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Valentine’s Day Surf n’ Turf


A Wilde and Wonderful Film Puts Spotlight on Our City


Finding the Light When the Days are Cold and Dark


COVER STORY Aeracura Salon & Spa: Inspired by the Beauty Around Us


Women on the Move


Going Red with Heart-Nationally


Wine Women & Shoes: Heels. Hope. Happy Little Soles.




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ave you heard the saying “sky before screens?” It’s simple. Step outside and get some morning sunlight before you look at any sort of screen, whether it be the TV, your phone or computer screen. I will admit, this will be much easier when the sun starts to rise a little earlier, but for now, I’m using it as an excuse to sleep a little later. In addition to stepping outside for a few minutes first thing, I have been delaying my coffee. I wait a minimum of 45 minutes before making my first (and only) cup of coffee. Why in the world would I do such a crazy thing? Well, because the science behind it makes sense to me! It takes our bodies 30-60 minutes to flush out the adenosine from our previous night’s sleep. This is that “groggy” feeling you have in the morning. Having caffeine immediately upon waking blocks the adenosine receptors and doesn’t allow it to “clear off” on its own. So, once your coffee (that you drank immediately upon waking up) wears off, you feel that same groggy feeling you felt right when you woke up. These tips came from a recent Mel Robbins podcast that I’d highly recommend – 8 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life.


Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my Pop Pop Charlie. He turns 90 years old on February 25th. What a milestone!

This month, we have a very special Galentine’s Girls’ Night Out event! Join us on February 13th at Robert Hall. Scan the QR code at the bottom of this page to learn more and purchase your

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One of my favorite columns talks about the importance of morning sunlight this month, too! Head to page 56 to read Clean Living With Coach Jane and why you should be exposing yourself to the cold and stepping outside first thing in the morning. I’m beyond thrilled with our cover this month! The beautiful Christi of Aeracura Salon is gracing our front cover. We had so much fun at this shoot – you HAVE to check out the group shot on page 48. They have a huge team, and we had to do quite a bit of maneuvering to get them all in the shot. We couldn’t be happier with the final result!


OTHER CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jane Burnette Karen Cooper Max Cullen Sarah Fedele Amy Hill Brandon James Taryn Jerez Jean Marie Johnson Michael Johnson Tanner Johnson Debbie Lanier Katie Maxey Lauren Sephton Susan Schabacker

ticket(s) for the event. Grab your best gals and put on your red or pink attire for a night full of fun – we’ll have a photo booth, specialty cocktails and so much more! I promise you don’t want to miss this one. Wishing you a month full of love,

Leslie Speas Sheridan Watkins *others credited throughout accordingly



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For February, I thought I would showcase a Valentine’s Day classic – surf and turf! This will be a meal that will surely impress your significant other and be the perfect way to celebrate the day. This is an elegant meal that you can make at home for about a quarter the cost of going to an expensive steakhouse that you may have forgotten to get reservations for a couple of months in advance. Ingredients: • Two 6-8 oz filet mignon steaks • Two 4-5 oz lobster tails • S&P or steak seasoning of choice • ¼ stick of butter (for lobster) • Fresh parsley (or dried) • Cajun seasoning (optional) Instructions: 1. First, you’ll season the steak however you like – just salt and pepper is fine; but if you really want some great flavor, Hardcore Carnivore “BLACK” seasoning is amazing on a filet. 2. I always prefer reverse searing the filets. I do this by cooking in the smoker at 225 degrees until an internal temperature of 110 degrees, then searing them on a cast iron pan or a hot grill until and internal temperature of 130 degrees. But, you can also grill them to desired temperature or cook them in a skillet from start to finish. 3. After the steaks get to 110 degrees (for medium rare), bring them to 120 degrees (if you want more of a medium/well), pull them out, then crank the smoker/grill or oven to 350 degrees for the lobster tails.

shell, slide a spoon underneath to separate the shell from the lobster meat and pull the lobster meat up through the shell, leaving the very end of the tail inside the shell to keep everything connected. 5. Brush the lobster with a little melted butter, and season with a small amount of salt. 6. Throw the lobster tails in, and you’ll keep cooking them until you get to 140 degrees internal temperature. About halfway through, you’ll want to baste the lobster tails with the ¼ stick of butter melted and combined with some cracked black pepper, Cajun seasoning and fresh parsley. You can also just put plain melted butter on the lobster if you prefer that. While the lobster is cooking, you’ll want to sear the steaks to get them up to that final preferred temperature. 7. Plate it all up with maybe a twice baked potato or any kind of carbs that you prefer – you may not even need an additional side!

4. Use some kitchen shears to cut a slit down the length of the lobster

For more recipes and demos, follow Tanner on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook @919backyardbbq

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Love is in the air! Join us on February 14th for our sweet Valentine’s Day menu with your someone special!

Call or scan the QR code to make your reservation today.

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So, it’s February. How many of those New Year’s Resolutions stuck? Moving right along.... How many of you already feel that, despite your best efforts, nothing has changed? A month into this new year, does everything feel monotonously the same? I hear you. I do! Stay with me. The mind is a most remarkable machine. This God-given, living hard drive performs in ways that researchers still cannot fully fathom. But, all the extraordinary things our minds can do fall into two categories. Our mind remembers, and it imagines. That’s it. For real! Now get this: the average human thinks about 75,000 thoughts a day. (Whew! I’m tired!) But, for most people, 91% of these 75,000 thoughts are the same thoughts we thought yesterday. Yes, you read that right! In other words, more than nine out of 10 thoughts relive previous experiences. Almost none of our thought life imagines! ALMOST NONE! What happened? Somewhere along the way in our youth, we transitioned from living in imagination (what can be) to settling down in our previous history through memories (what has been that we keep repeating). Friends, we don’t stop imagining because we get older. We get older because we stop imagining. Y’all, God created us to be creators! He built us to dream big dreams and do great things, truly! Memory is surely vital to our living. But, we lean entirely too heavily on something incredibly more unreliable than we presume. Do you realize that each time you recall a memory, you don’t recall that actual moment? Instead, you experience the last memory you retained of that memory. In reality, the more you repeat that remembrance, the more skewed the original moment becomes. Certain pieces get smaller while others get bigger. If you experience delight, the more you recall that memory, the more you unconsciously exaggerate the bliss and tune out the imperfect pieces of life that surround that experience. (You know I’m telling the truth!) If you revisit a painful moment, the more you recall it, the more severe and impactful that wound becomes. Listen friend, I’m not suggesting that you stop remembering. God gave us this capacity for our benefit. But, He never intended for us to spend almost ALL our time with our minds on “replay.” It’s no wonder we stay so frustrated – we want a different tomorrow while we keep reliving yesterday! It’s never going to happen! If you are looking for change, your thoughts must go there before your life gets there. If you can’t imagine it, you likely will never experience it, either.

I audaciously believe that God has new doors of opportunity for you to walk through in this new year. He’s good like that! He dreams so much bigger for you than you dream for yourself. But, we can’t see the new doors, much less walk through them, if we are still reflecting upon the doors behind us. What we keep rehashing, we will not forget or leave behind. I know, I know. You can likely tell me everything you have stacked against you. You have rehearsed how bad things are and how impossible it feels for things to flip in your favor. Hear me! The thoughts inside your head are battling for control of how you see your situation. Stop reexamining all the obstacles! Begin to imagine in graphic detail what real change could look like. Let that genius mind of yours lay the path for you to step into that new thing! Friends, that’s the essence of Faith…believing God for what we cannot see until we see it! What has God imagined for you that YOU need to begin imagining for YOURSELF? It’s time to get to it! IMAGINE!

For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at PastorDebbie@HopeCommunityChurch.tv.

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LOVE YOUR SKIN THIS VALENTINE’S DAY FEBRUARY SPECIAL Schedule a Dermaplaning with Enzyme treatment in the month of February and get $50 off The Perfect Peel in the month of February.

For more information, call Meredith at 336.765.9350, ext 1424 or visit lyndhurstgyn.com for a list of additional services.

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A Wilde and Wonderful F I L M P U T S S P OT L I G H T O N O U R C I T Y by M A X C U L L E N Winston-Salem will host the world premiere of a groundbreaking feature length documentary, “Oscar Wilde About America,” an exploration of modern day America as seen through the wit and wisdom of the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. The film has strong ties to the Winston-Salem community through its connections to the OUT at the Movies International Film Festival and spent five days filming scenes around the city. The film’s writer and director, James Andrew Walsh (“Jimmy and Carolyn” and “The Extinction of Fireflies”) thinks the film’s magic lies in its optimistic reflection of our contemporary American life. “The film reimagines Oscar Wilde’s 1882 tour of the United States, as a present day road trip,” he said. “Traveling coast-tocoast, from New York City to Hollywood, the film is a fantastical journey through our wildly diverse country, as Oscar searches for the joy and liberation that eluded Wilde 141 years ago.” So, how did Winston-Salem make its way into a lineup of filming locations that includes London, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Las Vegas? “Because of past visits to Winston-Salem for the annual OUT at the Movies International Film Festival, my team and I had already fallen in love with the city’s vibrant and artistic spirit that you feel the moment you arrive – an ideal location to represent the American South in our film,” he said.

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After starting production in New York, the production crew arrived in June for a week of filming scenes that included a tea party, held in the original Schaffner family home on N. Main St. in Old Salem. The home (branded as the “Mansion on Main” on social media) is run as an art-filled bed and breakfast by Amy Taylor North, who also makes her big-screen debut in the film. Max Cullen, Director of Operations and Development for OUT at the Movies, said the week of production came after months of brainstorming with the film’s creative team. “We were honored to assist James and his team in pre-production for the film and host them during their time here. It was a joy to be able to play a part in facilitating the local production of an independent film of this caliber. Whether we were scouting possible shoot locations or making local connections for the crew, everyone we engaged with wanted to help make it a success. Our city is built on a love for the arts and a passion for creativity, and people want to show that off. Having now previewed the film ahead of the premiere, I can say that we accomplished that.” The premiere will occur at 8pm on Saturday, February 24th, with a VIP “Dinner with the Stars” preceding the screening at 6pm. Both of these experiences will be hosted at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts by the event’s presenting sponsor, The Arts Council of WinstonSalem and Forsyth County. Details about the event can be found at: outatthemovies.org/world-premiere-of-oscar-wilde-about-america

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by J E A N M A R I E J O H N S O N

Honestly, I can’t count the reasons why I love my sister as much as I do. But, I can zero in on one: her kindness. As a medical social worker, her kindness touches patients, their families and those who care for them while navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. My sister’s kindness isn’t something she turns on when she pulls into work and puts the brakes on when she leaves. Instead, it is integral to who she is. On our recent sisters’ weekend in Connecticut, she shared that she was planning to bake a cake for the staff at her hair salon to commemorate her 10th anniversary as a customer. Wait...she’s baking for them? Who does that? It’s kindness, pure and simple, bringing to mind the wise words of Kirpal Singh: “Kind hearts are the gardens. Kind thoughts are the roots. Kind words are the blossoms. Kind deeds are the fruits.” If a kind heart is the garden, how do we cultivate it so that it bears the fruits of kindness? By adopting the characteristics of kind people, by being: • empathetic • a good listener • sociable • generous with what we have • charitable • helpful • courteous • open-minded • caring and nurturing And by: • canceling our judgmental thoughts • being mindful of our words • being intentionally kind with our deeds How would we be different, “better,” if we did so? The American Psychiatric Association notes that kindness can increase happiness and selfesteem, while decreasing stress and emotional reactivity. And yet, we tend to limit our acts of kindness because we underestimate their value. On the receiving end, people see greater value in the warmth of the gesture and the positive social interaction than we, the givers, do. And, one more thing – you may have observed that kindness can be contagious. People who receive acts of kindness are likely to be more generous themselves. That makes sense because helping others and being kind are proven to reduce stress, improve our emotional well-being and even benefit our physical health. Another way to say it? Doing good does you good. It feels good to be kind!

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FEBRUARY 17TH Here are some simple, thoughtful ways that you can share the fruits of kindness: Reach out: Call, send flowers, mail a handwritten note or inspirational quote. Contact someone you haven’t seen in a while and arrange to meet face to face. Send an interesting article to a friend. Invite neighbors in for a casual get together. Engage in conversation with a clerk or receptionist. Volunteer in your community. Reach out to spend time with someone who is experiencing loneliness. Get to know your new coworker. Listen to that coworker who is having a bad day. For heaven’s sake, say good morning! Smile, wave or say hello to people you pass every day. Encourage someone: Tell them why you are proud of them. Support them in getting active. Offer help: Run an errand for a neighbor. Walk your friend’s dog. Express appreciation: Tell friends and family members how much you love and appreciate them. Give praise to your colleague for something they’ve done well. Offer support: Make someone laugh. Send someone a joke to cheer them up. Send someone a picture of a cute animal. Put a surprise note or drawing on someone’s desk. Share what you have: Take your stuff to Goodwill. Make and send a care package to someone who needs it. Donate to a charity. Be gracious: Give up your seat, wherever you are. Let someone get ahead of you in line. Take a minute to help someone who is lost. Hold the door for someone. Let a fellow driver merge into your lane. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. While all 365 days of the year are ripe with opportunities to express kindness – such as baking an unexpected cake in appreciation and gratitude, February 17th is celebrated as Random Acts of Kindness Day. How will you express the kindness that is in your heart?

Marisa Faircloth, PA-C 40+ Years Experience

Experience matters! Over the course of her 40+ year career, Marisa Faircloth, PA-C has developed a reputation as the best in the region. Let Marisa and her team of Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Aestheticians restore the youthful appearance to your face, neck, jawline, or body without major surgery. Her team will know exactly what to do to bring out your inner glow and to restore your


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Empowered by Beauty

youthful appearance. Call today for your complimentary consultation. February 2024 | 19

by L A U R E N S E P H T O N

Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m a freelance writer and a food blogger with a passion for food that tastes good and is good for you! Stay tuned each month to find everything from achievable dessert ideas to healthy, quick dinners that’ll happily feed the family.

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns Fluffy, gooey, caramel-y, maple pecan goodness! These Maple Pecan Sticky Buns are made from scratch with simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, and you won't believe just how EASY they are to make. Servings: 12 Rest Time: 1 hour Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

INGREDIENTS For the Dough: 1 ½ cups Warm Whole Milk 1 tsp. Granulated Cane Sugar 1 T (or 1 individual package) Active Dry Yeast 1 Large Egg 2 T Granulated Cane Sugar 1 T Vanilla Extract 3 ½ cups All Purpose Flour ½ tsp. Fine Sea Salt 4 T Unsalted Butter, softened

For the Maple Pecan Topping: 8 T (1 stick) Unsalted Butter ½ cup Brown Sugar ½ cup Maple Syrup ¼ cup Heavy Cream, or whole milk 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract ½ tsp. Ground Cinnamon 1 ½ cup Pecans, roughly chopped Pinch of Salt

For the Filling: 4 T Unsalted Butter, softened ½ cup Light Brown Sugar 2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

INSTRUCTIONS 1. To Make the Dough: Add the warm milk, active dry yeast and 1 teaspoon sugar to the bowl of a stand mixer. Give it a quick whisk and set aside for five minutes, until it becomes frothy. 2. Add the egg, remaining two tablespoons sugar, salt, vanilla and flour to the bowl. 3. Fit the stand mixer with the paddle attachment and knead the mixture on LOW for four to five minutes, until the dough is pulling away from the edges. Add up to 1/3 cup more flour, if needed. 4. Add the softened butter one tablespoon at a time, until the dough is soft and pliable. 5. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm environment, like your oven with the light turned on, to rise for 30 minutes. 6. To Make the Filling: Combine the brown sugar and cinnamon together. Mix well. Set aside with the softened butter. 7. To Make the Maple Pecan Topping: Combine the brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, cinnamon, heavy cream and vanilla together in a

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saucepan over medium high heat. Bring to a low boil, then stir in the chopped pecans and a pinch of salt. Keep at a low boil for two to three minutes, until thickened to a caramel-like texture. Remove from heat to cool to room temperature. 8. To Assemble the Sticky Buns: Roll out the risen dough on a lightly floured surface to a 10x20” rectangle. 9. Spread the four tablespoons of softened butter over the dough. Evenly sprinkle the sugar mixture on top. Roll up the dough tightly. 10. Using a sharp serrated knife, slice into 12 equal-sized rolls. 11. Pour the maple pecan topping into a 9x13” greased baking pan. Evenly spread out with a spatula. Add the buns on top of the mixture. 12. Cover the baking pan to rise in a warm environment until doubled in size, about 30-40 minutes. 13. To Bake: Preheat the oven to 350F. 14. (Optional) Evenly drizzle ¼ cup heavy cream over the buns. 15. Bake the sticky buns for 20-23 minutes, until golden on top. 16. Let rest for 10 minutes before flipping over to enjoy!


BARN O n Country Club A N T I Q U E / V I N TA G E F U R N I T U R E & H O M E D E C O R


B A R N O n Country Club

A N T I Q U E / V I N TA G E F U R N I T U R E & H O M E D E C O R

Winston-Salem’s Best Kept Secret! Home Decor | Artwork Custom Built Tables, Benches & Much More!

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by TA R Y N J E R E Z

A monthly column that keeps its finger on the pulse of Forsyth’s artists and their inspiring stories!

Stacy A. E. Smith | Acrylic Paint and Polymer Clay Introducing this month’s featured artist, Stacy A. E. Smith, whose art seamlessly blends realism with enchanting magic and whimsy.

How have you evolved, personally, as an artist? Working as a visual artist is all rather new to me. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in January of 2019, and it caused issues with my cognition. Although I had been an avid reader all my life, I shied away from reading after my diagnosis because it became difficult to keep track of plots and characters; bad news for a ravenous Stephen King fan! My mom suggested that I try replacing reading with painting. I didn’t love it at first, but I could smear paint around on paper without having to comprehend it, remember it or keep track of it in any way. It was therapeutic, enjoyable and, after time, my skill increased (my work was even on display at Milton Rhodes for the 2021 AAWS Artist Spotlight Exhibition)!

How do you carve out time to be creative? How would you describe your work?

My art runs the gamut between nature and fantasy. I often paint hyper-realistic nature scenes, particularly seascapes and birds, that are often mistaken for photographs. Sometimes, I trade a lens of reality for one of wonderment. So, obviously, the seascape needs an impossibly bright galaxy of stars, perhaps with an ancient, twisted tree suspended over it like a bridge! And, of course, the raven must have dragon scales. I bring this same approach to my clay work by creating three dimensional scenes, brimming with natural elements like leaves, wood, ferns, roots and mushrooms with everything sculpted and detailed by hand. I use this motif on everything from pendants to thrifted glassware and make it extra magical by embedding genuine stones and crystals.

What influences your art? The eternal ocean and her many gowns. I am absolutely smitten with the ocean, especially the craggy, moody coasts of Pacific Northwest Oregon and Northern Ireland. I often sit in front of a blank canvas and have a stern word with myself, something along the lines of, “No, you are not going to paint another seascape.” And so I go about setting up a color block for a nice landscape with mountains beyond a prairie and some delicate Queen Anne’s Lace by a wooden post, all under a vivid blue sky. As I begin adding details, the blue sky is suddenly dramatically gray, my prairie becomes churning water and my Queen Anne’s Lace has been swallowed by the tide, much like my heart.

I lost my teaching career and am currently on disability due to the uncooperative brouhaha multiple sclerosis has made of my brain. The silver lining of this is that my time is mine. I do have to manage my fatigue and focus, but I am in a place where I can prioritize my art, and I am grateful for that.

Do you have a favorite story behind one of your pieces and why? My very first landscape is titled “Octopus Tree” because the tree I painted resembles a landlocked octopus and not a very good one. I had seen better landscapes on the art wall at the elementary school I taught at, so I was quite disheartened by my first attempt. Honestly though, I love this painting so much because it shows all the effort I have put into learning how to paint and the growth I have achieved.

What are you working on that excites you right now? I love the opportunity to work with new materials. I have found some glass oil lamps that I am embellishing with crystals and clay, as well as some very cool commission requests!

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with fellow artists, especially those at the start of their careers? When people tell you they love your art, believe them.

If you are interested in learning more about this month’s artist, you can find Stacy’s work in her online Etsy shop, Space Peach Studio, as well as follow her on Facebook and Instagram @spacepeachstudio. You can also find her work in Wilmington at the Azalea Festival.

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Purpose Push: Cultivating Love in Your Business

Sheridan C. Watkins is a journalist and the owner of Perennial Peaces, a jewelry and gifts brand focused on transcending self-worth to all women. Her true work began after climbing out of a dark place with the help of God and therapy and her life mission is to provide tangible peace through her Divine gifts to help women heal and transform their life. Follow the mission on Instagram and Facebook: @perennialpeaces by S H E R I D A N C . W AT K I N S

I have had many jobs and experienced many work environments in my adult life. Though hopping from job to job has limitations, these experiences helped me realize what I want and don’t want to bring into my company culture as it grows. From too relaxed to too restricting, there’s something to learn from every place of employment. A great step to take is deciding what core values to honor in your business. Is it productivity? Trust? Dependability? Empathy? It can (and should be) more than one, however, this month we’ll discuss cultivating love in your business. The entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 13 tells us love is the greatest, and honoring that value will help you achieve all others. Love allows everyone involved in your business to show up more authentically and with motivation. Even if you’re a solopreneur, it’s important to develop a track record of magnetizing love in your business and you can start today.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE Leading with love begins with you. You must demonstrate it before anyone involved in your business can embody it. If you’re a solopreneur, like myself, this is the ideal place to start because it will set the tone for the first person you hire. Leading by example will affect your employees and your customers, so how do you want their experience to manifest when they interact with your business? It may be effective to have the end goal in mind and work backward as, oftentimes, our haphazard actions are inadvertent and don’t take into account our long-term goals. Being a leader requires constant reflection, growth and endurance. It can be hard, but it’s important to do the hard work to make it easier for your employees and anyone helping you to gracefully follow suit. Your behavior is the blueprint.

BUILD UP YOUR TEAM You may be the brains, but your team is the heart of your business, and cultivating love involves nurturing this vital organ. Again, this includes yourself if it’s just you. My partner used to tell me constantly, “Be nice to yourself today,” because I had an unhealthy track record of putting too many things on

24 | ForsythWoman.com

my team, which was just me, and being disappointed when things didn’t get done in the unrealistic timeline I set. I’ve worked in those environments and felt defeated as soon as I clocked in. Make sure you are nurturing those who have decided to travel on this journey with you. You will likely have team members that come and go, but people don’t enter our lives by happenstance, it is all carefully constructed by God. Be sure to care for His children while they work in your environment. Your employees can learn from you and vice versa. Put yourself in the perspective of being a great employee, and think about what keeps you motivated. Is it recognition for a job well done? Is it personalized notes from the boss? Is it team milestone celebrations? Add your own twist in ways that feel authentic to you and extend kindness and appreciation to your team. A team that feels cared for will reciprocate that love and create a positive and productive atmosphere.


In a world where employees have choices, expressing gratitude is a powerful retention tool. Remember when I mentioned bouncing from job to job? Your employees have a choice and they don’t have to be there. Saying “thank you” is not just a formality but an acknowledgment of the effort and dedication your team puts into your business. This should be taken seriously and infused into the foundation of your business. Whether through regular appreciation emails, tangible tokens of gratitude or recognizing achievements publicly, gratitude builds a culture where your people feel seen and appreciated. This may have felt a little heavy, but when you build with love, communication becomes easier and you will be amazed by the amount of things you and your team complete and accomplish. This is the perfect month to start loving yourself and your team a little better, and who can’t use more love? You got this, Boss. I love you, and I have faith in you.


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The Best for Your Healthy Skin by M A R T I E E M O R Y, photo by S A I L O F F P H O T O G R A P H Y

From traditional medical dermatology to building healthy skincare habits on the Med Spa side, Davie Dermatology has been healing patients since 1991. First in Advance, then moving to Kinderton Village in 2008, Davie Dermatology is a comprehensive practice offering medical, surgical and cosmetic care – delivered by highly skilled professionals. New physician Aubrey Hess, M.D is the daughter-in-law of founding physician Dr. Suzanne Hess, and joins two other new team additions this year: Aurleigh Stimmel, PA-C, and Frank A. Lacy, M.D., a Mohs surgeon and high-risk cancer specialist. With a full team of board-certified providers, the practice continues to flourish, with high priority given to patient relationships, continuing education and keeping up-to-date on every new advance in the field. “Davie Dermatology is a special place,” said Dr. Hess. “Our providers deliver the highest level of dermatology care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. I am excited to be a part of a team that strives to give every patient a wonderful experience.” On the medical dermatology side, Davie Dermatology offers diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, skin or nail fungal infections, and rashes related to medications or systemic diseases.

basis, the goal is to remove the cancer, minimize the chance of it returning and preserve as much healthy skin as possible. “It is such an honor to join Davie Dermatology as a board-certified and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon,” said Dr. Lacy. I am so fortunate to have found a practice full of kind, caring and skillful dermatology providers who always put their patients first. As we continue to grow the Mohs surgery unit at our practice, there remains an unwavering commitment to our roots. No matter the reason for your visit to our office, you can expect the same warm welcome and outstanding patient care that you’ve come to know from this practice.” Aurleigh Stimmel, PA-C, is excited to join Davie Dermatology, working closely with their outstanding team of providers. “Growing up in Clemmons, I personally received my dermatology care at Davie Dermatology. As a patient, I was always made to feel like family, and it’s my goal to make my patients feel the same way. Our team is dedicated to making you feel at home, while helping you to look and feel your best.” The Med Spa at Davie Dermatology is an important extension of the practice committed to helping clients achieve healthy, more youthful looking skin! Subtlety is always the goal, and you may hear the phrase “whisper, not scream” around the office – as the team brings patients “facial harmony” with the most polished, reliable treatments in the industry.

Patients can also receive care for skin lesions, including both benign and malignant lesions. Benign examples include warts or skin tags, while malignant lesions could be growths such as basal cell skin carcinoma, squamous cell skin carcinoma and malignant melanoma.

Med Spa treatments typically address problems with the upper layers of the skin such as brown spots, sallow or dry looking skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, treatments to address the deeper layers of the skin and underlying muscles, often involving the use of fillers and botulinum toxin, are done by physicians and physician assistants. Providers work together to match the treatment to the problem, often using a combination of modalities to provide the best outcome.

Dr. Frank A. Lacy, the practice’s first Mohs surgeon, is a valued new addition to the team, sharing this precise surgical technique that’s used for the treatment of common skin cancers and certain rare forms of cancer. Performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient

Davie Dermatology is conveniently located at 108 Dornach Way in Bermuda Run, NC. Reach the clinic at 336.940.2407 and the Med Spa at 336.940.3875, and learn more about their services or schedule your appointment for expert care online at daviedermatology.com.

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of High-Retention Managers

by L E S L I E S P E A S

Employee retention continues to be a concern for many organizations as high turnover, across all industries, continues to disrupt the workplace. Unwanted turnover can be a costly problem, having negative effects on a wide range of people and business results. What can an organization do to mitigate this concern? There is no silver bullet, but managers are a key component. According to Gallup, managers influence 70 percent of an employee’s motivation, and most sources say they are the #1 reason that employees leave. What’s the answer? Practice the Seven Habits of HighRetention Managers as summarized below. For more detailed information, check out my book with the same title on Amazon.


Ignite purpose We all want to feel like we are making a difference. A clear company mission unites team members around a shared cause and helps foster a larger emotional investment in their work. Managers can help communicate and inspire employees by helping to bring the mission to life – and by helping them understand how they contribute to the greater purpose of the organization.


Build trust Trust is the foundation of retention and engagement. If you don’t have it, employees aren’t likely to stay and, if lack of trust is an issue across your organization, you aren’t likely to have any kind of sustainable success. Managers can build trust with their team by showing respect; being a person of integrity; demonstrating humility; being vulnerable and extending trust to employees by giving them the autonomy to do their jobs.


Manage yourself You must be able to manage yourself to manage others effectively. And this starts with being self-aware. Once you are aware of your strengths, weaknesses and potential sources of bias, you are in a better position to keep your cool and choose a better response when stressful situations occur.

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Be a good coach Google’s Project Oxygen found that the best managers were good coaches. They used a broad definition of coaching to include feedback, listening, guiding people toward solutions and fostering growth. Recent research indicates that people in today’s workforce don’t want managers, they want coaches. This is particularly true amongst the younger generations that now make up 50% of the workforce.


Practice accountability Where there is a lack of accountability, there is a lack of performance, and it will have an impact on engagement and retention. High performers don’t like it and will likely be the first to jump ship. High-retention managers hold themselves and others accountable for results using the Five C’s of Accountability: 1. Clarity of expectations 2. Courage to have difficult interactions 3. Collaboration in goal-setting and problem-solving 4. Consistency in holding employees to expectations – and in being fair and consistent 5. Correction including counseling, discipline or termination when warranted


Communicate well The Center for Creative Leadership encourages managers to communicate relentlessly. This involves clear, concise, open and honest communication using different mediums – and typically involves over communicating because people need to hear things a lot before it sticks! Most importantly, this includes listening actively.


Show you care Show employees that you care about their well-being (career, physical, mental, social and financial). Helpful strategies to cultivate include caring interactions; showing empathy; providing flexibility and showing appreciation.

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experiencing any of the leg symptoms below, Novant Health Vein Specialists can help. If you experience: • Swelling in your legs • Leg pain and discomfort • Tired or heavy legs • Bulging veins • Spider veins • Skin discoloration

your way to healthy, great looking legs this year.

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Exceptional Young Women in the Community:

Kendall “Riley” Anderson

by A M Y H I L L

Forsyth Woman celebrates women of all ages, including rising stars in elementary, middle and high school. Kendall “Riley” Anderson has been an integral part of her community as one of LEAD Girls of NC’s most promising members. At just 13 years old, Riley has managed to stay on top of her grades as a honor roll student, participate in track and basketball, and aspires to surpass her stellar 3.40 GPA in order to achieve a 4.0 GPA in the near future. At a young age, Riley has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing Riley & RiRi, LLC, a cosmetics business that sells lip gloss, lip balm and lotion. Riley started the business in 2020 with her younger sister, Ariane (“RiRi”), when she was just seven years old. In fact, Riley and Ariane’s business was recently named the 2023 Kid Biz of the Year by the Triad Minority and Women’s Business Expo. Interested in checking out Riley & RiRi’s products? Visit the website at therileyandririshow.co. Outside of running her business, academia and athletics, Riley engages her creativity by singing and producing her own music using computer software in her spare time. After middle school and high school, she has dreams of attending Howard University and possibly even enrolling in cosmetology school. As far as her favorite local restaurant is concerned, nothing beats a tasty hibachi steak dinner at Umi Japanese Steakhouse. LEAD Girls of NC (Learning Everyday Accomplishing Dreams) is an organization sponsored by numerous organizations designed to prepare low-income and/or

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at-risk preteen girls in the community. Its mission is to successfully inspire young women to become strong, stable and successful members of society and create role models like Riley. As a two-year LEAD veteran, one of Riley’s fondest memories of the organization includes getting to know her fellow LEAD members. She enjoys team building games and exercises that allow her to grow closer to her peers and form long-lasting bonds. According to Riley, LEAD instructors excel at fostering an environment that encourages members to open up to each other easily. In addition to instructors, high school peer ambassadors at LEAD empathize with their younger members’ pre-teen years and help them feel comfortable. By having ambassadors to look up to, Riley and other young women her age are inspired to grow to give back in the future as ambassadors themselves. In 2022 alone, LEAD served 346 girls in the community with more than 15,000 hours of service. The organization succeeded in boosting the self-confidence and self-worth in young women, promoting them to the next grade level in school, and increasing gratitude within individuals’ lives. In 2023, members and sponsors raised more than $16,000 for the annual LEAD-A-Thon to support the implementation of LEAD programs in Forsyth County schools. Additionally, LEAD’s 2023 Annual Soiree raised more than $24,000 to continue lifting up young women in the future. Interested in becoming involved with LEAD Girls of NC? Apply online and read more about LEAD’s programs and values at leadgirls.org.

Fueling Your LONG-DISTANCE Friendships by J E A N M A R I E J O H N S O N

“THE QUALITY OF YOUR FRIENDSHIPS IS WORTH MUCH MORE THAN WHO IS IN YOUR IMMEDIATE VICINITY.” Dr. Patel-Dunn Seventeen years. That’s how long the research says the average friendship lasts. And yet, I have a BFF friendship of 55 years, another of 28 years and still another that’s at least 20 years and going strong. At the heart of every one of these solid, long-term friendships, I notice two things: • •

A significant shared experience – either growing up together, working together or having an unusual, shared interest. A mutual desire to nurture the bond through marriages, children, divorces, illnesses, windfalls, losses, extreme changes in circumstances and, yes, relocation.

Honestly, these friendships have been put to the resilience test since I moved south six years ago. Why? Because after letting go of fretting over how things would be different, we put on our big girl pants and got creative about how to make this work! In each case, the motivation was there, the approach was different and the result was the same: my girls and I are just as connected as ever! Did someone say “Blessed?” Know that I do not take this blessing lightly. But, here’s the thing: it doesn’t just “happen.” Long-distance friendships can go the distance with maintenance and planning. “Investing in friendships that make you feel appreciated, loved and seen is always worth keeping in your life, no matter the distance that separates you,” said Dr. Patel-Dunn. Here are some great tips on how to nurture the friendships from afar that mean so much to you: Openly acknowledge each other’s feelings of loss or anxiety about the change. When you have been close to someone both in your heart and in your physical proximity, distance means loss of IRL experiences. So much for those happy hours and shared mani-pedis, I know. It’s a bummer, so talk about it, but also refuse to accept that out of sight means out of mind. Initiate conversation to explore what will work best for each of you. There is no one size fits all. I speak to one of these friends every week, another every month and the other for about three hours every quarter – a marathon call!

Deal with challenges. That Zoom call may be out because your computer is down. Or, rescheduling a phone call may take several attempts. Be flexible and lean into your mutual determination to work it out. And speaking of Zoom: Put those Facetime/Zoom strengths you picked up during COVID to good use. I look forward to the regular invite I receive from my friend every month. We’ll drink tea if it’s early, or a glass of wine if it’s later. We’ll comment on each other’s new glasses or ask “what’s that thing on the table behind you?” Don’t rely exclusively on social media posts to sustain your closeness. Track with how your friend’s life is unfolding by staying tuned into her social media. But remember that it’s “social,” not personal to you. So, make a comment on something you saw in her thread, and then be ready to hear about what’s not said in the public thread. Stay on top of what’s happening in your lives. We know that very few things remain the same in our lives; things are changing all of the time. So, tell her about what’s new or different. Ask her about her dayto-day life. Remember that we stay connected based on both memories and current information. Get creative. I am 100% serious about this! Cook together, create a virtual book club, take a visual tour through your garden or even your closet. Think of those calls as opportunities for YouTube-like experiences. Plan an IRL get together. When a friend from more than 40 years ago recently reached out to restart our friendship, she quickly added that her home was open to me at any time. All I needed to do was to get on a flight. I love her spirit even more than her generosity! If possible, plan a future real-time visit or arrange to meet somewhere in the middle for a girlfriend getaway in real time. And between those scheduled calls and visits: Let her know that you are thinking of her. Email an article, send a quick text update or photo, or stick an inspirational card or small gift in the mail.


NEUROPATHY? How do you know if you have Peripheral Nerve Damage? The following symptoms may start gradually: • Numbness • Burning or Tingling • Difficulty Sleeping • Sensitivity to touch • Pain when walking • Sharp electric-like pain • Diabetic nerve pain

Aligned Health & Wellness uses a physician-supervised, primarily home -based treatment strategy for neuropathy that really works. You will discover: • How to stop nerve damage before the effects are irreversible. • How our revolutionary protocol provides outstanding results for sufferers of peripheral neuropathy.


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Dr. Jessica Katz, D.C.

Such-N-Such Media Produces Solutions for


Gone are the days when consumers learned about the latest local businesses, music and current events from periodicals, nightly news and television advertisements only. Podcasting has steadily increased in popularity within the last decade, enticing commuters and travelers as well as anyone looking for substantial conversations to fill the time. While most podcast listeners can easily find and acquire their podcasts of choice, not everyone knows how to produce them. Such-N-Such Media serves the Triad community as one of the few and far between broadcasting and media production companies that fine-tune finished products for an individual or business’ entertainment needs. Owned by locally loved Tim Beeman, Such-N-Such Media consists of a dedicated and enthusiastic team that makes clients feel right at home. Businesses seek Beeman’s services to let locals know about their products and service, while individuals solely interested in starting a podcast of their own know that Such-N-Such Media has them covered. Beeman is one-of-a-kind, not only in charisma, but also in the services he offers the Triad community. Aside from recording and producing podcasts, he serves as a coach from everything to the conception of a podcast to its distribution. His expertise allows him to work with aspiring podcasters on finding their angles and voices, potential improvements that can be made and best podcast practices regarding episode length and frequency. Most importantly, he provides

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ready-to-use equipment to take away the hassle of investing in pricey products that require a learning curve and extensive set-up. He is quick to tackle any internal technological issues to ensure your episodes are published in a timely manner and communicates any troubles he encounters to ease your mind. His stunning studio space, located in downtown Winston-Salem, is a vibrant corner office including an inspiring city view and a comfortable atmosphere ideal for chatting, putting podcast hosts and guests in a positive mood. In fact, it is the perfect environment for producing Camel City Radio, an internetbased radio station broadcasting 24 hours per day. The station is fully commercial, allowing Beeman and co-hosts carte blanche when it comes to content. Listeners can hear anything from Britney Spears to Metallica and Loretta Lynn throughout the day, showing a glimpse into what “old school” radio used to be in the college radio format. Beeman’s wife, Stephanie, even has her own show on Camel City Radio, along with his partner, which keeps conversational topics and music preferences diverse. Beeman and partners strive to steer the station away from talk radio; instead, they aspire to focus primarily on music and advertising for local businesses. Beeman’s own brain child, The Less Desirables Podcast, is approaching its 14th year of production, having only missed one weekly episode since its birth. Beeman and Co-Host Bethany Miller have collected hundreds of listeners over the years with a loyal fanbase, with the podcast being considered a pop

culture classic in the southeast. Find episodes every Wednesday for free on any podcast streaming platform, including popular Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Beeman also produces Greater Conversations Podcast on behalf of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc., formerly known as the Chamber of Commerce. Beeswax Vinyl Daily is a podcast that Beeman has produced for three years, spitting out episodes daily for 12 minutes or less that cover musicrelated topics. With almost 4,100 various podcast episodes under his belt, Forsyth Woman Editor Brooke Eagle has also utilized Beeman’s services to produce and distribute the Forsyth Magazines Podcast weekly on Thursdays. Beeman knows a good podcast host when he sees one, and Brooke immediately stood out to him as a natural conversationalist. What sets Such-N-Such Media apart from other broadcasting companies is the passion behind the business. Beeman’s childhood aspirations of becoming a DJ have now been brought to life, but for the greater good of Triad businesses and individuals with dreams of their own. Interested in a consultation with Beeman himself? Email tim@suchnsuchmedianc.com and follow @suchnsuchmedia on Instagram to stay up to date and learn more. Find SuchN-Such Media online at suchnsuchmedianc. com (website currently under construction). Beeman’s studio spot is located at 102 W 3rd Street, Suite 700, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.







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Finding the Light

when the days are cold and dark by K A R E N C O O P E R

If shorter days and colder temperatures cause you to feel the winter blues, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to experience sadness, fatigue, loss of interest in usual activities, difficulty concentrating and a disruption in your sleep pattern during the winter season. For some, this mood change is short-lived and easily managed with lifestyle adjustments. But, for others, the winter blues can turn into a more severe type of depression called seasonal affective disorder or SAD (more on this later). Regardless of the severity, there are things you can do to help conquer the winter blues.

TIPS TO HELP BEAT THE WINTER BLUES KEEP UP YOUR SLEEP ROUTINE Sleep has a major effect on mood. Without adequate, regular sleep, our circadian rhythm can get disrupted, which also disrupts cortisol rhythms and impacts hormone production. To improve your sleep: • •

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Follow a regular bedtime routine that signifies rest, such as brushing teeth, reading, turning down the lights, taking a bath or drinking a cup of herbal tea. Whatever helps you feel most relaxed. Expose yourself to light as soon as you wake up.

BOOST YOUR MOOD WITH FOOD One way to help improve your mood is to make healthy food choices. For example, eating protein with your meals can enhance mood and prevent sugar and carb cravings later in the day. Including foods high in vitamin D such as fish, and vitamin D fortified foods like milk, orange juice, breakfast cereal and yogurt can help balance your mood. You might also want to talk to your doctor about taking a Vitamin D supplement, especially during the winter months.

GET PHYSICAL Staying active has been shown to boost mood and decrease the symptoms of depression and stress. Try to work up to 30 to 60 minutes a day of an activity you enjoy.

SEEK OUT THE SUN Getting outside daily, even for a few minutes a day, can make a huge impact on your mood and help target the specific symptoms of SAD related to a lack of daylight.

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Being in the sunlight helps balance serotonin activity, increases melatonin production, balances your circadian rhythm and increases vitamin D levels, which can lead to an improved emotional state. If you cannot get outdoors, move a chair, workstation or kitchen table next to a window that gets sunlight. Aim to sit in this location for at least one to two hours a day.

CALL ON YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM Loneliness and isolation tend to make the effects of the winter blues worse. That’s why your support system, which may include family, friends, neighbors and co-workers should be on speed dial. Finding a way to spend time with supportive people is key to boosting your mood. This may include walks outdoors, talking on the phone or virtual dates.

SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP If lifestyle modifications and other basic self-care interventions do not provide enough relief from the winter blues, you may be dealing with a more serious case of the seasonal depression known as SAD, and it may be time to consider seeking professional help. Psychotherapy is highly recommended to treat depressive disorders and would likely benefit any individual suffering from SAD. Unlike the winter blues, SAD affects your daily life, including how you feel and think. Fortunately, treatment can help you get through this challenging time. Treatments include light therapy, talk therapy and antidepressants.

LIGHT THERAPY Since the 1980s, light therapy has been a mainstay for treating winter-pattern SAD. It aims to expose people with SAD to a bright light to make up for the diminished natural sunlight in darker months. For this treatment, the person sits in front of a very bright light box (10,000 lux) every day for about 30−45 minutes, usually first thing in the morning, from fall to spring. The light box, which is about 20 times brighter than ordinary indoor light, filters out the potentially damaging UV light, making this a safe treatment for most.

Creating more choices for women

Midwifery and OB-GYN care under one roof Call us at 336-765-5470 or visit NHWomanCare.org

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of Quiet Time by L E S L I E S P E A S

It is the time of year when we are working to change our habits for the better. When we consider making health behavior changes, we typically try to make them based on our own limited willpower (we know how that usually turns out) and don’t even think to ask God for His help. However, when we rely on His unlimited power, anything can happen! Change is hard y’all – so just think how much more likely we are to succeed if we engage the Holy Spirit in helping us!

To tap into His power, we need to spend time with Him. Having a habit of quiet time with God each day is really important and can help enrich your life! If you aren’t currently spending time with Him, start by investing five to 10 minutes a day reading the Bible, meditating on what you’ve learned and praying about it. My quiet time is certainly not perfect. I get ADHD but, even so, my life is so much better as a result. If you aren’t sure what to do or how to get started, here is a suggested strategy to consider.

PRACTICE THE SIX R’S (adapted from The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren) 1. RELAX. Be quiet for a short while to put yourself in a reverent mood. 2. REQUEST. Say a short opening prayer to ask God to cleanse your heart and guide you into the time together. 3. READ. Read a section of the Scripture. He speaks to you through His Word, and you speak with Him in prayer. Read it slowly and repeatedly until you start to picture it in your mind.

4. REFLECT. Meditate on what you are reading and particularly on verses that really speak to you. Meditation is “seriously contemplating a thought over and over in your mind.” 5. RECORD. Write down what you have discovered. Recording what God has shown you is one way of applying what you see in the Scripture that pertains to your life 6. REQUEST. After God has spoken to you through His Word, speak to Him in prayer.

Below are some Scriptures to inspire you as you think about making changes now and throughout the year: Now, by his mighty power at work within us, God is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts or hopes. – Eph 3:20 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26 If spending time with God isn’t your thing, you can still practice quiet time and tap into the reenergizing power of solitude. You can do this by practicing deep breathing, meditating, reading or journaling, and using some of the same suggestions I shared above. This type of practice will help you to manage stress, feel calmer and better regulate yourself and your emotions.

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attract more clients Boost Brand Visibility + Revenue Photography Videography Brand Development for women-led brands

405 N. Cherry Street, Winston-Salem jodiebrim.com | 336.997.9487 @jodiebrim

Remodeling or Furnishing One of the benefits of collaborating with a designer is the endless possibilities available to you as a consumer. Our years of experience have led us to identify the top manufacturers in the industry who specialize in custom-made furnishings. We spend days at the furniture markets in High Point and Atlanta searching for the best of the best when it comes to custom furnishings. “I love that sofa, but I wish it were a different color.” I am sure many of you can relate to that feeling of finding that near perfect piece, but it is covered in an outdated fabric, or it is just a tad too big. Custommade furnishings allow you the freedom to choose. Our knowledge and resources combined with your vision will ensure a look that is truly one of a kind. We can find a fabric that speaks to you, a color that reflects your personality and a durable finish that suits the needs of your family. Hickory White offers a custom dining table program where you can choose a base, tabletop, size and finish. Hickory Chair offers made-to-measure upholstery, as well as case goods. Choose your fabric and finish and specify the dimensions down to the inch. Case goods can be painted in multiple finishes with the option to choose your style of hardware. In addition to our manufacturers who offer customized items, we have established relationships with local craftsmen and artisans who can make virtually anything. Our custom cabinet makers can build a bookcase to fill a large space or a built-in bench with drawers underneath. Upholsterers can craft a custom settee destined to be a conversation piece. A faux artist can travel back in time to create an antique chest that looks 100 years old. Wallpapers finish off your décor with thousands of options. Many clients come to us exasperated after searching endlessly to complete their vision. “I know what I want, I just can’t find it!” Do not settle for almost perfect. If we cannot find it, we can design and make it! Customizing is no problem for us. Turnkey and white glove service for your home, from start to finish, is what we do best. Home furnishings, remodeling, lighting fixtures, rugs, new paint colors, accessories, tile, countertops, wallpaper and endless possibilities. We also specialize in remodeling kitchens and baths. Is it time for you to think about a change in your home? God Bless!

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junedelugasinteriors.com North Carolina’s Premier Remodeling and Interior Design Firm | 2575 Old Glory Road, Clemmons | 336-778-1030

Hustle & Heart Be Mine: Five Valentine’s Day Content Ideas to Increase Brand Engagement by TA R Y N J E R E Z , OF GOFORITCREATIVE.COM

This column is meant to serve as a resource for readers who seek inspiration and knowledge for building their own small business brands. Through actionable advice, find the encouragement to help you keep living your life with hustle and heart.

THIS VALENTINE’S DAY, PERHAPS CUPID’S ARROW CAN LAND IN THE DIRECTION OF NEW CUSTOMERS? While that may be the cheesiest thing you read today, there is truth to February being a perfect opportunity to convert leads into customers through a little festive fun added to your marketing strategy. The holiday of love is a great time to dig deeper and connect with your audience in intentional ways that make them feel a heightened connection to your brand and see the value in what you’re marketing!

DESIGN A HEARTFELT EMAIL CAMPAIGN Remember that every big box store is going to be sending out Valentine’s promotional emails, but this is your opportunity to stand out. Craft personalized and emotionally resonant emails that not only showcase your products or services but also connect with your audience on a deeper level. Something they actually want to read and enjoy hearing about! Incorporate a gratitude filled or heartwarming message to your customers about how much their business means to you, and think of ways to provide them with a little value that day. Maybe you tell a short story with a witty anecdote, share your favorite love story, give them a quote that makes them think, educate them on something making your email campaign more engaging and likely to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.


This is one of the most popular holiday strategies you’ll see throughout the year and Valentine’s is no exception! Assemble a curated selection of your most appealing products or services and present them in a visually appealing Valentine’s or galentine’s gift guide. This can be a simple PDF you design using a free tool like Canva. Make sure to include direct links to products or booking options to avoid any delay in working together. You can even use gift guides to highlight businesses other than just your own and tailor it to cater to different customer likes, wants and needs for your audience. Try adding a theme to your gift guide to make it even more specific for your customers, enticing them to sign up for it. For example, your gift guide could be for romance lovers, boss babes, galentine’s gift ideas, babies and kids, etc.

SHARE YOUR FAVORITE CUSTOMER LOVE NOTES You can share customer reviews any time of the year, but embrace the season of love and have some playful fun sharing love notes. Sharing heartfelt testimonials about your customers’ experiences with you helps to humanize your brand. You can showcase the impact your products and services make while highlighting credibility and building trust! In

44 | ForsythWoman.com

honor of Valentine’s Day, think about designing a cute graphic for Instagram stories, reels covers or email marketing that can be used to showcase these reviews. You never know who is compelled to work with you after relating to one of the customer love notes you share!


Get customers excited and feel part of your brand! Foster a sense of excitement and engagement by partnering with other businesses for a collaborative event or hosting a Valentine’s Day giveaway. This can expand your reach and attract a wider audience as participants come from both your own existing audience and your collaborator(s). You can invite participants to share and tag friends in your social media posts to help increase engagement. Always ensure that the collaboration or giveaway aligns with who you are as a brand both personality-wise as well as where your values are concerned. Joining forces and offering something fun like a giveaway can entice potential customers – both new and returning – to explore what you have to offer.

HUSTLE & HEART CHALLENGE This month, love on your audience by showering them with a few intentional Valentine-related marketing efforts! From emails to social media posts and more, pick at least one effort to include in your marketing strategy this month to connect with your audience.

Best Asian Restaurant & Runners Up Sushi in WS

Winner Best Asian

Best Sushi Runner Up


Biggest Sake Selection in the Triad.


More than 20 different Sake available.

Tuesday all moscow mule cocktails $2 off Wednesday all mojito cocktails $2 off Thursday half price wine by the glass Friday & Saturday bottled beer $1.50 off and draft beer $2 off Sunday mimosas and bloody marys $6 half price flavored sake by the glass

(336) 893-8178 | hakka-chow.com 615 Saint George Sq Ct | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 (Right off Hanes Mall Blvd. across from the Wynnsong 12 Movie Theater)

Monday Closed Tuesday -Thursday 11:30am - 9:30pm Friday 11:30am - 10pm Saturday 12pm - 10pm Sunday 12pm - 9pm

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About True Love by K A R E N C O O P E R

Whether your Valentine’s Day plans involve date night with your sweetheart, a girls’ night with popcorn and champagne or any other combination you can dream up, now is the time to queue up a romantic movie or two on your streaming service. Here, we’ve selected eight of our favorite true love films which tackle the grand subject of love in thoughtful and enticing ways. As different as these films are, they all remind us that no matter the circumstances, love will prevail.


LOVING (2016)


Lloyd (John Cusack), an underachieving, kick-boxing romantic, pursues cerebral beauty Diane (Ione Skye) as they both graduate from high school. The unlikely pair fumble through their discovery that they may just be perfect for each other. If a shameless display of affection does not equal a man blaring Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes” on his boombox outside our window, then I don’t want it. This quirky love story is one for the ages.

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga join forces to play real-life couple Richard and Mildred Loving in this film about an interracial couple whose marriage would be the catalyst for invalidating laws prohibiting interracial marriage as their case is taken all the way to the Supreme Court in 1967. While the film does focus on the lawsuit, their faithful, defiant love is the heart of this story.

Emma Thompson wrote and starred in Sense and Sensibility. The film tells the story of the Dashwood sisters, Elinor (Thompson) and Marianne (Kate Winslet), as they navigate their way through 19th-century relationship issues involving Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman), Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant) and John Willoughby (Greg Wise).

PRIDE & PREJUDICE (2005) Love is never simple in a Jane Austen narrative. In Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy is a man in love with Elizabeth Bennet – but has a hard time making that known. In this adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) lives with her mother, father and sisters in the English countryside. As the eldest, she faces increasing pressure from her parents to marry. When introduced to the handsome and noble Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen), sparks fly. Although there is obvious chemistry between the two, Darcy’s overly reserved nature jeopardizes the new relationship.

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MOONSTRUCK (1987) Ronny Cammareri (Nicolas Cage) is the one-handed baker in love with his brother’s fiancée. Loretta (Cher) won a Best Actress Oscar for her role as the Italian American widow who accepts a marriage proposal from her bore of a boyfriend, Johnny (Danny Aiello), only to find herself falling for his younger brother, Ronny. She tries her best to resist, but Ronny blames his brother for the loss of his hand and pursues Loretta relentlessly while Johnny is out of the country. That’s amore!

UP (2009) In this Pixar film, Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old grumpy balloon salesman, is about to fulfill a lifelong dream. Tying thousands of balloons to his house, he flies away to the South American wilderness. Carl’s worst nightmare comes true when he discovers a little boy named Russell has hitched a ride aboard the balloon-powered house. Adventures abound in this story about how far one would go for love.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1985) Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter) is traveling in Italy with her prudish aunt, Charlotte (Maggie Smith). Both disappointed at not getting the room with a view they had been promised, they are hesitant to accept the offer of Mr. Emerson (Denholm Elliot) and his son George (Julian Sands), staying at the same inn, to switch rooms so they may have a view after all. They do graciously agree. George is from the start an intriguing romantic interest for Lucy. Lucy does her best to resist her attraction to George. Let yourself be carried away with the beautiful scenery and this incredibly romantic love story.

THE NOTEBOOK (2004) What would a list of love stories be without The Notebook? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star as couple Noah and Allie, who begin a tumultuous relationship in the 1940s before the two are separated by her family and then World War II, though that’s far from the end of their love story. The older versions of their characters are played to a full-on weeping effect by James Garner and Gena Rowlands. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

Music of Fleetwood Mac

Jessie Montgomery’s STRUM

Apr 6, 2024 Reynolds Auditorium

Beethoven’s 9th

Mar 2 & 3, 2024 Reynolds Auditorium A fun work by composer Jessie Montgomery opens a concert featuring virtuoso bassist Edgar Meyer and Dvořák’s New World Symphony.

Apr 13 & 14, 2024 Wait Chapel

Tickets: wssymphony.org

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aeracura salon & spa 48 | ForsythWoman.com

Inspired by the Beauty Around Us by MARTIE EMORY PHOTOS BY JEJ PHOTOS

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Central to the personal calling of every professional at Aeracura Salon in Reynolda Village and Aeracura Salon & Spa in Clemmons is the magical presence of the beauty in all of us. Nothing but the brightest light – and nature’s warmth – shines at each location, mirroring the meaning of the name, Aeracura. Thought to be the Celtic or Germanic goddess dedicated to protecting Earth’s flowers and plants, Aeracura was also a muse to artists – which couldn’t be more appropriate for the stylists who bring both salon locations to vibrant life! Natural light billows through huge windows, and the original Winston-Salem location looks out over the lovely Reynolda Gardens. Each Aeracura escape offers the perfect setting to focus on YOU! With the first site opened in 2015, and the newest in early 2020, both are the most luxurious Aveda salons in the area and share Aveda’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Nothing but the well-being of animals, people and the planet guide ingredient selection and sourcing at Aveda; and inhouse curated aromas are layered and matched to the product to create an honest mind-body connection. Inspiration is the absolute heart of Aeracura Salon, and Owner and Master Stylist Christi Bradham shares her new year tradition of refocusing on the day-to-day operations of the salons, while reinvigorating her own mindset. “It’s usually the people I work most closely with that I find inspiration from,” said Christi. “Those are the ones I grow ideas with as we each flourish from inspiring one another – and there are constant new opportunities to share that with our clients!”

learning together

Both salon teams will expand their techniques in the near year with extensive continuing education. “Our teams will learn from some of the best North American and Global artists in the country through our continuing Aveda education programs this year,” Christi explains. “I think this is what sets us apart from other salons. We have a true dedication to learning – whether it’s from our small, monthly, in-salon classes or larger classes that the Aveda institutes offer. Trends change from season to season, so it’s imperative to stay on our toes!” Christi is meticulous about the technique she sees from the salons’ hairstylists. “This isn’t simply hairstyling to me,” she adds. “It’s about paying attention to the details, caring about your clients and being an artist in your own right. I have to see craftsmanship and quality consistently. Every hairstylist who works solely behind the chair has at least two years of experience, and if I hire someone right out of school – or a stylist who has been working less than two years behind the chair – they will first work beside me or other master stylists in our assistant program.” Being an assistant means being completely immersed in following the master stylists, including understanding the commitment Aeracura has to its guests, and how to care for their needs from start to finish at each appointment. “Our master stylists become the teachers, and every moment becomes a lesson for our assistants,” says Christi, who beams with pride when each “assistant” completes a level of the Aeracura system. “I love when their efficiency takes them from junior to senior level and then to master level. To reach the master level takes a minimum of five years, continued education, building an artistic repertoire and a commitment to supporting each other as a team. I have literally watched all our master stylists grow into experts,” says Christi. “They show confidence, patience and a true love of being creative as a hairstylist.”

reimagining wellness

Aeracura Salons also recently introduced a wonderful new addition to their Clemmons spa location – Camille Padilla, LMBT – who has helped reimagine spa and luxury services for both locations. “Camille has 25 years experience in our industry and is a licensed massage therapist, Esthetician and natural nail specialist,” shares Christi. “As a certified Holistic Esthetician, her focus on total relaxation of the mind, body and spirit is completely integrated with our mission. Client care is customized for the individual, and each massage and facial service is skillfully enhanced with Aveda’s formulation of pure plant and flower essences, and rich botanical oils.”

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Camille notes her approach to skincare and massage takes the essence of the whole pe1rson into consideration!

Along with Camille’s full menu of services offered singularly – both packages are perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day!

“In other words, your stress, lifestyle and specific concerns are all important,” she adds. “Treatments can be for therapeutic purposes or simply for deep relaxation. There will always be a consultation to find out what specific treatment you need as an individual. My extensive education has trained me to correctly address your skin’s needs with holistic tools, products and treatments, as well as determining when your skin needs certain products and facials.”

Visit Aeracura Salon located at 101A Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, 336.448.0792, or Aeracura Salon & Spa located at 6265 Town Center Drive in Clemmons, 336.448.2044. Follow them online at aeracurasalon.com, and on Instagram @aeracurasalon. Salon hours at both locations are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m, and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

As you assemble your own improved self-care routine for 2024, remember this! Spa services tend to be seen as a luxury when, in fact, they are part of whole-body wellness. Taking time out to make a salon appointment and then deeply savoring the experience can help you recenter yourself and lower stress levels. The Aeracura team also offers recommendations for follow-up care at home. Camille suggests the Moment of Wellness package as a starting point for new guests. “The Moment of Wellness package is a wonderful way to get started in massage and facials, or if you’re looking to get back into a self-care maintenance routine,” she shares. “It’s a 30-minute massage and a 30-minute facial focus that allows you to get to know me, and for me to get to know your needs.” The three-and-a-half hour Balance and Restore package is another total mind/body experience that includes a one-hour facial, a one-hour massage and a one-hour spa pedicure. This tempting package also includes lunch – creating a time of complete and total relaxation.

aeracura stylists

share their reasons for loving what they do! “I’m so grateful to work at a place that’s so amazing and to be able to work with people I genuinely love. I wouldn’t trade it in a million years.” Krista Crafton, Master Stylist, Reynolda “It’s a blessing to work where I can come every day, and enjoy what I do with so much creative freedom. I can relax along with my guests in a fun, peaceful environment and be around people I dearly love who are true inspirations to me.” Rebecca Oliver, Master Stylist, Reynolda “My passion is to make my clients feel beautiful.” Clara Myers, Lead Manager and Hairstylist, Clemmons “Our beautiful team is a mix of personalities, styles and backgrounds, yet we all come together for the common goal of making clients feel good about themselves and always making their day! Maddie Marrs, Master Stylist & Colorist, Reynolda

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Terry Matthews

Volunteer Program Manager for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Terry Matthews is a nominee for our People of Prominence series. Terry is in charge of recruiting, training and managing volunteers who serve throughout WS/FCS. She works tirelessly with social, civic and local organizations to develop partnerships and utilize volunteers for the local school system.

“Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference!” After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said “I made a difference for that one.” Loren Eiseley Sitting with Terry gives one the indelible impression that volunteering and giving back to a community is the ultimate gift of love and selfless devotion.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FORAY INTO THE FIELD OF COMMUNITY SERVICE? After graduating from Winston-Salem State University, I began a career with the YMCA as an Afterschool Counselor and Day Camp Director. During my 26 years of working for the Y, I had the opportunity to serve others in many capacities. One of the recurring themes throughout that career was working with, training and empowering volunteers to help them live their passion through meaningful volunteering.

community members, businesses and organizations in meaningful volunteering. Most recently, WS/FCS in partnership with Food Lion, Second Harvest Food Bank, Forsyth Backpack, Renfro Brands and many other partners provided 450 meal kits to families and individual students dealing with housing insecurity. This effort involved more than 125 volunteers who packaged meals, sorted packages and delivered food to our schools for distribution. This is one of many examples of how volunteers have a positive impact in our schools and create equity for our students.


Anyone can have a positive impact in the community by donating their time. If you want to help others through volunteering, I recommend that you consider the following. Think about what you enjoy doing, what you are good at and how you can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Then, ask yourself if you have any free time? Even an hour can make a world of difference.

WHAT HAS MADE YOU PROUD AS A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER FOR THE YOUTH? I am so proud of the chances I have given to others to help children dream beyond their experiences. There is a transformation that can take place when you provide mentorship or assistance to a child to help them see there is a world of good far beyond their daily personal struggles. The community-at-large provides something invaluable to our children who need it the most.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I transitioned into a job with Hospice of Rockingham County coordinating volunteers for people at the end of life’s journey. Recruiting caring volunteers to support people dealing with life-limiting illness was some of the most meaningful work that I have done in my life. Although this work was rewarding, it was also the most challenging, because each day you knew that patience may have completed their life’s journey (passed away) before you returned to work the next day.

My call to action to each of you reading this story is to reach out to a local non-profit, the school system, homeless shelter, etc., and ask them how you can be of assistance. Our children, families and the community at-large need you!


Just that we need people to use their passion to make a difference. We need mentors, tutors and reading buddies. By 2025, WS/FCS has a goal of 90% of students reading at grade level by third grade.

I am grateful to be able to match people’s passions and skill sets to volunteer opportunities in our schools and with a few of our local non-profit community partners. I am indebted to people who choose to share their most valuable commodity – time with others. In my opinion, a person’s donation of their time is more valuable than money. It is true selfless currency. During my two years with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, I have had the opportunity to engage many parents,

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We need adults to team up with kids through our Reading Warrior program to make this goal a reality. A population that is empowered through education is one not to be stopped. We stand ready to engage volunteers in our pursuit of furthering students’ literacy. To sign up to be a Reading Warriors tutor or any other type of volunteer for WS/FCS, go to wsfcsvolunteers.com to fill out a volunteer application to be eligible to volunteer in WS/FCS.

A relaxing routine

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Tobacco History by K A R E N C O O P E R , photo by D E B O R A H K O E R N E R P H O T O G R A P H Y

Winston-Salem is sometimes called “Camel City” due to its important role in the tobacco industry and Reynold’s legendary “Camel” cigarette. Although Pleasant Hanes was the first to build a tobacco factory, R.J. Reynolds built the second tobacco factory here in 1875 (Hanes later moved on to the textile business and sold his tobacco company in 1900). Of great significance to this industry was the first cigarette-making machine, introduced in 1880. A little later, funded by four area businessmen, engineer and machinist William Cyrus Briggs began to make his own version of a cigarette machine in Winston Salem and eventually formed Briggs-Shaffner to manufacture a companion cigarette packing machine. Cigarettes were slow to catch on with the public, but when they did, the cigarette significantly altered the tobacco business. Going back a little further, in the mid-1800s, many Forsyth County farmers grew at least some tobacco as one of several cash crops. This was the same in many of the surrounding counties. The son of a tobacco farmer in Virginia, Richard Joshua “R.J.” Reynolds sold his shares of his father’s company and ventured to the nearest town with a railroad connection – Winston-Salem – with a plan to start his own tobacco company. By 1914, Camels were the most popular cigarette in the world! This helped make Winston-Salem the largest city in North Carolina for several decades. At the beginning of the 1900s, Reynolds bought most of the competing tobacco factories in Winston-Salem. In the old days, many factory workers lived a few blocks away from R.J. Reynolds factory in an area called Reynoldstown. This was a neighborhood originally created for tobacco company employees. Reynolds paid his employees well. The high school-aged kids would often work there during the summers and, when they graduated, they would get their first full-time job at Reynolds alongside their parents. At the time Reynolds died in 1918 (of pancreatic cancer), his company owned 121 buildings in Winston-Salem. He was so fundamental to company operations that executives did not hang another chief executive’s portrait next to his in the company board room for 41 years. Reynolds’ brother, William Neal Reynolds, took over following Reynolds’ death, and six years later, Bowman Gray became chief executive. By that time, Reynolds Co. was the top taxpayer in the state of North Carolina and was one of the most profitable corporations in the world. Although new information about tobacco use and subsequent lower demand have minimized the business in the 21st century, tobacco has always been a profitable trade. Those profits have affected nearly every aspect of life in Forsyth County, from hospitals and schools to charities and the arts. It’s a legacy that will be well remembered. Today, the Winston-Salem Tobacco Historic District is a national historic district. It encompasses 20 buildings and 16 structures across about 31 acres in a predominantly industrial section of Winston-Salem. The buildings date from about 1890 to 1959, and include buildings relating to the tobacco industry, specifically R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The iconic, 130-foot tall R.J. Reynolds smokestack – built in 1949 – watches over what is now Innovation Quarter. The area includes 330-acres and describes itself as “one of the country’s leading

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innovation districts that has successfully fostered an innovation ecosystem allowing startups, growth companies, research and education to live, work, play and thrive.” The idea of a research park in Winston-Salem was a communitywide effort that began in the early 1990s in the aftermath of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company closing many of its former downtown warehouse and manufacturing buildings. Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Department of Physiology and Pharmacology moved into one former Reynolds warehouse in 1993, along with eight researchers from Winston-Salem State University. Civic committees and discussion led to a master plan being announced in 2002 for what would ultimately become today’s Innovation Quarter. Winston-Salem’s long-standing culture of innovation has existed since the Moravians settled here. It continued with the manufacturing boom in the early 20th century, as shown by the tremendous growth of companies like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Hanesbrands. As Winston-Salem transitioned from “Camel City” to “the City of Arts and Innovation” at the end of the 20th century, the focus on innovation changed from tobacco to technology. Plans continued at Innovation Quarter as Wake Forest School of Medicine moved downtown. Developers included the footprint of Winston-Salem’s tobacco industry into the design so what was a vibrant, prosperous downtown for so long, so many years ago could continue to thrive and inspire for generations to come.

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Embrace The Chill: The Surprising Health Benefits of Morning Sunlight and Cold Exposure by J A N E B U R N E T T E IG @coachjanebb FB @coachjane

Picture this: a crisp morning, a clear sky and the first golden rays of the sun peeking over the horizon. Now, imagine stepping outside, feeling the cool air against your skin and basking in that early sunlight for a few minutes. This simple practice, combining the benefits of morning sunlight with brief cold exposure, can lead to weight loss, better sleep and more energy!

WHY MORNING SUNLIGHT? The early morning sun does more than just light up the sky. It plays a pivotal role in regulating three key hormones: • Leptin: This hormone controls appetite. Morning light helps keep leptin levels balanced, aiding in appetite regulation. • Melatonin: Known as the sleep hormone, melatonin is suppressed by morning light, helping you wake up and sets the stage for better sleep at night. • Cortisol: This energy-regulating hormone gets a healthy boost from morning sunlight, giving you natural vitality and focus.

THE COLD FACTOR Adding a cold element by stepping outside in cooler temperatures, perhaps with fewer layers for just one to two minutes, amplifies these benefits: • Enhanced Metabolic Rate: Brief exposure to cold can increase your metabolic rate, aiding in calorie burn. • Improved Circulation: The cold stimulates blood flow, enhancing circulation and invigorating your body. • Boosted Immune Response: Short bursts of cold exposure can strengthen the immune system.


When you merge the hormonal regulation of morning sunlight with the invigorating effects of cold exposure, you create a potent combination for health: • Better Sleep and Alertness: The sunlight regulates melatonin and cortisol, while the cold sharpens alertness. • Appetite Control: Balanced leptin levels from sunlight exposure help in managing hunger throughout the day. • Increased Energy: The combination of sunlight and a brief chill can leave you feeling more energized.


Early Morning Sun Gazing: Step outside at sunrise or before 10am. Aim for five to 10 minutes of sun exposure. Dress Lightly: Wear just enough to be safe but feel the cold. One to two minutes is all you need. Face the Sun: Let your eyes (without sunglasses) and skin soak in the morning light. Remember, never look directly at the sun. Consistency is Key: Make this a daily ritual for the best results. Evening Routine: Dim indoor lights in the evening to promote melatonin production for sleep. Use lamps and blue-blocking glasses to reduce blue light exposure.

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ONE MORE THING, FOOD TIMING It can take a few days of setting your alarm to wake up at sunrise, but your body will naturally get in the rhythm of waking up without an alarm. There is an app called “Circadian” that can tell you when the sun rises and when you should start reducing overhead lights at night. In addition to using light as a way to optimize health, consider eating the majority of your calories when it is light outside. Our bodies are more insulin sensitive during daylight hours. This simple yet powerful morning routine of sun and cold exposure can set a positive tone for your entire day, impacting everything from your energy levels to your sleep quality. So tomorrow, embrace the chill, greet the sun and start your day with this natural boost to your well-being!

A little about me: My name is Jane Burnette, and I’m passionate about health and wellness. As a holistic health coach with a degree from UNC Chapel Hill and numerous certifications, I specialize in lifestyle changes that empower people to achieve their health goals. My mission is simple: guide clients to optimize their daily habits so their bodies’ natural healing processes can kick in. Rather than focus on diets or quick fixes, I teach sustainable strategies for nutrition, exercise, stress relief and more. I draw on my own experiences as a mother of three boys, fitness enthusiast and lover of the outdoors to help clients become the best version of themselves.

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Offering medical and surgical eye care so you can live life to the fullest and maintain independence while aging gracefully. Customized vision with laser assisted cataract surgery and premium lenses Glaucoma, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Blepharoplasty, Dry Eye, Diabetes, Comprehensive Medical Eye Care In-office laser for glaucoma and after cataract surgery


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Full Service Medical, Surgical (including Mohs), and Cosmetic Dermatology

We are a comprehensive dermatology practice offering medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic care. At Davie Dermatology & The Med Spa, we place a high priority on relationships with our patients, continuing education, and staying up-to-date on the field’s latest advances.

OUR PROVIDERS Kelly L. Barham, M.D. Tracie C. Bryson, M.D. Aubrey A. Hess, M.D. Jaclyn N. Hess, M.D.

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Making Dollars, Making $ense Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Marzano Capital Group is an other business name of Independent Advisor Alliance, LLC. All investment advice is offered through Independent Advisor Alliance LLC, a registered investment advisor. Independent Advisor Alliance is a separate entity from LPL Financial.

3 Lesser-Known Milestones as You Enter Retirement BY BRANDON JAMES, FINANCIAL ADVISOR

As you may already be aware, the earliest someone can begin drawing Social Security benefits is at age 62. As you enter the red zone for retirement or, perhaps, are already retired, I want to share three less common retirement age milestones that are important pieces of your overall financial plan. The first of these is the age of 50. Once you turn 50, the IRS currently allows you to make yearly “catch-up contributions.” These are additional amounts you can contribute to your 401(k)s and IRAs above and beyond the standard annual limits for people under the age of 50. This benefit is designed to help you save additional money for retirement. Not enough pre-retirees take advantage of this, perhaps because they are unaware that they are allowed to. The next milestone occurs at age 65. Most Americans qualify for Medicare at this age, which covers a sizable portion of doctor visits, hospital care and other medical services. However, navigating the enrollment and benefits for each part can be cumbersome, so consider seeking guidance from a healthcare or Medicare specialist. The last milestone I want to share with you is at age 73. This is when you enter the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) stage. One of the benefits of contributing to 401(k) s and IRAs during your working years is that it lowers your taxable income, therefore, it lessens your tax burden. However, you are not allowed to keep growing your retirement savings tax-free forever. The government eventually wants to tax it. Per the current IRS guidelines, you will have to start taking portions of money from your retirement funds by no later than age 73 and pay taxes on those distributions. These are just a few ages that contain important planning components of which you might not be aware. At the end of the day, you do not know what you do not know, and learning things that you were not aware of can enhance your savings and goals and keep your financial plan on track.

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RILEY JOHNSON Riley Garrison Johnson, a Greenville, South Carolina native, earned her bachelor’s degree in English and Environmental Studies from Wofford College in 2018. Starting her career at the law office of Willson Jones Carter and Baxley in North Carolina, she collaborated with attorneys across the southeast. Riley then joined ManpowerGroup as a consultant, working across branches in North America and Canada. In May 2023, she became the director of philanthropy at Leadership Winston-Salem, spearheading transformative initiatives that connect corporate engagement with community empowerment. Her dedication to empowering people for community development positions her as a driving force in shaping a brighter future for Winston-Salem. Outside of her professional career, Riley is an active member of the Junior League of Winston-Salem, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, First Baptist on Fifth and the West Salem Community Garden. She also serves on the Winston Under 40 Advisory Board. An enthusiastic gardener and writer, Riley, along with her husband, Clay, and their dog, Brawley, enjoy spending time outdoors and serving the WinstonSalem community.

JOY THOMAS Joy Nelson Thomas is the founder and executive director of LEAD Girls of North Carolina, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering girls to become the next generation of women leaders. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Salem College and is a certified life coach. Prior to launching LEAD, Joy spent her early career growing and managing a multimilliondollar professional services corporation. Joy’s commitment and passion for women in business led her to start New Journey Management, a project management company that provides for-profit and nonprofit enterprises with tactical support and accountability to accelerate their growth. She is active in the community and serves on the boards and leadership committees of the The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem and Winston-Salem Fashion Week. Joy’s a proud boy mom to JT, her four-year-old, and wife to her high school sweetheart! When Joy’s not leading, she’s listening to the waves on the lake, shopping at local boutiques and hosting family gatherings any chance she gets!

KATELYN SHIRES Katelyn Shires has always been motivated to help others. She started her own health and fitness journey back in 2019. Since then, she has helped family and friends start their own journeys which motivated her to go back to school for nutrition and become a co-founder of Fortis Training Grounds where she serves as the nutrition director. Her love and passion for cooking, helping others and health become apparent when she is working with Fortis members. She always goes above and beyond to celebrate and lift others up whether it be a birthday, engagement, accomplishing a goal or a promotion. When not working, Katelyn enjoys cooking, working out, swimming, golf, DIY projects and spending time with her husband, Ethan, and their two dogs, Khal and Ned.

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THERESSA STEPHENS Theressa L. Stephens is a dedicated leader and visionary in the field of early childhood education, currently serving as the director and owner of Church Childcare Center, Inc. and Church Childcare Plus, both distinguished fivestar facilities. With a rich background spanning more than two decades, Theressa embarked on her journey in the early childhood education field during her high school and college years, initially as a teacher. After completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration from WinstonSalem State University in 1994, Theressa operated a family childcare home for seven years. However, her aspirations for a larger impact in the early childhood education sector led her to expand her family childcare home in 2005 and establish a prominent childcare facility in Walkertown. She earned her master’s degree in teaching in birth-kindergarten from Salem College in 2010. Beyond her role as a director and owner, Theressa actively participates in various local committees within the Forsyth County area. She contributes her expertise to the Provider Advisory Committee for Childcare Resource Center, the Smart Start of Forsyth County Board of Directors, and the NC Pre-K Committee. Known for her compassion and strong leadership, Theressa devotes a significant portion of her time to advocating for equality and addressing the needs of families and children. With a family-oriented perspective, she is the loving mother of four beautiful children and has celebrated 26 years of marriage with her husband, Terrah.

NICOLE SPEENEY Nicole Speeney was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved down to North Carolina in 2020 after graduating from Colgate University with a degree in psychological sciences. She also holds her Master’s Degree in Nutrition Sciences. During college, Nicole navigated disordered eating, orthorexia and body dysmorphia on her own, all while balancing being a captain on her D1 softball team. In order to heal her broken relationship with food and her body, she implemented the principles of intuitive eating and watched as her life slowly began to change for the better. Now, Nicole feels more confident, happy, strong and proud of her body than ever before. As the founder of her practice Expedition Nutrition, Nicole implements psychology-based mindset practices rooted in intuitive eating principles and body image work, nutrition education and the science behind ditching diet culture. Nicole’s knack for goal setting shows in her coaching, as she helps empower women to shift their rigid mindsets around food and exercise in order to embrace a balanced life BEYOND food. She aspires to help women understand that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Outside of dietetics, Nicole loves CrossFit, being outdoors, spending time with her friends, family and puppy, Lily, going to concerts and trying new recipes with her husband, Andrew!

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Community Coming Full Circle by M A R T I E E M O R Y

True to their tagline, “Transforming our community, one Nest at a time,” greeNest of Winston-Salem invites us all to realize how much we can play a role in changing others’ lives. It’s by giving and receiving that all can flourish – and that is the very definition of community. “greeNest participants’ homes are not the only ‘nests’ to be transformed, as donors also find homes for items they no longer need or use,” said Executive Director Julia Toone. “Donors also experience the personal impact as they see posts on social media of their own previously loved items being chosen by program participants.” Here’s how it began: Through their volunteer work at a winter overflow shelter for the homeless, sisters Jan Barbee and Joanna Britt realized families and individuals transitioning from homelessness to housing often lacked the resources to obtain essential home items. Also recognizing the generosity of the WinstonSalem community, it seemed only natural that those two elements meet in an initiative that encouraged those with extra furnishings to share. All those things we might be blessed with but can no longer use, might be even larger blessings for those moving into sustainable housing. Gently used furnishings can be donated for new home dwellers to choose from, shopping to make their new surroundings feel more like their own! For a nominal fee, participants, accompanied by caseworkers from various partner agencies, will choose donated items that best suit their needs and preferences, thus providing dignity and prioritization skills. Participants then will become “owners,” not merely “recipients.” Jan and Joanna launched “Finally Home,” greeNest’s signature program, in 2015 and, a year later, were contacted by a school social worker. The request was a basic one: Could they also provide beds for children whose families lacked resources to buy those for their children? Soon came “Up Off the Floor” which provides new beds for children in Forsyth County from birth to 18 years of age. Local case workers at partnering agencies identify children who may be sleeping on the floor or in an unsafe sleeping space, and greeNest supplies both twin beds and pack-and-plays at no cost to families. While bed donations must be new,

still-wrapped mattresses, box springs and bed pillows, the community is encouraged to donate twin-size bedding – plus much-needed items such as queen bed frames, microwaves, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies and gently used sofas. (See greenestws.org/we-accept for suggestions.) More than 100 community partners work with greeNest, including the Salvation Army and Family Services, local churches, the WinstonSalem Forsyth County School System, the local health department and more. Also supported by many local businesses with both monetary and in-kind donations, greeNest was awarded the 2023 Joel A. Weston, Jr. Award for Nonprofit Excellence. Approximately 250 active volunteers currently help at every level of the process, from collecting, supporting and repairing furniture donations to assembling packs of tableware and cookware as well as bed and bath packs. Volunteers might also be asked to work in the front office or help with fundraising events, and they also arrange the showroom floor and assist program participants when they come to shop – enjoying the one-on-one interaction to share ideas! Two volunteer orientations are held each month, and there’s also a new, fun way to become involved. “We are launching a pilot for an ambassador program for greeNest supporters who want to get more involved in promoting our mission,” said Julia. “We call it ‘Porch Party,’ where participants will host a gathering at their homes of neighbors, friends, family and colleagues to help spread the word about how we work. We can only do so much in our space, and this is a way supporters can take an active role in widening our reach.” During the holidays, look for greeNest Dewey’s bakery pop-up shops – always a popular way to lend your support! For more information on greeNest programs, call 336.661.8091, email greenestws@gmail.com or visit greeNestws.org where donations can be made online, and you can find a list of items that can and cannot be accepted. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - noon, at 630 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC.


1079 Hanes Mall Blvd. WS, NC (beside COSTCO) . Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 9-1, Sun Closed . www.prostoneusa.com Prostone Granite & Cabinetry 4.9/5.0 Stars - Review Score on Google

Locally Owned and Operated

4.9/5.0 Stars - Review Score on Houzz

Pilates & Postural Therapy Studio . specializing in non-medical pain relief . functional muscular balance . pilates therapy for rehab and athletic performance . massage . lymphatic therapy . esthetics

InnerStrengthPilatesNC.com 336.813.5320 Located at the corner of Peacehaven & Country Club Roads, in the Harper Hill Commons Shopping Center

Where does YOUR Inner Strength come from?

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Sugar Mamas Movement Shopping Experience: ,


Imagine walking into a gorgeous venue featuring a variety of local boutiques, spa services, delicious treats, designers, mimosas, art vendors and beauty products as far as you can see with the goal of taking time for you and treating yourself. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Sugar Mamas Movement wants you to experience exactly this, with your best gals by your side! On March 9th, you will have the opportunity to spend the day focusing on yourself through the first ever Sugar Mamas Movement Shopping Experience, taking place on the grounds of WinMock at Kinderton. Sugar Mamas is a movement designed to build a community of ambitious women who uplift and encourage each other; a way for women in our community to join together in a sisterhood to be their own sugar daddy! Owner and Boss Babe Amy Jah is excited for this ultimate shopping extravaganza, stating that her hope from this soirée is for women to come together, worry only about themselves while there and spend the day treating themselves while enjoying time with other women within the community. The shopping soirée will feature 100 womenowned businesses from around the area. If you are looking for spa-like treatment with facials, massages and Botox services, local vendors offering these will be there. Or, maybe you would like to stroll through different boutiques featuring unique designs while also meeting the women that passionately own and run them. You will get the opportunity to do this. as well! It will be a celebration of women unapologetically coming together without competition to network and build community and, of course, walk away relaxed with new goodies to take home! This event is open to the public, but if you want to boost your experience, consider purchasing a VIP ticket which will include a swag bag, vendor discounts, early admission to the shopping experience and a mimosa voucher. Just don’t wait because the VIP tickets are limited! Either way, the day is designed around making you feel pampered and celebrating the women-owned businesses that make up our community!

LOCAL POP-UP VENDORS WILL INCLUDE: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Clothing Beauty products Jewelry Art Sweet treats Open bar Mocktails Charcuterie trailer Taco truck Spa-like treatment Photo opportunities Fashion show hosted by the Winston-Salem fashion week Music provided by a DJ …and more!

If you’re feeling burnt out, need some girl time, want to support local women-owned businesses as well as focus on yourself, then mark your calendar and purchase your ticket! You don’t want to miss this shopping experience and opportunity to connect with women in the community. I hope to see you there! For more information about Sugar Mamas, visit: sugarmamasmovement.com or follow us on social media @sugarmamasmovement To purchase VIP tickets for the Sugar Mamas Shopping Experience, scan this QR code.

On the Road Again: New York by A M Y H I L L

Which New York Neighborhood is Right for You? Planning a trip to Manhattan and not sure where to stay? I’ve broken down a few of the most popular neighborhoods that tourists pick for their home base while exploring everything New York City has to offer.



The holy grail of tourist attractions, Midtown houses notable landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Times Square and the picturesque Flatiron Building, and allows for convenient access to Central Park. Although often chaotic due to hoards of tourists, Midtown offers an unmatched variety of shopping, restaurants, entertainment and architectural beauty within walking distance. Access to public transportation is plentiful, although many sights are close enough together to reach on foot. Foodies flock to Hell’s Kitchen, also known as the mecca of iconic New York eateries, while shopping enthusiasts will be anything but bored in the streets surrounding Times Square. Additionally, Midtown tourists planning to catch a Broadway show or two are in the perfect location, as it is also home to the Theater District. A few blocks south of Times Square is the quieter neighborhood of Chelsea, although there are plenty of places to dine and shop, as well as art galleries and local bars to explore. Take a walk along The High Line, which is one of the city’s most scenic parks that sits atop an old railway line, providing locals and visitors with views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Notorious for being home to Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange and the 9/11 Memorial, Manhattan’s southern Financial District is an industrial, yet beautiful neighborhood with easy access to The Battery and Statue of Liberty views, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. Many hotels in FiDi are often slightly cheaper than Midtown accommodations (especially in shoulder seasons), so tourists staying for longer than a few days may find it more cost-effective to situate themselves in FiDi and take public transportation to visit the rest of Manhattan. High-end steakhouses, chain restaurants and skyscrapers line the streets, with One World Trade Center being one of the neighborhood’s best viewpoints of the New York City skyline. Busy during the day and quieter at night, FiDi offers less of a crowd than Times Square with no shortage of creature comforts.

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT Young travelers often find themselves dining and socializing in the Meatpacking District’s trendiest restaurants and bars. Celebrity and social media influencer sightings often occur at hotspots such as Catch NYC, Tao Downtown and one my personal favorite steakhouse chains, STK – a restaurant with an in-house DJ, excellent cocktails and top-notch tuna tartare. One of New York’s most beautiful bars happens to sit on the rooftop of the luxury Standard Hotel with unmatched skyline views and stunning interior décor.

SOHO AND THE LOWER EAST SIDE Although accommodations in SoHo are pricier, visitors enjoy SoHo’s cast-iron architecture, photo-worthy streets and local and high-end boutiques, as well as well-to-do restaurants. Also a favorite neighborhood for the younger crowd, SoHo is one of social media’s most photographed neighborhoods in New York. Tourists not concerned about budgeting will find a few pricier hotel options in SoHo and the surrounding area, although there are not nearly as many options in comparison to Midtown or FiDi. For a grittier and more graffiti-filled vibe, head to the Lower East Side for reasonably priced hotels, dive bars and delicious eats in nearby Chinatown and Little Italy. Providing access to the Williamsburg Bridge, the iconic Katz’s Delicatessen can be found in the Lower East Side where pastrami is plentiful and no one leaves short of stuffed.

Show Your Love Keep your family’s health on track with timely screening exams. Mammography, bone density and CT lung screenings are available at Winston-Salem and Kernersville locations.

Schedule your screening exams at Outpatient Imaging. Outpatient Imaging Phone: 336-765-5722 I WakeHealth.edu/Imaging

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Going with Heart nationally

by S A R A H F E D E L E , A M E R I C A N H E A R T A S S O C I AT I O N

“Each year, we lose one in three women to cardiovascular disease and myself, my sister and my mom ARE those one in three,” said Stephanie Bowden, 27-year-old heart disease survivor who works at Wake Forest Biotech Place in Winston-Salem. Stephanie was 11 years old when she was first diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a genetic cardiovascular condition where her heart muscle thickens, making it harder for the heart to pump. But, she found out – it was a family thing. Harden Stevens, her grandfather, had it. Then, her mother, Kimberly, and now, Stephanie and her sister, Allison, both have it. At 14 years old, Stephanie had her first open heart surgery at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Brenner Children’s Hospital. They shaved the heart muscle, and she had a defibrillator implanted. “It was scary, but I was well taken care of. I did have restrictions like not being able to be involved in or play any competitive sports. I didn’t let that or anything else hold me back from being active in other ways, though,” remembered Stephanie. In February of 2022, Stephanie’s mother passed away much too young due to this heart condition. “We lost my mother at just 51 years old, and that is not part of my plan. I don’t want that to be part of my own future,” said Stephanie. Then, a year ago, Stephanie had her first experience with AFIB, which is an irregular or racing heart rate. “It felt like I was running a marathon in place. Adam, my fiancé at the time, was with me when it happened, and he immediately knew something was wrong. We decided to go to the emergency room and, while walking through the doors, my defibrillator went off for the first time. It was like being hit by a truck,” shared Stephanie. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, it shocked her heart back into rhythm.

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American Heart Association’s National 2024 Class of Real Women At 27 years old, she has now learned more about herself. “I’m more in tune with my body. For example, I know I should avoid gaining a lot of weight. In fact, I’ve actually lost 50 pounds just by walking and being more active. I also really watch what I eat, and I don’t eat things with a bunch of sodium in them. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten things with high sodium that I hate the taste of salt now,” said Stephanie. “Living with this condition, there are good and bad days, but sometimes it’s on the front burner and sometimes it’s on the back burner. I try my best to keep it on the back burner. I also never let it hold me back. I do whatever I can, whatever my body allows me to do,” she shared.

system and don’t be afraid to live your life and to dream. Anything you want to conquer, you should. Never say you’re in a box, and never say you can’t!” said Stephanie. Nearly 45% of women ages 20+ are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. Stephanie is proud to be a member of the nationally recognized American Heart Association 2024 Class of Real Women survivors. “Being a part of this amazing lifelong sisterhood of women survivors has been empowering. By sharing my story this year from a national and local stage, I could help to save someone else’s mom or sister. I want to help give people hope. Hope for a full life. Hope for the future,” shared Stephanie. The American Heart Association is celebrating 100 years of saving lives and pioneering scientific discoveries. For two decades, the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement has been about women motivating each other, educating each other and inspiring each other to fight women’s greatest health threat – cardiovascular disease.

In January of 2023, she married her husband, Adam. “Initially, it’s scary to be in a relationship with someone because you constantly think about if you are a burden and don’t want to just be putting all of your situation onto that person. But I can say, he has been great, and he is one of my biggest supporters. We are also planning to go through genetic testing to see if we are comfortable starting a family of our own,” shared Stephanie. “As a young woman with heart disease, you can feel so alone. I want other young women going through heart issues to try and not be afraid. It may seem like it, but you are not alone! You should be resilient for yourself. Set realistic goals, stay close to your support

To donate to Go Red for Women in the Triad benefitting women’s heart disease and stroke research, awareness and education, visit heart.org/TriadGoRed. Go Red for Women is nationally sponsored by CVS Health and locally sponsored by Live Fierce. Life is Why Sponsor Novant Health.

Go Red and Go Red for Women are trademarks of AHA. The Red Dress Design is a trademark of U.S. DHHS.

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by L A U R E N S E P H T O N

Red roses, chocolate cake, and a cozy movie night. Who said those special delights are solely for Valentine’s Day? Intertwining simplicity and creativity, this guide will help give you a day full of memories to last a lifetime, because Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to be a little extra in celebrating you and your friends. Let’s first take a little walk down history lane to see the origin of Galentine’s Day. While it’s not an official holiday, February 13th is definitely a day worth marking on your calendars. The idea of Galentine’s Day originally came from a fictional character, Leslie Knope, in the well-known tv show, Parks and Recreation. Released in 2010 in their second season, Leslie gathered together her closest lady friends for a scrumptious brunch of waffles. In the episode, Leslie describes Galentine’s Day as “ladies celebrating ladies.”

Simple Activities

• Stay loyal to Leslie Knope by hosting a “Waffle Brunch” • Charcuterie Happy Hour • Chick Flick Movie Marathon • Game Night • Wine Tasting • Self-Care Night (with takeout and face masks) • Karaoke Night • Outdoor Picnic • Galentine’s Day Bake-off • Take an Online Dance Class • Take an Online Mixology Class • Gift Exchange • Relax with Yoga • Homemade Taco or Pizza Night


• Tassel Garland • Lips / Heart Balloons • Striped / Pink Straws • Heart-shaped Garland • String Lights

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Easy Recipe


INGREDIENTS • 1 cup All-Purpose Flour • 1 tsp. Baking Powder • 1/2 tsp. Baking Soda • 2 tbsp. Granulated Cane Sugar • 1 tsp. Poppy Seeds • 1/2 tsp. Salt • 3/4 cup Milk of choice

• 1 tbsp. Vinegar • 1 tbsp. Lemon Juice • Zest of 1 lemon, about 1 tsp • 1 large Egg • 2 tbsp. Olive Oil or Butter (melted) • 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Whisk together the milk, vinegar, and lemon juice in a small bowl to stand for 10 minutes, until curdled. Then, whisk in the egg, olive oil, vanilla extract, and lemon zest. 2. In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, poppy seeds, and salt. 3. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture, then whisk until combined. (The batter should be mostly free of lumps but be careful to not overmix.) 4. Grease and heat a skillet over medium heat. Using 1/4 cup batter per pancake, cook until bubbles appear on the surface (about 2-3 minutes), then flip for an additional 2 minutes. Continue until all batter is used. Enjoy warm with maple syrup, a dusting of powdered sugar, or a lemon glaze. 5. Grab a drink, a box of chocolates, and your ladies for a day showered with love!

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Something for everyone! Handmade pottery by Mary Lin Gmach 6301 Shallowford Road Lewisville, NC 27023 336.946.9128 | FarragoNC.com

Your First Class Cleaning Mom Owned Business • Residential, Commercial, & New Construction One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Cleaning Options Bonded & Insured

(336) 409-1133 | yourfirstclasscleaning@gmail.com |

@Yourfirstclasscleaning February 2024 | 71

Heels. Hope. Happy Little Soles. Ronald McDonald House Charities® Piedmont Triad (RMHCPT) is 40 and fabulous! This year will mark the organization’s 40th year of providing a “home away from home” for families to rest, eat and find support as they cope with their children’s medical needs. In celebration, RMHCPT is introducing an exciting new event that will help to serve countless families this year – and that promises to become the most fashionable annual fundraiser in town!

a place of respite and rejuvenation for families with children in the hospital. Family Rooms are quiet spaces for families to forget they’re in a hospital; places to rest, regroup and refuel just steps away from their child’s bedside. Each room has comfortable seating areas, kitchens stocked with donated snacks and meals, and computers with Internet access. Family Rooms are found in Brenner Children’s Hospital, Forsyth Medical Center and Cone Health.

For parents with a child who is facing a serious illness or medical condition, the unpredictable, and often long, treatment journey is the most difficult time of their lives. The cares of daily life seem to stand still while what matters the most is being by their child’s side. Ronald McDonald House® is here for those families. Our House gives families a “home away from home” close to the hospital complete with meals, support and anything else they need – so they can focus on caring for their child.

Eight Hospitality Carts serve as extensions of the Family Rooms to meet families of children seeking medical care where they are in the hospital or partner medical facility, offering a variety of snacks, beverages, activities and comfort items free of charge. Hospitality Carts operate inside hospitals and clinics in the Piedmont Triad, removing barriers to service and bringing the caring touch of our house to all families of pediatric patients.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Piedmont Triad was created as a place for families to receive the physical and emotional support they needed to care for sick children – without the high cost of hotel rooms. It is accessible to families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with staff available onsite 24/7. Families are asked to pay just $10 per night of their stay, however, no one is turned away due to inability to pay. The Family Support Services program was established to address the non-medical needs of guest families and help them cope with the challenges related to caring for a sick child both in the hospital and after the child returns home. Activities such as Pet Therapy and Sibling Support address emotional needs, while BINGO night and the Petite Boutique foster connection with staff, other families and the community and are a vehicle for providing needed supplies such as clothing and diapers to new parents. Since opening in 1984, RMHCPT’s footprint has expanded from 10 to 36 bedrooms, including a long-term stay area, with the delightful additions of a fully accessible and inclusive playground and Community Meditation Garden. But, perhaps the most exciting development is that the house isn’t the only address. Three Ronald McDonald Family Rooms provide

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Helping others is always in style, and RMHCPT is bringing the Triad an event that’s an irresistible blend of fashion and compassion. At the first-ever Wine Women & Shoes event on May 9th, you’ll have the opportunity to get glamorous with your girlfriends, enjoying wine tastings from top winemakers, shopping a boutique marketplace, taking in a fashion show by Dillard’s and bidding on incredible auction items – all for a good cause. A charming “Shoe Crew” will be your ambassadors for the evening, working the room and entertaining guests. Be sure to wear your most stylish heels – one fashion-forward guest will be crowned “Best in Shoe” and everyone walks away with a chic swag bag. Tickets will be on sale February 13th for “Galantine’s Day.” General admission tickets are $125 and limited VIP tickets are $175 with all proceeds benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities Piedmont Triad. Be there and be fabulous! For more information about Ronald McDonald House and their programs, visit RMHCPT.org. To learn more and reserve your ticket for Wine Women & Shoes, visit winewomenandshoes.com/rmhcpt.


Real -ationships

by S U S A N B O Y O U N G B A I L E Y S C H A B A C K E R

Healing and recovering from unhealthy relationships can be a difficult process, but it is also an incredibly rewarding one. It takes courage and strength to face the difficulties that come with unhealthy relationships and to make the decision to let go of them, but it is necessary in order to make the most of our lives and find the happiness we all deserve. When it comes to improving and maintaining real relationships, it is important to remember that communication is key. It is essential to express your needs and wants openly and honestly and to be willing to listen to and validate your partner’s feelings as well. This will help create a strong foundation for your relationship and will also help to prevent misunderstandings and resentments. It is also important to stay positive and focus on the good that comes out of your relationship. Even when things are not going well, try to find something that is positive or enjoyable about it and focus on that. This will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Letting go of unhealthy relationships can be hard, but it is also necessary to move forward and find happiness. It is important to recognize when a relationship is no longer healthy or helpful and to be honest with yourself about it. It is also important to learn from the experience and allow yourself to grieve. This will help you to move on and create the kind of relationships that will bring you joy and fulfillment. Finally, it is important to surround yourself with supportive people who will encourage you to work on healing and recovering from unhealthy relationships. Seek out people who will listen to and validate your feelings, and who will offer kindness and understanding.

74 | ForsythWoman.com

REPAIRING BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS • Take time to listen to the other person and understand his or her point of view. • Show empathy and compassion for how he or she is feeling. • Talk openly about the issues and any underlying causes. • Respectfully express your feelings and be willing to compromise. • Put in the effort to make amends and forgive each other. • Re-establish trust by keeping promises and being honest.

GIVE COMPLIMENTS AND SHOW APPRECIATION • Compliment the other person for a job well done. • Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. • Show them your appreciation in small ways.

SPEND TIME TOGETHER • Schedule regular date nights. • Take a mini-vacation. • Play a game together.

HAVE MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS • Ask open-ended questions. • Listen carefully to their answers. • Share your thoughts and feelings.

SHOW KINDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING • Offer to help them when they need it. • Respect their opinions and ideas. • Forgive and forget past mistakes.

MOVING ON • Acknowledge that the relationship is not working and that it’s time to move on. • Respect the other person and don’t be disrespectful or hurtful. • Give yourself time and space to heal from the wounds. • Don’t look back – instead focus on the positive things in your life. • Surround yourself with positive people and activities. • Learn from the experience and be willing to move forward.

PROTECTING HEALTH, WELL-BEING AND SAFETY • Make sure to keep yourself away from any potential danger. • Let a trusted friend or family member know if you need to remove someone from your contacts or block them. • Set boundaries and make sure to stick to them. • Remove any contact information of the person. • Block their phone number, email address and social media accounts. • Change any passwords that may have been shared. • Seek professional help, if needed.

WISE ADAGES AND HELPFUL WISDOM • “Life is too short to waste on false relationships.” • “Be brave, be honest and be kind.” • “The only relationships worth having are those in which both parties feel seen and heard.” • “Stay true to yourself and to those who are real with you.” • “It’s not easy, but it’s worth it to stay true to yourself.”

• Fax • • B&W & Color Copies • • Mailbox Rentals • • Shipping Supplies • • Greeting Cards • • Notary Public • Stamps • • Passport Photos •

6255 TownCenter Drive, Clemmons (Located behind First Watch)

336-712-0505 Locally-owned & operated. Providing excellent care in the Triad for 11+ years.

G re

at e y e

health b

egins with preventativ

xa m e e y e e


2341 Winterhaven Lane | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 | 336.760.2020 | HillcrestVision.com Call to schedule an appointment today.





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May 17, 2024

EXPERIENCE THE VIBE Tickets & Information

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Beauty is unique to each individual, and what some perceive as flaws and imperfections are actually unique features that set them apart from the crowd. From Cindy Crawford’s mole to Brooke Shields’ bushy eyebrows, you, too, can turn any so-called flaws into features. We may have features that we don’t like – maybe it’s a mole, a birthmark, a gap in our teeth or even bushy eyebrows – and may spend excess time, money and energy trying to hide or “improve” them. But, what if we could view these so-called “flaws” as something beautiful simply by opening our minds and adapting our perspectives? Through self-love and a broadened perspective, you can boost your self-esteem, confidence and poise by appreciating your (and others’) physical appearance as features to be loved and embraced rather than seeing them as flaws. No need to be browbeat, whether you have bushy brows a la Brooke Shields and Arizona Muse, sparse hairs penciled in or none at all. And, there’s no need to conceal that mole. Regard it respectfully as a signature beauty mark. Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford didn’t attempt to hide moles under concealer or get them removed. Instead, they embraced what was typically perceived as a flaw and turned it into an iconic feature of classic beauty, style and fashion. There’s no need to hide your smile with perfect, evenly spaced teeth. Mind the gap between your teeth (known as diastema) and embrace it with confidence. You may have been called “Bucky the Beaver,” but don’t let bullies’ taunting and teasing get you down. A little extra space is good and can be perceived as sexy. No need to hide those chompers. Reveal your sexy side, embracing a little tooth cleavage. However your teeth may appear, smile, glowing from the inside out.

What do celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna and David Letterman have in common? A notable feature is the gap between their front teeth in their toothy smiles. Lauren Hutton didn’t let this stop her from gracing multiple magazine covers, so don’t let it stop you from expressing that gorgeous grin. For those tall and lanky ladies often made fun of as being gawky, awkward and unwieldy with the longest of limbs, from basketball court to catwalk, stand proud of being tall. And, for the small and short, be proud of being petite a la Thumbelina and Tinkerbell. Counter adversity with diversity and be grateful for it. How boring would we be if we were all just one color, look, shape, size and texture? From the fairest pale of egg white to the darkest shades of black coffee and every shade in between, there simply are no ugly shades, shapes or sizes. No one is unloved or unworthy, however they may feel. “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.” - Unknown “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” - Kahlil Gibran “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” - Coco Chanel “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” - Amy Bloom “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” - Ellen DeGeneres “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But, cosmetics are easier to buy.” - Yves Saint Laurent “No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” - Eleanor Roosevelt Beauty and sexiness are not just about looks but about feelings and being true to who you are as a beautiful creation and work of art. You are an irreplaceable individual with no one else quite like you (even identical twins) on this planet. Draw inspiration from others, but love and appreciate yourself equally. You are most beautiful when you’re being true to the real you. Look beyond the surface and the metaphoric book cover to know and understand the contents. Happy reading and happy being, beautiful!

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Happy 90th Birthday to Pop Pop Charlie! We love you so much!

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TRIAD GO RED FOR WOMEN LUNCHEON High Point Country Club, 800 Country Club Drive in High Point Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women. Join us to celebrate National Wear Red Day and learn how to love your heart. To purchase tickets, visit heart.org/triadgored.

RICKY SKAGGS & KENTUCKY THUNDER Reynolds Auditorium Bluegrass icon and 15-time Grammy winner Ricky Skaggs returns to the Symphony stage for a boot-scootin’ night of his legendary hits. Tickets and more at wssymphony.org.

GALENTINE’S DAY AT ACCENT PRONE Exclusive discounts, treats, pop-ups and more. Grab your Galentine(s) and come party with us!


Tickets must be purchased in advance! Learn more on page 31.



Old Town Club









022 South Main Street in Kernersville

7th annual Valentine’s celebration and live auction! Drinks, dinner and music by Red Umber Program and live auction at 8:15pm. Cost: $125/person. Reserve your spot by February 7th!


Hanesbrands Theatre – The Little Theatre of W-S Wiletta Mayer is a talented Black actress who has been cast time and time again in stereotypical roles in second-rate plays. Now, she’s been given a role in an upcoming Broadway play about anti-lynching in America. But it might not be the dream role nor the enlightened play she was hoping for, given the director is a white man, but that doesn’t mean it won’t sell out. intothearts.org/hanesbrands-theatre


Piedmont Jazz Alliance Experience the vibe! Tickets and information available at piedmontjazzalliance.com.



Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts

Winston-Salem will host the world premiere of a groundbreaking feature length documentary, “Oscar Wilde About America.” Partially shot in Winston-Salem, the film is an exploration of modern day America as seen through the wit and wisdom of the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. The film will screen at 8pm, preceded by a VIP “Dinner with the Stars” at 6pm. Cost: $20/person. More information can be found at outatthemovies.org/ world-premiere-of-oscar-wilde-about-america.














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2024 A MOVIE PROM WinMock at Kinderton


A movie prom is aperture’s signature annual gala. The event occurs Saturday, March 2, 7 pm-11 pm at the WinMock. Music by The Vagabond Saints’ Society Dancing, Drinks & Delectables. A silent auction with some amazing trips and other fun/fitting items to bid on! Prom or space-age-inspired dressy is encouraged!


Reynolds Auditorium

A fun work by composer Jessie Montgomery opens a concert featuring virtuoso bassist Edgar Meyer and Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Tickets and more at wssymphony.org.



Mountcastle Forum, 251 North Spruce Street in W-S Young Americans Zack and Abby move to Paris to start their new, perfect life full of big dreams. But soon, the foundations of their stable marriage begin to crumble when Abby finds Zack at home during an afternoon he’s supposed to be at work. She questions her husband’s fidelity, determined to find the answers no matter how dangerous the mission, and the answers that follow might destroy their beautiful, perfect life.



WinMock at Kinderton

Calling all sugar mamas! This unforgettable shopping experience is curated just for YOU! Enjoy an all-day event where you can indulge, unwind and celebrate yourself, unapologetically, at the beautiful WinMock at Kinderton! There are two ticket options – general admission tickets are free! You must register in order to attend the event. VIP tickets are $30 and include one-hour early admission into the event, a swag bag, a complimentary mimosa voucher and exclusive discounts from vendors.



The Little Theatre of W-S, 209 Spruce Street in W-S In this enchanting tale about the power of friendship and love, three aspiring writers will confront the secrets they kept from each other while exploring the vibrant city of New York in the summer. Escaping Dreamland is a beautifully crafted play and an ode to the children’s books of our past, New York City, and the strength of friendships. intothearts.org/hanesbrands-theatre



WinMock at Kinderton

Delve deep into self-discovery, and unlock your full potential. Limited tickets available. Cost: $99/person. Purchase your tickets at tinyurl.com/WOMC2024



Benton Convention Center

Sheroes In Action is committed to empowering women in law enforcement and first response by fostering a resilient and growth-oriented mindset, equipping them with tools and support to thrive in personally and professionally. This groundbreaking event promises to be an incredible opportunity for empowerment, education and excellence through knowledge sharing and professional development. Visit sheroesinaction.com for more information.


Piedmont Jazz Alliance Experience the vibe! Tickets and information available at piedmontjazzalliance.com.

*Event details are subject to change. Please check event websites & social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.*

Conversation with Your BFF With the new year just starting, some people are trying to make 2024 more successful than 2023. If you read any self help books or DIY therapy manuals, there are a set number of consistent habits to implement to make you more focused and prosperous, both personally and professionally, in the new year. So, what are some habits to get you off on the right foot for 2024? I am so glad you asked!

“What Are New Habits I Can Take On in the New Year?” by R E B E C C A C O O P E R

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE LOOK PAST THE SURFACE People who are successful in life think for themselves and do not fall for the outer appearance of things, situations or people. True success doesn’t come from being rich and famous, but it’s about having inner integrity and motivation. When you live daily with a deeper purpose in life than just seeking praise or the approval of others, life takes on a whole different feel to it.

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY No one gets through life without making choices that we regret, but taking responsibility and not making excuses for those times we wish we could get a do-over is the key. It comes down to the fact that successful people do not make excuses, they take responsibility because doing so is usually the fastest way to resolve a crisis and stop a chain of failures from taking place. You learn from taking on and growing from bad choices, but excuses get you nowhere, but usually back to making the same bad decisions.

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE FOCUS ON TAKING ACTION The older you get, the faster you understand that time is our most precious resource. If we aren’t allocating the time and energy needed to achieve a certain goal, it will never be fulfilled. To have a successful life, you have to be consistent in your daily actions to move you to your goals.


With all the distractions we have, from social media to streaming services, there is always an excuse to procrastinate. Granted, we all need down time, when we just rest, but your entire life can’t be down time. Successful people know they

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need time to not think and rest, but they don’t get stuck there. Putting things off until tomorrow can become a terrible habit, and you never get anything done. Make a list and check things off!


If you are progressing in life and moving forward, you don’t have a lot of time for drama or jumping on bandwagons. Successful people stay focused on the tasks at hand. Idle chatter, gossip and rumor have no place in the lives of people on a mission.


One of the most common behaviors of unsuccessful people is being stubborn and staying the course even when the course you are on is a dead end. When you say, “It’s the way we have always done it, so we’ll keep going,” you will one day see that a course correction was needed and the sooner you realize that, the easier and quicker you will move on from the wrong path. Change is hard, but many times, it is the best choice.


Taking care of your body and mind goes hand in hand with knowing your purpose. Successful people respect themselves and have a habit of eating healthy, exercising and respecting their own emotional and psychological boundaries. You don’t let negative people or habits develop if you want to make positive progress in life.

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE FOCUS ON A FEW THINGS AT A TIME It really is true that if you spread yourself too thin, you won’t do anything completely or well, but you will get many things done halfway. We have limited time and resources in life, so by focusing on a few things at a time, you can be diligent about what you are accomplishing. Quality work is much more important than quantity. Do things right the first time, and you won’t have to do them again. Take pride in what you do, focus on the task at hand and be diligent. Success will come to you and a sense of accomplishment is a great feeling.

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