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he peach is a deciduous tree indigenous to the Northwest region of China, between the northern slopes of Kunlun Shan mountains and the Tarim Basin, where the peach was not only first cultivated but also domesticated. The production of peaches has an economic benefit to the top producing countries where the fruit is a source of food. Other benefits include a high nutritional value since peaches are rich in vitamins which boost healthy vision, the nervous system, skin care, healthy teeth, and bones. Peaches also offer essential minerals which help

strengthen the immune system, and fibers valuable for digestion. China is the leading producer of peach worldwide. Nevertheless, world production centers in the Mediterranean area, mainly in Italy, Greece, Spain, and France since Europe is responsible for almost half of the world production. In recent years, the sector has been under pressure and the growing area decreased to 229,000 hectares during 2016-2017. A stable area of 210,000 hectares is estimated for the season 2017-2018. With the introduction of new varieties with a larger yield, there has been more diversity in this segment.

Greek peach facts and figures

NO1 exporter

of canned peach in the world

80% of clingstone

peach production shipped to the EU

3rd European producer of peaches

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