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A short consideration by Simone Micheli Una breve riflessione di Simone Micheli

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A different gaze. Simone Micheli’s architecture Uno sguardo diverso. L’architettura di Simone Micheli

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_ FLORENCE, HATE AND LOVE BY Francesco Scullica

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_ Amazing experiences BY Francesco Scullica

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_ unconventional classical antiquity and innovation BY Elena Elgani

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FIRENZE, AMORE ED ODIO BY Francesco Scullica

Esperienze fantastiche BY Francesco Scullica

Classicità anticonformista e innovazione BY Elena Elgani

_ contemporary age and sensuality BY Elena Elgani

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_ New Horizons BY Elena Elgani

Nuovi orizzonti BY Elena Elgani

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Contemporaneità e sensualità BY Elena Elgani


These amazing last few years have been hectic but full of ideas and content. They went by very fast while I enjoyed my time giving birth to marvellously meaningful projects and strengthening my family’s bond which is for me the most precious resource anyone can have. Today, analysing the works I designed all over the world, it has been obvious that they are formed out of rigorous ideas that never drift away from their original path. They talk about Roberta, my wife, and our two children Cesar and Jalel who unknowingly breathe our sparkling traces. My projects always tell different stories with an infinite flow of ideas that I sometimes love to read through in an antinostalgic way, recognising my family and myself into their tales. After those intense 25 years of work, I feel as if I am still at the beginning of the journey. Thanks to being happy and fortunately living each moment as if it was the last, time passed by as fast as bullet. I cannot believe that today I’m 51 years old, and I only recognise this fact by standing in front of the mirror! Deep inside, I feel like a 25 year-old man at the beginning of his career; despite the fact that my thoughts have been formed, emotionally filled, and my spirit is ready to dream, experiment, understand and discover how to build a better world for every day. I feel like an oak that is deeply rooted to the ground, linked to the past; nevertheless, my branches, softly following the wind, are touching the sky and its “present-future” particular aspect. It has happened some time ago that a dear friend once told me: “I’m so innovative that in order to imagine the future I have to slow down and look behind me with binoculars.” Hearing those words made me laugh because I could have used the same metaphor too, even if it is very exaggerated and surreal. Sometimes, I spend time with people not understanding that the ancient magnificence can live again through the reinterpretation based on unorthodox schemes. I therefore feel very lucky and contented, because for me, this is one of the strongest perceptions that wake me up in the morning, transforming themselves into nourishment that determines my professional and affective movements. I consider myself lucky because even if I’m living the present offering sustainable answers to my reputable clients and using the suitable words for a contemporary space and time - I am a man of the future, always looking for further horizons. If it is true that a human is happy when he lives his own world within the real world, it is also true that I fortunately belong to this rare group of happy people. For this privilege, I have to firstly thank my wonderful parents for their valuable teachings, moreover, the challenging experiences that I face on a daily basis. I am also thankful to the many meetings that casually took place during my subconscious run and to my continuous and deep love for life. I would like to deeply thank my family who has just gained a new member: a beautiful black dog with “white socks”. This new book, graphically directed by Roberta, tells - through a smart and precise critique written by my old friend Francesco Scullica and by Elena Elgani - about my approach to the design world, depicting through a selection of images, works that I have been conceiving since 2012 until today. I would like to dedicate this book to my parents who are my beloved solid roots, to my family, without which my everyday challenges and experiences would have a different appearance; and finally to my clients who share with me dreams, aesthetic and entrepreneurial visions. 7

SWAN ROOM HOTEL // client TownHouse Duomo by SevenStars // place Milan - Italy // year 2015 // photos Jürgen Eheim //


LUXURY SPA PRIVATE SPA // client Aquaspecial - wellnessindustry // place Ras al-Khaimah - UAE // year Work in progress // area 500 sqm //


WIRE CHAR // company Casprini, Cavriglia (AR) - Italy // year 2016 //

Entering into a wellness centre, crossing the hall of a hotel, living in a house, all of these experiences become associated with different values related to the present and its contemporaneity while passing beyond their essence through imaginary dimensions. This is a spirit we can call, maybe with a little arrogance, “pioneering modern”. A continuous tension towards a utopian dimension of spaces, fruitions, behaviours that have characterised the path of many great masters of Architecture of the 20th century, anticipating new dimensions of living that also belong to Simone Micheli. The design of experience, that conditioned design and interior design themes since many years, is a crucial element according to Micheli: none of his spaces, objects nor architecture can be out of these modalities. Sometimes it is the design of experience in addition to of one of other experiences of fruition of space or furniture that generates the object itself, updating the type, form, material and behaviour references. Examples of Simone Micheli’s specific approach are evident from the objects and interiors until the entire buildings he generates. In fact, the piece of furniture created for a hotel or for a private house maintains structural and ergonomic characteristics that allow it to fulfil its own specific function. But at the same time, each piece of furniture/object can be vested by a new meaning, in terms of uses and perception, that allows to pass some of the conventional and stereotypical solutions. It is a process of constant elaboration of the design’s experience with innovative considerations on a sensorial dimension and a perceptive conception of space. It is able to build and to tell tales based on the relation among individuals, the system of space-furniture-object and the possible actions to do or the experience to live in specific spaces.5 Maybe it is the experience and its modalities to express - that lead Micheli’s designs in different ways according to the situation, but also using, as a classical abacus, a repertoire of shapes and materials which make him distinguishable. The design of experience, being quite far from the economical matrix of this field6, becomes according to Micheli, the proper aim for each of is actions. Experiences are not only as playful as some of his spas, evening venues nor spaces in his hotels, but they are conceived as central moments of the everyday life of an individual, according to what he expects or needs when he is in each specific place. Sometimes, concreteness and essentials, mixed with ephemeral or with the artistic attributes can re-create the initial combination of sane pragmatism and artistic essence that - according to me - are some the designer’s principles that are rooted within many of his works. 5 Check Giacomo Rizzi, Hotel Experience, Dogna, Milan 2010 6 Check Joseph B., Pine, James, H., Gilmore L’economia delle esperienze oltre il servizio, Etas, Milan 2000


DIMORA STORICA CASTELLO DI SOLFAGNANO CELLAR, WELLNESS CENTER AND SUITE // client Castello di Solfagnano // place Solfagnano, Gubbio (PG) - Italy // year Work in progress // area 10.000 sqm //





























unconventional classical antiquity and innovation The reference to the “abacus” of three-dimensional elements, as well as materials and colours, that are often composing Micheli’s works, yet, with modifications or changes of modalities, yield new experiences for the users. These facts may allow us to describe the architect’s approach as classical, linked to pre-ordered canons. This modality is mainly related to Micheli’s background and education, to his passion for cultural history and works of art; not only the one inspired by Florence, but also on a much broader level. This classical approach is however contradicted with an unconventional behaviour that is never complemented by ordinary or banal shapes and solutions, which shows the constant innovative and enriching will of the Designer. In many of Micheli’s projects, it is possible to find recurring elements that allow the user to define a proceeding way tending towards creativity and a strong innovative will. Among those recurring elements we can find a kind of artefacts dominated by fluid and homogeneous lines, honouring a contemporary scenario where modern certainties and their formal rigidity have already collapsed.7 Innovation is evident in the use of new materials, creating improved achievements and exquisite levels of finishings like for instance organic and sinuous shapes obtained by the modelling of solid materials, or the tactile characteristics and colours of specific architectural elements that stand out in the space. Colourful, fluidly shaped columns, shiny and reflective surfaces8 and crisp finishes are some of the major attributes of Micheli’s research for space enhancement and valorisation, transmitting a feeling of warmth and freshness for the users. For him, these attributes are also tools of expression of a meaning or value perceived through the material itself. The innovative character, according to us, is essentially expressed in the spatial solution that can not be considered free from historical experience personally lived by the architect. Micheli shows his ability in the re-elaboration of this relation, sometimes being distant, other times subverting the elements, proposing a different point of view gained by diverse ongoing operations, by reinterpretation of sharing lives of humans and by shaping new dimensions that not only look into the present but also aim towards the future and towards new behaviours that progressively become real.9 7 Andrea Branzi, Modernità debole e diffusa, Skira, Milan, 2006 8 Alessandro Villa “Gioco di Specchi. Lo spazio riflesso nella materia”, ME materiali Edili n. 49, December - January 2003 9 Simone Micheli sums up his design in “ Ten main principles” explained in Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis Simone Micheli, “Simone Micheli. From the Future to the past”. L’archivolto publishing, Milan 2012


JOY STAIRS // company Executive by Rintal, ForlĂŹ - Italy // year 2015 //


ESIGN CUCCIOLO AND PISOLO FURNISHINGS // company Riva 1920, Cantù (CO) - Italy // year 2015 //



REGENERATION MODULE SAUNA AND STEAM BATH // company Aquaspecial wellnessindustry San Martino in Rio, Reggio Emilia - Italy year 2013 // photos Jürgen Eheim //


New Horizons At the beginning of his career some topics as sensuality, playfulness and experiencing, ought to be strong characteristics of Simone Micheli’s designs. In the last years, Micheli has seemed to move further, of course without betraying his abacus but while enriching it with new sensibilities and possibilities. First of all, the attention to the different kind of users; this shift is the result of his human experiences that also developed from him being a father which lead him to include in his main considerations, the children’s world, looking at the adults’ through the eyes of a child. Moreover the attention to the care of pets that play an important role of our everyday life, is evident too in many of Micheli’s projects. The architect-designer’s approach to the individual’s scale is different from one artistic matter to the other because what he is fulfilling, from big to small objects, are to be suitable for the community or users, in the hospitality sector as well as the private domestic spaces and retail. So even if in the contemporary society, individuals tend to have more or less similar tastes, habits and behaviours, each human has his own peculiarities that have to be satisfied or ones that would lead to the discovery of a new type of stimulation inside the spaces that will receive them.10 Today, the attention to the human dimension must be coordinated with sustainability, care and ability of relating in particular historical contexts, sometimes architecturally limited.11

10 The design that pays attention to different peculiarities and needs of individuals is analyzed in Francesco Scullica, Giovanni Del Zanna, Maria Rosanna Fossati, Human Hotel Design, Franco Angeli, Milan, 2012. 11 Simone Micheli shows how is possible to gain surprising results in the relation between new and updated signed with preexistent contexts inside the Barchessa Gritti Marchini project that today is the headquarter of RubensLucian brand, In Strà, Venice.

ISA headquarters OFFICE // client ISA // place Bastia Umbra (PG) - Italy // year Work in progress // area 6.000 sqm //


POP BAR COLLECTION // company ISA, Bastia Umbra (PG) - Italy year 2015 //


FISK ARMCHAIR // company Adrenalina, Cattolica, Rimini - Italy year 2013 // photo Mauro Foli //

‫آفاق جديدة ‪ /‬حديثة‬

‫في بداية حيات سيموني ميكيلي المهنية كانت بعض الخصائص كالشهوانية و التهريج والخبرة تتجال‬ ‫بوضوح في تصاميمه‪ .‬في السنوات األخيرة‪ ،‬بدأ ميكيلي يتقدم الى األمام‪ ،‬طبعا ً دون خيانة لنهجه‬ ‫‪.‬التصميمى ولكن أثراءه بإضافة احساسا ً وإمكانيات جدد‬ ‫أوالً وقبل كل شيء اإلنتباه لمختلف أنواع المستخدمين لتصاميمه‪ .‬هذا التحول هو نتيجة تجربته‬ ‫الخاصة في الحياة التي تطورت عندما أصبح أبا ً ‪ ،‬وهذا ما جعله يضيف عالم الطفل الى إعتباراته‬ ‫االساسية‪ ،‬فأصبح ينظر الى الكبار من خالل عيون الطفل‪ .‬عالوة على ذلك‪ ،‬فاإلهتمام بالحيوانات‬ ‫األليفة التي تلعب دوراً مهما ً في حياته اليومية‪ ،‬واضحة جداً في الكثير من مشاريع ميكيلي‪ .‬نهج‬ ‫المهندس المعماري او المصمم‪ ،‬على النطاق الفردي‪ ،‬يختلف من مسألة فنية ينفذها الى أخرى‪ ،‬من‬ ‫أشياء صغيرة الى أشياء كبيرة‪ ،‬فتكون مناسبة لمستخدمينها ضمن المجتمع‪ ،‬سواء في قطاع الخدمات‬ ‫‪.‬فضالً عن األماكن المحلية الخاصة والعامة‬ ‫لذلك‪ ،‬حتى لو وُجد في المجتمع المعاصر أفراداً ذات أذواق مماثلة‪ ،‬أكثر أو أقل‪ ،‬وكذلك سلوكيات‬ ‫مختلفة‪ ،‬فكل إنسان يتمتع بخصوصياته الخاصة التي يجب إرضاءها‪ ،‬أو آخر يريد إكتشاف جديد من‬ ‫‪.‬التحفيز داخل المساحة التي سيتم فيها إستقبال آخرين‬ ‫اليوم‪ ،‬مراعات البعد اإلنساني يجب تنسيقه مع حالة اإلستدامة والرعاية والقدرة المتعلقة بسياق‬ ‫التاريخ‪ ،‬فتكون محدودة من الناحية المعمارية أحياناً‪ .‬وقد تم تحليل هذه المواضيع في أعمال ميكيلي‬ ‫األخيرة‪،.‬حيث تم إكتشاف إهتماما ً جديداً بالبيئة مع ضرورة التدخل بما يختص بالبيئة المستدامة‪ ،‬من‬ ‫‪.‬بداية مرحلة التصميم حتى إستخدام المبنى‬ ‫هذه المصالح الحديثة ضرورية حاليا ً وكذلك بالنسبة للمستقبل‪ ،‬هذا يعني أيضا ً التحول الداخلي للطريقة‬ ‫التي يرى بها ميكيلي مشاريعه‪ .‬لم تكن فقط متعلقة بالشهادات الحفاظ علي البيئة والقواعد التي يجب‬ ‫‪.‬إحترامها ‪ ،‬بل في الواقع‪ ،‬يتم إعادة تصميمها هندسيا ً‬ ‫في الواقع‪ ،‬يقول المهندس المعماري “ اليوم‪ ،‬الهندسة المعمارية تاخذ بعين اإلعتبار البعد الظاهري‬ ‫أكثر من البعد الفعلي الذي يصبح تدريجيا ً مختلفا ً ومتجدداً لذا يجب أن تتغيرطرق تنفيذ المشاريع‬ ‫”لتتماشى مع البيئة المستدامة وذلك بالنسبة للمضمون والمفهوم وطريقة التنفيذ‬ ‫وبهذه الطريقة‪ ،‬الجمع بين الحل التكنولوجي الجديد أضافة الى مواد جدد وطرق تعتمد على دمج‬ ‫‪.‬الموارد المتجددة‪ ،‬سوف تؤدي إنشاء بنية مستقلة التصميم والتي يمكن أيضا ً إستخدامها بطرق مستدامة‬

‫‪//PUBLIC SERVICE HALL BUILDING‬‬ ‫‪BUILDING // client Ministry of justice Georgia //‬‬ ‫‪place Lagodekhi - Georgia //‬‬ ‫‪year Work in progress // area 1000sqm //‬‬


ROME OSTEL OSTEL // client Allegro hotel // place Rome - Italy // year Work in progress // area 3.000 sqm //




CHA IR / / co r 20 mp 13 / any / ph Adr oto ena Mau lina ro F , Ca oli / ttoli / ca, Rim ini It



DUNE STADIUM // design Arch. Simone Micheli // in collaboration with Roberto Puliti architect // place Qatar // year Work in progress // area 315.000 sqm //


year 2016 //

Vinkovci - Croatia

company ERA grupa //





eEXPERIENCE CITTADELLA DEL GUSTO TASTE VILLAGE // client Angelo Siciliano // place Acri, Cosenza - Italy // year Work in progress // area 7.000 sqm //


Q8 CHAIR // company MB sedie, Pesaro (PU) - Italy // year 2016 //

INFINITO HANDLE // company Pamar, Renate (MB) - Italy // year 2016 // 205

biography of SIMONE MICHELI Simone Micheli founded his Studio in 1990 and in 2003 the Company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, based in Florence, Milan, Dubai and Rabat. He is the curator of many thematic exhibitions in some of the world renowned international fairs. In 2007, he has been the representative of the Italian interior design in the “XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura” In Barranquilla, Colombia and again in 2008, participating in the “International Conference of Architecture” for the Contract field in Hanover, Germany. In 2008, he signed the “La Casa Italiana” exhibition at the “Mube” Museum of sculpture in San Paolo, Brazil; during the same year he participated to the exhibitions at the “Franz Mayer” Museum in Mexico City and at “Centro de las Artes in Monterrey in 2009. He is also a professor at Poli.Design and at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. His professional activity moves towards different directions: from architecture to interior design, visual design and communication. His eco-friendly and nature-oriented creations are characterized by a strong identity and uniqueness. Many of his works are realized for public administration and for important private clients belonging to the residential sector. Among the national and international prizes that the Architect got awarded: “Best Interior design” and “the Best Apartment Italy” awards, for the project “Golfo Gabella lake Resort” in the competition “ Homes Overseas Award 2007” in London (international award reserved to the best real estate developments in the world). “International Media Prize 2008” – Shenzhen for the “ Annual Public Spaces Grand Award” category and the “International Design Award 2008” – Los Angeles under the “Interior Design” category, for the project “ New Urban faces for the province and the municipality of Milan. “Interior Designer of the Year” during “ International Design Award 2008” in Los Angeles; “Best of the year 2010” in “Beauty, Spa and fitness” category, given by Interior Design Magazine – New-York, USA and the “International Media Prize 2010” in “Annual Club Space Award” category, given by Modern Decoration Magazine, in Shenzhen, China, for the “Atomic Spa” project of Boscolo Hotels in Milan. “Tre number one award 2011” in the interior design field – Venice, Italy, and the “Contemporary Spa Award 2011” in “Best Future Spa” category - Bologna, Italy, for “Marina Verde Wellness Resort” project, in Caorle, Venice. “Best of the year honouree 2012” in “hospitality” category, awarded by Interior Design Magazine, New-York, USA, with “B4 Hotel In Milan” project (currently named Barcelò Hotel). In 2014 Simone Micheli won the “Iconic Award” – Frankfurt, Germany - in the “Interior” category, with the RubensLuciano Offices and showrooms” project, located in Stra - Venice. The iconic award is an international award organised by the German Design Council. In 2015 Simone Micheli won the International Hotel & Property Awards, UK | European categories – hotel over 200 rooms, with the project of interior and lighting design of the Barcelò Milan Hotel. Finally in December 2015, for his design abilities, he won the award “100 Eccellenze Italiane” which recognises him as one of the 100 main characters representing italian excellence. In the early 2016 Simone Micheli won the Best Of Houzz Award 2016 | Design, due to the popularity of his projects among 35 millions of Houzz Community’s users. His works have been showcased in the most important international exhibitions, many conferences and lectures were held in universities and cultural institutes around the world. His publications have been featured in the most famous magazines both nationally and internationally. Several interviews have been dedicated to his works and his last monograph “ Simone Micheli From The Future to The Past” published in 2012 presenting a selection of projects belonging to his last twenty years of activity.

BIOGRAFIA DI SIMONE MICHELI Simone Micheli ha fondato l’omonimo Studio d’Architettura nel 1990 e nel 2003 la società di progettazione “Simone Micheli Architectural Hero” con sede a Firenze, Milano, Dubai e Rabat. È curatore di mostre tematiche, “contract” e non solo, nell’ambito delle più importanti fiere internazionali di settore. Rappresenta nel 2007 l’interior design italiano partecipando al “XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura” a Baranquilla in Colombia e nel 2008 alla Conferenza Internazionale di Architettura per il contract ad Hannover in Germania. Firma nel 2008 la mostra “La Casa Italiana” nel Museo della Scultura “Mube” a San Paolo in Brasile; del 2009 sono le mostre presso il Museo “Franz Mayer” di Città del Messico e nel “Centro de las Artes” a Monterrey. È docente presso il Poli.Design e presso la Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano. La sua attività professionale si articola in plurime direzioni: dall’architettura all’architettura degli interni, dal design al visual design passando per la comunicazione; le sue creazioni, sostenibili e sempre attente all’ambiente, sono connotate da forte identità e unicità. Numerose sono le sue realizzazioni per pubbliche amministrazioni e per importanti committenze private connesse al mondo residenziale e della collettività. Tra i riconoscimenti nazionali e internazionali si ricordano: il “Best Interior Design” e il “Best Apartment Italy” con il progetto “Golfo Gabella Lake Resort” nella competizione “Homes Overseas Award 2007” – Londra (premio internazionale riservato ai migliori sviluppi immobiliari residenziali nel mondo); l’“International Media Prize 2008” - Shenzhen nella categoria “Annual Public Spaces Grand Award” e l’“International Design Award 2008” - Los Angeles nella categoria “Interior Design” con il progetto “New Urban Face” per la Provincia e il Comune di Milano; l’“Interior Designer of the Year” agli “International Design Award 2008” - Los Angeles; il “Best of Year 2010” nella categoria “Beauty, Spa e Fitness”, premio organizzato da Interior Design Magazine - New York, Usa e l’“International Media Prize 2010” nella categoria Annual Club Space Award, organizzato da Modern Decoration Magazine a Shenzen, China con il progetto Atomic Spa della Boscolo Hotels; il “Tre Number One Award 2011” - Venezia per l’interior design e il “Contemporary Spa Award 2011” nella categoria “Best Future Spa” - Bologna con il progetto “Marina Verde Wellness Resort” - Caorle, Venezia; “Best of Year Honoree 2012” nella categoria “Hospitality” organizzato da Interior Design Magazine, New York, con il progetto B4 Hotel (adesso Barceló Milan). Nel 2014 Simone Micheli ha vinto l’”Iconic Award”- Francoforte, nella categoria “Interior”: premio internazionale organizzato dal German Design Council, con il progetto “uffici e showroom” per RubensLuciano a Strà, Venezia. Nel 2015 con progetto di interior design ed illuminotecnico del Barcelò Hotel Milan Simone Micheli vince gli International Hotel e Property Awards | European categories – Hotel over 200 rooms. Infine a Dicembre 2015, per le sue qualità di interior designer e progettista, l’architetto Micheli, a Montecitorio, riceve il premio “100 Eccellenze Italiane” che lo vede attore tra i 100 illustri personaggi rappresentativi dell’eccellenza del nostro Paese. Appena agli inizi del 2016 l’architetto vince Best of Houzz Award 2016 | design, per la popolarità dei suoi progetti selezionati dagli oltre 35 milioni di utenti delle community di Houzz. I suoi lavori sono stati presentati nell’ambito delle più importanti rassegne espositive internazionali e ha tenuto conferenze e lectio magistralis presso università, istituti di cultura, enti e istituzioni di varie città del mondo. Molte sono le pubblicazioni su riviste italiane e internazionali e le interviste realizzate. L’ultima monografia Simone Micheli From the Future to the Past , edita nel 2012, rappresenta una selezione di 20 anni del suo fare progettuale.


АРХИТЕКТОР СИМОНЕ МИКЕЛИ БИОГРАФИЯ Одноименную студию архитектуры Симоне Микели открыл в 1990 году , а в 2003 основал компанию по проектированию «Simone Micheli Architectural Hero» Офисы компании расположены во Флоренции , Милане , Дубаи и Рабате. Симоне является куратором тематических выставок в рамках наиболее важных международных экспозиций . В 2007 году , представляя итальянский дизайн интерьера , Симоне участвует в « ХХХ Колумбийском Конгрессе Архитектуры» в Барранкилье , Колумбия , а в 2008 году представляет себя на международной конференции архитектуры в Гановере , Германия . В 2008 году под патронажем Симоне , в музее скульптур «Mube» крупного города Бразилии Сан Паоло , проходит выставка «La Casa Italiana» , а в 2009 выставки в музее «Franz Mayer» , в Мехико и в музее «Centro de las Artes» в Монтерэй . Симоне Микели является также доцентом в Политехнической Школе Дизайна в Милане . Профессиональная деятельность Симоне делится на несколько направлений : от архитектуры и дизайна интерьера до визуального проектирования . Симоне является автором многочисленных городских и частных проектов , которые характеризуются ярко выраженной индивидуальностью и неповторимостью , большое внимание при этом автор уделяет вопросу о защите окружающей среды . Как выдающийся архитектор , Симоне был отмечен многими национальными и международными наградами , среди которых : «Best Interior Design» и «Best Apartment Italy» ; с проектом «Golfo Gabella Lake Resort» в рамках конкурса «Homes Overseas Award 2007» , в Лондоне (международная награда за лучшие разработки жилой недвижимости в мире) ; «International Media Prize 2008» - в Шеньчжене , в категории «Annual Public Sparces Grand Award» и «International Design Award 2008» в Лос-Анджелесе , в категории «Дизайн Интерьера» с проектом «New Urban Face» для области и муниципалитета города Милан ; «Interior Designer of the Year» на «Международной премии дизайна 2008» - ЛосАнджелес ; «Best of Year 2010» в категории «Beauty , Spa and Fitness» премия организована Interior Design Magazine — Нью Йорк , США и «International Media Prize 2010» в категории Annual Club Space Award , организованной Modern Decoration Magazine в городе Шэньчжень , Китай с проектом Atomic Spa Boscolo Hotels ; «The Number One Award 2011» - Венеция , для дизайн интерьера и «Contemporary Spa Award 2011» , в категории «Best Future Spa» - Болонья с проектом «Marina Verde Wellness Resort» Каорле , Венеция ; «Best of Year Honoree 2012» в категории «Hospitality» организованной журналом Дизайн интерьера , Нью Йорк , с проектом B4 отель ( в настоящее время Barceló Milan ) В 2014 году Симоне Микели выиграл «Iconic Award» во Франкфурте , в категории «Interior» : международная премия , организованная German Design Council , в рамках проекта «офис и шоу-рум» Rubens Luciano , в Стра , Венеция . В 2015 году , с проектом дизайн интерьера и светотехники в Barceló Hotel Milan , Симоне Микели выигрывает International Hotel Property Awards / Европейские категории — гостиницы с номерным фондом более 200 номеров . Наконец в декабре 2015 года , в Монтечиторио Симоне награждается премией «100 Eccellenze Italiane» как один из 100 известных деятелей страны . В начале 2016 года выигрывает Best Houzz Award 2016 , дизайн проекты Микели были отобраны более чем из 35 миллионов участников Houzz сообщества . Работы Симоне Микели были также представлены в рамках нескольких крупных фестивалей и международных выставок , помимо этого архитектор неоднократно принимал участие в конференциях и лекциях в университетах и институтах культуры различных городов мира . В итальянских и международных журналах опубликованы многочисленные публикации и интервью архитектора . Последняя монография Симоне Микели From the Future to the Past вышла в свет в 2012 году , и представляет собой обзор о проделанной работе архитектора за последние 20 лет .



1990年Simone Micheli创立了与其齐名的建筑工作室,并于2003年创 建了自己的设计公司。“Simone Micheli Architectural Hero” (Simone Micheli 设计英雄)在佛罗伦萨,米兰,迪拜,拉巴特都拥有分支。其 工作室主要负责各种主题展览,承接各项国际重要会展。2007他代 表意大利室内设计参加了在哥伦比亚巴伦西亚举行的“XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura”(“第三十届哥伦比亚建筑大会”) ,2008年参与了在德国汉诺威举行的国际建筑会议。同年在巴西圣 保罗的Mube雕塑博物馆里以名为“La Casa Italiana”(“意大利之家” )的主题展,再次奠定其设计的国际地位;2009年参与了在墨西哥 Franz Mayer博物馆和蒙特雷的艺术中心举办的多项设计展。与此同 时,Simone Micheli还是米兰理工设计学院及设计专业学校的教授。 Simone Micheli的设计涉及了多个领域:从建筑设计到室内建筑设 计,从产品设计到视觉传达设计及交互设计;他的设计及创意不仅始 终保持与作品所处环境的一致性,同时也饱含了强烈的个人色彩和独 一性。他的大多数设计作品一部分来源于政府项目,一部分则来源于 一些重要私人客户的住宅设计。Simone Micheli曾获得“Best Interior Design”(最佳室内设计)和“Best Apartment Italy” (意大利最佳公寓) ,这也使得他的设计在国际上被大家所熟知。其他享誉国际的设计还 包括其参加的在伦敦举行的“Homes Overseas Award 2007” (2007 年海外设计奖,这是一个致力于发掘全球最优秀的住宅设计的国际奖 项)的格贝拉高尔夫湖滨公寓;次年获得在深圳举办的“International Media Prize 2008” (国际媒体大奖中的“Annual Public Spaces Grand Award” (年度公共空间)单元大奖和同年以位于米兰的名为“New Urban Face” (新城市面貌)这一作品在洛杉矶获得了“International Design Award 2008” (2008年国际设计大奖)中的“Interior Design” (室内设计) 单元奖的;2008在洛杉矶“International Design Award 2008”(2008 年国际设计大奖)中获得 “Interior Designer of the Year”(年度室内 设计大奖);2010年获得由室内设计杂志在纽约评选出的“Best of Year 2010” (2010年度最佳设计)中的“Beauty, Spa e Fitness”(美 容,Spa与健身)奖以及为米兰Boscolo酒店设计的原子Spa获得了由 深圳现代装饰杂志组织举办的“International Media Prize 2010”(2010 年国际媒体大奖)中的年度空间设计单元大奖;2011年获得了在威 尼斯举办的专门针对室内设计的奖项中的“Tre Number One Award 2011”(2011年度三大最佳设计奖),同年凭借坐落于威尼斯Caorle 的“Marina Verde Wellness Resort”(绿色海洋度假屋)在博洛尼亚获得 了“Contemporary Spa Award 2011”(2011年当代Spa大奖)中的“Best Future Spa”(最佳未来Spa奖);2012年凭借米兰的B4酒店(现在的 米兰Barceló酒店)获得了由室内设计杂志在纽约评选的“Best of Year Honoree 2012”(2012年度最佳设计奖)酒店设计单元大奖; 2014年由Simone Micheli为RubensLuciano设计的坐落于威尼斯Strà的 办公空间和展示厅获得了由德国设计委员会主办的”Iconic Award”(标 志性设计大奖)中室内设计单元大奖; 2015年凭借位于米兰的Barceló酒店的室内设计和其中所使用到的照 明技术使其获得了国际酒店大奖中欧洲200间以上客房组别的酒店设 计大奖。最后在2015年的12月,凭借其在室内设计及建筑设计界的名 声,Micheli在罗马的意大利众议院蒙特奇特利欧宮接受了来自国家的 最高嘉奖“百名杰出意大利人”奖。 在刚刚迎来的2016年初,因其作品被Houzz公司三千五百万客户评选成 为最受欢迎设计作品而获得了2016年度Houzz最佳设计奖。 无论是在各大重要的国际设计赛事上,还是在世界各地的设计大会以 及大学,文化机构中你都可以看到Simone Micheli的作品。 其中他的作品也是经常占据了各大国际的,意大利的设计类杂志,以 及各种行业内的专题采访。他的最近一部出版的设计专题著作是写于 2012年的“From the Future to the Past”(“从未来到过去”),其中收录了 他20年职业生涯中的各种设计作品。

‫المصمم المعماري‬ ‫سيموني ميكيلي‬ ‫سيرته الشخصية‬ Simone Micheli« ‫ مؤسسة‬٢٠٠٣ ‫ و يف العام‬١٩٩٠ ‫لقد أسس سيموين ميكييل مكتبه عام‬ ‫ وهو القيم عىل العديد من املعارض‬.‫ « يف فلورنسا و ميالنو و ديب و الرباط‬Architectural Hero ‫ فقد حرض كممثل التصميم الداخيل اإليطايل يف‬.‫املوضوعية الدولية الشهرية التي تقامفي دول مختلفة‬ ٢٠٠٨ ‫» يف برانكويلال كولومبيا و مرة أخرى يف عام‬XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura« . ‫ أملانيا‬، ‫» الذي عقد يف هانوفر‬International «Conference of Architecture« ‫و شارك ايضاً يف‬،

.‫ الربازيل‬،‫» للنحت يف ساو باولو‬Mube« ‫» يف متحف‬La Casa Italiana« ‫ ترأس معرض‬،٢٠٠٨ ‫يف عام‬ Centro de las« ‫» يف مكسيكو سيتي و يف‬Franz Mayer« ‫خالل نفس العام شارك يف املعارض مبتحف‬ . ٢٠٠٩ ‫» يف مونتريي يف عام‬Artes ‫ يتحرك نشاطه املهني نحو‬.‫» يف ميالنو‬Scuola politecnica« ‫» و يف‬Poli.Design« ‫وهو أيضاً أستاذ يف‬ ‫ تتميز إبداعاته بكونها‬.‫ التصميم املريئ واالتصاالت‬،‫ من العامرة إىل التصميم الداخيل‬: ‫اتجاهات مختلفة‬ ‫ و أدرك كثري من أعامله لإلدارة العامة و لعمالء‬.‫صديقة للبيئة و طبيعية املنحى ذات هوية قوية منفردة‬ .‫القطاع الخاص املهم التابعة للقطاع السكني‬ ‫ جائزة أفضل «تصميم‬،‫ومن ضمن الجوائز الوطنية والدولية التي حصل عليها املصمم سيموين ميكييل‬ Homes« ‫» يف مسابقة‬Golfo Gabella lake Resort« ‫داخيل» و»أفضل شقة إيطاليا» للمرشوع‬ ‫» يف لندن وهى جائزة دولية محفوظة ألفضل مشاريع التطوير العقاري‬2007 Overseas Award ‫ مبدينة شنتشن‬- ٢٠٠٨ »International Prize for Media« ‫ و أيضاً حصل املصمم عىل‬.‫يف العامل‬ International Design« ‫» باإلضافة إىل جائزة‬annual grand public places« ‫عن فئة‬،‫بالصني‬ Facing new urban« ‫ ملرشوع‬،»‫» بلوس انجلوس ضمن فئة «التصميم الداخيل‬2008 Award .»province and municipality Milan best« .‫» يف لوس انجلوس‬2008 ‫» خالل «جائزة التصميم الدويل‬Interior designer of the year« ‫ التي قدمها مجلة التصميم الداخيل ىف‬، »‫» عن فئة «الجامل واملنتجعات واللياقة البدنية‬2010 of annual« ‫» عن فئة‬2010 international media Award« ‫ و‬،‫ الواليات املتحدة األمريكية‬،‫يورك‬-‫نيو‬ ،‫ ىف شنتشن‬، »Modern Decoration Magazine« ‫» و هى التي قدمها مجلة‬space Club Award ‫» يف‬2011 Tre number one award« .‫» بالفندق بوسكولو يف ميالن‬Atomic resort« ‫ ملرشوع‬،‫الصني‬ best Spa« ‫» يف فئة‬2011 contemporary Prize Spa« ‫ و‬،‫ إيطاليا‬،‫ البندقية‬،‫مجال التصميم الداخيل‬ the best« .‫ البندقية‬،‫» يف كاورل‬Marina Cape wellness resort« ‫ ملرشوع‬،‫ ايطاليا‬،‫ بولونيا‬- »future ‫ الواليات‬،‫ نيو يورك‬،interior design ‫ التي متنحها مجلة‬،»‫» يف فئة «الضيافة‬2012 of honouree in .)Barcelò ‫ يف ميالن» مرشوع (املسمى حاليا فندق‬Bquattro ‫ مع « فندق‬،‫املتحدة األمريكية‬ ‫ أملانيا عن فئة التصميم‬،‫” يف فرانكفورت‬Iconic Award« ‫ فاز سيموىن بجائزة‬٢٠١٤ ‫يف عام‬ ‫ جائزة‬.‫ البندقية‬- ‫»عن مكاتب و صاالت عرض ويقع املرشوع مبدينة سرتا‬Rubens Luciano«‫الداخيل‬ .‫املبدع هي جائزة دولية منظمة من قبل مجلس التصميم األملاين‬ ‫» يف اململكة‬International Hotel & Property Awards« ‫ فاز سيموىن ميكييل بجائزة‬٢٠١٥ ‫يف عام‬ ‫ مع مرشوع التصميم الداخيل و اإلضاءة‬، ‫ غرفة‬٢٠٠ ‫املتحدة | الفئات األوروبية عن فئة فنادق أكرث من‬ . »Barcelò Milano« ‫من فندق‬ 100Eccellenze« ‫ فقد حصل عىل جائزة‬،‫ عن القدرات التصميمية‬،٢٠١٥ ‫وأخريا يف ديسمرب عام‬ .‫ ممثلون التميز اإليطايل‬،‫» الذي يعرتف به باعتباره واحدا من الشخصيات الرئيسية املئة‬ITALIANE ‫ وذلك‬، »2016 Houzz« ‫ فاز سيموىن ميكييل بجائزة أفضل تصميم من‬٢٠١٦ ‫ يف أوائل‬،ً ‫أخريا ً وليس أخرا‬ .‫ مليون مستخدم للصفحة‬٣٥ ‫بسبب شعبية مشاريعه بني‬ ‫ و عقدت العديد من املؤمترات و املحارضات يف‬،‫وقد عرضت أعامله يف املعارض الدولية األكرث أهمية‬ ‫ وقد ظهرت مؤلفاته يف أكرث املجالت شهرة عىل‬.‫الجامعات واملؤسسات الثقافية يف جميع أنحاء العامل‬ ‫الصعيدين الوطني والدويل وقد تم تخصيص عدة مقابالت ألعامله و االخرية له دراسة «سيموىن من‬ ‫ ويعرض مجموعة مختارة من مشاريع تابعة لسنواته‬٢٠١٢ ‫املستقبل ايل املايض» الذي نرش يف عام‬ ‫األخرية العرشين من النشاط‬


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[ISBN 978-88-99534-12-7]

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