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July/August 2011 Vol. 116 Issue 4


2011 Scholarship Issue $173,800 For Catholic United Youth

a dream: + Assisting Schuler grants

From the President

“This project... [goes] a long way in showing that faith and service are alive and well here in our country.”

If the proof is always in the doing, not the telling. Catholic United Financial’s Vision statement begins with “Bound by our Catholic faith…” Bound by our Catholic faith, we’ll reach out in service to our fellow citizens of the world — without regard to faith, nationality or ethnic origin. That’s what our motivation has been from the beginning with our Foundation’s Catholic United Response trailer and volunteer squad. Printed on the back in bold lettering for all to read is the biblical quote: “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:40) Since the Foundation was created in 1997, those words in Matthew have guided it. In its one season of existence, the Foundation’s trailer has already been deployed to Wadena, Minn., and North Minneapolis for tornado cleanup. Now, I’ve just received notice from Paul Naumann, our Foundation’s executive director, that he and his team will be in Minot, N.D., for two to three weeks this month. Catholic Churches from the Dioceses of Fargo and Bismarck will send bus-loads of parish volunteers to meet with Paul and begin the cleanup process. Nothing says “United,” and nothing better exemplifies being “Bound by our Catholic faith,” than people with nothing in common but their Catholic faith coming together to help those who’ve suffered a disaster. They’ll have their hands full, too. The floods in Minot damaged or destroyed as many as 4,000 houses. We must hope in times of desperation, that fraternalism, volunteerism and most importantly, faith, will not abandon us. The actions of your Foundation and its network of volunteers is truly setting an example of doing for those least fortunate of our brothers.


July/August 2011

This project and the volunteers who make it possible go a long way in showing that faith and service are alive and well here in our country. But there has been a lot written to the contrary, in recent years, about religion in the U.S.A. The press often portrays our country’s great religious foundation as crumbing, or at the least, struggling to survive in a secular world. Churches are in turmoil, splinter groups are formed, different sects of certain religions are fighting or not talking to each other at all; or basically, there’s a lot of not-very-Christian activity going on. The tragedy in Norway was even linked to a “way out there” religious movement — or at least the zealotry of one man who thought he could solve Europe’s problems with his own violent methods. These reports make us wonder where these groups and people must have got off the boat of Christianity. But there is actually a lot of good news out there too; it just does not always make the headlines. Just this last week, I received an email regarding a new survey from Georgetown University, profiling Catholicism in America. The numbers are the opposite of what we often read or hear about from the doom and gloomers out there. In the past 40 years, the Catholic population has increased by 75 percent: it has grown by 50 percent since 1990. More importantly, the number of Catholics attending Mass is up 15 percent since 2000. And in the last five years, contributions have increased by 14 percent. It is important to note that there has been a 40 percent increase in Latinos in the Church over the past 5 years as well. These numbers are impressive. I was also provided with a summary of a Pew Research Center’s Forum report on Religion, which did a survey to see where fallen-away Catholics had gone. Interestingly, two-thirds of these Catholics elected to join Protestant evangelical churches by and large considered more conservative than the Catholic faith. So much for people leaving our Faith because we are unbending in our views! We as a church are growing, and as a fraternal we are growing not only in members but in influence. We are broadening our reach to live up to our Vision and if you need proof, just look at what our Church and our society has been doing. May the Lord Bless you in every way.

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Rural Poverty

Longtime Catholic United ally the National Catholic Rural Life Conference has been given a grant to strike a blow against poverty in rural America.

Assisting a Dream

A calling to serve God is an unquestionable blessing and an undeniable burden. The Schuler Grant program helps to unburden seminarians.

The Fraternal Network Take a look at our own social network — more than 500 youth from across the country have one thing they all “like:” Scholarships from Catholic United.





Keys to Your Kingdom

The third of a three-part series on Estate Planning by our expert, John Tetzloff.


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Our Journey Catholic


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Of the May and June Board of Directors meetings.

How can you help end hunger in your lifetime?

Official Publication of Catholic United Financial

July/August 2011

Vol. 116 Issue 4

In loving memory of our deceased members.

Photo Mosaic: Jared Roddy

On the cover are more than 900 scholarship recipients from the past 3 years. Since the program began, more than 5,000 young members have received more than $2.4 million in tuition assistance. Publication No. 093500 Official Publication of Catholic United Financial


2011 Scholarship Issue $173,800 For Catholic United Youth

a dream: + Assisting Schuler grants


Catholic United Financial President/Chairman Michael F. McGovern, Northfield Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer Harald Borrmann, St. Paul Board of Directors Lead Director Frances M. Barten, Union Hill; George Gmach, Rogers; Joseph F. Kueppers, Mendota Heights; John W. Maile, Cold Spring; Deborah M. Pauly, Jordan; Robert Krattenmaker, New London; Michael Schmitz, Mankato Magazine Staff: Publisher Michael F. McGovern Editor Jared Roddy Staff Susan Detlefsen, Michelle Clark Director of Marketing Steve Wendorf Office of Publication: Catholic United Financial, 3499 Lexington Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 551268098; 651-490-0170 or 1-800-568-6670. Postmaster: Send change of address notice to above. Periodicals postage paid at St. Paul, MN. Subscription price is 50 cents a year. Published bimonthly.

July/August 2011



Historic Chartering New Ulm, Minn.

On June 5, two of our most historic councils, St. Joseph Council #004 of New Ulm, Minn., and St. Ann Council #098, also of New Ulm, were formally merged in a ceremonial rechartering. The St. Joseph Council is one of the original ten that created Catholic United, and St. Ann is one of the very first women’s councils. For years, the councils have worked side-byside out of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, but henceforth they will perform their fraternal activities together.

Watch out, IHOP!

Mary Queen of Peace Council in Rogers, Minn., is becoming a pancake house of note! The council recently hosted a matching grant breakfast to benefit the religious education program of Mary Queen of Peace Parish. Fr. Mark Moriarty and Director of Religious Education Betty Lou Zahler accept the money raised along with Catholic United’s matching funds from Council Fraternal Secretary Judy Fehn on July 21, 2011.

Thanks x 1,000,000 Mitchell, S.D.

Mighty members of Mitchell, S.D., council made a million meals and more in meeting to mitigate malnutrition. The Holy Spirit and Holy Family Council has done its JOIN HANDS DAY project at “Impact Lives” where they package meals for people all over the world. This year, they made their millionth meal!

Three Years, $3,800! Delano, Minn.

The aluminum can collection cart might be a familiar sight for residents of Delano, who have seen it parked in Coborn’s grocery store lot for more than three years now. What most probably don’t know is that the Council of St. Anthony and St. Ann has raised almost $4,000 from can collection in that time. The funds go to benefit the youth programs of the Delano Catholic Community. The council would like to thank all those who donated their cans, as well as Coborn’s for all their support. Keep saving those cans!

Above, students from Yankton, S.D., advertised for their Project Multiply, baking and selling cookies. They raised more than $3,000! Right, students of St. Isidore school in Owatonna, Minn., use their best cursive to thank the Foundation for a Technology Grant.

Deployment Alert: Catholic United Response is in action!

Visit to learn where we are and when you can help. Every set of hands can help!


July/August 2011

How to Contact your Sales Representative: Look on the back cover of this magazine. Your Sales Representative’s name and contact information should be listed with yours. Or, visit, or call 1-800-568-6670.

EXTRA! $10,000 Donated


Building Grants

Catholic United delivered $10,000 of its $30,000 comds mitment to the building fun in ool Sch rt Hea for Sacred ola Yankton, S.D. (left) and Loy , kato Man in ools Sch c holi Cat r. Minn., (right) earlier this yea are The building grants part of Catholic United’s dedication to Catholic educac tion, and seeing that Catholi the r offe to e tinu schools con finest education and environ ) delivering $5,000 to Fr. Sales Rep. Mike Matuska (left nts gra The le. ilab ava t men ine Hicks, Director of Ad0 Jess $5,00 and nd lain, seco the chap ers Tim Biren, Sales Rep. Butch Byers deliv rd Boa the by d rde awa Saolic Schools. are of k Lichter, pastor vancement of the Loyola Cath stallment (of three) to Fr. Mar of Directors. To learn more, ton, S.D.

cred Heart Parish in Yank

contact the Home Office.

The Vatican At Your Fingertips Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican took an enormous technological step Wednesday, June 22, when they unveiled the new information portal The Holy Father himself sent the site live with a ceremonial “click” on the day he celebrated 60 years as an ordained priest. The main purpose of the site is to provide easy access to the happenings at the Vatican for the outside world. Links for the various news and communications arms of the Vatican, such as Vatican Radio and L’Osservatore Romano are prominently available at the top of the page, while information from those sites is constantly updated on the new portal. The page also gives visitors the option to follow on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube. The site is handsomely put together and easily catalogs all the latest news and communications coming from or regarding the Pope and his Papacy.

Web Link:


July/August 2011


Catholic conference working to address rural poverty NCRLC offers rural communities help in obtaining grants to support anti-poverty programs Rural poverty is rampant across the United States, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development wants to fight it. The campaign was created by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) 40 years ago to provide grants to groups that address poverty in all its forms; it has provided more than 8,000 grants to support antipoverty programs. The campaign has determined, however, that there is a huge disparity between the total amount of grants that rural poverty programs receive compared to similar programs in urban areas. According to their records, the Campaign receives a very small number of grant applications from people in rural areas. Now, the staff of the Iowa-based National Catholic Rural Life Conference (NCRLC) is partnering with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) to assist rural poverty programs with the grantwriting process. NCRLC staff will act as consultants to organizations in the grant-writing process. The end result they seek is to bring more funding to combat rural poverty. CCHD grants have supported programs and businesses serving needs across the board. “Local and national grants have helped low-income day care centers, legal advocacy to enforce fair wages, affordable housing in low-income neighborhoods, and on-line marketplaces and cooperatives for small artisans and growers,” says James Ennis, executive director of the NCRLC and Catholic United Financial member. Each program began with a simple grant proposal. “All projects must address poverty,” says Ennis. “All organizations must


July/August July/August May/June 2011 2011

have a certain percentage of low-income people on their board of directors informing the decisionmaking of the organization.” Ennis explains why rural areas receive less. “The first big obstacle is lack of awareness of the CCHD grant program. Many rural groups are not aware of the CCHD program,” says Ennis. “Another big hurdle is the grant-writing process. Some organizations are not in the habit of writing grant proposals. They may have some great ideas about how to address poverty in their community, but may not have much experience writing successful grant proposals. A

“Organizations... may have some great ideas about how to address poverty... but may not have much experience writing successful grant proposals.” third hurdle we see is understanding and navigating through the CCHD grant-making process, which can be intimidating or burdensome for some organizations with tight budgets and small staff.” Catholic United Financial, a longtime partner of NCRLC, partially funds another rural ministry program of NCRLC that helps train lay persons in leading small-group discussions through Church teachings. Since many of our members live in rural areas, Catholic United wants to help spread the word about this op-

portunity to help end rural poverty. What kind of programs can qualify for CCHD funds? One example Ennis mentions is the Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, a business-coaching program that helped more than 100 businesses in 2010 alone, including a pharmacy and veterinary clinic in an area that lacked both services. “Since it began, the group has helped open 22 new businesses generating $6 million in sales and creating 97 new jobs,” says Ennis. NCRLC provides education and consulting assistance to rural organizations interested in applying for CCHD grant funds. The guidelines for the grants are very specific in order to ensure that the programs directly serve low-income and impoverished people. “We are working in dioceses in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, obviously targeting areas where the rural economy is most depressed,” Ennis says. NCRLC will assist interested applicants through the application process and help them understand the grant requirements. Ennis encourages people interested to visit the Conference’s website,, where they can find the guidelines to qualify for grants, grant application timeline, success stories and several resources for grant writing. NCRLC Development Director Beth Hyser is available to assist people who wish to start the process and can be reached by email at or by phone, at 651-962-5955. (NCRLC staff contributed to the content of this article.)


to your


Estate Planning with John Tetzloff For the past two articles of “Keys to Your Kingdom,” we’ve discussed the three aspects of a good Estate Plan. As a reminder, these three pieces to the Estate Planning puzzle are: (1) Personal planning, (2) Estate Tax planning, and (3) Protection planning. We will look at a quick review of Personal planning and Estate Tax planning and then discuss the last piece, Protection planning. Personal planning quite simply looks at the process a person can use to pass their assets to their heirs upon death. Some processes are already determined by law and others allow the estate holder to choose what best fits their goals and objectives. The key is to understand the options that apply to the various assets in an estate and then attempt to match those with your “personal” planning choices. Estate Tax planning is unique as it doesn’t apply to all estates. Both state and federal estate tax rules determine whether an estate is obligated to pay any taxes on the transfer of the assets to the heirs. What determines whether an estate pays taxes? Both the size/value of the assets in the estate and the current tax credits and rules will make that determination. Proper planning helps make use of those very rules to either eliminate or lessen the estate tax burden. As above, the key is to understand those rules and how they apply to each estate and then visit with the appropriate professionals. The last piece of a good estate plan is

the protection of the estate. We can have the best estate plan in place but if we don’t take into account the protection of those assets prior to death, there might not be as much available to our heirs. What do we need to protect the estate from? Probably the most prevalent issue today is the potential cost of a long-term illness and/or disability. Statistics point out that the average cost of a nursing home stay is approximately $40,000$60,000 annually, which varies by location and type of care received. With the average stay in a nursing home being around 2-4 years, that can amount to a tremendous drain on the assets of an estate, especially since the ownership of an asset makes it accessible for long-term care(LTC) costs. There aren’t many options a person can explore in regards to protecting assets from a long-term illness. There is long-term care insurance that a person can purchase that transfers the risk to an insurance company. An LTC policy can be designed to each individual situation so it is very important to discuss each plan with a qualified Sales Representative to make sure the best solution is purchased. A properly structured Life Insurance plan can also provide some form of protection for an estate. This option works well for a majority of estates but as before, a proper discussion with a Sales Representative is vital to make sure this option best fits the situation. Last expense or funeral planning is also a necessary point to

discuss when protecting an estate. Where are the dollars going to come from to take care of the ever-increasing expenses associated with a funeral? If no planning is done, the heirs will need to decide which assets, if any, are available to provide for this cost. Should they use a taxable dollar to pay for funeral costs? Do they need to sell real estate or property to pay for the costs? Typically, the use of life insurance is appropriate to provide a liquid, tax-free dollar to pay for last expenses and if structured properly can be protected from LTC costs. As you can see, there are many things to consider when planning an estate. Choices on how assets pass to heirs leads to an in-depth discussion of the many options a person has to satisfy their Personal planning issues. Knowing the various limits and rules regarding Estate Taxes can help an estate pay their fair share of taxes, but not more than necessary. Finally, making sure the estate has planned for the Protection of the assets in the estate is vital so it can maximize the amounts left to heirs. No one should do this on their own. The qualified Sales Representatives at Catholic United Financial can assist with all aspects of Estate Planning. By assisting in gathering the necessary information, discussing the various options, and getting to a qualified attorney and/or accountant, we can make the Estate Planning process easy, understandable, and thus, complete.

John Tetzloff, CLU, FICF, LUTCF, is the Catholic United Financial Advanced Case Specialist and Trainer. He leads estate planning seminars throughout the year and is the host of the “Creating Wealth Beyond Money” radio show, which can be heard Saturday mornings on the Relevant Radio network. He has more than 20 years’ experience in estate planning and financial preparedness.

July/August 2011



Assisting a

When God calls His shepherds to the priesthood, He doesn’t promise an easy life. The Msgr. Schuler Seminarian Trust aims to give those shepherds comfort as they pursue their vocation. Responding to a calling is a difficult path to follow. Not only are you driven to accomplish the goals you set for yourself, but also there is the added pressure of a Divine mandate to succeed. Catholic United Financial and the Msgr. Richard J. Schuler Seminarian Charitable Trust aim to take a little bit of that pressure off by giving seminarians one less thing to worry about. Seminary students face a long road to reach the priesthood. Where most college students finish their schooling after attaining a four-year degree, seminarians are only just beginning. Much like a medical


July/August 2011

or law degree, seminary takes four additional years of instruction, study, prayer and practice. During his time as pastor of St. Agnes Church in St. Paul, Minn., Catholic United’s late Spiritual Director Msgr. Richard J. Schuler doggedly pursued the cause of vocations. From his parish, more than 30 young men celebrated their first Masses at St. Agnes. It was in honor of the Monsignor’s commitment to priestly vocations that Catholic United named its seminarian trust after him. While not every Catholic is called upon to be a priest or join the religious life, the Catechism

of the Catholic Church says we are all called upon in some way: “…all of the faithful, whatever their condition or state — though each in his own way — are called by the Lord to that perfection of sanctity by which the Father himself is perfect.” CCC 825 Msgr. Schuler’s enthusiasm for priestly vocations was infectious. Although not called to the altar themselves, the Board and leadership of Catholic United felt the need to help those who were. In reflecting on his own Seminary life, Msgr. Schuler reportedly said that it was “less than ideal.” And although his concerns of poor course quality

All photos in this story by Dianne Towalski, courtesy, the St. Cloud Visitor.

and lack of by the Catholic respect have been United Financial addressed and Foundation, but is reversed, he also funded exclusively noted that the by donations, living routine of many from a seminarian was Catholic United overly regulated. Councils. Since its To some extent, creation in 1998, priests in it has awarded formation still $299,300 in grants wrestle with to 761 recipients. this issue. The blessing Recently and the curse, ordained priest, according to Fr. John Paul Foundation Knopik is from Executive Little Falls, Minn., Director Paul and currently Naumann, is that The Ordination of new priests of the Diocese of St. Cloud took place on June 4, 2011, and included serves at St. those recipients many “Schuler Seminarians.” Above: Bishop John Kinney grasps the hand of newly ordained Mary’s Cathedral priest, Fr. John Paul Knopik. Knopik received several Schuler grants and contributed to this story. have grown from in downtown eight in 1998, St. Cloud. He says in order to getting a tooth filled, purchasing to 129 in 2010. To stay solvent, prepare priests for pastoral school supplies. In that regard, the Trust only distributes income life, the seminary sometimes things can get downright difficult. from its endowment — $42,900 gives them more work than they “The good majority of guys in this year. To meet the demand can reasonably accomplish. seminary do not come from wealthy from every seminarian, awards “They can give you more than families,” Fr. John Paul says. “For had to be scaled back from $500 you can handle in a week, so it’s me, it would have been impossible to $400 for major and from $300 all about setting priorities. It’s to work; just to get through the to $250 for minor seminarians. difficult, but I think that’s what day with all you had to read.” “In order to continue to meet they’re trying to teach you, that So Catholic United and the increasing demand, and the business of life is making Msgr. Schuler had found their avoid shrinking these awards any choices,” Fr. John Paul says. niche: To encourage and more, the endowment needs to Yet the “business” of life also has support vocations by providing grow,“ Naumann says. “We need to do with business: buying food, small grants to seminarians new donations to do that.” for whatever need arises. On June 4, 2011, Fr. John Paul For Fr. John, who received the Knopik was ordained at St. Mary’s grant multiple times, he said Cathedral and fulfilled his dream it was different every time. to become a priest. Although it was “It was basically what I the end of a long journey, it was needed. Car insurance, books, only the beginning of a longer one. whatever came up,” he says. The Schuler grants he received The Schuler Trust awards grants made little difference in his of between $200 and $300 to minor being called or his determination seminarians, and between $400 to follow his heart to become a and $500 to major seminarians. priest. What it did do, was tell a Every year they apply throughout determined young scholar that their seminary formation. Though there were people he’d never met it is not intended to pay for a who were supportive of his goal. vacation or cover rent, it does “They’ve helped me make my afford the recipient some relief. dream come true,” Fr. John says. “It’s amazing, you’d be shocked “So tell them thanks a million.” how far even $20 can go, especially when you don’t have Use the Schuler reply anything,” Fr. John Paul says. card on page 12. The Schuler Trust is administered July/August 2011


the fraternal network Catholic United Financial — has been in the scholarship business since 1955, but it has only in the past few years that this program has exploded into one of our biggest fraternal benefits. This year, 518 students received awards totaling $173,800. In the past three years alone, almost 1,500 students have received awards from Catholic United. We’ve given 6,745 scholarships since the program began, totaling $2,365,200. That means that 22 percent of all scholarship recipients have been within the past 3 years of the program — obviously, the word is getting out. Catholic United Financial — is not just a financial organization, it’s a fraternal one. Which means we work together to benefit the entire Catholic Community. To all our scholarship recipients, we extend an open invitation: look us up, contact us, join our fraternal network to help improve your school, parish and community through fraternal activities. We’re working hard to keep up with the technology and energy of today’s youth, but there’s still no substitute for a willing spirit and an able pair of hands.


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Brennan Baune Redwood Falls, Minn. Mitchell Tech. Institute

Mary Bechtold St. Joseph, Minn. College of St. Benedict

Lucas Beireis Miltona, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Hunter Bell Anamosa, IA Kirkwood Cmnty College

Trista Bentler Michael Berger Clearwater, Minn. Litchfield, Minn. Minn. State Univ.-Moorhead St. John’s University

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Lance Boedigheimer Columbia Heights, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

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Robert Brau Willmar, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

Alyssa Breitbach Jackelyn Breitbach Tony Breth Sauk Centre, Minn. Elrosa, Minn. Royalton, Minn. Minn. State Univ.-Moorhead St. Cloud Tech. & Cmnty Coll. Mayville State University

Katelyn Brockhaus Hartford, S.D. N.D. State University

Carlee Brockman Hastings, Minn. Viterbo University

Adam Broderius Glencoe, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Benjamin Bruening Brownsville, Minn. Univ. of Wis.-Stevens Point

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Frank Burmis Hutchinson, Minn. Ridgewater Cmnty College

Kristin Byrne Eagan, Minn. University of Wis.-Madison

Meghan Carlson Sarah Cater Krystal M Chermak New London, Minn. Eau Claire, Wis. Miltona, Minn. Minn. State Univ. Moorhead University of Wis.-Eau Claire N.D. State University

Marcus Christensen Riceville, IA Iowa State University

Marley Clark Glencoe, Minn. Gustavus Adolphus College

Taylor Clements Mankato, Minn. University of St Thomas

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Daniel Cook Inver Grove Heights, Minn. Carleton College

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Britta Diem Willmar, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Aaron Dingmann Kayla Dockendorf Richmond, Minn. Watkins, Minn. St. Cloud Tech. & Cmnty Coll. Concordia College

Stephanie Doll Albany, Minn. Univ. of Minn. - Crookston

Taylor Doll Perham, Minn. Jamestown College

Diana Dombrowski Cudahy, Wis. Marquette University

Holly Domeier Urbandale, IA University of Northern Iowa

Kayla Ebnet Holdingford, Minn. Minn. State Univ. -Mankato

Zachary Effling Artesian, S.D. S.D. State University

Avery Emmert Maize, Kan. Butler Cmty Coll. -Andover

Daniel Engberg Detroit Lakes, Minn. Minn. State Univ.- Moorhead

Whitney Duarte John Dunn Yankton, S.D. Chamberlain, S.D. Univ. of Nebr. - Lincoln Concordia College

Bryan Ebner Homer, AK University of Minn.-Morris

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Nicholas Erickson Jayme Ericson Pine City, Minn. Prior Lake, Minn. Minn. State Univ.-Moorhead College of St. Benedict

Luke David Evans Avon, Minn. University of Minn.-Morris

Adam Falk Bemidji, Minn. Bemidji State University

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Nicholas Gersch Albany, Minn. St. Olaf College

Anne Giesen New Ulm, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

Troy Gillen White Lake, S.D. S.D. State University

Andrew Goenner Stratford, Wis. Univ. of Wis.-Marshfield

Shea Goetting Brownsville, Minn. St. Mary’s University

Samantha Jean Gomez Chanhassen, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

Mack Goodrich Apple Valley, Minn. Bemidji State University

Arielle Gores West Lakeland, Minn. University of Wis.-Madison

Jennifer Gray Waconia, Minn. University of N.D.

Jeremy Grefsrud Justin Grosdidier Delano, Minn. Ethan, S.D. Rochester Cmnty & Tech Coll. University of South Dakota

Lauren Guck Perham, Minn. Itasca Community College

Teresa Guck Elise Guenther Perham, Minn. Rochester, Minn. Minn. St. Cmnty & Tech. Coll University of St. Thomas

Joshua Guetter Wabasso, Minn. Hamline University

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Christopher Hansen Jessica Hansen Cold Spring, Minn. Darwin, Minn. St. Cloud Tech. & Cmnty Coll. S.W, Minn. State University

Mark Harries Plymouth, Minn. University of N.D.

Michael Harries Haley Heimer Plymouth, Minn. Stacyville, IA Washington Univ. in St. Louis N. Iowa Area Cmnty College

Andrea Heller Brent Hellermann Travis Hentges Alisha Hershman Oakdale, Minn. Melrose, Minn. Jordan, Minn. Sioux Falls, S.D. Century College St. Cloud Tech. & Cmnty Coll Dakota County Tech. College Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities July/August 2011


Robert Hoen Delano, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Crookston

Kirby Grutz Hazel Green, Wis. N.E. Iowa Cmnty College

Michael A Haggar Carter Hansen Rockford, Minn. Waseca, Minn. University of Wis.-Platteville Minn. State Univ.-Mankato

Erin Heine Shannon Heitkamp Yankton, S.D. Albertville, Minn. Northwestern College- Iowa University of St. Thomas

Matthew Holdvogt Isaac Arthur Hollmerman Eden Valley, Minn. Chatfield, Minn. S.D. State University N.D. State University

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Mackenzie Kampmeier Chokio, Minn. N.D. State University

Kelsey Kasella Royalton, Minn. College of St. Benedict

Amy Kavanagh Murdock, Minn. Ridgewater College

Alicia Kawalek Inver Grove Heights, Minn. Black Hills State University

Andrew J. Kieke Kimball, Minn. S.D. State University

Meg Kirchhoff Fond du Lac, Wis. St. Olaf College

Aaron Klaphake Melrose, Minn. Alexandria Tech & Cmnty

Hannah Klinnert Kindred, N.D. College of St. Benedict

Kaitlyn Koren Oakdale, Minn. St. Catherine University

Nathan Kral Sleepy Eye, Minn. Iowa Lakes Cmnty College

Brian Kremer St. Cloud, Minn. St. Cloud State University

Ethan Kuehn Cannon Falls, Minn. Winona State University

Thomas Kullman James Kurzhals Stephanie Lacourse Shoreview, Minn. St. Cloud, Minn. New Ulm, Minn. Dakota County Tech. College St. Cloud Tech. & Cmnty Coll. University of Wis.-Stout

Theresa Lavalla St. Charles, Minn. St Mary’s University

Rebecca Lamey Kellogg, Minn. Winona State University

Kayla Lang Detroit Lakes, Minn. S.W. Minn. State University

Corey Latuff Welch, Minn. University of Wis.-Stout

Danielle Lemieur Amy Lee Little Falls, Minn. Mercer, N.D. Alexandria Tech & Cmnty Coll Univ. of Minn.-Crookston

Benjamin Lehner Brooklyn Park, Minn. Dunwoody

Blake Lentner Ramsey, Minn. University of Wis.-Stout

Mikal Liebswager Thompson, N.D. Vermillion Water College

Bryce Litfin Delano, Minn. Universal Tech. Institute

rAshley Lindenfelser Monticello, Minn. St. Cloud Tech. & Cmnty Coll.

Garrett Loesch Shelby Lorentz St. Cloud, Minn. Sauk Rapids, Minn. St. Cloud State University Minn. State Univ.-Mankato

Christopher Lukenbach Heaton, N.D. N.D. State University

Tyler Lundberg Shorewood, Minn. Bethel University

Amelia Maher Sauk Centre, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Valerie Mahlke Winona, Minn. University of Wis.-Stout

Coll Jared Klein Olivia, Klemek Waconia, Minn. Cold Spring, Minn. MN State Cmnty & Tech Coll. University of Minn.-Morris

Elizabeth Mangan Sioux City, IA Creighton University July/August 2011


Michelle Markley Big Lake, Minn. Bethel University

Matthew Massmann Kimball, Minn. Ridgewater Coll. – Willmar

Jason May Randolph, Minn. Oklahoma State University

Andrea Mayer Stacyville, IA Univ. of Minn.-Rochester

Shane Merrill Parker, S.D. S.D. State University

Megan Meyer Melrose, Minn. N.D. State University

Cadie Meyer Otsego, Minn. S.W. Minn. State University

Maureen Michel Jessica Lynn Mielitz Belle Plaine, Minn. Big Stone City, S.D. Rochester Cmnty & Tech Coll. Northern State University

Joseph Miesen Springfield, Minn. Iowa Lakes

Nicholas Miller Burnsville, Minn. St. Cloud State University

Ashley Moen Deer Creek, Minn. Central Lakes Coll. - Staples

Joseph Moldaschel Sleepy Eye, Minn. Pine Technical College

Timothy John Moosbrugger Princeton, Minn. University of St. Thomas

Anna Moraczewski Cold Spring, Minn. Winona State University

Brittney Nechuta Mosinee, Wis. North Central Tech. College

Christine Nehring West St. Paul, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Nicholas Neuvirth Elkton, Minn. Rochester Cmnty & Tech Coll.

Asheley Nienaber Garfield, Minn. Alexandria Tech & Cmnty

Coll. Erika Norris Spicer, Minn. Augustana College

Alexandra Oxborough-Yankus Lucas Palokangas Wallingford, Conn. Lakeville, Minn. Pitzer College Iowa State University

Eric Paulson Milan, Minn. Northern State University

Ashley Pauly Wadena, Minn. Bemidji State University

Tatum Payne Wayzata, Minn. Boston College

Amanda Peine Vermillion, Minn. N.D. State University

Lauren Peine Cannon Falls, Minn. St. Scholastica

Abby Pominville Erin Preston Stillwater, Minn. Hastings, Minn. University of Wis.-River Falls Inver Hills Cmnty College

Brock Purtell Mendota Heights, Minn. University of Wis.-Lacrosse

Brent Rademacher Michael Ramler Belgrade, Minn. Maple Grove, Minn. Alexandria Tech & Cmnty Coll. University of St. Thomas

Scott Redig Apple Valley, Minn. University Of Minn.-Duluth

Amber Reed Julia Reiner Lafayette, Minn. Springfield, Minn. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. St Scholastica

Joshua Reis Cottage Grove, Minn. Undecided

Benjamin Remarcke Lakeville, Minn. Creighton University

Jennifer Renner Audubon, Minn. Concordia College

Rebecca Rettkowski Pequot Lakes, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

LeAnne Roelike Sauk Centre, Minn. Ridgewater College

Emily Roerick Avon, Minn. College of St. Scholastica

Elizabeth Roering Loretto, Minn. College of St. Benedict

Elizabeth Roiger Springfield, Minn. Ridgewater College

Kari Jo Riederer Zachary Rintoul Sleepy Eye, Minn. St. Croix Falls, Wis. Ridgewater College-Willmar Univ. of Wis. - River Falls


July/August 2011

Katherine Robinson Long Prairie, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Mike Mayers Melrose, Minn. St. Cloud State University

Thomas McGreal Dani McNallan Lino Lakes, Minn. Andover, Minn. University of Wis.-Eau Claire University of N.D.

Michelle Roiger Springfield, Minn. University of South Dakota

Thea Romann Perham, Minn. Central Lake Coll. - Staples

Lauren Rominski Ryan Rothstein Alyssa Sager New Richmond, Wis. Richmond, Minn. Montrose, Minn. University of Wis.-Eau Claire Minn. State Univ.-Moorhead Wartburg College

Lexi Salonek Montrose, Minn. S.W. Minn. State University

Lucas Schaefer Taopi, Minn. South Central Mankato

Cody Scherping Freeport, Minn. St. Cloud State University

Mishel Scherping David Schiffer Freeport, Minn. Burnsville, Minn. Model College of Hair Design University of St. Thomas

Megan Schindler St. Cloud, Minn. Concordia College

Sarah Jean Schirmers Kurtis John Schlosser Pierz, Minn. Delano, Minn. Minn. State Univ.-Moorhead Delano High School

Kayla Schlumpberger New Ulm, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

Tyler Schlumpberger New Ulm, Minn. Undecided

Ryan Schmidt Clearwater, Minn. N.D. State University

Sabrena Mae Schmidt Huron, S.D. Northern State University

Joseph Schmitt Lakeville, Minn. M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA.)

Brandon Schmitz Wadena, Minn. Bemidji State University

Thomas Schneider Cologne, Minn. University of St. Thomas

Victoria Schneider Winona, Minn. College of St. Scholastica

Bethany Schornack Keith Schornack New York Mills, Minn. Perham, Minn. MN State Cmnty & Tech. Coll. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

Anne Schreiber Inver Grove Heights, Minn. Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

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John Roger Schutz Sauk Rapids, Minn. N.D. State University

Cortney Schwartz Holdingford, Minn. Alexandria Tech & Cmnty

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Jessica Scott South St. Paul, Minn. St. Ambrose University

Megan Seibel Vadnais Heights, Minn. College of St Benedict

Lisa JoAnn Seidl Hayley Selinski Sleepy Eye, Minn. Blaine, Minn. Rasmussen College-Mankato Univ. of Minn.-Twin Cities

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Tracy Stampfle Mounds View, Minn. University of Minn.-Duluth

Keith Sampica Lindstrom, Minn. University of Wis.-Eau Claire

July/August 2011


David Stoll Dent, Minn. Itasca Community College

Brian Strauss Goodhue, Minn. Winona State University

Candice Thielen Rice, Minn. St. Cloud State University

Nicholas Thies Green Isle, Minn. St. John’s University

Mitchell Turbes New Ulm, Minn. Iowa Lakes Cmnty College

Neil Symalla Laura Talaska Cold Spring, Minn. Roseville, Minn. Ridgewater Coll. -Hutchinson Bemidji State University

Hayden Tanner Spicer, Minn. S.D. State University

Theodore Tinjum Kimberly Tobias Detroit Lakes, Minn. San Jose, Calif. MN State Comm & Tech Coll. Marist College

Christine Tolles Clontarf, Minn. Dakota State University

Tyler Tschanz Rice Lake, Wis. University of Wis.-LaCrosse

Alex Turbes New Ulm, Minn. South Central College

Jacob Ukkelberg Clitherall, Minn. University of St. Thomas

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Courtney Vait Clearwater, Minn. St. Cloud State University

Jackie Voight Jamestown, N.D. Creighton University

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Jacob Voss Albany, Minn. University of St. Thomas

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Amanda Wuebkers Megan Wuertz Burtrum, Minn. Paynesville, Minn. Alexandria Tech & Cmnty Coll. Ridgewater Coll. – Willmar



Kyle Yarusso Lake Elmo, Minn. Michigan Tech. Univ.

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July/August 2011


Minutes of the

Board of Directors May 9, 2011

The Meeting was held at the Diocesan Offices in Winona, MN. Prior to the meeting, Bishop Quinn said a Mass for the Board at his chapel. The Board meeting started at 10:10 am with Director Deb Pauly leading the Directors in the Opening Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. All directors were present. The agenda was moved for approval by Director Joe Kueppers, seconded by Director Mike Schmitz and approved. The April Board Meeting minutes were moved for approval by Director Fran Barten, seconded by Director George Gmach and passed. Chairman Mike McGovern and Secretary Harald Borrmann discussed the Investment Report. The movement of yield is corresponding closely with the movement of the average annuity crediting rate; thus the spread is remaining constant. The Association is beginning to see some investments being made via the new affiliation with Wellington Management and they are clearly being seen as a valuable adjunct to the activities of the Association’s Fixed Income Manager. Approval of the Report was moved by Ms. Pauly, seconded by Mr. Kueppers and passed. Mr. Borrmann presented revised Bylaws for the St. Martin Council #95. Ms. Pauly moved for approval, Mr. Kueppers seconded and the motion passed. With regard to Policy Governance, Mr. McGovern led the Board through the following items: Treatment of Staff; Financial Planning/Budgeting; Emergency CEO Succession; Ends Policies; Accountability of CEO; Delegation to the CEO and Shared Responsibility of the Senior Vice President & Secretary/Treasurer were discussed with no changes made. Mr. Kueppers presented the report of the Audit Committee. Once again, the Association received a “clean” au-


July/August 2011

Front row from left: Deborah Pauly, President & Chairman Michael McGovern, Senior Vice President & Secretary/Treasurer Harald Borrmann and Lead Director Fran Barten. Back row from left: George Gmach, Robert Krattenmaker, Michael Schmitz, Joseph Kueppers and John Maile.

dit from its outside auditors, Strohm Ballweg. The auditors do an excellent job and provide valuable services to the Association. Mr. Gmach noted that the auditors commented upon the excellent cooperation they receive from officers and staff. Mr. Krattenmaker commented on the relative rarity of regularly receiving such “clean audits.” The audit partner will transition from Gary Strohm to Heather Hafeman next year; a smooth transition is expected. The report was moved for approval by Mr. Kueppers, seconded by Mr. Gmach and passed. Mr. McGovern reviewed the Corporate Donation Policy. Minor editorial changes were suggested and the revised policy was moved for approval by Mr. Kueppers, seconded by Mr. Schmitz and approved. Mr. Borrmann reviewed the first quarter financial report. The Association had an excellent first quarter with assets and liabilities growing commensurately. Premiums and expenses are on track. Management continues to project positive growth in both assets and surplus for 2011. Mr. Borrmann discussed Risk Management. The Association is continuing with its implementation of improved off-site disaster recovery and business continuation. New servers are being purchased to provide both more efficient and more effective responses. Enhancements and repairs to the Home Office building are slightly behind schedule but still moving forward. The mainframe computer is being replaced this summer and will be owned rather than leased, saving the Association considerable monies. Finally, a new Employee Handbook is being distributed to all employees, including sections on proper use of technology and social media. Mr. McGovern and Mr. Borrmann discussed the status of the merger with American Fraternal Union. The Association expects to be able to announce this merger to its membership

during May. It will be voted on by membership at the Delegate Convention in August, pursuant to an effective date around October 1, 2011. Bishop Quinn rejoined the Board for lunch, and described the Winona Diocese’s efforts in areas of education, vocations and community involvement. After lunch, Mr. McGovern reported on the work of the Constitution Committee. The Constitution Committee voted to bring to the Delegate Convention the following items: Changing the name of “Field Representatives” to “Sales Representatives.” Changing the domicile city of the Association from Arden Hills, MN to St. Paul, MN to better identify the location to members in outstate Minnesota and in other states. Broaden the timing of Benefit Assessments from the first day of each month to payable whenever the assessment is due. Mr. McGovern reported his President’s Remarks as follows: The Association’s Annual Report is in process and nearing completion. Delegate Convention registration has begun. Catholic United marketing is now using billboards in key locations to increase brand awareness and visibility. The radio campaign was successful. The National Rural Life Conference is looking to the Association for support again. The Foundation Golf Tournament is moving ahead with most sponsorships renewed. The Disaster Response team is ready to go and will be assisting in the Wadena area. Life insurance sales are up 22% and Annuity sales on down 22%, both numbers on target. New members are up. Preliminary attendance at the

Board Minutes are abridged. Complete minutes are available at no charge by contacting the Home Office at 1-800-568-6670 or by visiting our Web site. nual Meeting of the American Fraternal Alliance is being considered by Board members. Mr. Borrmann led the Board in a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm. Respectfully submitted, Harald E. Borrmann Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer

June 9, 2011 The Meeting was held at the home office. All members were present. The Board meeting started at 9:35 am with Chairman Mike McGovern leading the Directors in the Opening Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. The agenda with some minor revisions was moved for approval by Director Joe Kueppers, seconded by Director Deb Pauly and passed. The previous month’s minutes were moved for approval by Mr. Kueppers, seconded by Director Mike Schmitz and passed. Secretary Harald Borrmann discussed the Investment Report. The Association has been able to participate in additional private placements to help bolster overall investment income. The loan portfolio remains stable. The cash position is near an optimal level. The Association’s Fixed Income Manager returned from a seminar at Wellington Management and will be using that firm as an additional resource to supplement the historically excellent investment management practices of the Association. The spread between yield and annuity crediting rates remains steady. Mr. McGovern and Secretary Harald Borrmann presented updated By-laws for the following councils: St. Victoria Council, Victoria; Sts. Peter and Paul Council, Loretto; St John Bosco Council, Pipestone; and Mary Queen of Peace Council, Winona; All By-laws passed. The following Policy Governance items were presented and reviewed and approved as appropriate: Treatment of Members; Chairperson’s Role; and Lead Director’s Role. Mr. McGovern provided an update of the merger with American Fraternal Union of Ely, MN. The merger will be

thoroughly discussed in the upcoming edition of Journey for the benefit of our members. The effective date will likely be October 1, 2011, with full integration occurring during the fourth quarter of 2011 and throughout 2012. Staff is putting together a comprehensive Integration Plan and will work with the Association’s business partners to prepare for and to implement the integration. Both societies are cooperating. As part of the Association’s effort to warmly welcome the AFU members into Catholic United, Mr. McGovern unveiled a promise to be made by our staff towards AFU members: “To welcome all American Fraternal Union members into our Catholic United family and help them feel valued every step of the way.” This phrase captures the essence of the Association’s commitment to welcome the new AFU members. Mr. McGovern described the Foundation’s response effort at the Minneapolis tornado site. Numerous volunteers turned out to learn and participate in an actual clean-up process. The Response Unit will also be deploying to the Wadena area in mid-June for a week of work. We continue to find ways to attract volunteers to assist in these efforts. Mr. Borrmann presented the Risk Management update. Several items are of note: A new mainframe computer has been purchased and has been installed. Work continues on replacing the server at the Disaster Recovery site. The remodeling project has been delayed slightly. Work should commence in July. All life insurance products are being reviewed for competitiveness and appropriateness. The whole life product review is finishing up and a recommendation from the Association’s actuary is forthcoming. A new annuity product has been filed to be used if interest rates don’t recover. The Association has developed a policy with regard to social media and social networks. Mr. McGovern brought the Board up to date on funding for the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, the San Miguel Middle School and the Leading in Faith program. Motions were made,

seconded and passed to support these programs. Mr. McGovern discussed the Constitutional reference to the title of the Catholic United Official Publication, Journey. Mr. Kueppers will provide some wording which will clarify how to refer to the Official Publication. Mr. Borrmann will prepare a suggested revision to Section 64 incorporating this suggested wording. Convention Delegates are beginning to register. Delegates will receive a Convention booklet similar to that which was distributed last year. A Nominating Committee will need to be assembled. The Board will revisit this topic at the Board meeting prior to the Convention. Mr. McGovern discussed the Succession Planning issues and clarified for the Board some of the timing needs. This topic will be reviewed at the next Board meeting. Mr. McGovern updated the Board on the Strategic Planning process. Two task forces have been formed; one task force will develop a vision for the fraternal concept in the twenty-first century, while the other task force will develop a model of ideal insurance operations at this point in time. The Association’s officers expect inventive and original thinking during this project which will involve home office employees, sales reps, members and non-members. It is an ambitious project but one which is expected to reap rewards for years to come. Following are key excerpts from the President’s remarks: The vacancy on the Constitution Committee has been filled. The Facebook page has been updated and refreshed. It seems to be attracting new followers. The Credit Union loan portfolio has grown nicely Life sales are up 17% Annuity sales are down 17% Net membership is slowly increasing again Director Bob Krattenmaker led the Board in the closing prayer and the meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm. Respectfully submitted, Harald E. Borrmann Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer

July/August 2011



What difference does it all make? Thanks in part to the efforts of the Catholic Church, the rate of extreme poverty in the world has fallen from 52 percent to 26 percent in our lifetime. Can we bring that down to zero? Recently, a book entitled Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty by Scott C. Todd PhD, came across my desk. Among many things, Todd provides hope for what many consider a hopeless cause: extreme poverty. Throughout the book, he shows that the Church is really making a difference in the world! Take a look at the following statistics: • In 1981, 52 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty; today that number is cut in half to 26 percent. • 22 countries have cut their malaria rate in half in only six years. They did it with insecticide-treated bed nets, access to better medicines, and spraying to kill mosquitoes. • Churches across Haiti served as distribution points for food, water, and medical services while providing counseling and prayer for the many Haitians devastated by the 2010 earthquake. These reductions are in part due to the action of our Church. And did you know that you play a role in all this? The work of our Catholic United Councils is making an impact. There is no doubt, support for Catholic education — the primary focus of most Council giving — is important. I worked 8 years in middle school and high school religious education and youth ministry before becoming the fraternal youth liaison at Catholic United. A big challenge in the formation of young minds is getting young people to think of others first. With Catholic education, we develop the mind AND the heart – giving us the knowledge that with reliance on God and His grace, we can make the world a better place. Strangely, according to the U.S. department of Labor’s report on American Time Usage, in 2010, only 14.8 percent of the population engaged in Organizational, Civic, and Religious Activities. I find that statistic shocking, and a bit depressing. Read again how the Church is impacting the world. That’s with less than 15 percent of the American population engaged! Imagine if we all got involved! “We have been chosen, called, redeemed and equipped for a reason… Jesus made it clear that He expects us to do more than sit around and experience His love. His two great commands, to love God and love other people (see Luke 10:27), require action. And so, the reason for our salvation, the purpose of our life, must express itself in action to become fulfilled.” (Scott C. Todd, PhD) Every Catholic United member is a member of a local council that works hard to support Catholic education and as a result, the Catholic community and the world around us. Contact the fraternal department or your local sales representative to get involved today. Want to get involved? Contact Nate in the Fraternal Department at 651-765-6540 or Better yet, join my Facebook friends and let’s get the discussion going there. Search for my profile “Natelamusga Youthliaison” and just mention that you’re a Catholic United member in your friend request.


July/August 2011

Catholic United Kids

Cool Kid

Name: Amaya Brandt Age: 11 Hometown: Silver Lake, Minn. School: Holy Trinity Winsted, Minn. All about Amaya: This month’s Cool Kid is Amaya Brandt of Silver Lake, Minn. Amaya is enjoying the summer after finishing fifth grade at Holy Trinity School. Whenever she gets out, she loves exploring and adventuring, finding new things and seeing new places. She also likes to perform. She’s mastering the clarinet, and likes to write and perform plays. When she’s at home, she likes to craft, play games and go fishing with her dad. She has a cat, a dog and a brand-new baby sister who she loves to play with. Congratulations, Amaya! Be the September/October Cool Kid! Fill out the puzzles on this page

as best you can and submit them to Our Catholic Journey. One winner will get a Catholic United prize pack! Include your information, as seen above, a photo (can be returned) and a phone number. Send to: Catholic United Kids, 3499 Lexington Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55126.

Catholic United Kids

Amazing Saints artwork and games ©2011 Mario D. Macari. All rights reserved.

july/august 2011



Do you use EBT to pay your premium? Then you may need to make a phone call! Many members who pay their premium through Electronic Bank Transfer still need to call their bank to change the “Payable to” field from “Catholic Aid” to “Catholic United Financial.” Also, the policy number needs to be in the “memo” field so we know exactly how you want it applied. Thank you!

In loving memory of our deceased members May Kathleen Atkinson, 69 Albany, MN St. Anna William Brielmaier, 79 Mankato, MN Holy Family Louise Bromen, 89 Sauk Centre, MN St. Paul Venantia Critton, 89 St. Paul, MN Ss. Peter & Clemens Bernice Crozon, 90 Eden Valley, MN Ss. Joseph & Mary Timothy Domeier, 52 New Ulm, MN St. Joseph Catherine Eilen, 85 Hampton, MN St. Mathias Gertrude Endres, 83 Hampton, MN St. Mathias Joseph Friendshuh, 60 Marystown, MN St. Anthony Kenneth Gerlach, 79 St. Paul, MN Ss. Peter & Clemens James Giesler, 90 Wabasha, MN Ss. Joseph/Kunigunda Kenneth Gjerde, 59 Mankato, MN Holy Family Veronica Goblirsch, 85 Wabasso, MN St. Anne Bernice Gutzke, 81 St. George, MN St. George Robert Hartz, 40 Litchfield, MN St. Philip Jerome Hiemenz, 67 Little Falls, MN Tri Parish


July/August 2011

Joseph Hoffman, 95 St. Leo, MN St. Leo

Maria Rothstein, 91 St. Cloud, MN St. Anthony

Warren Hoffman, 57 Union Hill, MN St. John

Mary Ann Russel, 79 Loretto, MN Ss. Peter & Paul

Daniel Jost, 59 Kimball, MN Holy Cross

Edmund Schneider, 84 St. Joseph, MN St. Joseph

Rosemary Kellen, 86 Pipestone, MN St. John Bosco

Mary Lou Schneider, 82 Cold Spring, MN St. Boniface

Marion Koll, 80 Sleepy Eye, MN St. Mary

Hector Seys, 93 Mankato, MN Holy Family

Martin Kunz, 62 Callaway, MN St. Joseph

Walter Skavnak, 95 Minneapolis, MN St. Boniface

Reuben Lieser, 79 Adrian, MN St. Joseph

Vernon Storms, 94 St. Augusta, MN St. Mary

Catherine Mehr, 85 Richmond, MN Ss. Catherine/Joseph

Paul Tibesar, 63 Rollingstone, MN Ss. Nicholas/Theresa

William Metz, 81 Delano, MN Ss. Anthony & Ann

William Unger, 79 Cold Spring, MN St. Boniface

Gregory Nason, 62 Anoka, MN St. Stephen

Albert Verdegan, Jr., 77 Rice Lake, WI St. Joseph’s

Wallace Neumann, 90 New Ulm, MN St. Joseph

Robert Vogel, 71 Chaska, MN Guardian Angels

Bruce Palme, 50 St. Michael, MN St. Michael

Rosemary Wartman, 83 St. Boniface, MN St. Boniface

Bernadette Paquette, 86

Anoka, MN St. Stephen

David Winter, 76 Sauk Centre, MN St. Paul

Cecelia Perish, 85 Freeport, MN Sacred Heart

Rosanne Wrege, 61 Adrian, MN St. Joseph

Lorraine Peterson, 75 Winsted, MN Holy Family Geraldine Pieper, 81 Jordan, MN St. John the Baptist Clarence Rother, 88 Hampton, MN St. Mathias

June Mona Bonham, 85 Willmar, MN St. Mary Lawrence Brockman, 85 Vermillion, MN

Ss. Barbara & John Louise Bromen, 89 Sauk Centre, MN St Paul Edward Bushard, 89 New Ulm, MN St. Joseph Earl Dehn, 85 Anoka, MN St. Stephen Elvira Demorett, 90 Eden Valley, MN Ss. Joseph & Mary Diane Doll, 51 Kandiyohi, MN St. Francis of Assisi Diane Dunn, 64 Delano, MN Ss. Anthony & Ann Anthony Fischer, 85 Red Wing, MN Ss. Joseph & Mary Helen Giessinger, 89 Big Stone City, MN Holy Family Ralph Goergen, 90 Johnsburg, MN St. Theresa Alvin Hennen, 79 St. Joseph, MN St. Joseph Virginia Hentges, 32 St. Paul, MN Ss. Peter & Clemens Dorothy Hommerding, 91

St. Cloud, MN St. Augustine

Herbert Huben, 91 St. Cloud, MN St. Anthony James Kalmes, 69 Rollingstone, MN Ss. Nicholas/Theresa Viola Kellner, 87 Cold Spring, MN St. Boniface Robert Kinder, 72 Aberdeen, SD Ss. Joseph & Ann Agnes Koll, 86

Comfrey, MN Ss. Paul & Mary Lawrence Korte, 90 St. Martin, MN St. Martin Leonard Koshiol, 80 Luxemburg, MN Ss. Theresa/Wendelin Isabella Krippner, 86 Kimball, MN Holy Cross Juletta Libbesmeier, 101 Waite Park, MN St. Joseph Eileen Lorentz, 78 New Trier, MN Ss. Nicholas/Theresa John Lueck, 74 Winsted, MN Holy Family Brenda Myers, 47 New Trier, MN Ss. Nicolas/Theresa John Reznecheck, 76 Alexandria, MN Our Lady/Runestone Devota Rothmeier, 72 Morgan, MN St. Michael John Schaan, 84 Balta, ND St. John Nep. John Schleck, 68 Elba, MN St. Aloysius Mary Schmitt, 93 St. Leo, MN St. Leo

Florence Seidl, 85 Leavenworth, MN Holy Family Mary Ellen Strangler, 59 St. Joseph, MN St. Joseph Edward Steinhagen, 82 Norwood-Ya, MN Ascension Bernard Strouth, 89 Faribault, MN Ss. Lawrence & Anna Loretta Stueber, 85 New Ulm, MN St. Joseph Irene Utz, 93 Springfield, MN St. Boniface Rose Vetter, 94 Mankato, MN Holy Family Alice Whalen, 85 Rollingstone, MN Ss. Nicholas/Theresa Vernon Zachman, 85 St. Michael, MN St. Michael Mark Zimmer, 58 Melrose, MN Ss. Bernard/Elizabeth Frederick Zollner, 79 Paynesville, MN St. Louis Alfred Zwaschka, 92 Comfrey, MN Ss. Paul & Mary

Esther Schmitz, 78 Belgrade, MN St. Francis de Sales Marie Schneider, 78 St. Joseph, MN St. Joseph Victor Schneider, 90 Victoria, MN St. Victoria Paul Schroetke, 51 Winona, MN Ss. Joseph/Elizabeth



Sales Representatives in Your Area Roger Bauer, FIC

651-437-6026 Hastings, Cannon Falls, Red Wing

Michael Gross, FIC 651-641-1740 Mahtomedi, St. Paul, Roseville

Mary Harens, FIC

651-295-2040 St. Paul area

Mary Holm, FICF 715-218-7522 Wausau & surrounding area

Rick Mathiowetz, FIC 952-447-2546

Susan Stenzel

ChFC, LUTCF, FIC 507-282-1793 Rochester, Adams, Johnsburg

Scott County

Jeff Passe, LUTCF 612-845-6515 Red Wing and surrounding area

Dawn Walker, FICF, LUTCF 651-238-0303 Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Stillwater

Jeff Plank, FIC 507-457-0413 Wabasha, Rollingstone

Bob Watters

715-690-4523 Hudson & surrounding area

Roger Reitmaier, FIC 507-454-4979 Winona, St. Charles

Robb Smith, FIC

Regional Events Sept. 14 – Estate Planning Seminar A quality estate plan makes your final financial wishes known. No matter the size of your assets, you can put an estate plan together with Catholic United Financial to ensure that your estate will benefit the people and charities that matter to you. Advanced Case Specialist John Tetzloff will guide everyone through the benefits of a complete estate plan using time-honored methods and products. The seminar starts at 9:30 a.m. in St. Matthew Parish Education Center. Contact Sales Representative Mary Holm for more details.

Shopping around for life insurance or final expense plans?

952-938-5859 Regional Manager, East

Patrick Brown, FIC, CLF 888-412-9766 Regional Manager, Metro Paul Culbertson 920-983-1989

Green Bay, Wis., and surrounding area

Consider Senior Select Whole Life Insurance

• simplified application process • designed for ages 50 to 85 • can be used to pre-pay for funeral expenses • no physical exam required

Contact your local rep today!

July/August 2011


3499 Lexington Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55126-8098



Th e TO P TE N thi ng s tha t wil l int ere st yo u in a car ee r wit h Ca tho lic Un ite d Fin an cia l

Start on a rock-solid company reputation. Catholic United has been conducting business for more than 133 years. You don’t get a reputation like that overnight. All-you-can-eat pancake breakfast fundraisers! Our fraternal side means helping fundraise for Catholic education with your friends and neighbors. Pass the syrup, please. Competitive pay and benefits. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, plus incentive programs. No more long, daily commutes. Our Sales

Reps work from home offices in their own neighborhoods. Help people obtain financial security. Sell life insurance and annuity products with guaranteed rates of return, and help members feel secure. Be on a winning team without all the sweating. We encourage a team atmosphere among our Sales Reps and managers with personal and team success measured by shared goals. No need to shower after you play with this winning team. Ongoing training and industry credentials. We provide and pay for advanced training and industry credentials

for our Sales Reps. Learn from pros through our mentoring program. Our mentoring program pairs experienced Sales Reps with new Reps to share tips and knowledge so we all succeed. Serve the Catholic community. The sale of our products is directly connected to our mission to help extend the Catholic faith through supporting religious education. Nothing says goodwill like “scholarship.” Sales Reps hand out scholarships to our eligible, diploma-seeking members every year. That’s a smile generator!

Catholic United Financial Fraternal Results through July, 2011 Total:

$ 2 4 5 ,1 2 6.7 9

Raised By Councils:

Hours Volunteered: 1 3 ,0 6 0

Catholic United Financial Fraternal Results through July, 2011


4 5 ,1 2 6.7 9 Raised By Councils: Hours Volunteered: 1 3 ,0 6 0 Matched: Total:

$1 $0

9 8 ,1 1 7.2 6 4 6 ,1 4 4.8 3


$ 1 9 8 ,1 1 7.2 6 $ 0 4 6 ,1 4 4.8 3

Our Catholic Journey July-August  

Our Catholic Journey – Official Publication of Catholic United Financial – July/August 2011