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Communication Trends

Davos, February 9th 2010 Nuria Vilanova

2010 The year of the communication

1. In Internet we can be wrong, but the major mistake is not to try to.

Campaña “Vivir con epilepsia: Concienciar sobre la patología, y generar engagement con los médicos y pacientes, desterrando tópicos y creando herramientas de networking

Acto de presentación de la campaña) La carpa de “Vivir con Epilepsia” se instaló en las inmediaciones del C.C. Príncipe Pío de Madrid.

El testimonio de la Embajadora de la Epilepsia.

Encuesta “Vivir con Epilepsia”.

Demostraciones prácticas

La Primera Campaña de Información y Concienciación “Vivir con epilepsia”, oSociedad Española de Neurología (SEN), la Sociedad Andaluza de Epilepsia (SADE) y la Federación Española de Epilepsia (FEDE), en colaboración con el laboratorio biofarmacéutico UCB Pharma

2. Storytelling kingdom

Sensi Blu Foundation: Home is not a Prison

3. The key is in the creative process

SKCIN: Computertan

Videojuegos en las clases

4. The storytelling needs images and nearby examples

Health & Safety Executive: Asbestos – The Hidden Killer


5. The new language is audio-visual

Webcast 25 websites publish the interview (Daily Telegraph, Orange, Reuters...)

The Danish Ministry of Education: White Zone

6. The word today is integration

A video on Youtube about the press conference in GandĂ­a was published by gastronomiaycia.com

360 communication Press office Press conference, press releases, press kit, etc.

RRPP Management of celebrities to support the campaign

Direct Marketing Mailshots Trade Marketing

Event Organization of an event in Madrid

On line Communication Facebook Email marketing Blog Marketing Youtube Website

Radio & TV Advertising Radio Spot TV Spot

PUBLIC AFFAIRS TO LAUNCH A PRODUCT Pepsi Lipton International: Lipton Raspberry Launch

7. Quickly, quickly, quickly

8.Lobby and small shareholders

Telecom Italia: Interactive Report

9.Internal Communications

10.Companies replace governments and governments bet for the communication

RSC Holcim Hungaria Zrt.: Holcim Hungaria Home Foundation For Building Homes

Bundesagentur f端r Arbeit: Qualifiying instead of job cutting

10 +1 The media 多competitors or new partners?

10. We need new profiles in communication

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