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Casting Competence Across Three Continents



volume 11 number 2





21 Cast Magnesium Foam for Energy Absorption and Bone Regrowth

21 用于吸能和骨骼再生的铸造泡沫镁

28 METAL CHINA 2021: Full recovery, boost confidence, face the future

METAL CHINA 2021 Report



6 Editorial 8 Industry News 32 Product News

6 编者的话 8 行业新闻 32 产品新闻

28 全面复苏、提振信心、面向未来——






Managing Editor SHANNON WETZEL,

Publisher/Editor THOMAS FRITSCH,


Content/Website Management Maximilian Schröck, Advertising Sales OANH LARSEN, THERESA NEUMANN,



CASTING CHINA FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION 中国铸造协会 Publisher/President/ 出品人/会长 ZHANG LIBO/ 张立波 Senior Editor/ 主编 GAO WEI/高巍 Editor/编辑

LI MENGMENG/李蒙蒙, Advertising Sales Manager/ 广告销售主管 CHEN XING/陈星 Sales/广告销售 WANG CHUANG/王闯 CHEN HAIKUO/陈海阔




No Two Foundries Are Alike 求同发展——没有两个铸造厂是 完全一样的


o two foundries are exactly the same, of course we have different processes and materials and locations all over the world and therefore very different production conditions, training, industrial policy, energy policy and customer requirements. What unites the foundry industry worldwide, however, is tradition and the pointed question of how and where casting will continue in the future. While the European energy and climate policy is preparing to set the pace for development and climate protection and thus inevitably puts the companies under pressure to meet the required demands, other regions of the world are not in such a hurry. To put it bluntly, in a time of noticeable and visible climate change to the detriment of entire regions and their inhabitants, we cannot be indifferent to climate protection. This also concerns the foundries, which are setting good examples and ambitious goals in Europe, especially in Germany. Nevertheless, competition seems to be shifting to regions where energy is cheaper or the production conditions are easier and the targets are not as strict as in the European Union. The climate does not stop at borders and should certainly be seen as a holistic challenge, s all considerations of industrial relocation should be rejected. It is up to industry associations all over the world to take up the challenge of climate protection at all levels and also to protect the foundry industry as a whole. The original interests of a key industry such as the foundry industry are on a par with climate protection. Let’s rely on digitalisation and the consensus of the leading industrial nations to advance production and climate protection in an appropriate, technology-open and consistent manner. If the Europeans want to lead the way as protagonists, go ahead, but keep an eye on your own companies and observe the competitive conditions and set incentives that make it possible for everyone to follow the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Stay healthy and cheerful and optimistic - I hope we can meet again soon in person at trade fairs and congresses. ■

有两个铸造厂是完全相同的,当然,我们 在世界各地有不同的工艺、材料和地点, 因此生产条件、培训、产业政策、

能源政策和客户要求也大不相同。 然而,将全球铸造业联合起来的是传统以及铸造业 面对的共同难题以及未来的发展方向。 虽然欧洲的能源和气候政策正在为经济发展和气 候保护制定方案,从而也不可避免地使企业面临符 合发展要求的巨大压力,但世界其他地区并不急于 采取措施。 坦率地说,在气候变化明显危害整个地区及其居民 的时代,我们不能对气候保护漠不关心。这也涉及到 铸造厂,它们在欧洲、尤其是在德国树立了良好的榜 样和雄心勃勃的目标。 尽管如此,竞争似乎正在转移到能源更便宜或生产 条件更便利的地区,且气候目标不像欧盟那么严格的 地区。气候变化是无国界的,因此,应该被视为一个 整体挑战,涉及工厂搬迁的想法应该制止。 世界各地的行业协会有责任迎接各层面气候保护的 挑战,并保护整个铸造行业的发展。铸造业等重点行 业的基本利益与气候保护并驾齐驱。让我们依靠数字 化技术和先进工业国家的共识,以适当的、技术开放 和一致的方式推进生产发展和气候保护。 如果欧洲企业想引领行业发展,请继续前进,但 要密切关注自己的公司,观察竞争形势并制定激励 措施,使每个人都有可能遵循《巴黎气候协定》的 目标。 保持健康、开朗和乐观,希望我们很快能在展览会 和会议上再次会面。 ■

祝好运! Thomas Fritsch Publisher/Editor-in-Chief


Thomas Fritsch 主编 Foundry-Planet GmbH






Industry News Contents 行业新闻目录

Incubator Project of Zhuze Green Foundry Town Starts Groundbreaking 14 竹箦绿色铸造小镇孵化器项目开工奠基

CANEKAST, INC. Announces Acquisition of Superior Aluminum Castings 10 CANEKAST公司宣布收购苏必利尔铝合金铸造公司

LK Group and Wencan Co., Ltd. Signed a Super-Large Intelligent Diecasting Unit and Strategic Cooperation Agreement 14 力劲集团、文灿股份签署超大型智能压铸单元暨战 略合作协议

AFS Issues Call For Papers For CastExpo 2022 美国铸造协会CASTEXPO 2022论文征集通知


Hudong Heavy Machinery 1700L Automatic Cold Core Making System 16 明志科技与沪东重机成功签订1700L大型自动化冷 芯盒制芯单元项目合同 High-End and Splendid: A Dialogue Between China and Europe 17 高端、精彩——中欧铸造业的对话

Global Casting Magazine Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary 12 《世界铸造》杂志10周年联谊会成功举办 Rheinmetall Successfully Develops Key Components for Fuel Cell Systems: Sample Orders for Cathode Shut-Off Valves 17 莱茵金属成功开发燃料电池系统的关键部件阴极 截止阀并获得订单 The Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG) Has a New President 18 德国铸造协会(BDG)选出新一任会长 35 Years Loramendi Germany and New Managing Director for Loramendi & Aurrenak 19 罗拉门迪(德国)公司成立35周年并迎来新任总经理







CANEKAST, INC. Announces Acquisition Of Superior Aluminum Castings CANEKAST公司宣布收购苏必利尔铝合金铸造公司 CaneKast and its companies Ermak Foundry & Machining, Patriot Foundry & Castings and RDS Dock Hardware have acquired Superior Aluminum Castings of Independence, Missouri. “Four years ago we started acquiring nonferrous foundries because we believe in local manufacturing," said Reg Zeller, CaneKast CEO and owner. "We are building a network of facilities that will provide the benefits of a small business yet have state-of-the-art technology typically only found in large conglomerates. Superior is a great fit to help us achieve this vision.” Superior’s history stretches back nearly 75 years. “We are leveraging Superior’s advanced equipment and expertise pouring aluminum alloys to provide our customers further diversification across facilities," said Seth Cutler, president of the companies. "We plan to hire additional employees and start a large-scale training program across our group and update the backoffice systems to boost production.” Ermak serves a wide range of light- to mediumduty manufacturing industries; Patriot customers include the Department of Defense, aerospace, biotech, and electronics industries. Superior adds customers in the metrology, aftermarket automotive, and sensing markets. “Being our fifth acquisition, we have a good understanding of how to quickly integrate the new enterprise, utilizing the best practices from the old and new businesses to make all of them better,” Cutler said. Under the expertise of Superior’s former owner, David Barnhard, CaneKast will grow its regional and national network and expand into new markets. Superior’s customers will have access to additional capacity, heat treat, machining, permanent mold/gravity-fed diecasting, rapid prototyping and improved part development through Ermak’s proprietary product development process. "Our access to capital and experience adding automation across the enterprise provides building blocks for the future growth of Superior," said Eric Sloan, general manager. "We have a strong foundation from which to scale the companies; nearly 50% of our target customers across the U.S./Canada are within a fivehour drive of one of our foundries. Adding Superior to the mix, we have further secured our companies’ future, having nearly quintupled in four years. As we continue to grow organically and through acquisitions, we are hyper-focused on providing excellent customer service and products, ensuring our growth supports our values.” CaneKast is privately held and headquartered in Chaska, Minnesota. ■ 10

CaneKast集团及其子公司Ermak Foundr y & Machining、Patriot Foundry & Castings和RDS Dock Hardware已收购了密苏里州的苏必利尔铝合金 铸造公司。 4年前,我们开始收购有色金属铸造厂,因为我们相 信本土制造,”CaneKast首席执行官兼所有者雷格 。 泽勒说,“我们正在建立一个生产网络,既具备小企业 的优势,又能拥有只有大型企业集团才有的最先进的技 术。苏必利尔公司非常适合助力我们实现这一愿景。” 苏必利尔公司的历史可以追溯到近75年。 公司总裁赛斯•卡特勒表示:“我们正在利用苏必利 尔公司的先进设备及专业知识浇注铝合金铸件,为我 们的客户提供多样化的解决方案。我们计划雇佣更多员 工,在整个集团进行培训项目,并且更新后勤系统以提 高生产效率。” Ermak服务于范围广泛的小型到中型制造企 业;Patriot的客户包括国防部、航空航天、生物技术 和电子行业。苏必利尔还增加了计量、汽车后市场和 传感市场的客户。 “这是公司的第五个收购项目,我们非常了解如何快 速整合新企业,利用新旧业务的最佳实践使它们变得更 好,”卡特勒说。 在苏必利尔前所有者大卫•巴恩哈德的专业意见指导 下,CaneKast将发展其区域和全国网络并扩展到新市 场。通过Ermak的专有产品开发工艺,苏必利尔的客户 将提高产能,获得热处理、机械加工、金属模具/重力压 铸、快速原型制造和改进的零件开发工艺。 总经理埃里克·斯隆表示:“我们在整个企业加大 自动化改造的资金投入以及我们的经验,为苏必利尔的 未来发展奠定了基础。我们有强大的基础来扩大公司规 模,公司在美国/加拿大近50%的目标客户距离我们的 铸造厂只有5小时车程。由于苏必利尔公司的加入,我 们进一步保障了公司的未来发展,使公司在4年内增长 了近五倍。随着公司的继续增长和收购的扩大,我们专 注于为客户提供卓越的服务和产品,确保公司的发展、 支持公司的价值。” CaneKast是一家私营企业,总部位于明尼苏达州 查斯卡。 ■






AFS Issues Call for Papers for CastExpo 2022 美国铸造协会CASTEXPO 2022论文征集通知 AFS is issuing a call for papers and presentations for the 126th Metalcasting Congress/CastExpo 2022, April 23-26, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. Technical papers and presentations are desired covering all issues related to metalcasting, diecasting and foundry operations, including unique in-plant procedures, new technologies, equipment, products and other innovations that have contributed to enhanced metalcasting productivity and quality. Topics of particular interest include melting and molten metal treatment, gating and pouring, casting process innovations, additive manufacturing, quality, automation, Foundry 4.0, finishing, energy efficiency, environmental, health and safety. AFS is also seeking management papers and presentations relating to supply chains, casting design, management, diversity and inclusion, human resources, succession planning, education, social media, professional development, and student engagement pertaining to the metalcasting industry. Presentations related to the effect of COVID-19 related issues on metalcasting operations are also desired. ■ For more information, contact Kim Perna at Information about submission requirements and deadlines are a

美国铸造协会将于2022年4月23-26日在俄亥俄州哥伦 布举办“2022年第126届美国铸造大会暨CastExpo展览 会”,并发布了论文征集通知。 技术论文和演讲主题涵盖与金属铸造、压铸和铸造企 业相关的所有话题,包括独特的生产工艺、新技术、新 设备、新产品和其他有助于提高铸造企业生产率和质量 水平的创新技术。还有其他饶有兴趣的主题,包括熔炼 和金属处理、浇道系统和浇注、铸造工艺创新、增材制 造、质量、自动化、铸造4.0、精加工、能源效率、环 境、健康和安全等。 美国铸造协会也将征集与供应链、铸件设计、管理、 多样性和包容性、人力资源、接班人计划、教育、社交 媒体、专业发展相关,以及学生参与的金属铸造行业相 关的论文和演讲材料。 此外,欢迎提交铸造行业受COVID-19影响的相关论 文。 ■ 如需更多信息,请联系Kim Perna,。关于论文提交要 求和截止日期的相关信息,请访问。

Global Casting Magazine Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary 《世界铸造》杂志10周年联谊会成功举办 On May 28, the 10th Anniversary of Global Casting Magazine was successfully held during the 19th China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA) and the 15th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition (DIECASTING CHINA) in Shanghai. Chinese and foreign customer representatives and readers actively participated in this event, taking this opportunity to exchange industry trends, discuss development concepts, and enhance cooperative relations. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Gao Wei, the Vice President of China Foundry Association and the Chief Editor of Global Casting Magazine. Mr. Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association and Chinese publisher of GCM, and Mr. Thomas Fritsch, CEO of Foundry-planet and publisher of GCM, delivered speeches at the scene and via video. Ten years ago, based on the common concept of cooperation, China Foundry Association, MODERN CASTING magazine and proposed the idea of publishing a Chinese-English bilingual electronic magazine covering Asia, Europe, and the America. The launch ceremony of Global Casting Magazine was successfully held during the GIFA exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany in June 2011. The establishment of the magazine not only meets the development requirements of the internet age, but is also a media specially created by China, the U.S. and Germany to share and transmit information about the global foundry industry. It is an international platform for global foundry companies, industry associations, exhibitions and other related fields. 12

5月28日,《世界铸造》杂志10周年联谊会于“第19 届中国国际铸造博览会(METAL CHINA)”、“第15 届中国国际压铸工业展览会(DIECASTING CHINA)” 期间在上海成功举办。中外客户代表及读者朋友积极参 加了本次活动,借此机会交流行业趋势、畅叙发展理 念、增进合作关系。联谊会由中国铸造协会专务、《 世界铸造》杂志中方主编高巍主持。中国铸造协会会 长、《世界铸造》出品人张立波及德国铸造星球网站 Foundry-planet首席执行官Thomas Fritsch分别在现 场和通过视频致辞。 10年前,基于共同的合作理念,中国铸造协会、美 国铸造协会及德国铸造星球网站Foundry-planet共同 提出合作创办横跨亚洲、欧洲、美洲的中英双语电子 杂志的想法,《世界铸造》杂志的首发仪式于2011年 6月在德国杜塞尔多夫的GIFA展期间成功举办。杂志 的创办不仅符合互联网时代的发展要求,也是中、美、 德三个铸造大国为分享和传递全球铸造业信息专门打 造的媒体,是为全球铸造企业、行业协会和展会等相 关领域提供的一个国际化宣传平台。《世界铸造》杂 志从全球视野出发,涵盖了行业新闻、产品信息、技 术动态、企业专访、专题文章等内容,报道了全球铸





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 Starting from a global perspective, Global Casting Magazine covers industry news, product information, technology trends, corporate interviews and feature articles, etc., and reports on the development status and trends, new products and new technologies of the global foundry industry. In 2011, starting from Dusseldorf, Germany, the footprint of Global Casting Magazine was printed in many corners of the world. It concentrates the competence of three continents to provide the foundry industry with high-end information. From 2021, starting from Shanghai, China, in the new era, new journey, and new development pattern, the magazine will stick to its original aspiration and is determined to help the exchange and cooperation of the global foundry industry. ■

造行业的发展现状和趋势、新产品和新技术,对全球或 地区铸件产量进行发布、对主要铸造市场发展趋势进行 预测和分析。历经十载,杂志已受到越来越多的行业人 士的关注和认可。 2011年,从德国杜塞尔多夫出发,《世界铸造》杂志 的足迹印在了亚洲、欧洲、美洲的很多角落,以“汇集 三大洲的优势,为铸造行业提供最迅速和高端的资讯”为 初心,杂志走过了第一个十年。2021年,从中国上海再次 出发,在新时代、新征程、新格局下,《世界铸造》杂志 将坚守初心,矢志助力全球铸造行业的交流与合作。 ■

Incubator Project of Zhuze Green Foundry Town Starts Groundbreaking 竹箦绿色铸造小镇孵化器项目开工奠基

On May 29, 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Zhuze Green Foundry Town Incubator Project was grandly held. The project is located in the Green Foundry Technology Industrial Park, covering an area of 68.71 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. Following the construction principles of large-scale, intensified, and market-oriented, the project will build the park carrier with high standards and vigorously strengthen the construction of basic public facilities and public service platforms, and improve industrial research and development, inspection and testing, talents cultivation, technical training, consulting services, and logistics guarantee, etc. It marks that Zhuze Town has made another solid step in providing all-round supporting services for enterprises settled in the Green Foundry Technology Industrial Park. ■

2021年5月29日,江苏溧阳竹箦绿色铸造小镇孵 化器项目开工仪式隆重举行。项目位于竹箦绿色铸造 科技产业园,占地68.71亩,总投资5亿元。该项目将 按照规模化、集约化、市场化的原则,高标准建设园 区载体,大力加强园区基础公共设施和公共服务平台 建设,提升产业研发、检验检测、人才培养、技术培 训、咨询服务、后勤保障等能力。该项目标志着竹箦 镇在为绿色铸造科技产业园入驻企业提供全方位配套 服务的道路上又迈出了坚实一步。 ■

LK Group and Wencan Co., Ltd. Signed a Super-Large Intelligent Diecasting Unit and Strategic Cooperation Agreement 力劲集团、文灿股份签署超大型智能压铸单元暨战略合作协议 On May 26, the signing ceremony of the large intelligent diecasting unit and strategic cooperation of LK Group & Wencan Co., Ltd. was held on the first day of METAL CHINA & Diecasting China 2021 in Shanghai. At the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, expressed his warm congratulations to the two groups on behalf of the exhibition organizer. He pointed out that in the context of the development of lightweight automobiles and the widespread application of new energy vehicles and 5G communications, the diecasting industry will usher in an era of rapid development, especially the demand for large-scale diecastings, including automotive structural parts, battery packs, and 5G communication parts, which is an opportunity and also a challenge for the diecasting industry. The strategic cooperation between LK Group and Wencan will not only promote the development of the two groups’ businesses, but will also contribute to the rapid progress in the lightweighting of China’s automotive industry and the development of new energy vehicles. 14

2021年5月26日,在第十九届中国国际铸造博览会、 第十五届中国国际压铸工业展览会&第十五届国际有 色及特种铸造展览会开展首日现场,两大展商力劲集 团与文灿股份举行了超大型智能压铸单元暨战略合作 签约仪式。 签约仪式上,中国铸造协会会长张立波首先代表展 会主办方向两家集团表示热烈祝贺。他指出,在汽车 轻量化发展需求以及新能源汽车和5G通讯广泛应用的 背景下,压铸业又将迎来一个高速发展的时代,特别 是包括汽车结构件、电池包、5G通讯零件等大型压铸 件的需求会越来越多,这对压铸业来说是一个机遇, 也是一个挑战。文灿集团与力劲集团超大型智能压铸 单元的签约和两个集团的战略合作,不仅将促进双方 业务的发展,更将为中国汽车行业轻量化的快速进步





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 The founder of LK Group, Mr. Liu Xiangshang said the rapid development of new energy vehicles and 5G communications has opened up a new era in the development of the diecasting industry. At the same time, the traditional automobile manufacturing model is also undergoing comprehensive innovation. The integrated molding of parts becomes possible. In this signing, Wencan has ordered seven sets of large intelligent diecasting units from LK Group, including two sets of 6,000 tons, three sets of 4,500 tons, one set of 3,500 tons, and one set of 2,800 tons. The X-PRESS series of twoplate diecasting machines are mainly used in the production of new energy automobile-related structural parts, helping the development of Wencan's new energy automobile aluminum alloy diecasting parts and body structural parts manufacturing business. Group and Wencan Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which will further leverage their respective resources and technological advantages and work together to create a good automotive industry development ecology and forge the future together. ■

以及新能源汽车的发展助力,对中国压铸行业的发展、 壮大也必将起到示范作用。 力劲集团创始人刘相尚先生表示,新能源汽车与 5G 通 讯的迅猛发展,开辟了压铸行业发展的新纪元,同时,传 统汽车制造的模式也在经历全面革新,力劲压铸机作为工 业母机,使超大型汽车结构件的一体化成型变为可能。 此次签约,文灿股份向力劲集团订购了7套大型智能压 铸单元,分别为两套6000吨、三套4500吨、一套3500 吨、一套2800吨,均为力劲集团旗下意德拉X-PRESS系 列两板式压铸机,主要应用于新能源汽车相关结构件生 产,助力文灿股份新能源汽车铝合金压铸件、车身结构 件制造事业的发展。 力劲集团、文灿股份战略合作签约,将进一步发挥各 自资源与技术优势,为打造良好的汽车产业发展生态携 手合作,共铸未来。 ■

Hudong Heavy Machinery 1700L Automatic Cold Core Making System 明志科技与沪东重机成功签订1700L大型自动化冷芯盒制芯单 元项目合同 On the heels of a successful collaboration with its subsidiary in 2018 involving a 70L cold core box coremaking project, Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has renewed its trust in Mingzhi Technology by awarding a contract for a "1700L Large Scale Automatic Cold Core Box Core Shooting Machine,” valued at roughly 3.9 million Euro (RMB 30 million). The contract entails a turnkey project with a scope that covers a complete set of coremaking equipment: a cold coremaking system, sand supply and mixing system, exhaust gas treatment system, core making auxiliary system, multifunctional clamping system, sand core coating and drying conveying system, and a complete set of large diesel engine cylinder block core box tooling. The main feature of this project is the uniquely oversized automatic cold core shooting machine, boasting a sand shooting volume of 1700 L and clamping force of 2000 KN, which can load a maximum core box weight of 30000 kg. It can meet the production of extra-large sand cores with a maximum length of 2600mm and maximum width of 2100mm. The 1700 L fully automatic cold core box core making system provided by Mingzhi will be used for the sand core production of large-sized marine diesel engine body components. The project is expected to be commissioned in mid-2022. The signing of this project affirms Hudong Heavy Machinery’s confidence in Mingzhi Technology, which promises to live up to their expectations in building this core-making machinery of outstanding proportions, by combining years of core equipment expertise and demonstrated technical innovation. ■ For more information, please visit:


2021年6月11日,明志科技与沪东重机有限公司成 功签订“1700L大型自动化冷芯盒射芯机项目”合同, 总金额近3000万元人民币,这是继与其子公司在2018 年成功合作70L冷芯盒制芯单元项目后的再次合作。 此次签约的项目为全套设备交钥匙工程,供货范围包 含冷芯盒制芯系统、供砂混砂系统、尾气处理系统、制 芯辅助系统、多功能装夹系统、砂芯上涂料及干燥输送 系统,以及全套大型船用柴油机缸体芯盒工装。该项目 主体设备为一台射砂量1700 L,合模力2000KN的全球 特大型自动化冷芯盒射芯机,可承载最大芯盒重量30000 kg,可满足最大长度2600 mm,最大宽度2100 mm的 特大型砂芯生产,该项目预计将在2022年年中投产。 沪东重机有限公司隶属于中国船舶集团公司,属国 家大型船舶配套企业,主要为中船的柴油机主机厂提 供低、中、高速柴油机关键零部件。此次明志提供的 1700L全自动冷芯盒制芯系统,将用于大型船用柴油 机机身零部件的砂芯/型生产。 该项目的成功签署是沪东重机对于与明志科技前期合 作的充分肯定与信任,明志科技将不负客户重托,结合 多年技术沉淀以及技术创新能力,确保项目获得圆满成 功,登上全球大型制芯设备的顶峰。 ■ 更多信息,请访问



High-End and Splendid: A Dialogue Between China and Europe 高端、精彩——中欧铸造业的对话

Under the background that the pandemic persists and face-to-face communication of the international foundry industry is hindered, on May 28th, China Foundry Association and Foundry-Planet jointly held the China-EU Foundry Industry Exchange and Cooperation Forum at METAL CHINA 2021 in Shanghai, with the theme of "Exchanging and exploring the status and cooperation of China-EU foundry Industry." Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Foundry Association, Mr. Fabrizio Carmagnini, Secretary-General of AMAFOND, Mr. Thomas Fritsch, CEO of Foundry-Planet, Mr. Zhu Jianxun, Vice President of Shengquan Group, Mr. Peter Holm Larsen, President of NORICAN Group, Mr. Till Schreiter, CEO of ABP Induction Systems, Dr. Carsten Kuhlgatz from HA, and Mr. Rubén Ezquerro, General manager of Loramendi/ Aurrenak Asia Pacific, delivered speeches respectively. After the splendid speeches, there were three inspired reports. Mr. Gao Wei, vice president of China Foundry Association, made a report on Data Release of China's Foundry Industry in 2020 and Introduction to the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Foundry Industry at the site. Dr. Timo Würz, Managing Director, VDMA Metallurgy, shared the situation and development trend of European machinery industry. Dr. Fynn-Willem Lohe, Secretary General of CAEF-The European Foundry Association, delivered a report on the current European foundry situation and the economic outlook. Both Dr. Würz and Dr. Lohe made presentations via video. This event was held online and onsite and was the first China-EU foundry industry conference held after the pandemic broke out. In the future, China Foundry Association will continue to strengthen the international exchange, and provide a broader platform for the international exchange and cooperation of the Chinese foundry industry. ■

在全球新冠疫情仍旧延续、国际铸造业的面对面交流 受阻的背景下,5月28日,中国铸造协会携手德国铸造 星球网站(Foundry-planet)在“第19届中国国际铸 造博览会”期间成功举办了以“交流中欧铸造业合作、 探索后疫情时代铸造业发展方向”为主题的“中欧铸造 业交流合作论坛”。 会议邀请到中国铸造协会执行副会长兼秘书长张志 勇先生、意大利铸造设备供应商协会秘书长Fabrizio Carmagnini先生、德国铸造星球网站(Foundr y planet)CEO Thomas Fritsch先生、圣泉集团副总裁 祝建勋先生、 诺瑞肯集团总裁Peter Holm Larsen先 生、ABP感应电炉公司CEO Till Schreiter先生、欧区 爱的Carsten Kuhlgatz博士、洛拉门迪亚太区总经理 Rubén Ezquerro先生分别致辞。 精彩纷呈且国际范十足的致辞之后,迎来了三个重 量级报告。中国铸造协会专务高巍做了《2020年中国 铸造行业数据发布及铸造行业“十四五”简介》的精彩 报告,德国机械设备制造业联合会冶金分会会长Timo Würz博士就欧洲机械行业发展现状及趋势做了精彩分 享,欧洲铸造协会秘书长Fynn-Willem Lohe博士做了 《欧洲铸造业发展现状及展望》的精彩报告。 本次活动以线上和线下两种方式举办,是疫情以来举 办的首次中欧铸造业交流活动。今后,中国铸造协会还 将继续加强铸造业的国际交流活动,为中国铸造业的国 际交流与合作提供更为广阔的平台。 ■

Rheinmetall Successfully Develops Key Components For Fuel Cell Systems: Sample Orders For Cathode Shut-Off Valves 莱茵金属成功开发燃料电池系统的关键部件阴极截止阀并获得订单 Developing fuel cell-powered engines is one of the automotive industry’s top priorities. As an important technology partner of leading automakers, Rheinmetall AG and its subsidiary Pierburg GmbH are eager to do their part in perfecting fuel cell technology. Rheinmetall is therefore stepping up its development efforts in this area and currently working on a number of innovative components for advanced drive solutions. In the process, the Group is bring-

开发燃料电池驱动的发动机 是汽车行业的首要任务之一。作 为领先汽车制造商的重要技术合 作伙伴,莱茵金属及其子公司皮 尔博格渴望为完善燃料电池技术 做出自己的贡献。因此,莱茵金 属公司正在推进该领域的开发工 作,目前正在开发很多用于高级 驱动解决方案的创新组件。 在此过程中,莱茵金属集团



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 ing to bear comprehensive know-how in the field of actuators gained by Pierburg over more than four decades. Today the Neuss, Germany-based company is a globally successful, highly regarded supplier of control, bypass and shut-off valves, some of which are also necessary for alternative drive systems. Pierburg has now booked sample orders from a prominent North-American customer for several hundred prototypes of a cathode shut-off valve. The company now expects to see nominations for full-scale production orders from other customers during the course of the year. In order to meet various customer requirements regarding utilization, package and interfaces, Pierburg engineers systematically adhered to a modular approach, while simultaneously fulfilling future application needs. For example, the product range now includes valves for fuel cells with an electric output of up to 200 kilowatts. Furthermore, the company offers numerous variants of the basic design of its complete array of currently available electric actuators and interfaces. This makes it possible to meet practically any customer requirement. Particularly with regard to shut-off valves, which isolate the fuel cell stack on the cathode side at the inlet and outlet points from the surrounding environment, the low leakage required for use with operating times of up to 12,000 hours has been successfully verified. Now under development, a new generation should increase the lifespan even further, bringing the number of operating hours in commercial vehicles and stationary applications to at least 20,000. ■

将运用皮尔博格40多年来在制动器领域获得的全面 的专业知识。今天,这家总部位于德国诺伊斯的公司 已成为全球成功、备受推崇的控制阀、旁通阀和截止 阀供应商,其中一些产品是替代驱动系统所必需的。 皮尔博格现在已经从一家著名的北美客户获得了数 百个阴极截止阀原型的样件订单。公司预计将在年内 收到来自其他客户的全面生产订单。 为了满足客户在使用、封装和接口方面的各种要 求,皮尔博格的工程师系统地坚持模块化方法,同时 满足未来的应用需求。例如,现在的产品范围包括用 于电力输出高达200千瓦的燃料电池阀门。此外,该 公司还提供其当前可用的电动制动器和接口的全系列 的基本设计的多种变体,使得公司几乎可以满足任何 客户的要求。 尤其是截止阀,它在入口和出口点将阴极侧的燃 料电池堆与周围环境隔离,已成功验证使用时间长达 12,000小时所需的低泄漏。目前,正在开发中的新一 代产品应该进一步延长使用寿命,使商用车和静止应 用的运行小时数至少达到 20,000 小时。 ■

The Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG) Has a New President 德国铸造协会(BDG)选出新一任会长 Clemens Küpper was elected for the next three years until 2024 at the digital BDG general meeting on May 27th. As the BDG and Gießerei Online report, Clemens Küpper follows Dr. Erwin Flender, who had held the office since 2012. “The German foundry industry offers highly qualified work to more than 70,000 employees. It is innovative, proud, powerful and globally competitive - it is important to maintain this strength even in the face of the challenges ahead. In particular, the path to climate neutrality will be challenging for our industry. The BDG has developed an extensive future program for this. In close collaboration with BDG General Manager Max Schumacher, I will work with all my might to lead 18

Clemens Küpper 在5月27 日的德国铸造协会(BDG) 大会上当选新一届会长,任 期3年。 正如 BDG 和 Gießerei在线 的报道,Clemens Küpper将 接替自2012年以来担任会长的 Erwin Flender博士。 就 任 期 内 的 核 心 工 作,Küpper表示:“德国铸 造业为7万多名员工提供高品 质的工作岗位,是具有创新性 的、具有自豪感和全球竞争力 的工作岗位,即使在未来的挑战面前,继续保持其实 力也很重要。特别是,气候中和之路对铸造业是一个 挑战。BDG为此制定了全面的未来发展计划。我将与


INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 our industry into the future, ” says Küpper as the core content of his presidency. Background: Clemens Küpper learned the profession of foundry mechanic and completed studies in Duisburg and Bielefeld as a foundry engineer (Dipl.Ing.) and industrial engineer (Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.). He is the spokesman for the management of the Baumgarte iron foundry in Bielefeld-Brackwede. Clemens Küpper was born in 1967, born in Bielefeld, married and has three children. ■

BDG秘书长Max Schumacher密切合作,竭尽全力引领 我们的行业走向未来”。 背景:Clemens Küpper学习铸造机械专业,并在 杜伊斯堡和比勒费尔德完成了铸造工程师(Dipl.-Ing.) 和工业工程师(Dipl.-Wir t.-Ing.)的学习。他是比勒 费尔德-布拉克韦德Baumgarte铸铁厂管理层的发言 人。Clemens Küpper1967年出生于比勒费尔德,已 婚并育有三个孩子。 ■

35 Years Loramendi Germany and New Managing Director for Loramendi & Aurrenak 罗拉门迪(德国)公司成立35周年并迎来新任总经理 The Year 2020 Was A Very Special Year For Loramendi, Especially In Germany. In one of our most important markets, we were able to celebrate our 35th anniversary after the foundation of Loramendi Germany in 1985. Since the very first day, we have attached great importance to the best possible customer orientation and the development of long-term partnership relationships with our customers and suppliers. In order to further improve this customer service and to expand our market position, we were able to win Dr. Oliver Vogt as a new managing director for our company. He took over the management of our Loramendi Vertriebs GmbH team with effect from 01.02.2020. In this function, he is responsible for

2020年对于罗拉门迪公司来说是非常特殊的一 年,尤其是其德国公司。 罗拉门迪德国公司于1985年成立,我们能够在我 们最重要的市场庆祝公司成立35周年。因为从成立第 一天起,我们就非常重视以客户为导向,并且与我们 的客户和供应商建立长期合作伙伴关系。 为了进一步改善客户服务并扩大我们的市场地 位,我们成功邀请Oliver Vogt博士作为公司的新任 董事总经理。从2020年2月1日起,他接管了Loramendi Vertriebs公司。他负责罗拉门迪公司在德国



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 the areas of core production, vertical molding and 3D printing for Loramendi in Germany & Central Europe. In addition, he has been assigned responsibility for our complete Aurrenak activities for this region. With Dr. Vogt, we have been able to gain a manager with both technical and commercial experience for Loramendi and Aurrenak. He has been working successfully in the foundry industry for 20 years in leading positions in development, production and sales. In addition to his most recent position as sales manager of an aluminium foundry, he was responsible for the overall commercial management of a machining site for cast components. In addition to his strong customer orientation, he brings with him many years of management experience as well as well-founded industry expertise and has a correspondingly broad network. In addition to the further optimisation of our customer relationships, one of our common goals is to exploit the advantages of the synergies of Loramendi & Aurrenak Group for our customers in the best possible way. Loramendi and Aurrenak, both headquartered in Vitoria, Basque Country, are part of the Mondragón Group, a cooperative organisation, and have been global leaders in the foundry world for 50 years. Through the synergies of the Group, the know-how of core production and tooling technology is combined in a way that is unique in the market, to the benefit of our customers. Other very future-oriented fields of work are the expansion of our product portfolio, in areas like electrification, as well as the systematic implementation and expansion of 3D core printing technology for large-scale industrial applications. In the first mentioned field of work, we are pleased to report that further orders for electric motor components have been won, and significant progress has been made also in the industrial 3D printing of cores together with our partners Voxeljet and ASK. Not to forget in addition the impressive improvements in industry 4.0 assuring our customers having the best profit out of our equipment. Based on these positive developments, both organisationally and technically, as well as the many years of very trusting cooperation with almost all OEMs and many well-known foundries in the global environment, Loramendi & Aurrenak sees itself very well equipped for the future. ■


和中欧的制芯生产、垂直 造型线和3D打印业务。 此外,他还负责AK模 具公司在该地区的所有 业务。 在 Vo g t 博 士 的 带 领 下,公司为罗拉门迪和 AK模具公司找到了一位 技术和商业经验兼具的 经理。他在铸造行业工 作了20年,在研发、生 产和销售方面有丰富的 经验。除了担任一家铝 铸造厂的销售经理外,他还负责铸件的机加工厂 的综合管理。 他不仅具有强烈的客户导向意识,还带来了多年 的管理经验以及扎实的行业专业知识,并拥有相对 广泛的关系网络。 除进一步优化我们的客户关系外,我们的共同目 标之一是以尽可能最好的方式使我们的客户充分利 用罗拉门迪和AK模具集团的协同优势。总部位于 巴斯克地区维多利亚的罗拉门迪公司和AK模具是 Mondragón集团的一部分,并且50年来一直是铸 造领域的全球领导者。通过集团公司的协同效应, 制芯生产和模具技术的专业知识相结合,在行业中 是独一无二的,使我们的客户受益。 其他面向未来的工作领域包括在电气化等领域 的产品组合的扩展,以及用于大规模工业应用的 3D 砂芯打印技术的系统实施和扩展。在提到的第 一个领域,我们骄傲地宣布,公司已经赢得了更多 的电机组件订单,并且与合作伙伴 Voxeljet和ASK 在工业3D打印砂芯方面也取得了重大进展。此外, 工业4.0的发展显著,将确保我们的客户从公司设备 中获得最大利润。 基于公司组织和技术方面的积极进展,以及多年 来与全球范围内几乎所有原始设备制造商和很多知 名铸造厂的互信合作,罗拉门迪和AK模具公司已为 未来做好了充分的准备。


Cast Magnesium Foam for Energy Absorption and Bone Regrowth Low-cost cast magnesium foam could open new markets in biomedical applications as well as transportation systems. hannah ullberg, kaustubh rane, amir kordijazi, and pradeep rohatgi, university of wisconsin

– milwaukee

用于吸能和骨骼再生的铸造泡沫镁 低成本的铸造泡沫镁可以在生物医学应用和运输行业开辟新的市场。 威斯康辛大学密尔沃基分校 Hannah Ullberg, Kaustubh Rane, Amir Kordijazi和 Pradeep Rohatgi


ngineers and research scientists have been exploring lightweight energy absorbing materials for applications in vehicles to reduce injuries sustained in crashes. Aluminum foams have been used in several automobiles so far, but the lower density of magnesium makes it attractive as a potential material for foam casting, as well. In a recent study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), a pressure infiltration process was used to synthesize magnesium alloy closed cell syntactic foams incorporating silicon carbide and alumina microballoons. According to the experimental results, when these syntactic foams are deformed above a certain stress, the hollow microballoons incorporated in the matrix of alloys start to collapse and a plateau in stress is observed until very large strains occur—leading to high energy absorption in these syntactic foams. In addition, the novel process was used to further examine

Fig 1. Cross-section morphologies of the LAMed ZK61 are depicted.

了减轻事故中的伤害,工程师和技术人员一 直在寻找应用于汽车轻量化的吸能材料。到 目前为止,已经有几款汽车在使用泡沫铝,

但镁的密度更低,使其作为潜在的铸造泡沫材料也很有 吸引力。威斯康辛大学密尔沃基分校(UWM)的技术人 员在最近的一项研究中,利用压力渗透工艺合成了含有 碳化硅和氧化铝空心微珠的镁合金闭孔聚合泡沫。根据 实验结果,当应力达到一定水平,这些合成泡沫开始变 形时,合金基质中的空心微珠开始坍塌,在非常大的应 变发生之前,可以观察到应力的平台期——这就是这些 合成泡沫可以吸收高能量的原因。 另外,这个新工艺还被进一步研究泡沫镁在生物医学

图1:描述了LAMed ZK61的 横截面形态。



图2:泡沫设计2(左)采用方孔 设计,设计4(右)采用圆柱孔 设计。

Fig 2: Foam Design 2 (left) was designed with cuboid pores and Design 4 (right) was designed with cylindrical pores.

magnesium foams’ applicability for biomedical applications, such as scaffolds for bone regrowth. Based on the case study, magnesium foams appear to be very promising for resolvable scaffolds, and casting the foams appears to be a promising route for making these scaffolds. Additionally, pressure infiltration of plaster molds with a polymer-invested pattern has been used to synthesize magnesium with open porosity suitable for bone growth scaffolds.


Healing Segmental Bone Defects


A bone break that is too large to be healed naturally is called a segmental bone defect. These defects are healed using techniques beyond natural bone regrowth. One method involves a bone graft, which takes nonessential bone tissue from one body part to be used at the bone break site. This method has many limitations, such as infection risk, accessibility of donor bone, mismatch of shape between the donor bone and break site, and the surgeon’s ability to shape the donor bone as necessary. Other methods involve man-made materials such as bioceramics or polymers as implants. These materials were created with porosity to promote bone cell growth in the matrix but the porous shapes did not provide the strength requirements necessary to mimic bone strength as it undergoes daily loading and unloading conditions. Additionally, some were not able to maintain the nutrient transportation, had high degradation rates, or released toxins in a biological environment.

Fig 3. Pictured is the CAD model of new ceramic mold shape. Red is the foam shape, green is the basin for the magnesium, and orange is the holder for the foam, basin, and liquid plaster.


基于相关案例研究,用泡沫镁做支架似乎是非常 有前途的解决方案,而铸造泡沫似乎是制造这些支 架的很有前景的方法。此外,石膏型压力渗流法已 被用于合成适合骨生长支架的具有开放的孔隙度的 泡沫镁。

创口太大而不能自然愈合的骨断裂被称为节段性 骨缺损。类似这样缺损的愈合所应用的技术,超越 了自然的骨再生。一种方法是骨移植,它从身体某 个部位提取非必要的骨组织,用于骨断裂部位。这 种方法有许多局限性,如感染风险、供体骨的可及 性、供体骨和断裂部位之间的形状不匹配,以及外 科医生在必要时塑造供体骨的能力。其他方法包括 人工材料,如生物陶瓷或聚合物作为植入物。这些 材料具有孔隙率,以促进骨细胞在基质中的生长, 但多孔形状没有提供模拟骨强度所需的强度要求, 因为它经历了日常的加载和卸载条件。此外,一些

图3:新型陶瓷模具形状的CAD模 型。红色是泡沫的形状,绿色是镁 的盆,橙色是泡沫、盆和液体石膏 的支架。


Fig 4. Pictured is the pre-cast magnesium billet inside the designed basin of the ceramic mold.


As an alternative to ceramics or polymers, metals are preferred in load bearing applications due to their strength, ductility, resistance to failure and biocompatibility. Biocompatibility is a main factor in the material selection process, as rejection of the implant by the body can cause a multitude of problems with the patient’s recovery. Permanent bone implants are widely used to repair large injuries. However, drawbacks include permanent irritation, stress shielding, possible secondary surgery requirement, and the inability to adapt to growth. Biodegradable implants allow for regrowth of tissue, allow for vascularization of the area, reduce need for secondary surgery by dissolving completely as the implant area regrows bone, and reduce stress shielding. Stress shielding happens when the bone matter around an implant experiences lower proportion of loading due to the higher strength of the implant. It then loses density and therefore strength. A bone implant must exhibit mechanical properties similar to bone tissue to avoid this phenomenon. The strength requirement for optimal bone implants was found to be 100150MPa along the axis. Many materials are used as bone implants, such as titanium, zinc, stainless steel or cobalt-chromium. These, however, may introduce toxins into the body, cause inflammation, and mismatch the elastic modulus of bone. Magnesium presents the most compatible physical and mechanical properties, which reduces stress shielding and increases the probability of a successful implantation. This metal has been researched in labs as a bone scaffold but is not commercially available. The main drawback of magnesium in the environ-

材料无法维持营养物质的运输,降解率高,或在生 物环境中释放毒素。 作为陶瓷或聚合物的替代品,金属由于其强度、延 展性、耐失效和生物相容性而在承载应用中是首选。 生物相容性是材料选择过程中的主要因素,因为如果 身体拒绝植入物,会在患者的恢复过程中引发许多问 题。永久性骨植入被广泛用于修复大型损伤。然而, 缺点包括永久性刺激、应力屏蔽、可能的二次手术以 及无法适应生长。 可生物降解的植入物能够让组织再生,能够使作 用区域血管化,通过植入物在骨再生时完全溶解,减 少二次手术的环节,并减少应力屏蔽。当植入物周围 的骨物质由于植入物的强度较高时,就会发生应力屏 蔽。然后,因此失去了密度和强度。骨植入物必须表 现出与骨组织相似的力学性能,以避免这种现象。最 佳骨植入物的强度要求沿轴线为100-150mpa。 许多材料被用作骨植入物,如钛、锌、不锈钢或 钴铬。然而,这些物质可能会将毒素带入体内,引起 炎症,并导致骨骼的弹性模量不匹配。镁具有最兼容 的物理和力学性能,减少了应力屏蔽,增加了成功植 入的概率。这种金属作为骨骼支架在实验室进行了研

Table 1. Comparison of foam trial dimensions Foam Design Number 1

Length (mm) 17

Width (mm) 17

Height (mm) 17













Pore Shape Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Circular

Pore Size (mm) 1 1.5 2 2



Fig 5. Shown is the setup of steel tube with steel cab for near vacuum infiltration.

ment of the human body is a high rate of corrosion leading to large amounts of hydrogen bubble accumulation due to the cathodic reaction of magnesium with water during corrosion. New techniques to understand this corrosion in vivo remain under development. The rapid corrosion can be slowed by changing the elemental composition such as adding rare earth metals or also by coating the magnesium with other materials. Despite rapid corrosion, scientists have measured the occurrence of an osteoblastic response as magnesium degrades in a biological environment. Future work on the biocompatibility of foams would include slowing corrosion rate and exactly matching mechanical properties. For the application of a dissolvable insert to promote bone regrowth, a porous shape would provide the needed strength as well as increase the sites for bone cell growth. These scaffolds should also provide possibilities for nutrient transport. A porous bone scaffold was found to have porosity values ranging from 60%–90% for optimal bone regrowth

Fig 6. Pictured is (a) the as-cast magnesium foam with ceramic remaining in pores and (b) a completed foam made by N. Kirkland.


图5:钢管与钢驾驶室接近真空 的渗透设置。

究,但还没有推向市场。镁在人体环境中的主要缺点 是在腐蚀过程中镁与水发生阴极反应,导致大量的氢 气泡积累。了解这种体内腐蚀的新技术仍在开发中。 通过改变元素组成,如添加稀土金属或用其他材料涂 覆镁,也可以减缓快速腐蚀。尽管腐蚀迅速,科学家 们已经测量了在生物环境中镁降解时成骨细胞反应的 发生。未来关于泡沫生物相容性的工作将包括减缓腐 蚀速率和完全匹配的力学性能。 为了应用可降解的植入物来促进骨再生,需要多孔 形状的支架提供所需的强度,并增加骨细胞生长的部 位。这些支架也应该为营养输送提供可能性。多孔骨 支架的孔隙率为60%-90%,以获得最佳的骨再生, 孔径平均大于150-μm。如果设计正确,开放式的泡

图6:(a)现铸镁泡沫和陶瓷残留在孔隙和 (b)N.Kirkland制造的完整泡沫。


Fig.7. Shown is the maximum deformation of the simulated Design 4 foam at 150MPa applied from the top. Red denotes areas of maximum deformation ranging to blue, which denotes the least deformation.

图7:所示为模拟设计4泡沫在150MPa处的最大变形。红 色表示最大变形区域,蓝色表示变形最小。

with the pore size averaging larger than 150-μm. An open cell magnesium foam could meet these conditions if correctly designed. CAD programs are becoming popular to design and simulate scaffold structures to optimize the shape before physical samples are made.


Magnesium Foam Production Methods Many magnesium foam production methods have been investigated. For example, laser additive manufacturing (LAM) has been used to produce porous magnesium alloy WE43 and Mg-Zn-Zr ZK61 alloys (Fig. 1). LAM consists primarily of laser melting deposition (LMD) and selective laser melting (SLM). Since the cooling rate can be as high as 103–104 K/s during the LAM process, small grains of metal parts result, which can improve the mechanical properties of the materials. LAM can produce complex parts with high precision and purity. Additionally, the production cycle is short, and no post-processing is needed. The adjustment of the laser processing parameters allows the control of the pore size. However, this process is likely to be costly compared to casting, and the production rate will be low; plus, reproducibility will need to be established. Other methods include powder metallurgy, spacer casting, pressure foaming, and 3D printing of foams. In this study at UWM, a pressure infiltration using a ceramic mold as a spacer was designed and trialed. The novel pressure infiltration technique infiltrates magnesium alloy melts into a plaster mold made by pouring liquid plaster around a 3D printed PLA open cell foam, which is evaporated upon heating, leaving a porous plaster mold. The porous plaster mold is placed in pressure infiltration equipment where AZ91D magnesium alloy is melted and pressure-infiltrated into the porous plaster


泡沫镁制备方法 泡沫镁有许多种制备方法。例如,激光增材制造 (LAM)已被用于生产多孔镁合金WE43和Mg-Zn-Zr ZK61合金(图1)。LAM主要由激光熔化沉积(LMD)和 选择性激光熔化(SLM)组成。由于在模拟过程中,冷 却速率可高达103-104k/s,从而细化金属部件的晶 粒,可以提高材料的力学性能。LAM可以生产高精 度、高纯度的复杂零件。另外,生产周期较短,不需 要后处理。激光处理参数的调整能够控制孔隙率和孔 径。然而,与铸造相比,这种工艺成本高昂,而且产 量很低,此外,还需要建立重现性。 其他方法包括粉末冶金、脉冲电流铸造、压力发泡 和3D打印泡沫。本研究在威斯康辛大学密尔沃基分 校设计并试验了以陶瓷模具为间隔的压力渗透技术。 新的压力渗透技术渗透镁合金熔入一个石膏型,将液 体石膏倒在3D打印的开放细胞泡沫周围,加热后蒸 发,留下多孔石膏模型。将多孔灰模放置在压力渗透 设备中,将AZ91D镁合金熔化并将压力渗透到多孔灰 模中。熔融的镁凝固形成泡沫镁。将石膏从铸件中移 除,留下泡沫镁。



mold. The molten magnesium solidifies to form the magnesium foam. The plaster is removed from the casting, leaving the magnesium foam.

Open Cell Magnesium Alloy Foam Using Pressure Infiltration In the UWM pressure infiltration study, foam shapes were designed using CAD software. Four blocks, with dimensions shown in Table 1, were virtually designed. The shapes were created with interconnected holes, or pores. Foam Designs 1, 2 and 3 were designed with cuboid pores while Foam Design 4 was designed with cylindrical pores (Fig. 2). Previous trials exhibited a difficult extraction process of the cast sample from the furnace equipment. The problem arose from molten magnesium spilling between the ceramic mold and the furnace equipment. To combat this, a new shape of ceramic shell was designed using the same CAD software as the foams. This new design allowed for a basin in which the molten magnesium could remain until pressure was applied. Shown in Figure 3, the green cone basin and red foam fit inside the orange cylinder holder and the ceramic would take the negative shape. Figure 4 exemplifies how the magnesium fits into the cone basin. All foam designs and new ceramic shell shapes were 3D printed using PLA material. The pore size of foam Design 3 was too large for accurate 3D printing and could not be used for the subsequent experimental procedures. Powdered calcium sulfate, (Plaster of Paris) was used as the ceramic mold material. The mixture, prepared as per container instructions, was poured into the shell shape, which included the basin area and foam shape. Immediately following this, all parts were placed in a sonicating machine to ensure complete distribution of ceramic slurry through the entire foam matrix. Each sonicated mold was then allowed to set for 24 hours. Next, the molds were sintered in a furnace with a programmed ramp burn-out cycle intended to first remove any remaining water, then melt and burn the PLA, and finally to sinter the ceramic. Each mold was placed upside down onto a casting filter to allow melted PLA material space to run out of the ceramic mold, ensuring little ash buildup inside the mold. Pressure infiltration of preforms with molten magnesium alloy was executed. This method forms near-net-shaped castings of the mold shape as shown in Figure 5. The sintered molds had small billets of magnesium placed into the basin. The mold was then placed into the furnace, which was then sealed and evacuated of air for 10 minutes. Air evacuation continued as the furnace was heated to 650C and held at this temperature for 10, 20, or 30 minutes as melting time was considered a variable. The air evacuation was halted, and argon gas was slowly released into the chamber, until a pressure of 150 psi was reached. This pressure was held for 10 minutes. Finally, the furnace was turned off, allowed to cool naturally, then vented of pressure, in this order, to ensure the molten magnesium did not burn. After removal of the sample from the ceramic mold, 26

采用压力浸渗方式制备开孔镁合金泡沫 在威斯康辛大学密尔沃基分校的压力渗透研究 中,使用CAD软件设计泡沫形状。实际上设计了四 个方块,尺寸如表1所示。这些形状是由相互连接的 孔洞或孔隙形成的。泡沫设计1、2和3采用长方体 孔,泡沫设计4采用圆柱形孔。(图2) 先前的试验表明,从炉体装置中取出铸造样品的 过程很困难。这个问题是由于熔融的镁在陶瓷型和 熔炉设备之间溢出而引起的。为了应对这一问题, 我们使用与泡沫相同的CAD软件设计了一种新形状 的陶瓷外壳。这种新设计使熔融的镁合金保持在熔 池中,直到施加压力。如图3所示,绿色圆筒熔池和 红色泡沫适合橙色圆柱支架,陶瓷呈负形状。图4举 例说明了镁是如何融入锥形熔池的。 所有的泡沫设计和新的陶瓷外壳形状都使用PLA 材料进行了3D打印。泡沫设计3的孔径太大,无法 精确打印,不能用于后续的实验程序。 采用硫酸钙粉(巴黎石膏)作为陶瓷型壳材料。 根据容器说明制备的混合物,倒入壳形状,包括熔 池面积和泡沫形状。随后,所有零件被放置在超声 设备中,以确保陶瓷浆料通过整个泡沫基质完全分 布。然后让每个经过超声处理的型壳静置24小时。 接下来,铸型在炉内烧结,并有编程的斜坡燃 烧循环,旨在首先去除任何剩余的水,然后熔化和 燃烧,最后烧结陶瓷。每个铸型都被倒置在一个铸 造过滤器上,以使熔化的PLA材料尽可能流出陶瓷 型,确保型内很少有灰烬堆积。 用熔融的镁合金对预成型物进行了压力渗透。该 方法形成如图5所示的近网状铸件,烧结的镁坯。 然后将模具放入炉子中,然后密封,排出空气10分 钟。当炉被加热到650度,并在这个温度下保持10 、20或30分钟,因为熔化时间被认为是一个变量。 空气疏散被停止,氩气被慢慢地释放到腔室中,直 到达到150psi的压力。这个压力保持了10分钟。最 后,关闭炉子,自然冷却,然后按这个顺序排出压 力,以确保熔融的镁不会燃烧。 从陶瓷模具中去除样品后,模具材料留在泡沫基 质的孔中,如图6所示。虽然用精细工具手工刮取 很容易去除,但这将很耗时。我们尝试进行了一种


material of the mold remained in the pores of the foam matrix, as seen in Figure 6. Though this could have easily been removed by scraping by hand with fine tools, this would be time consuming. A chemical removal process was attempted. Sodium bicarbonate was found to degrade the ceramic mold material without degrading the magnesium structure. However, the sodium bicarbonate needed to be in solution or suspension to evenly degrade the ceramic material on all surfaces. Water degrades magnesium; therefore, isopropyl alcohol was initially tested as a carrier for the sodium bicarbonate suspension. The isopropyl alcohol, sodium bicarbonate and foam structure were placed onto a magnetic stirring machine for one hour. The foam was then removed and placed into a fresh suspension and allowed to mix for another hour. A solution of water and sodium bicarbonate was tested for effectiveness in the same way.

Case Study Results on Open Cell Foam Made at UWM Foam structures were successfully designed and 3D printed with controllable porosities ranging from 42%–57%. The new mold design allowed the furnace equipment to be consistently reusable as well as allowed for cracked molds to be used. These aspects lower the cost of the production process. As mentioned previously, harsh chemicals are difficult to work with and expensive. This technique does not use harsh chemicals and is therefore safer and more cost effective than other methods of creating a porous foam structure. The two different trials to remove the excess ceramic from the foam pores yielded no results. The excess ceramic was not able to be removed by these methods in the timeframe stated. Finite element analysis was performed on a model magnesium foam structure of foam Design 4. Compression tests were performed to understand how the foam would reach under loading conditions sustained by human bone. Simulations were run with a force of 150MPa at a slow rate. Results showed a maximum deformation of 0.23 mm of the foam structure in the direction of the force (Fig. 7). This low value is promising as small deformation values are ideal for this foam structure under compression to accurately simulate human bone. Stress concentration points were analyzed as well. The circular pores aided in load distribution and minimizing stress concentrating areas. This minimizes the risk of foam failure under stress due to foam shape design. Foam designs were created using a CAD program with controllable porosities up to 57%. The mold shape was optimized to enable furnace equipment reuse. Successful investment casting and melt introduction to the mold created a low-cost magnesium foam. Simulated compression tests show the magnesium foam mimics bone tissue properties as minimal deformation occurs. ■

化学去除过程。发现碳酸氢钠可以降解陶瓷模具 材料而不降解镁结构。然而,碳酸氢钠需要放在 溶液或悬浮液中,才能均匀地降解所有表面的陶 瓷材料。水降解镁;因此,异丙醇最初作为碳酸 氢钠悬浮液的载体进行了测试。将异丙醇、碳酸 氢钠和泡沫结构放置在磁性搅拌机上1小时。然后 将泡沫移除,放入新鲜的悬浮液中,再混合一个 小时。用同样的方法测试了水的碳酸氢钠溶液和 碳酸氢钠溶液的有效性。

在威斯康辛大学密尔沃基分校开孔泡沫制备的 研究结果 泡沫结构设计成功,3D打印,孔隙率可控在 42%-57%之间。 新的铸型设计使熔炉设备可以重复使用,甚 至允许使用开裂的铸型。在这些方面降低了生产的 成本。如前所述,苛刻的化学物质很难使用,而且 也很昂贵。这种技术不使用苛刻的化学物质,因此 比其他创建多孔泡沫结构的方法更安全、更具成本 效益。从泡沫孔中去除多余陶瓷的两种不同试验没 有得到任何结果。在规定的时间框架内,这些方法 无法去除多余的陶瓷。 对泡沫设计的镁泡沫结构模型进行了有限元分 析4。进行了压缩试验,以了解泡沫在人骨承受的 加载条件下如何达到。模拟以150英里的慢速度运 行。结果表明,泡沫结构在力方向上的最大变形为 0.23mm(图7)。这种低值是有希望的,因为小变 形值是理想的这种泡沫结构在压缩下,以准确模拟 人骨。对应力浓度点也进行了分析。圆形孔隙有助 于负荷分布和最小化应力集中区域。这使泡沫形状 设计降低了泡沫形状设计在应力下失效的风险。 泡沫设计是使用CAD程序创建的,可控孔隙率 高达57%。对模具形状进行了优化,使炉膛设备能 够重复使用。成功的投资铸造和熔体引入的模具创 造了一个低成本的镁泡沫。模拟压缩试验表明,镁 泡沫模拟骨组织性能。 ■ 本文基于最初发表在2021年美国金属铸造大会上的论 文“铸造泡沫镁进行能量吸收和骨再生”(论文21052)。

This article is based on the paper “Cast Magnesium Foam for Energy Absorption and Bone Regrowth,” (Paper 21-052) originally presented at the 2021 Metalcasting Congress.



METAL CHINA 2021: Full Recovery, Boost Confidence, Face the Future 全面复苏、提振信心、面向未来——METAL CHINA 2021 Report


rom May 26-28, 2021, the 19th China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA), the 15th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition (DIECASTING CHINA) & the 15th International Nonferrous and Special Casting Exhibition has been successfully held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). During the three-day exhibition period, the 78,000 square meters gathered more than 860 well-known domestic and foreign companies. The on-site visits reached 96,186 and the online visits reached 223,448. The quality of trade visitors has been further improved. The event included several highlights, exhibiting of smart, green, and environmentally friendly products, the integration of information technology and traditional technique; the 1,850t diecasting machine, which is the highest record exhibited at the show, and a series of supporting programs, such as signing ceremonies of a 9,000t diecasting machine, interpretation of the latest policies, theme forums covering various product technologies; display of 3D printing, innovative technology, squeeze casting, low-pressure casting, local exhibition groups and foundry culture and other special exhibition areas.

Green technology leads industry innovation progress In response to climate change, China has proposed that carbon dioxide emissions will reach a peak by 2030 and realize the carbon neutral by 2060. Foundry companies’ attention to green and environmental protection has increased to a new level. Aiming at the urgent need for sustainable development in the current metal industry market, many exhibitors have brought green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly products, focusing more on materials, processes, technology and quality, with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing pollution, focusing on benefits and applications, and attracting more visitors to negotiate.

Feature exhibition areas focus on industry hotspots To further focus on the needs of enterprises and industry hotspots, the exhibition set up nine major exhibition areas, including intelligent manufacturing and robot exhibition area, casting innovation experience area, testing instrument exhibition area, safety and environmental protection 28


021年5月28日,为期3天的第十九届中国国际 铸造博览会、第十五届中国国际压铸工业展览 会&第十五届国际有色及特种铸造展览会在国

家会展中心(上海)完美收官。 3天的展期内,78000平米的展出面积,聚集了 860余家中外知名企业,实际到场观众达96186人 次,线上观众达223448人次,专业观众质量较以往有 了进一步提升。 从智能、绿色、环保的亮眼产品,到信息技术与传 统铸造的融合应用;从1850吨压铸机实体展出的最高 纪录,到以9000吨压铸机现场签约等系列活动;从解 读最新政策信息,到覆盖产品技术的主题论坛;从3D 打印、创新体验、挤压铸造、低压铸造的集中展示, 到各地方展团和铸造文化等多个特色展区,展会亮点 多多,精彩纷呈。

绿色引领 创新前行 为应对气候变化,中国提出,二氧化碳排放力争 2030年前达到峰值,力争2060年前实现碳中和。铸 造企业对绿色、环保的关注提升到了新的高度,众多 展商带来了绿色、低碳、环保产品,瞄准当下金属市 场对可持续发展的迫切需求,更多地在材料、工艺、 技术和品质上下功夫,以提高效率、减少污染为目 标,注重效益和应用,吸引许多客商驻足交流。

特色展区聚焦行业热点 为进一步聚焦企业需求和行业热点,展会设立了智 能制造与机器人展区、铸造创新体验区、检测仪器展 区、安全与环保展区、 管网系统铸件展区、产 业集群展区、铸造文化 展区、大专院校与科研 院所等九大展区,重点 展示、发布和推广本领 域在转型升级中的改革 成果和发展成就,为参 展企业和专业买家搭建 起更为精准的对接平


exhibition area, pipe casting network exhibition area, industrial cluster exhibition area, casting culture exhibition area, colleges, universities and scientific research institutes area. They focus on displaying, publishing and promoting the reform and development achievements of transformation and upgrading of the industry, and building a more targeted matchmaking platform for exhibitors and buyers.

Local pavilions with characteristics As representatives of the local foundry industry and the main force of the industry, Hong Kong Pavilion, Suzhou Pavilion, Chongqing Pavilion, Guangdong Pavilion, Shandong Pavilion, Shanxi Pavilion, Zhejiang Pavilion, Anhui Pavilion, Henan Pavilion, and Liaoning Pavilion and other industrial cluster pavilions represented by Jiahe and Zhangwu give full play to the advantages of the local industry clusters, display the most representative enterprises and products, and demonstrate characteristic and sustainable development trends of the industry.

New products and equipments During the exhibition, there were a lot of new products release ceremonies. Wheelabrator’s new CT continuous shot blasting machine series, which perfectly realize full automation and flexible anti-rolling parts cleaning; DISA’s DISAMATICD5 vertical molding line, DISA TAG digital solutions have made its debut; Wanfeng Technology’s intelligent aluminum alloy casting production line (low-pressure, gravity) showcases the latest achievements and strength of the brand; new products from MAGMA’s MAGMASOFT® 5.5 is newly presented, which can help customers create more values in casting design, mold manufacturing and casting production. The releases of series of new products and new applications once again confirms the vigorous development of the foundry industry, and high-end casting featured with intelligent and green, has become hotspots for foundry enterprises.

Positive trade atmosphere During the exhibition period, there was a very positive business atmosphere that the halls were brimming with negotiations and transactions.


地方展团特色亮相 作为地方产业代表和 行业发展的主力军,以 香港展团、苏州展团、 重庆展团、广东展团、 山东展团、山西展团、 浙江展团、安徽展团、 河南展团、辽宁展团, 嘉禾、彰武等产业集群 展团为代表的各地方展团,充分发挥地方铸造产业集 聚区的优势,集中展示最具代表性的企业和产品,为 行业演绎出特色发展、可持续发展的行业态势。

新品首发频频 展会期间,各展台新品发布不断:维尔贝莱特的全 新CT连续通过式抛丸机系列,完美实现了全自动化 和灵活的防翻滚零件清理能力;迪砂DISAMATICD5 垂直造型线、DISA TAG数字化解决方案等先后绚丽 登场;万丰科技的铝合金智能化(低压、重力)铸造 生产线,展示出企业在热加工领域全线设备研发、软 件开发、系统集成等方面的最新成果和品牌实力;迈 格码新产品MAGMASOFT® 5.5全新呈现,可帮助 客户在铸造设计、模具制造和铸造生产中创造更多价 值…… 新产品、新应用的逐一揭晓,再次印证了铸造产 业整体业态蓬勃发展,智能化、绿色化等高端铸造成 为了铸造企业的关注热点。

商贸收效颇丰 展期内,专业观众川流不息,参展企业应接不暇, 现场成交频现,商贸氛围十分浓厚,展馆内“设备已 售出”的庆贺条幅随处可见……

多彩活动传递前沿理念 展会期间,行业发展趋势及铸件、装备需求研讨 会、新品发布会、签约

Colorful activities


Dozens of supporting programs were held during the show, such as industry trend release, seminars, new product launch conferences, signing ceremonies, die-casting technology forum, China-Europe foundry industry forum, at which innovation and

中欧铸造业交流论坛以 及数十场洽谈会、技术 交流会精彩纷呈,为铸 造行业探讨创新发展、 绿色发展、经贸对接、



development were thoroughly discussed, economic and trade information was exchanged, and international cooperation stage has been provided. Foundry is an important part in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, as well as an important support for the development of OEMs and major technical equipment. During the 14th Five-Year period, China’s foundry industry will improve its own industrial chain coordination, deepen the adjustment of industrial structure, transform the development mode of the industry and accelerate the progress towards high-quality development. METAL CHINA and DIECASTING CHINA 2022 will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from May 18-21, 2022. Looking forward to a wonderful 2022, and looking forward to seeing you again in Shanghai! ■

国际合作传递了信息、 提供了舞台。 铸造是装备制造业发 展的重要环节,也是众 多主机和重大技术装备 发展的重要支撑,十四 五时期,铸造产业将加 快补齐产业发展短板, 完善自身产业链协同水 平,深化产业结构调整,转变行业发展方式,加速迈 向高质量发展。 2022年铸博会、压铸展将于2022年5月18-21日在 国家会展中心(上海)举办。期待美好的2022,期 待在上海再相见! ■

Chinese Foundry Industry Data Released 2020年度中国铸造行业数据发布 2020 was an extraordinary year—with normal control of the COVID-19 virus and resumption of work and production, the restoration of the economy has been sped up. At the same time, a number of favorable business policies such as fee and tax reduction have been issued. At the end of 2020, some of China’s economic indicators have returned to pre-epidemic levels, and the machinery industry has also recovered rapidly. Driven by the OEM industry, the total casting output will reach 51.95 million tons in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 6.6%. From the perspective of changes in downstream industry demand: • 1. In 2020, automobile production and sales are 25.225 million and 25.311 million, down 2.0% and 1.9% year-on-year respectively. Among them, the annual production and sales of passenger vehicles dropped significantly, with a decline of 6.5% and 6% year-on-year; driven by factors such as the elimination of National III vehicles, stricter regulations, and infrastructure investment, the production and sales of commercial vehicles in 2020 show a substantial increase, becoming an important driving force for the recovery of the auto market this year; driven by the substantial growth of commercial vehicles, the output of auto castings in 2020 increased by 5.6%. • 2. Due to the growth of large and medium tractors and other agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, and construction machinery, the output of agricultural machinery and internal combustion engine castings increased by 4.9% in 2020; construction machinery continues to maintain a strong growth momentum in recent years, with castings increasing by 11.4%; power generation equipment castings (mainly in wind power equipment) have increased by 19.1%. • 3. Mining and metallurgical heavy machinery castings, machine tool castings, and casting pipes and pipe fittings maintain a certain degree of positive growth, 2.2%, 0.9% and 2.8% respectively; rail transit and ships remain stable, general machinery products and strategic emerging industries (such as robots) in 2020 have relative strong growth, and it has also driven the growth of castings. 30

2020年是不平凡的一年,在常态下疫情管控和复工复产 加快恢复经济秩序的同时,国家各部委陆续出台了如减费降 税等多项惠企政策。2020年年底,中国部分经济指标已经恢 复到疫情前的水平,机械工业也得到快速恢复。受下游主机 行业的带动,2020年我国铸件总产量达到5195万吨,同比 增长6.6%。 从下游行业需求变化来看: 1、2020年,汽车产销2522.5万辆和2531.1万辆,同比下 降2.0%和1.9%。其中乘用车年度产销同比下降较大,降 幅达到6.5%和6%;受国Ⅲ汽车淘汰、治超加严以及基建 投资等因素的拉动,商用车2020年全年产销呈现大幅增 长,成为2020年车市恢复的重要动力;受商用车大幅增 长的拉动,2020年汽车铸件产量增长5.6%。 2、由于2020年大中型拖拉机等农机及商用车、工程机械的 增长,农机和内燃机铸件产量增长4.9%;工程机械继续保 持近年来强劲的增长势头,铸件增长11.4%;发电设备铸 件(主要集中在风力发电设备)增长19.1%。 3、矿冶重机铸件、机床工具铸件和铸管及管件保持一定幅度 的正增长,分别为2.2%、0.9%和2.8%;轨道交通和船舶 保持平稳,2020年通用机械产品和战略新兴产业铸件( 如机器人等)增长较为强劲,也带动了铸件的增长。 从材质来看:

1、2020年商用车、工程机械和内燃机等的增长,带动 了灰铸铁的增长,灰铸铁产量占比为41.9%。


In 2020, all kinds of castings reach 51.95 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6.6%.

2020年各类铸 件总产量5,195 万t,同比增长 6.6%。

From the perspective of materials: • 1. In 2020, the growth of commercial vehicles, construction machinery and internal combustion engines drove the growth of gray cast iron, which accounts for 41.9% of the output. • 2. Due to the increase in internal combustion engines, agricultural machinery, wind power castings, and cast pipes and pipe fittings, the output of ductile iron (including vermicular graphite cast iron) increased from 13.95 million tons in 2019 to 15.3 million tons in 2020, an increase of 9.7%. The production accounts for 29.5%. • 3. In 2020, the mining and metallurgical heavy machinery, construction machinery and power generation equipment industries grew, and the output of steel castings increased to 6.35 million tons, accounting for 12.2% of the output. • 4. In 2020, new energy vehicles, 5G and motorcycles drove the growth of aluminum alloys. However, due to the combined impact of the decline in passenger car production and the sharp decline in exports of aluminum wheels, aluminum (magnesium) alloy castings fell in 2020, with an output of 6.8 million tons. The proportion of production is lowered to 13.1%. • 5. Malleable cast iron and copper alloys increase slightly and overall output remain relatively stable.


Demand ratio of castings in downstream industries Castings for power generation equipment and power industry, general machinery and emerging industries have increased their market shares. The automobile industry is the largest user of castings. In 2020, the proportion of automobile castings reached 28.9%. Because of the driving force of commercial vehicles, the output of castings increased by 5.63% compared with 2019.


Proportion of castings of various materials • 1. The output of steel castings continued to grow, and the proportion in 2020 rose to 12.2% (11.7% in 2018; 12.1% in 2019). • 2. The proportion of aluminum (magnesium) alloy castings output was reduced to 13.1% (14.5% in 2018; 2019) 14.1% in the year). • 3. The output of ductile iron castings increased to 29.5% (27.7% in 2018; 28.6% in 2019). ■

的叠加影响,球墨铸铁(包括蠕墨铸铁)产量由 2019年1395万吨增长至2020年1530万吨,增长 9.7%,产量占比29.5%。 3、2020年矿冶重机、工程机械和发电设备等行业增 长,铸钢件产量增至635万吨,产量占比12.2%。 4、2020年新能源汽车、5G和摩托车带动了铝合金的 增长,但受乘用车产量下滑、铝制车轮出口大幅下 降的叠加影响,2020年铝(镁)合金铸件下降, 产量680万吨,产量占比下调至13.1%。 5、可锻铸铁和铜合金略有增长,产量总体保持相对 平稳。 下游行业铸件需求比例 铸件市场需求占比:发电设备及电力行业铸件和通用 机械及新兴产业等市场占比提升较大,铸件占比上升; 28.9%,由于商用车的拉动作用,铸件产量较2019年增长 5.63%。 各类材质铸件占比

1. 铸钢件产量保持增长,2020年占比上升至12.2% (2018年为11.7%;2019年为12.1%); 2. 铝(镁)合金铸件产量占比下调至13.1%(2018年 为14.5%;2019年为14.1%); 3. 球墨铸铁件产量上升为29.5%(2018年为 27.7%;2019年为28.6%)。 ■



product news/产品新闻

Product News Table of Contents 产品新闻目录 MOLD, CORE & SAND PREPARATION


Clutch & Brake Xchange Keeps California’s Ag Industry Moving With the Help of ESPRIT 33 Clutch & Brake Xchange在ESPRIT 的 帮助下保障加州的农业发展

Weijing Degating Hammer Used Worldwide 36 微晶气冲锤为何值得拥有?

Italpresse HPDC TF1850 Exhibited at DIECASTING CHINA 2021 37 1850吨压铸机惊艳亮相压铸及有色展览会 Global Foundry Group Grows Business With Sand 3D Printing Innovation 37 木村铸造集团通过砂型3D打印技术发展业务


Auto Heinen Recommends Latest Dosing Furnace Innovation From Strikowestofen 40 AUTO HEINEN向您推荐来自史杰克西的 最新定量炉创新技术


KURTZ Powerboard in Production KURTZ POWERBOARD投入应用



product news/产品新闻

Clutch & Brake Xchange Keeps California’s Ag Industry Moving With the Help of ESPRIT Clutch & Brake Xchange在ESPRIT 的帮助下保障加州的农业发展 Stockton, California’s Clutch & Brake Xchange is a family-owned shop that provides the construction, agriculture, and other industries with the heavy-duty parts they need to stay in motion. As a factory-authorized Permco Build Center, Clutch & Brake Xchange has the capacity to machine bare castings with three standards of SAE hydraulic ports. This special partnership enables the team to build and assemble nearly any combination of hydraulic gear pump the same day a customer places an order; rather than the six to eight-week turnaround time from the factory. California’s Central Valley is an agricultural powerhouse, responsible for one-quarter of the food produced in the United States. Naturally, the region runs on tractors, trucks, and fluid power—and Clutch & Brake Xchange is one of the region’s most trusted suppliers for the vital parts this industry demands. John Hitchcock joined his family’s business as an apprentice machinist three years ago. “I was a chef for 30 years but had to quit due to the extreme pressure. Joining the business was my brother’s idea—I had no clue what CAM was, so I just ran with it.” John credits ESPRIT’s renowned customer support with making his career transition as seamless as possible. “We piloted three software programs and determined that ESPRIT CAM’s support was superior to that of any other company. We have not been disappointed in the product, support, or service.” On the shop floor, John and the rest of the Clutch & Brake Xchange team work their magic on a Mazak Quick Turn 350MY, a Mazak VC-500C vertical machining center, a Mazak VCN-570 vertical mill, and a Haas TL3. Working primarily with aluminum, steel, and cast iron, John and his team use ESPRIT to replicate obsolete parts, like S-cams, that are vital to the heavy-haul industry. An S-cam is a required part of a vehicle’s braking system, most commonly trucks and other heavy-duty machinery. An S-cam has a shaft that can be up to 25” long and an S-shaped cam on one end. As the

John Hitchcock simulates a machining operation with ESPRIT

加利福尼亚州斯托克顿的 Clutch & Brake Xchange 公司是一家家族企业,为建筑、农业和其他行业提供保 持运转所需的大型零件。 作为工厂授权的泊姆克液压制造中心,Clutch & Brake Xchange有能力加工符合3个SAE标准的毛坯铸件 的液压端口。这种特殊的合作关系使团队能够在客户下 订单的同一天构建和组装几乎任何液压齿轮泵组合,而 不需要在工厂进行6-8周的周转。 加利福尼亚州的中央山谷是一个农业基地,美国约 四分之一的粮食产自这里。自然,该地区需要用到拖拉 机、卡车和流体机械,而Clutch & Brake Xchange是该 地区最值得信赖的供应商之一,可提供该行业所需的重 要零部件。 三年前,约翰•希区柯克作为学徒机械师加入了他的 家族企业。“我做了 30 年的厨师,但由于压力太大不 得不辞职。后来加入公司是我哥哥的主意,刚开始我并 不知道CAM是什么,所以我就跟着学。” 约翰将他的无缝职业转换归功于客户ESPRIT的支持。“ 我们试用了三个软件程序,并确定 ESPRIT CAM优于其他 公司。ESPRIT的产品、支持或服务没有让我们失望。” 在车间,约翰及Clutch & Brake Xchange团队的其 他成员在 Mazak Quick Turn 350MY、Mazak VC500C 立式加工中心、Mazak VCN-570 立式铣床和 Haas TL3 上展示了奇效。约翰和他的团队使用 ESPRIT 的技术复制旧零件,如 S 凸轮,主要材质为铝合金、钢 和铸铁,对重型运输行业至关重要。 S 形凸轮是车辆制动系统的必需部件,最常见的是 用于卡车和其他重型机 械。S形凸轮的轴最长可 达 25 英寸,一端有一 个 S 形凸轮。当轴转动 时,它将制动钳与制动 鼓连接起来以产生摩擦 并使车辆减速。 “重型起吊机有时 需要一种老式的S形凸 轮,”约翰说,“我父

约翰•希区柯克使用 ESPRIT 模拟机加工操作。



product news/产品新闻

The Clutch & Brake Xchange team is a family-owned operation that makes durable parts for California's booming agriculture industry.

shaft turns, it connects the brake shoe with the drum to create friction and slow down the vehicle. “Heavy-duty haulers were in need of an obsolete type of S-cam,” says John. “My father, who began his career as a truck driver and heavy-duty mechanic, recognized that there was a need for an S-cam. Without it, trucks would either need to retrofit their brake systems or convert the braking system altogether, which is a major expense. These trailers, many valued at more than $1 million, were essentially inoperable due to the strict safety guidelines outlined by DOT and state agencies. This S-cam was necessary to keep these trailers on the road without costly retrofitting expenses. “I was tasked with developing the program for this essential part. I faced challenges and enlisted the help and expertise of [ESPRIT application engineer] Spencer Hallin. I got to meet Spencer at ESPRIT World, and since then he’s been my mentor and friend. His support is spot-on and invaluable,” says John. Spencer is more than happy to help. “John is an extremely receptive learner who constantly strives to increase his skills in programming and in manufacturing. He is a pleasure to work with, and I really look forward to seeing what he can accomplish.” John is grateful for ESPRIT’s versatility when it comes to effectively serving his cus-

John Hitchcock, Apprentice Machinist, Clutch & Brake Xchange

In the photo above, the castings are semifinished. Says John, “I port according to the Permco code book and what the callout is.” Note: “Porting” refers to optimizing the shape of the ports through machining. “Callouts” are annotations that clarify vital machining information such as tolerances.


Clutch & Brake Xchange 团队是家族企业,为加州 蓬勃发展的农业提供耐用 零件。

亲的职业生涯始于卡车司机和重型机械师,他意识到需 要S形凸轮。如果没有它,卡车要么需要改造他们的制 动系统,要么需要完全转换制动系统,这是一笔很大的 开支。由于DOT和州政府制定的严格安全准则,很多拖 车的价值超过100万美元,基本上无法运行。这个S形凸 轮是必要的,可以让这些拖车在路上行驶,而无需昂贵 的改装费用。” “我的任务是为这个重要部分开发程序。我直面挑 战并通过ESPRIT应用工程师斯宾塞寻求帮助和专业知 识。我在ESPRIT World认识了斯宾塞,从那时起他就 成了我的导师和朋友。他的支持是及时且无价的,”约 翰说。 斯宾塞非常乐意提供帮助。“约翰是一个非常容易接 受的学习者,他不断努力提高自己在编程和制造方面的 技能。和他一起工作很愉快,我真的很期待他取得更大 的成就。” 约翰感谢ESPRIT在有效地为客户提供 服务方面的灵活性。“通过与ESPRIT工 程师的咨询,我了解到这些部件非常复 杂,”约翰说,“这项工作没有蓝图。 我必须根据规格对每个S-cam CAD 和 CAM与工程师进行沟通。我永远不知道

约翰•希区柯克是Clutch & Brake Xchange公 司的一名机械师学徒。

图中的铸件是半成品。约翰说:“我根据 泊姆克代码手册和标注内容进行端口操 作。”注:“端口操作”是指通过机械加 工优化端口的形状。“标注”是重要加工 信息(例如公差)的注释。


product news/产品新闻 A machined port.

After machining comes assembly and testing, “like breaking an engine in,” says John.

tomers. “Through my consultation with the ESPRIT engineers, I’ve learned that these parts are very complex,” says John. “There is no blueprint for this work. I have to reverse engineer each S-cam CAD and CAM to the specs. I never know what kind of order is going to come in or how many will be needed.” Thanks in part to ESPRIT, John has been able to tackle other challenging projects, too. “We needed to make a hydraulic cap from billet aluminum,” he says. “And we wanted to use one tool for two different operations to complete the project. Although it was one tool, we had to program the software to ‘believe’ that it was two different tools from the same pocket to make the product. [ESPRIT application engineer] Troy Lewis provided input and support, and within two days we had it running.” John is optimistic about his role in Clutch & Brake Xchange’s future, and he’s excited to have a hand in the shop’s development. “Hydraulic pumps are the future,” he says. “California agriculture runs on fluid power. Recently, we’ve become a Permco West Coast build center. We can port, build, and test in a day. The factory takes six to ten weeks.” Not bad for a classically trained chef ! “I didn’t go to engineering school. I have no machining background, and everything I’ve learned has been with the help of application engineers,” says John. “Thanks to that support and an amazing product, ESPRIT really is the only CAM system you’ll ever need.” ■ For more information about ESPRIT, contact: ESPRIT CAM, 1150 Avenida Acaso Camarillo, CA 93012, USA Tel: +1.805.388.6000, 800.627.8479 Fax: +1.805.388.3085 Email: Website:


机加工之后是组装和测试,“就像 磨合发动机一样,”约翰说。

会收到什么样的订单,或者需要多少 订单。” 部分归功于ESPRIT,约翰也能 够处理其他具有挑战性的项目。他 说:“我们需要用铝坯制作液压 盖,而且我们希望使用一种工具进 行两种不同的操作来完成项目。尽 管它是一种工具,但我们必须对软 件进行编程,以‘相信’它是来自 同一个口袋的两种不同工具来制造产 品。ESPRIT应用工程师Troy Lewis提 供了意见和支持,两天之内我们就让它运行起来。” 约翰对他在Clutch & Brake Xchange的未来中所 扮演的角色持乐观态度,他很高兴能参与该工厂的发 展。“液压泵是未来,”他说,“加州农业依靠流体动 力机械的运行。最近,我们已成为泊姆克西海岸的制造 中心。我们可以在一天内运输、建造和测试。工厂需要 6到10周的时间。” “我没有上工程学院。我没有机械加工背景,我所 学到的一切都是在应用工程师的帮助下完成的,”约翰 说,“多亏了这种支持和出色的产品,ESPRIT 确实是 您唯一需要的 CAM 系统。” ■ 更多信息,请联系我们。 ESPRIT CAM, 1150 Avenida Acaso Camarillo, CA 93012 USA Tel: +1.805.388.6000, 800.627.8479 Fax: +1.805.388.3085 Email: Website:



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Weijing Degating Hammer Used Worldwide 微晶气冲锤为何值得拥有?

Weijing, established in 2008, is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic hammer which is used to degate iron and steel castings. By the end of June 2021, Weijing has delivered 118 sets of degating hammer to foundries worldwide in China, North Korea, Malaysia, India and Finland. Beginning in 2012, Weijing made the first pneumatic hammer set for the foundry in China, then seven sets in 2013. Now, 61 sets of Weijing Hammer are used at mining machinery casting makers, 26 sets are used at automotive part foundries, 16 sets are used to degate engineering machinery castings, six sets to break the honeycomb plate castings, five sets at windmill foundries, and a few sets in some foundries which make other castings. Nine years and 118 sets successfully produced gives Weijing strong confidence in telling global metalcasters that Weijing Degating Hammer is worth having, not only for the proven excellent quality, but also for the highest ROI. ■ For more details about Weijing Hammer, visit the Weijing website at or email

微晶,是一家气冲锤专业生产厂家,成立于2008 年。气冲锤,是用来去除铸铁件或铸钢件的冒口。 截止到2021年6月底,微晶已经交付了118台气冲 锤。铸造厂用户覆盖中国、韩国、马来西亚、印度和芬 兰。 始于2012年,微晶为中国铸造厂制作了第一台气冲 锤,2013年制作了7台。感谢第一批选择微晶气冲锤 的客户。现在,微晶有61台气冲锤用在矿机部件铸造 厂,26台用在汽车部件铸造厂,16台用在工程机械部 件铸造厂,6台用在蜂窝盖板铸件厂,5台用在风电部件 铸造厂,及其他铸件厂。 由于微晶气冲锤的质量出色,所以,很多铸造厂多 次选择微晶,而且向朋友铸件厂推荐。 9年,118台成功生产经验,使得微晶非常自信地告 诉全球的铸造人,微晶气冲锤,值得拥有。不仅是因为 出色的品质,更是最高的投资回报比。 你假如有兴趣了解更多微晶气冲锤,请访问微晶官 网或者通过下面方式联系我们。谢谢您的阅读。 ■ 网站 电话:+86 512 6610 2545 手机/微信:+86 153 0612 4775 邮箱



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Italpresse HPDC TF1850 Exhibited at DIECASTING CHINA 2021 1850吨压铸机惊艳亮相压铸及有色展览会 During METAL CHINA and DIECASTING CHINA, May 26, 2021, Italpresse Gauss diecasting machine with a clamping force of 1,850 tons was unveiled, which once again refreshed the record of physical equipment exhibited at the exhibition. The TTF two-platen toggle free high pressure diecasting machine is mainly developed for large and complex diecasting parts. It not only incorporates Italpresse’s highperformance injection system, but also uses its leading two-platen design and high-precision hydraulic cylinder drive for mold open and clamping. It provides equipment and solutions for automotive structural parts. The Italpresse Two-platen Die Casting Machine TF1850 is a milestone in Italpresse Gauss’s localization strategy. It is also the first Italpresse equipment manufactured in China. After the successful localization of TF1850, Norican will gradually improve the localized production of Italpresse’s full range of products, and use the Hanjiang factory in Changzhou as the manufacturing and service center of Italpresse Gauss in the Asia-Pacific region, serving local customers. ■

2021年5月26日,在第十九届中国国际铸造博览 会、第十五届中国国际压铸工业展览会上,意特佩雷斯 高斯旗下锁模力达1850吨压铸机“重磅”亮相,创造 出实体设备展出的最高纪录。 意特TF系列双模板压铸机,主要针对体积较大的 复杂压铸件而开发,不仅融入了意特高性能的压射系 统,更使用了其领先的两模板机构设计,以及高精度液 压油缸驱动开合模,为汽车结构件提供了完美的装备及 解决方案。亮相本届展会的TF1850意特佩雷斯无曲拐 两板压铸机,是意特佩雷斯高斯本地化战略的一个里程 碑,同时也是首台在中国本土制造的意特佩雷斯设备, 继TF1850成功国产化之后,诺瑞肯将逐步完善意特佩 雷斯全系列产品的本土化生产,并以中国常州汉江工厂 为意特佩雷斯高斯在亚太区域的生产制造和服务中心, 更好地服务于本地客户。 ■

Global Foundry Group Grows Business With Sand 3D Printing Innovation 木村铸造集团通过砂型3D打印技术发展业务 With nine decades of experience in sandcasting innovation, Kimura Foundry America places sand binder jetting at the core of its business to deliver top-quality rapid prototypes.

经过9年的砂型铸造创新发展,木村铸造美国公司将 砂型粘结剂喷射作为其业务的核心,以生产出高质量的 快速原型。



When embarking on their first international expansion, the Kimura Foundry Group looked to innovative solutions that help them deliver top-quality rapid casting prototypes. Kimura Foundry America built an entire facility focused on metalcastings with fast turnaround times, even of the most complex designs or for high-temperature pours. “We researched 3D printers from around the world and chose ExOne printers for their high-end technology that delivered top-quality prints.” Dr. Yoya Fukuda, President of Kimura Foundry America

在开始他们的第一次国际扩张时,木村铸造集团寻 求创新解决方案来帮助他们提供高质量的快速原型铸 件。木村铸造美国公司建设了一个完整的工厂,专注于 生产具有快速周转时间的金属铸件,甚至是最复杂的设 计或需要高温浇注。 “我们研究了来自世界各地的3D打印机,并选择了 ExOne打印机,因为其高端技术可提供高质量的打印 产品。”——木村铸造美国公司总裁Yoya Fukuda博 士

Solution Building on the success of their parent company in Japan that saw revenue increase more than 500% in the five years after investing in ExOne binder jetting, Kimura Foundry America produces core and mold without tradtional patterns or tooling on three sand 3D printers. Recognizing additive manufacturing as the cornerstone of the next industrial revolution, Kimura built their entire greenfield facility in Shelbyville, Indiana around the ExOne binder jetting process. “Our focus is on quality, and if we want to guarantee quality and fast delivery, we need all the facilities in one area,

解决方案 在日本母公司投资ExOne粘结剂喷射打印设备后的5 年内,收入增长超过5倍,在此基础上,木村铸造美国 公司通过三台3D砂型打印机生产没有传统模具的型芯 和铸型。木村认识到增材制造是下一次工业革命的基 石,围绕ExOne粘结剂喷射工艺,公司在印第安纳州 谢尔比维尔建设了新工厂。“我们的重点关注是质量, 如果我们想保证质量和快速交货,我们需要将设备安



product news/产品新闻 in one location,“ said Dr. Yoya Fakuda, President of Kimura Foundry America.

HIGHLIGHTS Embracing the digital metalcasting workflow, Kimura has significantly reduced lead times for customer jobs. Delivering prototypes in less than one week is a gamechanger for metalcasting, opening the door to quicker product development and new freedom of design. By concentrating their sandcasting capabilities under one roof, Kimura can iterate designs quickly based on solidification modeling, casting results, and customer feedback. “It’s easy to communicate with our customers and to give them feedback that supports their needs for unique runner and riser designs or other difficult requirements because we have the engineers in-house,” Dr. Fukuda explained.

装在一个区域、一个地点,”木村铸造美国公司总裁 Yoya Fakuda博士说。

亮点 木村公司拥抱数字化金属铸造工艺流程,从而显著 缩短了交货时间。能够在不到一周的时间内交付原型 是金属铸造领域游戏规则的改革者,为更快的产品开 发和新的设计自由提供了空间。通过集中砂型铸造能 力,木村铸造公司可以根据凝固建模、铸造结果和客 户反馈快速迭代设计。“很容易与我们的客户沟通并 向他们提供反馈,以支持他们对独特的浇道和冒口设 计或其他难题的需求,因为我们有自己的工程师,” 福田博士解释说。



ExOne is the pioneer and global leader in binder jet 3D printing technology. Since 1995, we’ve been on a mission to deliver powerful 3D printers that solve the toughest problems and enable world-changing innovations. Our 3D printing systems quickly transform powder materials – including metals, ceramics, composites, and sand – into precision parts, metalcasting molds and cores, and innovative tooling solutions. Industrial customers use our technology to save time and money, reduce waste, improve their manufacturing flexibility, and deliver designs and products that were once impossible. As home to the world’s leading team of binder jetting experts, ExOne also provides specialized 3D printing services, including on-demand production of mission-critical parts, as well as engineering and design consulting. ■

ExOne是粘结剂喷射3D打印技术的先驱和全球领 导者。自1995年以来,公司一直致力于提供功能强大 的3D打印机,以解决最棘手的问题并实现改变世界的 创新技术。公司的3D打印系统可将粉末材料(包括金 属、陶瓷、复合材料和砂子)快速转化为精密零件、 金属铸造模具和型芯以及创新的工具解决方案。工业 客户使用我们的技术来节省时间和金钱、减少浪费、 提高制造灵活性并交付曾经不可能实现的设计和产 品。作为全球领先的粘合剂喷射专家团队,ExOne还 提供专业的3D打印服务,包括按需生产关键部件以及 工程和设计咨询。 ■

KURTZ Powerboard in Production KURTZ POWERBOARD投入应用 As Early As 2018, Kurtz Ersa Launched The “P01” Project In Order To Derive The Greatest Possible Benefit From Digitization For The Group And To Become Even More Competitive For Its Customers Around The Globe. In conjunction with the awareness that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will change all production processes and the entire manufacturing industry in the future–especially those of our customers – we developed a scalable, secure solution: the Kurtz POWerBoard, which was presented very successfully for the first time at GIFA 2019. The visitors were enthusiastic and the reactions were without exception positive. For further development we then put the Kurtz POWerBoard through its paces under real conditions with our long-standing customer and cooperation partner CSA Herzogenburg GmbH. Our customers can now see the added value of this dynamic 38

早在2018年,KURTZ ERSA(库尔特埃莎)公司就 启动了P01项目,以便为集团从数字化中获得最大好 处,并使其全球客户更具竞争力。 意识到工业物联网 (IIoT) 将在未来改变所有生产工 艺和整个制造业——尤其是我们客户的行业,公司开发 了一个可扩展的安全解决方案:Kurtz POWerBoard, 并首次在GIFA 2019展会上展示,得到所有参观者的积 极反馈。 为了进一步的开发,我们 随后与我们的长期客户及合 作伙伴CSA Herzogenburg 公司在实际条件下对Kurtz POWerBoard进行了测试。 我们的客户现在可以直接在


product news/产品新闻 control tool directly on their plants and, for example, their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be permanently and directly viewed on the basis of defined parameters for quality, performance and availability. With the Kurtz POWerBoard, customers now have the opportunity to carry out a detailed, cross-site comparison within the company via a secure and certified cloud solution. On this basis, measures to increase efficiency can be derived, implemented and then the successes determined.

Location-internal system comparison For each user of the Kurtz POWerBoard, a comparison of plants within a production line as well as between different locations is possible, so that foundries of any size can get a clear added value from the Kurtz POWerBoard. In addition to OEE comparisons, digitized downtime tracking, for example, can be used to analyze in real time why a plant has a higher availability than a comparable one. Was there possibly a failure of a cooling system? Did the mould have to be reworked or brought back to temperature first? The Kurtz POWerBoard provides meaningful answers to these and many more questions. The Kurtz POWerBoard was developed as a tool for all levels of organization. The plant operator, for example, does not have to keep cumbersome paper lists for downtime tracking, but intuitively and quickly selects the downtime reason directly in the machine visualization. In management, it offers the possibility of obtaining an overview of the OEE of individual casting lines, for example, at the click of a mouse. And in the event of a service call, the maintenance department can transmit necessary information such as serial number and message history directly to Kurtz Service via the ticket system at the push of a button and receive immediate support. With the Kurtz POWerBoard Gateway, an industry 4.0-capable OPC UA server is optionally available, which allows the simple and secure integration of any Kurtz plant as well as third-party machines into the

他们的工厂中看到这种动态控 制工具的附加价值,例如,可 以根据定义的质量、性能和可 用性参数永久和直接查看整体 设备效率(OEE)。借助Kurtz POWerBoard,客户现在有 机会通过安全且经过认证的云 解决方案在公司内部进行详细 的跨站点比较。在此基础上, 可以得出并实施提高效率的措 施,并确保获得成功。

位置-内部系统比较 对于Kurtz POWerBoard 的每个用户,可以对一条生 产线内的工厂以及不同地点 的工厂进行比较,因此,任何 规模的铸造厂都可以从Kurtz POWerBoard获得明显的 附加值。除了设备综合效率 (OEE)比较之外,数字化停 机时间跟踪可用于实时分析为 什么一个工厂具有比同类工 厂更高的可用性。冷却系统是 否可能出现故障?模具是否必 须先返工或恢复温度?Kurtz POWerBoard为这些以及更 多问题提供了答案。 Kurtz POWerBoard被开 发为适用于所有级别的组织。 例如,工厂操作员不必为停机 跟踪保留繁琐的纸质清单, 而是直接在机器可视化中直观、快速地选择停机原因。 在管理方面,通过单击鼠标,可以获得单个铸造生产线 OEE概览。在服务呼叫的情况下,维护部门可以通过按 下工单系统的按钮,将序列号和消息记录等必要信息直 接传输到Kurtz Service平台,并立即获得支持。 使用Kurtz POWerBoard网络平台,可选择支持 工业4.0的OPC UA服务器,它允许将任何Kurtz工厂 以及第三方机器简单安全地集成到客户的本地网络



product news/产品新闻 customer´s local network. The development of the Kurtz POWerBoard – like the digitization itself – is far from being finished. Further functions are continuously being developed for all plants listed in the Kurtz portfolio.

中。Kurtz POWerBoard的开发就像数字化本身一样,

Expanding optimization potential with Kurtz Quality Management System


Who would not like to be automatically informed when the same or very similar components are produced in different qualities on the same equipment, regardless of the production location? Where is the optimization potential in the production process? All this can be realized by means of Kurtz POWerBoard in combination with the Kurtz Quality Management System. Industry 4.0 – we are right in the middle of it, are you too? ■

远未完成。Kurtz产品组合中列出的所有设备的更多功 能正在不断开发中。

无论生产地点如何,使用同一设备生产出质量相同或 非常相似的组件时,谁不想自动获取通知?优化生产过 程的潜力在哪里?所有这一切都可以通过Kurtz POWerBoard与Kurtz的质量管理体系的结合来实现。我们正 处于工业4.0的时代,您也是吗? ■

Auto Heinen Recommends Latest Dosing Furnace Innovation From Strikowestofen AUTO HEINEN向您推荐来自史杰克西的最新定量炉创新技术 One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminium die-cast components and parts has confirmed it would have “no hesitation in recommending Strikowestofen’s new Westomat Plus+ dosing furnace to other die casting foundries,” based on a product development pilot run in partnership with the furnace solutions specialist. Auto Heinen GmbH, based in Bad Münstereifel, Germany, has been a StrikoWestofen customer for almost 40 years. The expert in special alloy die-cast parts currently operates 15 Westomat dosing furnaces and 2 StrikoMelter melting furnaces to process around 4 t/ hour in peak operation. Last year StrikoWestofen’s latest innovation, the Westomat Plus+, became a new addition to Auto Heinen’s impressive production set-up as part of a pilot project to experience and feedback on the furnace’s enhanced capabilities in a live customer environment. The crucible-free Westomat Plus+ holding and dosing furnace has been cleverly designed with a compact footprint that enables foundries to fit a larger holding capacity into a smaller space. In fact, a Westomat 1300 Plus+ easily fits into the footprint of a Westomat 900 Classic. With a smaller bath surface and a large capacity, this means more high-quality melt is available for casting. Its compact footprint and unique design mean it is ideal for space efficient foundry layouts as the furnace can be positioned 40

一家欧洲领先的压铸铝合金零件制造商已经确 认,在与熔化炉解决方案专业公司史杰克西合作开展的 产品开发试点的基础上,将“毫不犹豫地将史杰克西公 司新推出的WESTOMAT PLUS+定量炉推荐给其他压铸 企业”。 Auto Heinen公司位于德国巴特明斯特莱费尔, 近40年来一直是史杰克西的客户。Auto Heinen公司 是特殊合金压铸件领域的专家,目前拥有15台史杰克西 Westomat定量炉和2台StrikoMelter熔化炉,在高峰运 行时处理能力约为4吨/小时。 去年,作为试点项目的一部分,史杰克西的创新 产品Westomat Plus+成为Auto Heinen公司令人印象深刻的新设 备,该项目是在现场客户环境中 体验和反馈熔炉增强功能的试点 项目的一部分。 无坩埚Westomat Plus+的 保温和定量炉设计巧妙,占地面 积小,使铸造厂能够在较小的空 间内实现更大的保温产能。事实 上,Westomat 1300 Plus+可轻 松安装在Westomat 900 Classic 的占地面积。有了更小的熔池表 面和大容量,这意味着更多的高 质量熔体可用于铸造。 紧凑的占地面积和独特的设


product news/产品新闻 closer to die casting machines without any issue, resulting in shorter cycle times. Additionally, the furnace’s subframe has been developed to be tilted in any position, allowing cleaning and maintenance to be carried out in a fraction of the time. The furnace’s heating rods are also positioned to ensure that access is only needed from one side in order to replace them. “We’ve been impressed by the design”, said Dean Wallrath, Director Maintenance HPDC at Auto Heinen, “and not just because it looks so smart. The super flexibility of the subframe coupled with the fact it can be fully enclosed makes cleaning and maintenance easier and safer for our team - that’s a big priority for us. Its distinct oval curves also mean no more tricky corners that can collect deposits.” Flexibility isn’t the only important benefit for die casters. The Westomat Plus+ consumes less energy thanks to improved design and insulation. This optimized insulation, including high-quality refractory material, is particularly noticeable in the outer wall temperature of the furnace. During the pilot for example, an average wall temperature as low as 55 °C was achieved. Like all Westomat furnaces, the Plus+ employs a flanged riser tube to take liquid aluminium from below the bath surface to always deliver the right amount of high-quality melt to the casting machine. It also has a dosing accuracy (up to ± 1.5%) in line with the precision performance customers like Auto Heinen have come to expect from StrikoWestofen’s Westomat range. Dean continued: “To have these trusted benefits but with the added refinements Plus+ offers, is great. As is working with a supplier so keen to have customers involved in product development. Given that our company vision is based on a commitment to ‘continuous improvement and technological development’, piloting new innovations like this is perfect for us.” Thanks to refinements made possible by working closely with customers such as Auto Heinen, die casting foundries around the world now have access to a unique dosing furnace that convinces with its inner and outer values. For Dr. Theodoor van der Hoeven, VP Product Development at SWO, the importance of customer involvement in the development of StrikoWestofen’s new dosing furnace solutions cannot be overstated. He commented: “With this furnace, we aimed to offer customers a modern, compact furnace, designed to make die-casting easier, more efficient, cleaner and safer.” “Having direct customer feedback as part of our development process has been crucial in this mission and we are delighted to now showcase our answer to modern die casting and provide our customers a high-end, premium dosing solution.” The Westomat Plus+ dosing furnace will be available in Europe in sizes from 1300 to 3100 kg holding capacity. ■

计意味着这是节省空间的铸造布局的理想选择,因为熔 炉可以毫无疑问地放置在更靠近压铸机的位置,从而缩 短循环时间。 此外,炉子的副框架已开发为可在任何位置倾 斜,从而可以在很短的时间内进行清洁和维护。熔炉的 加热棒的位置也确保只需从一侧进入即可更换。 “我们对这种设计印象深刻,”Auto Heinen公 司压铸业务维护总监Dean Wallrath说,“不仅仅是因 为它看起来很智能,副框架的超级灵活性加上它可以完 全封闭的事实使清洁和维护工作对于我们的团队来说更 容易、更安全——这对我们来说是一个重要的优先事 项。独特的椭圆曲线也意味着不存在难以处理的沉积物 堆积角落。” 灵活性并不是给予压铸企业唯一的好处。由于改 进的设计和绝缘性,Westomat Plus+消耗更少的能 源。这种优化的隔热材料,包括优质耐火材料,在炉子 的外壁温度下优势尤为明显。例如,在试验期间,平均 壁温达到了55℃。 与所有Westomat熔炉一样,Plus+采用法兰提升 管从熔池表面下方抽取液态铝,以始终向铸造设备输送 适量的优质熔体。它还具有计量精度(±1.5%),符合 Auto Heinen公司等客户对史杰克西Westomat系列产 品的期望。 Dean继续说道:“拥有这些值得信赖的好处,加 上Plus+提供的额外改进优势,真是太棒了。与这样热 衷于让客户参与产品开发的供应商合作太棒了。鉴于公 司愿景是基于对‘持续改进和技术发展’的承诺,体验 这样的创新技术对我们来说是完美的。” 得益于与Auto Heinen等客户的密切合作,使改进 成为可能,世界各地的压铸厂现在都可以使用独特的定 量炉,其内外价值都令人信服。 对于SWO产品开发副总裁Theodoor van der Hoeven博士来说,对客户参与史杰克西新型定量炉解决 方案开发的重要性的强调再多都不为过。他评论说:“ 使用这款定量炉,我们的目标是为客户提供一个现代、 紧凑的炉子,从而使压铸生产更容易、更高效、更清洁


和更安全。” “将客户的直接反馈作为我们开发过程的一部分, 对这项任务至关重要,我们很高兴展示我们对现代压铸 的解决方案,并为我们的客户提供高端、优质的定量解 决方案。” Westomat Plus+定量炉将在欧洲上市,容 量从1300kg-3100kg。 ■

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