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Foxcroft School Strategic Plan 2016 HER FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE

Keep up with the times, don’t be narrow, have few rules, good hard work and much fun. -Miss Charlotte

Greetings! Embracing change continues to be an integral part of the Foxcroft ethos. In 2014, the year that the School marked its centennial, we began the important initiative of developing a strategic plan to shape a vision for our second century of educating girls. This vision focuses on the following priorities: Align our academic, co-curricular, and residential programs to bring each girl unique learning opportunities

Enhance Foxcroft’s beautiful campus and facilities as a core component of our educational and residential programs

Tell our story boldly and proudly to a global community

Advance our financial model to support our mission and ensure a vibrant second century

These four priorities provide us with a roadmap for continued success in preparing our students for an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. Accordingly, our strategic processes for delivering on these priorities will undergo continual review and refinement. We are grateful for your input and unwavering belief in the transformative power of a Foxcroft education. Your continued support and involvement helps to ensure the success of our School—and our students—in the near future and beyond.

Catherine S. McGehee, Head of School

Shaping Our Future Our strategic visioning process was comprehensive and inclusive.

THIS PROCESS INVOLVED: • Gathering data from all constituencies: students, faculty, staff, alumnae, parents, and trustees in surveys, focus groups and committees • Conducting market and industry research and benchmarking • Modeling for long-term financial sustainability

• Developing a new mission statement and promises • Mapping curriculum content and skills • Updating the Campus Master Plan • Completing our self-study for VAIS 10-year Accreditation

Our four promises are a result of this process.


Our Mission, Promises & Values Foxcroft’s mission is to help every girl explore her unique voice and develop the skills, confidence, and courage to share it with the world. THE SCHOOL LIVES OUT ITS MISSION THROUGH THESE PROMISES, BY BRINGING TO EACH GIRL:



Unique learning experiences in and out of the classroom

An uncommonly beautiful setting in which to learn, grow and thrive



A residential community of understanding hearts

FOXCROFT VALUES In 2015 student leaders at Foxcroft came together to reaffirm the School’s Core Values, which serve as guiding principles for our entire community:

Respect A lifetime of friendships and global connections

Integrity Kindness Service

WHAT SETS US APART • Horsemanship has been an integral part of the Foxcroft experience since its founding. Whether a beginner or a rider competing at the national level, our equestrians are supported and celebrated. A typical school day might include a riding lesson in between English and biology, and weekends spent at an IEA show. • For girls who demonstrate a high level of passion, commitment, and performance, our Exceptional Proficiency Program enables students to train, compete or perform off campus in areas such as riding, downhill skiing, figure skating, swimming or acting, while balancing their academic requirements. HER FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE | 7

Unique Learning Experiences In & Out of the Classroom We will intentionally design learning goals and instructional practices to support how girls learn best, by strengthening an interdisciplinary and experiential curriculum.

We will also focus on honing important skills, such as research methodology, analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, creative problem solving, and digital communications. Building upon a strong

KEYS TO THIS PROMISE: • Expert faculty • EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) • Project Green Build and Rebuild • Computer programming/ application development • Drones and rockets

foundation, we will expand STEM education (science, technology,

• Financial literacy

engineering, and math) to include greater opportunities in engineering,

• Interdisciplinary senior thesis

computer programming, application development, digital art, and technical theatre. We will enhance our performing and fine arts

• Internships and community partnerships

programs, as creative expression plays a vital role in understanding

• Music program

and communicating the human experience. Finally, we will develop

• Graphic Arts

a research-based Wellness Program to support girls in maintaining a

• Technical Theatre

healthy lifestyle, both now and in their futures. HER FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE | 9

Uncommonly Beautiful Campus We must ensure that our campus remains a place of beauty and inspiration, where girls learn, grow and thrive.

To support this promise, we must first complete our Residential Initiative and then address the modernization of Schoolhouse

KEYS TO THIS PROMISE: • Court Welcome Center • Dorm upgrades

and the Music Building, as well as a much-needed performing

• Innovation lab

arts center.

• Library archives

With the development of our interdisciplinary and experiential curriculum, we will create new outdoor learning spaces.

• Field upgrades • Wellness trail • Ropes course • Community garden • Outdoor labs HER FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE | 11

A Residential Community of Understanding Hearts At Foxcroft, each girl is known and valued for who she is. She is provided opportunities to lead and serve her School, her community, and her world.

KEYS TO THIS PROMISE: • Prefects and Whips • Honor code

By strengthening our residential life program, we will build upon our success of providing students opportunities to develop

• Service learning • Empathy

leadership, responsibility and understanding through School

• Diversity & inclusion

traditions, community service, trips, clubs, and fun weekend

• Fox/Hound tradition

activities. Whether in the classroom, on the field or in the dorms,

• Old Girl/New Girl

each girl will receive support in ways which make her feel embraced as an individual and help shape her character.

• Sleeping porches • Peer tutoring • Student activities


Bonds for Life The Foxcroft experience leads to a lifetime of friendships and global connections. KEYS TO THIS PROMISE: The Foxcroft experience creates enduring global connections for our students and alumnae that transcend age and geographical location. We will continue to create opportunities for students and alumnae to strengthen those ties among themselves, and

• Consistent messaging • Rebranding (look & feel) • Logo development

we will share in celebrating the achievements of our graduates.

• Website redesign

As we pursue a broader audience through our 21st century

• Alumnae networking opportunities

marketing initiatives, we will also take deliberate steps to attract, enroll, and retain a diverse student body and faculty.

• Social media • Strengthening international alumnae ties • FAN (Foxcroft Admission Network)


We Have Begun We are taking action, making improvements, and achieving milestones to support the promises in our strategic plan.

RECENT SUCCESSES • Our Centennial Celebration brought 1,000 members of our community together. • We have raised $69 million towards our Centennial Campaign goal of $75 million ($23 million for our Residential Initiative and $52 million for endowment.)

• Court Dormitory was repurposed as a Welcome Center to ensure its preservation as a historic building on campus. • The 2003 Campus Master Plan was updated to reflect recent building additions and renovations and to map future projects.

• An historic, transformative gift from Ruth Bedford '32 accelerated our progress towards our long-term goals.

• We are upgrading our technology infrastructure by installing new fiber-optic cable and Wifi across campus.

• We completed Stuart Hall, our gold LEEDcertified dormitory that was one of six to be nominated for the best LEED project of 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland. Stuart Hall won the Wintergreen Award for Excellence in Green Building USGBC Maryland, as well as the Wintergreen People’s Choice Award.

• 22% of our students are ITs and Legacies, 17% are U.S. students of color, 25% international students, and more than 30% receive financial aid. • Foxcroft has made this progress without incurring long-term debt.












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Our plan is your call to action.

We Have the Plan To realize our strategic plan, Foxcroft needs a strong, sustainable financial model that requires participation from every constituency: alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, students, and trustees.

TOGETHER, WE MUST: • Increase total net tuition revenue through meeting enrollment goals • Increase financial aid and merit • Build the endowment and continue a conservative approach to the draw on the endowment • Grow a sustainable Annual Fund by ensuring a broad base of strong, consistent support through increased participation levels and gift amounts • Continue and add successful auxiliary programs

• Strengthen Foxcroft’s financial position through continuing disciplined budgeting practices and risk management • Develop a fundraising plan to realize long-range building goals to modernize Schoolhouse and the Music Building, and to address the need for a performing arts center • Continue to address deferred maintenance • Attract and retain outstanding faculty through competitive compensation, benefits, and professional development.


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Foxcroft School Strategic Plan 2016  
Foxcroft School Strategic Plan 2016