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What is

red, white, and


and building

excitement for fall?

It’s not a

f ield hockey or basketball game. STEM competition It’s not a

or an

art project ...

It’s Foxcroft’s Newest Dormitory in Almost Half a Century

Stuart Hall

And Our Students Can’t Wait to Call it Home! Nan Madeira Stuart ’71 played an integral part in making Foxcroft’s new dormitory a reality. Nan, who jump-started the fundraising for the building with an initial gift of $1 million from the Hadley and Marion Stuart Foundation, has been hands-on throughout the project, and has completed the funding of the dormitory with her most recent $1 million gift from the same foundation. In announcing her gift to Foxcroft’s Board of Trustees, Nan was acknowledged as the principal donor and as such, enjoyed the opportunity to name Foxcroft’s newest building.

“ In looking at boarding schools,” Nan said, “Madeira was my

middle name so I did not want to go to Madeira. Stuart was my last name so I did not want to go to Stuart Hall. I chose Foxcroft because of the beautiful campus and the horses. Now, more than 45 years later, I can’t think of anything better than to give back to the School that means so much to me. And that gift is called Stuart Hall. ”

We are grateful to Nan Stuart, the Hadley and Marion Stuart Foundation, and the many others who supported this $10.3 million project with time, treasure, and talent. With its timeless design, Stuart Hall represents Foxcroft’s commitment to community and an understanding and appreciation for the character of its campus — ­ rural, open, solid, and unpretentious. Stuart Hall will offer generations of girls a place to grow, to share, and to build friendships that will last a lifetime.

“ Our dormitories provide the environment where girls learn to

get along with others and to appreciate their different gifts. They learn to be responsible for themselves and to be leaders and honorable members of a community. The dorms are where we build intentional, authentic community. That’s where it all begins.’’

– Sheila C. McKibbin, associate

head of school

ROOM to grow Stuart Hall will be completed this summer. The building is 26,000 square feet of eco-friendly, LEED-certified residential and community space that will help define the Foxcroft experience for decades to come. Within these walls, our students will find state-of-the-art living areas and inviting places to gather, relax, and study — blending academics and community in the Foxcroft tradition.

Stuart Hall AT A GLANCE

2 Wings 50 Beds • A Common Room • A Study Room • 4 Sleeping Porches • Premier Faculty Housing 1 four-bedroom townhouse 2 three-bedroom apartments • LEED-Certified • Geothermal Heating and Cooling • •

OPENING FALL OF 2013 • Stuart Hall is the first phase of Foxcroft’s residential initiative

“ We will remain faithful to our roots, no glitz, time-honored rules, hard work, the assumption of integrity and honor, and the expectation for service. Bricks and mortar do not a school make; however, our

people and programs have earned them.’’

– Mary Louise Leipheimer, head

of school

Nan Madeira Stuart ’71

Please join us for the

dedication of STUART HALL Saturday, September 28, 2013.

22407 Foxhound Lane • P.O. Box 5555 Middleburg,Virginia 20118 540.687.4510 •

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