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Provides Obvious Quality Acrylic Bead Foam for Evaporative Casting (FMC/EPC) 为消失模铸造提供高品质丙烯酸发泡珠粒 99% Acrylic Foam Bead AX Available at KANEKA 99%的丙烯酸发泡珠粒来自KANEKA钟化珠






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December 2020


Sp 10周 ec 年 ia 特 le 刊 di tio n




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S U T I S I V C 2 02 2 MM 3C11 Booth

A decisive step towards a green foundry

Emission-Free Casting with Inorganic Cores Fast and fleible production of precise, complex,

and consolidated cores Zero emissions during printing and pouring Higher yields with lower rejection rates from gas-related defects during casting Environmentally friendly processing and storage Easy finishing thanks to reduced sand adhesion Serial production through integrated automation and future robotic expansion possibilities S-Max® Pro with box-in-box option enables 24/7 production


Sp 10周 ec 年 ia 特 le 刊 di tio n





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18 看新 观势 觅商机——2022 年铸博会、


31 2020 欧洲铸造业概况 39 在两周内更换废弃零件:3D 砂型打印



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Industry News Contents 行业新闻目录 A Growing Interest in the METAL Expo



Bühler Adds Volvo Cars to its Megacasting Customers



GF and Bocar Group to Enter into a Global Collaboration New Cooperation among Leading Die-casting Enterprises-Wencan, LK and Lizhong Signed Contracts in Tianjin 09 压铸强企再铸合作创举——文灿、力劲、立中三大集团 于天津签约


GF 与 Bocar 集团建立全球合作关系

Nantong Jiangzhong Photoelectricity Ordered Two Die Casting Machines from Italpressegauss


南通江中光电订购两台意特佩雷斯 TF2800 压铸机

Meide Industrial Science and Technology Park Unveiled


新起点 新征程 新挑战——“玫德工业科技城”揭牌

FAW & YIZUMI Signing Ceremony for 9000T Die Casting Machine 12 9000T 超大型压铸机签约 伊之密 & 一汽铸造携手奔赴“大压铸时代”

Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Supports Indonesian Water Plant Project



Kimura Foundry America Expands Capacity with fourth 3D Sand Printer 25 木村铸造(美国)公司安装第四台 3D 砂型打印设备


The 7 National Foundry Industry Vocational Skills Contest Kicks Off 14 第七届全国铸造行业职业技能竞赛战鼓擂响

A Report on the BRICS Foundry Association Online Meeting



New Products, Trends and Opportunities--Highlights of METAL CHINA & DIECASTING CHINA 2022


看新 观势 觅商机——2022 年铸博会、压铸展亮点直击

Gränges’ Tennessee Investment to Enable Near-Zero Carbon Solutions


Linamar Acquires Full Ownership of Joint Venture Casting Facility


GRÄNGES 公司田纳西州项目将实现近零碳排放


Grede Wins Agco’S 2021 Sustainability Award


GREDE 公司获得爱科集团 2021 可持续发展奖

Sure Cast Foundry Expands with New Building, Equipment


SURE CAST 铸造公司实施提升改造

Technology Is Evolving. So Is Yxlon 科技在进步,依科视朗亦是如此


New Book from AFS Details Keys to Structural Aluminum Castings 美国铸造协会新书详细介绍铝合金结构件的生产要点







New Cooperation among Leading Die-casting EnterprisesWencan, LK and Lizhong Signed Contracts in Tianjin

压铸强企再铸合作创举——文灿、力劲、立中 三大集团于天津签约 On May 18, 2022, the signing ceremonies of Wencan Group and LK Group on super-large smart die-casting unit procurement and the strategic cooperation between Wencan Group and Lizhong Group for heat-free materials was held in Tianjin Xiongbang Diecasting Co., Ltd of Wencan Group. Senior management personnel of Wencan, LK and Lizhong, as well as representatives of partners from the three groups attend the ceremony. Mr. ZHANG Libo, Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation and President of China Foundry Association, was invited to attend the event and delivered a speech, and Mr. GAO Wei, Executive Vice President of China Foundry Association, presided over the ceremony. The procurement contract between Wencan Group and LK Group is based on the strategic cooperation agreement signed in 2021, and will continue to deepen their strategic cooperation. Wencan Group purchased 9 units of large tonnage die-casting machines including 9000T from LK Group. This time, Wencan continues to purchase 9 diecasting machines (including 2 units of 7000T, 2 units of 4500T, 3 units of 3500T, and 2 units of 2800T). The strategic cooperation agreement between Wencan and Lizhong is based on the past cooperation in the material development of body structural parts. With the development trend of the industry, to further develop heat-free materials suitable for super-large integrated aluminum castings, the cooperation will continue their development on high-performance aluminum alloy materials. At the same time, both sides will sign the "Technical and Business Cooperation Confidentiality and Product Exclusive Supply Agreement" on the heat-free materials joint development program. Both agreements between Wencan and LK, Wencan and Lizhong are important symbols of the continuous progress achieved in China’s foundry industry, and it also indicates that Wencan Group's integrated large casting industry layout above 6000T is becoming more and more mature, and the first 9000T die-casting machine produced by Wencan going into production is also realized in Tianjin Xiongbang Diecasting Co., Ltd. As the vice president member of China Foundry Association, Wencan Group has now become an excellent representative for the production of automotive aluminum

2022 年 5 月 18 日,文灿集团与力劲集团超大型智能 压铸单元采购暨文灿集团与立中集团免热处理材料战略合 作的签约仪式在文灿集团天津雄邦压铸有限公司举行。文灿 集团、力劲集团、立中集团相关高层管理人员,以及来自三 家集团的密切合作伙伴代表一应出席活动。中国机械工业联 合会副会长、中国铸造协会会长张立波应邀出席活动并致 辞,中国铸造协会专务高巍主持仪式。 本次文灿集团与力劲集团的签约采购,是以 2021 年双 方签署的战略合作协议为基础,继续深化双方的战略合作, 是文灿集团在向力劲集团采购包括 9000T 在内的 9 台大吨 位压铸机基础上,根据文灿持续的业务增长需求,继续采购 压铸机 9 台(包括 7000T 2 台、4500T 2 台、3500T 3 台、 2800T 2 台)。 本次文灿集团与立中集团签署战略合作协议,是以过 往双方在车身结构件材料技术上的合作为基础,根据行业的 发展趋势,进一步共同开发适用于超大型一体化铝铸件免 热处理材料,延续双方在高性能铝合金材料上的开发合作。 同时双方将就合作开发的免热处理材料签署《技术及业务合 作保密与产品独家供应协议》。 此次超大型智能压铸单元采购签约以及文灿集团与立 中集团免热处理材料战略合作签约,是我国铸造行业不断进




diecastings. The development of aluminum alloy diecastings for new energy vehicle and body structural parts has grown rapidly, and it is the first leading company after Tesla in R&D and will soon realize mass production of integrated largescale castings. LK Group is a leading die-casting machine enterprise in China. It has been in the forefront of the world in the production of large-scale diecasting machines. In recent years, it has continuously received orders and produced the world's record-tonnage die-casting machine. Lizhong Group is a large-scale aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer. As an industry leader in aluminum alloy materials industry, it is making research and development in accordance with the new products of automobile manufacturers. It can quickly meet the needs of customers for personalized products, and leads the innovative market trend. Mr. ZHANG Libo said, the three companies, Wencan, LK and Lizhong are all leaders in the die-casting industrial chain in China. The cooperation model of “3+X” (3 companies and their partners) has made great contributions for the technology innovation, green plant, intelligent technology application in diecasting and new-energy vehicle industry. As companies among top 100 in China's foundry industry or the vanguard of the die-casting sector, the three groups have not only demonstrated their respective strengths through good cooperation, but also display Chinese foundry industry to the world, especially it’s an epitome of the diecasting industry growing from big to strong. ■


步的重要标志,同时也预示着文灿集团在 6000T 以上一体 化大型铸件产业布局的日趋完善,全国乃至全球真正落地使 用的首台 9000T 压铸机也将在天津雄邦实现。 作为中国铸造协会副会长单位,文灿集团现已成为汽 车铝合金精密压铸件企业的优秀代表,在新能源汽车铝合金 压铸件和车身结构件业务增长迅速,是特斯拉之后第一个研 发和即将量产一体化大型铸件的行业领军企业。 力劲集团是中国压铸机行业的龙头企业,在生产大型 压铸机方面已经走在了世界前列,近年来,签约不断,屡创 压铸机吨位的世界之最。 立中集团是行业内大型铝合金车轮制造企业,在铝合 金材料研发方面处于行业领先,与汽车厂新产品研发同步, 能够快速满足客户的个性化产品需求,引领着市场产品的创 新开发。 张立波表示,文灿、力劲、立中三家集团公司均是我 国铸造业压铸领域产业链主导链条中的佼佼者,“3+X”的 合作发展模式(三家集团公司 + 配套合作企业)为我国压 铸和新能源汽车在行业发展、技术创新、绿色工厂、智能应 用等方面作出了积极的贡献。三家单位作为中国铸造行业综 合百强或压铸分领域的排头兵,通过强强合作,不仅展现了 各自的雄厚实力,也让世人看到了中国铸造业,尤其是压铸 分领域自改革开放以来由大到强的缩影。■



Meide Industrial Science and Technology Park Unveiled

新起点 新征程 新挑战——“玫德工业科技城”揭牌 On April 9, 2022, the opening ceremony of "Meide Industrial Science and Technology Park" was held at the headquarter of Meide Group. Li Ziyuan, Director of Management Committee of Pingyin Economic Development Zone, Kong Linglei, Vice Chairman of China Foundry Association and Board Chairman of Meide Group, Liu Yong and Qi Xiaoyu, Vice Chairmen of the Board, attended the ceremony. Meide Group Science and Technology Park’s Factory, Ji’nan Kede, Ji’nan Mike Valve, Meike Pipe Industry and supporting facilities, will be named under "Meide Industrial Science and Technology Park”, which will help to build a demonstration project of Pingyin Industrial Park, integrate resources and better demonstrate high-end and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. New starting point, new journey, new challenges, “Meide Industrial Science and Technology Park" will focus on leading the world in intelligent manufacturing of fluid transportation products with new achievements. ■

2022 年 4 月 9 日,“ 玫 德 工 业 科 技 城” 揭 牌 仪 式 在玫德集团总部举行。平阴经济开发区管理委员会主任 李子元,中铸协副会长、玫德集团董事局主席孔令磊, 副主席刘勇和亓晓玉为“玫德工业科技城”揭牌。 为打造平阴县工业产业园示范项目,整合资源,统一 形象,更好展示玫德高端制造及智能制造能力,彰显平阴经 济开发区的建设成果,经集团申请、山东平阴经济开发区管 理委员会批准,将玫德集团有限公司科技园厂区、济南科德 智能科技有限公司、济南迈克阀门科技有限公司、迈科管 业控股有限公司及其服务中心等配套设施,统一命名为“玫 德工业科技城”。 新起点、新征程、新挑战,“玫德工业科技城”将着 力于引领全球流体输送领域智能制造,创造新奇迹,展现 新形象。■




FAW & YIZUMI Signing Ceremony for 9000T Die Casting Machine

9000T 超大型压铸机签约 伊之密 & 一汽铸造携手奔赴“大压铸时代” "Big and agile”. On May 26th, the launching ceremony of the LEAP series 7000T Ultra-large die casting machine & signing ceremony of the LEAP series 9000T strategic cooperation was held in Shunde, Foshan. This is the first time for YIZUMI to publicize the 7000T LEAP series ultralarge die casting machine with global attention. The signing ceremony means that YIZUMI and FAW Foundry have established a strategic partnership for the integrated solution of 9000T die casting application. The official launch of the YIZUMI 7000T LEAP series ultra-large intelligent die casting machine marks another technical breakthrough for YIZUMI since the 1250T LEAP series die casting machine was released in July 2021. The 7000T LEAP series ultra-large intelligent die casting machine is the newly developed product that YIZUMI has put great effort in. The rigid clamping system provides stable die opening and closing movement. The fast injection speed can up to 12m/s with the state-of-theart performance. The machine offers high-dynamic filling capacity for the manufacturing of large thin-wall parts and can meet the strict requirements of ultra-large integrated die casting parts of new energy vehicles. The guests visited the die casting assembly workshop


5 月 26 日,伊之密“大而敏捷 LEAP 系列超大型压 铸机 7000T 首发暨 9000T 战略合作签约仪式”在佛山顺 德举行,政府领导、行业专家、客户代表应邀出席本次活动, 共同见证伊之密 LEAP7000T 超大型智能压铸机全球首发, 见证伊之密与一汽铸造建立 9000T 压铸整体解决方案的战 略合作关系。 当天,伊之密 LEAP7000T 超大型智能压铸机全球首 发,这是继 2021 年 7 月伊之密重磅发布全新 LEAP 系列 压铸机 1250T 之后,时隔 8 个月,伊之密持续突破技术、 拓展机型,在超大型智能压铸机研发上又添新成果。 据悉,全新 LEAP 系列超大型压铸机 7000T 是伊之 密全力打造的重点新品。机器采用了高刚性及高效稳定的 锁模系统,可实现高标准高性能的快速压射,压射速度最 大可达 12m/s,可以确保大型薄壁零件的高动态填充能力, 可以很好地满足新能源汽车超大型一体化压铸件的严苛生 产工艺要求。 在伊之密领导及工作人员的指引下,嘉宾们参观了伊 之密全新 LEAP 系列超大型压铸机 7000T、压铸机组装车


INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 and took a close look at the 7000T LEAP series ultra-large die casting machine. The guests expressed their appreciation to YIZUMI strong manufacturing and innovation capacity. They believe that the 7000T ultra-large die casting process will play an important role in new energy vehicle integration solutions as well as a good model for Chinese die casting industry. It is a successful case of the strategy of YIZUMI, “connecting SinoEurope advanced technology”. As an iconic enterprise in the industry, FAW Foundry is one of the largest auto casting production bases in China. Over the years, FAW Foundry has been developed in close collaboration with YIZUMI. Up to now, different types of YIZUMI die casting machines ranging from 5004500T have been used in the FAW Foundry’s production line. The win-win cooperation between YIZUMI and FAW Foundry will have a profound impact on the industry. (YIZUMI) ■

间,近距离领略了伊之密强大的生产制造能力和工艺技术能 力。 嘉宾们对伊之密的发展给予了充分的肯定,认为伊之 密坚持高研发投入,不断进行技术创新,全新 LEAP 系列 压铸机对中国压铸装备赶超行业国际头部企业具有重要意 义,7000T 超大型压铸机将在新能源汽车一体化成型装备 方面扮演重要角色,这是伊之密在“连接中欧先进成型技术” 的发展路径上的成功实践。 作为行业内的“明星”企业,一汽铸造是国内最大的 汽车铸件生产基地之一,产品遍布世界各地。多年来,一汽 铸造与伊之密始终保持着良好的合作关系。截至目前,铸件 生产线已覆盖伊之密 500-4500T 等多规格的压铸机。此次, 伊之密与一汽铸造再次携手,必将对行业产生深远影响。 (伊 之密)■

Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Supports Indonesian Water Plant Project

新兴铸管助力印尼唐格朗水厂项目 With an 87% share of magnesium production, China holds an almost monopoly position on the global production of the raw material magnesium. Since 2001, Europe has adjusted its own magnesium production as a result of the Magnesium price advantage of China. Magnesium is required as an important alloying element for aluminum and nodular iron. (GIESSEREI PRAXIS 1–2, 2022 In order to ensure the implementation of Tangerang project, Xinxing widely collected relevant technical data, case videos and photos, and made customized presentation through ZOOM, VOOV, Tencent video conference, wechat and other online meeting tools, maintaining a close communication with the clients. Due to the epidemic situation, the Indonesian customers had to cancel the trip to China for production supervision. Xinxing arranged personnel to collect information from the workshop, warehouse and port, keeping the customer informed of their most concerned points: production progress, quality and delivery schedule through weekly reports, monthly summaries and live broadcasts. New problems came out after delivery to the project site in Indonesia. The local construction company has no experience in installing ductile iron pipes, and Xinxing could not send technician to guide the installation because of the epidemic situation. To solve the problem, Xinxing urgently recruited engineers who speak Chinese, English and Indonesian and sent

2020 年以来全球各地持续反复的疫情给供排水工程 带来了严峻的考验,新兴铸管公司克服疫情的影响,成功 获取印尼最大的水务公司 MOYA 的唐格朗水厂项目订单, 并于 2022 年一季度顺利完成交货。 为确保唐格朗项目正常执行,新兴铸管公司广泛收集 相关技术资料、案例视频、实物照片,制作专题 PPT 与 客户通过 ZOOM、VOOV、腾讯视频、微信等多种网络 会议保持密切沟通。因疫情原因,印尼客户不能来中国工 厂进行生产监督。客户担心项目的生产进度、产品质量、 发货节奏,新兴铸管公司安排专门人员到生产车间、工厂 仓库、发运港口等收集信息,通过每周报告,以每月总结 和现场直播等方式向客户展示订单进展情况。 产品发运到印尼项目现场后遇到了新的问题,负责施 工的印尼工程公司完全没有安装球墨铸铁管的经验。当时 正值印尼疫情形势严峻,新兴铸管无法安排售后到现场指 导安装。面对疫情造成的种种困难,公司另辟蹊径,紧急 招聘懂中文、英文和印尼当地语言的工程师常驻工地,通 过视频沟通和磨合,最终在业主要求的时间内顺利的完成 了管材指导安装的任务。



INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 to the construction site. Finally, through many video conference communication, the installation was successfully completed within the time required by the owner. Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. adheres to the mission of "Connecting the world and diverting water for people's health", and will ensure the smooth implementation of the project with the faith of surmounting all obstacles. The successful completion of Tangerang water plant project in Indonesia has been highly recognized by the customers. ■

新兴铸管公司坚持“管通四海,为人民健康引水”的 使命,凭着逢山开路遇水架桥的信念为项目顺利执行保驾 护航。印尼唐格朗水厂项目的圆满完成,得到了客户的高 度认可。(徐强、霍海鹏) ■

The 7th National Foundry Industry Vocational Skills Contest Kicks Off

第七届全国铸造行业职业技能竞赛战鼓擂响 Approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the national-level event "the 7th National Foundry Industry Vocational Skills Contest" will be jointly organized by China Foundry Association and China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center. The final of this contest is scheduled to be held from July 15 to 17, 2022, in Pingyin County, Shandong Province. And more than 300 competitors from 19 provinces and cities will gather in Pingyin to compete in the final session. This competition will focus on three kinds of foundry skills: molding and core making, melting and pouring, molding and tool. The contestants are all from employees of casting enterprises. The winners who rank in the top 3 in individual competition of each skill and also work in a foundry, will be awarded the title of "National Technical Expert" after being approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. ■


第七届全国铸造行业职业技能是经人力资源和社会保障 部批准,由中国铸造协会与中国就业培训技术指导中心联合 实施的国家级赛事。本届赛事决赛定于 2022 年 7 月 15— 17 日在山东省平阴县举办,届时来自全国 19 个省市的 300 余名铸造工匠将齐聚平阴,展开铸造技能比武。 本次竞赛为铸造造型芯工、铸造熔炼浇注工和模具工三 个工种的技能竞赛,参赛选手均来自全国铸造企业员工。获 得各职业(工种)决赛单人赛项前 3 名且为职工身份的选手, 经人社部核准后,将授予“全国技术能手”称号。■



A Report on the BRICS Foundry Association Online Meeting

金砖国家铸造业联合会线上工作会议召开 Due to the prolonged global Covid-19 epidemic, the members of the BRICS Foundry Association have not met offline for three years, but the online meeting has never been interrupted. And during the past week on May 26th 2022, BRICS Foundry Association just had its online executive meeting successfully. The online group meeting has the below member associations, they are Mr. Devendra Jain and Subodh Panchal from The Institute of India Foundrymen, Ivan Dibrov and Andrew Dibrov from Russian Association of Foundrymen, Janley Kotze from South Africa Institute of Foundrymen, Roberto João de Deus from Brazilian Foundry Association, Igor Kulkov from the Industrial Innovation Club of the UNIDO Centre of the Russian Federation, Thomas Fritsch from Foundry Planet and Libo Zhang, Thomas Wei Gao, Xing Chen and Yuxin Han from China Foundry Association headquarter and Russian branch also join the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. GAO Wei, the executive vice president of China Foundry Association. As the initiator of this online meeting, Mr. Libo Zhang, President of China Foundry Association invites and introduces Mr. Decheng Wang from China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology Group as member of executive committee of China Foundry Association. China Foundry Association initiated the meeting along with the 6th BRICS Industry Ministers Meeting which was held on May 23, during which the ministers of the industrial authorities of the five BRICS countries conducted in-depth discussions on the theme of "enhancing innovation cooperation in the field of the new industrial revolution and promoting a stronger, healthier and more resilient sustainable development". They discussed and jointly issued the Joint Declaration of the Sixth BRICS Industry Ministers Meeting, and encouraged the BRICS countries to further enhance industrial cooperation, jointly create an open, fair, dynamic and resilient development environment, and build a stable, safe and mutually beneficial industry supply chain cooperation system to promote and accelerate the recovery and growth of the global economy. On May 24, the 7th BRICS Culture Ministers Meeting and the opening ceremony of the 2022 BRICS Vocational Skills Competition kick-off were held successively. On May 25, the

2022 年 5 月 26 日, 金砖国家铸造业联合会工作 会议在线上召开。 印度铸造业者联合会 会 长 Devendra Jain、 前 会 长 Subodh Panchal, 俄 罗 斯 铸 造 协 会 会 长 Ivan Dibrov、 副 会 长 Andrew Dibrov,南非铸造业者联合 会副会长 Janley Kotze,巴 西铸造协会秘书长 Roberto João de Deus,俄罗斯马格尼托戈尔斯克大学外事官员、俄 联邦工发组织中心工业创新俱乐部协调员 Igor Kulkov,德 国 FOUNDRY PLANET 负责人 Thomas Fritsch,中国机 械科学研究总院集团有限公司董事长王德成、部长黎晓东、 主管张晓璐,中国机械工业联合会副会长、中国铸造协会会 长张立波,中国铸造协会专务高巍、秘书长助理陈星、俄罗 斯代表处主任韩育新等领导以及金砖国家铸造业联合会相关 人员出席会议。高巍主持会议。受全球疫情影响,金砖国家 铸造业联合会成员已有 3 年之久未在线下共聚,但线上的见 面从未曾间断。 在 5 月 23 日召开的第六届金砖国家工业部长会议上, 五国工业主管部门部长围绕“深化新工业革命领域创新合作, 推动实现更加强劲、健康、韧性的可持续发展”主题进行深 入讨论,并共同发表了《第六届金砖国家工业部长会议联合 宣言》,并鼓励金砖国家深化产业合作,共同营造开放、公平、 活力、韧性的发展环境,构筑稳定、安全、互利的产业链供 应链合作体系,推动工业经济加快复苏与增长。5 月 24 日, 第七届金砖国家文化部长会议、2022 金砖国家职业技能大 赛启动赛开幕式先后举行。5 月 25 日,金砖国家航天合作 联委会成立,正式开启星座数据共享与交换工作,此次“天 作之合”,让金砖国家的合作上升到了全新高度。 金砖国家间的密切联络,促成在各个领域间的合作多点 开花,今天金砖国家铸造业联合会工作会议的召开,可谓恰 逢其时。



INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 BRICS Space Cooperation Joint Committee was established to officially start the sharing and exchange of constellation data. This "natural match" has brought the BRICS cooperation to a new level. The close liaison between the BRICS countries has led to the blossoming of cooperation in various fields. The convening of the working conference of the BRICS Foundry Industry Federation today is just in time. Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all countries over the world have been affected by the worldwide policy of suspending production and work halt. Most recently the turbulent international situation has also caused the prices of energy and bulk raw materials to soar. Under various unfavorable factors, global foundry industry and its workers have overcome various difficulties to meet the needs of clients and to deliver the goods. The manufacturers provide products and services, ensure the effective operation of the industrial chain and supply chain, and make huge contribution to foundry industry. Based on the latest world casting production statistics, in 2020, the casting output of the five BRICS countries is 69.97 million tons, accounting for 66% of the total global casting production. This is a record high, worthy of the founding industry's pride. Among them, the development of China's foundry industry has steadily increased: the output of castings in 2019 was 48.75 million tons, while the output of castings in 2020 was 51.95 million tons. And the output of castings in 2021 is expected to reach 54 million tons. The cooperation space of the foundry industry of the BRICS countries will become larger and larger. As the current chairman of the BRICS Foundry Association, Mr. Zhang, Libo said in his speech that China is the BRICS chair country in 2022, and "building high-quality partnerships to jointly create a new era of global development" is the theme of the BRICS China Year. As the secretariat unit of the BRICS Foundry Association, China Foundry Association has always been committed to promoting industry exchanges and technological progress among the BRICS countries. Under the changing situation of the COVID epidemic and the continuous turbulent international situation, the development of the foundry industry has also become uncertain in some aspect. Therefore, it is even more necessary for us to further strengthen cooperation, promote economic recovery, and promote efficient and pragmatic cooperation. According to the spirit of the Joint Declaration of the Sixth BRICS Industry


新冠疫情发生以来,世界各国都受到了停产停工政策的 影响,近期动荡的国际局势也使得能源和大宗原材料的价格 飙涨,在各种不利因素下,全球铸造工作者克服各种困难为 整个装备制造业提供产品和服务,保证产业链和供应链的有 效运行,做出了铸造人的贡献。根据最新的世界铸件产量统 计,2020 年,金砖五国铸件产量为 6997 万吨,占全球铸 件总产量的 66%,创了历史新高,值得铸造业自豪。其中, 中国的铸造业发展稳步上升:2019 年铸件产量为 4875 万吨, 2020 年铸件产量为 5195 万吨,2021 年铸件产量预计可达 5400 万吨。金砖国家铸造业的合作空间将越来越大。 作为金砖国家铸造业联合会当值会长,张立波在致辞中 表 示, 中 国 是 2022 年金 砖 主 席 国, “构建高质 量伙伴关系, 共创全球发 展 新 时 代” 是金砖中国 年 的 主 题, 中国铸造协 会作为金砖 国家铸造业 联合会的秘 书 处 单 位, 始终致力于推动金砖国家间的行业交流与技术进步,在不断 变化的新冠疫情形势和持续动荡的国际形势下,铸造业的发 展也增加了不确定因素,因此,更需要我们进一步加强合作, 促进经济复苏、推进合作的高效务实。根据《第六届金砖国 家工业部长会议联合宣言》精神,我们要持续加强铸造业产 业链供应链合作、持续加强铸造业数字化转型合作、加大铸 造业绿色低碳合作。通过逐步开展线上线下铸造职业技能大 赛活动,促进职业教育的合作和国际铸造业团体标准的合作。 会议上,金砖国家铸造业联合会中方执委、中国机械科 学研究总院集团有限公司董事长王德成正式与各成员国成员 见面。作为现任中国央企的掌门人,王德成自 1985 年起就 开始从事标准化工作,2015 年起担任 ISO/TC 10/SC 6 主席, 并参与了多项 IEC 国际标准制定,制定的技术产品文件标准 为产品设计制造从 2 维向 3 维过度提供了保障。 行业间的技术交流、市场的开发与拓展都离不开标准化工 作。随着我国新《标准化法》的实施,标准化活动已经成为与战


INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 Ministers Meeting, we should continue to strengthen cooperation in the foundry industry chain and supply chain, continue to strengthen cooperation in digital transformation of the foundry industry, and increase green and low-carbon cooperation in the foundry industry. Through the constant development of online and offline casting vocational skills competitions, the cooperation of vocational education and the cooperation of international foundry industry group standards will be promoted. At the meeting, Mr.Wang, Decheng, the Chinese executive committee member of the BRICS Foundry Federation and chairman of the China Machinery Research Institute Group Co., Ltd., formally met with members of other associations and media partners. As the current leader of a state-owned enterprise in China, Wang Decheng has been engaged in standardization work since 1985. Since 2015, he has served as the chairman of ISO/ TC 10/SC 6, and has participated in the formulation of a number of IEC international standards. The technical product document standards provide a guarantee to the transition of product design and manufacturing from 2D to 3D. Technical exchanges between industries, market development and expansion are inseparable from standardization work. Today, Mr. Wang Decheng joins the BRICS Foundry Association as a standardization expert and serves as the Chinese executive member, which will definitely contribute new vision and strength to the highquality development of the foundry industry. At the meeting, representatives of member countries introduced the current situation of foundry industry in each country, and explored how to cope with the new problems faced by the development of their own industries at this stage. The formulation and promotion of the joint promotion, development and implementation of digital twins among industry enterprises, as well as the third BRICS Industrial Innovation Competition and the framework of the "smart manufacturing" track were fully discussed. During the exchange, the participants also had an in-depth exchange of new changes in the development of the foundry industry under the global epidemic. At the same time, they put forward the urgent needs of upstream and downstream supply and demand, industrial chain recovery, etc., and jointly discussed measures to deal with the problem, reached consensus and promoted cooperation. Through online interaction, the member states of the BRICS Foundry Association have exchanged information, learned about supply and demand, got to know each other, and clarified the trend, laying a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation in the foundry industry of various countries for the next step. As emerging markets and major developing countries, the BRICS countries shoulder the historical mission of improving people's well-being at home and promoting world peace and development. They advocate the establishment of high-quality partnerships and jointly create a new era of global development. Although the epidemic has prevented us from communicating face-to-face with each other, it will not block our exchanges and cooperation, nor will it block the progress and development of the industry. Hope the epidemic will end soon, and the time to talk face to face will come soon. For more information about the BRICS Foundry Association, please contact: Sofia Nie, ” ■

略、规划、政策同等重要的国家治理手段,在推动经济提质增 效升级、供给侧结构性改革、支撑法治政府建设、构筑国际竞 争优势、推进高水平对外开放中的基础性、战略性作用日益显现。 今天王德成董事长以标准化专家的身份加盟金砖国家铸造业联 合会,担任中方执行委员,必将为铸造业的高质量发展贡献新 的智慧和力量。 会议上,各与会成员国代表分别就各国铸造行业的现状 进行介绍,并就现阶段本国行业发展所面对的新问题进行了 说明,同时,还就关于中国主办金砖国家青年科学家竞赛, 铸造行业企业数字孪生联合推广、开发和实施项目的制定与 推进,以及第三届金砖国家产业创新大赛与构架“智能制造” 赛道等事宜进行了充分研讨。交流过程中,与会代表还深入 交流了全球疫情下铸造行业发展面临的新变化,同时,提出 了上下游供需、产业链条恢复等方面的迫切需求,共同探讨 应对问题的措施,达共识、促合作。 通过线上互动交流,金砖国家铸造业联合会成员国间互 通了信息、了解了供需、熟知了彼此、明晰了趋势,为各国 铸造行业下一步开展的深入合作奠定了坚实基础。金砖国家 作为新兴市场和发展中大国,肩负着增进国内民生福祉和促 进世界和平发展的历史使命,倡导构建高质量伙伴关系,共 创全球发展新时代。虽然疫情使我们无法彼此当面洽谈,但 是并不能阻隔我们的交流与合作,更不会阻断行业的进步与 发展。望疫情早日结束,当面共叙的时间早日到来。 更多关于金砖国家铸造业联合会信息,请联系:聂飞”■




New Products, Trends and Opportunities--Highlights of METAL CHINA & DIECASTING CHINA 2022

看新 观势 觅商机——2022 年铸博会、压铸展亮点直击 The foundry industry exhibition covering the entire industrial chain-the 20th China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA 2022), the 16th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition (DIECASTING CHINA 2022) and the 16th International Nonferrous and Special Casting Exhibition will be held from September 19-21, 2022, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Relying on rich industry resources, global partnership network and profound professional exhibition experience, the exhibition will strengthen in-depth cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies in the industry's forwardlooking technologies, standards, markets, training, forums and other relevant fields.

囊括铸造全产业链的行业大展——第二十届中国国际铸 造博览会、第十六届中国国际压铸工业展览会及第十六届国 际有色及特种铸造展览会,将于 2022 年 9 月 19-21 日于 国家会展中心(上海)精彩上演。 依托丰富的行业资源、遍布全球的伙伴关系网络和专业 的办展经验,强化中外企业在行业前瞻性技术、标准、市场、 培训等相关领域的深度合作。

海内外共享铸造盛宴 10 万平米展出面积,覆盖铸造、压铸、有色及特种铸 造等类别的百余项丰富展品,集结 1300 余家国际知名展商,

High-level Industry Event

预计将吸引超 10 万人次专业观众线上线下参观。同期百余

The exhibition will feature more than 100 kinds of products, covering the ferrous, nonferrous and special casting sectors at the 100,000 square meters hall areas. 1300 exhibitors are expected to bring the latest products and innovative technologies to the show, which will welcome more than 100,000 trade visitors to visit and discuss both on site and in the virtual way. At the same time, more than 100 supporting programs will be launched to introduce the industry achievements and connect participants closely.


Highlighted Exhibition Areas •Intelligent, Low-Carbon Die Casting Demonstration Zone •High-end Brand Foundries Exhibition Area •Large-scale Integrated Die-casting Display Area •Low-pressure Casting Exhibition Area •Squeeze Casting Display Area •Melting Enterprise Exhibition Area •Investment Casting Exhibition Area


展区设置特色鲜明 • 苏州亚德林智能压铸低碳环保示范专区 • 中国铸造高端品牌展示区 • 大型一体化压铸展示区 • 低压铸造展示区 • 挤压铸造展示区 • 熔炼优秀企业展示区 • 精铸优秀企业展示区

Full Exhibits Coverage

Non-ferrous castings with thinwalled, high-strength and integrated characteristics, functional high-quality castings, high-performance nonferrous castings of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy; foundry equipments in the whole process, such as melting, molding, core making, cleaning, sand processing and testing; green raw and auxiliary materials; various deep processing equipment for castings... •High-end, streamlined, high value-




added castings •Covers a whole process for casting production •Large-scale, lightweight, functional, streamlined, leapforward progress • H i g h q u a l i t y, h i g h e ff i c i e n c y, e n v i r o n m e n t a l protection, scientific and technological innovation •Industrial robots, remote control, 3D printing •On-site products display combinds with live demonstrations

Industry Leaders Gathering

In previous exhibitions, many leading domestic and foreign companies have brought with the latest products and technologies. At the same time, many leading foreign exhibitors organized delegations to visit. Like before, the participation of leading companies is still a highlight of this session. Up to now, there are more than 500 well-known companies from upstream and downstream industries registered for the exhibition, including HA, ABP, FUNUC, XINXING Casting, KAO, XINGYE, LONGFENGSHAN, KOCEL, SQ GROUP, ZIHENG, SFR, MINGZHI TECH, IMF, SINTO, KAITAI GROUP, TAA METAL, NCS Testing, OTTO, WM, NORICAN GROUP, SAVALI, FUJI, INDOCTOTHERM, C.P.C., ELKEM, Yantai Monn Tech. The exhibition has also got attention from foundry industry clusters, foreign pavilions and various industry associations and branches. Nearly 100 concurrent supporting programs will be held during the exhibition, such as the 18th China Foundry Association Annual Congress, Award ceremonies for Best-in-Class Castings, Foundry Material and Foundry Equipment Innovation Award, a series of seminars focusing on the hot topics of the industry and the supply chains, new product release, on-site consultation with experts, etc.. It will be a platform to display new products, release new technologies, learn the latest development and industry trend, connect with the old and new customers, and communicate with the industry experts. We look forward to seeing you at METAL CHINA & DIECASTING CHINA 2022, September 19-21, 2022, SHANGHAI. For more information or inquiries, please visit:■

展品范围覆盖全产业链 薄壁、高强度、一体化有色金属铸件和功能化黑色精品 铸件,高性能铝合金、镁合金、镍合金、钛合金铸件,熔炼、 造型、制芯、清理、砂处理、检测仪器等大型铸造设备,系 列化、多元化、绿色化的铸造原辅材料,各式铸件深加工设 备……

• 高端、精细、高附加值 • 涵盖铸造生产各种工艺 • 大型化、轻量化、功能化、精细化,跨越式进步 • 优质、高效、环保,科技创新有声有色 • 工业机器人、远程控制、虚拟生产、3D 打印 • 直观的产品、生动的现场演示

行业龙头云集线上线下相呼应 历届展会,众多国内外龙头企业携最新产品和技术出席, 同时还有不少国外领军企业组团参展参观,龙头企业云集依 旧是本届展会的一大亮点。 截至目前,已有 HA、ABP、科莱恩、发那科、新兴铸 管、KAO、兴业股份、龙凤山、共享、圣泉集团、致恒、 SFR、明志、IMF、SINTO、开泰集团、大亚金属、钢研纳 克、OTTO、WM、DISA、萨维利、FUJI、应达、C.P.C. - Group、Elkem、烟台冰轮等 500 多家中外知名铸造企业 竞相报名参展,线上线下参展企业覆盖上下游产业链;同时 展会也受到铸造行业集群地、国外展团及各行业协会及分会 的热切关注,德国展团等将组团参展。 中国铸造协会年会,专家现场答疑,优质铸件金奖展评, 高含金量的技术论坛、新品发布以及系列配套联谊等近百项 活动将在展会期间密集举行,集结尖端一流智库、行业资源 和力量,将展览与技术交流、采购营销有机结合,向业界充 分传递政策导向、行业发展动态、国际竞争变化以及市场最 新信息,以百花齐放之势启迪未来。 更多展会信息,请登录 METAL CHINA 网站查询: ■




Technology Is Evolving. So Is Yxlon

科技在进步,依科视朗亦是如此 Yxlon becomes Comet Yxlon. At this year's Control trade show, the manufacturer of X-ray and CT inspection systems announced that it will change its name to Comet Yxlon, effective September 8, 2022. The new brand underscores Yxlon's longstanding affiliation with Comet, a leading global innovative technology company focused on plasma and X-ray technology The fresh, modern design of the new Comet Yxlon brand reflects the company's innovation and enthusiasm for solving customer challenges. "The Comet Yxlon brand represents decades of X-ray expertise and a passion for making new things possible - in line with the motto "Led by experience. Driven by curiosity." said Kevin Crofton, CEO of Comet Group and interim president of Yxlon. "The rebranding strengthens our presence and reaffirms our importance with Comet Group." Yxlon's entrepreneurial roots date back to the discovery of X-rays by W.C. Röntgen in 1895 and the manufacture of the first X-ray tube by C.H.F. Müller in 1896. Based in Hamburg, YXLON International GmbH has been part of the Swiss listed parent company Comet Holding AG, which unites a leading global group of innovative technology businesses under its umbrella, since 2007. ■


依科视朗(Yxlon)即将转型为 Comet Yxlon。在今年的自 动化控制展上,X 射线及 CT 检测系统的制造商 Yxlon 宣布其将 于 2022 年 9 月 8 日后更名为 Comet Yxlon,全新的品牌设计凸 显了 Yxlon 和 Comet 长期以来建立的隶属关系。Comet 公司是 一家全球领先的科技公司,长期专注于等离子技术和 X 射线技 术的研发。 新品牌Comet Yxlon将迎来全新的更现代、更新颖的形象, 这一新形象将展现出公司的技术创新及满足客户需求的热情。 Comet Yxlon 代表了数十年的 X 射线专业技术和对创新 的热情,以经验引领,以求知驱动——如同 Comet 一贯的展 望一样”,Comet 公司首席执行官 Kevin Crofton 说:“这 次品牌重塑强化了我们的品牌影响力,并强调了整个 Comet 集团的重要性。” 依科视朗(Yxlon)的创业之路可以追溯到 1895 年 W.C. Röntgen 发现 x 射线,并在 1896 年由 C.H.F. Müller 制造 出第一根 x 射线管。YXLON 的全球总部位于德国汉堡,自 2007 年开始,YXLON 隶属于瑞士上市公司 Comet 控股集团。 Comet 集团旗下拥有众多全球领先的创新型科技公司。■



A Growing Interest in the METAL Expo

波兰凯尔采金属展热度持续 The METAL Expo and its accompanying trade shows: HEAT TREATMENT, ALUMINUM & NONFERMET and RECYCLING, have attracted important foundry industry "players" since the first expo edition. According to all indications, the trend will continue this year. Although the event is held at the end of September, companies from Europe and outside have already registered to join in. In 2021, the pandemic situation resulted in the fact that the METAL expo was clustered with the related STOM show and became a part of the "Industrial Autumn" - a large-scale event organised by Targi Kielce for the processing industry. In 2022, METAL returns to its traditional date: 20 to 22 September. The exhibitors' list includes ASK CHEMICALS, PREC-ODLEW, EUROCAST, PETROFER - POLSKA, EUROCAST Industries, as well as SIMPSON Technologies GmbH, HIRADO Kinzoku Kogyo Co. ltd., Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd and Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH, WÖHR, SGM Magnetics Spa, SUHAIL INDUSTRIAL HOLDING Group from Qatar and AGRATI from Italy, as well as IDRA Italy and TAV Vacuum Furnaces Spa and BOSIO d.o.o. Industrial Furnace Solutions from Slovenia, AAGES from Romania and DIAMANT METALLPLASTIC from Germany, MAMMUT Polska and BARABASZ and its Partners from Germany. According to the organisers, HÜTTENES - ALBERTUS, GEMCO Netherlands, FOUNDRY ECOCER Italy, KANTHAL GmbH Germany, METALS MINERALS, the Czech Republic's JAP INDUSTRIES sro, and SAVELLI Technologies Srl from Italy have recently announced their participation. The organisers inform that this is only a fragment of the extensive list. Owing to its specificity, the foundry industry relies heavily on trade fairs. Since the first METAL expo's edition, Targi Kielce has focused on creating a platform designed to talk shop and establish business contacts between manufacturers, suppliers and customers of casting equipment. Thus the Kielce event has become an unofficial bridge between the east and the west, as the expo has witnessed global-scale business contacts establishment. Belgium, Belarus, France, Germany, China and many other countries have returned to the expo in the capacity of exhibitors and business visitors. After the 2018 edition, Targi Kielce was pronounced the Silk Road stop for the foundry industry. For more information please visit our web site: https://www. ■

自创办以来,波兰凯尔采金属展览会及其同期热处 理、铝及有色展、回收利用展吸引了铸造业的重要行业 参与者。从种种迹象来看,今年的展会将继续保持热度。 本届展会将于今年 9 月底举办,目前已有欧洲及其他地 区的企业申请参展。 受疫情影响,2021 年的金属展与 STOM 展会同期 举办,成为凯尔采展览公司组织的机械加工工业展—— “秋季工业展”的一部分。2022 年,金属展回归传统档期, 即 9 月 20-22 日。 据主办方介绍,已报名的参展商包括 ASK、PRECODLEW、EUROCAST、PETROFER-POLSKA、 EUROCAST Industries, 以 及 SIMPSON、HIRADO Kinzoku Kogyo、Heinrich Wagner Sinto、Omega Sinto 和 Laempe Mössner Sinto、WÖHR、SGM Magnetics Spa 等, 以 及 来 自 卡 塔 尔 的 SUHAIL 工 业 控 股 集 团 和 意 大 利 的 AGRATI、IDRA, 斯 洛 文 尼 亚 的 TAV 和 BOSIO d.o.o. 公 司、 罗 马 尼 亚 的 AAGES 公 司 和 德 国 的 DIAMANT METALLPLASTIC 公 司、 MAMMUT 波 兰 公 司、BARABASZ 公 司 及 其 德 国 合 作 伙 伴。 近 期 宣 布 参 展 的 还 有 HA 公 司、GEMCO 荷 兰 公 司、 意 大 利 FOUNDRY ECOCER 公 司、 德 国 KANTHAL 公 司、METALS MINERALS 公 司、 捷 克 的 JAP INDUSTRIES sro 公 司 和 意 大 利 SAVELLI 等。 由于其行业特殊性,铸造业在很大程度上依赖于展 览会。自第一届波兰凯尔采金属展览会举办以来,凯尔 采展览公司始终致力于为铸造设备制造商、供应商和客 户搭建贸易洽谈的平台。因此,凯尔采金属展见证了全 球范围内铸造行业商业联系的建立,为东西方搭建了交 流与贸易桥梁。其中包括比利时、白俄罗斯、法国、德 国、中国等国家和地区的展商及观众。2018 年展会后, 凯尔采铸造展已发展成为丝绸之路上的重要贸易展会。 更 多 信 息, 请 访 问: en/metal。 ■




Bühler Adds Volvo Cars to its Megacasting Customers

布勒为沃尔沃提供一体化压铸方案 The Swedish premium car brand Volvo Cars has purchased two Carat 840 die-casting cells for its factory in Torslanda, Sweden. The Carat 840, along with Carat 920, Bühler’s largest die-casting solutions, were launched in 2021. These solutions have become very attractive for customers in the automotive industry. In October 2021, Bühler launched the Carat 840 and the Carat 920 with locking forces of up to 92,000 kilonewtons (kN). With these solutions, Bühler’s customers can produce structural castings for automotive body in white assemblies, known as megacastings. This expansion builds on the success of the Carat 560 and 610, which have up to 6,000 tons locking force and have been on the market since 2020. Bühler has been active in die casting for over 90 years and supported customers with thousands of applications. Megacasting is a further development of the structural process (complex, thin-walled parts produced using die casting) which Bühler has driven since the early 2000’s. Bühler’s Carat series is the most successful solution on the market and brings megacasting production to the next level. Cornel Mendler, Managing Director of Bühler Die Casting, says: “Megacasting is of utmost importance for the entire diecasting industry. Megacasting gives the trend towards structural casting another push by extending the range of applications to complete body sections with the use of the new large Carat solutions with up to 92,000 kN locking force." With the introduction of the Carat 840 and 920 and its vast die-casting experience, Bühler has further developed its solutions to be able to provide complete cell solutions for ever larger projects. Two Carat 840 die-casting cells will be delivered to Volvo Cars for its factory in Torslanda.

Customer focused innovations "Volvo Cars is among the first carmakers to adopt the megacasting process. The fact that Volvo Cars has chosen Bühler for two complete Carat 840 cells shows that we have the right products and services for this intensively discussed innovation in the automotive industry,” says Cornel Mendler. "Especially for such large projects, thinking about the entire die-casting cells from the melting furnace to the handling of the final part is essential. Bühler has the competence to deliver these complete die-casting solutions,” Mendler adds.

Groundbreaking megacasting Megacasting is considered groundbreaking by many car manufacturers who are moving in this direction or thinking about adopting this trend. Megacastings reduce complexity in production by enabling between 70 to 100 parts to be replaced by a single die-cast part. These single-piece castings will generally be produced close to the automotive assembly


瑞 典 高 端 汽 车 品 牌 沃 尔 沃 全 新 购 入 两 套 布 勒 Carat 840 压铸岛,布局瑞典托斯兰达工厂。2021 年,布勒公 司最大的 Carat840/920 超大型两模板压铸机亮相,备受 汽车行业客户的青睐。 2020 年,布勒 Carat 560/610 压铸机成功上市,锁 模力高达 61,000kN。2021 年 10 月,布勒推出了锁模力 高达 92,000kN 的 Carat 840 和 Carat 920。助力客户生 产大型车身结构件,实现“一体化压铸”。 布勒深耕压铸行业 90 多年,为客户提供数千种零件的 解决方案,助力行业发展。21 世纪以来,布勒不断推动结 构件压铸工艺的发展,而一体化压铸是结构件工艺的延伸 和拓展。布勒 Carat 系列为市场提供成熟的压铸解决方案, 将一体化压铸生产推向了新的高度。 布勒集团全球压铸事业部总经理 Cornel Mendler 表 示,“一体化压铸对整个压铸行业至关重要。一体化压铸方 案采用锁模力高达 92,000kN 的超大型 Carat 压铸机,将 应用范围扩大至整体车身压铸,再一次推动了结构件压铸工 艺的发展。” 凭借 Carat 840/920 压铸机的推出和丰富的压铸经验, 布勒进一步开发了全套压铸岛。两套 Carat 840 压铸岛将 按时交付沃尔沃公司,送往托斯兰达工厂。

锐意创新,客户为先 “沃尔沃是最早采用一体化压铸工艺的汽车制造商之 一。沃尔沃选择从布勒购入两台 Carat 840 压铸机,恰恰 表明了针对当前汽车行业热议的创新问题,布勒完全有能力 提供合适的产品和服务。”Cornel Mendler 表示,“尤其 是对于大型项目而言,需要全盘考虑从熔炼到最终产品处理 的整个流程,这一点至关重要。布勒有能力提供完整的一体 化压铸方案。”

一体化压铸,突破性发展 众多汽车制造商已然认识到一体化压铸方案的先进性, 并开始关注或考虑采用一体化压铸方案。单个一体化压铸件 可代替 70-100 个零件,降低生产复杂性。此外,单件一 体化压铸件通常在汽车装配线附近生产,有利于集中生产, 降低运输成本。当使用沼气来熔炼低碳铝合金时,则有可能 实现碳中和。多余的铝可以回炉重造、重新利用,从而避免


line, which allows for better integration and reduced transport. Aluminum castings have the potential to be almost CO2 neutral, when using low CO2 aluminum alloys and biogas for the melting furnaces. The aluminum that goes into overflows can be remelted directly and reused in the die-casting cell, thereby avoiding transport and recycling. Thinking a step further, the usage of lighter aluminum parts can reduce the energy consumption of the cars over their entire lifecycle. Bühler offers the right expertise when it comes to megacasting. “Bühler is the number one solution provider for die casting, offering complete die-casting cells with a full range of services in all relevant regions. As of today, half of all structural casting for automotive body in white production is produced on Bühler machines. With more than 800 machines in operation, the Bühler Carat series is the most popular die-casting solution to produce structural parts,” says Cornel Mendler. ■

运输和二次回收。从长远角度来看,使用更轻的铝件还可 以降低汽车能耗。 布勒拥有丰富的一体化压铸经验。Cornel Mendler 表 示,“作为压铸解决方案的优质供应商,布勒为客户提供 全方位的压铸服务。截至目前,在汽车行业中,一半的结 构件由布勒的设备生产制造。如今,Carat 系列已有超过 800 台压铸机投入使用,该系列已经成为生产结构件颇受 欢迎的压铸解决方案。”■

GF and Bocar Group to Enter into a Global Collaboration

GF 与 Bocar 集团建立全球合作关系 GF Casting Solutions, a division of GF, Schaffhausen (Switzerland), and the leading light-metal castings and assemblies solutions provider Bocar Group, Mexico City (Mexico), have signed an agreement to offer a specialized range of products and services worldwide. The objective of the collaboration is to bring higher value to the customers by combining capabilities of two leading players in the market for high-pressure die casting components. The partnership reflects the commitment of Bocar Group and GF to develop and invest in new technologies and services to support customers in North America, Europe and Asia on their way to sustainable mobility. Both partners will leverage their strong R&D, know-how and production facilities around the world. Andreas Müller, CEO of GF, commented: "We are excited about this new collaboration. The agreement is a further important step to consistently implement GF Casting Solutions' strategy 2025 and to leverage our global footprint in North America, Europe and Asia." "With the joint R&D and industrialization know-how of these two leading casting specialists we will be able to design new lightweight components which are key for more environmentally friendly vehicles", stated Carlos Vasto, President of GF Casting Solutions. Marcus Baur, President of Bocar Group, stated: "By combining the technical capabilities of two pioneers in light metal die casting we will be able to bring higher value to our customers. We look forward to our joint projects in order to

总部位于沙夫豪森(瑞士)的 GF 事业部之一 GF 成 型方案,与总部位于墨西哥城(墨西哥)的领先轻金属铸 件和组件解决方案供应商 Bocar 集团签署了一项协议,将 在全球范围内提供一系列专业的产品和服务。 合作的目标是通过结合高压压铸零部件市场上两家领 先企业的能力,为客户创造更高的价值。这份合作伙伴关 系体现了 Bocar 集团和 GF 对致力于开发和投资新技术与 服务的承诺,以支持北美、欧洲和亚洲客户实现可持续移 动出行方式。合作双方将为此投入其在世界各地强大的研 发能力、专业知识和生产设施。 GF 公司首席执行官 Andreas Müller 表示:“我们 对这次的新合作感到无比期待。这份协议是贯彻实施 GF 成型方案 2025 年战略,并提升我们在北美、欧洲和亚洲 全球布局的重要一步。” GF 成型方案总裁 Carlos Vasto 指出:“凭借两家 铸件领域领先的专业公司的联合研发和工业型专业技术, 我们能够设计出新的轻量化零部件,这对生产更为环保的 车辆至关重要。” Bocar 集团总裁 Marcus Baur 表示:“通过结合两 家轻金属压铸先驱企业的技术实力,我们将会为客户带来 更高的价值。我们十分期待这些合作项目,以双方多年的



INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 even better serve our current and new customers on a global scale based on the longstanding expertise of both partners." "The collaboration we are building today between our companies is an outstanding opportunity to serve our customers globally with the best in class manufacturing solutions for die casting aluminum components and complex assemblies. Our synergies will enable us to deliver innovation and sustainable solutions to all our customers", commented Ignacio Moreno, CEO of Bocar Group. Both companies have a long history of innovative growth in their respective markets. Bocar Group, founded 60 years ago, is an innovative development partner and full-service supplier for the automotive industry. GF Casting Solutions is one of the leading solution providers of lightweight components in the mobility and energy industries. ■

专业知识为基础,为全球范围的现有客户和新客户们提供 更好的服务。” Bocar 集 团 首 席 执 行 官 Ignacio Moreno 说:“ 我 们今天与彼此建立起的合作提供了一个为全球各地的客户 提供压铸铝合金零部件和复杂总成件的一流制造解决方案 的绝佳契机。这次合作的协同效应将使我们能够为所有客 户提供创新和可持续的解决方案。” 两家企业在各自的市场都有着悠久的创新型增长的历 史记录。Bocar 集团成立于 60 年前,是汽车行业的创新 与研发伙伴和全方位服务供应商。GF 成型方案则是移动 出行方式与能源行业的轻量化零件的全球性领先解决方案 供应商之一。■

Nantong Jiangzhong Photoelectricity Ordered Two Die Casting Machines from Italpressegauss

南通江中光电订购两台意特佩雷斯 TF2800 压铸机 The TF 2800 High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) machines, to be installed at Jiangzhong’s facility in Jiangsu Province later this year, reflect the focus of Nantong Jiangzhong on toggle free two platen technology as the future of modern die casting on which IPG has very long experience. Last year, the company become the first manufacturer in China to commission delivery of ItalPresseGauss’ TF5700 High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) machine – a toggle free giant ideally equipped to support Jiangzhong in producing larger parts for its traditional escalator market, and for servicing new market opportunities for structural castings. Jiangzhong has also purchased a Westomat 2300S dosing furnace from StrikoWestofen to integrate seamlessly with the machine as part of a complete, automated solution. This follows the purchase of 2 Westomat furnaces last year. Westomat furnaces are designed to be considerably more economical in terms of metal loss and energy usage in comparison to automatic ladle systems using a holding furnace. In addition to reducing operating costs, this supports more sustainable production by minimising waste and energy consumption – an increasingly important requirements end customers expect from their cast metal suppliers.

Why ‘toggle free’ is the future for Jiangzhong

In contrast to toggle-based designs, ItalPresseGauss’s


这 两 台 TF 2800 高 压 压 铸 设 备 将 于 今 年 晚 些 时 候 安装在其江苏省南通海安的工厂,这家使用 IPG 技术很 有经验的公司再次选择意特的 TF 系列也印证了该公司 对无曲拐两板技术作为压铸行业未来发展方向的认可。 去年,江中光电成为中国首家选择意特佩雷斯高斯的 TF5700 高压压铸(HPDC)设备的压铸生产企业——这 是一个无曲拐技术的超大机型,非常适合支持江中为其传统 自动扶梯市场生产更大的零件,并为新市场提供量产结构件 的机会。 江 中 光 电 还 从 史 杰 克 西 购 买 了 一 台 Westomat W2300S 定量炉,作为整套自动化解决方案的一部分,与 压铸机紧密配合。 相信越来越多的客户会选择为意特佩雷斯高斯压铸机 配套 Westomat 定量炉,与使用保温炉的传统结构相比, Westomat 定量炉在金属烧损和能耗方面更加经济。这也 是第 2 次江中光电为其压铸机选配史杰克西定量炉。

为什么“无曲拐”是江中光电的未来 与基于带曲拐的三板机设计相比,意特佩雷斯高斯的 TF 无曲拐两板机系列高压压铸机提供更小的机器占地面积,


INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 TF (toggle-free) range of high-pressure die-casting machines offer a smaller machine footprint, greater rigidity and fewer wear parts for improved reliability and performance. A combination which suits Jiangzhong’s needs perfectly and also delivers machines with lower environmental impacts in their production cycle (compared to toggle technology hpdc). Mr Xu Yinglong, Chairman of Jiangzhong, commented: “We’ve been working with ItalPresseGauss for over 15 years now. Their HPDC machines have always delivered consistent performance and the high output levels so vital to our productivity. "These lean and highly efficient TF machines don’t simply deliver extra working capacity. They give us flexibility. With larger cast parts becoming an increasing focus of production, the two new machines - plus the TF5700 - mean we have an incredibly adaptable casting facility equipped with the range of clamping forces necessary to accommodate the needs of an evolving marketplace." Mr Xu Yinglong, Chairman of Jiangzhong

Service support key to increased capacity Taking the total number of die casting machines in operation at the Jiangsu facility to ten, Jiangzhong anticipates being able to cast approximately 1.2million sets of elevator parts per year. The increased capacity will also help Jianzhong further expand its research and development activity, and the production of super large parts for automotive. The new machines will be installed and serviced by ItalPresseGauss’ support team based in Changzhou China. Mr Xu Yinglong, Chairman of Jiangzhong, added: “When selecting which equipment manufacturers to work with, we don’t just look at the technology. We look at the level and quality of service support at our disposal. With ItalPresseGauss, we know from experience that the right expert is always ready to help – for a business like ours looking to boost capacity and satisfy a rapidly growing order book, this is vital.”t. ■

更强的刚性和更少的易损件,以提高可靠性和性能。这一组 合完美地满足了江中的需求,同时在生产中对环境更为友好 (与传统带曲拐技术相比)。 如江中光电董事长许应龙先生所讲:“我们与意特佩 雷斯高斯的合作已经超过 15 年。意特的高压压铸设备始终 保持在非常高的水平上,提供一致的稳定性和先进性,这对 我们的生产至关重要。” 江中董事长许应龙先生表示:“精益和高效的 TF 系列 体现出了超强的生产能力。随着大型铸件成为压铸市场的焦 点,两台新的 TF2800 和 TF5700 组成了一个范围较广的 生产范围,满足了适应不断变化的市场对压铸机的锁模力要 求”

服务支持是提升产能的关键 将南通的工厂运行压铸机总数增加到十台,江中光电 预计能够将年产能提升至 120 万级套梯级产品,在此基础 上进一步扩大超大型及大型汽车零部件的研发和生产。新 的两台 TF 高压压铸机将由意特佩雷斯高斯中国常州的生 产基地制造,同时也由国内团队提供技术支持与售后维护。 江中董事长许应龙先生特别谈到:“在选择与设备制 造商合作时,我们关注的不仅仅是技术,更重要的是我们 所能获得的技术支持及售后服务的水平和质量。通过与意 特佩雷斯高斯多年的合作,我们非常信任他们可以达到我 们的预期——对于我们这样希望在提高产能满足订单增长 任务的同时又能保证生产稳定性的企业来说,这是至关重 要的。”■

Kimura Foundry America Expands Capacity with fourth 3D Sand Printer

木村铸造 ( 美国 ) 公司安装第四台 3D 砂型打印设备 AFS Corporate Member Kimura Foundry America, Inc. (Shelbyville, Indiana) will install a new ExOne S-Max 3D sand printer to increase capacity and meet diverse market demands for high quality castings with quick turnaround times. It becomes the fourth sand mold and core printer for the foundry’s U.S. location; the company also operates six at its headquarters in Japan. Locally, Kimura Foundry operates two ExOne S-Max printers and one S-Print for sand mold and core production.

美国铸造协会会员企业木村铸造(美国)公司(印 第安纳州 Shelbyville)将安装一台新的 ExOne S-Max 3D 砂 型 打 印 设 备, 此 举 将 有 助 于 公 司 提 高 产 能, 满 足 高质量铸件的市场需求,同时缩短生产周期。这是木村 铸造公司在美国公司安装的第四台砂型和芯子的打印设 备, 此 外, 木 村 铸 造 公 司 还 在 其 日 本 总 部 安 装 有 6 台 3D 砂型打印设备。



INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 By adding an additional S-Max system, management said it expects to improve the flexibility of its operation, as well as streamline maintenance and staff training. “Kimura produces various metal castings under one roof, and 3D printing sand molds and cores enables us to deliver high quality castings with very short lead times,” said Dr. Yoya Fukuda, president of Kimura Foundry America. “With an additional S-Max sand 3D printer we can meet more expectations from our customers across the industries we serve from automotive to aerospace as well as construction and industrial machinery. ■

木 村 铸 造 公 司 在 当 地 使 用 2 台 ExOne S-Max 和 1 台 S-Print 3D 打 印 设 备, 用 于 砂 型 和 芯 子 生 产。 公 司管理层表示,增加一台 S-Max 打印机,将有助于提 升生产的灵活性,并简化维护和员工培训工作。 木村铸造(美国)公司总裁 Yoya Fukuda 博士说: “木村铸造公司可以在同一工厂生产各种金属铸件,3D 打印砂型和芯子使我们能够以极短的周期向客户交付高 质 量 铸 件。 通 过 新 安 装 的 S-Max 3D 砂 型 打 印 设 备, 我们可以满足从汽车到航空航天以及建筑和工程机械等 各行业客户的更多期望。” ■

Gränges’ Tennessee Investment to Enable Near-Zero Carbon Solutions

GRÄNGES 公司田纳西州项目将实现近零碳排放 Gränges will invest $52 million to expand its recycling and casting operations in Huntingdon, Tennessee, enabling its market launch of near-zero carbon aluminum solutions in 2024 aimed at meeting growing demand for sustainable products in North America. The new center will be powered via renewable electricity as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Green Invest program. The investment will result in significant cost reductions and contribute positively to Gränges’ operating profit and return on capital employed ratio from 2024 onward. It will also lead to a reduced carbon footprint driven by the use of renewable electricity and increased recycling. “Sustainability and recycling are two critical parts of our business model, and strong drivers of our long-term competitiveness and value creation,” said Jörgen Rosengren, president and CEO, Gränges Group. “We have a very high ambition level in these areas. With this investment, we will meet our customers’ expectations on decarbonizing our business and leading the way in offering solutions that are clearly differentiated from a sustainability perspective.” To produce near-zero carbon aluminum solutions–– with a carbon footprint of maximum 1 ton of CO2 per ton of aluminum––the new recycling and casting center will use the latest technology in induction melting furnaces in combination with all-electric annealing ovens. Renewable electricity will power all equipment and downstream production processes, in partnership with Carroll County Electric and the TVA Green Invest Program. “Gränges’ ambitious sustainability strategy, combined


Gränges 公司将投资 5200 万美元用于扩大其在田 纳西州亨廷顿的铸件生产和再生业务,从而使其能够在 2024 年 推 出 近 零 碳 排 放 的 铝 铸 造 解 决 方 案, 满 足 北 美 市场对可持续铸件产品日益增长的需求。作为田纳西河 谷管理局(TVA)绿色投资项目的一部分,新成立的业 务中心将使用可再生电力供电。 本次投资效果预计从 2024 年起显现。投资将显著 降低 Gränges 公司的生产成本,并对营业利润和资本使 用回报率的增长做出积极贡献。通过使用可再生电力和 提高回收利用率将减少碳足迹。 “可持续性和回收利用是公司采取的商业模式的两 个关键部分,也是公司长期竞争力和价值创造的强大驱 动力所在,”Gränges 公司总裁兼首席执行官约根·罗 森格伦说,“我们在这些领域有远大的抱负。通过这项 投资,公司将满足客户对于减碳的期望,并将在可持续 发展路径中提供与众不同的解决方案方面走在前列。” 为了生产近零碳排放的铝金属液——每吨铝最多排 放 1 吨 CO2—— 新 的 回 收 和 铸 造 中 心 将 使 用 感 应 熔 炼 炉和全电退火炉的最新技术。可再生电力将与卡罗尔县 电 力 公 司 和 TVA 绿 色 投 资 项 目 合 作, 为 所 有 设 备 和 下 游生产过程提供电力。 Gränge 美 洲 公 司 总 裁 帕 特 里 克· 劳 勒 表 示:


INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 with our customers’ platforms, drive the size and speed of our investments,” said Patrick Lawlor, president Gränges Americas. “This investment builds on Gränges Americas’ foil strategy and underscores our strategic focus and commitment to developing sustainable products and solutions.”■

“Gränges 公司凭借雄心勃勃的可持续发展战略,以及 客户的平台作用,提升了我们投资的规模和速度。这项投 资建立在 Gränges 美洲公司的箔片战略基础上,强调了 公司的战略重点和开发可持续产品和解决方案的承诺。”■

Linamar Acquires Full Ownership of Joint Venture Casting Facility

利纳玛集团获得合资铸造厂的全部所有权 Linamar Corporation has acquired GF Casting Solutions’ 50% interest in the two companies’ 2015 joint venture, GF Linamar LLC (GFL) located in Mills River, North Carolina––as a result, Linamar will assume 100% ownership and operational control of the business. GF Casting Solutions (GF) is a division of Georg Fischer AG. Combining expertise in high-pressure diecasting and machining to provide lightweight solutions for automotive and commercial vehicle customers, GFL manufactures structural and powertrain components in aluminum and magnesium. “We are very pleased to complete this transaction with GF,” said Linda Hasenfratz, Linamar’s executive chair and CEO. “GF has been an excellent strategic partner; however, we view this ownership change as key to securing our longterm growth plan in lightweight structural castings. Increasing our structural content per vehicle is a key strategic priority for Linamar in reducing our business concentration in vehicle powertrains and increasing our content in electrified vehicles where lightweighting is so critical. Acquiring full control over this facility will enable us to be more agile and pursue further market opportunities.” Linamar President and COO Jim Jarrell added, “Cast light metal structural components are a strategic priority in our automotive business and the future of electrified mobility. The book of business that GF Linamar secured demonstrates the strong customer demand for these products. Going forward, our new management structure will enable us to use one operational system to better focus on launching new business in the near-term and fully achieving our lightweight structural strategy in the long-term.” In the interim, GF will continue to support Linamar and the customer’s requirements throughout this transitionary phase. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to be fully funded with a combination of available cash and/or available credit under Linamar’s existing credit facilities. According to a Linamar press statement, GF Linamar LLC will undergo a rebranding name change and be fully integrated into Linamar’s Mobility Segment. ■

利纳玛集团已收购 GF Casting Solutions 事业部在 2015 年成立的两家合资公司的 50% 的股权,新成立的 GF Linamar LLC(GFL)公司位于北卡罗来纳州米尔斯河。 收购后,利纳玛集团将拥有该公司 100% 的所有权,负责 运营。GF Casting Solutions(GF)是乔治费歇尔公司的 一个事业部。 GFL 公司将整合高压压铸和机加工方面的专业知识, 为汽车和商用车客户提供轻量化解决方案,主要生产铝、镁 合金结构件和动力总成部件。 利纳玛集团的执行主席兼首席执行官琳达·哈森弗拉 茨表示:“我们非常高兴与 GF 公司完成这笔交易。GF 公司一直是优秀的战略合作伙伴,然而,我们认为所有权 的变化是确保我们在轻量化结构铸件方面长期增长计划的 关键。提高每辆车的结构件比例是利纳玛集团轻量化战略 的关键,从而降低汽车动力系统的业务集中度,增加电动 汽车业务。拥有新公司的完全控制权,将使公司的运营更 加灵活,进一步开发市场机会。” 利纳玛集团总裁兼首席运营官吉姆·贾雷尔补充道, “铸 造轻金属结构部件是汽车业务和电动汽车未来的战略重点。 GFL 公司的订单表明客户对这些产品的强烈需求。展望未 来,新管理结构将使公司能够使用一个操作系统,更好地专 注于在短期内推出新业务,实现轻量化结构件的长期战略发 展目标。” 在过渡期间,GF 公司将继续支持利纳玛集团及其客户。 交易的财务细节未披露。根据利纳玛集团现有的信贷 工具,该交易预计将通过可用现金和 / 或可用信贷的组合获 得全额资金。根据利纳玛集团的声明,GFL 公司将进行更名, 并完全并入利纳玛集团的汽车部门。■




Grede Wins Agco’S 2021 Sustainability Award

GREDE 公司获得爱科集团 2021 可持续发展奖 AFS Corporate Member Grede Holdings LLC was honored in April with AGCO’s 2021 Sustainability Award for its continuous efforts to practice and improve environmental and social sustainability. “Grede’s strategic energy management system enhances their financial position with money-saving energy management processes, reduces the company’s overall carbon footprint and energy usage, and instills a culture of energy efficient practices in all Grede foundries and facilities,” an AGCO press release stated. AGCO, a global company that designs, manufactures, and distributes agricultural machinery and solutions, highlighted improvements made at two of Grede’s foundries: 1. Iron Mountain, Michigan, for the implementation of automatic pressure-regulating systems and reduction of amp hours per day, as well as the installation of oil and water separators, which allow for direct water discharge into municipal sewer systems without the risk of contamination. 2. Reedsburg, Wisconsin, for the implementation of a secondary containment system to prevent potential pollutants from entering the stormwater system around the plant, which is now at 100% containment. “Sustainability across our operations is a moral imperative at Grede that benefits our employees and their families, our clients and shareholders, and the communities we serve,” said Tony Lovell, Grede’s president – head of commercial. “As we work to continuously strengthen and expand our industryleading corporate sustainability policy, we’re proud and thankful to be recognized by AGCO.” ■

美国铸造协会会员企业 Grede 控股有限公司于今年 4 月荣获爱科集团 2021 可持续发展奖,以表彰其践行并为改 善环境和实现社会可持续发展方面做出的努力。 据爱科集团报道:“Grede 公司的战略能源管理系统 通过经济的能源管理流程改善了财务状况,减少了公司的碳 排放和能源使用,并在所有 Grede 集团的铸造厂践行了节 能文化。” 爱科集团是一家设计、制造和销售农业机械及其解决 方案的全球公司,对 Grede 公司两家铸造厂的改进亮点做 了总结: 1、项目位于密歇根州 Iron Mountain 公司,用于自动 压力调节系统的运行,减少每天的用电量;以及安装水油分 离器,允许将水直接排放到市政下水道管网,而无污染风险。 2、项目位于威斯康星州里德斯堡,用于二级密封系统, 以防止潜在污染物进入工厂周围的雨水排放系统,该系统目 前处于 100% 的封闭状态。 Grede 公司总裁兼商业主管 Tony Lovell 表示:“在 Grede 公司,业务的可持续发展是我们的社会责任,将造 福于我们的员工及其家人、客户、股东以及我们的社区。 我们不断强化和贯彻业界领先的企业可持续发展政策措施, 因此,公司对获得爱科集团的认可感到自豪和感谢。”■

Sure Cast Foundry Expands with New Building, Equipment

SURE CAST 铸造公司实施提升改造 Sure Cast Foundry Inc., an AFS Corporate Member in Blaine, Minnesota, has relocated into its newly constructed 19,000-s.f.-facility across the street from its former plant. The additional 5,000 s.f. provides storage and office space not previously available to staff and includes a conference room for hosting customers. Designed with the future in mind, the new facility is ready for further expansion of 10,000 s.f. off a rear wall––the foundry’s goal is to vertically integrate with its own machine shop in the near term.


位于明尼苏达州布莱恩市的美国铸造协会企业会员 Sure Cast 铸造公司已搬迁新址, 新厂位于原厂对面的街道, 面积约 19000-s.f.(约 1765m2)。扩建的 5000 s.f.(约 465m2)是仓储和办公区域,还有用于供接待客户的会议室。 新厂的设计着眼于未来,今后还将在此基础上进一步扩建 10000 s.f.(约 929m2),公司的目标是在近期实现设备 车间的垂直整合。


INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 Sure Cast, owned by Nordstern Group in Winnipeg, Canada, is primarily a green sand molding operation with some nobake sand casting. Employing approximately 20 people, the company also produces its own cores in-house and offers heat treating, cleaning, and grinding. “We definitely want to grow and have a bigger offering for our customers,” said Sure Cast General Manager Andrea Lindquist. “And from a staffing perspective, it’s extraordinarily challenging these days––right now, everybody’s having issues with labor. The ownership team in Canada felt strongly about putting our best foot forward to have a comfortable facility for our employees, as well as for customers. We have an opportunity to bring in additional talent going forward because we have such a nice facility.” New equipment added to the team’s excitement as movein drew to completion at the end of April. Chief among its capital investments is the newly installed Sinto FDNX 16 x 20 automatic molding machine that replaced old jolt/squeeze molding equipment. Sure Cast also added a fully automatic, customized sand return system from Green Sand Controls, which has been installed indoors due to severe Northern temperature fluctuations. Additionally, new conveyor systems within the new floorplan will facilitate improved mold handling. The move-in, which included the foundry’s nobake sand system with two large silos, was completed at the end of May. “I’m really excited about the opportunity for a fresh start,” said Lindquist, “not only with a brand-new facility and a lot of brand new equipment, but the opportunity to really go deeper with lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles that we haven’t had a chance to do before because of the way our facility was set up–– we were kind of boxed in at our previous space, which made it hard to change and make improvements. With this new space, we definitely will be able to do that.” ■

Sure Cast 铸 造 公 司 隶 属 于 加 拿 大 温 尼 伯 的 Nordstern 集团,主要采用湿型砂工艺,兼有自硬砂工艺 的铸造企业。该公司有近 20 名员工,并可自行制芯,进行 热处理、清理和打磨等工序。 公司总经理 Andrea Lindquist 表示:“我们希望公司 业务不断增长,为客户提供更多的产品。但是,员工招聘是 非常具有挑战性的——现在,每个企业都存在用工难的问 题。加拿大的管理团队在尽最大努力为员工和客户提供舒适 的工作环境。我们具备很好的工作环境,因此我们有机会招 聘到更多的人才。” 4 月底,随着工厂搬迁接近尾声,新设备的安装使团队 激动不已。其中,主要包括新安装的新东 FDNX 16x20 自 动造型线,它取代了旧的震动 / 挤压成型设备。Sure Cast 公司还安装了 Green sand Controls 公司的全自动、定制 化砂回收系统,由于当地气温变化较大,该系统安装在室内。 此外,新的运输系统将有助于改进铸型的传送。包括自硬砂 系统和两个大型筒仓在内的搬迁工作已于 5 月底完成。 Lindquist 说:“公司将迎来新的开始,我感到非常高 兴。我们不仅将有全新的工厂和很多全新的设备,还将有机 会真正深入实施精益制造并持续改进,因为新厂就是按这样 的规划建立的,这在以前是不可能做到的。因为以前我们受 到很大的局限,很难做出改变和改进。现在有了新的工厂, 我们一定能够做到。”■

New Book from AFS Details Keys to Structural Aluminum Castings

美国铸造协会新书详细介绍铝合金结构件的生产要点 A new book from two of the aluminum industry’s most respected experts teaches metalcasters the keys to creating superior structural aluminum castings. Written by Mahi Sahoo and David Weiss, Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications goes beyond the basics to explore the factors that affect mechanical properties of structural aluminum castings, the influence of alloying elements, solidification characteristics, heat treatment, and other advanced metallurgical concepts. The book, published by the American Foundry Society, originated as a well-received presentation delivered by the authors in 2015.

两位备受尊崇的铝合金专家出版新书,向铸造行业讲 解生产卓越铝合金结构件的关键。 由 Mahi Sahoo 和 David Weiss 编写的《铝合金结构 件的应用》,超出基础知识的范畴,深入探索了影响铝合金 结构件机械性能的因素、合金元素的影响、凝固特性、热 处理和其他先进的冶金学理念。本书由美国铸造协会出版, 作者曾于 2015 年发表相关演讲,获得好评。 全书共 229 页,共 10 章:

• 结构件简介



INDUSTRY NEWS / 行业新闻 At 229 pages, the book’s 10 chapters are: •Introduction to Structural Castings •Design of Structural Aluminum Castings •Influence of Alloying Elements for Structural Applications & Alloy Selection •Phase Diagrams and Solidifications Characteristics •Casting Processes •Gating and Riser Design •Alloys and Composites for High-Temperature Applications •Post-Casting Operations •Testing for Quality •Conclusions: Developing Trends and the Path Forward Design engineers, manufacturing engineers, casting engineers, foundry metallurgists, and other aluminum foundry staff will benefit from this book. Additionally, Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications is a valuable resource for undergraduate and post-graduate students interested in casting technology. This book is available exclusively from the AFS Store for $210, or $157.50 for AFS Members and $105 for AFS Corporate Members.

About the authors

Mahi Sahoo is President at Suraja Consulting Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). A longtime leader in the aluminum industry, Sahoo's expertise includes alloy development, process development, gating and riser design, heat treatment, sand casting, and failure analysis, among other topics. He earned his PhD in physical metallurgy from the University of British Columbia. David Weiss is Vice President of Research and Development at Eck Industries (Manitowoc, Wisconsin). He is the recipient of the John A. Penton Gold Medal from AFS for his pioneering work and his willingness to explore new technologies in aluminum, magnesium, and metal matrix composite alloys. Weiss is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering.■

• 铝合金结构件的设计 • 合金元素对结构件应用的影响及合金的选择 • 相图和凝固特性 • 铸造工艺 • 浇口和冒口设计 • 高温合金和复合材料 • 铸件后处理 • 质量检测 • 结论:发展趋势和方向 设计工程师、生产工程师、铸造工程师、铸造冶金学 家和其他铝铸造从业人员将从本书中受益。此外,本书是对 铸造技术感兴趣的本科生和研究生的宝贵学习资源。 本书仅在美国铸造协会的图书商店有售,售价为 210 美元;美国铸造协会个人会员可享受优惠价为 157.50 美元, 企业会员优惠价为 105 美元。

关于作者 Mahi Sahoo 是 Suraja 咨 询 公 司( 加 拿 大 安 大 略 省 渥太华)总裁。作为长期服务于铝合金行业的领导者, Sahoo 的专长包括合金开发、工艺开发、浇口和冒口设计、 热处理、砂型铸造和故障分析等。他在不列颠哥伦比亚大学 获得物理冶金学博士学位。 David Weiss 是 Eck Industries(威斯康星州马尼托瓦克) 公司的研发副总裁。他是美国铸造协会颁发的 John A. Penton 金质奖章获得者,以表彰他在铝、镁和金属基复合合金新技术 方面的开创性工作。Weiss 毕业于密尔沃基工程学院。■


MEITECH, International Summit of Die Casting & NADCA South Congress

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APRIL 19, 20 & 21. 2023 Centro de Convenciones de San Luis Potosi. San Luis Potosi, México.



THE EUROPEAN FOUNDRY INDUSTRY IN 2020 CAEF-The European Foundry Association

2020 欧洲铸造业概况 欧洲铸造协会

The Economic Situation in the Major Casting Customer Industries · Vehicle construction

主要铸件市场的表现 ·汽车行业 2020 年,国际乘用车市场受到 Covid-19 疫情流行的

The international passenger car markets were hit hard by 沉重打击,其销量几乎在全世界范围内大幅下降。而且,欧 the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Nearly all over the world sales 洲市场遭受了迄今为止最大的损失。即使有各种平时仅针 decreased significantly. The European market, however, suffered by far the largest losses. Even a variety of purchase incentive 对新能源汽车的鼓励消费措施,但也只能起到有限的作用。 programmes, which were often limited to vehicles with 而销量下降的原因是 2020 年的汽车市场在供需两方面都面 alternative engines, could only partially prevent sales figures 临重大问题。 from collapsing even further. The reason for the deep cuts is that the vehicle markets in 2020 faced major problems on both the 在欧洲,2020 年乘用车注册量为近 1200 万辆,比上 supply and demand sides. 年减少 24.3%。五个最大的汽车市场均表现为两位数的跌 In Europe, almost 12.0 million passenger cars were newly 幅。德国的新车注册量下降了 19%。法国的汽车销量下降 registered in 2020, which was 24.3% less than in the previous year. All the five largest markets recorded double-digit falls. In 了四分之一,意大利和英国的销量下降了近三分之一,分别 Germany new car registrations lost 19%. Sales in France were 是意大利(-28%),英国(-29%)。西班牙市场跌幅最大, down by one quarter. New registrations lost almost one third 为 32%。欧洲其他国家的市场也是负增长。 in Italy (-28%) and the United Kingdom (-29%). The Spanish market decreased most by 32%. All other countries in the 2020 年,美国轻型汽车市场(乘用车和轻型卡车)售 European market finished the year 2020 with a negative result, 出近 1450 万辆(-15%)。日本新车市场总量为 380 万 too. 辆乘用车,比上年下降约 11%。俄罗斯的轻型汽车销量下 In the US, the light vehicle market (passenger cars and light trucks) finished 2020 with nearly 14.5 million vehicles 降了 9%,为 160 万辆。印度的乘用车市场下降了 18%, sold (-15%). In 2020 the Japanese new car market totalled 3.8 巴西甚至下降了 27%。 million passenger cars, some 11%below the previous year’s 与 2020 年一样,2021 年各厂家出现停产停工,因此已 result. Russia’s light vehicle sales fell by 9% last year, to 1.6 million units. In India the passenger car market also recorded a 经下调了 2021 年的产量预测。由于疫情,汽车行业也加快了 significant decrease in 向替代驱动转型 2020 of 18% and Brazil 的速度。在此背 even27%. As in 2020, there 景下,欧洲的汽 will be production 车制造商和政府 shutdowns and short增加了研发新内 time work among various manufacturers 燃机的雄心。 in 2021. The production ·机械工程 forecasts have therefore already been adjusted 2020 年, downwards in the first 世界各地的机械 Iron Castings for the Vehicle Industry 2020 (in %) half of 2021 and are 2020 年汽车行业铸铁件欧洲主要国家产量占比 设备制造商都受 only slightly above the



figures for 2020. In the wake of the pandemic, the transformation of the vehicle industry towards alternative drives has also accelerated. In this context, vehicle manufacturers and governments in Europe have recently significantly increased their ambitions to replace combustion engines.

· Mechanical engineering Machinery and equipment manufacturers worldwide suffered the effects of the pandemic. The biggest drop in production was in the EU's domestic market, since EU machine production decreased by around13% in 2020. This is the most significant decline since the financial crisis in 2009. Due to the diversity of the mechanical engineering industry, individual sectors have been quite differently affected by the negative impacts. While the casting-intensive machine tool industry is one of the biggest losers with production declines of around 30% due to the sales crisis and the ongoing transformation in vehicle manufacturing, the manufacturers of agricultural machinery were able to benefit from full order books even during the pandemic and close the year in the black. While the Japanese (-12%) and the US-American (-9%) machinery and equipment manufacturers also clearly missed the previous year's figures. There are signs of a solid recovery in European machinery and equipment manufacturing in 2021. It will probably take until 2022 before the pre-crisis level is reached again.

· Steel industry Global crude steel production reached 1,878 million tonnes in 2020, which was almost exact the same production volume like in the year before. The EU produced 138.8 million tons of crude steel in 2020, a decrease of 11.8% compared to 2019.Germany produced 35.7 million tons of crude steel in 2020, down 10.0% on 2019. Turkey’s crude steel production for 2020 was 35.8 million tons, up by 6.0% on 2019. Asia produced 1,374.9 million tons of crude steel in 2020, an increase of 1.5% compared to 2019.China’s crude steel production in 2020 reached 1,053.0 million tons, up by 5.2% on 2019. India’s crude steel production for 2020 was 99.6 million tons, down by 10.6% on 2019. Japan produced 83.2 million tons in 2020, down 16.2% on 2019. South Korea produced 67.1 million tons, down 6.0% on 2019. The United States produced 72.7 million tons in 2020, down 17.2% on 2019. Russia is estimated to have produced 73.4 million tons in 2020, up 2.6% on 2019. Ukraine produced 20.6 million tons in 2020,down 1.1% on 2019. The Middle East produced 45.4 million tons of crude steel in 2020, an increase of2.5% on 2019. Iran is estimated to have produced 29.0 million tons in 2020, up 13.4% on 2019. Annual crude steel production for South America was 38.2 million tons in 2020, a decrease of 8.4% on 2019.Brazil produced 31.0 million tons in 2020, down by 4.9% compared to 2019. The pandemic has accelerated some key trends, which


Ductile Iron Castings for the Vehicle Industry 2020 (in %) 2020 年汽车行业球墨铸铁件欧洲主要国家产量占比

到了疫情的影响,产量降幅最大的是欧盟市场,其产量下降 了约 13%。这是自 2009 年金融危机以来的最大降幅。由 于机械工程行业的多样性,不同行业受到的影响不尽相同。 与铸造紧密相关的机床行业受到的影响可谓最大,由于销售 惨淡和汽车制造的持续转型,机床行业的产量下降了 30% 左右,但农业机械制造商却实现了增长。 日本(-12%)和美国(-9%)机械设备制造商的销 量也明显下降。 2021 年欧洲机械设备制造业有稳健复苏迹象 , 但可能 要到 2022 年才能再次达到疫情前的水平。

·钢铁行业 2020 年,全球粗钢产量达到 18.78 亿吨,与上年几乎 持平。 欧盟 2020 年的粗钢产量为 1.388 亿吨,比 2019 年 下降 11.8%。德国的产量为 3570 万吨,比 2019 年下降 10.0%。土耳其的产量 3580 万吨,比 2019 年增长 6.0%。 2020 年,亚洲的粗钢产量达 13.749 亿吨,比 2019 年增长 1.5%。其中,中国的粗钢产量达到 10.53 亿吨, 比 2019 年 增 长 5.2%。 印 度 的 产 量 为 9960 万 吨, 比 2019 年下降 10.6%。日本为 8320 万吨,比 2019 年下降 16.2%。韩国的产量为 6710 万吨,比 2019 年下降 6.0%。 2020 年,美国的粗钢产量为 7270 万吨,比 2019 年 下降了 17.2%。俄罗斯的预计产量为 7340 万吨,比 2019 增长了 2.6%。乌克兰的产量为 2060 万吨,比 2019 年下 降了 1.1%。中东国家的粗钢产量为 4540 万吨,比 2019 年增长 2.5%。伊朗的预计产量为 2900 万吨,比 2019 年 增长 13.4%。南美的粗钢产量为 3820 万吨,比 2019 年 下降 8.4%。巴西产量为 3100 万吨,比 2019 年下降 4.9%。 一些重要的发展趋势在疫情下得到加速发展,也将引 起钢铁市场需求的转变。钢铁行业将通过数字化、自动化、


will bring about shifts in steel demand. The steel industry will see rapid developments through digitization and automation, infrastructure initiatives, reorganization of urban centers and energy transformation.

· The Foundry Industry In 2020, the iron and steel foundries of the CAEF member states produced 9.1 million (m.) tons of castings. Compared to the year before, this corresponds to a 19.8% decrease in production weight. The six countries that dominate the industry in terms of weight, namely Germany, Turkey, France, Spain and Italy, account for 79.8% of the production of ferrous metal castings. The production decreased in all countries with double digits compared to the previous year. The exceptions are Turkey and Hungary. While in Turkey the production was 4.4% lower than in 2019, Hungary showed even a positive sign with a plus of 0.3%. In 2020, non-ferrous metal foundries in the CAEF member states booked a production decrease of19.1% to round about 3.3 m. tons. The countries that dominate the production of nonferrous metal castings, namely Germany and Italy, account for 43.2% of the total volume of non-ferrous metal castings produced in the CAEF member states. The number of employees in iron and steel foundries increased in Italy, Slovenia and Turkey. All in all, however, the employment of foundries located in CAEF member states decreased by 7.5% to 130 700people. In 2020 the non-ferrous metal sector was also dominated by negative employment trends. Compared with the figures of the ferrous foundries fewer people were affected by this. In the End of 2020, 113 000people worked for European foundries. Compared to 2019 the number of employees decreased by4.6%. The share of cast iron with lamellar graphite in the output total of iron and steel castings was 48.5%, as lightly smaller share than in the year before. Correspondingly, the share of ductile cast iron logged(43.9%). The share of steel sector was slightly higher (7.5%). The production of castings made of non-ferrous metal alloys is still dominated by light metals. The share was 86.6%. Furthermore, the share of copper alloys holds the level of round about 5.6%. Therefore, the share of components made of zinc alloys was 6.3%. From the data available it appears that the export quota of the iron and steel foundries increased slightly from 39.5% last year to 42.3% in 2020. Calculation base is the foreign trade report of eight member countries. Germany, the country that dominated the export trade in castings in the past experienced the greatest decline with a volume of more than 1.05 million tons (-32.7%). Turkey reported an export volume of almost 0.98 million tons (-9.7%) and therefore is again the second biggest export nation of iron and steel castings. Spain exported a volume of 0.62 million tons (-16.7%) and is placed the third place. The fourth place is booked for Italy (386 600 tons, -20.8%). French foundries almost exported the same volume (384 300 tons) which equals a decline by 14.2%.


·铸造行业 2020 年,欧洲铸造协会成员国的黑色铸造企业共生产 铸件 910 万吨,与 2019 年相比,产量减少了 19.8%。德国、 土耳其、法国、西班牙和意大利这几个主要铸件生产国的黑 色金属铸件产量占比为 79.8%。与上一年相比,几乎所有 成员国的铸件产量均表现为两位数的下降。但土耳其和匈牙 利是例外,土耳其的产量比 2019 年减少 4.4%,匈牙利甚 至增长了 0.3%。 欧洲铸造协会成员国有色金属铸造企业的产量下降了 19.1%,产量为 330 万吨左右。有色金属铸件的主要生产 国德国和意大利占成员国总产量的 43.2%。 意大利、斯洛文尼亚和土耳其的铸造厂员工人数有所 增加。然而,欧洲铸造协会成员国铸造企业的员工人数减少 了 7.5%,减少到 130,700 人。 2020 年,有色金属行业的就业率也是负增长趋势,但 受到的影响比黑色铸造行业小。到 2020 年底,欧洲有色铸 造企业的员工为 113,000 人。与 2019 年相比,员工人 数减少了 4.6%。 灰铸铁占黑色铸件总产量的比重为 48.5%,比上年略 有下降。相应地,球墨铸铁的产量占比为 43.9%。铸钢件 产量略有增长(7.5%)。 有 色 金 属 铸 件 的 生 产 仍 以 轻 金 属 为 主, 占 比 为 86.6%。此外,铜合金的产量保持在 5.6% 左右的水平, 锌合金产量为 6.3%。 从现有数据来看,黑色铸造厂的出口量从 2019 年的 39.5% 小幅上升至 2020 年的 42.3%,统计基数为 8 个成 员国的外贸数据。作为最大的铸件出口贸易国,德国的降幅 最大,超过 105 万吨(-32.7%)。土耳其报告的出口量 接近 98 万吨 (-9.7%),因此再次成为黑色铸件的第二大出 口国。西班牙的出口量为 62 万吨(-16.7%),位居第三。 意大利位居第四位(386,600 吨,-20.8%)。法国的出口 量与意大利相当,为 384,300 吨,下降了 14.2%。 如果仅从欧洲铸造协会成员上一年的铸件产量数据 来 看, 黑 色 铸 件 的 产 值 下 降 了 9.5%, 铸 件 产 量 下 降 了 19.8%。从现有的有色金属行业数据来看,产值同比下降 15.6%,铸件产量大约降低了 19.1%。 统计数据不包含缺少数据报告的国家。

不同材质铸件形势 ·铸铁 2020 年,欧洲铸造协会成员国的铸铁件产量为 440



If we consider only those CAEF member states with current figures for the previous year, the value of the iron and steel castings produced decreased by 9.5%, in doing so the weight of castings fell by 19.8%.From the data that is available on the production value of the non-ferrous metal sector a yearon-year comparison shows a decline of 15.6%. It appears that the weight of castings produced was 19.1% lower. All countries with missing data were excluded from the calculations.

The Situation in the Casting Material Sectors · Iron

At 4.4 million tons, the output of the CAEF member states was down by 21.1%. A growing production was only logged for Turkey (0.5%). Except Switzerland and Finland all other countries had to deal with negative growth rates in double digits for the year 2020. As ever, the data available for the cast-iron sector is too sketchy to allow determining the overall value of production. The output of components made of cast iron with lamellar graphite is largely destined for the motor vehicle and mechanical engineering industries. For the motor vehicle industry, the highest absorption rates were reported from Portugal (83.5%), Germany (66.5%) and Turkey (37.3%) respectively. For the mechanical engineering in industry the highest shares in the output were posted for 2020 by Italy (53.6%), Turkey (34.5%), and Finland (28.9%). The number of persons employed in iron foundries (incl. ductile cast iron) increased in Italy and Turkey and was stable in Switzerland. In all other countries employment decreased, leading to a 7.6% decline overall.

· Ductile Cast Iron

万吨,下降了 21.1%。只有土耳其的产量有所增加(增长 0.5%)。除瑞士和芬兰外,其他国家都不得不面对两位数 的负增长率。与以前情况一样,铸铁行业的可用数据太少, 因此无法确定总产值。由灰铸铁制成的部件主要用于汽车和 机械工程行业。在汽车行业,铸件使用量最高的分别是葡萄 牙(83.5%)、德国(66.5%)和土耳其(37.3%)。对 于机械工程行业,铸铁件需求量最大的是意大利(53.6%)、 土耳其(34.5%)和芬兰(28.9%)。 在意大利和土耳其,铸铁厂(包括球墨铸铁)的就业 人数有所增加,而瑞士则保持稳定。而其他国家的就业人数 下降,导致欧洲铸铁企业从业人数整体下降 7.6%。

·球墨铸铁 2020 年,球墨铸铁企业报告的产量下降了 19.4%, 下降至 400 万吨。 匈牙利的球墨铸铁件产量有所增长(4.2%)。除土耳 其的产量下降 8.5% 以外,所有其他国家均出现两位数的下 降。 含有球状石墨的铸铁产品传统上在球铁领域占据主导 地位,在过去几年中保持了 99% 的市场份额。相应地,作 为小众产品的可锻铸铁所占份额略高于 1%。在这种情况下, 应该指出的是,可锻铸铁件的统计数据已经在一定程度上失 去了意义,因为在某些国家,无法计算出球墨铸铁行业的数 据。因此,自 2016 年以来,不再收集可锻铸铁件的数据。 球铸件主要生产于德国、土耳其、法国、西班牙和意大利。 与以往一样,球墨铸铁件主要应用于汽车和机械工 程行业,建筑行业位居第三。如果对那些已有数据国家的

The producers of ductile cast iron reported a decrease of 汽车铸件产量进行分析,可以发现葡萄牙的产量最高, output by 19.4% to 4.0 million tons. Hungary only logged an upturn in production (4.2%). 为 87.0%,土耳其 45.9%,德国 44.6%。机械工程铸件 Apart from Turkey (-8.5%) all other countries closed the year 2020 with a double-digit decline. Cast iron with spheroidal graphite traditionally dominates the ductile cast iron sector with an unchanged share of 99% during the last years. Correspondingly, malleable iron as a niche product holds a share of a little bit more than 1%. In this context, it should be noted that malleable casting statistics have lost some of their meaning because in some states it is impossible to break down the figures for the ductile castProduction of Iron, Ductile Iron and Steel Castings 2020 (in 1000t) iron sector. Therefore, data for malleable 2020 年主要欧洲国家铸铁、球墨铸铁、铸钢件产量(单位:1000t) castings are not collected any more



since 2016. Nodular iron components are mainly produced in Germany, Turkey, France, Spain, and Italy. As ever, components for the motor vehicle and mechanical engineering industries predominate in the production of ductile castings, with the building industry following in third place among the customer industries. If analyzing the shares of motor vehicle castings in those countries for which data are available, one sees that the highest shares are reported from Portugal at 87.0%, Turkey at 45.9%, and Germany at 44.6%. The mechanical engineering industry holds the highest shares in output in Finland(90.5%), Italy at 54.7%, and Germany at 33.2%. Unfortunately, it is impossible to present the share of the building industry.

· Steel

产量最多的分别是,芬兰 90.5%、意大利 54.7%、德国 33.2%。遗憾的是,建筑行业的铸件产量无法统计。

·铸钢 2020 年,欧洲铸钢件产量下降 13.2%,下降至 68.6 万吨。其中,土耳其是自 2018 年以来产量最大的国家, 与 2019 年相比,其产量保持稳定。排在第二位的德国的 铸钢产量下降了 22.6%。仅瑞士报告的铸钢产量实现增加 (8.7%)。由于疫情大流行,其他国家的铸钢产量都下降了。 在可进行同比数据计算的国家中,其铸钢件的产值下 降了 9.0%。 在瑞士和意大利,铸钢企业的就业人数保持稳定。

土耳其和西班牙的员工人数有所增加,而德国、芬兰、葡 In the year 2020 the output of steel castings decreased by 13.2% to 686 000 tons. Turkey, the leading producer since 2018, 萄牙和波兰的雇员人数有所减少。到 2020 年年底,有近 logged a stable production volume compared to the year before. 22,100 人受雇于欧洲铸钢企业。 For Germany, second in line, the production decreased by ·有色金属铸 22.6%. An increased production was 件 only reported for 2020 年, Switzerland (8.7%). 欧洲铸造协会成 Production in all other countries 员国的有色金 decreased due to the 属铸件产量为 pandemic. 330 万 吨, 下 I n t h o s e member countries 降 了 19.1%。 for which data for 和以前一样,有 a year-on-year 色金属铸件产量 comparison was available, the value 最大的国家是德 of the output Production of Non-ferrous Metal Castings 2020(in 1000t) 国、意大利、土耳其、 of steel casting 2020 年欧洲主要国家有色合金铸件产量(单位 :1000t) 法 国 和 波 兰, 前 三 components decreased by 个国家的产量占比 9.0%. 为 58.0%。仅比利时报告了产量增加。匈牙利报告的产量 The number of persons employed in steel foundries was 略有下降(-1.9%),而所有其他欧洲铸造协会员国的产 stable in Switzerland, and Italy. In Turkey and Spain, the number of employees increased, whereas the number of persons 量均出现两位数的下降。 employed decreased in Germany, Finland, Portugal, and Poland. 传统上,有色金属铸件的生产以轻金属铸件为主。汽 At the end of 2020 nearly 22 100 people were employed in 车行业是最重要的用户。2020 年,欧洲轻金属铸件(铝合 European steel foundries.

· Non-ferrous metal castings The output of non-ferrous metal casting components in the CAEF member countries decreased by19.1% to 3.3 million tons. As before, the non-ferrous metal sector is dominated by Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, and Poland. The share of the first three countries equals 58.0% in 2020. In Belgium only an increasing production volume was logged. Hungary reported a slightly negative production(-1.9%), while all other CAEF member countries showed a doubledigit decrease. Traditionally, the production of non-ferrous metal castings is

金和镁合金铸件)的产量较 2019 年下降了 21.7%,产量 近 290 万吨。德国、意大利和土耳其三大生产国的产量占 总产量的 58.0%。 2020 年,在欧洲主要国家的轻金属产量中,德国下降 了 33.4%,意大利下降了 20.7%,土耳其下降了 10.7%, 而且没有一个成员国报告为增长数字。其中,匈牙利产量下 降了 2.8%,其轻型和超轻型铸件产量几乎与 2019 年持平。 在轻金属合金中,镁合金在产量方面占据第二位。德国是主 要生产国,产量为 20,500 吨,其次是意大利(3,700 吨)



dominated by light metals. The motor vehicle industry is the foremost customer. In the year 2020 the output of light metal castings (aluminum and magnesium) decreased by 21.7% compared to 2019, reaching nearly 2.9 million tons. Together, Germany, Italy and Turkey, the three major producers, account for 58.0% of the light-metal castings. The production for these leading countries Major Producers of Magnesium Castings 2020 (in t) went down by 33.4% 2020 年欧洲主要国家镁合金铸件产量(单位:t) for Germany, by 20.7% for Italy and10.7% for Turkey. There was not a single CAEF country reporting growth numbers in 2020. Only Hungary (-2.8%) almost produced as many tons of light and ultra light castings as last year. Among the light metal alloys, magnesium plays a subordinate role in terms of output weight. Germany is the major producer with 20 500 tons followed by Italy (3 700 tons) and the United Kingdom (2 000 tons). Production of Light and Ultralight Castings 2020 (in t) The second most 2020 年轻合金和超轻合金铸件产量(单位 :t) important material category in the non-ferrous metal 和英国(2,000 吨)。 sector is that of copper and its alloys. For countries with registered production for 2020 the level decreased by 21.7%. 除铝镁外,有色金属行业第二重要的材料是铜及其合 The reported volume in 2020 reached a level of almost 192 金。在报告了 2020 年产量的国家中,铜合金铸件产量下降 000 tons. Because of the missing data of some countries it is 了 21.7%,达到近 19.2 万吨的水平。由于一些国家的数据 difficult to estimate the real market volume. Hungary and Spain recognized a growth rate for production, while the rest reported 缺失,很难估计出真实的市场规模。匈牙利和西班牙称其铜 significant decrease. 铸件产量增长,而其余国家则报告产量显著下降。 The output of zinc castings fell by 16.9% with a volume of 锌合金铸件产量下降了 16.9%,达近 20.96 万吨。意 nearly 209 600 tons. Italy, Germany, and Turkey are the major producers, together holding a share of 75.0% in output total. A 大利、德国和土耳其是主要生产国,共计占欧洲铸造协会成 positive production was logged for Italy and Hungary. All other 员国总产量的 75.0%。意大利和匈牙利的产量实现正增长, countries reported decreasing production volume in 2020. 其他国家均报告产量下降。 The statistical data available for the category of 'other 可用于“其他有色金属合金”类别的统计数据是零散的。 non-ferrous metal alloys' are fragmentary. In addition, some countries include copper and zinc in this category, because there 此外,由于无法分离数据,一些国家将铜和锌包括在这一类 is no facility for segregating these. Therefore, it is impossible to 别中。因此,无法对这一类别做更多的分析。 analyze this category more extensively. 信 息 来 源:ifo Munich, IMF, ACEA, VDA, VDMA, Source: ifo Munich, IMF, ACEA, VDA, VDMA, Euroconstruct, Worldsteel, CAEF ■ Euroconstruct, Worldsteel, CAEF ■



Challenge and Opportunities for Indonesian Foundries during Covid-19 Pandemic ErwanYulianto, Chairman of Indonesia Foundry Association (APLINDO)

疫情期间印度尼西亚铸造行业面临 的挑战和机遇 印度尼西亚铸造协会主席 Erwan Yulianto

The primary type of foundries under APLINDO are doing cast iron and alumunium. These commodities has not seen enough supply locally, causing many foundries to rely on imported raw materials. While Indonesia has a considerably large Bauxite reserves, namely in West Kalimantan, Bintan Islands, and Riau Islands, the number of facilities to refine them into proper alumunium is still not enough. Many secondary producers of alumunium ingots for the automotive die casting facilities have to resort in importing alumunium raw materials, further complicated by the recent global sea freight crisis. This is also the case with the iron industry where there are plenty iron ore deposits but not enough smelters to refine them. PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk, one of the oldest steel making company, has also been forced to resort to importing a huge portion of their iron scrap raw materials. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia has also been subject to the challenges that the pandemic brought. Decrease for the global casting demand became a very difficult challenge for foundries across the world. In an effort to combat these hard times, the government of Indonesia introduced a series of new regulations to help promote growth and investment for Indonesian industries. After the second wave of Covid-19 in the middle of July 2021, there is a positive trend for the demand of castings in Indonesia. Supported by government regulations and increase in commodity prices, the growth of the casting industry from 2020 to 2021 saw an increase of 65% (year on year). Furthermore, the industry saw a further increase of 5% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to first quarter of 2021. The government further implemented regulations to promote more upstream processing of the vast mineral resources in Indonesia in order to achieve positive economic impact for the national industry. Indonesia has seen many

对 于 一 国 的 经 济 体 系 而 言, 铸 造 和 金 属 加 工 行 业 是工业体系的脊梁和支柱。铸件产品广泛应用于各行各 业,这些应用领域是经济增长的重要组成部分,比如汽 车和重型设备、电力设备、石油天然气、机械零部件、 泵阀、医疗、建筑等众多需要铸件的行业。在印度尼西 亚,对于铸件产品的需求一直处于持续增长之中,但是 铸造行业本身产能的增长速度不足以满足这一需求。截 止 到 目 前, 在 印 度 尼 西 亚 有 大 约 300 家 铸 造 企 业, 服 务于印尼市场 2.7 亿人口的庞大市场。尽管铸造行业在 印尼如此重要,印尼铸造行业本身一直受限于原材料供 应不足这一困境。 印尼铸造协会的会员企业中从事铸铁件和铝合金铸 造的企业占多数。这些原材料在本地供应不足,导致严 重依赖原材料的进口。尽管印尼本身有大量铝土矿产储 备,主要集中在西加里曼丹岛、民丹岛和廖内群岛等地, 但是可以用来开采和加工这些矿藏,使之成为铝合金原 材料的设备仍然不足。许多给汽车用铝压铸件供应铝锭 的二级生产商,目前只能大量储备从国外进口的铝锭, 而由于海运价格的上涨,进口铝锭面临成本上的巨大挑 战。这样的情形同样发生于铸铁件生产企业中,铁矿储 备是有的,但是没有足够多的企业来开采和加工。比如 这 家 本 土 企 业 PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk, 是 印 尼 本 地历史最久的一家钢铁企业之一,目前面临着不得不从 国外进口大量废铁原材料用做生产储备。 自从新冠疫情以来,印度尼西亚一直面临着随之而 来的种种挑战。全球范围内的铸件需求下降是世界各国



面临的共同难 题。 印 度 尼 西 亚政府一直在 努 力, 与 这 段 艰难时期进行 博 弈, 从 政 府 层面引入一系 列 新 的 举 措, 希望可以促进 对印度尼西亚 工业领域的投 资 和 规 模 增 长。 在 2021 年 7 月 中 旬, 经过第二波新

new smelters in response to these regulations. However, it will still take some time for positive effects to be realized, but when it does, Indonesia hopes to develop a more competitive ecosystem for its casting industry as a whole. Although the main problem of difficult access to scrap and raw materials, the demand for casting products in Indonesia has been recovering and increasing steadily. The government has been supportive and are implementing policies that support growth for the foundry industry. Policies and regulations must be further improved in order to secure raw materials in order to support growth. It is hopeful that more upstream industries involved in producing raw materials will be developed in Indonesia to combat scarcity of raw material and support the ever growing demand for castings in Indonesia and the world. We also would like to invite you all to International Metal Technology Indonesia exhibition scheduled for 21 to 23 September 2022 in Jakarta as an exhibitor or visitor. IMT Indonesia is dedicated for the Indonesia’s metal industry development that APLINDO hosts. Our show will be the new industrial exhibition that offers you and international metal industry leaders profitable businesses in Indonesia. ■

冠疫情之后,我们发现对印尼铸件的需求呈现出回升走 势。总体来说,在政府加大政策扶持,提高商品指导价 的帮助下,铸件行业产量从 2020 年到 2021 年年度实 现 了 65% 的 明 显 增 长。 此 外, 在 2022 年 第 一 季 度, 行业数据显示去年同比增长了 5%。 印 度 尼 西 亚 政 府 还 实 施 了 一 系 列 举 措, 希 望 可 以 加 强 对 印 尼 本 国 大 宗 原 材 料 矿 的 开 发 与 加 工, 以 获 得 对本国工业体系的更多推动。目前在新政策 的 刺 激 下 , 已 经 有 很 多 新 的 冶 炼 厂 涌 现 出 来。 尽 管 仍 需 要 一 些 时 间 来 体 现 这 些 政 策 对 经 济 的 正 面 推 动 作 用, 但 是 印 尼 坚 信 一 旦 政 策 奏 效, 将 会 使 得 印 尼 本 国 铸 造 行 业 更 具 国际竞争力。 虽然对于原材料缺乏这一困难仍需解决,印尼铸件 产品的需求量已经回升并且开始稳步增长。印尼本国政 府一直以来十分支持并推行了一系列政策,以推动铸造 行业增长。而对于保障原材料安全这一问题,政府将会 推行新的举措来保障生产安全。我们希望看到在印度尼 西亚,可以吸引更多原材料生产和加工企业,来改善原 材料稀缺的现状,同时进一步缓解印尼和全球铸造企业 面临的需求日益增长而产能不足的问题。 我们在此诚挚发出邀请,希望全球铸造业同业,关 注 和 参 加 将 于 2022 年 9 月 21-23 日 在 雅 加 达 举 行 的 国 际 金 属 技 术 展 览 会。IMT 印 尼 金 属 技 术 展 览 会 是 由 印度尼西亚铸造协会举办的金属加工行业的盛会。我们 主办的该展会将会为参展商和参观观众带来行业内的一 流技术和产品,带来印尼市场中全新的商机。 ■



Obsolete Part Replacement in Two Weeks – Sand 3D Printing to the Rescue 在两周内更换废弃零件:3D 砂型打印 技术的救援 Marine engines operate in harsh environments with constant exposure to humidity and water, often salt water, that will deteriorate engine components. Because diesel engines create combustion from high cylinder pressure and heat, they must run at high compression ratios in order to generate enough heat to auto-ignite the diesel fuel. Cylinder heads are critical components in the engine that support other important parts such as the fuel injectors and inlet and exhaust valves. Located on top of the liner flange and secured to the cylinder block with nuts and bolts, they are exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressures, expanding and contracting as the engine rapidly heats and as it cools. Because of these environmental conditions, marine diesel engines must be built to withstand the extreme pressures involved with high cooling requirements. Hi-Tech Marine Engineering, a shipyard in Thailand, was faced with a cylinder head with cracks caused by the large amount of stress from overheating. With a business that operates every day of the week, the cargo boat needed a fast repair to return to service, yet the broken component was nearly a decade old and no longer in production from the OEM supplier. “Time to delivery is critical in our business – we cannot wait for parts because we are in constant operation, so we need fast turnarounds on-budget,” said Aomthep CheinSuwan, Owner of HiTech Marine. A traditional replacement part had a lead time of over 10 months and would come at a very high investment cost. Because the cylinder head is a legacy part without tooling, an entirely new pattern and core box set would have to be manufactured first to produce the replacement casting. Yet Hi-Tec Marine required a replacement part within four weeks any overseas order would require at least eight weeks with increased costs for shipping. Speed 3D Mold, a casting and prototype development shop located in Thailand had the solution to offer a highquality replacement part supplied with a fast turnaround. “For our customers in the maritime industry where there are many legacy parts that need replacement, speed is

船用发动机的运行环境恶劣,经常暴露在潮湿环 境和水中,通常是海水,发动机零部件会受到腐蚀。 由于柴油发动机通过高缸压和高热量燃烧,必须以高 压 缩 比 运 行 ,以 产 生 足 够 的 热 量 来 自 动 点 燃 柴 油 燃 料 。 气缸盖是发动机中的关键部件,是其他重要部件 的支撑,例如燃油喷射器、进气阀和排气阀。它们在 缸套法兰顶部并用螺母和螺栓固定在气缸体上,暴露 在极高的温度和压力下,随着发动机的快速加热和冷 却而膨胀和收缩。 在此环境条件下,船用柴油发动机必须能够承受 与较高的冷却要求相适应的极端压力。 泰国造船企业 Hi-Tech Marine Engineering 公司面临气缸盖因过热产生的大量应力而出现裂纹 的 问 题。 货 船 需 要 得 到 快 速 维 修 才 能 继 续 投 入 使 用,但损坏的部件已使用近十年,并且不再由 OEM 厂 商 提 供。 对 此,Hi-Tech Marine 公 司 的 老 板 Aomthep CheinSuwan 说:“交货周期对我们的 生意至关重要——我们不能长时间等待零件,因为我 们 不 能 停 止 运 营 ,我 们 需 要 在 预 算 内 快 速 进 行 周 转 。” 一 般 情 况 下, 新 零 件 的 交 货 时 间 超 过 10 个 月, 而且成本非常高。由于气缸盖需要模具生产,因此必 须首先制造全新的砂型和砂芯组才能生产新的替换零 件。然而,Hi-Tec Marine 公司需要在 4 周内更换 零件,所有的海外订单都需要至少 8 周的时间,会增 加运输成本。 Speed 3D Mold 公 司 是 一 家 泰 国 铸 件 和 原 型 产品开发企业,可以提供高质量替换零部件的解决方 案, 并 能 快 速 周 转。Speed 3D Mold 公 司 的 工 程 部 主 管 Nattinee Valunaraya 表 示:“ 对 于 我 们 的海运行业客户来说,需要更换很多旧零件,因此更



the most important factor for timely maintenance to keep systems in service,” said Nattinee Valun-araya, Head of Engineering at Speed 3D Mold. With over a decade of experience providing casting simulation support, sand 3D printing, and prototype and replacement casting, Speed 3D Mold’s engineering department supported Hi-Tech Marine with reverse engineering services. The team 3D scanned the original part to create a digital CAD file that could be used to develop a 3D printed mold and core package for casting a new component. With binder jet 3D printing no hard tooling is needed to create the replacement casting, rather the mold and cores are built layer by layer in sand directly from the CAD file. With digital casting, Speed 3D Mold was also able to make fast iterations to the part to ensure the optimal quality for Hi-Tech Marine’s replacement cylinder head. The part contained many complex features, including large thickness differences and small cooling channels, yet could be easily modified with the digital casting process. The design freedom of additive manufacturing also allowed Speed 3D Mold to update the design of the cooling channel as well as freely place the rigging system within the mold without the traditional limitations to casting design. The complex 725 x 630 x 572mm mold package contained 19 pieces 3D printed on the S-Max binder jetting system in just 10 hours with no unexpected errors in dimension or shape. The nearly 100kg replacement cylinder head was cast in gray iron and the final component was delivered to Hi-Tech Marine in just two weeks. The large capital investment to make tooling for just one replacement part would not have been economical, but Speed 3D Mold’s solution to directly print the mold package with ExOne sand binder jetting can save 40% compared to conventional production.■


换速度是及时维护船只以保持系统正常运行的最重要 因素。” Speed 3D Mold 公司的工程部门在提供铸造过 程模拟分析、砂型 3D 打印以及原型和替换零部件生 产方面有十多年的经验,为 Hi-Tech Marine 公司 提 供 逆 向 工 程 服 务。3D 打 印 团 队 通 过 扫 描 原 始 零 件 创 建 数 字 CAD 文 件, 用 于 开 发 出 3D 打 印 的 砂 型 和 砂芯组合,铸造新的零部件。粘结剂喷射 3D 打印技 术直接通过 CAD 文件,在砂子中逐层构建砂型和型 芯,不需要复杂的模具就能生产出新的铸件。 采 用 数 字 化 铸 造 工 艺,Speed 3D Mold 公 司 还 可 以 对 零 件 进 行 快 速 迭 代, 以 确 保 Hi-Tech Marine 公司的新气缸盖达到最佳质量。零件包含很 多 复 杂 的 特 征 ,包 括 较 大 的 厚 度 差 和 较 小 的 冷 却 通 道 , 但数字化铸造工艺可以轻松修改。增材制造的设计自 由 度 还 允 许 Speed 3D Mold 公 司 更 新 冷 却 通 道 的 设计,并在模具内自由放置浇冒口系统,而不受传统 铸件设计的限制。 复 杂 的 72 5x630x572 mm 砂 型 包 包 含 1 9 件 由 S- M a x 粘 合 剂 3D 打 印 设 备 在 短 短 1 0 小 时 内 生 产 出 来的零部件,其尺寸或形状不会出现无法预 料 的 错 误 。 新 的 气 缸 盖 采 用 灰 铁 铸 造, 重 达 近 100Kg, 最 终部件在短短两周内即交付给 Hi-Tech Marine 公 司。仅为更新一个零部件而生产模具并不经济,与传 统生产方式相比,Speed 3D Mold 使用 ExOne 公 司的砂型 3D 打印设备直接打印砂型和芯子组合的解 决方案可节省 40% 的成本。■



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Refining the Process: Mat Dalian Creates Superb Automotive Castings with DISA and Wheelabrator 42

Handtmann Orders Fourth Westomat Duo Dosing Furnace from 45 Strikowestofe

卓越工艺:大连迈艾特选择迪砂和维尔贝莱特设备生产卓 越汽车铸件

汉特曼从史杰克西订购第四台 Westomat Duo 定量炉




Refining the Process: Mat Dalian Creates Superb Automotive Castings with DISA and Wheelabrator

卓越工艺:大连迈艾特选择迪砂和维尔贝莱特设 备生产卓越汽车铸件

MAT Dalian Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a state-of-theart foundry and machine shop run by MAT Foundry Group. It was purpose-built in 2012 on a 37,000 square metre site in the city of Dalian, in Liaoning Province, China. For more than 10 years, a two-line Complete Foundry solution from DISA and Wheelabrator’s CT3 shot blasting equipment has helped MAT Dalian deliver consistently excellent castings. MAT Foundry Group Ltd is one of the largest auto part manufacturers in the world. It operates seven state-of-theart foundries and 11 machining and assembly facilities on 3 continents. MAT Dalian produces automotive parts like brake discs, calipers, and brackets, and hydraulic valves and pumps, with casting weights ranging from 0.5kg to 25kg. As well as its two moulding lines, it can machine up to 5 million brake discs annually using state-of-the-art CNC equipment and offers in-line coating and packing developed specifically for brake discs. "In the Chinese automotive industry, around 30% of the


迈艾特(大连)汽车零部件有限公司(以下简称大连 迈艾特)是 MAT 铸造集团旗下最先进的铸造和加工厂。 2012 年建于中国辽宁省大连市,占地面积 37,000 平方米。 10 多年来,两条包含迪砂造型线和维尔贝莱特 CT-3 连 续通过式抛丸设备的整体铸造解决方案协助大连迈艾特始 终如一地提供出色的铸件。 MAT 铸造集团是世界上最大的汽车零部件制造商之 一。它在三大洲运营着 7 家最先进的铸造厂和 11 家加工 装配厂。大连迈艾特主要生产刹车零部件,卡钳、支架、 刹 车 盘 等, 铸 件 重 量 从 0.5kg 到 25kg 不 等。 除 了 两 条 全自动造型线外,还有最先进的 CNC 设备每年加工多达 500 万个刹车盘,并提供专门为刹车盘开发的在线喷涂和 包装工序。 “在中国汽车工业中,约有 30% 的零部件是铸件, 全国每年的需求量约为 1000 万吨,”大连迈艾特总经理


PRODUCT NEWS / 产品新闻 total parts are castings and the annual demand is about 10 million tons nationwide,” says Mr Liu Kai, General Manager of MAT Dalian. “It’s a very promising industry with huge potential.”

High speed production with scrap below 1% In 2011, MAT Dalian purchased and installed a two-line DISA Complete Foundry solution, comprising DISAMATIC 230-X vertical moulding lines, DISACOOL cooling drums and Wheelabrator CT3 shot blast machines. One line is used to produce grey iron brake discs and the other is for ductile iron components, with a combined annual production capacity of about 60,000 tons. "These lines have been running well for more than a decade,” says Mr Liu. “They are very well suited to producing auto parts and we are very satisfied with their performance and high uptime. The average scrap rate of our brake discs is below 1%.” All castings pass through Wheelabrator Continuous Through-Feed Tumblast (CT) machines for desanding and cleaning. The CT’s design ensures all parts of a casting are evenly blasted while cooling both castings and sand. Offering high capacity and throughput speeds, its barrel rotation speed and abrasive throughput are electronically controlled so it can adapt automatically to any fluctuation in line speeds to maintain a continuous production flow. MAT Dalian produces many different types of brake discs, both solid and ventilated. These must be processed separately and the CT copes easily with the demands of these shorter runs. "The CT is exactly the right machine for cleaning brake discs,” says Mr Liu. “Brake discs are relatively flat structures and the CT ensures the inner surface is completely clean. Its reliable and predictable high quality is vital as we supply many top automotive plants. The CT process is also very stable, fast and efficient and it can easily keep up with the high volume production of our DISAMATIC moulding lines.”

A consistently superb surface finish "The surface finish of our castings is very smooth with almost no bumps,” explains Mr Liu. “That reliable high quality is one of the big advantages of the CT, and it’s the main reason we chose it. Bumps are very, very few, almost zero, and this cuts our costs significantly.” There are other benefits from this fast, economical surface finishing method. Shot blasting with the CT machines ensures that all MAT Dalian’s foundry returns are very clean and can be re-melted as scrap without any issues. "Some argue that you shouldn’t blast scrap like the gating system that will just be remelted, but that is a false economy,” says Mr Liu. “Remelting a clean gating system means the electric furnace will consume less energy and only produce a small amount of slag. The operators will use less slag remover and need less force to remove slag. On the other hand, if you produce a lot of slag then more will remain

刘凯先生说。“这是一个非常有希望、具有巨大潜力的市 场。”

高速生产,废品率低于 1% 2011 年, 大 连 迈 艾 特 安 装 了 两 套 迪 砂 整 体 铸 造 解 决 方 案, 其 中 包 括 DISAMATIC 230-X 垂 直 造 型 线、 DISACOOL 冷却滚筒和维尔贝莱特 CT-3 抛丸机。一条 生产线用于生产灰铁刹车盘, 另一条生产线用于球墨铸铁 部件,总年产能约为 6 万吨。 “十多年来,这些生产线一直运行良好,”刘先生说。 “它们非常适用于汽车零部件的生产,我们对设备的性能 和高正常运行时间非常满意。我们刹车盘的基本废品率在 1% 以下。 所有的铸件和浇冒系统都会通过维尔贝莱特的 CT-3 连续通过式抛丸机进行清理。CT 的设计可确保铸件的每 个面都得到均匀的抛丸清理,铸件光洁,同时确保所有回 炉料干净,以利于后续重新回用熔炼。 CT 抛丸设备可配合高产能和吞吐速度,工件停留时 间和丸料抛射量根据工件量控制。这提供了最佳的清理效 果并使设备部件和丸料磨损降到最低。自动适应生产率是 一个标准功能。履带转速和丸料抛射根据预先设定参数电 子控制。大连迈艾特生产许多不同类型的刹车盘,包括实 心和通风刹车盘。这些都必须单独处理,CT 设备可以轻 松应对这些较短周期运行的需求。 “CT 是清理刹车盘最理想的选择,”刘先生说。“刹 车盘是相对扁平的结构,CT 可确保内外表面完全清理干 净。其可靠和可预测的高质量至关重要,因为我们为许多 顶级汽车工厂供货。CT 工艺也非常稳定、快速且高效, 可以轻松跟上 DISAMATIC 垂直造型线的大批量生产。”

始终如一的表面光洁度 “我们铸件的表面非常光洁,几乎没有磕碰,”刘先 生解释道。“可靠的高质量是 CT 的一大优势,也是我们 选择它的主要原因。磕碰非常非常少,几乎为零,大大降 低了我们的成本。 这种快速、经济的表面处理方式还有其他好处。使用 CT 抛丸机进行抛丸处理可确保大连迈艾特铸造厂的所有 回料都非常干净,可以直接作为废料重新熔化,而不会产 生任何损失。” “有些人认为铸件肯定是需要抛丸的,但浇注系统浇 冒口这些如果不抛丸,会节省很多成本。”刘先生说。“其 实不然。因为把浇冒系统抛的非常干净之后,回到电炉里 重新使用,电炉需要消耗的能量就少,产生的炉渣也非常 少,工人就会用更少的除渣剂,用更少的力气除渣。如果



PRODUCT NEWS / 产品新闻 in the liquid iron and end up in the castings, which will increase your scrap rate.” Reliability is also excellent: the overall uptime rate of the machines is around 99%, a i d e d b y M AT Dalian using only original spare parts for servicing. The support from DISA and Wheelabrator’s global service network is equally dependable. As well as a 24/7 DISA hotline, there’s also an annual service agreement with DISA that guarantees a response within 24 hours. Both DISA and Wheelabrator’s engineers will arrive rapidly on site if necessary. "We have our own professional maintenance team with experienced electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineers and technicians,” says Mr Liu. “We have built up our own experience, with DISA´s and Wheelabrator's aftermarket teams giving us a lot of guidance and technical instruction. That’s helped us to fully understand the operating principles and internal structure of this equipment, which has helped us optimise our daily basic maintenance routines too.”

Fast, efficient and clean, with the lowest operating costs An entire line can be run by two or three operators, far fewer than lines from other suppliers in China that can require 10 or more personnel. With high availability and minimal labour costs, overall operating costs have been consistently low. "Of course, we do add extra steel shot and replace wear parts on the CT,” continues Mr Liu, “but, rather than the cost of the parts or consumables, you need to look at the overall operating cost per ton of processed castings – and that is actually extremely low. Our experience in operating the CT has really helped too, for example, we have cut shot consumption by 80% over the last decade.” MAT Dalian’s factory was expertly planned from the start to offer a clean, safe and pleasant working environment. The entire production line is equipped with dust extractors that feed 11 large outdoor dust collectors. These capture any dust produced, from sand mixing to quality control. Dust cloth bags are changed annually to ensure maximum suction. "The Wheelabrator CT3 gives you a very efficient and economic shot blasting method to produce car calipers, brackets, and brake discs,” says Mr Liu. “We will stick with this CT blast machine and, if a new factory is built in the future, I will support using DISA and CT machines there too.”■


渣子除不尽会 怎 么 办? 它 会 跟着液态铁水 带到你的铸件 里 面, 会 使 你 铸件的废品率 升高。” CT 的 设 备可靠性也非 常 出 色: 设 备 的整体正常运 行时间可达到 99%,大连迈艾特一直坚持使用原厂备件进行维护。诺瑞 肯全球网络的支持同样可靠。除了 24/7 迪砂热线外,我们 还与迪砂签订了年度服务协议,保证在 24 小时内回复。如 有必要,迪砂和维尔贝莱特的工程师也会迅速到达现场。” “我们拥有自己的专业维护团队,拥有经验丰富的电 气、机械和液压工程师和技术人员,”刘先生说。“迪砂 和维尔贝莱特的售后团队为我们提供了大量的指导和技术 支持。这有助于我们充分了解该设备的工作原理和内部结 构,也帮助我们优化了日常基本维护方案。

快速、高效、清洁,运行成本最低 一条生产线可以由两到三名操作员运营,远远少于中 国其他供应商需要 10 名或更多人员的生产线。由于设备 可靠性高,人工成本低,整体运营成本一直很低。 “当然,24 小时运转的 CT 设备会有很多丸料消耗, 设备本身的易损件也需要定时更换,”刘先生继续说道, “但 是,您需要考虑的是每吨铸件的总运营成本,而不是单一 零件或易损件的成本 - 这实际上非常低。我们在操作 CT 方面的经验也确实有所帮助,例如,在过去十年中,仅丸 料的消耗量就减少了 80%。这就是一个不断摸索的过程。” 大连迈艾特从一开始就经过精心规划,以确保清洁和 安全的工作环境。整条生产线遍布集尘管道,链接室外 11 个大型除尘器。它们可以捕获产生的任何粉尘,从混砂开 始到最后质量检验。除尘布袋每年更换一次,以确保最大 的除尘能力。 “维尔贝莱特 CT-3 为我们提供了一种非常高效、经 济的抛丸方法,用于生产汽车卡钳、支架和刹车盘,”刘 先生说。“我们会坚持使用 CT 抛丸机,如果将来建造新 工厂,我也同样选择使用迪砂的造型线和维尔贝莱特的这 款 CT 抛丸机。”■



Handtmann Orders Fourth Westomat Duo Dosing Furnace from Strikowestofen

汉特曼从史杰克西订购第四台 Westomat Duo 定量炉 Compact and energy-efficient with maximum uptime

Handtmann Group’s light metal casting division has ordered its fourth Westomat Duo dosing furnace for its Annaberg site in Germany. With five StrikoMelter melting furnaces, fifteen Westomat Classic and three Westomat Duo dosing furnaces already in operation at the facility and another one to be installed, Annaberg’s new line – its 22nd – will produce battery compartment parts for electric vehicles. A compact version of the Westomat Classic dosing furnace, which is highly focused on footprint savings in relation with the HPDC cell layout. The Westomat Duo is a perfectly suited addition to the Annaberg site. With a 14% smaller footprint than the Classic, the Duo will allow the company to run 8 die casting cells using floor space that would previously have accommodated only 7, fully optimizing the foundry space available.

Space-saving productivity boost for light metal casting

A leading automotive supplier for drivetrain castings as well as body and chassis parts, Handtmann currently operates aluminium casting lines at its Annaberg site that employ a mix of die and gravity casting processes. It produces a total of 12,500 tons of castings in 2020 and, in 2021, up to 1600 tons per month. The Westomat Duo’s compact size and reliable performance really appealed to Handtmann. The extra casting cell they are able to run as a result of space saved will certainly help boost productivity. With two alternative positions for the riser tube, the Westomat Duo can be positioned in parallel with the die casting machine (DCM), saving space while making pouring, cleaning and maintenance access easier too. By using the

紧凑、节能并最大限度延长正常运行时间 汉特曼(Handtmann)集团的轻金属铸造部门已经 为其在德国安娜贝格的工厂订购了第四台 Westomat Duo 定量炉。安娜贝格工厂现有 5 台 StrikoMelter 熔炼炉、 15 台 Westomat Classic 定量炉和 3 台 Westomat Duo 定量炉投入使用,另有一台即将安装,该工厂的新生产线(第 22 条生产线)将生产电动汽车的蓄电池舱零件。 Westomat Classic 定量炉的紧凑型版本高度重视与 HPDC 单元布局有关的占地面积节省。Westomat Duo 是对安娜贝格工厂的完美补充。Duo 型定量炉的占地面积 比 Classic 型小 14%,这样该公司就能够在以前只能容 纳 7 个压铸单元的建筑面积里运行 8 个压铸单元,充分优 化了可用的铸造空间。

节省空间,提升轻金属铸造生产效率 汉特曼(Handtmann)公司是一家行业领先的汽车 供应商,主要生产动力传动系统 铸件以及车身和底盘零件。目前 该公司在其安娜贝格工厂拥有多 条铝铸造生产线,同时采用高压 压铸和重力铸造工艺。该工厂在 2020 年 共 生 产 12500 吨 铸 件, 2021 年的最高月产量达 1600 吨。 Westomat Duo 尺寸紧凑, 性能可靠,对汉特曼极具吸引力。 这种定量炉节省了空间,能够运 行额外的铸造单元,因而有助于 提高生产效率。 由于升液管有两个可选位置, Westomat Duo 可 以 与 压 铸 机 (DCM)平行放置,在节省空间 的同时,也方便了浇注、清理和



PRODUCT NEWS / 产品新闻 second riser tube opening for sampling, Handtmann is also taking advantage of the fact that sampling can be carried out as far away from the refilling position as possible, giving the most accurate possible results as well as simplifying the sample-taking process.

Reliable performance that puts safety first

This latest investment demonstrates how satisfied the company is with the performance of its existing StrikoWestofen equipment – and especially the Westomat Duo. To lower the metal density index after filling, Handtmann’s existing Duos employ degassing lances for purging instead of porous plugs, and the new Duo will use this option again. The Westomat Duo’s new modular pneumatic unit also makes it much easier to upgrade with digital sensors and other components. "We are a forward-thinking business always looking to leverage new technology. With our new Westomat Duo, we know we have guaranteed performance now and have an easy way to enhance our lines in the future”, Heiko Blei, Foundry Manager at Handtmann ■


维护。通过使用第二个升液管开口取样,可在离加料位置 尽可能远的地方取样,从而得到最准确的结果,并简化了 取样过程,汉特曼也利用了这一点。

性能可靠,安全第一 这项最新的投资表明,该公司对其现有的史杰克西设 备的性能,特别是 Westomat Duo 定量炉的性能非常满意。 为了降低加料后的金属密度指数,汉特曼现有的 Duo 采用除气喷枪代替除气砖进行除气,并且这台新的 Duo 也 将再次采用这一方案。Westomat Duo 采用了新的模块 化气动装置,因此可以非常方便地用数字传感器和其他部 件进行升级。 汉特曼安娜贝格铸造厂经理 Heiko Blei 说:“我们 是一家有远见的企业,不断寻求利用新技术。有了新的 Westomat Duo,我们就知道公司的业绩有了保证,并且 我们将能够轻松地增强我们未来的生产线。”■






Abrasive Trend to Move From Surface Cleaning Towards Surface Preparation Thomas Fritsch, CEO of Foundry-planet


Wheelabrator has launched a new digital tool that tracks and dispA visit to the biggest steel abrasive plant in the worldInterview with Christophe Bertoncelli, France General Manager/Group C.O.O. Winoa S.A.

These days, the leading supplier of blasting abrasives celebrated its 60th anniversary in the French Alps together with employees, customers and representatives from all over the world. During this on-site visit, Foundry-Planet was able to see how complex the production of high-quality abrasives is and how the challenges of the future are being addressed here.

Read here our interview with Winoa’s COO, Christophe Bertoncelli: 1) Winoa just recently celebrated its 60th Anniversary, that means a lot of experience, an international presence and a large portfolio. How do you tackle the great challenges of the time? Christophe Bertoncelli: The experience accumulated throughout those years and Winoa unique worldwide presence are key assets to leverage our knowledge of this industry to the highest standard. Practice sharing, should they be in product development or production technologies to take two examples, are standard


参观世界上最大的钢铁磨料企业——采访 Winoa 集团法 国公司总经理 / 集团首席运营官 Christophe Bertoncelli。

最 近, 行 业 领 先 的 金 属 磨 料 生 产 企 业 与 来 自 世 界 各 地 的 员 工 及 客 户 相 聚 法 国 阿 尔 卑 斯 山, 庆 祝 公 司 成 立 60 周年。 通 过 参 加 这 次 活 动,Foundry-Plane t 的 工 作 人 员 了 解 了 高 质 量 磨 料 复 杂 的 生 产 过 程, 以 及 公 司 是 如 何应对未来的挑战。

以下是我们对 Winoa 首席运营官 Christophe Bertoncelli 的采访: 1)W inoa 公司刚举办了 60 周年庆祝活动 ,6 0 年 的 历 史 意 味 着 公 司 拥 有 丰 富 的 经 验、 强 大 的 国 际 影 响 力和庞大的产品组合。公司是如何应对巨大 挑 战 的 ? Christophe Bertoncelli:W inoa 公 司 多 年 来 积 累 的 经 验 和 在 全 球 的 影 响 力, 是 公 司 成 为 行 业 标 杆


INTERVIEW / 采访 processes for us. It allows the whole organization to benefit from good ideas wherever they were initiated. Let's take as an example the recent development of our Hybrid shot, a steel abrasive specifically designed for grit removal in foundries, or the WA Clean, a unique device for reading the cleanliness of surfaces. It is thanks to our vast experience, the work in concert with our technical centers and the long partnership with our customers that have enabled the development and production of these products. This has clearly been a key advantage of Winoa group over the years and will continue to be so for the years to come. Additionally, to meet our customers' demand, we have continued to invest and grow over the past 12 months: With the recent acquisition of Peerless Abrasives in the USA, the creation of 2 new technical centers (USA and Eastern Europe) and the development of a shot peening service center in India. 2) In your opinion, where are the most important areas of application in the abrasive blasting market and did you noticed any change in market? Christophe Bertoncelli: The main markets for our products are the automotive market, road and non-road transport. These markets represent more than 35% of our volumes. Mainly used for desanding and descaling of casted iron or forged parts (i.e. driveline, engine, axles.), applications also include surface preparation prior to coating (i.e. frames) or peening (i.e. springs, gears…). Another important sector is the Metallurgy market, where our products can be used anywhere from descaling to surface preparation. And, generally, the trend is to move from surface cleaning towards surface preparation with an increased level of requirement on both quality and productivity levels: The right selection of steel abrasives is key to optimize these two parameters. Other trends have developed with the evolution of blasted materials. Increased use of stainless steel and aluminum alloys into produced goods (e.g.: automotive & transport industry) will call for more specific media such as stainless and cut wire abrasives, which Winoa has been promoting quite strongly on the market. Finally, the need to preserve natural resources and increase recycling should boost the use of steel abrasives vs. mineral ones too. 3) Are there any current problems from the crisis scenarios with Covid-19 or the Ukraine conflict? Christophe Bertoncelli: Indeed, the crisis that started with Covid early 2020 and continued early 2022 with Ukraine conflict is posing new great challenges to Winoa and across the industry in general. The two keywords here are anticipation and reactivity. In our way to conduct business, we must anticipate various scenarios and prepare

企 业 的 关 键。 举 例 来 说, 无 论 是 在 产 品 开 发 还 是 生 产 技 术 中, 实 践 经 验 分 享 都 无 处 不 在, 这 对 我 们 来 说 是 标 准 流 程。 它 使 整 个 组 织 都 可 以 从 好 的 想 法 中 受 益 , 无 论 这 些 好 想 法 是 在 哪 里 发 起 的。 例 如, 我 们 最 近 开 发 的 新 产 品 H ybrid sho t, 这 是 专 为 铸 件 表 面 清 理 而 设 计 的 钢 制 磨 料, 或 W A Cle a n , 一 种 用 于 读 取 表 面 清 洁 度 的 特 殊 设 备。 正 是 由 于 公 司 丰 富 的 生 产 经 验 、 与 技 术 中 心 的 合 作 以 及 与 客 户 的 长 期 合 作 伙 伴 关 系, 使 这 些 产 品 的 开 发 和 生 产 成 为 可 能。 多 年 来 , 这 已 然 是 W inoa 集团的一个关键优势,并将在未来 几 年 保 持 这一优势。 此 外, 为 了 满 足 客 户 需 求, 我 们 在 过 去 的 12 个 月 中 继 续 增 加 投 资 和 研 发: 最 近 公 司 收 购 了 美 国 的 Peerless Abrasives 公 司, 创 建 了 2 个 新 的 技 术 中 心(美国和东欧),还开设了位于印度的喷丸 服 务 中 心 。 2) 您 认 为 磨 料 行 业 最 重 要 的 应 用 领 域 在 哪 里 ? 您 是否注意到市场的任何变化? Christophe Bertoncelli: 我 们 产 品 的 主 要 市 场 是汽车行业、公路和非公路运输,占总产量的 35% 以 上。 主 要 应 用 于 铸 铁 件 或 锻 造 零 件( 传 动 系 统 、 发 动 机、车轴)的砂和氧化皮的去除,还包括涂层( 框 架 ) 或 喷 丸( 弹 簧、 齿 轮 等 ) 之 前 的 表 面 处 理 。 另 一 个 重 要 的 应 用 领 域 是 冶 金 市 场, 我 们 的 产 品 可 用 于 从 除 垢 到表面处理的全过程。 而 且, 一 般 来 说, 磨 料 产 品 的 发 展 趋 势 是 从 表 面 清 理 转 向 表 面 处 理, 对 质 量 和 生 产 力 水 平 的 要 求 越 来 越 高: 正 确 选 择 金 属 磨 料 是 优 化 这 两 个 参 数 的 关 键 。 而 且 随 着 磨 料 材 料 的 发 展, 产 品 也 将 变 化 。 不 锈 钢 和 铝合金在汽车和运输行业中使用的不断增加需要更细 分的材料,例如 W inoa 集团一直大力推广 的 不 锈 钢 和 切 割 线 磨 料。 最 后, 从 保 护 自 然 资 源 和 促 进 循 环 利 用 的 角 度 考 虑, 与 矿 物 磨 料 相 比, 也 应 促 进 不 锈 钢 磨 料 的使用。 3) Co vid- 1 9 及 乌 克 兰 冲 突 是 否 对 公 司 发 展 产 生 影响? Christophe Bertoncelli: 确 实, 危 机 始 于 20 20 年 初 的 新 冠 疫 情, 并 已 持 续 到 20 22 年 初 的 乌 克兰冲突,这对 W inoa 集团和整个行业构 成 了 新 的 巨 大 挑 战。 我 想 说 的 两 个 关 键 词 是 预 期 和 反 应 。 对 于 我 们 开 展 业 务 的 方 式, 我 们 必 须 预 测 可 能 发 生 的 各 种 情 况 并 做 好 相 应 的 准 备。 如 果 预 期 是 基 础, 有 一 点 是 肯 定 的, 事 情 的 发 展 可 能 与 我 们 的 预 期 不 同 ! 这 就 需 要



INTERVIEW / 采访 ourselves accordingly. If anticipation is the basis, there is one sure thing, events will likely be different than our anticipations! This is where reactivity will come into play to navigate those periods at best, based on adjacent scenarios. Apart from the significant costs increases induced, components availability has been for sure a daily topic for the past 2 years. 4) Keywords such as Industry 4.0, transformation, sustainability and climate neutrality have become basic conditions today. Can customer and competitive advantages be derived from this? Christophe Bertoncelli: We already observe that some of our customers are becoming much more sensitive to those aspects in their request for quotes. We expect this trend to develop and, as for ISO certification, to become a requirement for any supplier homologation. Beyond this aspect, those development axes push us to relentlessly search for new, more efficient solutions that will ultimately translate into increased competitiveness. As an illustration, ISO 50 001 certification (Energy efficiency management) obtained by our French facility in 2013 has been a driver toward lower energy consumption and therefore positions us well in our journey towards carbon neutrality. 5) We understood you have a Zero Carbon Green Pledge through your Green Agenda 2025, can you tell us more about it? What are the technologies you are investing in to achieve this objective? Christophe Bertoncelli: With its headquarters in the middle of the beautiful French alps, Winoa has been for a long time very sensitive on minimizing its impact to its environment. The alarming reports from GIEC has pushed us further on a path of carbon neutrality. For years, we have been modernizing our production tools with techniques such as frequency variators, high efficiency burners, heat recovery systems, LED lighting, etc. In our journey towards carbon neutrality, we have already identified and planned some technologies such as electricity self-generation, moving away from natural gas usage…. Regarding the latest steps that will bring us to full neutrality, as some technologies are still in early development stage, we monitor closely R&D developments to be ready for investing as soon as they translate into industrial solutions.■


公 司 能 够 根 据 类 似 的 情 况 做 出 反 应。 在 过 去 的 2 年, 除 了 明 显 的 成 本 增 加 外, 零 部 件 的 供 应 问 题 肯 定 是 大 家的日常话题。 4 ) 工 业 4 .0 、 转 型 发 展、 可 持 续 性 和 碳 中 和 等 关 键 词 已 成 为 当 今 时 代 的 特 征。 我 们 是 否 能 够 从 中 获 得 客户和竞争方面的优势? Christophe Bertoncelli: 我 们 已 经 看 到 一 些 客 户 在 他 们 的 询 盘 中 对 这 些 方 面 变 得 更 加 关 注。 我 们 预 计 这 些 趋 势 将 会 继 续 发 展, 而 且 就 I SO 认 证 而 言, 将 成 为 任 何 供 应 商 获 得 认 证 的 要 求。 此 外, 这 些 方 面 将 促 使 我 们 不 懈 地 寻 找 新 的、 更 有 效 的 解 决 方 案 , 从 而 最 终 转 化 为 更 高 的 竞 争 力。 例 如, 我 们 的 法 国 工 厂 于 2 013 年 获 得 的 I SO 50 001 认 证( 能 源 效 率 管 理 ) 一 直 是 降 低 能 源 消 耗 的 驱 动 力, 因 此 有 助 于 我 们 达 到 碳中和的目标。 5) 据 我 们 了 解, 公 司 在 20 25 年 绿 色 议 程 中 做 出 了 零 碳 排 放 的 承 诺, 您 能 给 我 们 分 享 更 多 的 信 息 吗 ? 为了实现这一目标,您将采取哪些新技术? Christophe Bertoncelli:W inoa 集 团 总 部 位 于 美 丽 的 法 国 阿 尔 卑 斯 山 中 部, 长 期 以 来 一 直 非 常 注 重 环 保。GI EC 发 布 的 令 人 警 醒 的 报 告 将 我 们 进 一 步 推向走碳中和的道路。多年来,我们一直在使 用 变 频 器 、 高 效 燃 烧 器、 热 回 收 系 统、L ED 照 明 等 技 术 对 我 们 的 生 产 设 备 进 行 现 代 化 改 造。 在 实 现 碳 中 和 的 过 程 中 , 我们已经明确并计划采用一系列新技术,包 括 自 发 电 、 不 使 用 天 然 气 等 …… 关 于 为 完 全 实 现 碳 中 和 而 采 取 的 最 新 步 骤, 由 于 某 些 技 术 尚 处 于 早 期 开 发 阶 段 , 我 们 将 密 切 关 注 研 发 进 展, 以 便 在 它 们 转 化 为 工 业 解 决 方 案后立即进行投资和使用。 ■


CULTURE / 铸造文化

Bronze Casting for the Beijing Winter Olympics Hu Chunliang, Shanxi Yuda Bronze Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

国礼青铜,致敬冬奥 山西宇达青铜文化艺术股份有限公司 胡春良

As a national cultural industry demonstration base, Shanxi Yuda Bronze Culture and Art Co., Ltd. has been authorized to produce a number of bronze sculptures for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which add luster to the events, and has been widely praised.

National Gifts

The bronze sculptures for the Winter Olympics national gifts "Winter Olympics Torch" manufactured by Yuda has two shapes: "Winter Olympics Torch" and "Dreams Come True with One Heart". They are designed by Huang Jian, the world's first Chinese artist who has been awarded the "Olympics Art Envoy" by the International Olympics Committee. The "Winter Olympics Torch" expresses peace and the Olympics spirit. This piece of work integrates the eastern and western elements for peace culture, such as lotus, olive branch, dove, etc., perfectly interpreting the dream of peace, the Olympics and the world. The new Olympics motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger-Together" signed by President Bach is inscribed on the marble base of the sculpture, implying that the Beijing Winter Olympics will become a monument to the Olympics spirit in the new era. "Dreams Come True with One Heart" expresses the friendship between China and Greece, as well as the culture of the Winter Olympics. The "Olympics goddess" holding the torch connects the holy mountain of Olympia and the Badaling Great Wall and the Xiaohaituo Mountain, connects the ancient Greek arena and the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, implying that the Chinese and Greek people will jointly lift the Olympics flame of peace and carry

作为国家文化产业示范基地的山西宇达青铜文化艺术 股份有限公司,被授权承制了包括北京冬奥国礼在内的多 件青铜雕塑艺术品,为北京冬奥会给力添彩,受到广泛的 赞誉和好评。

冬奥国礼 宇达公司制造的冬奥国礼《冬奥圣火》系列青铜雕塑有 两款造型:《冬奥圣火》和《同心圆梦》。由全球首位被国 际奥委会授予“奥运艺术使者”的中国艺术家黄剑创作设计。 《冬奥圣火》表达了和平和奥运精神。作品集荷花、 橄榄枝、和平鸽等东西方和平文化元素于一体,完美地诠释 着和平梦、奥运梦、世界梦。雕塑大理石基座上铭刻着巴赫



CULTURE / 铸造文化

forward the Olympics spirits. In the center of the back of the sculpture, there is the logo of the Beijing Winter Olympics, surrounded by 24 Winter Olympics sports icons, and the olive branches and the Winter Olympics theme slogan "Together for a shared future" form a beautiful laurel crown, implying that athletes from all over the world gather at the Winter Olympics, try their best and achieve better results .


主席签名的奥林匹克新格言“更快、更高、更强——团结”, 寓意北京冬奥会将成为新时期奥运精神的一座丰碑。 《同心圆梦》,表达了中希友谊和冬奥会文化。以浮 雕的表现形式塑造了高举圣火的“奥运女神”分别连接: 奥林匹亚圣山与八达岭长城和小海坨山,古希腊竞技场与 鸟巢体育场,寓意中希两国人民将共举奥运和平圣火,将 奥运精神发扬光大。 雕塑背面中央为北京冬奥会标志,周围环绕 24 个冬

The production of the Winter Olympics sculptures hilights the distinctive features of "intelligent manufacturing". The mold of the work adopts 3D printing photosensitive resin to ensure accuracy; in terms of the shell-making process, in order to ensure excellent molding effect and casting quality, the silica sol shell-making process is adopted. The wax is removed by steam. The casting process is one of the three major casting technology achievements in ancient China, the lost wax method, which is developing into the investment casting technology now. The surface coloring and decoration of the works adopts the international advanced thermal color technology, as well as local gold paste, polishing and three-dimensional computer engraving, etc., to create a colorful, fashionable and elegant Olympics fine arts.■


奥体育图标,外围橄榄枝与冬奥主题口号“一起向未来” 组成美丽的桂冠,寓意五洲健儿欢聚冬奥会,奋力拼搏, 更创佳绩。

冬奥雕塑的制作 冬奥系列雕塑的制作工艺,体现了当代“智能制造” 的鲜明特点。作品的模型采用了 3D 打印光敏树脂模型, 确保了模型的精度;在制壳工艺方面,为了保证优良的成 型效果和铸造质量,采用了硅溶胶制壳工艺。型壳脱蜡采 用了蒸汽脱蜡。铸造工艺为中国古代三大铸造技术成就之 一的失蜡法、在当代发展的熔模精铸技术。 作品表面着色装饰采用了国际先进的热采色技术,以 及局部贴金、抛光和三维立体电脑雕刻等工艺,打造了色 彩丰富,时尚高雅的奥运精品艺术品。■






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