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KEEP RUNNING STRONG ALL SEASON LONG Schedule your Titan Machinery Uptime Maintenance inspection today! NO Payments, NO Interest Until March 1, 2013 with a Titan Access Account purchase of $750 or more!

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Certified maintenance inspections keep your equipment running like new. Certified maintenance inspections from Titan Machinery are the best way to ensure your New Holland equipment continues performing at its peak season after season and year after year. Schedule yours today! *UPtime is our commitment to you, to minimize downtime and maximize UPtime. We’ll keep you running during the busy seasons. 4WD Tractors 100 Point Inspection.................$449 Track Tractors 100 Point Inspection.................$699 2WD Tractors 85 Point Inspection...................$399 Compact Tractor 101 Point Inspection.................$299 Self Propelled Sprayers 29 Point Inspection...................$199 150 Point Inspection.................$449 Planters 57 Point Inspection..............$29/row Air Cart 41 Point Inspection...................$199 Combines 140 Point Inspection.................$499

Inspections for all equipment Ask us for details!

NO Payments, NO Interest Until March 1, 2013 with a Titan Access Account purchase of $750 or more! Cornheads 25 Point Inspection..............$29/row Draperheads 29 Point Inspection...................$249 Flexheads 29 Point Inspection...................$249 Windrowers 140 Point Inspection.................$349 Balers 29 Point Inspection (Round).....$199 74 Point Inspection (Square)....$399 Mower Conditioners 65 Point Inspection...................$259 Skid Steers 38 Point Inspection...................$199 w/Engine Oil & Filter.................$299 Financing Provided by:

All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

Our certified technicians have what it takes to maximize the life and performance of your equipment: Years of Experience We know just what to look for and are able to work faster and better than “the other guy”


Proper Service Tools We’re equipped with high-tech tools and specialized equipment for reliable diagnosis of issues


Superior Warranties Coverage on parts AND labor only when installed at our dealership


TABLE OF CONTENTS Look throughout this booklet to get a taste of some of the many touch points our technicians check during their in-depth inspections.


Round & Square Balers

16-18 General Maintenance

8-9 10-13 14-15

Mower/ Conditioners

Combines/ Headers


19 20-21


Tools/ Shop Products

Attachments/ PLM™ Precision Farming



Round Balers You’ve already purchased baling equipment known for its reliability — keep it that way with a custom maintenance inspection. Count on Titan Machinery Maintenance Inspections for trouble-free baling.

INSPECTION POINT #6: PICKUP TINES SYMPTOM Leaving crop in the field. SOLUTION Always keep an eye out for bent, broken or missing pickup tines. Minimize crop loss with high-quality New Holland branded pickup tines. Part No. 87012136 | $39.20

Uptime Advantage: Increased Productivity Proper maintenance can keep your machine performing at its peak


Less downtime during the season Finding problems in the off-season avoids breakdowns in the field




INSPECTION POINT #24: Baler Belting SYMPTOM Inconsistent bale shape. SOLUTION Worn baler belts won’t



form bales in an efficient manner. Have the full length of all your belts checked for signs of wear. New Holland belts are designed with “endless construction” for continuous, consistent bale grip and shaping.

Are you stocked?

Get ready ahead of time with high-quality New Holland FastNet™ Black Net Wrap. Strongest net wrap on the market Keeps its shape as it’s stretched Complete end-to-end binding keeps bales densely wrapped and more weather resistant for higher-quality crop than other wraps


   


All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

PRODUCT SUPPORT KITS New Holland has developed numerous maintenance and performance kits for common wear items. They’re perfect for tune-ups and upgrades in the off-season. INSPECTION POINT #9: Apron & Clutch Drive Idler Sprocket Kit

INSPECTION POINT #12: Twine Knife Kit

Part No. 87298529 $178.67

Part No. 87298546 $80.13

Part No. 87298542 $20.36

INSPECTION POINT #31: Net Wrap Roller Bearing Kit

INSPECTION POINT #38: Wheel Bearing Rebuild Kit

INSPECTION POINT #42: Rubber Latch Kit

Part No. 87298543 $66.27

Part No. 87299046 $60.30

Part No. 87298525 $10.91


INSPECTION POINT #7: Cam Follower Kit


CropSaver™ promotes greener, fresher hay with higher feed value.

Now is the ideal time to install a hay preservative applicator on your baler! With the CropSaver™ Hay Preservative system, you can start baling earlier and work later in the day — but only if you have an applicator installed.

With CropSaver™


Shown at 27-30% moisture level, alfalfa hay

We have applicators available for all makes and models of balers. AUTOMATIC CHAIN LUBRICATION SYSTEM Increase your productivity by automatically lubricating the chains on your BR Series round baler everytime your tailgate opens. Part No. 73341081 $496.67

Up to

300% increase

in sprocket and chain life!

Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


Square Balers A certified inspection on your square baler will help you maintain consistent bale density and shape for more manageable and productive baling.

INSPECTION POINT #33: Knotter SYMPTOM Broken bales. SOLUTION A worn knotter component results in broken bales and countless headaches. Have your knotter components and timing professionally inspected for wear and replaced with OEM parts as necessary to maintain reliable baling.

INSPECTION POINT #30: Twine Knife Kit

INSPECTION POINT #31: Twine Bill Hook Assembly

INSPECTION POINT #38: Twine Needle Roller Kit

Part No. 87298483 $45.20

Part No. 87645121 $145.10

Part No. 87298482 $66.93

INSPECTION POINT #52: Plunger Knives SYMPTOM Bales hanging together with hay stems. SOLUTION Check for dull or mis-adjusted knives. If plunger knives need replacing, a complete plunger knife kit provides more efficient baling and cleaner cuts. Part No. 87012132 | $104.40


Latest Technology:

All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

CropID™ Baler tagger Have you certified your crop? Take your large square baling to a whole new level of efficiency. The CropID™ individual bale identification system from New Holland enables operators to tag and sort bale inventory based on a wide range of criteria. With its RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, the New Holland CropID™ system creates a unique profile for each large square bale.

Know your crop. Profile information can include: Bale ID number 

Field name where baled

Date and time bale was made

Average moisture of bale

Bale weight

Field cutting

…and more! CropID™ Bale Tagger installed

With such a wealth of data available, thanks to the New Holland CropID™ Bale Tagger, you can: Sort bales by moisture content, field of origin and crop type  

Provide accurate documentation of bales for resale


Measure the exact weight of bales for maximum shipping efficiency


Monitor and manage your inventory via computer


Provide bale quality and customized records for customers

Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


Mower/ Conditioners Don’t take machine inspections into your own hands. Always contact the professionals at Titan Machinery with questions and always choose genuine New Holland parts.


Inconsistent header flotation.

SOLUTION Worn or poorly adjusted springs cause the header to not float properly over obstacles resulting in cutter bar, guard and knife damage. Adjust and replace accordingly. MOWER SPRING KIT Part No. 87298549 $181.20



SYMPTOM Knocking noise.

SYMPTOM Heavy vibration/noisy PTO.

SOLUTION Your wobble box may need lubrication or replacement. If looseness is found in the drive bearing, contact us for service.



SOLUTION If bearings are worn, it can affect mower performance and potentially damage the PTO drive shaft or hydraulic components.

Safety Tip: Always be sure all PTO shields are in place and in good condition.


Relieve tension on all springs and belts to avoid unnecessary wear when storing for extended periods of time. 8


All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

ShockPRO™ Hub Kits Protect your investment! Should blades hit an obstacle, ShockPRO™ shock protection hub kits stop damage from spreading through the entire disc module saving you downtime — and dollars.

Plus, setup is a snap. ShockPRO installs in just minutes!

ShockPRO™ HUB REPAIR KIT Part No. 87580643 $40.31 ShockPRO™ HUB RETROFIT KIT Part No. 87602273 $124.80

INSPECTION POINT #10: GEARBOX PINION SYMPTOM Excessive vibration. SOLUTION If a disc assembly has vertical movement greater than 1/16th of an inch, it could indicate gearbox pinion wear and potential failure. GEARBOX PINION KIT Part No. 87039882 $211.57


Minimize downtime by having enough replacement parts for high-wear items on hand ahead of time. INSPECTION POINT #26: Disc Mower Knives Part No. 87297001 $17.95




Replace skid shoes in a timely fashion to avoid cutter bar damage.

Part No. 87297018 $59.71

Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


Combines With so many moving parts, a thorough inspection on these hard-working machines is needed to get more yield from your field.

INSPECTION POINT #29: RASP BARS SYMPTOM Increased grain damage. SOLUTION Even minor chips on threshing components can have costly consequences. The chipped edges will increase grain damage and require more power to maintain peak crop flow. New Holland Rasp Bars:  onstructed from heavy-duty, C heat-treated nodular iron Weight sorted to maximize the balance and performance of New Holland rotors Leading rasp bars are surface hardened for longer wear




INSPECTION POINT #10: feeder chains SYMPTOM Poor crop flow. SOLUTION Ensure your feederhouse components are lubricated and in good condition. Is the chain showing wear? How’s the tension? Any bent slats? Slats are prone to abuse and, if noticeably bent or worn, could loosen, put stress on the feeder chain, and cause jamming or result in damage. INSPECTION POINT #45: Augers SYMPTOM Poor crop flow. Damaged crop. SOLUTION Damaged augers are inefficient and can damage grain. Check delivery, cleaning and unloading augers for rolled, sharp edges or damaged flighting.


All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

INSPECTION POINT #37: Concaves SYMPTOM Inefficient threshing. SOLUTION Concaves should be inspected for residue, damaged or missing wires, and excessive buildup to ensure balanced performance in terms of feeding capacity and threshing. New Holland concaves offer a high-strength, one-piece design for superior durability. Heat-treated, Extenda-Wear™ concaves also available. INSPECTION POINT #75: chopper knives SYMPTOM Inconsistent residue length. SOLUTION Missing, damaged or worn chopper knives not only impact residue consistency but can also unbalance a chopper, leading to potentially self-destructive vibration. Always replace chopper knives in sets and always choose genuine New Holland parts. TR89, TR97, TR98 and TR99 Combines Part No. B96199 $48.55 CR940, CR960 and CR970 Combines Part No. 87298861 $99.17

Stationary Chopper Knives Manufactured for longer service life and improved strength 78% taller profile than previous design Reversible TR89, TR97, TR98 and TR99 Combines Part No. B96195 $26.12



When replacing worn or broken chains, always check sprockets for wear. Worn sprockets will cause premature wear on chains, adding expense and more downtime. Replace both sprockets and chain at the same time. Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


Combine Headers There are so many benefits —  during and after the harvest — that come from proper header upkeep with Titan Machinery Uptime Maintenance Inspections: 

 ower Operating Costs — avoid L expensive repairs or accidents stemming from problems you could have caught ahead of time Improved Efficiency — healthy fluids, hoses, cutting parts and more all impact how efficiently your machine works


Higher Resale Value — New Holland maintenance records show potential buyers you’ve taken great care of your equipment


Cutter bar binding/plugging.

SOLUTION Misaligned, dull or worn guards can create gaps that trap crop and result in sluggish performance. Retighten cutter bar components and replace with genuine New Holland parts where necessary for cleaner cutting. 1

 pecial heat-treated backbar S reduces wear between the guard and the section


 rash bar also undergoes an T additional induction-hardened process for peak performance and long service life


Additional induction-hardened ledger area provides longer wear-sharp surface for increased cutting efficiency


3 1


INSPECTION POINT #8: SICKLE SECTIONS SYMPTOM Inconsistent cutting, crop left in the field. SOLUTION Manufactured to the highest standards, New Holland

1 3 2

cutting parts offer the finest grabbing and cutting for clean, efficient harvesting. 1

Shot-blasted 1080 High Carbon Steel delivers superior sharpness and wear life


Back-hardened to the same degree as mating surfaces for an even rate of wear


Top-serrated design directs flow of material across serrations, sharpening teeth as you cut


All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

INSPECTION POINT #8: CORN HEAD KNIVES SYMPTOM Ragged cutting, crop left in the field. SOLUTION Dull knives do more than cut poorly; they leave valuable crop in the field and increase horsepower requirements. Plus, the uncut crops put added stress on row unit components. Quality New Holland corn head knives are designed for faster harvest speeds and tougher stalks.  eat treated with superior H tungsten carbide coating for longer wear

 elf-sharpening design for S consistent performance


Part No. B95583A $267.14

INSPECTION CORN HEADER POINT #3: GATHERING CHAINS SYMPTOM Inconsistent feeding. SOLUTION Neglecting to inspect, lubricate and maintain gathering chains, sprockets and bearings can accelerate gathering chain wear. Depend on New Holland gathering chains for maximum life. INSPECTION CORN HEADER POINT #15: STRIPPER PLATES SYMPTOM Header “shelling.” SOLUTION Header shelling leaves valuable grain in the field and can often be avoided by installing new OE stripper plates.

FEATURED ITEM: CHOPPING CORN HEADER KNIVES Convenient repair kit includes mower blades and all hardware for one row.

99C Chopping Corn Headers Part No. 73340672 $58.76


Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


Tractors As one of the most versatile business tools on a farm, more and more smart farmers are recognizing the importance of Uptime Maintenance Inspections to keep their tractors at full strength and ready for whatever the next year brings.

FEATURED ITEM: TOUGHCAM DIGITAL WIRELESS OBS SYSTEM Avoid costly accidents with this wireless single-camera* system, which features a strong signal that easily transmits through and around objects more than 60 feet away with no interference.

7" Monitor Part No. ZAEWVOS7MDCL1B $817.49

SEE IT IN ACTION! Scan the QR code with your smartphone. ZAEWVOS5MDCL1B can support a second wired camera. ZAEWVOS7MDCL1B can support two additional wired cameras.




SYMPTOM Poor steering response.

SYMPTOM Squealing belts.

SOLUTION Sloppy steering accelerates tire wear, can negatively impact seeding accuracy and can pose a safety threat. It’s important to have the steering system on your tractor checked before planting season.

SOLUTION Squealing


often results from belt slippage and could mean your belt needs adjusting or replacing. Have them inspected to help keep your tractor running at full strength.

All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.


Equipment Storage

Always check these vital inspection points on your equipment before you store*.

Always refer to your operator manual for specific details.


Failure to do so could damage your machine even while it sits.


Check and change all fluids. Fluids can contain corrosive fallout and abrasives that, when left to sit during extended idle periods, can eat away at components.


non-SQUEAKY CLEAN. If you’re going to wash equipment, run the machine at high idle for 10–20 minutes to remove water from bearings, chains and other water-sensitive components.


fuel ‘er up. Always store equipment with a full tank. Empty tanks are prone to water condensation, which can lead to bacteria growth within your fuel system.


Take a dip. Ask us about a Dip Strip test to ensure your antifreeze is up to par for winter months and always choose New Holland XHD Antifreeze for the best performance.

INSPECTION POINT #89: CAB AIR FILTERS SYMPTOM Poor cab air quality. SOLUTION Try new activated carbon cab filters from New Holland. They can absorb odors and harmful fumes while also capturing dust, pollen and other allergens. Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


General Maintenance While it’s always recommended to keep an eye on your own equipment, nothing can compare to the quality of an inspection done by the pros at Titan Machinery. Our New Holland technicians: 

Have years of experience


up your oil

Choose the wrong engine oil and you may need to change it as much as 50% more often. MasterGold™ engine oil is specifically formulated to deliver superior protection in heavy-duty New Holland diesel engines.

Receive ongoing professional training


Are equipped with advanced service tools


Have access to genuine New Holland parts


Offer warranties on replacement parts with labor included



time for a change

Many harmful contaminants can’t be seen by the naked eye. Be safe and change hydraulic fluid before storing equipment to minimize risk of contaminants in your hydraulic system at start-up.



Test your antifreeze with dip strips! Part No. CL2602B

50% of engine failures are coolant related. Poor coolant allows air to cause liner pitting. Water seeping through pits can get into the oil, increasing friction and endangering your engine. The advanced formulation of XHD provides superior cavitation protection. 1-GAL. CONCENTRATED Part No. B30201


1-GAL. PRE-MIXED Part No. B30204

Liner pitting caused by imploding vapor bubbles

All pricing shown in U.S. dollars. Subject to dealer participation. Prices valid until December 21, 2012.

INSPECTION POINT #31: PREMIUM HEAVY-DUTY BATTERIES SYMPTOM Hard starts. SOLUTION If your engine won’t start, neither will the workday. Stay on schedule with premium heavy-duty batteries from New Holland. 1 Special alloy grids retain a charge longer — critical

for lengthy periods of inactivity 2 Epoxy-anchored plates provide superior resistance




to vibration — the #1 killer of off-road batteries 3 Radial grid design provides quickest electrical path for faster starting and charging

INSPECTION POINT #66: Mastertran™ hydraulic fluid SYMPTOM Sluggish performance.

™ Additive/ MasterTran Water Fallout

1-GALLON Part No.86639558 5-GALLON Part No.86639560 55-GALLON Part No.86639562

SOLUTION As temperatures cool, condensation can form and introduce water into the hydraulic system. Without the right fluid, this moisture can create corrosive additive fallout that jeopardizes hydraulic response. 

Twice the moisture tolerance of most fluids Superior wear protection for smooth, quiet operation in severe operating conditions Non-zinc additives keep system free of deposits and excessive corrosion



INSPECTION POINT #93: filters SYMPTOM Loss of power.

Will-Fitter: Porous cellulose/paper

SOLUTION Inferior filters can miss particles, leaving them free to enter your engine oil, fuel or hydraulic systems. New Holland filters catch the smallest, most damaging particles and are designed for extended change intervals and prolonged machine life.

New Holland: Dense MicroLoc™ material Schedule your uptime maintenance inspection today, call your local Titan Machinery network dealership to learn more.


General Maintenance (cont’d) TECH TIP:


Regular lubrication will help your equipment and your schedule run smoothly.

GREASE GUNS Built strong to last long. Our grease guns deliver smooth, consistent grease flow in an ergonomic design that’s built to last.

GREASE JOINT REJUVINATOR Hardened or frozen grease joints? Quickly break up and dissolve blockages in grease joints without having to replace fittings with the Grease Joint Rejuvenator. Part No. MN6139 $54.00

PAINT Refresh your investment. Whether you’re maintaining your working equipment or restoring antiques, you want the best possible finish. Outshine and outlast all the others with paints and primers from New Holland.


grease gun holder Keep the gun with the machine. Simple snapaction clamp mounts on almost any surface. Part No. MC5405 $13.42

Tools and Shop Products Whatever the task, we have the tools you need. Our selection of New Holland-branded tools have been engineered and priced to provide the best level of value and carry a lifetime replacement warranty (excluding air guns and torque wrenches).

Creepers SIX-WHEEL Part No. SN43001NA2 $138.42

SEATED Part No. SN43501NA $95.13

40" tool chest Double wall construction with 3-4 inch spot weld spacing Drawers equipped with 100-lb full extension ball bearing slides with quick disconnect Positive drawer latching prevents unwanted drawer opening Rubber work mat and drawer liners





Part No. SN4000NA $2,574.14



Your portable power pack. This 14.4V cordless power tool set includes a heavy-duty impact wrench, variable speed drill, LED pivoting work light, two batteries, battery charger and 13-piece titanium drill bit set, all packed into a heavy-duty tote bag.

Loose components? Count on the complete line of Loctite thread treatment products to help prevent equipment failure by protecting fasteners from loosening due to vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Cordless Power Tool Set Part No. SN3814IDLKT $449.12

HAND TOOLS 8-Pc. SAE Ratcheting Wrench Set Part No. SN70001 | $135.79 8-Pc. Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set Part No. SN70501 | $135.46 4-PC. RATCHETING WRENCH ADAPTER SET Part No. SN80550 | $44.96 80-Pc. Field Service Kit Part No. SN99980 | $282.11 Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver Part No. SN80005 | $24.89

Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested list prices for the United States of America (excludes taxes, freight, setup and delivery) and are subject to change at the discretion of CNH America LLC. Pricing valid until December 31, 2012 at participating dealerships.


PLM™ Precision Farming Whether you’re managing row crops, spreading manure, strip-tilling or even harvesting at night, PLM from New Holland has the most accurate solutions available.

NH 372 receiver More satellites. More productive. The NH 372 GNSS Receiver continues the tradition of its predecessor by adding the capability of users to utilize the GLONASS satellite system, which increases the number of satellites available to the use and results in less downtime. starting at: $2,995.00 NEW PRODUCT!

FM-1000™ Integrated Touchscreen Display Various configurations to meet your everyday precision needs. Key features include: 

Large 12.1" color screen display I ntegrated dual GPS+ GLONASS receivers

Integrated 900 MHz radio (optional)

Virtual lightbar feature

4x external video input

Ask us about our complete line of PLM™ Precision Farming products. 20

starting at: $5,995.00

Attachments Both you and your skid steer worked hard this year. By purchasing New Holland’s specialized agricultural attachments, you can transform your skid steer into different compact powerful tools, helping you increase the versatility of your machine.

BALE SPEARS Choose the bale spear that matches your needs and your machine’s lift capacity. Fits L Series Skid Steers and C Series Compact Track Loaders. SINGLE-TINE, STANDARD DUTY Part No. 87648167 $503.00 SINGLE-TINE HEAVY DUTY Part No. 87473623 $703.00

DUAL-TINE Part No. 87473624 $855.00 3-TINE, 27" Part No. 87473625 $840.00 3-TINE, 44" Part No. 87473626 $978.00

farm fork

don’t forget:

Move waste and loose materials easily. Optional grapple attachment clamps load in place, reducing spillage.

SNOW REMOVAL Winter is just around the corner. In cold-weather climates, rather than letting your skid steer simply sit idle, why not turn it into a snow removal machine? With New Holland snow removal attachments, your skid steer can tackle the heaviest of snowfalls with ease.

SILAGE DEFACER Fits L Series Skid Steers and C Series Compact Track Loaders. 3-position, extendable frame*. 96" full width cut and inboard mounted drive motor allows defacer to operate closer to bunker walls Frame stands protect rotor when running or parked For skid steers with 15-25 GPM hydraulic flow  




Part No. 87045463 $5,738.00 *Working heights up to 19’, depending on loader lift height, loader capacity and frame position Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested list prices for the United States of America (excludes taxes, freight, setup and delivery) and are subject to change at the discretion of CNH America LLC. Pricing valid until December 31, 2012 at participating dealerships.


CNH REMAN More than rebuilt – remanufactured. Only CNH REMAN parts are tested against OEM specs by the company that built your machine to offer you a reliable repair option that helps manage your costs without compromising quality.

Better. Every remanufactured component meets or exceeds the original OEM specifications. Faster. Drop-in assemblies install faster, minimizing labor costs and keeping you working. Stronger. Thoroughly inspected and rigorously tested to ensure long-lasting durability and performance. Smarter. Covered by an industry-leading warranty that includes parts AND labor when installed at our dealership.

3,000 parts and counting! 


A xles and Transaxles



Engine Components

Fuel Systems



Transmission and Torque Converters And more!

To learn more, or to find the right CNH REMAN part for your equipment, stop in or contact us today. 22

Roseau Thief River Falls


Grand Forks Crookston Winger Ada

NORTH DAKOTA Jamestown Casselton Lisbon LaMoure



Richland Imp. Graceville

HC Clark


Twin Cities

Highmore Pierre




Albert Lea


Tri-State Le Mars Equipment



Sign Up by November 30 to Receive your FREE

Anthon 80

North Platte Kearney Lexington

IOWA Anthon 712-373-5231 Le Mars 712-546-8838 Waverly 319-352-5872 MINNESota Ada 218-784-2321 ALBERT LEA 507-373-9114 Crookston 218-281-4668 Graceville 320-748-7277 Marshall 507-532-5783 Moorhead 218-287-8010

Grand Island

Roseau 218-463-1781 Thief River Falls 218-681-1423 WINGER 218-938-4131 NEBRASKA Fairbanks int GRAND ISLAND 308-382-4781 Fairbanks int Kearney 308-237-3128 Fairbanks int Lexington 308-324-5553 Fairbanks int North Platte 308-532-6571



See Your Local Titan Machinery Store for Details!

NORTH Dakota

SOUTH Dakota

Casselton 701-347-4671

HC CLARK Aberdeen 605-225-8170

Grand Forks 701-775-8111 Jamestown 701-252-8200 KINTYRE 701-332-6612 LaMoure 701-883-5286 LEMARS 712-546-8838

Highmore 605-852-2217 MILLER 605-853-3033 Pierre 605-224-9247 Tri-State Equip. Sioux Falls 605-336-6224

Lisbon 701-683-4000 Twin City IMP. MANDAN 701-663-7505 Richland IMP. Wahpeton 701-642-9266

Your local Titan Machinery network

of PARTs warranty protection*


March 1st with a Titan Access Account purchase of $750 or more!

until Spring 2013 **


© 2012 CNH America LLC. All rights reserved. CNH, CNH Capital and New Holland are registered trademarks of CNH America LLC.

* 6-month extended warranty available on genuine Case IH replacement parts with an existing 6 month warranty, for a total of 12 months of warranty protection. 6-month extended warranty eligible only on parts installed by an authorized Case IH dealer. Offer ends March 31, 2013. Program subject to change or cancellation without notice. See your local Case IH dealer for complete details and qualifications. **  For commercial use only – not intended for personal, family or household use. This offer applies to purchases of $750 or more of genuine Case IH parts and related services made using the CNH Capital Commercial Revolving Account (the “Account”) during a single visit to a participating Case IH dealership located in the United States or Canada now through the dealer location’s 120 day event period, that will end on or before March 31, 2013. If any payment when due is not made on other balances outstanding under the Account, the promotional terms may be terminated and the promotional balance will be subject to the applicable default rate prior to the expiration of the promotional period. Once the promotional period is terminated or expires, minimum monthly payments will be required and finance charges will begin to accrue (in Canada at 18.9% per annum) and CNH Capital America LLC or CNH Capital Canada Ltd. standard terms and conditions will apply. Customer participation subject to credit qualification, available credit and good standing on all CNH Capital accounts. Not all customers may qualify for this rate or term. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice.


EXTRA months

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receive your FREE gift.

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