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26 Improving Corrosion Resistance on Surface-Alloyed Butterfly Valves

26 提高蝶阀表面合金化的耐腐蚀性



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Industry News Contents 行业新闻目录

Huarui Casting Shines at Shenyang Foundry Exhibition 8 华锐重工闪耀2021沈阳铸造展 Dr. Moritz Weidt Is New General Manager For Magma In China Moritz Weidt博士上任迈格码中国总经理

Grede Buys Neenah’s Advanced Cast Products Division 8 格里德收购尼纳公司先进铸造产品业务


Lianxin Sand Group: A China's high-end casting material provider 18 联信铸砂集团:始终站在创新高地的中国高端 铸造材料提供商 Magnesium Alloy: Material Of The Future 19 镁合金:未来的材料 Ziheng Cost-Effective Moulding Machine Shines at 2021 Shenyang Foundry Exhibition 21 致恒性价比之王造型机亮相2021沈阳铸造展 New Foundry Industry Initiatives Boost the Revitalization of Northeast China’s Old Industrial Base 22 铸造业新举措助力中国东北老工业基地振兴 Casting Quality Steel in the World: Fu-an Brings Star Product to Shenyang Foundry Expo 25 “铸世界好钢”——福鞍携明星产品亮相沈阳铸造展


New DISAMATIC D5 completes foundry modernisation at LEDA 12 新款DISAMATIC D5完美成就了LEDA公司现代化铸造厂 Nina Dybdal Rasmussen Is Appointed As Our New Head Of Norican Digital 21 Nina Dybdal Rasmussen被任命为诺瑞肯集团 数字化业务的新主管






Grede Buys Neenah’s Advanced Cast Products Division 格里德收购尼纳公司先进铸造产品业务 AFS Corporate Member Grede, Southfield, Michigan, has acquired AFS Corporate Member Neenah Enterprises Inc.'s (NEI) commercial vehicle business and the supporting capital assets, select portions of its industrial casting business and the Advanced Cast Products (ACP) business in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The deal closed in late July. "The ACP and NEI commercial vehicle and select industrial businesses being acquired are a harmonious fit to Grede's capabilities and manufacturing footprint, while furthering Grede's leadership position within the industry by extending its overall value proposition to our customers through increased capacity and capabilities," said Grede CEO Cary Wood. "This transaction will allow Grede to further accelerate growth of our business in the commercial vehicle and industrial end markets,” he added, “better balancing our end market exposure while demonstrating our commitment to investing in unique capabilities to be a best-in-class supplier to this customer segment. Importantly, the acquisition brings Grede significantly closer toward achieving our objective of creating a $1 billion+ enterprise serving industry-leading customers across the automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial end markets." The purchase adds 220 ACP employees to the Grede workforce roster. Over the course of the next year, the company intends to transition the Neenah Foundry commercial vehicle book of business, as well as plants and fleet of equipment, into existing Grede foundries located in Brewton, Alabama; New Castle, Indiana; Reedsburg, Wisconsin; and St. Cloud, Minnesota. "We look forward to welcoming the employees of Advanced Cast Products into the Grede family,” said Wood. “With this announcement, our customers will gain the benefit of increased capacity and flexibility, innovative engineering resources and the combined talents of our exceptional teams." NEI will continue to focus on the infrastructure/municipal and targeted industrial markets. ■

位于密歇根州南菲尔德的美国铸造协会会员企业格里 德公司已收购同样是美国铸造协会会员的尼纳企业集团 (NEI)的商用车业务及其配套资产、优选的铸件业务和 位于宾夕法尼亚州米德维尔的先进铸造产品业务(ACP)。 该交易于7月下旬完成。 “被收购的ACP和NEI商用车以及选定的铸件业务与 格里德的生产能力和制造业务完美契合,同时通过提高 产能和生产水平将其整体价值定位延伸到我们的客户, 进一步巩固格里德在行业中的领导地位,”格里德首席 执行官卡里•伍德说。 他补充说:“这项交易将使格里德进一步加速在商用 车和工业终端市场的业务增长,以更好地平衡我们的终 端市场领域,同时表明公司致力于投资独特产能并成为 一流企业的承诺。重要的是,此次收购使格里德更接近 于实现我们的目标,即创建一个价值超过10亿美元的企 业,为汽车、商用车和工业终端市场的行业领先客户提 供服务。” 此次收购为格里德的ACP业务增加了220名员工。在今 后的一年,公司计划将尼纳商用车业务以及工厂和设备转 移到分别位于阿拉巴马州布鲁顿、印第安纳州新城堡、威 斯康星州里兹堡和明尼苏达州圣克劳德的格里德生产厂。 “我们期待着ACP的员工加入格里德大家庭,”伍德 说,“通过这项宣布,我们的客户将受益于提高的产能 和灵活性、创新的生产能力以及具有综合能力的卓越团 队。” NEI将继续专注于基础设施/市政和目标工业市场。 ■

Huarui Casting Shines at Shenyang Foundry Exhibition 华锐重工闪耀2021沈阳铸造展 Hosted by China Foundry Association, the 2021 China (Shenyang) International Foundry and Thermal Processing Exhibition made its debut in Shenyang on October 22-25, 2021. Huarui Heavy Industry Casting brought its thermal power low-pressure inner cylinder of 53t to the exhibition. Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Casting Co., Ltd. is located in the Wafangdian Bearing Industry Development Zone, Dalian City. It is affiliated to Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., with a total area of 760,000 square meters and an annual output of 100,000 tons of castings. The company's main products are large and medium8

由中铸协主办的首届“中国(沈阳)国际铸造及热加 工展览会”于2021年10月22-25日在沈阳成功举办,大 连华锐重工铸业有限公司携53吨火电低压内缸铸件亮相 展会! 大连华锐重工铸业有限公司位于大连市瓦房店轴承产 业开发区,隶属于大连华锐重工集团股份有限公司,总占 地面积76万平方米,年产铸件10万吨。公司主要产品为





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 sized ductile iron castings, copper castings, and aluminum castings, mainly serving energy (wind power, thermal power, nuclear power), mining, cement, injection molding machines, shipbuilding and other industries. The main products are wind power wheels, mainframes, rotors, transmission shafts; low-pressure inner cylinders and medium-pressure outer cylinders for thermal power; injection molding machine templates for heavy machinery, mining machinery grinding discs; copper alloy propellers for non-ferrous castings, thermal power motor cast aluminum pressing rings, aerospace aluminum castings, etc. The foundry plant covers an area of 84,000 square meters, and the main casting equipments include 8 electric furnaces of 30 tons, 15 tons, and 7 tons respectively, which can produce up to 200 tons of molten iron at a time; and 9 resin sand mixers and supporting core-making production lines with capacity of 40-60 tons/hour. The total sand processing capacity is 140 tons/hour; it has 45 lifting equipments with a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons. The processing plant covers an area of 36,000 square meters, with a maximum lifting capacity of 125 tons. The main equipments include more than 50 sets of CNC 200 boring and milling machine, CNC 8m heavy-duty vertical lathe, CNC gantry milling and other equipment. It has 3 modern coating production lines. ■

大中型球墨铸铁件、铸铜件、铸铝件,主要服务于能 源(风电、火电、核电)、矿山、水泥、注塑机、造 船等行业。主要产品为风电轮毂、主机架、转子、传 动轴;火电用低压内缸、中压外缸;重型机械用注塑 机模板、矿山机械磨盘;有色铸件的铜合金螺旋桨、 火电电机铸铝压圈、航空航天铸铝件等。 铸造厂房面积8.4万平方米,主要铸造设备有30 吨、15吨、7吨电炉总计8台,一次可最大出铁水200 吨;9条40-60吨/小时树脂混砂机及配套制芯生产 线;砂处理总能力为140吨/小时;拥有起重设备45 台,最大起重能力200吨。加工厂房面积3.6万平方 米,最大起重能力125吨,主要设备有数控200镗铣 床、数控8米重载立车、数控龙门铣等设备50余台。 拥有现代化涂装生产线3条。 ■

Dr. Moritz Weidt Is New General Manager For Magma In China Moritz Weidt博士上任迈格码中国总经理 On July 1, 2021, Dr. Moritz Weidt Took Over The Position Of General Manager For Magma Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Moritz Weidt Began His Career In The Software Development Group At Magma In Germany In 2012. He has a Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University for his studies on the understanding of microporosity in aluminum castings. During his years at MAGMA, he occupied many important roles, such as Application Engineer for Nonferrous Materials, Project Manager for multiple research and development projects, and SIGMASOFT Operations Manager. Together with his colleagues, he hopes to serve the Chinese foundry industry and ensure China’s leading role in the global foundry market. He will strive to extend and develop the technical service team and sales team with deeper casting background to better understand the pain points and needs of the metal casting industry. MAGMA’s goal will remain to support the software users to solve their problems, achieve their objectives, and create more value for their companies. MAGMA's development is inseparable from its customers and partners. It is because of their continued trust and support that we together can achieve continuous improvement. As one of the world's leading providers for casting simulation software MAGMA will continue to provide foundry enterprises with competitive edge tools and supply first-class technology and services. Together MAGMA and its customers will create real value, achieve mutual benefit, and jointly promote the development of China’s foundry industry. On June 30, MAGMA celebrated the opening of the MAGMA Ningbo Branch Office. Opening a new office in 10

2021年7月1日,Moritz Weidt博士正式接任迈格码( 苏州)软件科技有限公司的总经理一职。Moritz Weidt 先生于2012年加入MAGMA德国总部的研发团队。 他拥有德国亚琛工业大学的博士学位,在迈格码有丰 富的业务经验,曾先后担任迈格码有色金属材料应用工 程师、项目经理、SIGMA中国运营经理等多个关键性 岗位。 他希望与同事一起为中国铸造行业服务,确保中国在 全球铸造市场的领先地位。他将努力培养和扩展具有更 深铸造行业背景的技术服务团队和销售团队,以更好地 了解铸造行业的痛点和需求。迈格码公司的目标仍然是 为其用户解决问题提供支持,帮助他们实现目标,并为 客户创造更多价值。 迈格码的发展离不开它的客户和合作伙伴。正是因为 他们的持续信任和支持,公司才能实现持续发展。作为 全球领先的铸造模拟软件供应商之一,迈格码将继续为 铸造企业提供具有竞争力的工具,并提供一流的技术和 服务。迈格码将与客户共同创造真正的价值,实现互利 共赢,共同推动中国铸造业的发展。



Cutting-edge vertical moulding 最尖端的垂直造型

The new DISAMATIC® D5 is here. It’s big performance for large casting production. Super-efficient, highly automated and ready for a digital future. 最先进的 DISAMATIC® D5 已经问世。为大型铸件提供优质安全的生产: 高效、高度自动化、为数字化的未来做好准备。 Contact us for more information 更多详细信息请与我们联系: T: +45 44 50 50 50, E:



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 Ningbo Beilun is an important step for MAGMA to better serve their local customers, and substantially facilitate technical support in Ningbo and surrounding areas. MAGMA will adhere to its original vision: committed to casting excellence. Together with their partners, MAGMA will contribute to the development of the local economy as well as support the metal casting industry. ■

6月30日,迈格码举行了宁波分公司开业庆典仪 式。在宁波北仑开设新办事处是迈格码更好地服务当 地客户的重要一步,将极大地促进宁波及周边地区的 技术支持。迈格码将秉承其最初的愿景:致力于铸造 卓越。迈格码公司将与合作伙伴一起支持铸造行业的 发展,为当地经济发展做贡献。 ■

New DISAMATIC D5 completes foundry modernisation at LEDA 新款DISAMATIC D5完美成就了LEDA公司现代化铸造厂 High-end domestic stove and fireplace brand and foundry LEDA Werk GmbH & Co KG in Leer, Northern Germany, has commissioned a DISAMATIC D5 moulding line from DISA. It completes a programme of significant investment that saw LEDA’s foundry operations modernised from the ground up. It’s the first machine in the new DISAMATIC D5 range to be delivered to a customer. Installation and commissioning were completed on schedule between December 2020 and January 2021, despite both the LEDA and DISA teams having to work around coronavirus lockdown and travel restrictions in Denmark and Germany.

About the foundry: highest quality in small series LEDA has been producing castings in Leer for nearly 150 years. Moulding equipment from DISA has long been a part of the LEDA success story, with the first DISAMATIC moulding machine beginning service in 1977. The foundry mainly produces domestic fireplace and stove parts under its own brand, but also acts as a jobbing foundry covering a broad range of castings. Its strong commitment to the casting process even forms part of LEDA’s consumerfacing marketing, and the quality and standard of the casting process is a source of pride for the team in Leer. That is why, over the last decade, LEDA has been in continuous modernisation mode, investing in new melting and sand mixing equipment, as well as replacing the smaller of its two moulding lines with a DISAMATIC D1 in 2019 and now the larger one with a DISAMATIC D5. Folkmar Ukena, Managing Director at LEDA explains: “Efficient and high-quality casting production is key for us. We produce in small series, so we need moulding lines that deliver an extremely stable process despite multiple pattern changes per shift. DISAMATIC moulding lines deliver consistent, repeatable and high quality right from the first mould – exactly what we need.” LEDA use the automatic core setter not just to place cores but also exothermic risers and filters.


德国北部利尔市的高端家用炉灶和壁炉制造商LEDA Werk GmbH & Co KG从迪砂采购了DISAMATIC D5造 型线。这是一个高明的决策,同时也是一项重大的投资计 划,使LEDA公司的铸造业务从一开始就实现了现代化。 这是首台交付给客户的全新DISAMATIC D5造型设备。 尽管LEDA团队和迪砂团队都不得不面对丹麦和德国的 新冠疫情引起的封锁和旅行限制,但安装和调试工作仍按 计划在2020年12月至2021年1月期间完成。

关于LEDA铸造厂:小批量、高品质 LEDA在利尔生产铸件已有近150年的历史。长期以 来,迪砂的成型设备一直是LEDA获得成功的一部分,第 一台DISAMATIC成型机于1977年投入使用。 该铸造厂主要生产自有品牌的家用壁炉和炉灶零件, 也包括更广泛的铸件生产、加工。公司对铸造工艺的坚 定承诺甚至构成LEDA以消费者为导向的营销组成,铸造 工艺的质量和标准是利尔团队的骄傲。 这就是为什么在过去十年中,LEDA持续进行着现代 化改造,投资于新的熔炼和混砂设备,并在2019年用 DISAMATIC D1替换了两条造型线中较小的一条,而现 在又用DISAMATIC D5替换了较大的一条。 Folkmar Ukena,LEDA营运总监说道:“高效和高 质量的铸件生产对我们来说至关重要。我们的生产规模 较小,所以我们需要造型线 提供非常稳定的工艺,即多 次更换型板。DISAMATIC 造型线从第一个铸型开始就 提供一致、可重复、高质量 的产品,这正是我们所需要 的。” 铸造厂经理Rochus Hiller 兴奋不已,他说:“通过这

LEDA使用自动下芯机不仅可以 放置芯子,还可以放置发热冒口 和过滤片。





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 LEDA Werk mainly produces domestic fireplace and stove parts like this one, but is also a jobbing foundry.

LEDA Werk主要生产家用壁炉和炉灶零 件,也是一家小批量的铸造厂。

Rochus Hiller, Foundry Manager, is thrilled: ”With this latest upgrade, we have now replaced all our vertical moulding machines with the latest D-series DISAMATICs and have future-proofed our processes. The investment in new state-of-the-art equipment has enabled us to reduce our operating and maintenance costs, improve our energy costs and achieve high machine availability.”

次最新的升级改造,我们现在用最新的 D系列DISAMATIC造型机替换我们原有 的立式成型机,并使我们的工艺面向未 来。对最新最先进设备的投资使我们能 够降低运营和维护成本,降低能源消耗 并实现较高的机器利用率。”

About the new moulding line: efficiency in complexity LEDA’s DISAMATIC D5 is the latest in DISA’s flagship ‘D’ range of vertical moulding lines, which started with the D3 and its host of innovations which were then rolled out across the smaller and larger mould sizes with the D1 and D5 respectively. The D5 replaces the old DISA 240 and 250 in the DISA range – and also at LEDA. The D5 range of three machines with mould sizes of 600 x 775mm, 600 x 850mm and 650 x 850mm achieves speeds of up 450 uncored moulds per hour. Rochus Hiller comments on the upgrade: “The high degree of automation on the D1 and D5 offers us the features and settings to make more complex moulds efficiently. An example is adjustable squeeze distribution, a new feature we have not had before.” Adjustable squeeze distribution ensures squeeze distances are optimised across the pattern, for swing plate and pressure plate, to adjust for asymmetric patterns or very deep pockets. This achieves the most consistent and even moulds and the best mould surface. The result are castings with a great surface quality that require little extra finishing work or machining. R. Hiller explains further: “Similarly, both the D1 and D5 have automatic core setters that enable us to produce more economical and save resources. We use the automatic core setter not just to place cores but also exothermic risers and filters. The efficiency gains we get through the higher level of automation and precision mean we maintain our competitive edge, but this also enables us to pass the benefits of more productive and sustainable production on to our customers.” Sustainability is important to the team at LEDA, who had already introduced an energy management system across the foundry and are looking to reduce annual energy consumption continuously over time. The new moulding lines use less energy – directly and indirectly. Indirect energy savings are made through the avoidance of scrap and highly accurate castings that require minimal finishing work, but also through short cycle times, with less idle time between moulds required for core setting and other manual tasks. And it’s not just energy that is being saved. For example, the new machines also use less hydraulic oil. The new D5 at LEDA is a D5-Z which can produce up to 355 moulds per hour. This high speed, in addition to uncomplicated and fast pattern changes up to 30 times per day, gives LEDA the flexibility and responsiveness they need to 14

关于新造型线:高效率的实现复杂 造型 LEDA的DISAMATIC D5是迪砂旗舰“D”系列垂直造 型线中的最新款,该系列从D3开始,然后分别推出从较 小到较大模具的D1和D5。 D5取代了迪砂系列中原来的DISA 240和250,LEDA 也使用过。D5系列的三台机器的铸型尺寸分别为 600x775mm、600x850mm和650x850mm,可实现 速度为每小时处理450个无芯铸型。 Rochus Hiller针对此次升级表示:“D1和D5的高 度自动化为我们提供了高效制造更复杂模具的功能和设 置。例如可调节挤压分布,这是我们以前从未有过的新 功能。” 可调节的挤压分布可确保优化整个模具的挤压距离, 用于摆动板和压力板,以调整非对称模具或非常深的口 袋,以此实现最佳的一致性和均匀的模具,以及最好的 模具表面效果。结果是,铸件具有出色的表面质量,几 乎不需要额外的精加工或机加工。 R. Hiller进一步解释说:“同样,D1和D5都具有自动 下芯机,使我们能够更经济地生产并节省资源。我们使用 自动下芯机,不仅可以放置芯子,还可以放置发热冒口和 过滤器。我们通过更高水平的自动化和精度获得的效率提 升意味着我们保持了竞争优势,但这也使我们能够将更 具生产力和可持续性的生产优势传递给我们的客户。” 可持续性对LEDA的团队很重要,他们已经在整个铸 造工厂引入了能源管理系统,并希望随着时间的推移不 断降低每年的能源消耗。新造型线直接和间接使用更少 的能源。通过避免废料和需要最少精加工操作的高精度 铸件,以及通过较短的周期时间,减少下芯和其他手动 任务所需的模具之间的空闲时间,实现间接节能。节省 的不仅仅是能源,例如,新机器也使用较少的液压油。 LEDA采购的新D5是D5-Z,每小时最多可生产355个 模具。除了每天30多次的简单和快速换模具之外,高速 还为LEDA提供了他们所需的灵活性和响应能力,高效地 进行小批量生产,适合于一周5 天、每天2班次的操作。





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 run smaller series efficiently and fit different runs into their 5-day, 2-shift operation.


Pit stop in Leer: a smooth transition in challenging circumstances


LEDA’s old DISA 250-C was replaced by the new D5 between the middle of December 2020 and the start of the new year. Despite a local lockdown and travel restrictions in Germany, a joint team comprising LEDA and DISA, plus transport and crane suppliers worked in shifts to deliver a smooth transition from old to new. In the end, the meticulously planned changeover happened super-fast and exactly on schedule – despite the numerous challenges the pandemic brought – but not without nail-biting moments. Would the DISA team be allowed to travel into Germany from Denmark? Would hotels be open for them to stay in? Right to the last moment, the old DISA 250-C was still working reliably. Therefore, after it had been running for LEDA for 20 years, the moulding line was taken back to DISA for reconditioning, so it could continue its service in a new home. One key part of the old machine, however, stayed in Leer. The DISA team was able to reuse the existing synchronized belt conveyor (SBC) and rebuild it on site to work with the new automatic mould conveyor (AMC). The new D5 was designed to slot straight into the gap left by a DISA 240 or 250 with key dimensions retained to enable an easy transition to the new technology, not just at LEDA. LEDA’s new D5 produced its first mould on the 31th of December and started normal production on the 4th of January 2021. R. Hiller on the milestone: “We are proud to welcome the second of our two new DISAMATIC moulding lines into the LEDA family. Both are at the heart of our production and will ensure the highest quality castings are delivered reliably and responsively for our customers.”

Ready for what’s next With LEDA’s strong focus on innovation, it was important to the team that any new equipment was digitally enabled and ready for Industry 4.0. The digital capabilities that come as standard with the two DISAMATICs mean LEDA can continue its digital journey seamlessly and is ready for the future. F. Ukena concludes: “Digitalisation is an important tool in the continuous improvement of our products and processes. It’s therefore important to us to capture the digital state of the art when we buy any new equipment. DISA moulding lines are digitally enabled, allowing us to introduce digital tools in a way and at a pace that suits us.” “For us, that means combining digitalisation with the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience we’ve got in our workforce. That’s the winning formula for staying ahead of the competition as a foundry in Germany.” ■ For more information on the new DISAMATIC D5, please visit:


LEDA的旧DISA 250-C在2020年12月中旬至2021年初 但由LEDA、迪砂以及运输和起重机供应商组成的联合团 队轮班工作,实现了新旧设备的平稳过渡。 最终,精心设计的设备转换进行的非常快且准时—— 但是由于新冠疫情大流行带来了很多挑战,也有令人痛 苦的时刻。例如,是否允许迪砂团队从丹麦前往德国? 酒店允许他们入住吗? 直到最后一刻,旧的DISA 250-C仍在正常工作。LEDA 使用了20年后,该造型线被退回到迪砂进行翻新,以便 在新工厂继续服务。 然而,旧机器的一个关键部件留在了利尔。迪砂团队 能够重复使用现有的同步带式传输机(SBC)并在现场重 建,以与新的自动模具传输机(AMC)配合使用。 LEDA在2020年12月中旬到2021年初的这段时间里, 将旧的DISA 250-C替换为全新DISAMATIC D5垂直造型 线。新一代的D5造型线设计旨在直接填补DISA240或 250所留下的缺口,保留住关键尺寸,使客户能够轻松 过渡到新的技术,这不仅仅只是针对LEDA。 LEDA的这台全新D5造型线于2020年12月31日生产 了第一个铸型,在2021年1月4日就开始全面投入正常 生产。 R. Hiller发表了重要看法:“我们很自豪地欢迎我们的 第二条迪砂的全新DISAMATIC造型线进入LEDA家族。这 两条造型线都是我们生产的核心,随时能够确保为我们的 客户可靠和及时地交付最高质量的铸件。”

为下一步做好准备 LEDA非常注重创新,新设备实现数字化并为工业4.0 做好准备对其团队来说非常重要。两条DISAMATIC造型 线标配的数字化功能意味着LEDA可以无缝地继续其数字 化旅程,并为未来做好准备。 F. Ukena总结道:“数字化是持续改进我们的产品和 工艺的重要工具。因此,当我们购买任何新设备时,发 掘最先进的数字技术对我们来说很重要。迪砂造型线实 现了数字化,使我们能够以适合的方式和速度引入数字 化工具。” “对我们来说,这意味着将数字化与我们员工队伍中 的丰富知识和经验相结合。这是德国铸造企业在竞争中 保持领先地位的制胜法宝。”

有关新型DISAMATIC D5的更多信息,请访问:https://www.disagroup. com/en-us/d5






Lianxin Sand Group: A China's high-end casting material provider 联信铸砂集团:始终站在创新高地的中国高端铸造材料提供商 As a representative enterprise of "China's high-end casting material provider", Lianxin Sand Group was established in 2006, and its headquarter is located in County Zhangwu, Liaoning Province, which enjoys the reputation of "China's Sand County". County Zhangwu is one of the three major sand sources for foundry sand, the only foundry sand resource in Liaoning province, and the natural aeolian sand in northern China is well-known for the foundry industry in the world. The natural aeolian sand has the characteristics of round shape, moderate SiO2 content and clean surface. It is recognized as the most ideal natural casting material in the industry. Lianxin Sand Group is a "high-end foundry material provider" specializing in the research, development, production and sales of foundry sand. After years of development, the annual sales volume of all kinds of casting sand exceeds 700,000 tons, and the annual sales volume is about 350 million RMB. Based on the high-quality natural sand resource, Lianxin Sand Group has produced various high-quality resin coated sand products through continuous innovation and research by its independent R&D center. At the same time, the group has advanced reclaimed sand production lines, which can provide reclaimed sand products for different foundry enterprises. Till now, Lianxin Sand Group currently has production bases in Zhangwu, Liaoning; Weifang, Shandong; and Quanzhou, Fujian. In 2017, Lianxin Sand Group and Japan's Yamakawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. jointly established the "Zhangwu County Lianxin Spherical Foundry Sand Co., Ltd." Lianxin Sand Group introduces advanced technology from Japan and engages in the research and development and production of high-end artificial spherical foundry sand. Products include fused ceramic sand, new ceramic sand (powder) and others. In 2021, Lianxin Sand Group and Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry Co., Ltd. jointly developed domestic high-end sand products for 3D printing, so that high-end 3D printing sand products will be available for Chinese foundry companies. ■

作为“中国高端铸造材料提供商”代表企业的联信铸 砂集团成立于2006年,其总部坐落于享有“中国砂都” 美誉的辽宁省彰武县。彰武县是铸造用砂三大砂源地之 一,辽宁省唯一铸造砂资源地,中国北方天然风积砂,闻 名于全球铸造行业。其采用的砂源为“天然风积砂”, 具有粒型圆整、含硅量适中、表面洁净等特点,是行业 内公认的最理想天然铸造材料。 同时,联信铸砂集团是一家专业从事铸造用砂研发、生 产、销售为一体的“高端铸造材料提供商”。截止目前, 各类铸砂年销量超过70万吨,年销售额3.5亿元左右。 勤于创新的联信铸砂集团,拥有自主研发中心,以优 质的原砂为基础,经过大量的创新与研发,可加工出各 类优质的覆膜砂产品。同时拥有先进的再生砂生产线, 可以为铸造企业提供再生砂产品。 联信铸砂集团目前在辽宁彰武、山东潍坊、福建泉州 等地建有产品生产线。 2017年,不断创新的联信铸砂集团又与日本山川产 业株式会社合资,成立“彰武县联信球形新材料有限公 司”。引进日本先进技术,从事高端人造球形砂的研发 与生产。产品有熔融陶瓷砂、新型陶瓷砂(粉)等产品。 2021年,联信铸砂集团与沈阳铸造研究所共同研发出 国产高端3D打印砂产品,从而使得中国铸造企业可以使 用上国产的高端3D打印砂产品。


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Magnesium Alloy: Material of the Future 镁合金:未来的材料 At The Auto Shanghai This Year, Many Brands Including Bmw And Volkswagen Highlighted Their New Energy Vehicles. Mercedes-Benz even started to develop a luxury electric car series. The development of new energy vehicles has become an unstoppable trend. A new round of competition has begun. Magnesium and magnesium-alloys are recognized as one of the lightest structural metallic materials and are known as green materials with great development and application potential in the 21st century. Magnesium alloys have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good mechanical properties and heat dissipation, etc., making them the preferred material for lightweight vehicles. It is for sure that there will be more and more applications with the advent of the electric era. Bestseller in China, Germany, and US Long-term strategic cooperation with customers In the international market, the promotion of new energy vehicles brought a lot of demand. Despite the impact of the pandemic, several customers in China, Germany and the United States purchased the Thixomolding machines from YIZUMI for the production of lightweight components. In April this year, the U.S. customer completed the installation and commissioning of the machine and ran a trial production of a 1.5 kg seatback. The customer is very satisfied with the product quality. In addition, the customers in Germany and China have also achieved mass production and are pleased with the machine efficiency and product yield. CASTWERK is a German company specialized in auto part production, producing structural parts like new energy vehicle screens. Their customers include large auto parts suppliers such as BOSCH and Continental, and end customers such as Volkswagen. In response to the market demand, the company is planning to import the third Thixomolding machine from YIZUMI this summer. Meigaomei Nuojiang (Tongchuan) New Materials Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the design, R&D, and production of high-strength magnesium alloy materials. They supply high-quality magnesium alloy customized products to the aerospace-, military-, automotive-, 3C-, biomedical-, high-end equipment-, and other industries. The enterprise focuses on the Thixomolding technology R&D while mass-producing magnesium alloy parts. Besides manufacturers, R&D institutions are also important strategic partners for YIZUMI. The Center of Casting Lightweight Materials and Engineering at the University of Kassel (GTK) is a research institute which has its focus on casting technology. At present, the center teams up with YIZUMI to research the use of a multiple points hot runner system for our Thixomolding technol-

在今年的上海车展上,包括宝马、大众在内的众多 品牌都重点展示了他们的新能源汽车。 奔驰甚至开始开发豪华电动车系列。新能源汽车 的发展已成为不可阻挡的趋势。新一轮的竞争已经 开始。 镁及镁合金是公认的最轻的结构金属材料之一, 被誉为21世纪具有巨大发展和应用潜力的绿色材料。 镁合金具有重量轻、强度高、机械性能和散热性好等 优点,使其成为轻量化汽车的首选材料。可以肯定的 是,随着电动汽车时代的到来,镁合金将会有越来越 多的应用。 畅销中国、德国和美国 与客户建立长期战略合作关系 在国际市场上,新能源汽车的推广带来了大量需 求。尽管受到疫情的影响,中国、德国和美国的一 些客户还是从伊之密购买了成型机,用于生产轻量 化部件。 今年4月,美国客户完成了机器的安装调试,并进 行了1.5公斤座椅靠背的试生产。该客户对产品质量 非常满意。此外,德国和中国的客户也实现了批量生 产,并对机器效率和出品率感到满意。 CASTWERK是一家专业从事汽车零部件生产的德 国公司,主要生产新能源汽车屏幕等结构件。他们的 客户包括博世、大陆等大型汽车零部件供应商,以及 大众汽车等终端客户。根据市场需求,公司计划今年 夏天从伊之密购买第三台成型机。 镁高镁诺奖(铜川)新材料有限公司是一家专业从 事高强度镁合金材料设计、研发、生产的高新技术企 业,为航空航天、军事、汽车、3C、生物医学、高端 设备等行业提供高品质的镁合金定制产品。公司专注 于触变成型技术研发,同时批量生产镁合金零件。 除了制造商,研发机构也是伊之密重要的战略合 作伙伴。卡塞尔大学(GTK)轻量化铸造材料与工 程中心是一家专注于铸造技术的研究机构。目前,



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 ogy. "Cooperating with GTK, YIZUMI can demonstrate our Thixomolding technology to customers in Europe and around the world. It will be our best example," said Tiejun Sui, the Product Manager of YIZUMI Thixomolding Project. Optimize application technology Explore new applications of magnesium alloys with customers Based on the cooperation with customers in China, Germany, and the United States, YIZUMI has obtained many technical feedbacks to optimize existing equipment and add more features to the machine in response to the needs of customers. This year, YIZUMI will continue to explore new applications of magnesium alloys with our customers. For example, the UN300MGII and UN1500MGII models developed by YIZUMI will provide Thixomolding technology benefits in both small-part and large-part production. The main field of UN300MGII application will be small parts, including 3C electronics, drone components, and some small auto parts. There will be three options for the diameter of screw and barrel (small, medium and large diameter), allowing customers to choose the most appropriate specifications for their applications to ensure product quality and production yield. It employs an energy-saving servo drive system that greatly reduces energy consumption. The new design includes an optimized movement control system to improve operation efficiency, increase customer output, and bring customers better molding quality and productivity. "The UN300MG II will offer great opportunities to our customers in the smaller component markets.” said Mr. Philipp Ochotta, Head of R&D of YIZUMI (Germany), our Lightweight and Multi-component Manufacturing Research Center. "YIZUMI Thixomolding machines combine the technologies of Germany and China, and the technology is constantly improving. We are confident that its performance fulfills international standards.” Developed by YIZUMI headquarters and YIZUMI Germany R&D center since 2021, UN300MGII is a small-shot-weight model which has adopted Europe's cutting-edge hot runner technology and provides better filling performance and product quality. The products made by this machine feature dimensional stability, high functional integration, lightweight, and less post-machining process requirements. ■


该中心与伊之密合作研究用于触变成型技术的多点 热浇道系统。 “与GTK合作,伊之密可以向欧洲和世界各地的客 户展示我们的触变技术。这将是我们最好的案例,” 伊之密触变项目产品经理隋铁军说。 优化应用技术 与客户一起探索镁合金的新应用 伊之密在与中国、德国、美国客户合作的基础上, 获得了许多技术反馈,并且针对客户的需求,优化了 现有设备、扩展了功能。 今年,伊之密将继续与客户一起探索镁合金的 新应用。例如,伊之密开发的UN300MGII和UN1500MGII将在小型和大型零件生产中提供触变成型 技术优势。 UN300MGII应用的主要领域将是小型零件,包括 3C电子、无人机零部件和一些小型汽车零部件。螺杆 和机筒的直径将有小、中、大三种选择,让客户选择 最适合其应用的规格,以确保产品质量和产量。采用 节能伺服驱动系统,可大大降低能耗。新设计包括优 化的运动控制系统,以提高操作效率和产量,并为客 户提供更好的成型质量和生产率。 “UN300MG II将为我们在小型组件市场中的客户 提供巨大的机会。”伊之密(德国)轻量化和多组分 制造研究中心研发负责人Philipp Ochotta先生说:“ 伊之密触变成型机结合了德国和中国的技术,而且技 术也在不断改进。我们相信其性能符合国际标准。” UN300MGII是伊之密总部和伊之密德国研发中心 于2021年共同研发的一款小注射量机型,采用欧洲尖 端热浇道技术,具有更好的填充性能和产品质量。该 设备生产的产品具有尺寸稳定、功能集成度高、重量 轻、后加工工艺要求少等特点。



Nina Dybdal Rasmussen Is Appointed As Our New Head Of Norican Digital Nina Dybdal Rasmussen被任命为诺瑞肯集团数字化业务的新主管

Nina Dybdal Rasmussen Will Take Over As Head Of Norican Digital With Immediate Effect. The Former Head, Dr. Dennis Janitza Has Decided To Pursue An Opportunity Outside Norican. Nina Will Continue To Work Out Of The Office In Taastrup Working Closely With All Norican Businesses. Nina has, in her role as VP of Product Portfolio Development in DISA, been one of the digital pioneers in Norican, but with special emphasis on the DISA technology range. Nina will therefore both ensure the continuity and the further development of Norican’s market-leading digital offer. Nina holds a M. Sc. in Business from Copenhagen Business School. “We are truly excited to appoint Nina as our new Head of Norican Digital. As Nina has been involved in our digital development from the very beginning, appointing her was an obvious decision. Nina is passionate about digital and will be the right leader to take our digital solutions for our customers to the next level. At the same time, I would like to thank Dennis Janitza for his outstanding work over the past few years and wish him the very best in his next endeavour”. Anders Wilhjelm, CEO of Norican Group. Nina said: “I am delighted to be appointed Head of Norican Digital and to lead the exciting next stage of our digital journey. I look forward to collaborating with the entire Norican team, our partners and our valuable customers to accelerate our digital transformation and to shape the industry.” ■

Nina Dybdal Rasmussen将接任诺瑞肯集团数字化 业务主管,即时生效。前任主管Dennis Janitza博士决 定寻求诺瑞肯之外的机会。Nina将继续在Taastrup的 办公室工作,与所有诺瑞肯业务部门密切合作。 Nina在担任迪砂产品组合开发副总裁期间,一直 是诺瑞肯的数字先锋之一,并特别注重迪砂的技术应 用。因此,Nina将确保诺瑞肯市场领先的数字产品 的连续性和进一步发展。Nina拥有哥本哈根商学院 (Copenhagen Business School)的商业硕士学位。 “我们非常高兴任命Nina为我们诺瑞肯集团数字化 业务的新主管。由于Nina从一开始就参与了我们的数 字化发展,任命她是一个显而易见的决定。Nina对数 字化充满热情,她将成为领导我们将为客户提供的数 字化解决方案提升到新水平的最佳人选。同时,我要 感谢Dennis Janitza在过去几年里的出色工作,并祝 愿他在未来的工作中一切顺利。”诺瑞肯集团首席执 行官 Anders Wilhjelm说。 Nina表示:“我很高兴被任命为诺瑞肯集团数字 化业务主管,领导我们数字化之旅的激动人心的下一 阶段。我期待着与整个诺瑞肯团队、我们的合作伙伴 和我们宝贵的客户合作,加快我们的数字化转型,塑 造这一行业。” ■

Ziheng Cost-Effective Moulding Machine Shines at 2021 Shenyang Foundry Exhibition 致恒性价比之王造型机亮相2021沈阳铸造展 Hosted by China Foundry Association, the 2021 China (Shenyang) International Foundry and Thermal Processing Exhibition made its debut in Shenyang on October 22-25, 2021. Ziheng (Tianjin) Industry Co., Ltd. brought its costeffective moulding machine to the exhibition. Ziheng is a high-tech enterprise specializing in foundry equipment. It was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 94.48 million yuan, covering an area of 50,000 square meters and a building area of 40,000 square meters. Since its establishment, it has always put the customers’ requirement as its business target. Relying on scientific and technological progress, Ziheng has developed a variety of products, such as AMF series flaskless molding line, HMT series flaskless molding line, BMD series moulding machine, HVM series shell decompression molding line, CK series engine block post-processing line, HAP series automatic pouring machine, HAG series milling machine and HCMS series core making machine; the company has 24 valid patents, including 3 invention patents, all of which are indepen-

由中铸协主办的首届“中国(沈阳)国际铸造及热加 工展览会”于2021年10月22-25日在沈阳成功举办, 致恒(天津)实业有限公司携带性价比之王造型机亮相 2021沈阳铸造展。 致恒(天津)实业有限公司系高新技术企业,是生产 铸造设备的专业公司,成立于2005年,注册资本9448万 元,占地面积50,000平方米,建筑面积40,000平方米。 公司自成立以来,始终把满足客户需求作为企业经营 的第一目标,依靠科技进步不断开拓创新,相继开发出多 种产品,主要产品有:AMF系列脱箱造型生产线、HMT 系列脱箱造型生产线、BMD系列有箱造型机、HVM系列 减压造型线、CK系列发动机缸体后处理线、HAP系列自



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 dent research and development, and the technical level has reached or exceeded the international advanced level. Ziheng displayed the FPSZ moulding machine at Shenyang exhibition, which is the king of cost-effectiveness in BMD series. The main features are: highly cost-effective, low maintenance cost, improved sand filling performance with suspended sand; high efficiency with up to 12 seconds per cycle, 150 moulds per hour for a complete mold (according to specifications).


Main features:


It can directly replace the jolt-squeeze machine, and continue to use the original sand; the production adaptability is strong with the characteristics of flexible and convenient new machine layout and traditional old machine transformation; its sand feeding device and squeeze device are integrated, and the structure is optimized; the reverse squeeze device has the function of lifting and compacting two-stage pressure adjustment, the highest compaction is 12Kg/cm³; the template surface is pre-filled, squeeze, ejected, and the pattern separated; the equipment is directly installed on the foundation ground without pit, which reduces the cost; its structure is compact, with low maintenance cost. Ziheng pursues the business philosophy of “Sure footed work, seek for opportunity. Work together, create effulgent future”. It will constantly pursue perfection and technological progress, and providing users with products and services that exceed expectations. ■

拥有有效专利24项,其中发明专利3项,全部为自主研 发,技术水平达到或超过国际先进水平。 本次沈阳铸造展,致恒展示了BMD系列中堪称性价比 之王的FPSZ造型机。此设备的主要特点是:性价比高; 维修成本低;悬浮加沙,可改善砂填充性能;高效率,最

主要特征 可直接替换蹦蹦机,并延用原砂处理;生产适应性 强,具有新机布线和传统老机改造灵活方便的特点;加 砂装置和挤压装置共为一体,结构优化;反挤压装置具有 提升、压实高低两级压力调整的功能,最高压实比12Kg/ cm³;模板面预填,模板面挤压,模板面顶出、起模;设 备直接安装在基础地面上,无需基础地坑,降低成本;紧 凑的结构,维修成本低。 致恒奉行“务实求发展,携手创未来”的经营理念, 不断追求完美和技术进步,为用户提供超越期望的产品 与服务。 ■

New Foundry Industry Initiatives Boost the Revitalization of Northeast China’s Old Industrial Base 铸造业新举措助力中国东北老工业基地振兴 On August 23, 2021, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a meeting with the main task to research and deploy the implementation for the full revitalization of the Northeast China during the 14th Five-year period (2021-2025). The northeast region includes Liaoning province, Jilin province, Heilongjiang province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and is an old industrial base in China. Following the policy of comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast China, China Foundry Association hosted a regional

2021年8月23日,国务院总理李克强主持召开会议, 研究部署“十四五”时期东北全面振兴工作,通过了东 北全面振兴“十四五”实施方案。东北地区包含辽宁省、 吉林省、黑龙江省和内蒙古自治区,是中国老工业基地。 为了配合东北全面振兴,中国铸造协会首次组织了

139 exhibitors and 15,693 professional visitors participated in the exhibition.



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 The thermal power lowpressure inner cylinder of 53t produced by Dalian Huarui

Industrial gas turbine generator set manufactured by FU-AN Group.

exhibition for the first time in Shenyang, Liaoning province, the 2021 China (Shenyang) International Foundry and Thermal Processing Exhibition. From October 22-25, the exhibition has attracted a total of 139 exhibitors and 15,693 professional visitors during four days. In 2020, the total output of castings in Northeast China reaches about 5 million tons, and there are renowned international foundry companies such as FAW Foundry Company, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry and Liaoning Fuan. On October 23, with the theme of "Industry Develop-

区域的展会,在沈阳举办了2021中国(沈阳)国际 铸造及热加工展览会。2021年10月22-25日,4天 的展会共有139家展商,15693人的专业观众莅临展 会。2020年,东北地区铸件总产量约为500万吨,

Lianxin Sand Group, a provider of highend casting materials participated in the exhibition. November 2021 FOUNDRY-PLANET.COM | MODERN CASTI NG | CHINA FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION |


INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 The opening ceremony of Asian Foundry Industry Development and Cooperation Summit.

Presidium members of Asia Foundry Association delivered speeches at the forum.

ment and Supply Chain Construction in new era", 2021 Asian Foundry Industry Development and Cooperation Summit and the 2nd Asia Foundry Association Annual Meeting were successfully held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center. Representatives of the 12 founding members of the Association participated in the forum on site and online. Chairman Mr. Zhang Libo addressed at the forum and said, “We must advocate continuous communication and cooperation in the Asian foundry industry. Guided by the Association, all members should actively put efforts in the governance of energy conservation and emission reduction, leading the green transformation of foundry enterprises. Starting from the source of the supply chain and then promoting the green, intelligent and sustainable development of the Asian foundry industry through energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction and pollution control in the production process.” The other presidium members of Asia Foundry Association participated in this conference online and delivered speeches respectively, they were: Mr. TSOI Tsz Fong, president of Hong Kong Foundry Association; Mr. Liao Kuan-Chen, Chairman of Taiwan Casting Industry Association; Mr. Shinji Fujiwara, Chairman of Japan Foundry Society; Mr. Subodh Panchal, the Institute of India Foundrymen; Mr. Sang-mok Lee, Vice President of Korea Foundry Society; Mr. Dato' Sri Wong Sin Fatt, Secretary-General of Federation of Malaysian Foundry & Engineering Industries Associations (FOMFEIA); Mr. Mike Luu, international relations director of Vietnam Foundry & Metallurgy-Science and Technology Association (VFMSTA); Mr. Erwan Yulianto, acting executive officer of Indonesian Foundry Industries Association (APLINDO); Mr. Asim Qadri, Secretary General of Pakistan Foundry Association. ■


有一汽铸造公司、大连华锐重工、辽宁福鞍等国际知 名的铸造企业。 10月23日,主题为“新时代行业发展与供应链构 建”的2021亚洲铸造业发展与合作峰会暨第二届亚 洲铸造业联合会年会在沈阳国际展览中心成功举办。 亚洲铸造业联合会12家发起成员单位的代表分别以线 上和线下的方式参会。 张立波会长大会致辞表示,“我们要倡导亚洲铸 造业不断交流与合作,通过协会的努力,积极主动的 投入节能减排的治理中,引领企业绿色转型,从供应 链的源头开始,抓住能源消耗的龙头,在生产过程中 节能降耗、减排治污,进而共同推动亚洲铸造业的 绿色、智能、可持续发展。”在线参加本次会议的其 他亚洲铸造业联合会出席团主席:香港铸造业总会蔡 子芳会长、台湾铸造品工业同业公会廖坤成会长、日 本铸造协会藤原会长、印度铸造协会前会长潘查尔先 生、韩国铸造协会副会长李尚穆、马来西亚机器厂商 总会黄新发总秘书长、越南铸造协会国际关系总监麦 克陆、印度尼西亚铸造工业协会埃文会长、巴基斯坦 铸造协会阿西姆•卡德里秘书长分别致辞。 ■



Casting Quality Steel in the World: Fu-an Brings Star Product to Shenyang Foundry Expo “铸世界好钢”——福鞍携明星产品亮相沈阳铸造展 A council member of China Foundry Association, Liaoning Fu-an Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was established in July 2004. The company's leading products are the key core components of major technology and equipment for energy and electric power, rail transportation, heavy machinery, marine and other industries. Over the years, Fu-an has always adhered to the development of "high-end manufacturing" and the brand strategy of "creating Fu-an brand and casting quality steel in the world", which has won high praise from customers. In recent years, the company has won the only "Best Quality Award" and "Excellent Supplier Award" among GE's many global suppliers. In 2018, it won the "Best Supplier Award" of Harbin Turbine Company Limited. In 2021, it was awarded the title of "Baihetan Million kW Hydropower Unit Large Casting Excellent Supplier" by Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited. At present, Fu-an Heavy Industry has become the excellent suppliers of domestic and international major energy and electric power, rail transportation, heavy machinery and other equipment manufacturers .The main domestic customers are: Harbin Electric Corporation, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Shanghai Electric and other domestic key main engine plants. The main foreign customers are: TOSHIBA of Japan, General Electric of the United States, GE Transportation of the United States, SIEMENS of Germany, Mitsubishi of Japan, ALSTOM of France, VOITH Hydropower of Germany and many other Fortune 500 enterprises. Fu-an has obtained the factory certification of qualified suppliers of these international famous enterprises, and realized the batch ordering, and formed a stable international market. ■

中国铸造协会理事单位辽宁福鞍重工股份有限公司成 立于2004年7月,公司主导产品为能源电力、轨道交通、 重型机械、船舶等行业重大技术装备的关键核心部件。 多年来始终坚持“高端制造”的发展道路,坚守“创 福鞍品牌、铸世界好钢”的品牌战略,赢得了客户的好 评。近年来荣获美国GE公司全球多家供货商中唯一的“ 最佳质量奖”和“卓越供应商奖”荣誉;2018年荣获哈 尔滨汽轮机有限公司“最佳供应商奖”。2021年被哈尔 滨电机厂有限责任公司授予“白鹤滩百万千瓦水电机组 大型铸件优秀供应商称号”。 目前,福鞍重工已成为国内和国际主要能源发电、轨 道交通、重型机械等设备制造厂家的优秀供货商。国内客 户主要有:哈尔滨电气集团、东方电气集团、上海电气集 团等国内重点主机厂;国外客户主要有:日本东芝、美国 GE通用电气、美国GE轨道、德国西门子、日本三菱、法 国阿尔斯通、德国福伊特水电等多家世界500强企业。福 鞍获得了这些国际知名企业的合格供应商工厂认证,并且 实现了批量订货,形成了稳定的国际市场。 ■



Improving Corrosion Resistance on Surface-Alloyed Butterfly Valves

A recent study explored how to improve cast surface-alloying to impart high local wear and corrosion resistance to less expensive, common industrial materials. kaustubh rane, michael beining, swaroop behera, amir kordijazi, ajay kumar p., and pradeep rohatgi, university of wisconsin (milwaukee)

提高蝶阀表面合金化的耐腐蚀性 最近的一项研究探索了如何提升铸件表面合金化,能够让较便宜的普通工业材料 获得较高的局部耐磨性和耐腐蚀性。 Kaustumbh Rane、Minchail Benning、Swaroop Behera、Aamir Kordizzi、Ajay Kumar P.和Pradeep Rohatgi,威斯康星大学(密尔沃基)


any metallic components used in applications involving exposure to corrosive aqueous and atmospheric conditions suffer from degradation of the surface, such as corrosion and wear. These problems are especially widespread for castings used in the water supply industry, including pumps, butterfly valves, valve seats, faucets and flanges. To prevent corrosion on the surface of these components, water industries rely on coatings or specify cast stainless steel components. The oxide layer formed on the surface of stainlesssteel acts as a protective barrier between the environment and the sample surface. Over the years, various techniques have been used to develop surface alloy coatings on steel to improve properties like corrosion and wear; however, these techniques are costly and often it is not feasible to use these coating methods on complex-shaped, hollow components—especially where there is no line of sight. Because corrosion is a surface phenomenon, mainly the Fig 1. Butterfly valve molds for industrial casting (a,c): Bare and cleaned surface coated with zircon; (b,d): Multielement powder-coated mold surface using sodium polyacrylate.

Fig 2. Schematic diagram of the sand mold with the alloying powder slurry applied on the inner surface of the mold cavity. The alloying slurry is a combination of the alloying powders and the binder medium.


暴露于腐蚀性水和大气中的很多金属部件会 面临表面破损的问题,例如腐蚀和磨损。这 些问题在供水行业使用的铸件中尤其普遍存

在,包括泵、蝶阀、阀座、水龙头和法兰件。为了防止 这些部件的表面腐蚀,供水行业依赖涂层或特殊的不锈 钢部件。不锈钢表面形成的氧化层充当环境和产品表面 之间的保护屏障。 多年来,已开发出各种技术应用于铸钢表面的合金 涂层,以改善腐蚀和磨损性能;然而,这些技术成本高 昂,而且通常在形状复杂的空心部件上使用这些涂层方 法是不可行的——尤其是在看不见的地方。 腐蚀是一种表面现象,部件表面需要耐腐蚀。因此, 如果部件内部或芯部由不同的材料制成,而且外表面层

图1:工业铸造用蝶阀铸型(a,c):裸露和清 洁的表面涂有锆石;(b,d):使用聚丙烯酸 钠的多元素粉末涂层模具表面。

图2:在型腔内表面涂有合金粉浆的砂型示意图。合金浆是合 金粉末和粘结剂介质的组合。


图3:(a)市售蝶阀,(b)在铸造厂和 UWM铸造的表面合金化蝶阀原型。

Fig 3. (a) A commercially available butterfly valve, (b) Surface alloyed butterfly valve prototypes cast at the industrial foundry and UWM.

图4:铸态(a)BV1和(b)BV2 的光学 图像。

Fig 4. Optical images of the as-cast (a) BV1 and (b) BV2.

surface of a component needs to be corrosion resistant. Thus, if the internal piece, or core, is made of a different material but the outside surface layer provides sufficient corrosion resistance, the component can perform at a level similar to a high corrosion-resistant component. This is also true for high wear-resistant applications in which a higher hardness coating will lead to high wear resistance even when the core is a softer material. Cast surface alloying is a good solution to impart high local wear and corrosion resistance to cheaper and common industrial materials like mild steel. Some of the main characteristics of surface alloying during casting include: (1) the surface properties of materials and parts can be tailored to specific requirements (resistance against corrosion, wear, oxidation); (2) the alloyed layer is metallurgically bonded to the base metal; and (3) surface finish can be controlled, and machining allowance can be provided. Ni and Cr are frequently used alloying elements for improving the performance of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and thermal-resistance in iron-based components. Ni can dramatically improve the chemical stability of the iron alloys for increased corrosion resistance, and Cr leads to the formation of an oxide layer, which is highly protective against a corrosion reaction. In the present study, targeted, multielement Ni, Cr, Fe-Mn, Fe-Si, and Mo enriched surface alloyed layers were developed and tested for a WCB steel butterfly valve on an industrial scale using the gravity sand casting process. A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve, which is used to stop, regulate and start the flow. The alloying elements were picked for their presence in super duplex stainless steel components, which have very high corrosion resistance but are expensive.

具有足够的耐腐蚀性,则该部件可以在类似于高耐腐蚀 部件的环境下运行。对于高耐磨应用也是如此,即使芯 部是较软的材料,更高硬度的涂层也会具有高耐磨性。 铸件表面合金化是一种很好的解决方案,可以为低 碳钢等较便宜的普通工业材料赋予较高的局部磨损和 耐腐蚀性。铸造过程中表面合金化的一些主要特性包 括:(1)材料和零件的表面特性可以根据特定要求进行定 制(抗腐蚀、耐磨、抗氧化);(2)合金层与母材冶金结 合;(3)表面光洁度可控,可提供加工余量。Ni和Cr是 常用的合金元素,用于提高铁基铸件的耐磨、耐腐蚀和 耐热性能。Ni可以显著提高铁合金的化学稳定性,以提 高耐腐蚀性,而Cr会导致形成氧化层,对腐蚀反应具有 很强的保护作用。 在本研究中,针对WCB钢蝶阀使用重力砂型铸造工 艺开发和测试了有针对性、Ni、Cr、Fe-Mn、Fe-Si和 Mo多元素富集的表面合金层。蝶阀是一种四分之一圈 旋转运动阀,用于停止、调节和启动流量。选择合金元 素是因为它们存在于超级双相不锈钢部件中,这些部件 具有非常高的耐腐蚀性,但价格昂贵。

铸造步骤 工业蝶阀铸型(图 1)从铸造厂获得,以论证表面合 金化。铸型由80目细度的硅砂制成。使用酚醛聚氨酯有

Casting Procedure The industrial butterfly valves casting molds (Fig. 1) were obtained from an industrial foundry to demonstrate surface alloying. The molds were made from 80-grain fineness silica sand. A phenolic urethane organic binder system

Fig 5. Average thickness of the surface alloyed layer in three castings of surface alloyed butterfly valves.

图5:三种表面合金化蝶阀铸件 表面合金化层的平均厚度。



Fig 6. SEM micrograph of (a) base metal (b & d) BV1 surface alloyed layer, (c) BV2 surface alloyed layer in as-cast condition, (e) Austenite-Ferrite microstructure of the surface alloyed layer, (f) The interface layer between surface alloyed layer and the base metal. All samples were in the as-cast condition.

(binder level ~1.2%) was used to ensure good gas permeability and surface finish during casting. The catalyst used was set to allow for an eight- to 10-minute work-strip time. The sand and binder/catalyst chemicals were mixed in an industrial mixer and then dumped onto the pattern. The sand was manually smoothed, as well as with a strike-off bar, and allowed to set for 10 minutes. After the curing was complete and the mold halves were extracted from the pattern by flipping inversion of the pattern using a manipulator crane. The mold cavities were coated with a refractory wash to avoid any reaction between the molten metal and the sand. After applying binder and surface alloying elements on the mold and allowing the slurry to dry and harden, the molds were closed, and a zircon filter was placed in the down sprue of the mold. Next, three samples were made using two different techniques. The first two samples were prepared by adding the Ni and Cr powders onto a wet refractory wash coating, and the third sample was made using a slurry containing Ni, Cr, Fe-Mn, Fe-Si, and Mo mixed with a sodium polyacrylate (NaPA) binder. Figure 2 shows a schematic representation of the sand mold before the WCB steel melt is poured. Once the mold surfaces were coated, they were sealed using a core and mold adhesive. The molds then were transported back to the industrial foundry for casting. Once the castings were poured, they were shaken out, shot blasted with steel shots, de-gated at the foundry and then transported back to the university lab for analysis. Figure 3 shows a commercially available butterfly valve, and the surface alloyed butterfly valve prototypes cast at the industrial foundry in the present study. The objective was to

Fig 7. (a) Location of the EDS line scan on the cross-section of the BV3 surface alloyed sample across the base metal and surface alloyed layer. (b) Plot of elemental intensity vs. distance in the EDS line scan.


图6:(a)基体金属(b & d)BV1表面合 金层,(c)BV2铸态表面合金层的SEM 显微照片,(e)表面合金层的奥氏体-铁 素体微观结构,(f)表面合金层与基体 金属之间的界面层。所有样品都处于 铸态。

机粘结剂(粘结剂含量约1.2%),确保铸造过程中良好 的透气性和表面光洁度。使用的催化剂设置为允许8到 10分钟的工作时间。砂子和粘结剂/催化剂在混砂机中 混合,然后倒在模具上。砂子经手动铺平,并使用刮刀 棒,让其凝固10分钟。固化完成后,通过使用机械臂起 重机翻转铸型,从模具中取出半模。铸型型腔涂有耐火 涂料,以避免熔融金属与砂之间发生任何反应。在铸型 上施加粘结剂和表面合金元素并让浆料干燥和硬化后, 闭合铸型,并将锆石过滤器放置在铸型的直浇口中。 接下来,使用两种不同的技术制作了三个样品。前两 个样品是通过将Ni和Cr粉末添加到湿耐火涂层上来制备 的,第三个样品是使用含有Ni、Cr、Fe-Mn、Fe-Si和 Mo的浆料与聚丙烯酸钠混合制成的(NaPA)粘结剂。 图2显示了浇铸WCB钢熔体之前的砂型示意图。一旦铸 型表面被涂覆,就使用型芯和铸型粘结剂将它们密封。 然后将铸型运回铸造厂进行浇注。浇注完成后,进行落 砂处理并用钢丸进行喷丸,在铸造厂去除浇口,然后运 回大学实验室进行分析。 图3显示了商用蝶阀以及本研究中的表面合金化的蝶 阀原型。目标是量化在工业环境中可以实现的富集水

图7:(a)EDS行扫描 在BV3表面合金样品 横断基底金属和表面 合金层的横截面上的 位置。(b)EDS行扫 描中元素强度与距离 的关系图。


quantify the levels of enrichment that could be achieved in an industrial setting for casting a component that requires high quantities of alloying elements on the surface for wear and corrosion resistance. The chemical composition of the WCB base alloy is presented in Table 1. Table 2 presents the compositions of the alloying elements and alloys used for surface alloying of industrially cast butterfly valves.

平,用于需要大量合金元素使铸件表面合金化以实现 耐磨和耐腐蚀的部件。表1显示了WCB基合金的化学 成分。表2显示用于工业铸造蝶阀表面合金化的合金成 分。

微观结构和相分析 表面合金铸态样品横截面的光学显微照片如图4所

Microstructural and Phase Analysis Optical micrographs of the cross-section of surface alloyed as-cast samples are shown in Fig. 4. A relatively uniform and continuous surface alloyed layer was observed in all samples. Electro-etching of the surface alloyed layer was performed using an etchant made with 15% HCl and 85% Ethanol and passing a 2 Amp current using an electrode placed on the surface alloyed layer. The base metal (Fig. 6a) shows a ferrite and pearlite microstructure, which is typical of WCB steel. Figure 6 (views b-d) demonstrates the cross-section macromorphology of the surface-alloyed layer, indicating a surface alloyed layer free of cracks or porosity. The interface layer between the base metal and the surface alloyed layer does not show the presence of cracks. The microstructure at the interface of the surface alloyed layer and the base metal suggests a good metallurgical bond. The microstructure in a typical surface alloyed layer (Fig. 6e) is composed of austenite (γ) phases in the shape of elongated islands dispersed in the ferritic (α) matrix and free of precipitates. The EDS line scan results of surface alloyed sample BV3 (Fig. 7) shows the change in the gradient in compositions of various alloying elements from the substrate to the surface alloyed layer. Table 3 lists the composition of the surface-alloyed layer and the interface. Compared with the original composition of the WCB steel, significant increases in concentrations of nickel, chromium, Mo, Mn, and Si have been detected in a surface alloyed layer. The analyses were performed in regions ferrite (α phase) and austenite (γ phase) indicated in the micrographs (Fig. 6e). Chromium and molybdenum were observed in a higher percentage in the ferrite phase, since they are ferritizing elements, and nickel was present in a higher percentage in the austenite phase since it dissolves and stabilizes austenite. The dissolution of alloying elements added to the slurry coated on molds leads to the formation of the surface alloyed layer. The weight percentages of Ni and Cr drop at the interface while that of Fe increases sharply as one moves from the surface

示。在所有样品中都观察到相对均匀和连续的表面合金 层。 表面合金层的电腐蚀使用由15%HCl和85%乙醇制成 的蚀刻剂进行,并使用放置在表面合金层上的电极通过 2安培的电流。母材(图6a)显示铁素体和珠光体显微 组织,这是WCB钢的典型特征。图6(b-d视图)展示 了表面合金层的横截面宏观形态,表明表面合金层没有 裂纹或孔隙。母材与表面合金层之间的界面层没有出现 裂纹。 表面合金层与基体金属界面处的微观结构表明良好的 冶金结合。典型表面合金层中的微观结构(图 6e)由 奥氏体(γ)相组成,呈细长岛状,分散在铁素体(α) 基体中,没有沉淀物。 表面合金化样品BV3的EDS线扫描结果(图 7)显示 了从基底到表面合金化层的各种合金元素组成的梯度变 化。表3列出了表面合金层和界面的组成。与WCB钢的 原始成分相比,在表面合金层中检测到镍、铬、钼、锰 和硅的浓度显著增加。在显微照片中指示的铁素体(α 相)和奥氏体(γ相)区域进行分析(图6e)。在铁素 体相中观察到更高百分比的铬和钼,因为它们是铁素体 化元素,而镍在奥氏体相中以更高的百分比存在,因为 它能溶解并稳定奥氏体。 涂在铸型上的浆料中的合金元素的溶解导致表面合金 层的形成。Ni和Cr的重量百分比在界面处下降,而铁的 重量百分比随着从表面合金层移动到基体合金中而急剧 增加,如图7所示。表面合金层中界面附近的区域具有 层状结构(图6b)。母材保留其α相和珠光体相组织,

Table 1. Elemental Composition of WCB Steel From Experimental Heat

表1:来自热实验的WCB钢的元素组成 Element Weight %

C 0.22

Mn 0.84

P 0.021

S 0.019

Si 0.41

Fe Balance

Table 2. Weight of Alloying Elements Used for Surface Alloying of Butterfly Valves

表2:用于蝶阀表面合金化的合金元素重量 Sample

Binder Medium



Ni (gm)

Cr (gm)

0.51 0.8 0.56

1.19 1.84 2.19

Fe-Mn (gm) 0.11

Fe-Si (gm) 0.12

Mo (gm)

Powder/Area (gm/cm2)



0.106 0.165 0.205


alloyed layer into the base substrate alloy, as seen in Fig. 7. The area near the interface in the surface alloyed layer has a lamellar structure (Fig. 6b). The base metal retains its α and pearlite phase microstructure, and the region immediately below the interface shows primarily an α phase with some pearlite. XRD analysis of the surface alloyed layer of the surface alloyed sample BV3 confirmed the presence of ferrite, austenite and chromium oxide (Cr2O3) in the surface alloyed layer. The presence of Cr2O3 is known to improve the corrosion resistance of the alloy. This oxide can form in ambient conditions; however, heat treatment of the alloy leads to the acceleration of the formation of oxide.


Hardness Measurements


The hardness of the surface alloyed layer and the base metal in the as-cast condition was measured using the Vicker’s microhardness test. The enrichment of the surface alloyed layer by alloying elements Ni, Cr, Mn, Si, and Mo led to an increase in the hardness of the surface alloyed layer. It has been previously reported by other researchers that the addition of Mo, Si, Cr throughout the section leads to an increase in the hardness, 0.2% proof stress, and tensile strength of the iron matrix. The samples were tested in an as-cast condition, with each sample undergoing multiple measurements through the cross-section to ensure the average value is taken over the sample. The hardness measurements did not show any significant scatter within the surface alloyed layer, suggesting that the distribution of alloying elements in the surface alloyed layer is quite uniform.


表面合金化样品BV3的表面合金层的XRD分析结 果证实了表面合金层中存在铁素体、奥氏体和氧化铬 (Cr2O3)。已知Cr2O3的存在可以提高合金的耐腐蚀 性。这种氧化物可以在环境中形成;然而,合金的热 处理会加速氧化物的形成。

硬度测量 使用维氏显微硬度测试法测量铸态下表面合金层 和母材的硬度。合金元素Ni、Cr、Mn、Si和Mo富

致铁基体的硬度增加、屈服强度增加0.2%和拉伸强 度增加。 样品在铸态条件下进行测试,每个样品通过横截面 进行多次测量,以确保对样品取平均值。硬度测量没 有显示表面合金层内有任何明显的分散,表明合金元 素在表面合金层中的分布非常均匀。

耐腐蚀性能 铁基合金的耐蚀性可以通过两种方式提高:(1) 通过在固溶体中加入一些热力学稳定性较高的合金元 素,如Ni和Cr,提高其电极电位,降低阳极活化,提

Corrosion Resistance


The corrosion resistance of iron-based alloys can be improved two ways: (1) improve its thermodynamic stability by adding some alloying elements with higher thermodynamic stability like Ni and Cr to the solid solution to increase its electrode potential and to decrease the anodic activation, and (2) promote the formation of stable passivation on the surface and improve its resistance on corrosion reaction by adding elements like Cr and Mo. Therefore, the large increases in the Ni and Cr content in the surface alloyed layers as a result of surface alloying can significantly improve its corrosion resistance. In addition, the rise in austenite content in the microstructure of the alloyed layer will also improve the corrosion resistance. The fine microstructure as a result of relatively rapid solidification in the surface-alloyed layer can also decrease the corro-


Fig 8. Comparison of the hardness of the surface alloyed layer and the base metal indicating a consistent increase in the ascast condition.


表面合金化导致表面合金层中Ni和Cr含量大幅增加, 可显著提高其耐腐蚀性。 此外,合金层显微组织中奥氏体含量的增加也会提

图8:表面合金层和母材硬度 的比较表明铸态条件增加的一 致性。


Fig 9. (a) The absence of the phase in the surface alloyed layer of surface alloyed sample BV3 after solution annealing at 850C for a period of 100 seconds (b) The presence of intermetallic phase in the surface alloyed layer of surface alloyed sample BV3 before heat treatment.

图9:(a)850℃固溶退火100秒后,表 面合金试样BV3表面合金层中不存在σ 相;(b)热处理前样品BV3表面合金的表 面合金层中存在金属间σ相。

sion by the micro-cell effect. Table 4 lists the corrosion rates of surface-alloyed butterfly valves samples and the base WCB steel. The heat-treated (normalized and tempered) surface alloyed sample shows a half corrosion rate compared to heat-treated (normalized and tempered) WCB steel. The base metal WCB steel has a higher pearlite content. Surface alloying and subsequent heat treatment transforms the microstructure to predominantly ferrite and austenite. The as-cast microstructure of the surface alloyed layer showed the presence of intermetallic σ, which can be detrimental to the corrosion resistance of the surface alloyed layer. The solution annealing treatment led to the dissolution of the intermetallic phase, as seen in Fig. 9, which is expected to improve the corrosion resistance of the surface alloyed layer.

Applications The novel cast surface alloying process in the study produced a surface alloyed layer enriched in several elements (including Ni Cr Mo Mn) on butterfly valve WCB steel sand castings. While the surface-alloyed WCB castings are slightly more expensive compared to WCB steel castings, they are much lower in cost than through section stainless steel (by as much as $10-$12 per lb.). The scalable and more economical techniques for coating sand molds and cores with a refractory wash containing metal and ferroalloy powder for surface alloying could include flowcoating, spray-coating, dipping and brush-coating. This demonstrates the potential cost savings of using surface-alloyed WCB steels compared to through-section stainless steel components. It also demonstrates that surfacealloyed steel castings provide much more improved corrosion resistance, with only a marginal increase in the cost over plain WCB steel castings. This suggests several other potential applications of surface alloyed WCB castings in addition to butterfly valves, where corrosion and wear resistance higher than that of WCB steel are required. ■

高耐蚀性。由于表面合金层中相对快速凝固而产生的精 细微观结构也可以减少微电池效应引起的腐蚀。 表4列出了表面合金化蝶阀样品和基础WCB钢的腐蚀 速率。与热处理(正火和回火)WCB钢相比,热处理( 正火和回火)表面合金样品显示出一半的腐蚀速率。母 材WCB钢珠光体含量较高。表面合金化和随后的热处理 将微观结构转变为主要是铁素体和奥氏体。 表面合金层的铸态显微组织显示存在金属间化合物 σ,这对表面合金层的耐腐蚀性是有害的。固溶退火处 理导致金属间相的溶解,如图9所示,这有望提高表面 合金层的耐腐蚀性。

应用 研究中的新型铸件表面合金化工艺在蝶阀WCB钢砂 铸件上产生了富含多种元素(包括Ni、Cr、Mo、Mn) 的表面合金层。虽然表面合金化WCB铸件比WCB钢铸 件稍贵,但它们的成本比通截面不锈钢低得多(每磅低 10-12美元)。用于表面合金化的含有金属和铁合金粉 末的耐火涂料涂覆在砂型和砂芯的技术包括流涂、喷 涂、浸涂和刷涂,这项技术可扩展,而且更经济。 这表明与全截面不锈钢部件相比,使用表面合金化 WCB钢具有潜在的成本节约优势。还表明,与普通 WCB 钢铸件相比,表面合金钢铸件具有更高的耐腐蚀 性能,成本仅略有增加。这表明除了蝶阀之外,表面合 金化WCB铸件还有其他几种潜在应用,这些应用需要有 比WCB钢更高的耐腐蚀性和耐磨性。 ■

Table 3. Chemical Composition of Surface Alloyed Layer and Interface Layer in Sample BV3 (Table 2 as Determined Using Spark Spectrometer)

表3:样品BV3中表面合金层和界面层的化学成分(表2使用火花光谱仪测定) Elemental Composition (wt %) Cr Ni Mo Mn Si Fe

Surface Alloyed Layer 23.2 6.4 3.3 1.1 0.7 Balance

Interface layer 3.80 3.89 1.04 0.54 Balance

WCB base metal < 0.5 < 0.5 < 0.2 <1 0.6 Balance

Table 4. Corrosion Rate Values for Surface-Alloyed Samples and WCB



Corrosion Rate (mm/year)

WCB base metal heat-treated (normalized and tempered)


Normalized and tempered surface alloyed sample BV1




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Ask Chemicals Metallurgy Launches New Generation Of Inoculants 亚世科化学集团冶金分公司推出新一代孕育剂 Cut Inoculants With Tighter Tolerances And Higher Specificity The production of highly stressed castings places high demands on the inoculation technology and inoculants used. With the new generation of cut inoculants, the company offers an improved solution characterized by tighter tolerances and higher specificity. GERMALLOY C is used to improve the sphericity of the graphite and to optimize the mechanical properties of the casting. With OPTIGRAN C, casters achieve a finer, evenly distributed A-graphite in the gray iron. Mold inoculation is the addition of inoculant as late as possible and hence also the inoculation method in which the fading effect is reduced to a minimum. This is particularly relevant for the production of thick-walled parts. In mold inoculation, the inoculant is introduced in the pouring basin or directly into the gating system of the mold. The dissolution therefore occurs under air exclusion directly in the iron over the entire pouring time. Casted inoculation blocks such as GERMALLOY C and OPTIGRAN C should be preferably used for mold inoculation, otherwise there is a risk of flowing in of non-dissolved inoculant grains with negative consequences for the cast structure. While serial cast parts with normal wall thicknesses of 5 to 50 mm solidify in seconds up to a few minutes in casting production, the crystallization of thick-walled, heavy castings with wall thicknesses larger than 60 mm can take hours, depending on the casting temperature. A constant inoculation effect as offered by GERMALLOY C and OPTIGRAN C is important for a good casting result. The machined surfaces guarantee a good and uniform dissolution into casting. Thanks to the close-tolerance manufacturing process, the inoculants have high dimensional, contour and weight accuracy and are therefore also suitable for robot-assisted handling and automatic insertion into the mold. The dimensions of the inoculations are chosen in such a way that existing core markers can generally be used unchanged as placeholders for the inoculant inserts. For larger requirements, it is also possible to deviate from the standard dimensions within certain limits. ■

更小公差,更高特性的切块孕育剂 高应力铸件的生产对孕育技术和所使用的孕育剂 提出了很高的要求。随着新一代的切割孕育剂,公司 提供了改进的解决方案,其特点是更小的公差和更高 的特性。 GERMALLOY C用于改善石墨的球形度和优化铸 件的力学性能。使用OPTIGRAN C,铸造厂可以在灰 铸铁中获得更精细、均匀分布的A型石墨。 型内孕育是尽可能晚地加入孕育剂,因此也是孕 育衰退降到最低的孕育方法。厚大零件的生产需要 特别注意这一点。在型内孕育中,孕育剂被放入浇口 杯或直接进入铸型的内浇口。因此,在整个浇注时 间内,孕育块在无空气接触下熔解。切块孕育块,如 GERMALLOY C和OPTIGRAN C,最好用于造型铸型 孕育,否则会有未溶解的孕育颗粒流入的风险,对铸 态组织结构造成负面后果。 而常规壁厚为5-50mm的系列铸件在铸造生产 中可在几秒钟至几分钟内凝固。GERMALLOY C和 OPTIGRAN C提供的持续孕育效果对良好的铸造效果 很重要。经过加工的表面保证了孕育块在铸件中良好 而均匀的熔解。 由于采用精密制造工艺,孕育剂具有较高的尺 寸、轮廓和重量精度,因此也适合机器人辅助操作和 自动插入型腔。 孕育块的尺寸是这样选择的:现有的砂芯标记位 置通常可以不变地用作孕育块的安放处。 对于较大孕育块的要求,也可能在一定范围内偏 离标准尺寸。 ■

Energy-saving pioneer: Fuji Electric IGBT Technology 节能先锋:富士电机IGBT中频感应加热电炉 Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive electromechanical manufacturer established in 1923, with 438,690 products. Among them, the power semiconductor IGBT, which has affected the nerves of the world in recent years, is the core device of industrial transformation, energy conservation and environmental protection, even more, it is ranked top three in the world.

富士电机株式会社,是一家成立于1923年的综合机 电类厂家,拥有438,690种产品之多;其中,近几年牵 动全世界神经的,作为产业转型、节能环保的核心器 件—功率半导体IGBT,更是排名世界前三。 富士电机的中频感应电炉从1963年开发,至今已 走过了将近60年的生产历程,基于自身半导体元器件



product news/产品新闻 Fuji Electric’s intermediate frequency induction furnace was developed in 1963, and has gone through nearly 60 years history of intermediate frequency furnaces. IGBT series resonance intermediate frequency electric furnaces are developed based on the rapid development of its own semiconductor components IGBT and the advanced instantaneous control technology. Fuji Electric’s IGBT intermediate frequency induction heating furnace has the characteristics of energy saving, reliability and easy operation. It helps Fuji Electric IGBT intermediate frequency furnace to occupy nearly 70% of the Japanese market. It is widely praised by many customers in China, China Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions. Now, energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction have become the development goals of the world. The Chinese government has clearly set a long-term goal of carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. The government has clearly pointed out at multiple levels that power devices, especially IGBTs, play an irreplaceable important role in the fields of energy saving and emission reduction, new energy, high-speed rail, as well as smart grids, and are the key “core” of a low-carbon economy. The development of IGBT technology is changing with each passing day. Fuji Electric began to produce the first generation of IGBTs in 1987 and now the seventh generation of IGBTs have come out, which are widely used in various fields of social development, making contributions to the development of the industry. The advantages of Fuji’s intermediate frequency furnaces are:

1. Energy saving and fast melting speed Fuji’s proud IGBT power supply technology is different from the traditional thyristor power supply design in the intermediate frequency furnace industry, and it can meet the requirements of energy-saving, sensitive and high-efficiency. The IGBT power supply can effectively improve the melting efficiency, thereby shortening the melting time and reducing energy consumption. Besides, Fuji intermediate frequency furnaces basically ensure that the coil height is equal to the rated metal level in the design to maximize the useful power and avoid the unnecessary loss caused by the “false coil” that only passes water but does not supply electricity; Fuji adopts a unique design with integrated coil, which is greatly increased, thereby improving the utilization efficiency; through techno-


IGBT的飞速发展及富士高压产品先进的瞬时控制技术, 开发出了IGBT串联谐振中频电炉。富士的IGBT中频感 应加热电炉具有节能、可靠、易操作等特点,助力富士 电机IGBT中频炉在日本市场占有率接近70%,受到中 国、中国台湾、韩国、东南亚等区域众多客户的广泛好 评。 时至今日,节能减排、绿色降碳已成为全世界的发 展目标,中国政府明确制定了2030年碳达峰、2060年 碳中和的长远目标。国家在多个层面明确指出:功率 器件特别是IGBT在节能减排、新能源、高铁、智能电 网领域发挥着不可替代的重要作用,是低碳经济的关键 核“芯”。IGBT技术发展日新月异,富士电机从1987 年开始生产第一代IGBT,历经变革目前已经是第七代 IGBT,广泛应用于社会发展的各个领域,是世界排名领 先的IGBT厂家之一,为中国乃至世界的工业发展做出了 贡献。 从中频炉设备角度来说,富士电机有以下两个核心 优势:

一、节能、熔炼速度快 富士引以为傲的IGBT电源技术,区别于中频炉业内 传统的可控硅电源设计,更能实现节能且灵敏高效的要 求。IGBT电源的先进性可以有效的提高熔化效率,从 而缩短熔炼时间,降低能耗。其它如富士中频炉在设计 中基本保证线圈高度与额定金属液面持平,使有用功率 最大化,避免只通水不通电的“假线圈”带来的无谓损 耗;富士采用业内独有的一体型线圈设计,线圈密度大 大增加,从而提高了利用效率;通过技术革新,在安全 范围内尽量降低电流值,尽量避免热损等等。富士特有 的技术使得富士电机的中频感 应电炉在能耗方面处于领先水 平,每吨每小时耗电量比一般 高端电炉节能30~40度以上( 变压器一次侧测量值),为用 户节省了用电开支。

二、稳定可靠 中频炉是集高压、高温、水 冷于一体的成套设备,风险性


product news/产品新闻 logical innovation, the current value is reduced as much as possible within a safe range, and the heat loss is avoided as much as possible. Fuji Electric’s unique technology makes its medium frequency induction furnace at a leading level in terms of energy consumption. The power consumption per ton per hour is 30-40 degrees more than that of ordinary high-end furnaces (measured on the primary side of the transformer), saving users electricity expenditure.

2. Stable and reliable Intermediate frequency furnace is a complete set of equipment that integrates high pressure, high temperature, and water cooling. The risk is high, so that safety is definitely the first priority for intermediate frequency furnace products. Fuji Electric has not only considered complete safety protection measures in all aspects, but even some environment elements other companies have ignored, Fuji Electric will not hesitate to respond. For example, Fuji Electric’s medium frequency induction furnace adopts world-class seismic design, and the maximum seismic rating has reached Level 7 on the Richter scale. In addition, it is also equipped with a sensitive anti-furnace leakage warning system. When the furnace lining has a risk of leakage, it can issue an early warning immediately to prevent major production accidents; when the electric furnace is tilted, it is equipped with anti-falling grid and pipeline protection device; it adopts parallel coil structure design, which enhances stability and prolongs the life of the furnace lining. The coil part adopts a dust-proof and moisture-proof coil design method, which is integrally formed, so there is no need to worry about condensation due to moisture and dust. The coil is short-circuited; at the same time, the integrated structure keeps the coil refractory material strong, stable and prolongs the life of the furnace lining. The above-mentioned equipment fully considers the safety of the customer, so as to achieve reliability. ■

较大,安全肯定是中频炉产品的第一要务。富士电 机不仅在各个环节考虑到了完备的安全保护措施, 而且连一些其它企业忽略的环境,富士电机也不惜 成本进行对应。例如富士电机中频感应电炉采用 世界一流的抗震设计,最大抗震等级达到了里氏7 级。除此以外,还配备了灵敏的防炉漏预警系统, 在炉衬有漏炉风险发生时,可第一时间发出预警, 从而防止重大生产事故的发生;在电炉倾倒作业 时,设有防落下安全栅,管道保护装置;其采用的 平行线圈构造设计,稳定性增强,炉衬寿命延长, 线圈部分采用抗尘、防湿的线圈设计方式,一体成 形,不必担心因存在水分而结露,以及由粉尘引起 线圈短路;同时,一体结构保持线圈耐火材料牢 固,稳定与延长炉衬寿命,以上种种设备充分为客 户安全考虑,从而达到可靠。

Fuyao Group: High-quality natural high-silica sand for environmental protection 福耀高品质天然高硅砂致力于环保事业 Fuyao Group was founded in Fuzhou, China in 1987. It is a large multinational company specializing in the manufacture of automobile safety glass and industrial technical glass. After more than three decades of development, Fuyao Group has established 57 research, production and sales bases in 11 countries around the world and 16 provinces and municipalities in China. The global market share of its product exceeds 28%, and the domestic market share exceeds 68%, which has become a business card for Chinese manufacturing to go global. Fuyao owns five major silica sand deposits in Wenchang in Hainan, Benxi in Liaoning, Tongliao in Inner Mongolia, Xupu in Hunan, and Zunyi in Guizhou. A full coverage mineral source layout spanning east-west and north-south has been constructed, with diverse and high-quality silica sand resources such as sedimentary sand, aeolian sand and high-quality sandstone sand.

福耀集团1987年成立于中国福州,是专注于汽车安 全玻璃的大型跨国集团。经三十余年发展,福耀集团 在全球11个国家和中国16个省区市设立57处研产销基 地,产品全球市场占有率超28%,国内市场占有率超 68%,成为中国制造走向世界的一张名片。 福耀拥有海南文昌、辽宁本溪、内蒙通辽、湖南溆 浦、贵州遵义五大硅砂矿,构建起横跨东西、纵贯南北 的全覆盖式矿源布局,具备沉积砂、风积砂及优质砂岩 砂等多样性、高品质硅砂资源。 得天独厚的矿源优势,是福耀硅砂的品质保证。截



product news/产品新闻 The unique advantage of mineral resources is the quality assurance of Fuyao silica sand. Up to now, Fuyao has developed high-performance, high-stability, high-reusability high-silicon scrubbing sand, roasting phase change sand, 3D printing sand and other series, which can be widely used in different processes in cast steel, steel and other non-ferrous metals, which has significantly reduced overall production costs and improved quality and efficiency for customers.


Fuyao High Silicon Scrubbing Sand


Fuyao silica sand with a silicon content of over 99% can withstand high temperature casting of up to 1750°C, fully satisfying customers’ physical and chemical indicators such as particle size, angle coefficient, SiO2 content, loss on ignition, mud content, acid consumption value, etc.. It is the best solution for manufacturing precision molds, core castings, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance castings, as well as other special assembly parts.

Fuyao roasting phase change sand The new high-temperature roasting process is adopted to reasonably control the phase change expansion of silica sand, which greatly improves the near-net forming accuracy of castings. The comprehensive performance and some indicators have reached or surpassed similar international silica sand.

Fuyao 3D printing sand On the basis of high-quality raw sand, the performance of silica sand is further improved through advanced technology, showing the characteristics of customized particle size, high concentration rate, and lower acid consumption. During the printing process, the sand laying is smooth, without sand leakage or sand pulling, and the surface quality of the molded parts is high. Fuyao relies on the nationwide mining source layout and automobile glass transportation and sales network to minimize the transportation distance between the mine source and the client, and provide customers with fast transportation, JIT ( Just In Time) service. Regarding sustainable development as the development keynote of the silica sand industry, Fuyao promises to “provide customers with high-quality natural high-silica sand with stable mineral resources, stable quality and stable supply”, and is committed to building a higher level of resourcesaving environment-friendly enterprise. ■


性的高硅擦洗砂、焙烧相变砂、3D打印砂等丰富品 类序列,可广泛应用于铸钢、铸铁及其它有色金属 的不同工艺用砂需求,显著降低综合生产成本,为 客户提质增效。

含硅量超99%的福耀硅砂,能够抵受最高1750°C 的高温浇铸,充分满足客户在粒度粒径、角形系 数、SiO2含量、烧失量、含泥量、酸耗值等理化指 标需求,是制造精密模具、核心铸件、高耐磨、高 耐蚀件等特殊装配件的最佳解决方案。

福耀焙烧相变砂 采用全新高温焙烧工艺,合理控制硅砂相变膨胀 量,大幅提升铸件近净成形精度,综合性能及部分 指标已达到或赶超国际同类硅砂。

福耀3D打印砂 在优质原砂基础上,通过先进工艺进一步提升硅 砂性能,呈现粒度定制化、高集中率、更低酸耗等 特点。打印过程中铺砂平整流畅,无漏砂、拉砂现 象,成型件表面质量高。 福耀依托覆盖全国的矿源布局及汽车玻璃运销网 络,最大限度缩短矿源地与客户端运输距离,以最 快运输速度、最优供货方案、最低物流成本向客户 提供快捷运输、JIT(Just In Time)计时服务。 福耀以可持续发展作为硅砂产业的发展基调,承 诺“为客户提供矿源稳定、质量稳定、供应稳定的 高品质天然高硅砂”,致力于建设更高水平资源节 约的环境友好型企业。 ■


product news/产品新闻

New Digital Tools Unlock Quick-Win Cost Savings For Blast Machine Operators 全新的数字化工具为抛丸设备操作员解锁快速致胜的节省成本技能 Wheelabrator has launched new digital tools that were developed specifically to help customers reduce cost around three key areas of the blast process: • abrasive consumption • energy use • maintenance and downtime The tools were built using Norican’s Monitizer software and NoriGate hardware, both already proven on equipment at sister companies DISA and StrikoWestofen, and are available for many existing and all new Wheelabrator machines. Heinrich Dropmann, Senior Vice President Global Wheel at Wheelabrator, explains: “Digital technologies allow us to make the blast process more transparent than ever before and optimise it accordingly. We’ve been working with a select group of pilot customers to identify the applications that would make the biggest difference to their productivity and profitability and quickly zeroed in on these three.” Tests showed that tackling abrasive consumption alone, using digital analysis and monitoring, can unlock €200-250 in annual savings per kilowatt blast power installed. For a typical hanger-type machine with four 11 kW blast wheels, this means up to €10,000 saved per year. Over the course of 20 years, savings generated by this one digital tool could pay for a new machine. Heinrich continues: “The digital tools we’ve developed enable customers to really pinpoint the parameters that are driving abrasive consumption, energy use and wear in their specific operational setting – and then do something about it. They can very quickly get a much better handle on their blasting cost, without impacting the volume or quality of their outputs – or even improving them.” The three tools can be deployed as standalone solutions or plugged into a wider Industry 4.0 system – be it from Norican, customer-built or from another supplier. The NoriGate data gateway is used to extract data from each machine – from the control system and from sensors – while the Monitizer software collects, visualises and analyses it in customizable dashboards. Heinrich explains the Wheelabrator approach: “This is not about collecting data for the sake of it. As experts on the blast process, we can select the right data points to track, so we can combine them meaningfully and in a way that gives us insights into what’s running at optimum and what isn’t. It gives customers the data they need to continuously improve the process and save some money along the way.”

Reducing abrasive consumption – a significant cost factor Abrasive costs represent a major part of the overall running cost of a blast machine and the volume of abrasive going through the machine, relative to the blast result

维尔贝莱特推出了新型数字工具,专门用于帮助 客户降低抛丸工艺中三个关键领域的成本: • 丸料损耗 • 能源利用率 • 维护和停机时间 这些数字化工具使用诺瑞肯的Monitizer软件和 NoriGate硬件构建,这两者都已经在集团旗下姐妹 公司迪砂和史杰克西的设备上得到验证,并可用于 许多现有及所有新型维尔贝莱特设备。 维尔贝莱特全球抛丸高级副总裁Heinrich Dropmann说:“数字技术让我们能够使抛丸工艺比以往 任何时候都更加透明,并相应地对其进行优化。我 们一直在与一组精选的试点客户合作,以确定哪些 应用会对其生产力和盈利能力产生最大影响,并迅 速将注意力集中这三款应用上。” 测试表明,单独解决磨料损耗问题,使用数字分 析和监控,每千瓦抛丸功率,每年可以节省200250欧元。对于带有4个11kW抛丸设备的典型悬挂 式机器,这意味着每年最多可节省10,000欧元。在 20年的时间里,这个数字化工具节省的费用可以用 于购买新机器。 Heinrich 继续说道:“我们开发的数字工具使客 户能够真正确定在其特定运行环境中丸料损耗、能 源利用率和磨损的参数,然后采取相应措施。他们 可以非常迅速地更好地控制其抛丸成本,而不影响 其产量或质量。” 这三款工具可以作为独立的解决方案进行部署, 也可以插入到更广泛的工业4.0 系统中——无论是来 自诺瑞肯旗下品牌、客户自建还是来自其他供应商 的。NoriGate数据网关用于从每台设备(从控制系 统和传感器)提取数据,而 Monitizer软件则在可定 制的仪表板中收集、可视化和分析数据。 Heinrich继续说道:“这不是为了收集数据 而收集数据。作为抛丸工艺的专家,我们可以选择 正确的数据点进行跟踪,这样我们就可以将它们有 意义地结合起来,让我们洞悉哪些是以最佳状态运 行,哪些并没有以最佳状态运行。它为客户提供了 所需的数据,以不断改进工艺,并在此过程中节省 一些资金。”



product news/产品新闻 achieved, is a key determinant of wear inside the machine. Using less abrasive to achieve the same blast result in the same time therefore is the holy grail of blast process optimisation. And while modern blast machines have evolved considerably to improve this equation, real-time tracking and analysis of abrasive throughput and other process parameters can push this further. Yet again, this is not something that can easily be done without digital help. Wheelabrator’s first new digital tool gives an accurate picture of abrasive use over time and relates it to other metrics, so root causes of high use can be identified quickly. Even complex or more subtle causes of increased abrasive throughput can be unpicked and resolved. The costs of monitoring and analysis are low compared to manual methods. In numbers: For a hanger-type machine with four 11kW blast wheels, the tool helped reduce abrasive consumption (and spend!) by 17% and cycle time by 20%. On a roller conveyor machine with six 15kW turbines, through-feed speed could be increased by 20% and abrasive spend reduced by 8%. Reducing or optimising abrasive consumption doesn’t just save money on abrasive, it also reduces energy use. Less wear means less maintenance and reduced spend on wear parts – by around 10%, according to Wheelabrator estimates.


Saving energy – not as simple as it sounds


Shot blast machines – wheel blast ones in particular – use a lot of energy due the power required to accelerate the abrasive. Bringing that energy consumption down while maintaining a stable blast process could unlock savings and support sustainability agendas. However, most blast machine users do not and cannot currently record energy use of their machines alongside other process parameters to identify periods of high usage or unproductive time. Without this data, there is no way of improving a machine’s energy performance in a targeted way. The second of the three digital tools from Wheelabrator does just that – it tracks the right parameters to strategically optimise standby and idle times, turbine rpms and more. This means operators and managers can instantly see if their machines are using unusually high amounts of energy, find the cause and tweak the process. Over time, the running of the machine can be adapted for ever better energy efficiency without negatively affecting blast results or throughput (in fact, both may be improved as a side-effect of energy reduction efforts). In numbers: Just by reducing idle time by 1 hour per day, the tool was able to unlock €14,000 annually in energy cost savings for a roller-conveyor machine with eight 45kW blast wheels. Doing the same on a less powerful pass-through monorail machine with eight 15kW blast wheels still achieved a saving of €4,000 per year. Both machines were operating in three shift 240 days per year.

护和磨损部件的支出减少约 10%。

丸料成本是抛丸机总体运行成本的主要部分,通 过抛丸机的丸料量相对于达到的抛丸效果,是决定抛丸 机内部磨损的关键因素。因此,使用较少的丸料在相同 的时间内达到同样的抛丸效果,是抛丸工艺优化的“圣 杯”。 虽然现代抛丸机的发展已经大大改进了这一方程式, 但对丸料产量和其他工艺参数的实时跟踪和分析,可以 进一步推动这一进程。然而,没有数字化的帮助,这不 是一件容易做到的事情。 维尔贝莱特的第一款新型数字工具,可以准确显示 丸料随时间推移的使用情况,并将其与其他指标联系起 来,因此可以快速确定高用量的根本原因。即使是复 杂或更微妙的原因导致丸料用量增加,也可以剖析和解 决。与手动操作相比,监测和分析的成本很低。 数据:对于带有4个11kW抛丸器的悬挂式机器,该 数字化工具帮助将磨料损耗(和花费)减少了17%,循 环时间减少了20%。在配备六个15kW涡轮机的滚筒输 送机上,通过进料速度可提高20%,磨料损耗减少8% 。减少或优化磨料损耗不仅可以节省磨料成本,还可以

节省能源——不像听起来那么简单 抛丸机(尤其是抛丸器)由于加速丸料所需的动力, 会消耗大量的能源。在保持稳定的抛丸工艺的同时降低 能源消耗,可以实现节约,并支持可持续发展议程。 然而,大多数抛丸机用户目前没有也不能将其设备的 能源使用情况与其他工艺参数一起记录下来,以确定高 使用率期间或非生产时间。没有这些数据,就无法有针 对性地提高设备的能源性能。 维尔贝莱特第二款数字工具中的第一款就可以实现这 一点——它跟踪正确的参数,以战略性地优化待机和闲 置时间、涡轮转速等等。这意味着操作人员和管理人员 可以立即看到其设备是否在使用异常高的能源,找到原 因并调整工艺。随着时间的推移,设备的运行可以适应 更高的能源效率,而不会对抛丸效果或产量产生负面影 响(事实上,这两者都可能可以作为节能工作的附带结 果而得到提升)。 数据:仅通过每天将闲置时间减少1小时,数字化 就能够为配备8个45kW抛丸机的滚筒输送机每年节省 14,000欧元的能源成本。在配备8个15kW抛丸机的功 率较小的直通式单轨设备上执行相同操作后,每年仍可 节省4,000欧元。两台机器实行每年240天,每天三班 的运行。



product news/产品新闻 Taming a violent beast – preventive maintenance Lastly, the inside of shot blast machines is a violent place. Wear comes with the territory. As with all equipment, keeping unplanned downtime to a minimum saves money and resources – as well as ensuring production targets and deadlines are met. Yet monitoring operating status and condition of a shot blast machine is still a manual, occasional process. Here too, digital can help. By tracking things like turbine vibration levels, pressure differentials in filters and key performance metrics, Wheelabrator’s third digital tool can present a real-time picture of the machine condition and offer an early warning system for wear and drops in performance. This enables preventative maintenance at the optimum point, not too soon, not too late, preventing unscheduled downtime without overspending on parts. In numbers: The tool helps prevent sudden or undetected parts failure, which causes expensive damage. For example, pre-empting blade breakage through early detection and timely, planned exchange cost €1,500 at a reference customer, whereas letting the blade break incurs costs of at least €4,500, depending on the extent of the damage. Blocked filters at one customer resulted in extra cost of €7,500 for clean-up and increased wear. An extreme example of a preventable fault are cracked filter cartridges, which allow fine dust to escape unnoticed and settle on surrounding machinery or even further afield. On one occasion, ferrous dust damaged the paint on cars parked in an adjacent carpark. The cost for repainting exceeded €25,000.

It’s only the beginning The three tools were designed with quick payback for customers in mind, solving the most common issues and cost drivers machine owners are faced with. But these very specific applications are only the start of the journey. NoriGate and the Monitizer platform are highly flexible, powerful and adaptable. What customers can do with the system can be evolved and expanded over time, with more tools and capabilities already in the pipeline, backed by Norican’s commitment to digital innovation. Heinrich concludes: “Customers who start collecting blast process data now, using one, two or all three of our new tools, are at the same time building up their digital database of historical data that can be analysed in new ways in future. So even if you want to take things slowly, you will have a wealth of data to learn from as new capabilities, like AI and automated process intervention, become available. It’s a highly sensible, pragmatic way of approaching all things digital. And if you’re ready for more straightaway, we invite you to get in touch, so we can show you what we’re working on!” ■ For more information on Monitizer please visit https://www.wheelabratorgroup. com/en-gb/equipment/digital-solutions/monitizer for more on Wheelabrator’s digital offering.

预防性维护 最后,抛丸机内部运行非常剧烈。磨损在所难免。与 所有设备一样,将计划外停机时间保持在最低限度,可 以节省资金和资源。然而,监测抛丸机的运行状态和条 件仍然是一个手动、偶发的过程。 在这方面,数字化也可以提供帮助。通过跟踪涡轮振 动水平、过滤器压差和关键性能指标,维尔贝莱特的第 三款数字工具可以实时呈现设备状况,并提供磨损和性 能下降早期预警系统。这样就可以在最佳时间点进行预 防性维护,不会太早,也不会太晚,防止计划外停机, 而不会在部件成本上超支。 数据:数字化工具有助于防止突发或未检测到的零件 故障,这会导致昂贵的损坏成本。例如,在推荐的客户 中,通过早期检测和及时、有计划的更换预防刀片破损 的成本为1,500欧元,而让刀片破损至少会产生4,500欧 元的成本,具体取决于损坏的程度。一位客户的过滤器 堵塞导致清理费用和损耗增加7,500欧元。可预防故障 的一个极端例子是破裂的过滤器滤芯,它会使细小的灰 尘在不被注意的情况下逸出并落在周围的机器上,甚至 更远的地方。有一次,铁粉尘损坏了停在相邻停车场的 汽车油漆。重新粉刷的费用超过了25,000欧元。

这仅仅只是开始... 这三款工具的设计考虑到了为客户提供快速的投资回 报,解决了设备所有者所面临的最常见问题和成本驱动 因素。但这些非常具体的应用只是旅程的开始。 NoriGate和Monitizer平台具有高度的灵活性,功 能强大,适应性强。在诺瑞肯对数字创新的承诺的支持 下,随着更多的工具和功能已经在开发之中,客户可以 利用该系统所做的事情可随着时间的推移而不断发展和 扩展。 Heinrich Dropmann总结道:“现在使用我们的一 款、两款或全部三款新型工具开始收集抛丸工艺数据的 客户,同时也在建立其历史数据的数字数据库,可以在 将来以新的方式进行分析。因此,即使您想慢慢来,随 着 AI 和自动化流程干预等新功能的出现,您也会有大 量的数据可供学习。数字化处理是一种非常明智、务 实的方式。如果您已经准备好马上开始,我们邀请您与 我们联系,这样我们就可以向您展示我们正在进行的工 作!”

有关 Monitizer及Wheelabrator数字产品的更多信息,请访问https:// monitizer



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Success Story At Kovolis Hedvikov A.s. 科沃利斯•赫德维科夫公司的成功案例 Introduction to our Company KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a. s. was founded as ironworks in 1816. In 1930, Polak’s patent for a cold chamber machine was purchased, and the company became the leading foundry in HPDC in the Czech Republic. KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a. s. is a family-owned, highpressure die casting foundry of aluminium alloys with a long and rich history. It offers its customers complete solutions to their needs, including but not limited to the complex development of parts, design, and production of tools, production of castings, including mechanical machining, surfacing, subassembly, and welding if required. The company currently employs over 800 workers. Thanks to their skill and hard work, it reaches an annual production level of over 12,000 metric tons and sales of over € 80 million. The high level of automated production, usage of new technologies, and a sharp focus on the automotive industry help rank KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s. among the most prominent foundries on the Czech and European markets.

Mainly Product Groups KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s. serves the following areas of the automotive industry: Powertrain, Brake Systems, Thermal Control, Turbo Chargers, Drive Systems, Brackets, AC compressors, Belt tensioners, Steering systems, and others. Seven different, both hypo and hypereutectic alloys, are melted in 10 melting furnaces with a total melting capacity of over 10 tons/hour. Casting runs on fully automated die casting cells with real-time shot-controlled casting machines, equipped by vacuum-assisted casting, jet cooling and squeeze, subsequent operations are also partially automated. The majority of castings are machined on a number of milling and turning machines, including special dedicated machines, and further proceeded by surface finish, subassembly, and welding (EBM and FSW).

公司介绍 科沃利斯•赫德维科夫公司成立于1816年,前身 是钢铁厂。1930年,公司购买了Polak专利冷室压铸 机,成为捷克共和国高压压铸领域的领先铸造厂。 科沃利斯•赫德维科夫公司是一家历史悠久的铝合 金高压压铸家族企业。公司为客户提供满足其需求 的完整解决方案,包括但不限于复杂零件的开发、 模具的设计和生产、铸件的生产,以及机械加工、 表面处理、装配和焊接等。 该公司目前拥有800多名员工。由于他们的技术 和努力,铸件年产量达到12,000多吨,销售额超过 了8000万欧元。 高水平的自动化生产、新技术的使用以及对汽车 行业的高度关注有助于将科沃利斯赫德维科夫公司 成为捷克和欧洲市场最著名的铸造企业之一。

主要产品 科沃利斯•赫德维科夫公司服务于汽车行业的相关 领域:动力总成、制动系统、热控制、涡轮增压器、 驱动系统、支架、空调压缩机、传动带张紧器、转向 系统等。7种不同的亚共晶和过共晶合金在10个熔炼 炉中熔炼,总熔炼能力超过10吨/小时。铸造过程在 全自动压铸单元上运行,配备实时压射系统的铸造设 备、真空辅助铸造、喷射冷却和挤压设备,后续操作 也实现部分自动化。大多数铸件在多个铣床和车床上

Vision of Nowadays Industry


KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s. tracks and follows the current trends in the automotive industry, offers their customers the parts with high complexity, reduced weight, improved functionality, and also special parts for hybrid and electric vehicles. Further development is forecasted as well. That is the reason why KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s. introduced the semisolid casting, rheocasting method SEED, in 2013. Nowadays, it is beginning to use friction stir welding technology. As a point appreciated by our customers, we are able to fully develop parts just based on functional volume, including finite element calculations, prototypes manufacture and physical tests. Although KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s produces a considerable amount of parts that are presented both in internal combustion engine vehicles and electric



行业前景 科沃利斯•赫德维科夫公司跟踪并紧随汽车行业 的当前发展趋势,为客户提供复杂程度高、重量更 轻、功能更完善的零件,以及用于混合动力和电动 汽车的特殊零件。同时也对未来发展做了预测。这 就是为什么科沃利斯•赫德维科夫公司于2013年引进 了半固态铸造、流变铸造法SEED,现在已采用了搅 拌摩擦焊接技术。公司能够仅仅基于功能体积实现


product news/产品新闻 vehicles as well (e.g. AC compressors, steering systems …), the company is fully aware that projects for electromobility are important for the future, even though it is hard to say what the real share of electric vehicles in the following years will be. Parts for independent heating have been in the company portfolio since 1996. In 2012, we started making prototypes of heat exchangers for electric independent heating for plug-in-hybrids and electric vehicles and went to serial production in 2015.

The Case Study A heat exchanger is made of two castings welded together by electron beam welding. Welding is made both by butt weld and overlap weld. For good heating efficiency, the heat-transmitting surface must be of perfect surface quality without any flow mark, etc. Finally, the whole assembly is leak tested by helium high pressure. To combine excellent inner quality with a perfect surface, a standard vacuum system is not enough.

Why the choice of fondarex as partner for vacuum? That is the reason why KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s. has decided to use the Fondarex HighVac Premium machines for this product. The measurement showed a considerable increase of vacuum level in the die, which was confirmed by CT scans, cuts, and finally by welding results. Transmitting surface quality has increased, and the problems with flow marks and small blisters disappear. Moreover, the Fondarex HighVac Premium machine offers very good process control and parameter check for process stability and repeatability. ■

零件的完全开发,包括有限元计算、原型制造和物理测 试,因此受到客户的赞赏。科沃利斯赫德维科夫公司 生产了大量用于内燃机车和电动汽车的零件(例如空调 压缩机、转向系统),但该公司充分意识到电动汽车项 目对未来很重要,尽管很难预测未来几年电动汽车的真 正份额是多少。 自1996年以来,独立的加热系统一直包含在公司产 品组合中。2012年,公司开始制造用于插电式混合动 力汽车和电动汽车的独立电加热热交换器的原型,并于 2015年开始批量生产。

案例研究 热交换器由两个铸件通过电子束焊接而成。焊接分为 对接焊和重叠焊接。为了获得良好的加热效率,传热表面 必须具有完美的表面质量,没有任何焊接流痕。最后,整 个组件通过氦高压进行泄漏测试。将卓越的内在品质与完 美的表面质量相结合,标准的真空系统是不够的。

为什么选择方达瑞作为真空系统合作伙伴? 科沃利斯赫德维科夫公司决定采用方达瑞的HighVac Premium高真空系统。测量结果表明,模具中的 真空度显著增加,CT扫描、切割和焊接结果证实了这 一点。传输表面质量提高、流痕和小水泡问题消失。 此外,方达瑞HighVac Premium高压真空系统为工艺 稳定性和可重复性提供了非常好的过程控制和参数检 查。 ■

Weijing Unique Auto Grinding Machine Customized For Round Castings 微晶独特的圆形铸件双工位自动打磨机 Customized For Perfectly Circular Castings. Usually The Place Where You Need To Grind The Parting Line And End Gate Projection In Your Round Castings Earlier foundry men used a robot fettling station for this application. Robot is quite limited when using many circular parts. A lot of technical expertise is required to program different sizes each time. A simpler machine, lower in cost and very versatile is Weijing two axis grinding machine which could be with two grinding stations needing only one operator to load and unload the part. This loading, unloading can also be integrated with a simple pick and place robot later. Usually offered with manual loading and unloading of part. Diameter variation is sensed by the machine. 3 grinding models already inbuilt for foundries to select. PLC programming is much more simple than robotic programming. We have other features like pneumatic holding of part,

圆形铸件上,您通常需要打磨合模线和浇口端部。微 晶圆形铸件双工位打磨机,为圆形铸件完美量身定制。 早期的铸造工人在此领域应用中使用了机器人打磨 站。机器人在使用许多圆形零件时非常有限。每次编程 不同的尺寸都需要大量的技术专长。 微晶两轴打磨机,是一种更简单、成本更低且用途广 泛的机器,它可以配备两个打磨站,只需要一个操作员 来上下料。 这种打磨方式,也可以与自动化流水线集成。上下料 都可以自动化操作完成。 机器检测直径变化。已内置3种打磨模型供铸造厂选 择。 PLC编程比机器人编程简单得多。 我们还有其他特色功能,例如铸件的气动保持、打磨 过程中铸件液压旋转、砂轮补偿组合,内置七个传感器 以进行各种运动检测。



product news/产品新闻 hydraulic rotation of parts during grinding, wheel wear composition with seven sensors in built for various movements. Diamond wheels made by Weijing, lowers repetitive cost of wheel and can be used for steel castings too. A simple tool for circular parts needing Outer diameter grinding maximizing outputs and releasing bottleneck from the fettling grinding area. Shorter pouring to dispatch time, reduces foundry inventory drastically. A handy machine a foundry badly needs now, comes at an attractive price? Any requirements on the castings? First, the casting should be absolute round, not looks like circular. Second, the grinding places should be at same level on the round surface of the castings. Third, the casting weight should be less than 30 kg, the casting diameter should be between 107 mm to 340 mm, the casting height should be lower than 170 mm. ■

微晶提供的金刚石砂轮,降低了砂轮的重复成本,也 可用于铸钢件。一种用于需要外径磨削的圆形零件的简 单工具,可最大限度地提高产量并从修整磨削区域释放 瓶颈。更短的浇注到发货时间,大大减少了铸造库存。 铸造厂现在急需的便携式机器,价格诱人吗? 对铸件有什么要求吗? 首先,铸件应该是绝对的圆形,而不是看起来像圆形。 其次,磨削处应在铸件圆面上的同一水平面上。 第三,铸件重量应小于30公斤,铸件直径应在107毫 米至340毫米之间,铸件高度应低于170毫米。 观看Youtube上视频 watch?v=GO4FbAgQIyE ,感受效率! 圆形铸件打磨,为何不考虑微晶? 你假如有兴趣了解更多微晶打磨机信息,请访问微晶

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