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Four Cornerstone The Stability of Four Cornerstone and the Strength of Oracle

Proprietary and Confidential to J.D. Edwards

About Four Cornerstone  Fort Worth based IT professional services firm  Built on the foundation of:  Wisdom  Integrity  Skill  Experience

 Offer the stability of a local company and the strength of Oracle  Help you optimize the integrity of your information and maximize its

value to

 Clients  Employees  Shareholders

through our professional services and Oracle software licensing.

Our Mission “To offer stability in the constantly changing technology marketplace.�

We are committed to providing value to our customers by:

Values Four Cornerstone has four values when working with employees and customers that put us a cut above the competition:

Professional Services Four Cornerstone helps companies make intelligent decisions. We offer the following solutions to meet your needs: ◦ Enterprise Database Management & Tuning ◦ Custom Applications & Oracle Fusion Middleware ◦ Enterprise Management and Performance ◦ Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing ◦ Oracle High Availability and Disaster Recovery ◦ Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ◦ Business Process Management (BPM) ◦ Support all major operating system including Oracle Linux ◦ Oracle Software Licensing and Oracle University ◦ Custom Programming using Java, PL/SQL, & ADF

Business Description Oracle's software products can be categorized into two broad areas:

Problems and Solutions

Opportunity and Services

Sources of Revenue

Oracle Software Licensing Four Cornerstone is a premiere Oracle Value-Added Reseller (VAR) We also specialize in products that compliment the Oracle enterprise

technology and applications stack including:  Redhat Linux  Java enterprise technologies

What makes Four Cornerstone different:

 We educate our clients regarding all of their licensing options  We walk you through the technical and financial considerations

when deciding between Oracle Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, or Enterprise Edition  You will always pay less buying through Four Cornerstone

Oracle University - Training Four Cornerstone can help you decide which Oracle training product will best meet your needs.

Terms and Conditions

SOA/BPM Create best-in-class business processes that integrate systems and organization efficiently and effectively Why Four Cornerstone?

Enterprise Business Intelligence Architectural initiatives such as:  Data warehouses  Data marts  Multi-dimensional analysis tools  Data mining applications

…turn your data into valuable insight to increase corporate performance by improving your business processes and performance measurements

Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) Oracle ADF implements best practices to help developers design and build secure, high-performance J2EE applications and Web services for the enterprise ď‚—Oracle ADF delivers significant productivity gains ď‚—Helps meet business demands rapidly while increasing your ROI

Four Cornerstone ADF Practice Our team is one of the first software companies in the world that has worked with ADF 

We are offering a real alternative to the classic Oracle Developer (Forms or Reports) 

Without having to deal with expansive development efforts or a lessened maintainability

Four Cornerstone ADF practices include:  code reuse  self-developed standard templates for often-utilized functionality  proper utilization of J2EE and Java capabilities.

Oracle/Java Consulting Development and Support Services Four Cornerstone's expert consultants and developers are experienced with the following:    

Oracle Database Oracle Application Server Jdeveloper Open-source Oracle frameworks  e.g. TopLink

 Oracle ADF Faces

We can help you build solid, scalable and secure applications using Java EE standards such as…  JSF  EJB3

…to developer productivity

Remote DBA Practice  We provide remote support to ensure your databases are up and

running 24/7

 We boost your performance gains via refined solutions that:  help configure and maintain your systems  achieve their potential  and more

 We offer expertise, efficiency and integrated solutions that are a

step ahead and above the rest because we are committed to results  We offer Remote Oracle Database 911 Service ◦ We are here 24x7 for you

Emergency Response Services System down? Need immediate assistance? ď‚—Four Cornerstone provides premium

remote database support

ď‚— We are able to assist you with any

emergency, question, or concern 24 hours a day.

Call us at 817-377-1144


The Four Cornerstone Promise

Contact Us Four Cornerstone 2120 Ridgmar Blvd. Suite 204 Fort Worth, TX, 76116 817-377-1144

Four Cornerstone Introduction  

This is an introduction into Four Cornerstone LLC describing the services we provide

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