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appy May, Wavers! Spring is in full force and with it comes an abundance of fun things to see and do around our wonderful island. What a pleasure it is to call Galveston home. We are indeed very fortunate.

Spring and Summer are times when a lot of the major music acts tour our country. Many great concerts are coming. With that being said, I want to stress what a terrific music scene we have right here in Galveston. We have an abundance of talented local musicians that perform here weekly. They and the live music venues they perform in deserve our support. Let’s keep the local music scene alive and thriving.

I want to again thank our loyal readers and advertisers. You make what we do fun! Our Waves staff and monthly contributors thank you very much.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th. With such an abundance of top dining experiences, award-

winning florists, boutiques jewelry stores packed with inventories for the moms, and a ton of island festivities happening, moms and/or the females in your life should have an awesome day out and about on the island!

A reminder that all of our Waves content is readily available 24/7, 365 days per year on our award-winning website, WavesGalveston.com which receives thousands upon thousands of visitors each month. We also provide an archive section where past issues of Waves Magazine can be viewed page by page.

As always, please remember to LOC L and support our locally-owned businesses.

Have a fantastic May! See you around the island…

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PET Corner

French Bulldog

#1 in America - Not the Whole Story

The Labrador retriever has been America’s top dog since 1991. That’s until this year with the French bulldog knocking the Lab off the number one ranking. How did this happen?

The Frenchie has been inching up in the rankings for the past five years. Dog lovers are captivated by their wrinkled faces, stubby bodies, and little corkscrew tails. Breeders driven by public demand for the most extreme of these features have drifted away from the AKC’s traditional standards for both French and English bulldogs.

People are willing to pay more for puppies with unusual colors, shorter legs, and large heads. The AKC standards for these two dog breeds call for smaller heads, longer legs, and less compacted faces than many of the pups being bred. Public demand and less-than-conscientious breeders have increased the number of bulldogs with serious health problems and genetic defects.

There are at least twenty different health problems that bulldogs are diagnosed with compared to the average canine. To name just a few of the common ones: I’ll start with their noses and work to the tail - narrow nostrils (stenotic nares), dry eye, “cherry eye”, facial fold dermatitis, elongated soft palate, narrow windpipe (tracheal stenosis), skin allergies, vertebral deformations, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and tail fold infections. Some of these defects are surgically correctable, others not. Sadly, the list can go on. To make things worse, most bulldogs need to be artificially inseminated to get pregnant, then need a C-section to deliver the pups. We humans, in our efforts to create this extreme anatomy, have produced an animal that can’t complete the mating process and then has puppies with heads too large to pass through a narrow birth canal. In the natural world, this is a perfect recipe for extinction! Looks have been prioritized over function.

10 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023

This breed’s health problems have become so serious that Norway has banned the breeding of French and English bulldogs in the country. Several other European nations are considering the same. There is such a limited gene pool that there are concerns their problems may not be able to be corrected, even with a concerted effort by the bulldog breeder associations.

Just a hundred years ago English bulldogs were working dogs sent into bullpens to grab cows by their tails and drag them around. Today the average bulldog cannot stay outside on a hot day for more than fifteen minutes. Their narrow airways prevent them from properly cooling, making them very vulnerable to heatstroke. This is especially worrisome in Galveston’s hot, humid climate.

Look for parent dogs with healthy coats, longer legs, round nostrils, and longer snouts. Meet the puppies’ parents, look at their bodies, and listen to their breathing sounds especially when excited. Raspy respirations may be a sign that the puppies will have breathing problems when they grow up. A puppy with less extreme features may be less expensive to start with and have better long-term health.

If after reading this article and you think a bulldog is not right for you, then a trip to the animal shelter for a healthy mixed breed dog will save an animal’s life and give you years of love.

If a bulldog is still on your “got to have” list, be prepared for at least a $3,000 price tag. That may just be the down payment as frequent trips to the veterinary clinic should be budgeted in also. Fortunately, there are fine examples of the breeds out there if you do your homework. The educated pet parent should find a breeder that recognizes the breed’s shortcomings and tries to breed for less extreme features.

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C. Hainanese
Rice Answer: ____ Japan A.
Answer: ____ France A. Croissant B. Crostini C. Bruschetta Answer: ____ Mexico A. Quesadilla B. Burrito C. Taco Answer: ____ America
Potato Pie
Bean Potato Salad Answer: ____ Italy
Answer: ____ United Kingdom
Answer: ____ America A. Muffaletta B. Philly Cheesesteak C. Hot Dog Answer: ____ Hawaii A. Tartare B. Sushi C. Poke’ Answer: ____ Middle East A. Marmite B. Guacamole C. Hummus Answer: ____ Austria A. Strudel B. Bierock C. Baklava Answer: ____ Australia A. Pavlova B. Galette
C. Revani Answer: ____ Greece A. Gyro B. Falafel C. Spanakopita Answer: ____ Poland D. Empanadas E. Pierogi F. Gnocchi Answer: ____ Vietnam A. Ramen B. Pho C. Pad Thai Answer: ____ Venezuela A.
Answer: ____ Spain A. Jollof
Answer: ____ Greece A. Gyro B. Falafel C. Spanakopita Answer: ____ America A. BBQ Brisket Sandwich B. Shredded
C. Pulled Pork
Answer: ____ Canada A. Koulouri
Alfajores C. Poutine Answer: ____
A. Pineapple Fried
B. Briyani
French Toast
Melba Toast
Shibuya Toast
B. Chili
Fries C.
A. Ravioli B. Risotto C. Ratatouille
D. Shepherd’s Pie E. Mince Pie F. Steak Kidney Pie
Des Rois
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 17 www.wavesgalveston.com ec n ne t eat n Gene al e a s to a nost cs e O l ool n ste s a es s ens on e a T ans ss on lect cal e a s to a ntenance G TO O T TOP TO P o lete o te las n an e o a n 1328 Post Office | Galveston, Texas 77550 BOOK ONLINE AT: www.escapetheisland.com 5 AMAZING LIVE ESCAPE ROOMS BASED ON GALVESTON HISTORY 6 MINDBLOWING VIRTUAL REALITY ESCAPE ROOMS ESCAPE THE BASEMENT Jean Lafitte 910 21ST Galveston, TX 77550 (409)443-5092
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appy May one and all. Bunny and the mister love going to New Orleans a couple of times a year. Our first stop is always Central Grocery, home of the original Muffuletta. It’s one of the great cuisine options that originated in the Cresent City. I decided to make one of my own. It takes more time and ingredients than I care to use, but when you are craving something, time is of the essence. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Crescent City Muffuletta

Olive Salad Ingredients

cup Giardiniera (Italian pickled vegetables) plus tablespoon of liquid from the jar (buy at any grocery store. Mezzetta has a good one for a couple of bucks).

cup pimento-stuffed olives, sliced, plus tablespoons of liquid from the jar

ounces pitted Kalamata olives (1/2 cup), sliced tablespoons drained capers, plus teaspoons of liquid from the jar

large garlic clove, peeled (the jarred minced garlic is fine, about teaspoons)

shallot, minced

1/4 cup dried parsley leaves

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

Pinch Dried thyme

Pinch crushed red pepper (spicy)

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Sandwich Ingredients

large loaf Italian bread, split

1/4-pound Genoa salami, (thin)

1/4-pound Mortadella, (thin)

1/4-pound Capicola, (thin)

1/4-pound Provolone, (thin)

1/4-pound Mozzarella, (thin)

Add Giardiniera, olives, shallot, garlic, and parsley to a food processor. Pulse 5-6 times, until evenly chopped with no large pieces remaining. Transfer to a bowl and stir in oregano, liquids, olive oil, and capers until combined. Cover and let stand for at least an hour, or refrigerate overnight. (Salad should be back to room temperature before putting on the sandwich if refrigerating.)

The Sandwich Directions

Slice the bread round in half. Hollow out some of the interior to make room for the fillings if it’s really thick. Spread each bread half with about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of olive salad. Layer with sliced meats and cheeses, place halves together, press the sandwich down a little, wrap with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for an hour. Unwrap, cut muffuletta into wedges, and serve with a pickle or pepperoncini.

otes The rest period is a must to allow the olive salad juices to absorb into the bread, both for taste purposes as well as making this monster of a sandwich easier to eat. Traditional muffuletta bread can be difficult to source. Alternatives are boule, round focaccia, or ciabatta. Sesame seeds are traditional. Increase the meats and cheeses for a more substantial muffuletta.

Enjoy this staple of New Orleans cuisine with a few friends as one sandwich easily feeds people! Until next time...

Happy Trails - Bunny

20 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
The Olive Salad Directions
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 21 www.wavesgalveston.com

Benefits of Brief Brain Breaks

We all experience moments of frustration and feel like our brain is working against us rather than with us. A brain break is a short mental or physical break taken during your day where you need a pick-me-up to refocus, reenergize, and re-center. Brain breaks are like little mini spa days for your tired mind. They rejuvenate the brain, reduce stress, and are essential to our long-term livelihood and sustainability.

So, what part of your brain needs this break? The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the thinking part of your brain. When you are doing goal-oriented work that requires concentration, the PFC keeps you focused on your goals. The PFC is also responsible for logical thinking, individual planning, monitoring, successfully executing goals, and using willpower to override impulses. That’s a lot of responsibility—no wonder it needs a break!

We tend to put ourselves last on the priority list. We think we can keep going and surpass all the red flags our bodies tell us. Instead of waiting until your brain is so tired that it needs weeks to recover, follow a simple rule whenever you feel like your engagement, attention, concentration, or brainpower is lacking, take a brain break.

Brain breaks can be attained in many ways. And you don’t always have to do the same each time to achieve the same benefit.

ome activities that allow your min to rest an be re-nourishe inclu e:

ilence - ust plain quiet . Give the universe 10 or 15 minutes to go on without you. During these few minutes, take the time to listen to the sounds around you, whether in your car, sitting outside, or walking from one place to another. This, of course, means getting off your devices…phones, laptops, social media, television… OFF.

ime with your pet give your pet a few minutes of your undivided attention. Pet them, talk to them, brush them. Look into their eyes and let them show you how much you mean to them and what they mean to you.

ower nap - Experts tell us that maximum recharging during a power nap is achieved by going from stage sleep (that lovely ‘drifting off’ feeling) to stage (slowdown of brain activity). Going any further is not advised. So how long does this process take? In most people, a power nap length of 15 to 20 minutes is just perfect.

ay ream Let your mind wander for 10 or 15 minutes. Focus away from work, to-do lists, or your cranky next-door neighbor. Instead, let your mind go to places of wonder, like what does my cat think about when staring out the window? Where have I been before that I really enjoyed? What did my town look like two hundred years ago? There are so many ways to get lost in mind-wandering!

22 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
HEA H & NE it

Me itate - Meditating is straightforward and easy: simply sit and practice. All you have to do is close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and let your mind do its thing. This is the one skill where you don’t have to strive to achieve something just a place of stillness where no effort is required. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditation. There is only awareness or non-awareness. The moment you realize you’re lost in thought, that’s awareness, and that’s when you return to the object of focus (usually the breath). This is all you have to keep doing return from your distracted thought to the breath, all the time honing your awareness. With perseverance, the periods between awareness and distraction will get longer and longer.

tretch - Gently moving your body can help ease the tension that builds up from being seated for too long. As well, stretching can improve posture and reduce fatigue levels.

A ten-minute walk a couple of times during the day can do wonders to clear your head, and it contributes to the 10,000 steps we all need each day.

et outsi e or a quick walk

While there are no specific guidelines for how much “brain break” a person should incorporate into their lifestyle, making time to unwind and enjoy life is integral to maintaining good health.

No time to get your brain break in? There are 1,440 minutes in a day and 10,080 minutes in a week. Surely you can carve out 10 or 15 minutes each day to give your brain the boost it needs!

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 23 www.wavesgalveston.com
y H so
haye en erson M M Owner it via Main alveston



Saturday May 6, 2023 | 8 PM

Sunday, May 7, 2023 | 2 PM & 7 PM

Rich with musical hits you know and love, including “Tradition,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” “If I Were A Rich Man,” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” and “To Life (L’Chaim!). To love! To life!


Saturday, May 20, 2023 | 8 PM

Grammy® Award-winning vocalist Steve Tyrell is a soulful, throaty crooner with a deep love of the American pop and standards tradition. Enjoy hits like “The Way You Look Tonight,” “The Simple Life,” and “Crush On You.”

In the heart of Galveston's Downtown Cultural Arts District

GET TICKETS! TheGrand.com | 409.765.1894 2020 Postoffice Street, Galveston

Creating Natural Looking Lips (Not Over-done Lips)

Many of us see our lips getting thinner with age. This is due to a decrease in collagen and elastin formation in our lips just as it decreases in our faces. Many women would like to have fuller lips like they had when they were younger, but most do not want a fake or over-done look. Natural, fuller looking lips can be achieved when the right filler is selected, the right amount is injected and in the right way. Not ready for filler? Sometimes, fuller lips can be achieved with carefully placed, low dose Botox or Xeomin alone!

Volbella™ vs Juvederm® Ultra XC (Filler Options)

Botox®/Xeomin® (Not Ready for Fillers)

For those wanting a subtle increase in their lip size, Volbella may be the right choice. One of Allergan’s newest fillers, Volbella was specifically formulated to be a softer filler with a more natural look.

Alternatively, Juvederm Ultra has been on the market much longer and is the single most popular lip filler. It adds volume. Being careful not to overfill the lips (one syringe is usually enough), a natural look can be achieved with either. Both are FDA approved for lips. Results are immediate and can last up to a year. The most common side effects are swelling and bruising in the first few days.

Botox and Xeomin, both neuromodulators, are most commonly used in the upper face to reduce wrinkles by relaxing muscles of facial expression in the forehead, between the eyes and at the corners of the eyes. Additionally, they can be used in a low dose to relax or “flip” the upper lip creating a slightly fuller appearance. Also, Botox can be injected into muscles at the corners of the mouth to flip the down-turned corners up. The results of both of these treatments are subtle but can be enough to make a difference in your look. Care must be taken to place the neuromodulator in the right muscles and at the correct dose, so that eating and speaking are not affected.


Most of us do not want exaggerated, over-done lips. Most of us do want the slightly fuller lips of our youth. Whether you are ready to make the leap to filler or would rather try low dose Botox or Xeomin, you have options.

Have a great day, and I hope you continue to

Dr. Tara Wegryn is a board-certified Neurologist and Electrophysiologist and a member in good standing with the IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine). Dr. Wegryn received her MD from the University of Florida and residency in Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic. In 1996, Dr. Wegryn founded Houston Neuromonitoring, a successful intraoperative monitoring company that served the surgical community at the TMC (Texas Medical Center) for over 17 years. Dr. Tara Wegryn is currently the director/ owner of Refresh Medispa in Galveston, Texas.

If you have any questions about aesthetic medicine or Refresh Medispa, please send them to Drtara@refreshmedidayspa.com and she will try to answer them in future articles!

26 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
2424 Mechanic Street Galveston, Texas, 77550 www.refreshmedidayspa.com
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 2 www.wavesgalveston.com 409.443.5633 Tara Wegryn MD 2319 A Strand, Galveston, TX 77550 928.301.3412 https://www.aholisticsolution.com/ FREE PAIN PATCH Mention this a to get a iscount 13680 FM 3005, Galveston,TX 77554 located at Ph: (409) 737-3400 lean nd riendl itne o r a da da a wee a enitie incl de ree wei t - cardio and c to i ed wei t trainin e i ent - towel er ice coffee bar - filtered water and ice

Bob Rohan, or as he is no n in e as “Bad Bob”, has been playing the fiddle and singing in arious groups or o er years in e as, and has opened or Mer-

le aggard, illie elson, harlie aniels, arlene arter and ohn onley to na e a e . Bob has played in bands that ha e bac ed up country legends li e an ho pson, Ray rice, ac reene, a illis, and ale atson.

long ith song riting, Bob is also a talented cartoonist and has a sel syndicated co ic strip titled ffalo als . he

co ic eature is about t o co girls “Bess inchester” and “ onnie heyenne”. he co ic strip as inspired a ter playing ith “ he ays ounty als and als” a co girl estern group that toured through e as, laho a and as ar est as l o, e ada. Bob has on he isconsin tate iddle ha pionship and has been no inated se eral ti es ro he cade y o estern rtists or Best o boy artoonist.

You can find Mr. Rohan online at : www. a o rohan.com to read ore and collect his original or s

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Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 29 www.wavesgalveston.com WEST ISLAND PROFESSIONAL CENTER OFFICE AND RETAIL SPACE Affordable Quality Offices Near Criminal Justice Center Near Moody Gardens Near Airport Quality Brick Construction Ample adjacent Parking Office space priced from $475.00 & up per month West Island Professional Center Ste art Rd Galveston, Texas 77551 kaydavis gmail com Administrative Offices ay Davis - O ner-Administrator Le Brun Ct Galveston, Texas -Call Now! (409) 744-5884 or (409) 771-0675

Backyard Mosquito Control

This time of year has us islanders thinking about one particular pestthe mosquito. There are a lot of wonderful things about living on the coast, but the prolificness of mosquitos is not one of them! Nothing we do will ever eliminate mosquitos for good, but there are several plants that we can use around our sitting areas and outdoor spaces that will help.

Citronella Grass is a plant that grows in tropical regions. It will grow in our area. This clumping grass has a myriad of uses and repelling mosquitos is one of those. This isn’t a common plant so you will need to order it from an online source. As a companion plant in the garden, citronella grass can deter whiteflies and other pests that are confused by its strong lemony scent.

When growing citronella grass, place it in a location where it can receive bright but filtered sunlight. It can scorch or wilt in areas with too much intense sun. Citronella grass prefers moist, loamy soil. It has high watering needs, so if grown in a container, water it every day. Citronella grass can be divided in spring. This is also a good time to give it an annual dose of nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Now you may be thinking, “I bought citronella, but it wasn’t a grass.” What you bought was a citronella-scented geranium. These are awesome plants for our area. They like a lot of water and will die if it freezes, but they are easy to grow. I grow these in containers and keep them around the porches and sitting areas.

Other herbs that have strong scents that will help keep the mosquitos at bay are:

- Cuban Oregano- beautiful foliage and drought tolerant.

- Lemon Verbena- gorgeous shrub with attractive foliage.

- Mints- any mint such as wintergreen, spearmint, or peppermint.

The key to any of these plants working for you is that you must crush the leaves to release the essential oils. The oils are what repel the mosquitos. So, when you sit down on your swing, pinch a few leaves, and shake the plant well. When you smell the wonderful scents, you will know that the oils have been released.

~Holly Ross
more great information, go to: www.hollykross.com HOME & GARDEN
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Peppermint HerbLemon Verbena HerbWintergreen Herb
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 31 www.wavesgalveston.com Serving The Galveston Houston Area 409.877.6162 Call for a free estimate COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR EXTERIOR When quality matters! NUCOAT Custom Paint Remodeling Krystal Bradford Realtor You have many options when it comes to selecting an agent, Discover how I get RESULTS , Call me Today! “ “ 409.240.9900 facebook.com/@krystalrealestateatgalvestonbythebay har.com/krystal-bradford galvestonbythebay.com rystal ra or ealtor Email: Krystal@KrystalBradford.com in our ream ome at:

Fun Facts Historical Galveston

Splish Splash as ta in a ath

appy May, Wavers! Many of us think that a fun day at the beach includes playing in the surf and catching the rays. But let’s take a look back in history at what a day on the beach might have looked like here in Galveston before the turn of the century.

Beginning in the 1880s, demand had grown to elicit the construction of a string of bathhouses along the Galveston coast that reached the island’s east end.

he ago a

The first and most impressive bathhouse was the Pagoda Bath House at the intersection of 23rd Street and the beach. It was opened with a champagne christening on July 7, 1883. The Pagoda Bath House would launch a legacy for this period. Around 1885, a man named George Murdock began managing the Pagoda. Some accounts claim that Mr. Murdock had been operating bathhouses since 1882, but by the turn of the century, he would become a local authority on beachfront tourism. un act: he gran opening o he ago a coinci e with the very irst hotel opening on the beach ront name the each otel

he Crystal alace

The Crystal Palace Bathhouse opened on July 1, 1916. Demolished in November 1941, The Crystal Palace not only served surf bathers, but also offered a heated indoor pool, restaurant, roof garden, and an ice-skating rink. un act: he bathhouse claime to intro uce ice skating to e as

The culture around taking a swim had changed. Men, women, and children began to explore possibilities by the water. Instead of feeling pressured to choose between catering to families or adults, Galveston courted everyone. un act: t was an unstate rule that la ies chil ren an amilies en oye the beach by ay an men who bathe nu e an like to get a bit row y enoye it by night

Mur och s an he reakers

Bathhouses such as Murdoch’s Bathhouse and the Breakers Bathhouse offered guests a space to rent a swimsuit, store their streetwear, and take a dip in a monitored section of the Gulf.

Murdoch’s Bathhouse, lost in the 1915 Storm, was the third bathhouse of its name. Earlier Murdoch bathhouses, made of wood, had fallen in the 1900 storm and a small hurricane in 1909. In May 1916, yet another Murdoch’s opened beachside at Tremont and Seawall Boulevard.

Wooden ramps stretched down to the shore from the bathhouses. Most controlled swimming areas established by bathhouses also featured a safety line across a designated portion of the water. un act: ai o s alveston s ol est restaurant was irst launche insi e Mur och s athhouse in

An ordinance attempted to control what women wore as they swam or lounged on the sand. As the women grew tired of swimming in heavy woolen swimsuits, swim dresses, swim stockings, and swim shoes that they were assigned, the Jantzen one-piece swimsuit came out. Then women began to rent one-piece swimsuits. This was in opposition to the Galveston ordinance that stated women had to be covered from their knees to their necks. un act: he ant en one-piece swimsuit originally was esigne or an sol to men

32 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com y o s o

he ur athhouse

The Surf Bathhouse open in 1908. It extended over the Gulf at Seawall and 33rd Street, with exotic architecture featuring tall towers and a rooftop terrace.

Then the portable bathhouse came onto the scene. Roller bathhouses were small wood structures on wheels. These picturesque portable structures graced Galveston’s beaches beginning in the late 1870s. They lasted until the early years of the 20th century. When the bather was ready to change back into his street clothes, he did so without tracking sand on his feet. He motioned when he was ready for the bathhouse to be pulled back up onto the beach. un act: he rolling bathhouse ha two rooms inten e or a man an a woman Mules were use to tow the roller bathhouse into the shallow waters o the ul o Me ico

Just after the turn of the century, the development of recreational swimming began to emerge as a popular pastime, and the need to rescue distressed swimmers became apparent. In 1913, the YMCA organized a crew of volunteer lifeguards for Galveston Island. They were unpaid, but patrolled Galveston beaches from March to October each year, saving swimmers from drowning. un act: he MC in alveston was the irst in e as t was inance by a bequest rom enry osenberg - one o alveston s lea ing philanthropists

ack ar otel

When World War II ended in 1945, Galveston enjoyed an unprecedented period of economic prosperity. Outdoor pools increased in popularity. The Jack Tar Hotel seized an opportunity. The pool at the Hotel had been extraordinarily large for a reason. It was so large, it would have been beyond the means of most people to own.

The pool was focused inward. It was away and separate from the beach, which of course was right in front of the hotel. It gave the pool and the hotel a very subtle sense of exclusivity. You did not have to associate with or even be seen by the people on the beach. It was all part of that high-roller lifestyle. un act: he ack ar name a slang term or a sailor was chosen as the result o a naming contest

Galveston beaches have changed a lot since the early days of bathhouses. No more rolling, mule-drawn wooden bathhouses to change in. But fresh sunshine and happy smiling people are always in supply!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s look at bathhouses in Galveston.

See you next month!

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34 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com MAY 2023
Your time is valuable. Trust Waves Dining Section to be your personal concierge on the Galveston Dining Circuit. With tips, amenities, features like outdoor seating, pet friendliest places and price points, let us test the WAVES at various Island Restaurants for you! See you at the table! CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Tom Valliere Charlie Bresenhan Follow Us Galveston Location 6612 Seawall - Galveston Ph:409-744-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 8:00PM Lamarque Location 2216 Gulf Freeway - LaMarque Ph: 409-935-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Dining Section
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 35 www.wavesgalveston.com LIVE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY. KARAOKE - THURSDAY’S - 7-11 and SUNDAY’S - 4-8 HAPPY HOUR MON-FRI 3P-7P WINNER 2019 Del Pappa Award For BEST CRAWFISH in Galveston County! Huli Huli Hut | 312 19th Street | Galveston, Texas 77550 | 409-443-5525 facebook.com/hulihulihut our outdoor seating & dog friendly patio is now open!

Voted Galveston’s Best Restaurant

talian food is delightfully satisfying, hi h is hy it’s one of the most ell no n uisines. hether you’re raving pasta, pizza, or seafood, you’ll find it at ario’s ea all talian izzeria. s one of the oldest a ard inning talian restaurants in alveston, e no tradition and food. ur family has een preparing fresh, authenti talian for years

even days a ee , you an en oy the e as sized ulf vie from one of our many dining room indo s, lively ar area, or dog friendly patio. rom am pm on undays, indulge in a variety of talian run h spe ialties in luding omelets, rea fast pizza, and fresh eignets. ith many lassi favorites, gluten free, and eto friendly options availa le, you’ll find something for everyone.

Join us for Mother’s Day Sunday, May 14th call for reservations
ea all . . mariossea all. om

4 00

Since 1999, our chefs have created a new standard in elegance. From using the freshest ingredients and the most unique recipes, they’ve created impeccable cuisine that is guaranteed to satisfy new guests and loyal customers alike. Our secret? A dedication to excellence. With a passion for new and fresh recipes, and a penchant for service that is second to none, Saltwater Grill creates a culinary experience that will never disappoint. Join us for an unforgettable evening of dinner, cocktails, or even just dessert.

4 00 7 00

other’s ay is ay th a e your reservations today




Pennie’s Take Out Menu

Smoked Brisket

Quality brisket covered with our original rub, slow smoked and ready to be sliced when you order.

Pork Ribs

Pork ribs cooked with our original rub till almost done then basted with our honey sweetened sauce.

Grilled Chicken

Chicken spiced with our rub cooked over wood. Unlike any chicken you have ever eaten.

Link Sausage

Pork and Beef link sausage smoked over oak ready and waiting for you to order.


Chopped Beef | Sliced Beef | Sausage |Comes with a complimentary 4 oz side

Stuffed Baked Potato Huge baked potato filled with butter, cheese, sour cream, chives and best of all chopped brisket!

Texas Sized Tamales

Everything is bigger in Texas. Three times larger than our

regular tamales with the same great taste.


(Sat. and Sun. Only)

Pennie Ochoa’s delicious recipe. Tender, moist shredded beef is the result.

Menudo (Seasonal)

Honey comb tripe in a spicy Mexican soup

Sides and Dessert

All sides are made fresh at Pennie’s

Potato Salad

Dill based cool refreshing chopped potatoes mixed with dressings.

Pinto Beans

My own recipe made fresh daily. Lots of love goes into the beans. Green Beans Banana Pudding Trifle

38 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com MAY 2023 Texas Sized Tamales Available!
37th Street, Galveston, TX 77550

Blackened Shrimp Or Fried Oysters & Grits W/Cilantro-Horseradish Drizzle

Fried Oyster Benedict Served On Toasted Ciabatta W/ 2 Poached Eggs & Hollandaise

Oyster Rockefeller Omelet

Shuck’s Classic Breakfast 2 Eggs Your Way, Bacon, Parmesan Tomatoes & Toast

Petite Beef Fillet & Eggs Parmesan

Lobster Roll Cajun Lemon-Mayo, Celery, Parsley, Green Onion Garnish 22

Chicken & Waffles 16

Toasted Toscana, Chipotle-Mayo, Guacamole, Bacon, Spring Mix, Parmesan Tomato 15


Avocado Toast Toasted Toscana With Guacamo le, Parmesan Tomato, 2 Eggs 15

Served With Your Choice Of Fruit Or Potato Hash


shuckstaverngalveston shuckstaverngalveston
Gulf Coast & East Coast e have more than Oysters eer ine Cocktails Hours Tue - Thur 11am-9pm Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm 11amSunday - 9pm Monday Closed
Sample Gulf E R ERR NT N M N M R NT N R E N M E NT T
414 21st St. Galveston, TX 409-444-1700



Galveston Island Postoffice District

Culinary Tour

Wedged between our beautiful beaches and the charm and bustle of the Historic Strand District lies beautiful Postoffice Street. Serving as Galveston’s commercial downtown shopping area during the 1900s, it began a slow decline from mid-century as shopping habits changed with the rise of suburban malls and increased mobility. Several attempts to revitalize the area including the closure of Postoffice Street and the creation of a pedestrian walkway failed to stop the decline and by the 1980s the area was blighted with many vacant buildings. Fortunately, gentrification set in and has transformed the street into the popular nightlife and arts district we see today.

The vacant department stores have been re-purposed into luxury condominiums and the smaller shops transformed into art galleries, boutique shops, and restaurants. The remnants of the old pedestrian mall remain with wide sidewalks, public seating, and shady landscaping making this a very welcoming environment for people and their pets. Spanning a three-block area between 20th and 23rd Streets, it is compact and easily navigated. This is a very popular destination for residents and visitors alike. The number and diversity of restaurants in the three-block area is amazing. It is crowded and parking is always a problem in a city that predates automobiles.

There is some street parking and numerous surface lots. A large parking garage a block away on Market Street is another option. If you are staying on the beach, avoid the hassle altogether and ride our restored trolleys. The trolley station on 20th and Postoffice is directly in front of our first restaurant.

rattoria La Vigna

This charming Italian restaurant has created an army of loyal followers since opening to rave reviews several years ago. Family owned and operated, Chef Pina is usually in the kitchen guaranteeing each dish complies with their high standards. They have an extensive menu that includes homemade pastas and sauces. They have numerous seafood and meat dishes including some excellent veal entrees. Just steps from the 1894 Opera House make them a good choice for a pre-show appetizer or dinner. Reservations are strongly recommended. ours o Operation: Lunch aily rom M to M inner aily M to M M ri ay atur ay M to M Close un ay th treet - -


altwater rill

My all-time personal favorite, this chef-driven restaurant never fails to deliver. Award-winning Chef Megan Walker puts her soul into every dish. She has mastered a unique style of Asian fusion with fresh locally harvested seafood. Their happy hour is one of the best and she offers a selection of specialty drinks and bar morsels including a petite filet and lobster tail. Primarily seafood as befits the name, she has a very memorable ribeye steak and some great poultry dishes. Directly across the street from the opera house, they are skilled at getting you to your show on time. Limited parking is available at the rear. Reservations are strongly advised. ours o Operation: aily M to M atur ay an un ay M to M osto ice treet - -

O Malley s tage oor ub

Directly across from Saltwater Grill is O’Malley’s Stage Door Pub. This is a friendly and casual Irish-style tavern that caters to a mostly local crowd. It is crowded, smokey, and noisy but offers Guinness Stout on tap and a menu of delicious sandwiches, hot and cold, at a bargain price. All are good but my favorites are the Reuben and their French dip. Rumored to have once been a bordello, you can still see remnants of turn-of-century wallpaper under the cracked plaster. ours o Operation: aily M to M un ay M to M osto ice treet - -

u y aco s estaurant ar

Next to O’Malley’s and on the corner of 21st and Postoffice is one of Galveston’s finest restaurants. Locally owned by the renowned Vargas family, this restaurant is the epitome of fine dining and impeccable service. Private wine lockers of prominent Galveston families line the walls, and the linen table service meets the highest standards for luxury dining. Precision rules with Paco personally overseeing every detail. A masterful menu slants towards Latin

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023

American specialties and literally everything is delicious. This is my favorite special occasion destination, but they have surprisingly affordable weekly lunch specials with the same polished service. They enforce a strict dress standard for evening dining. Business casual is acceptable, but a coat and tie and evening gown is never out of place. Lunch is more casual but no t-shirts, flip flops, or baseball caps. Reservations are recommended except for lunch. ours o Operation: aily M to M - M to M M ri ay atur ay M to M close un ay osto ice treet - -

Mama eresa s lying i a

Stepping around the corner onto 21st Street, our next stop is Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza. Much more than a pizza joint, this is a serious full-service Italian restaurant. Hailing originally from New Jersey, this family-owned restaurant uses multi-generation family recipes to bring quality Italian fare to grateful customers every day. Sure, the theatrics of tossing pizzas in the air is entertaining, but don’t be fooled, they are incredibly serious about their food. The pizzas are among the best in Galveston and their pastas and soups are outstanding. I can attest they have the best Italian combo sandwich on the island. Affordable, casual, and family-friendly, they are always a hit. ours o Operation: aily M to M M ri ay Close Mon ay - eeken s : M to M M un ay st treet - -

hucks avern Oyster ar

Step into New England at Shucks next door to Mama Teresa. Shucks specializes in oysters. Fresh and served raw or prepared as you wish, they offer several varieties from across the US as well as our own freshly harvested Galveston Bay oysters. Much more than just oysters, they offer a balanced menu that has something for everyone. A beautiful setting that creatively utilizes a relatively small space lends an airy upscale vibe that never feels crowded or stuffy. A full-service bar and bargain lunch specials keep the crowds coming. A blackboard is updated daily with the available flown-in fresh offerings. ours o Operation: aily M to M M ri ay an atur ay Close Mon ay st treet - -

Vargas Cut an Catch

On the corner across the street from Shucks is Vargas Cut and Catch. A sister restaurant to Rudy Paco, the Vargas family offers prime aged steaks in an elegant setting. Outstanding precision service with no details too small to be overlooked is the standard here. Steaks rule but the menu has outstanding seafood and other entrees to satisfy any appetite. Formal and a bit stuffy, this is an outstanding restaurant by any measure. Open evenings only. A dress code is strictly enforced. ours o Operation: aily M to M Close un ay an Mon ay ost o ice - -

aquilo s e -Me

Cross back to the southern side of Postoffice and you find Tequilo’s on the corner. High energy and even raucous, this is a fun place that serves some of the best Tex-Mex and margaritas in town. Known for their fajitas, everything is outstanding. If you are looking for authentic Mexican - move on. This is strictly Tex-Mex all the way. Lava hot enchiladas drenched in gooey yellow cheese and the best charro beans in town. Fun and festive with dog-friendly sidewalk seating, they never disappoint. ours o Operation: very ay M to M ri ay an atur ay M osto ice t - -

ky ar teak ushi

Directly next door from Taquilo’s we leave Mexico behind and head east across the Pacific to Japan. The Sky Bar serves scrumptious sushi rolls, tempura, soups, and certified Angus beef steaks. There is an abundant selection of items for non-sushi eaters and vegetarians. Stunning martinis and a full bar pair with an all-day happy hour for late-night revelers. Always popular and puppy-friendly with sidewalk seating. ours o Operation: aily M to M ri ay an atur ay M osto ice treet - -

Little a y s umbo ar

Next in this trio of adjoining restaurants is Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar. Step inside and you are transported to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Authentic deep rich dark gumbo loaded with fresh seafood or authentic andouille sausage is prepared in old-fashioned steam kettles for a true Cajun expe -

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 41 www.wavesgalveston.com

rience. Their menu highlights oysters prepared as you like or raw on the half-shell. Overstuffed Poboys and a huge beer selection keep the party rolling. Pet-friendly sidewalk seating makes for a pleasant evening. ours o Operation: aily M to M ri ay an atur ay M osto ice treet - -

ey Mikey s ce Cream

Crossing the street, our next stop is Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream shop. Family-friendly and a hit with the kids, this shop offers up homemade ice cream in all flavors by the scoop or in a cone. A full assortment of shakes, floats, and custom toppings make this a refreshing stop on a hot day. ours o Operation: Mon ay - un ay M to M osto ice treet - -

MO Co eehouse

A couple of doors down brings us to MOD coffeehouse. Eat your heart out Starbucks, this locally owned and immensely popular coffeehouse offers a truly immersive experience. From the quiet upstairs nook to the vine-covered trellis sidewalk seating you will find a restful retreat from daily stress. Knowledgeable barristers pour custom brews and exotic teas. There are always scones and various accompaniments to satisfy your hunger pangs. Immensely popular with our medical school students and residents visiting with friends or surfing the free internet, this place can get very busy. Live music on weekends makes this one of my favorite places. ours o Operation: eek ays M to M ri ay M eeken s M to M at M osto ice treet - -

tar rug tore

Leaving MOD Coffeehouse, we stroll past art galleries and boutique shops to 23rd Street where we turn left and come upon the Star Drug Store. It’s the oldest drug store in Texas dating from 1886. Surviving hurricanes and fires, it continues to operate and serve breakfasts and lunches daily. As you enter, you are stepping back into history. Grab a seat at the horseshoe-shaped soda fountain counter, unchanged since its installation in 1917. Order a breakfast of fresh eggs, omelets, pancakes, or French toast. On weekends you can choose a delicious eggs Benedict with poached eggs, ham, and a

special hollandaise sauce. For lunch, they offer an array of hot and cold sandwiches and a really fine flame-cooked hamburger. Of course, this is a full-service soda fountain mixing up shakes, sodas, and malts. Enjoy the history and browse the curio-filled cabinets. This family-owned restaurant offers pet-friendly outdoor seating and friendly service. Popular with locals and cruise ship visitors looking for a quick bite before boarding. This is one of my all-time favorite places in Galveston. ours o Operation: aily : M to M r treet - -

his wraps up our tour hope you en oye your stroll through alveston s osto ice istrict

42 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 43 www.wavesgalveston.com Voted 1 Seafood Restaurant Bra osport Facts Readers Choice Awards 2021/2022 Our Fish Spent Last Night n The Gul RED SNAPPER INN Monday - Friday 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8:30 pm | Saturday 11 am to 8:30 pm | Sunday Closed Owner/Chef Lin Biar
44 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com MAY 2023 Mosquito Cafe 628 14th Street Galveston, Texas 77550 www.mosquitocafe.com 0 7 3 1010 Ta e O t | el ve | ne n | O t oo n n catering service available Full service | limited service | beverage service | bar service | elegant to casual we can do it all! Contact: james@mosquitocafe.com
6207CentralCityBlvd.Galveston,TX.77551 (409)-497-4560 www.GenerationsJewelers.com www.WeBuyGoldGalveston.com CreateYourOwnDesign Award-WinningDesigners&MasterJeweler Engagment&WeddingRings WatchBatteries-Appraisals-On-SiteJewelryRepair NaturalOrLab-CreatedDiamonds WEBUYGOLD,STERLINGSILVER,PLATINUM,DIAMONDS,COINS,BARS&MORE!

The Beach Bum

Infomercial products

Happy May, Wavers!

Several of you know that your Bum has always been a night owl. Whether it’s going out to hear great local bands like Stranded and Zach Tate, or staying in and watching an old movie, your Bum likes staying up late. When you watch a lot of television late at night, you can’t help but see a ood o in o ercia s. o e o t e are as entertaining as t e s o s yo are atc ing.

I had a random thought the other day while I was out riding my ol’ scarab. It’s not like me to have very many thoughts in a day, but here is what had me thinking…

Out of the tons of infomercials we see on television, are there any that are actually worth buying? Do they work and do what the advertisement claims they will? I will admit that there are times when your Bum whips out his credit card and makes a purchase. Here is a partial list of some of the items I really like, and one that I totally despise…


Now here is a product that actually worked. Very few as-seen-on-TV products reached such levels of fame. There are still people that swear that ShamWow works far better at picking up spills than any rags or paper towels. Their spokesman, Vince Shlomi, had his tongue partially bitten off by a female. Your Bum would love to give you the details, but my better judgment tells me not to. Google it.


Simple but amazing. Unclogging the shower drain can be quite disgusting. When positioned inside a bathtub drain, the TubShroom collects hair around its mushroom-shaped exterior. When your water backs up, simply remove the TubShroom and wipe away the collected hair. Genius.

eorge oreman rill

Now available in many sizes and shapes, this grill is something your Bum loves and uses. First introduced in 1994 as the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. Over 100 million George Foreman grills have been sold worldwide. A winner.


I mentioned in my intro that there was going to be one product that I despise. Well, the Snuggie is it. If any of you ever, and I mean ever, see me wearing a Snuggie, please just lock me up and throw away the key. What a ridiculous product. Amazingly, since 2008, over 30 million Snuggies have been sold, raking in over $500 million.

rop top

The original patented car seat ga fi er. T e Dro Stop falls into the “why didn’t I think of that?” category. It solves a problem that anyone with a car has: items dropped between the seats and center console. Your Bum is a fan of Drop Stop.

46 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

acon onan a Now we are talking! Your Bum loves his bacon. Pork rules! This wonderful product makes perfectly cooked bacon right in the oven. To make things even better, you can cook 18 pieces at a time. The pan catches all the grease, so the cleanup process is a breeze. Anoth-

Ove love

It might surprise some of you that your Bum loves to cook. I am pretty adept in the kitchen. The Ove Glove offers heat protection up to 540 degrees and is perfect for baking and grilling. Much better than a clumsy mitt or potholder. You can se a fi e fingers or c better control and handling.

le eal

Is the infomercial annoying? Yes. Would I want to have inventor Phil Swift over for a quiet dinner with the family? Absolutely not. Does the liquid rubber product actually work? YES! From roof repairs and leaky pipes to emergency boat leak repairs and even sealing leaking concrete walls, this liquid rubber product does not disappoint. It’s pricy, but well worth the money to have a container in the boat, RV, car, and house.

he Magic ullet a energy-e ficient and powerful, this little beast is ideal for blending those healthy shakes of Kale and Spinach that folks pretend to like so much. NOT me! I use mine to mince onions and other veggies together to put in a gumbo. It’s great for mixing ice cream, peanut butter cups, and milk for my nightly infomercial-watching snack! This little tool comes in at about $30 bucks and is a no-brainer in the kitchen.

O iClean

Your Bum has a couple of dogs (more like furry humans). Every now and then they make a little mess, whether it’s mud on the rug, a little accident in the hallway, a dumped plate of spaghetti on my white shirt, or several other dog shenanigans that cause stains. OxiClean is sold primarily as an additive to a laundry cycle, but I put it in a spray bottle cut with water for a quick anti-stain spray in pet emergencies. t s definite y a necessity in your cleaning arsenal.

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 47
Anoth se a fi e fingers or c
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Rosenberg Library acquires Mary Moody Northen Archives

Library partners with Mary Moody Northen Endowment

alveston The Rosenberg Library’s Galveston Texas History Center has acquired more than 200 years’ worth of Moody family archives from the Mary Moody Northen Endowment. The enormous collection, around 850 boxes of material spanning from 1743 to 1991, will be protected and cataloged for future generations.

“The Rosenberg Library is a trusted resource for authors, historians, students, teachers, and others researching the history of Galveston,” said Betty Massey, Executive Director of the Mary Moody Northen Endowment.” Our Board of Directors believes placing Mary Moody Northen’s archives in the library’s care will extend the reach of the collection to new audiences.”

Mary Moody Northen was the eldest child of Libbie and W.L. Moody, Jr. Following her father’s death in 1954, she became the chair of the Moody Foundation and head of more than 50 family businesses. Her endowment restored and operates Moody Mansion as a house museum in Galveston, as well as the Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia. The endowment is also well known for making charitable gifts, especially toward the Galveston community.

The archives house a variety of items including hundreds of photographs of Moody family members and Galveston scenes, personal correspondence such as letters between W.L. Moody, Jr. and his wife Libbie Shearn Moody, and Colonel William Moody’s diaries during the Civil War. The papers also include maps and architectural drawings, as well as documents related to slavery in Virginia. Business documentation from the past two centuries makes up a large part of the collection.

“The Endowment had approached the library before, but there was no space available,” said Mike Miller, Executive Director of the Rosenberg Library. “While we still don’t have space, Betty Massey and I were able to negotiate a plan where Rosenberg Library took ownership and management of the collection while it remained housed at the Moody Mansion. This was mutually beneficial, and most importantly, allowed this historic archive to remain in Galveston.”

As the Rosenberg Library processes the collection, parts of it will be made available for the public to view by appointment at the Galveston Texas History Center, and the digitized versions will become available over time at www.galvestonhistorycenter.org. “We anticipate that it will take two to three years to completely process, inventory, and describe the collection,” said Sean McConnell, Special Collections Manager for the Rosenberg Library. nce t e rocess is finis ed researc ers i be able to gleam historic insights from the collections it e finding aids.

“We have protected Mrs. Northen’s collections for over three decades,” said Massey, “but the Rosenberg Library is able to share it with many others as Mrs. Northen always wanted...to tell the story of her family, Galveston, and Texas through curated primary sources for generations to come.”

For more information on this collection, contact: anae ulliam Community Engagement Communications Coordinator ROSENBERG LIBRARY 409.763.8854 Ext. 144


Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
op photo rom le t to right W. L. Moody, IV, Mary Moody Northen, and Richard Boone in the fall of ‘59 on the set of the motion picture, The Alamo. W. L. (Billy) oody one o ary s ne e s as in t e fi as one en. a o ston s o ficers . ottom photo rom le t to right Richard Widmark as Jim Bowie, Laurence Harvey as Col. William Barrett Travis, and John Wayne as Col. David Crockett in the ‘60 motion picture, The Alamo, fi ed in its entirety on ocation at rac ett i e Te as. A young Mary Elizabeth Moody poses in her wedding gown in 1915. A sample from Mary’s extensive postcard collection, this collage shows well-known landmarks of New York City in the early to mid-twentieth century.



Explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons with us!





Play board games, PS4 & Nintendo Switch games, and Magic!







Watch a Star Wars movie, eat snacks, and customize the hilt of your own lightsaber!




Three words: pocky, soda, and anime.




Have a voice in the library, earn volunteer hours, and eat snacks!




Join our monthly Young Adult Book Club and get a free book to keep!




Make Kandi bead jewelry, Perler bead art, or paint miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons!




Learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons, create a character, and join a summer campaign!







Foraninvite,contactDustanArcherat darcher@rosenberg-library.org

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 49 www.wavesgalveston.com

Re l ati o nshipAd v ic e with Jan & Dean

Hello an ean never thought woul be writing to you but have a serious issue with my marriage an coul use your a vice have been marrie to my husban owar or over years p until a ew months ago woul have tol you that we share a won er ul marriage My problem is a very serious one have iscovere that my husban is a gambling a ict

am not talking about betting a ew hun re ollars a month have recently oun out that owar s problem is so severe that we are now absolutely broke with no money in the bank an our cre it car s are all ma e out e has one all o this behin my back owar was telling me he was going on business trips when in act he was going to Lake Charles every week oun out his company re him weeks ago or non-pro uction an lying to his boss

e has eplete our two chil ren s college un an we are on the verge o our house being oreclose upon his is such a nightmare eel like such a ool or not n ing out about this sooner owar han le our nances an blame mysel or allowing that to happen have been a stay-at-home mom since our chil ren were born an have no current marketable ob skills

am at the point where can no longer stan the sight o my husban is lies an gambling have estroye our amily have no esire or counseling or trying to work things out hat shoul o an ean - onna s evastate

Hello Donna,

This is probably the most serious situation Jan and I have encountered in the 5 ½ years we have been giving relationship advice. This is a very heavy subject matter. I much prefer the kinds of questions like “Should our German Shepard be allowed to sleep in the bed with us.”

I am in no way making light of your situation. My strongest piece of advice is to see an attorney immediately. I am no legal expert, but you have to protect yourself. You need legal guidance on how to keep your husbands’ actions from affecting you even further. You do not want to be held responsible for the debts your husband has incurred.

Do not put this off. See an attorney immediately. I do not blame you one bit for not wanting to have anything to do with your husband. You have been done wrong. I wish the best for you.

Hi Donna, I feel so sorry for you. What a horrible situation you have found yourself in. I’m going to be a little different than Dean. I also feel sorry for your husband. He has a sickness that has cost him everything including his wife and children.

You didn’t mention if Howard feels any remorse. Is he getting professional help? Hopefully, he is. There is certainly quality help and care available. I feel bad that you have given up entirely on any future with your husband. It will be a long and hard road, but he can recover from this.

You stated that for 7 years things were wonderful. You have two children that probably still love their father. I am just saying to not close the door 100%. Leave it slightly cracked open. Like Dean, I wish the very best for you and your family.

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Both of our local venues have announced their upcoming seasons as follows:



Book by Bob Martin Chad Beguelin Music by Andrew Sklar Lyrics by Chad Beguelin - A musical comedy about big Broadway stars, a small town, and a love that unites them. uly - ugust


By Leslie Kimbell - Set sail with your favorite Old Broads back again and ready for a Sassy Senior’s cruise to the Bahamas! - eptemberOctober


By Douglas Baker - With one actor and over 35 distinct characters, this one-man tour de force is an intimate and spirited evening of theatre that everyone in the family will love! - ovember - ecember

- en ing rights con irmation

Completely hysterical and extremely irreverent! - anuary - anuary M

Book by George Abbott Douglas Wallop Music Lyrics by Richard Adler Jerry Ross - “Devilishly clever” classic musical comedy about America’s favorite pastime. - March - pril


By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten - Hilarity abounds when the feisty females of Eden Falls, Georgia, decide to shake up their lives. May - May

[Dates, further details, and ticket Information announced soon]


By Jean Koppen - A moving look at a mother and daughter navigating Alzheimer’s Disease.


By Joy Wilkinson - Four very different Victorian women are drawn into the dark underground world of female boxing.


Music by Alan Menken Lyrics and Book by Howard Ashman - A wildly entertaining dark sci-fi musical comedy.



By H. Russ Brown - World Premiere penned by COM Theatre’s Artistic Director.


Book by Bob Martin Chad Beguelin Music by Andrew Sklar Lyrics by Chad Beguelin - A musical comedy about big Broadway stars, a small town, and a love that unites them.

An interesting observation - for me, anyway - with both theatres having such high production values and staging THE PROM [one of my favorites!], it will be intriguing to see the choices each one makes.

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AND NOW - [Drum roll…Cue up “I’m Still Here” from Follies] TA-DAAA! Well, folks, this aging thespian will once again be trodding the boards at Island ETC having been cast as Doc Myers in Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies! I am thrilled to be working again with several of my favorite artists from the ETC gang and adding some new friends to my ‘theater-buds’ family. We open May 12th, so I’m planning my next column to include a journal-esque behind-the-scenes look at the whole audition-to-opening night process from an actor’s point of view. Don’t miss it!


Currently playing

L C ast- n heatre Company


By Ken Ludwig - May 12 - May 27, 2023

Sunday matinees May 14 May 21


COM College o the Mainlan Community heatre


by John Patrick Bray - April 20 May 7, 2023



Music by Jerry Bock Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick Book by Joseph Stein

May and 7, 2023 Various curtain times

GALVESTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Masterworks V May 20, 2023 4:00 PM


May 20, 2023 8:00 PM - http://www.thegrand.com/



Music and Lyrics by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez Book by Jeff Whitty

May 11th May 14th - https://clearcreekcommunitytheatre.com/

Opening oon

THE TEXAS TENORS – Music from Stage Screen

June 10, 2023 - 8:00 PM and June 11, 2023 - 3:00 PM



JULIUS CAESAR - By William Shakespeare

June 2023 - Dates and Times TBA

https://clearcreekcommunitytheatre.com/ L O

BROADWAY BROADWAY - Showtunes from your favorite musicals

June 2-4, 2023 - SOLD OUT


MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - June 3, 2023 - 8:00 PM

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PET PEEVES f The Month

Terrible Communication and Service at Fast Food Drive-Thru Restaurants

It has happened to all of us. We are tired from a hard day’s work and just want to pick up something to take home to eat. Or, we are beginning our day and would like some breakfast food on our way to work. Sometimes, we even want to pick up complete meals to feed our family.

Why has this become so difficult? Why is it that we often receive nothing close to what we ordered? The communication seems to have gotten worse over the years, not better.

You drive through a million-dollar fast-food franchise and it seems like you are talking through a $5 speaker to a person wearing a $2 headset. Add this to the fact that you have an underpaid, overworked drive-through attendant and you have a serious problem.

With state-of-the-art communications systems now widely available, why are we still ordering our food through a system that feels like it’s 1962?

o we like regularly getting our ast oo or er that is nothing close to what we requeste o we like or ering through an archaic system that shoul have been up ate years ago

It’s a shame that we must always check our order before we leave the service window. That does nothing but make what is already a slow, outdated process even slower. Come on fast food franchises! At least act as if you care about providing good service. Update and train. We all would appreciate it.

: ay attention to the way our e as uc-ee s oes things hey have it going on

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M usic P rofile

T exas o ert uhn a a Gal e ton

For singer-songwriter and recording artist, Robert Kuhn aka “Galvezton”, t e idio it ta es a i age o d fir y a y to is ision o a ore visible and sustainable music culture in Galveston. A Galveston resident since n is an acti e area er or er and arts e ent organi er creating t e a e T e oca s concert series at enard ar in and ore recent y t e a ierda sic and r esti a to be e d ay - at eac entra ar st and Seawall).

Wit t e e o organi ations i e ision a eston i ant ro itc a eston sand re ing r rider o ndation and a strong core o oca riends and re ati es n as gat ered a so id ine o sica artists or t e t ree-day a ierda esti a . rfing contests i be a ening si taneo s y it a -day concerts ro bands and sicians bot oca and regiona i e a eston s ndia Tigers in Te as arc orde and e in nderson it ead iners n enier os Skarnales, and more.

eb da e t e o ner o a eston s . . ac ine ac ine.co a i e concert so nd stage ro ider and ro otions co any is s orti e o t e e ent.

“I think it promotes community among locals. Everyone is always saying ‘we should get together sometime’ and this is a chance to do that – for artists, musicians, surfers - and drink some locally brewed beer. The Galveston scene is about celebrating each other’s art. Live music is one of the last ways large groups of people actually come together. In the age of online social media, we’ve got to remember how important it is to meet with our friends face to face,” Adame said.

eac entra ar sits in ront o a section o t e beac near rdoc s gi t s o ere t e s r contests i be e d. Des ite a arge ainted gra ic on t e ea a t at bo dy dec ares o rfing n said t e e ent as a t e necessary er its and city er issions re ired to o d t e esti a and a its acti ities. ood endors oca y bre ed beer and ot er acti ities i a be art o t e -day is and i esty e celebration.

orn and raised in o ston n ent red a ay ro Te as in is ear y s and s ent any years i ing in di erent aces aro nd t e or d residing e ery ere ro e or and ennsy ania to entra and o t erica inc ding years in icarag a. n a eston n see s to a e o nd a er anent o e going so ar as to recent y c ange is sic b siness recognizable name, “Robert Kuhn”, to “Galvezton.”

“Galveston is a cool community. I have roots here now. I have a child and a family - my brother and parents are here. I’ve made up my mind to stay in Galveston.”

n t e na e c ange n ad its it as is anage ent co any s idea b t e is in s ort.

“More people don’t know the name Robert Kuhn than do. There are a lot of songwriters named Robert, and because of all my association with the work I’m doing here, my manager thought “Galvezton” might be more easily remembered. But we had to change a letter in it, otherwise, it would be a Google nightmare,” Kuhn Said

56 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
LaIzquierda Festival Poster

As a music performer, Kuhn is committed to the “Galvezton” moniker but is not gi ing is birt na e or is or as a riter. n e b is ed is first book, “Leaving Is Returning” based largely on his time spent in South America between 2001 and 2009.

“It’s an autobiographical novel. It’s about my adventures in many places throughout South and Central America but largely the indigenous villages I lived in. I always keep journals, and this was a particularly exciting period in my life. I finally found a place in my life where I stopped for a while and put all my journals onto a computer and edited them into some kind of chronological story. It was edited down from thousands of pages and then a publisher helped me put it all together and publish the book.”

Locally, the book is available at Hendley Market on The Strand, at Cactus Music in Houston, and online at Amazon.com.

“Leaving is Returning” begins with Kuhn’s purchase of a one-way ticket from Houston to Buenos Aires just before September 11th, 2001. Kuhn said he was oo ing or i e to find is ay. e said e disco ered t e at o i e o t e people in the small villages he spent time in to be helpful in his own quest for direction.

“Part of the story is me being awakened to the fact that people can live in all kinds of ways. I felt it might help people with their own perspective.” As for the title “Leaving Is Returning,” Kuhn simply said, “It’s about getting back to who you really are.”

Kuhn’s latest album, “Persevere”, was released in October of 2022 and represents a di fic t eriod in is i e e said. eginning it a serio s car rec in 2019 while on tour with his band in Colorado and struggling through serious physical and mental rehabilitation until its release years later.

“Persevere has really been my mantra for the last few years. I already had some of the songs written when I was in the wreck, but I was in the hospital for weeks, didn’t know if I was going to live, and I was a hundred thousand dollars in debt. This was a hard period in my life. The music for me was the light in the darkness.”

Recording “Persevere” in his Galveston studio with collaborator and friend Rob astien n said is t ird a b to date is c di erent ro is first t o.

“This album is definitely a progression into the psychedelic realm. We used electronic and acoustic instruments – it’s more sonically diverse. Not just a recording with a band. We had a lot of time to get it exactly how we wanted it.”

The moody album is reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Lou Reed with hints of the ’80s and 90’s electronic music while still maintaining Kuhn’s strong lyrical sensibility. Released on both vinyl and CD, “Persevere” is available at Kuhn’s shows and on all digital platforms.

For Galvestonians interested in their artistic community, Robert Kuhn is an asset. His dedication to promoting local music and arts culture is proven, if not by his new stage name, “Galvezton”, then by his commitment to promoting Galveston’s unique island culture through events like the La Izquierda festival.

or more in ormation about the La quier a ur an Music estival at each Central ark in alveston May - visit: www lai quier a est org

or more about obert uhn alve ton visit: www robertkuhnmusic com

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“Galveston is a cool community. I have roots here now. I have a child and a family - my brother and parents are here. I’ve made up my mind to stay in Galveston.”
ZachTate Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 57
Leaving Is Returning Cover
“Persevere” is available at Kuhn’s shows and on all digital platforms.

A Guide To Galveston Fishing

58 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Crista Gonzales with an 80# Broadbill Swordfish. Hand cranked from 1,700 ft. down in the Gulf Of Mexico out of Galveston.
Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 59 www.wavesgalveston.com S E M E S MEE S M lan n t attend ur annual S a Meet at the ul a la a a Mar ue here ll e an vend r here t SE E all th n h related d eel ure ac le Mar ne E u ent E SE M M E E ME M M EM ESE E S M E S E E EM S ES SE S E M E E M E E S SE S E (409)698-7112 www.gethooked shingcharter.com Located on Galveston's West Bay at Beautiful Harborwalk Marina Hook into a wide variety of species both INSHORE and OFFSHORE on one of our private Family Friendly fishing charters. Fishing is not just a Hobby for us BUT our Full Time Job. Trips available YearRound. S MME S E S WAVES MAGAZINE OF PUBLISHER EDITOR Mike Burke mburke@wavesgalveston.com 409-789-1160 G A L V E S T O N E ntertainment M agazine WAVES priceless M e G February 2022 Ed ion Full Entertainment & Parade Schedule Inside

Experienced Fishing Advice To Make Fishing Great Again

Serious Tackle Box The

With Chris Gonzales

3-Way Swivel Deep Bottom Leader System

Deep dropping to 200 feet and deeper when using a mono leader that has a dropper loop or surgeon’s loop for the hook connection has always been a major concern for me. Twisting and tangling on the way down, especially with a long “hook leg” comes to mind. This is because the cut or live bait is the primary twist generator on the fall. I’m also reluctant to use those ring-type 3-way swivels, the angle of pull on the stem’s “bulbed” end of each eye on the inside of the ring really bothers me, no matter who makes them, or at what strength they are rated. I can’t put a big bait down deep hoping for a grouper or whatever to inhale my bait with one of those ring types as part of my rigging.

The Rosco, 600 1b. 3-way swivel is the simplest and strongest of the 3-way swivels...period. They cost around eight dollars for a six-pack and are available at Serious Tackle. Get the black ones if you have a choice. The correct orientation, top to bottom, when using this swivel is shown in the illustration. This positioning gives the maximum insurance against twisting and tangling because it has free rotation of the swivel eyes. The 5 ft. section of mono above the 3-way swivel is for cut-off and abrasion resistance. The swivel at the top of this section also gives increased twist and tangle insurance. This swivel can be a 350 1b. Rosco, size 4/0 in black, or a 500 lb. Size 10 ball bearing version that’s also in black.

My hooks of choice with this leader are Mustad 39960DT in sizes 16/0 to 20/0 and Eagle Claw L2045G 18/0 and 20/0 all are circle hooks.

The three mono sections of this leader system are 300 lb. clear. Crimped connections are much easier to make than tied ones, especially in 300 lb. and up. When properly crimped, it’s almost a foolproof rigging method, using compatible pieces makes this a reality. To build the leader system as shown in the illustration, you need the 300 lb. Mono, 1.9 mm double crimps (black), a 4-position hand crimp tool which is designed for use with double barrel sleeves (crimps) and using its correct position for these sleeves. Squeeze the handles tight, till they no longer move, and then tightening will be complete. Make your crimp or crimps in the middle portion of the sleeve, each end should be “belled” as in the illustration.

This is the procedure I use for making the crimps right and tight with a little insurance thrown in. Look at the part of the illustration that’s below the “hook leg” of the leader system. The first step, which isn’t shown, is to cut the mono’s end at an angle not 90 degrees across the strand, this makes it much easier to push through the barrel sleeve. Next, push

the mono through the sleeve, then through the eye of whatever you are attaching it to, such as one of the swivel eyes. Then, back through the sleeve until it comes out the other side about three inches, as shown at number 1 on the illustration. While keeping this end away from all the rest of the mono, very carefully heat the tip of the mono with a butane lighter until it melts. . .take the flame away and blow out the fire on the end of the mono if necessary. Assuming that you have already turned off the lighter and put it down in a safe place,

60 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

blow on the end of the mono to cool it down and solidify it. Now, pull on the mono loop, as at number 2, in the direction indicated by the arrow. This will pull the bulbed end of the number length against the end of the sleeve. Then pull the mono in the number area toward the direction indicated by its arrow to close the loop to size at the swivel or hook, this connection is now ready to crimp. Repeat this procedure at all loop and crimp locations. The “little insurance thrown in” is the bulb on the mono end. Should the mono slip, which it should never do, the “bulb” can save the day. There’s even a story from the West Coast that I read where a guy brought in a yellowfin tuna and saw where one of his crimped mono connections hadn’t been crimped but held because the bulb jammed it tight when the fish was on. A fish story? I don’t know, but the bulb is now part of my crimped mono connections.

On the illustration’s bottom loop is a breakaway loop of 40 lb. mono. Make this loop by doubling a piece of mono and tying a double overhand knot in the tag ends. Loop the breakaway through the bottom eye twice before going back through its end with the tied end of the loop. The breakaway loop’s end with the knot and its two stiff ends are then passed through the sinker’s eye and around its body, forming a loop at the sinker’s eye. The sinker’s weight will be determined by how much is needed to get your bait to your target depth and keep it vertical directly below you.

Braided line of 100# and over make a good choice for deep bottom drops for several reasons. The two biggest advantages are its virtually no stretch for best feel and hooksets; its small diameter also has less

resistance to the current “blowing” your bait presentation off vertical. Circle hooks are almost a must when fishing deep. Their hooking and holding abilities really work to your advantage; they also have much less chance of becoming hung up in structure than a similar-sized “J” hook. Circle hooks also require that you wait for the rod to bow hard and stay that way before you begin to wind your prize to the surface.

Dropping to the bottom with a big-cut bait such as a bonito or bluefish strip or a live blue runner is an offering that’s hard for any self-respecting grouper or sow red snapper to resist. This rigging and tackle to match from the swivel up will soon have whatever’s on your hook realizing they’ve made one of life’s bad choices. The 3-way barrel swivel by Rosco is the right way to go deep and beyond with confidence. This particular leader system with its super strong and efficient 3-way swivel, 300 lb. mono with crimped connections, and big circle hook is definitely a deep confidence generator; give it a fry and you’ll see what I mean.

you have any questions stop by erious ackle or email me at chris serioustackle com

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 61 www.wavesgalveston.com ro ishing ear ackle
aits Lures
Custom o s
n- ouse o eel epair
eel arts
o Components
nshore O shore ackle
Custom igging
Custom plicing elany LaMarque e as n the ul way la a
62 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com Maxe O t Fishing Find Max Online www.facebook.com/max.conner.395 nstagra a connerfis ing hout-Out o My ponsors immy urns aterloo o s ason aul tinky ants ishing Michael osse own outh Lures an illy ay agner alt ater oul
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Model CJ Reese
IG: modelcjreese83
th treet alveston @razorsedgegalvestontx Full Service Barbershop Answer: __A__ Answer: __C__ Answer: __A__ Answer: __C__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __D__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __C__ Answer: __C__ Answer: __A__ Answer: __A__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __E__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __B__ Answer: __A__ Answer: __C__ Answer: __C__ 63
Photographer The Baddest Sensei Steve Fuentes

Recipe Of The Month



Preheat oven to 375. Add 1/4 cup sugar to berries and toss then set aside long enough for sugar to melt. Grease and flour up to a 9x12 baking pan (I used an 8x12 Staub cast iron oval pan). Blend sugar and butter together until creamy then add eggs and vanilla until smooth.

In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Stir the flour mixture and buttermilk into the sugar mixture until it is well blended. Gently stir in berries and pour batter into the pan. Bake 20 minutes at 375 then remove to

add topping. Mix all topping ingredients except walnuts and berries in a bowl then use a pastry cutter to blend until crumbly. Fold in berries then spread the mixture over the cake. Lastly, sprinkle the chopped walnuts evenly and bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm with a side of vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 64 www.wavesgalveston.com
vided) Ingredients
vided) ground
Wild Bill’s Store | 5517 FM 2004 Suite 100 | Hitchcock, Texas, 77563 | Ph: (409) 392-8199 www.texasselectseasonings.com Follow Wild Bill at: Instagram@TexasSelectSeasonings Facebook@TexasSelectSeasonings
-“Wild Bill” & Barbara Powell
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Downtown Currents

Galveston Springs and Summers Outside is the Best SideGreat Island Dining Patios

The transition from the feeling of a perfect island Spring day to a hot Summer day can almost go unnoticed. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the endless views along with the feeling of “there’s always something to do on the island”; the events, tastes, and excitement that all make Galveston a destination any time of the year. A patio to sit and relax is just the cherry on top this time of year. Some of the best outdoor dining is on t e ast and West ends o t e trand ere yo can a so find ree ar ing and you are still just steps away from The Strand.

Maceo s pice an mports Market treet continues their “Fried ridays it t eir s ri or fis bas ets. T e nday br nc es are bac and t ere s a ig t a y and a o s int o e r eans eading bac to Maceo’s in the way of beignets. The new wine club is also premiering t is ont and i contin e on t e first T rsday o e ery ont or er ont . en dai y ro a to or s o ing. ec o t t eir Facebook page for kitchen hours and specials.

O Market treet has brought back a banana favorite while also starting the season of the coconut. The seasonal menu includes inea e a ors o citr s r its and e en so e s ice. -day a y o r on ondays - T esday t ro g riday it andcra ted coc tai s o dra t beer and o ine. so o en - a - and - a ri at.

Leelan ouse Market treet as been i ressing and fi ing t e foodies of the island since it moved into the former Gypsy Joynt building. Wit a itc en o en nti s aring a c arc terie board tr e ries or eating a late dinner after a day of fun in the sun and shopping is possible it o t ee ing r s ed and en oying t e tr y one-o -a- ind are. T ere are a few outside tables, but with the extended hours, there are more opportunities.

66 Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

ugar an ye Church treet as recent y eat red ere in Do nto n rrents or t eir a y o rs on ndays it s ecia s or t e s. o e er t e gorgeo s atio is et- riend y e ery day o t e ee to en oy it t eir an co nter arts. W et er en oying t e s nset it a a eston nset drin o a ocado oi as ed b e nectar te i a anc o reyes c i i i e r a aya ree s gar and rye i and i e ice or yo ee a itt e tty it a aretto Disaronno toasted ecan si e syr e on ice and egg ite e ery o r o t e day as de icio s y re ared ood and an e tensi e ist o coc tai s. T e o rs are on T es - osed or r nc Dinner ro to . Wed T rs r nc is ro a to and Dinner is ro to . n ri at r nc is ser ed ro a to and Dinner ro - . nday r nc is ro a to and Dinner is - .

s rro nded by istoric o es ess tra fic t e scents o res ba ed goods and i eccab e ser ice. T e crab ca es ai and grits a ong it t eir green c i e or and eggs a e it ard to c oose a a orite ro t e br nc en . eing o en at a e ery day e ce t T esday n o er can start your day off before the heat and still be enjoyed under the shade of t e atio or a ate nc . T e ba ery and ca e are o en Wednesday t ro g onday ro a to .

Mosquito Ca at th treet o ers a great atio to en oy its n ero s en se ections ranging ro t e si icity o st a ain rea ast it s d bbed t at on t e en o eggs toast bacon sa sage and otatoes to ore co e dis es i e arnitas Taco a antastic i et ignon taco or sand ic and a ge c oice o sa ads sian dis es and sea ood dis es. n oy any o t ese o t on a great atio s rro nded by istoric o es and antastic ie s. T e o rs are T esday t ro g at rday ro to rea ast ser ed nti nday ro to rea ast ser ed D and t ey are c osed on ondays.

uli uli ut to the ast th treet is a o s or its ea ing i es o cra fis s ri and ot er sea ood se ections a ong it an interior t at oo s i e t e e terior o a tro ica is and. T e atio o ds ba boo seating nder a a a a cano y o ten a ing i e sic and a en t at as e t i i t on t e a orites ist o oca ango ts or a ery ong ti e. en nday t ro g T rsday ro a to and riday at rday ro a to it s anot er a a ing ace to end t e day it a ate ea sic and drin s.

ic stro ro t e trand to t e osto fice District aces yo at t e ste s o se era o tside dining c oices it incredib e atios o tstanding a y o r s ecia s and en s t at cater to e ansi e cra ings at any artic ar ti e. ere are so e st- isit atio dining and drin ge s ere ste s ro t e trand

aquilo s e -Me Cantina at osto fice

Little a y s umbo ar at osto fice

altwater rill at osto fice

ky ar teak an ushi at osto fice

un ower akery th treet located in the historic East End, offers res sea ood dis es ba ed goods and a ee ing o sitting on t e side orc it a c o co ee o nging and isiting it riends. t s a bea ti atio

Waves Magazine | MAY 2023 67 www.wavesgalveston.com



Summertime on the island means many things are happening days a week from May until September. Millions of people visit our tiny paradise to get away from the chaos of work, and the big city or they have always wanted to see what the fuss is about because we “islanders” are always talking about how this tiny sliver of earth is such a great place to live and visit. In essence, we have brought these visitors to our island because we “brag” about how wonderful Galveston, Texas is. That being said, we have to learn, expand and grow in our “patience”.

What on earth does that mean?

Think about it - what causes you your greatest anxiety? Is it the thousands of people who come to the island on any given weekend? Is it the traffic on 61st, Broadway, or the Seawall that normally takes 10 minutes to travel through but becomes an agonizing 30-45 minute road trip? Have you ever tried to get across the ferry to check out Bolivar and Crystal Beach during the weekend? The lines are crazy long!!! Is it the crowded supermarkets that are busy at all times of the day, not to mention those long checkout lines? How about wanting to get a bite to eat at one of your favorite restaurants just to see the lines coming out the door and you’re told it’s an hour wait? My blood pressure is rising just writing about it! See, that means my patience is weak and I’ve got to find a happy place.

Islanders tolerate all the inconveniences because tourism is the lifeline of Galveston’s existence. Summertime is the make-or-break time for many of our small businesses. So, we must learn to be patient, which is extremely hard at times. Too often we just want our peace and quiet, and we forget the importance of tourism.

So how do we learn to be patient? Patience is a form of love. The Bible says “Love is patient, Love is kind”. If you look at it that way, then we need to reflect on how to “love” all this summer chaos. One way is to remember that this is a 3-month inconvenience we must endure, but for many of our friends and fellow islanders, it’s the time they make most of their income to keep their doors open in the slow winter months. So, can I show a little more patience for them? It’s worth a try.

It might be a good time to step back and find ways around all the mess. Kathy and I get up early and enjoy the beautiful sunrises more during this time of the year. It’s a little cooler and the big thing, tourists don’t come to the island to get up early. So we get to enjoy the beach and the mornings with relatively little traffic. On an off note, I think this would be a great time to shout out to all the parks and sanitation workers

who keep our beaches clean and trash picked up. It also shows how much our city employees get done early. They are picking up trash and making the beaches presentable. “Thank you” City Park employees and Sanitation Department! My patience level seems to be growing just knowing I’m not out there having to do that job! Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty for us islanders to do. Kathy and I go walking almost every morning and do our part by picking up trash along our section of the Seawall. See, I have little patience for those who can’t take a few extra steps to place their trash in one of the hundreds of trash cans made available to them by the city. Oops, my patience level just dropped a little. Come on John, remember ...”love is patient, love is kind”.

We do most of our grocery shopping early in the week and early in the day. We eat an early dinner, say around pm to avoid that 5-9 pm time frame - it’s crazy!!! By eating early, we avoid the huge crowds and we feel like we get better service from the wait staff. It also makes the way for a more pleasant dining experience. As the big crowds start coming in for dinner, we are making our way out to a bar for an after-dinner drink or finding some early local music.

Make sure you leave in plenty of time when you go out on the town. We try to avoid the busiest roads by using Ave S, Ave O, and Ave P. One thing about the island being laid out in a grid, you can zig-zag your way to any part of the island. What I like about taking the back roads, you find some beautiful properties you never knew existed. Leaving early helps you grow in developing your patience.

The fact that we islanders live here and get to experience the sunrises, sunsets, and meeting up with our friends for food and music, while many of our friends are running small businesses to make this place great for our visitors, is a good enough reason to be patient and kind.


slan ers let s continue to work on our patience or our small business community an support them when we can or many o us it s a -month inconvenience but or many it s make or break or their survival

slan ers nee to be patient because tourism is the li ebloo o our city

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