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GRAVIERA AGRAFON Graviera Agrafon PDO is produced in the mountainous regions of Agrafa (Western Thessaly / Evritania) from sheep milk or in combination with goat milk. The percentage of goat milk must not exceed 30% of the total weight. The addition of goat’s milk makes Graviera Agrafon harder and spicier than other similar cheeses. During the maturing stage, the surface of the cheese is salted repeatedly for 3 weeks, until it obtains a 2% content in salt. When the salting of the cheese is completed, it is transported in an area at 16-18°C, where it stays for a month and then is placed in booths with a temperature of 12-15°C and 90-95% humidity for the maturing to complete. The total time of mat-

uration is 3-6 months. During the maturing process, a micro-flora develops on the surface, which contributes to the maturing and the development of the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese. The cheese is then covered in natural beeswax. It is worth noting that Graviera Agrafon PDO is currently produced by only one dairy, Kissas Dairy, in the area and the entire yearly production, all 100 wheels of cheese, are exported mainly to France, Switzerland and Germany. According to Mr Dimitris Kissas, owner of said dairy, in the near future production is expected to reach 4,000 wheels of cheese a year, most of which will likely be exported as this particular cheese is of high value abroad. “In these countries, customers prefer quality cheeses. They are not daunted by our cheese’s rather strong flavor nor by its high price,” he explains. n

did you know that Graviera Naxou PDO is the richest in calcium Greek cheese?

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