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Lawrence Kids Winter, 2010/2011

a resource guide for parents

Round up your pack and head to Great Wolf Lodge!

Enjoy our enormous 84 degree indoor waterpark, reserved exclusively for our guests. Continue your adventure in our 100-game arcade or our mini-golf course. Even battle a dragon in MagiQuest®, our live-action interactive game. Then unwind at Elements™ Spa or retreat to one of our Northwoods-themed suites. Visit GREATWOLF.COM or call 1.800.608.WOLF (9653) Great Wolf Lodge • 10401 Cabela Drive • Kansas City, KS 66111

Lawrence Kids Winter, 2010/2011

a resource guide for parents

9 When is it More Than a Fever?

a local physician answer’s winter’s most asked question

11 Communication is Key

parents must set the example when they argue

13 A Boy, His Dreams and Boogers

one mother’s heartwarming, and stomach turning, morning

15 Kidisms

Cathy Hamilton translates the foreign language of kids

23 Sledding Lawrence

Lawrence Kids locates the 5 best sledding hills in town

26 It Really Puts Things Into Perspective

how an undetected tumor brought one Lawrence family closer

32 Where the Heart is

four Lawrence Kids share their fantastic bedrooms

39 Lawrence Winter Event Guide 43 The Lawrence Kids Parent Resource Guide

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Kids E



on Tue


Being sick doesn’t fit into your schedule. But we’ll fit you into ours.

Family Medicine Associates offers same day service, with no appointments necessary from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Or if you need a quick answer to a health concern, call PAL our Patient Answer Line.



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We’ve been helping children grow, learn and play Derek: lightin gray drop shadow came with logo with the music Lawrence for that more than 15this years. almost disappears when placed on this background color. Find out more today about super-fun to the I added a second, darker dropour shadow hereapproach to make the amazing world of music. hands-on logo stand out better -- youOur might try this group in yourbirthday layout. parties for kids 1-5 years old have also been popular with families. Visit our Web site for more information. • • (785) 865-0884

When Is a Fever Cause for Concern? answers to winter’s most commonly asked questions A fever is the most common warning sign that your child may be sick. But when could a fever be a sign of something severe? “That’s the most common question we get in winter months,” said Dan Severa, M.D. “If treated correctly, a fever can be a minor issue. But parents need to know when a fever is a sign of something much more serious.” When the body is fighting germs that cause infections, core body temperature rises and causes a fever. When your child has a low-grade fever, there is little reason for concern. However, many parents wonder when a fever is more than just a fever. Taken orally, a normal temperature is about 98.6 degrees, and 99.6 when taken rectally. A fever is defined as an oral temperature above 99.5 or a rectal temperature above 100.4. A low-grade fever is considered a temp up to 100.2 degrees. If your infant is younger than 3 months old and has a rectal temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, you should call your physician. A fever is often the first sign of a serious infection, especially in young babies. Because infants can quickly get very sick, promptly notifying your doctor of fever fluctuations may help prevent serious problems. Local physicians suggest contacting your pediatrician if your child (ages 3 months to 6 months) has a temperature of 101 degrees or higher. At 6 months of age, a fever of 102.9 lasts for more than 2 days or if your child’s fever reaches 103 or higher, a call to your pediatrician is warranted. “Parents need to understand that although fevers are common,” Severa said. “They can be a clue to a serious problem and a consultation with your doctor is essential to your child’s care. Parents have a good, innate sense of when their children are ‘just not acting right’ and warrant closer scrutiny by a physician. A steady fever is a good indicator.” Tylenol and Motrin are good choices for fever reduction. It is, however, not recommended to have your children wrapped in blankets or heavy clothing. A luke warm bath can also help bring down a fever in smaller children. “Fever is a symptom of some sort of infection within the body,” Severa said. “Simply treating the fever will not solve the underlying problem that caused the fever. Your child may need an antibiotic or it could be a virus that needs time and fluids to resolve,” Severa said.

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Got a Picky Eater?

Local Burger can help! Have your picky eater draw a picture of their favorite animal in the space below and bring it in for a free kids combo meal* or chicken nuggets.* We’ll find something healthy they’ll love! *w/ the purchase of an adult combo.

ng aturi y e f now n/dair glute hicken c free gets! nug

Local Burger

serves delicious food at a fair price. We are passionate about where our food comes from and how it connects us to our communities. Why serve your child processed food shipped in from who knows where? At Local Burger, we know all our producers and we can tell you exactly what you and your family are eating. 714 Vermont Street

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Communication Key When Parents Disagree According to James Arthur Bryant, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” Imitation by children can be the highest form of flattery. It can also be a glaring example of behaviors that need changing to achieve a more positive mimicry. For example, I’ve learned to try to curb my road rage after hearing my two and a half year old scream ‘Idiot’ as another motorist cut me off in traffic. Children look to their parents as a model for their own emotions, actions and reactions. During times of family change, emotions can range from anger, shock, pain and extreme sadness to relief. In these difficult times, mediation can help lessen overall conflict and increase positive parenting efforts. In reaching a mediated agreement, parents lead by example in showing their children three things: 1. The parents can and will continue to make decisions for the family without a need for a public hearing. 2. Parents care enough about their children to keep their fate out of the hands of an unvested individual. 3. Cooperation and concern can replace fighting and friction. Mediation can be a difficult process. It requires both parents to talk about a subject near and dear to them (their children) in a way where each parent will have to agree to times when they are physically separated from their child. It is emotionally draining. Parents often wonder why they should do all the work through mediation. Why not just want to go to court and have the Judge tell them what to do? While, that is an option (unfortunately, for some it is the only option), what does it teach your children about making difficult decisions? Does it teach them to resolve differences, or does it teach them to escalate a fight? Is your decision an example to listen to the other side of a debate, or does it teach them to only argue their own desires without regard to the other people involved? Does it teach them that the people who love them the most in the world will put aside their personal differences when it comes to reaching an agreement that is family focused? Or will they learn that mom and dad won’t communicate enough to solve the problem now, so that in the future, their lack of communication can be used against them? We control fifty percent of a relationship. We influence one hundred percent of it. A parent’s actions and reactions have a profound influence on their children. From the words that are used, to the non-verbal indicators (think eye-roll, tightly folded arms or loud sighs when the other parent is mentioned) your kids are listening (believe it or not) and watching. What behaviors do you want your children to imitate?

by Rebecca Weeks

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The dreams of a boy and a booger by Dawn Shew

I wake him up by opening the window shade– it’s a gorgeous day, and I know that the light will eventually work its way through his deep sleep. Before long, he’s awake, chattering about the cruise he plans to take me on “when he’s a grown up and a daddy.” It will be a cruise to the South Pole, and we will see polar bears and puffins and dolphins and whales and sharks. Daddy can come, too. (Dad’s an afterthought, though, and when his sister says she doesn’t want to go on a cruise, he quickly kicks Daddy off the boat to look after her.) As we’re chatting, and he’s warming up to the day, I feel closer and closer to this little boy, the person for whom I am currently the world. The person who changed my world five years ago by becoming my first-born. I’m well aware that this time will be over too soon– he starts school in the fall– and then he’ll be all “Maaaawwwwwmmm” and secrets and body odor and fuzzy facial hair and I want to remember this moment forever. We lie there daydreaming about what his grown up life will be like, the adventures we will have. I love that he thinks that it will always be this way, he and I together. My eye catches on the wall above his bed, and I notice that there’s something on the wall. Something… streakish. “Honey, what’s that on your wall?” I query. He doesn’t answer. He grins his sheepish one-dimple grin. He looks like he’s preparing to lie to me. “Before you answer,” I jump in, hoping to save him from himself, “let me tell you what I think it is, and you tell me if I am a good guesser or not.” He agrees. “I think that you pick your nose at night and wipe the boogers on the wall, and that last night you picked your nose so roughly you got a nose bleed.” He giggles and hides his head under the comforter. He tells me I am a good guesser. We have a talk about boogers and that they are there to catch dirt and germs and we agree that when he gets home tonight we will wash off the wall together. I remind him that there are tissues on the shelf above his pillow. It’s gross, and ordinarily I would be perturbed. But on this morning I just laugh and we go on talking about our cruise to the South Pole. Dawn is a stay-at-home mom to her son and daughter. Her life is nothing like she thought it would be, and so much more than she could have ever imagined.

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Lawrence author and humor writer, Cathy Hamilton, has two children who are now adults, but she remembers (all-too well) the challenges of raising little ones, especially learning to understand their language. From her book, Kidisms*, Hamilton provides a kind of “kid-to-English” translation dictionary for Lawrence Kids readers…

He started it. The number one objective of all children is to avoid blame at all costs. That’s why you’ll never walk into a bathroom brawl to hear your son say “No, no! It’s my fault! Geez, when will I ever learn to stop picking fights? Mom, please! Take away my privileges quick so that I might break this vicious cycle!”

I can do it by myself. We all want children who adamantly strive for independence, Julietta by Tasha Keathley *Cathy Hamilton 2003; Andrews McMeel Publishing

don’t we? And so, when a child insists he can something by himself – tie his shoes, zip his coat, put on his pajamas – we wait patiently for him to accomplish his task no matter how long it takes. 15

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Where do babies come from? This one strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Psychologists recommend answering the dreaded query with honesty and plain anatomical language, providing as much information as the child seems to need and avoiding such traditional buy mythical explanations as storks, pumpkin seeds and UPS trucks.

But Dad already said I could. A kid is in finest form

Sleep Like a Baby

on a toxin-free mattress

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when she’s playing one parent against the other, a common tactic used to divide and conquer. This classic form of manipulation is easily mastered by any five-year-old with average intelligence.

Are we there yet? It’s a well-known fact that children under the age of 20 have no concept of time or distance, especially while traveling cross-country without the calming effects of an Enya CD or Auto Bingo. The average kid will ask this question or it equally annoying counterpart – “Haw many more minutes?” – every five to ten miles, unless his parents explain the estimated time of arrival in terms he can comprehend: “Okay, pay attention. We left our house at the beginning of Sesame Street and we need to drive through Blue’s Clues, Barney, I Love Lucy and The Gong Show. We won’t arrive at the hotel until the end of Nick at Nite. Got it? It wasn’t me! – A kid is in finest form when she’s playing one parent against the other, a common tactic used to divide and conquer. This classic form of manipulation is easily mastered by any five-year-old with average intelligence.

I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. Even with a $5,000 play structure in the backyard, flat-screen TV, dozens of video games, 2,783,988 Legos in the closet, scooters, bikes and ten kids living within 200 feet of their front door, kids will utter this gem on average of 3.4 times per day. Sixteen times per day in the summertime.

I already did my homework. & I don’t have any homework. Psychological studies have shown that kids will lie for two reasons: 1. To avoid punishment 2. To avoid homework, the most horrendous form of punishment of all

We weren’t doing anything bad! You know you’ve walked in on a crime in progress when a kid blurts out this kidism the second you open his bedroom door!

Why do I have to make my bed? I’m just going to sleep in it later. Kids are amazingly adept at pointing out how ridiculous some of our adult rituals really are. Logic like this make parenting difficult, if not impossible. cont.

Open 11-6 Wednesday-Saturday

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Sunshine Acres Montessori School 2141 Maple Lane, Lawrence, KS 66046


To assist a child we must Sunshine Acres Montessori School is a nonprofit, private school serving children 12 months to 12 years with programs for preschool, private kindergarten and extended care services. Sunshine Acres is open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm and licensed for 124 Children

Four Star Rating

by the Kansas Quality Rating Improvement System. June, 2010

Sunshine Acres is a unit of

KDHE License #0061926

provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely. - Maria Montessori

I’m thirsty! I need a drink of water. There is a strange but all-too-common phenomenon that occurs when children are put to bed for the night. An extreme and unquenchable thirst comes over the like nightfall on the Sahara desert. Suddenly , their little mouths turn to cotton, their tongues swell, lips pucker, and nothing, but nothing, will remedy their parched tongues but a tall glass of water, and they are forced to cry out in the night: “I’m thirsty!” This commonly occurs precisely twelve minutes after the final good-night, when the parent has climbed down the stairs, poured himself a nightcap, and settled in to watch his favorite TV show. Timing is everything with kids.

I’ll be your best friend! A child wants something. A turn on the tire swing. An invitation to a birthday party. A classmate’s half-eaten sandwich at the lunch table. The child has not money and few material possessions of her own to barter with, so she offers the next best thing - the coveted privilege of being her “best friend” - as a bargaining chip.

Is this my right or my left? Early childhood specialists advise there is nothing to worry about if a child occasionally confuses his right and left. The brain’s right and left hemispheres take a few years to establish their function in the average child and a little confusion is perfectly normal. But if your child is till posing the above question days before his driving, better get him a bus pass.

But I’m not hungry! Kids’ appetites are fickle creatures. The harder parent push (“Eat your vegetables.” “Clean your plate.” “There are starving children in Third World countries!”), the less hungry a kid seems to get. Of course, get a kid within five miles of a Dairy Queen or the gold arches and you’ll hear the following ism...

I’m staaaarving! When the door slams at 3:30 in the afternoon on a school day, before you hear the backpack hit the floor and the shoes flinging across the room and the TV warming up, you’re certain to hear the above ism. And, often, so will the neighbors. She won’t share. Just like burglars, kids can’t resist the temptation of another’s property, especially if it’s a new toy. When the other child won’t give it up, you’re bound to hear this one in various degrees of whine. How do you spell _________ ? Most kids will do anything to shorten the time it takes to finish their homework, cont.

933 Massachusetts Street / (785) 856-9246 / 19

Making your life

easier, healthier, happier. 3504 Clinton Parkway Lawrence, Kansas 785-832-0044

4000 West Sixth Street Lawrence, Kansas 785-832-9449

including soliciting help from their exasperated parents. When this ism ends with a word like prestidigitation, parents should insists the child look the word up in the dictionary.

Grow ’Em Healthy

But when a child asks “How do you spell the?” it could be time for a remedial spelling lesson.

with Local and Organic Fruits & Veggies from The Merc

But I can’t look it up if I don’t know how to spell it!” This “gotcha” response to a parent’s urging to “look it up in the dictionary” is impossible to argue with. Don’t even try.

Why can’t I? It’s a free country You gotta love the democracy argument, especially when it comes from an underage, dependent, unemployed child whose very survival and livelihood depends entirely on his overage, overtaxed parents.

Your Year-Round Farmers’ Market

It was an accident! What kid in his right mind is going

You can tell by looking, Ohli loves Merc organic food.

to admit he broke a vase, window or his brother’s nose on purpose?

Can I come out now? Sending a child to his room will afford you, on average, 6.3 minutes of precious silence. Then, don’t be surprised to hear this ism in the sweetest, most syrupy voice you’ve ever heard.

The Merc Community Market & Deli

901 Iowa · Lawrence · 785 843 8544

Shut Up! No mother worth her salt would allow her child to say “Shut Up!” Mom reserves that privilege for herself, to use on Dad. That’s not what you said last week. Leave it to a kid who can’t remember her own lunch to be able to regurgitate verbatim what a parent said in a weak moment on week ago. This tack is 99% effective since the typical mom will be unable to remember what she said this morning, let along a whole week ago.

Everybody else’s mom is letting them. Wouldn’t it be fun to throw a weekly Everybody Else’s Mom Convention? Then you could find out, once and for all, what kind of nonsense everybody else’s kids are feeding these poor women.

No surgary purees.

No sweetened fruits.

Right after this show... Here’s another example of children measuring time in TV show increments. When your little procrastinator gives you this put-off, just make sure he’s not watching a two-week miniseries before you relent.

Kids love it.

You’re the best mom in the whole world! Beware the child who starts a conversation with the above phrase, especially if he is hugging and kissing you while he’s saying it. He want’s something. And it’s going to be big. 4/B

812 Mass 331-0820

3514 Clinton Pkwy 331-3300

4821 West 6th 749-2670


Sledding Lawrence The ďŹ ve best places in Lawrence to hit the hills.

First Run by Tasha Keathley


2003 study by a team of scientist from Southwest Texas State University and Arizona State University proved that Kansas is, in fact, flatter than a pancake. Regardless of the rest of the state’s elevation inadequacies, Lawrence boasts fantastic sledding spots. Get your sleds, toboggans and saucers ready...

Centennial Park

Between 6th and 9th Streets; Iowa Street and Rockledge Road

The 35-acre park is one of the most centrally located parks in Lawrence. Oregon Trail settlers once used the land now known as Centennial Park as an area to graze livestock as they traveled west. The most popular sledding spot is the big hill just west of the Ninth-street parking lot. On a snowy day, cars fill the lot and families take to the hill in mass. The wide sledding area has a steep downhill which levels on a large field. Get moving too fast, and you might need the foot brakes before landing in the creek. North of the parking lot and playground is another popular hill. Though not as steep, when ridden correctly, the hill offers a longer ride. Centennial Park is filled with hills and trees, so ditch the crowds, take a walk and find your own sledding slope.

“Dad” Perry Park (2 parks) West - 1200 Monterey Way North - Harvard & Parkside Road

The park, which was purchased in 1967 with Housing and Urban Development matching funds, is named in honor of the “Father of Gymnastics in the State of Kansas,” L.R. “Dad” Perry. At the time of the purchase, the west side of the park was not in the city limits. The 45-acre park is filled with naturally wooded areas, native grasses and includes nature trails that wind throughout the park. In addition, two large park shelters with rest rooms and parking are available that allows families and groups to reserve.

Both West and North parks feature solid sledding slopes. The hills near the West playground are steeper and more popular. The playground is on a small plateau with short, steep hills bordering the east and north sides. Tall natural grass puts the brakes on any runaway sleds. The North park has smaller hills, perfect for younger children (and lazy parents). Also, the vast open field is perfect for snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights. The more adventurous sledders can take to the woods. The central portion of “Dad” Perry Park is dense woods dissected by trails. Many steep, tree-lined routes are available, but sled at your own risk!

Alvamar Country Club 1809 Crossgate Drive

The golf course is often quiet in the cold winter, but when the snow starts to stick in Lawrence, Alvamar Country Club gets popular. Just south of the clubhouse is a fantastic, steep hill that many think is the best sledding spot in town. Because the Alvamar grounds crew does such a great job maintaining the grass spring – fall, there is little worry of hidden rock and large branches ruining a snow suite or rosy cheek. Having an indoor bathroom and restaurant lends a ski mountain feel to a day on the Alvamar hill.

If classes are in session, parking can be an issue so plan on walking from your car. Be aware that students like to hit the hill after hitting the bar, so you might have to cover Jimmy’s ears a few times. Don’t forget to bring a camera and capture the views of Lawrence and Douglas County.

Carruth O’Leary Hall 1246 West Campus Road

The hills just beyond the parking lot behind Carruth O’Leary Hall on KU’s campus are often overlooked by Campanile Hill sledders. The hills are steep and fast, so they may not be the best fit for younger kids. The parking lots West of Memorial Stadium have cut the length of a few routes, but many options remain for the more daring. If you can dodge sidewalks, a great run could land you on the banks of Potter’s Lake. Beware of rocks and branches covered by the snow. Like Campanile Hill, parking can be an issue when classes are in session. 4/B

The catch: Alvamar is a private club and not open to the public. However, the club is very popular, so ask around – maybe your friends will let you tag along.

the Campanile Hill

North side of Memorial Drive University of Kansas

Is there a more iconic sledding destination in Lawrence than in the shadow of the symbolic bell tower? Even after recent construction on “the hill” the long slope directly north of KU’s Campanile remains a “must-do” for Lawrence sledders. The hill is wide enough to comfortably accommodate the crowds and it’s almost a guarantee that someone will build a snow jump. Without question, Campanile Hill features the most varied selection of rides. Everything from sleds and skies to trash sacks and cardboard boxes will likely be spotted. Speed junkies have been know to forgo the grassy hill and opt for the ice covered sidewalk (bring a helmet!).

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Paxton Brittingham and her 14-inch scar.

It really puts things into

perspective The story of a Lawrence Kid who’s undetected tumor nearly paralyzed her, threatened her life and brought her family and community closer. by Derek Helms


A Constant Nag Paxton Brittingham is a beautiful, vibrant girl. She loves school and excels at dance. Her friends are many and her two little brothers don’t even bother her all that much. When she smiles, her deep brown eyes are swallowed by her cheeks and she beams with confidence and happiness. Her mom Kellie glows when she talks about her. “She’s my baby girl,” Kellie says with a smile. “And she always will be.” Paxton was as active as any other kid in the neighborhood. Her summer had been filled with swimming, days on the trampoline, parties and the occasional trip to the lake. Something, however, had begun bothering her. “It was just this pain in my back,” Paxton, a 5th grader at Veritas Christian School said. “You know, nothing really, really bad, but it was annoying. Sometimes I wouldn’t feel it. Sometimes my legs would tingle for a little bit. But sometimes at night it hurt so much I couldn’t sleep. Mostly it was just a constant nag.” The pain had steadily grown since early spring. Ryan and Kellie, as most parents would, kept a suspicious eye on Paxton and her back. Maybe it was a strained muscle or odd growing pains. “Well, she’s a 9 year-old girl, so we were never really sure what to believe,” Ryan, an owner and dentist at Legends Drive Dental Center said. “Her back never seemed to hurt when it was time to go swimming or jump on a trampoline. If it was something involving her brothers (Jaydon and Maddon), then her back would bother her. The times at night when she couldn’t sleep, those are the times Kellie and I really started to wonder.” Ryan and Kellie spoke with their pediatrician and scheduled regular visits to both a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Though Paxton enjoyed the massages, nothing really seemed to help ease the pain. “We really tried everything we could think of,” Kellie said. “We did all we could to be proactive. At some point as a parent you try to tell yourself, ‘Oh, she’ll grow out of this.’ And she would have good days and then, all of the sudden, the pain would be almost crippling and she would fall to the ground crying.” A late summer day on the lake with friends was an indication of how bad things could be. While boating, Paxton was

sitting near the bow when the water got rocky. As the boat would rise and fall with the tide, Ryan could see Paxton getting more and more uncomfortable. “Each wave seemed to hurt more than the last,” Ryan said. “She was curled into a ball whimpering. I felt terrible.” The meetings with the chiropractor and massage therapist continued, and Paxton’s pain level continued to ebb and flow. No one, it seemed, could explain her pain. “I don’t know,” Paxton said. “I guess I kind of got use to it.”

A Day in October It was, by all accounts, a normal day. Paxton and her dad were with family and friends at a go cart track in Kansas City. Ryan’s cousin, NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer was in town for the NASCAR race and fans had gathered to celebrate. The weather was beautiful and the company wonderful. Paxton, like only a 9 year-old girl can, was bugging her dad to let her drive a go cart. Ryan was apprehensive. Paxton had been battling her sore back for awhile, but he knew his daughter was responsible and cautious. “I completely trusted Paxton to drive safely,” Ryan said. “She’s driven go carts before and promised to stay under control and on the outside of the track. What I didn’t expect was what the other drivers would do.” Paxton kept her word. She was making laps on the outside of the track when another car hit her left rear bumper and sent her straight into the wall. The crash didn’t appear to be too severe. In fact, Ryan wasn’t even concerned. Then he heard Paxton scream.

She’s Limp Paxton’s yells were harrowing. “In hindsight, I don’t know if she was in great pain, or just scared to death” Ryan said. “It was clear by her yelling that something was very wrong. By the time I got to her, she was completely limp, slumped over in the go cart, yelling for me.” Ryan, clearly emotional and wanting only to help his daughter, reached into the go cart and lifted a crying Paxton into his arms. Almost immediately, he regretted his move. “I guess I panicked and didn’t even think about it and lifted

Paxton at home with the presents and get well wishes.

her out of the cart because she was crying and calling for me,” Ryan said. “As I’m standing up with her I think that I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but I already have her in my arms. I was in daddy mode, not doctor mode.” Ryan quickly moved off the track and toward a platform to hold Paxton. “With each step she moaned and cried a little more,” Ryan said. “I was trying to get her off the track and to a place to lay her, thinking about the potentially huge mistake I may have just made.” After laying Paxton on a platform, the significance of the situation hit Ryan and he “just kind of froze.” Close friend Jeff Glasgow, a CRNA anesthetist, started putting Paxton through basic tests. She couldn’t feel anything from her waist down. She couldn’t move her legs. She couldn’t wiggle her toes. Ryan thought his darling daughter was paralyzed from the waist down. “Jeff and I looked at each other and I immediately snapped out of it,” Ryan said. “The look on Jeff ’s face was clear. We called 911.” Paxton was picking up on her dad and Jeff ’s emotions, and her fear replaced her pain. She had a hot flash and broke into hives. When the ambulance arrived, she refused to go. “Bless the EMTs that came,” Ryan said. “They quickly calmed Paxton and helped ease her fears. Once Paxton starting calming down, and was immobilized flat on her back, her

symptoms started to improve.” Slowly, Paxton regained partial feeling in her legs and toes. The ache in her back was still there, but the pain had subsided to a tolerable level. Her legs started to tingle, which Ryan knew was a good sign. “We’ve been here before,” Ryan said. “A back ache and a tingle in her legs we can deal with. The fact that Paxton could feel and move her lower body was the first miracle. I knew she wasn’t paralyzed and started to count our blessings. Any parent that has ridden in an ambulance with their child knows, it really puts things into perspective.”

We Found a Tumor The ambulance took Paxton to Overland Park Regional. The ride had helped calm Paxton and her symptoms had significantly improved. By the time the first doctor examined her she had recovered enough to pass all neurological and muscular tests. Paxton had stabilized and her emotions had leveled. A CT scan was done and they waited for a radiologist to study the results. “I’ll never forget that moment,” Kellie said. She had been in Lawrence and rushed to meet Ryan and Paxton at the hospital in Overland Park. The results of the


CT scan were in, and they weren’t what anyone was expecting. The scan revealed a very large tumor. “It’s late. Obviously the day has already been emotionally draining,” Kellie said. “Then we get the news that our daughter has a tumor.” The tumor, roughly the size of a grapefruit, was on Paxton’s spine. Understanding the significance, danger and position of the tumor, doctors immediately transferred Paxton to Children’s Mercy in downtown Kansas City.

A Series of Fortunate Events “We dodged a bullet by her not being paralyzed,” Kellie said. “When we got to Children’s Mercy, God’s plan for Paxton’s journey continued to play itself out before us.” The attending orthopaedic surgeon at Children’s Mercy was Dr. John Anderson, the ‘spine guy’ of Kansas City. His specialty: pediatric spinal surgery. “What are the chances of that?” Ryan said. “I mean, we have just learned about Paxton’s spinal tumor, it’s 3:30 in the morning, and the attending surgeon at the hospital is one of the area’s foremost pediatric spinal experts.” Like a basketball coach looking over a new recruit, Dr.

Anderson eagerly studied Paxton’s x-rays. Ryan and Kellie already knew the tumor was large and in a very dangerous location. Dr. Anderson gave them more details, and a dosage of unexpected good news. “Dr. Anderson mentioned a conference at which would be presenting,” Ryan said. “Later that day, in Children’s Mercy, he was giving a talk at a conference for spinal surgeons. Unbelievable. The day we arrive with our daughter in an ambulance with a serious spinal tumor, the nation’s best spine surgeons are in the building, discussing challenging spinal surgeries.” The doctor took Paxton’s x-rays to the conference and presented her case. Surgeons from across the county conferred on ideas and procedures. More tests were done and the significance of the tumor was revealed. The Aneurysmal Bone Cyst was about 57mm in width and, in places, 35-42mm in height and had started to form a small bump on Paxton’s back. The size was scary, but the location was daunting. The benign tumor had compromised, essentially eaten away, Paxton’s T2 vertebrae and was compressing her spinal cord. The go cart crash accentuated the compression, which caused the temporary paralysis. Doctor Anderson explained Paxton could have done the same thing by falling out of bed or tripping while walking. To further complicate things, the tumor had begun to wrap itself around Paxton’s spine. That meant surgery to remove

The Brittinghams - Jaydon, Kellie, Paxton, Ryan and Maddon

the tumor may involve incisions both on Paxton’s back and through her chest. More tests were done and the waiting game began. “Kellie and I had so many questions,” Ryan said. “What are the long-term affects of this? How will a spinal surgery affect her growth? Will this compromise her back or neck movement? Is our daughter going to be okay?” After a week of negotiating schedules, Dr. Anderson assembled his own ‘dream team’ of spinal surgeons. To the relief of Ryan, Kellie and Paxton, the team determined they would not need to go through Paxton’s chest. The intensive surgery would remove the tumor and fuse the remaining vertebras. “We spent a week at home while Dr. Anderson conferred with the team he put together,” Kellie said. “Paxton, to our amazement, was very calm and very at ease with the situation. Friends brought arm loads of presents and flowers and cards. Her friends are a blessing and really helped keep her spirits up. She was more concerned about getting homework for the time she would miss from school than the major surgery she was about to have.” “I credit my wife,” Ryan said. “She was the driving force behind us getting through this.” A week after the go cart accident, Paxton was back at Children’s Mercy for surgery. Ryan, Kellie, family and friends waited anxiously. “We had family and friends around us,” Ryan said. “But you can’t help but feel a little bit alone and helpless during the waiting. We trusted the doctors and the updates they gave us were all positive.” Nearly 10 hours after surgery began Dr. Anderson met with the family. He reported that, in every aspect of the complicated surgery, things went better than their highest hopes. Paxton would make a full recovery, with little risk of any major complications. “The relief of hearing that can not be overstated,” Kellie said. “The doctor said my little girl was going to be alright.”

Unwavering Support The weeks following Paxton’s surgery were spent in recuperation at Children’s Mercy. Family flooded Paxton’s room and offered support with Jaydon and Maddon. Through the entire ordeal, Ryan and Kellie were overwhelmed by the amount of support offered, often from complete strangers. In an effort to keep family members informed, the family maintained a Caring Bridge page ( through Paxton’s hospital stay. Word of mouth, social media and email campaigns spread Paxton’s story faster than anticipated. In fact, more than 10,000 people have visited Paxton’s Caring Bridge page. “It was incredibly inspiring and humbling,” Kellie said. “We got notes of encouragement and prayers from across the United States and, literally all parts of the world, sometimes from complete strangers.” Ryan and Kellie still marvel at the amount of support from Lawrence. Neighbors, colleges, other dentists and complete strangers have sent Paxton cards of encouragement and support. “It has really made Lawrence feel like a small town,” Ryan said.

Home Paxton was home in time for Halloween. Ryan turned her temporary wheelchair into a pirate ship and she went trickor-treating with friends. She is back at school, but taking it easy on the physical activity. The family is now busy getting back to a sort of normal, but lessons learned will not soon be forgotten. “This entire experience has been an exercise in faith,” Ryan said. “It saved my daughter’s life, improved our marriage, improved our relationship with our kids and given us a great appreciate for all the blessings we have.” 4/B


...where the heart is four Lawrence kids share their spectacular rooms photos by Derek Helms & Tasha Keathley

Vaughn Heck in his Planes, Trains & Tractors room

Make room for your life.

Quality Construction • Interior & Exterior Paint

1440 Wakarusa Dr

(785) 749-1855

keep their feet warm and dry this winter

829 Massachusetts

(785) 842-8142

Avery Nuzum has a ball in her flower girl room. Mom designed the space and dad custom-made the light-up flowers. The calming colors and clean white furniture lend themselves to afternoon naps and princess play. The homemade bows from mom hang from her changing table which sits beneath a painting passed down from generations. Vaughn Heck’s basement room in his parent’s country home features what every kid really wants: a private play place. His cubby, as tall as a dresser, is tucked beneath steps and keeps his toys hidden. The walls and shelf showcase times spent with grandpa on the farm. The McCormick tractor photo (left) was taken by Vaughn himself.

We specialize in earth friendly products for your home and business design. Contact us for cork, bamboo, marmoleum flooring, natural stone, recycled glass floors and countertops, recycled bronze hardware, reclaimed wood and many more earth conscious choices. Locally Owned & Operated 4910 Wakarusa Court (785) 843-8600

Ella and Liliana Keathley-Helms’ shared bedroom is fit for a princess. The room features areas for tea parties and dance parties. The twin sisters, and often little sister Julietta, spend hours reading, playing music and pretending.

With Hotslings, parents get to move, baby gets to bond and no one compromises personal style. 841 Massachusetts St. • Lawrence, KS 66044 785-856-8210

With Hotslings, parents get to move, baby gets to bond and no one compromises personal style. 841 Massachusetts St. • Lawrence, KS 66044 785-856-8210



er &




Open Gyms

Ages 12 months & up

4930 Legends Drive


5150 Clinton Parkway

Follow Us!

Lawrence Piano Studio

dedicated to providing quality instruction for students of all ages

Eric Sakumura has more than 29 years teaching experience • individual & group lessons • all ages and skill level • covering a variety of genres, including jazz, classical & popular

2 5 12 W. 6t h St re et, Suite B • ( 785) 842- 2182

Winter Events Calendar your guide to winter happenings around Lawrence

22nd Annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition Saturday, June 12, 2010 - Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Downtown Lawrence The City of Lawrence is pleased to present the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission’s 22nd annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition.

Light Up Lawrence Saturday, November 27, 2010 - Thursday, January 6, 2011 4530 Larissa Dr. Light Up Lawrence display is a total of 20 minutes. Zach Stoletenberg, who owns the house and put the display together, is raising money for St. Jude’s from people who come to check out his lights.

Dan Perjovschi Central Court Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Sunday, February 6, 2011 Spencer Museum of Art Dan Perjovschi Central Court features a site-specific installation created by Dan Perjovschi, who will be the Spencer Museum of Art’s International Artist-in-Residence.

Take Flight: A Holiday Art Show

Annual Children’s Holiday Shop

Saturday, November 6, 2010 - Friday, January 28, 2011 Blue Dot Salon New work by artists Toni Brou, Grant Fitch, New Flight, Molly Crook.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 Lawrence Arts Center The Children’s Holiday Shop is a Lawrence holiday tradition unique to the Arts Center for 500-800 children, ages 3-12.


Jim Brickman

Friday, December 3-5, 9-12, 16-19 Theatre Lawrence Depression-era orphan Annie lands in the lap of luxury, where her sunny optimism melts the hearts of everyone.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 Lied Center of Kansas Jim Brickman is known for his enchanting melodies, pop-style instrumentals and tender, touching enthusiasm.

Festival of Nativities

Lawrence SantaCon

December 5-6, 11-12, 18-19 Centenary United Methodist Church The 16th annual Festival of Nativities at Centenary United Methodist Church will be displaying over 350 nativities from across and United States and around the world.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 Downtown Lawrence SantaCon incorporates elements of a flash mob and a pub crawl.

The Snow Queen Friday, December 10-12, 17-19 2010 Lawrence Arts Center The Lawrence Arts Center brings back Ric Averill’s ballet/drama based on the classic story by Hand Christian Andersen.

KU School of Music French Horn Studio Recital Sunday, December 12, 2010 Swarthout Recital Hall KU School of Music presents French Horn Studio Recital.

Women’s Basketball: KU vs. Alabama Sunday, December 12, 2010 Allen Fieldhouse


Fabulous Holiday Cookies

Make Ahead Holiday Brunch

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Community Mercantile Join Chef Paige as she shows you how to handle and form dough to create fabulous holiday treats.

Monday, December 20, 2010 Community Mercantile Take a break from the hectic holidays and learn how to make a hearty vegetarian brunch that you can prepare in advance.

Men’s Basketball: KU vs USC

Men’s Basketball: KU vs. UT Arlington

Saturday, December 18, 2010 Allen Fieldhouse

Kid’s Night Out: Santa Splash Saturday, December 18, 2010 Indoor Aquatic Centers Kid’s Night Out: Santa Splash! Ages 5 - 12

Women’s Basketball: KU vs. SIU Edwardsville Sunday, December 19, 2010 Allen Fieldhouse

Holiday Parents Day Off Monday, December 20, 2010 - Friday, December 24, 2010 Holcom Park Recreation Center Holiday Parents Day Off! Please call Parks & Rec for more details! Must register by Friday, December 17 at 6:30 pm.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Allen Fieldhouse Women’s Basketball: KU vs. UT Arlington Thursday, December 30, 2010 Allen Fieldhouse

Final Fridays Friday, December 31, 2010 Downtown Lawrence Final Fridays is a celebration of the arts that includes special exhibits, performances and demonstrations in Downtown Lawrence on the Final Friday of every month.

Men’s Basketball: KU vs. Miami Sunday, January 2, 2011 Allen Fieldhouse

Women’s Basketball: KU vs. Baylor Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Allen Fieldhouse

Skin Deep Thursday, January 20-23, 27-30, Theatre Lawrence A large, lovable lonely-heart gives romance one last shot on a blind date in this quickwitted, intelligent, and hilarious voyage into the not-so-tranquil seas of middleaged love and dating.

Everyday Gluten Free Cooking Monday, January 24, 2011 Community Mercantile Enjoy a wide variety of grains, rich in nutrients and fiber, and no gluten! Hilary Kass will show you the basics of baking without gluten, dairy and eggs, learning techniques and substitutions.

Men’s Basketball: KU vs Texas Saturday, January 22, 2011 Allen Fieldhouse

Eagle Day Sunday, January 23, 2011 Free State High School

Happy Winter from

Four Birds Media

Celebrate the return of bald eagles to the area. Presentations feature information on nesting and banding. Live bald eagle presentation. There will also be opportunities to view eagles in the wild.

Men’s Basketball: KU vs Kansas State Saturday, January 29, 2011 Allen Fieldhouse

Van Go’s Have a Heart Friday, February 4, 2011 Van Go This show always has a Valentine’s flair, and is a great place to find unique gifts.

Souper Bowl Saturday Saturday, February 5, 2011 Lawrence Arts Center Select and buy a handmade ceramic bowl and have it filled with delicious soup!

Men’s Basketball: KU vs Missouri Monday, February 7, 2011 Allen Fieldhouse

Black Violin Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lied Center of Kansas Not your ordinary classical violin performance, Black Violin stages an evening of contemporary classical, jazz, funk and hiphop music.

Alexander String Quartet Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Lied Center of Kansas For more than 25 years, the Alexander String Quartet has been recognized for its profound interpretations of influential and master composers, Beethoven, Mozart and Shostakovich.

William Inge’s Bus Stop Saturday, February 19, 2011 Lied Center of Kansas In this warm and affecting hit comedic drama, iconic playwright William Inge examines some of the many faces of love.

Baroque By Candlelight Saturday, February 19, 2011 Trinity Episcopal Church An audience favorite for many years, Baroque By Candlelight features 18th-century masterworks performed in the warm aura of glowing candles, and followed by a re-

ception with gourmet desserts.

Bad Blood: The Border War That Triggered the Civil War Sunday, February 20, 2011 Constitution Hall Presented by Shane Seley, documentary filmmaker, Wide Awake Films.

The Spencers: Theatre of Illusion Thursday, February 24, 2011 Lied Center of Kansas Husband-and-wife duo Kevin and Cindy Spencer have redefined the art of grand illusion, captivating audiences with spectacular acts of levitation, escape and fantasy.

“The Beaux’ Stratagem Thursday, February 24, 2011 Crafton-Preyer Theatre, Murphy Hall The Beaux’ Stratagem satirizes the institutions of love and marriage through the exploits of two broke young gentlemen.

Opus Thursday, February 24-27, March 3-6 2011 Theatre Lawrence When a world-class string quartet fires

Sales, Rental & Restoration of all Violin Family Instruments Repair and Restoration of Student & Fine Bows

Offering a professional and inspiring musical experience for all ages


its viola player right before a nationally televised concert from the White House, they must take a chance on a gifted but inexperienced newcomer.

Spring Antique Show & Sale

Lawrence 4 Day Event! March 4-7

Topeka 4 Day Event April 7-11

Holiday Inn Convention Ctr. 200 McDonald Dr. Lawrence

Sunrise Optimist Club 720 NW 50th St. Topeka

Friday, March 4, 2011 - Saturday, March 5 Douglas County Fairground Pilot’s Club biannual antique show and sale. Wide array of antiques offered for sale during the show.

Kid’s Closet Connection Spring Sale Friday, March 4, 2011 - Monday, March 7 Holiday Inn Convention Center Lawrence’s original (and largest) consignment sale.

An Evening with Garrison Keillor


Explore your potential!

(785) 832-1717 4120 Clinton Pkwy • Lawrence, KS •

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Lied Center of Kansas Known as the host of public radio’s A Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor is also a syndicated columnist and best-selling author of more than a dozen books, including Lake Wobegon.

Lawrence Art Auction Exhibition & Silent Auction Friday, March 11, 2011 - Saturday, April 9 Lawrence Arts Center This exhibition will feature original art from approximately 150 artists. Artwork generously donated by artists represents a diverse spectrum of forms and mediums, including paintings and sculpture.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Thursday, March 17, 2011 Downtown Lawrence Annual parade featuring floats, bands bagpipers and the St. Patrick’s Day Queen and her court.

To Kill a Mockingbird Friday, April 8, 2011 - Sunday, April 10, Theatre Lawrence Hailed as one of the most widely read books dealing with race in America, its protagonist, Atticus Finch, is an enduring fictional image of racial heroism.

Alpin Hong - Piano Concert Friday, April 8, 2011 Lied Center of Kansas Exciting young pianist Alpin Hong is a gifted recital and orchestral musician who has developed a reputation for eclectic concerts, diverse programs and a new style.

Lawrence Kids Parent Resource Guide

SCHOOLS Broken Arrow Elementary 2704 Louisiana Street 832-5600

Bishop Seabury (private) see ad on pg. 42 4120 Clinton Parkway 832-1717 Central Junior High 1400 Massachusetts Street 832-5400 Century School (private) 816 Kentucky Street 832-0101 Cordley Elementary 1837 Vermont Street 832-5640 Corpus Christi (private) 6001 Bob Billings Parkway 331-3374 Deerfield Elementary

101 Lawrence Avenue 832-5660 Hillcrest Elementary 1045 Hilltop Road 832-5720 Kennedy Elementary 1605 Davis Road 832-5760 Langston Hughes Elementary 1101 George Williams Way 832-5890 Lawrence Diploma Completion Center 711 West 23rd Street 830-9119 Lawrence Free State High 4700 Overland Drive 832-6050 Lawrence High 1901 Louisiana Street 832-5050 Lawrence Virtual School 2145 Louisiana Street 832-5620

Pickney Elementary 810 West Sixth Street 832-5800 Prairie Moon Waldorf (private) 1853 East 1600 Road 841-8800 Prairie Park Elementary 2711 Kensington Road 832-5740 Quail Run Elementary 1130 Inverness Drive 832-5820 Raintree Montessori (private) 4601 Clinton Parkway 843-6800 Schwegler Elementary 2201 Ousdahl Road 832-5860 South Junior High 2734 Louisiana Street 832-5400


St. Johns Elementary (private) 1208 Kentucky Street 843-9511

Spencer Museum of Art 1301 Mississippi Street 864-4710

Sunflower Elementary 2521 Inverness Drive 832-5870

Sunfire Ceramics 1002 New Hampshire Street 749-2828

Sunset Hill Elementary 901 Schwartz Road 832-5880

Theatre Lawrence 1501 New Hampshire 843-7469

Sunshine Acres Montessori (private) see ad on pg. 18 2141 Maple Lane 842-2223

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy see ad on pg. 38 4930 Legends Drive 865-0856

Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center 4706 Overland Drive 832-7946 Lawrence Outdoor Aquatic Center 727 Kentucky 832-7990


Music Clubhouse see ad on pg. 8 2201 W. 25th Street, Suite M 865-0884

Castle Tea Room 1307 Massachusetts Street 843-1151

Cici’s Pizza 2020 West 23rd Street 832-1110

Veritas Christian (private) see ad on pg. 12 256 North Michigan 749-0083

Rolling Hills Zoo & Wildlife Museum 625 N. Hedville Road 785-827-9488

Gambinos Pizza 3514 Clinton Parkway 856-5577

Wakarusa Valley Elementary 1104 East 1000 Road 832-5900

Royal Crest Lanes see ad on pg. 16 933 Iowa Street 842-1234

G-Force Athletics 725 North 2nd Street 843-5387

West Junior High 2700 Harvard Road 832-5500

Googols of Learning 500 Rockledge Road 856-6002

Woodlawn Elementary 508 Elm Street 832-5920

Southwind 12 Theater 3433 Iowa Street 832-0880

Holiday Inn - Holidome 200 McDonald Drive 841-7077


Sunfire Ceramics 1002 New Hampshire Street 749-2828

Kansas Athletics 1651 Naismith Drive 864-7976

Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire Street 842-2223

Vinland Valley Nursery 594-2966

Lawrence Arts Center 2141 Maple Lane 842-2223




$15 or o

hf Bot




1 Session on Level 3 High Pressure Bed & 1 VersaSpa Spray On Tan Session exp: 04/01/11 limit one per customer

4000 W 6th Street / (785) 856-2646

The Crystal Image see ad on pg. 30 1201 Wakarusa, Suite C1 Lawrence, KS 66049 393-1958 Insight Photography 3217 Saddlehorn Drive 865-4334

White Lotus Photography see ad on pg. 2 1405 Massachusetts St (785) 856-5588

PEDIATRICIANS Amber Belt, ND 901 Kentucky, Suite 108 218-0606

Family Medicine Associates see ad on pg. 7 4921 W 18th Street 830-0100 First Med 2323 Ridge Court 865-5300 Haskell Health Care 2415 Massachusetts Street 843-3750 Health Care Access 330 Maine Street 841-5760 Lawrence Family Medicine 1220 Biltmore Drive 331-1700 Mt. Oread Family Practice 3510 Clinton Place 842-5070 Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine 346 Maine Street 842-4477



Baby Gap 643 Massachusetts Street 838-3234

Dance Gallery 4940 Legends Drive 838-9100

Blue Dandelion see ad on pg. 37 841 Massachusetts Street 856-8210

Dazzlers Christian Dance 928 Iowa Street 749-2251

G Force Athletics 725 North 2nd Street 843-5387

Brown’s Shoe Fit see ad on pg. 34 829 Massachusetts Street Lawrence, KS 66044-2657 (785) 842-8142

Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire Street 842-2223

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy see ad on pg. 38 4930 Legends Drive 865-0856

White Chocolate see ad on pg. 21 933 Massachusetts Street 856-9246

Rebecca Weeks Mediation Services, LLC Kansas Supreme Court Approved Mediator

Mediation is a process where both parties work out differences through the help of an independent third party. Rebecca, a former family law/ litigation attorney, will help bridge the differences, explore options and encourage creative, workable solutions to your unique situation.

FAMILY SERVICES Community Living Opportunities 1424 Elmwood Street 856-5527

Dads of Douglas County see ad on pg. 47 200 Maine, Suite B 856-5336 Rebecca Weeks Mediation Services, LLC see ad on pg. 45 1203 Iowa St 856-7967

1203 Iowa Street

(785) 856-7967

Song ✦Movement✦Rhythm✦Chant✦Instrument Play

Classes for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers... and the adults who love them! 785-841-4468


DENTIST & ORTHODONTISTS Enhance Dental Care 4930 Legends Drive 832-2882 Growing Smiles 1425 Wakarusa Drive, Suite D 856-5600

We are here even when you are not. Our extensive web site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you connect with your community hospital and help you make good decisions when it comes to your health. Here’s a sample of the resources you will find at

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Heck Family Dentistry 4621 West 6th Street, Suite B 856-8550

Become a volunteer

Health Resources and Education

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Jayhawk Dental 826 Iowa Street 843-9122

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Legends Drive Dental Center 4900 Legends Drive 841.5590 McColm Orthodontics 12 West 8th Street 832-0809 Oread Orthodontics 1425 Wakarusa, Suite C 856-2483

Ranjbar Orthodontics see ad on pg. 3 4828 Quail Crest Place 832-1844 River Rock Family Dental 1100 East 23rd Street 856-8600 Smiles Family Dentistry 2348 Iowa Street 842-7645 Wilkerson, Saunders & Anderson 831 Vermont 843-6060

ICE CREAM / TREATS Dairy Queen 1835 Massachusetts Street 843-3588 2545 Iowa Street 842-9359

Penny Annie’s Sweet Shoppe 845 Massachusetts 843-5544 Syla’s & Maddy’s 1014 Massachusetts Street 832-8323 Yummy’s over the Top Frozen Yogurt 1119 Massachusetts Street 838-3600

LIBRARY Lawrence Public Library 707 Vermont Street 843-3833

MUSEUMS Haskell Cultural Center 155 Indian Avenue 832-6686 KU Natural History Museum 1345 Jayhawk Boulevard 864-4450

Rolling Hills Zoo & Wildlife Museum 625 N. Hedville Road 785-827-9488 Spencer Museum of Art 1301 Mississippi Street 864-4710 Watkins Community Museum 1047 Massachusetts Street 841-4109

MUSIC EDUCATION Americana Music Academy see ad on pg. 22 1419 Massachusetts Street 830-9640 Beautiful Music Violin Shop See ad on pg. 44 925 Iowa St # I Lawrence, KS 66044-1801 (785) 856-8755

What: Get answers to common quetions: What will I do when they cry? How will I soothe them? How will I know when my baby is hungry? Who: Expectant Dads, new Dads, Adoptive Dad, Grandparent, Male caregiver of a newborn or young infant under 12 months old When: 5:30-8:30pm / pick one of the following: Thurs. Nov. 18th 2010 Tues. Dec. 14th 2010 Tues. Jan. 25th 2011 in Eudora Thurs. Feb. 10th 2011 Tues. Feb. 22nd 2011

Conscious Fathering Participants Receive Where: Douglas County Community Health Facility / 200 Maine Street, Lawrence / To Reg(at no cost) • Gift Card to the first 50 fathers expecting or have a child less than 12 months old

Music Clubhouse see ad on pg. 8 2201 W. 25th St, Suite M 865-0884

To be included in the Spring Issue of Lawrence Kids, please contact Four Birds Media (785) 766.5669

Concious Fathering Class™

• Free Baby Shower Items drawing

Meadowlark Music Together see ad pg. 45 1001 Alabama Street 841-4468

ister, call or text Erin Emert (224-5145) or email

Dads Group & Playgroup What: A dads group & playgroup for all dads Who: ALL DADS (Expectant Dads, new Dads, Adoptive Dad, Grandparent, Male caregiver of children under the age of 5) When: Saturdays, 9:30 to 11 a.m. 12/11/2010 1/22/2011 2/5/2011 2/19/2011 3/12/2011 4/9/2011 5/21/2011 6/11/2011 Where: Contact Charlie Bryan, Father of Bella (18 months) / Dads Group Facilitator (785) 218-7966 / NO CHARGE


• Guide to Expectant Fathers by Bernie Dorsey • Meal provided Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance, Grant No. 90FR0098 – Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Community Access Program, CFDA# 93.086. This grant was awarded to Circle of Parents, 2100 S. Marshall Blvd., Unit 305, Chicago, IL 60623. These services are available to all eligible persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability or religion. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families and/or Office of Family Assistance.

Let’s count the reasons. Ten fingers, ten toes. And countless reasons to choose the Family Birthing Center for your baby’s birth-day. From our new, more spacious and comfortable Family Birthing Center to our team of the most dedicated doctors and nurses in the region, we work together to deliver attentive, compassionate care for you and your baby during pregnancy, delivery and beyond. We want to keep you and your family healthy for life. To start your Journey through Parenthood with us, choose a doctor who chooses LMH. For a list of doctors and comprehensive pregnancy and parenting information, visit our new, interactive Web site at

Lawrence Kids  

A resource guide for parents and families in Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence Kids  

A resource guide for parents and families in Lawrence, Kansas