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Economic Outlook and the survey says...

Harbor House Launches Safety and Wellbeing Program for Employees

Fox Cities Future 15 2017 Award Winners


ISSUE 2 From the Board Views from the Chamber Board Officers 4 Inspired. Motivated. Engaged.

Four area employers weigh-in on how to keep employees engaged


Harbor House Launches Certified SAFE Space Program

A safety and wellbeing program for employees

8 Q&A with the Professionals 9 Winning with Wellness

Surface Mount Technology Corporation promotes employee wellness programs

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The Power of Employee Engagement Cover image by Image Studios Fox Cites Chamber Business (v259180). Published quarterly by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 125 N. Superior Street, Appleton, WI 54911. PH 920-734-7101. WEB www.foxcitieschamber.com. Periodical postage paid at Appleton, WI. Annual subscription fee to members for Fox Cities Chamber Business is $9 and is included in dues. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Fox Cities Chamber Business, 125 N. Superior Street, Appleton, WI 54911. Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


Chairman of the Board Daniel P. Ferris SECURA Insurance Companies Chairman-Elect Bruce Zak JPMorgan Chase, N.A. Past Chairman Kip Golden CR Structures Group, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Kathi Seifert Katapult, LLC

From the BOARD

Dan Ferris

Bruce Zak

Kathi Seifert

Kip Golden

Dear Chamber members, investors and partners, We hope your new year is off to a good start! 2017 started with our Report to the Community, held on January 12th, which provided a recap of key activities from the past year. Several guest speakers generously shared their stories on how their partnership with the Chamber has positively impacted their lives, their businesses and their relationships with resources in and around the Fox Cities. If you are not already partnering with the Chamber, or wish to get further engaged, we encourage you to visit our website, subscribe to our newsletters, connect with us and join us at our upcoming events in 2017. Please stop by or give us a call to find out about our upcoming programming designed to support business growth. In celebrating the new year, the Chamber Ambassadors had their 2017 kickoff event. Our Ambassadors are a superb team of business leaders committed to helping onboard and engage our Chamber members. We appreciate their time, their expertise and their passion to make a difference! If you are interested to learn more about becoming an Ambassador, please contact Beth Haase, Director of Small Business Development. The staff, along with the Board of Directors, remains deeply committed to doing everything we can to help businesses, organizations and our communities grow and prosper. Whether you are a Chamber member, Regional Partnership investor, a Talent Collaborative partner, event sponsor or volunteer, our staff is committed to: • Connecting you with relevant resources to support your growth • Supporting talent and workforce initiatives to help invest in people • Collaborating with others to enhance the visibility of our partners and communities A significant portion of this publication is focused on employee engagement. Many employers struggle to keep staff engaged in their organization and connected to the mission. We have several articles to help you identify and resolve your potential challenges. Finally, at the time of writing, we are in the process of recruiting our next President of the Fox Cities Chamber. Our hope is that we will be introducing our new leader to all of you very soon. Until then, we have an outstanding Chamber staff in place ready to serve your needs. We encourage you to connect with them today! Sincerely, Fox Cities Chamber Board of Directors Officers Dan Ferris, Board Chair Bruce Zak, Board Vice-Chair Kathi Seifert, Board Treasurer Kip Golden, Board Past-Chair


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

Board of Directors Jen Bauer Miron Construction Co., Inc. Lisa Cruz Red Shoes PR, Inc. John Dennis Gardan Inc. Curt Detjen Community Foundation Travis Froze BMO Harris Bank Ted Galloway Galloway Company Brian Giroux Kimberly-Clark Corporation Jason Henderson Chris Hess ThedaCare Sharon Hulce Employment Resource Group Inc. Dean Kaufert City of Neenah Chris Matheny Fox Valley Technical College Rick Parks Modern Woodmen of America Todd Romenesko Calumet County Bruce Sasman We Energies Mark Scheffler Appleton Group, LLC Heather Schimmers St. Elizabeth Hospital/Ministry Healthcare Scott Teerlinck Werner Electric Supply Gary Vaughan Guident Business Solutions Abe Weber Appleton International Airport Bob Zemple Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Ex-Officio Kevin Eismann Epiphany Law, LLC Editor Emily Feagles Design Weidert Creative Photography BConnected, LLC Graham Washatka Trove Photography Image Studios Printing JP Graphics

Get To Know Your Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce Staff The Chamber is a dynamic group of dedicated professionals who provide resources and solutions to businesses of all sizes within the Fox Cities region. The Chamber acts as an access point for solving business challenges, establishing and growing professional and social networks and providing assistance for business leaders to achieve their goals.

Operations 1. Linda Myers Executive Assistant to the President lmyers@foxcitieschamber.com 2. Nora Langolf Vice President, Finance and Administration nlangolf@foxcitieschamber.com 3. Emily Feagles Director, Marketing & Communications efeagles@foxcitieschamber.com 4. Connie Barlow Receptionist receptionist@foxcitieschamber.com 5. Pam Schweitzer Receptionist receptionist@foxcitieschamber.com

Economic Development












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6. Beth Pritzl Director, Research & Technology beth@foxcitiesregion.com 7. Rob Peterson Director, Existing Industry Services rob@foxcitiesregion.com

Member Services 8. Beth Haase Director, Small Business Development bhaase@foxcitieschamber.com

Public Policy 9. Mark Rahmlow Vice President, Public Policy mrahmlow@foxcitieschamber.com

Talent 10. Patty Milka Vice President, Talent & Education pmilka@foxcitieschamber.com 11. Adrienne Palm Director, Pulse Young Professionals Network apalm@foxcitieschamber.com 12. Amy Schanke Director, Leadership Fox Cities aschanke@foxcitieschamber.com 13. Nikki Hessel Program Coordinator, Talent & Education nhessel@foxcitieschamber.com

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Fox Cities Business Spring 2017



Attracting and retaining champions for your business Contributed by Employment Resource Group, Inc.

A strong topic of interest lately is employee engagement and retention. Admittedly, we’re hearing a lot about it either because employers are starting to see turnover in their organizations or they are challenged by low scores on their employee engagement survey and want to know how to change this. So, what is “employee engagement”? The simple explanation is an employee that is productive and enthusiastic with their work and provides value to the organization. They are a positive champion for the company’s interests and reputation. Many factors can contribute to employees being engaged or disengaged. Have you ever talked to someone who says they don’t “fit” in the company they work for? This is the foundational piece that every organization can get right and then hiring, onboarding, training, retaining – everything – gets easier. When someone refers to “fit”, they are referring to cultural fit. Every company has a culture; some good, some not so good. Cultures are created by values and behaviors and they are driven into the organization from the top down. How a person integrates into a firm’s values and how those values really behave every day determine an employee’s engagement with the culture of the organization. When people are in alignment, great things will happen and the firm will grow through talented people. The disconnect often happens when a firm’s values say one thing (the pretty plaque in the foyer) and yet the true values and behaviors are actually very different.


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

Another area that creates engagement, or lack of engagement, is communications. A firm that has a communications plan and frequently communicates, whether that is informal quick stand up meetings or a quarterly scheduled town hall meeting, tend to have higher engagement scores than those without any formal communications plan. During times of change, this is even more critical to include in a change management plan. Recognition also plays a part in the level of engagement within an organization. Supervisors can really drive high engagement. Sometimes it’s something as simple as giving credit where credit is due. Mistrust can form quickly when one person takes all the credit and pushes blame back to the team. Employees want to feel significant, motivated and recognized. When this doesn’t exist, they become disengaged. Think about it – we all desire recognition.

Employee engagement has become a bit of a challenge in the workplace today because people become engaged in different ways.

We all bring our DNA, past experiences, family, etc. to the table. We hire one person – the work version and the personal version. Your more tenured team, on average, appreciates a thank you and recognition within their pay in a yearly increase or bonus. The younger members of your team have received recognition more from a participant perspective, so they need frequent assurance that the work they are doing is meaningful and continues to be fulfilling.

Getting each generation to understand and appreciate the differences also helps with employees remaining engaged because we can take time to give one another the type of recognition needed. So, what can you do to have great employee engagement and therefore retain your best employees? Here are a few suggestions: • Set a benchmark of where you are today. Conduct an employee engagement survey, or at least a cultural audit, to find out from where you are starting. • Once you know where you are beginning, use the information to set up programs to enhance your culture. Some suggestions might include: - A values exercise where the leadership team revisits their values and the behaviors acceptable for each. - Make sure you engage your employees in open conversation during review time. Employees want to have a say in their career-path and goals. We suggest employee-led performance reviews rather than supervisor-led reviews. -

Let people have a voice. At least once per year engage your team in an offsite exercise where you ask their opinion on problem solving or innovation. Sometimes you won’t implement a single idea, but they will feel valued and heard and who knows, you may get an idea that could revolutionize your business.

- Set up a formal communications plan.

- Set up a rewards and recognition plan – catch people doing something right! - Watch turnover and make sure you have a talent plan for the year. Nothing creates a disengaged worker more than a heavily overworked worker. Employment Resource Group, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Sharon Hulce. Hulce has been in executive search since 1996 and founded ERG to help companies not only find technically competent candidates, but to change the primary focus to one about behaviors.

Employee Engagement is an Important Factor for Success at Prospera® Credit Union They focus to keep employees happy and engaged by understanding Prospera’s mission and realizing that they, as employees, are making an impact to each and every one of their members. Staff trust the initiatives of the organization and management team’s decisions. Engaged employees at Prospera® enjoy coming to work and strive to meet the organization’s goals. Employee engagement and culture go hand-in-hand at Prospera® Credit Union. Their culture is friendly and family-oriented, where employees genuinely care about each other and their members. They make team collaboration and respect a must in the workplace while regularly asking for employee feedback and input. In order to establish their successful culture, they continue to set clear expectations for each position within the organization.

To ensure satisfied and engaged employees, the team at Prospera® Credit Union has implemented the following best practices: • Transparent, weekly communication specific to the organization’s goals. • Continuous coaching and communication is essential for all staff members. • Leadership training is provided to ensure that the supervisors are listening and developing their staff. • They empower staff to make decisions, provide innovative ideas and voice concerns. Prospera® Credit Union’s history dates back as far as 1934, when it was officially opened for business under the Banta® Credit Union name. Over the years, the number of people eligible to join was expanded to include nearby counties and communities. In 2002, the name was changed to Prospera®, but, our basic promise to members has always been the same: Provide personal, tailored guidance that leads to prosperity for all our members. As a local credit union that now serves a sevencounty area, we are strong enough to provide you with everything you need, yet small enough to know you personally and care about you and your family’s prosperity. To learn more about Prospera Credit Union, visit myprospera.com.

To learn more about Employment Resource Group, visit ergsearch.com.

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


All Hands On Deck At Technical Prospects, employee engagement means employees acting like owners. When employees feel vested, they respond differently and start to think in “we” statements. The culture at Technical Prospects has a lot to do with their employee engagement success and it starts with their defined values. They focus on professionalism, excellence, respect, balance, creativity and teamwork. This focus has helped with their employment growth over the last eight years from six team members to now a team of 40.



At Consolidated Construction, true employee engagement starts with a long-term commitment to our employees and their wellbeing – personally and professionally. When employees know we have their backs, they feel vested in the company and contribute to its success. Consolidated Construction’s culture focuses on shared company values, mutual goals, and an engaging environment that empowers innovative thinking. This culture was built over 15 years, utilizing tactics such as values training, employee-driven performance reviews and career pathing. The tactics developed to build the Consolidated Construction culture, such as values training and career pathing, are used from the interviewing process to employee growth plan development. Employee-driven, rather than supervisor-driven, performance reviews allow employees to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their success and positions they earn. Consolidated Construction is a full-service, design/build construction contractor serving manufacturing and industrial, food, hospitality, commercial, and health care clients. To learn more about Consolidated Construction, visit www.consolidated-const.com.

Being a family-run business has instilled an “all hands on deck” approach to running the business. Everyone has to be willing to do whatever it takes when necessary, which may even include sweeping the floors if needed. The vetting process to ensure they get the right people on the bus starts with their hiring process and goes throughout their employee evaluations. At Technical Prospects they have reworked their employee review process to center around their values where the first section of review is dedicated to the values and straightforward. For example, employees might be asked the following questions in direct correlation to their company values – Is the employee living the value or not? What can they do better to exemplify the definition of the value? This method keeps the values front and center and a focus for the business. Engaged employees lead to happy employees at Technical Prospects. Being a small company, they are able to do many things that larger companies aren’t able to successfully implement with their staff. One of these is through employee feedback. For example, they conducted a SWOT analysis as part of their strategic planning in which over 60% of their staff was directly involved. The team was broken into two groups and the SWOT sessions were led by the Senior Leadership team. Following the SWOT analysis, another initiative, called Live Our Values, has also been implemented which allows a team of employees, from varying sectors of the business, to work on opportunities extracted from the SWOT analysis. Another example of keeping their employees engaged, involved and valued is conducted every quarter when the CFO at Technical Prospects emails the entire staff to solicit feedback on ideas for improvement within their Lean Six Sigma initiatives. All feedback is documented, explored and tracked. The results of projects are reported out to the overall team as part of their strategic planning process so the entire employee base at Technical Prospects knows where the idea originated and the impact on the organization. Technical Prospects was founded by Bob Probst in 1997. The 18-year Siemens CT Service Engineer decided to branch out and use his knowledge to start a company that would provide a viable alternative to OEM sales and service. The company is committed to providing high-quality, tested parts that are as good as or better than what their customers would get from the OEM. To learn more about Technical Prospects, visit technicalprospects.com.


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

Harbor House Launches Certified SAFE Space A safety and wellbeing program for employees

“What affects employees, affects employers. With nearly one in three women reporting abuse, domestic violence impacts almost every workplace. The good news is that employers can now play a vital role in helping make their workplace safer through education and offering resources that help survivors.”

Any company located within the Fox Valley is invited to sign up for this free, two-hour presentation led by Harbor House Advocates, Tracy Plamann and Ann Munro. Please contact Harbor House at 920-832-1667 or email Ann at ann.munro@harborhousewi.org to schedule a presentation for your staff and certification training for your HR representatives, managers and team leaders. For more information about Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs, please visit www.harborhousewi.org.

This quote, from Harbor House Director Beth Schnorr, summarizes why Ann Munro, Economic Advocate for Harbor House, developed a workplace education and certification program that combines domestic violence (DV) awareness with additional certified training for key company “first responders” who can provide access to immediate and confidential DV resources and guidance. SAFE (Safety Awareness for Employers) is a new community outreach and DV education program in partnership with the Fox Cities Chamber. The program’s intention is to remove workplace communication barriers, set up a workplace safety zone and strengthen the supportive connections between employees and employers. Designated SAFE Spaces, with certified company “first responders”, will ensure that those experiencing domestic violence are able to receive immediate, confidential support, guidance and resources while securing their financial independence via their employer. “Often times, individuals experiencing domestic violence will avoid disclosing serious home-life conditions to their employer because they fear others won’t care about their ‘personal problems’ and/or they fear they could lose their job. These beliefs definitely create a barrier to getting help,” shared Ann Munro. “Therefore, it is vital to their emotional and economic wellbeing to create one or more designated SAFE spaces within an organization for immediate support.” Fox Fox Cities Fox Cities Cities Business Business Business December December Spring2015 2017 2015


with the PROFESSIONALS Reaching Every Student Every Day is the mission of the Menasha Joint School District. We strive to improve our student learning by continually improving our instruction, specifically in the areas of math and literacy. Instructional quality is addressed by our scheduled professional development opportunities throughout the school year. Improvement is enhanced by our practice of regularly reviewing student data from formative and summative assessments as individual teachers and in grade level groups. Teachers make adjustments and provide additional interventions where needed. We also know that it is important to meet our students where they are and not where we wish they were. Our students come to us each day with a variety of needs that go beyond literacy and math, so we spend time training our staff about trauma informed care and provide them with tools to help our students be successful each day.

Chris VanderHeyden, Superintendent, Menasha Joint School District


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

“How do you keep your employees connected to your organization’s mission?”

As a leader, I believe in great communication which is key for strong employee engagement and necessary to achieve our company mission to provide quality services in a responsive, creative and innovative way. At Image Studios, we hold a company meeting every Monday morning to go over our productions for the week, our individual schedules and any company updates. At the end of every week, an email is shared with our entire staff that recaps all of our photography and video productions that were completed for that week as well as any behind the scenes photos. With so many different productions happening within our studio and on location, we all need to be informed and by doing these two simple tasks, it helps everyone better understand each other’s roles, talents and contributions, as well as our client relationships and sales efforts. I believe good employee engagement leads to great customer engagement and all that makes for success in our business.

Donna Gehl, President, Image Studios

At Investors Community Bank, our mission is “Creating financial solutions for our ag and business banking customers, where people and relationships make the difference.” We keep our employees connected to our mission visually by having it posted in key locations throughout our offices, such as our conference rooms and intranet. But more than that, we feel it’s embedded within our culture and lived through our actions: we strive to treat our employees like family and encourage a work/life balance because satisfied employees are critical to having satisfied customers. This helps us build strong, personal relationships with our customers and aligns with our brand promise of walking in our customers’ shoes. It’s a mission we have lived by since the bank was formed 20 years ago, and it still holds true today.

Tim Schneider, CEO, Investors Community Bank

Winning with Wellness

Contributed by: Surface Mount Technology Corporation

Over the last eight years, Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT) has been promoting wellness programs for their employees which has created happy employees both at work and in their overall lifestyle. Having health-focused employees not only promotes each individual’s own physical and mental well-being in and outside the organization, but also helps employees to be more productive in the workplace. SMT launched two workplace wellness programs in 2008 and they have noticed a shift in employee engagement ever since. Employees that participate in these programs have shown to not only consistently lose weight, but also have become more active and productive in the workplace, while enjoying a bit of friendly competition as well. The two successful workplace wellness programs at SMT are “Maintain Don’t Gain” and “SMT’s Biggest Loser”.

SMT’s Biggest Loser program starts in late January and continues for eight weeks. Biggest Loser rewards employees based on the percent of total weight lost and the actual pounds lost as well. The program begins as a competition between teams of four. The first phase of the competition lasts for four weeks and is based on the four-person team’s total percent of weight lost. Weigh-ins occur weekly, with group results displayed so they can track how their team is performing against the competition. At the end of the first four weeks, the team with the highest percent of weight lost will receive $100 to split among the team. The final four weeks are based off of individual results, still counting percent of total weight lost. First place is based on the highest percent of body weight lost. Every individual will receive one dollar per pound lost. Winning teams take home various prizes. As another bonus, there is a weigh-in three months after the end of SMT’s Biggest Loser, and if individuals keep their final weight within two pounds or continue to lose weight, they will receive another cash prize. SMT continues to look for new programs and competitions to help engage their employees in a healthy lifestyle. The implementation of these type of programs has promoted a health-focused employeebase that is happy, active and productive.

Both programs are completely voluntary and are intended to help the staff promote a healthy lifestyle. Maintain Don’t Gain begins just before Thanksgiving and continues throughout the holidays. The week before Thanksgiving, SMT’s employees weigh-in individually to mark a starting weight. During the first week back in January, that employee will weigh-in again to see their results. If they can keep their weight within two pounds throughout the holidays, that employee wins a gift card of their choice to various merchants throughout the Fox Valley. The program has a tiered reward system depending on the individual results, including: earning $10 for maintaining your weight +/- two pounds, earning $20 for dropping five pounds, or earning $25 for losing over five pounds during the holidays.

Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT) provides Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) including design, prototyping, manufacturing, higher level assembly, testing, repair and configure to order. SMT’s focus is low-to-medium volume, high mix and simple to complex PCB assembly. With our state-of-the-art facility, SMT can provide a higher level of quality and flexibity for your product needs. SMT is also ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and ITAR certified. To learn more about Surface Mount Technology Corporation, visit teamsmt.com.

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


Colleen Bies Capture Life Moments Owner

Tiffany Carter Miller Electric Mfg. Co Mechanical Engineer

Kerry Evers Nutritional Healing LLC Communications Director & Nutritionist

Kevin Evers Nine Twenty Realty Broker/Owner

Lindsay Fenlon Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region Executive Director

Aaron Hunnel Aaron Hunnel - Press Play Speaker/Author/Coach

Sarah-Beth Janssen McClone Strategic Risk Advisor

Fanny Lau Legal Action of Wisconsin Intern

Elyse Lucas Appleton Area School District Art Teacher

Tara Pohlkotte Warehouse Specialist, Inc. LEAN Coordinator

Henry Ptacek Henry’s Buff & Shine Owner

Beth Servais Homeless Connections Community Relations Director

Adam Shea Adam Shea Photography Owner/Photographer

Paris Wicker Lawrence University Associate Dean of Students for Campus Programs

Oliver Zornow The Building for Kids Children’s Museum & the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra Community Engagement Manager

Thank you to our table sponsors Aaron Hunnel Press Play BConnected, LLC Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region Fox Valley Symphony Homeless Connections Joy Rising Project Lawrence University Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. myTEAM TRIUMPH Nine Twenty Realty, LLC Northwestern Mutual Nutritional Healing, LLC The Building for Kids Children’s Museum Warehouse Specialists, LLC

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Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

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INVESTING in the Education of African American Students

INVESTING in the Education of African American Students Contributed by Dr. Bola Delano-Oriaran

As of 2015, people of color comprise a numerical majority in five states in the United States. This has impacted the workforce even in predominantly white communities such as Northeast Wisconsin. Companies can no longer exist as homogeneous entities, especially if they want to thrive, compete or even stay afloat. Businesses that have a diverse workforce, according to Burns, Barton and Kerby (2012), are able to generate innovative, creative and financially viable solutions that position them Dr. Bola Delano-Oriaran for success in a competitive economy.

It is imperative that our communities, homes, businesses and places of worship foster diversity and inclusion. This necessity influenced ThedaCare’s Community Health Action Team focus in 2015 when it collaborated with African Heritage, Inc. to organize a “plunge” titled Being Black in the Fox Cities. Participants critically examined the experiences of African Americans in the Fox Cities, because they ascribe to the idea that “businesses that embrace our nation’s changing demographics reap the economic benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce” (Burns et al., 2012, p. 1). The plunge revealed a critical need to focus on the opportunity gap— which some call the “achievement” gap—in K-12 schools; data show disturbing disparities between the academic performance of African American and White students. Wisconsin has the greatest difference between African American and White student performance on a U.S. benchmark test.


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

A collaborative working group comprising a diverse group of individuals representing African Heritage, Inc.; Appleton, Menasha and Neenah School Districts; St. Norbert College, UW-Oshkosh, Fox Valley Technical College; Boys & Girls Club; Appleton Police Dept.; and Catalpa Health began work in 2016 to identify best practices that the Fox Cities could use to close the opportunity gap. This group has identified approaches that are rooted in research and high success rates. The group aims to gain firsthand experience of how these practices are applied in various communities. They plan to use their conclusions to develop a program to promote college and career readiness among African American students, thus supporting the Fox Cities in investing in diverse talent. Thank you to ThedaCare Community Health Action Team, African Heritage, Inc., and all the community partners who have invested their time. Stay tuned! It takes a village to educate a child – we are part of that village. Burns, C., Barton, K., & Kerby, S. (2012, July 12). The state of diversity in today’s workforce: As our nation becomes more diverse so too does our workforce. Retrieved from https://cdn. americanprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/ issues/2012/07/pdf/diversity_brief.pdf

Education Spotlight On SUCCESS Neenah Joint School District

Getting Good Grades for Workplace Wellness Interacting with students for nearly eight hours a day, five days a week can be a grueling task. Keeping fresh and alert on a daily basis is a challenge, but Neenah Joint School District employees have managed to do so through a vibrant employee wellness program. Staff members engage in regular activities that benefit them both physically and mentally. A part-time wellness coordinator organizes daily fitness classes along with month-long contests and programs to keep wellness a focal point for teachers, administrators and support staff. When employees return each school year, a wellness fair brings in local vendors and organizations to offer additional benefits and activities. Every staff development day throughout the school year includes one hour of wellness time with a variety of different active and educational options.

“It’s so critical to have our staff in the classroom and at their best every day. We’ve also seen our staff become great role models of healthy living for our students.” Staff and student wellness activities have resulted in numerous awards for Neenah schools. In 2016, Neenah had 11 schools among the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s 68 Healthy School Award winners. Three Neenah schools were also among 21 in the state to win Let’s Move! National awards this past year.

An incentive program through Humana Insurance has yielded strong results as employees can keep their insurance contributions lower through full participation. Over 95 percent of employees reached the District’s goals in 2016. In 2013, the District was one of 80 companies or organizations statewide to earn a Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America. A Health and Wellness Center opened in the fall of 2016. District staff and family members can see a physician’s assistant five days a week at reduced premiums on a walkin basis for preventative and diagnostic care. “We’ve really made wellness a priority in our District,” said Neenah Superintendent Dr. Mary Pfeiffer.

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017



Honor Roll January - March

Diamond Members are companies that have supported the Chamber and community for more than 40 years. We’d like to express our gratitude to the following Diamond Member businesses for their membership and support to the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce.

Amusement Devices, Inc. Appleton Area School District AT&T Bassett Mechanical Bemis Company, Inc. Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, Inc. Crane Engineering Sales, Inc. Erickson & Associates, S.C. First American, Evans Title Division Fox Cities Insurance Agency, Inc. Fox Communities Credit Union Fox Valley Technical College Harris & Associates, Inc. HCR ManorCare Health Services #447 Jerry’s Pages & Pipes Mechanical Contractors Association of North Central WI


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

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Memorial Florists & Greenhouses, Inc. Miron Construction Co., Inc. OMNNI Associates Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. Radiology Associates of Appleton, S.C. Schroeder Moving Systems, Inc. SECURA Insurance The Boldt Company The Post-Crescent Thiel Insurance Group, LLC Time Warner Cable University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley VF Outdoor, Inc. Water-Right, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Woodward Radio Group Ziegler Wealth Management

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WELCOME New Members

The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce relies on its members to continue its work in promoting business interests in the Fox Cities region. Without these committed members, the Chamber would not be able to provide the high quality services it is known for.

Anytime Fitness - Appleton East

Heid Music

N162 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 700 Appleton, WI 54915-6182 920-882-2272 http://anytimefitness.com HEALTH & FITNESS

308 E. College Avenue Appleton, WI 54911-5715 920-734-1969 http://heidmusic.com MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS

Anytime Fitness - Appleton West

Honest IT Solutions

1401 N. Casaloma Drive Appleton, WI 54913-8802 920-730-1000 http://anytimefitness.com HEALTH & FITNESS

1655 S. Park Avenue Neenah, WI 54956-5023 (920) 757-3907 http://www.honestitsolutions.com INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING

Change Management Communications Center, LLC

Julez Travel

3489 Sheppard Drive Oshkosh, WI 54904-6917 920-651-1144 http://www.cmccfoxvalley.com BUSINESS CONSULTANT

County Materials Corporation 3019 W. Prospect Avenue Appleton, WI 54914-8728 920-734-7733 http://www.countymaterials.com CONCRETE SUPPLIER

136 Jackson Street, Suite 3 Oshkosh, WI 54901-4778 920-385-9466 http://www.quillcm.com MARKETING

Kellan Home & Window LLC


18 Wagon Wheel Drive Appleton, WI 54913-9782 920-850-9592 http://www.homeandwindow.com WINDOWS & DOORS

3525 E. Calumet Street, Suite 300 Appleton, WI 54915-4172 920-460-7035 http://www.cryotherapyofwisconsin.com HEALTH & WELLNESS

2500 S. Kensington Drive Appleton, WI 54915-4106 920-750-6199 http://www.CrunchAppleton.com FITNESS CLUB


NPHS Nurse Practitioner Health Services LLC

2021 N. Casaloma Drive Appleton, WI 54913-8205 http://www.fredastaire.com/appleton DANCE INSTRUCTION

Quill Creative

Reggie White Agency, Inc. American Family Insurance

McGlone Fitness Group, Inc. (dba, Crunch Appleton)

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

2459 W. Pershing Street, #32 Appleton, WI 54914-6039 (920) 358-0171 http://www.payczech.com FINANCIAL & CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING

1906 N. Rexford Street Appleton, WI 54914-6435 920-585-1330 http://juleztravel.com TRAVEL AGENCY

Cryotherapy of Wisconsin Appleton, LLC

126 1/2 W. Wisconsin Avenue Neenah, WI 54956-3012 920-983-9700 http://goelement.com/ MARKETING

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Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


Upcoming Chamber


All of the Fox Cities Chamber events and details can be found online at foxcitieschamber.com.

APRIL Member Orientation Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Fox Cities Chamber 125 N. Superior Street, Appleton 1:00 – 3:00 PM

“Policies for your Business” Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Concordia University 4351 W. College Avenue, Suite 100, Appleton 7:30 – 9:00 AM

Business Breakfast Bytes

Business Connection

Topic: TBD Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Fox Valley Technical College 1825 N. Bluemound Road, Appleton 7:30 – 9:00 AM

In collaboration with Fox West Chamber Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Appleton Ice Center 1717 E. Witzke Blvd, Appleton 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Business Connection

JUNE Member Orientation

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Bridgewood Resort Hotel & Conference Center 1000 Cameron Way, Neenah 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Public Policy Lunch ‘n Learn

Thursday, June 1, 2017 Fox Cities Chamber 125 N. Superior Street, Appleton 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Active Shooter Luncheon with Appleton Police Department Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Pullman’s at Trolley Square 619 S. Olde Oneida Street, Appleton 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Business Connection


PULSE: Overtime Happy Hour

April 23 – 30, 2017 Locations Vary Please visit pulsefoxcities.com for more information.

PULSE: Bazaar After Dark Saturday, April 29, 2017 Downtown Kaukauna Second & Third Streets, Kaukauna 5:00 – 10:00 PM

MAY Business Awards Luncheon Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Avenue, Appleton 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Leadership Fox Cities Graduation Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Butte des Morts Country Club 3600 W. Prospect Avenue, Appleton

PULSE: Overtime Happy Hour Thursday, May 11, 2017 Location: TBD 5:00 – 8:00 PM


Business Breakfast Bytes

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Avenue, Appleton 5:00 – 7:00 PM Thursday, June 8, 2017 Location: TBD 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Public Policy Lunch ‘n Learn Emerging Business Issues & Trends for HR in 2017 Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Liberty Hall 800 Eisenhower Drive, Kimberly 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Chamber Golf Outing Monday, June 26, 2017 Butte des Morts Country Club 3600 W. Prospect Avenue, Appleton 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM


Hiring Remote Employees Contributed by: SECURA Insurance

Here at SECURA, we have numerous remote employees who work full-time from their home offices. We’ve found that by being open to a remote workforce, we’ve reached a larger talent pool and, in our case, remote underwriters are driving business in their states. Despite the distance, a recent survey shows we succeed in our remote employees feeling engaged with our culture and that leads to their job satisfaction. This is not to say that hiring remote workers doesn’t come with challenges. The first is finding an experienced associate who not only fits our culture, but one who can excel working independently from home. Here is what we’ve learned:

• Choose open-ended interview questions that will help you assess whether the employee can work independently and listen carefully to the responses. An interviewee who talks about how they enjoy co-worker interaction should raise a red flag. • Because their job performance may not always be as obvious as in-house employees, plan to treat them differently in assessing performance. You also may need to tweak job descriptions. • After they are on board, check-in at least weekly. Make use of video technology, such as Skype®, for team meetings. • Invite remote employees to participate in team projects. • Bring all of your employees together into the home office multiple times a year for planning and relationship building.


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

Finally, use the experience to learn and improve. There are sure to be hiccups— technology isn’t always perfect and you can’t walk just a few steps to get a question answered. But, we have found the trade-off is a group of highly talented remote associates who are passionate about our company and their roles. SECURA Insurance provides a broad range of competitive products and services for businesses, homes and autos, farm operations, nonprofits and special events. More than 450 independent agency partners in 12 states represent the company. It is known for providing exceptional service to its agents and policyholders since 1900. The carrier is rated A (Excellent) from A.M. Best for its excellent ability to meet policyholder obligations. It also is a Ward’s Top 50 company for outstanding results in financial performance and consistency over a five-year period. Learn more at www.secura.net.

Services for Business & Industry


Customized. Innovative. Solutions.

To stay competitive, you need to find, select and train new and existing employees. Let Fox Valley Technical College help you: • Find new employees • Evaluate with employee assessments • Enhance employee skills with seminars and customized training

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Contact our industry experts today!

www.fvtc.edu/EmployerResources • 920-735-2525

920 751 4200 MCMGRP.COM


Annual survey suggests Fox Cities

Economic Outlook is promising By Beth Pritzl, Director of Research and Technology, Fox Cities Regional Partnership

Since 1995, the Fox Cities Chamber’s economic development department (now formally known as Fox Cities Regional Partnership) has been conducting an annual Economic Outlook Survey here in the Fox Cities. The survey has consistently had over 200 organizations that participate, representing the variety of industries that make up our local economy. These industries are lumped into five categories: manufacturing, finance and real estate, trade, service and other (which includes construction, non-profit, government, etc.). Respondents answer questions regarding sales, profits, employment, and salary increases for both the previous and upcoming years; as well as perceptions about the current Fox Cities economy. Over the years, we have seen that our local economy acts very much like the national economy but has a bit of insulation from dramatic fluctuations. The Fox Cities generally fairs better (comparatively) in hard economic times, but also grows at a slower rate than the nation during boom years. This trend was on target yet again as identified by our respondents. The 2017 survey showed that participants are feeling optimistic, with over 74% responding that their perception of the Fox Cities economic vitality is either excellent or good.

Unfortunately, respondents noted a trend that is also of national concern, with 33% responding that they view the availability of qualified workers in the Fox Cities as below average to poor. In the past, this has generally been seen as a typical symptom of a cyclical economy - times are good, unemployment goes down and the labor market tightens - something happens to throw the economy out of whack, unemployment goes up and the labor market opens up again. While an unstable economy often causes anxiety, there is little to be done to avoid these cycles as we are part of larger economies that affect us, like that of the U.S. and the World. A trend that has economic developers all over the U.S. worried is also emerging here in the Fox Cities. A demographic shift amongst the working age population coupled with the increased skill level needed to perform most “new” jobs is unprecedented and is often referred to as an upcoming “Talent War”.


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

The 2017 survey showed that participants are feeling optimistic, with over 74% responding that their perception of the Fox Cities economic vitality is either excellent or good.

BUT... the availability of qualified workers

is below average to poor

The baby boomer population, at about 75 million strong, is aging out of the workforce and into retirement. The population of millennial generation make up for the number of people that are retiring, but is coming into the workforce with very different skills and expectations. And, we can’t forget to mention how automation is changing the needs of employers, with less reliance on unskilled or low-skilled workers. Several participants in this year’s Economic Outlook Survey noted that they have open positions that they simply cannot fill. These responses ranged from having applicants without needed skills, or a lack of applicants altogether. Unfilled positions lead to increased inefficiencies and a decline in production and greatly inhibits economic growth. It is conceivable that if employers are unable to get the talent they need here in the Fox Cities, and automation is not an option, they will move elsewhere—to a different area of the country or the world that is better equipped.

William Delwiche, Investment Strategist from Baird, was the keynote speaker at the 2017 Economic Outlook Breakfast on February 8th. Guests experienced a morning of macro and micro economic insights along with a focus on growing the Fox Cities economy.

Fortunately, we, at the Fox Cities Regional Partnership, have heard from plenty of area employers who are NOT struggling to fill open positions. These employers boast that they deploy one (or more) of four basic practices: • paying employees well above the average wage for their position • offering more flexibility to their employees than other companies • cultivating a company culture that is appealing to the workforce they are trying to recruit • working with their competitors to leverage employee recruitment and retention dollars Employers are finding it helpful to partner with other organizations and their competitors to support the talent attraction and retention the Fox Cities will need to continue to grow. Coming together to support Fox Cities Chamber programs like Talent Upload (which brings college students to the Fox Cities to preview life and work here) and Pulse Young Professionals (which focuses on engaging talent through community betterment) is a great way to leverage dollars to achieve a common goal. Other organizations such as the N.E.W. Manufacturing Alliance, the N.E.W. IT Alliance, W.I.T. (Women in Technology), and S.H.R.M. also serve as valuable resources in the Fox Cities and can be an excellent source for best practices in hiring and retaining talent. If the Fox Cities expands its focus on retaining and upskilling the workforce that currently resides here, as well as attracting needed talent from other areas of the state and country, we can avoid a potentially devastating situation. The upcoming “Talent War” will have winners and losers. Winners will come together to make their communities a great place to live and work, losers will not. The commitment of Fox Cities employers to work towards a common goal will help our great community grow, and ensure that we continue to see survey results as optimistic as this year’s and well into the future. Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


5. 1.








Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


1.) Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin was host to our Business Connection in November where attendees took purposeful networking to a new level. It was a great turnout and a lot of fun to give back to the community while connecting with others. 2.) The Chamber helped welcome new member, Crunch Fitness, with a ribbon cutting to celebrate their one-year anniversary and successes in November.


3.) Chief Economist John Koskinen provided attendees with a recap on Wisconsin’s economy in 2016 and economic projections going forward at the State of Wisconsin’s Economy event in December at Fox Valley Technical College. 4.) Our Pulse Young Professionals Network held its 10th Annual CEO Breakfast in December at Miron Construction. Presented by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the annual event provided a dynamic dialogue on how community investment can impact the workplace. 5.) Tim Bergstrom welcomed guests at the December Business Connection, hosted by Bergstrom Automotive, where attendees were able to catch up and meet other professionals. 6.) In early January, the Chamber hosted its annual Report to the Community. We reviewed highlights from the previous year and presented goals for the upcoming year. We were thrilled to have many community leaders join in on the presentation and share their past experiences.


7.) The Appleton West Anytime Fitness invited the Fox Cities Chamber for a ribbon cutting and grand opening to announce their recent expansion in January. 8.) The Fox Cities Chamber was pleased to welcome Fred Astaire Dance Studios with a ribbon cutting and grand opening in February. Attendees were able to celebrate the opening with a fun group dance lesson. 9.) A ribbon cutting and open house were held at Aerotek in Appleton in early February. Attendees were able to tour their office and learn about their various business processes.


10.) Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery and Pregnancy hosted a grand opening and ribbon cutting at their state-of-the-art new facility in February. Kaldas Center offers full-spectrum OB/GYN services and specializes in minimally invasive pelvic surgery, treatment of endometriosis, fertility and high-risk pregnancy. 11.) The Chamber welcomed the Fox Valley Literacy Council with a ribbon cutting in November. The Fox Valley Literacy Council trains volunteers to provide client-focused adult literacy education to people in the Fox Cities. 12. In November, Brookdale Senior Living of Neenah invited the Chamber for a ribbon cutting and open house. Brookdale of Neenah is an assisted living community offering exceptional senior living services with twenty apartments.

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


YOURVOICE Advocating for pro-business policy in the Fox Cities

Q&A with Mayor Dean Kaufert (City of Neenah) By Mark Rahmlow, Vice President, Public Policy

Rahmlow: Mayor Kaufert, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Are there any projects that you’re personally excited about in 2017? Kaufert: The construction of the downtown Gateway Office building development is well underway on the site of my family’s former bar/ restaurant. This four-story building will bring an additional 250 employees to work in our downtown. The impact on the local businesses and area will be very positive for Neenah. The second project will be the annexation of land near Pendleton Road and Winneconne Ave for the construction of some higher-end condo style apartments that will fill a need within our community. Rahmlow: Do you promote health and wellness in your city organization, and how do you encourage employees to get active? Kaufert: Our Wellness Program is a city-wide initiative tailored to reaching and motivating each employee. Employees are encouraged to complete health assessments and attend annual wellness visits. The program provides many tools to support goals. Online webinars and other health and wellness information, including tips, are shared regularly. In addition, the city does walking and general wellness challenges throughout the year, encouraging and engaging all to think, do and plan for health and wellness. Individual departments hold pedometer challenges, walking the stairs challenges and biggest loser challenges. To further support health and wellness, we are setting up our own health clinic staffed with a nurse practitioner to assist employees with their health and wellness questions. Rahmlow: Public sector stakeholders have recently started taking notice of the workforce shortage. How does your city recruit talent, and how do you approach retaining employees? Kaufert: We advertise for positions in a number of places online. Using Governmentjobs.com allows applicants to fill out an application and apply for any government position with that one application. We post all positions internally so current employees can either apply themselves or help spread the word of the openings. To contribute to retention, we regularly review salaries and benefits to ensure we remain competitive. I believe we retain employees by listening to what they need. Departments perform annual reviews where management and employees can talk about goals and expectations. Most of the time it is non-monetary things like being flexible with a schedule, simply having a manager who will listen, or the satisfaction of helping a citizen that keeps employees coming to work for the City of Neenah. Rahmlow: Could you provide readers with an update on the Loop the Lake project? Kaufert: The City of Neenah is stepping closer to beginning construction of the Loop the Lake – Bridge Project. Bid specifications are being prepared with the expectation the bid will be available to contractors by mid-February. GRAEF engineers continue to work with the appropriate government bodies to secure all of the necessary permits. Bids will be due back and opened by the first week in March. The city expects the approval


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

process to be completed by the first week in April and construction to start in May. Work will progress throughout the summer with the completion scheduled for this fall. Once completed, these bridges will provide a unique link including the original trestle and three other bridges creating a 3.2 mile loop connecting three communities. Rahmlow: Finally, do you have any advice for individuals that may be thinking about running for office in the future or serving in the public sector in some other capacity? Kaufert: I would encourage anyone thinking about running for office to get involved in your community early on and in as many ways you can. Join local service clubs, apply for a volunteer position on a local board or commission. Take time to visit your elected body meetings now and then. Have a good grasp of the issues important to that body and listen to good ideas from everyone impacted before you make decisions. Lastly, have a genuine interest in making the community, state or local office better than when you arrive.

Mayor Dean Kaufert was elected as the City of Neenah Mayor in April 2014. He is an Outagamie County native and attended Neenah High School and Fox Valley Technical College. Mayor Kaufert is a small business owner, was a former Neenah City Council member, a former Wisconsin State Legislature Assemblyman (55th District) and the former Chair of the Joint Finance Committee. He is a current EMT-B Mountain Ambulance Service Volunteer and a current member of the N-M Noon Optimists – N-M Elks Club. Mayor Kaufert can be contacted by email at dkaufert@ci.neenah.wi.us.

Education Funding – Is the Sky Falling? By Chris Reader Another school year is underway which means parents and taxpayers are once again hearing about the supposed drastic cuts Wisconsin public schools have faced in recent years and how public schools are barely making ends meet. The negative stories are cause for alarm for parents worried about their children’s education and career opportunities. The negative rhetoric coming out of Madison is also frightening for employers looking for the next generation of workers and executives. Employers have been pleading for years about the need for skilled workers, for better alignment of education outcomes with employer talent needs and for an education system that regains a focus on teaching technical education skills. Instead, the talk coming from some lawmakers would have you believe the sky is falling and schools throughout the state are doomed to fail. You may be wondering, have lawmakers not heard the message? Answer these two questions…in the last state budget, did Republican lawmakers increase or cut K-12 education funding? Since 2011, has instate spending on education increased or decreased? You are probably surprised to learn that in both cases the answer is that in-state spending has increased for education. If you’re shocked by the answers, don’t be. Consider a recent coordinated attack from top leaders. Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse), the highest ranking Democrat in the state Senate, issued a press release in August titled “School funding remains below 2010 levels.” Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha), the highest ranking Democrat in the state Assembly, released a statement decrying the “slashed state aid for schools.” Fortunately for school children, for concerned parents, for employers looking for future skilled workers and for our state in general, the truth is far from the negative picture painted by those lawmakers. According to a memo written in August by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau at the request of Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Brookfield), school funding from in-state sources has increased by about $65 per child statewide since 2011. Those sources are direct state aid payments, which account for $5 billion annually – that’s $4.75 billion annually from local property taxes and $465 million annually from other local revenues. It is true that overall funding for education is down approximately 1.6 percent since 2011, but the pot that has reduced is federal aid, not state, a fact lost

in the press releases that clearly meant to only confuse readers on the issue. Federal aid was artificially inflated in 2011 due to former Gov. Jim Doyle’s use of federal stimulus money to prop up education spending and has fallen since. Another missing point is any recognition of benefits from Act 10, Gov. Walker’s public sector collective bargaining reform bill from 2011. Act 10 provided local governments, including school districts, new tools for balancing their budgets. According to a report by the MacIver Institute for Public Policy, the tools schools now have thanks to Act 10, including renegotiating benefits packages and being able to offer pay increases based on merit rather than longevity, have resulted in $5 billion in savings for public employers such as schools, cities, towns, etc. Business leaders know the importance of looking at return on investment when making budget decisions, but for too many lawmakers, that consideration is not part of the public discourse when it comes to state spending. Instead, the drumbeat is simply more spending, more spending, more spending. Wisconsin should have an honest debate about school funding. But, results must be part of the equation and policy makers and the public should be willing to discuss how we get the best results for the same or possibly even less money. Reader is Director of Health and Human Resources Policy at WMC. A version of this column was first published in the October 2016 issue of Wisconsin Business Voice.

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


MEMBERSpotlight Spotlight MEMBER

Member Spotlights are included in your membership package at the Grow ($700) or above level. Contact Beth Haase for more information by email bhaase@foxcitieschamber.com or call (920) 734-7101.

Byline Bank The Small Business Capital team at Byline Bank specializes in SBA lending for businesses. Our loans offer longer, flexible terms and creative credit structures to generate greater cash flow and promote business growth. As the #1 SBA lender in Wisconsin with “Preferred Lender” status, we offer a quicker, streamlined process for customers. We work with small to medium-sized businesses looking to finance or re-finance real estate, equipment, construction, expansion or business acquisitions. Our clients are looking for financing between $250,000 - $5 million, or up to $10 million for USDA loans. Byline Bank is probably new to readers in this area, but local Chamber member Dylan Esterling is a familiar face. Byline Bank acquired #1 SBA Lender Ridgestone Bank in late 2016, keeping Dylan and his commercial lending colleagues in place as part of the Byline Small Business Capital team. For more information, visit www.bylinebank.com

Children’s Dental Health Center, S.C., Children’s Dental Health Center, S.C., specializes in the treatment and prevention of dental disease, including the overall oral health of children. Through additional years of schooling, Dr. Mark Steinmetz is uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of infants, children and adolescents. At Children’s Dental Health Center, S.C., we treat children from birth through young adulthood. Pediatric dental patients have different dentition than adults that may require specific dental and behavioral needs unique to a child. Our mission is to provide all of the educational tools necessary for our patients to enjoy a cavity-free future. In addition to treating dental problems such as orthodontics, dental sealants, fluoride applications and home treatments, our office focuses on prevention through patient and parent education. For more information, visit www.childrensdentalhealthcenter.com

Detail XPerts of the Fox Cities Detail XPerts of the Fox Cities specializes in vehicle detailing using steam cleaning. We are a fully-equipped mobile detailing company that uses a green style of detailing in a unique steam cleaning methodology. We clean and protect your vehicles by using only 10% of the water that our competitors use and without damaging your vehicle or the environment. We also offer semi-cleaning and detailing to our clients. At Detail XPerts, we are able to deliver mobile detailing services like no other because of our: state-of-the-art green technology, prompt services, expert detailers and reasonable rates. We work with both residential customers and commercial businesses to maintain their vehicles. For more information, visit foxcitieswisconsin.detailxperts.net or call 920.798.4430


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

MEMBERSpotlight Erick Adams Agency At the Erick Adams Agency, we work to provide a one-stop shop experience for your insurance and financial service* needs. We want every person to know that we can provide a strategy* to protect what they have worked hard for and to plan for their future dreams and goals. Our target audience is the small business owner. Being raised in a small business owner’s home, we know the challenges and the rewards that come from small business ownership. We have the experience to come alongside that small business to help protect what is most valuable to them. *Securities offered through Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC, (In NY: Farmers Financial Solutions and Insurance Agency), 30801 Agoura Rd. Bldg. 1 Agoura Hills, CA 91301. Member FINRA & SIPC. For more information, visit www.erickadamsagency.net

Fox Valley Lutheran Homes Fox Valley Lutheran Homes seeks to provide safe and secure housing for independent seniors. We offer support services to assist seniors, providing resources to remain living independently and giving referrals as needed to accomplish those goals. We provide a place to live with a family-feeling, tenants who care about each other and have fun together, and a support staff with many caring volunteers. Our tenants are senior citizens over age 62 in the Fox Cities area and beyond, who are capable of independent living, of all races or religions. Our rents are designed for people in the middle-income group. We provide monthly educational programs, worship services, a care coordinator, daily activity options, future certification in cognitive assessments with new ideas on the horizon. For more information, visit www.fvlhomes.org or call Becky Luett, Executive Director, at 920.734.7225

Julez Travel Julez Travel is a boutique concierge-style, all-inclusive travel agency, located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Their primary focus is helping you enjoy the ultimate luxury travel experience, whether your destination is the Caribbean, Mexico, the Americas, Europe or a remote beach. This superior level of service is available at no additional cost to you. Julez Travel works to find the finest quality activities and accommodations while providing premier customer service, added value and personal attention. They answer client questions, make recommendations and resolve any issues during your travels in order to exceed your expectations to earn repeat clients and referrals. With years of travel experience, Julez Travel works with clients near and far, in person, over the phone, through email and virtually. Remember: the Internet is for looking; Julez Travel is for booking. For more information, visit www.juleztravel.com

Fox Cities Business Spring 2017


MEMBERSpotlight Spotlight MEMBER

Member Spotlights are included in your membership package at the Grow ($700) or above level. Contact Beth Haase for more information by email bhaase@foxcitieschamber.com or call (920) 734 -7101. For Those Once in A Lifetime


Kellan Home & Window Kellan Home & Window is a full-service window repair and replacement company. We repair nearly all brands of windows and doors. We also offer professional handyman and home improvement services; specializing in small projects. Our typical clients own mid to high-end homes built in the last 30 years with aluminum clad wood or all vinyl windows. We also perform service work for local window retailers and commercial property management companies. While we do perform window repairs year-round, we tend to focus on interior home improvements such as handyman (“honey-do”) lists and small remodel projects from December-March. We are currently growing with plans to add several new employees in 2017. For more information, visit www.homeandwindow.com

Quill Creative Quill Creative is a brand development and advertising agency that specializes in the creation and rejuvenation of brands through creative design and innovative strategies. We develop brands and messaging to help our clients stand out, connect with their customers and remain relevant. We work with clients of all sizes from startups to large corporations and everything in between. Our clients represent a variety of industries such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, education and businesses like a brewery, golf course, candy company, travel agency and more. We’re always looking to learn about new segments and grow. Marketing your business can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. Our creative process is easy to understand and is designed to be fun and engaging while always keeping the brand message a top priority. We recently expanded into a new location which will allow us to add staff as we continue to grow. It’s an exciting time to be in the Fox Cities and we’re happy to be a part of it! For more information, visit www.quillcm.com

Writing by Design Crystal Clear™ communications every day. Whether you need help launching a new product or creating Crystal Clear™ communications for your day-to-day marketing needs, Writing by Design, LLC, is here to help! Day-to-day writing that sells. Writing by Design works with businesses of all sizes to provide targeted, strategic language for print and digital communications, including radio ads, video scripts, ghost writing, web writing and media releases. Writing by Design also provides: • Enhanced PowerPoint presentations featuring just the right amount of copy, animated visuals and embedded videos with an auto-play option perfect for your next sales pitch, onboarding new employees or making internal announcements. • SEO-minded writing for website content that not only helps boost your search engine ranking, but also helps turn your website visitors into leads. For an estimate, contact Writing by Design at letsgetwriting@writingbydesignllc. com, or visit writingbydesignllc.com for more information.


Fox Cities Business Spring 2017

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What’s your story? Your story is what makes your audience take note. And it’s what brings them back for more. At Coalesce, we help develop brand stories that resonate and deliver results. Our holistic approach to branding makes all of your marketing more effective. And your brand story is at the heart of it all. Let us help you tell it.

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Spring 2017 | Volume 18 | Issue 1  

Spring 2017 | Volume 18 | Issue 1