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Spring 2021

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BUSINESS A publication of the Southern KY Chamber of Commerce

1971 - 2021

SEKRI is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enable persons with who have worked he people and communities disabilities to maintain o help SEKRI succeed for the past 50 years. competitive employment


anization creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries, Inc.

2 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business



Page 5 Executive Director Bruce Carpenter

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Page 6 SEKRI Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries, Inc.

STRICTLY BUSINESS is a co-publication of the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the News Journal. It is published quarterly and distributed for free at various locations throughout the area.

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Spring 2021

News Journal



A publication of the Southern KY Chamber of Commerce

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Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 3

1971 - 2021 SEKRI is a non-profit organization whose purpose

is to enable persons with who have worked Thank you to the people and communities disabilities to maintain together to help SEKRI succeed for the past 50 years. competitive employment


SEKRI, a non-profit organization creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries, Inc.

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1971 - 2021

Thank you to the people and communities who have worked together to help SEKRI succeed for the past 50 years. SEKRI, a non-profit organization creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


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nd we are welcoming Spring with open years on workforce development and training arms! programs. We are proud and grateful to have Does it feel like the pandemic fog is an EKU campus in Corbin and as a member of lifting and business is the Chamber. finally moving back towards Member Highlights in this isnormal? While we continue to sue include the Whitley County trend in a positive direction Health Department, Little Caewith vaccinations, it is my sinsars and the Hampton Inn in cere wish that our business Williamsburg. community be able to bounce The Whitley County Health back smoothly. If your Chamber Department was integral in can be of assistance in making rolling out the first vaccination this an easier transition, please plans for our region, and bedo not hesitate to reach out to fore that, fielding calls regardour office. We are always ready ing the Coronavirus. They have and willing to serve our busiworked diligently in years past, ness community. but possibly never so hard as Our featured industry for this during the past year. I would issue is the Southeast Kenlike to commend them for their BRUCE CARPENTER tucky Rehabilitation Industries tireless efforts. Executive Director, (SEKRI). SEKRI is an active, longAnyone driving up Master Southern KY Chamber of Commerce standing member of the ChamStreet in the evening, especially ber and an up-standing business in our com- weekends, knows that Little Caesars is truly a munity. SEKRI is unique in that most of their healthy, thriving business in Corbin. Little Caeemployees are persons with disabilities. Making sars has supported the Chamber year after clothing for all branches of the military, SEKRI year, and I could not be more appreciative. quickly transitioned to produce masks during The Hampton Inn in Williamsburg has a new the pandemic. I am grateful to SEKRI and it’s general manager, Cristy Shafer. I would like employees for their continued involvement and to formally welcome her to our Chamber and support in the Chamber. thank Hampton Inn for their involvement and In our Corporate Spotlight this issue, we focus membership in the Chamber. on Eastern Kentucky University, Corbin CamAll are terrific Chamber member businesses pus. The Corbin EKU Campus not only provides and I hope you enjoy the articles. a great secondary education for many of our We hope you enjoy this, the 17th edition of citizens, but they are also a wonderful commu- Strictly Business, and wish you all a healthy and nity partner. I have worked with EKU for many prosperous Spring 2021.


6 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business

1971 - 2021

the people and communities who have worked to help SEKRI succeed for the past 50 years.

organization creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.





ost businesses wouldn’t relish the thought of losing their best employees to better jobs. However, Southeast Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries Inc. (SEKRI) isn’t your typical business on so many levels. For starters, SEKRI is a non-profit organization, whose primary purpose is to provide qualified personnel, facilities and related services for persons with disabilities, enabling them to obtain and to be successful in maintaining competitive employment. “Part of our ultimate mission is to create jobs for people with significant disabilities, and to train and equip them for the competitive work force,” said SEKRI Director of Purchasing Stan Baker. “In a perfect situation, somebody comes to us with a significant disability, who was probably turned down for some reason or another in a

competitive job situation. They come and work for us and learn basically how to work if you will. They progress and get better.” The goal is to get people that the other manufacturers might not hire and get them ready for the next step. SEKRI works closely with the human resource people at other factories, and recommends its employees for positions at those other manufacturers when they think its people are ready to take the next step, Baker added. SEKRI isn’t your usual non-profit organization either as most non-profits are funded primarily through donations of some sort. “I guess people can donate to SEKRI but they usually don’t. We don’t seek it. We don’t solicit it,” Baker said. “We function very much like a for profit manufacturing business in the sense that the way we get our funding is buying stuff, making something

Spring 2021 — Strictly Business out of it and selling it just like any other manufacturing businesses. organization,” Baker added. “It is tough for us to be the cheapest, very tough,” “The difference between us and say a for-profit com- Miller added. “We could go buy something overseas pany is basically every for-profit organization I know and produce it much cheaper. Plus, there are the benhas one primary goal and that is to make money. Our efits we offer our folks. It is a balancing act. We might goal is to create as many jobs as possible for people, not always be the cheapest but our quality, service who have significant disabilities, and to wind up at the and on-time deliveries are second to none.” end of the fiscal year with no money in the bank and Primary customer to owe nobody. That is what it is about.” SEKRI’s primary customer is the United States milFounded 50 years ago itary as, either directly or indirectly, most of what it The company was founded on May 10, 1971, in makes ends up going to the military. Corbin, and originally did a lot of upholstery work. SEKRI manufactures the garrison caps – not the SEKRI started creating jobs through the Javits-Wag- dress ones but the ones worn every day – for all ner-O’Day Program (JWOD) in 1984. This program, re- branches of the military. named the AbilityOne Program in 2007, coordinates It makes 50 percent of all the Army patrol caps. government purchases of products and services pro“If you see a soldier walking down the street and he vided by non-profit agencies whose or she is wearing a hat, then chances workforce is comprised of a minimum are one in two that cap is made right of 75 percent disabled individuals. here in this plant primarily by people, SEKRI currently employees about who have significant disabilities,” BakPart of our ultimate 700 workers at its eight facilities, in- mission is to create jobs er said. cluding plants in Corbin (off of the The company also makes individualfor people with significant Corbin bypass), Cumberland, Harlan, ized first aid kits that every deployed Middlesboro, Paris, and Pineville in disabilities, and to train Army soldier carries. and equip them for the addition to a plant in Jellico, Tennes“We have been told that first aid kit see. SEKRI has a second distribution competitive work force. is the number one life-saving item facility and headquarters in Corbin. that they carry in the field,” Miller notThere are several other ways SEKRI isn’t like your ed adding that it has two tourniquets, and a chest seal typical business or your typical non-profit. in addition to bandages and other medical supplies. Making money The company also produces fire retardant clothing Even though SEKRI is a non-profit corporation, this for the military, tents and so forth. doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t seek to make Baker added, “It is just an incredibly neat thing to a profit through the items it manufactures and ser- see all this come together and use all these skills and vices that it provides. They still have utility bills, payroll abilities from all these folks, who have all kinds of difand so forth that must be made each month. ferent things going on in their lives, and turn those SEKRI Executive Director Leo Miller noted that costs talents and abilities into a garment for a United States for materials regularly increase so there are challeng- soldier.” es every day, including many of the same challenges Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and that for-profit manufacturers battle. there was a shortage of masks, SEKRI employees got While the company still gets much of its business into the mask production business manufacturing thanks to AbilityOne Program, it has to compete with about 600,000 masks over about a nine-month pesome of the other 600 or so non-profits nationwide riod many of which went to the state. that also get business through this program. Initially, the company was using materials designed In addition, it has to keep its prices within a certain for Air Force caps, but some of the National Guard range because if SEKRI isn’t reasonably competitive and Army folks weren’t too keen on wearing Air Force with the business market, then government agencies colors so the company switched to black fabric, Miller can purchase the items more cheaply from for-profit said laughingly.


8 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business

City of Williamsburg w w w. w i l l i a m s b u r gk y.c om City Clerk: Teresa Black Administrative Assistant: Gina Hamblin City Council: Loren Connell, Patty Faulkner, Richard Foley, Erica Harris, Mary Ann Stanfill, Laurel West

Mayor Roddy Harrison 423 Main Street Williamsburg, Kentucky 40769

(606) 549-6033

Photo by Mark White

Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 9


MAYOR — Suzie Razmus

CITY MANAGER — Marlon Sams

CITY COMMISSIONERS Trent Knuckles Allison Moore Seth Reeves Brandon Shepherd


CITY CLERK Roberta Webb Tori Mouser, Assistant


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Dianne Lay Rhonda Moore, Assistant






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10 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business



astern Kentucky University’s Corbin Campus is one of two regional campuses that offer unique opportunities to students in Eastern Kentucky. Students choose the regional campuses, specifically Corbin’s campus, for a variety of reasons. EKU Corbin offers flexible scheduling that allows students to work and stay close to home, said Ramona Davis, the assistant director of the East and South regions. It can be a money saving alternative to attending the Richmond campus because students can stay at home and work while attending classes in a flexible schedule, said Davis. This past year saw an increase in the number of students that attended the Corbin Campus because many of the classes were online. Some students choose the Corbin campus to complete their general education courses to save money by living at home rather than having to stay in a dorm or pay housing on campus, but others choose to use the campus to complete their entire four-year degree.

“We do get a lot of students that do come for just the first year,” said Davis. It can work as an adjustment year to help students transition to college level courses after high school. The campus offers several full majors including psychology, criminal justice, police studies, K-5 education, a general studies degree, and the beginning courses to middle school education. Davis said the two leading programs at the Corbin campus are criminal justice and K-5 education. “There are several things that make us different,” said Stephen Kappeler, faculty and coordinator of regional campuses with the School of Justice Studies. “Our classes don’t follow Richmond’s schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday). Our classes meet every other week for 2 hours and 45 minutes.” Kappeler said the flexibility offered by Corbin’s campus in the criminal justice program allows the entire program to be completed at the campus without students having to travel or attend the Richmond campus at all. Although the Corbin campus offers different op-

Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 11 portunities for students than the Richmond campus, both campuses are EKU. Davis said that it is all one university, which means that students who goattend Corbin have the same privileges of go ing to athletic events, participating in tutoring services, and have access to the library. Corbin offers special events to help facilitate the student experience. “We try to have special events here as often as possible,” said Davis. “We try to have monthly events.” Davis said the tuition for classes at Corbin or Richmond costs the same. When students are ready to transition to the main campus, they are encouraged to do so if they want. Beginning in fall of 2021, EKU will begin offering free textbooks and required course material to students. “EKU BookSmart was developed by our EKU team as the first program of its kind in partnership with Barnes & Noble College in Kentucky. It’s undeniable that Eastern Kentucky University is the School of Opportunity,” said EKU President Dr. David McFaddin. “Over the last year, we have been focused on adding affordability and accessibility elements to a program we call the EKU

Advantage. With the addition of free textbooks to the EKU Advantage, a college degree from EKU is now more accessible and affordable than it has been in many years. We are investing in our stustu suc dents so they will be prepared to succeed when their classes begin.” “EKU serves a region with some of the lowest income in the United States, and we are committed to mak making sure all students have access to a quality education. We strive to nurture their abilities and help them meet the challenges they face when returning to those communities to live and work after completing their degrees,” said Dr. Tanlee Wasson, EKU senior suc vice president for student success. “As a native Eastern Ken Kentuckian, I fully understand the invalue of an EKU degree for in dividual students, their families, and the history rich, but economi economically challenged communities in which they live.” Corbin’s campus, although it sits on 28 acres, contains only one building that houses all of the classrooms. It is located at One Pennington Way in Corbin. For more information about the campus or programs, call (606) 528-0551 or email corbin@eku. edu.

12 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business

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he Whitley County Health Department has three key mandates, said Marcy Rein, the director of public health for the health department. It serves to promote healthy behaviors and services, protect the community through background services, and works to prevent health problems or consequences from health problems. “It is all around the community’s health,” said Rein. The health department offers a variety of services including clinics, environmental services, and educational programs. Rein said the health department usually offers 60 to 70 services at any given time. The clinic services offered include pregnancy testing, vaccines, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, diabetes and nutrition education, Women, Infants and Children Food (WIC), harm reduction services, and more. In the community, the health department offers health education in schools, HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services) home visiting, substance use disorder prevention and response, health policy, bullying and suicide prevention, home

health, disease surveillance and epidemiology, and more. Rein said that one of the underutilized services the department offers is HANDS. “I think that HANDS is one of those programs that those who know about it are often sharing it and love it,” said Rein. It is not an income-based program. “Anybody who is pregnant or has a young infant can enroll in this program. It is free. It is a support person. You get assigned a support worker who will work with you to decide what your goals are and what resources you might need,” said Rein. Rein said that sometimes support workers are just a phone call to ask questions about child development or behavior. “It has such a really good outcome for families. When we look at the data, the healthy babies really come out of the HANDS program. Parents feel more comfortable. They feel better about finding the resources they need in the community because they have had that support and learning,” said Rein. In addition to programs, such as HANDS, the Continued on page 19

14 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business

Recent Ribbon Cuttings

W.D. Bryant Outdoor Solutions

The Toy Store

W.D. Bryant, in Corbin, opened its newest department, Outdoor Solutions, on March, 19th and 20th. Mayor Suzie Razmus and Executive Director of the Southern Ky. Chamber of Commerce Bruce Carpenter presented owners Jeff Earnest and Lee Bryant with a chamber plaque following the ribbon cutting.

The Toy Store on South Main Street in Corbin held a formal ribbon cutting Friday, April 1st. Corbin Mayor Suzie Razmus and Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Director Bruce Carpenter joined store owner Tonya Ridener and business partner Angel Henderson as they cut the ribbon.

P.T. Pros Williamsburg, KY P.T. Pros held a ribbon cutting on Friday, April 30th, for their newest location in Williamsburg. Chamber Board Member Lisa Harrison presented PT Pros with a plaque to welcome them to the Chamber. They are located next to the Whitley County Board of Education.

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Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 15




n 1988, father and son Bob and Matthew Kauffman went from building Little Caesar’s locations to owning them. That was the start of MRK Enterprises, which owns and operates 10 Little Caeser’s locations across southern and central Kentucky. “We were building several locations and decided that it looked like a good concept,” said Matt Kauffman. By 1992, MRK Enterprises had grown to seven locations. “Since then, we have moved from some of those original locations to free standing drive-thru locations,” Kauffman said. The 10 locations include: London, Barbourville, Somerset, Corbin, Berea, Richmond, Monticello, Russell Springs, Campbellsville and Glasgow. “It is a rarity for Little Caesar’s to have a freestanding drive-thru locations,” Kauffman said noting approximately 15 percent of store locations across the country are free standing. Little Caesars was started in 1959 in Garden City,

Michigan, outside of Detroit by Mike and Marion Ilitch. “They have a great, quality product with affordable prices and are fast and convenient,” Kauffman said of Little Caesar’s noting that the company, which is still family-owned, provides all of the ingredients to the stores. “We make our own dough and sauce on site on a daily basis,” Kauffman said. Kauffman said MRK Enterprises is continuing to invest in equipment for the store to make it faster and easier for customers to pick up orders. “The addition of the pizza portal goes handin-hand with the online ordering that customers can elect to pick up in the lobby,” Kauffman said noting that online orders are waiting in a heated cabinet that online customers may access with a code provided when they order. In addition, Kauffman said more MRK Enterprises locations are now served by Doordash. “We anticipate Barbourville to add Doordash in the next few months,” Kauffman said. MRK Enterprises currently has approximately 200 Continued on page 19

16 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business

Chamber Luncheon’s

MARCH 2021— Corbin Mayor Suzie Razmus was the guest speaker at the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce membership luncheon on Tuesday, March 9th. Razmus updated chamber members on local business developments and progress of projects throughout Corbin, such as the annexation of Exit 29. She also updated chamber members about the Miller Park project, the completion of the splash pad in

downtown Corbin and several grants that the town has either applied for or received. In other business, the chamber welcomed numerous new members to the chamber and received sponsorships from the Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors for $2,500, which was presented by Tommy Black with the Remax in Corbin, and the Times-Tribune for $2,400, which was presented by Lisa Harrison. The chamber meeting was sponsored by the City of Corbin.

APRIL 2021— a facility down here in the Corbin area was 2012. Here More than seven years after it was first publicly we are, nearly 10 years later, things are finally coming to announced and nine years since it was first proposed, fruition,” Gabbert said. officials with Keeneland announced Tuesday that dirt will Gabbert said site work on the Williamsburg facility is begin moving on Cumberland Run and slated to begin in mid-June. its extension facility in Williamsburg this Work will begin first in Williamsburg summer with completion scheduled for because the amount of site work necesJuly 2022. sary to begin construction is considerably Vince Gabbert, Vice President and Here we are, nearly less. “The site is pretty perfect,” Gabbert Chief Operating Officer of Keeneland said of Williamsburg noting that because 10 years later, Association Inc., was the keynote speaker the Whitley County Health Department things are finally of the joint meeting of the Southern and Tractor Supply are nearby, the infraKentucky Chamber of Commerce and the coming to fruition. structure is already in place. Knox County of Chamber of Commerce The design plans for both facilities are on Tuesday, April 20th. still being finalized. “The first time we started talking about trying to put Gabbert said those are scheduled to be completed Continued on page 17

Local and state government leaders gather with Keeneland Vice President Vince Gabbert, Corbin Economic Development Director Bruce Carpenter and Terry and Marion Forcht following the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce meeting on Tuesday, April 20th sponsored by Forcht Group of Kentucky. Gabbert announced that construction on the long-planned horse track in Corbin and satellite facility in Williamsburg will begin this summer with a goal of completion in July 2022.

Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 17

From page 16

within the next month. The Williamsburg facility, which does not yet have an official name, will feature 400 historical racing machines and a steakhouse style restaurant. Future plans call for the construction of a hotel. “We are looking at adding some entertainment options,” Gabbert said explaining that a Dave and Busters style family entertainment facility has been added to the plans. “It won’t be the size of a Dave and Busters,” Gabbert said. The Corbin facility will also feature historical racing machines, though Gabbert said it will be a smaller number than in Williamsburg. However, the Corbin facility will have a track to host live harness racing. It will be located on 149 acres off the Corbin bypass in Knox County between Allison Blvd. and Buchanan Blvd., which Keeneland purchased in 2017 at a cost of $432,774. The original plans for the Corbin facility called for it to host live quarter horse racing. However, in 2020, the plans were altered to accommodate harness racing, commonly called, “trotters.”

Hampton Inn Williamsburg 530 Hwy 92W | Williamsburg, Ky 40769 | 606-549-3775 Cristy Shafer, General Manager

Where the best entertainment comes to life! CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR ONLINE AT: WWW.THECORBINARENA.COM

500 Arena Drive Corbin, KY | (606) 258-2020

18 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business




ampton Inn in Williamsburg is a 68-room hotel just off of Exit 11. General Manager Cristy Shafer said the hotel features 12 single rooms with kingsize beds, three of which are study kings. “They have a pull-out sofa in the room,” Shafer said when asked to explain the difference. “The remaining rooms each feature two queensize beds. In-room amenities include: a microwave, minifridge, ironing boards and irons, coffee pots, and goodie such as shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash and a bar of soap. Other amenities at the hotel include: •Fitness center •Hot breakfast from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. every day. •Free wi-fi •A business center open to guests 24/7 •Guest laundry mat

•Indoor pool Shafer said the pool is currently undergoing an $85,000 renovation that includes repainting the decking and walls, changing over from chlorine to a saltwater system and installing a dehumidifier. “Saltwater is the new thing with pools,” Shafer said noting that it is easier on the skin and doesn’t emit the chlorine smell. “It is spa like,” Shafer said. As the COVID–19 pandemic has raged, Hampton Inn has instituted a system where seals are placed on room doors to notify arriving guests that no one has been in the

Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 19 From page 13


health department engages in community outreach through events, such as child abuse prevention walks and story walks. Staff also visit schools to do prevention education throughout Whitley County. As part of the fulfillment of the health department’s prevention and protection mandate, it offers services, such as needle exchanges, to prevent the spread of diseases associated with drug use. Individuals can bring in used syringes and exchange them for clean ones to help prevent sharing. Rein said that a lot of the programs offered by the department work interchangeably. A family utilizing WIC may also utilize the HANDS program, vaccination services and more. While the health department does work with individuals to fulfill its mandate, it also serves in more background roles by offering food handler and food manager courses, rabies control, flood plain management, private well water testing, on-site sewage inspection, and more.

From page 15


employees at the 10 Little Casesar’s locations. “I have been blessed with some long-time employees,” Kauffman said noting two staff members have been with the company since 1989 and several others have been there for more than 20 years. “We are so blessed and

From page 18

For more information about what services the Whitley County Health Department offers, individuals can visit its Facebook page, website (http://whitleycountyhealthdepartment.com/), or call the office. The health department has two locations – one in Corbin and the other in Williamsburg. The Corbin office is located at 3750 Cumberland Falls Hwy. and the Williamsburg office is located at 368 Penny Lane. Regular office hours at the Williamsburg location is Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Corbin office’s clinic is open Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Williamsburg’s clinic is open Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Because of the pandemic, hours may be different. Harm reduction support clinics are offered in Williamsburg from 1:30 to 3:30 on Fridays and in Corbin from 1:30 and 3:30 on Wednesdays. There is a case manager that can be contacted outside of clinic times.

happy to have some great employees,” Kauffman said. “We are always looking to add additional staff to our company.” Interested applicants may go online to www.mrkpizza.com, or contact their local store.


room since the cleaning staff completed its work. The blue Hilton CleanStay Room Seals are only broken when the guest opens the door. Hampton Inn in Williamsburg is owned and operated by North Star Hospitality.

The company has eight hotels. The hotel has 25 employees. More information is available by calling (606) 5494775.

20 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business


Corbin Flower Shop 416 Master Street • Corbin 606.528.3174

Whitley County Fiscal Court Whitley County Judge Executive Pat White, Jr. 606-549-6000 www.whitleycountyfiscalcourt.com Meetings every third Tuesday of each month at 4 pm

Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 21

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22 Strictly Business — Spring 2021

SAV-RITE Family Pharmacy


IMMUNIZATIONS No Appointment Necessary



Windham Drug

Justin Smith, Pharm. D., Pharmacist/Owner

“Big On Savings, Little On Waiting” •Most Insurance accepted •Local Deliveries •KY WIC vendor



Our pharmacy strives to meet the needs of your family and can proudly compound your medications including Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Offering a wide range of services to business and individual clients with personalized quality and attention.

1605 S Hwy 25W, Williamsburg, KY 606-549-3636 1184 5th Street, Jellico, TN 423-784-3630 3RD LOCATION COMING SOON 475 N. Hwy 25W, Suite 101, Williamsburg, KY 606-549-4646

Certified Public Accountants 500 Summit Drive, Corbin, KY


Spring 2021 — Strictly Business 23


Jones Plastic is a full service supplier of engineering services, product design and integration and contract manufacturing of a wide variety of injection molded components and sub-assemblies.

We provide customers with turn-key solutions to manufacturing ideas. COST




NOW HIRING — 606-656-1101 STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES AT WILLIAMSBURG TOP 25 INJECTION MOLDER IN NORTH AMERICA Gas Assist Electronic Assemblies Vibration welding Ultrasonic welding Spin welding Decoration (IML, pad printing, heat transfer, Hot Stamp, etc.)

POSITIONS AVAILABLE Production Operator Quality Assurance Material Handling Forklift / Warehousing Maintenance, Tooling, Processing

24 Spring 2021 — Strictly Business

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! 952 Hwy 25W Corbin, KY

139 Hwy 770, Corbin, KY



Profile for Fox Press

Strictly Business Spring 2021  

Strictly Business Spring 2021  

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