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Marketing consulting Head of MBA-Marketing University “Mirbis” Davos – Moscow 2010

Evgeny Boychenko

life wisdom knowledge productive life


interesting job

health self-confidence active life




beauty social recognition money freedom good friends happiness of others happy family life





Hedonists Independent

1. 2. 3.

equality fraternity liberty

 

Accumulation of property Mainly its spending

Saving money at the expense of deposit

• saving from oneself • saving from inflation • saving from theft

Money accumulation

• accumulation as it is • accrual at the expense of


1 Competitive financial terms

1. Car at a car dealer’s>>> 2. Bank out of the list offered by the car dealer


2 Reliability of a bank 3

Good prior experience with the bank

The bank which quickly 4 approved a request was chosen 5

Recommendations of car dealer manager

1. Car >>> 2. Know the cost >>> 3. Independent choice of a bank 25% (to take a loan) 1. Bank >>> 2. Car and car dealer


1. Car and car dealer >>> 2. Special credit program of a car producer



Immensity of vital impulse is shown in extraordinary passion, spirits and sharp fluctuations of nationalpsychological energy.

social equality  equal responsibility to the law and court  equality at obtaining main medical services and education  in securing correspondence between income and current (previous) work 

their education level and ‌

Individualization Values ???

“renewable resource”

“national” selftreatment method – alcohol

The most typical answer on the question about one’s leisure is “I watch TV programs, films”




popular, ethnic, Dionis nature

conventual and ascetic Orthodoxy

a vein of orgies and dissipated life

Ascetic simplicity to worldly goods

Stepan Razin and Emelyan Pugachev

Humility to church and government

       

kindness, gentleness and humanity searching for truth individualism, identity all-humanity searching for God humility slavery painful commiseration to one’s sorrow and

       

cruelty, a vein of violence obstinate ceremonialism mass collectivism nationalism militant atheism impudence revolt a vein of torment


It is a need to go too far, a need for sinking perception, having reached a precipice, to overhang into it by half and, in particular cases, but rather frequent, to precipitate oneself as a mad‌

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