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The car finally arrived in the Formula Manipal workshop after the events. The car was then assembled and displayed at the TechTatva, the national level technical college fest of Manipal Institute of Technology. The car was also run at the event. Also the orientation of the first year students was done. The manufacturing of the chassis has begin and is in full swing. Various components of the car have been sent for manufacturing and overall the team is in high spirits and is looking forward to complete the manufacturing phase.


STRUCTURE The team has started the manufacturing of the ďŹ nal chassis of the season 2014 car. Firstly, the new jigs and ďŹ xtures were manufactured for better accuracy. Then bending of the front hoop and main hoop was done and followed by the manufacturing of the cockpit. The team is now manufacturing the front and rear of the chassis.

VEHICLE DYNAMICS Parts like the master cylinder mounts, wheel hubs, brake pedal, etc. have been sent for manufacturing. Also, the new brake line assembly has been received and will be tested this month on the FMX3. Bleeding was done using speed bleeders. Moreover the in-house manufacturing of the A-arms and Aarm cups has begun.

ENGINE The intake manifold and components of the fuel tank have been sent for manufacturing. Furthermore several sensors of the DAQ system have been sourced and are expected to arrive soon. The team is also working on the calibration of the fuel level sensor.

TRANSMISSION The new pneumatic tank was ordered and received this month. It was also tested on the FMX3 Also, the differential mount assembly, stub axle assembly and sprocket were sent for manufacturing. Furthermore, the throttle cable and clutch cable routing was completed.

ELECTRONICS The pneumatic, diplay and DAq PCBs were designed and sent for manufacturing. The team would like to thank Global Electronics for the manufacturing of the PCBs. Also, time stamp was implemented in the data acquisition code.

TEAM M.O.M. Kamaljit Deka- 2nd Year Automobile Engg. - Transmission Sub-system He is the Team Member of the month for the month of October. He has worked days and nights (literally) on the designing, analysis and the assembly of the driveline and the differential assembly. He has also worked hard for the routing of the clutch and the throttle cable. His contribution in the assembly of the FMX3 after its return to the workshop is also noteworthy. In his free time he likes watching movies and playing computer games like counter strike.


CC OWNERS OF THE MONTH The following are the CC owners of the month: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The new pneumatic tank

Mr. R. V. Satyanarayan Mrs. Kamaldeep Singh Mr. Vakul Joshi Mrs. Rekha Mr. Krishnamurthy Mr. Nakul Goyal Mr. Niranjan

We are thankful to them for their help and support in our initiative to carry forward the legacy of Formula Manipal.

ORIENTATION The orientation for first years took place this month. The response from the first years was overwhelming. The freshers were briefed about the project and its advantaged. The team leader for the 2013 season was also present at the event sharing his eperience.

WHAT’S NEXT The team is looking forward to complete the final chassis of the 2014. Several parts, components and sensors are expected to arrive from our sponsors and manufacturers next month. The sensors will be then tested on the FMX3 and the components will be assembled on the car. The in-house manufacturing of the A-arm cups and the engine mounting cups will also be completed.



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