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Winemaking facts & figures


hectalitres of wine produced in the region


hectares of vineyards in the South Aegean

29 to official estimates, in the region operate 29 wineries in total, of which 11 are in the Dodecanese and 18 in the Cyclades. It is clear that the sweet wines of the islands stand out, as some of them are considered to be among the best-known sweet wines in Greece and, maybe, the world.

The vineyard of Santorini The vineyards of Santorini are among the most important in Greece and produce the PDO Santorini wines. The unique shape of its vines (basket, wreath or crown-shaped) make the Santorini vineyards a monument

αctive wineries in the region

of nature and human ingenuity. Santorini enjoys an ideal Mediterranean climate with mildwinters and warm, dry summers. Santorini’s volcanic terroir is ideal for its indigenous grape variety, Assyrtiko. The grape has perfectly adapted to the local conditions and remains hearty during the warm, dry summers of Santorini. The extremely low yields of Assyrtiko-Santorini high quality wines are a natural result of the old vines, the volcanic soil, the hydric stress and the strong winds of Santorini’s unique ecosystem.

Ambrosia Magazine issue #6  

Fine food & drinks of Greece February 2018

Ambrosia Magazine issue #6  

Fine food & drinks of Greece February 2018