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Message from the president Glen R. Kerkian

These are tr uly invig orating times to be at the state’s flagship, land-grant university. Despite the cur rent economic uncertainties, we continue to be a ver y diverse and comprehensive institution and remain a college of choice for both faculty and students looking for an enriching and academically challenging environment in which to teach and prosper. Look around the Kingston, Providence and Bay campuses, and you will quickly see the ways URI has evolved and expanded into new, often technologically distinctive realms, while at the same time, holding on to our traditions, our deep sense of heritage and our small school intimacy. There is a momentum here that has been harnessed and has facilitated URI’s progression to a campus with a conscience; our readers should take appropriate pride in the role their charitable gifts have played in enhancing URI’s prominence. Others have taken notice, like SmartMoney magazine, which recently ranked URI higher than its Ivy league counterparts when comparing tuition costs against the future earning potential of our alumni. Though the URI of today may appear vastly different from the URI of decades past, it continues to count, among its best attributes, the unwavering pride and support of its alumni numbering over 90,000 strong. The threats to the core mission of higher education in these times are for midable. We remain focused, however, on our momentum and our ability to move forward. With your continued support, which is more vital than ever in ter ms of bolstering the programs, students and faculty that define this University, we will endure and remain a symbol of big ideas to all. This annual report – our first since assuming the administration of all charitable giving activities on behalf of the University – showcases a number of people and prog ram areas that illustrate the tr ue measure of our momentum. From profiles on donors who have directly contributed to our ability to affect change, to highlighting programs and initiatives that have implications globally, this report provides just a glimpse of the positive energ y that is continually emanating from URI. By coupling the University’s annual comprehensive donor listing together with both our annual financial report and our full endowment listing, we hope to have increased the convenience to you, while taking a more “green” approach and realizing the resulting publishing and postage efficiencies. On behalf of the entire University community, thank you for offering your time, talent and treasure, which has ser ved as a critical margin of excellence and which will be the catalyst to propel our fine University to even greater heights.


Glen R. Kerkian


Table of Contents THE FILLMORE MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT & Bequest Supports GSO Students.................................. page 4 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Supporting Vital Graduate Fellowships............................ page 6 AL & GERRIE VERRECCHIA CHALLENGE GRANT Funding Scholarships for URI Business Students........... page 8 THE CENTER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY & LIFE SCIENCES Building “Green”.............................................................. page 10 RICHARD BEAUPRE ‘62 His $1 Million Leadership Gift to URI........................... page 12 THE GERALD B. SHAPIRO ’75 Memorial Scholarship Endowment................................. page 13 A FAMILY HONORS THEIR MOTHER By Creating Scholarships for Nursing Students............. page 13 CORPORATE GIVING Lonza Biologics’ Partnership with URI.......................... page 14 STUDENT CALLERS PLAYING A KEY ROLE In Building Support for URI........................................... page 16 FUND FOR URI NEWS Volunteers Help Raise Much-needed Support............... page 16 URI FOUNDATION EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2008 Recipients Recently Honored................................. page 17 DONOR HONORS SPENCER J. MARTIN By Supporting Scholarships for Accounting Students.. page 18 ANONYMOUS DONOR HITS A HOME-RUN With a $1 Million Gift to Baseball Program................... page 19 URI FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE BOARD New Officers & Member Welcomed............................... page 20 URI FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE BOARD Complete Membership Listing........................................ page 22 WAYS TO GIVE How You Can Make A Difference...................................... page 23 URI CAMPAIGN & URI FOUNDATION Financial Statements & 24 - 25 URI FOUNDATION ENDOWMENT FUNDS Management & Comprehensive 26 - 35 ANNUAL GIVING REPORT 2007-2008 Donor 36 - 51



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The FILlMORE memorial

E n d ow ment Scholarship & Bequest

With a Love of URI Instilled at an Early Age... Judith Fillmore Honors Her Parents by supporting students

Judith Fillmore draws a deep breath of briny air and smiles as she takes in Narragansett Bay from the University of Rhode Island’s Bay Campus. Square in view is the URI vessel The Endeavor and, across the Bay in Jamestown, her family home. Fillmore has bequeathed her estate to the University which will be added to an endowment she previously established, creating additional scholarship opportunities for ocean sciences students in need. “My home is in Virginia, but my heart is in Rhody,” she says. “Salt water is in my veins, I guess.” Also in Fillmore’s heart is a love for the University. Though not a graduate herself, Fillmore is the child of two URI alums: Robert (Bob) H. Fillmore and Marjorie P. Fillmore. In their honor, Fillmore created the Robert H. and Marjorie P. Fillmore Memorial Endowment Fund.



Her dad’s area of study at URI was chicken and poultry, Fillmore says and smiles. Her mom was the first woman to graduate with an engineering degree. After graduating in the 1930’s, Robert Fillmore, a United States Army officer, married Marjorie and took the family to Germany, where he was stationed. “We traveled all over the place,” Fillmore recalls. “Yet everywhere we went we would find an alumni association. There was always someone from Rhode Island where we were stationed.” When the family was in the United States the connection to the University amplified. “I got involved while still a child through the Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter of URI,” Fillmore recalls. “Every May there was a clambake.” Fillmore said she gladly participated in the clambake


An endowment shows a dedication to the future, she adds.

“You can start small and become mighty.” preparations, assisting her parents in making chowder at the bake sites. Fillmore’s father would have the cooks at the officers club chop the potatoes. The quahogs were shelled by hand. They served Rhode Island (clear) and New England (cream) clam chowder, Fillmore recalls. “Woe be the person who asked for red,” she says. “We educated friends on the differences between clams, littlenecks, and quahogs.” It is memories such as these and love for her parents that prompted Fillmore to create an endowment for the University. “I wanted to do something for my parents,” Fillmore says. “My father passed away and then my mom died of cancer. That’s when I got interested in doing something. The endowment will live on in my mom and dad’s memory. I did it for them, not for me. I told them, don’t name anything after me.” Fillmore makes a trip to Rhode Island every year to meet the recipient of the scholarship funded by her endowment. “Education leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to discoveries. These kids are going to be the ones who are going to be doing the research,” she says. A former high school teacher and Geico insurance systems analyst, Fillmore says that others interested in creating an endowment should look at it as insurance that pays big dividends. “You know that your money is being used forever and ever to educate the people who are going to make the world better,” Fillmore says. “That’s the greatest gift. I know that after I’m gone that the endowment will support the endeavors of a person or people who will create a better world.” The amount pledged to create an endowment need not be large, Fillmore says. With time there will be growth. An endowment shows a dedication to the future, she adds. “You can start small and become mighty.”

If you are interested in naming the University of Rhode Island as a beneficiary of your will, trust or retirement plan, the URI Foundation Office of Gift Planning can help. Please contact Donna-Jean Rainville, at 401.874.2296/toll-free 877.874.4555, or by email at djrainville@foundation., for more information.



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

College of engineering G ra d u a t e Fellow ships

Attracting the best & the brightest students

Engineering Gifts Support Initiative to Create Graduate Fellowships

The URI College of Engineering (COE) provides an exceptional education in a number of engineering disciplines. Though the College has a strong undergraduate scholarship program, it has limited resources for graduate fellowships and research assistantships. This has placed the College at a relative disadvantage to other educational institutions of its caliber. “This has been a handicap in our recruitment efforts, and we have lost many of the top candidates for graduate degrees because of our inability to offer them financial aid,” said Dean Raymond Wright. In an effort to attract and retain talented students and faculty, and to expand research and grant funding opportunities, the College of Engineering has made Graduate Fellowships its top priority. The dean, department chairs and faculty, and the COE Advisory Council unanimously approved a $1.1 million fundraising goal for a Graduate



Fellowship Initiative. This will enhance The COE’s ability to attract outstanding faculty, enroll quality undergraduate and graduate students, and maintain teaching and research excellence for which the College of Engineering is known. The Advisory Council assists and advises the dean in determining and pursuing the teaching and research mission of the College. “The Council also facilitates connections with industry, and provides insights for the development and implementation of its strategic plan,” said Nina Saberi, Advisory Council chair. She graduated with a B.S. in electrical engineering in 1982, and recently became one of the initial donors to the Graduate Fellowship Initiative with her gift of $25,000. Gary Bowen, a 1968 electrical engineering alumnus who chairs the Development Committee of the Advisory Council, also saw the need for graduate

ANNUAL REPORT 2008 fellowship support and made a $25,000 contribution. “I hope that our support enables the COE to attract the best and brightest candidates,” said Saberi. “I count on my fellow Advisory Board members and COE alumni to support this Initiative.” “Nina Saberi and Gary Bowen have demonstrated exemplary leadership by contributing to the fund, but additional support is needed to expand research capabilities, and establish additional graduate fellowships to conduct such research,” said Robert Clough, Assistant Dean for COE Development. Attracting highly qualified graduate students will have an impact on the entire engineering program. “With additional graduate student support, faculty members will have the resources to expand their research efforts and seek additional grant funding,” said Dean Wright. “Faculty are competing nationally for grants, and more and more universities are providing either a complete waiver of tuition or allowing a reduced tuition to in-state levels. We do not have that ability at URI. The funds generated by the URI COE Graduate Fellowship Endowment Initiative will provide a student match and allow our

proposals to compete nationally both now and in the future.” “To date, the College has generated over $900,000 in gifts and pledges for graduate student support, and research professors are already benefiting from the program,” said Clough. Dr. Ying Sun and Dr. Qing Yang recently were awarded competitive grant funding for their respective research in biomedical and computer engineering. In addition, Dean Wright was able to introduce the first two Graduate Fellows at the October meeting of the Advisory Council. The fellowship recipients were Michael Opusewnski in biomedical engineering and Weijun Xiao in computer engineering. “The College of Engineering will continue to aggressively pursue its efforts to award additional graduate fellowships and to advance the URI College of Engineering as a global leader in engineering education and research. We anticipate the full support and participation of the COE Advisory Council, and hope that COE alumni everywhere will understand the need and contribute to the Graduate Fellowship Initiative,” said Dean Wright.

“The College of Engineering will continue to aggressively pursue its efforts to award additional graduate fellowships and to advance the URI College of Engineering as a

global leader in engineering education and research.”

Nina Saberi

Gary Bowen

M. Opusewnski

W. Xiao



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on


C ha l l e ng e Gr ant

Supporting URI by Investing in Students The Al & Gerrie Verrecchia Challenge Grant For most people, other people’s problems stay other people’s problems. Not so for Al and Gerrie Verrecchia. They believe what affects one affects all. The rising cost of a college education, for instance, prompted the couple to pledge $250,000 to the University of Rhode Island to fund the Verrecchia Challenge Grant. The Verrecchias will match donations of $12,500 from individuals who wish to establish an endowed scholarship for the University’s College of Business Administration. Al Verrecchia, recently retired CEO and chairman of Hasbro, received his bachelor’s degree from URI in 1967 and an MBA in 1972. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws in 2004. Scholarships created as a result of the Verrecchia Challenge Grant will bear either the name of the donor or the name of the donor’s choosing. Gifts of $12,500 made be made in increments over five years and may be eligible for employer matches. “To me, education is what it’s all about,” Al Verrecchia said. “You try to give your children the best possible education you can. It’s a gift. What they do with it is their business, but it’s a gift. page


“Having the match encourages other people to give and make more scholarship money available,” he continued. “We’re investing in our kids by giving them an education. The things that Gerrie and I do are more investments in people than in charitable giving. And we’re going to get a much greater return on that investment than one-time giving would yield. You have to help people help themselves. That’s how you make an investment.”

A giving partnership Al Verrecchia holds the distinction of being the first Hasbro CEO who was not a family member. He began his career at the world-renowned toy company in 1965 while still a URI student, working part time for what was then Hassenfeld Brothers. Verrecchia’s career culminated in a fiveyear stint as head of the global company. “When I started, GI Joe had just been introduced,” Verrecchia said. “He’s had a career just a few months longer than mine.” The Snoopy Snowcone Machine, doctor and nurse medical kits, and Lite-Brite were just a few of the hundreds of Hasbro hits to be developed during Verrecchia’s career.


“To see people doing better and to know you contributed to that...that’s what success is all about.” take advantage of this opportunity and double their gifts through the Verrecchia challenge.”

Al credits his wife of 44 years with his career and life successes. The pair raised four children together. Theirs has been a partnership, he said. “I would not have been able to commit the time, effort, and energy to (the career) if it were not for Gerrie. She maintained the family. In a career like mine, you have to make enormous sacrifices. The whole family becomes part of it. It takes a lot.”

Advice for the next generation To those students who will benefit from the Verrecchia Challenge Grant, Al offers some advice. “You need to work until it hurts,” he said. “You won’t realize how important that is until later on in life. And don’t worry about what you want to be. Students don’t know the number of things they can do to make their way in life.”

That the Verrecchias should spend their free time in service to children seems natural. “I love children,” Al said. “And when I find myself in a position to give back, I want to do something.

And, Al said, do the thing that scares you a bit. “Coming out of school you don’t have any real commitments,” he said. “You don’t have a lot to lose, and you have everything to gain. Take a risk. If I didn’t take risks I wouldn’t have been CEO of Hasbro. Don’t be afraid to try things. Don’t wait to be asked. If you wait to be asked, you’re not going to get that seat at the table,” he said. “Be reasonably assertive. Speak up.”

“We realize how really fortunate we have been and when you have been as blessed as we have, you have to give back,” Gerrie added. “We choose to do it for children.” The Verrecchias’ altruism makes for busy lives. They serve causes that are important to them in a variety of ways, like fundraising for Women and Infants Hospital, volunteering for Adoption Rhode Island, and chairing a recent March of Dimes Walk-a-thon. For Christmas, the Verrechias ask the same of their children: Make a donation to Hasbro Children’s Hospital or Women and Infants, they say.

And to those thinking of making a matching gift? GI Joe

Al and Gerrie Verrechia have a long history of patronage to the University. Over the years, they have donated nearly $300,000 in addition to this most recent gift to URI in support of various projects and initiatives. They have contributed to the Annual Fund, the College of Business Administration Dean’s Fund, and the URI Citizens Scholar Fund. The Verrecchias have lent their financial support to the renovation of Ballantine Hall and established the Verrecchia-Hasbro Leadership Chair, to which Hasbro donated $1 million in 1997. Al has served on several URI boards, including URI’s Campaign Leadership Committee, the President’s Council Committee, and the URI Business Advisory Council, among others.

“You want to do the right thing for your university. We’re limiting the (challenge grant) to $12,500 so that way we encourage more people to participate. It’s much more within the reach of people.” The reward, the Verrecchias say, is great. “To see people doing better and to know you contributed to that,” Al said, “that’s what success is all about.”

URI President Robert L. Carothers praised Al Verrecchia’s service to the University. “Al Verrecchia is part of the very fabric of Rhode Island,” Carothers said. “From his undergraduate days at URI to his rise to chairman of Hasbro, he has always supported URI and has remained committed to its growth and success. “We are very appreciative of the devotion and the philanthropic spirit both he and Gerrie continue to demonstrate, particularly in the area of endowment creation, one of the priorities of the University’s current Making a Difference capital campaign,” Carothers added. Mark Higgins, dean of the College of Business Administration, echoed Carothers’ comments. “Some of the most distinguished names in business, Al Verrecchia among them, are graduates of URI,” he said. “We are fortunate that so many of them have a strong affinity to their alma mater and continue to demonstrate their financial support. The significant gift from Al and Gerrie is most generous and we encourage other graduates and friends to page


Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The Center for Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Setting the Mark in Sustainability

Winter brings darkness, cold temperatures, and bare landscapes, but in the winter of 2009 something very “green” will blossom at URI when the Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences opens its doors to students, researchers, and the burgeoning field of biotechnology in Rhode Island. The Center, the largest building project in URI history, was made possible by Rhode Island voters who approved the funding in 2004. Now, after two years of construction, the Center is almost ready to come online. While students and researchers will be thrilled to use all the new labs, state of the art equipment and classrooms in the $58 million building, there are many others at URI who will be pleased to know that the Center will set the mark in efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. The Center is URI’s first building to qualify for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating, a national program that encourages and recognizes building projects that provide elements to save money and reduce impact on the environment during all phases of design, construction, and operation. Not only is the Center LEED certified, but it will achieve a silver level rating. Accomplishing the LEED rating has not been easy — it is particularly difficult in a research facility whose numerous laboratories necessitate systems to exhaust huge amounts of air.

The Center’s sustainable features include: • Building materials purchased from local and regional sources to reduce transportation costs. • The use of sustainable materials such as maple wood throughout the building. • Energy efficient glass windows, fitted with special devices to allow light to infiltrate into corridors, reducing the need for electric lighting during the day. • A “green roof” on the teaching wing that will help insulate the building. • The courtyard rain garden that will utilize stormwater run-off. • The collection, sorting, and recycling of leftover construction materials. • Rest rooms fitted with low-flow fixtures, including some that are “water-less.” • The building’s position, which takes maximum advantage of natural light for heating and cooling purposes. • The use of energy efficient motors and electrical devices in all mechanical systems. • Building materials that do not “off-gas” fumes. • Minimal change orders during construction, illustrating the thought and vision involved in the initial planning of the project. • No additional parking, but a significant number of bicycle racks at the building.

To accomplish all of these efficiencies required everyone — URI administrators, architects, construction overseers, and workers — to do their part to make the Center a sustainable success. The extra thought put into the initial planning of the Center is evident in both the minimal number of change orders that occurred during construction as well as the fact that the building is on budget and on time. As one architect put it: “URI has made a commitment. There has been a big design effort towards sustainability. The cost savings will start on opening day.”



The windows of of the Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences are unique. Besides having special glass, the east and south facing windows have devices that reflect light into the interior of the building (so less energy is needed to light corridors) and others have panes that will help keep the building cooler in the summer.


“In the winter of 2009

something very ‘green’ will blossom at URI when the Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences opens its doors.”



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on


H ope & Her it ag e Fund

URI’s Making A Difference Campaign

Leading the Way Through His Leadership Gift, Richard Beaupre ‘62 Lead. It’s a small word with many meanings. Theater aficionados think of an actor who assumes a principal role. For financial investors, a lead refers to a potential opportunity. And for many University of Rhode Island students, “lead” is word they associate with Richard Beaupre ’62, Hon. ’03, whose leadership gift has made possible countless educational opportunities they may have been otherwise unable to afford.

a conference in Georgia. I asked why the university was not providing the funds, and she explained there was no money available for student travel. Luckily, we were in a position to assist her, but it breaks my heart to hear the stories of kids who do not have the opportunities,” says Beaupre. “I am told that my gift is one of the most significant because it has meant so much to so many.”

Richard Beaupre, a Cumberland, R.I., resident and URI Foundation Trustee, pledged a leadership gift of $1 million — a pledge that was recently fulfilled — to the College of Arts and Sciences Hope and Heritage Fund, which now bears his name. The fund provides support for Arts and Sciences undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty members to attend conferences, present papers, exhibit work, or perform in concerts.

Indeed, Beaupre’s generosity continues to be far-reaching. Thousands of students majoring in anthropology, art history, communications studies, computer science, and a host of other disciplines have traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Thanks to Beaupre’s gift, the University’s Undergraduate Honors String Quartet was able to travel to France, performing at the Academie de Musique de Chambre rencontres Musicale de Forcalquier.

Beaupre’s generosity stems from his commitment to the University, which he credits for his success. A chemistry graduate who runs ChemArt Co., the world’s leading manufacturer of photo-etched decorative brass collectibles, Beaupre also strengthened his business acumen by taking M.B.A. courses in the early 1970s.

The endowment has also made possible travel throughout the United States. In 2004, 18 journalism students traveled to New Hampshire to cover the presidential primary. Three years later, nine chemistry students attended the American Chemical Society’s annual conference.

“I took four or five courses and received enough knowledge to start my own company and to be successful. And if I were to address potential donors, I’d ask, ‘What did the University do for you? Because of your success, what are you willing to give back to repay the University?’” While Beaupre has been a longtime benefactor of the University, he says he was “looking to do something special” for the campaign. Dean Winnie Brownell of the College of Arts and Sciences gave Beaupre the opportunity to make a special mark on the lives of countless students when she spoke to him about the Hope and Heritage Fund that she established in 1999. Beaupre enthusiastically supported the idea, saying that it reminded him of his stepdaughter’s experience at the University of New Mexico. “She was studying for her Ph.D. and called and asked for money to attend page


These domestic and international educational opportunities perfectly complement the University’s mission. “We are a research university, and faculty and students are engaged in outstanding programs of research across the curriculum. The Beaupre Hope and Heritage Fund supports the dissemination of research and creative work at professional venues. Dick’s leadership and visionary gift helps us sustain excellence in our programs and research,” says Dean Brownell. Given that Beaupre’s donation ensures that nearly $50,000 will be available annually to fund these opportunities in perpetuity, its effect will be felt by generations to come. By enhancing the value of a University of Rhode Island degree, these invaluable experiences undoubtedly will serve as the foundation upon which students can become – as Beaupre did – leaders in industry and philanthropy.


Looking to Honor a Brother & Friend...

by Creating Scholarship Opportunities for the Visually Impaired The Gerald B. Shapiro ’75 Memorial Scholarship Endowment

While the family fully supports this endowment, they are quick to point out that the idea originated with Gerald’s friends and co-workers at the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS), where he worked for almost 30 years. “The family is exceedingly touched by the outpouring of warmth and caring and the desire to perpetuate my brother’s memory in this way,” says Robert. “We hope that this endowment gives the ability to assist young people who may have special learning needs.” The endowment will provide scholarship opportunities to students who are visually impaired and demonstrate financial need. The preference for this scholarship stems from Gerald’s own experiences. Gerald was born with retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that causes the gradual loss of vision. Though he wore glasses for most of his life, Gerald wasn’t diagnosed with the disease until after he graduated from URI in 1975. “Once diagnosed, his doctor said he would be blind by age 40, and that’s exactly what happened,” says Robert. “He never complained about his infirmity. He adjusted, and his life mission was to help others that were infirmed.” Gerald was extremely capable despite his blindness – he got back and forth to work, shopped in downtown Providence, and maintained a very active relationship with his synagogue, Temple Emanu-El, where he sang in the choir.

Photo courtesy of RI ORS

When Robert Shapiro remembers the life of his brother Gerald Shapiro, he thinks of a resilient, thoughtful man intent on dedicating his life to helping others. When Gerald’s life was cut short in a tragic house fire in February 2008, his friends and family rallied to preserve his legacy by creating the Gerald B. Shapiro ’75 Memorial Scholarship Endowment.

Gerald Shapiro was an inspirational figure within the community, and through his work with the ORS he touched the lives of hundreds of people. “I think it was his life mission to connect with other people and help them,” says Robert. “Over time, this fund is going to help individuals who find college difficult because of their illness. I hope the recipients learn about Jerry, and find his life inspirational.”

Honoring a Life...

by Supporting Nursing Students

Mary O’Sullivan McGovern dedicated her life to the care and nurturing of others. With hopes of building a better life, she immigrated to America at age fifteen to finish her education. Though she did attend URI in the fifties and came within two classes of earning a degree, Mary was always a caretaker. As the oldest daughter of eight children, she consistently delayed her own college education — and her dreams of becoming a nurse — to help several of her brothers and sisters begin their own lives in America. Now, with that same selfless spirit, her family has created the Mary O’Sullivan McGovern Endowed Scholarship for Nursing. Mary’s family contacted the University of Rhode Island to create this endowed scholarship. Colleen Hurst, Mary’s daughter, notes how impressed she was with the extraordinary care and attention her mother received from a URI faculty member and student nurses while she was a patient at Roger Williams Hospital. “First and foremost was the nursing instructor covering the rotation of students, Kathy Paquette, R.N. She involved her students in my mother’s assessment, diagnosis, and care. When the floor nurses were busy, Ms. Paquette took the time to do the small things for my mother which brought her comfort.” The goal of this scholarship is to help international students. “The preference to assist international students comes from listening to the stories of my mother’s life in America,” says Mrs. Hurst. “Unless one has immigrated to the United States in search of an education one can never understand the difficulties an international student must face – being in a new country, being immersed in a new educational system, encountering a whole new culture. It is our hope that this endowment can help in some way to ease the difficulties of those students.” Dayle Joseph, Dean of Nursing, agrees. “It will provide us with funds to help minority and international students defray some tuition expenses. Such scholarships truly make a difference in the lives of the recipient.”

Photo courtesy of McGovern family

The Mary O’Sullivan McGovern Endowed Scholarship for Nursing

The Sculco Challenge is matching this endowment, which will effectively double the amount being awarded. Mary. McGovern’s family is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the URI community in their mother’s name. “This endowment is a celebration of my mother’s life and her love of knowledge and education,” says Mrs. Hurst. “It also celebrates the profession of nursing and those who choose to pursue it. Throughout their careers, the URI nursing students will touch thousands of lives; this is one family that was comforted by such care.” page


Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

corporate giving Lonz a B iologics

Corporate Partnership...

Boosts URI Providence Biotech Center & Creates Job Opportunities for Graduates


The next big ribbon-cutting event on the Kingston Campus will be the opening of the new Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences this winter, but that doesn’t mean the Providence Biotechnology Center (PBC) doesn’t have plenty to brag about.

over the next three years. Lonza wants URI to provide basic training for their new employees at the Providence Campus under an annual contract worth $350,000. In addition, the company will be donating $100,000 to purchase biotechnology equipment for the dedicated Biotechnology Industry Training Lab at PBC.

PBC has entered into a significant partnership with Lonza Biologics, one of the world’s leading biotherapeutic drug and vaccine manufacturers. Founded in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, Lonza is rapidly expanding its Hopkinton, Mass., facilities with the intent of hiring 300 new employees

Each training class will run for three weeks. During that time, all aspects of biomanufacturing will be covered, including FDA good manufacturing practices, Upstream Bioprocessing (growing of genetically modified


ANNUAL REPORT 2008 microbes in bioreactors), Downstream Bioprocessing (separation, purification, and concentration of drugs), and molecular biology methods to characterize the quality and potency of drugs. The first class started on Sept. 30, 2008. Dr. Gregory Paquette, director of the Biotechnology and Clinical Laboratory Science program at URI, says the training will be taught by a faculty of five, all industry experts. In addition, the PAC is in the process of acquiring additional space to build out the training lab, not only for the Lonza partnership, but also for other industry training programs. Lonza has and will continue to hire students from the B.S. Biotechnology Manufacturing Program, says Paquette. The first year of training will be in Providence, but subsequent advanced courses will be in the new biotechnology center in Kingston. There will also be research opportunities between the Kingston center’s faculty and Lonza. “This partnership with Lonza will help the URI Providence Biotechnology Center become one of the premier biotechnology training centers in the Northeast,” says Paquette, who further noted that the Center recently received the 2008 Biotechnology Workforce Development Award from the Rhode Island Tech Collective, an industry trade organization representing the Rhode Island biotechnology industry. Jeff Seemann, dean of URI’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences, noted that this corporate partnership and the gift made by Lonza demonstrate how valuable the scientific resources of the University are to the burgeoning biotech industry in Rhode Island. “This collaboration will allow the Center to develop similar training programs for other corporations and will have a definite and positive impact on economic development here in Rhode Island. It is truly a win-win for the University, the state, and our corporate partner.”

“This partnership with Lonza will help the URI

Providence Biotechnology Center

become one of the premier biotechnology training centers in the Northeast” page


Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

Student Callers Playing a Key Role... in Building Support for URI

Before you hang up, the “sales call” you think you just received might actually be a URI student! More than three dozen student callers make up the URI Foundation’s Student Phonathon Program, an important component in helping us secure annual support through the Fund for URI. Currently 3,865 alumni, parents, and friends support the Fund for URI through the phonathons that are held throughout the academic year. Your contribution of any amount — even $25 — goes a long way by supporting both unrestricted and restricted giving to URI and its colleges. Last year, the student calling program raised $203,000 for the Fund for URI, representing a 47 percent increase from the year before. Eighteen percent of all funds raised through the Fund for URI come to us through the Student Phonathon Program. As of this fall, twenty-six undergraduates have completed initial training and are hard at work connecting with alumni, parents, and friends, many of whom are already loyal supporters. According to Assistant Director of the Fund for URI Bernadine Sadwin, student callers look for these jobs as an opportunity to earn money and to connect with fellow students in a fun work environment. In addition, she noted that the students appreciate getting involved with helping advance URI and gaining important employment experience along the way. The student callers are also instrumental in updating alumni information and providing news about current events at the University and the variety of programs supported by the Fund for URI. This year, student callers will also be reaching out to alumni, parents, and friends who are dedicated to supporting URI Athletics. Go Rhody!

Fund for URI News…

Volunteers help raise much-needed support for URI’s annual fund

A sincere “thank you” to Jeff ’82, M.B.A. ’92 and Karen ’82 M.A. ’92, Davis for serving as co-chairs for the Fund for URI for the 2007-2008 academic year. The Fund for URI annual fund is supported by many generous alumni, parents, and friends committed to making a difference in the education of our future leaders. The Fund for URI provides critical support for students, faculty, and alumni programs. Contributions are vital to the University because they provide flexible funding that can be put to immediate use. This past year, the Fund for URI raised more than $1,125,021 as a result of direct mail, phonathons, personal solicitation, and online giving. And, although unrestricted support decreased somewhat from last year, restricted support increased by nearly that same amount. Recent trends show that more people are choosing to “restrict” their contribution, or, quite simply, are choosing to direct it toward a particular college or program. As a result, in 2008, the College of Arts & Science observed a 307 percent increase in targeted donations from the year before while the College of Environmental & Life Sciences saw an increase of 189 percent. Our special thanks also go out to David and Cynthia Phelan for co-chairing the 2007-2008 Parents Fund for URI. The Parents Fund for URI provides opportunities for students to participate in conferences, research competitions, leadership programs, and other enrichment activities. The University of Rhode Island extends its gratitude to all of the dedicated parents who participated so generously this year. Thanks to URI parents, the Parents Fund for URI raised more than $34,500 and increased the number of donors by 58 percent. As a result, we can continue to offer new programs and initiatives to engage our students. Mark and Ann Higgins, pictured at left with their two sons, have agreed to cochair the 2008-2009 Parents Fund for URI. Parents of a URI sophomore, Mark, who serves as the dean of University’s College of Business Administration, and his wife Ann, are both committed to see that these expectations are achieved throughout the year ahead. Their willingness to become involved and steward this effort will no doubt bear positive results!




URI Foundation Excellence Awards

2008 Recipients Recently Honored The University of Rhode Island Foundation hosted a ceremony in late October to honor the 2008 recipients of the Foundation’s annual Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards were established in 1974 to recognize members of the staff or faculty of the University who go above and beyond their responsibilities to enhance the objectives of a particular department as well as the University as a whole. This year, the 38th celebration of excellence, nearly 50 staff or faculty members were nominated by their peers for award consideration. The 2008 winners, who were chosen for each of the four categories of awards, were recognized at the ceremony and received a framed citation and a cash award from the Foundation. President Robert L. Carothers and other University officials, faculty and staff members attended the event, hosted by URI Foundation President Glen Kerkian. The four winners bring the grand total of award recipients since 1974 up to 114.

The 2008 Excellence Award winners and their respective categories are: Linda A. Acciardo,

director of communications and marketing for the University, is the winner of the 2008 URI Foundation

Administrative Excellence Award.

Mohammad Faghri, Ph.D., professor of engineering, is the winner of the 2008 URI Foundation Scholarly Excellence Award. Ronda B. Hammond, administrative assistant in the Division of Academic Affairs for many years, is the recipient of the 2008 URI Foundation Staff Excellence Award.

Gerry S. Tyler, Ph.D.,

professor and chair of the Political Science Department, was chosen the winner of the 2008 URI Foundation Teaching Excellence Award.

Participating in the recent ceremony, pictured left to right, were: Provost Donald DeHayes, Dr. Gerry Tyler, Dr. Mohammad Faghri, President Robert Carothers, Linda Acciardo, URIF Executive Board member Blanche Murray, Ronda Hammond and URIF President Glen Kerkian.

For more information on the excellence awards recipients, please vist



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The Spencer J. Martin Sch o l a rship Endowment

Paying Tribute to an Outstanding Teacher... With Gift Supporting College of Business Administration

For this student and mentor, it’s definitely a case of mutual admiration. In fact, over the years, each has played the role for the other. Now Donald Lan ’74 is showing his appreciation for his URI accounting professor, Spencer J. Martin, by creating a scholarship endowment in his name. “I had an endowed chair in mind,” Lan recalled recently from his law office in Dallas, Texas. “But Spencer said he’d rather it was a scholarship endowment for accounting students. That is exactly like him; there is no ego involved for him.” Martin has taught accounting at URI for nearly 40 years, and Lan was one of his first star students. “He was a very good thinker,” Martin says of Lan. “He was friendly with peers and professors, willing to



put in extra time, always raised good issues, and was willing to help others.” While Martin might have hoped his student would follow in his accounting footsteps, Lan decided before he finished URI that he would pursue law. “I enjoyed accounting class, especially with Spencer, because he made it fun and interesting,” Lan says. “But I had a summer job at an accounting firm between my junior and senior years where I helped audit a public hospital. I decided then that I didn’t want to do that.” After URI, Lan attended Rutgers University Law School in his native New Jersey, and in 1978 took a job at the U.S. Justice Department’s tax division. While there, he recalls, a colleague once needed tax accounting expertise for a case, and Lan recommended Martin. His

ANNUAL REPORT 2008 former professor wound up testifying in federal court in cases involving the Studebaker Corporation, Burlington Northern Railroad, and others. Martin gained a fair amount of consulting work in Washington as a result of that reference.

While Lan has honored Martin with his endowment gift, the student believes he might owe him more yet. “He built confidence in me as an undergraduate when I really didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Lan says. “Because I did so well in his class, I thought I could do well in law school.”

Photo courtesy of Donald Lan

Lan is a partner in the Dallas firm of Kroney, Morse, Lan, Inc., which specializes in tax law, estate planning, and general business and tax planning. His brother, Richard, is a 1976 URI graduate.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Martin

“I’ve always been grateful for that,” Martin says. “To this day, I use those cases as examples in my classes, so he did me more than one favor by recommending me.”

Donald Lan

Professor Spencer J. Martin

Anonymous Donor Supports URI Athletics... With a $1 Million Gift

Largest-ever donation in University athletics history The University of Rhode Island’s baseball facilities have undergone major upgrades in recent months thanks to the first-ever $1 million pledge to the Department of Athletics as part of the $100 million “Making a Difference” capital campaign at the University. The gift, made my an anonymous donor, is the largest private charitable gift ever made to support URI athletics. The impact of the gift, made during the last fiscal year, is evident, as the playing surfaces at the Bill Beck Field have been upgraded to a synthetic material, sod and a sprinkler system have been installed on the field, and a new indoor batting facility, for use by both our baseball and softball student-athletes, has been constructed. A portion of the gift will also go toward the construction of the planned Student Athlete Development Center, which will provide naming rights for the future baseball offices to be housed within the new facility.

“A gift of this size shows the tremendous passion our alumni and friends have for URI athletics,” said URI Athletic Director Thorr Bjorn. “We are excited about being able to provide a quality venue to our baseball team, and look forward to enhancing their success in the season ahead.” Construction began September 30, 2008 and was completed December 15, 2008. The baseball season at URI is scheduled to begin with practices starting in January, 2009 and the regular season game schedule beginning in late February, 2009.



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The URI Foundation welcomes...

its recently elected officers and its newest board member

CHAIRMAN George Graboys, Hon. ‘99

Photo courtesy of George Graboys

George Graboys, Hon. ’99, was recently elected by the URI Foundation Executive Board as its new chairman. A highly regarded and well-known civic leader in Rhode Island, George has been a member of the Executive Board since 1995. He served as a member of the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education for twelve years beginning in 1993, including as its chairman from 1993-1995. In addition, George previously served as chairman of the Children’s Crusade for Higher Education and is the outgoing chairman of the Rhode Island Foundation’s board of directors – a post he held for the past two years. He served on the Foundation’s board for a decade. As CEO of Citizens Bank for many years before his

“retirement,” George spearheaded the establishment of the Citizens Financial Group and its subsequent acquisition by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and built a reputation as a leading member of the state’s business community. “We are extremely fortunate to have someone of George’s caliber leading our board in these times. The complexities of operating in a faltering national economy and with increasingly dwindling Rhode Island tax resources requires the kind of seasoned business acumen George brings to the table. The entire board looks forward to opening a new chapter in our history under his able leadership,” said Glen Kerkian, president of the URI Foundation. URI President Robert Carothers added, “There is no one I know in Rhode Island with a greater sense of personal integrity than George. He has shown vision in every role he has played in our state, along with a strong commitment to sound management. George has always been the champion of those who need our help the most, and he believes deeply in the mission of URI.” George is an alumnus of Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School and received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from URI in 1999. He has been awarded four additional honorary doctorates, including one from Rhode Island College in 2007.

Vice Chairman John S. Struck ’74 Managing Director of Wand Partners Inc., a New York City based private equity investment firm, John held various financial, management, and investment related executive positions before joining Wand in 1994, including those at Heller Financial, Prudential Bache Securities, Friday Holdings, and General Electric. John has served on the URI Foundation Executive Board since 2007 and served as a trustee prior to that. He is also a member of the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council and received his undergraduate degree in economics from the College of Arts and Sciences at URI in 1974.

Vice Chairman Thomas J. Silvia ’83 After graduating from URI and receiving an MBA from Columbia University, Tom joined the Wall Street firm of Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, first trading mortgage-backed securities, and then serving as a quantitative analyst for the company. In 1993, he moved to Fidelity Investments in Boston and, until recently, served as a vice president and portfolio manager of several fixed-income funds and led Fidelity’s bond group. Tom is a member of the University’s Making A Difference Campaign Leadership Committee and the URI Foundation’s Investment Committee. He has been a member of the URI Foundation Executive Board since 2007 and also serves as a member of the College of Business Ram Fund Advisory Committee. Tom received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from URI in 1983.




Treasurer Peter J. Miniati, III, ’85 A vice president at The Washington Trust Company, Peter specializes in trust and investment services. Previously, he served a vice president in cash management at Citizens Bank and as vice president of global services with Fleet Bank. In addition to the undergraduate degree in business management he earned from URI in 1985, Peter holds a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. Past-president of the URI Alumni Association, Peter serves on the Making A Difference Campaign Leadership Committee and is a member of the Ram Fund Advisory Board. Peter has served on the URI Foundation Executive Committee since 2007.

Photo courtesy of Margo Cook

New member Margo Cook ‘86 Margo recently joined Nuveen Investments in Chicago as Executive Vice President of Investment Services, where she is responsible for investment policy oversight and risk management. Previously, she was senior managing director and head of institutional business for Bear Stearns Asset Management. Prior to joining Bear Stearns, she held executive positions with The Bank of New York. Margo received her undergraduate degree in finance from URI’s College of Business Administration, earned an MBA from Columbia University and is a CFA charter holder. Margo serves on URI’s College of Business Administration Advisory Council and is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts. She recently joined the advisory board of Kurtosys, a New York and London based client information management firm.

The URI Foundation Honors...

Mary “Murph” Carmody ‘82, past chair of the URI Foundation Mary “Murph” Carmody ‘82 served as chair of the URIF Executive Board for three years, her tenure coming to a close at the Board’s June 2008 Annual Meeting. Called “one of URI’s biggest and most ardent supporters,” by Foundation President Glen Kerkian, Murph is widely known for her leadership, commitment, and her ability to work successfully with University administration, staff, alumni, board members and trustees. Her leadership was instrumental during the very important transition period in late 2007 and early 2008 when fundraising and development were moved from the University proper to the Foundation. The move, which provided greater flexibility to the University’s fundraising efforts, was made possible thanks to the dedication and involvement of a number of University and Foundation officials, including Murph Carmody. University President Robert L. Carothers noted her long tradition of volunteerism and involvement in advancing the University. “We are fortunate that Murph will remain on the board and will continue to be one of our biggest champions. Her service as chair of the Foundation was exceptional and we are grateful to her for her dedication,” President Carothers said. “Murph is an amazing person who is deeply committed to this University on so many levels,” URI Foundation President Glen R. Kerkian added. “Her devotion to this institution is nothing short of amazing and her leadership was truly outstanding.”



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The University of Rhode Island Foundation

Executive Board Chair Dr. George Graboys Hon.’92, ’99 Marion, MA Vice Chairs Mr. Thomas J. Silvia ’83 Amherst, NH Mr. John S. Struck ’74 Coral Gables, FL Managing Director, Wand Partners Treasurer Peter J. Miniati III, Esq. ’85 Barrington, RI Vice President, Trust & Investment Services, The Washington Trust Co. Secretary Mr. Glen R. Kerkian Kingston, RI President, URI Foundation Assistant Treasurer Mrs. Ruth K. Jarrett ’81 Kingston, RI Chief Financial Officer, URI Foundation Assistant Secretary Mrs. Meredith M. Drozd Kingston, RI Manager, Special Events, URI Foundation

Members Mr. Richard Edmund Beaupre ’62 Cumberland, RI President, Chemart Co. Mr. Gary J. Bowen ’68 Boston, MA Principal, Technology Investments Mrs. Mary F. Carmody ’82 Narragansett, RI Retired, Alumni Relations Johnson & Wales University Ms. Margo L. Cook, CFA, ’86 Chicago, IL Executive Vice President, Nuveen Investments Mrs. Laura H. Cunningham ’77 Greenwich, CT Principal, Ramsdell Cunningham & Co. Mr. Michael D. Fascitelli ’78 Paramus, NJ President, Vornado Realty Trust Mr. Joseph G. Formicola, Jr. ’69 Narragansett, RI President, Executive Investments & Realty Co. Dr. Mary A. Gray ’52 Kingston, RI Administrator, Peacedale Estates



Mr. Richard J. Harrington ’73 Westport, CT Chairman, The Thomson Reuters Foundation

Mr. Daniel J. Pendergast, Jr. ’59 Warwick, RI Former Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Mr. Manoog T. Heditsian ’47 West Warwick, RI Retired Insurance Agent, Massachusetts Mutual Life

Mr. H. Douglas Randall, III ’72 Westerly, RI President, Randall Realtors, GMAC Real Estate

Mr. James A. Hopkins ’62 East Greenwich, RI Vice President Operations, Wardwell Braiding Machine Co.

Mr. Thomas M. Ryan ’75 Narragansett, RI President, Chairman & CEO, CVS/Caremark

Dr. Caroline T. Kaull ’66 Portsmouth, RI Retired Faculty Member, Salve Regina University

Mr. Alan G. Zartarian ’69 Warwick, RI Commonwealth Financial Network

Mr. James W. Leslie ’52 North Kingstown, RI Retired Executive Director, URI Foundation

Ex Officio The Honorable Frank Caprio Narragansett, RI Chief Justice, Providence Municipal Court Member, Board of Governors for Higher Education

Dr. Blanche R. Murray ’41 Jamestown, RI Retired Teacher, Tolman High School Dr. Henry J. Nardone ’43 Westerly, RI Retired CEO, American Shipyard Co. Mr. Nathaniel J. Nazareth Warwick, RI Retired President, Providence Casket Co.

Robert L. Carothers, Ph.D. Kingston, RI President, University of Rhode Island Mr. Gary W. Kullberg ’63 North Kingstown, RI Chairman & CEO, Kullberg Consulting Group President, URI Alumni Association


Ways to Give How You Can Make A Difference In order to advance it mission and continue providing funding for students, faculty and programs, URI counts on the support of its alumni and friends. Your gifts help provide scholarships and fellowships for the bright and deserving, attract scholars to our classrooms and laboratories, drive vital research and contribute to the expansion and upgrading of our facilities across three campuses. As your generosity benefits others, it can benefit you as well. Depending upon your individual situation, you may receive a charitable income tax deduction and eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes. At the same time, it is possible to secure a lifetime income through a number of gift options. The Office of Gift Planning stands ready to partner with you to determine your most ideal method of giving.

Outright Gifts Gifts of cash, securities or other property are outright gifts that can be used to support the current needs of the university.

Gift Pledges Gift pledges represent your intent to give a gift to benefit URI. The gift pledge option provides you with an opportunity to make regular payments over a period of time.

Matching Gifts Nearly 600 companies have programs that match charitable gifts made by employees. In these cases, gifts are matched or multiplied for an even greater impact on the University. The URI Foundation’s website provides a search component to help you determine if your company participates. Please visit for more information.

Gifts of Endowment A gift creating or contributing to an endowment demonstrates your long-term commitment to supporting URI. An endowment is a fund that is maintained in perpetuity – only the interest earned on the endowment is used for the purposes specified by the donor. Endowments are a wonderful way to reflect your interests while providing critical and continued support to the people and programs you choose. Endowments serve as a testament to your generosity.

Gift Planning Planned gifts are gift arrangements made to provide support to URI, while offering specific tax advantages to the donor. There are a number of options available that could maximize your giving potential while creating a legacy for generations to come, including:

: : Bequests : : Retirement assets : : Charitable gift annuities : : Deferred gift annuities : : Charitable lead remainder trusts : : Appreciated securities : : Life insurance : : Real estate and/or personal property

Please visit the URIF Gift Planning at or call 401.874.2296 / 877.874.4555 toll-free for more information. page


Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The University of Rhode Island

campaign URI’s capital campaign, which was publicly announced in October of 2007, and is scheduled to continue through to the end of December, 2010, has raised nearly $84 million in cash and pledges toward its $100 million goal. At 70 percent through the campaign duration, which began on July 1, 2004 when the “quiet” phase of securing leadership gifts began, over 83 percent of our target goal has been raised. The “Making a Difference” campaign seeks to raise $100 million to increase URI’s competitiveness and help maintain its prominence by supporting faculty and scholarship opportunities as well as athletics, the annual fund, cutting-edge research initiatives and several new capital building projects on its campuses. Significant progress has been made in all areas of the campaign including one of its highest priorities, increased endowment funding, as well as capital building projects. The endowment fund, which is reported on in greater detail later in the report, grew by over 24 percent by the end of fiscal year 2008 compared to its value at the start of the campaign. The new Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences building, 140,000 square-foot, state-ofthe-art, “green” construction project, is the first in a series of building projects to approach completion, with a ribbon-cutting expected to occur early in 2009.

Making a difference Campaign Giving Totals

Giving to URI by Category

Endowment - Related Gifts by College 2005 to present




University of Rhode Island Foundation

Statement of Activities

Fiscal Years 2008 & 2007 [the URIF fiscal year ends March 31st] Revenues, Gains and Other Support

Contributions Net total investment returns Contractual payments from the University of Rhode Island Other income Total revenues, gains and other support

2008 $13,943,110 (1,988,958) 962,704 1,355,121 14,271,977

2007 $13,963,372 7,579,934 1,733,622 23,276,928


University Support Academic support 2,456,022 2,325,589 Athletics and club sports 300,078 74,719 Faculty and administrative support 320,143 718,742 Advancement support 137,561 89,028 Buildings and equipment expenses 813,092 1,183,111 Library 125,563 181,608 Community outreach 1,737,076 1,386,467 Research and patent support 955,116 1,170,031 Scholarships, fellowships, loans and awards 2,294,055 2,314,843 Other programs and event support 80,167 41,028 Alumni Association 189,250 - Total University Support 9,408,123 9,485,166 Foundation Support

Administrative expenses Development expenses Investment expenses Total Foundation Support

1,514,662 1,610,462 737,414 3,862,538

Total Expenses



Changes in net assets



Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

105,100,594 $106,101,910

93,805,175 $105,100,594

958,394 738,531 799,418 2,496,343



Cash and cash equivalents Pledges receivable, net Notes receivable Investments, at market value Building, equipment, furniture and fixtures, net Charitable remainder unitrusts Other assets, net Total assets


$5,568,909 8,040,861 90,381 90,090,375 2,061,689 1,150,738 579,266 $107,582,219


$5,489,238 5,979,011 116,910 91,034,089 2,062,895 865,002 710,254 $106,257,399

Liabilities and Net Assets LIABILITIES: Accounts payable and accrued expenses $388,266 $116,692 Pledge payable 150,000 175,000 Gift annuity payable 942,043 865,113 Total liabilities 1,480,309 1,156,805 Net Assets Unrestricted 9,638,374 9,202,512 Temporarily restricted 20,405,283 25,422,681 Permanently restricted 76,058,253 70,475,401 Total net assets 106,101,910 105,100,594

Total liabilities and net assets $107,582,219 $106,257,399

Note: This data is summarized from the Foundation’s financial statements. Complete audited financial statements are available upon request.



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

The University of Rhode Island’s

Endowment management To achieve its investment objectives, the URI Foundation retains an independent investment consultant to provide ongoing evaluation of economic conditions, review manager performance and provide advice on asset allocation and investment manager selection. The Foundation’s Investment Committee and its Board of Trustees has adopted the strategy of investing endowment assets to preserve the long-range purchasing power of the endowments in order to provide intergenerational financial support for the programs the endowments were created to benefit.

General Endowment Overview & Value As of March 31, 2008, the Foundation had 930 separate endowment funds with a market vale of $83.1 million. During the last fiscal year, 48 new endowments were created, with a value of $4,470,875. The market value for the General Endowment Fund (GEF) for the past nine years is represented on the following chart:

The endowment funds held by the Foundation provide a consistent level of support for current and future needs of the University of Rhode Island. The primary objective of the GEF is to maintain the purchasing power of its individual endowments over time by reinvesting part of the endowment’s earnings and appreciation each year. If the principal value of the GEF grows at or above the rate of inflation, an increasing stream of income will be generated to meet the rising costs of education, research and campus life, which supplements non-endowment cash gifts benefitting the university annually.

Endowment Support to the University The following graph represents the total amount of funds distributed to the University annually, based on the GEF’s spending distribution policy, for the nine-year period FY00-FY08:

A Valued Partnership Endowments provide a permanent partnership between the University and its benefactors. The legacy of thoughtful donors plays a role in the life of the University in perpetuity, and becomes the “foundation” upon which URI can build its achievements. The generosity of the University of Rhode Island’s many endowment donors is appreciated by generations of students and faculty, past and present, and will certainly continue to be highly valued for many decades and beyond.




The University of Rhode Island Foundation

Endowment funds ENDOWMENT NAME

Market Value


Market Value

AAUP General Scholarship


Richard M. Bianco Scholarship

Paul I. Abell Memorial Honors Student Award


Paul and Marcia Bigney Scholarship

Ward Abusamra Scholarship in Music and Voice


Carroll D. Billmyer Professorship in Mechanical Engineering


William Bingham Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship


Accounting Student Scholarship Dean Adams Student Union Endowment Robert A. Adams Memorial Fund

$6,447 $271,152 $5,668

$11,830 $10,012

William R. Bisson Family Endowment


David and Fannie Black Memorial Endowment


George and Violet Ajootian Scholarship


Hank Blay Memorial Scholarship


Heidi Allen Memorial Scholarship


Alice Bliss Endowment for the URI Library


Robert Allen Memorial Endowment


Alice Bliss Memorial Scholarship


Governor and Mrs. Lincoln Almond Scholarship


Patrick K. Bolger Scholarship


Christiane Amanpour Journalism Lecture Series


George H. and Mary Kulik Bond Campus Beautification Endowment


American Screw Company Foundation Scholarship


George H. and Mary Kulik Bond Endowed Scholarship


Boothroyd Dewhurst Company Library Endowment


AMICA Mutual Insurance Scholarship


Anderson Family Trust


Emilie C. and Norman H. Borden Nursing Scholarship


George and Bernice Anderson Memorial Endowment


Norman H. Borden Memorial Scholarship


Henry H. Anderson Jr. Sailing Endowment


Brad Boss Ice Hockey Endowment

Anthony Athletic Association Scholarship


Boss Family Endowment

Irwin L. Arden Memorial Endowment


Steven Bouley & Rhonda Wilson Graduate Engineering Fellowship

Lee Armstrong Memorial Scholarship


Ronald and Lillie Bowden Memorial Scholarship

Army R.O.T.C. Fund for Military Leadership Excellence


Angela & Amir Bozorgmir Honors Scholarship

George E. Arnold Memorial Scholarship


Mary C. Braga Scholarship

Art Gallery Endowment


Barbara Bradford Brand Scholarship

Ruth E. Atkinson Scholarship


Edward Brewster Endowed Scholarship

John W. Atwood Memorial Scholarship


M. Adelaide Briggs Memorial Scholarship

Aurora Civic Association Scholarship


Nathalie E. Briggs Scholarship

$77,342 $157,237 $8,545 $317,609 $1,501 $13,036 $9,347 $18,579 $62,130 $246,384

Winfield S. Briggs Memorial Scholarship


Howard S. and Elsa M. Brightman Scholarship



Brittingham/Pezzullo Family Scholarship


Philip A. and Bette A. Ayoub Scholarship


Arlene and David E. Brook Department of Chemical Engineering Endowment


James L. Baldwin Memorial Scholarship


Bertram M. Brown Endowment


Miss Aylor Fund (College of the Environment and Life Sciences) Miss Aylor Fund (Department of Fisheries)


Judith A. and Robert C. Ayotte Endowment

Balmforth Family Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Med Studies


Burton G. Brown Endowment for the CCE Library


Dean N. Banfield Memorial Endowment


George A. Brown Memorial Scholarship


Glenn C. Brown Scholarship


Bank of America Scholarship Endowment


John F. Bannon Scholarship


Godfrey Brown Leadership Award


Geraldine M. Barber Endowed Scholarship


Phyllis R. Brown Chemistry Endowment


William and Jean Barber Scholarship


Harold W. Browning Endowment


Martha E. Barden Community Nursing Endowment


Mary Williams Browning Memorial Microbiology Scholarship


Amy Jane Bare Scholarship


Gene Bucci Family Scholarship


Ann and Albert Barker Memorial Scholarship


Frederick J. and Karen F. Buchsbaum Accounting Award


Carlton and Olive Barton Scholarship


Alfred S. Budnick Scholarship


Norma Bugbee Memorial Scholarship


George A. Bates Memorial Scholarship Victor J. Baxt Chemistry Scholarship Endowment Victor J. Baxt Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering

$6,596 $28,124 $964,327

Marguerite Bumpus Endowment Gustin L. Buonaiuto Family Endowment

$36,348 $122,285

John M. Baxter Scholarship


Joseph Burghardt Endowment


Beaupre Family Scholarship


Leroy F. Burroughs Memorial Scholarship


Kathryn Beaupre Department of Communicative Disorders Scholarship


Richard W. and Ronald S. Buteau Endowment for the Arts


Richard Beaupre College of Arts and Sciences Hope and Heritage Endowment


Richard W. and Ronald S. Buteau Scholarship


Walter Beaupre Memorial Scholarship


Robert Stetson Butler and Charlene Klatt Butler Scholarship


Bessie D. Belmont Memorial Scholarship


R. Craig Caldwell Memorial Scholarship


Ralph S. Belmont Scholarship


Roderick Caldwell Scholarship in Mathematics


Benson Scholarship Endowment


Dennis W. Callaghan Memorial Award in Management

Artacky and Elese Berberian Scholarship


Ernie Calverley Scholarship

David Beretta Endowment Stanley Berger Memorial Scholarship

$251,677 $19,590

$44,745 $165,886

Joseph L. Campanella Scholarship


Stephen Campanella Mechanical Engineering Graduate Fellowships




Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

ENDOWMENT NAME Bruce D. Campbell Scholarship Norman A. and Mary Campbell Scholarship

$85,569 $106,001

ENDOWMENT NAME College of Engineering Graduate Fellowship Endowment

Market Value $17,631

College of the Environment and Life Sciences Scholarship for Academic Excellence $23,674

Henry G. Caniglia Arts & Sciences Scholarship


College of Human Science and Services Endowment

Wes Card Presidential Fund Scholarship


College of Human Science and Services Graduate School Endowment



College of Pharmacy Centennial Student Scholarship


Peter M. Carley Memorial Scholarship


College of Pharmacy Continuing Education/Professional Endowment

Herbert Carlin Scholarship


College of Pharmacy Faculty and Student Enhancement

Daniel O. Cargill Scholarship

Albert E. Carlotti Endowment Eleanor M. Carlson Trust Scholarship Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Chair in Women’s Studies Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Scholarship Fund

$144,669 $89,470 $1,431,999 $401,439

College of Pharmacy Graduate and Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship College of Pharmacy Scholarship


$12,757 $473,476 $18,275 $653,000

Commercial Management Service, Inc. Endowment


Francis J. Connell Memorial Endowment



Construction Financial Management Association Scholarship

Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Women’s Studies Visiting Scholars Fund


Paul H. Conway Memorial Scholarship

URI President Robert L. Carothers Centennial Scholarship


Margo L. Cook Internship/Study Abroad Endowment

URI President Robert L. Carothers and Patricia Ruane Scholarship


Kenneth L. and Bertha T. Coombs 4-H Scholarship


Kenelm W. Coons Marine Affairs Scholarship


Jennifer Corbett Memorial Scholarship


James Corless Prize in Marine Chemistry


Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Women’s Studies Library Endowment

E. Kenneth Carpenter Memorial Prize Walter J. G. Carpenter Horticulture Endowment Everett L. and Lotta Degree Carr Memorial

$7,996 $11,977 $183,481

$15,733 $111,003 $7,066

W. Berkley Carter Scholarship


William H. Cornell Jr. Community Pharmacy Scholarship

Castellucci and Galli, Inc. Scholarship


Alan Corry Endowment in Chemical Engineering


Castrovillari Family Athletic Scholarship


Carol A. Corwin Scholarship


Hazel Ruth Cavnor Memorial Scholarship


Douglas and Jennifer Cote Scholarship


Chester and Eileen Cekala Scholarship


Edward J. Cox Memorial Scholarship


Center for the Humanities Endowment


Lt. Parker D. Cramer Memorial Endowment


Centreville Savings Bank Scholarship


Lloyd Robert Crandall Memorial Scholarship


Harry C. Chandler Memorial Scholarship


Dr. Elizabeth Walbert Crandall Endowment


Jim and Katherine Chandley Hockey Scholarship


Cranston Print Works Scholarship


Edith F. Chappell Memorial Nursing Scholarship


Dr. and Mrs. Gene A. Croce Scholastic Scholarship


Chi Omega 60s Scholarship


Walter A. Crocker Endowment Fund


Howard Chin Scholarship in Civil Engineering


Kevin T. Cronin, Jr. Scholarship

Thomas Chisholm Business Teaching Endowment


Cronquist Family Global Warming Research Endowment


Dr. Young Soo Choi Scholarship in Pharmacology


A.T. Cross Company Scholarship


Elizabeth W. Christopher Memorial Scholarship


Alexander M. Cruickshank Endowed Lectureship


Everett P. Christopher Endowment


Ruth E. Curran Scholarship


Everett P. Christopher Memorial Fund


CVS Scholarship


David J. Chronley Fund in Chemical Engineering


Joseph D’Anna Sr. Scholarship for Nursing



Alexander D. Daunis Memorial Scholarship


Cianfarani Endowment Citizens Bank Women’s Athletic Scholarship John A. Civic Memorial Scholarship Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Fund Civil Engineering Alumni Endowment Harriet A. F. Claflin Scholarship Arnold V. Clair Music Endowment Andrew J. Clapham Student Leadership Chemistry Endowment John Samuel Clapper Memorial Scholarship George P. and Vera J. Clark Memorial Scholarship

$117,994 $2,816 $168,883 $9,058 $16,719 $363,808 $3,209 $28,513 $227,286

Donald K. and Amelia Davidson Scholarship Davis Family Endowment for Fisheries Oceanography



$20,369 $235,794

Henry E. Davis Memorial Endowment


Davol Company Pharmacy Scholarship


Day Family Scholarship


David Rockwell DeFanti Memorial Scholarship Frances B. DeFrance Memorial Scholarship Deller Family Endowment Anna and Gregory Demetrakas Fund

$9,644 $25,137 $5,875 $124,785

Ronald Denelle Scholarship


Paul DePace Scholarship



Department of Accounting Endowment


Theodore S. and Elizabeth H. Clarke Endowment, Class of 1940


Department of Art General Endowment


Charles Cloudman Library Endowment


Department of Chemical Engineering Endowment


Stan Cobb Marine Biology Endowment


Department of Mathematics Endowment

James W. and Mildred L. Cobble Memorial Scholarship


Department of Mechanical Engineering Alumni Endowment

Fran & Joel Cohen Student Affairs Fund for Excellence Endowment


Department of Physics Endowment

Sidney Cohn Memorial Scholarship


Department of Physics Graduate Endowment


Barbara Marie Colavecchio Memorial Scholarship


Department of Political Science Endowment


Pacifico A. Colicci Award in Oceanography Engineerng


Department of Theatre General Endowment

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship


Department of Theatre Scholarship


College of Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund Endowment


Col. Joseph DeRita Football Scholarship


College of Business Administration Endowment


Christian L. DeSimone Memorial Scholarship


Robert A. DeWolf Scholarship


Mary Jane Behrends Clark Journalism Endowment


Philip H. Clark Scholarship


Vera J. Clark Endowment

College of Engineering Endowment


Market Value



$9,316 $16,717 $113,132




Market Value


Market Value

Cynthia & Bryon Deysher Business Scholarship


Football Endowment


Ida & Chris DiCarlo Endowment


R. Ken Force Graduate Fellowship in Analytical Chemistry


James and Nancy Forte Scholarship in Business and Nursing


James and June Diller Scholarship


Leo F. DiMaio Jr. Scholarship


Fougera Engineering/Pharmacy Partnership Scholarship


Dr. Joseph D. DiMase Scholarship in Pre-Med Studies


Hyman Fradin Scholarship


Jack Fradin Scholarship

$28,822 $22,085

Anthony DiPetrillo, Esq. Scholarship


Joel B. Dirlam Research Award


John B. Fraleigh Prizes in Mathematics

Wilbur Doctor Endowed Journalism Scholarship


Howard & Mary Frank Scholarship Endowment


Dodd Family Scholarship


Alex V. and Elli A. Fricke Memorial Scholarship


Henry and Jane Donnell Scholarship


William N. and Anita Fritsch Library Book Fund


Dorothy F. Donnelly Scholarship in Women’s Studies


William N. and Anita Fritsch Memorial Scholarship


Carrie G. and Daniel M. Doody Memorial Endowment


Marion L. Fry Endowment for Historic Preservation


Otto Dornberg Study Abroad Endowment


Elizabeth D. Futas Scholarship


Dubee Family Scholarship Fund


Giuseppina and Mariano Galanti Nursing Scholarship


Sharon Dubois-Hall Memorial Fund


Joseph Galanti Sr. Scholarship in Nursing

Ducharme Family Scholarship in Engineering



Mildred J. Galanti Scholarship


Duffy Family Endowed Scholarship


Mildred J. and Peter M. Galanti Endowment


Ann Durbin Memorial Endowment


Peter M. and Mildred J. Galanti Award


Wayne King and Bernice Anderson Durfee Aquaculture Scholarship


Peter M. and Mildred J. Galanti Business Award in Accounting

Austin J. Dwyer and Francis J. Wilcox Memorial Scholarship


Peter M. and Mildred J. Galanti Library Endowment

Daniel R. Dye Memorial Scholarship


Peter M. and Mildred J. Galanti Scholarship

Eastern Cooperative Extension Scholarship


Peter M. and Mildred J. Galanti Student Loan

Frances R. and James W. Eastwood Scholarship


Thomas A. Gamon Memorial Scholarship


Grace M. Eastwood Memorial Endowment for the College of Nursing


Beatrice and Tom Garrick Sr. Scholarship


Catharine and Walter Eckman Memorial Scholarship


Enrico Garzilli Scholarship in Music

Edward D. Eddy Memorial Scholarship


Alexander R. and Patricia A. Gavitt Endowment


Edward D. and Polly Eddy Endowed Scholarship


Geisser Engineering Scholarship


Marjorie Ellis Memorial Scholarship


George Geisser Sr. Scholarship


Jill Smith Ellsworth Memorial Scholarship


George and Virginia Geisser Civil Engineering Scholarship


Madelyn Grady Geisser Endowed Scholarship


General Dynamics Electric Boat Division Scholarship


Elia and Margaret Germani Scholarship


Elterich Family Scholarship Lloyd C. and Marilynn W. England Scholarship Ralph W. England Jr. Memorial Library Endowment

$144,359 $42,068 $6,229

$29,104 $170,438 $80,650 $64,352


Ralph W. England and Robert V. Gardner Scholarship for Sociology


Gertz Family Engineering Scholarship


Kam Esmail Scholarship


Geoffrey Gibbs and Sona Aronian Scholarship in Music Composition


Joseph Estrin Endowed Graduate Seminar Series


Francis L. Gilman Scholarship for Electrical Engineering

Wilbur and Evelyn Fagans Scholarship


Olive Z. Godfrey Memorial Scholarship

Thomas V. Falciglia Honorary Scholarship


Ed and Judy Golden Swimming Team Humanitarian Endowment



Farmer Family Trust-The Henry S. Farmer Award in Biological Oceanography

$9,497 $8,196

Mark Goldman Library Endowment



Saul and Alfred Goldstein Scholarship


Michael D. Fascitelli Scholarship


Golini Family Scholarship in Pharmacy


Betty Fast Memorial Endowment for the Graduate Library School


Mabel B. Goshdigian Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Dietetics

James J. Federico Sr. and James J. Federico Jr. Scholarship


Peter E. & Cynthia J. Gouck Memorial Scholarship

$17,656 $92,933

Frank Faron Memorial Endowment for Electrical Engineering

Feinstein Center for a Hunger Free America


George and Lois Graboys Minority Student Endowment

Lillian and Alan Shawn Feinstein Endowment


Graduate School of Library and Information Studies Scholarship

Feinstein Enriching America Program


Graduate School of Oceanography Alumni Endowment


$49,248 $212,257

Alan Shawn Feinstein Leadership Scholarship


Graduate School of Oceanography Dean’s Fund for Excellence


Ferland Corporation Scholarship


Graduate School of Oceanography Pell Library Endowment


Saul A. Fern Scholarship in Marketing


Irmgard B. Graham Memorial Rare Books Endowment


William R. and Ann W. Ferrante Endowment


John M. Grandin Scholarship


Warren Ferriter Endowed Memorial Scholarship


John E. Gray Engineering Scholarship


Robert H. and Marjorie P. Fillmore Memorial Scholarship


Gray Family Journalism Endowment


Lillian and Benjamin Fine Memorial Scholarship


Green Hall Endowment


Harold S. Greenfeld Memorial Endowment

$35,502 $15,430

Robert and Augusta P. Finkelstein Memorial Lecture Series


Frank and Arthur Fiorenzano Scholarship


Rox-Ellene Greenlaw English Scholarship

Charles and Marie Fish Endowment for Oceanography


Cynthia Grinnell Scholarship

John J. Fisher Memorial Award


Morton and Ruth Grossman Endowment

Michael J. Fitzgerald Scholarship


GSLIS Prism Scholarship


Fitzsimons Memorial Lecture Series


David H. Gulvin Memorial Scholarship


Howard Gurvitch Humanities Endowment


James A. and Elizabeth Fletcher Memorial Endowment Matthew D. Flores Memorial Scholarship Irving H. Folsworth Track Scholarship for Men

$239,596 $14,930 $213,105

Robert S. Haas Distinguished Professorship in Electrical Engineering Dean John R. Hackett Endowment

$49,110 $713,039

$1,399 $24,661



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on



Market Value

George Hadfield III Scholarship


John and Elva Kanakry Scholarship

Adolphus C. Hailstork III Music Scholarship for Minority Students


Saul & Susan Kaplan Pharmacy Endowment



Stephen M. Kaufman Memorial Scholarship

$29,487 $11,961

Carlisle Hall Scholarship Mildred Elizabeth Hunt Hall Memorial Endowment


Caroline and Donald Kaull Scholarship Endowment

Mona Zakaria Hamer Memorial Endowment


A. Livingston Kelley Memorial Scholarship

Florence Champlin Hamilton Memorial Scholarship


Martha McCormick Kelly Endowed Memorial Fund


$19,341 $159,761


Evelyn Siefert Kennedy Scholarship


Michael R. Hanlon Memorial Fund


Holly Kennedy Diversity Endowment


R. Choudary Hanumara Graduate Endowment


Sylvia C. and Frederick Kenner Endowed Scholarship


Hardee’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence


G. Dickson and Virginia Stiles Kenney Chemistry Scholarship


John I. Hardy Scholarship


Kenney Endowment for Theatre & Music


Richard and Jean Harrington Endowment


Amos Kent, P.E. Memorial Scholarship


Harold Charles Harrison Memorial


Kenyon Industries, Inc. Scholarship


Bradley B. Hartford Memorial Library Fund


Kenneth and Susan Kermes Scholarship Endowment


Kenneth & Susan Kermes Distinguished Lecture or Performance Endowment


Louis Raymond Hampton Scholarship

Hasbro IEP/IBP China Endowment


Vasilios S. and Aphrodite Haseotes Scholarship


Paul J. Kervick Family Scholarship


Martin and Claire Hawes Memorial Scholarship


David Ketner Memorial Prize


Joan, Melissa, and Jennifer Heaton Memorial Scholarship


Kilguss Family Endowment


Heditsian Family Scholarship


Alfred Killilea Faculty Endowment in Political Science


The Violet Grace Hellman Prize in Languages


Hesook Suzi Kim Fund for Graduate Student Support


Brian K. Hewitt Finance Endowment


Thomas J. Kim Scholarship Endowment


James H. Higgins Jr. Memorial Scholarship


Edward P. King Jr. Memorial Endowment

James H. Higgins Sr. Memorial Scholarship


Lester J. King Memorial Scholarship


Conrad R. Hill Memorial Endowment


Mason B. Kingsbury II Memorial Scholarship


Janet I. Hirsch Endowment in Nursing


Kingston Hill Gardeners Endowment


Albert J. and Andrew R. Hoban Memorial Library Endowment


Elizabeth C. Kinney Memorial Fund


Hoder Family Endowment


Lorenzo F. Kinney Endowment for Plant Sciences

Percy Hodgson Scholarship


Chester H. Kirk Distinguished Professorship


Elizabeth Holmes Outstanding Athletic Award


Chester H. Kirk Scholarship


Home Economics Endowment for the Study of Business


Kenneth L. and Marie V. Kirk Endowment


Hope Lodge #25 Masonic Scholarship


John A. and Lynne Knauss Endowment for Oceanographic Excellence


Hopkins Family Scholarship


The Knickle Family Freshman Scholarship


Knickle Family Graduate Fellowship in Chemical Engineering


Harry Knowles Memorial Scholarship


Fran and Billie Horn International Scholarship Matthew J. Horridge Scholarship Hospital Trust Minority Scholarship

$198,325 $24,556 $164,604

Irving Kopech Scholarship




Hope F. Hudner Endowment


June J. and Habib Koussa Scholarship

John J. Hudson Memorial Scholarship


Russell C. Koza Memorial Polish Heritage Scholarship


Gloria M. Hurley Memorial Endowment



Jack Kraft Endowment for Basketball


George Huston Memorial Fund


Jerome and Gail Kritz MTI Endowment

Hutton Senior Prize in Hispanic Studies


Robert W. Krovitz and Bella S. Krovitz Memorial Fund



Janet M. Kulberg Memorial Fund in School Psychology


Eric F. Kumpf Memorial Humanities Fellowship


Eric F. Kumpf Memorial Humanities Honors Student Endowment


Russell D. & Russell C. Ide Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering Joseph Waite Ince Prize in Chemistry Independent Insurance Agents Library Endowment

$14,186 $455,321


Indu & Sury Non-Violence & Peace Studies Endowment


Eric F. Kumpf Memorial Journalism and Political Science Scholarship


Joseph Jabour Family Humanities Research Endowment


James Ladewig Scholarship

$22,782 $31,603

Gabriel J. Jack Memorial Student Loans


Adele Sheila Landesberg Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Gladys E. Jack Memorial Student Loans


Melvin M. & Arlene Silverman Landesberg Scholarship

J. Louis Jack Student Loans Brian H. Jackson Memorial Scholarship

$444,906 $4,888


Mary Langdon Memorial Scholarship in Voice


Leonard and Elena Lanni Family Engineering Endowment


Frederick and Katherine Jackson Scholarship Endowment


Oscar and Lauretta LaPierre Memorial Scholarship


Noel Jackson Turfgrass Pathology Endowment


Charles J. Latos Memorial Scholarship


Ronald C. Jalbert Scholarship


John M. Lawrence III Memorial Scholarship

Jazz Studies Scholarship


Helen Gibbs Lea Endowment


Learning Landscape Endowment


Lee Family Music Scholarship


Edward M. Lee Scholarship Endowment


Cedric C. Jennings Memorial Endowment Robert E. Johnson Jr. Memorial Endowment F. Curtis Johnston Scholarship Michael J. Jones Memorial Scholarship W. Alton Jones Campus Ronald P. & Karen W. Jordan Pharmacy Endowment


Market Value

$249,906 $22,419 $4,985 $15,052 $2,247,368 $3,626

Eleanor Lemaire Scholarship


James M. Lenehan Memorial Scholarship


Gabriel Lengyel Fellowship in Electrical Engineering


Fred Joyal Film Media Studies


James and Bette Leslie Endowment

Carl W. Kaiser Memorial Scholarship


Linda Lotridge Levin and Leonard I. Levin Journalism Scholarship



$4,766 $18,736



Market Value


Market Value

Leviton Foundation, Inc. Scholarship


William S. Moody III Memorial Endowment


Austin T. Levy Memorial Scholarship


Richard B. Morrisson Memorial Scholarship


June Rockwell Levy Memorial Scholarship


Thomas V. Morrissey Endowment


Lietar/Nield Lecture Series


Joseph A. Morrone III Scholarship


Lincoln Environmental Scholarship


Michael M. Morrow and Carole E. Heaton Dean of College of


Lions Club of Westerly Scholarship Frederick Lippitt Endowment in Oceanography


Business Administration Endowment


Mother Jones Endowed Scholarship

$44,659 $31,701

Raymond and Virginia Lippmann Endowment for Landscape Architecture


Kendall Moultrop Endowment

Paul and Marguerite Lischio Endowment


Charles K. Mruk Jr. Memorial Scholarship


Little M.A.M.A. Child Development Center Endowment


Herman Muenchinger Endowment for Mechanical Engineering


Livingston/Zitkin Scholarship in Music


Kenneth E. and Janet K. Munroe Scholarship


Nicholas Locascio Prizes in Italian Rosario J. Lombardo Scholarship in Engineering Gladys N. Longo Scholarship in Nursing


James D. and Anna R. Murphy Endowment for the Department of Finance



and Insurance


Vincent E. and Estelle E. Murphy Endowed Professorship

$239,689 $189,896

Gladys N. Longo Scholarship in Pharmacy


Vincent E. and Estelle E. Murphy Scholarship

Aurelio Lucci Endowment


Daniel J. and Blanche R. Murray Family Scholarship


Raymond G. and Nancy C. Lundgren Endowment


John J. Murray Memorial Scholarship



Sebastian and Marybelle Musco Voice Scholarship


Lusi Construction Engineering Ambassadors Endowment


Sebastian and Marybelle Musco Opera Workshop


Rudolph and Dorothy Nolan Lux Scholarship for Academic Excellence


Sebastian & Marybelle Musco Music Endowment


A. Robert Lusi Engineering Scholarship

Louis A. and Joyce K. Luzzi Endowment for Graduate and Development Activities $253,627

Museum of Primitive Culture Endowment

J. H. Lynch and Sons and Lynch Family Endowment


Carl Myllymaki and Robert McFarland Memorial Scholarship

M.A.M.A. Chemistry Fund


Vito A. Nacci Civil Engineering Scholarship

Thomas A. Macari Ice Hockey Scholarship


National Association of Credit Management RI and SE New England

Henry H. Mackal Scholarship


John J. Mackin III Scholarship


Ardashes and Sally Nahabedian Endowed Scholarship


Edward E. and Louise E. Madden


Henry J. Nardone Family Endowment


Charles A. Maguire and Associates Scholarship


Narragansett Bay Independent Shellfisherman’s Memorial

Carleton Maine Scholarship


Narragansett Improvement Company Scholarship

Domenic J. Mainelli Family Endowment in Civil Engineering


Joseph F. & Josephine D. Navach Scholarship


Angelo A. Marcello Memorial Scholarship


Nathaniel and Phyllis Nazareth Family Endowment


Robert Edmund Marcille Memorial Scholarship


Gertrude I. and Henry Nelson Jr. Memorial Scholarship


Mariano Family Endowment for Biomedical Engineering


Keith Nester Scholarship


Andrew J. Newman-John W. Chapman Scholarship


Dorothy M. Noble Memorial Awards


Marine Science Boat Fund Ernest Mario Endowment

$373,953 $1,001,878

Endowed Scholarship

$34,465 $118,023 $15,965 $10,312

$22,125 $170,991

Barry A. Marks Memorial Scholarship


L. Douglas Nolan Academic Achievement Award in Science


Dorothy and Edmund Marshall Endowment


Suzanna Anstine Norbeck Endowed Scholarship


Dorothy and Edmund Marshall Endowment for Faculty Excellence


Robert Norigian Memorial Scholarship

Ralph and Mary Martin Memorial Endowment


William C. Northup Memorial Engineering Scholarship


M. Dorothy Massey Scholarship


Nystrom Family Endowment in Chemical Engineering


John A. Mathewson Library Endowment


Charlotte Leneker O’Gorman, RN Scholarship


Mattoon-Kline Scholarship in GSLIS


Anne O’Connell/John D. Stich Memorial Scholarship



William E. O’Hara Memorial Men’s Crew Scholarship


Mary Matzinger Memorial Endowment


Shawn P. McBride Memorial IEP Scholarship


Michelle Ohley Endowment

John T. McCarthy Memorial Scholarship


Charles E. Olney Memorial Food Science Scholarship

James D. McCartin Scholarship


Omar Family Magnate Foundation Chair in the College of Pharmacy


Donald and Sandy McCreight Golf Endowment


ON Semiconductor Scholarship


Nancy McKinstry Scholarship in Economics


William A. Orme Business Endowment

George B. and Mildred L. McKowen Scholarship

$9,529 $65,485



William A. Orme Pell Library Endowment


Robert L. McMaster Scholarship in Marine Geology


Eric L. Osterberg Memorial Endowment


Thomas and Kathy J. McNiff Endowment


Simon Ostrach Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Robert G. and Charlotte F. Mee Memorial Scholarship Messinger Family Scholarship Michael P. Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting

$2,130 $27,791 $1,184,282

Martha Humes Owen Memorial Endowment Al Owens Scholarship Janice Paff Memorial Scholarship

$319,544 $13,136 $9,611 $37,437

William D. and Clarice Metz Scholarship


Charles Pagella Scholarship in Engineering

Ernest T. Michie Education Loan Fund


E.A. Palmatier Memorial Award in Biological Sciences


Thomas W. Miller Scholarship


Palmer Family Scholarship


Miniati Family Endowment


Sky Pardee Memorial Scholarship


Arthur J. Minor Memorial Scholarship


John and David Parker Fund for Mechanical Engineering


Minorities Scholarship Endowment


Bill Parrillo Memorial Journalism Scholarship


Ryan Mone Memorial Scholarship


William G. Peckham Memorial Scholarship





Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on



Market Value


Rhode Island Public Works Association Scholarship

Peltier Family Scholarship


Rhode Island Women’s Club of Providence Scholarship

Daniel J. and Shirley B. Pendergast Endowment


Lance A. Ricci Fellowship


Perdikakis Family Scholarship


Joseph G.A. Riccio Civil Engineering Scholarship


Mabel Streeter Perrin Scholarship Anthony E. Perrotti Music & Theater Performance Endowment

$235,345 $8,962

Arthur J. Richards and Bartholomew A. Ritota Endowment Harold A. Riemenschneider Award

$26,021 $138,622

$7,462 $97,750

Colonel Alden E. Peterson Memorial Scholarship


Anthony J. Risica Lecture Series in Engineering Entrepreneurship


Petrocelli Scholarship in Computer Science


Pasquale and Rosaria Rizzi Scholarship


Pezzelli Endowment


Robinson Green Beretta Corporation Library Endowment


Robert Pezzullo Memorial Endowment


Mary L. Robinson Scholarship


Thomas R. Pezzullo Jr. Memorial Scholarship


Sarah Hough Rockett Endowment


Roddy Charitable Trust Scholarship



Eric Roiter Humanities Fellowship


Lynn Pezzullo Endowment Phelan Family Endowment Scholarship Endowment Phi Sigma Kappa - E. Doris Carney Memorial Scholarship


John and Teresa Romano Family Scholarship



Piacitelli Family Endowed Scholarship


Italo and Mary Ronzio Award


Everett Picchione Memorial Scholarship


Anthony J. Rose Endowment


Edward E. and Ida Fisher Pierce Scholarship


Anthony J. Rose Family Endowment


Francis C. Pierce Scholarship in Civil Engineering


Anthony J. Rose Library Endowment



Vincent Rose Family Endowment


Brinton C. Piez Golf Endowment


Max Rosen Memorial Scholarship


Jean Louise Pimental Memorial Scholarship


Samuel and Gertrude J. Rosen Scholarship


Marvin and Pearl Miller Pitterman Scholarship


N. Edward Rosenhirsch Memorial Scholarship

Plant & Soil Science Unrestricted Endowment


Halkey K. Ross Scholarship


Mark and Donna Ross Scholarship


Paul & Arlene Pierpaoli Endowment

Platt Family Library Endowment



The Point Club Fisheries Endowment


Mark and Donna Ross Honors Colloquium Humanities Endowment


Charles Polk Memorial Endowment


Andrew W. Rotelli III Memorial Scholarship


Howard E. Possner M.D. and Dorothy Babcock Possner Scholarship


The Roundtable Fund

Grant H. Potter Memorial Scholarship


Rumowicz Endowment for the Literature of the Sea Lecture Series

Nancy Potter Endowment


Rumowicz GSO Library Endowment

Ralph C. Potter Sailing Team Endowment


Brian P. Russell Pharmacy Endowment

$5,926 $226,579 $6,469 $14,627

Ralph C. Potter Scholarship


Thomas M. Ryan/ CVS Chair in Community Pharmacy

William C. Potter Prizes in Chemistry


Thomas & Cathy Ryan Pharmacy Challenge Match


John E. Powell Memorial Scholarship


Thomas & Cathy Ryan Undergraduate Scholarship


President’s Fund for Excellence


Thomas ‘75 & Cathy Ryan Graduate Reseach Endowment


Prochaska Cancer Prevention Research Center Leadership Endowment


Sabatino Family Undergraduate Physics Endowment


Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company Scholarship


Nina F. Saberi College of Engineering Program Support


Col. John Joseph and Mary Drew Prybyla Rhode Island National Guard Scholarship $84,386

Salt Pond Coalition Abby Aukerman Scholarship


Anna & Sylvio Quattrini Memorial Scholarship

Brooksby A. Sanderson Memorial Scholarship




John F. Quinn Memorial Scholarship


Brett Santoro Memorial Scholarship


Marie D. Radoccia Endowed Nursing Scholarship


Sarni Family Endowment


Gwenneth Rae Book Scholarship


Sarni Family Chair in International Studies

$11,716 $12,628

A. Robert Rainville Memorial Scholarship


Saulnier-Stone Memorial Scholarship

Ram Athletic Scholarship


Phil Saulnier Football Scholarship (H Kopp)

Herbert D. and L. Marcella Randall Scholarship


Norman and Dorothea Armstrong Saute Endowment

$3,533 $2,180

W. Donald and Jane Rankin Scholarship in Music


Robert & Arda Saute Pharmacy Scholarship

Rau Fastener Company Scholarship


Lionel R. Savaria Scholarship


Mary Silverman Ravin Scholarship


A. A. Savastano Scholarship


Elton Rayack Scholarship in Economics


Dr. Brian and Susan E. Sawchuk Endowment


Milton & Nancy Read Family Scholarship


Ada L. Sawyer Endowment for Oceanography


Louis M. Ream Memorial Scholarship


Jill Sawyer Memorial Scholarship



Fredrika W. Schweers Memorial Lecture


Redlich Family Scholarship


James P. Reid Scholarship


Cynthia Davis Sculco Endowment for Faculty Development in Nursing


Richard D. and Linda J. Rendine Scholarship


Joseph J. Scussell Library Endowment


Joseph J. Scussell Scholarship


Jerry M. and Evelyn L. Rhoads Memorial Scholarship


Rhode Island Association of Advertising Agencies Award


Walter J. Shea Alumni Endowment

Rhode Island Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors


Herman E. Sheets Family Endowed Scholarship

Rhode Island Coalition of Library Advocates Scholarship Endowment


John Shepard II Memorial Scholarship


Rhode Island Dietetic Association Scholarship


Grace B. Sherrer Honors Awards


G. David Shilling Memorial Endowment


Rhode Island Independent Community Pharmacists Student Award


Market Value

Peter A. Pelletier Scholarship


$74,022 $218,179

Rhode Island Media Group Journalism Scholarship


Betty and Tom Shreve Scholarship


Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship


Dana Shugar Memorial Scholarship





Market Value


Market Value

Arnold M. Sidel Pharmacy Student Travel Fund


Alice M. Talbot Memorial Scholarship


Janice and John Sieburth Endowment for the GSO Pell Library


Norman and Alicia Tashash Environment and Life Sciences Scholarship


William F. and Pauline T. Silvia Endowment


Barbara Tate Scholarship in Nursing


Silvia & Chandley Honors Colloquium Endowment


Ted Tedesco Scholarship

Barbara K. Simmons Memorial Scholarship


Teknor-Apex Endowment for the URI Library

Jesse M. Simmons Memorial Scholarship


Jacob N. and Baye Pliakas Temkin Scholarship


Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Research Award


Albert P. Teoli, Sr. Scholarship


William E. Simmons Memorial Scholarship


Maurice and Valerie Tetreault Scholarship for Academic Integrity

Sylvan Simons Scholarship in Electrical Engineering


Texas Instruments for the International Engineering Program

Sinclair Family Endowment


Textile Veterans Association Award

Robert Sine Memorial Fund in Mathematics Clay Van Sink Travel Endowment Fund Clay Van Sink, Ph.D. Internship Endowment



$49,043 $126,321 $3,288

Thanatology Endowed Scholarship Fund



Mildred C. Thelen URI Summer Study Program in Salamanca, Spain Scholarship


Theta Chi Fraternity Eta Chapter Endowment

$11,111 $349,302

C. Richard Skogley Endowment for Turfgrass Study


Daniel H. Thomas Scholarship in History


Aleck Slade Endowment


A. Ralph Thompson Award in Chemical Engineering


Aleck Slade Scholarship


Walter B. Thompson Memorial Scholarship


John L. Slocum Scholarship in Civil Engineering


Frederick Titchener Library Endowment

Joan Irvine Smith and Athalie R. Clarke Foundation Award for

Frederick and Doris Louise Titchener Scholarship

$80,871 $194,381

Undergraduate Environmental Research


Jose Bowen Tombs Scholarship


John B. Smith Memorial for CELS Chemistry Research


Donald K. Tomkinson Jr. Endowment


Leonard Eckerman Smith Memorial Award in Public Speaking


Frederick D. Tootell Memorial Scholarship


Toray Plastics America, Inc. Scholarship


Norma Corey Tower Scholarship

Ruth R. Smith Memorial Endowment Warren D. Smith Memorial Scholarship Richard A. and Carolyn Soderberg Endowed Scholarship


Ruth E. Trexler Memorial Scholarship

Edwin S. Soforenko Endowed Scholarship


Barbara Trillo Memorial Endowment

Ella Soloveitzik Memorial Scholarship


Cecilia T. Trubiano Memorial Scholarship

Harold B. Soloveitzik Library Endowment


Truslow Family Endowment

Harold B. Soloveitzik Scholarship


Daniel P. N. Tsao Memorial Scholarship

South County Center for the Arts Music Talent Scholarship


Anna Tucker Women’s Athletic Scholarship

$18,148 $2,048,481 $8,031 $20,043 $7,263 $10,962 $4,530 $29,246 $14,080

South Ferry Church Endowment


H. Winfield Tucker Jr. Engineering Scholarship

South Ferry Corporation Endowment for Oceanography


James C. Tweedell Memorial Library Endowment

South Ferry Corporation Endowment for Nursing


Francesco and Mariannina Ucci Family Scholarship Endowment


Southeastern Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship


URI Advancement Office Endowment


Southwest Florida Gators Alumni Chapter


URI Alumni Association Endowment for Visiting Scholars

Gail M. Southworth Memorial Scholarship


URI Alumni Association Endowment


Helen W. Spaulding Endowment


URI Alumni Association Presidential Scholarship


$284,468 $46,999


Dr. Malcolm L. Spaulding and Nicole Spaulding Scholarship in Ocean Engineering $17,948

URI Alumni Memorial Scholarship


Gertrude Spencer Award


URI Citizen Scholar


Michael Spero Scholarship


URI Class of 1899 Scholarship


URI Class of 1917


Ann Spruill Endowment


Doris Vanderbeek Staats Scholarship


URI Class of 1926 Scholarship in Pharmacy


Stamp Lilly Excellence Fund


URI Class of 1930 Scholarship


Harold Stanzler Endowment


URI Class of 1931 Memorial Scholarship

Edward (Ted) & Jean Fiddes Stebbins Endowed Scholarship


URI Class of 1932 Library Endowment


Edna L. Steeves Memorial Scholarship


URI Class of 1933 Graduate Fellowship


Art Stein Scholarship in Nonviolence and Peace Studies


URI Class of 1935 Memorial Scholarship

Robert Stevens Humanities Endowment


URI Class of 1936 Scholarship

John O. Stitely Memorial Scholarship


URI Class of 1937 Memorial Scholarship

Albert Stone Memorial Scholarship


URI Class of 1938 Raymond G. Bressler Memorial Scholarship

Donald Strauss Endowment for University Year of Action


$87,919 $203,502 $64,154 $119,937


URI Class of 1939 Memorial Scholarship



URI Class of 1940 Memorial Scholarship



URI Class of 1941 Memorial Scholarship


Student Senate Scholarship


URI Class of 1942 Memorial Scholarship


Student-to-Student Scholarship


URI Class of 1943 Scholarship


Stan Stutz Memorial Scholarship


URI Classes of 1944-1946 Scholarship


Donald Strauss Legislative Internship Endowment Irene H. Stuckey Endowment for the Nettie Marie Jones Nature Preserve

Catherine H. Suda and Edward S. Pratt Memorial Scholarship


URI Class of 1947 Scholarship


Timothy J. and Mary English Sullivan Scholarship


URI Class of 1955 Endowment for Archeological Oceanography


M. Beverly Swan Scholarship


URI Class of 1956 Endowment


Gloria Goodwin Swan and John W. Swan Memorial


URI Class of 1957 Endowment


URI Class of 1958 Endowment Scholarship


URI Class of 1962 Endowment


Swenton-Roditakis Pharmacy Endowment Mary C. Tafuri Memorial Scholarship

$3,626 $13,267



Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on


Market Value

Market Value


Saul Winsten Endowment


URI Class of 1969 Endowment


Joseph F. Winthrop Memorial Scholarship


URI Class of 1975 Scholarship


Women in Engineering Endowment


URI Crew Club Endowment


Women’s Council for Development Founders Scholarship


URI Class of 1968 Endowment

URI Foundation Boat Program Awards


Joseph R. and Catherine Barclay Wood Memorial Scholarship

URI Foundation Endowment for Academic Excellence


Norris Wood Microbiology Award



Richard Dawson Wood Memorial Award for Excellence in Botany


URI Foundation Trustees Scholarship


Barbara Allen Woods Memorial Awards for Excellence in German Studies


URI Foundation Unrestricted Endowment


Barbara Allen Woods Memorial Library Endowment


Frank L. Woods Memorial Library Fund



Carl R. Woodward Memorial Endowment


URI Master Gardeners Educational Endowment


Carl R. Woodward Memorial Scholarship


URI Men’s Tennis Memorial Scholarship


Leonard R. Worthen Scholarship in Pharmacy


URI Foundation Endowment for Research

URI Greek Life LEAD Endowment URI Library Endowment



URI Parents Fund Scholarship


Wrigley Memorial Scholarship

URI Perpetual Presidents Club


Wroe Family International Engineering Program Scholarship



Lt. Charles Yaghoobian Jr. Memorial Scholarship


URI Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Endowment $34,359

Lt. Charlie Yaghoobian Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Nursing


Daniel Scott Urish Book Endowment


George and Barbara G. Young Chair in Biology

Richard Vangermeersch Endowment


URI President’s Unrestricted Endowment

Lois Vars Scholarship Verrecchia Leadership Chair Thomas A. and Dorothy M. Verrecchia Endowment


$29,110 $975,369 $20,643

Hermann Viets Prize for Engineering Design


Visiting Lecturers and Artists Endowment


Randy Vogenberg Endowment Karen and Rick Volk Memorial Scholarship Professor Ferdinand Votta Jr. and Lucile Spooner Votta Scholarship

$6,393 $51,269 $2,439

Nancy and Joseph Vuono Family Scholarship


Joseph M. Wagner Scholarship


Phyllis M. Waite Endowment


Royal Wales Scholarship


Sharon Wallace Award


Milton Waltcher Memorial Endowment


Francis C. Ward Scholarship in History


Wardwell Braiding Machine Company Endowment David Warren Scholarship

$9,305 $165,248

Washington Trust Company Scholarship


Washington Trust Bank Ram Fund Scholarship


Paul L. Watelet Athletic Scholarship


Watershed Watch Scholarship


Norman Watkins Memorial Award


Esther A. Watson Memorial Scholarship


Thomas F. Weaver Memorial Endowment Webb Family Graduate Fellowship in Oceanography

$42,653 $176,912

The Weekapaug Foundation Fund in Environmental Studies for Conservation

Scholarship Fund


David J. Weiner Endowment


Jonathan A. Wende Memorial Scholarship


Weygand Family Fund


Joy and Charles Wharton Scholarship John Hazen White Center for Ethics and Public Service Louisa White Memorial Scholarship Endowment Nelson C. White Excellence in Engineering George Wiley Memorial Endowment David R. Wilkes Endowment for the College of Environment and Life Sciences David R. Wilkes Scholarship David R. Wilkes 50th Anniversary Endowment



$19,979 $762,396 $9,718 $54,068 $12,785 $127,323 $22,357 $154,494

Bradford Williams Memorial Endowment


Frank and Natalie Williams Scholarship


Ruth A. Williams Scholarship



Heber W. Youngken Jr. Medicinal Plant Garden Endowment Heber W. Youngken Jr. Memorial Scholarship

$1,825 $196,358 $8,101

Heber W. Youngken Jr. Scholarship Endowment


Maurice Zarchen Endowment


Alan and Marilyn Zartarian Business Scholarship Kevin J. Zecco Memorial Scholarship Harry Zervas Endowment Mary Zorabedian Scholarship for the Arts Thedora A. Zubrinski Memorial PTAA Award

$1,765 $10,446 $5,106 $1,573 $11,827






Sherman B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Endowment


Peter F. Merenda Psychology Award


William D. and Clarice Metz Scholarship


Carroll D. Billmyer Professorship in Mechanical Engineering


Lorraine E. Bloomquist Endowed Scholarshop


Eleanor Milner Morris Endowment for Providence Campus

Joan G. and Richard J. Bonomi Endowment


Murray G. and Jessie S. Cordin Memorial Scholarship Endowment


Kenneth E. and Janet K. Munroe Scholarship


Edwin Emory Cull Jr. Memorial Scholarship


Daniel & Blanche Murray Family Scholarship


Davis Family Memorial Scholarship Heidi Kirk Duffy Endowed Chair in Applied Germanics Gaetano & Pasquelena Faella Endowment for Landscape Architecture Antonio & Elizabeth Faella Endowment for Recreational Sailing The Farmer Family Trust-Levia V. Farmer Scholarship Trust

$235,794 $1,000,000 $20,240 $5,060 $154,125

Child Development Center

John J. Murray Memorial Scholarship Michael J. Nappi Memorial Endowment Peltier Family Scholarship Klaus Peter Memorial Engineering Scholarship


$20,169 $100,000 $5,000 $300,000

Platt Family Library Endowment


Joseph P. Feroce Endowment


Platt Family Women’s Athletic Endowment


James and Nancy Forte Scholarship in Business and Nursing


Robert Rainville Memorial Scholarship


Mary Silverman Ravin Scholarship


Francis L. Gilman Memorial Scholarship for Electrical Engineering


Harold Greenfeld Memorial Endowment


Joseph W. Rock Scholarship


Leonard and Elinor Killoch Groeneveld Scholarship


Beatrice Belofsky Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship


Susan L. Hammen-Winn Endowment


Rumowicz Library Endowment


Caroline Hawes Art Department Endowment


Sarni Family Chair in International Studies


Hedison Convocation Center Endowment


Susan Ronzio Sharp and Dallas Lore Sharp III Endowment


Hedison Family Scholarship


Daisy M. and F. Roland Smith Scholarship

Arthur and Helen Kelman Internship in Plant Sciences


Earl C. Sparks Jr. Scholarship

$20,000 $100,000

Carolyn Frances Kiess Endowment


Sydney A. Spink Engineering Memorial Scholarship Endowment


Kenneth E. Knox Endowment


Marjorie A. Stein Teaching Scholarship


John and Ada Lastarza Memorial Nursing Scholarship


Samuel H. and Lillian Stein Scholarship


Bruce Sundlun Endowment for Political Science


Barbara Tate Scholarship in Nursing


James and Bette Leslie Endowment Stephen Letcher Scholarship

$8,364 $107,800

Domenic J. Mainelli Endowment


Theta Chi Fraternity Eta Chapter Endowment

Sandra McCreight Scholarship in Women’s Athletics


John J. Tuohy Scholarship

Robert P. and Dolores C. McKenna Graduate Scholarship


URI Civil Engineering Alumni Endowment

Robert P. and Dolores C. McKenna Scholarship


Raymond W. Warren Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Robert G. and Charlotte F. Mee Memorial Scholarship


Peter F. Merenda Endowment for Arts and Statistics and

the Sciences Humanities Center

Edward F. and Natalie Blackmar Wilcox Memorial Scholarship George and Barbara G. Young Chair in Biology

$36,000 $100,000 $9,058 $24,585 $13,165 $325,000




Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on


Giving Report 2008

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008 The URI Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following 119 donors, members of this year’s President’s Circle, who supported the Making A Difference campaign with a gift of at least $100,000 during the reporting period covered by this report. Your generosity and support of the University of Rhode Island is truly valued and appreciated.

President’s Circle

The URI Foundation, on behalf of the University of Rhode Island, extends its sincere gratitude to each and every one of the benefactors, both alumni and friends, who truly made a difference last year. We are fortunate to have your support and appreciate your ongoing commitment to enhancing the fine reputation of our beloved University. Special thanks to the many volunteer members of the Campaign Leadership Committee for their important work in furthering the objectives of the Making A Difference campaign. Space limitations constrain us from listing each and every charitable gift to the University, but those recorded at $250 or above have been included in this report.

University of Rhode Island Foundation Glen R. Kerkian, President Ruth Jarrett, Chief Financial Officer Michael R. Britt, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations Kevin R. McGinniss, Director of Athletic Development Laurie Onanian, Director of Development Administration Donna-Jean W. Rainville, Director of Gift Planning Wendy A. Bucci, Manager, Prospect Research Robert L. Clough, Assistant Dean for Development, Engineering Karin E. Conopask, Assistant Dean for Development, Nursing & HSS Eugene W. Lyman II, Associate Dean for Development, GSO Michaela T. Mooney, Associate Dean for Development, COBA Richard W. Popovich, Assistant Dean for Development, Pharmacy Amy E. Porter, Assistant Dean for Development, CELS Thomas R. Zorabedian, Associate Dean for Development, A&S

Care has been taken to make this listing as accurate as possible. If you have suggestions relative to improving our reporting, please share them with us. We sincerely regret and apologize in advance for any inaccuracies or oversights.



President’s Circle Platinum Estate of Donald S. Alarie, ‘78 † Richard E. Beaupre ‘62 Uwe Berner Shannon E. Chandley ‘83 James V. Diller ‘57 G. Dickson Kenney Virginia S. Kenney ‘49 Harold N. Knickle Estate of Beverly G. Long, † Marybelle Musco Sebastian P. Musco Claiborne D. Pell Nuala Pell ‘96 Estate of Edward J. Routhier Cathy H. Ryan Thomas M. Ryan ‘75 Dallas L. Sharp III ‘54 Susan R. Sharp ‘53 Thomas J. Silvia ‘83 President’s Circle Gold Dianne K. Card ‘69 Wesley R. Card ‘70 Cynthia M. Deysher ‘78 Steven E. Elterich ‘72 Howard S. Frank ‘62 Estate of Charles Pagella, ‘30 † John R. Wende Rita C. Wende President’s Circle Silver Serena Beretta Scott J. Boxer ‘72 Edward W. Brewster ‘58 David G. Browning ‘58 Frances D. Cohen ‘79 Joel A. Cohen ‘60 Christel DeSimone Douglas N. Durand ‘74 Elizabeth Durand Tonya M. Mc Bride ‘00 Florence L. Murray Jimmie Oxley Donna-Jean W. Rainville ‘69 Richard D. Rendine ‘58 Donna R. Ross ‘02 Mark A. Ross ‘64 James L. Smith Estate of Harriet W. Stapleton, ‘43 † Richard G. Vangermeersch ‘64

President’s Circle Bronze Geraldine M. Barber ‘70 Gregory P. Barber David A. Bengtson ‘74 Mary K. Bond ‘43 Joan G. Bonomi ‘69 Bradford R. Boss ‘55 Steven A. Bouley ‘80 Nancy J. Bowden ‘56 Barbara P. Bowen ‘67 Gary J. Bowen ‘68 Charlene K. Butler ‘79 Robert S. Butler ‘63 Henry G. Caniglia ‘58 Andrew J. Clapham Jr. ‘89 James P. Clappin ‘80 Estate of Vera J. Clark, † Margo L. Cook ‘86 Joel A. Dain Robert G. Day David A. Duffy Donald F. Farley ‘65 Alan S. Feinstein Martha H. Fitting ‘81 Philip L. Fitting ‘80 Shirley T. Gulvin ‘57 Howard R. Gurvitch ‘80 Paul J. Hastings ‘84 Manoog T. Heditsian ‘47 Henry Hein Estate of Phyllis G. Horne, ‘39 † Nancy K. Iacobucci ‘66 Robert L. Iacobucci ‘67 Robert E. Johnson Jr. ‘78 Michael G. Keith ‘70 Kenneth N. Kermes Susan P. Kermes Heidi Kirk Duffy David B. Lea Jr. ‘59 Jann E. Leeming ‘77 A. Robert Lusi ‘61 Carol C. Lusi ‘61 Mary P. Lyons ‘67 Herbert L. MacDonell ‘56 Lucie Maranda ‘87 Lenore M. Martin Annu P. Matthew William D. Metz ‘70 John J. Murray III ‘70 John G. Niedzwicki ‘78 John M. Nowak ‘93

John M. Nystrom ‘67 Maureen L. O’Gorman ‘89 Gertrude H. Parkhurst Constantinos Perdikakis ‘75 F. N. Perry ‘74 James O. Prochaska Janice Prochaska Peter A. Rizzi ‘51 Brian P. Russell ‘81 Vincent A. Sarni ‘49 Robert E. Saute ‘50 Estate of Jack Savran, ‘33 † Cynthia D. Sculco ‘65 Thomas P. Sculco Richard N. Smith ‘97 John S. Struck ‘74 Estate of Edith J. Timmons, ‘61 † John H. Visneuski Jr. ‘70 Rhonda C. Wilson John J. Wlassich ‘83 Candice D. Wroe ‘73 Thomas Wroe Jr. ‘72 Michael A. Zoglio ‘58

Giving Societies President’s Circle Platinum $100,000 and above President’s Circle Gold $50,000 - $99,999 President’s Circle Silver $25,000 - $49,999 President’s Circle Bronze $10,000 - $24,999 Edwards Roundtable $5,000 - $9,999 Davis Society $2,500 - $4,999 Watson Council $1,000 - $2,499 Washburn Associates $500 - $999 Woodward Club $250 - $499 † Deceased

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Class Gifts Class of 1914 Davis Society Estate of Henry E. Davis, ‘14 † Class of 1930

Washburn Associates Grace M. Eastwood, Estate Of ‘38 † Class of 1939 President’s Circle Bronze Phyllis G. Horne, Estate of ‘39 †

President’s Circle Gold Estate of Charles Pagella, ‘30 †

Washburn Associates Marie P. Erznoznik ‘39 Ralph V. Hedberg ‘39

Class of 1931

Woodward Club S. Gilbert Blount Jr. ‘39 Edgar C. Forest ‘39

Watson Council Estate of Ella W. Meso, ‘31 † Class of 1932 Washburn Associates Kathleen I. Schlenker ‘32 Class of 1933 President’s Circle Bronze Jack Savran, Estate of ‘33 †

Class of 1940 Edwards Roundtable Harold Rakatansky ‘40 Class of 1941 Davis Society Margaret Bagni ‘41

Washburn Associates Stephen Campanella ‘43 Robert J. Kirk ‘43 Kenneth E. Roberts ‘43 Malcolm C. Shurtleff ‘43

Watson Council Alfred Armstrong ‘48 George J. Geisser Jr. ‘48 Phyllis F. Goodwin ‘48 Doris C. Volk ‘48

Woodward Club Lawrence D. Barrett Jr. ‘43 Francis W. Catudal ‘43 Henry A. Kingsley ‘43 Nancy C. Schock ‘43 H. Winfield Tucker Jr. ‘43 William S. Webster Jr. ‘43

Washburn Associates Joyce Corner ‘48 Dorothy P. Crossley ‘48 Frank A. Sarra ‘48 Patricia B. Weeden ‘48

Class of 1944 Watson Council Everett Berlinsky ‘44 Marjorie C. Dean ‘44 Woodward Club Estelle G. Dale ‘44 Louise A. Greene ‘44 Margaret M. Maher ‘44

Woodward Club Elizabeth R. Newton ‘33

Watson Council Lester H. Bills ‘41 Blanche R. Murray ‘41

Class of 1945

Class of 1934

Washburn Associates Thomas A. Verrecchia ‘41

Woodward Club Mary Louise R. Robertson Dickenson ‘45 Elaine M. Sigler ‘45

Woodward Club Michael Spero ‘34 Class of 1935 Washburn Associates Michael DiMaio ‘35 Woodward Club J. Albert Newton ‘35 Class of 1936

Woodward Club Barbara M. Berberian ‘41 Helen L. Matthaei ‘41 Mary P. Sammataro ‘41 David M. Smith ‘41 Class of 1942 Davis Society Florence A. Hornstein ‘42

Edwards Roundtable Class of 1943 Estate of Charles F. Trumpetto, President’s Circle Silver ‘36 † Estate of Harriet W. Stapleton, ‘43 † Class of 1937 President’s Circle Bronze Washburn Associates Mary K. Bond ‘43 Elsie B. Brown ‘37 Edwards Roundtable Woodward Club Francis L. Gilman ‘43 Margaret P. Potter ‘37 Davis Society George W. Martin ‘43 Class of 1938 Edwards Roundtable Victor J. Baxt ‘38 David N. Warren ‘38 Watson Council Phyllis M. Chaput ‘38

Watson Council Franklin R. Dean ‘43 H. David Hedison ‘43 † David R. Wilkes ‘43 Louiseannette P. Wright ‘43

Watson Council Beatrice B. Parker ‘45

Class of 1946 Washburn Associates Janet K. Munroe ‘46 Class of 1947 President’s Circle Bronze Manoog T. Heditsian ‘47 Watson Council Helen F. Dayton ‘47 Washburn Associates Murray G. Cordin ‘47 James H. Crossley ‘47 Vincent Marzilli ‘47 Justine M. Richardson ‘47 Woodward Club Muriel P. Hall ‘47 Charles D. Schock ‘47 Barbara P. Smith ‘47 Class of 1948 Davis Society William G. Hunt ‘48

Woodward Club William A. Berndt Jr. ‘48 Arthur H. Coy Jr. ‘48 David S. Goulding ‘48 Lois K. Guise ‘48 Joan S. King ‘48 Barbara H. Murray ‘48 Cosimo A. Serio ‘48 Class of 1949 President’s Circle Platinum Virginia S. Kenney ‘49 President’s Circle Bronze Vincent A. Sarni ‘49 Edwards Roundtable Ralph J. Bertolacini ‘49 Betty C. Slocum ‘49 Watson Council Bernice A. Durfee ‘49 William R. Ferrante ‘49 Virginia C. Geisser ‘49 Marguerite Lischio ‘49 Paul F. Lischio ‘49 James E. Masterson ‘49 Caro S. McDowell ‘49 Thomas Salimeno Jr. ‘49 Norman C. Saute ‘49 Diane W. Smith ‘49 Richard H. Volk Sr. ‘49 Washburn Associates Barbara C. Baum ‘49 Roswell S. Bosworth Jr. ‘49 Robert Craig ‘49 Peter J. McKone ‘49 Vincent A. Ragosta ‘49 William C. Senior ‘49 Richard A. Soderberg ‘49 Woodward Club Roger C. Anderson ‘49 Rosalea E. Cohn ‘49 William T. Murray Jr. ‘49 William A. Orme ‘49 Joan S. Starkman ‘49 Priscilla F. Wakefield ‘49 Class of 1950

CAMPAIGN leadership committee Gary J. Bowen ’68, Principal,Technology Investments, Boston, MA Mary F. Carmody ’82, Narragansett, RI Robert L. Carothers, President, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI Shannon E. Chandley ’83, Amherst, NH Laura H. Cunningham ’77, Principal, Ramsdell Cunningham & Company, Greenwich, CT Stephen M. Cunningham ’76, Managing Director, Head of Corporate, Finance and M&A for Latin America, Deutsche Bank, New York, NY Cynthia Marcille Deysher ’78, President, Deysher Advisory Services, Concord, MA Michael D. Fascitelli ’78, President, Vornado Realty Trust, New York, NY Joseph G. Formicola ’69, President, Executive Investments & Realty Company, Narragansett, RI Richard J. Harrington ’73, Chairman, Thomson Reuters Foundation, New York, NY Gary W. Kullberg ’63, Chairman and CEO, Kullberg Consulting Group, LLC, North Kingstown, RI Peter J. Miniati III ’85, Vice President, Trust & Investment Services, Washington Trust Company, Providence, RI Daniel J. Pendergast Jr. ’59, Warwick, RI Campaign Chair Thomas M. Ryan ’75, President, Chairman & CEO, CVS/Caremark,Woonsocket, RI Thomas J. Silvia ’83, Amherst, NH Alfred J. Verrecchia ’67, Chairman, Hasbro, Inc. Pawtucket, RI

President’s Circle Bronze Robert E. Saute ‘50

Woodward Club Robert B. Almeida ‘50 Albert A. Barber ‘50 Albert H. Greer Sr. ‘50 Ann W. Greer ‘50 Bertil A. Johnson ‘50 Rita B. Jones ‘50 Duncan A. McCrae ‘50 Robert C. Wakefield ‘50 Lester A. Wells ‘50 Class of 1951 President’s Circle Bronze Peter A. Rizzi ‘51 Edwards Roundtable Ardashes Nahabedian ‘51 Watson Council Richard E. Anderson ‘51 Antonio W. Faella ‘51 Washburn Associates Stig M. Franzen ‘51 Beverly S. Kwasha ‘51 Owen B. Kwasha ‘51 John F. Leslie Jr. ‘51 Woodward Club Charles G. Bolwell ‘51 Irene B. Campbell ‘51 Gloria M. Giusti ‘51 Robert M. Hodnett ‘51 William R. Jones ‘51 Gordon E. Napier ‘51 Richard H. Olney ‘51 A. Delores Steen ‘51 Charles A. Toye Sr. ‘51 Jack Willis ‘51 Class of 1952 Edwards Roundtable Grace M. Donnelly ‘52 Davis Society Edward A. Pernaveau ‘52 Vincent C. Rose Jr. ‘52 Watson Council John W. Pickup ‘52 Washburn Associates Richard G. McLaughlin ‘52 Marcus Rand ‘52 Olive J. Sweeney ‘52 Joseph Zendlovitz ‘52 Woodward Club Paul R. Cheever ‘52 Avis B. Child ‘52 H. Alan Frank ‘52 John O. Ladd ‘52 Douglas E. Potter ‘52 Donald B. Steen ‘52 Jeffery D. Taber ‘52

Edwards Roundtable James I. Gifford Jr. ‘50 John L. Slocum ‘50

Class of 1953

Watson Council Charles M. Billmyer ‘50 Wayne K. Durfee ‘50 Arthur B. Klein ‘50 Merton L. Matthews ‘50 Barbara Messinger ‘50 Richard E. Perkins ‘50 Robert O. Smith ‘50 Ernest E. St Louis ‘50 W. Donald Wilson ‘50 Arthur H. Wong ‘50

Edwards Roundtable Alan Corry Jr. ‘53 Morton J. Sweeney ‘53

Washburn Associates James R. McCall ‘50 Carolyn S. Soderberg ‘50

President’s Circle Platinum Susan R. Sharp ‘53

Davis Society Craig D. Potter ‘53 † Watson Council Donald B. Bolger ‘53 Mario Casinelli Jr. ‘53 Joseph L. McNulty ‘53 Betty M. Wagner ‘53 Washburn Associates Patricia K. Adams ‘53 Edwin J. Quigley ‘53



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

Robert P. Sarni ‘53 Nancy A. Sullivan ‘53

Edwards Roundtable Nancy N. Read ‘56

Woodward Club Gustin L. Buonaiuto ‘53 John W. Child ‘53 Burton M. Greifer ‘53 Jeanne M. Hawes ‘53 Richard W. Hawes ‘53 Anne S. Ladd ‘53 Wilfred G. Sardelli ‘53

Davis Society Ted Tedesco ‘56

Class of 1954 President’s Circle Platinum Dallas L. Sharp III ‘54 Edwards Roundtable Joseph D. Dimase ‘54 H. Milton Read Jr. ‘54 Davis Society F. Curtis Johnston ‘54 Watson Council Joan T. Boghossian ‘54 Kathleen F. Dwyer ‘54 Nancy A. Lundgren ‘54 Raymond G. Lundgren Jr. ‘54 Albert Z. Soforenko ‘54 Joseph J. Vuono ‘54 Washburn Associates Sally L. Knowles ‘54 Evelyn K. McCann ‘54 Elizabeth B. Moy ‘54 Joseph F. Sullivan ‘54 Woodward Club Janet G. Camper ‘54 Harold E. Clark ‘54 Daniel F. Dunn ‘54 Laurie S. Holtz ‘54 Joseph C. Jalbert ‘54 Everett E. McEwen ‘54 Joseph M. Mello ‘54 Lawrence S. Parente ‘54 Anthony J. Rose Jr. ‘54 Class of 1955 President’s Circle Bronze Bradford R. Boss ‘55 Watson Council William G. Barber Jr. ‘55 Alan G. Hunter ‘55 James E. Marble Jr. ‘55 Doris B. Pickup ‘55 David R. Stenhouse ‘55 Richard G. Strauss ‘55 Washburn Associates Sidney Cohen ‘55 Barbara T. Gledhill ‘55 John W. Gledhill Jr. ‘55 David E. Johnson ‘55 Leonard J. Metz ‘55 Nathaniel J. Nazareth Sr. ‘55 Anthony C. Perry ‘55 Jacquelyn M. Scott ‘55 Woodward Club Joseph M. Anthony Jr. ‘55 Rosemarie Ciccone ‘55 Dorothy S. Connolly ‘55 Jean O. Ernst ‘55 Jane W. Hesketh ‘55 Peter J. Hicks III ‘55 Walter S. Hirsch ‘55 Class of 1956 President’s Circle Bronze Nancy J. Bowden ‘56 Herbert L. MacDonell ‘56



Watson Council Robert J. Avila ‘56 Grace T. Flanagan ‘56 Thomas D. Flanagan ‘56 Alexander R. Gavitt Jr. ‘56 Raymond A. Giornelli ‘56 George L. Helsens ‘56 R. Carolyn Hunter ‘56 William D. MacQuattie Jr. ‘56 Anthony J. Solomon ‘56 Sylvia S. Strauss ‘56 Washburn Associates Roberta D. Hopkins ‘56 Richard F. Kane ‘56 Noah T. Saxe ‘56 Patricia B. Whiting ‘56 Woodward Club Bruno Beer ‘56 Marcia S. Butler ‘56 Robert W. Cooper Jr. ‘56 Edward L. D’Andrea ‘56 Eugene T. Edwards ‘56 Gordon B. Fiddes ‘56 Marilyn L. Fiddes ‘56 Albert D. Saunders Jr. ‘56 Class of 1957 President’s Circle Platinum James V. Diller ‘57 President’s Circle Bronze Shirley T. Gulvin ‘57 Davis Society Frederick W. Reinhardt Jr. ‘57 Watson Council Norman A. Campbell ‘57 William L. Harrison ‘57 David E. Janes ‘57 Raymond J. Peltier ‘57 Washburn Associates Tsu-Tao Chiao ‘57 Elia Germani ‘57 Constance P. Marzilli ‘57 Mary F. Petrarca ‘57 Carol L. Schnitzer ‘57 Charles W. Terry ‘57 Woodward Club Edith S. Anthony ‘57 Donald S. Hesketh ‘57 Maureen L. Hurd ‘57 Judith H. Kohlsaat ‘57 Peter F. Kohlsaat ‘57 Bruce R. Lang ‘57 Larry Meyerson ‘57 Ann A. Parente ‘57 Class of 1958 President’s Circle Silver Edward W. Brewster ‘58 David G. Browning ‘58 Richard D. Rendine ‘58 President’s Circle Bronze Henry G. Caniglia ‘58 Michael A. Zoglio ‘58 Edwards Roundtable Melvin M. Landesberg ‘58 Davis Society Wesley C. Bray Jr. ‘58 Jane M. Hopkins ‘58 Leo Mainelli ‘58 Watson Council Daniel Altman ‘58

Alfred P. Alvarez ‘58 Edward T. Baker Jr. ‘58 Bruce A. Beauchamp ‘58 Audrey B. Carvalho ‘58 Richard S. Carvalho ‘58 Edward W. Davis Jr. ‘58 Mercedes G. Deines ‘58 Anne F. Famolare ‘58 William B. Gould IV ‘58 S. John Haronian ‘58 Elaine C. Mack ‘58 Stephen J. Mack ‘58 Dorothea B. O’Byrne ‘58 Martin J. Payton Jr. ‘58 Marie D. Radoccia ‘58 Richard J. Rowey ‘58 Robert F. Schafer ‘58 Claire C. Skrzypczak ‘58 Phyllis A. Stenhouse ‘58 Edward A. Vigliotti Jr. ‘58 Washburn Associates John A. Barden ‘58 Paul S. Boorujy ‘58 S. Davies Cook ‘58 Donald B. Dinger ‘58 Dale G. Harrington ‘58 William J. Nixon Jr. ‘58 William D. Riley ‘58 Albert J. Ross ‘58 Ruth B. Ross ‘58 William L. Schnitzer ‘58 John H. Whiting ‘58 Woodward Club Marilyn C. Badessa ‘58 Wallace S. Camper ‘58 Kathryn B. Carlson ‘58 Barbara G. De Cesare ‘58 Kathleen M. Hicks ‘58 Judith E. Rocchio ‘58 Class of 1959 President’s Circle Bronze David B. Lea Jr. ‘59 Edwards Roundtable Arlene S. Landesberg ‘59 Daniel J. Pendergast Jr. ‘59 Davis Society Robert C. Ayotte ‘59 Peter J. Swenton Jr. ‘59 Watson Council I. Maureen Alvarez ‘59 Allan Cargill ‘59 Marianne Casey ‘59 William J. Keddie ‘59 Frederick C. Kilguss Jr. ‘59 Beverly N. Kimner ‘59 Richard W. Lord ‘59 Joseph W. Marriott ‘59 Washburn Associates Cherry C. Chiao ‘59 Robert E. Pearson ‘59 Woodward Club Robert S. Carlson ‘59 Philippe P. Fontaine ‘59 Robert C. Healey ‘59 Paul E. Levine ‘59 Robert V. Ogrodnik ‘59 Sharon G. Redinger ‘59 Robert E. Wells ‘59 Class of 1960 President’s Circle Silver Joel A. Cohen ‘60 Davis Society Guy N. DiBiasio ‘60 Patricia A. Monti ‘60

Watson Council Sally F. Burke ‘60 Carmine J. Catalano ‘60 Helena K. Harrison ‘60 James H. Kimner ‘60 Joseph B. Munro Jr. ‘60 Washburn Associates John R. Cardosa Jr. ‘60 Albert E. Carlotti Jr. ‘60 Judith M. Carlotti ‘60 Marvin L. Ginsburg ‘60 Barbara Hazard ‘60 Jean R. Rayack ‘60 J. Robert Schachner ‘60 Woodward Club Patricia M. Almonte ‘60 Neil L. Corry ‘60 Sheila C. Fontaine ‘60 Philip Jagolinzer ‘60 Albert B. Lyons ‘60 Paul D. Millin ‘60 Doris A. Picard ‘60 Joseph M. Redinger ‘60 J. Barry Rigby ‘60 Class of 1961 President’s Circle Bronze A Robert Lusi ‘61 Carol C. Lusi ‘61 Estate of Edith J. Timmons, ‘61 † Edwards Roundtable Peter E. Madden ‘61 Davis Society Marie C. DiBiasio ‘61 Audrey B. Hallberg ‘61 Watson Council Joan M. Finucci ‘61 Willa L. Hogberg ‘61 John K. Mulvey ‘61 Judith S. Saulnier ‘61 Washburn Associates William F. Baxter ‘61 Bruce R. Gavitt ‘61 Peter R. MacDougall ‘61 Woodward Club Anne E. Bowen ‘61 Leo J. Brennan ‘61 David H. Chen ‘61 Richard J. Fontaine ‘61 Kathryn M. O’Keefe ‘61 Milton H. Steen ‘61 Class of 1962 President’s Circle Platinum Richard E. Beaupre ‘62

Peter T. Waterman ‘62 Washburn Associates Edward F. DelSignore ‘62 Jane M. Stich ‘62 Nancy A. Traina ‘62 Woodward Club Marcia M. Corry ‘62 Edmund S. Di Iorio ‘62 Barbara J. Eddy ‘62 Rudolph A. Hempe ‘62 David A. Hurdis ‘62 Priscilla B. Millin ‘62 Arthur H. Pritchard Jr. ‘62 Raymond B. Sepe ‘62 Class of 1963 President’s Circle Bronze Robert S. Butler ‘63 Davis Society M. Beverly Swan ‘63 Watson Council Donald B. Bibeault ‘63 Joseph Marandola Jr. ‘63 Richard J. Pieranunzi ‘63 Richard A. Stansfield ‘63 Washburn Associates Romolo A. Marsella ‘63 Carl M. Napolitano ‘63 David S. Pins ‘63 Woodward Club William T. Apgar ‘63 John L. Cookinham III ‘63 J. William Gadsby ‘63 Frances A. Galvin ‘63 George L. Gray ‘63 Peter A. Grimm ‘63 Carolyn S. Hurdis ‘63 Sheila A. Masson ‘63 Donna B. Rich ‘63 Elaine C. Robinson ‘63 Stephen A. Robinson ‘63 Thomas F. Soule Jr. ‘63 Tanya F. Speyrer ‘63 Michael Testa Jr. ‘63

Giving Societies President’s Circle Platinum $100,000 and above President’s Circle Gold $50,000 - $99,999 President’s Circle Silver $25,000 - $49,999

President’s Circle Gold Howard S. Frank ‘62

President’s Circle Bronze $10,000 - $24,999

Edwards Roundtable James A. Hopkins ‘62 Anthony E. Perrotti ‘62 David J. Weiner ‘62

Edwards Roundtable $5,000 - $9,999

Davis Society Bruce D. Campbell ‘62 Samuel C. Kinder ‘62 Irene Roditakis ‘62 Watson Council Mary D. Augustiny ‘62 Philip A. Ayoub ‘62 Richard E. Beaupre ‘62 David J. DeFanti ‘62 Herbert N. Katz ‘62 Julie K. Lindberg ‘62 Antonio Mastrostefano Jr. ‘62 Janet S. Mulvey Phd ‘62 Philip J. Saulnier ‘62

Davis Society $2,500 - $4,999 Watson Council $1,000 - $2,499 Washburn Associates $500 - $999 Woodward Club $250 - $499 † Deceased

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Carol K. Ulmschneider ‘63 Ronald W. Ulmschneider ‘63

Watson Council Kam Esmail ‘66 Nancy E. Levy ‘66

Class of 1964

Washburn Associates Paul M. DePace ‘66 Barbara M. Friedman ‘66 Mark R. Friedman ‘66 Ellen B. Levine ‘66 Gregory F. Reynolds ‘66

President’s Circle Silver Mark A. Ross ‘64 Richard G. Vangermeersch ‘64 Edwards Roundtable Andrew J. Clapham Sr. ‘64 Louis T. Difazio ‘64

Woodward Club Donald L. Champagne ‘66 Alfred F. Goldstein ‘66 Norman Gross ‘66 Watson Council Karolyn M. Paddock ‘66 Regina L. Espenshade ‘64 William S. Paddock ‘66 Lynda S. Joseph ‘64 Robert L. Ricci ‘66 Susan C. Martin ‘64 Douglas A. Sarapin ‘66 William J. Northup ‘64 Edmund C. Sciarretta ‘66 Susan E. Potter ‘64 Joseph L. Scotto ‘66 Estate of Elizabeth A. Priestley, Sherry Z. Skolnik ‘66 ‘64 † Edward P. Sowa Jr. ‘66 Andrew G. Stead ‘66 Washburn Associates Davis Society Howard V. Hallberg ‘64

Lucille W. Cameron ‘64 Laurie G. Hamilton ‘64 Carolyn M. Marsella ‘64 Susan M. Rist ‘64 David P. Sherman ‘64 Millet L. Wei ‘64

Woodward Club Peter E. Allen ‘64 A. Judson Burdick Jr. ‘64 Louise V. Dusablon ‘64 Charles L. Fishman ‘64 David R. Harrison ‘64 Charles E. Horne III ‘64 Stephen Jonas ‘64 Robert W. Morton ‘64 Edward Shalvey ‘64 Herbert M. Tuttle ‘64 Class of 1965 President’s Circle Bronze Donald F. Farley ‘65 Cynthia D. Sculco ‘65 Watson Council Terrence F. Murphy ‘65 Joseph F. Patton ‘65 Washburn Associates William A. Brooks ‘65 Neil E. Casey ‘65 Edward H. Coombs ‘65 Joanne H. Coombs ‘65 Louis T. Fiore ‘65 Christine C. Miller ‘65 Janice G. Napolitano ‘65 Mary S. Owens ‘65 John R. Proctor ‘65 Rosemary W. Wilson ‘65 Woodward Club Robert A. Benson Jr. ‘65 William C. Cornell ‘65 Frederick C. Dawson ‘65 Thomas S. Dombrowsky ‘65 Robert A. Jamieson ‘65 Gerald A. Miele ‘65 Susan B. Smith ‘65 David E. Steele ‘65 W. Redwood Wright ‘65 Class of 1966 President’s Circle Bronze Nancy K. Iacobucci ‘66 Edwards Roundtable Chant D. Clapham ‘66 Caroline T. Kaull ‘66 Davis Society Henry W. Winkleman ‘66

Class of 1967 President’s Circle Bronze Barbara P. Bowen ‘67 Robert L. Iacobucci ‘67 Mary P. Lyons ‘67 John M. Nystrom ‘67 Edwards Roundtable Ronald P. Joseph ‘67 Donald N. Kaull ‘67 Peter A. Pelletier ‘67 Davis Society Nancy E. Costantino ‘67 Sybil G. Henry ‘67 Charles H. Wharton ‘67 Watson Council Elizabeth P. Faella ‘67 Ann W. Ferrante ‘67 Mark E. Hopkins ‘67 Joan M. Lausier ‘67 Robert D. Newton ‘67 Edward N. Peters ‘67 Bruce M. Silverman ‘67 Washburn Associates Brendon S. Bailey Jr. ‘67 Stephen M. Fortlouis ‘67 Edward P. Foster ‘67 Mary-Lois V. Galloway ‘67 Henry S. Meyers ‘67 Constance K. Nichola Crowley ‘67 Thomas E. Noyes ‘67 Deborah A. Swistak ‘67 Mark W. Swistak Sr. ‘67 William J. Tvenstrup ‘67 Woodward Club Andrew H. Aitken ‘67 J. Clement Cicilline ‘67 Thomas J. Dacey ‘67 Constance A. Daly ‘67 Ralph S. Daniels Jr. ‘67 Robert J. Howe ‘67 Stephanie S. Hughes ‘67 Rosalie L. Maxham ‘67 Charles I. Poret ‘67 Arthur J. Roberts ‘67 Steven A. Ross ‘67 Gerald N. Schaffer ‘67 Maryanne B. Seaton ‘67 Eugene R. Soares ‘67 Class of 1968 President’s Circle Bronze Gary J. Bowen ‘68 Edwards Roundtable David M. Klein ‘68

Davis Society Geoffrey D. Greene ‘68 Watson Council Valerie J. Benker ‘68 Lynn K. Davis ‘68 Francis J. Donovan ‘68 Meredith C. Eckel ‘68 Andrea M. Hopkins ‘68 Carolyn F. Kiess ‘68 Lindell C. Northup ‘68 Vijaya Raghavan ‘68 Judith M. Swift ‘68 Washburn Associates Claudia M. Amaral ‘68 Jacqueline R. Baran ‘68 Albert C. Barker Jr. ‘68 Robert S. Capalbo ‘68 Patricia B. Carlson ‘68 Roger G. Caswell ‘68 Cathy B. Herbert ‘68 Howard M. Holstein ‘68 Roberta M. Humble ‘68 Frank T. Vollaro ‘68 Fredric R. Wasserspring ‘68 Woodward Club William P. Babcock ‘68 Edward Bozzi Jr. ‘68 Josie P. Campbell ‘68 A. Harry Cesario ‘68 Susan M. Costello ‘68 Andrew O. Coutu ‘68 Alexis DiMartino ‘68 Katherine M. Gibson ‘68 Richard R. Jordan ‘68 Louise R. Mandelman ‘68 David L. Martin ‘68 Eve J. Poret ‘68 Anne E. Powers ‘68 Diane K. Pulito ‘68 Elaine M. Riley ‘68 Susan S. Smith ‘68 Janet P. Sowa ‘68 Diann Uustal ‘68 Class of 1969 President’s Circle Gold Dianne K. Card ‘69 President’s Circle Silver Donna-Jean W. Rainville ‘69 President’s Circle Bronze Joan G. Bonomi ‘69 Edwards Roundtable Raymond M. Mathieu ‘69 Alan G. Zartarian ‘69 Davis Society Katherine R. Macgregor ‘69 Watson Council Carl H. Benker II ‘69 David T. Boule ‘69 Kenneth A. Epstein ‘69 Brian Mitchell ‘69 Patricia D. Thompson ‘69 Carl Weinberg ‘69 Washburn Associates Helen N. Aiello ‘69 Thomas G. Aiello ‘69 Joseph E. Amaral ‘69 Jack Bolnick ‘69 Susan G. Forman ‘69 Paula Marcello ‘69 Arnold M. Olshan ‘69 Asahel F. Parmelee Jr. ‘69 Raymond J. Stillwell ‘69 Barbara G. Wasserspring ‘69 Woodward Club Joseph J. Bains ‘69 John B. Coduri ‘69

Julie L. Coduri ‘69 Frederick C. Dooe ‘69 Peter H. Duquette ‘69 Bruce W. Felmly ‘69 Susan F. Felmly ‘69 James F. Hanley ‘69 Anne B. Jordan ‘69 Evelyn S. Kennedy ‘69 J. Michael Lennon ‘69 Stephen W. Long ‘69 Donna K. May ‘69 Albert C. Ormiston ‘69 Elaine J. Ruggieri ‘69 Willard F. Seaton Jr. ‘69 Donna P. Soares ‘69 Andrew J. Tucker ‘69 Tom Uustal ‘69 Class of 1970 President’s Circle Gold Wesley R. Card ‘70 President’s Circle Bronze Geraldine M. Barber ‘70 Michael G. Keith ‘70 William D. Metz ‘70 John J. Murray III ‘70 John H. Visneuski Jr. ‘70 Edwards Roundtable Stephen B. Olsen ‘70 Eric D. Roiter ‘70 Herman H. Rose ‘70 Davis Society William J. Golini ‘70 Russell D. Ide ‘70 Kenneth E. Knox ‘70 Watson Council David J. Abdinoor ‘70 Paul M. Cofoni ‘70 Jeffrey G. Cokin ‘70 Janice E. DiLorenzo ‘70 Carleen D. O’Brien ‘70 Leslie A. Peltier ‘70 Sandra M. Procopio ‘70 Paul A. Sepe ‘70 Timothy J. Sullivan ‘70 Washburn Associates Suzan M. Amoruso ‘70 Daria P. Capalbo ‘70 Rosemary Correia ‘70 Rita G. Holstein ‘70 Myra K. Mercier ‘70 Madeline F. Nixon ‘70 Solomon A. Solomon ‘70 Woodward Club Anne M. Bozzi ‘70 John L. Breguet ‘70 Ronald J. Canzonieri ‘70 John S. Cobb ‘70 Stephanie Fians ‘70 Jane F. Harrison ‘70 Katherine F. Helweg ‘70 † Paul F. Helweg Jr. ‘70 Arlene B. Hicks ‘70 Marjorie A. Houston ‘70 Deborah J. Jarocki ‘70 Angela V. Lepore ‘70 M. Dorothy Massey ‘70 Frank A. May ‘70 Frederic D. McDuff ‘70 Judith F. McDuff ‘70 John B. Newman Jr. ‘70 Linda R. Newman ‘70 Margaret A. Parant ‘70 Brian M. Philbin ‘70 Class of 1971 Edwards Roundtable John F. Crook ‘71

Douglas O. Fisher ‘71 Kathleen O. Fisher ‘71 Sheryl S. Myers ‘71 Andrew J. Polouski ‘71 Davis Society Donald K. Horton ‘71 Warren A. Negri Jr. ‘71 Brian Sawchuk ‘71 Susan E. Sawchuk ‘71 Robert A. Weygand ‘71 Watson Council Carole J. Amore ‘71 Elaine M. Aschettino ‘71 Stephen N. Aschettino ‘71 Claudio A. Caprio ‘71 Kimberly A. Caprio ‘71 Lawrence I. Kahn ‘71 Paul R. Picard ‘71 Geraldine D. Sepe ‘71 Dennis B. Sullivan ‘71 Washburn Associates James J. Algina ‘71 Gerald L. Deroy ‘71 Charles B. Frost ‘71 Drew J. Magee Sr. ‘71 Henry P. Opiekun ‘71 Marvin M. Pelser ‘71 Sharon J. Pelser ‘71 Charlotte G. Pennington ‘71 Barbara U. Stillwell ‘71 Thomas A. Turano ‘71 Robert J. Zartarian ‘71 Woodward Club James P. Barr ‘71 George H. Champlin ‘71 Stewart R. Essex Jr. ‘71 Linda G. Garvin ‘71 Stephen E. Hackett ‘71 Eric D. Hedison ‘71 Leung K. Heung ‘71 Robert A. Hicks ‘71 Joseph Jarocki ‘71 Virginia D. Kannenberg ‘71 Orville B. Kenerson ‘71 L. Donald Maus ‘71 Edward J. Quinlan ‘71 Marilyn M. Schwab ‘71 Jane W. Skogley ‘71 Nancy E. Smith ‘71 Donald P. Sullivan ‘71 J. Don Vivenzio ‘71 Class of 1972 President’s Circle Gold Steven E. Elterich ‘72 President’s Circle Silver Scott J. Boxer ‘72 President’s Circle Bronze Thomas Wroe Jr. ‘72 Edwards Roundtable Nigel A. Musgrave ‘72 Sally M. Olsen ‘72 Davis Society Alexander Calenda ‘72 Philip G. Smith ‘72 Gordon S. Willcox ‘72 Watson Council Edward J. Brazil Jr. ‘72 Mark E. Crevier ‘72 Sandra C. Crevier ‘72 Bruce B. Daniel ‘72 Sharon M. Embrey ‘72 Mary M. Lisi ‘72 Carol G. Picard ‘72 Richard R. Roy ‘72 Michael L. Trebisacci ‘72



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

Washburn Associates Michael P. Hoopis ‘72 Thomas Hsu ‘72 Janet M. Kilguss ‘72 Margaret G. Magee ‘72 James L. O’Hara ‘72 Joan A. Osowa ‘72 John Osowa Jr. ‘72 Paul R. Pinet ‘72 Woodward Club Lee Ashcraft ‘72 Judith B. Babcock ‘72 Gayle M. Berry ‘72 John A. Berry ‘72 Peter R. Betzer ‘72 John C. Boyle ‘72 Christopher T. Cobb ‘72 Roy B. Daiell ‘72 Mary Lou Dyer ‘72 Edward W. Fians ‘72 Anne S. Foster ‘72 Peter J. Goyette ‘72 Joan L. Hackett ‘72 R. Kevin Horan ‘72 George H. Kenson ‘72 Paul J. Langhan ‘72 John B. Levesque ‘72 Andrew W. Marcoux ‘72 Patricia C. Marseglia ‘72 Robert R. Nadeau ‘72 Donna M. Patterson ‘72 George W. Pirie ‘72 H. Douglas Randall III ‘72 Caroline R. Ricci ‘72 John A. Romano ‘72 Dorothy L. Shackleton ‘72 Vicki L. Sibley ‘72 Charles S. Soloveitzik ‘72 Susan E. Stockton ‘72 Nancy S. Sundberg ‘72 Richard H. Weiss ‘72 Gale S. Woolley ‘72 Class of 1973 President’s Circle Bronze Candice D. Wroe ‘73 Edwards Roundtable Nancy M. Kline ‘73 Davis Society Charles C. Calenda ‘73 Paula I. Calenda ‘73 Nikki S. Dziadosz ‘73 Kathleen A. Pointek ‘73 Watson Council William G. Aukerman ‘73 Richard J. Harrington ‘73 Bernadette F. Jabour ‘73 Amar K. Lahiri ‘73 Joan A. Mills ‘73 Donna Potter ‘73 Peter A. Zutty ‘73 Washburn Associates Cynthia I. Anderson ‘73 William L. Anderson ‘73 Amelia K. Andreoni ‘73 Edward R. Bray ‘73 Joan H. Frost ‘73 Donald D. Gilmore ‘73 Kathleen M. Hendry ‘73 Stephen D. Hendry ‘73 Jan P. Owens ‘73 James H. Rock ‘73 John B. Zumwalt III ‘73 Woodward Club Bonnie L. Baker ‘73 Linda A. Barrett ‘73 Susan B. Betzer ‘73 Karin E. Conopask ‘73



Daniel F. Creedon Jr. ‘73 Kathleen Croteau ‘73 Ross D. Gardner ‘73 David Hartley Jr. ‘73 Joanne V. Hickey ‘73 Laura M. Kenerson ‘73 Robert H. Linder ‘73 Michael M. Little ‘73 Cheryl A. McCarthy ‘73 F. A. W. Myrin ‘73 Elizabeth M. Nestor ‘73 Michael F. Patterson ‘73 Beverly K. Peservich ‘73 Gregory J. Peservich ‘73 Donald E. Searle ‘73 Anh Tran ‘73 Class of 1974 President’s Circle Silver Douglas N. Durand ‘74 President’s Circle Bronze David A. Bengtson ‘74 F. N. Perry ‘74 John S. Struck ‘74 Edwards Roundtable Elizabeth G. Eaton ‘74 Wendy P. Field ‘74 Jane Grenier ‘74 Carolyn A. Musgrave ‘74 Davis Society Diane C. Fannon ‘74 S. Kent Fannon ‘74 John M. Geddes ‘74 Joy H. Wharton ‘74 Thomas R. Zorabedian ‘74 Watson Council Gerard J. Cote ‘74 James J. D’Agostino ‘74 Judith S. Hopper ‘74 Thomas J. Lamb Jr. ‘74 Keith M. Moore ‘74 Karen M. Ramsay ‘74 Anthony N. Ricci ‘74 Kenneth P. Soscia ‘74 Polly M. Timken ‘74 Washburn Associates Eric V. Finkenstadt ‘74 Arline A. Fleming ‘74 Terence R. Fleming ‘74 Lawrence D. Foster ‘74 Gerard A. Herlihy ‘74 Gerald P. Keane ‘74 William T. Montone ‘74 John M. Owens ‘74 Bernice A. Pescosolido ‘74 Woodward Club Peter D. Conopask ‘74 Richard L. Croteau ‘74 Deborah C. Gardner ‘74 Eric E. Holm ‘74 David A. Klein ‘74 Thomas X. Lonergan ‘74 Kenneth L. MacNaught ‘74 Vincent A. Marseglia ‘74 Gregory E. Paquette ‘74 Marcia A. Rich ‘74 Nancy L. Rowell ‘74 Roberta Shaw-Reeves ‘74 Ronald Subourne ‘74 Michael E. Talbert ‘74 Mary C. Zarcone ‘74 Class of 1975

Edwards Roundtable Alan W. Blazar ‘75 Dayle F. Joseph ‘75 Robert K. Vincent ‘75 Bruce A. Wolpert ‘75 Davis Society Timothy E. Baker ‘75 Marianne Holmes ‘75 Bruce M. Kleinman ‘75 Joyce S. Lilly ‘75 Glenn S. Palmer ‘75 Sandra B. Rosen ‘75 William R. Whitehead ‘75 Watson Council James F. Conlon ‘75 William J. Flynn ‘75 Otto J. Gregory ‘75 Christine S. Jabour ‘75 Carol J. Makovich ‘75 Richard A. Minot ‘75 James W. Roiter ‘75 Jeffrey A. Ross ‘75 Beth A. Simmons ‘75 Christine H. Sullivan ‘75 F. Randy Vogenberg ‘75 Katharine R. White ‘75 Washburn Associates Robert J. Andreoni ‘75 Susan M. Bryan ‘75 David E. Crandall ‘75 David A. DeVecchis ‘75 Donald N. Dupuis ‘75 Patricia A. Dupuis ‘75 Marc A. Greenfield ‘75 Jean M. Gudas ‘75 John F. Hardiman ‘75 Donna L. Libutti ‘75 Curtis M. Smith ‘75 Virginia L. Snider ‘75 Rita J. Valentino ‘75 Woodward Club Debra B. Aubin ‘75 Roger D. Beaulieu ‘75 Linda M. Bergemann ‘75 Kuang-Yu H. Chien ‘75 Marjorie W. Coltrera ‘75 Richard Coltrera ‘75 Curt M. D’Aguanno ‘75 Deborah A. Doane ‘75 Richard K. Edel ‘75 Carol A. Fortin ‘75 William M. Gempp ‘75 Mary E. Howard ‘75 Perry C. Howard ‘75 Yea-Tsai B. Hsu ‘75 Robert J. Letteri ‘75 Marilyn S. Mcconaghy ‘75 Stanley T. Nakowicz ‘75 Donna C. Pounder ‘75 Mary Beth Salome Riotto ‘75 Els V. Shine ‘75 Margaret M. Skenyon ‘75 Robert G. Stevens ‘75 Kristen M. Swanson ‘75 Christine C. Talbert ‘75 Steven P. Woehleke ‘75 J. Vernon Wyman ‘75 Class of 1976 Edwards Roundtable Mary Jane B. Clark ‘76 Ronald P. Jordan ‘76 Ann M. Spruill ‘76

President’s Circle Platinum Thomas M. Ryan ‘75

Davis Society Robert R. Fournier ‘76 Alice C. Reinhardt ‘76

President’s Circle Bronze Constantinos Perdikakis ‘75

Watson Council Richard J. Barry ‘76

Richard J. DeSista ‘76 James C. Forte ‘76 Barry M. Gertz ‘76 Geoffrey V. Hopper ‘76 Deborah S. Katz ‘76 Jerome H. Kritz ‘76 Gary R. Petterson ‘76 Stephen F. Piccolo ‘76 Beverly M. Ragosta-Burgess ‘76 Catherine A. Rezendes ‘76 James J. Rezendes ‘76 Anne A. Stulik ‘76 Edward J. Stulik ‘76 Washburn Associates Stephen J. Allen ‘76 Ronald L. Bernier ‘76 Jeffrey A. Bridge ‘76 Laurie J. Burger ‘76 Paul F. Green ‘76 Deborah G. Kohl ‘76 Patricia B. Langella ‘76 Robert M. Mendillo ‘76 Diane C. Montone ‘76 Christopher P. Nunes ‘76 Carol A. Opiekun ‘76 Heather C. Paolino ‘76 Henrique T. Pedro ‘76 Scott E. Randall ‘76 Michael L. Simeone ‘76 Woodward Club Wanda R. Aldrich ‘76 Dana H. Anderson ‘76 Thomas A. Bruzzese ‘76 Anne Marie Enderby ‘76 Thomas W. Enderby ‘76 Carolyn C. Fay ‘76 Peter D. Herstein ‘76 William A. Nardone ‘76 John J. Palumbo Jr. ‘76 Susan F. Smith ‘76 Sherrie M. Thompson ‘76 John A. Young Jr. ‘76 Class of 1977 President’s Circle Bronze Jann E. Leeming ‘77 Edwards Roundtable Scott A. Campbell ‘77 Michael M. Morrow ‘77 David P. Whalley ‘77 Davis Society Brian J. McCartin ‘77 Watson Council Judith H. Barry ‘77 Douglas C. Bennet ‘77 Michael D. Bruzzi ‘77 Alison A. Comstock ‘77 John D. Conforti ‘77 Arthur H. Deschane ‘77 William E. Dewhirst ‘77 Nancy S. Forte ‘77 Chester A. Hibbard ‘77 William H. Holmes ‘77 Leonard A. Reinhart ‘77 Richard S. Sabatelli ‘77 Gary P. Van Dyk ‘77 Tracy S. Weintraub ‘77 Mary Ellen Wilson ‘77 Washburn Associates Linda A. Acciardo ‘77 Binu Chaudhuri ‘77 Dennis M. Dallman ‘77 Joseph V. D’Almeida ‘77 Susan W. Greenfield ‘77 Laura J. Hilderley ‘77 Claudia G. Kost ‘77 John E. Langella ‘77 Kathleen A. Malo ‘77

Carol C. Prince ‘77 Holly A. Taylor ‘77 Woodward Club Timothy M. Alexander ‘77 Thomas E. Buonanno ‘77 Ting-Chu C. Chen ‘77 Howard K. Chin ‘77 Mary M. Connelly ‘77 Marilyn C. Devoe ‘77 Susan S. Dyckman ‘77 Sheila G. Gerbarg ‘77 Michelle C. Goldman ‘77 Kathleen C. Goulding ‘77 Jean F. Hannon ‘77 Patrick J. Hannon ‘77 James F. Hardell ‘77 Carol L. MacNaught ‘77 Gale H. Marks ‘77 Terrence J. McLoughlin ‘77 Sheila C. Monk ‘77 Arlene F. Mrozowski-Evanish ‘77 John M. North ‘77 Raymond C. Schlicht ‘77 Cynthia A. Smalley ‘77 Claudia P. Whitehead ‘77 Class of 1978 President’s Circle Platinum Donald S. Alarie, Estate of ‘78 † President’s Circle Gold Cynthia M. Deysher ‘78 President’s Circle Bronze Robert E. Johnson Jr. ‘78 John G. Niedzwicki ‘78 Edwards Roundtable Richard A. Boutilier ‘78 Joseph P. Burghardt ‘78 Roxanne N. Field ‘78 Gail Meyer ‘78 Davis Society Kenneth L. Abrams ‘78 James F. Duffy ‘78 Susan H. Kaplan ‘78 Frederick J. Newton III ‘78 Anthony J. Risica ‘78 Debra P. Whitehead ‘78

Giving Societies President’s Circle Platinum $100,000 and above President’s Circle Gold $50,000 - $99,999 President’s Circle Silver $25,000 - $49,999 President’s Circle Bronze $10,000 - $24,999 Edwards Roundtable $5,000 - $9,999 Davis Society $2,500 - $4,999 Watson Council $1,000 - $2,499 Washburn Associates $500 - $999 Woodward Club $250 - $499 † Deceased

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Watson Council Joan P. Bennet ‘78 Frederick W. Burgess ‘78 Virginia F. Hylander ‘78 Paul V. Jabour ‘78 Jeffrey S. Lang ‘78 Paul M. Moretti ‘78 Jan B. Rines ‘78 Washburn Associates Bailey B. Blanchette ‘78 Elaine L. Bridge ‘78 Thomas A. Leasca ‘78 Frank J. Lisi ‘78 Lynn M. McSweeney ‘78 Donald R. Miller ‘78 Patricia L. Verhulst ‘78 John R. Washlick ‘78 Woodward Club Rena A. Anthony ‘78 Maria J. Buonanno ‘78 Patti A. Connery ‘78 Brian F. Cooper ‘78 Roy A. Eckloff Jr. ‘78 Stephen D. Eustis ‘78 Beth C. Fentin ‘78 Jeffrey M. Fuller ‘78 Diane A. Gempp ‘78 Royal C. Greene Jr. ‘78 Einar P. Gudjohnsen ‘78 Christopher B. Harper ‘78 Denise B. Hayes ‘78 Cecelia A. Helenski ‘78 Janet R. Irlander ‘78 Richard C. Lewis ‘78 William R. Matteson ‘78 Nicholas A. Pisani ‘78 Cheryl L. Poppe ‘78 Lorraine W. Randall ‘78 Sue A. Tongue ‘78 Greg S. Whitehead ‘78 Class of 1979 President’s Circle Silver Frances D. Cohen ‘79 President’s Circle Bronze Charlene K. Butler ‘79 Edwards Roundtable Marianne Gattinella ‘79 Alfred J. Joyal ‘79 Davis Society Philip N. Froelich ‘79 Saul Kaplan ‘79 Timothy W. Tolford ‘79 Watson Council Peter R. Brown ‘79 David T. Chu ‘79 Karen E. Conti ‘79 Douglas W. Marcille ‘79 Dana L. Penney ‘79 Deborah J. Robi Brown ‘79 Charles L. Rossi ‘79 Richard S. Wilkes ‘79 Washburn Associates John R. Arruda ‘79 Celine H. Corrigan ‘79 Daniel G. Corrigan ‘79 Eric J. Mack ‘79 Richard V. Morgera ‘79 Woodward Club Walter J. Gray Jr. ‘79 Angela M. Hilliard ‘79 David S. Hilliard ‘79 Michael J. Killoran ‘79 Linda J. Leadbitter ‘79 Nina S. McCarthy ‘79 Patrick M. McCarthy ‘79 Gerald O. Rivet ‘79

Class of 1980 President’s Circle Bronze Steven A. Bouley ‘80 James P. Clappin ‘80 Philip L. Fitting ‘80 Howard R. Gurvitch ‘80 Edwards Roundtable Frederick H. Hall Jr. ‘80 Nancy Mckinstry Roch ‘80 Douglas D. Ramos ‘80 Davis Society James C. Devol Jr. ‘80 James K. Farrell ‘80 Dennis C. Hilliard ‘80 Watson Council Edward D. Bednarcik ‘80 David J. Buckanavage ‘80 John Finan ‘80 Lawrence T. Ginsberg ‘80 Susan G. Ginsberg ‘80 Kenneth J. Hylander ‘80 Margaret S. Leinen ‘80 Washburn Associates Helen A. Fiske ‘80 Gary P. Hammond ‘80 Albert C. Hoffmeister III ‘80 James J. Luz ‘80 George E. Maurice ‘80 Carol A. Mezzari ‘80 Patricia A. Nardone ‘80 Elizabeth P. Rynda ‘80 Susan Smith ‘80 Michael A. Walsh ‘80 Woodward Club Michael K. Ahlijanian ‘80 Harry J. Amaral Jr. ‘80 David M. Beaver ‘80 Margaret E. Brandon ‘80 Michael P. Cafaro ‘80 Brenda A. Chomet ‘80 H. David Duxbury ‘80 Ronald B. Feldman ‘80 Daniel J. Ferguson ‘80 Jeffrey M. Fishbein ‘80 Valerie L. Harper ‘80 David H. Hopfenberg ‘80 Theodore R. Jacobs ‘80 Daniel J. McCarthy ‘80 Stephen I. Murphy ‘80 Christopher C. Noll ‘80 Robert J. Parks ‘80 John C. Payne ‘80 Thomas M. Restivo ‘80 Josephine M. Rhodes ‘80 Class of 1981 President’s Circle Bronze Martha H. Fitting ‘81 Brian P. Russell ‘81 Edwards Roundtable Cynthia B. Hamburger ‘81 Robert A. Hamburger ‘81 Davis Society Mirghavamaddin Bozorgmir ‘81 Ruth K. Jarrett ‘81 Watson Council John F. Brennan Jr. ‘81 James M. Gutkowski ‘81 William B. Hall ‘81 Debra G. Hibbard ‘81 Charles F. Levy ‘81 Jodi E. Levy ‘81 Susan M. McCarthy ‘81 David H. Moore ‘81 Donald J. Vasta ‘81 Dorothy Wahl ‘81 Anthony A. Zona ‘81

Washburn Associates Bertha T. Coombs, Estate of ‘81 † John P. Crawford ‘81 Robert W. Crossley ‘81 Mary J. Jolda-Crawford ‘81 Frances C. Koerting ‘81 Walter S. Koerting ‘81 Sharon S. Morgera ‘81 David R. Newman ‘81 Jhodi R. Redlich ‘81 Woodward Club Lauren Baker-Hart ‘81 Marina M. Beasley ‘81 Cecilia L. Caldwell ‘81 Marie G. Dimicco ‘81 Cheryl A. Donilon ‘81 Mark Donilon ‘81 G. Michael Durkin Jr. ‘81 Edward R. Houde ‘81 Phillip Kydd ‘81 Ruth A. Lewis ‘81 Thomas H. Mitchell ‘81 Ann M. Ramos ‘81 Richard J. Ruggieri ‘81 Joel Schlessinger ‘81 Neal D. Schultz ‘81 Luigia C. Solda ‘81 Kevin A. Spendley ‘81 Mark J. Tortolani ‘81 Nancy J. Tortolani ‘81 Class of 1982 Davis Society Mark J. Baglini ‘82 Jeffrey W. Davis ‘82 Karen M. Davis ‘82 Louise D. Hilliard ‘82 Ralph M. Mariano ‘82 Bruce E. Prescott ‘82 Watson Council Deborah L. Brennan ‘82 Esther Emard ‘82 Ruth L. Grossman ‘82 Vincent F. Jabour ‘82 Amey W. Larrat ‘82 E. Paul Larrat ‘82 Henry P. Leeper III ‘82 James E. McCarthy ‘82 James J. Sepe Jr. ‘82 Margaret M. Stout ‘82 Washburn Associates Robert B. Blakeley ‘82 James M. Bonanno ‘82 Lisa A. Durland ‘82 Robert M. Giramma ‘82 Stephen Greenlee ‘82 Joanne V. Hologgitas ‘82 Claudia P. Iannuccilli ‘82 Chester A. Kirby ‘82 Debra S. Kirby ‘82 Gregory M. Knowles ‘82 Woodward Club Joseph A. Adams ‘82 Carol S. Bonenfant ‘82 Paul S. Chomet ‘82 Diane E. Cormier ‘82 Anne F. DelSanto-Ravenscroft ‘82 Paul L. Dion ‘82 Karen B. Durkin ‘82 Betty M. Edel ‘82 Joseph P. Fargnoli ‘82 Patricia L. Fargnoli ‘82 Elizabeth C. Ferguson ‘82 Jodi L. Fournier ‘82 James F. Gendron ‘82 Jay C. Hart ‘82 Barbara J. Janson ‘82 Denise F. Klein ‘82 John G. Laramee ‘82

Michael S. Liberman ‘82 Joseph J. Majeika ‘82 Robert T. Nangle ‘82 Christopher Natale ‘82 Mark A. Peterson ‘82 Jeffrey F. Petit ‘82 Christopher V. Riel ‘82 Gayle A. Sepe ‘82 Carla L. Shaw ‘82 Paula M. Wolferseder-Yabar ‘82 Class of 1983 President’s Circle Platinum Shannon E. Chandley ‘83 Thomas J. Silvia ‘83 President’s Circle Bronze John J. Wlassich ‘83 Edwards Roundtable Lori J. Merola ‘83 Davis Society Rita S. Baglini ‘83 Angela A. Bozorgmir ‘83 Antonio B. Braz ‘83 Watson Council Richard M. Conti ‘83 Susan M. Delmonico ‘83 Michael K. Dexter ‘83 Richard W. Gross ‘83 Ann M. Morrissey ‘83 Louise D. Pastore ‘83 Kim M. Queren ‘83 Jeffrey S. Rosen ‘83 William T. White ‘83 Washburn Associates Leslie B. Antos ‘83 Audree L. Auxford-Luz ‘83 Karen E. Blakeley ‘83 Mark Y. Castro ‘83 Matthew D. Curley ‘83 Thomas M. D’Abrosca ‘83 George A. Haduch ‘83 Peter A. Jacavone Jr. ‘83 John L. Parente ‘83 Patricia J. Petersen ‘83 Nancy A. Schnelli ‘83 Woodward Club Michael J. Anthony ‘83 Regina E. Borden ‘83 Gary H. Bucci ‘83 Susan G. Bucci ‘83 David B. Cotter ‘83 Mark A. Davis ‘83 Patricia A. Elliot ‘83 Kenneth A. Elmer ‘83 Judith L. Feierstein ‘83 Karl Felber ‘83 Thomas L. Harris ‘83 Kathleen C. Joyal ‘83 John J. Mastrianni ‘83 Darlene S. Mikolasko ‘83 Karen M. Morisseau ‘83 Philippe H. Morisseau ‘83 Susan W. Morrison ‘83 Linda J. Napier ‘83 Larry H. Rubin ‘83 Lakshman Srinivasan ‘83 Nancy B. Troy ‘83 Linda A. Tucker ‘83 Lynne R. Weinstein ‘83 Class of 1984 President’s Circle Bronze Paul J. Hastings ‘84 Edwards Roundtable Steven M. Kilguss ‘84 Samuel T. Wiley ‘84

Davis Society Barry C. Knapp ‘84 Robert P. Roberto Jr. ‘84 Watson Council Stephen A. Beatrice ‘84 Carol A. Corwin ‘84 James A. Dolce Jr. ‘84 Rita M. Marcoux ‘84 Francis C. Ward ‘84 Washburn Associates Beth A. Becker ‘84 Richard J. Becker ‘84 John P. Cosgrove ‘84 Neil J. Dempsey ‘84 Leo W. DeRouin Jr. ‘84 Mark A. Fredette ‘84 Valerie J. Jacavone ‘84 George E. Schuellein ‘84 Christopher P. Turley ‘84 Christos S. Xenophontos ‘84 Woodward Club Barbara J. Abrams ‘84 Lise L. Bosman ‘84 Kathleen A. Dadey ‘84 Thomas B. D’Albora ‘84 Andrew W. Donkin ‘84 Agnes G. Doody ‘84 Mark L. Harnois ‘84 Harry B. McCarty ‘84 Richard A. Proulx ‘84 Richard Raymond ‘84 Annette F. Richard ‘84 Reed A. Richard ‘84 Robert S. Soderlund Jr. ‘84 Class of 1985 Watson Council Stephen E. Adams ‘85 Leslie J. Dolce ‘85 Peter J. Miniati III ‘85 Sandra M. Miniati ‘85 Washburn Associates Linda E. Bireley ‘85 Christopher Fay ‘85 Marsha G. Metcalf ‘85 Ellen D. Miller ‘85 Brian J. Pelletier ‘85 Cheryl P. Stys ‘85 Stephen J. Vatcher ‘85 Woodward Club David J. Cormier ‘85 Victoria S. Escalera ‘85 Jay C. Ghazal ‘85 Amy R. Haughey ‘85 Lindsey L. Levine ‘85 Susan P. Mcguirl ‘85 Mary E. Moriarty ‘85 Michael Salerno ‘85 Charles B. Valois ‘85 Jennifer P. Wittpen ‘85 Class of 1986 President’s Circle Bronze Margo L. Cook ‘86 Edwards Roundtable Mary B. Wiley ‘86 Watson Council Constance T. Baker ‘86 Paul O. Boghossian III ‘86 Lori A. Faragalli ‘86 Jeffrey P. Fink ‘86 Joseph A. Gabrey III ‘86 Sandra J. Gertz ‘86 Henry M. Rines ‘86 Lynne M. Rosen ‘86



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

Washburn Associates Maria V. Caliri ‘86 Richard J. Casey ‘86 Anthony J. Donatelli ‘86 Eric P. Kroepfl ‘86 Stephen J. Macdonald ‘86 James T. MacKenzie ‘86 Joseph S. Matose IV ‘86 Osei A. Mensah ‘86 Lionel R. Savaria ‘86 Brian Stys ‘86 David R. Tortolani ‘86 Woodward Club Richard P. Beaulieu Jr. ‘86 Dennis J. Berard ‘86 Christopher J. Connolly ‘86 Elizabeth Drummond ‘86 Andrew Duxbury ‘86 Edythe L. Finnerty ‘86 Sanford L. Friedman ‘86 Michael A. Lebeau ‘86 Joseph P. Marasco ‘86 Patricia A. Mc Guinness ‘86 Paul A. Pereira ‘86 Donald B. Pounder ‘86 Class of 1987 President’s Circle Bronze Lucie Maranda ‘87 Davis Society Mary S. Eddy ‘87 Watson Council Robert A. Munkelwitz ‘87 Carlene M. Wahl ‘87 Washburn Associates Gary J. Chevalier ‘87 Nicole L. Chretien ‘87 Stephen E. Lavallee ‘87 Howard M. Lerner ‘87 David G. Lynch ‘87 Mary E. MacKenzie ‘87 Deborah J. Magiera ‘87 Andrew E. Nota ‘87 Michele A. Nota ‘87 James M. Tackach ‘87 Sanjay Wahal ‘87 Woodward Club Cheryl A. Auger ‘87 John L. Drummond ‘87 Janet B. Green ‘87 William Grosvenor III ‘87 Taylor Hastie ‘87 Kathryn J. Jervis ‘87 Deeptendu Majumder ‘87 Michaela T. Mooney ‘87 Alex A. Pszenny ‘87 Donalee D. Santoro ‘87 Raphe A. Sciola ‘87 Janet Wenzel ‘87 Class of 1988 Watson Council Robert J. Alvine ‘88 Gary A. Baker ‘88 Joseph R. Graf ‘88 Linda Graf ‘88 David C. Leduc ‘88 Andrea V. O’Hair ‘88 Walter L. Wilk Jr. ‘88 Washburn Associates Matthew M. Bodah ‘88 Debra A. Cohen ‘88 Stephanie J. Curry ‘88 Timothy C. Davis ‘88 Andrew M. Kay ‘88 Thomas S. Mulligan ‘88 Michele M. Rainville-Pelletier ‘88 Jo-Anne K. Rishton ‘88



Timothy M. Rishton ‘88

Class of 1992

Woodward Club Susan E. Andrade ‘88 Suzanne E. Baldaia ‘88 Irene E. Brennan ‘88 Elizabeth R. Coutu ‘88 Manuel J. Vales IV ‘88 Mary L. Vales ‘88

Edwards Roundtable George Graboys ‘92

Class of 1989

Watson Council Francine Jackson ‘92 Carolyn A. McGillivray ‘92

President’s Circle Bronze Andrew J. Clapham Jr. ‘89 Maureen L. O’Gorman ‘89 Watson Council Eugene G. Gallant Jr. ‘89 Jennifer S. Munkelwitz ‘89 Lisa R. Weinberg ‘89 Washburn Associates John M. Rainaldi ‘89 Woodward Club Steven J. Arruda ‘89 Ana C. Berard ‘89 Christopher C. Connell ‘89 Christine M. Crowe ‘89 Sungja Kang ‘89 Mary Beth Swindell-Mullane ‘89 Class of 1990 Davis Society Krista M. Triarsi ‘90 Watson Council Carrie J. Gregory ‘90 Jennifer B. Levine ‘90 Scott D. Levine ‘90 David Nathanson ‘90 Vikram A. Saran ‘90 Washburn Associates Christopher D. Coccio ‘90 Lisa M. Lasky ‘90 Kelly J. Nevins ‘90 Anne M. Shaljian Fay ‘90 Parth Srinivasa ‘90 Woodward Club Maryanne Barry ‘90 Joseph T. Conaty Jr. ‘90 Bo Fu ‘90 Newell Garfield ‘90 Rene T. Guerzon ‘90 Alison J. Mylod ‘90 Edward T. Mylod ‘90

Davis Society Gregory R. Cianfarani ‘92 Heidi L. Cianfarani ‘92 Jason B. Gailes ‘92 Brendan E. McCorry ‘92

Washburn Associates Marc R. Chretien ‘92 Joseph E. Fournier ‘92 Joseph J. Loberti ‘92 Donna M. Lynch ‘92 Barbara J. Patterson ‘92 Jeffrey S. Potter ‘92 John F. Turcotte ‘92 Woodward Club Stephanie M. Barter ‘92 Barbara J. Brusini ‘92 Gregg A. Cerveny ‘92 Stephen P. Ciesluk ‘92 Susan E. Guerzon ‘92 Debra B. Harbin ‘92 Kristin H. Hoblock ‘92 Marc A. McGiveney ‘92 June M. Parks ‘92 Class of 1993 President’s Circle Bronze John M. Nowak ‘93 Watson Council Brooke N. Bondur ‘93 James A. Hall ‘93 K. Kuperan Viswanathan ‘93 Washburn Associates Alan J. Dale ‘93 Lee A. Davis ‘93 Mark J. Spatz ‘93 Jason E. Twombly ‘93 Kiera L. Twombly ‘93 Woodward Club Francisco R. Bechara ‘93 Mary Beth Choquette ‘93 Anne M. DiMonti ‘93 Jessica L. Goren ‘93 Francis V. McLean ‘93 Michael D. Wrobel ‘93

Class of 1991

Class of 1994

Davis Society Lynn M. Pezzullo ‘91 Joseph J. Triarsi ‘91

Watson Council Claire K. Hall ‘94

Watson Council Michael J. Eatough ‘91 Washburn Associates Holly H. Barton ‘91 Jacqueline C. Bussolari ‘91 Joan I. Cronin ‘91 Patrick J. Cronin ‘91 John J. Pavis ‘91 Woodward Club Joceline M. Boucher ‘91 Denise E. Hempe ‘91 Michael J. Maciocio ‘91 Joseph A. O’Hearn III ‘91 Laurie A. Pechulis ‘91 Matthew J. Pechulis ‘91 Ellen M. Reynolds ‘91 Heather C. Scardocci ‘91 Craig A. Simpson ‘91

Washburn Associates Melissa L. Chevalier ‘94 Joseph C. Gausditis ‘94 Edward Gu ‘94 Paula J. Testa ‘94 Woodward Club Keri S. Dogan ‘94 Daniel C. Lutz ‘94 Adrianne A. Medeiros ‘94 Thomas R. Mooney ‘94 Patricia L. Ponce ‘94 James F. Pontarelli ‘94 John D. Rocco ‘94 Class of 1995 Watson Council Maxon G. Balmforth ‘95 Clay V. Sink ‘95 Washburn Associates Nina M. Amaral ‘95 John T. Dyer ‘95

Jeanne B. Riley ‘95 Carl V. Rossi ‘95 Matthew H. Roy ‘95 Kristen E. Turcotte ‘95

Kerry E. Gendron ‘00 Monica M. Obuchowski ‘00

Woodward Club Jason C. Glick ‘95

Washburn Associates Mark G. Cantwell ‘01 Brian E. Freburger ‘01 Katherine K. Orr ‘01

Class of 1996 President’s Circle Platinum Nuala Pell ‘96 Watson Council Jesse R. Baker ‘96 Erica L. Estus ‘96 Megan A. Fusco ‘96 Sha Jin ‘96 Woodward Club Brent M. Cunningham ‘96 Elizabeth A. Houde ‘96 Class of 1997 President’s Circle Bronze Richard N. Smith ‘97 Watson Council Karl K. Ng ‘97 Washburn Associates Sonia C. O’Connor ‘97 Shirley B. Pendergast ‘97 † Susan E. Shea-Schuellein ‘97 Woodward Club Richard W. Bridges ‘97 Glenn P. Hellewell ‘97 Brian J. Quilliam ‘97 Dmitry Y. Sarkisov ‘97 Mark J. Tseytlin ‘97 Class of 1998 Watson Council Carole M. Cotter ‘98 Richard R. Wheeler ‘98 Washburn Associates Mary Beth Esposito-Herr ‘98 Patrick J. Oldfield ‘98 Dorothy M. Verrecchia ‘98 Woodward Club Brett M. Feret ‘98 Cynthia A. Lunghofer ‘98 Christopher R. Martin ‘98 Christopher J. Miller ‘98 Class of 1999 Davis Society Emilie A. Benoit ‘99 Russell C. Ide ‘99 Karen A. Powers ‘99 Watson Council David Kim ‘99 Woodward Club Kathryn A. Kelly ‘99 Richard J. Silvia ‘99 Karen A. Wyman ‘99 Class of 2000 President’s Circle Silver Tonya M. Mc Bride ‘00 Watson Council Todd M. Estus ‘00 Washburn Associates Michael C. Gerdes ‘00 Rosemary F. Hall ‘00 Joslin B. Leasca ‘00 Charles L. Seekell ‘00 Woodward Club Sean M. Filkins ‘00

Class of 2001

Woodward Club Geraldine W. Beagle ‘01 Jodi L. Senger ‘01 Jeffrey M. Urquhart ‘01 Class of 2002 President’s Circle Silver Donna R. Ross ‘02 Washburn Associates Jennifer L. Gerdes ‘02 Michael V. Jordan ‘02 Frank J. Toce ‘02 Woodward Club Daniela Y. Gongora ‘02 Chih-jou Hsieh ‘02 John T. Jackman ‘02 Michael C. Ledoux ‘02 Class of 2003 Edwards Roundtable Joseph R. Winthrop ‘03 Watson Council Julie M. Jones ‘03 Margaret A. Kirschner ‘03 Joel P. Rawson ‘03 Washburn Associates Jane S. Miner ‘03 Woodward Club Jennifer Q. Lin ‘03 Thomas S. Ramotowski ‘03 Tao Zhong ‘03 Class of 2004 Washburn Associates Kristin A. Vogell ‘04 Woodward Club Brian J. Koehler ‘04

Giving Societies President’s Circle Platinum $100,000 and above President’s Circle Gold $50,000 - $99,999 President’s Circle Silver $25,000 - $49,999 President’s Circle Bronze $10,000 - $24,999 Edwards Roundtable $5,000 - $9,999 Davis Society $2,500 - $4,999 Watson Council $1,000 - $2,499 Washburn Associates $500 - $999 Woodward Club $250 - $499 † Deceased

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Benjamin L. Wesley ‘04 Class of 2005 Woodward Club Stephanie L. Bounds ‘05 Robert S. Hamel ‘05 Sean T. Horrigan ‘05 Class of 2006 Watson Council Renee L. Morrissette ‘06 Washburn Associates Emily R. Steinberg ‘06 Woodward Club Jeffrey G. Bord ‘06 Meaghan V. Mooney ‘06 Kent T. Stepanishen ‘06 Class of 2007 Watson Council Stephanie L. Guertin ‘07 Alan J. Tufts ‘07 Washburn Associates Nancy D. Blasdell ‘07 Woodward Club Ben Matone ‘07

Gifts to Athletics Keaney Society Geraldine M. Barber ‘70 Gregory P. Barber Banice C. Bazar ‘51 Beverly Bazar Jeffrey R. Cammans Kathleen L. Cammans Noah G. Clark ‘72 John E. DeCubellis Jr. ‘82 Margaret R. DeCubellis Estate of Kathleen E. Folsworth, † Joseph G. Formicola Jr. ‘69 David F. Harrington Robert V. Lallo ‘66 Virginia Lallo ‘83 George M. Landes ‘67 Martha W. Landes ‘68 Vincent P. McCrudden ‘83 Nino Micozzi Dana C. Quigley ‘69 Anthony J. Rose Jr. ‘54 Cathy H. Ryan Thomas M. Ryan ‘75 Judith S. Saulnier ‘61 Philip J. Saulnier ‘62 Matthew Somberg Haig C. Tapalian ‘61 Bernard A. Taradash Beverly O. Wicks ‘73 Kurt R. Wicks ‘71 Golden Ram Society Debra L. Abilheira ‘77 Manuel B. Abilheira ‘65 Marylee Capalbo ‘74 Frank N. Caruso ‘67 Thomas M. Cataldo ‘71 David V. Crocker Deborah Ann Crocker ‘78 Matthew C. Daniels Carolyn H. Dickison ‘67 Donna K. Drago Joseph Drago III Timothy R. Drury

Anthony Fiore Keith A. Gibbs ‘73 Joseph R. Graf ‘88 Linda Graf ‘88 William Hogan Alan Hubbard Deborah A. Hubbard ‘81 Ellen Hunt Lance F. Klima ‘89 Judith H. Kohlsaat ‘57 Peter F. Kohlsaat ‘57 Wesley C. Lessard ‘02 David J. Maron ‘82 Tracey W. Maron ‘82 Candace B. McNally Frank W. McNally Dennis W. Moore Ilene W. Moore ‘74 John J. Murray III ‘70 Luke E. O’Reilly ‘99 H. Douglas Randall III ‘72 Lorraine W. Randall ‘78 Robert P. Terino ‘68 Charlene A. Terino ‘68 David J. Wallace ‘76 Victoria H. Wallace ‘82 Louise G. Wicks Alan G. Zartarian ‘69 Marilyn C. Zartarian ‘70 Silver Ram Society Blair J. Barbieri ‘61 Robert T. Blakely Dale E. Brown ‘61 Gustin L. Buonaiuto ‘53 Edmund D. Cianciarulo Jr. ‘64 Natalie T. Cianciarulo ‘64 Robert L. Considine ‘60 Anthony J. DiMaggio ‘86 Gregg Drew Donald N. Dupuis ‘75 Patricia A. Dupuis ‘75 Lawrence R. Ferreira Raymond P. Freitas ‘59 Mary A. Gray ‘52 Walter J. Gray Judith A. Green Florence M. Hedison H. David Hedison ‘43 † Gloria D. Heisler ‘71 W. Chris Heisler ‘90 Todd M. Hemenway ‘97 Marianne Holmes ‘75 Caroline T. Kaull ‘66 Donald N. Kaull ‘67 Timothy J. Kindregan ‘83 Kenneth E. Knox ‘70 Carl C. Koussa ‘69 Harold A. Koussa ‘69 Karen F. Lamorge ‘73 Robert K. Leonard Wesley C. Lessard ‘02 Gary W. Ley ‘04 Dale M. Ligi Richard Ligi Carl B. Lisa Sr. ‘64 Frank S. Marinella ‘95 John V. Martinelli ‘79 Donald E. McCreight ‘88 Sandy S. McCreight ‘73 Robert R. McDonough Frederic I. Miner ‘65 Carolyn M. Nally ‘90 Thomas P. Nally ‘84 Jane W. Nelson ‘67 Robert S. Nelson Sr. ‘67 Deborah B. Owens ‘77 Donald C. Palazini ‘89 Louise R. Pearson Henrique T. Pedro ‘76 Daniel J. Pendergast Jr. ‘59

Joseph F. Penza Jr. ‘69 Lorraine W. Randall ‘78 Ronald J. Raposa ‘73 H. Milton Read Jr. ‘54 Nancy N. Read ‘56 Richard D. Rendine ‘58 Carla T. Rothmann ‘97 Troy E. Rothmann ‘95 Jerry A. Sahagian Thomas Salimeno Jr. ‘49 John M. Silva ‘81 Charles S. Soloveitzik ‘72 Neil N. Somberg ‘71 Daniel A. Sullivan ‘95 Janice L. Violante Richard P. Watelet Scott J. Whatmough ‘82 Elisabeth A. Wybraniec ‘90 David G. Zartarian ‘67 Athletic Director’s Society David J. Abdinoor ‘70 Nate G. Algiere ‘86 Rhonda T. Algiere ‘86 Thomas A. Aubee ‘83 Timothy E. Baker ‘75 James R. Baldwin M. Christine Benoit ‘74 Thorr D. Bjorn Robert V. Blasi ‘69 Edward W. Bouclin Jr. Edward J. Brazil Jr. ‘72 Wilma H. Briggs Kurt A. Brockwell ‘90 Celia M. Brown ‘66 Dennis K. Brown ‘67 Donald M. Brown ‘60 David J. Buckanavage ‘80 Sharon M. Burbelo ‘91 Scott A. Campbell ‘77 Daria P. Capalbo ‘70 Robert S. Capalbo ‘68 Guy Carbone ‘86 Robert L. Carothers Bradley F. Carson ‘98 James F. Carson Jr. Judith S. Carson ‘60 Helene G. Chase ‘72 Joel S. Chase ‘72 Thomas F. Choiniere Elizabeth Choquette Paul J. Choquette Jr. Alvin S. Clegg Jr. ‘57 Evelyn M. Cofone ‘94 Stephen R. Cofone ‘81 Christine M. Collins ‘90 Christopher J. Collins ‘89 Arthur H. Coy Jr. ‘48 Steven J. Crandall George C. Crume Curt M. D’Aguanno ‘75 Carl Daniel Robert B. Douglas ‘86 Thomas E. Ehrhardt ‘86 Peter M. Evangelista ‘80 Dale E. Fearing ‘75 Roland Fiore Arthur F. Fiorenzano ‘74 Gail P. Frechette ‘72 Paul D. Frechette ‘72 Jon R. Freedman ‘74 Lawrence T. Ginsberg ‘80 Susan G. Ginsberg ‘80 Francis C. Golet Bruce D. Gouin ‘74 Maryann C. Gribbin ‘76 Rory T. Gribbin ‘80 Wayne A. Grover ‘87 Robert W. Halstead ‘72 William E. Hannan ‘73

Ann S. Hitchen ‘88 James E. Hitchen Jr. ‘65 Andrea M. Hopkins ‘68 Mark E. Hopkins ‘67 Donald K. Horton ‘71 Judith M. Horton Jeffrey Jarrett Ruth K. Jarrett ‘81 Timothy Justice ‘72 Kevin J. Kennedy ‘90 Kenneth N. Kermes Susan P. Kermes Carl C. Koussa ‘69 Michael F. Lauder ‘88 William H. Lauder ‘88 Edward J. Lechak ‘78 Nancy A. Lundgren ‘54 Raymond G. Lundgren Jr. ‘54 Kathleen A. Mahoney ‘83 Andrew Malaby Eugene F. Martin ‘70 Christine M. Matone ‘75 Michael N. Matone ‘74 Joseph F. Matthews ‘80 Linda B. Matthews ‘80 James J. McGowan Donald M. McNiece Denise L. Meiklejohn ‘86 Paul R. Miller ‘65 Thomas J. Moakley Robert J. Moretti ‘73 Frank P. Mormando Jr. ‘58 Rosanne C. Mormando ‘58 Michael Murgo ‘66 Blanche R. Murray ‘41 Ardashes Nahabedian ‘51 David R. Nordstrom ‘94 Erica L. Nordstrom ‘95 James W. Norman ‘57 Roberta H. Norman ‘59 James L. O’Hara ‘72 Edward Oliveira ‘64 Landy P. Paolella ‘77 Marian N. Parkhurst Shirley B. Pendergast ‘97 † Nicholas A. Pisani ‘78 Richard L. Porri ‘71 Fortunato C. Procopio Richard Raggio ‘69 Anthony N. Ricci ‘74 Catherine Rochira Louis R. Rochira ‘59 Michael J. Rogers Turner C. Scott Robert D. Sherwin ‘74 Raymond J. Sicard Jr. ‘68 Michael E. Smith ‘82 Robert S. Soderlund Jr. ‘84 Stacy A. Soderlund ‘84 Bradford E. Southworth ‘59 John J. Spagnolo ‘72 Susan M. St Amand ‘75 John S. Struck ‘74 Pamela J. Sturgis ‘86 Jeffery D. Taber ‘52 Gregory G. Troy ‘77 David F. Twombly ‘71 Gail A. Twombly Carol K. Ulmschneider ‘63 Ronald W. Ulmschneider ‘63 Dorothy M. Verrecchia ‘98 Thomas A. Verrecchia ‘41 Richard J. Vigliotti ‘91 Michael T. Wallor ‘70 Thomas W. Wark ‘82 Robert E. Wells ‘59 Bret D. Werner ‘93 Mary Ellen Wilson ‘77 Heather L. Wims ‘96 Thomas A. Witham ‘70 Bruce A. Wolpert ‘75

Louiseannette P. Wright ‘43 Robert J. Zartarian ‘71 Ralph P. Zednik ‘94 Robert H. Zexter ‘52 Coach Society Ward Abusamra ‘77 Raymond F. Allen ‘64 Gert Almstrom Matthew Arpano ‘90 Raymond J. Azar ‘60 Michael P. Baligian ‘95 Fred W. Bayha George J. Bedard ‘78 Edward D. Bednarcik ‘80 Natalie E. Benkovich ‘91 Douglas C. Bennet ‘77 Joan P. Bennet ‘78 Ralph J. Bertolacini ‘49 Elizabeth Bielunas Robert Bielunas Andrew R. Bilodeau ‘01 Myrna K. Bizer Paul A. Bizer Karen E. Blakeley ‘83 Robert B. Blakeley ‘82 Russell B. Blank ‘77 Jeffrey K. Boghossian ‘76 Edwin L. Bowers Linda E. Bowers ‘78 Ian R. Boyd William T. Brady ‘82 Jillian M. Brockmann Alvin B. Buffington ‘96 Tamara S. Burman ‘08 Claudio A. Caprio ‘71 Kimberly A. Caprio ‘71 Paul M. Carey ‘74 Robert A. Carlson ‘76 Richard A. Caruolo ‘90 Jane M. Casasanta ‘91 Patricia E. Casey ‘86 Terence O. Casey ‘85 Sean E. Cassidy ‘96 A. Harry Cesario ‘68 Diana P. Chester ‘70 Richard W. Chester ‘69 Barnet S. Cohen ‘91 Loryn Cohen Donald R. Colarulli ‘68 Judith A. Colarulli John R. Costello ‘75 Douglas W. Coutts Tammy A. Coutts ‘91 John G. Crankshaw ‘56 Allen C. Cullion Jr. Carolann Cullion Gerald W. Curtis ‘85 George E. Cushmac ‘60 Frances D’Agostino James J. D’Agostino ‘74 Joel A. Dain Edward D. Dart ‘71 Anthony F. Demarco ‘65 Joan A. Dennen ‘83 Mark J. Dennen ‘83 Cheryl A. Dexter ‘74 David J. DiBiase ‘79 Ernest DiFazio Jr. ‘95 Donald B. Dinger ‘58 Paul L. Dion ‘82 Mary Drena William Drena David R. Dubinsky ‘79 Dennis J. Duffy ‘80 Kathleen Y. Duffy ‘80 Kevin Durfee James P. Durkin Rebecca A. Durkin ‘86 Joshua D. Feinstein ‘98 Lauren D. Feinstein ‘98



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on Daniel J. Ferguson ‘80 Elizabeth C. Ferguson ‘82 Nancy Fey-Yensan Mark D. Fisher ‘83 Ruth A. Fisher ‘83 Haley R. Fiske Arline A. Fleming ‘74 Terence R. Fleming ‘74 Jean E. Forbes ‘72 Michael J. Forbes ‘72 Anthony Fossa Janet S. Fradin ‘57 Paul M. Fradin ‘51 D. Joseph Fulford Jr. ‘78 Reginald E. Gadrow Jr. ‘52 Thomas A. Gardiner ‘88 John M. Gates Lillian Gates ‘84 Peter H. Gates ‘81 Marian R. Gaviola Deborah S. Gerstenblatt Joel K. Gerstenblatt ‘73 James I. Gifford Jr. ‘50 Douglas Gingerella Marianne Green Robert S. Griffin ‘71 Ralph Groves III William R. Guglietta ‘82 Elaine B. Guimond ‘69 Robert W. Guimond ‘61 James M. Gutkowski ‘81 Robert G. Hadley Jr. ‘91 Claire K. Hall ‘94 James A. Hall ‘93 Kenneth J. Hathaway ‘68 Michael J. Haxton Thomas W. Heald Robin R. Henry ‘73 Paul O. Hermenze Vincent P. Hey ‘72 Gordon D. Hiatt ‘73 Jeffry Hines Kathleen S. Hinkel Edward A. Hjerpe III Francis S. Holbrook II ‘81 William D. Horne ‘68 Edith H. Houlihan William G. Hunt ‘48 John E. Jackson Valerie L. Jackson Elizabeth J. Johnson ‘87 William A. Johnson ‘72 Beryl M. Johnston ‘71 Stephanie Kachadurian Vance J. Kachadurian Lauren Killea Michael J. Kowrach Susan L. Krohner ‘67 Thomas E. Krohner ‘67 Phillip Kydd ‘81 Richard F. Lagasse ‘87 Monson S. Lane Thomas J. Liguori Jr. ‘74 Marguerite Lischio ‘49 Paul F. Lischio ‘49 Mark A. Lombardo Barbara F. Luebke Raymond W. Lyons Eric J. Mack ‘79 William D. MacQuattie Jr. ‘56 Robin A. Malo ‘88 John J. Manning III ‘83 Natalie A. Manning ‘86 Elizabeth M. Marcello ‘72 Gregory J. Marcello ‘70 Rita M. Marcoux ‘84 R. Frank Maroni ‘59 Katherine A. Marshall ‘73 Raymond J. Marshall ‘73 Dorothy D. Martiesian ‘68 Terrance S. Martiesian ‘66 Lisa D. Mastors ‘85



Edward M. Mazze Sharon S. Mazze John P. McCarthy ‘88 Frederic D. McDuff ‘70 Judith F. McDuff ‘70 Brenda M. McNally Gary L. Mellard Denise C. Miller ‘81 Kevin M. Miller Richard A. Minot ‘75 Thomas H. Mitchell ‘81 John F. Moll Vlatka G. Moll Diane C. Montone ‘76 William T. Montone ‘74 Marion S. Moore ‘48 Richard W. Moore ‘49 Joseph G. Morello Keith H. Munroe Mary A. Napoli ‘78 Stephen J. Napoli ‘77 Brenda M. Nazareth Nathaniel J. Nazareth Jr. ‘80 Nathaniel J. Nazareth Sr. ‘55 Thomas E. Needham ‘65 Michael J. Neri Susan B. Niles ‘83 Thomas E. Niles ‘83 Carol J. Nonis ‘74 George S. Nonis ‘71 Stephen M. Nordquist ‘75 Andrew E. Nota ‘87 Michele A. Nota ‘87 Francis D. O’Connor Ronald S. Ohsberg ‘86 Nancy A. Olson ‘78 Lori R. O’Neil ‘83 Donald E. Paiva ‘70 John M. Parente ‘85 Linda C. Parente ‘86 Catherine W. Pearson ‘60 Roger L. Pearson ‘60 Robert C. Petersen Lynn P. Petronio ‘82 Vincent R. Petronio ‘74 Whitney E. Phaup Theresa M. Pierson ‘96 Rhonda J. Pilozzi ‘93 Robert W. Pilozzi Sr. ‘72 Donna Potter ‘73 Dennis A. Quine ‘64 Ralph F. Racca ‘70 Karen L. Racine Edgar A. Reed ‘56 Linda A. Reich ‘72 James H. Rock ‘73 Jerry Rosenband ‘73 Anthony C. Rossi ‘78 Robert A. Sawyer ‘60 Geraldine D. Sepe ‘71 Paul A. Sepe ‘70 Douglas H. Sherman Jr. ‘86 Judith A. Sherman ‘84 Malcolm C. Shurtleff ‘43 James L. Smythe J. Michael Squatrito Jr. ‘87 Edward C. Stebbins Jr. ‘62 Jean F. Stebbins ‘64 David R. Stenhouse ‘55 Phyllis A. Stenhouse ‘58 William P. Storey ‘74 Christine H. Sullivan ‘75 Dennis B. Sullivan ‘71 Donald P. Sullivan ‘71 Donald V. Sullivan ‘68 Bruce Sundlun Deborah A. Swistak ‘67 Mark W. Swistak Sr. ‘67 Mary B. Szrom ‘65 Charles Tarbell Amy D. Terceiro ‘90 Gerald E. Terceiro ‘91

David B. Tetreault ‘85 Cheryl G. Teverow ‘76 Matthew B. Tyrrell ‘06 Barbara S. Underhill ‘51 Robert K. Underhill ‘51 Richard G. Vangermeersch ‘64 Amy G. Vanrensburg John R. Veader ‘66 Valerie Villucci John T. Walsh Kathlyne R. Walsh ‘68 Joanne C. Welsh ‘80 Robert L. Welsh ‘81 Robert A. Weygand ‘71 Daniel J. Whitaker ‘75 Bruce K. Whitehead ‘78 Pamela E. Whitehead ‘79 Richard J. Wilcox ‘73 Donna M. Williams ‘05 Jerry Wolstencroft ‘77 Alexandra M. Woodhull Grace Woodward Lester K. Yensan Beverly A. Zartarian ‘76 Brian G. Zartarian ‘03 Mark S. Zartarian ‘76 Captain Society Joseph A. Adams ‘82 Alfred P. Alvarez ‘58 I. Maureen Alvarez ‘59 Harry J. Amaral Jr. ‘80 Carol Anderson ‘62 Robert A. Andreotti Michael A. Annarummo ‘73 Ira H. Asher Karen J. Asher Christopher H. Atlee ‘99 Cynthia O. Aubin Ted Avedesian Anahid R. Avedesian-Sardelli ‘86 William J. Bakker ‘90 Abu R. Bakr ‘73 Kathleen C. Bakr ‘72 Anne M. Barlow ‘69 Peter G. Barlow ‘69 Stephen C. Bateman ‘80 Stephen Beneduce Susan Bergen James A. Betzig Benjamin A. Bottone ‘81 Diane L. Bottone ‘83 Donna H. Boulmetis ‘71 John Boulmetis ‘73 Derek J. Bradley ‘92 Kevin J. Bristow James F. Brooks Jane S. Bruckner ‘81 Michael S. Bruckner ‘78 Carolyn A. Bulgarelli ‘59 Leo E. Bulgarelli Gregory D. Burke Michael F. Caporelli Thomas M. Centore ‘88 Bruce A. Charleson ‘85 Michelle D. Charleson Stephen Chubin ‘66 Audrey K. Civic ‘49 Joseph P. Connelly ‘84 Kathleen M. Cotreau Joseph P. Coughlin Frances V. Cousineau John J. Cunningham ‘75 Patricia C. Cunningham ‘76 Thea Day Dante T. Del Giudice ‘98 Catherine L. Delpozzo Stephen M. Delpozzo ‘67 Arthur D’Ercole ‘94 Anthony J. DiMaggio ‘86 Robert G. DiSpirito Sr. ‘53 Lynette G. Dorsey

Ann E. Drennan ‘98 Thomas A. Drennan ‘80 Richard J. Duggan Marshall W. Englebrook ‘78 George M. Escobar ‘73 Adela E. Felag ‘90 Mark E. Felag ‘84 Joseph P. Feroce ‘65 George R. Fiddes Robert E. Fish Deborah J. Flynn Lara A. Forsman ‘90 Beverly E. Fulkerson Jeanne Gart Maureen Gillis Ann S. Gizzi ‘69 Ralph J. Gizzi ‘72 Kathleen C. Goulding ‘77 Samuel J. Grainger Jr. ‘50 John F. Greene Louise A. Greene ‘44 David J. Grimsich ‘83 James R. Hallene Michael D. Hansen ‘89 Joseph M. Happe Robert F. Hawkins Michael P. Healy ‘72 Mary E. Hedberg Ralph V. Hedberg ‘39 Eric D. Hedison ‘71 Grace M. Hedstrom ‘09 Mary K. Helldoerfer Lisa C. Hetzell Karen P. Holland ‘60 William R. Holland ‘60 Chris P. Hoover Holly F. Howard ‘73 John T. Howard ‘73 Melissa L. Jendzejec-Blanchard ‘98 David M. Kirpas ‘91 Marilyn N. Klaiber David M. Klein ‘68 Frances C. Koerting ‘81 Walter S. Koerting ‘81 Marc M. Lacroix ‘87 Joseph D. LaPolla Wendy Laude Eleanor R. Lemaire Franklin D. Leoni Jr. ‘91 Kerri-Lyn Leoni ‘97 Paul E. Levine ‘59 James T. Lewis Robert L. Liguori Ruth H. Liguori James A. Lilley Gerald D. Lynch ‘71 Linda R. MacLeod ‘59 Wallace N. MacLeod ‘59 Stephen J. Majkut ‘75 Rose N. Marginson ‘70 William R. Marginson ‘69 Kathleen McGinnis-Majkut ‘75 Kevin T. McGinniss Christopher A. McKinnie Rachel E. Millen Peter J. Miniati III ‘85 Sandra M. Miniati ‘85 Mary F. Moniz ‘66 Bernard P. Moran ‘85 Eleanor Morisseau Paul T. Nonnenmacher Jr. ‘80 William C. O’Malley Elizabeth A. Page Stephen W. Page Frederick A. Pampel ‘71 Patricia M. Pampel ‘72 Marianne Paramithiotti Brenda Pearse Frances Perry Doris B. Pickup ‘55 John W. Pickup ‘52 E. Winfield Platt ‘85

James S. Pollock Jr. ‘82 Don Rathbone Lori P. Rathbone ‘81 Alice C. Reinhardt ‘76 Frederick W. Reinhardt Jr. ‘57 Barbara Rignanese Karen M. Rose Jeffrey S. Rosen ‘83 Lynne M. Rosen ‘86 Donna R. Ross ‘02 Jeffrey A. Ross ‘75 Mark A. Ross ‘64 James Rusin John J. Santillo ‘83 Kathleen W. Santillo ‘82 Albert D. Saunders Jr. ‘56 Charles T. Schmidt Jr. Stephanie Schubert Stephen E. Schwab ‘89 Christine Smallwood Curtis M. Smith ‘75 Carolyn S. Soderberg ‘50 Richard A. Soderberg ‘49 Susan A. Solar Milton Somberg ‘43 Anthony J. Squitieri ‘95 Karyn E. Squitieri ‘94 Lakshman Srinivasan ‘83 James O. Stein ‘85 Melissa A. Stoehr ‘95 Steven M. Stoehr ‘86 Colin Sumners Barbara M. Tarczuk ‘73 Edward P. Tarczuk ‘73 Trueson J. Tarinelli Anthony V. Tetro ‘64 Jane R. Therrien ‘55 Richard G. Therrien Michael A. Traficante ‘61 Scott C. Tsagarakis ‘80 Richard V. Turnbull ‘76 Art G. Tuveson Stephen L. Walsh ‘81 James A. Warren ‘58 Luther J. Whetstine ‘65 Stephen R. White ‘76 Candace Wicks Craig C. Wicks ‘81 Lynne S. Wicks ‘82 John A. Williams ‘82 Matthew Zrada

Athletic Donor Recognition Societies Keaney Society $10,000+ Golden Ram Society $5,000+ Silver Ram Society $2,500+ Athletic Director Society $1000+ Coach Society $500+ Captain Society $250+ Athletic Donor Recognition Societies are based on the total gift received by Athletics from a donor between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008. This includes all gifts to the RIRAA unrestricted fund, specific allocations, capital projects such as the StudentAthlete Development Center, and gifts-in-kind. Donors are also recognized for any match that is received from their employer as a result of their gift. Please note, gifts to club sports are not included with Athletics. They are, however, reflected in the in “class gifts” section of this annual giving report. If your listing is in error, please call us at 401.874.7490 or email us at Athletics@foundation.

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Ms. Gloria Furman Ms. Helen Goodheart Ms. Linda Lacroix Mr. Donald Lehmann Mr. William H. Lovett Mr. James T. McNamara Mr. Maurice Meyer III Ms. Sandra Schmidt Ms. Alice K. Senecal Mr. Myron Solomon Ms. Gertrude I. Summa Mr. Salvatore J. Tocco

In Memory of Donald Edward Gamble ‘48 Mr. Frank Nicholas Caruso Mr. Charles H. Collins Mr. Minot Joy Crowell, Jr. Ms. Pearl J. Dalton 117 Main Streeet LLC Ms. Deborah C. DeLisi 119 Main St. LLC Mr. Paul C. Dolan A. Quick Tire Service of Mr. William J. Donohue Wakefield Ms. Lorraine D. Elg A. Roberts Pools Inc. Mr. Andrew M. Erickson Acushnet Co. Mr. Bruce E. Goff Aetna Life & Casualty Mrs. Kimberly Whitaker Goff In Memory of Christian L. Aln Bri Management LLC Mr. James A. Hopkins De Simone ‘00 America’s Pride Ms. Linda J. Law Mr. John C. Shelhart Anonymous Ms. Marcia Allen Lindsay B. Carson Enterprises Inc. In Memory of George Albert Mr. Drew J. Magee, Sr. Bagels Inc. Decker ‘53 Ms. Margaret Gamble Magee Baker’s Pharmacy of Ms. Dorothy J. Andersen Ms. Patricia McCandless Jamestown Inc. Ms. Beverly A. Decker Mr. Thomas J. McCandless Bazar Group Inc. Ms. Karen D. Hahn Ms. E. Fae Murphy Belmont Marketplace Ms. Faeanna Heilig Mr. Ira E. Murphy, Jr. Bill Hannan Insurance Inc. Mrs. Susan E. Hogan Ms. Blanche Richard Murray Blackstone Auto Sales & Ms. Helen Crowe McGinniss Mrs. W. Barbara O’Hara Body Inc. Mr. Peter A. Persano Mr. Joseph Phillip Pascucci Bonnet Liquors Mrs. Paula Ristuccia Ms. Michele Pisciotti Brown’s Bartending LLC Mr. Irwin D. Rosenman Mr. Thomas P. Sandham C.J. Leonard Construction LLC Mr. Robert Stix Ms. Louise H. Sharp Calgonate Corp. Mr. Frederick W Ursprung Mr. Jeffrey L. Snyder Carousel Industries of Mr. Warren M. Strauss In Memory of Wilbur L. Special North America Mr. A. Carlton Sutphin Doctor ‘83 Charles Fradin Inc. Mr. Thomas P. Sweeney Memorial Ms. Frances Danowski Cohen Closter Sales Inc. Mr. Joel N. Tobey Dr. Joel A. Cohen Cumberland Hill Vision Care gifts Ms. Sarah L. Vaccaro Mr. Allan Z. Fine CVS/Caremark Corporation Ms. Donna Webb In Memory of Brenda J. Ms. Anita Merson Fine Dante Alighieri Society Mr. Andrew Zamoyski Allen ‘78 Mr. Robert C. Frederiksen Deep Hollow Ltd. Mr. David G. Zartarian Mr. Elliot R. Allen Mr. Rudolph A. Hempe Dell In Memory of Joan M. In Memory of Donald Herman Mr. Paul E. Kenyon Drew Pallet Company Inc. Mr. Charles Klensch Giampietro Anderson ‘58 Duramed LLC Ms. Virginia Knowlton Ms. Marie L. Wrigley Mrs. Carole Wishart Anderson Durkin Cottage Realty Mr. David P. Lavallee East Bay Oral Surgery Inc. In Memory of Justin F. In Memory of Abby R. Mr. Gordon McGovern Engineered Security Systems Inc. Aukerman ‘98 Henry ‘00 Mr. Kenneth W. Parker Evans Distribution Inc. Ms. Marykristine Mazmanian Ms. Rita R. Jacobs Ms. Pam Frame Pearlman Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Sara D. Pearlman In Memory of Matthew J. In Memory of George A. First Stop Food Mart Inc. Ms. Evelyn Platt Horridge ‘03 Ballentine ‘66 Flippo’s Welding Mr. Jack Platt Mr. Robert Alan Benson, Jr. Ms. Patricia Ballentine Weeden Fox Construction Co. Inc. Mr. Michael E. Platt Mr. Edward Francis Foxboro Lady Hoopsters Inc. In Memory of David Beretta ‘49 Mr. Jason M. Polsky Mr. George Horridge Gemini Materials Transfer LLC Mr. Douglas H. Moody Ms. Martha Rollins Ms. Maureen Horridge Gilbane Building Company In Memory of Neal Alden Ms. Miriam Russ Mr. Timothy S. McDevitt Green Valley Country Club Inc. Bradstreet ‘54 Ms. Barbara Schurman Ms. Ann F. Murray Insurance Designers of NE Inc. Ms. Mary Ann Bradstreet Mr. Paul Schurman Ms. Anna F. Seelig Integrated Management Ms. Carol Schwebel Mr. Jonathan J. Wilkes, Jr. In Memory of James W. Solutions Inc. Ms. Charlotte M Woodhead Carey ‘57 In Memory of Charles Herbert Inter-Fraternity Council Ms. Wanda Yu Ms. Alice Corsair Reinhardt Hunt ‘56 J. D’Ercole Construction, Inc. Mr. Frederick W. Reinhardt, Jr. In Memory of Sharon E. Mr. Eugene Terry Edwards J.H. Warren Co. Kachalloween Sales Inc. In Memory of Thomas M. Dubois-Hall ‘00 In Memory of Frank P. Mr. David L. Dubois Katie Decubellis Memorial Carmody Iacono ‘73 Col. Ronald W. Dubois Foundation Ms. Geraldine W. Beagle Mrs. Janet A. Levesque KDD Electric Inc. Mr. Robert M. Beagle In Memory of Ann Gall In Memory of Anthony L. Krueger’s Homemade Ice Cream Mr. Joshua Teverow Durbin ‘76 Itteilag ‘64 Kurt Wicks Insurance In Memory of Bertha T. Mr. William O. Gall Ms. Nadine Markham-Itteilag Lally Law Associates Coombs, Estate of ‘81 In Memory of Abran Steele LaPolla Motor Sales Inc. In Memory of Roger L. Larson Dr. Agnes G. Doody Feldman M. & M. Geary Boiler Inc. Ms. Jane Grenier Dr. Marcia M. Feld Mandt Inc. In Memory of Edward J. In Memory of Alfred J. Ms. Sheila Black Grubman Merck Company Cox ‘33 Prof. Stephen D. Grubman-Black Laudini ‘72 Miller Corrugated Box Co. Ms. Frances V. Cousineau Ms. Marie A. Laudini Mr. Kevin P. Jacobson Moore Media Inc. In Memory of Jack B. Davis Prof. Celest A. Martin Morgan Stanley In Memory of Elizabeth Mr. Dean R. Anderson Prof. Kathryn K. Quina Morrill Insurance Agency LLC Cannon Leslie ‘52 Ms. Laraine M. Angeline Dr. Jayne E. Richmond Newport Gulls, Ltd. Ms. Anna M. Appleby-White Mr. Richard B. Black Ms. Carla A. Simonini North Kingstown Rentals Inc. In Memory of Richard J. Ms. Ellen S. Blank Ostrer Rosenwasser LLP In Memory of Matthew D. Ligi ‘98 Mr. Robert S. Bohanon P. Schurman Contractors, Inc. Flores ‘90 Ms. Dale M. Ligi Ms. Gilda Canarick P.J.S. Management Services Mr. Roland Desrochers Mr. Richard Ligi Ms. Irene M. DeLuca Revens-Gates Insurance Inc. Ms. Rosanne Fearnley In Memory of Inez H. Freda ‘30 In Memory of Camella Lorenzo Reynolds DeMarco & Bowland Ltd. Mr. Guenter Fielitz Mr. Richard E. Angeli, Sr. Ms. Marie L. Wrigley Rhode Island Foundation

Corporate Gifts to Athletics

Rhode Island Lambs Soccer Academy LLC. Riehl’s Towing & Maintenance Inc. S.C. Orthopedics & Physical Therapy Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Sights & Sounds Silcorp Appraisal Service Inc. Small Axe Productions South County Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. Southwinds Properties LLC Sweenor’s Chocolates Tase-Rite Company Inc. Technical Industries Inc. The Barber Family Foundation The Corporate Marketplace Inc. The Town Dock The Winter Family Foundation Thrifty Car Rental Tumblebus Inc. United Way URI Convocation Center Events URI Foundation Wright Law Associates Inc.

In Memory of Louis Anthony Luzzi ‘59 Mr. William A. Beaulieu Ms. Patti A. Connery Mrs. Joyce Kaye Luzzi Mr. David Joseph Magiera Dr. Deborah J. Magiera Mr. John J. Pavis Dr. Susan Helga Sidel Mr. Michael L. Simeone In Memory of Mary O’Sullivan McGovern Mr. David T. Cabral Mr. Joseph F. Carroll Mr. David P. Dickinson Mrs. Ellen Fitzgerald Mr. John J. Fox Mrs. Elaine M. Furtado Mr. Robert T. Magill Ms. Alice M. McGovern Ms. Nancy R. Mendizabal Ms. L. Florence Oliver Ms. M. Bridget Purdome Ms. Virginia A. Sharkey Ms. Sandra D. Sherman Ms. Paula A. Shikany Ms. Gail P. Strain Mr. Weng Tao In Memory of John M. Murray ‘02 Ms. Margaret Butler Ms. Corinne Myers Ms. Marion Sachs In Memory of Stephen R. Myles ‘95 Ms. Shannon E. Chandley Ms. Linda M. Palmer Mr. Thomas J. Silvia Ms. Daphne B. Wales In Memory of Joseph F. Navach ‘34 Ms. Nancy L. Pohl In Memory of Josephine DeLisi Navach ‘34 Ms. Carmella A. Catalfamo Ms. Josephine F. Cavallari Ms. Suzanne G. Cavallari Ms. Leborio G. Delisi Ms. Evelyn F. Ferrin Mr. Vito M. Giberti Mr. Sidney F. Greenwald Ms. Mary E. Lownds Ms. Nancy L. Pohl Mr. Alexander Scagnelli Mr. Cosimo A. Serio Mrs. Mary G. Serio Mr. Michael A. Serio Ms. Dorothy E. Vanderwoude Ms. Betty M Welch In Memory of Eugene Maurice Nelson ‘43 Ms. Jane S. Nelson In Memory of Saul Nulman Ms. Glenda Kirby In Memory of Anne L. O’Connell ‘60 Ms. Jane M. Stich In Memory of Raymond P. Panzica Dr. John G. Niedzwicki In Memory of William M. Parrillo ‘63 Dr. Mary P. Lyons Ms. Hope E. Tarbox In Memory of Ruth M. Peck ‘78 Mr. Edward C. Peck



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

In Memory of Robert K. Mr. Leonard Gilman Pezzullo ‘91 Mr. George Handler Ms. Lynn M. Pezzullo Ms. Lois Andelman Handler Ms. Beverly Strauss Kwasha In Memory of Thomas R. Mr. Owen Bruce Kwasha Pezzullo ‘90 Mr. Marshall Harold Rakusin Ms. Geraldine F. Audette Mr. Bruce George Zimmerman Dr. Barbara E. Brittingham Ms. Mary A. Zimmerman Ms. Virginia Brittingham Dr. Winifred E. Brownell Dr. Marguerite J. Bumpus Ms. Ellen C. Compton Mr. James B. Compton Mr. John F. Demitroff Dr. Wilfred P. Dvorak Ms. Bette L. Erickson Dr. Carl Gersuny Ms. Helene W Gersuny Mrs. Mary A. Gray Mr. Walter J. Gray Dr. Janet I. Hirsch Mr. James A. Hopkins Prof. Alfred G. Killilea Mr. Joseph Longo, Jr. Mrs. Patricia J. Marks Ms. Blanche Richard Murray Mr. Henry J. Nardone, Sr. Ms. Mary Frances Nardone Mrs. Lucile Newman Mr. Daniel W. Pezzullo Mr. David Pezzullo Mrs. Jesse L. Pezzullo Dr. Nancy A. Potter Mr. Edward L. Rondeau Prof. John F. Stevenson Dr. M. Beverly Swan Ms. Verna J. Thurber Ms. Barbara L. Wilson

In Memory of Ralph C. Potter, Estate of ‘47 Mr. Douglas H. Moody Ms. Barbara Potter In Memory of Mack J. Prince ‘54 Mr. William S. Prince In Memory of Kathleen Rose Mr. Thorr D. Bjorn Mr. Gregory D. Burke Mr. Jeffery Dallas Taber In Memory of Brett Santoro ‘97 Mr. Victor R. Santoro In Memory of G. David Shilling Mr. Andrew J. Clapham, Jr. In Memory of Dana R. Shugar Dr. Samuel R. Shugar In Memory of John M. Sieburth Ms. Mary Ann McGwin In Memory of Edward Philip Smith ‘48 Ms. Dorothy P. Crossley Mr. James Harrison Crossley Ms. Anne Marie Enderby Mr. Thomas W. Enderby Mrs. Margaret S. Francis Mr. Seth Gifford Mr. William G. Hunt Ms. Claudia M. Lowe Ms. Susan Smith In Memory of Richard J. Smith ‘90 Ms. Paula L Smith In Memory of Norman Solish ‘51 Mr. Banice Carl Bazar Mr. Herbert Lloyd Emers Ms. Janet Saklad Fradin Mr. Paul M. Fradin



Edmond J. English Deborah M. Gaffney Robert E. Hawkins Elizabeth H. Long Cynthia Miller Robert G. Peterson Kevin J. Smith Mary Ann L. Wodecki

Washburn Associates Richard E. Angeli Sr. Janet R. Blum In Memory of Lewis Stephen Kevin M. Burke Stone ‘00 Wendy I. Byrne Mr. Michael Testa, Jr. Barbara Ianniello In Memory of Wayne A. Robert C. Jackson Strawderman ‘58 Gerasimos Ladas Mr. Moorad Alexanian Debra B. Lyth In Memory of Kenneth A. Susan M. McKinnie Kevin J. Nixon Suarez ‘67 John C. Quatromoni Ms. Eileen Suarez Lawrence A. Zolnik In Memory of Gloria Goodwin Woodward Club Swan ‘46 James Burgess Ms. Sheila Black Grubman Prof. Stephen D. Grubman-Black Otelinda L. Charpentier Robert M. Driscoll Ms. Sheryl S. Myers Robert H. Drysdale In Memory of John W. Swan Diane E. Ducie Ms. Sheryl S. Myers Thomas Francis In Memory of Albert Harris Hilary C. Hanumara Sharon I. Horal Taubman ‘66 Betsy Kempner Dr. Norman A. Campbell Kevin P. Loflin Prof. Cynthia Willey Temkin Angelina Lupo In Memory of Heather L. Maria L. Manzi Vennewald ‘99 Caroline Maryan Ms. Carol DeCarlo Bruce Nuzie Ms. Linda DiLorenzo E. Alexander Rubel Ms. Lorraine MacCotter Stuart Schwartz Mr. Vincenza C. Odelson Elizabeth R. Sibicky Ms. Tina Rosso Cheryl A. Wilkes Mr. H. Roger Vennewald Christine H. Yackman Ms. Josephine Vennewald In Memory of John D. Stich ‘76 Ms. Jane M. Stich

In Memory of Sandra H. Wexler ‘83 Ms. Frances Wexler In Memory of Harold Wicks Mr. Nino Micozzi Ms. Beverly O’Connell Wicks Mr. Kurt R. Wicks

Friends, faculty, staff and other donors

In Memory of Ralph C. Wicks ‘43 Ms. Beverly O’Connell Wicks Mr. Kurt R. Wicks

President’s Circle Platinum Uwe Berner G. Dickson Kenney Harold N. Knickle In Memory of Heber W. Beverly G. Long, Estate Of † Marybelle Musco Youngken ‘79 Sebastian P. Musco Mr. David Joseph Magiera Claiborne D. Pell Dr. Deborah J. Magiera Edward J. Routhier, Estate of Mr. Daniel Udwary Cathy H. Ryan

Parent Gifts President’s Circle Gold John R. Wende Rita C. Wende Edwards Roundtable Cynthia Phelan David C. Phelan Davis Society A. Jeffrey Newell Watson Council JoAnne C. Anderson David J. Arthur Eugene A. Astarita James Q. Bragger Paul J. Celona Linda Coleman Vincent Dipippo

President’s Circle Silver Serena Beretta Frances D. Cohen ‘79 Joel A. Cohen ‘60 Christel DeSimone Elizabeth Durand Florence L. Murray Jimmie Oxley Donna-Jean W. Rainville ‘69 James L. Smith Richard G. Vangermeersch ‘64 President’s Circle Bronze Gregory P. Barber David A. Bengtson ‘74 Vera J. Clark, Estate of † Joel A. Dain Robert G. Day David A. Duffy Alan S. Feinstein

Henry Hein Kenneth N. Kermes Susan P. Kermes Heidi Kirk Duffy Lucie Maranda ‘87 Lenore M. Martin Annu P. Matthew William D. Metz ‘70 Gertrude H. Parkhurst Constantinos Perdikakis ‘75 James O. Prochaska Janice Prochaska Thomas P. Sculco Richard N. Smith ‘97 Rhonda C. Wilson Edwards Roundtable Robert L. Carothers Lincoln D. Chafee Stephanie D. Chafee Andrew J. Clapham Sr. ‘64 Stephen K. Coons Michael J. Costa Wayne R. Crandall Frank T. Curtin Patricia A. Dodge Elizabeth G. Eaton ‘74 Kathleen O. Fisher ‘71 Marian R. Goldsmith Douglas Gosselin Eric Gouck Neal Gouck Linda A. Hall Janet I. Hirsch Mary Iacono Ronald P. Jordan ‘76 Dayle F. Joseph ‘75 Caroline T. Kaull ‘66 Donald N. Kaull ‘67 John W. King Roberta S. King Bryan H. Lawrence Judy Mann Robert D. Mann Dolores Mariano Ralph Mariano Helen J. Mederer Lori R. Milton Scott W. Nixon Victoria C. Nozko Helen Olney Stephen B. Olsen ‘70 Nancy A. Potter Joseph P. Pratt Yngve Ramstad † Jayne E. Richmond Bridget A. Ruemmele Victor R. Santoro Arthur B. Stein Cristi Stroud Sheila T. Swan Davis Society Henry H. Anderson Jr. Howard A. Armbrust Kathryn S. Ashton Thomas Brigada Barbara E. Brittingham Richard A. Casagrande Barry Cole Michael A. Duffy Mary S. Eddy ‘87 David E. Fastovsky Richard S. Harrison Dennis C. Hilliard ‘80 Louise D. Hilliard ‘82 Judith M. Horton Timothy H. Hosking John Howell Russell D. Ide ‘70 Jeffrey Jarrett Ruth K. Jarrett ‘81

Ava B. Kleinman Ralph B. Lilly Barbara A. McCartin A. Jeffrey Newell Sharon Payne-Hales Michael A. Rice Lynn M. Risica Vincent C. Rose Jr. ‘52 William M. Rosen Norma J. Schmieding Elise Sefcsik Henry D. Sharpe III Brian Smith M Beverly Swan ‘63 Mario F. Trubiano Hugh Weiss Robert A. Weygand ‘71 Edward A. White Thomas R. Zorabedian ‘74 Watson Council Charles H. Allen III Margaret M. Andersen Bette A. Ayoub Clare S. Bailey David Z. Bailey Pamela A. Baker David A. Berard Jr. Geoffrey Boothroyd Russell A. Boss Garry Bozylinsky Andrew L. Brill Winifred E. Brownell Sally F. Burke ‘60 Marie Byrne Norman A. Campbell ‘57 Carmine J. Catalano ‘60 Elizabeth Choquette Paul J. Choquette Jr. Nathan Cobb Lodowick U. Collins Robert D. Corwin Frances D’Agostino Martha Davids Linda Davidson Thomas A. DeLong Paul T. Doran Thomas R. Dougan Sandra Driscoll Peter E. Ducharme II Wayne K. Durfee ‘50 Joy G. Emery Carol C. Epstein Karl F. Ericson William R. Ferrante ‘49 John B. Fraleigh Kathleen A. Gauthier Vera I. Gierke David M. Gitlitz Otto J. Gregory ‘75 Lester J. Hartman Florence M. Hedison Gladys Hedison Charles Henderson III Jay W. Herring Anne B. Hoffman Michael R. Hogan Kenneth Hogberg Andrea M. Hopkins ‘68 Glen R. Kerkian Jane E. Kim Glenda Kirby Marianne P. Kittredge Orsula V. Knowlton Amar K. Lahiri ‘73 E. Paul Larrat ‘82 Joan M. Lausier ‘67 Jeanne I. Leduc Margaret S. Leinen ‘80 Gabriel Lengyel John R. Leo

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Stephen V. Letcher Nancy E. Levy ‘66 Paul G. Levy Charles M. Lewis Cornelia S. Lewis Sophie P. Lewis Ellen L. Madeira Rita M. Marcoux ‘84 Ronald D. Margolin William L. McKinney Peter O. McVay Arthur C. Mead Peter F. Merenda Robert S. Messinger Sr. Charlotte S. Metcalf Jean R. Miller Ann M. Morrissey ‘83 James O’Hair Helen R. Palmer Celeste S. Penney David Pezzelli Brian Platt Barbara Potter Anne S. Probert Evandro R. Radoccia Jr. Gwenneth Rae Glen Ramsay Karen M. Ramsay ‘74 Joseph A. Richard Claire J. Richards Thomas D. Romeo Thomas H. Rossby Diane B. Sheehan Yuzuru Shimizu Clay V. Sink ‘95 William P. Smith Sherry J. Soloff Ronald N. Stabile Jordan Stanzler George F. Stoffel Judith M. Swift ‘68 Patricia M. Sylvia Barbara L. Tate Linda L. Thurston Kristine Uniacke Girard R. Visconti Cynthia Willey Temkin Dorothy M. Woodcock Jing J. Xiao Washburn Associates Linda A. Acciardo ‘77 Claudia M. Amaral ‘68 Joseph E. Amaral ‘69 Suzan M. Amoruso ‘70 Rosayn Anderson Norman S. Ashworth Marilyn Barbour Arthur C. Barton III David Berman Ronald L. Bernier ‘76 Nancy D. Blasdell ‘07 Matthew M. Bodah ‘88 Laurie Brautigan Chris Brown Kevin M. Burke Lucille W. Cameron ‘64 Thomas J. Carty Jr. M’liss C. Chapman Bongsup P. Cho Kristine Connery Sally J. Curtain Judith Danforth Murray S. Danforth Brenda Dann-Messier Beverly A. Decker Michelle B. Denault Paul M. DePace ‘66 Michael DiBiase Archibald Douglas III Wilfred P. Dvorak

Lea F. Embree David Farmer Judith A. Fillmore Eulalia Frenzel Elsa K. Gambarini John M. Gates Hope D. Goddard John M. Grandin Evelyn J. Hamilton Mary E. Hedberg David R. Heskett Howard M. Holstein ‘68 Robert S. Karam Thomas J. Keenan Sandra M. Ketrow Richard M. Kim Ethan H. Kisch Edmund C. Kittredge Kenneth G. Knowles Gerasimos Ladas James L. Ladewig Youngkook Lee Ian T. Lester Jetson E. Lincoln Timothy S. McDevitt Alan H. McGowan Michael D. McKenna Robyn J. McKenna Jane S. Miner ‘03 Douglas H. Moody Patricia D. Moore Seetharama L. Narasimhan Michele A. Nota ‘87 Katherine K. Orr ‘01 Kenneth Owens Norma J. Owens George L. Pamental Janice S. Pehl Donald A. Piper Jr. Lawrence Pond Elton Rayack Jhodi R. Redlich ‘81 Sarah B. Richardson Gerard M. Roy Martin H. Sadd Nancy A. Schnelli ‘83 Henry D. Sharpe Jr. Peggy B. Sharpe Samuel R. Shugar Geoffrey Sigman Michael L. Simeone ‘76 Austin C. Smith Solomon A. Solomon ‘70 Jennifer S. Spatz Jane M. Stich ‘62 Eileen Suarez Carol F. Surprenant Ann K. Throop Robert C. Tyce H. Roger Vennewald Josephine Vennewald Dorothy M. Verrecchia ‘98 Janice L. Violante Patricia B. Weeden ‘48 Philip H. Wilson Stephen C. Wood Charlotte M. Woodhead Carl R. Woodward Jr. Doris E. Ziurella Woodward Club Fatemeh Akhlaghi Harry J. Amaral Jr. ‘80 Josephine Anderson Jean Babiec Linda A. Barrett ‘73 Geraldine W. Beagle ‘01 Robert M. Beagle Christopher S. Bergin Robert S. Bohanon Carol S. Bonenfant ‘82

Edward Bozzi Jr. ‘68 Jody Brown Phyllis R. Brown Robert C. Bullock John P. Burkett Josie P. Campbell ‘68 Donald L. Carcieri Judith B. Carpenter Arleen Cassutti Carolyn Castel Elizabeth A. Cavanagh Roderick A. Cavanagh Joseph K. Cembrola Virginia Chafee Robert J. Champlin Stephen P. Ciesluk ‘92 John S. Cobb ‘70 Kathleen M. Cobb Maureen Coleman Karin E. Conopask ‘73 Lino Corredora Steven M. Cross Marie D. D’Andrea Philip S. Datseris Janeen M. Davis Frank E. Delmonico Ruitang Deng Giuseppina DiPrete James DiPrete Agnes G. Doody ‘84 Janet S. Dougherty George Dowley John F. Driscoll Joanne A. Esposito Brett M. Feret ‘98 A. C. Fischer Paul F. Fletcher Jr. Joseph S. Gallo Timothy George Nancy L. Gillespie John F. Greene John J. Hanlon Hilary C. Hanumara Mark M. Higgins Wendy B. Holmes Anne L. Hume Diana N. Jackson Leland B. Jackson Paul F. Jacobs Nancy G. Kaull Laura M. Kenerson ‘73 Elizabeth S. Lang Kerry L. LaPlante Marly J. Lebeau Chang K. Lee Ronald T. Lee Margaret G. Leeson Robert Leeson Jr. Joseph Liu M. Dorothy Massey ‘70 William R. Matteson ‘78 Cheryl A. McCarthy ‘73 Louise M. McDonald Mary Beth McDonald Everett E. McEwen ‘54 Judith S. Mercer Natalie Miller Thomas H. Mitchell ‘81 Peter S. Moon Michaela T. Mooney ‘87 Barbara A. Morea Joseph G. Morello Joanne R. Mundorf Norbert Mundorf Marilyn D. Nelson Joyce O’Brien Christopher Ouellette Gregory E. Paquette ‘74 Joan M. Peckham Brian J. Quilliam ‘97 Kathryn K. Quina

Steven J. Rand Mark J. Rowinski David C. Rowley George T. Salem Jr. Martha Sanders Barbara Schurman Paul Schurman Brenda Sepe Allan M. Shine Ethan C. Stapleton Nancy J. Tortolani ‘81 Karen Tucker Phyllis A. Tucker C. Lynn Turnbull Gerry S. Tyler Augustus K. Uht Walter Von Reinhart Robert C. Wakefield ‘50 Susan Ward John C. Warren Randy Watts Lucas Wegmann Alfred M. Weisberg Naida Weisberg Janet Wenzel ‘87 Frances Wexler Jack Willis ‘51 Stephen B. Wood J. Vernon Wyman ‘75 Bing F. Yan

Staff Alumni gifts President’s Circle Silver Frances D. Cohen ‘79 Joel A. Cohen ‘60 Donna-Jean W. Rainville ‘69 President’s Circle Bronze David A. Bengtson ‘74 Edwards Roundtable Andrew J. Clapham Sr. ‘64 Elizabeth G. Eaton ‘74 Kathleen O. Fisher ‘71 Ronald P. Jordan ‘76 Dayle F. Joseph ‘75 Stephen B. Olsen ‘70 Davis Society Dennis C. Hilliard ‘80 Louise D. Hilliard ‘82 Ruth K. Jarrett ‘81 M. Beverly Swan ‘63 Robert A. Weygand ‘71 Thomas R. Zorabedian ‘74 Watson Council Carmine J. Catalano ‘60 Otto J. Gregory ‘75 Andrea M. Hopkins ‘68 Amar K. Lahiri ‘73 E. Paul Larrat ‘82 Joan M. Lausier ‘67 Rita M. Marcoux ‘84 Ann M. Morrissey ‘83 Karen M. Ramsay ‘74 Judith M. Swift ‘68 Washburn Associates Linda A. Acciardo ‘77 Ronald L. Bernier ‘76 Nancy D. Blasdell ‘07 Matthew M. Bodah ‘88 Paul M. DePace ‘66 Gerasimos Ladas Jane S. Miner ‘03 Michele A. Nota ‘87 Katherine K. Orr ‘01 Jhodi R. Redlich ‘81 Michael L. Simeone ‘76

Woodward Club Harry J. Amaral Jr. ‘80 Linda A. Barrett ‘73 Geraldine W. Beagle ‘01 Carol S. Bonenfant ‘82 Edward Bozzi Jr. ‘68 Josie P. Campbell ‘68 Stephen P. Ciesluk ‘92 Karin E. Conopask ‘73 Brett M. Feret ‘98 Laura M. Kenerson ‘73 William R. Matteson ‘78 Cheryl A. McCarthy ‘73 Thomas H. Mitchell ‘81 Michaela T. Mooney ‘87 Gregory E. Paquette ‘74 Brian J. Quilliam ‘97 Nancy J. Tortolani ‘81 Janet Wenzel ‘87 J. Vernon Wyman ‘75

gifts from corporations & other organizations A. Roberts Pools Inc. A.S. Feinstein Middle School of Coventry A.W. Perry Inc. AAA Southern New England Abacus Management Technologies LLC ABC Financial Services Adams Investment Co LLC Agritec Americas Corp. Ahold Financial Services Albertson’s Inc. Albrecht Viggiano Zurek & Co. Alexander & Co. Allens Seed Store Inc. Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital Alpha Physical Therapy Inc. American Agricultural Economics Association American Airlines American Association Colleges of Nursing American Association of University Professors American Biltrite Charitable Trust American Collegiate Hockey Association American Power Conversion America’s Charities America’s Pride Ameriprise Financial Amgen Corp. Amica Mutual Insurance Co. AMTROL Incorporated Angell Fine Arts Ltd. Anheuser-Busch Foundation Inc. Animal Health Care of Marlboro LLP Anonymous Anthem Prescription Management Anthonys Drug Stores Inc. Apostle-Nelson Inc. Apple Blossom Garden Club Apple Pickers Foundation Apple Valley Agency Inc. Arden Engineering Company Inc. Arizona Chapter URI Alumni Association Armenian Euphrates Evangelical Church



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

Arnold Lumber Co. Arysta LifeScience Aschettino Associates LLC AstraZeneca Astro-Med Inc. Atlantic Air LLC Atlantic Benefit Services Attleboro Garden Club Atwood Prescription Center Inc Audubon Society of Rhode Island Auger Pond Associates LLC Austin Community Foundation Avid Airline Products Axia Management Consultants LLC B&B Auto Machining B.R.K Industries Ltd. Baker’s Pharmacy of Jamestown Inc. Bank of America Bank of America United Way Campaign BankNewport Bartlett Tree Foundation Inc. BASF Corporation Bay Realty Ltd. Bay State Centre Bayer Corporation Bayer Cropscience LP Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Beacon Communications Beacon Mutual Insurance Co. Beech Tree Trust Belmont Marketplace Berkshire Heavy Haulers Inc. Bernie’s Audio Video TV Appliance Co. Bettys Candy Store Big M Inc. Big Sky Naturals LLC Billy & Ashley Streiter Scholarship Blackstone Valley Foot Specialist Blazing Editions Publishing Co. Blue Moon Farm LLC Boxer Family Charitable Fund of Communities Foundation of TX Bradley Fund for the Environment Bradley Watterson & Sons Bridgewater Medical Group Brokers Service Marketing Group Inc. Brotherhood Productions Inc. Butterick Company Inc. California Casualty Management Co. Capriccio Carl M. Lindberg Family Foundation Carnival Corporation Center For Health Centreville Savings Bank CFMA RI Chapter Champlin Foundations Chemart Company Cherry Hill on Silver Lake Chicago Tribune Foundation Chinese Nurse Association of America Cindy Wood Garden Club Cisco Systems Foundation Citizens Bank Civic Capital Group LLC Clariant Corp. Classical 95.9 WCRI Clinical Reference Laboratory Clorox Company



Coastway Credit Union Collette Vacations Committee to Elect Pat Shanley Community Health Charities Compassion Veterinary Services Comprehensive Physical Therapy Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents Connecticut Grounds Keepers Connecticut College Connolly’s Pharmacy Inc. Consortium for Oceanographic Research & Education Converted Organics Inc. Cosco Fencing & Guardrail Inc. Cosmo A. Gilbert, III Inc. Costich Engineering Cowen and Company LLC Cox Communications Cranston Print Works Co. CrossBow Solutions Inc. Crown Imports CuraScript Inc. CVS Charitable Trust Inc. CVS/Caremark Corporation D.L. Ryan Companies Ltd. Daniela Construction Co Inc. Dave’s Marketplace David E. Williams Enterprises LLC Davidson Holdings Inc. Davidson/Nealley Construction Inc. Davis Pharmacy Inc. DazMedia Inc. De Rada Italian Institute Inc. DEC Enterprises LLC Delekta Pharmacy Inc. Delta Upsilon Chapter At Large Delta Zeta Sorority House Corp. DH Carpentry Dighton-Rehoboth Animal Hospital Digital Legacy Design Inc. Dominion Diagnostics LLC Dorothy M. Cunningham & Associates Douglas & Elizabeth Durand Family Foundation DuPont E.H. Baker & Associates East Bay Kennels Ltd. Eastern Transit Products Eastman Chemical Co. Eaton Charitable Fund Ecohealth Inc. Edison International Educational Resources in Healthcare Electro Standards Laboratory Inc. Elite Physical Therapy Inc. Elsevier Engineered Security Systems Inc. EnviroLogix Inc. Environment Council of Rhode Island Environment Northeast Environmental Defense Environmental Packaging International Envisions Eye Care Center ESM Inc. Executive Investments & Realty Co. Eye Center of Clark Inc. F.G. Lees & Son Inc. F/V Rainee & Iwee Inc. Fandetti Management Services Fascitelli Family Foundation

Fay Law Associates Feibelman Family Feinstein Foundation Fennelly Associates LLC Fenny Engineering Co. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fidelity Investments Flooring Solutions FMC Corporation Focus Physical Therapy LLC Freeway Enterprises LLC Fresh City Restaurant Frisella Engineering Inc. FTC Commercial Corp. Fuss & O’Neill Inc. G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation Gannett Healthcare Group Garden Village Condominium Association Gaulin Insurance Agency GCMACC Scholarship & Research Fund General Federation of Women’s Clubs South County Gen-El Safety & Industrial Products LLC Georgia Stone Industries Inc. Gerry Enterprises Inc. Gilbane Building Company Gilman-Valade LLC Global Impact GlobalGiving Foundation Golden Key National Honor Society Golf Foundation of Rhode Island Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation Gottlob Armbrust Family Foundation Grantham Foundation Graphic Designers Inc. Greenwood Liquor Center Inc. Grigg Bros. GTECH Corporation Hach Scientific Foundation Hairwaves Harbor Supply LLC Hasbro Inc. Haworth Apothecary Inc. Healing Hands Massage Therapy Healthy Inspirations Hillside Capital Inc. Hisa’s Flowers Hoffman La-Roche Holston & Sons Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island Home Loan & Investment Bank Hope Davidson Johnson Trust Hope Nursing Home Care LLC Housing Authority of Newport Hudson Companies Hudson Heating Wholesaler Inc. Hughes Inc. Hyatt Regency Hydrolysate Company of America LLC ICopy ICT Organics LLC Imugen Inc. Independence Foundation Independent Insurance Agents of RI Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology Insurance Designers of NE Inc. Inter-Fraternity Council International Garment Technologies LLC International Tennis Hall of Fame

Iroquoian Plumbing & Heating Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum J & J Sales & Marketing J.Argenti & Son Electric J.M. Forbes & Co. Jack McDonald Painting Company Jacques Whitford Company Inc. Jamestown Golf Course Jamie Moore Appraisal Services Inc. Jed Delta Corp. Jefferson Dental Associates Ltd. Jewish Communal Fund Jewish Federation of RI JG Custom Clothiers Inc. Jimmy Q Inc. Jimmy’s Auto Sales JMT Sales Inc. Joe Casali Engineering Inc. John Wiley & Sons Inc. Joseph James Ltd. Journal Employees Federal Credit Union Junction Pizzeria Ltd. JustGive KKM LLC Kenney & Sams P.C. Kenney Manufacturing Company Key Graphics Inc. Kiernan Plunkett & Redihan Kikaku America International Kimmel & Kimmel LLC Kingston Pizza KPMG Kramer Investment Management Inc. L. Douglas Nolan Foundation L.F.D Associates Inc. La Bottega Lakeview Lawn & Garden Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLc Landscapes & Stonescapes LLC Law Office of Steven G. Linder Law Offices of Paul V. Jabour Lawsons Pharmacy Inc. Legal Seafoods LESCO Inc. Liberty International Inc. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. Liberty Physical Therapy Inc. Lifespan Liliana’s Italian Restaurant Lilly Lincoln Animal Hospital Inc. Lincoln Capital Corp. Lions Club of Rumford Los Angeles Turf Club Inc. Louis and Monica Difazio Foundation MG Commercial Real Estate MacWright Interiors LLC Maine Evergreen Hotel Maple City Pharmacy Marc Anthony Cosmetics Inc. Mario Family Foundation Mass Mutual Life Max Kade Foundation Inc. McKesson Corporation Medco Health Solutions Media Designs International Inc. Media Marketing Services Inc. MedPharma Partners LLC Medspan Healthcare Market Research Inc. Metropolitan Life Michael R. Paine Conservation Trust Microsoft Corporation MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Miller Design Build & Construction Minot Accountancy Corporation Miriam Hospital Modular Thermal Technologies Inc Mom & Pop’s Bookshop Monterey Fund Inc. Morgan Stanley Morneau & Murphy Morningstar Nurseries Mortgage Partners Inc. Motif Magazine Mount Snow Musgrave Inc. My Little Town NACDS Foundation Narragansett Police Benevolent National Endowment for Financial Education National Grid National Guard Association of RI National Marine Sanctuary Foundation National Turfgrass Federation Inc. NE Organic Farming Association of RI NE Vegetable & Berry Growers Association Neurotech USA Inc. New England Action Sports Inc. New England Impregnators Inc. New England Institute of Technology New England Ropes New England Turf Inc. New York City Firefighters Hockey Team Newell Group LLC Newport Breeze Inc. Newport Prescription Center Newport Vineyards & Winery Newport Yacht Club Nike Inc. NKI Enterprises Inc. Noetic Harbor North American Credit Card North Country Organics Northeast Distributors Northern RI Physical Therapy Inc. Northwestern Mutual Novo Nordisk Inc. NRI Transmissions Inc. Nycomed O.W. Caspersen Foundation Oak Tree Funding LLC Oaklawn Animal Hospital Oaklawn Physical Therapy Inc. Ocean Exploration Trust Ocean Organics Corporation Ocean Pharmacy Charlestown Inc. Ocean Research & Education Ltd. Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation Oest Associates Inc. On The Green Side Organic Recovery LLC O’Rourke Insurance Agency LLC Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Osprey Medical Inc. Oxnard Pharmacy PJS Management Services Paetec Pag Holiday Shops Inc. Paquin Construction, Inc Patock Construction Co. Inc. Paul & Mary Boghossian Memorial Fund

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Pawtucket Red Sox Payette Associates Inc. Pedodontic Associates of Newton Peter M. & Mildred J. Galanti Foundation Petrarca & McGair Inc. Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program Pfizer Incorporated Pharma Conference Pharmacists Mutual Companies Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Society Physical Therapy Services of RI Pi Mu Epsilon Polly & John M. Jr. Timken Foundation Portsmouth Abbey & School Power Pros Consulting Group Inc. Premier Orthopedics & Work Rehab LLC Presser Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts Pro-Change Behavoir Systems Inc Professional Laboratory & Research Services ProSeeds Marketing Inc. Providence After School Alliance Inc. Providence Biltmore Hotel Providence Bruins Hockey Club Providence Children’s Museum Providence Journal Charitable Foundation Prudential Financial PSE&G Pure Seed Testing Inc. Quadfire Racing LLC Quality Partners of RI Quebec-Labrador Foundation Inc. Quinebaug Kennels LLC Quonset Transportation Service R.D. Denelle & Co Realtors Inc. R.D. Rice Construction Inc. RAB Professional Engineers Inc. Ray’s Bait & Tackle Raytheon Regan & Russell LLC Reliable Respiratory Ress Family Foundation Rhode Island Community Food Bank Rhode Island Foundation Rhode Island Hospital Rhode Island Interscholastic League Rhode Island Lawpress Rhode Island Pharmacy Foundation RI American Society of Landscape Architects RI Analytical Labs Inc. RI Association of Chinese Americans RI Convention Center RI Criminalist Associates RI Golf Association RI Golf Course Superintendents Assoication RI International Film Festival RI JumpStart Coalition RI Law Enforcement Trainers Association RI Natural History Survey RI Nursery & Landscape Assoc Inc. RI Pharmacists Association RI Resource Conservation

Development Area RI Society of Health System Pharmacists Richard J. Ruggieri, MD Inc. Richmond Grange #6 Ride Inc. Ride Technologies Inc. Rimkus Consulting Group Inc. Rinet Inc. Rite Aid Corporation Robbins Funeral Home Roger Williams Lodge #32 AF & AM Ronald C. Jalbert Scholarship Fund Ross-Simons of Warwick Inc. Routhier Foundation Rxinsider Ltd. SC Orthopedics & Physical Therapy SafeCo Insurance Companies Sail Newport Salon Aurora & Day Spa Salt Ponds Coalition Samuel Kinder & Brother Inc. Sandwich Lady Knights Ice Hockey Sarni Family Fund Savastano Enterprises Schering Corp. School Clinical & Consulting Services Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Schwabby’s Wine & Spirits Inc. Seafreeze Ltd. Search Personnel Seasource Inc. Service Imports Ltd. Seven Licensing Company LLC Shadow Farm Condominium Association Sharpe Family Foundation Shelter Harbor Cons Society Inc. Ship Ashore Marina LLC Silk Physical Therapy Center Inc. Silverlake Cottage Sinel, Wilfand & Vinci CPA’s Inc. Smokeclean of New England Smokey Bones Snapdragons Society of Soil Scientists of Southern New England Sodco Inc. South County Consultants Clinical Trials South County Garden Club of RI South County Hearing Services South County Hospital Southern RI Conservation District Southwick’s Zoo Sovereign Bank New England Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy Spectrum Brands Speedcraft Volkswagen Inc. Sperian Protection USA Inc. Sport & Spine Physical Therapy Inc. St. Joseph Hospital Stanley Works Star Chinese Language School Starkweather & Shepley Inc. Stephen P. Lepre Associates Stone Cove Marina Straetz Foundation Sulzer Metaplas Inc. Sundel-Strauss Family Foundation

Sunningdale Country Club Inc. Sustainametrix LLC Sustane Natural Fertilizers Sweenor’s Chocolates Synectechs Inc Sytex Systems Corporation T. Rowe Price Prog for Charitable Giving T.J. Russell Company Takeda Pharmaceuticals Tra-Vino Inc. Taylor Grey Inc. Ted’s Montana Grill Tee & Green Sod Inc. Teknor Apex Co. Tente Physical Therapy The Andersons Inc. The Barber Family Foundation The Cumberland Library Fund The Edson Corporation The Gamm Theatre The Geological Society of America The Integra Group Inc. The Lobster Doc The Mann Family Foundation The Met The Nature Conservancy The Robertson Foundation The Scotts Co. & Subsidiaries The Venus DeMilo The Watch Hill Conservancy Thomson Reuters Corporation Tiffany Peay Jewelry Tiffanys for Men Tillinghast Licht LLP TJX Companies Inc. Toray Plastics America Inc. Tra-Vino Inc. Tree Technologies LLC Trinity Repertory Company Trout Unlimited Twin Peaks Land & Castle Co. TYCO International Ltd. UBS Foundation USA United Technologies Corp. United Way United Way Silicon Valley University of Rhode Island URI Admissions URI Alumni Association URI Bookstore URI Foundation URI Gators Alumni Chapter URI Memorial Union URI Northern California Alumni Chapter URI Student Alumni Association URI Student Senate Inc. Valent Bio Sciences Corporation Van Beuren Charitable Foundation Van Meeteren Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Venture Assistance Verdure Sciences Veterinary Ophthalmology Services Viking Hotel Vinyl Plastics Division W.A. Cleary Chemical Corp. WPT Consulting Inc. Walgreens Wal-Mart Warwick Avenue Physical Therapy Inc. Washington County Physical Therapy Washington Division of URS Corporation

Washington Trust Charitable Foundation Washington Trust Company Watershed Partners Inc. Weekapaug Foundation For Conservation Wellcare Inc. Wells Fargo Wesco Oil Inc. West Bay Gourmet West Bay Surgical Associates Inc. Westerly Enterprises Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Association White Appraisal Co. Inc. Whitmores Wickford Middle School Widex Hearing Aid Co. Inc. Wilkem Scientific Ltd. Wilmot Wheeler Foundation Inc. Wood River Animal Hospital Inc. World Vision Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Inc. Zwillinger Family Fund of the JCF

Delta Dental of Rhode Island Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank Americas Dominion Foundation Dow Chemical Corporation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Edison International Eisai Corporate Matching Gift Program Ernst & Young Exxon/Mobil Foundation Federated Department Stores Inc. Fidelity Investments FM Global FMC Corporation GEICO Co. Genentech Inc. General Electric Co. Gilbane Building Company Gillette Co. GlaxoSmithKline Goodrich Corp. GTECH Corporation Guardian Life Insurance Company Hartford Insurance Group Harvey Hubbell Foundation Matching Gift Hasbro Inc. Hess Corporation Companies Hoffman La-Roche AARP Houghton Mifflin Co. Abbott Laboratories IBM Corp. Abell Foundation Intel Corporation Advanta Foundation John Hancock Aetna Life & Casualty Johnson & Johnson Agilent Technologies Inc. Johnsons Wax Fund Inc. Air Products & Chemicals Inc. JP Morgan Chase Allstate Insurance Company Kiplinger Foundation American International Group Inc. KPMG American Nuclear Insurers Kraft Foods Div American Power Conversion Lehman Brothers Inc. Ameriprise Financial Lockheed Martin Corporation Amgen Corp. Lord & Taylor Amica Mutual Insurance Co. Los Angeles Times Anvil International Inc. Macy’s Applied Biosystems/Applera Mass Mutual Life Corporation McGraw-Hill Inc. AstraZeneca McKesson Corporation AT&T MeadWestvaco Foundation Automatic Data Processing Inc. Mellon Bank Corporation Aventis Merck Company AXA Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Bank of America Metropolitan Life Bank of New York Metso Automation Bechtel Foundation Microsoft Corporation Bellsouth Corporation Morgan Stanley Boeing Company Motorola Incorporated BP National Grid Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Nationwide Campbell Soup Co. New York Life Foundation CDW Corporation New York Times Company Inc. Chesapeake Corporation Nike Inc. Foundation Nokia ChevronTexaco Northeast Utilities Foundation Chubb & Son Inc. Northrop Grumman Foundation CIGNA Northwestern Mutual Cisco Systems Foundation Novartis Citizens Bank OMNOVA Solutions Foundation Clariant Corp. OneBeacon Insurance Clorox Company Pacific Life Clorox Company Foundation Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. Coca-Cola Co. Pentair Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Co. People’s Bank Con Edison Co. Pequot Capital Management Inc. ConocoPhillips Co. Pfizer Incorporated Corning Incorporated PhilipMorrisUSA Cranston Print Works Co. Philips Electronics North Dell America Delta AirLines Pioneer Investments Pitney Bowes Inc.



Annual Giving Report

Un i v e r s i t y of R h od e I s l a n d F o u n d at i on

PPL Corporation PriceWaterhouseCoopers Principal Financial Group Foundation Procter & Gamble Co. Prudential Financial PSE&G Qualcomm Inc. Raytheon Reuters America Inc. Riverstone Resources LLC Rockefeller Group Saint-Gobain Corp. SBC Foundation Schering Corp. Science Applications International Corp. Shell Oil Companies Siemens Corp. St. Paul Travelers Companies Stanley Works State Street Bank and Trust Co. Steelcase Foundation Texas Instruments Inc. Textron Incorporated The Pew Charitable Trusts Tiff Advisory Services Tiffany & Company TYCO International Ltd. UBS Foundation USA UBS Investment Bank Unilever United States Foundation United eWay United Parcel Service United Technologies Corp. UST Verizon Communications Wachovia Waters Corporation Welch’s Foods Inc. Wells Fargo Wm Wrigley Jr. Co. Foundation Wyeth Xerox Corporation

1892 Society

Joan L. Abar ‘52 Mae B. Adams ‘42 Andrew H. Aitken ‘67 Ross L. Aker ‘64 Louise C. Aldrich Robert H. Aldrich Sr. ‘46 Henry H. Anderson Jr. Roberta H. Anderson ‘65 Leon R. Audette ‘65 Bette A. Ayoub Philip A. Ayoub ‘62 Sherman B. Bailey ‘41 Marilyn Baker ‘76 Judith E. Bates ‘74 Victor J. Baxt ‘38 Geraldine W. Beagle ‘01 Robert M. Beagle Richard E. Beaupre ‘62 Beverly C. Benson ‘61 Pauline N. Berkow ‘71 Everett Berlinsky ‘44 Charles M. Billmyer ‘50 Lorraine E. Bloomquist ‘66 Alfred V. Boaro ‘60 Mary K. Bond ‘43 Joan G. Bonomi ‘69 Bradford R. Boss ‘55 Wesley C. Bray Jr. ‘58 Edward W. Brewster ‘58 Natalie D. Brown ‘38 David G. Browning ‘58 Frederick J. Buchsbaum ‘68



James E. Burke ‘51 Charlene K. Butler ‘79 Robert S. Butler ‘63 Thomas J. Caldarone Jr. ‘50 Lucille W. Cameron ‘64 Bruce D. Campbell ‘62 Dianne K. Card ‘69 Wesley R. Card ‘70 Allan Cargill ‘59 Patricia B. Carlson ‘68 Edward J. Carney Robert L. Carothers Audrey B. Carvalho ‘58 Richard S. Carvalho ‘58 Richard J. Charland ‘66 John E. Chiaverini ‘47 Edmund D. Cianciarulo Jr. ‘64 Natalie T. Cianciarulo ‘64 Deborah R. Cicero ‘68 Frederic C. Clarke Jr. ‘50 Ansel Cleinman ‘64 John S. Cobb ‘70 Jeffrey G. Cokin ‘70 Howard M. Coleman ‘51 Karen S. Congdon ‘73 Robert W. Cooper Jr. ‘56 Murray G. Cordin ‘47 Mark S. Cruise ‘81 Edwin E. Cull Jr. ‘50 Francis A. Currier ‘50 Estelle G. Dale ‘44 Brian K. Dallaire ‘80 Peter P. D’Amico ‘68 Suzanne Daniels James F. Davey ‘58 Mary Davison-Price ‘84 Marilyn P. Day ‘65 Helen F. Dayton ‘47 Joseph Dechristofaro ‘56 Nancy d’Estang Maureen M. Devine ‘89 Owen B. Devine Jr. ‘86 Janis W. Dietz ‘71 Louis T. Difazio ‘64 Janice E. DiLorenzo ‘70 Jane C. Ebbs ‘35 Albert W. Emery ‘50 Adele G. Espo ‘46 Alfred Factor ‘56 Antonio W. Faella ‘51 Elizabeth P. Faella ‘67 Levia V. Farmer ‘35 Joseph P. Feroce ‘65 Suzanne D. Field ‘80 Thomas A. Field ‘81 Judith A. Fillmore Douglas O. Fisher ‘71 James C. Forte ‘76 Nancy S. Forte ‘77 Richard D. Gale ‘45 Maryanne A. Galuska ‘63 George A. Gilbert Jr. ‘50 Francis L. Gilman ‘43 Gloria M. Giusti ‘51 Deborah Godfrey-Brown ‘79 Morton Goldman ‘42 Nicholas Gorham ‘83 Nathaniel B. Gouse ‘40 Elinor K. Groeneveld John G. Haddad ‘75 Benjamin J. Hadsell Jr. ‘68 Susan L. Hammen-Winn ‘89 Jay W. Harford ‘61 Marilyn M. Harlin Marie F. Harper ‘80 Jacqueline V. Hartert ‘72 Eric D. Hedison ‘71 Florence M. Hedison Gladys Hedison Patricia A. Helms

Darlene A. Hermes ‘74 Oscar Hermes Francis Higham ‘52 Charles A. Hirsch ‘57 James A. Hopkins ‘62 Florence A. Hornstein ‘42 Roberta M. Humble ‘68 Alan G. Hunter ‘55 R. Carolyn Hunter ‘56 Jean M. Hutchinson ‘53 David W. Jacobs ‘67 Jeffrey Jarrett Ruth K. Jarrett ‘81 Richard D. Jendzejec ‘68 Robert E. Johnson Jr. ‘78 Stephen Jonas ‘64 Jonathan V. Kalander ‘82 Arthur Kelman ‘41 Helen P. Kelman Evelyn S. Kennedy ‘69 Thomas J. Keogh ‘61 Carolyn F. Kiess ‘68 Frederick C. Kilguss Jr. ‘59 Irene S. Kingsley Heidi Kirk Duffy David M. Klein ‘68 Richard J. Klenkel ‘82 Nancy M. Kline ‘73 Kenneth E. Knox ‘70 Raymond V. Kusiak ‘56 Beverly S. Kwasha ‘51 Owen B. Kwasha ‘51 Frederick J. Lakeway ‘59 Elena C. Lanni Frank R. Laurito ‘59 David B. Lea Jr. ‘59 Hazel B. Lease ‘63 Eleanor R. Lemaire Charles J. Lemoine ‘71 James W. Leslie ‘52 Nancy D. Letteney-Silver ‘54 Ellen B. Levine ‘66 Ruth A. Lindsey ‘43 Louis L. Lombardi ‘65 Patricia E. Lombardi ‘63 Carolyn G. Longolucco ‘61 Beverly F. Lucas ‘48 Peter E. Madden ‘61 Victor J. Maggioli ‘53 Carol J. Makovich ‘75 Barbara Mandell Joseph D. Mann ‘58 Stanley Markowitz ‘51 M. Dorothy Massey ‘70 James E. Masterson ‘49 Michael N. Matone ‘74 Cynthia A. Mauch ‘75 Donald E. McCreight ‘88 Sandy S. McCreight ‘73 Albert P. McGinn ‘64 Dolores C. McKenna ‘56 Robert P. McKenna Jane A. Mclamarrah ‘77 Joseph L. McNulty ‘53 Charlotte F. Mee ‘51 James Meisenheimer ‘67 Peter F. Merenda William D. Metz ‘70 Shirley N. Mintz ‘36 Joseph A. Mollica ‘62 Hope M. Moore ‘71 Eleanor G. Morris ‘38 Francesco P. Morsilli ‘53 Doris H. Munroe ‘33 Janet K. Munroe ‘46 Florence L. Murray Anna T. Nappi ‘50 Henry J. Nardone Sr. ‘43 Suzanna A. Norbeck ‘77 Violet K. Ohanasian ‘48

Thomas P. Olean ‘50 Roland T. Palmatier ‘68 John Parker ‘40 E. Catherine Passarelli ‘44 Janice M. Paton ‘76 Earl M. Pearson ‘50 Leslie A. Peltier ‘70 Raymond J. Peltier ‘57 Constantinos Perdikakis ‘75 Louise Perl ‘80 Anthony C. Perry ‘55 Klaus Peter Nancy A. Potter John V. Powell ‘71 Elizabeth C. Preti ‘43 Robert F. Preti David Price ‘83 Gwenneth Rae Donna-Jean W. Rainville ‘69 Arthur G. Rand Jane B. Rankin William Rankin Mary S. Ravin ‘44 Nicholas Ray ‘97 Anna L. Reid Patrice L. Reid ‘86 Richard D. Rendine ‘58 Jayne E. Richmond Norene M. Rickson ‘68 Andrew S. Rinde ‘64 Douglas K. Ritter ‘74 Gerald O. Rivet ‘79 Mary Louise R. Robertson Dickenson ‘45 William P. Robinson III ‘67 Anthony J. Rose Jr. ‘54 Neil W. Ross ‘62 Steven A. Ross ‘67 Anna O. Rotondo ‘51 Beatrice B. Rubenstein ‘41 Edmund S. Rumowicz ‘57 James D. Rylands ‘66 Vincent F. Sabatini ‘65 Frances C. Sadler ‘75 Linda H. Saks ‘56 Hallie G. Sammartino Di Schino ‘84 Vincent A. Sarni ‘49 Helen I. Schilling ‘54 Peter A. Schocket ‘64 Marilyn M. Schwab ‘71 Joseph G. Sharman ‘72 Dallas L. Sharp III ‘54 Susan R. Sharp ‘53 David P. Sherman ‘64 Janice B. Sieburth ‘72 Henrietta E. Simeone Peter W. Simonds ‘70 Clay V. Sink ‘95 Barbara B. Slater ‘58 Raymond H. Smith ‘40 Beatrice H. Sparks Michael Spero ‘34 Linnea Spink Sydney A. Spink ‘58 Dennis E. Stark F. Albert Starr ‘47 Marjorie A. Stein ‘67 Frederick S. Strickhart ‘70 Elaine D. Sullivan ‘75 Bruce Sundlun Barbara L. Tate Kenneth G. Taylor ‘43 Margaret Taylor Bernard J. Teubert Jr. ‘60 Cheryl G. Teverow ‘76 Joshua Teverow John H. Tietjen ‘66 Patrick M. Toscano ‘49 Norma C. Tower ‘50

Richard A. Vagnini ‘56 Manuel J. Vales IV ‘88 Richard G. Vangermeersch ‘64 Edward T. Votta ‘80 Timothy C. Ward ‘73 Raymond W. Warren ‘37 Kenneth J. Weber ‘68 Patricia B. Weeden ‘48 Michael Weiss ‘62 Robert A. Weygand ‘71 Howard D. Wilcox ‘67 Natalie B. Wilcox ‘37 David R. Wilkes ‘43 Elinor C. Williams ‘38 Constance H. Willis ‘35 Barbara L. Wilson Robert M. Wilson ‘62 Louiseannette P. Wright ‘43 Barbara G. Young Alan G. Zartarian ‘69 Marilyn C. Zartarian ‘70 Bruce G. Zimmerman ‘51 Mary A. Zimmerman

Perpetual President’s Club

Mary K. Bond ‘43 Gustin L. Buonaiuto ‘53 Robert W. Cooper Jr. ‘56 Ralph S. Daniels Jr. ‘67 Alexis DiMartino ‘68 Gregory W. Dimartino ‘69 Alfred F. Goldstein ‘66 Ruth L. Grossman ‘82 Kathleen M. Hicks ‘58 Peter J. Hicks III ‘55 Maureen L. Hurd ‘57 Janet K. Munroe ‘46 Elizabeth R. Newton ‘33 J. Albert Newton ‘35 William A. Orme ‘49 H. Douglas Randall III ‘72 Lorraine W. Randall ‘78 Anthony J. Rose Jr. ‘54 Mary P. Sammataro ‘41 Barbara P. Smith ‘47 Carolyn S. Soderberg ‘50 Richard A. Soderberg ‘49 Michael Spero ‘34 H. Winfield Tucker Jr. ‘43 David R. Wilkes ‘43

Covering the period from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

ENDOWMENTS REACHING FULFILLMENT IN 07-08 Joseph Burghardt Pharmacy Fund Alan Corry Chemical Engineering Scholarship Carol A. Corwin Endowed Scholarship Edward Cox Memorial Scholarship GSLIS Prism Scholarship Holly Kennedy Diversity Endowment Edward P. King Memorial Endowment Mattoon-Kline Scholarship in GSLIS William A. Orme Pell Library Endowment Martha Humes Owens Memorial (WBB) Costas Perdikakis Family Scholarship Endowment Charles Polk Memorial Endowment Eric Roiter Humanities Fellowhip Endowment Mark and Donna Ross Honors Colloquium Endowment Saulnier-Stone Memorial Endowment Stamp Lilly Excellence Endowment Art Stein Scholarship in Peace and Non Violence URI Greek Life Lead Endowment John H. Visneuski Biomedical Engineering Scholarship

NEW ENDOWMENT COMMITMENTS Jessie Baker CBA Career Day Geraldine M. Barber Endowed Scholarship Steven A. Bouley and Rhonda C. Wilson Graduate Fellowship Angela and Amir Bozogmir Honors Scholarship Edward and Mary Brewster Endowed Scholarship Mary Williams Browning Memorial Micriobiology Scholarship Henry G. Caniglia Arts and Sciences Scholarship Wes Card Presidential Fund CELS Dean’s Excellence Fund Andrew J. Clapham Student Leadership Chemistry Endowment Mary Jane Behrends Clark Journalism Scholarship COE Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fran and Joel Cohen Student Affairs Fund for Excellence Margo L. Cook Endowment for Internship/Study Abroad Christian DeSimone Memorial Scholarship Howard and Mary Frank Scholarship Endowment Peter E. and Cynthia J. Gouck Memorial Scholarship

Russell D. and Russell C. Ide Scholarship Endowment Indu and Sury Nonviolence and Peace Studies Endowment Robert E. Jr. Johnson Engineering Endowment Ronald and Karen Jordan Pharmacy Endowment Saul and Susan Kaplan Pharmacy Endowment G. Dickson and Virginia Stiles Kenney Endowment for Theatre and Music Kenneth and Susan Kermes Distinguished Lecture or Performance Knickle Family Graduate Fellowship in Chemical Engineering Melvin and Arlene Silverman Landesberg Engineering Scholarship Little M.A.M.A. Child Development Endowment Livingston-Zitkin Graduate Endowment in Music Spencer Martin Scholarship Endowment Shawn McBride Memorial IEP Scholarship Mary O’Sullivan McGovern Nursing Endowment Musco Endowment for Music Robert Norigian Memorial Scholarship Charlotte Leneker O’Gorman RN Endowment Phelan Family Endowment Prochaska Cancer Prevention Research Center Leadership Endowment Milton and Nancy Read Family Scholarship Brian P Russell Pharmacy Endowment Thomas and Cathy Ryan Graduate Research Endowment Norman and Dorothea Armstrong Saute Endowment Robert and Arda Saute Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment Gerald B. Shapiro Memorial Scholarship Endowment Tom Silvia and Shannon Chandley Professorship in Peace Studies Swenton-Roditakis Pharmacy Endowment Thanatology Endowed Scholarship Fund URI Class of 1958 Endowment Scholarship Washington Trust Bank Ram Fund Scholarship Endowment Mary Zorabedian Scholarship for the Arts


Susan Ronzio Sharp and Dallas Lore Sharp III Endowment Donna-Jean Rainville Scholarship Endowment



Contributing writers: M.E. ReillyMcGreen, Sharon DeLuca ’85, Danielle Henderson, John Pantalone, Maria Caliri and Rudi Hempe. Photography: Nora Lewis, Rudi Hempe, Susan Sancomb, Joe Giblin, Michael Salerno, Travis Roberts ‘06, URI Sports Communications Office, purchased stock, Hasbro. Design: Images Design Company Effort has been taken to ensure that the information included in this annual report is factual and correct; however, errors or omissions may still occur. Please accept our apologies and contact the managing editor, Tracey A. Manni, at 401.874.2145 or tmanni@foundation.uri. edu. All gifts to the University should be made payable and mailed to the URIF, 79 Upper College Road, Kingston, RI 02881. The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation designated by the University to manage its endowment and raise and administer private gifts that support the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research. Donors have the option of requesting anonymity in making their gifts.

URI FOUNDATION 79 Upper College Road, Kingston, RI 02881-2023

URI Foundation 2008 Annual Report of Giving  
URI Foundation 2008 Annual Report of Giving  

fiscal year reporting of charitable giving to the University of Rhode Island