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Guess who’s advising States & Tribes?

Our vision... The YATTA Network includes young people from across the nation who have first-hand experience in foster care and will provide youth perspective to the national Training and Technical Assistance Network.

How we operate...

Young people!

The Network is utilizing cuttingedge, social media technologies that meet the young consultants where they are and provide the platform to facilitate communication with each other and NRCYD. During First Thursday webinars, members lead discussions along with topic experts For the Children’s Bureau, the YATTA about issues facing States and Network provides a new way to Tribes. YATTA members participate effectively respond to the needs of in opportunities in which they the approximately 500,000 children become oriented to the work of and youth in the nation’s child welfare NRCYD, develop consultant skills, system. The YATTA Network is of value and learn about NRCYD’ projects in to the National Resource Center for Youth Development and it’s consultants which they may elect to participate. as well as the U.S. Department of Health YATTA Network members are and Human Services, Children’s Bureau compensated for the projects that they complete. and their partners within the Training and Technical Assistance Network.

What we do... The YATTA Network supports a partnership with young people to improve State and Tribal child welfare services for youth.

Young Adult Training and Technical Assistance Network YATTA is a national network comprised of young people, ages 18-24, who have had varying experiences as consumers of child welfare services.

For more information, contact Clay Finck at or (918) 660-3700

Celeste Bodner at or (503)717-1552

Yatta Brochure  

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