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Front cover and inside cover: Hannah is a participant in the Dodge Pratt Northam Art & Community Center’s programs. For more about Hannah and the investments we have made in this program, see page 14.


Foundation at a Glance

The story of The Foundation is often told in dollars and cents. This year, The Foundation’s story is told in the face of the community: partnerships, impact and meaningful investments.

Keith A. Fenstemacher, Board Chair

Peggy O’Shea, President & CEO

That impact is seen in the faces of our partners, our donors, the students, the business owners, the seniors, the board members, the corporate givers, the children, the parents of our community. Those faces look like: • Nineteen-year-old Mohammed Jibril, who found his way to college thanks to our partnership with — and investment in — On Point for College. • Patsy Couper, whose giving impacted countless people young and old and whose spirit now will live forever through The Foundation. • Paul Douglass whose health has been significantly impacted thanks to a Foundation investment in the North Utica Community Center’s to create a fitness center. Clearly, The Foundation’s story is much more than dollars and cents.

More than 60 years ago, before the first gift, before the first grant, there was a group of men and women who recognized the importance of this. Even in the face of the charitable needs of the day, they saw the power of longer term social solutions. Not just long-term money but longterm commitment. These founders understood success would require true partnerships — even beyond those who give and those who receive. Money is a powerful tool. But the time and talent found in the greater community was the key to using that tool most effectively. Today, The Foundation continues in that same spirit and 2013 proved that we’re dedicated to creating strong partnerships with the goal of making social impact in our community. Over these many decades — and especially in 2013 — our impact has grown dramatically along with our assets. Then again, we’ve always understood that our assets are much more than money — and that our face is you.

And truly it always has been.


Mohamed Jibril’s parents spent most of their lives in a refugee camp. Running water, food, freedom weren’t theirs to have. A college education certainly wasn’t an option. Being resettled in Utica made all of the things his parents could only dream of realities for Mohamed. But having the option of an education is different from having the opportunity. Mohamed knew he had the option, but he didn’t know how to take advantage of the opportunity. He didn’t even know the first step to take. His parents couldn’t advise him, but he knew he was capable. And so did staff members at On Point for College. Mohamed — curious, smart, driven, but unsure of how to move forward in his education — needed the guiding hand offered by On Point for College.

That guidance included help with filling out financial aid forms, transportation to class, even school supplies. “I want to go to college, so I can become a nurse and give back to my community, and On Point is making that happen through transportation, help with financial aid problems, school equipment — like bookbags, (and) if I need help with tutoring. They always are there helping me accomplish my dreams.” Part of that dream already has been realized. Mohamed is the first in his family to go to college. “I’m going to be the first in my family to graduate, too,” Mohamed says grinning. Thanks to a $100,000 investment from The Foundation, with this partnership, On Point for College has enrolled 266 students in its Utica program. Visit foundationhoc.org to learn more about On Point for College through video.



Thanks to your donations in 2013, The Community Foundation made 494 grants, investing nearly $4 million dollars in our community. For a detailed list of grants made in 2013, please visit foundationhoc.org. General Grants for Building Community These grants for building a better community come from funds that allow their income to be used to meet the most urgent community needs. Whether through enhancing education or protecting our environment, The Community Foundation made significant impact on thousands of residents that will be felt for years to come. Discretionary dollars made impacts in every corner of the community from Old Forge to Little Falls with significant contributions going toward areas of education, health and economic development. Total Discretionary Grants: $1,283,154.00 Agency Agency grants are generated by funds established by nonprofit organizations to provide long-term support of their charitable missions. Total Agency Grants: $1,562,562.12

Designated Designated grants come from funds earmarked by the donor to support a specific nonprofit organization. Total Designated: $90,643.55 Donor-Advised Donor-advised grants come from funds that allow donors to participate in the grantmaking process by recommending which charities will benefit. Donor advisors made grants in areas ranging from increasing literacy to improving civic organizations. Total Donor-Advised: $848,761.71 Field-Of-Interest Field-of-interest grants originate from funds created to support broad causes of particular interest to the donor. Total Field-Of-Interest: $29,613.00 Scholarship Scholarships are made possible by funds designed to support educational achievement. The donor often determines the criteria for the award. Total Scholarship: $150,743.00 Grand Total All Grants Made In 2013: $3,965,477.38


Stevens-Swan employee Joe poses with a shelter dog. Stevens-Swan is one of the many organizations in Herkimer and Oneida counties where The Foundation invests.



The neighborhood where Kevin Alexander grew up has its problems — poverty, violence, homelessness — but the Utica resident and recent Hamilton College graduate wouldn’t spend his time anywhere else. And thanks to a grant from The Community Foundation, Kevin has been able to focus his efforts on bettering his community as an AmeriCorps Vista worker. The Foundation funds the workers’ living expenses. “Being involved in this program and having The Foundation’s financial support is so important and it’s important to me, personally, because this is my neighborhood and my community and that’s something that’s been important to me for a long time.” Kevin’s focus as an AmeriCorps volunteer is connecting low income Utica residents with resources that will improve their lives. “We’ve been able to help people find more financial literacy services and resources to help them become more independent,” he said. His co-AmeriCorps worker Jennifer Cieslewitz focuses her efforts on the refugee community.

“This has given me a unique and important opportunity to delve deeper into the issues in my community,” Kevin said. “When my AmeriCorps time ends, I will have a much better handle on how my community works and how to make bigger impact.” Through the AmeriCorps program, Kevin has been able to connect dozens of his neighbors with vital resources, including access to the small business development center and mentors. He planned and implemented an entrepreneurship café where community members convened with successful business owners to hear how they can take the right steps toward creating their own businesses. “When we assessed entrepreneurship in Utica, we noticed there are barriers for refugees and the low-income community in starting businesses,” Kevin said. “We know it’s not the talent, ability and desire, so what is it? It’s opportunity, resources and knowledge of the help that’s out there.” So far, Alexander and Cieslewitz have been able to connect dozens of residents with opportunities in their community. “It’s a feeling I can’t explain to be able to have this impact on a community that I care so much about,” Kevin said.


The year 2013 will be forever marked as historic for The Foundation and for Oneida and Herkimer counties because of one number — 25.

• Opportunities to increase education are provided by area employers, but few residents are taking advantage of these programs.

For the first time in the region’s history and The Foundation’s history, The Community Foundation, in partnership with the community, set a goal for the community to reach.

Thanks to what we learned from our partners combined with our own research, The Foundation is now investing in three new ways:

At our annual June event, we announced that together we would increase the percentage of adults in Herkimer and Oneida counties who have bachelor’s degrees to 25 percent by 2025. The community and The Foundation quickly took action. Local organizations and leaders stepped up with suggestions and a plan of action on how to meet this goal. Convening, brainstorming sessions and partnerships evolved. Plans were made. Through these sessions, we learned challenges existed for our partners: • No central internship database exists, and it is important to create one. • Online learning is important, especially for non-traditional students.

Actively supporting existing programs such as Young Scholars. Bringing successful, proven programs, such as On Point for College in Syracuse, to this area. Creating new programs and initiatives, such as the ‘Ships program — which includes opportunities for mentorships, apprenticeships and internships. With our partners, our community and with efforts like these, we are confident that together we can meet this historic goal in our community. With an increase in bachelor’s degrees, research suggests you will see these things happen in your community: higher income levels, lower poverty levels and less reliance on state and federal services. Call Barbara Henderson, Vice President for Programs and Community Initiatives at (315) 735-8212 to learn how your partnership can help us to reach this goal.


Hilda is a Young Scholar. The Community Foundation is committed to partnering with organizations like The Young Scholars to increase residents’ access to programs that allow them to meet their education goals.




Liz Douglass had been calling her husband for 36 hours. It wasn’t like Paul to go so long without talking to his wife. With thousands of miles between them, Liz called her son. “Something’s wrong with Dad,” she said from Florida where she was vacationing. With his 5-year-old son in tow, the Douglass’ son raced to their home, broke in and found Paul close to death on his bed. “What we didn’t know at the time, is he had a heart attack,” Liz said. “I didn’t know until two weeks after a triple bypass surgery that I had a heart attack,” Paul added. And so after an intense surgery, rehab started — walks on the treadmill, light weights. Soon enough, it was up to Paul to do his own rehab. That’s when a blessing from the North Utica Community Center came along. Just weeks after rehab ended, and Paul was deciding how and where he would continue the training as directed by his physical therapists, the center opened a fitness center. “It’s the only fitness center like it in the area, the closest being 20 minutes away,” Paul said. A $34,959 investment from The Community Foundation made the creation of the center possible. “It’s a mile from my home, and I wouldn’t be able to do the treatment I need to stay healthy if I didn’t have it close,” Paul said. “I couldn’t afford to go to the others and the closest gym is 20 minutes away and especially in the winter, I would not be able to get there. Now, we are able to go daily, and it’s life-saving.”



Fifteen-year-old Hannah Chase never knew the beauty of her surroundings could be captured forever. That was until she became immersed in the STEAM (Science Techology Engineering Art Math) program at Dodge Pratt Northam Art and Community Center in Boonville where she learned the power of photography. Now, the Boonville teen sees a future in art. Thanks to the STEAM program, she has learned how art, science, technology, engineering and math can work together. Art makes learning the rest more interesting, she said. “I think there would be a lot less creativity without this program — creativity, art, literature hasn’t been (encouraged) a lot in schools,” Hannah said. “Now, there is nothing but factual information as the focus, and that’s not all you need. If you’re not allowing kids creativity how will they be creative in life? Being creative and eccentric is important to me, and it’s something I need.”

The topics taught directly link to the core programs in the students’ curriculum and are taught by retired educators and volunteers afterschool, said Dodge Pratt Art and Community Center Executive Director JoAnn Ballard. “When they added art to STEM last year, we knew we could do this and it would have big impact on the children in our community,” Ballard said. Beyond her newfound love of art and photography, Hannah has been a part of programs where students have learned and captured the history of their community through community walks with their cameras, learned about birds and their behaviors by creating a habitat for them to live in, learned every discipline of pottery and even have had lessons on engineering and nanotechnology. A $6,000 grant from The Foundation funded the computer, cameras and software needed to run the program. The computers also have been used in other programs where Dodge Pratt has been able to produce revenue.


Last year, nearly 750 donors invested in our community through The Community Foundation. Those partners’ gifts have now become community investments that are changing — and will continue to transform — our two counties. Our partners understand The Foundation’s unique ability to satisfy their giving wishes, make big community impact and wise financial investments. Simplicity and flexibility: We accept gifts in any form you want to give, including cash, stock, property, life insurance policies, retirement funds or business interests. You also have the option to make planned gifts through an estate plan as a bequest or through a trust in creative ways. Gifts are accepted by mail, by phone or online and may be made as tributes to others. All gifts are gratefully acknowledged in writing. Expertise: Our staff has decades of experience and the knowledge of community needs and the issues that affect our area. We understand how to make the biggest impact and our advice is always professional, confidential and free. Tax Benefits: Your donation is tax deductible, and we can collaborate with your financial advisors to explore personal tax strategies. Fiscal Confidence: Donations help us build an endowment nurtured by expert management, investment and governance. Our accounting meets rigorous standards of accuracy and transparency. Leadership: We promote community partnership whether with individuals, nonprofits, businesses, schools, government and other foundations, to inspire collaborations and lasting change. Convenience: We handle all paperwork, reporting and bookkeeping for our grants, funds and gifts. Permanence: Your charitable intent is carried out forever. 16

Kay Klo and Daileny Guerrero are participants in The Young Scholars Program.


Creating a fund allows you to be a partner in your community and be active in the impact you make. The process is simple: 1. Set your goals. Talk with family, trusted friends and financial advisors about what you hope to accomplish. 2. Find your passion. Contact our staff. We are your resource and charitable partner. 3. Select your gift. What to give, when and how.

Unrestricted Fund — You place no restriction on the fund’s use and allow us to award grants for worthy programs and services as they emerge over time. Designated Fund — You select one or more charities to receive grants from the fund and we take care of the rest. A nonprofit may even set up a fund for itself to develop a flow of income — we call this designated fund an Agency Fund. Scholarship Fund — You create an award, select the criteria and choose the school. We make sure all guidelines are followed.

4. Create a fund. Choose the fund name and purpose, and we will develop a simple agreement for its stewardship.

Field-of-Interest Fund — You select a favorite cause, interest or geographic area to support and we will find grant recipients to match.

5. Make it official. Donate and sign the agreement. We provide continuous reporting and oversight. You have become a community investor.

Donor-Advised Fund — With our support, you recommend grants to a variety of charities, suggesting when and how much shall be granted to each. We work as community partners.

CRAFTING THE RIGHT FUND To create a fund that suits your needs, we offer several options. The fund may bear your name, memorialize or honor someone, or it may be anonymous. It’s your choice.

For more information call Elayne Johnson, Director of Fund Administration at (315) 7358212 or visit us at foundationhoc.org.


Keh is a refugee from Myanmar. She is a participant in On Point for College which offers support for those who wish to go to college who might not otherwise. Donors may set up funds to specifically fund programs like these or others that suit their passions.


Martin Babinec grew up in the Mohawk Valley, but sought his future elsewhere. He found that future far from the Mohawk Valley in the San Francisco Bay area. “Little did I know my proximity near Silicon Valley would prove to be life-changing,” Babinec said. That location made all the difference for Babinec when he founded TriNet [NYSE: TNET], a firm providing bundled human resources products, strategic services and software for growing companies throughout the United States. The innovative business model pioneered by TriNet made it difficult to sell in those early days. But, he had the support, mentorship and resources of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and creative and innovative influencers. In 1999, he returned to his hometown in Little Falls attracted to the high quality of life and proximity to family. “The price I paid for that was 11 years of crosscountry commuting while I still ran my company, and throughout that period I spent a lot of time thinking about my two worlds — upstate New York and Silicon Valley,” Babinec said. “Upstate New York has a history of high-growth entrepreneurship.

In an early era there were companies who were leaders in innovation and job creation that shaped several generations.” That history combined with the region’s high concentration of exemplary colleges and universities led Babinec to see the potential is here to develop our region into one of the leaders creating startup companies in new industries, led by our best and brightest talent. To execute this vision, Babinec founded the nonprofit Upstate Venture Connect and StartFast Venture Accelerator. The creation of Babinec’s donor-advised High Growth Entrepreneurship Fund at The Foundation will further projects like these. It is one of the first of its kind at The Foundation and will give donors an opportunity to support entrepreneurial initiatives and economic development in Herkimer and Oneida counties. “My concern is that upstate has too few jobs in new industry where some of our best and brightest want to work,” he said. “When they don’t see those opportunities here, they leave. With this fund, we’ll invest in initiatives that create companies and jobs to retain our best and brightest in new industries.” For more information about creating a fund at The Community Foundation, visit foundationhoc.org.



Longtime Foundation friend and donor Anita Vitullo has a lifelong passion for the plight of abused and abandoned animals, so it was hardly a surprise when Anita arrived at The Foundation’s door with a furry companion named Madison. The surprise, however, was pinned to an orange vest the pit-bull mix wore. It was a note. “Peggy and CF team, Thanks for helping me and all my furry friends! Lick, Lick, Lick, Madison.” With that note was a check nestled securely in a white envelope made out to The Community Foundation for $1 million. The donation marked the first $1 million donation from a living donor in The Foundation’s history. Anita points to The Foundation’s smart investing and esteemed reputation to why she decided to invest her money and fund her passion through The Foundation. “I put my money into The Community Foundation, because — like most people — I’ve worked hard and long for my money,” she said. “I want to put it where


I know it will be well-managed, where it will grow and where it will be there for the future to fund my mission, and that’s what The Community Foundation does.” Anita chose to partner with The Community Foundation through the charitable gift annuity option. It’s one of the many ways donors can make impactful gifts through The Foundation now and forever. Those who choose to give through a charitable gift annuity can support their passions, like Anita, for generations to come but still generate income for retirement. Many charitably-minded individuals want to invest in their community but are often concerned about having enough income in retirement. Some also worry about elderly parents or a loved one who may need their support. Fortunately, it is possible to make a gift that increases current or future income, provides a tax break for the donor AND benefits community. A charitable gift annuity is a simple way to do this. For information on the many ways you can give to The Community Foundation, please visit foundationhoc.org/giving or contact Director of Development Kristi Brennan at (315) 735-8212.



If anyone has seen the growth of The Community Foundation, it’s been veteran board member Mary Morse. “15 years,” she said, laughing. “And, I have been through every step… .” Given her roots in Herkimer County as long-time resident and business owner, Morse has been a liaison for the area. Her love for her hometown and passion to see positive change naturally led her to The Foundation’s Community Investments Committee. Here, she often advocates for the county and for the areas in the region that most need change. She’s proud of those investments made. “The impact has been huge.”

It’s only going to grow, she added. Proactive grantmaking, leadership initiatives and priority area investing are key in making bigger community impact, she said. “It’s nice we can take the initiative in the community to make the biggest impact,” she said. “And it’s good we do still look at the (other) things, like adding a new roof to a building. Our nonprofits can’t do their jobs without a roof. It all comes together in the end.” In 10 years, we will all reap the benefits of this work, she predicted. “I hope to see us in 10 years enjoying the results of the good work of The Community Foundation,” she said. “I can’t wait to see how The Foundation has made changes in literacy and education. I think they’ve been really good and diligent in getting organizations to work together and make partnerships. Now, we just watch as it all benefits our community.”



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Dale Lockwood and John Romanow David and Lucy Craske Long Fran and Kay Longe Kenan and Lisa Loomis Charles and Gail Lupica Andrea Lynch Douglas and Donna Lynch Lynn H. Boillot Family Fund Anna P. MacDonnell John and Christie MacLagger Robert MacLagger and Family Joan F. Madden Donald and Gloria Maki Naheim and Charlotte Malouf Mr. and Mrs. Fran Mandia Scott A. Maneen Paul and Rosemary Maphia Mark and Elaine Woroby Charitable Fund James R. Marscher Jean M. Mastrangelo David L. Mathis F.X. and Pamela Matt Lillian D. Matt Nicholas and Susan Matt William and Natalie Matt Theodore and Melva Max Stephen May Family Albert S. Mazloom Rachel Mazzotta and Robert Palladino Daniel and Kathleen McAuliffe Gerald T. McDonald McGillicuddy Family Thomas and Deborah McInerney Greg & Cynthia McLean McQuade & Bannigan, Inc. Diane R. Medici John and Elizabeth Meehan Barbara Meelan Mele Foundation, Inc. Chuck and Mary Faith Messenger John and Lori Ann Miano Carmen and Stephanie Micale Dennis and Eileen Michael Charles Millar Florence K. Millar


2013 DONORS 28


Peter Millard Betsy Harvey Minutti Ken and Agnes Misuriello Mohawk Glen Imaging, P.C. Mohawk Global Logistics Mohawk Hospital Equipment, Inc. Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce Mohawk Valley Imaging, PC Dorothy Montesano Robert and Lynn Montesano David and Mary Morehouse William and Bertha Morehouse Laura Morris Stephen and Mary Morse Louise Mose Heather Mowat John K. Muhlberger Robert and Sonja Murdock Don and Florence Murnane Leonard C. Murphy Betty L. Murray Gina Murtagh and Rainer Wehner Jennifer R. Muthig Johanna M. Nally NBT Bank Philip K. Nemeth Frank and Joyce Nemeti Shane and Diane Newell Scott and Carol Nicotera Charles and Patricia Nojaim Daniel and Robin Nolen North Utica - Whitestown Rotary Faith B. Norton Notre Dame Jr/Sr High School Dr. Kenneth D. Novak Jeffrey and Nancy Nowicki The Observer-Dispatch William T. O’Dowd Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Ohlbaum Joe and Kathleen Olney Robert H. Olney James and Diana O’Looney Oneida Savings Bank Alice G. P. O’Shea Brian and Peggy O’Shea



Gavan and Molly O’Shea Peggy O’Shea Otsego Mutual Fire Insurance Company Gertrude M. Owens Pacemaker Steel & Piping Company, Inc. Gloria Palmer Edward and Barbara Paparella Emil and Mary Janet Paparella Kenneth and Kimberly Paparella Paragon Athletic Club Renny and Donna Parker Adam and Linda Partyka Maria Pavelock Betty and Philip Pearle Ruth P. Pelletier Bill and Rusty Pentland Peter and Darlene Perkins Scott and Kathleen Perra Pete and Kathie Perritano Lauren Petraske and Rayette Johnson Robert S. Philipson Anthony and Eleanor Picente Terry Pickard and Judy Plumley Christina Piperata and Dave Buck Douglas and Karen Pirnie Luke A. Pomilio Elaine Pospisil Don B. Potter Frank and Sue Ann Price Dr. and Mrs. James H. Putnam John and Barbara Queirolo Julie Quinn Michael Rabice Patrick and Mary Radel Ted and Theodora Radley Edward and Sheila Rakowski Patti Randall Barbara J. Raymonda Daniel and Cathy Raymonda Marie A. Raymonda Marie Recknall Earle C. Reed Lois Z. Reed Steve and Linda Reed Theodore and Judith Reed



Meredith P. Reid Dr. and Mrs. Philip Reitz Barbara A. Remmell Dr. Patrick Reynolds and Dr. Damhnait McHugh Robert and Cynthia Reynolds Mark and Kathleen Rich Michael and Michele Ricigliano James and Marie Riedel Candy and Carter Riley Eric and Carol Ringdahl RMH Services, Inc. Caroline K. Roberts Francis and Catherine Roberts Robin and Peter Matt Charitable Fund Gerald and Bonnie Roe & Family Kerry and Mary Jane Rogers Robert and Cheryl Rollins Paul and Martha Romaniello F. Eugene and Loretta Romano John F. Romano Alice Root and John Dahlin Margaret B. Rothrum Dusty and Lisa Rowland Dick and Peggy Rubrecht Donald and Tracy Rueckert Frederik and Judith Rusch JoAnn Ryan Frederick and Andrea Sadallah Brian and Christine Sagrestano Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Salatino, Jr. Denise and Carmen Salvatore John and Deanna Sammon Bonnie Sanderson Dennis and Linda Sanita Donald A. Sansone Saratoga Springs HS Girls Varsity Swim/Dive Team Saunders Kahler, LLP Alice J. Savino Christine Saxenian Anthony J. Scalzo Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc. James and Caroline Scanlon Gerald and Joan Scharf Richard and Carlile Schneider Anthony Scibelli Maureen H. Scoones and Family Robert and Mary Scully Sculpture Space, Inc. Howard P. Sears


Phil & Valerie Sears and Aaron Sabino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sears Sears Oil Co., Inc. Judy Seelman Lowell Seifter Mary Ann Boyle Seitz Christa Serafin Michael B. Sewall Sally B. Sexton George T. Sfeir Albert and Gloria Shaheen Anthony F. Shaheen Samuel and Patricia Shaheen Robert and Cheryl Lee Shallish Frank and Susan Sharon Kenneth L. Shilkret Robert L. Simon SMCC Wacha Wacha Golf Group Eric and Rachel Smith John and Mary Smith Michele M. Smith Steve and Mickey Smith T. Gunter Smith Rick and Paula Sobolewski Brian and Pamela Socker Fred and Linda Sokolowski Robert and Adele Sossen South Utica Little League Margaret T. Spaziani Sadieann Zogby Spear Robert and Lois Spitz Charles and Gretchen Sprock Jan M. Squadrito Staffworks Charitable Fund Staffworks, Inc. Carol W. Steele Richard and Selwa Stemmer Stephen H. Passalcqua, D.D.S William and Elizabeth Stevens Paul and Joanne Stillman Strategic Investment Advisors, Inc. Nancy McCurn Stuart Robert D. Stuart, Jr. Sugar Mill Womens Golf Association Carmel S. Sullivan Judy V. Sweet Tim and Susan Sweetland Synergy Communications Systems, Inc.


William and Eugenia Taft Anthony Talerico Robert Tan and Nancy Zappone Tan Scott and Maria Tanner Richard and Elizabeth Tantillo Gail Taurisano TCC Community/Edna V. Baehre-Kolovani Louis and Laura Tehan Cynthia R. Tenney The Boulevard Diner Corner/Lori Steppello Lawrence and Terry Thibault Ronald and Janet Thomas Stephen and Michelle Thomas Walter and Jeanette Throne Michael and Joann Tomassetti Ronald Tompkins Peter and Maureen Tonetti Patricia C. Toussaint Town of Webb Historical Association Aileen Townsend Estate of Albert E. Trask, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tufo Ruth M. Turnbull Jim and Sheila Tutino Ming Twig Patrick M. Tyksinski CPA Rev. Robert and Letty M. Umidi United Industrial Service, Inc./Gene & Tony Reopel & Friends United Way of the Valley & Greater Utica Area United Way/Diane Crossley United Way/Kaitlin Crossley United Way/Chip Hemmel United Way /Gary Kahler United Way/Lara Sepanski Pimentel Utica Coffee Roasting, Inc. Utica Commercial Truck Body Builders, Inc. Utica First Insurance Company Utica Zoological Society Dale and Eve Van de Wal J. Michael and Anne Van Strander Angela VanDerhoof and Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. VanDerhoof Sheila O. Vandeveer Randall and Jennifer VanWagoner Merritt S. Vaughan James and Carmel Vedete Donna C. Veeder Ellen J. Velardi


Gene Velardi Jessie Verna Dwight E. Vicks III VIEW of Old Forge Anthony and Barbara Villanti Hon. William & Sue Virkler Francis and Janet Viscosi Donna M. Vitagliano Anita A. Vitullo David and Kathryn Vogel Victor and Jill Voss W.B. Romeling Educational and Charitable Trust William and Bonnie Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Wallace James and Patricia Wallace The Wallen Family Robert and Sandra Walser Jackie D. Warmuth George and Shirley Waters John F. Waters Dennis Webster Ruth Kowalsky Weitzman Carolyn O. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Welsh Eleanor W. Wertimer, Esq. Donna M. White Estate of Veturia I. Wiley Patrick L. Wilke The Wille Family The Williams Family Frank R. Williams Richard and Jean Williams Matt and Vicki Wilson Richard and Darline Wisniewski Bill and MaryCarmel Wolf W. Gilbert Wolf Wolff, Goodrich & Goldman, L.L.P. Darren and Bonnie Woods Yahnundasis Ladies Nine Hole Golf League Laura Yakey Jane Yaples Joe and Dawn Yearby Steven Young and Jennifer Blakeman Anthony L. Zangrilli, Sr. James and Julie Zeller Eli and Grace Zogby John and Kathy Zogby Dr. Richard G. Zogby Ernie and Joan Zumpano



We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. However, if you see an error or omission, please notify us at (315) 735-8212. 29

The Community Foundation’s Legacy Society honors those who have chosen to partner with The Foundation forever. Members shape their legacies through planned gifts from their estates, often in consultation with their financial advisors. This final act of giving represents a lasting partnership with the member’s community. We thank our members for their forever partnership. LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBERS Peter J. Adasek, MD Richard E. Alexander, Jr. Ray Allen Linda Allen George Aney John J. Bach Jr. Beatrice H. Begent Ruth L. Begent Dr. William L. Boyle, Jr. Debi R. Brown James F. Brown Marlene B. Brown Corky Bull Lauren Bull Paul Butnoris Linda Cohen Sarah Cohen Patsy Couper* Richard Couper* Ronald Cuccaro Sheila Cuccaro Sara Cunningham Earl Cunningham Joseph D’Apice Lenora D’Apice Francis W. Darling* Alan C. Davenport Rosalind Diamond Colleen E. Dowd Lilian W. Fisher* Robert Goodrow* Wanda H. Goodrow David Griffith Janet Griffith Richard L. Hanna Elizabeth R. Howell* Georgiana Roberts Ide Charles H. Ide Camille T. Kahler, Esq. Joseph G. Karam* Bob Keller

Carol Keller Alan Leist Connie Leist Alan Leist III Earl J. Lewis John J. Livingston, Esq. Merritt S. Locke, Esq. William F. Locke Linda D. Macartney Kristen Mather Theodore C. Max, MD Florence K. Millar Peggy O’Shea Timothy Brian O’Shea, Esq. Gertrude M. Owens Charles E. Pannaci Earle C. Reed Marie A. Russo Donald A. Sansone Abraham L. Shaheen, MD* Ruth L. Shaeen* Edward Peter Sidelko* Sheila Smith Robert S. Smith, MD Sadieann Zogby Spear Jane S. Spellman Carol W. Steele William R. Stevens, Esq. Judith Sweet Steve Sweet Elizabeth Tantillo Richard Tantillo Anita Vitullo John von Bergen Heidi Jost von Bergen Rose B. White Richard L. Williams Jean P. Williams Marsha L. Wineburgh Anonymous (3) *In memoriam


Patsy Couper believed in people. “I’ve been lucky to be around kind people, honest people, thoughtful people,” she said in an Observer-Dispatch article in 2011. “From the Hill to Remsen to Barneveld, I’m in a valley of good.” Patsy, who died in February 2014 in her home at age 90, did many things in her lifetime — she earned an honorary degree from Hamilton College, she made friends easily whether they were 18 or 102, she learned always and audited classes frequently. And she gave. She give fully and without reserve. Her gifts to The Foundation have impacted many.

“It’s people I’m passionate about,” she said just weeks before her passing. “I love people and my passion is with them.” She spent little time thinking of herself. She would sheepishly admit that. She’d follow quickly by saying she didn’t have time — she was too busy loving and being loved by others. “I like all kinds of people in all kinds of jobs,” she said. “If I ever knew a garbage collector, I’d want to take him to lunch. I think everyone has value and deserves to be treated with dignity.” Patsy’s passion for what she loved most will live on through The Foundation. Her gifts to the community will grow and strengthen the very people she loved. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-greatgrandchildren and beyond will be forever touched by what Patsy left behind. Patsy trusted The Foundation to see her gifts touched the lives of those she loved when she lived, and it is through her legacy that we will ensure they are touched while she’s gone. Visit www.foundationhoc.org to view a video of Patsy.



Nearly 2,000 people packed the Stanley Theater for The Foundation’s third annual Corporate Partners-sponsored Speaker Series on Sept. 12, 2013. World-renowned urban theorist Richard Florida arrived to a community buzzing with excitement. His message of empowerment ignited the crowd. He described Herkimer and Oneida counties as having the ingredients for a healthy, thriving community. Three of those ingredients — talent, technology, tolerance — coined the three Ts are staples in the community already, he said. From a new nano-tech center at SUNYIT to innovative entrepreneurs and a creative workforce wrapped around a welcoming community, Oneida and Herkimer counties have the ingredients, he said. And with our prime location in the mega-region spanning from Toronto to Buffalo, the Mohawk Valley can be what it envisions by investing its time, resources and money into its creative workforce and three Ts, Richard Florida said. “The best days are ahead of you,” he ended to explosive applause. We expect great things to transpire from this conversation and look forward to the results of this gift to the community from our generous Corporate Partners. Visit foundationhoc.org to view a video of Richard Florida and photos of his Utica visit.


The Foundation is dedicated to creating strong partnerships with the goal of making social impact in our community. We could not do this without our dedicated corporate partners. Together in 2013, we made lasting impact thanks in part to these great partners. With their support, we made significant progress on core community issues, such as economic development and education. • The partnership allowed us to bring a community-changing conversation from worldrenowned urban theorist Richard Florida to the area. • We were able to build up the area’s valuable pool of nonprofit organizations through trainings that fine-tuned and honed their skill sets. • Our partners shared in an annual event where we announced an historic goal that 25 percent of our adult residents will have bachelor’s degrees by 2025.

We acknowledge and thank these Corporate Partners for sharing our dedication to strong partnership, innovation and social impact in 2013: Adirondack Bank Adjusters International Bank of America Bank of Utica Birnie Bus Service, Inc. Carbone Auto Group Cathedral Corporation Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp. Clifford Fuel, Co., Inc. Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Fastrac Markets Jay-K Independent Lumber Corp. M. Griffith Investment Services, Inc. NBT Bank The Observer-Dispatch Oneida Savings Bank Pacemaker Steel & Piping Company, Inc. Staffworks, Inc. Strategic Financial Services, LLC If you would like to partner with The Foundation through our Corporate Partner program, please contact Director of Development Kristi Brennan at kbrennan@ foundationhoc.org or by calling (315) 735-8212.


In 2010, The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc. partnered with Mohawk Valley Edge and The United Way to form the Leadership Alliance for a Vital Community. The group sought to gauge the needs of the community through research and data and brought in the Center for Governmental Research, Inc. to compile information and statistics about our two counties. Annually, that information is updated at www.hocindicators.org.

It’s because of this research that The Foundation saw the need to develop the 25/25 goal and it’s why The Foundation spent 2013 researching how it could make the most impact in the priority areas of economic development, education, health and arts and culture. Our work will continue around these areas and with your help we will continue to make investments that matter most.

The Foundation has used that research to create meaningful goals, make impactful grants and lead the community toward significant improvement around the areas indicated as most in need.

Giovanni Wolcott (to right) attends the Boys and Girls Club at the Bellamy School in Rome. The Boys and Girls Club focuses on literacy and academic support, while providing a safe afterschool setting for school age children. The Foundation invests in programs like The Boys and Girls Club based on community indicators that show education is a priority need in Herkimer and Oneida counties.



Statements of Financial Position (audited) December 31, 2013 and 2012

Assets Cash Investments Interest and Dividends Receivable Loans Receivable Charitable Remainder Trust Property, Net Other Current Assets Total Assets Liabilities Grants Payable Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities Agency Funds Total Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets




$1,018,064 115,251,221 3,073 0 830,371 199,025 210,115 $117,511,869

$1,029,191 99,872,667 11,099 3,038 126,679 107,890 188,844 $101,339,408

$1,467,656 120,918 1,115,805 4,505,285 7,209,664

$1,316,905 308,470 142,956 4,765,280 6,533,611






For the Years Ended December 31, 2013 and 2012

Revenue, Gains, and Support Gifts and Bequests Investment Income (Net) Other Income Total Revenue, Gains, and Support Expenses Program Services Grants Approved Program Sponsored Initiatives Supporting Services Management and General Total Expenses Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year

2013 $4,231,375 15,487,464 -7 $19,718,832 2,881,430 133,080 1,207,914 4,222,424 15,496,408 94,805,797 $110,302,205


$1,792,960 11,370,179 0 $13,163,139

2,189,578 360,905 1,082,867 3,633,350 9,529,789 85,276,008 $94,805,797

Statements audited by D’Arcangelo & Co. LLP. A copy of the last financial report and information returns (form 990, 990T when applicable, and CHAR 500) can be obtained by contacting The Foundation office or by written request to the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271

37 29

TRUSTEES Keith Fenstemacher Chair Lauren E. Bull Immediate Past Chair Judith Sweet Secretary-Treasurer Peggy O’Shea President & CEO Richard Callahan Laura Casamento Linda Cohen Ronald Cuccaro Dr. Burt Danovitz L. Michael Fitzgerald David Jones Susan Matt Mary Morse Ann Marie Murray Richard Tantillo Reverend Robert Umidi Eve Van de Wal Dr. Randall J. VanWagoner Bonnie Woods

STAFF Peggy O’Shea President & CEO Cassaundra Baber Marketing and Communications Officer Kristi Brennan Director of Development Wendy Caliguire Data Manager Lindsey Costello Program Officer Barbara Henderson Vice President for Programs and Community Initiatives Elayne Johnson Director of Fund Administration Gilles Lauzon Director of Finance Laura Morris Executive Administrative Assistant Marie Piayai Program Officer Denise Salvatore Controller Jan Squadrito Senior Program Officer


Professional Advisors The Community Foundation thanks those professional advisors who made an impact by partnering with The Foundation in the acquisition of funds and gifts in 2013. Honorine M. Wallack, CFP M. Griffith Investment Services Joseph T. LaFerlita Farrell Fritz, PC Theresa M. Flemma M. Griffith Investment Services, Inc. Gregory A. Hamlin, Esq. Kernan and Kernan, PC Robert Hilton, All Law Firm Jeffrey W. Gornick, CFP M. Griffith Investment Services John F. Kenealy, Esq. Helmer Johnson Misiaszek & Kenealy William R. Stevens, Esq. O’Shea, McDonald, Panzone & Stevens, LLP Vincent Gilroy, Jr., CPA John S. King Scolaro, Fetter, Grizanti, McGough & King, PC, Syracuse Paul Pimpinella, Esq. Compson & Pimpinella, PLLC Timothy D. Foley, Esq. The Foley Firm, LLC Patrick G. Radel, Esq. Getnick Livingston Atkinson & Priore, LLP Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE Gift Planning Development, LLC

Volunteers Many thanks to those who took the time to partner with us through committees and as consultants in 2013. Bob Baber Kelly Baloszky Chip Bassett Tim Birnie Angie Blair Sarah Bormann Monika Burczyk Meg Cardamone Lisa DeFrees Donna Donovan Ray Durso Frank Elias John Felner Erick Florez

Lauren Getek Joan Grande Jennifer Hayes Joseph Hobika Chip Hummel Camille Kahler Chris Kelly Virginia Kelly Kim Landon Brian Lytwynec Pam Matt David Manzelmann Mark Morrissey Greg McLean

Gina Murtagh Scott Perra Tim Reed Mark Reynolds Karen Sammon Jay Sumner Eric Smith Kyle Strife Anthony Tomaselli Peter Tonetti Eve Van de Wal Linda Vincent John Zogby

• Founded in 1952. One of more than 700 independent community foundations nationwide. • Manages more than 300 separate funds, with total assets of $115 million. • 8.7 percent annualized return on investment over the past 10 years. • Confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. Types of funds Unrestricted, field-of-interest, designated, scholarship, donor-advised, agency. • Gifts create personal and family legacies. • Donors enjoy maximum allowable tax benefits. Knowledge of community needs and opportunities • 494 grants made in 2013, totaling nearly $4 million. Priority investments made in areas of need: economic development, education, health and arts and culture. • Causes supported include: Arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health, human services (family, older adults, youth), recreation.

Phillip He is a Thomas R. Proctor High School student who has been selected into the Young Scholars program, funded by The Foundation.


1222 State Street | Utica, NY 13502-4728 315.735.8212 | Fax 315.735.9363 www.foundationhoc.org

T H E CO M M U N I T Y F O U N D AT I O N O F H E R K I M E R & O N E I D A CO U N T I E S , I N C .

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Community Foundation 2013 Annual Report  

Community Foundation 2013 Annual Report  

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