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CELEBRITY CHEFS EVENINGS During our Celebrity Chef Evenings the stars of haute cuisine demonstrate their skills beneath the stunning star studded night sky of the Forte Bay Terrace.

JUNE 24 - 25 26 -27 -28 30

Enrico Marmo Peter Brunel 1 Michelin Star Alessandro Breda 1 Michelin Star

J U LY 1-2 3-4 7-8-9 10 - 11 - 12 14 - 15 - 16 17 - 18 - 19 20 - 21 22 - 23 - 24 25 - 26 27 - 28 28 - 31

Alessandro Breda 1 Michelin Star Errico Recanati 1 Michelin Star Francesco Sposito 2 Michelin Stars Alfio Ghezzi 1 Michelin Star Franck Reynaud 1 Michelin Star Giuseppe Mancino 2 Michelin Stars Rosanna Marziale 1 Michelin Star Vivek Singh Andrea Berton 1 Michelin Star Enrico Cerea 3 Michelin Stars Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia 2 Michelin Stars

AUGUST 1 - 23 25 - 26 - 27 28 - 29 - 30

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia 2 Michelin Stars Fabio Ciervo 1 Michelin Star Theodor Falser 1 Michelin Star


Terry Giacomelli 1 Michelin Star


HEINZ BECK 3 Michelin stars Heinz Beck brings his Michelin star flavour to Forte Village! The culinary pioneer and three Michelin starred Chef, will be at Forte Village this summer to delight our guests palettes!


CELEBRITY CHEF CARLO CRACCO 1 Michelin star By popular demand, Carlo Cracco will be back at Forte Village for the whole month August.Carlo Cracco, Michelin-starred chef and charismatic judge of Hell’s Kitchen will delight guests with special gourmet evenings and master cooking classes.



VIVEK SINGH Indian Celebrity Chef Vivek Singh, the Executive Chef of the multiple award-winning London restaurant group, The Cinnamon Collection, will bring to Forte Village this summer his modern Indian cuisine from The Old Westminster Library in London



ENRICO CEREA 3 Michelin stars Devotion acknowledged by the guidebooks - Three Michelin Stars – and the loyalty of an ever-increasing clientele. An unmistakable culinary style whose dynamism and vitality have been with us for over 50 years, thanks to the insight of its founder and father - Vittorio – and the enhancements introduced by his children, who have integrated tradition with the latest techniques in recent years.

W H E N : 2 7 - 2 8 J U LY


IL LUOGO DI AIMO & NADIA 2 Michelin stars Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini are the two young chefs who have taken over the kitchens of the renowned restaurant ‘Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia’. Alongside Stefania the daughter of Aimo e Nadia, they are the heirs of the unique style which combines the rich culinary history of Italy in contemporary dishes. Chefs Pisani and Negrini will host a series of gourmet evenings at the Forte Bay Terrace from the 28 July to 23 August.

W H E N : F R O M 2 8 TH J U LY T O 2 3 RD A U G U S T


TERRAZZA SAN DOMENICO 2 Michelin stars This summer Massimiliano Mascia, 2 Michelin Stars, and his restaurant “Terrazza San Domenico”. Chef Mascia will delight Forte Village’s guests under the starry sky of the Forte Bay with his signature dishes based on Italian classics.



CHELSEA FOOTBALL ACADEMY If you love football, if you are between 4 and 14 years old, and if you think you have what it takes to become one of the “greats”, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to train and perfect your tactics with the players and the coaches that have made Chelsea so successful. The extraordinary Chelsea Football Club Soccer School offers basic summer football courses lasting one week focusing on teamwork tactics and individual techniques, and specific courses for goalkeepers, strikers, defenders and midfielders.

J U LY 22 - 27

Dennis Wise

29 - 31

Katie Chapman

AUGUST 01 - 05

Katie Chapman

23 - 30

Tore Andre Flò

W H E N : 2 7 M AY - 6 S E P T E M B E R

TENNIS ACADEMY If you love tennis, you no doubt know that Forte Village is a benchmark for international tennis thanks to its extraordinary Tennis Academy, with no less than 11 clay, one grass court, and one hard certified by the FIT. Can you imagine being taught this wonderful sport by the best teachers or, if you are already a champion, learning to perfect your style and tactics? Here are the champions who will make your lessons at our Academy unforgettable:

APRIL 18 - 21

Karel Novacek

JUNE 02 - 14

Karel Novacek

21 - 02/07

Magnus Larsson

J U LY 07 - 20

Dominik Hrbaty

19 - 27

Thomas Johansson

28 - 02/08

Andrea Gaudenzi

31 - 11/08

Andrei Medvedev

AUGUST 01 - 11

Andrei Medvedev

13 - 16

Filippo Volandri


RUGBY ACADEM Y Want to reach the touchline and score a try for your team? Want to learn all the secrets of this fantastic game? How about meeting the rugby greats and playing with them? Then join our unbeatable Rugby Academy with Legends, with the biggest names from English and Irish rugby. Who do we mean? Austin Healey, Will Greenwood, Conor O’Shea and Martin Johnson. Have you already put the uniform on you’ll be given when you enrol? Then you’re ready to become a champion.

M AY 27 - 31

Will Greenwood & Gordon D’Arcy

J U LY 08 - 12

Ben Kay & Ugo Monye

15 - 19

Will Greenwood

AUGUST 19 - 23 26 - 30

Conor O’Shea & Martin Johnson Martin Johnson & Austin Healey


NETBALL ACADEMY If you like fast sports and if you have a great team spirit, then our netball course is perfect for you. A variation on basketball, netball is an intense, action-packed sport, ideal for children and young people, but most of all it’s easy to learn. Did you know that our “legends” are English netball champions? And did you know that when you enrol, you’ll been given a wonderful kit with the shirt and shorts of your favourite Academy? The netball course at Forte Village lasts one week and teaches you more effective team and role tactics. Then at the end of the day, a real match and lots of fun.

M AY 27 - 31

Pam Cookey & Karen Atkinson

J U LY 08 - 12

Sophia Candappa

AUGUST 19 - 23

Karen Greig

26 - 30

Tamsin Greenway

W H E N : M AY - AU G U ST 2 0 1 9


BASKETBALL ACADEMY Are you a basketball fan? Are you between 6 and 16 years old? Then join our unbeatable Basketball Academy now. Did you know you’ll train with the great Ettore Messina, the coach who led the Italian national team, and the giants of the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs to victory? And did you know that when you enrol, you’ll be given the wonderful Official Basketball Kit to make you feel like a real champion?

J U LY 15 - 23

Ettore Messina

W H E N : J U LY


SWIM M ING ACADEM Y From beginners to rising stars. From approaching the water to perfecting every stroke, including starts and turns. In the beautiful Baia delle Palme pool with dedicated swimming lanes, highly qualified instructors and champions will supervise you, with the support of the most sophisticated technology.

J U LY 07 - 20

Martina Moravcova

W H E N : J U LY

FENCING ACADEM Y In the multifunctional gym of the Sport Academy Center, which from this season is equipped with four professional pistes with the best technology, the new Forte Village Fencing Academy takes place. Wear the mask, grab the ĂŠpĂŠe, the foil and the sabre and learn the challenging sports of Fencing. Our trainers include fencing olympic champions are looking forward to teach you the best techniques and strategies of the three main disciplines of this entertaining sport. Margherita Granbassi: dal 8 al 12 Luglio Diego Occhiuzzi: dal 19 al 26 Luglio Also available during the season course by the renowed Knightsbridge Fencing Academy. Dates: from 27 to 31 May


MARVIN’S MAGIC ACADEMY This is the first Magic Academy in a resort and it is headed by Marvin Berglas, a huge celebrity in the international world of magic, who will reveal his most famous tricks to Forte Village guests. The magic school lasts a week (but you can also take part in just one lesson), and every day Marvin will explain to magicians big and small a single magic trick, from the most classic with cards and coins to the more complex. When they enrol, aspiring magicians will be given a fantastic kit to start learning the magic arts and once at home they will be able to impress their guests and friends. Something even more magic? How about a private party for you and your friends in the company of Marvin. Magic can be done.

M AY 27 - 31

J U LY 08 - 19

AUGUST 19 - 30


SYNCHRO SWIM You will learn synchro-swimming with the world champion Manila Flamini, to increase the individual technique and learn a winning mentality. The academy is divided between water work, athletic training and mental coach sessions followed by a staff of absolute excellence. Manila Flamini: Date: 29/07 - 02/08

Q U A N D O : 2 9 J U LY - 2 A U G U S T

BOXING ACADEMY Boxing is a challenge, it is a life lesson, one of respect and courage. Learn this exciting sport with our special boxing course taught by one of its greatest champions: Frank Buglioni, The current British Champion and star of the Frank Buglioni Boxing Academy at Forte Village. How about learning the sweet science, including punches and attacking techniques, defensive manoeuvres and fancy footwork with Buglioni and a host of his trusted coaches such as Don Charles, Anthony Charlton, Ian Duberry & James Duffin. Life is like a boxing ring: wear your boxing gloves that you’ll find in our fantastic kit and start fighting. But most importantly have fun! Dates: From 7th ti 13th July & from 29th July to 10th August

W H E N : J U LY - A U G U S T


HOCKEY ACADEMY Calling all hockey lovers - hone your skills at Hockey Academy! Hockey Academy by Legends The Hockey academy will be coached by Katie Louise Walsh OBE, Olympic Gold Medalist and Helen Richardson-Walsh, MBE English midfielder. Dates from 27th May – 31st May

W H E N : M AY 2 0 1 9


TA B L E T E N N I S A C A D E M Y It’s fun and a fantastic chance for parents and children to play together and spend time relaxing. Our fantastic Table Tennis Academy offers table tennis courses for talented young people of all ages, children and adults. Is it your first time? Or are you tired of playing the usual shots and want to learn more sophisticated and successful game techniques? Our professional instructors will teach you everything from the basics to the most complex game tactics.

J U LY 19 - 27

Grigory Vlasov

W H E N : J U LY


HIGH-POWER LASER T HERAPY This extraordinary synergy is a combination of the high-power laser therapy designed by Professor Pier Francesco Parra and the thalassotherapy of Acquaforte Thalasso&SPA. In 1988 Professor Parra, also known as Dr. Laser, developed an innovative laser therapy to treat muscle-tendon disorders, earning him the trust of patients from all over the world, including the most famous international athletes and the very best tennis players.

JUNE 24 - 25 - 26 - 27

J U LY 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 28 - 29 - 30 - 31

AUGUST 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 19 - 20 - 21 - 22

SEPTEMBER 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12


DR BAUHOFER - AYURVEDIC DOCTOR Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer is considered one of the leading German experts in health and energy management. He is an ayurvedic specialist, orthodox medical practitioner, bestselling author and popular speaker. Dr. Bauhofer will convey to clients his great knowledge in the form of outstanding treatments and lead them on the path to inner balance.


AEST HET IC M EDICINE CENT ER A relaxed, luminous, ageless face. To energize the skin and forget the signs of aging, we offer the latest technology and cosmetic treatments. From radiofrequency, peeling and fillers, to body remodeling thanks to Sculpsure and carboxytherapy. The exceptional Dr. Regina Fortunato, a specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics, with over 30 years of experience will oversee the Medical Center




EROS RAMAZZOTTI Eros Ramazzotti, the most famous Italian artist in the world, will perform an unmissable show on August 10th at Forte Arena.




SANT’EFISIO WEEKEND Every year on 1st May, the streets of Cagliari come alive with the largest and most colourful religious procession in the world - the Festival of Sant’ Efisio. The festival combines faith, culture and ancient traditions making it an unmissable experience.

W H E N : 1 M AY 2 0 1 9


GIROTONNO An evocative and celebratory event with an ancient tradition: fishing for tuna on San Pietro, an island near Sulcis. It has reached its 16th edition, and has already become a classic amongst international gastronomic events!

W H E N : 24 & 2 7 M AY 2 0 1 9


LA CORSA DEGLI SCALZI “The Procession of San Salvatore di Sinis, also known as the” “Corsa degli Scalzi” “, is a religious event. The race takes place barefoot, along a journey of about 7 kilometers: the one that separates the town of Cabras from the village of San Salvatore di Sinis, where there is a rural church built around the seventeenth century and dedicated to the Holy Salvatore. Tradition has it that the statue remains in Cabras until Saturday morning before the first Sunday of September, when hundreds of young people walk through dusty, stone-strewn paths, carrying the statue to the village of San Salvatore di Sinis, where the statue it remains until Sunday afternoon, when the barefoot takes it back to Cabras, where it is kept inside the church of Santa Maria Assunta and where it remains until the following year. “


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