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Since 1996, Fort Worth Weekly has provided a vibrant alternative to the city’s often-timid daily, with incisive, irreverent and in-depth reporting that keeps readers well informed. Every week, thousands of Tarrant County residents and visitors pick up the Weekly as their reference guide – what to do, where to go – as well as to stay connected to the goings-on through the edge of the alternative weekly. The Weekly’s editorial staff may have more decorations per capita than any newsroom in the country: two Pulitzer Prize winners, the George Polk Award for courageous reporting, plus numerous annual awards from the Houston and Dallas press clubs, the State Bar, National Women’s Political Caucus, Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, and Investigative Reporters and Editors. The Weekly makes a difference. Our stories have helped expose the corruption that brought down MCI Worldcom, sparked investigations into stories with national scope and interests such as sex crimes, human trafficking, corporate racism, government-sanctioned pollution and more. Every week, the Weekly picks ups where the dailies leave off – coverage and criticism of arts and entertainment. In music, we offer in-depth c.d. reviews, a weekly local column, annual music awards, and exhaustive listings of upcoming gigs. Covering some of the nation’s preeminent cultural institutions, our critics also provide articulate reviews of gallery exhibits and museum offerings and ballet and stage productions. Our writers know how art and music are made because they have studied, showed and performed themselves. More than 130,000 people read and refer to the Weekly every week to help them decide where to spend their time and money. Our online product receives more than 750K unique visitors a month. They trust the Weekly with your message.

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60,000 copies of the Weekly are distributed throughout Tarrant County including Fort Worth, Arlington, the Mid Cities, Southlake, Colleyville, and Grapevine, reaching 125,000 readers every week. 2,000 Distribution points in high traffic areas like:

CVS pharmacy

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Our Readers Median Age – 39 Median Household Income - $53.7K Male – 52% Female – 48% Attended College or Post Graduate Studies – 72% Single – 58.7% Married – 40.5% 3 – Number of times a typical Fort Worth Weekly reader refers back to a particular issue 85 – Number of minutes a Fort Worth Weekly reader reads a particular issue

In the past 30 days

74% - Attended a Music Performance 82% - Attended a Dance Performance 71% - Participated in Bicycling (Mountain/Road) 75% - Participated in Casino Gambling 65% - Went to an Art Gallery 86% - Went to a Bar/Nightclub

58% - Went to Live Theater 75% - Went to the Movies 62% - Went to a Museum 84% - Went to a Spa/Salon 67% - Participated in Yoga 77% - Spent money on Clothing

-Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) Insert Study May 2008

RETAIL RATE SHEET Frequency Rates (per week – all rates are net) Sizes Open Rate Full page $1,805 3/4 page 1,375 2/3 page 1,260 Junior page (premium placement) 1,216 1/2 page 915 1/3 page 612 1/4 page 482 1/6 page 319 1/8 page 269 1/12 page 207 1/16 page 175


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JUNIOR 7.46”w x 8.41”h

3/4V 7.46”w x 11.25”h

4 Wk $1,496 1,139 1,044 1,025 758 507 399 264 233 172 145

3/4H 10”w x 8.398”h

8 Wk $1,413 1,076 986 974 716 479 377 249 211 162 137



1/2H 4.92”w x 11.25”h

10”w x 7.44”h


26 Wk $1,238 943 864 865 627 420 330 218 185 142 120



1/4ST 1/3H

13 Wk $1,341 1,021 936 929 680 455 358 237 200 154 130




10”w x 5.54”h


1/16v 1/12H 2.38”w x 11.25”h 4.92”w x 7.45”h 10”w x 3.63”h 10”w x 2.69”h 4.92”w x 3.63”h 4.92”w x 1.74”h 4.92”w x 2.69”h 4.92”w x 5.54”h 2.38”w x 7.44”h 2.38”w x 3.63”h 2.38”w x 5.54”h 2.38”w x 2.69”h The Fort Worth Weekly will provide typesetting and professional ad design assistance to display advertisers at no additional cost. The Fort Worth Weekly does not accept responsibility for the printing quality of client-provided ads. If advertiser chooses to provide a camera-ready ad, it must be in a digital format and follow these guidlines.

REQUIREMENTS • Ads must be produced to specific page sizes (i.e.: FULL, 1/2h, 1/4v) • 30% press gain, 85 line screen, highlights 3-8%, shadows 72-78% • Minimum resolution of 150dpi for photos, 300dpi for line art • Black and white ads must be saved as grayscale or line art • All color ads must be converted to CMYK. No RGB, Lab or index colors. • Please use 100% Black (not CMYK black) for text ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS • Adobe Acrobat .pdf file (PDF/X-1a:2001), high resolution with all fonts embedded, and CMYK color • Adobe Photoshop files (psd, jpeg, or tif) 150dpi minimum, 300dpi preferred

ELECTRONIC AD SUBMISSION • Ad files under 5mb should be emailed directly to your Account Executive. • Ad files over 5mb may be uploaded to our FTP site: address: username: weeklyftp password: hamilton

The Fort Worth Weekly is produced on a Macintosh platform and is unable to support Windows or PC-based documents. We cannot accept files in Pagemaker, Corel Draw, InDesign, Freehand, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint or Word.

ONLINE RATE SHEET is the premier on-line news and entertainment source for everything going on in our town. For information on where to go this weekend to reviews on local restaurants, concerts, and clubs, is the place to find out what to do and where to go – and everyone knows it! With breaking news, updates, blogs, and more content every day that effects you, is the only hyper-local site you need. currently generates more than 750,000 page views and more than 120,000 unique visitors each month making our site one of the most popular sites in town. Our viewers stay, click, and play on four times longer than they do on most other websites.


1 LEADERBOARD TOP 728 x 90 pixels 25K impressions $250 50K impressions $425 100K impressions $500 *Flash or Rich Media files additional $75

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2 LEADERBOARD MID 728 x 90 pixels 25K impressions $200 50K impressions $375 100K impressions $425 *Flash or Rich Media files additional $75 3 SKYSCRAPER 120 x 600 pixels 25K impressions $200 50K impressions $375 100K impressions $425 *Flash or Rich Media files additional $75 4 RECTANGLE 280 x 120 pixels 25K impressions $225 50K impressions $425 100K impressions $475 Video ads additional $100

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3 Banner Mid Rectangle Left 299 x 280 191

x 120



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MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Rectangle $250 Sponsor Banner $500 (10,000+ Registered Subscribers)

120 120 x x 600 600

299 x 280 191

x 120

Banner Leaderboard Mid 728 x 90

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5 SKYSCRAPER MID 120 x 240 pixels 25K impressions $175 50K impressions $300 100K impressions $350 *Flash or Rich Media files additional $75

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120 120 x 240 240

5 Banner Pencilbar Bottom 930 x 30

15% discount for non-profits and print advertisers 13 weeks or longer All newsletter ads are built by Fort Worth Weekly and include copy that can be client supplied Additional sizes and options available Fort Worth Weekly can build your web ad at no additional cost to you. Logo and additional art or fonts to be used must be provided. Deadline for art submission is one week prior to run date. Client supplied ads submitted exceeding maxiumum file size of 150 KB will be adjusted for optimum load time. Standard formats accepted are GIF (static or animated), JPG and SWF. Image resolutions shoudl be 72 pixels per inch and RGB color. See rates for premiums on flash media files.

For more information call 817-321-9700

Calendar 2010 S P EC IA L I SSU E S & GU I D E S Valentine's Day Guide February 3 & 10

Summer Guide 2009

St. Patrick's Day Section March 10 & 17 EATS Restaurant Guide March 24 EATS - 3/24/10

Full color, glossy restaurant magazine inserted 3/25, then distributed at destinations year round

Gallery Pages March 31 & April 7 Summer Guide May 26

Summer Guide - 5/26/10 Full color, glossy magazine inserted 5/26, then distributed at destinations from May - Sept

Music Awards Guide June 23 Gallery Pages September 1 & 8

BEST OF - 9/29/10

Premium issue (stitched, trimmed and wrapped) covering what is best in Tarrant County & distributed at destinations year round

Best Of 2010* September 29

Holiday Guide 2008

Halloween Section October 20 & 27


METRO Why did police toss an Eastside activist out of a public meeting? BY DAN MCGRAW

FILM The Holocaust is prettified in Striped Pajamas — what a horror. BY KRISTIAN LIN

EATS A meal at the Duke’s will fix you right up, pilgrim. BY LAURIE BARKER JAMES

MUSIC Four Days to Burn is an anti-goth goth group. BY JIMMY FOWLER

Holiday Guide November 23 New Year's Eve Guide December 22 & 29


pr Tex e

Forgive them for their sins.



Th sents s Balle e N Ben t T De utc Stev hea c. 5 ra en ter -21 ck so er n's

Turkey Awards (Best Of parody) November 23

November 19-25, 2008

holiday Guide - 11/23/10 Full color, glossy magazine inserted 11/23, then distributed at destinations from Nov - Dec

All issues are supplements or expanded sections except Best Of. *Best Of is the full issue, magazine style. Extra distribution destinations include Convention and Visitor Bureaus, bookstores, hotels, convention centers, and more!

Fort Worth Weekly Media Kit  

2010 Media Kit