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JUNE 2012 Volume 13, Issue 6


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Volume 13, Issue 6 | JUNE 2012


Fox Cities Board of Directors

3 President’s perspective Views from Chamber President/CEO Shannon Meyer Full

10 New members 13 department updates 14 Accolades, Advancements, Announcements

Linda Kennedy, Business Lending Group Chair-Elect Greg Bell, WHBY Past Chairman Jim Rankin, Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation Secretary/Treasurer Bruce Zak, JPMorgan Chase, N.A. Vice Chairman Membership Services

If A Tree Falls In A Forest...; Lisa Cruz, pages 4-5

Monica Vomastic, Landmark Staffing Resources

features 4 If A Tree Falls In A Forest...; Lisa Cruz 6 First Organizational Strategies, Then Marketing Strategies; Dave Salzwedel 8 Smart Savings For Your Business - Investing In Employee Health and Well-Being

First Organization Strategies; Dave Salzwedel, page 6

Chairman of the Board


Vice Chairman Economic Development Kip Golden, Keller Inc. Vice Chairman Workforce & Leadership Development Joyce Bytof, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group Vice Chairman Government Relations Robyn Gruner, AT&T

Kim Bassett Heitzmann

Vic Lutz

Bassett Mechanical


Corey Brumbaugh

Bill Mann

Miron Construction


Co, Inc.

Dr. Susan May

Kevin Eismann

Fox Valley

Epiphany Law, LLC

Technical College

Daniel P. Ferris

Debra Michiels

SECURA Insurance

Fox Banquets

Jim Gaerthofner

Rivertyme Catering

Nordon Business

John Milanowski


Innovative Machining, Inc.

Vince Gallucci

Bill Mundy

Affinity Health System

West Business Services

16 Business of the Month

Sharon Hulce

Robert Pedersen

Employment Resource

Goodwill NCW

17 Young Professionals Awards

Group Inc.

18 Membership Drive

The Bechard Group

11 Economic Development 12 Marketing 101

19 Sponsorship Thank You

Dennis Jochman

James Rossmeissl The Boldt Company Catherine Tierney

Lyssa King

Community First

OuterEdge Stage

Credit Union

John Krause

Joan Woldt

Baker Tilly Virchow

Bank First National

Krause, LLP Marty Lenss Outagamie County Regional Airport

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Fox Cities Chamber Business (v 259180). Published monthly by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 125 N. Superior Street, Appleton, WI 54911. PH 920-734-7101. WEB Periodical postage paid at Appleton, WI. Annual subscription fee to members for Fox Cities Chamber Business is $9 and is included in dues. Publisher: Shannon Meyer Full. Editor: Melody Lane Buller. Design: Coalesce Inc. Printing: Northeast Wisconsin Printing Co. Advertising Sales: Susan Vanden Heuvel, 920-734-7101. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Fox Cities Chamber Business, PO Box 1855, Appleton, WI 54912-1855.

president’s perspective Marketing….one of the most important pieces of a successful business but also one of the most complex. Because the word marketing is used so often, many believe it is easy or that they can just do it themselves. However, recently the chamber has benefitted from feedback from many experts in the field of marketing to assist us with a few things that will truly help us tell our story, which by the way, is one thing that we have not done well. One of the first areas of focus is a comprehensive marketing plan for the organization. As the 3rd largest chamber in the state, we are honored to represent over 1350 business members. Our members are our primary audience and our communication and marketing strategy with our members needs to have more substance. Therefore, we have now designed a plan to encourage more interaction and engagement with our members as well as collateral pieces that better demonstrate the direct benefits of the chamber.

Our program of work collateral is the first of the strategies to be fully implemented and we are hearing rave responses from our members regarding the convenient flip-book that highlights all of our programs and services and truly shows where members can engage to have the most impact on their own business, the organization and the community. As we are undergoing this comprehensive plan, one thing is for certain, effective marketing strategies will make all the difference to the success of this organization. I often times hear that the term marketing is cliché and too many people believe they are experts in the field. Actually I believe we need many experts because marketing is so essential for our success and the dynamics of marketing are as diverse as our members. I encourage all of you to explore the new tactics on marketing and not be afraid of the ever-changing climate. After all, you may be missing some key contacts that will allow you to really expand and grow your business.


Effective marketing strategies will make all the difference to the success of this organization.

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Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


featured story

“If A Tree Falls In A Forest And No One Is Around To Hear It, Does It Make A Sound?” LISA CRUZ


I love this quote because I like to think how it applies to business. If you open your doors for business and no one knows about it, are you still open for business? Of course you are! But if no one knows you opened your doors, you are hurting your chances of success. Over and over again I hear from new businesses that opened with much fanfare only to let their PR efforts fall by the wayside. As a small business owner myself, I understand how challenging it can be to give time to ongoing public relations efforts, but it is essential that you keep up your efforts, no matter what. If you don’t, it will be that much harder and more expensive to raise awareness from ground zero. In light of that, here are a few ways to garner ongoing awareness of your business with your target audiences. In-person networking is critical to your overall business development efforts. Set up a regimented calendar when you are attending events and meeting colleagues or potential clients for coffee/lunch or dinner. No excuses. If you are an introvert and this is an uncomfortable effort for you, challenge yourself and set up small, attainable goals. Your business depends on it. One of the first things I did when we opened was laid out every business card I had, picked up the phone and started dialing. Take advantage of cyclical calendar events that are particular to your industry. For example, if your business provides tax preparation and filing, your communication efforts could tie into educating your target audience in areas such as new tax laws. In addition, you could reach out to the media and let them know you are available as a resource for any upcoming related stories. Make those cyclical dates work for your awareness efforts.


Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

The best place to start with all of these efforts? Put a Your community relation efforts are also very important plan in place because we all know that once it’s written to pursue. Find a nonprofit organization you are down you will have a better passionate about and contact them chance of success. I recently to see how you can help. From read that if you write your goal committee work to board Put a plan in place down you increase your odds by involvement and service, nonprofit because we all know 80 percent! Your plan doesn’t work is rewarding from the that once it’s written have to be long or complicated connections you make and more down you will have but it should be clear, concise importantly, it’s fulfilling to you as a a better chance of and innovative. Don’t do what person. All of which makes sound everyone else is doing but make business sense. success. your own success by standing And of course, I would be remiss if out from others. I didn’t tell you to have an engaging online presence. And remember, the goal is to have that tree fall within Again, these efforts take time but it’s time well spent in earshot of many. the overall scheme of things. Start small and choose a platform where your audience is already engaged. Make postings a couple times a day but make them relevant, conversational and not a hard business sell.

Let the images speak for themselves P. 920.810.2616

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


featured story

First Organizational Strategies; Then Marketing Strategies DAVE SALZWEDEL Guident Business Solutions, LLC

In his book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective

through marketing strategy can be ineffective if the

People’, author Steven Covey wrote “Habit #3: Put

organization’s strategy supporting it is non-existent

First Things First”!

or contrary.

Every good marketing company will tell you that

A strategy is defined as a plan of action to achieve

you need to define your marketing strategies

a goal or set of goals. Two of the first strategic

before you develop your marketing plan.

thinkers, nearly 2,500 years ago, were Alexander

Marketing strategies are indeed important,

the Great and Sun Tsu, author of “The Art of War.”

however, they are just one part of the complex

The foundation of military concepts they laid are

nature of a successful business. A well thought

the bedrock of business strategy even today.

A highly effective marketing strategy must be part of an overall organizational strategy that is built on these foundations: • Vision, Mission, and Values of the organization • Internal and external factors that inhibit or facilitate achievement • Unique core competencies and productive uses of them

• Linkages for all functional aspects of the organization (e.g. marketing) • Clearly defined actions, responsibilities, and timelines to achieve developed goals • Ways to measure progress and change the strategy if necessary

So, what’s the big deal with all this? The big

those that are most successfully managed in the

deal is it is difficult to put together a strategic

country. Strategy, design, and culture all need to be

marketing plan without first having a well-defined

addressed. The results of such an assessment tool

organizational strategic plan. Businesses today,

create limitless opportunities for dialogue between

even “small” ones, operate in a very complex

management team members, or the owner and

environment with demanding government,

employees, etc.

demanding workers, demanding customers, and demanding suppliers.

The process that is used to analyze the results of the assessment meet all the bulleted criteria

How do you do it?

above and will produce an organization that knows its future and has a solid plan to achieve it with

Many of the most progressive companies

accountabilities defined.

seek out professionals who use organizational


assessment software that will, figuratively, “x-ray”

Wouldn’t you want your strategic marketing plan to

the organization based on the best practices of

be based on a solid organizational plan first?

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

Now Relieving Pain in the Fox Valley

Advanced Pain Management is pleased to announce the opening of our new location at 2700 E. Enterprise Avenue in Appleton. At APM our goal is to relieve pain, restore function and renew hope for our patients. Offering advanced treatments for: Back & Neck Pain • Sciatica SI Joint Pain • Work & Sports Injury Joint Pain • Spinal Stenosis

Nileshkumar Patel, MD, MBA Board Certified Pain Management Board Certified Anesthesiology Cleveland Clinic Fellowship Trained Minimally Invasive Spine Specialist

Maurizio Albala, MD

Board Certified Pain Management Board Certified Anesthesiology Harvard & Tuft University Fellowship Trained

Scan the code with your smart phone to view a video or visit Need a code reader? Go to

• 888-901-PAIN (7246)

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


featured story

Smart Savings For Your Business -

Investing In Employee Health And Well-Being By becoming a member of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce you have already made one of the smartest decisions for your business. Your Chamber membership gives you access to exclusive partnerships and discounts to help you run your business more efficiently and save money. Did you know that your business can invest in your employees’ well-being by taking advantage of the Y’s Corporate Partner Wellness Program? Businesses contributing a minimum of $5/per month toward each employee membership will receive a waiver of the employee’s joiner fee and the Y will match half of the contribution up to $10/month. Corporate Partners also enjoy these benefits: • One free trial week for employees and their families each year • Reports showing your employees usage and participation • Promotional materials provided by the YMCA-email blasts, internal posters, etc. • Access to all facilities in Wisconsin • Free on-site health fairs including body fat analysis, blood pressure screenings, and flexibility evaluations Becoming a Y member means access to: state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff; pools, gyms, track, racquetball courts; free land and water group exercise classes; discounts on daycare, summer day camp, instructional classes, youth fitness classes and sports leagues; personal fitness program and so much more. The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes in the value of offering its employees ways to take personal responsibility for their health and well-being. “Our efforts to minimize health care costs starts with our employees making healthier lifestyle choices today to limit overall health care costs tomorrow,” said Shannon L. Full, President/CEO. The YMCA of the Fox Cities Corporate Wellness Partner Program is a great way to accomplish this. For more information about the YMCA of the Fox Cities Corporate Wellness Partner Program contact Sue Pawlowski, Community Relations Director, YMCA of the Fox Cities at 886-2124 or


Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

Every child. Every need. Every day.

130 Second St., Neenah (920) 969-7900

Make sure your insurance plan includes Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Pediatric specialists and subspecialists from allergy to urology. Fox Valley’s top-level intensive care nursery. • The only hospital in the region that treats children exclusively and has pediatricians on site 24/7. • Inpatient care, specialty care and neonatal intensive care in the Fox Valley. • •

It’s easy to see why Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin means the best care for kids. And just in case your child ever needs more, we’re your connection to Children’s in Milwaukee, rated one of the best in the nation. valley


Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


new members

We welcome new members to the Chamber Always in Motion Trucking, LLC Ms. Jessica Owen 101 W. Edison Ave. Ste. 205 Appleton, WI 54915-1367 (888) 788-1734 Sponsor: Chris Hanson TRANSPORTATION

Avenue Jewelers

Mr. Jason Druxman 303 E. College Ave. Appleton, WI 54911-5714 (920) 731-4740 Sponsor: Joyce Bytof, Robyn Gruner JEWELRY

Coughlin & Coughlin, S.C. Ms. Mary F. Coughlin 200 N. Durkee St. Ste 215 Appleton, WI 54911-5429 (920) 734-2300 Sponsor: Ron Zahn / Joanne Fischer ATTORNEYS


Dawn Nowakowski 617 E. Carrington Lane Appleton, WI 54913-7187 (920) 419-1599 Sponsor: Beth Davis MARKETING

Debe Cheesecake & Catering Ms. Debbie Wichman 845 Ehlers Road Neenah, WI 54956-1414 (920) 720-5400 CATERERS

DeWitt Londre LLC

Mr. Scott DeWitt 1711 W. College Ave. Appleton, WI 54914-4946 (920) 740-6660 Sponsor: Debra Terry REAL ESTATE - RESIDENTIAL


DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc Ms. Julie Russell PO Box 0562 Appleton, WI 54912-0562 (920) 886-8160 Sponsor: Dennis Jochman INVESTIGATIONS - PRIVATE & SECURITY

Emmons Business Interiors Ms. Cheryl Bliss 2142 W. Spencer St. Appleton, WI 54914-4637 (920) 738-7500 Sponsor: Ron Zahn/Joanne Fischer OFFICE FURNITURE

Harrison Printing & Promotions

Mr. Willie Harrison 558 Eisenhower Dr. Ste. H Kimberly, WI 54936-2145 (920) 997-9940 Sponsor: Heather Vander Heyden PRINTERS

Martenson & Eisele, Inc.

Mr. Jonathan P. Bartz 1377 Midway Rd. PO Box 449 Menasha, WI 54952-0449 Sponsor: Kip Golden ENGINEERS/SURVEYORS & ARCHITECTS

Med Owl Consulting

Dr. Camille Wissmann, 923 W. Windtree Dr. Appleton, WI 54914-7222 (920) 268-7350 Sponsor: Ron Zahn/Joanne Fischer MEDICAL THERAPY MANAGEMENT PHARMACY

Newport Board Group Mr. William Heeter 3049 Fairwinds Dr. Neenah, WI 54956 (920) 778-0001 Sponsor: Dave Boardman BUSINESS CONSULTANT

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer Mr. Bill Peotter 1380 Earl St. Menasha, WI 54952-1415 (920) 734-4707 Sponsor: Les VanOrnum/Heather VanderHeyden SEWER & SEPTIC TANK SERVICES

The QTI Group

Ms. Jennifer Nigl 4545 W. College Ave., Ste. 100 Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 882-0559 Sponsor: Dawn Nowakowski STAFFING SERVICES

Twigs & Vines Floral

Ms. Judy Corrigan 3100 N. Richmond St. Appleton, WI 54911-1151 (920) 734-2303 Sponsor: Joanne Fischer/Ron Zahn FLORISTS

Wind River Financial Mr. John Mendoza 41 Solar Circle Appleton, WI 54915-5840 (920) 810-4957 Sponsor: Dennis Allar BUSINESS SERVICES

economic development

stacked logo

Case Study in Economic Development:

Topeka’s Gamble Topeka was not the most vibrant city in the Midwest. The downtown streets that surrounded the Kansas Capitol building were pocked with empty storefronts, and population growth during the past quartercentury was negligible. But Topeka’s sorry track record created an environment fertile for a bold experimentation. Citizens in 2000 decided to increase the sales tax to pay for infrastructure and economic development. That move has been credited with the creation or retention of about 5,000 central-city jobs. Since then, the tax incentive program has been doubled and extended for 12 more years. Go Topeka was created as an economic development engine to change the landscape of the Topeka/Shawnee County. Through a process of bringing in new “outside” dollars into the community, a greater wealth and quality of place was established for their current citizens and future generations. GO Topeka achieved this mainly through new capital investment, business creation and recruitment of “primary” jobs, but also in retention and expansion of existing businesses.

GO Topeka and its program for recruitment have been declared a “model for economic development organizations”. Additionally, GO Topeka’s Entrepreneurial and Minority Business Development program has been cited as a national model to follow by the Institute for Competitive Workforce. In 2011, GO Topeka’s efforts on behalf of Topeka and Shawnee counties yielded a combined capital investment of $250 million. According to its newest corporate citizen, Mars Chocolate North America, they will have an economic impact of $3.24 billion over the next 10 years and will create 425 new jobs. Yes, investment in economic development can be daunting, but the pay-off is a better quality of place, a better quality of jobs, and a better quality of long-term diversity. For Topeka, Kansas it was the only course of action that made sense. Let’s IGNITE Fox Cities!

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


marketing 101

Marketing: What

Story Do You Want to Tell? Organizational Health: There are two things that make an organization successful, smart people and healthy cultures. Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, said he has never seen an organization fail because they don’t have smart enough people; rather organizations fail because their culture is broken. Organizational health is one of the last competitive advantages for companies. If an organization is in great ‘health’ people will be happier, more productive and will stay with the company longer. The way to achieve organization health is through, building a cohesive leadership team, creating clarity around initiatives and vision and continually repeating and reinforcing that vision.

The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce recently sponsored a webcast called Chick-fil-a Leadercast on May 4th. The event was held at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and organized by Fox Valley Workforce Development and SHRM. This event was an all-day live webcast from Atlanta, Georgia of 10 nationally-renowned speakers. The speakers included; Andy Stanley, Soledad O’Brian, Dr. Roland Fryer, Marcus Decision Making: Decision making is one of the most Buckingham, Angela Ahrendts, John Maxwell, Urban Meyer, critical skills leaders can possess Tim Tebow, Dr. Sheena Lyengar and according to Andy Stanley, author Patrick Lencioni. The topic for the I have yet to be in a game where of Next Generation Leader. His webcast was ‘Choices’ and each luck was involved. Well-prepared theory is that there is not enough speaker presented on how the daily time in the day to accomplish players make plays. I have yet choices we make in our lives will everything we have on our plates. to be in a game where the most have a profound impact on our lives Therefore, it is essential that prepared team didn’t win. and the lives of those around us. we understand how to make If you were not able to attend the - Urban Meyer, Head football coach at the decisions. Without the ability to event, here is a snapshot of the key Ohio State University prioritize tasks we will always be take-aways. putting out fires and answering the call of the squeakiest wheel. Leadership: Effective leadership This approach teaches others that if they want to get our was discussed in some capacity by all of the speakers. Each attention, they simply need to create a crisis and we will speaker presented on what they thought effective leadership respond. Here are the three questions he recommends you meant. Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry believed that ask yourself when making decisions and prioritizing tasks. great leadership is recognizing the individual strengths on your team and putting the right people in the right place, 1. What would my replacement do? at the right time to accomplish great things. Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback said that everyone is a leader whether they 2. What would a great leader do? know it or not. He believes that leadership is the ability to 3. What story do I want to tell? influence one person, so make sure you are influencing the right attitudes and behaviors. This webcast is scheduled to take place again on May 10, 2013 and will be broadcast from Atlanta. If you are Goal Setting: John Maxwell, author of The 21 Irrefutable interested in attending a local screening, mark your Laws of Leadership presented on how to create a personal calendars and stay tuned for more information closer to the growth plan. His belief is that the only way you can grow is event date. to do it intentionally, and the secret to success is in the tasks you perform every day. Just like a business plans for growth and success, so too should individuals. Success does not happen by accident.


Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

department updates

economic development •

Discussed the establishing of a small business mentoring program with committee members calling on small businesses in the Fox Cities Area to ascertain if assistance can be provided

Viewed a presentation by Laith Wardi of Executive Pulse, Inc. on an improved version of the Executive Pulse Survey Program

Continue to discuss how the organization can best aid the Fox Cities Economic Development Alliance with the recommendations from the study “Ignite Fox Cities”

Exploring the creation of a EB-5 Regional Center in the Fox Cities Area to encourage foreign investment

government affairs •

Testified before the Wisconsin Transportation Finance and Policy Board in support of legislation that would allow communities in the Fox Cities to create a Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Sales tax revenue generated via the RTA, up to one-half of one percent, would be used to fill a federal revenue hole created when the urbanized Fox Cities area exceeded a population of 200,000. The tax could not be levied without the consent of area taxpayers via a referendum

Met with Mike Huebsch, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Administration. Secretary Huebsch shared with the Council that the state is on track to finish the biennium with the first budget surplus in a decade

Participated in a Diversity in Planning session hosted by East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning and UW-Fox

Valley at the Bridgewood Hotel and Conference Center in Neenah. The focus of the agenda was to punctuate the importance of communities incorporating diversity into their planning activities •

Continues work on finalizing the agenda for the Fall edition of the Institute for Political Leadership. The program is helpful for those individuals interested in working behind the scenes on a campaign

Took part in a public information session regarding the proposed improvements for the Tri-County Freeway. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has completed its planning study and is now developing plans to reconstruct and expand approximately six miles of the heavily traveled US 10/WIS 441 Tri-County freeway between Cold Spring Road and Oneida Street

membership •

Attended the following ribbon cuttings – DRX Medical Exercise & Post Rehab Institute – Menasha, and DentalWorks in the Town of Grand Chute

Planning the Breakfast Networking Connection on June 28th, another great opportunity to promote your

business and make new contacts. This event is held at the Chamber office at 7:30 a.m. You will have 2 minutes to talk about your business, distribute business cards and brochures. To register, please contact us at 734-7101 or go to our website –

octoberfest •

Awarded $15,175 to local organizations in its second round of giving for this year, totaling more than $31,200 granted so far in 2012. Grants in the most recent round of giving were awarded as follows:

3. $4,000 to the Fox Cities Book Festival for the Tunes & Tales Concert 4. $2,500 to the Friends of the Appleton Fire Department for the refurbishing of an antique fire engine

1. $5,000 to Appleton Downtown Inc for their Summer Concert series

5. $1,000 to Heckrodt Wetland Reserve for an upcoming exhibit

2. $1,675 to Appleton Fox Cities Kiwanis for the Appleton Old Car Show

6. $1,000 to YMCA Fox Cities for their Healthy Kids Day walk

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


accolades, advancements and announcements


David Hunnicutt, “J. J. Keller has created a work

environment that is second to none in terms of morale,

Keith Kiesow, Town of Menasha fire chief, has been

named the recipient of Fox Valley Technical College’s 2012 Outstanding Alumni Award. Kiesow graduated from FVTC in 1977 with a technical diploma in Auto Mechanics and in 1995 with an associated degree in Fire Protection. He

productivity, and health. Quite truly, [J. J. Keller has] become one of ‘America’s Healthiest Companies.”


also currently teaches in the Fire Protection program at

The Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau

FVTC as an adjunct instructor and serves on the program’s

has named Randy Prasse as its new executive director.

advisory committee. The annual award recognizes a FVTC

Prasse, a veteran destination marketing executive,

graduate who has demonstrated the value of technical

replaces Lynn Peters who announced her plans to depart

education through career advancement, community

from the Bureau in December. His selection is a result

service, continued personal and educational growth,

of a comprehensive nationwide search conducted by

and support of the Wisconsin Technical College System.

the board of directors. “Randy is a great addition to the

Kiesow will receive his award on Sunday, May 13 at FVTC’s

Fox Cities CVB team. His professional qualifications,

spring commencement ceremony at the Kolf Sports

including his nearly 20 years of successes in Wisconsin’s

Center in Oshkosh.

tourism industry, speak volumes,” commented Cheryl Zaug Casey, board chair of the Fox Cities CVB. Zaug

Casey continued. “On behalf of the board of directors, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. — a leading risk

I’m pleased to welcome him to our forward-looking

and regulatory management company employing more

organization and region. The Fox Cities Convention

than 1,200 associates — was presented with the coveted

& Visitors Bureau is recognized throughout Wisconsin

Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) Gold Well

and the tourism industry nationally as an innovative and

Workplace Award Thursday, April 12, 2012 at the 2nd

aggressive marketing organization,” said Prasse. “I intend

Annual Well City Fox Cities Awards Celebration hosted

to continue the fine work that Lynn Peters and the team

at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. The

have done over the years to ensure the organization

Gold Well Workplace Award recognizes an organization

remains sustainable and, like the region itself, is poised

for its commitment to the health and well-being of its

for future growth.” Prasse has held leadership positions

employees. Organizations must meet seven benchmarks

with Real Racine, the East Town Association in downtown

in order to win a Well Workplace Award from WELCOA

Milwaukee, and the Tri-County Economic Development

— capture senior level support, create cohesive wellness

Alliance, a regional economic development alliance,

teams, collect data to drive health efforts, craft an

comprised of 23 communities in northwest Illinois.


operating plan, choose appropriate interventions, create a supportive environment, and consistently evaluate outcomes. Organizations that receive Gold designation

Christine Dickert of Racine will begin full time

have developed comprehensive, strategic wellness

employment with Stellar Blue Web Design as of

programs that produce quantifiable results as an integral

June 4th, 2012. Hired as an Internet Marketing Intern in

part of their overall business. Said WELCOA President

December 2011, Dickert will advance to the position of Sales and Marketing Assistant. In this position Dickert


Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

will be given a higher level of responsibility in supporting

root beer is what made us famous, and we are committed

clients with internet marketing solutions and contributing

to continue to serve our local customers well with freshly-

to the advancement of Stellar Blue. “Christine’s

made, creamy and smooth root beer and promotions that

enthusiasm for our industry and proactive nature makes

serve our local residents and market,” said Gretzinger.

her an excellent fit for the Stellar Blue team,” said Marketing Director Amanda Betts. “She is a quick learner, which adds to her already apparent skill set. We look

Wisconsin Safety Council is holding several training

forward to watching her grow into the full-time position.”

sessions in June, 2012. Topics and dates: June 12, 2012 - Job Safety Analysis (JSA); June 14, 2012 - Safety Communication & Training Techniques and June

OMNNI Associates is pleased to announce the addition

26, 2012 - Lockout/Tagout, Train-the-Trainer. Call

of John Haese to the OMNNI team. Haese’s role at

(800) 236-3400 to register. Be sure to mention that you are

OMNNI Associates will be to expand their transportation

a Fox Cities Chamber member to receive the member

client base throughout the state. Haese has over 30

discount. Please register at least 5 business days prior

years of experience in highway department operations.

to course date. To view our full calendar of scheduled

His career included work in Manitowoc, Calumet and

courses, visit

Winnebago Counties and for the past 15 years he was a


Wisconsin County Highway Commissioner. Responsibilities included the administration and management of maintenance, construction, and design projects related to local highway and bridge programs. John earned his 2401 E. Enterprise Avenue Appleton • 920-882-4070

Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Lakeland College.


Growing to serve your needs

20 local A&W restaurants make commitments to stay true

McCarty Law LLP welcomes Attorney Philip A. Munroe to its Fox Valley practice.


Phil, a resident of Neenah, received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College (A.B.) and earned his law degree at Boston University School of Law (J.D.).

to founder’s vision. Rooty The Great Root Bear™ is baaack! In a business environment where family-owned stores are being acquired daily or are put out of business

Phil’s practice consists of litigating general civil matters ranging from auto accident cases to contracts to administrative matters, as well as employment discrimination matters and challenges to real estate tax assessments. He also works with financial institutions on loan workouts and collections.

by national retailers, 20 A&W® restaurants in the Green Bay and the Fox Valley area, along with restaurant owners nationally, recently made the decision to divest from their parent company, YUM! Brands Inc. The move was done to help A&W owners reconnect with their local communities in personal ways and position themselves for continued growth, said Barb Gretzinger, co-owner

I. Gregg Curry IV • John J. Russo • Steven J. Cerasoli • Scott C. Barr • Reg P. Wydeven Rebecca L. Kent • Kristy A. Christensen • Jennifer T. Bania • Michael W. Curry • Philip A. Munroe Of Counsel: Dennis M. Wydeven • Randall A. Haak • John A. Esler

of the Appleton A&W restaurant with Jim Brajdic. “Our

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


business of the month


Since its inception in 1974, SVA has focused on developing long-standing business relationships. As client businesses and personal interests grew, SVA’s service offerings also multiplied in order to keep up with expanding client requirements. DEAN HUNT


Now, almost 40 years later, SVA and its affiliates are recognized leaders offering a wide range of professional services including audit and accounting, tax, business information technologies, medical billing and coding, wealth management, trust and estate administration services. The cornerstone of SVA will always remain the same, providing local services and value to help clients achieve measurable results for their business and personal financial goals. The SVA companies are comprised of: • SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C. • SVA Healthcare Services, LLC • SVA MedCode Specialists, LLC • SVA Plumb Wealth Management, LLC • SVA Consulting, LLC • SVA Plumb Trust Company, LLC • SVA Plumb Retirement Plan Services, LLC


Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

SVA has been recognized in Top 100 Firm lists for Accounting Today and Inside Public Accounting, which ranks the top accounting firms in the United States, and attributes its success to their client commitment. Continued focus on client needs and helping them achieve measurable results sets SVA apart from other firms. SVA is a growing firm to watch as one of its supervisors, Marshall Watry, was nominated for the Fox Cities Future 15 Young Professionals award in May 2012. Dean Hunt, business development manager, was named Agency Volunteer of the Year for his work with The Building for Kids Children’s Museum; the award was sponsored by the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. With 43 principals and 421 total employees, SVA services more than 14,000 clients generating a annual revenue of $52 million. Full-service locations include: Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton and Rockford, Illinois, as well as specialty offices located in Freeport, Illinois and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

young professionals awards

The Fox Cities Future 15 Young Professionals Awards Pulse Young Professionals, a program of the Fox Cities Chamber along with The Post-Crescent, honored the top 15 young professionals in the Fox Cities on May 15, 2012. This, the second year of the Fox Cities Future 15 Young Professionals Awards, was hosted by our partner UW Fox Valley at their communications arts center. These awards honor and recognize 15 young professionals who have taken their career responsibilities and involvement in the community far beyond set expectations. These individuals are our future leaders. Future 15 recipients were chosen based on their dedication, strong sense of vision for the Fox Cities and understanding of the importance of volunteering and giving back. This Future 15 group truly exemplifies these aspects, and for this reason we are excited about their futures and the future of our community. This year the award for Young Professional of the Year will be awarded at The Fox Cities Chamber’s annual gala called The Event held in November. All current and past Future 15 award recipients will be eligible to win this award.

Here are the 2012 Fox Cities Future 15 Becky Ackermann, Xavier High School Brent Buss, The Chiropractic Advantage LLC Kip Golden, Keller Inc. Mary Greiner, Schenck SC Amy Henselin, Grant Thornton LLP Autumn Hill, Autumn Hill Creative LLC

Tania Kilpatrick, CESA 6 Theresa Lehman, Miron Construction Co., Inc. Brian Olesen, OMNNI Associates Stacey Madson, Reuss Forest View Dental

Tyler Skibba, The Chiropractic Advantage LLC Jay Stephany, Goodwill NCW Anthony Wilhelms, JP Morgan Kristy Zach, Time Warner Cable Anne Zeamer, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Congratulations to all the

Sheena Hanson, Uncommon Cents

Jamey Milheiser, Fairway Independent

Sandy Shultz, Winch Financial

Future 15 Candidates for 2012


Mortgage Corp

Kim Sippola, Outagamie County

Katie Hietpas, Pfefferle Companies/

Maria Nelson, Red Shoes PR, Inc.

Regional Airport

Ryan Batley, Ground Round Grill & Bar

Pfefferle Management

Kole Oswald, Valley Packaging

Steve Slocum, Time Warner Cable

Katie Blom, Epiphany Law, LLC

Brian Hoefs, Associated Bank

Industries, Inc.

Brenton Teeling, Menn Law Firm, Ltd.

Bill Bradley, Nicolet National Bank

Mark Ihlenfeldt, Alliance Construction

Josh Palubicki, Wisconsin Wireless

Jill Valdez, Fox Valley Workforce

Angie Ceranski, Wisconsin Timber

& Design


Development Board, Inc.


Lyssa King, OuterEdge Stage

Robert Peterson, Thilmany Papers

Chris Van Straten, Baker Tilly Virckow

Michael Curry, McCarty Law, LLP

Stephanie Kleman, Associated Bank

Myra Piergrossi, Town of Menasha

Krause, LLP

Clint Dorn, Chiropractic Health &

Jaime Kriewaldt, Boys & Girls Clubs of

Randall Reed, Omni Resources, Inc.

Timothy Vogelsang, First National Bank

Rehabilitation Center

the Fox Valley

Emma Reiser, Housing Partnership of

Fox Valley

Brandon Dziatkewich, Image Studios

Kirsten Krowas, BSI

the Fox Cities, Inc.

Marshall Watry, SVA Certified Public

Amy Eckes, Transit Mutual Insurance

Anne Lagunes, Emergency Shelter of

Jonny Richard, New York Life

Accountants SC

Corporation of Wisconsin

the Fox Valley, Inc.

Megan Rollo, Kobussen Buses, Ltd.

Lisa Werner, Pivot, LLC

Gina Glover, Coalesce

Dustin McClone, McClone Insurance

Tracey Saari, Willems Marketing

Tiffany Wesoloski, Huntley Elementary

Chad Gruett, Morgan Stanley


Eduardo Sanchez, Solea Mexican Grill

Casee Meach, Branching Out & Co.

Karen Schiller, NAMI Fox Valley

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


membership drive A Big “Thank You” to our Chamber volunteers from the President’s Club. Our Spring 2012 Membership Drive garnered 40 new members! The following teams were the top sellers in the drive: 1st Place Team: Ron Zahn, Coldwell Banker the Real Estate Group & Joanne Fischer, Telecom Insites – 11 sales 2nd Place Team: Heather Vander Heyden-Wessley, Fox Communities Credit Union & Les Van Ornum, Merchants’ Choice Card Services - 7 sales 1st Place Membership Drive Team - Joanne Fischer, Telecom Insites & Ron Zahn, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group

3rd Place Team: Dennis Jochman, The Bechard Group & Vivian Huth, Kampo Warehousing & Building Systems – 6 sales Largest $ Amount for Single Membership: Beth Davis, Community First Credit Union & Dawn Nowakowski, DawnOnFire The President’s Club is made up of unique, dedicated chamber members who use their time, talent and treasure in order to increase the footprint of the Chamber business community locally, statewide and nationally. The larger group of businesses the Chamber has, the louder voice it has in economic development, government advocacy and national exposure.

2nd Place Membership Drive Team - Heather Vander Heyden-Wessley, Fox Communities Credit Union & Les Van Ornum, Merchants’ Choice Card Services

We thank these farsighted individuals who have helped our business community grow and prosper.

Heather Vander Heyden-Wessley - Fox Communities Credit Union; Dennis Jochman - The Bechard Group; Joanne Fischer - Telecom Insites; Ron Zahn - Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group; Beth Davis - Community First Credit Union; Dawn Nowakowski – DawnOnFire; Rick Van Beek – PostNet; Les Van Ornum - Merchants’ Choice Card Services 18

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

sponsorship thank you

u o y k n a h T

for your

. . . t r o p p u s

The Fox Cities Chamber strives to create programs of value available to all our members at the lowest fees possible. To that end, we acknowledge and thank the many sponsors that enable us to keep providing the services, programs and training our members expect from us. In June, many local businesses came together to provide the following: Business Awards Luncheon: Each year, the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry honors local businesses that are changing the growth in the Fox Cities area. The annual business awards luncheon took place at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on June 6, 2012. This year, three new business award categories were included along with the Business of the Year award and the Rising Star award: Corporate Citizen/Leadership award, Company Innovation award and Exemplary Marketing and/or Performance award. We thank the Presenting Sponsors: First National Bank Fox Valley and Schenck SC for making the recognition possible.

Business Expo: 2012 Business Expo was held on June 6 at Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. The Business Expo attracted over 500 attendees who had the opportunity to visit exhibitors and then network in the evening at the Chamber’s monthly Business Connection rounding out the Business Trifecta. We thank our sponsors listed below who contributed in making this memorable event successful. Presenting Sponsor

Premier Sponsors

Contributing Sponsors

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012


2012 - Marketing Opportunities EVENTS Meet Your Legislators—January Business Connection with elected officials. Averaging 300+ attendees Premier Sponsors: Contributing Sponsors:

Golf Outing—August Premier Sponsor: Golf Cart Sponsor: Golf Lunch Sponsor: Golf Reception Sponsor: All in One Sponsor: Tee or Hole Sponsors: Beverage Sponsors:

$750 $500

Future 15 Young Professional Awards Premier Sponsors: $1,000

$3,000 $2,000 $1,500 $1,500 $ 800 $ 350 $ 100

Quarterly Business Symposiums Presenting Sponsor: $1,000 per symposium $3,500 for all 4 Career Fair—March Presenting Sponsor: Premier Sponsor: Contributing Sponsors: Small Business Sponsors:

$3,000 $1,000 $ 500 $ 250

A N N UAL S I G N AT U RE E V E NT S Economic Outlook Breakfast— February Results of the economic outlook survey are presented. Averaging 600+ attendees Presenting Sponsor: Premier Sponsors: Contributing Sponsors:

$2,500 $1,000 $ 500

Business Awards—June Presenting Sponsors: Premier Sponsors:

$7,500 $1,000

Business Expo—June Together with the Business Awards Program. Presenting Sponsors: $2,500 Premier Sponsors: $1,500 Contributing Sponsors: $ 750

P RO G R AM S Pulse, Young Professionals Network Opportunity to sponsor monthly events ($600), annual CEO Breakfast or Future 15 Awards ($1,500 each). Pulse CEO Breakfast Presenting Sponsor: Leadership Fox Cities LFC Retreat LFC Graduation LFC Executive Program LFC Youth Program


$2,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 Opportunity to sponsor monthly events ($600), annual 8 month program or Executive Leadership Program ($1,500 each).


Christa McAuliffe Academy Many opportunities for class, tour or break sponsorships. Contact the Chamber for more information. F.O.C.U.S. / STEM F.O.C.U.S. (fostering our communities understanding of STEM – science, technology, engineering and math) a shared resource and economic system for all things related to STEM in the Fox Cities including mentoring of students in grades 5-9. Please contact the chamber for more information on how you can become involved in the development of our future workforce.

Fox Cities Chamber Business JUNE 2012

The Event—mid-October to early November Annual Meeting averaging 900 attendees Presenting Sponsor: Premier Sponsors: Contributing Sponsors: Corporate Packages:

$10,000 $ 5,000 $ 2,500 $ 750

A DV E RT IS I N G Fox Cities Chamber Business, the Chamber’s monthly print magazine, has 85,580 touches in the business community per issue, reaching business owners, senior level executives, managers, supervisors, sales & marketing and small business owners. Contact Susan Vanden Heuvel for an editorial calendar and rate sheet. Member411, the Chamber’s bi-weekly e-newsletter reaches 3,000 email addresses. Chamber Mobile App $500 for 6 months

Signature Events Please check the Chamber website for updated information about each of the event dates, times, locations and costs. You can register directly online.

Breakfast Networking Connections Fox Cities Chamber Office 125 N. Superior St., Appleton Last Thursday of the month 7:30-9:00 AM; $2 at the door January 26 February 23 March 29 April 26 May 31 June 28 July 26 August 30 September 27 October 25 November 29 December—no meeting

1 0 2



ng i n

Legislative Dialogue Breakfast Monday, 1/30/12 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton 7:15-9:00 AM $20/person

Economic Outlook Breakfast Wednesday, 2/1/12 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton 7:30-9:00 AM $20/individual member; $225/table (10) member price $30/prospective member; $225/table (10) member price

Signature Symposium Series Wednesday, 2/1/12 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton 9:00-11:45 AM $45/person

Business Awards & Business Expo Wednesday, 6/6/12 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton Awards Luncheon 11:30 AM—1:30 PM Expo 1:30—5:00 PM Business Connection 5:00—7:00 PM

Golf Outing & Big Ball Drop Tuesday, 8/14/12 Butte des Morts Country Club 3600 W. Prospect Ave., Appleton Cost and time to be determined

Future 15 Awards Mid May

Details to be determined

The Event ~ Celebrating Business Mid October to early November Details to be determined

Business Connections

5:00-7:00 PM; $2 prior to the event; $4 at the door; $20/prospective member Monday, 1/23/12 Meet Your Legislators

Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton

Wednesday, 2/15/12

Fidelity National Bank 1500 N. Casaloma Dr. , Appleton

Wednesday, 3/14/12

Solea Mexican Grill 1350 Gillingham Rd., Neenah

Wednesday, 4/25/12

Tuesday, 7/17/12

Wednesday, 5/23/12

Tuesday, 8/21/12

Famous Dave’s 1170 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton Waverly Beach N8770 Firelane 1, Menasha

Wednesday, 6/6/12

Part of the Business Expo Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton

Appleton Yacht Club 1200 S. Lutz Dr., Appleton

High Cliff Restaurant, Banquets and Catering W5095 Golf Course Rd., Sherwood

Tuesday, 11/6/12

Grand Meridian 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton

September, October & December Dates & Locations to be determined

out and about

The Chamber Ambassadors conducted a ribbon cutting with D. Cameron Wygle, DDS and the team at DentalWorks, 4182 W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton at their May Grand Opening.

David Brown, DHSc, MS and his team with Chamber Ambassadors, during the Ribbon Cutting at Grand Opening of DRX Medical Exercise & Post Rehab Institute, 880 S. Oneida St., Menasha.



POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Fox Cities Chamber Business c/o Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. PO Box 1855 Appleton, WI 54912-1855

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