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Guide to Education


Tomorrow Starts Here Tarrant County College is providing the gateway to good

E D - F O R T W O R T H W E E K L Y s u m m er ed u c a t i o n s u p p le m eNt

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jobs and a better life


Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Ten years before that, we didn’t have the Web. So who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now? Though unemployment is at a 25‑year high, work will eventually return. But it won’t look the same. We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative work world. It will be run by a generation with new values. Tarrant County College is crucial to assuring that Tarrant County has the highly skilled workforce needed in the competition for jobs. Anyone with a desire to learn and grow can find opportunity at TCC, including returning adults, veterans, underserved populations, and aspiring entrepreneurs. TCC provides a gateway to thousands of students to good jobs and a better life. TCC, a comprehensive two-year institution was established in 1965 and is dedicated to providing quality education that exceeds the expectations of the people of Tarrant County. With five beautiful campuses and nearly 50,000 students enrolled in associate degree and technical programs, TCC is the seventh largest among Texas colleges and universities. At TCC we focus on learning. This means we offer flexibility and variety in the way we schedule and deliver learning opportunities. It means we recognize that your learning style is as individual as your lifestyle. It means that we are constantly updating and upgrading not only what you’ll learn, but also how you’ll learn. Our exceptional instruction will excite your curiosity, develop your critical thinking and give you new problem-solving skills.

One in 19 Tarrant County residents will take a course at Tarrant County College this year. Is getting your education at TCC right for you? Here are some popular reasons students go. • Lower tuition: TCC costs are often significantly lower than public and private four-year colleges and universities. • Convenient locations: Many students are able to attend TCC while living at home, saving on campus-living costs. • Small class size: Students receive personal attention from their instructors. The average class at TCC has fewer than 30 students. • Flexible class schedules: Classes are offered during the day, evening, and weekends to accommodate work schedules. More than 80% of TCC students work part- or full-time jobs and many have family responsibilities. • Transfer to a four-year college or university: Students frequently begin their undergraduate studies at TCC and finish at a four-year school. •Professors concentrate on teaching: TCC instructors focus on teaching students and tend not to be distracted by research and publishing. Professors also have extensive practical experience in

the subjects they teach. Full-time TCC faculty spend more hours in the classroom than faculty in any other sector of higher education. •D  irection for high school students still seeking a career path: At TCC, students can explore different subject areas before committing to a program or enrolling in a certificate program in preparation for a specific career, trade, or profession. •P  romote skill building and job advancement: Students can take continuing education courses to meet specific needs and interests for job advancement, job placement, and personal development.

Tarrant County College is in on the cutting edge of the creation of Generation TX. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) created Generation TX (pronounced “Generation Texas”), a new multi-year, statewide initiative that will organize and mobilize entire communities to help Texas students and their families pursue the path to college and career education beyond high school. Generation TX is a galvanizing movement that inspires and activates people to pursue education beyond high school. Generation TX unifies state and community resources so that they are easier to find and use. “The most effective way for young Texans to improve their lives is by pursuing higher education,” says Governor Rick Perry. “Education will set them on a course for continued success, greater prosperity, and a brighter future. Generation TX will help students achieve.” Tarrant County College also is an Achieving the Dream institution. Achieving the Dream is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping more community college, students, particularly students of color and low-income students to succeed. Built on the values of equity and excellence, Achieving the Dream advances community college student success through work on four fronts: transforming community colleges, influencing policy, developing new knowledge, and engaging the public. Come to Tarrant County College. Tomorrow starts here.


E D - F O R T W O R T H W E E K L Y s u m m er ed u c a t i o n s u p p le m eNt

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A member of The Texas A&M University System.

Your future just got closer Enroll Now for Fall 2011 Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees in Fort Worth. *Bachelor degree programs are completion programs.

Certificate Programs  Accounting Specialist

 Supervision

 Nonprofit Management  Paralegal Today, developing a strategy for personal and professional success means Certificate Programs adopting new technology, acquiring additional to manage change, and  CNC Programming  Digital skills Photography incorporating new information. UT Arlington’s Continuing Education can help  Project Management  Wedding Planner you and your organization get there and stay there! Our Professional Certificates  Accounting  Supervision  Human Resources  WebSpecialist Design  Paralegal Management and Programs are designed to provide knowledge and hands-on application to  Certified Financial Planner™ Programming Graphic Design  Nonprofit Digital Photography help individuals and organizations  CNC face today’s business challenges. Certifi Payroll Professional  And more…  Project Management  Wedding Planner cates in the areas of Technology, Payroll, Project Management, Paralegal Studies,  Human Resources  Web Design  Business Communications Accounting, Human Resource Management, and many more disciplines are offered  Certified Financial Planner™  Graphic Design  Payroll Professional  And live and on-line to ensure our clients get the training they need to more… advance in  Business Communications Classes Starting Soon! Register Today. their careers. Classes Starting Soon! Register Today.

Don’t get left behind! Prepare for your future with a career in Network Systems Administration & Security! Now Enrolling for Fall Classes Seats are limited. Call Today!

Call to inquire about our other training programs. Medical Laboratory Technician



t UT Arlington, we know how hard it is to compete in today’s job market. That’s why

we’ve created career-education programs that will prepare you to step into the workplace sooner and with the skills you need to make a difference. WE OFFER CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS IN:

Paralegal Studies Digital Photography Accounting Specialist CNC Programming

Medical Billing and Coding Dental Assistant Phlebotomy Technician EKG Technician

Network Systems Administration & Security For important program details visit:


Visit or call 817-272-2581.

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E D - F O R T W O R T H W E E K L Y s u m m er ed u c a t i o n s u p p le m eNt 817-272-2581 provide you with the knowledge and skills to start or advance your career in the growing healthcare industry. In a matter of months and for a highly competitive price, our programs, which include classroom as well as clinical experience, will allow you to earn one of our certificates in this high demand and rewarding industry. We offer specialized training for Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician, Medical Coding and Billing Specialist/Medical Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Assistant, and Veterinary Assistant. As a healthcare specialist, you can become a part of an exciting, new team that helps serve the community. 817-272-2581 The Health Careers Institute offers professional healthcare programs that will


Host an Exchange Student Today! (for 3, 5 or 10 months)

Make a lifelong friend from abroad.

Nitcha from Thailand, 16 yrs. Enjoys dancing, playing the piano and swimming. Nitcha looks forward to cooking with her American host family.

Enrich your family with another culture. Now you can host a high school exchange student (girl or boy) from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy or other countries. Single parents, as well as couples with or without children, may host.

Daniel from Denmark, 17 yrs. Loves shiing, playing soccer and watching American movies. Daniel hopes to play football and live as a real American.

E D - F O R T W O R T H W E E K L Y s u m m er ed u c a t i o n s u p p le m eNt

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Contact us for more information or to select your student today.


Karen at 1-800-473-0696

(Toll Free),, or email us at

Free Confidential HIV & Syphilis Testing Prevention Education • Emergency Assistance Counseling & Emotional Support for Family & Friends

We Listen. We Care. We Respond.

817.335.1994 400 N. Beach Street Fort Worth, Texas 76111

Local Families Needed for Cultural Exchange Students ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE) is seeking local families to host boys  and girls between the ages of 15 to 18 from a variety of countries around the world.    Students come with an enthusiasm to practice their English and experience American culture  -- food, sports, shopping and more. They will also share their own culture with host families.  Host  families  welcome  these  students  into  their  family,  not  as  a  guest,  but  as  a  family  member, giving both the students and families a rich cultural experience.   In addition, students have pocket money for personal expenses; and full health, accident and  liability insurance. Students are academically selected onto program, and host families can  choose their students from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries and personal interests.   To become a host family or to find out how to become involved with ASSE in your community,  please call Lisa Ries at 1800-473-0696 at the ASSE Southern Regional Office. There are  many students to choose from, so call – and begin the process of welcoming your new son  or daughter into your family today! ASSE International (non-profit) ID#95-303-4133 Contact: Lisa Ries or Rebecca Watson at 1800-473-0696 Email: or  


E D - F O R T W O R T H W E E K L Y s u m m er ed u c a t i o n s u p p le m eNt

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7000 Calmont Avenue, Suite 150 Fort Worth, TX 76116 See for program duration, tuition, fees, and other costs, median debt, federal salary data, alumni success, and other important info. The Art Institute of Fort Worth is a campus of South University.

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