less fine lines and wrinkles while still looking like you! Have a great day, and I hope you continue to


“Look Fresh and Feel Confident”.

24 | Wav es M agaz in e | Ma rc h 2 0 2 0 Is s u e

If you have any questions about aesthetic medicine or Refresh Medispa, please send them to Drtara@ refreshmedidayspa.com and I will try to answer them in future articles!

Refresh Medispa 2424 Mechanic Street Galveston, Texas, 77550




try our

Detox H y d r a f a c i a l ! SERVICES

Hydrafacial | Botox an d Fi l l e r s | P R P H a i r R e s t o r a t i o n | Skin Re s u r f a c i n g | K y b e l l a Coloresci e n c e | Z O S k i n H e a l t h



Tara Wegryn MD ________________________


409.443.563 3

24 2 4 M e c h a n i c S t r e e t | G a l veston, TX | www.refreshmedidayspa.com

March Theatrical Listings L i s t c o m p i l e d b y P a u l H a g e r | V E R I F Y T I M E S W I T H T H E V E N U E I N A D VA N C E ON THE BOARDS [Currently playing] ISLAND ETC FIRST DATE Book by Austin Winsberg, Music & Lyrics by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner | March 13 – April 11, 2020

COM THEATRE THE VOICE OF THE PRAIRIE By John Olive | March 9 – April 5, 2020

THE GRAND 1894 OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT OF QUEEN Performed by Gary Mullen & The Works Saturday, March 7, 2020 8:00 PM Sunday, March 8, 2020 8:00 PM BEAUTIFUL – THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL Friday, March 13, 2020 8:00 PM Saturday, March 14, 2020 2:00 PM YAMATO The Drummers of Japan – Jhonetsu Saturday, March 21, 2020 8:00 PM

IN THE WINGS [Opening Soon]

THE ROB LANDES TRIO Gershwin at The Grand! Sunday, March 22, 2020 4:00 PM


Viva MOMIX! Saturday, March 28, 2020 8:00 PM


THE TEXAS TENORS: Honoring the Legends! Saturday, April 18, 2020 8:00 PM

MOON OVER BUFFALO By Ken Ludwig | March 6 – March 22, 2020

THE BEACH BOYS Saturday, April 25, 2020 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM


THE TEMPTATIONS Friday, May 1, 2020 8:00 PM

CRIMES OF THE HEART By Beth Henley | March 20 – April 5, 2020



COMPANY Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by George Furth | April 10 – May 3, 2020

BOEING BOEING By Marc Camoletti March 27 – April 5, 2020


FRANCA’S DINNER THEATRE LEND ME A TENOR By Ken Ludwig | February 21 – March 6, 2020

BLITHE SPIRIT By Noel Coward | April 17 – May 2, 2020

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue |25

COME DY | B uff alo G a l s

C OME D Y | B uffal o Gal s


By: Bob Rohan

ob Rohan, or as he is known in Texas “Bad Bob”, has been playing the fiddle and singing in various groups for over 30 years in Texas, and has opened for Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Carlene Carter and John Conley to name a few. Bob has played in bands that have backed up country legends like Hank Thompson, Ray Price, Jack Greene, Pam Tillis, and Dale Watson. Along with songwriting, Bob is also a talented cartoonist and has a self syndicated comic strip titled “Buffalo Gals”.

26 | Wav es M agaz in e | Ma rc h 2 0 2 0 Is s u e

The comic feature is about two cowgirls “Bess Winchester” and “Connie Cheyenne”. The comic strip was inspired after playing with “The Hays County Gals and Pals” a cowgirl western group that toured through Texas, Oklahoma and as far west as Elko, Nevada. Bob has won The Wisconsin State Fiddle Championship and has been nominated several times from The Academy of Western Artists for Best Cowboy Cartoonist. You can find Mr. Rohan online at :


to read more and collect his original works!

West Island Professional Center Office and Retail Space • • • • • •

Affordable Quality Offices Near Criminal Justice Center Near Moody Gardens Near Airport Quality Brick Construction Ample adjacent Parking

Call Now! (409) 744-5884 or (409) 771-0675

Office space priced from $475.00 & up per month

West Island Professional Center 6511 Stewart Rd. Galveston, Texas 77551

kaydavis9@gmail.com 28 | Waves Magazine | December 2018 Issue

Administrative Offices

Kay & Ben Davis | Owners/Administrators 56 Le Brun Ct. | Galveston, Texas 77551 (409) 771-0675 | (409) 744-5884 | (409) 771-4055 Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 27

GARD E N I N G | A d v i c e & t e c h n i q u e s f r o m H o l l y Ross


GAR DENING | Advice & techniques from Holly Ros s

“The Dandelion Has A High Number Of Vitamins And Minerals. ”

The University of Maryland Medical Center has this to say: “While many people think of the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) as a pesky weed, it is chock full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals, such as iron, potassium, and zinc. Dandelion leaves are used to add flavor to salads, sandwiches, and teas. The roots are used in some coffee substitutes, and the flowers are used to make wines.”

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” - A.A. Milne


h ave always loved dandelions. Blowing the seeds was a wonderful pastime when I was a child. Little did I know that I was spreading the love- dandelion love. Now I love dandelions for a whole different reason. It is such a joy to see their little sunny faces shinning in the sun. This always signals that the deep of winter is over. But the real beauty of the dandelion is in the healing properties that the plant possesses. Even without reported healing properties, the dandelion has a high number of vitamins and minerals.

Herbalists recommend dandelion for liver cleansing and ridding the body of toxins. You can drink tea made from dandelion leaves and blossoms, take a tincture made from the plant and roots, or you can take supplements found in your local health food store. If you’re looking for dandelions in your own gardens, look for the yellow blossoms suspended on a single stem, the yellow blossoms on branching stems are not true dandelions. They are actually called “false dandelions”- how creative. Even if you don’t choose dandelions for your own benefits, leave them for the bees. The bees benefit from the nectar and pollen.

For more great information, go to: www.themakingofahome.wordpress.com

Holly K. Ross Herb & Sea Home The Making Of A Home 28 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

E V E N TS | Isl and entertai nmen t at it s BEST

E V E N TS | Isl and entertai nment at i ts B E ST Waves Magazi ne | March 2020 I ssue | 29

EVEN T S | I s l a n d e n t e r t a i n m e n t a t i t s B E S T

Classical Music, Island Style! www.GalvestonSymphony.org

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BES T

visiting soloists. These up-close and intimate recitals start at 7:00 p.m. in the ballroom of Galveston’s beautiful historic Moody Mansion, 2618 Broadway Avenue.

Galveston Symphony Orchestra performs classical music concerts on Sunday afternoons starting at 4:00 in The Grand 1894 Opera House, 2020 Postoffice Street in the historic downtown district.

March 15: Tchaikovsky & World Premiere!

Attendees at the March 15 concert have the rare opportunity to be the first to experience hearing a new work by Conductor Trond Saeverud’s father, Ketil Hvoslef, Piano Concerto No. 2, with pianist Andrew Staupe. Hvoslef is a prolific Norwegian composer and four-time recipient of the Norwegian Society of Composers’ “Work of the Year” award. ANDREW STAUPE is emerging as one of the distinctive voices of a new generation of pianists. In 2012 Andrew made his Carnegie Hall debut to critical acclaim: “Staupe gave a brilliant performance, handling the virtuosic demands with apparent ease….” (NY Concert Review).

April 19: Pines of Rome, Haydn & Vivaldi

GSO’s final 40th Anniversary Season concert will feature PETER VERHOYEN, principal piccolo for the Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra.

Moody Mansion Music Series

The Symphony’s companion series, Moody Mansion Music, offers opportunities to meet

30 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

April 5: Museum Music at The Bryan

A quartet of GSO musicians will perform at Galveston’s elegant Bryan Museum, 1315 21st Street. Tour the museum and stay for the concert!

About the Galveston Symphony Orchestra Founded in 1979, the Symphony is a communitysupported 501(c)3 nonprofit organization bringing the very best classical music to Galveston Island.

To learn more, email jgill@galvestonsymphony.org or visit www.GalvestonSymphony.org

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST

Galveston symphony orchestra

classical music, island style !

Sunday, March 15

Sunday, April 19

Tchaikovsky: PathĂŠtique

Pines Of Rome

Andrew Staupe, piano

Peter Verhoyen, piccolo

LIM SEA ITED moody mansion music TS! Chamber music concerts, wine and light refreshments in the intimate ballroom of the historic Moody Mansion!

Friday, March 13 ANDREW STAUPE, PiANo Friday, April 17 PETER VERHoYEN, Piccolo www.Galvestonsymphony.orG

| 409.765.1894 Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 31

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST

Photo by Robert Mihovil, Mihovil Photography

sundays at the Grand 1894 opera house

GALVE S TO N D I N I N G G U I D E | R e v i e w s , N e w s, Events and Highlights


G ALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and H i ghl i g h ts


Your time is valuable. Trust Waves Dining Section to be your personal concierge on the Galveston Dining Circuit. With tips, amenities, features like outdoor seating, pet friendliest places and price points, let us test the WAVES at various Island Restaurants for you! See you at the table!

32 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

Dining Section

GALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlights

Happy Gyro Hour

YANNI’S G K yros &

Monday – Friday 11:am to 5:pm

• Classic Gyro / Chicken Shawarma w/ Home Fries - $9.00 • Domestics Long Necks - $2.50


*No substitutions

• Imported Long Necks - $3.50 • House Wine - $3.50


8027 Harborside Drive Ph. (409) 632-7411 Closed Sunday

Voted #1 Greek Restaurant on the Island! facebook@yannisgyrosandkabobs

Soul 2 Soul Cafe Now Offers Catering!


Get your Soul Food Fix! Soul 2 Soul 3104 Market Street Galveston, TX 77550

Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri. 11 AM – 4 PM Sat. & Sun. Noon – 4 PM

www.soul2soul-galveston.com facebook.com/soul2soulcafe Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 33

GA LV E S TON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlight s

Bringing The Authentic Taste Of Greece & The Mediterranean To Galveston Island

G ALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and H i ghl i g h ts

GALVE S TO N D I N I N G G U I D E | R e v i e w s , N e w s, Events and Highlights



by: Tom Valliere & Charlie Bresenhan

Highlighting Galveston’s Best of the Best Dining Experiences. #1 Waves Magazine Requested Article! Located at the end of historic pier 21 across from the downtown Strand business and entertainment district, this popular restaurant entertains visitors and residents alike with a romantic waterfront setting and gourmet meals. Offering fresh seafood and steaks, the experience cannot be matched. Guests may enjoy dining outdoors on the broad waterfront patio or inside along a wall of windows overlooking the harbor during inclement weather. Either way, the excitement of watching huge cargo ships and towering cruise vessels pass within seemingly an arm’s length is a thrill that never gets old.


alveston owes its existence to our harbor. It was established by a proclamation issued by the Congress of Mexico on October 17th , 1825, making it the oldest port in the Gulf of Mexico West of New Orleans. Capitalizing on its natural deepwater harbor it quickly grew in size and importance until the early 1900’s when it was eclipsed by the growing city of Houston’s port enabled by the creation of the man made ship channel.

Today Galveston remains a major industrial port and site for ship building, dry docking and repairs. Three major cruise lines transport more than a million visitors annually from our two (soon to be three) cruise terminals. Nearly a thousand ships from all points of the globe call upon Galveston each year. Most of them pass directly in front of Willie G’s restuarant.

One of the premier brands of the Landrys restaurant empire, Willie G’s is a popular meeting place for a business lunch, a happy hour cocktail or a special occasion dinner. Since its opening in May, 1993 it has been an island mainstay. As might be expected for a waterfront restaurant in a port city, the menu skews to seafood. A selection of oysters and shrimp from the raw bar and shellfish section compliment the large appetizer selection ranging from crab cakes to shrimp in many varieties, calamari, lobster and assorted vegetables. My personal favorite is the shrimp cabo. Large shrimp stuffed with pepper jack cheese, wrapped in bacon, pico relish & roasted red pepper sauce. A variety of salads are offered from a simple house salad, a more complex caeser, to a lively caprice or a delicious shrimp and crab with a balsamic glaze and a house made remoulade. They also offer some highly regarded gumbos, chowders and bisques. For the entrees, A sprinkling of pasta dishes are offered but the main attraction here is the seafood. You may choose from a large variety of fresh fish prepared as you prefer or opt for one of several chef ’s specialities. A number of seafood mixed platters are

34 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

GALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlights

offered as well as shrimp prepared in several ways. Steaks take a backseat to the seafood here but they are also a good choice. Ranging from a fork tender filet to my favorite rib eye, they are high quality and cooked to perfection. Alas, a baked potato is not an option, but their included mashed potatoes arer better than average. One popular option is the weekday “Distinctive Dining Menu.” Available Sunday through Thursday, this fixed price three course dinner offers a selection of seafood gumbo or caeser salad for starters, a choice of three seafood and one chicken main entree and two deserts for $33.00. Their happy hour is legendary among locals. Crowds squeeze into the bar area for their potent five dollar martinis and bargain priced wines, beers and cocktails. A special appetizer menu offers a range of appetizer items grouped into 5, 7 and 9 dollar categories and include some of the best - and hottest - seafood stuffed jalapenos you have ever tasted! A spacious parking lot with validated parking is a major convenience in the crowded Strand area. Handicapped accessibility is good and a pleasant hostess will try to accommodate your seating requests. The Texas Seaport museum is next door and there is a small movie theater showing documentaries of the great storm if you want to make it more than just a dining experience. Reservations are recommended for evening dining.

Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday - 11AM - 9PM Friday & Saturday - 11AM - 9:30 PM

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday - 11AM - 7PM

Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks 2100 Harborside Galveston, Texas 77550 409-762-3030AM www.willegs.com/g alveston

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 35

GA LV E S TON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlight s

Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks

GALVES TO N DI NI N G GU ID E | R e v i e w s , N e w s , E vents and H i ghl i ghts

G ALVESTON D IN IN G GU ID E | R evi ew s, N ew s, E vents and H i ghl i g h t s

Enjoy award winning cuisine everyday! Happy Hour Monday - Friday 3:00 - 7:00 $3 Beer, $4 Margaritas $5 Apps, $1 Jumbo Shrimp


Best Italian and Best Pizza

Sunday Brunch Bloody Mary Bar 11:00 - 2:00

Lunch Buffet Monday - Friday 11:00 - 3:00

8.99 | Wednesday Call In 409.763.1693 Large One Topping Pizza Pick-Up |3:00 - 9:00

Book your private event in our second floor banquet room and enjoy the view of the Gulf of Mexico!

36 | Wav es M agaz in e | Ma rc h 2 0 2 0 Is s u e

Sunday Brunch 11:00 - 2:00 Chicken & Waffles Pancakes, Omelettes Sandwiches and more!

409.763.1693 mariosseawall.com 628 Seawall Blvd. Galveston, Texas 77550

GALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlights


Monday - Friday 5 pm to 7 pm

WEEK DAYS 5 pm to 9 pm SATURDAY 10 pm to 12 am

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 37

GA LV E S TON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlight s


GALVE S TO N D I N I N G G U I D E | R e v i e w s , N e w s, Events and Highlights

by: Tom Valliere & Charlie Bresenhan

G ALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and H i ghl i g h ts

Event: March 18, 2020 From 5:00pm To 6:30pm On The Patio At Mario’s Seawall nest on Gulf beaches during the spring and early summer, are considered an endangered species and are protected by federal conservation laws. Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant and Oppe Middle School invite you to join in them in recognizing the Class of 2013 on their historic visit to the Texas Legislature naming the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle as the official turtle of Texas.

Join us on March 18, 2020

from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm on the patio at Mario’s Seawall for celebration, food and drink benefitting the Oppe Coastal Studies We will be unveiling Tony the Turtle, a new addition to the Turtles About Town restoration project. Tickets: 25.00 per person All proceeds benefit Oppe Coastal Studies Additional sponsorships are available for $100, $250, and $500 For sponsorship, tickets or information Call Gail at 409.750.8888


The Green Team, along with parents and teacher sponsor Katie Pistone, traveled to Austin on March 20, 2013 to testify before the House of Representatives to move the committee to pass their bill to make the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle the official Sea Turtle of Texas endorsed by State Representative Craig Eiland. The bill was unanimously passed and put towards a House vote. Local Texas Senator Larry Taylor also helped with the bill. After the bill was passed, The Green Team, with teacher sponsors Katie Pistone, Becky Hernandez, Janet Mack, and principal Helena Aucoin, were recognized by Galveston Mayor Rosen and the City of Galveston for their hard work in helping write HCR 31, making the Kemp’s Ridley the Official Sea Turtle of Texas. Mayor Rosen presented the Green Team with a proclamation declaring May 29, 2013 Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Day in Galveston. Please join Mario’s Seawall and Oppe Coastal Studies in recognizing the class of 2013 on March 18, 2020 from 5:00PM to 6:30PM on the patio at Mario’s Seawall for celebration, food and drink, where Tony the Turtle will be unveiled, a new addition to the Turtles About Town Restoration project.

uring the 2012-2013 school year, Oppe Coastal Studies, also known as The Green Team, had the idea to write a bill to name the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle the official sea turtle of Texas. The team which conTickets are $25.00 per person. Additional sponsorships sisted of Mark Jobe, David Strength, Axel Denner, Heidi are available for $100, $250, and $500. Haglund, Avery Feagin, Eathan Auzston, Blaine Heffernan, Gia Viggiano, Hunter Hewitt, Earnesto Aguilar, Bella Wals- All proceeds will benefit the Oppe Elementary School Coastal er, Violet Schubert, Nicholas Smecca, and Leah Silva invited Studies Program. Please call Gail at 409-750-8888 for tickState Representative Craig Eiland to Oppe Elementary to ets and additional information. teach them how a bill gets passed.

The students decided that Kemp’s Ridley should be the official sea turtle of Texas after learning the species is native to Galveston Island. Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles, which annually 38 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

For more information about the Turtles About Town project and turtle locations please visit: www.seaturtles.org or www.claycupstudios.com

GALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlights

Pennie’s Take Out Menu Smoked Brisket Quality brisket covered with our original rub, slow smoked and ready to be sliced when you order. Pork Ribs Pork ribs cooked with our original rub till almost done then basted with our honey sweetened sauce.

Link Sausage Pork and Beef link sausage smoked over oak ready and waiting for you to order.

Texas Sized Tamales Available Now!

Sandwiches Chopped Beef | Sliced Beef | Sausage |Comes with a complimentary 4 oz side Stuffed Baked Potato Huge baked potato filled with butter, cheese, sour cream, chives and best of all chopped brisket!

Barbacoa (Sat. and Sun. Only) Pennie Ochoa’s delicious recipe. Tender, moist shredded beef is the result. Menudo (Seasonal) Honey comb tripe in a spicy Mexican soup Sides and Dessert All sides are made fresh at Pennie’s Potato Salad Dill based cool refreshing chopped potatoes mixed with dressings. Pinto Beans My own recipe made fresh daily. Lots of love goes into the beans. Green Beans Banana Pudding Trifle

Serving Galveston For Over 40 Years!

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 39

GA LV E S TON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and Highlight s

Grilled Chicken Chicken spiced with our rub cooked over wood. Unlike any chicken you have ever eaten.

Texas Sized Tamales Everything is bigger in Texas. Three times larger than our regular tamales with the same great taste.


GALVE S TO N D I N I N G G U I D E | R e v i e w s , N e w s, Events and Highlights

News, Updates And Insights Regarding Our Galveston Dining Scene.

Crawfish Season

by: Tom Valliere & Charlie Bresenhan

Little DaddY’s Gumbo Bar 2107 Post Office Street 409-744-8286

G ALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and H i ghl i g h ts

Nick’s Kitchen & Beach Bar 3828 Seawall Blvd 409-862-9625 March marks the start of crawfish season in Galveston. Sure some places have had them on the menu in February, but the really big and plump ones are coming in now. Many Galveston restaurants and events will be highlighting crawfish but only a few places have them consistently. Here are a couple of restaurants that usually have them available. They sometimes sell out so it is always a good idea to call ahead. Huli Huli Hut 312 19th Street 409-443-5525 Marina Bar & Grill 715 N Holiday Drive 409-765-3033 Benno’s On The Beach 1200 Seawall Blvd 409-762-4621

Oyster Season

Oysters are also hitting their peak in March. It appears that the Galveston Bay oyster reefs are recovering from the destruction wrought by hurricane Harvey. The oysters I have had this year have been plump and sweet. Here are a couple of Galveston restaurants that usually have fresh oysters. Again, it never hurts to call ahead. Black Pearl Oyster Bar 327 23rd Street 409-762-7299

Willie G’s Seafood & Steaks 2100 Harborside 409-762-3030

Updates & Events

Saltwater Grill 2017 Post Office Street 409-762-3474 Saltwater Grill is extending their popular 3 for $13 lunch specials through March. Chef Walker has created a delicious choice of salad, entrees and deserts for this amazing price. It is quite literally the best deal on the island. If you come late enjoy their happy hour specials. A delicious filet or lobster tail and a crafted cocktail for an unbelievably low price. Taquilos Tex Mex Cantina 2101 Post Office Street 409-497-4279 Taquitos is also continuing their $10 weekday lunch specials through March. Their roasted stuffed poblano pepper lunch special is one of the best dishes on the island. Their happy hour runs all day from 11AM until 7PM with great drink specials. Try the manager’s special frozen Mai Tai if you tire of their famous margaritas. A combined happy hour with their adjacent sister restaurants and plenty of pet friendly sidewalk seating make for a very festive affair on a balmy spring evening. La Cocina 1508 39th Street 409-256-1251 Chef Mary Bass’s new events space La Cocina is having a “Celebrate the Chef’s

40 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

New Digs” Brunch with Mimosas. This will be an open house kind of event for small business owners, charity types, and anyone that wants to get a little “brunchie” on a Thursday. Everyone is welcome. Thursday March 19th at 10 AM. Please RSVP. For more details watch her website. www.chefmarybass.com or call La Cocina at 409-256-1251.

Openings And Closings Pho 18 704 Holiday Drive 409-762-8849 This venerable outpost of Vietnamese delights has been shuttered and dark for several weeks. One story is the owners are on extended vacation in Asia. Let us hope they return soon. Koops BBQ 5703 Stewart Blvd We are saddened by the sudden closure of this place. In a short time, Koops has caused quite a stir amongst those of us who enjoy fine barbecue. We hope they get their location issues resolved and return quickly. Viet Cajun 8910 Seawall Blvd 409-497-2216 In February we had reported this place has closed. After two months they have now reopened under new management. They are offering a large variety of Vietnamese and Cajun specialties with a daily lunch special. Drop by and welcome them back! Salvitas 708 Holiday Drive Opening soon in the small strip center next to Walgreens on Holiday Drive This restaurant occupies the space that was previously Chilaca’s. They are advertising “Urban Food”. No other information. Stay tuned. Send any news you have about the Galveston dining scene to niblets@wavesgalveston.com

Billards | Full Bar Live Entertainment Monday through Friday Happy Hour 3-7 • Wednesday - Free Pool • Thursday - College Night | Shot Specials • Thursday - Wine Tasting • Friday - LIVE Music • Saturday - LIVE Music • Sunday Brunch

2401 Church Street | Ph: (409) 766-7170

w w w. prohibit i on re ds.com

Waves Magazi ne | March 2020 I ssue | 41

EVEN T S | I s l a n d e n t e r t a i n m e n t a t i t s B E S T

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BES T



Sharky’s Tavern 504 Rosenberg (25th) Galveston, Texas 77550 (409) 443-5584

Sharky’s Signature Pizzas Sailors Sandwich Seasoned ground beef, mozzarella, cheddar, red onion, and diced tomatoes atop our zesty steak sauce blend.

The Casablanca Basil pesto topped with Moroccan seasoned ground beef, mozzarella, Parmesan, red onion, kalamata olives, and feta

The Hawaiian Canadian bacon, pineapple, mozzarella

Big Fred Sharky’s special sausage blend, pepperoni, jalapeño, mozzarella, cheddar

Plato’s Pie Basil pesto topped with fresh spinach, kalamata olives, red onion, minced garlic, feta and Parmesan cheese. 42 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

Margherita Mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, Parmesan, fresh basil

Kickin’ Chicken Shredded buffalo chicken and mozzarella The Yardie Shredded Jamaican jerk chicken and mozzarella Veggie Red onion, kalamata olives, spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, mozzarella Spinach Alfredo Spinach, mozzarella and house made Alfredo sauce

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST





Entertainment Schedule M a rc h 2020









3 Tuesday Night Music Club 8-12


5 Denny Norris Jam Night 8-12

6 John Barraza Project 9pm – 1am

7 Blue Louie 9pm – 1am



10 Tuesday Night Music Club 8-12


12 Denny Norris Jam Night 8-12

13 Lightning Rob 9pm -1am

14 Stranded 9pm -1am

15 Chris Hughes 3-7


17 Tuesday Night Music Club 8-12


19 Denny Norris Jam Night 8-12

20 Double Shot Band 9pm – 1am

21 Brush Poppers 9pm – 1am

22 Chris Hughes 3-7


24 Tuesday Night Music Club 8-12


26 Denny Norris Jam Night 8-12

27 Jeff Inman Band 9pm -1am

28 The Outsiders 9pm -1am

29 Chris Hughes 3-7


31 Tuesday Night Music Club 8-12

Chris Hughes 3-7

Blue Louie March 7th

Lighting Rob March 13th

March 14th

Brush Poppers March 21st

The Outsiders March 28th

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 8p CALL AHEAD TO VERIFY TIMES Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 43

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST

1 Chris Hughes 3-7

GALVE S TO N D I N I N G G U I D E | R e v i e w s , N e w s, Events and Highlights

Spotlight Chef: by: Tom Valliere & Charlie Bresenhan

2506 Ball Street

Nasser Okhovat E Shrimp ‘N Stuff

G ALVESTON DINING GUIDE | Reviews, News, Events and H i ghl i g h ts

very city has them and Galveston is no exception. Those colorful bigger-thanlife people that get woven into the tapestry of everyday life. “Outside the box” eccentric, or maybe even weird, they can turn up anywhere and add spice and variety to our daily routines. Pause and take a moment to meet them and you may be drawn in by their charm and stories. I know such a man.

His name is Nasser Okhovat and nowadays may be found as the greeter and headwaiter at the downtown location of ever popular Shrimp and Stuff restaurant. Nasser, as he prefers to be called, is known to many Galveston residents as he has been a familiar presence in some of our finest restaurant for more than forty years. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Nasser was born 68 years ago in the city of Esfahan in Central Iran. Little known in the US, Esfahan is the 3rd largest city in Iran and is a world heritage site. As the capitol of the ancient Persian empire, they have long been cited as “the capitol of the word” for their importance in ancient times. few cities can match them for historical sites, architectural splendor or culture. Unfortunately, the richness of their history does not translate into modern day prosperity. And so, the young Nasser, born into a modest baker’s family, sought his fortune in the New World. Securing a student visa, the young Nasser enrolled into the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Lacking English language skills and impoverished, he struggled to assimilate. He fondly remembered his time in Michigan and the warmth of the people, but could not make ends meet. An opportunity to enroll in Rice University enticed the young Nasser to move to Texas. Again, financial limitations landed him at Blinn College in Brenham. Seeking more opportunity, he enrolled in Galveston College and moved here in 1975. By then his interest in academics had waned, but it was necessary to stay enrolled to maintain his visa. Economics dictated he work so he finagled employment at Gaidos by convincing a manager he was Italian and spoke the language. That ruse was quickly

44 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

discovered by Mickey Gaido, the owner and an Italian who did speak the language. The senior Gaido took young Nasser under his wing and mentored him, giving him employment, helping him improve his language skills and teaching him the restaurant business. To this day, Nasser calls him “The Godfather” and cherishes his memory and the 11 years he worked for the restaurant. Nasser has a funny anecdote about a customer who ordered a “grasshopper” cocktail. Ask him about it. Leaving Gaidos, Nasser worked for George Yeoman at the former Tuffy’s following him to Pirates Beach after hurricane Alicia destroyed the original restaurant in the East end. A ten-year stint at Landry’s followed and then a six year move to Houston where he managed the Cattleguard restaurant for Mr. Fahid Navisy. Returning to Galveston in 2003 he spent six years at Fisherman’s Wharf and then moved to the Galveston Restaurant Group (GRG). At GRG, Nasser worked for a short time at the Gumbo Diner on the Seawall and then the now closed Nono Tony’s on pier 21. Leaving there, he was a familiar figure at Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar on Postoffice where I spent many hours over a steaming bowl of gumbo and a cold beer while he spun tales during slow periods. Moving to Jeff Antonelli’s downtown location of the popular Shrimp and Stuff, Nasser became a familiar figure during their weekend brunches and has continued with them as they moved to their present location across from City hall. Through all of this Nasser managed to find time to marry more than once, raise three successful children, and return annually to his native Iran. He is an accomplished poker player and enjoys playing with friends and drinking a cocktail. Loud - certainly, Obnoxious - maybe, Profane for sure, but always gregarious and charming. It is not possible to condense a man’s life into a few paragraphs and to tell Nasser’s story in its entirety would occupy volumes, but this is intended as a teaser to get you to visit his restaurant and introduce yourself. If you do that, you will walk away charmed as I am.

EVENTS | Island entertainm ent at its BEST

Galveston Reads 2020 Dr. Steve Alexander Adults 18+ Thursday, March 19th @ 6:30 – 8:30 PM Join us in welcoming local naturalist, Dr. Steve Alexander, as we explore Kya’s journey, from simply surviving her surroundings, to ultimately developing a deep appreciation and understanding of the coastal marshes she calls home. Refreshments will be served. Harris Gallery - 4th Floor @ the Rosenberg Library

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 45

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST

Galveston Reads 2020 Book Discussion Adults 18+ Saturday, March 7th @ 2 – 3 PM We’ll be chatting about this year’s title, Where the Crawdads Sing. Refreshments will be served. Be sure to be on the lookout for all of this years Galveston Reads programs! Fox Room – 4th floor @ the Rosenberg Library


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Cooking Class: Good Things Come in Small Packages Asian Dumplings! Mar 5 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Cooking Class: Tasty Tex-Mex Trio! Mar 6 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Cooking Class: Macaron Magic! Mar 7 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Cooking Class: St. Patrick’s Day Cookies with Royal Icing! Mar 8 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm Cooking Class: Traditional Tamales! Mar 13 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Cooking Class: Sweet Spring Cookies with Royal Icing! Mar 22 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm


Galveston symphony orchestra

classical music, island style !

sundays at the Grand 1894 opera house

Join us on March 18, 2020

from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm on the patio at Mario’s Seawall for celebration, food and drink benefitting the Oppe Coastal Studies We will be unveiling Tony the Turtle, a new addition to the Turtles About Town restoration project. Tickets: 25.00 per person All proceeds benefit Oppe Coastal Studies Additional sponsorships are available for $100, $250, and $500 For sponsorship, tickets or information Call Gail at 409.750.8888

Photo by Robert Mihovil, Mihovil Photography

Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant and Oppe Middle School invite you to join in them in recognizing the Class of 2013 on their historic visit to the Texas Legislature naming the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle as the official turtle of Texas. Sunday, March 15

Sunday, April 19

Tchaikovsky: Pathétique

Pines Of Rome

Andrew Staupe, piano

Peter Verhoyen, piccolo


Monday - Friday 5 pm to 7 pm

LIM SEA ITED moody mansion music TS! Chamber music concerts, wine and light refreshments in the intimate ballroom of the historic Moody Mansion!

Friday, March 13 ANDREW STAUPE, PiANo Friday, April 17 PETER VERHoYEN, Piccolo www.Galvestonsymphony.orG

| 409.765.1894

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Farmers Market Bryan Museum 1315 21st St. | 9am


23rd Street Station Sunday Sing-a-Long | 4p-7p Blu Boutique James Sturrock | 12 to 4


23rd Street Station Sunday Sing-a-Long | 4p-7p Blu Boutique Kenny Stainton | 12 to 4

Farmers Market Bryan Museum 1315 21st St. | 9am


23rd Street Station Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 6p-9p


Farmers Market Bryan Museum 1315 21st St. | 9am

Sharky’s Tavern 504 25th Street Starts at 8pm



Farmers Market 22 Bryan Museum 1315 21st St. | 9am




19 Sharky’s Tavern 504 25th Street Starts at 8pm

23rd Street Station Gary Graham | 9-12

Sharky’s Tavern John Barraza Project 9pm – 1am

Blu Boutique Keith Neubauer | 3 to 7

23rd Street Station Kirk & Thomas | 6-12

Blu Boutique Geoff Fish | 12 to 4

23rd Street Station Russ & Warren | 6-12


23rd Street Station Lafftown Comedy | 10:30 Blu Boutique Marina Rocks | 3 to 7 Sharky’s Tavern Stranded 9pm -1am


23rd Street Station Russ King | 9-12


Blu Boutique Bobby Territo | 3 to 7 Sharky’s Tavern Brush Poppers 9pm – 1am



23rd Street Station Mike, Jamie & Thomas | 6-12

23rd Street Station Clay Howell | 9-12

Sharky’s Tavern Jeff Inman Band 9pm -1am

Blu Boutique Jason Crabtree | 3 to 7

23rd Street Station Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 6p-9p Farmers Market 29 Bryan Museum 1315 21st St. | 9am

Blu Boutique Cheryl Cawood | 12 to 4


Sharky’s Tavern Double Shot Band 9pm – 1am

26 Sharky’s Tavern 504 25th Street Starts at 8pm

23rd Street Station Sunday Sing-a-Long | 4p-7p

23rd Street Station Sunday Sing-a-Long | 4p-7p

Sharky’s Tavern Blue Louie 9pm – 1am

23rd Street Station Ladies Night w/ Laura Magers 6p-9p



23rd Street Station Jahrel & Mike | 6-12

Sharky’s Tavern Lightning Rob 9pm -1am

23rd Street Station Christopher Bergeron 6p-9p

23rd Street Station Sunday Sing-a-Long | 4p-7p Blu Boutique Rodney Haines | 12 to 4

Sharky’s Tavern 504 25th Street Starts at 8pm


March 17th St. Patricks Day

Sharky’s Tavern The Outsiders 9pm -1am

BEAC H B U M | Ta k e a r i d e w i t h B u m f a v o r i t e s

T h e

B e a c h

B u m

Hi there, Wavers We have had a lot of fun these past few months listing our favorite Rock N Roll album covers. As always, you, the readers, sent in some great ideas to your Bum. It’s greatly appreciated. You all rock!

BEACH BUM | Take a ride with Bum favorites

An idea came to my head the other day while I was riding around in my ol’ scarab. It’s not like me to have many thoughts in a day, but here is what had me thinking... Your Bum has been a huge Rock N Roll fan almost since birth. So many great bands and songs that are truly unforgettable. My thought was this, how did these great musicians come up with their band names? Where in the world did The Beatles name come from? How about ZZ Top? Well, read on Wavers. Your Bum is going to tell you.

The Beatles - The name was inspired by early-rocker Buddy Holly, whose backing group was called the Crickets. All four Beatles were big fans, their earliest shows featured his music. The spelling changed from the insect Beetles to the Beatles, the band with a BEAT. ZZ Top - The name ZZ Top, according to band member Billy Gibbons, came from a tribute to B.B. King. The band originally were going to call themselves Z.Z. King in Kings honor, but then decided it was too similar to B.B. King. Because B.B. King was at the “top” of the blues world, they changed it to ZZ Top. Led Zeppelin - The Who’s Keith Moon and John Entwistle joined Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones on the Jeff Beck single “Beck’s Bolero” in the summer of 1966 - leading to studio chatter about the prospect of forming a new group. Moon joked that it would go over like a lead balloon. While trying to come up with a name for a new group featuring Jones, John Bonham, and Robert Plant two years later, Page remembered the quip - and they became Led Zeppelin. The spelling was changed from Lead to Led so it would be pronounced correctly. The Rolling Stones - It’s easy to picture the Rolling Stones offering a very hearty thank you to Muddy Waters when they sat in with the legendary bluesman at Buddy Guy’s Chicago-based Checkerboard Lounge in 1981. After all, they took their now-iconic band name from Water’s 1950 song “Rollin’ Stone.” Eagles - Bernie Leadon is typically credited with coining the name “Eagles” during a drug and alcohol enhanced group trip to the Mojave Desert. There, Leadon recalled reading about the Native American Hopi tribe’s reverence

for the eagle. However, J.D. Souther suggested the name stuck after Glenn Frey shouted out “eagles!” when they saw some flying above them in the desert. Kiss - They started out calling themselves Wicked Lester before determining that they needed something that seemed a little more ready for prime time. When Peter Criss brought up the fact that he previously played in a band called Lips, Paul Stanley chimed in with the name that would accompany him and his compatriots to superstardom. Meat Loaf - After receiving an inheritance following his mother’s death, Marvin Lee Aday isolated himself in an apartment in Dallas for more than three years before finally moving to Los Angeles, where he formed his first band, “Meat Loaf Soul.” “Meatloaf” was the cruel nickname given to the heavy-set rocker by his high school football coach. AC / DC - Malcolm and Angus Young have their sister Margaret to thank for their famous band’s name. She suggested it to the duo after seeing the letters “AC / DC” (meaning that the device could be powered by either alternating or direct current) on her sewing machine. Lynyrd Skynyrd - These Southern rock heroes chose their name in the spirit of rebellion. It’s a swipe at Leonard Skinner, their high-school gym teacher who had clashed with them in their younger days for having long hair, which was against school policy.

Have some good ones to add to the list? Let us know at www.wavesgalveston.com 50 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

Waves Magazi ne | March 2020 I ssue | 51

FI SHING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment

FISHIN G S E C T I O N | A d v i c e , Te c h n i q u e s & E quipment

14065 Delany Rd. L a M a r q u e , Te x a s 7 7 5 6 8 (In the Gulfway Plaza)

(409) 935-1126 52 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

Pro Fishing Gear & Tackle • • • • • • • •

Baits/Lures Custom Rods In-House Rod/ Reel Repair Reel Parts Rod Components Inshore/Offshore Tackle Custom Rigging Custom Splicing

FISHING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment

Maxed Out Fishing FIS HING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment

Shout-out to my sponsors – Hunter Welch – Fishstix Rods, Jason Paul – Stinky Pants Fishing, Michael Bosse – Down South Lures and Billy Ray Wagner – SaltWater Soul.

Find Max Online @ www.facebook.com/max.conner.395 Instagram: maxconnerfishing Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 53

FISHIN G S E C T I O N | A d v i c e , Te c h n i q u e s & E quipment

Close-up on: FI SHING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment


As a leader in the fishing community, with Williams Party Boats since 1962, The late Mr. patrick Lemire has provided us with many months of professional articles so that we may continue to share his expertise with his beloved fishing community. We will continue to run this pro-advice each month as these techniques are truly timeless.


ost of us have seen fishermen tighten their reel’s drag when they thought that a long running fish was “getting away”. The result is usually the same, sounding like something they ordered at a Chinese restaurantthe line goes “Zing-Pow”. At that moment, the wahoo, smoker kingfish or whatever has been broken off. Some drag control at that point, in the opposite direction of that which was taken, could have prevented this happening. While this piece is directed at a star drag in particular, and the setting and marking of its star wheel, most of it also applies to lever drags; drag control with reasonable accuracy are where we are headed. An important point to remember is that a filled spool puts less stress on the drag washers; that’s because the larger the spooled line diameter, the fewer times the spool must turn to run off a given length of line. As an example, if a spool turned twice to roll off a foot of line, at half the starting diameter the spool would have to turn about four times to roll off that foot. It’s easy to see that at that point, the drag is working at least twice as hard and the drag pressure would be more than doubled. A filled spool translates into a smoother, cooler drag, which could result in a fish being brought to the gaff instead of being lost. I overfill all my reels past the recommended level for the benefits mentioned that come with a full spool. I also have Spectra on all of my reels; one of Spectra’s side benefits are that its small diameter helps keep the spooled line diameter of the reel high, this lets you cast farther due to less spool rotations /less friction and you get more line back per turn of the reel handle. The drawback of any over filling of your spool is that close attention must be paid on the retrieve. The line must not be wound back onto the spool unevenly as this will cause it to jam when the line wedges itself against the reel’s frame. Line friction/drag in the water also increases the load that the line feels; it’s another factor in the felt pressure on your line going up with a running fish on.

54 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

DRAG CONTROL Now for the steps that let you put the information on your drag’s setting to use on your star drag reels. The first step is to back off the drag completely; this means, when the star stops turning. Now mark one of the star’s “points” - one that’s not hidden by any part of the handle, with a dab of contrasting paint. Set your drags at 1/4 to 1/3 of the line’s strength with the line through the guides of the rod that the reel will be fished with. Strip off about 10 feet of line and tie or loop it to an anchored, accurate spring scale. Tighten the drag to a starting guess point, pull about 20 feet of line off the reel by hand in 3-foot jerks to “warm” the drag, then rewind. Next, load the rod against the scale as if pulling on a fish until the drag slips; slacken the pull and look at the scale reading. Then it’s a matter of adjusting the reel’s drag up or down to get the correct setting on following test pulls. The final drag setting with 30# I.G.F.A. tournament grade line would be 7 to 10#, using the 1/4 to 1/3 figures as the target. After the drag is set, find out what the minimum drag would be without adjusting the “star”. To get this figure, which will vary from rod to rod, point the rod tip directly at the scale and pull until the drag slips. Check the scale; this reading will give you the minimum drag setting. This immediate drag pressure reduction by pointing the rod tip at a surging fish could save a break off. It’s a reaction that must be preplanned; make it part of your fish fighting strategy. With the drag now set, back the star off completely, counting the turns using the painted “star point” as you do. If, for instance, you set the drag at I and backed the star off 3 turns, then the next time you go to fish this particular rod and reel combination, tighten the drag 3 turns from the backed off position and you should be back to the drag setting. I mark each of my reels’ initial settings on the bottom of their frame or on a side plate with a fine point paint pencil. It takes about 10 seconds to set one of my drags using this procedure and I’m ready to fish. Keep in mind that this is the “initial drag setting”; you can make adjustments up or down during the fish fight. Use the painted “star point”

FISHING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment

FIS HING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment

as a reference; small adjustments of the star make a big difference - use caution. After fighting a hard-running fish this “initial drag” setting will change somewhat; it will loosen with wear. The spool diameter reduction which is caused by the line being run off by a strong running fish increases the “felt drag” on the line. The spool having to turn more to get the same amount of line off due to its smaller diameter causes the increase in the drag pressure felt by the line. This happens even though the star hasn’t been touched; the shorter “lever arm” of the smaller spool diameter comes into play here, upping the “felt drag”, too. All these things happening at once is the reason that when a person tightens the drag on a long running fish to stop it, the line usually breaks. The “felt drag” on the line had probably increased to near the breaking point. . .and the “Zing-Pow” syndrome was about to set in. A long running fish requires that the drag be backed off somewhat and re-tightened as some of the line is re-gained; this is another reaction that must be preplanned to be used effectively. This is a lot easier to accomplish with a lever drag than with a star drag because of its “stop” at the strike position. “Drag control” also requires that at the end of the fishing day, you rinse your rods and reels with a mist of fresh water. Not a high-pressure stream. This misting should be done with the drag still set. After rinsing and drying with a soft cloth, then and only then, completely back off the drag and put the clicker on. This prevents the soft drag washers from being permanently compressed and them probably sticking at your next big fish. Momentary sticking of your drag will result in high shock loads to your line which can cause knots, crimps, line, etc. to fail and hooks to pull. The benefit of this presetting your drags at home while you’re not rushed is the confidence that you can put safe maximum pressure on a fish with less chance of a break off. “Drag control” will help your star or lever drag help you bring your next trophy to the gaff!!

P a t r icirke L em Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 55

Bed and Breakfast Event Center Wedding Venue

Carr Mansion is a carefully restored 19th century Greek Revival mansion, located just 10 blocks from Galveston's Seawall and 13 blocks from the historic Strand. Whether you're looking for a quiet weekend getaway, planning a corporate function, or a picturesque venue for your wedding day, Carr Mansion is the perfect location.

www.carrmansion.com 56 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

1103 33rd St. Galveston, TX 77550 (409) 497-4740

FISHING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment

Wild hog, squash and corn soup • Wild boar or venison- 3 lbs. cut into chunks • Lard-4 tbsp • Fresh garlic-3 or 4 cloves crushed and course chop • Yellow onion-1 large sliced • Cilantro-one cup chopped • Sweet corn-3 ears cut in 1.5” wide pieces • Calabaza squash-2 lbs. cut in 1” half-moon pieces • Lime-juice of ½ lime • Tomato-1 lb. 12 oz can of whole peeled tomatoes • Chili pequin-1/8 cup fresh peppers • Chicken stock-48 oz • Water-2 cups • TSS Tex-Mex Seasoning-4 tbsp • TSS Texas Pequin Garlic Salt1/2 tbsp • Cumin-1 tbsp ground powder (best with toasted seeds ground) • Mexican oregano-1/2 tbsp • Garlic powder-1/2 tbsp • Mixed ground peppercorns-to taste • Sea salt-ground to taste

Wild Bill’s Store

11001 Delany Rd. Suite 13009 LaMarque, Texas, 77568 Ph: (409) 392-8199 www.texasselectseasonings.com

Directions Start by browning the wild game and lard on high until the blood and water cook out. Add the pequins and garlic and reduce to medium high while cooking the pork down and softening the vegetables. Use a fork to crush the pequins and grind mixed peppercorns and sea salt during this process. Once the liquids have cooked down and meat is browned off nicely, add all other ingredients except cilantro, squash, corn and water.


ne of my favorite dishes growing up that Grandma Garcia made was Calabacita con Puerco (Mexican squash and pork) and I make it often but this recipe adds more broth and corn on the cob pieces to make the perfect soup on a cool day or to just enjoy a bowl of comfort food. I like to soft fry corn tortillas and lightly salt as a side dish with fresh sliced avocado and my homemade Spanish rice.

Cover and boil for one hour then reduce heat to medium and cook another hour or more until meat starts to separate. Add last ingredients, re-season with salt and pepper, cover, reduce heat to low and continue to cook until squash is tender and corn has soaked up some liquid (at least one hour). Remove from heat and soft fry tortillas, make rice and enjoy!

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 57

FIS HING SECTION | Advice, Techniques & Equipment


DOWN TO W N C U R R E N T S | B y : C h r i s t y M o n r o e

Galveston has its own magic. You can be yourself here,” says Derek Anderson, local artist. The magic of that island for Derek is the feeling of acceptance for all types of people and art.

DOWNTOWN CURRENTS | By: Christy Monroe

Having grown up in a small Wisconsin town, Derek has managed to leave his name and creations across Galveston Island, over the last 20 years. From, his now famous photography stop, The Beatles mural, on the outside wall of Hazy Daze at 4102 Seawall Boulevard to his murals in the historic Galveston Railroad Museum to special, slightly hidden treasures such as a koi pond mural in an alley off Church Street, Derek continues to explore his own artist style, while finding more ways to share his talents with Galveston.

Derek Anderson Studio - 2224 Church Street by: Christy Monroe | Downtown Currents

58 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

He recently had the honor of creating three busts of the late and great, George Mitchell, as a part of the Knights of Momus Mardi Gras float. After hours of work, around the clock, Derek will now have time to, once again, try new mediums and techniques as he preps for the upcoming March Artwalk, and more island visitors and shoppers in Spring and Summer. “My artwork is every changing and with more time to experiment, I can pursue art the way I

DOWNTOWN CURRENTS | By: Christy Monroe

This often confuses people but also brings about a sense of wonderment and curiosity, which is on point with Derek’s sense of humor, personality and style.

Known for his modern iconic pop style, Derek often works with oils, acrylic and mixed medium surfaces, including unusual items such as his radiator cover art. He’s reminiscent of a modern day Andy Warhol in his bright, bold and very familiar iconic figures. Being self taught, Derek has always been a learner and a lover of the ideas of self expression, which in turn, drove him to study art as he traveled, extensively, through Europe. His studio at 2224 Church Street, has a perpetually lit open sign.

Also, often working on commissions, Derek has an online gallery where prospective clients can view his past and present works. His various styles can be found at DerekAndersonStudio.com. Events, works in progress, contact info and more information can be found on his facebook and instagram, as well. The studio has no set hours, the open sign is always lit up and he is there much of the time, painting, creating and visiting with passersby.

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 59

DOWNTOWN CURRENTS | By: Christy Monroe

love, through free expression,” says Derek.

Inside his studio, which is open and always welcoming to anyone, visitors are immersed in a working studio of paints, brushes, canvases, various surface types for art and the man, himself, creating and painting. Galveston and its history has also serviced as inspiration for some of Derek’s pieces, such as Jack Johnson, the first African American World Heavyweight Champion Boxer, and Gulf waves or local attractions.

DOWN TO W N C U R R E N T S | F e a t u r e d D o w n t o wner | By:Christy Monroe

Featured Downtowner. Downtown is home for him and his creative sanctuary, where he has his studio and home on 2224 Church Street. Being able to stroll along the streets of downtown, in between clients and customers, at the studio, Derek has many favorites but here are just a few.

DOW NTOWN CURRENTS | Featured Downtowner | By:Chri sty Mo n ro e

The Spice and Tea Exchange at 2309 Strand Street- Great variety of teas and spices. He prefers tea over coffee, and they have tried and true favorites plus new offerings, often. Pour House at 213 23rd Street- The atmosphere and wine is the attraction and the local live music is always a plus. Old Quarter Acoustic Café at 413 20th Street- It’s an icon and the “Listening Room” style of venue is perfect for taking in the music and art of the talented songwriters and performers, at any time.


El Stacion Restaurant at 2428 Avenue HBurritos and simplicity right down the road.



nderso n


Featured Downtowner | by: Christy Monroe

rom Wisconsin to Galveston, 20 years ago, Derek Anderson, local modern, iconic pop artist, has left his mark, via murals and artwork, in several well known locations downtown and on the Seawall. He is Waves Magazine’s March

60 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

Artwalk Events- Not only does Derek enjoy visiting other studios and meeting new people, along the way, his studio is open and everyone is invited in to view, buy and watch him create his art and not just during art walk. McGuire-Dent Recreation Center at Menard Park- It has a state of the art gym and it’s accessible for anyone. The Beach- This is a special place for Derek to walk with God and pray, along with gaining inspiration from the openness of the area and the natural beauty of the island.


BUNN Y ’ S C O O K I N ’ C O L U M N | E a s y R e c i p e s by Bunny

BUNNY’S COOKIN’ COLUMN | Easy Recipes by Bunny

C oo k i n ’C olumn

a waves magazine exclusive


i kids. Well, it is already March. This can be a tricky month weather wise. It can be damp and foggy, a beautiful warm day, or it can be one of the coldest days of the year. Bunny is going to give you one last winterish recipe……even though you can make this year-round if you wish. It is Italian wedding soup. I got this from my friend in Pennsylvania, and she is a true-blue Italian, and knows how to cook. So, I’m sharing her recipe with all of you.

Ingredients And Directions (Step Two) • • • • • •

¼ cup chopped onion 3 large carrots, sliced 2 stalks celery, sliced 1 glove garlic, minced (optional) 10 cups chicken broth ½ cup Acini di Pepe or Ditalini pasta, uncooked (look around the pasta area at the grocery store, it’s there) • 4 cups fresh spinach or kale, chopped (I use spinach, but they use kale, so choose which one you like best) Sauté onions, carrots, and celery in olive oil in a large stock pot. Add the chicken broth, meatballs (uncooked), pasta, and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Then add your spinach or kale, and cook till wilted.

Ingredients And Directions (Step Three)

The Johnson Girls Italian Wedding Soup Ingredients And Directions (Step One) • 1 pound extra lean ground beef or ground turkey (extra lean is a must) • ¼ cup bread crumbs • 1 egg • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning • Salt and pepper to taste Mix thoroughly and make into one-inch diameter meatballs.

62 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

• Fresh grated parmesan cheese. Ladle soup into bowls, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. And finally,


H a p p y Tr a i l s ,

ny n u B

“Your Full Service Photographer�

Architectural | Landscapes | Events Advertising | Portrait | Products | Aerial Sports | Nature jchumleyphotography@gmail.com (409) 939-8364 facebook.com/jchumleyphotography instagram.com/j.chumley.photography

RELAT I O N S H I P A D V I C E | B y: J a n an d De a n

R elati elationship l lati Adv ice Ad

with Jan & D e a n RELATIONSHIP ADVICE | B y: Jan and Dean

Hi Jan and Dean, I am a woman in my early 30’s. I’ve been told that I am cute and that I have a nice figure. I work out almost ever y day, eat healthy foods, and I’m ver y content with myself and my body. I thought my husband was too until he dropped a bombshell on me recently. He wants me to get breast enhancement surger y. In other words, a “boob job.” At first, I thought he was kidding, but he is dead serious. Jan and Dean, I am currently a C cup already. I don’t know what has gotten into him to even suggest this. I am adamant that I will NOT get “them.” He is totally upset by my refusal and is giving me the silent treatment. Other than this, we have always gotten along great. We have always been happy with each other and our sex life together. How do I fix this with my husband? Helen is Hurt

husband continues to persist with, I would highly recommend you see a marriage counselor and resolve this situation sooner and not later.


ell, it’s only the third month of the year and here I am already going to agree with Jan. Your husband’s demand is just plain crazy and makes no sense. Why in the world would a man that loves his woman want to ever put her in a very risky situation needlessly? Any type of surgery is risky and possibly dangerous. I don’t care what anyone else says, that is the way I feel about it. Your husband is totally out of line and acting like a self-centered, spoiled jerk. Stick to your beliefs and feelings Helen. Never, and I mean never, let anyone tell you what to do with your own body. I am hoping for a good outcome for you.


i, Helen. Has your husband been watching too many adult movies lately? Does he want to impress his buddies and show you off to them like you are some kind of a Barbie doll? There has to be something going on with him. You most definitely need to find out what it is! Do NOT get this unneeded surgery unless it’s something that you really want to do. If your HAVE A QUESTION FOR JAN & DEAN? Go to Wavesgalveston.com & ask away. You just might have your question answered next month. 64 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

EVENTS | Island entertainm ent at its BEST

R o s e n berg Librar y MARCH EVENTS


Teen Gaming

Adult Anime and Manga Club! Tuesday, March 3rd @ 4:30 – 6 PM Be a part of our new Rosenberg Library Adult Anime and Manga Club! March’s selection is Mengo Yokoyari’s A Scum’s Wish. Join us for an icebreaker, manga discussion, and the anime. Tasty refreshments will be Served! | Randall Room – 1st floor @ the Rosenberg Library Adult Dungeons and Dragons Every Tuesday @ 5:30 PM Are you a long time player, or new to the game? Been looking for a D & D group to call your own? Dungeons and Dragons will now be at the Rosenberg Library! No registration required, and refreshments will be served.

Adult Trivia Night Thursday, March 12th @ 6:30 – 8 PM Put together a team of 2 or more and come enjoy our trivia night! No team? Meet new teammates here! Refreshments will be served. Fox Room – 4th floor @ the Rosenberg Library Galveston Reads 2020 - Dr. Steve Alexander Thursday, March 19th @ 6:30 – 8:30 PM Join us in welcoming local naturalist, Dr. Steve Alexander, as we explore Kya’s journey, from simply surviving her surroundings, to ultimately developing a deep appreciation and understanding of the coastal marshes she calls home. Refreshments will be served. Harris Gallery - 4th Floor @ the Rosenberg Library

OTHER PROGRAMS Y.A.L.L. Meeting Friday, March 6th @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM For ages 13-18 only Young Adult Library Leaders (Y.A.L.L.) is a teen library leadership group. Have a voice in the library, earn volunteer hours, and eat snacks! Randall Room – 1st floor Artists’ Alley Crafting Workshop Friday, March 13th @ 2 – 5 PM For ages 13-18 only Come make Perler, Kandi, and/or Pony bead art into necklaces, keychains, magnets, and more! Fox Room – 4th floor Fandom Discussion & Debate Club Friday, March 20th @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM For ages 13-18 only Discuss and debate with other teens about various subjects and fandoms! New topics every month. Randall Room – 1st floor

Adult Board Game Night Thursday, March 26th @ 6:30 – 8:30 PM Come try out new-to-you board games like Pandemic, Catan, and more! Don’t worry - we’ll teach you the rules. Fox Room – 4th floor @ the Rosenberg Library

Anime Club Friday, March 27th @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM For ages 13-18 only Pocky, Hi-Chews, soda, and anime! Randall Room – 1st floor

TEEN EVENTS - Age 13-18 Only Teen Tabletop RPG Mondays @ 4:30 – 7:30 PM March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th For ages 13-18 only Play a pen-and-paper RPG like Dungeons and Dragons! Choose one of three different campaigns to join! Fox Room – 4th floor

Rosenberg Library

2310 Sealy St. | Ph: (409) 763-8854 | www.rosenberg-library.org

Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 65

EVENTS | Island entertainment at its BEST

Galveston Reads 2020 Book Discussion Saturday, March 7th @ 2 – 3 PM We’ll be chatting about this year’s title, Where the Crawdads Sing. Refreshments will be served. Be sure to be on the lookout for all of this years Galveston Reads programs! Fox Room – 4th floor @ the Rosenberg Library

Wednesdays @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM March 4th and 18th Wednesday the 11th from 2 – 5 PM For ages 13-18 only Come play a huge variety of board games – from Pandemic to Sherriff of Nottingham and more! Depending on the week we may have video games like Smash Bros., Mario Kart, or Rocket League, and VR systems with Beat Saber and Robo Recall! Wortham Auditorium – 1st floor

The world T C doesn’t care rivia hallenge

Answer Key From Page 16


Meat And Potatoes Trivia

C a n Yo u P a s s T h i s H e a r t y M e a l Q u i z ?

C. Tuna

C. Meatball

If there are more kids than coats. If there are more empty stomachs than full plates. If there are more people than beds. If there’s more hurt than healing, More despair than hope, or more bad than good. D. Sweet Potatoe

D. Tartar Steak

B. Pork Belly

A. Brisket

B. Chicken Wings

C. Sheep

C. T-Bone

D. Tenderloin

But thankfully, you do.

D. Drumstick

A. Breast

A. Zero Minutes

C. Yearling

C. Binding Ingredient

C. Hanger Steak

A. Primal Cuts

A. Fish

A. Alligator

C. Flitch

How did you do? Let us know at www.wavesgalveston.com

Every day, nearly 40 million hardworking Americans battle poverty. Help them win. A sustaining monthly gift of just $25 helps us double our ability to assist those in need throughout your community.

There are 3 ways to join the #FightForGood My gift

at SalvationArmyGalvestonCounty.org

66 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

at PO Box 990, Galveston, TX 77553

call us at (409) 763-1691

The Ronald McDonald House O f

G a l v e s t o n

A Look At Who We Are


hat is the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston? Our mission statement speaks to that question simply. The Ronald McDonald House of Galveston is a non-profit organization operating a “home-away-from-home” for families who are seeking medical evaluation or treatment at UTMB, Shriner Children’s Hospital and TLC. The Ronald McDonald House of Galveston serve families from UTMB (children suffering from a variety of ailments including cancer, blood disorders, transplants, reconstruction surgery, kidney disease, and preemie births. The House also welcomes children and their families from Shriner Children’s Hospital (burn victims) and The Transitional Learning Community (spinal cord and head trauma). Our House is more than just a place to stay, the families and children enjoy cheerful surroundings, inexpensive and safe accommodations and the emotional support of other families in similar circumstances. We are a Victorian style home located in Galveston at 14th and Mechanic Street close to the hospitals that we serve. Ours is a home of twenty bedrooms that will accommodate up to four family members each, laundry facilities, several common rooms with televisions and seating for children and families, a school room with computers and a teacher on site. A complete and spacious kitchen features cook tops, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, freezers and refrigerators with space designated for each family. A food pantry with labeled lockers for each family is stocked with donated food items like canned goods, ready-to-cook boxed meals, cereals and snacks. Three dining rooms with one designated as a “quiet zone” has the capacity seating of a full house. Our “play areas” include a Teen room with TV, pool table, game table, air hockey table and a new electric train table; the “little people” play room features a Victorian playhouse, a Pirate ship and a tree house, all handicapped accessible. The outside play areas include a basketball court and covered space for bike riding, and family gatherings. Average length of stay is two weeks, but some families may stay much longer (preemies and burns). Average occupancy is 85% per day. The soul of the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston lies in the

hearts of our children and their families who return to us again and again year after year for continued surgeries and treatment. From preemie births to cancer, from horrific burns to organ transplants, we share their pain and their dreams of recovery. While providing a place of rest and respite for those families facing catastrophic illness or a long and painful road of recuperation from some tragic accident, we are blessed with lessons taught to us by these brave children, lessons of courage, perseverance and hope.

What We Need On A Daily Basis Galveston and the surrounding areas are blessed with a population of benefactors and donors who are willing to lend a hand as well as funds to all the worthy charities in this small town. We have been the recipients of this generosity and we are grateful to all who donate in whatever amounts, large gifts or small, foodstuffs, cleaning supplies, school supplies or Gift cards. It is all appreciated!

W i s h L i s t M a r c h 20 2 0 • • • • • •

Paper plates Bowls Copy paper Canned Tuna fish Mayonnaise Popcorn

• • • • •

Bottled water Chicken broth Fresh lemons, limes Fresh fruit Vegetables

BENEFITING Ronald McDonald House Of Galveston Volunteer opportunities await those who can share a few hours of time or consider cooking a meal for the families or a game of Bingo…always a popular pastime in the evenings. Call the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston at:


Waves Magazine | March 2020 Issue | 67


REFLE C T I O N S | B y : J o h n a n d K a t h y Va l a s t r o

eflections Time To Laugh

by: John & Kathy Valastro

REFLECTIONS | By: John and Kathy Valastro

Have you ever come across a joke or story and as you read it, a smile come across your face and as you finished it you chuckle or laugh out loud? In that instance you feel as good as you ever had. Laughter is a unique phenomenon. It does something to your body, mind and soul. The question is, why don’t we take time to do more of it? People need to know that we Islanders have a sense of humor (note: this is a family magazine, so we have only shared the appropriate versions). Today’s reflection is simple, enjoy the short stories and the jokes. Have smile, a chuckle or even laugh out loud, it’s good for the soul! A man named his dog 5 Miles so he could say he walked 5 miles. But, today he ran over 5 miles.

Two things in the world that always tell the truth; little children and yoga pants. If you are paying $3.00 for a bottle of smart water, it’s not working.

There are four passengers on a small plane - a world renowned doctor, a Nobel scientist, a priest and a young boy. The pilot informs them there is a problem and the plane is going to crash. Unfortunately, there are only four parachutes. The pilot takes one of them and jumps. The scientist says he is one of the worlds smartest men and his work saves lives, so he grabs a pack and jumps. The doctor stands up and says he is also one of the worlds smartest men and he saves lives, so he grabs a pack and jumps. The priest looks at the young boy and says he has lived a long life and has claimed God as his savior, and tells the boy to use the last parachute. The young boy looks at the priest and says, "it's okay Father, we'll be fine. One of the smartest men in the world just jumped out of the plane with my backpack".

If you enjoyed this Reflection, don’t forget to share it with your “Island Friends” and others. We could all use a little more laughter in our day. “Laughter - It’s contagious and healthy, pass it on”. Thanks to my friends who contributed to this months reflection. 68 | Wa v e s M a g a z i n e | M a r c h 2 0 2 0 I s s u e

A couple were asked what the secret was to their being married for 60 years. Husband said that they had always gone out to dinner two times a week....he went on Tuesday and she went on Wednesday.

“Do you play any dangerous sports?” “I sometimes disagree with my wife.”

John & Kathy Valastro

Circa. March, 1947


WOODY’S Beach 4 0 9 - 7 4 0 - 6 9B 6 9a r

11149 Termini-San Luis Pass Rd Galveston, TX 77554 3.6 Miles West of 61st & Seawall www.facebook.com/woodysbeachbar

FUN FACTS About Galveston THE PAGEANT OF PULCHRITUDE: • Held in Galveston, 1920 - 1931. • C.E. Barfield began the annual Splash Day event. • By 1926, it became known as the Pageant of Pulchritude. • At its peak of success, the pageant attracted so many spectators that it tripled the island’s population during the weekend of the event. The contestants from Europe toured the Southwest United States for 20 days before arriving at Galveston. • In 1931, Galveston stopped hosting the pageant as a result of the Great Depression. The final “Miss Universe” went to a black-haired Belgian girl, 17 yr. old Netta Duchanteau. THE PANEL OF JUDGES: • Artists, Sculptors and Benefactors of the revue.

• Their identities remained a secret to each other and to the public until the end of the event. The criteria for judging included beauty, form, grace, and personal charm. CONTESTANTS: • Unmarried • Aged 16 to 25 • Not connected with any movie studio • Open to women from any city anywhere in the world I hope you have enjoyed looking into the rich history of Galveston. Have a wonderful Spring!

Thomas Waggoner

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