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Business Transformation Methodology • Process Engineering • Process Integration and Execution • Process Monitoring and Control Integration Solutions Built with Oracle SOA and BPM •Business Process Analysis (BPA) Suite • BPEL Process Manager • Enterprise Service Bus • Business Activity Monitoring • Business Intelligence • Application Integration Architecture Business System Expertise ERP - Oracle - SAP - Epicor - NetSuite MES - PROMIS - Factory Works - MESA PDM - Agile - MatrixOne Planning - Demantra - i2 Industry Experience • High Technology • Communications Services • Alternative Energy Industry Experience • Supplier Integration PIP • BPM Application for Oracle BPEL Process Manager

The Business Problem

Enterprises across the world have deployed best-in-class systems but face the challenge of creating elite business processes that integrate systems and organizations efficiently and effectively.

With the emergence of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM), enterprises now have the technologies and methodology to help address their business process problems.

Rapid Business Transformation Technology

Four Cornerstone's Rapid Business Transformation Methodology (RPTM) takes a process-driven approach and delivers a complete integrations solution. Leading edge Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies are used in conjunction with the methodology to deliver best-in-class business processes that integrate systems and organizations.

Why Four Cornerstone?

Proven Rapid Business Transformation Technology

• Business Transformation Methodology for rapid BPM-driven SOA implementations • BPM and SOA Technology used every step of the way

Technology and Integration Solutions Expertise

• Experts in developing integration solutions using SOA, BPM, and AIA technology • BI and BAM expertise for vertical and horizontal process metrics and analytics

Business Systems and Processes Expertise

• ERP, CRM, MES, PDM and Planning Business systems expertise to fast-track integration solutions development

Strategic Relationships

• Strategic, working relationships with Oracle Product Management & Development Teamss

Process Engineering

Uses Oracle Business Process Analysis (BPA) suite to model, simulate and analyze end-to-end business processes • Define focus, objectives and scope of initiatives • Measure critical-to-quality metrics for current state processes • Analyze current state process and identify areas of improvement • Define future state process based on industry best practice models

Process Integration and Execution Business/IT Alignment

• Implement models for execution in Oracle BPEL Process Manager • Web Services for enterprise and legacy applications for integration • Web Services for human activity automation • Incorporate Web Services callouts in business process models • Use Oracle Application Integration

Business Applications Expertise

• Functional expertise in ERP, CRM, PDF, MES systems help accelerate integration development

Process Monitoring and Control

Four Cornerstone BPM Application for Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10g & 11g • Interactive Work List for Business Users to view and interact with running business processes • Interactive, real-time graphical view for running and completing processes • Client-side filters and view for business users to organize their work list

BAM and BI

• Process-specific BAM dashboards for all roles in the enterprise • Business Process Intelligence data and reports for analysis • Metrics and Exceptions analysis to identify process deficiencies and bottlenecks for continuous improvement

Four Cornerstone Intregrations Solutions Architecture Built Using Oracle SOA, BPM, and BI Technology

Oracle Business Process Architect - model, simulate, and analyze business processes and manage and distribute process knowledge IDS-scheer ARIS Reference Models- jump start process development based on best practices

Oracle Business Rule Engine - enable complex decisions on structured XML documents to be expressed in easily modified rules and decision tables. Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) framework for scalable and pluggable integration solutions Oracle BPEL Process Manager - execute business processes, orchestrate human workflow, and raise alerts and notifications Oracle Enterprise Service Bus - integrate data and enterprise applications within your organization or with trading partners Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) - interactive real-time dashboards to provide business executives and operations managers information to make better decisions and take corrective action Four Cornerstone BPM Application - view and interact with business processes and view audit trails of completed processes

Four Cornerstone SOA-BPM Brochure  

This brochure outlines SOA-BPM services that Four Cornerstone provides and explains why and how we are able to perform these tasks to best s...