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THE WORLD FAMOUS CHIOS MASTIHA Chios Mastiha is a product unique to the island of Chios, enchanting people with its exceptional aroma and particular flavor.


hios Mastiha is the name of a resinous sap produced from schinos, the Greek name for the mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia) that grows exclusively on the island of Chios. Chios Mastiha cannot be found in any other part of the world (the Japanese tried to cultivate these particular trees but were unsuccessful), it also grows to the South of the island of Chios alone. It is a natural, aromatic resin that falls to the ground in droplets from superficial scratches induced by cultivators, sometime in July, with sharp tools on the trunk and main branches of the tree. The collection, cleaning, and production process of Chios Mastiha is free of all chemicals and additives, and has remained unchanged throughout the centuries. The almost primitive tools and cleaning methods combined with the virtually untouched natural environment of the region are undeniable proof of the historical continuity of the


1 product. Chios Mastiha is a registered PDO product since 1997, a denomination that guarantees for its production, process and origin. And although there indeed exist several resinous saps throughout the world, such as the Iranian gum (Gum Tragacanth), they are of a far lesser quality, and have nothing in common with the authentic Chios Mastiha –neither in flavor nor in aroma, nor in quality, not, of course, in their usage. They are also cheap products, whereas the original Chios Mastiha is a premium, rather expensive commodity. Finally, Chios Mastiha exports remain stable, showing an average annual growth trend of 5.1 percent.


1 Mastiha production has remained unchanged through the centuries.

2 The Mastha trees grow to the South of the island of Chios

3 Chios Mastiha is one of the most common spices.

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