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THE FOUNDATION’S CURRENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES These dedicated partners truly make innovation, partnership, investment and impact possible in our two-county region. We thank them for their dedicated commitment and service. Ronald Cuccaro, Chair Eve Van de Wal, Chair-Elect Judith V. Sweet, Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lyons Bradley Linda Cohen Burt Danovitz, PhD Keith A. Fenstemacher L. Michael Fitzgerald Harrison J. “Chip” Hummel, III Lisa DeFrees Lovett David Manzelmann

Susan G. Matt Cathleen C. McColgin, PhD Gregory B. McLean Cheryl B. Minor, PhD Mary F. Morse Richard C. Tantillo Rev. Robert G. Umidi Randall J. VanWagoner, PhD Bonnie Woods

Pictured on Cover: Christ Abell with the Utica On Point for College program.





INVESTMENTS WITH IMPAC T: Improving high school graduation rates




INVESTMENTS WITH IMPAC T: Increasing access to advanced technology








DONORS WITH IMPAC T: Fueling passion to invest with impact




2014/2015 DONORS




FUND ESTABLISHMENT: Creating investments of impact











Prior to joining The Foundation in 2015, Dicks served as president of the Fort Schuyler Management Corporation, managing the construction, maintenance and operations of the Computer Chip Commercialization Center at SUNY Poly.


The past two years have been a remarkable time for The Foundation, as we have continued to transform, transition and grow. Our growth as an organization—one with new leadership, administrative structure and expanded mission—comes at a time when the community we serve faces renewed opportunity for growth, coupled with continuing challenges. And this report documents a transformative two-year period that laid the groundwork for all that lies ahead. In 2014, a collective vision was realized in the form of our new home on Genesee Street, thanks to Peggy O’Shea, our former President and CEO, and the Board of Trustees. In 2015, The Foundation’s new address has become a meeting and convening resource for our partners—as well as a focal point for all that we seek to accomplish as an organization of impact.

Over the past year, our increasing presence in the community as a leader and a catalyst for change is demonstrating The Foundation’s commitment to Collective Impact. The signs of positive change are all around us. Clearly, this is the start of a new era for our community and our organization. Thanks to the support of our donors, Trustees, partners and all members of The Foundation family, we have incredible stories to tell; and we are expanding our engagement in ways that will leave a lasting legacy of community impact for future generations. As we engage, listen and lead in new ways, The Foundation continues to realize the vision of its founders: to help determine and deine community needs, coordinate resources and address long-term challenges. In many ways, we have accomplished much. In others, we are just beginning.

Dicks also spent more than a decade at National Grid in several managerial and operational positions, including regional executive director, managing National Grid’s business operations for the Mohawk Valley and Northern New York, as well as serving as a director of market strategy. She began a public policy career at the Albany Local Development Corporation and in Albany city government, facilitating urban planning, development and construction projects as a senior economic developer. Alicia has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University at Albany and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from SUNY Cortland. She serves on many local boards, including the School and Business Alliance and Mohawk Valley EDGE, and was a co-chair of the MV500 initiative. Alicia lives in Whitesboro with her husband and two daughters.



THE INDICATOR High school graduation rates for Herkimer and Oneida counties consistently fall below the state average. When students earn a diploma, they are 1.5 times more likely to be employed. Those that go on to graduate from college make 100 percent more in wages over their lifetime.

THE INVESTMENT The Foundation has invested $371,555 in the Hillside WorkScholarship Connection, including a $50,000 commitment from the Mele Family Fund.

Improving high school graduation rates For nearly three decades, Hillside WorkScholarship Connection has helped at-risk students stay in school and successfully graduate by connecting part-time employment with schoolbased services.

Hillside participant Allie Adiang


THE IMPACT Sixty-one students were enrolled in the program during the 2014-2015 school year with a 91 percent school attendance rate.



ALUEL ALLIE ADIANG “Allie was a great student; she’s very dedicated,” said Brandon Lovett, Allie’s youth advocate at the Hillside WorkScholarship Connection at Rome Free Academy. It hadn’t always been that way for Allie. Diiculties at home had severely afected Allie’s emotional state, contributing to failing grades and putting her at risk of dropping out of high school.

percentage of Rome students who graduated in 2014


Under Hillside’s guidance, Allie’s grades signiicantly improved and, instead of dropping out, her goal is to study medicine to become a doctor. “I don’t know where I would be without Hillside,” Allie said. “I’d be lost.”

73 percentage of students statewide who graduated in 2014


percentage of students who completed Hillside’s Youth Employment Training Academy who graduated on time



$437,781 INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHT The Foundation is matching contributions to the Little Falls Micro Fund, which will provide interest-free loans to Little Falls residents who wouldn’t qualify for a traditional bank loan and risk falling into debt.


$1,119,681 INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHT The Foundation partnered with Sitrin to help fund the launch of their Neurodegenerative Disease Specialty Program, the irst of its kind in Upstate New York to serve those with Huntington’s Disease, ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders.





INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHT The Foundation worked with the City of Utica to conduct a feasibility study on Artspace, a nonproit that creates afordable and sustainable centers across the nation where artists can both live and work. Downtown Utica was positively received as a potential location for an Artspace community.

INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHT A grant from the M&T Bank/ Partners Trust Bank Charitable Fund made it possible for the Upstate Cerebral Palsy Tradewinds Education Center to install SmartBoards in its classrooms. This makes learning more interactive and engaging for the students that attend the school-age, special education program.





The number of individuals losing their battle with cancer in Oneida County is greater than the state average. Since 2000, the cancer mortality rate has declined 24 percent in Herkimer County and 22 percent across the state, but only 12 percent in Oneida County.

In 2015, The Foundation launched an Advanced Medical Equipment Strategy, funding $216,500 in health-related projects with anchor institutions in the community. An additional $123,915 was granted through donor-advised funds.

Increasing access to advanced technology When someone is in need of medical care, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and concern. Traveling long distances and being away from loved ones shouldn’t be among those worries. The Foundation has partnered with medical providers to ensure that Herkimer and Oneida county residents have access to advanced health care close to home. In fact, the technology available in the Mohawk Valley often rivals that which is found at well-respected hospitals across the nation, such as the Cleveland Clinic.


Carly Sperati, chief radiation therapist for the MVHS Cancer Center, with the Varian® Edge™ Linear Accelerator

THE IMPACT Thousands of patients receive care each year that directly involves these advanced technologies.

percentage of patients at Little Falls Hospital who have a mammogram and are diagnosed with breast cancer


STORY OF IMPACT DIAGNOSING AND TREATING C ANCER Forty percent fewer patients at Little Falls Hospital will need a follow up mammogram, eliminating the frightening conclusion patients often draw when they’re asked to return: “Does that mean I might have cancer?” With a new Hologic 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ system, Little Falls Hospital patients beneit from more accurate screenings and identiication of abnormal tissue. Should patients be diagnosed with cancer, they now have access to state-of-the-art radiation treatment at Mohawk Valley Health System. The Varian® Edge™ Linear Accelerator makes it possible for the MVHS Cancer Center to ofer a non-surgical treatment option to radiate tumors that are typically diicult to treat surgically. This advanced technology delivers high quality radiation in fewer treatments—with fewer side efects and better patient outcomes.


$8,363,932 total investments made in Herkimer and Oneida counties

“Radiation therapy trends are evolving, with a strong focus on fewer treatments that are safer and more precise,” said Nancy Butcher, executive director of cancer services at MVHS. “Quality of life is an important consideration when devising a treatment plan, and having advanced technology right here in Central New York beneits both patients and their families.”

average number of patients cared for by the MVHS Radiation Oncology Department each day


average age of a patient receiving treatment through the Varian® Edge™ Linear Accelerator

For a full listing of investments and more stories of impact, please visit foundationhoc.org.

66 7

A LEGACY OF IMPAC T After 14 years at The Foundation—nine as president and CEO—Peggy O’Shea announced her retirement. O’Shea left behind a legacy of growth, change and impact. Her ability to see beyond The Foundation’s two counties allowed for signiicant change, not only within the organization, but throughout the community. Handing the torch to Alicia Dicks on January 1, 2015, marked “an end of the beginning” O’Shea often said, quoting Winston Churchill.


The transition was well-suited to The Foundation’s next phase in its transformation and was also a time to celebrate the organization’s accomplishments under O’Shea’s leadership, when overall assets more than doubled. She was also instrumental in the organization’s investment in and relocation to its new home on Genesee Street. These achievements, and so many more, will have an impact for decades to come. “The social impact and strategic partnerships The Foundation is known for today can be directly attributed to Peggy’s vision for the organization,” said Dicks. “We honor her legacy through our continued dedication to meeting the needs of our great communities in meaningful and innovative ways.”

A space for an impactful future To become a more visible presence in the community and a resource for nonproit partners, The Foundation set out in 2014 to create a space of its own. 2608 Genesee Street was selected as the organization’s future home and emerged after a year of renovations as a modern and versatile facility. The Foundation team is split between two suites generously gifted by the Sinnott Family and the Stafworks Charitable Fund. In addition to this work space, the building is home to the David and Janet Griith Innovation Room. High ceilings and woodwork original to the structure are distinguishing features of the room, which seats 75 and has built-in technology to enhance engaging and meaningful discussions. The building also has three other designated meeting spaces: the Bull Family Meeting Room, the Ron & Sheila Cuccaro Conference Room, and the Linda & Sarah Cohen Donor Room. These facilities are available to community partners for meetings, workshops and small

2608 Genesee Street Utica, New York

events, in addition to Foundation use. This helps fulill an important need in the nonproit sector for afordable and accessible meeting space, while reairming The Foundation’s role as a resource provider and convener. In 2016, The Foundation will achieve its initial vision for 2608 Genesee Street by renovating the building’s lower level. The newly created space will be leased exclusively to nonproits, afording these entities the same opportunity to build a presence in our community.


• The Bull Family Fund* • Linda Cohen* • Sarah Cohen* • Ronald and Sheila Cuccaro* • David T. and Janet Griith* • The Sinnott Family* • Stafworks Charitable Fund/ Anita A. Vitullo* • Mary Lyons Bradley • Richard F. Callahan

• Colonial Consulting, LLC/Mike Miller • Burt Danovitz, PhD • Keith A. Fenstemacher • L. Michael Fitzgerald • Bartle and Judith Gorman • David M. Jones • Kwik-Kut Manufacturing/Mary F. Morse • John J. Livingston • Susan G. Matt • Peggy O’Shea

• Dr. Robert S. and Sheila Smith Fund • Judith V. Sweet • Richard C. Tantillo • Ted & Melva Max Family Fund • Rev. Robert G. Umidi • Utica First Insurance Company/ Richard Zick • Eve Van de Wal • Randall J. VanWagoner, PhD • Bonnie Woods __________ *Dedicated rooms



THE FUND The Mele Family Fund


Health, education, families, proactive investments, longterm impact


Fueling passion to invest with impact Fifty years ago, the Mele family—known for their stewardship and community involvement—established a fund they hoped would help grow their philanthropic impact. In 2009, they honored that commitment by transferring their fund to The Foundation, creating a donor-advised fund. “Without The Foundation’s partnership, we never would have known about the programs we’ve been able to invest in and make such an impact for,” said Ray Mele. “Education is one of our passions, and investing in programs like Hillside and Young Scholars never would have happened without the help of Lindsey Costello (donor relations manager at The Foundation).” The Foundation aligned the Mele family with programs and investments that honored a shared passion for education, health and long-term impact. “With The Foundation, we’ve been able to be better partners and stewards for the community,” Mele said. “We’re able to make proactive investments that make signiicant impact in the community where we live.” Donor and fundholder Ray Mele

For a list of other fund types and how to create a fund, see pages 22 and 23.














Investing in Education

Donor-advised funds allow donors (and/or successors chosen as advisors by the donor) to recommend investments to organizations whose work aligns with their passions. Donor-advised funds make signiicant impact in our two-county area. Here is a glance of that impact and the areas of impact in our community. Truly, these partners are making investments of impact.


Investing in Youth


Investing in Economic Development


2014/2015 DONORS


Bill and Rita Abraham Audra Acey Jo-Ann M. Acey Katherine Acey Malcolm Adam Daniel and Suzanne Adams Kate Adams Nancy Aderman Adirondack Museum Adjusters International MaryCarol Aiello Ann P. Allen David S. Allen Raymond L. Allen William and Kim Allen Sarah Fraser Almeida Laura Alpert Jack and Debbie Altdoerfer American Legion Riders Post 92 Howard and Sue Anderson Ken and Roseann Anderson Robert and Laura Andolina George F. Aney, Esq. Annese & Associates, Inc. Dr. Charles Antzelevitch Architectural Resources, PC Tom and Sally Arcuri Barbara Arro Ralph and Karen Artuso Ascent Wealth Partners Alvin and Kathryn Asher AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign/Gary Kahler Michael C. Austin



Cassaundra Baber Gary and Michele Babowicz Back of the Barn Antiques/ John and Susan Secor Elinor R. Bacon David A. Bagley, Esq. Marytheresa Balutis Miriam Z. Balutis Rabbi Henry and Sheila Bamberger Theresa Bandych Bank of America Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Bank of Utica Foundation Michael and Carol Bannigan Terry Pelletier Baran and Howard Baran Barbara Barash Rebecca Barrett John S. Barsanti Mary Ellin Bartholomew Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro, LTD Scott and Jaclyn Baur Hack Bazalini David Beaton Margaret E. Beck Michael R. Beck Gladys B. Becker Robert and Janice Bedell Beebe Construction Services, Inc. Michael and Nancy Beebe Naudeen J. Beek Beatrice H. Begent Ruth L. Begent Carolyn Belknap Mr. and Mrs. Christy W. Bell Philip Bell

Robert and Jane Benedict Fran and Barbara Bennett Linda Bennett Dr. Patrick C. Bennison Bernice F. Benson David and Elaine Berquist Thomas Bersani and Joan Christy Lisa M. Betrus John Betz Robert G. Betz Robert and Doris Birnbaum Birnie Bus Service, Inc. Estate of Mabel W. Bishop Dean and Connie Blask Ed and Freida Blask Bette Yorra Bloom Art and Chris Blymiller Frank Boden and Kathleen Kelly Hon. Sherwood and Mrs. Marianne Boehlert Brian and Colleen Bogan Robert and Kathleen Bojanek Bonacci Architects, PLLC Bonide Products, Inc. Mark V. Bono Angelina Bonomo Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bonomo Bousquet Holstein, PLLC Thomas and Susan Bowers Dr. William L. Boyle, Jr. Maxwell Brace, III Dr. Edward and Mrs. Mary Lyons Bradley Peter F. Bradt James and Dukene Brady Cynthia C. Brandreth Dr. Denise Brannick Carol P. Bremer

John J. Brennan Kristi Brennan Brescia Family (Karen, Linda, Rosemary and Gina) Dave and Dorene Brescia Genevieve and Nicholas Brescia, Jr. Brian Jones Consultants Lisa and Michael Brickey Douglas D. Broadwater Cris and Ann Brodock Brooks Hill Elementary School Staf Brothertown Scholarship Fund, Inc. Barrett Brown Karen Brown Johnson Regina A. Brown Robert H. Brown Warren and Natalie Brown David and Julie Brumsted Gloria Bruzzese Wesley Brykailo Margaret Buckley John and Nancy Bufa Larry and Corky Bull Bulnic Consulting, LLC Kathleen L. Bunch Bundy Family Elaine Burak John P. Burdick Lawrence and Alexandra Burgreen Mary Beth Burnham Leighton R. Burns Charles F. Burton Elizabeth R. Burton Janet H. Burwell Paul Butnoris Michael and Monica Buttimer Fred and Betty Button

The Foundation’s Legacy Society honors those who have chosen to partner with The Foundation forever. Members shape their legacies through planned gifts from their estates, often in consultation with their inancial advisors. This inal act of giving represents a lasting partnership with the member’s community. We thank our members for their forever partnership.


Peter J. Adasek, MD Richard E. Alexander, Jr. Linda G. Allen Ray Allen* George F. Aney, Esq. John J. Bach, Jr. Beatrice H. Begent Ruth L. Begent Dr. William L. Boyle, Jr. Debi R. Brown James F. Brown Marlene B. Brown Corky Bull Lauren Bull Paul Butnoris Colleen W. Cianfrocco Linda Cohen Sarah Cohen

Patsy Couper* Ronald Cuccaro Sheila Cuccaro Earl R. Cunningham Sara Cunningham* Joseph D’Apice Lenora D’Apice Alan C. Davenport Rosalind Diamond* Colleen E. Dowd Elizabeth B. Dugan Robert J. Goodrow* Wanda H. Goodrow David T. Griith Janet Griith Hon. Richard L. Hanna Gordon M. Hayes, Jr. John H. Hobika, Jr.

Charles H. Ide Georgiana Roberts Ide Camille T. Kahler, Esq. Carol Keller Robert Keller Alan Leist Alan Leist, III Connie Leist Elizabeth Lemieux Earl J. Lewis John J. Livingston, Esq. Merritt S. Locke, Esq. William F. Locke Linda D. Macartney Kristen Mather Theodore C. Max, MD Florence K. Millar Peggy O’Shea

Timothy Brian O’Shea, Esq. Gertrude M. Owens Charles E. Pannaci Earle C. Reed Marie A. Russo Kay L. Sinclair Dr. Joan M. Sinnott Robert S. Smith, MD Sheila Smith Sadieann Zogby Spear Jane S. Spellman Carol W. Steele William R. Stevens, Esq. Judith V. Sweet Stephen Sweet Elizabeth C. Tantillo Richard C. Tantillo Anita A. Vitullo

Heidi Jost von Bergen John von Bergen Rose B. White* Cynthia Whitton George Whitton Jean P. Williams Richard L. Williams Marsha L. Wineburgh (Anonymous – 3 members) __________ *In memoriam


2014/2015 DONORS continued


CAF American Donor Fund/Paul Sinclair Mary Rose Cahalan Robert Caivana Anne Calabrese Maria Calenzo Wendy Caliguire and James Sylvester Richard and Susan Callahan William and Cynthia Callahan Callanen, Foley & Hobika, LLP John and Beth Calogero Anne Calvo Camden Central School District Brad and Joann Campbell Nicholas J. Capuana, MD Carbone Automotive Group Peter and Denise Cardamone Alfredo and Cathy Cardillo Care Net Pregnancy Center of CNY George Carey Charles and Darlene Carino Ron and Theresa Carlone Marilyn P. Carlson George and Barbara Carmody Gary and Pat Carroll & Hayley Carroll Joan M. Carroll Caruso McLean & Co., Inc./ Greg and Cynthia McLean Paul M. Caruso Anthony and Carol Carzo Laura Casamento Edward and Susan Casper Vic and Vicki Castronovo Vivian L. Caswell Carolyn W. Cavaroc Al and Susan Cavo


Cedar Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation/Ann Poole Carmella A. Centolella Central New York Kennel Club, Inc. Kevin Chalker Chamber Music Society of Utica Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp. Charles and Virginia Chauncey Sally H. Childs Chingos Foundation David and Debie Chlus Roberta J. Christenson Farida Christoferson Dick Christy Nancy Christy Robert and Kathleen Christy Walter R. Christy William and Margaret Christy Colleen W. Cianfrocco John and Lyn Cipriano Michelle Cipriano Virginia B. Clarendon Daniel L. Clark Kevin Cleary Cliford Fuel Co., Inc. Christopher Cline Daniel and Theresa Cohen Laura and Chet Cohen Linda Cohen Richard and Shirlene Cohen Sarah Cohen Cohen & Cohen, LLP Jacqueline A. Collins Colonial Consulting, LLC/Mike Miller Ellen R. Cominsky Communications Workers of America Local 1126

Richard and Joan Compson Aims C. Coney, III Rita P. Coney CONMED Corporation George and Roberta Connell Karen M. Constabile Nancy K. Cooper Sherry A. Cooperman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Corigliano Patti Cornelius and Lynn Becker Samuel and Colleen Corsi Lindsey Costello Karl and Lori Cote Estate of Patricia P. Couper Cole Covington Jamie Coy John and Piper Crawford Douglas and Barbara Criss Charles and Sarah Crissey William and Carol Crist Scott F. Cristman, Esq. Louis and Leona Critelli Samuel and Ann Crocker Christopher J. Crolius Kevin Crosley Cruisin Into Waterville Ronald and Sheila Cuccaro Stephanie Cuccaro-Alamin Shirley Cummings Earl R. Cunningham Pat O’Dea Currie David and Donna Curtis Nanette Curtis Katie E. Custodero


Willard and Bonnie Daggett Leslie Dahlgren Susan L. Dahline John E. Dale, Jr. Rudy and Anne D’Amico Brad Damon Ron and Fran D’Amore Michael and Evy Damsky Ralph and Gina D’Angelo Burt and Edie Weintraub Danovitz Terence Leo Darby and Anna M. Matteoda Melinda Dare Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daviau Davidson Chevrolet of Rome Theresa Davidson William and Patricia Davies Ann Lipinski Davis James and Bronwyn Davis Betsy Day Joseph S. Deery Jr., Esq. Robert and Laraine Dell Alfred J. Dellaera Bonnie L. Delmarsh Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse Angela and Amanda Demeester Joseph R. Demko Jack and Alyce Demma Desktop Designs/Glory Rasi Karmel A. DeStefano Marguerite Detmer Dr. John and Mrs. Cynthia DeTraglia John Devlin Joan A. Dewar Alicia and Robert Dicks

Scott and Lynne Dillenbeck Brandon and Megan DiMartino Steven and Dianne DiMeo Diocese of Syracuse Anthony and Bonnie DiSpirito B. Lees and Susan Divine Douglas and Debra Dixon John and Jane Domingue Lorraine Dominick Barry and Jeanne Donalty Mark Donovan Leiter and Ricky Doolittle Gail F. Dorn Mr. and Mrs. Dufy Dougherty Alexander Douglas Daisy Douglas Savage John and Lucy Douglas Colleen E. Dowd Jennifer M. Dowdall Betty Nunn Draper Daniel T. Dreimiller John and Joann Drescher Rev. Paul J. Drobin Frank Dubeck and Marybeth McCall Betsi Dugan Jim and Timoney Dunlap Paul and Anne Dunn Heather Durant David and Mary Durfee Mary E. DuRoss Gail T. Dwyer Patricia N. Dwyer Gloria T. Dybas Keith and Barbara Dye Dyett Family Foundation Adolph F. Dymon


Ed & Ed Business Technology, Inc. Richard Edic and Jane Hasselkus Christopher and Christine Edwards Cecily R. Eidelhoch Dale and Kathleen Eisele Janis Elfving Mark and Marcia Elias Charles H. Ellis Erica Ellis Leslie A. Ellis Elsie & Marvin Dekelboum Family Foundation, Inc. Robert G. Emerson, III Richard and Ginger Emmert Richard Enderlin, Jr. Mark and Sharon Eriksson Mitchell S. Erion Suzanne L. Ernst David Esterly and Marietta von Bernuth Mary McLean Evans Michael and Helen Evans Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Edward A. Ezick


Frank D. Faga Dawn M. Fahsel Faith in Christ Fellowship Church Frederick Q. Falck Pamela L. Fallesen Arman Farmanian William J. Faro

Catherine Farrell Ian Farrell Richard D. Farrell Ray and Christine Farrington Fastrac Markets Father Julian Elaine Trust Michele Fee Smith Michael Feinman Felt Evans, LLP Frank and Debra Femia Keith and Cara Fenstemacher Darnel Ferrare Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. Financial Planning Association of Northeastern New York, Inc. Joseph and Susan Finkst Marc Fiore First Source Federal Credit Union Rev. Sandra Fish RenĂŠe and Bill Fisher Fitzgerald, DePietro & Wojnas CPAs, PC Katherine A. Fitzgerald L. Michael and Paula Fitzgerald Patrick Fitzgerald Sheila P. Fitzgerald Stephanie Fitzgerald Tracy Fitzgerald Paul and Lena Fitzpatrick John H. Fitzsimmons Dr. Donald A. Flihan C. Barr and Grier Flinn Bob and Jodi Flo Melissa Florio Jadelynne Foley Kenneth and Pamela Ford Mary E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Foresti

Fort Schuyler Club Cynthia Foster R. Leigh Frackelton, Jr. Cleon and Patricia Frazier Dr. James Frederick and Edvige Barrie Amanda Fredette Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Freedman Thomas Freeland Peter and Christine Freitag Stephen Freitag John and LaVerne Friedel Friends and Family of Alexandra Kogut Friends of Anita Vitullo Friends of Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School Friends of Thomas Acey Dr. Paul and Mrs. Marlana Fuller Fulton Rotary Club, Inc. Timothy Furner and Emily Albright

g Linda Gabor Brian J. Gafney, MD Jean Gafney Marcia S. Gafney Linda Gaida Joseph and Ann Gale Alfred and Elaine Galime Helen F. Galime Matthew Galime Galliher Appraisal Service, LLC William and Betty Gallik Galway Bay Foundation, Inc./ Thomas O’Brien Garden Path of Utica, NY Roseann M. Garry Claire M. Garvey


2014/2015 DONORS continued Gates-Cole Associates, Inc. GE Foundation Matching Gift Program Brad Gentry Marylynn Gentry Frederick and Diana Genung Georgia Hume Evans Memorial/ Robert and Margaret Huskins Joseph and Judith Giannatelli Gift Planning Group of Northeastern New York Shye and Maddy Gilad Gale C. Gilbert Karen E. Gilbride Lee and Elizabeth Giles Suzanne L. Gillum Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy Frances K. Gilroy Pauline Giovinazzo Allen and Cynthia Glover Nancy Ryan Gnan Barbara B. Goodman Robert and Wanda Goodrow Bartle and Judith Gorman James P. Gorman, Jr. Jane W. Grant Philip Graziano Dominick J. Green Michael and Kristie Green Hugh and Joy Gregg Maria V. Gregorka Betty C. Griin Griiss Utility Services Corporation David and Janet Griith Richard and Constance Griith Russell Grogan Ryan Grogan Grossman St. Amour CPAs, PLLC


David and Margee Grow John and Mary Grow Kurt and Kim Gruenewald Ronald and Irene Gugnacki


Robert H. Haberer J.K. and Hedy Hage Mike and Jean Hagin Paul and Michele Haldeman Erin Hamalainen Eileen, Pat and Meghan Hamlin Roberta O. Hampson Pat and Patty Hanemann Hon. and Mrs. Richard Hanna Leonard and Christine Hapanowicz Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haritatos Sarah Harris Stephanie Harris Gertrude Hart David and Kristen Hartman Paul and Patti Hartnett Douglas W. Harwood James M. Hassett Laura Havens-O’Brien Gordon M. Hayes, Jr. Jefrey G. Haynes David and Linda Hazelden Hazen B. Hinman Sr. Foundations, Inc. HCA Caring for the Community/ Colleen E. Dowd Rev. Philip A. Hearn John and Susan Hecklau Hedges Family of Limekiln Lake Alice Card Hefron Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Heintz

Paul and Peggy Helfert & Family Barbara W. Henderson “Herb” Philipson’s Army & Navy Stores Barbara A. Herb Herkimer Area Resource Center Beulah Heroux Betsy Herrick and Milt Kahn Daniel and Ann Herrick Elizabeth Herrick Michael S. Heumann Mr. and Mrs. George Heysham Col. James G. Hill Hilton Estate & Elder Law, LLC/ Robert K. Hilton, III, Esq. Richard Hilton Joan M. Hinman Kirk and Linda Hinman Sally Hinman Tim Hitchcock John and Nicole Hobika Joseph H. Hobika Deborah G. Hofman Heather Hofman William and Dru Holicky Robert and Marie Holt Home Care Association of NYS, Inc. Barbara Hook Edward and Vivian Horvath Rosa Hosp Paul and Mary Ann Hospodar Billy and Jackie Howard Hubbard Tool & Die Corporation Ann E. Hubbard Maureen W. Hughes Robert S. Hughes Human Resource Directions/Linda Yost Human Technologies Corporation

Irene Humez Aira Humphrey Thomas and Liisa Humphrey Brymer and Wendy Humphreys Alice Hunt Drs. Douglas Hurd and Cynthia Parlato Russell and Jean Huta Todd and Jennifer Hutton James and Bonnie Hyde


IAAC, Inc. Charles and Georgiana Ide Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc. Steven and Kathleen Infanti Charles and Linda Ingalls Louis and Frances Inkawhich Terrence and Teresa Inkawhich Inlet Golf Club, Inc. Inlet Ladies 9-Hole Golf League Insight House Insight House Employees

j Timothy and Barbara Jaggers James E. Nunn Memorial Foundation, Inc. Jody Janicki Betty W. Jefers James and Jacqueline Jenkins Martha R. Jennings Paul and Michelle Jensen Jeremiah O. McCarthy Foundation, Inc. Elayne H. Johnson Grant and Barbara Johnson

Andrea G. Johnston Carl R. Jones David M. Jones Gilbert H. Jones Nancy H. Jones Scott O. Jones Bernice S. Joseph Charles M. Joseph James Joseph Richard and Marilyn Joseph Thomas Joslin Ben and Robin Juliano


John A. Kabot, Jr. Camille T. Kahler, Esq. Dr. John T. Kahler, Jr. Elle Kampf Estate of Joseph G. Karam Mary C. Karl Miriam D. Kashiwa Jeri Kaskoun and Charles Pfrimmer Jay and Sue Kasofsky Barbara S. Kates Joanne Katnik Miriam Kazanjian Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kelberman Robert and Carol Keller Ann M. Kelly Bob D. Kelly Christopher and Virginia Kelly Estate of Kevin Kelly Kevin and Nancy Kelly Patricia Kelly Robert D. Kelly Shannon Kelly

Janet Kelsey James Keough Kernan and Kernan, PC James S. Kernan, Jr. Mary Angela Kernan Susan Kernan Stephen and Susan Keyser Mark Kiefer Kenneth and Wanda Kilroy Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Kirkpatrick Susan Kirkwood Stephen and Martha Kirsche Samuel and Esther Kitchen Robert and Cynthia Klatt John and Barbara Klein Kleinschmidt Family Foundation Jef and Michelle Klingensmith Richard and Laura Klinski Jim Klodnicki and Family Jacquie Klotzbach Knights of Columbus #189 M. Suzette Kopecek Susan Kopecek Dennis Korce Joy Korce Leah Korce Susan A. Korosec Andrew and Virginia Koski F. Scott and Ellen Kraly Dr. William and Mrs. Cynthia Krause Katherine Krawecki Ronald and Mary Louise Krecidlo Tyson Kreiger Cindy Krell Anne Kucerak George and Pinny Kuckel Kulinski-Faga Fund

Paul Kulinski and Barbara Faga Peter Kupfer Kwik-Kut Manufacturing Co./Mary and Stephen Morse


Estate of Mariette Anne LaBastille Tom and Maryann Ladd William F. Laferty Peyton Lahey Lambda Chi Iota Mark and Tricia Landi Melissa Lanigan Leonard Lascala Mary Jane Lasher Alice Laurenson Gilles G. Lauzon Christine Lawrence Larry Lawrence Richard H. Legro Mr. and Mrs. T. Richard Leidig Elizabeth Lemieux Harold T. Lennon Donald and Frances Leo Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leo Scott and Helen Leonard Bernard and Gaile Lepper Estate of Bernard Letner Pamela Levy Xiaojuan Li Frank and Thelma LiBritz John B. Ligas Cynthia Lis John and Jan Livingston Rebecca Livingston William F. Locke

Dale Lockwood and John Romanow David and Lucy Craske Long Joseph and Francine Long Josephine Longo Michele Longo Harry and Martha Love Ann Lowery and Chub Bailly Francisco and Trolena Loya Andrea Lynch Douglas and Donna Lynch Lynn H. Boillot Family Fund


M. Griith Investment Services, Inc. Bill and Linda Macartney Robert Maclagger Anne Maggi Timothy and Nancy Mahay Greg and Linda Maider Monica Stawarz Maier Brian and Diane Majeski Estate of Theresa Malara Joyce Malcolm Claire M. Malone F. Lance Maly Robert and Michele Mandia & Sons Stephen and Amanda Mandin & Family W. Anthony and Carol Mandour Manlius Pebble Hill School David and Judy Manzelmann Marie Maphia Paul and Rosemary Maphia Marietta Country Club Group Mark and Elaine Woroby Charitable Fund Mark Hannah Contracting, Inc./Mark and Littlepage Hannah


2014/2015 DONORS continued Kevin Marken and Darby O’Brien Paul and Christine Marshall John S. Marwell Richard P. Massaro Natalie Massita Omar and Judy Massoud Jean M. Mastrangelo Carmen G. Mastroianni, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mastrovito David L. Mathis Anthony F. Matt F.X. and Pamela Matt Lillian D. Matt Nicholas and Susan G. Matt Will and Natalie Matt Lori Matt-Murphy Maverick Capital Foundation Susanne W. Max Theodore and Melva Max Stephen and Elizabeth May Douglass Maynard and Kathryn Hoenig Albert S. Mazloom Josephine Mazza Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K. Mazza Rachel Mazzotta and Robert Palladino Roger McCabe and Valarie Fitzpatrick Thomas and Margaret McCabe Christine F. McCarthy Gerald T. McDonald Christopher McEvoy Edward T. McEvoy Kathleen and Timothy McGillicuddy Bill and Betsi McGoldrick John D. McGrath Jim McGuire James M. McHale


Frank and Grace McHugh McQuade & Bannigan, Inc. McSweeney Foundation, Inc. Ruth W. Mead John and Elizabeth Meehan George Meeker Jessica Meeker Barbara Meelan Mele Foundation, Inc. Joseph E. Mele Virginia Mertz Wall Ann G. Meyer Dennis and Eileen Michael Midway Industrial Supply Morgan Mielnicki Charmiann Miles Charles Millar Florence K. Millar Peter Millard Mohawk Global Logistics Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency, Inc. Mohawk Valley EDGE Anthony J. Montesano Dorothy Montesano Mark Montesano and Shelley Williams Robert and Lynn Montesano Michael and Jennie Moore Monica B. Moore Wendy Moosavi Angelina T. Morelli Jennie Sageer Morette Morris Dufy Alonso & Faley Mark and Julia Morrissey Scott and Patti Sue Moyer Muddy Pond Trust Fund Dr. Barbara F. Mufti

Mulligan’s Restaurant George Murad and Luann Horton-Murad Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Murdock, Jr. Rod and Margaret Murdock David F. Murphy Edward and Barbara Murphy James and Mary Murphy Karen Murphy Dr. Ann Marie Murray and Mr. John Murray Betty L. Murray


NAMI - Hope Family NBT Bank Rosemarie G. Nebab Joan M. Nehme Philip K. Nemeth John Nester New Hartford Central School Class of 2012 New York Outdoors Women, Inc. New York State Council Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc. Scott and Carol Nicotera Peter L. Nolan North Utica Community Center Northern New York Community Foundation, Inc. Northwestern Mutual/Daniel B. Jones Faith B. Norton Notre Dame Class of 1972 Notre Dame Development Oice Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School Cassandra Notturno Drs. Kenneth Novak and Ellen Blum NYS Family Court - Brooklyn Part 14


Janice Luck O’Connor Patrick and Ellen O’Connor Barry O’Donnell Peggy Ogden Diana Ohlbaum and Allen Hahn Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Ohlbaum James and Diana O’Looney On Point For College Oneida County Industrial Development Agency Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES Animal Science/Conservation FF Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES Central Business Oice Oneida Savings Bank Alice G. P. O’Shea Brendan and Bonnie O’Shea Brian and Peggy O’Shea Gavan and Molly O’Shea Justin and Laura O’Shea Melvin and Judith Oster Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ovedovitz Monica M. Ovedovitz Gertrude M. Owens

p Pacemaker Steel & Piping Company, Inc. Robert and Marilu Paciic Joyce Oster Palmer Michael and Ruthann Palmer Charles E. Pannaci Edward and Barbara Paparella Emil and Janet Paparella

Kenneth and Kimberly Paparella Helen Ryder Paratore Peter R. Parker Renny and Donna Parker Michael and Kelly Parsons Michelle Paul Paws & Claws Pet Sitting Joan S. Payne Philip and Betty Pearle David and Paula Peck Pedraza Family Fund/Sarah and Francisco Pedraza Estate of David K. Peet, Esq. Ruth P. Pelletier Mariano and Jeanette Penge George and Debra Penree People Care, Inc. Dominick and Sara Pepe Susan E. Peraino Scott and Kathleen Perra Russell Petralia and Linda Romano, Esq. Jean E. Pettigrew Marilyn A. Pettinato Anne Mitchell Pezzano Robert and Gail Philipson LaVern Phillips and Linda Frank Anthony and Eleanor Picente Terry Pickard and Judy Plumley Victor and Brenda Piperata Victor and Katie Piperata Andrew and Carrie Pirich Douglas and Karen Pirnie John Piscitelli Patrick and Mickey Piscitelli Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Plonisch Ron and Jill Polizzi (and Jane O., Ray & Jane, Dan & Shirley)

Stuart Pollack Anthony and Donna Pontonero Elaine Pospisil Don B. Potter Matthew and Laura Powers Patricia Powers Rick and Barb Pratt Nancy Premo The Preson Family Prince-Boyd & Hyatt Home for Funerals, Inc. Lynette Provencal Mr. and Mrs. John Prumo Marie Przelski Pugliese Pest Solutions, Inc. Francis Pugliese, Jr. Frank and Ann Puleo Michael and Linda Puleo Dr. & Mrs. James B. Putnam

q John and Barbara Queirolo Irene A. Quig Thomas and Julie Quinn

r Jane and Anthony Rabasca Patrick and Mary Radel John and Shari Ramsey Patricia A. Randall Christine Raynard Howard Rebeck Estate of Agnes Recknall Mary Rediess Earle C. Reed Lois Z. Reed

Christopher J. Regruit John and Edith Reile Dr. and Mrs. Philip Reitz Drs. Patrick Reynolds and Damhnait McHugh Parker T. Rice Mark and Kathleen Rich Edward B. Righter Eric and Carol Ringdahl Anne Rippy Turtle Donald Rittenhouse Ashley Ritter RMH Services, Inc. Robert and Sara Smith Foundation Caroline K. Roberts Donna Robertson Robin and Peter Matt Charitable Fund Sheila W. Robinson Rocco Garro Associates Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Rockford Randy Rockford Jacqueline F. Rockwood Randall and Ellen Rockwood Lauren Roecker Inge Roemer Kerry and Mary Jane Rogers Robert and Cheryl Rollins Romanelli Communications F. Eugene and Loretta Romano Bertha Romanow Thomas and Diane Rondeau Roof and Schmitt Families Alice Root and John Dahlin Mallory Roselli Rossi and Murnane Vincent J. Rossi Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rostkowski Stephen and Michele Rowan

Mr. and Mrs. John Roy Laura S. Ruberto William J. Rudge, III Don and Tracy Rueckert Kevin and Brenda Runner Casey and Fallon Russo

s Brian and Christine Sagrestano Rev. Joseph Salerno Denise and Carmen Salvatore Sanborn Family David and Jenette Sanders Donald A. Sansone Philip J. Sanzone Estate of Rita A. Sator Saunders Kahler, LLP “Save of the Day� Foundation, Inc. Frank and Alice Savino Ronald and Nora Scaglione Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc. Anthony and Teresa Scalzo Gary and Marcia Scalzo James and Caroline Scanlon Kristen and Megan Scanlon Thomas G. Schafer Steven C. Schanely Eleanor Scheidelman Richard and Carlile Schneider Schroon Lake Central School Honor Society and Student Council Bob Schueler Ryan Schueler Lorraine B. Schunck Marion C. Scoville Catherine Scroope


2014/2015 DONORS continued Sears Oil Co., Inc. Phil and Valerie Sears Thomas A. Sears Seed and Weed Garden Club Robert and Susan Segaul Lowell Seifter Mary Ann Boyle Seitz Jaye and Theodore Semrod Seventh Lake House Sally B. Sexton George T. Sfeir Simone M. Shaheen Carol M. Sharpe Albert and Joan Shaw Kevin Shedd Lucille Shepardson John and Eileen Shepherd Kenneth L. Shilkret Carole Shlotzhauer Tammi Shlotzhauer Rick and Wendy Short Carol E. Shrum Hon. Norman and Mrs. Ann Siegel Sigsbee Family Michael and Lois Silverman Bob and Joy Simon George Sims Kay L. Sinclair Dr. Joan M. Sinnott Sissy’s Kids Foundation Thomas Slocum and Mary Halloran Bob Smeland and Linda Lewis Smith Packing Company, Inc. Eric and Rachel Smith Jack and Kathleen Smith Mark and Kathleen Smith Dr. Robert S. and Sheila Smith Fund


Estate of Wesley H. Smith John and Elizabeth Snyder John and Renee Snyder Claudia Sobik Rick and Paula Sobolewski SoftNoze USA, Inc. Robert and Adele Sossen Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Spath Robert and Sadieann Spear Robert and Shannon Spear Jon and Geri Speich Jane S. Spellman Tom and Jill Spellman Butch and Janet Spina Mark and Vicki Spina Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Sprock Jan M. Squadrito St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church St. Luke’s Hospital Staf – AC1 St. Williams on Long Point, Inc. Edward and Heather Staford Stafworks, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stamboly Juanita Stedman Carol W. Steele Jan Sterling John and Margaret Stetson Don and Cynthia Stevener Shari N. Stevens William and Elizabeth Stevens Stewart’s Shops Corp. Stillman Charitable Foundation Paul O. Stillman Strategic Financial Services, LLC Mary Strohm A.D. and Robin Stuart James Stuart

Sturges Manufacturing Co./ Richard and Constance Griith Michael and Mary Stuttard & Jack Lane Samuel and Katherine Sue Richard Sunderlin John and Patricia Swann Judith V. Sweet Robert Sylvester Symeon’s Greek Restaurant, Inc.


T. Gschwender & Associates, Inc. William and Eugenia Taft Tom and Lucy Talerico Richard and Elizabeth Tantillo Douglas and Laura Tardugno Gail Taurisano George and Nancy Taylor Mercedes B. Teague The Carton Foundation, Inc. The Good News Foundation The Kenwood Benevolent Society The Group The Observer-Dispatch The Sayer Family Foundation Rick and Lisa Thomas James and Kari Thomson Daniel Tickner Carla P. Till Lisa Tilney Kilty Tolbert Kenneth and Debra Tompkins Total Solutions Susan M. Toukatly Town of Webb Historical Association Arthur and Linda Tracy

Jaclyn Tramacera-Grace Bill Trapanick and Terri Hobson Trenton Technology Daniel and Linda Trevor TRUE Media, Inc./Lisa DeFrees Lovett Sarah Tsai TSG Financial, LLC Sandra Tubia Tully’s Good Times Family, Inc. Ruth M. Turnbull Kathleen C. Turner Marcella E. Turzanski Jim and Sheila Tutino

u David J. Ulm Rev. Robert and Letty M. Umidi United Way/Lara Sepanski Pimentel United Way of Central New Mexico/ Deborah Peacock and Nate Korn United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area Christine M. Usyk Utica First Insurance Company/Richard Zick Utica National Group Foundation, Inc. Utica Public Library Paul Uvanni


David and Mary Valentine Dale and Eve Van de Wal J. Michael and Anne Van Strander Donald and Margaret Van Waes Thomas and Claire Van Waes Sheila O. Vandeveer

Randall and Jennifer VanWagoner Merritt S. Vaughan Gene Velardi Dwight E. Vicks, III Mary H. Vicks Vietnam Veterans of America View Village of Prospect Hon. William and Sue Virkler Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Viscosi Visiting Nurse Association of Albany, Inc. Donna M. Vitagliano Anita A. Vitullo Meredith Vivona Barbara M. Voelkle Carl and Shirley Vogel Marietta von Bernuth Thomas and Laurie Vonglis

w Michael Wade and Mary Malone McCarthy Richard and Jacquelyn Wagner William and Bonnie Waldron William and Mary Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Wallace Emily Wallace James and Patricia Wallace Wallen Family Susan J. Wandover Jennifer Ward Susan Warshany Abby Wasicki Diane Waskiewicz John F. Waters Rebecca Watkins

Michael and Judith Way Estate of Adelaide Webster Mark and Susan Webster Christopher and Rosemary Welch Robert C. Welch Peggy Welchons Lonczak and Family Wendy and Bill Nolan Charitable Fund John Wentz Karl and Muriel Werbovetz Wertimer & Associates, LLC Gary and Sheila Wertimer Charles and Karen Wetherell Connie Wheelock Shannon Wheelock Charles T. White, Jr. David and Carol White Donna White Jefrey and Donna White Estate of Rose B. White Sandy Whittemore George and Cynthia Whitton Wilcenski & Pleat, PLLC Richard D. Wiles Estate of Veturia I. Wiley Patrick L. Wilke Donna L. Williams Jennifer D. Williams Richard and Jean Williams Lois Wilson Randy and Janet Wilson Sarah Wilson William and Janet Wilson Cynthia Wineburgh Charles Winslow David Winslow Bill and Cindy Wirene Richard and Charisse Wisniewski

Richard and Darline Wisniewski David J. Wojnas Bill and Mary Carmel Wolf W. Gilbert and Pauline Wolf Dale Wolfe Diane Wolfe Karen Wood Bill and Cindy Woods Darren and Bonnie Woods Sandra Wright John and Janet Wysokowski Julia A. Wysokowski

y Virginia Yeomans Kristina Yost Carolyn Youngblut Your Cause

z Richard and Nancy Zdyb Kathie Ziobrowski Donald and Marcia Best Zuhlke Cheryl Zumbo David and Christine Zumpano


$1 million

Establishing Utica National Group Foundation Fund

$1 million

Gift made to Notre Dame Schools Capital Campaign Fund


Establishing Kenwood Benevolent Society Fund


Establishing Adelaide M. Webster Scholarship Fund


Establishing Robert and Sara Smith Fund


FUND ESTABLISHMENT Creating investments of impact Establishing a fund is a great way to be involved with, and remembered for, your community investments. Here’s a look at the types of funds that can be created at The Foundation.

AGENCY FUNDS Nonproit agencies use their fund as they wish toward their goals and for their needs.

DESIGNATED FUNDS One or more speciic charities receives ongoing support in the form of regular grants from the fund.

Herkimer Area Resource Center Fund The Herkimer Area Resource Center’s mission is to enable people with disabilities, and others in the community, to achieve their full potential and have enriching lives. HARC opened an agency fund in 2010 to build capacity and generate long-term inancial support for general operations and charitable endeavors.

Mother Marianne’s Westside Soup Kitchen Fund Elizabeth Lemieux created an endowed, designated fund to address hunger in the Utica area. The fund speciically provides support to Mother Marianne’s Westside Soup Kitchen in Utica. The kitchen serves lunch to people in need, including the working poor, the unemployed and struggling families.

For more stories about donor advisors and donor-advised funds, see page 10 or visit foundationhoc.org.


DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS Donors recommend grants to a variety of charities, suggesting when and how much shall be granted to each. Abigail J. Freitag Memorial Fund After a year-long battle with cancer, Abigail J. Freitag passed away at the age of 4. Abigail’s fund was established in April 2015 by her parents, Peter and Christine, to honor her memory and support a variety of charitable initiatives.

FIELD-OF-INTEREST FUNDS Donors identify a general area of interest (such as children, health or the environment) or select a geographic area (city, town or region) to support. The Foundation makes grants from the fund that match the focus area. Wesley & Marion Small Fund In 1994, the Wesley & Marion Small Fund was created to preferentially award grants that directly or indirectly beneit the people of Herkimer County.

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Donors create one or more scholarships and select the award criteria and the school that will beneit. We make sure the criteria are met and all legal rules and procedures are followed. Thomas Maroun Acey Scholarship Fund The family of Thomas M. Acey created a scholarship fund in his name to honor him in a lasting way. The scholarship will provide support to students active in community service, who plan to stay in the Mohawk Valley and who parallel Mr. Acey’s values, interests and life work.

UNRESTRIC TED FUNDS Donors place no restriction on the fund’s use and allow us to make investments in our community toward worthy programs and services as they emerge over time.

Creating a fund allows you to be a partner in your community and be active in the impact you make. The process is simple:




Talk with family, trusted friends and inancial advisors about what you hope to accomplish.



Contact our staf. We are your resource and charitable partner.



What to give, when and how.


Choose the fund name and purpose, and we will develop a simple agreement for its stewardship.


Donate and sign the agreement. We provide continuous reporting and oversight. You have become a community investor.

4 5


STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES For the Years Ended December 31, 2015 and 2014





$6,816,697 (2,648,194) $4,168,503

$5,917,012 3,001,906 $8,918,918

4,523,568 161,384

3,796,690 75,764

Supporting Services Management and General



Total Expenses









Revenue, Gains, and Support Gifts and Bequests Net Investment Income (Loss) Total Revenue, Gains, and Support Expenses Program Services Grants Approved Program Sponsored Initiatives

Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year







$4,036,874 110,247,906 67,753 2,378,051 3,133,463 386,105 $120,250,152

$3,612,437 114,282,697 155,479 866,174 2,857,557 292,855 $122,067,199



Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities

260,382 1,083,426

626,031 1,089,417

Agency Funds Total Liabilities

4,931,897 8,366,593

4,917,135 8,114,810





Assets Cash Investments Promises to Give Charitable Remainder Trust Property, Net Other Current Assets Total Assets Liabilities Grants Payable

Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets


PARTNERS OF IMPAC T For signiicant social impact to happen, strong partnerships must irst exist. Through the Corporate Partners Program, The Foundation has identiied organizations that believe in our mission and are dedicated to making progress on core issues in our community.

Annual Event Partners share in our annual event, where we celebrate important milestones, such as The Foundation’s newly renovated building in 2015, and honor the outstanding contributions of community members.

With the support of our Corporate Partners, we are able to make an impact in the community in various ways.

Many thanks to our 2014 and 2015 Corporate Partners, whose support makes these eforts a reality.

Speaker Series In 2016, the Speaker Series hosted its ifth event, featuring educator and innovator Don Marinelli. Speaker Series events have been inspirational conversation starters, encouraging the community to envision the potential of our region and create positive change. Past speakers include New York Times bestselling author Dan Heath and U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

Adjusters International Bank of America Bank of Utica Birnie Bus Service, Inc. Carbone Auto Group Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp. Cliford Fuel Co., Inc. CONMED Corp. Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Fastrac Markets First Source Federal Credit Union Ford, English Financial Group, LLC Jay-K Independent Lumber Corp. M. Griith Investment Services, Inc. NBT Bank Oneida Savings Bank Pacemaker Steel & Piping Company, Inc. “Save of the Day” Foundation Stafworks, Inc. Strategic Financial Services The Observer-Dispatch

Nonproit Training Growth is possible when organizations have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Training sessions are routinely available to build up the area’s valuable pool of nonproit organizations, helping them to expand their expertise and adopt best practices.



Find out how you can become a Corporate Partner. Visit foundationhoc.org.



From volunteers to Corporate Partners to professional advisors, The Foundation is able to make an impact because of these dedicated partners willing to invest in the future of our great community. We thank them for their generosity and commitment.

COMMIT TEE MEMBERS Thank you to these community members for their commitment to The Foundation. These valued partners sellessly dedicate their time, talent and resources toward building a vibrant, healthy community.


PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS DANIEL S. COHEN, ESQ. | Cohen & Cohen, LLP, Utica, NY JULIE GROW DENTON, ESQ. | McMahon & Grow, Rome, NY PHILIP A. DIGIORGIO, ESQ. | Pierro & DiGiorgio, LLC, Utica, NY MICHAEL E. EVANS, CFP | M. Griith Investment Services, Inc., New Hartford, NY TIMOTHY D. FOLEY, ESQ. | The Foley Law Firm, LLC, Old Forge & New Hartford, NY VINCENT GILROY, JR., CPA | Utica, NY DAVID T. GRIFFITH, PRESIDENT & CEO | M. Griith Investment Services, Inc., New Hartford, NY ROBERT K. HILTON, III, ESQ. | Hilton Estate & Elder Law, LLC, Utica, NY HINMAN, HOWARD & KATTELL, LLP | Binghamton, NY CAMILLE T. KAHLER, ESQ. | Saunders Kahler, LLP, Utica, NY JOHN S. KING, ESQ. | Scolaro, Fetter, Grizanti, McGough & King, PC, Syracuse, NY ALAN LEIST, JR., CFP | Strategic Financial Services, LLC, Utica, NY JUSTIN M. NACKLEY, ESQ. | Felt Evans, LLC, Clinton, NY BRIAN O’SHEA, ESQ. | O’Shea McDonald & Stevens, LLP, Rome, NY FRANK J. PATYI, ESQ. | Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC, Syracuse, NY PAUL PIMPINELLA, ESQ. | Compson & Pimpinella, PLLC, Utica, NY BRIAN M. SAGRESTANO, JD, CFRE | Gift Planning Development, LLC, New Hartford, NY JOSEPH E. SAUNDERS, ESQ. | Saunders Kahler, LLP, Utica NY WILLIAM R. STEVENS, ESQ. | O’Shea McDonald & Stevens, LLP, Rome, NY HONORINE WALLACK, CFP | M. Griith Investment Services, Inc., New Hartford, NY


FOUNDATION STAFF Please contact one of our staf members today to see how together we can continue to make impact in our community.

T H E CO M M U N I T Y F O U N D AT I O N O F H E R K I M E R & O N E I D A CO U N T I E S , I N C .

ALICIA DICKS | President/CEO adicks@foundationhoc.org BIANCA BUSSEY | Development & Community Investment Coordinator bbussey@foundationhoc.org WENDY CALIGUIRE | Grant & Gift Administrator wcaliguire@foundationhoc.org LINDSEY COSTELLO | Donor Relations Manager lcostello@foundationhoc.org RENÉE FISHER | Accountant risher@foundationhoc.org JACQUIE KLOTZBACH | Marketing and Communications Director jklotzbach@foundationhoc.org GILLES LAUZON | Chief Operating Oicer glauzon@foundationhoc.org MORGAN MIELNICKI | Operations Coordinator mmielnicki@foundationhoc.org DENISE SALVATORE | VP for Finance & Administration dsalvatore@foundationhoc.org JAN SQUADRITO | Senior Community Investment Manager jsquadrito@foundationhoc.org JOHN SWANN | VP for Development & Community Investment jswann@foundationhoc.org SHANNON WHEELOCK | Accounting Assistant swheelock@foundationhoc.org

2608 GENESEE STREET | UTICA, NY 13502 315.735.8212 | FAX 315.735.9363 foundationhoc.org

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Community Foundation 2014/2015 Annual Report  

Community Foundation 2014/2015 Annual Report  

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