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All better.

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One Parent. One Page. One Thought.

The Coolest Kid I Know by Rhea Woods

Since he was in the womb, I’ve known that my son is the coolest kid in the entire universe. (Yeah, I know your kids are cool too. Relaaxxxx.) This realization came to me while riding in the car at about 7.5 months along. As Queen’s song ‘Bicycle’ played on the radio, I felt Jackson give my belly a little kick, then another. Turning up the radio, I felt him start rolling around doing full-on somersaults. My baby was dancing, and he was dancing to a serious jam. Since that moment, my son has given me unending entertainment as he continues on his journey of awesomeness, attempting to understand the intricacies of our world. His hilarious responses frequently point out the absurdities that we adults take for granted on a daily basis. For example, the realization that “not every blonde woman is mommy,” came slowly for Jackson. When he and his father would be at the grocery store, he’d frequently run up to every woman with long blonde hair and ask “mommy?” Luckily, daddy didn’t mind this misinformed habit. I’ve realized that nearly everything he does has some serious potential for a laugh, like the events that unfolded during a recent visit to the dentist. Though it was only his second trip to the dentist, ever, he charmed the oral hygienist into letting him operate the water spray/air nozzle like he’d been there a thousand times before. He first asked to use it because he was thirsty, and once in control of the tool he announced, “This will take a long time because I’m very thirsty,” refusing to surrender it back to the hygienist until his thirst was quenched. Next, Jackson began alternately spraying the jet of water into

his mouth then shooting puffs of air into his mouth. I couldn’t help but grin as I watched his cheeks puff up as the air forced the water to sprayed out of his mouth, ran down the front of his clipped-on dentist bib onto the oral hygienist’s shoes. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure no one else could get away with that and get to continue holding onto the hygienist’s tool, yet somehow (ahem, with his adorable dimpled grin,) she didn’t seem to mind. As the hygienist finished, she told Jackson that the dentists was going to come and look at his teeth to make sure everything looked ok. He looked worried and said to me in a concerned voice, “I hope the dentist is a lady.” Ladies and gentlemen, at the age of four my son knows he’ll fair better with a woman. I’m so proud. Other than the instance when he tried to take the dentist’s goggles off his face, the rest of the appointment was fairly tame, (that is, the whole 5 minutes it took for the dentist to give him a clean bill of health and a toothbrush.) It’s incredible how much joy (and twitter material) my son brings to my life. From the little laughs to the giggle fits that usually end when someone gets hurt, I look forward to each day as a mom. (Of the most awesome kid in the universe.) Rhea Woods is a Lawrence mom, habitual jaywalker and sushi enthusiast.


;) The__Best__of the__ Web Let’s face it, social media can really suck the time out of your day. There is so much valuable “information” available, we felt it necessary to find the best. This issue, we cover the best Twitter feeds. Some are informational, some are funny. All are worth your time. Take a look, then be sure to head back over to the Lawrence Kids Facebook page.


The__Best__of the__ Web


@rheawoods - Rhea is a local mom. Her twitter feed, full of @KUAthletics - The official twitter account for KU Athletdry humor and biting whit, offers a daily dose of levity. We like it so much we asked her to write for us (see page 9).

@larryvillelife - Larryville Life dishes out the best, and funniest, take on hipster life in Lawrence. Wondering what the cool kids in town are up to? Larryville Life will not only tell you, but they’ll also give you laugh as they make fun of it. Warning language not suitable for kids... or uptight parents. @thesandbar-

Tweets written by Debbi Johanning (she kind of knows the owner). Obviously news about the bar is included, but most info is about events in, and around, downtown Lawrence. Follow for a week, and you’ll realize there is no bigger fan of Lawrence then the group at the Sandbar.

@dailyparenttip - They post one tweet a day, always with a link to an article full of (mostly) helpful tips.

@pachamamas - Chef Ken and crew post their daily spe-

cials, complete with an often way-too enticing picture. Example: “Whoah! Seared foie gras on toasted brioche w/strawberry-bacon jam $12. Srsly, only 10 of these exist!”

Sales, Rental & Restoration of all Violin Family Instruments Rehair and Restoration of Student & Fine Bows

Offering a professional and inspiring musical experience for all ages

ics keeps die hard Jayhawk fans up-to-date on the all things KU sports. The twitter feed keeps fans in the loop on sports developments and often has promotions for free game tickets and assorted KU garb. If you like the ‘hawks, you’ll love @KUAthletics.

@ambersplace - Amber Lee is self-described “High School

sweetheart marrying girl on the Radio, Mom of 2, Crotch Rocket Rider, Beer Lover, Boss lady @Bull929, Jayhawk Rootin’ woman...hear me roar!” Not sure what that all means, but the radio host was a driving force behind Lawrence’s efforts to help after the Joplin tornado.

@ToyStoreTweets - The Toy Store, Inc. has been in busi-

ness since 1975 and sports two of the largest independently owned specialty toy stores in the world. ‘Nuff said.

@Real_Simple - Because, well, we really like their magazine.

@momswhoblog - Billed as “A magazine of mothers active in social media,” they tweet... A LOT. You can easily become overwhelmed. However, get through the crap to find great articles about raising kids. 4/B


The Truth About


by Family Medicine Associates

Kids are back in school and many parents contact their physicians to ask about attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Information seems to be everywhere, but what is valid and what is theory? Sorting through the clutter of information can be tough. The following are some good first steps if you suspect your child may have ADHD.

ADHD is more common in boys and often continues into adulthood. Symptoms are many and are also “normal” behaviors for certain age children. The key is to determine what is normal for your child’s age.


Common symptoms of ADHD who is inattentive include: ·Difficulty following directions ·Short attention span ·Loses things needed for activities ·Poor listening skills ·Lack of attention to detail ·Disorganization ·Poor planning skills ·Forgetful ·Distracted



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Common symptoms of a child with ADHD who is hyperactive/impulsive include: ·Commonly interrupts people ·Difficulty staying in a chair ·Talks too much ·Always on the run ·Difficulty taking turns ·Fidgety ·Unusually active ·Difficulty playing quietly ·Blurts out answers Children who have ADHD will experience symptoms for at least 6 months. Their behaviors are unusual for their age and interrupt normal relationships and learning. If your child fits many of the symptoms above and has had the symptoms for 6 months or longer, it is time to see your physician. Sharing information you have received from others who are involved with your child is important. Teachers, childcare providers and relatives can offer information regarding situations and behaviors that will help your physician evaluate your child. The doctor may have you complete a checklist or form answering a variety of questions regarding behavior and situations. If your child has not had a recent physical, the physician will likely require an examination. It is difficult to diagnoses ADHD in some patients. For this reason, physicians may refer patients to psychologists who will also evaluate behavior. Medication is sometimes recommended as a means to help control your child’s hyperactive behavior. A trial of medicine is only one part of making the ADHD diagnosis. Also know that there are varying degrees of ADHD. Some children suffer severe symptoms. Immaturity, changes in the family structure or other issues can also affect your child’s behavior. Being honest with your physician regarding issues in the family dynamic is an important part of the diagnostic process.

· Poor nutrition · Television

Helping Your Student

The strategies and helpful structures that are good in any home with children are especially important for homes with ADHD children. Consistent and clear expectations will help parents and students. Other suggestions include: · Make and keep a schedule · Maintain good communication with teachers · Provide clear directions · Focus on student effort – not just grades · Reward accomplishments · Establish excellent homework routines and environments · Be involved in your child’s life and activities All children benefit from a healthy diet and exercise routine. Talk with your doctor about your child’s diet and overall health activities. Support positive changes for the entire family.

For more information on ADHD

· American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry · Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit Disorder 4/B

What Causes ADHD?

Research shows that ADHD is common in children with close relatives who also have the diagnosis. Smoking and other substance abuse during pregnancy has been linked to ADHD, as has exposure to environmental toxins such as lead. More research is needed to explain the occurrence in so many children today.

Not the Cause

ADHD is a behavior disorder and many researchers are looking for answers to this problem. Scientists do know, however, that the following do not cause ADHD: · Bad parenting · Video games · Sugar · Aspartame · Food allergies

Song ✦Movement✦Rhythm✦Chant✦Instrument Play

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Research-based and developmentally appropriate. Children with special needs welcome. Price includes songbook, CD's, and parent education materials. Karen Abraham, MT-BC, director and teacher.


The Punk D d Manifesto One parent's struggle against the man, the machine and cul-de-sac fascism

This letter was found in the mailboxes of a suburban homeowners’ association members. Reprinted, with permission, from Utne Reader

Let it be known: We do not recognize the authority of your crypto-fascist Homeowners' Association, whose pantsuited army rules illegitimately through fear and intimidation. The Anarchy flag will NOT be removed from the balcony of 38 Marigold Court (hereon forthwith referred to as "Rebel Commune"). Until the day the fire department extends its ladder across the cul de sack and breaks solidarity with us, in no doubt threatened with loss of their jobs by the appointed thugs supported by your bake sales and tricky trays, proudly will it flap as the last banner of true freedom in our subdivision. Rebel Commune will make NO promise that children left for playdates will not return with their hair colored with unsweetened Kool-Aid and moussed into fake mohawks. Thank your petty gods for the mercy we show in not getting out the clippers and sending them home with REAL ones. Take note that we said unsweetened Kool-Aid. After the incident with Britton and the Geldsteins' weinmaraners it was decided this was a wiser course. Also, Punk Dad will ensure all handcuffs, safety pins, and spiked leatherwear are collected before sending children (hereon and forthwith known as "L'il Anarchy Warriors") home. A decibel meter has been purchased, but the Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Bad Brains, Ramones, and Misfits will continue to be played during playdates to teach the L'il Anarchy Warriors the true meaning of punk. Riot Grrrl Mom's playlist of Bikini Kill, L7, and Sleater-Kinney will also continue to be played, whether or not girls are present. Green Day are poseurs and will ONLY be played during time-outs (or "sell-outs," as we call them). This is not negotiable. Exception may be made for American Idiot. Vegan snacks will be available, and Cassidy's nut allergy will be accommodated. An Epipen (and an adrenaline shot for that matter) are kept on Rebel Commune premises at all times. Sk@teboarding at Rebel Commune WILL be restricted to between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. as per city ordnance. The swimming pool will be used for this purpose and NOT filled with water until the first day the temperature hits 80. Chlorine and Ph ARE properly monitored! The "greenish" color of the water is due to the Kool-Aid. If this offends you, please stand in solidarity with us against Maggie's Salon until they agree to carry Manic Panic hair products. Riot Grrrl Mom says when you buy Manic Panic online, you can't really tell what exact shade you're getting, particularly the difference between Toxic Turquoise and Kick Your Azure. The art mower project is now defunct. After three bottle caps were sent flying through the bay window of your fascist HQ, we surrender: It is just not feasible. Rebel Commune's homeowner's insurance has cut check #1348912, and we are told it is being processed. The Black Flag sticker on Punk Dad's riding mower will NOT be removed. "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" has also been removed from the music playlist. Please give Mrs. Farber our condolences about Hoffman's nostrils. We paid for the ER visit co-pay. We have told the L'il Anarchy Warriors it is not cool to make fun of the red marks on Hoff's nose. However: L'il An@rchy Warriors will ALWAYS be rewarded for fighting the power and questioning authority, even when the power is Punk Dad and/or Riot Grrrl Mom! Exception is made for sneaking our beer. Then they get a sell-out and have to listen to that "Time of Your Life" song on the iPod, because only POSEURS steal Punk Dad's beer or Riot Grrrl Mom's "special" cola! In closing: Rebel Commune will persevere to put the Subculture in the Subdivision and the SACK in our cul de sack [sic], and to FIGHT THE POWER between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.!



kid’s meals ages 10 and under

933 Iowa Street • (785) 856-7170

k r o w

e m Ho

A Lawrence mom solves the homework blues. by Daisy Wakefield

My 8 year-old is a bright bulb, but one that flashes inconsistently, especially when it comes to homework. His second grade teacher gives one worksheet of math homework daily – not a lot to ask, and certainly not as much as is waiting a few years down the road. When Marcus sits down to do the task, he can usually finish the worksheet in 10 minutes or less. But when including the whining and complaining, the dilly-dallying and hem hawing, the drinks of water and bathroom breaks – homework goes from a minor blip to a mega saga – and we are both worn out by the end. I have always been a proponent of delayed gratification. Do the less pleasant thing now, and the coming reward will be all the sweeter. So the rule in our house has always been that homework gets done first, before anything else. I wanted to instill this discipline in my kids so that they habitually work first, then play. At the same time, I also want them to know that work can be a pleasant part of life, that it gives meaning and productivity and purpose. At its best, work is the joyful doing of a task that fulfills a need in this world. So our bickering over his homework was starting to distress me. I didn’t want him to associate homework – and work in general - with drudgery and contention. After all, he is only in the 2nd grade -- there’s ten more years of homework to go, and that doesn’t even include college or grad school! cont.


from our family, to yours... D E N TA L

Ryan L. BRittingham DDS

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One day after a particularly cantankerous volley between us, he snarled, “I HATE homework – homework sucks!” I asked Marcus why he was so repelled by homework that is easy for him. “Dude!” he said, “Because I’ve already been at work ALL DAY, for like, 7 hours straight, and then I get home, STARVING because second graders don’t get snacks except sometimes on Fridays, and the first thing I have to do is MORE WORK!” I paused. Dramatic delivery aside, the kid did have a point. So I decided to shake things up a bit, in spite of my work first ethic. Marcus’s class had used a Jeopardy game setup to test the kids’ knowledge of butterflies. He came home raving about how fun it was. He loves games, and is unequivocally motivated by earning points toward an end goal. So I borrowed that idea and put together a “Jeopardy!” themed poster board. The board is divided into a grid of 4 columns and 6 rows. Four categories headline each column across the top: Snack Attack, Games and Fun, Move Yo Body, and Pencil Pushing. Below each category, the rows are designated into 100 points to 500 points, in increments of 100. Each block of points has an appropriate “challenge card” affixed with sticky tack onto the board. The rules of the game are as follows: 1. One card from each category is chosen at the same time. 2. The four challenges must be completed within an hour, in any order. 3. Challenges successfully completed earn the designated points. 4. Accumulated points earn a prize at the weekend. The Snack Attack cards reveal the snack of the afternoon, while the Games and Fun cards give us the name of activity to do together, such as a board game or a craft. Move Yo Body tells us an exercise to do, like a dance party or 25 jumping jacks. And Homework has challenges like “Do the extra credit questions” or “Write your name and phone number on the paper.” Each category also has one “Your Choice!” card, and there is one “Double Jeopardy” card on the board. Any challenge not completed within the hour does not earn the points. Every few weeks, I make different card challenges to add to the game. On Friday afternoon, we tally the points earned from our Homework Jeopardy game. Points between 2000 and 3500 earn an hour of computer time over the weekend. Points between 3501 and 5000 earn 2 books on a trip to Half Price Bookstore. And points between 5001 and 6000 earn a family meal out at the winner’s choice of restaurant. Giving Marcus a game that involves the task of homework has lightened both of our loads. We’ve had a lot of fun completing the challenges together and looking forward to the weekend prize. And he has surprised me by sometimes choosing to do homework before the other challenges! But the more considerable impact has been in giving him a measure of control over his first hour after school. He is growing into his own preferences, choosing how he likes to tackle problems and manage his time. Within reason, I want to be able to give him the freedom to explore and decide what works best for him, even if it is to play a little first, and then work. 4/B

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Style is in the Details

photos by Megan Axelsson, except where noted styled by Tasha Keathley

The best kids’ fashion is versatile, affordable and fun. This season, transition bright spring and summer clothes to fall by layering. Bring out your child’s personality with accessories. For boys, add a wristband, quirky tie or a cool hat to change an outfit. Style your little miss with over-the-top headbands, bright jewelry and patterned tights. With a focus on the details, your kid will have a blast with their fashion. Check out page 47 for our favorite spots to shop.


The air is crisp and the leaves are falling... time for one last day at the pond.

bake sale

School is in session and fund raisers are in full swing...


photos by Amy Dye & Tasha Keathley

It’s the ties vs. the bow ties in an impromptu backyard football game.

secret garden

With dolls in hand, and older siblings at school, it’s time for a tea party.

Josh and Jenny Powers with daughters Ruby (10), Hazel (4) and Birdie (7 months)

Josh and JennyPowers

Josh (a Public Information Liaison for the State of Kansas) and Jenny (Lead Teacher at Raintree Montessori School). are raising 3 daughters, working 2 jobs and running 1 house.

Here’s their story... in their own words.

How We Live photos by Casey Wright

Josh: In hindsight, and it’s easy to say this now, I think I knew the night I met Jenny that she was the girl I was going to marry. There was just something about her, something between us that I knew was going to grow. Jenny: I felt the same way. Josh really struck a chord with me. I knew there was something special there. There was only was person I could ever see myself spending my life with. cont.


Lawrence Piano Studio

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Jenny: Before we had Ruby, we did almost everything we could together. Some of it may have been a little cheesy. We’d make dinner together and watch X-Files. We were just looking for any excuse to be together. Josh: We spent a lot of time with friends and just, literally, being together. We’d drink some cheap wine, listen to records and talk. That was one of

the best things about being married, without kids. It was a great time to get to know Jenny.

Josh: Her first pregnancy was very tough (on Jenny). She was ordered on bed rest just as we were moving to Lawrence (from Kansas City). Jenny: We had decided to move to Lawrence for a number of reasons, but being closer to my family was probably the biggest motivator. It’s not easy for me to sit it out and give up control. So not being in control of the move was, well... Those few months were challenging.

Josh: Having a child does a great job of putting the fragility of life into perspective. The first time I held Ruby was shocking. It was like, ‘Wow, this is it.’ Our first night home with Ruby was an experience. We didn’t think we should leave her in the bassinet. The idea of sleeping on the bed with her between us was terrifying. So we lay her on a blanket on the floor between us and sat awake all night watching her. It was, actually, very beautiful. Jenny:

There were certainly moments in those first few days that I stopped and thought to myself ‘Okay, this really isn’t about me anymore.’ That can be a startling revelation, but in order to be a good parent, you have to believe it. I think some friends had alluded to it, but first time parents really need to know that when you have a child, you’re in it. When they are up all night, you’re up all night. When they’re tired, you’re tired.

Jenny: Josh and I both loved being parents and celebrating all the little things that are so remarkable. We both wanted to have another baby but we were apprehensive. We really wondered how we could love another child as much as we loved Ruby. It really worried us. Josh: The transition from one child to two wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be. At that point, there are two parents and we each have two arms. We can handle two kids.

Jenny: Are lives were really been so much fun with Ruby and Hazel. We still did all the things we love like going out to eat, walking through art galleries and walking around downtown Lawrence. Josh: We’re both pretty mellow people and we’ve tried to maintain a sort of calm in our home and with our kids. We have expectations of behavior for the girls, and we’ve found that when Ruby and Hazel understand our expectations, they rise to meet them. You know, they know how to behave at a nice restaurant, and they know they need to pick up their room.


Your Kids

Deserve the Best

Grow ‘em happy and healthy with organic food from The Merc The Merc - Community Market & Deli 901 Iowa · Lawrence · Kansas 66044 · Open 7am–10pm 785 843 8544 ·

Josh: Now that we have Birdie, Jenny and I are outnumbered. Things are going to get real interesting. Jenny: We had some scary health issues with Birdie which resulted in multiple ambulance trips. I’m taking an extended maternity leave and Josh just completed his Master’s degree, so we are definitely doing our best to adjust to our new family size. Jenny: Our parents have played an enormous roll in helping raise our girls. Having my parents in town is invaluable. And becoming a parent has completely made me appreciate my own mother so much more. I was downtown last year and overheard some sorority girls and their mothers together for a Moms Weekend or something. The way these girls treated their mothers was awful. As soon as I got home I called my mom and apologized for all the horrible things I’m sure I did growing up. Josh: I know, for me, having the 3 girls has brought me closer to our families. Raising kids is the best way to appreciate what your parents have done for you. Jenny: Now as a family of five, we still try to do as much together as we can. Dinner time is always a good time for us. We make sure the girls are involved. Ruby and Hazel both really enjoy cooking, so it’s a simple way to spend quality time to-

gether as a family. Our family are all vegetarians and Ruby has taken a keen interest in helping with meals. She really like Iron Chef, so sometimes her receipies are ‘interesting.’ We still go out to eat often, but we’ve never taken our kids to McDonald’s. We consider that a parenting success. Josh: Not just cooking, but almost all of the household things are done together. As a working parent, we only get so much time each day to spend with the girls. I don’t want to waste any of that with housecleaning. So, we do it together. I’ll be upstairs in my studio cleaning and working, and they’ll be hosting a tea party in the hall. We’ll clean together and take a few breaks for some tea. The housework gets done and we spend fun time together. Jenny: If I could tell new parents only one thing, it would be to be ready. Be ready to be open to a whole new world of experiences and expectations. No matter what anyone tells you, you’re not ready to be a parent. Nobody is. That’s why you have to be open to accepting the fantastic challenges and rewards that come along with the dirty diapers and first steps. You have to be ready to sacrafice your own desires for the benefit of your kids. The experience, however, is totally awesome. 4/B

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The Fall To-Do List After the scorching summer, the cool temps and warm colors of the new season are welcome. Now that Fall is here, grab your kids, a Neil Young disc and head out to take advantage of all Lawrence offers. We’ve compiled a list of 10 things all families should do before the snow flies. Head to our Facebook page and let us know what you and your family are doing this season. 41


KU Football Games select Saturdays, September - November Memorial Stadium • University of Kansas

Coach Turner Gill heads into his second year at KU with something to prove. After a disappointing 2010, the Jayhawks look to redeem themselves in the brutal Big 12. With two non-conference home games and four home conference games on slate, the crew at KU Athletics is sure to make the most of this season. Tailgating, more specifically, taking the kids to the family fun zone, has become more and more popular in recent years. KU has made a concerted effort to be family friendly, going so far as making the North end zone the family zone. The result is the chance to have your youngster sit in the front row of a major college football game. Grab some brats and cold drinks before the game, a blanket to sit on during the game, and head to Memorial Stadium for a Rock Chalk Saturday.

Jeff Jacobsen/KAI


Visit the Flint Hills mid-September - December Council Grove to Cassoday

North America’s largest remaining tract of tallgrass is harbouring a wealth of adventure, beauty and history. The region’s sweeping horizons and carpets of wildflowers captivate artists and enchant visitors. National Geographic described it as “Open sky, open land, unending horizon, the ‘limitless and lonesome prairie,’ to quote Whitman again. But the word that also springs to mind may be ‘nothing.’ A glorious nothing, but nothing nonetheless.” That nothing can be breathtaking. We suggest planning a day to drive through the hills, listen to some great music and stop in a few of the small towns that dot the highway for a hardy lunch.


Grinter’s Sunflowers

get ready for the leaves and mud of fall!

now until the weather takes ‘em away 24154 Stillwell Road

Really, is there anything more ‘Kansan’ than a patch of sunflowers? Well folks, we live in Kansas and Ted and Kris Grinter have the best patch around. Ted’s father started the 27-acre field nearly 40 years ago. Today, the couple harvest and sell seeds, but not before giving visitors as many photo-ops as they can handle. Let’s face it... if you haven’t taken a picture of your kids in front of the towering sunflowers and posted it on Facebook, you can’t consider yourself a Lawrencian.

829 Massachusetts

(785) 842-8142


% ofislearning visual



Wells Overlook Park 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

3/4 mile east of US59 on N. 1000 Road

If a drive through the Flint Hills is a great way to see a big chunk of the state, Wells Overlook Park might be the best way to see a big chunk of Lawrence. Built on land donated in 1971 to Douglas County by William Wells, the park features picnic areas, shelter and nature trails. An observation tower offering a great scenic view of the City of Lawrence is the park’s main focal point. Climbing the stairs to the top is good exercise and the view is a great reward. Pack a lunch, grab the camera and head a bit south on Iowa St. The kids will love the view, both in the trees and above them. Mom and dad can sit on a blanket and let them run. Be forewarned, you may need to explain some “grown-up” words scribbled on the railings of the tower.



 *with the purchase of lens & frames

*some restrictions apply


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Glare from computers, white boards and fluorescent lights causes eye strain. Anti-glare treatment reduces Give your child the tools needed for20% success glare andall can help child see better.this year. *someyour restrictions apply Computers, white boards and fluorescent lights cause eye strain and glare making it difficult for your child to see. Anti-glare treatment reduces the glare allowing your child to see 20% better.

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Give your child all the tools needed for success this year. Computers, white boards and fluorescent lights cause eye (877) strain 828-3536 and glare (785) 749-2020 making it difficult for your child to see. Anti-glare reduces the 3111 treatment W 6th Street glare allowing your child to see 20% better.

Lawrence, KS 66049

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MS 012


I can’t wait to go to the dentist again!

1425 Wakarusa Drive, Suite D (785) 856-5600

October 14-16 Baldwin City

Started in 1958, the Maple Leaf Festival began as a community event inspired by Dr. Ivan Boyd, a biology professor at Baker University. He noted that the third weekend in October was the optimum time to view the changing colors of the maple leaves in the area and the perfect time to celebrate the successful harvest. Over 50 years later, with more than 300 craft exhibits, quilt shows and displays, performing arts, music, unique food items and activities for the family, the Maple Leaf Festival is the biggest fall family event in the area and provides an opportunity for local non-profit organizations to raise funds. Complete with a fair, crafts, a parade and historical tours, the festival is one of the area’s more under appreciate events.

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Maple Leaf Fest

Butterfly Bio-Villa August - mid - October Pendleton’s Country Market

Karen Pendleton and her crew east of Lawrence have created an educational and entertaining adventure for the entire family. Children and parents alike enjoy the inspiring experience of walking among living butterflies in a natural garden. At the Butterfly Bio-Villa , you can get “eye-to-eye with a butterfly” and observe these marvelous animals closeup as they fly around the exhibit, feeding on nectar from garden flowers. You may catch a glimpse of the butterflies as they emerge from their chrysalis, completing the final transformation, or their metamorphosis from egg, to larva (the caterpillar), to pupa (the chrysalis) and finally to the adult butterfly.


Kaw Valley Farm Tour October 1-2

Throughout Rural Douglas County

The Kaw Valley Farm Tour is equal parts educational event, treasure hunt and celebration of rural Kansas life. How it works: Gather your friends, fill the car, locate farms on the map and decide which route you want to take. After choosing whichever farms you want to visit, spend the day learning how the farmers do what they do, and sampling their wares. Tour hours are from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday of Farm Tour weekend. Farmers offer their farms as tour stops. They will have guided tours of their individual farms and will be available to talk to families about their practices. Many will have educational displays and some will have farm products for sale. Come see the diversity of agriculture in our region, everything from alpacas to zucchinis.


PERFORMING World-class ARTS 20 Performances

2011–12 SeaSon


Visit ThE NATiONAl AcRObATs Of chiNA An astounding experience Friday, OCT. 21 — 7:30 p.m.

The InTergalacTIc nemesIs Live-action graphic novel SaTUrday, OCT. 29 — 7:30 p.m.

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s

souTh PacIfIc


Trick-or-Treat on Mass. Halloween Evening

An epic musical romance WEdNESday, JaN. 18 — 7:30 p.m.

Downtown Lawrence

Massachusetts Street, the hub of downtown Lawrence, is always a great place to take the kids. More than any other night, however, downtown Lawrence merchants cater to the little ghost and goblins the fill the streets on Halloween. Storefronts are full of employees handing out candy to any child showing up in costume. The mayhem, ‘er fun, begins around 5:00. The sidewalks can get crowded, but all are well behaved and the downtown Lawrence merchants make sure no kid leaves without more than enough candy. The best part? Having dinner and a beer afterwards at a great downtown eatery while admiring the costumes.

fARfAllE (butterflies) Interactive theatre for children and adults TUES., april 10 – 7 p.m. WEd., april 11 – 5 p.m. & 7 p.m. Fri., april 13 – 4 p.m., 6 p.m. & 8 p.m. SaT., april 14 – 11 a.m., 5 p.m. & 7 p.m.




Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch last weekend of September - October 31 1791 North 1500 Road

Like a photo shoot in front of the sunflower field, a trip to Schaake’s is a seasonal right of passage. Sure, you can take the kids to the grocery store and have them pick a pumpkin. Or, you can take a hay ride out to the field, dig in the dirt and cut the perfect pumpkin yourself. Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch began as a 4-H project for their children in 1975. The 27 acres features 35 varieties of pumpkins, a pumpkin shoot, crafts, corn maze, fresh kettle corn and the perfect “How Big Am I This Year” photo spot. Be ready for all weather. One day you may be picking pumpkins in flip-flops. The next you’ll be longing for a stocking cap and long johns. Either way, you’ll leave with a great pumpkin for carving.


Jump in a Pile of Leaves as soon as the leaves fall

your yard... and parks across town

Nothing says being a kid in fall like raking up a pile of leaves and jumping in them. No worry about the allergies, ticks and mice. Life just seems better when your kid is running full-speed toward a pile of auburn, gold and green. It’s great for two reasons: 1. the kids get some great exercise in fresh air, and 2. you get your lawn raked. Of course, convincing your kids to rake the leaves after jumping in is an entirely different challenge. 4/B

Where to Buy

With the exception of a few accessories, we styled all the kids with clothes from Lawrence stores.

Waterfront bottom left photo, left to right

Jack Pants - Gap - $29.95, Shirt - Gap - $26.95, Polo - Gap - $16.95, Hat - White Chocolate - $52.98, Shoes - White Chocolate - $41.98, Wristband - White Chocolate - $9, Bow tie - CCA Designs - $24.00 Sophia Dress - Target - $14.99, Ring - From the Heart- $4,, Headband - AdornMeGirl - $14.75,, Doll - Lucy Pete - $26,, Belt - AdornMeGirl - $16, etsy. com/shop/Adornmegirl Tanner Shirt - Gap - $19.95, T-Shirt - White Chocolate- $17.98, Shorts -White Chocolate- $40, Wristband - White Chocolate - $9 Bunting - Little Kitten Homemade - $34.50

Bake Sale bottom left photo, left to right

Ruby Shirt - Gap - $26.95, Tunic - Target - $12, Pants - Target - $14.99 Headband - Briar Claire - $7.95,, Ring - From the Heart- $4 Hazel Sweater - Gap - $32.95, Shirt - Target - $12, Skirt - Target - $11.99, Headband - Photo Props & More - $17 Ella Top - Gap - $32.95, Pants - Gap - $29.95, Headband - Photo Props & More - $17, Ring - From the Heart- $4 Natalie Sweater - Gap - $19.95, Dress - Target - $14.99, Pants - Gap - $29.95, Headband - AdornMeGirl - $8.50 Liliana Dress - Gap - $34.95, Sweater - Gap - $32.95, Headband - Photo Props and More - $17, Ring - From the Heart- $4 shop/amberike, Belt - AdornMeGirl - $16, Julietta Dress - Gap - $44.95, Headband - Photo Props & More - $17, Doll - Lucy Pete - $26, Jack Pants - Gap - $34.95, Shirt - Gap - $26.95, Hat - White Chocolate - $41.98, Bow tie / Suspenders - j. marie designs - $30.00 Straws - $7.99, Chalkboard $14, Strawberry Case - $6 - Pink Lemonade Party Shop -, Bunting - Little Kitten Homemade $34.50

Gridiron girls: left photo, left to right

Ella Cami - Target - $6.99, Cardigan - Target - $16.95, Skirt - Target - $12.99, Eyeglasses - Lawrence Family Vision Clinic, Headband - Briar Claire - $7.95 etsy. com/shop/BriarClaire Cecilia Shirt - JC Penney - $24.99, Pants - Gap - $34.95, Shoes - White Chocolate - $25, Hat - White Chocolate - $39.98, Eyeglasses - Lawrence Family Vision Clinic Julietta Coat - Gap - $44.95, Headband - Photo Props & More - $17, Doll - Lucy Pete - $26, Mary Claire Tunic - Blue Dandelion - $39, Pants - Gap - $24.50, Headband - Briar

Celebrate With Us!

boys: bottom right photo, left to right

Brady Hat - Target - $9.99, Tee - Target - $7.99, Shirt - Gap- $24.95, Pants - Gap $29.95, Bow tie - Littlevys - $16 Josh Shirt - Gap- $24.95, Vest - Gap - $26.95, Pants - JC Penney - $24.95, Shoes - White Chocolate - $41.98 Tie - The Belle and the Beau - $22.00 thebelleandthebeau Oliver Hat - White Chocolate - $28.98, Tee - JC Penney - $17.99, Shirt - Gap$24.95, Bow tie - Littlevys - $16, Shorts - JC Penney - $15.95 Sampson Cap - White Chocolate - $35.98, T-Shirt - JC Penney - $17.99, Shirt JC Penney- $17.99, Pants - White Chocolate - $54.98, Shoes - White Chocolate - $51.98, Tie - The Belle and the Beau - $22 Jack A. Shirt - JC Penney - $27.99, Polo - Gap- $16.95, Pants - JC Penney - $36.95, Bow tie - Littlevys - $16, Eyeglasses - Lawrence Family Vision Clinic, Shoes - White Chocolate - $71.98 Jack H. Hat - White Chocolate - $30.98, Shirt - Gap - $26.95, Tee - Target- $7.99, Shorts - Gap - $29.95, Tie - The Belle and the Beau - $22 Backpack - White Chocolate - various

Secret Garden girls: top right photo, left to right

Harper Dress & Tights - Blue Dandelion - $30.98, Bracelet - Blue Dandelion - $3, Headband - Photo Props & More - $17, Doll - Imagine Gnats - $33, Ring - From the Heart- $4, shop/amberike Julietta Dress - Blue Dandelion - $30, Bracelet - Blue Dandelion - $3, Doll - Lucy Pete - $26, Headband - Briar Claire - $7.95, etsy. com/shop/BriarClaire Kaelyn Shirt - Target - $5, Dress - Blue Dandelion - $60, Leggings - $8, Bracelet - Blue Dandelion - $3, Headband - Blue Dandelion - $14, Doll - Warm Sugar $63 bottom left Custom Shirt - Two Freckled Frogs - $18, Skirt - Target - $5, Flower Clip - Blue Dandelion - $6, Ring - From the Heart$4, Saga Dress - Blue Dandelion - $30, Pants - Target - $5, Bracelet - Blue Dandelion - $3, Headband - Briar Claire - $7.95,, Doll - Warm Sugar - $63, bottom left Custom Shirt - Two Freckled Frogs - $18, Skirt - Target - $5, Flower Clip - Blue Dandelion - $6, Ring - From the Heart- $4 Playfood - Two Freckled Frogs - various, Tea Set - Blue Dandelion - $40 Straws - Pink Lemonade Party Shop - $7.99,, Bunting - Little Kitten Homemade - $34.50, Straws - $7.99, Chalkboard $14, Strawberry Case - $6 - Pink Lemonade Party Shop - Jayhawks • Frames • Pet Dishes & More

Pottery & Fused-Glass Projects & Parties Make Your Own Gifts, Art & Jewelry

2 for 1 Paint Fee! Have Fun and Save $4! Not valid with any other offer. Expires 12-01-11

Sunfire Ceramics• 691-7976 • 31st & Louisiana

1002 New Hampshire • 785-749-2828

We Offer Por table Par ties To Go

Design Your Dinner ware

• Birthday Parties • Social Groups • Open Play Times • Inflatable Rentals

Claire - $7.95 Alex Shirt - Gap - $19.99, Belt - Blue Dandelion - $19.95, Pants - Gap- $29.95 Headband - Gap - $11.95 Liliana Dress - Target - $19.99, Vest - Target - $12.99, Pants - Gap- $29.95, Headband - Briar Claire - $7.95

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